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How will the universe end?


Case G-Series

KD SERIES - Extreme Power

Wheel Loaders Lift Operator Comfort To New Levels


Chicago Pneumatic

kohler KD SERIES™ ENGINES for Industrial Power Systems

widens its LED light tower offering

FlexiClick - The most compact and versatile system in the market

Atlas Copco


The human factor

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To hear, to feel or to speak are just a few of the basic human senses that we use every day, on a regular basis in our lives. Through many of these senses we make our way out of bed, out of the house or go to work. We interact with each other, we create things in real life and we shape our ideas from them. We adapt our senses to the local or global environment and we use them as tools to survive. From the time when the first human beings used to dwell in dark caves, these senses helped them to survive the night predators that used to roam this Earth. Humanity has come a long way until those times but managed to keep the basic senses intact. With the help of technology we were able to amplify our senses thus reaching a forever rising efficiency. We can now see further than ever before, even back to the Big Bing, we created maps of our Solar System and even the visible Universe and we can see even the smallest particle of matter. It’s easy to forget that all of the human discoveries came as a result of a lot of experiments and a whole lot more creativity and intuition. The world is moving fast. Automation and artificial intelligence

seem to be our future. I recently read that the production automation will lead to further job loss and one answer to this will be a global minimum income. Also that there is a percentage of people that take meaning from their job. Let’s think about the great poets and writers of all time and let’s imagine them in a place where they had all the time in the world to create with, no worries whatsoever. What beautiful colors would life have in that place? But when the decisions that humans usually make really matter compared with the ones that robots or automation process will take. If we think about the human body, almost all of the processes that go on inside are automated. It’s like we are in a really complex car and all we have to do is enjoy the scenery. Nothings that really matters comes without a price. Although it seems at times difficult and also hazardous, we must step out of our comfort area and step into the modern jungle. An old Japanese proverb says: "Accept your destiny with courage!". Only those who are willing to give everything can have everything. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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- LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA - Free matchmaking service now open for registration - smartLAB 2017: Program featuring live use cases and panel discussion - IndustrY 4.0 is changing Industries, Markets and Trade Fairs - CeMAT showcase at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 - Biesse Turkey moves to new, larger premises and revises the organizational structures

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kohler KD SERIES™ ENGINES for Industrial Power Systems

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Bosch FlexiClick - The most compact and versatile system in the market

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Chicago Pneumatic - widens its LED light tower offering



Case G-Series - Wheel Loaders Lift Operator Comfort To New Levels

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The Berlin Technical University's showcase at LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA

Tech and Innovation on Display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017

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Energy efficiency at the top of the ComVac agenda


imos ag - New timing and Orientation




Luxembourg to explore converging disruptions



LIGNA buoyed by business climate, new thematic layout & digitalization




VÖGELE and HAMM - Unusual design solution for outdoor facilities in Baden-Baden with colored asphalt

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How will the universe end?

Wacker Neuson at Conexpo 2017 Taking a look into the future


UAE tool operators drill, cut, and grind to glory at Tool It!


New compressor technologies for industry

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LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA How to breathe life into new innovations in Europe? And what will be the impact of "big data" on personalized therapy and preventive medicine? Those are the kind of questions at the focus of the official evening reception for the "LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA" exhibition. Two keynotes and a get-together in a relaxed atmosphere will bring together some 300 invited guests from government, business and research on the night of the first day of the show. The European flagship fair for innovative lab equipment and laboratory workflow optimization is being held this year from 16 to 18 May in the new Hall 19/20 at the Hannover Exhibition Center. The evening program – held in the New York facility room in the conference area of the new exhibition hall – will be kicked off by words of welcome from the host, Dr. Andreas Gruchow, a member of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board, as well as from a high-ranking representative of the German state of Lower Saxony, Daniela Behrens, Undersecretary in the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport.

Free matchmaking service now open for registration Expanding your network, finding new business partners, investors and distributors and exploring new market opportunities – these are the hallmarks of a successful event, and most likely to happen when everyone's tradeshow agendas have been carefully planned out in advance. To boost the chances for fruitful dialogue between exhibitors and visitors, the organizers of LABVOLUTION and the BIOTECHNICA life sciences event are offering a free matchmaking service based on an established platform by the EBD Group – a market-leading partnering firm for the life science industry. Participants at LABVOLUTION can sign up in advance for meetings at the European specialized fair for innovative laboratory equipment and workflow optimization (16–18 May) in Hannover, Germany. Online registration is already open. The free matchmaking service available to both visitors and exhibitors makes it possible to identify new business partners and set up promising appointments even before LABVOLUTION begins.

smartLAB 2017: Program featuring live use cases and panel discussion One of the highlights of LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA is smartLAB, the intelligent laboratory of the future. At its second staging, this special display on the laboratory of the future will show the benefits of flexible digital integration, the use of automation and robotics, integrated functional surfaces and the virtues of adopting a modular approach. One of the highlights of LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA is smartLAB, the intelligent laboratory of the future. From 16 to 18 May the fully functional model laboratory will form the heart of Europe's flagship fair for innovative lab equipment and laboratory workflow optimization. An exciting non-stop program will run on all three days of the trade fair – including live use cases, presentations and opportunities to directly experience and explore smartLAB. At its second staging, this special display on the laboratory of the future will show the benefits of flexible digital integration.


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Biesse Turkey moves to new, larger premises and revises the organizational structures On 20/01/2017 Biesse Group bought the remaining 20% of shares from Nuri Baylar, the minority shareholder of Biesse Turkey, who consequentially ceased his duties within the company at the end of January 2017. Biesse Turkey’s Management Team is currently organized as follows: Federico Broccoli is the Subsidiary’s CEO; Turhan Kaya is CFO and HR Manager and Yelda Akinci is Operations Manager and Service Manager. As far as Sales are concerned, Suleyman Ozkan will hold the role of Commercial Leader with the support of Mr. Pierluigi Baldacci. Furthermore, Biesse Group proudly announced that, starting from 01/03/2017, the Turkish Subsidiary and the whole team will move all their operations to the new facilities located in Samandıra Yolu, Büyükbakkalköy Maltepe – Istanbul. This not only to cope with Biesse Turkey’s expansion plan, so much that the new offices will be twice the size of the actual ones, but also to further facilitate the contact with the Customers, central asset in all Biesse’s philosophy.

CeMAT showcase at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 “Logistics 4.0 Meets Industry 4.0" – that is the slogan under which specialists will be appearing from 24 to 28 April at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 offering talks, presentations and panel discussions highlighting the role of intralogistics in the industrial supply chain. The companies offering presentations will include major industry players like Bosch Connected, BVL, Fraunhofer IML, Grenzebach, IBM, INFORM, Jungheinrich, Microsoft, SALT, SAP, SSI Schäfer, STILL and TEAM. On Tuesday, 24 April, the spotlight will be on trends and innovations in timeslots hosted by the German Logistics Association (BVL) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML). Prof. Thomas Wimmer, President of BVL, will unveil a new BVL study covering the latest trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management. The keynote speech by Prof. Michael ten Hompel, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), will provide an overview of the latest status of research and development.

IndustrY 4.0 is changing Industries, Markets and Trade Fairs Industry 4.0 is increasingly blurring the lines between the various sectors of industry, while innovation cycles continue to get shorter. These are trends that manufacturers around the world cannot afford to ignore, no matter how large or small. HANNOVER MESSE, too, is adapting to this new reality. Up to now, transmission and fluid power technologies have been featured at the fair on a biennial basis. "But the marketplace has changed," reports Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Jochen Köckler. "In the digital age, new products are reaching the market stage much more quickly, with the result that companies want to showcase them at shorter intervals. That's why we've decided to feature transmission and fluid power technologies annually from 2018 on," he explains. As of next year, Deutsche Messe, the organizer of HANNOVER MESSE, will merge the event's annual Industrial Automation (IA) fair with the biennial Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA).


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KD SERIES Extreme Power

For each of its generating sets, KOHLERSDMO offers a large range of options to facilitate maintenance operations, enhance user safety and provide solutions for specific user requirements or demanding environments. DIESEL SEPARATOR PRE-FILTER - This is a filter enabling water contained in the diesel to be removed, thereby improving the engine's protection. FILTER WITH INTERCHANGEABLE CARTRIDGE - These dry air filters with removable and interchangeable cartridge for dusty environments can be removed and cleaned with blown air. This option is required when the generating set is used in dusty environments.


OVERSIZED ALTERNATOR - For installations with significant electrical constraints, this option ensures improved performance.

K135 - FROM 800 TO 1800 kVA

• Latest generation engine technology • The best fuel consumption in its category • A more compact design • A large power range covered by a single product family • A direct-fi t radiator for a small footprint and a complete solution • Superior transient response

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KD SERIES is the new line of generating sets equipped for the fi rst time with state of the art KOHLER diesel engines. These generating sets benefi t from unprecedented power density, making the KD SERIES the ideal range to meet your most exacting requirements. Ranging from 800 kVA/kWe to 4200 kVA /4 000 KWe, they are perfectly suited to all industrial applications. Moreover, they benefi t from KOHLER-SDMO quality service throughout the world. The KOHLER Group has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920. Its emergency power supply, main power supply and energy management systems excel throughout the world and across all sectors. • A design that optimises performance at high temperature • Enclosure installation possible up to 1100 kVA emergency and in 20-foot container up to 1800 kVA emergency • Low sound level

K175 - FROM 2000 TO 2800 kVA

• Latest generation engine technology • The best fuel consumption in its category • A more compact design • Large power range covered by a single product family • Separate cooling for smoother installation

• Up to 2800 kVA emergency power in our 40-foot CPU container, the bestperforming container on the market in terms of sound level and accessibility for operation and maintenance • A design adapted to the most demanding applications and environments


- D-type: for tropical type environments with relative humidity > 95%, excluding coastal environments - R-type: for harsh industrial environments with humidity level > 95% and coastal environments SILENCER IN OPEN VERSION - For "open" version generating sets, 3 noise reduction levels are available to meet the constraints of various installations: 9 dB(A), 29 dB(A) et 40 dB(A). OIL CENTRIFUGE (EN19 ONLY FOR K175 SERIES) - This allows the maintenance interval to be increased from 500 hours to 1500 hours (depending on the oil quality). AUTOMATIC OIL MAKE UP WITH TANK Automatic oil make up system enabling a constant oil level to be maintained in the crankcase during operation. It comprises a new oil reserve, an oil level regulator and a hose and valve assembly mounted on the generating set's base frame.


This kit allows the fuel tank to be automatically fi lled from an external storage tank. It includes: - an electric pump with automatic control governed by a gauge with level contacts - a manual back-up pump. It can be used for extended periods of time without topping up the diesel. It is therefore particularly well-suited to remote locations.


You are faced with numerous installation constraints. Our containers can be adapted to meet all your needs. Thanks to their standard dimensions, they are easy to transport. Our turnkey containers have an integrated fuel tank which means they are ready to run. Their coolant systems, with an integrated silencer and sound traps, provide a highly economical solution. - ISO CONTAINERS are adapted to emergency applications with no harsh environmental constraints. - CPU CONTAINERS are designed to be adapted to the most demanding environments. Robust and modular, they are specially conceived to meet the very stringent constraints of production applications.


KOHLER-SDMO offers a unique range of specific control units: M80-D, TELYS and APM802. These control units offer a wide range of possibilities, from simplified running to management of the most complex parallel operations, and can be adapted to suit every need. This modularity is made even easier by the fact that each optional peripheral device (air cooler, daily service tank, oil make up, etc.) has its own protection.


www.easyengineering.eu | March-April 2017

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Created specifically for generator set applications, these new engines combine greater power with superior efficiency. Reaching up to 43.5 kW/liter, KOHLER GDrive engines pair a compact form factor with unrivaled kW displacement—delivering the highest power density on the market.


The KOHLER® G-Drive diesel engine range produces industry-leading kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while delivering the best fuel consumption at more nodes than any competitor between 800–2500 kW. That means higher performance at reduced operating cost. The engine architecture, injection system and engine management of G-Drive engines have been designed to achieve optimal generator set performance while meeting all worldwide emission requirements.



With almost a century of engineering know-how behind it, our G-Drive engine has been purposefully designed for longlife performance inside your KOHLER® or SDMO® generator—power systems that are backed by a three-year emergency standby power (ESP) warranty. We design, test and fit every component. Our computer-aided quality-management system oversees every step of development, from the first stage of production through the engine’s entire lifecycle, to ensure the highest level of quality.


All models within the KD Series™ are designed to share common components including engine control units, connecting rods and pistons, fuel system components, cylinder heads and more. This sophisticated, modular design means more efficient servicing of the engine,

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reduced spare parts inventory and more streamlined technician training.


Our G-Drive engine runs smoothly, quietly and with low vibration—even under extreme operating conditions. Vibra-

tion is minimized through low-noise combustion and optimized combustion pressure. The rigid design of the engine block, crankcase, oil sump, valve cover and subframe also helps reduce vibration. Unlike engines with standard crankshaft support-bearing configurations, the KOHLER G-Drive offers an optimized bearing arrangement, creating a more stable engine with less vibration.


Costs to operate and maintain a KOHLER G-Drive engine are reduced through low fuel consumption, increased power density, reduced acquisition costs and diagnostics that help prevent issues. The cylinder head design and crankcase ventilation mean extended service intervals and longer lifetime.


Industrial Power Systems KOHLER® G-Drive diesel engines offer outstanding specific power in a clean, modular design. Our global team of engineers developed two sophisticated engine blocks—K135 and K175—that deliver a large range of power from 537 to 4250 kWm.


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The tried-and-tested FlexiClick system is now available as a 12 volt version: With the GSR 12V-15 FC Professional, Bosch is offering the shortest cordless drill/driver in its class. With four adapters – a bit holder with bit locking as well as a drill chuck, an off-set angle and an angle adapter – it is the most versatile system in the market. Furthermore, Bosch is the only manufacturer whose angle adapter can be combined and used with any of the three other adapters.


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Bosch FlexiClick The most compact and versatile system in the market

This means that tradespeople such as carpenters, kitchen installers, furniture makers and exhibition stand builders, who often have to work in very tight spaces, can be more flexible. Furthermore, it is even easier to complete typical tasks using the compact 12 volt system than it is with the more powerful tools in the 14.4 or 18 volt classes. This includes, for example, to loosen or drive screws in areas close to edges on cabinets or drill holes in tight gaps. Tried-and-tested features have been kept: Even with the 12 volt system, the off-set angle and the angle adapter can remain on the tool when you are adjusting them.

The FlexiClick 5-in-1 12 volt system at a glance

1. With its head length of just 132 millimeters, the GSR 12V-15 FC Professional is the shortest cordless drill/driver in its class, meaning that it is a problem-solver when it comes to tight spaces. It has a magnetic bit holder and can therefore be used without any adapter. Weighing just 800 grams, it is extremely lightweight. Maximum torques of 30 newton meters in hard screwdriving applications and 15 newton meters in soft screwdriving applications guarantee rapid work progress. 2. The GFA 12-X Professional bit holder has a HEX holder and bit locking. This ensures that professionals can work with precision – bits and drills cannot unintentionally come loose. With the bit holder, the GSR 12V-15 FC Professional is no more than 159 millimeters in length and is therefore the shortest model in the market. 3. The GFA 12-B Professional drill chuck adapter has an auto-lock function and can be used for drill bits up to ten millimeters. Including drill chuck adapter, the cordless drill/driver is 178 millimeters long and allows you to drill in tight spaces. 4. The GFA 12-E Professional off-set angle adapter allows for precise screwdriving close to edges. You just have 12 millimeters to the edge. 16 working positions can be set without to remove the FlexiClick adapter from the cordless drill/driver. 5. At just 61 millimeters in length, the GFA 12-W Professional angle adapter is the shortest angle adapter in its class. Tradespeople can use it to screw in screws easily and precisely even where there is limited space. It effectively drives screws round corners, and can be quickly and easily locked in 16 different positions.

Securely connected in only a few moves

It takes just a few steps to connect a FlexiClick adapter to the GSR 12V-15 FC Professional cordless drill/driver: Simply place the adapter onto the FlexiClick interface and turn it clockwise. A click and a control indicator on the adapter confirm that both components have been securely connected. “Flexible Power System”: Full compatibility with 10.8 and 12 volt The GSR 12V-15 FC Professional cordless drill/ driver is part of the “Flexible Power System” from Bosch. The “12” in the tool name indicates the maximum battery voltage of 12 volts and replaces the previous nomenclature of 10.8 volts, the average battery voltage specification. Existing 10.8 volt batteries and chargers remain fully compatible. It goes without saying that the new 12 volt batteries as well are compatible with the existing 10.8 volt tools. At present, this system comprises 27 cordless tools and 1.5 Ah, 2.0 Ah, 2.5 h and 4.0 Ah batteries.


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Chicago Pneumatic widens its LED light

tower offering


March-April 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Chicago Pneumatic has introduced its new series of electrically-powered light towers. Available in both metal and LED versions, CPLB2 light towers are designed with a choice of highquality bulbs to enhance visibility, wheels for optimal ease of movement and a robust canopy. They simply plug into a power source, such as an outlet or generator, for instant, reliable site lighting. The CPLB2 LED is the fourth LED light tower in the Chicago Pneumatic portfolio. Together with three other models: the CPLT V15 LED, CPLB6 LED and CPLT H6, LED it provides users the widest choice when it comes to sourcing the safest and most efficient light tower for multiple applications and industries. The CPLB2 LED light tower is ideal for construction, mining and events, to name just a few industries. Featuring heavy duty build up and high protection index (IP 67), its four high-efficiency LED lamps give an average coverage of 3,000 m2 with a diameter of 61m allowing 10luxes. The 7 metre long mast requires

height to achieve maximum light coverage, the light tower’s manual lifting system is ideal for this. “The newest addition to Chicago Pneumatic’s portfolio of light towers offers a still improved luminosity and transportability, both essential for operators working in the dark hours. We have a firm commitment to offer our customers’ choice when it comes to light towers, ensuring efficiency for multiple applications; they are robust, efficient and powerful enough for even the most demanding jobs,” comments Ignacio Picatoste, spokesperson for light towers at Chicago Pneumatic. Easy service and transportability have also been factored into the design of the new light tower. Its compact frame allows up to 32 units to be transported on a single truck and offers simple access points for maintenance work. Up to four CPLB2 LED light towers can be connected together and powered by one of Chicago Pneumatic’s newly launched single portable inverters.


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All seven G-Series wheel loaders offer:superior visibility with best-in-class windscreen size; improved operator comfort with premium control interface, seat-mounted console and new joystick steering with speed proportional sensitivity; superior payload to weight ratio for maximum productivity; pressurized cab with HEPA and active carbon filtration options; password protected start-up for increased security; striking new CASE Construction Equipment livery. CASE Construction Equipment has developed the quietest, most comfortable wheel loader cab, available across a new seven-model range of G-Series machines. The G-Series wheel loaders deliver the highest possible levels of visibility and control, providing operators with the perfect working environment to maximise productivity. “Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of CASE Construction Equipment wheel loaders,” said Alain de Nanteuil, CASE EMEA Wheel Loader Product Manager. “Through the years every generation has introduced new innovations and capabilities and this all-new G-Series generation of CASE Construction Equipment wheel loaders is the biggest leap forwards.”

Revolutionary cab with panoramic windscreen

The cab is the wheel loader operator’s home and their office, and it plays a major role in their everyday life. Drivers can spend many hours a day in the machine, making cab comfort and working environment an essential component of a productive


March-April 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

CASE Construction Equipment launches today the seven-model G-Series range of wheel loaders, delivering new levels of operator comfort, with proven CASE productivity and fuel efficiency.

Case G-Series Wheel Loaders Lift Operator Comfort To New Levels


www.easyengineering.eu | March-April 2017

EASY ENGINEERING | www.easyengineering.eu

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT machine. CASE Construction Equipment has a history of innovation, pioneered through many generations of wheel loaders, since 1958. The G-Series cab takes comfort and visibility to a new height, delivering a host of improvements. This includes a full width panoramic windscreen, a colourful Premium Control interface with 8� display, fully adjustable seatmounted control console, the security of a password-protected ignition and the ease of automatic bucket functions adjustable from within the cab. The operator also benefits from smooth, low effort loader controls, an active suspension seat and the machine features hands-free mobile phone connectivity. Building upon the popular CASE F-Series cab, which already boasted a best-in-class windscreen size, the G-Series loaders have a one-piece curved front screen that provides an unparalleled view from side to side, from the ground to the sky. Along with a slim engine cover, heated rear window and multiple rear view mirrors, the G-Series wheel loaders deliver a level of front and rear visibility that has never been seen before.

Reduced noise and improved environment

In-cab noise levels are a full 2dB lower than the previous generation of machines. The 521G to 821G loaders boast just 68dB in the cab, while the 921G to 1121G have noise levels set at just 69dB, the lowest internal levels yet seen on a CASE loader. The cabs benefit from improved primary and recirculation air filtration, with longer filter replacement intervals. High effectiveness and Active Carbon filters can also be supplied for tough working conditions.

Breakthrough machineoperator interface

The operator control interface in the G-Series wheel loader cab is easy to use, contributing to improved controllability and productivity. A bright, full colour 8� display is easy to read regardless of external light conditions, delivering intuitive navigation through machine settings and information screens. The display also provides a wide view rear monitor when required. There is a new control pad for automatic bucket functions to be set and adjusted from within the cab. The seat-mounted console is fully adjustable and features a wide armrest and ergonomic joystick that, combined with electro-hydraulic controls and the redesigned premium active suspension seat, delivers accurate control in all working conditions.


March-April 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine


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Tech and Innovation

on Display at


& IFPE 2017 #22

March-April 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

A forward-looking vision for construction and infrastructure took center stage at CONEXPOCON/AGG and IFPE 2017, from the unveiling of the world’s first 3D-printed excavator and the new Tech Experience to the largest show floor in history and a stellar education lineup featuring leading innovators.

The exhibitions held March 7-11, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, highlighted the newest product innovations and best practices for the construction and construction materials and fluid power/power transmission/motion control industries. “Our shows are renowned as an industry showcase of ‘what’s next,’ and this year’s show did not disappoint. From the new Tech Experience, which highlighted the vital connection between technology and construction to the culmination of AEM’s Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge, this year’s show demonstrated the rapid innovation in our industry,” said Rich Goldsbury, 2017 CONEXPO-CON/AGG chair and President and CEO of Doosan Bobcat North America & Oceania. The technological changes revolutionizing construction and manufacturing were a central feature throughout the show. The first-ever Tech Experience pavilion attracted solid traffic throughout the week, as attendees flocked to see the world’s first-ever 3D-printed excavator, hear from industry innovators during a collection of “Tech Talks,” and engage with the conclusion of the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge Finale, which awarded $100,000 in prize money to winners over a crowdsourced competition to develop forward-looking infrastructure solutions. “Keeping pace with technology is critical for our industries’ success and the 3D printed excavator featuring fluid power innovations, is a perfect example of the shows’ future-forward commitment to explore innovations that are happening now and the exciting possibilities ahead,” said Robert Mortensen, IFPE 2017 chair and President of HUSCO International. CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017 spanned a record 2.8 million-plus net square feet of exhibits with a record 2,800-plus exhibitors from the leading U.S. and global manufacturers, from multinational giants to small firms with specialized products.

Sneak Peek at the Future: New Tech Experience & Tech Talks Forum

The new Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017 amplified the technology throughout the show floor, with an emphasis on emerging construction innovations that are driving change and process improvements across the industry. Three interactive zones gave attendees a firsthand glimpse at the technologies shaping the jobsites of tomorrow, infrastructure development and workforce development. The world’s first fully functional 3D printed excavator anchored the Tech Experience, with a 3D Printworks further exploring additive manufacturing’s possibilities for construction applications. The “Tech Talks” forum at the Tech Experience gave attendees a chance to hear from global innovators and technology leaders to discuss what lies ahead. The forum’s content-rich presentations aimed to inspire and inform attendees, with an emphasis on applied and blue-sky innovation to benefit infrastructure projects and construction jobsites. Among the lineup were Bruce Upbin, Vice President for Strategic Communications, Hyperloop One; D'Arcy Salzmann, Senior Director, Strategy, Microsoft HoloLens & Studio Manager, Future Bureau, Microsoft; Captains Mark & Scott Kelly, former NASA astronauts; and Scott Brusaw, Co-Founder, Solar Roadways.


www.easyengineering.eu | March-April 2017

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Energy efficiency at the top of the ComVac agenda The latest edition of ComVac will soon be staged: from 24 to 28 April 2017 in Hannover, Germany, under the umbrella of HANNOVER MESSE. All up, some 260 exhibitors will be there in halls 26 and 27 to shocase the current state of the art in industrial compressed-air and vacuum-air technology. As well as the perennially important theme of energy efficiency, the displays will have a strong focus on contracting, Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance. "ComVac profiles all areas of the compressed-air and vacuum-air technology industry. This gives our visitors a comprehensive overview of the technology landscape and positions the industry as a key enabler," explained Wedell-Castellano, Global Director ComVac, HANNOVER MESSE. "Moreover, from an exhibitor standpoint, ComVac offers valuable synergies with the other shows at HANNOVER MESSE. That is because the industrial companies who exhibit at those shows are very often also potential buyers of compressed-air and vacuum-air solutions. This synergy benefit is particularly strong with the Energy and MDA (Motion, Drive & Automation) shows, but it also applies to all the other shows at HANNOVER MESSE." Atlas Copco Airpower n.v. (Hall 26, Stand B32) will be showcasing its GA 90+-160+/


GA 110-160 VSD series of oil-injected rotary screw compressors. The series’ integrated variable speed drive (VSD) technology and energy recovery systems yield significant energy savings and reductions in operating costs. They also feature latest-generation oil-injected rotary screw elements for longer service life and trouble-free operation. What’s more, the ES central controller links all compressors and dryers and lowers the overall pressure band to achieve further energy savings. Water condensation is the enemy of industrial compressed-air systems, so it is vital to have effective drying technologies to eliminate water vapor. BASF SE (Hall 26, Stand E04) has such a technology – adsorption drying – which it will be unveiling at ComVac. As used in compressed-air systems, adsorption is where molecules of water (the adsorbate) accumulate on the surface of a solid adsorbent medium. Unlike absorption (where the water permeates into a medium like a sponge), the water is "trapped" on the surface of the medium, leaving the air dry. The DRYPOINT® RA series of refrigeration dryers by BEKO Technologies GmbH (Hall 26, Stand C31) automatically adjust their output in accordance with compressed-air withdrawal (demand), there-

March-April 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

by reducing partial-load operating costs by up to 70% compared with conventional refrigeration dryers. The technology has applications wherever compressed-air systems and products require reliable protection from condensates and contamination. Drying is achieved by cooling the air, resulting in condensation which is then discharged with no loss of compressed air. The air is then reheated, reducing the relative humidity of the dried air to below 30 percent. The amount of energy used in this process varies according to the required drying performance, thereby further lowering energy costs and protecting the environment. Meanwhile, at Stand B56 in Hall 26, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting a prototype of its S-4 Optimus rotary screw compressor. The purpose of the S-4 Optimus project is to demonstrate what a quiet, efficient and smart future might look like. When ready, the new series will be even more reliable, intelligent and energy efficient than other commercially available systems. BOGE KOMPRESSOREN will also be presenting an array of standalone devices and components, as well as intelligent machine and central control systems and remote monitoring solutions.

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imos iX - integrated solution with innovative technology

"With imos iX, we are breaking the tradition and making clear our solutions continue to develop," says Winfried Dell Managing Director for Sales and Marketing. "We see it as our task to find, test and make technological innovations available to the industry. The "i" stands for INNOVATION and INTEGRATION, the "X" derives from the English terms like EXCHANGE and CONNEXION, and stands for the exchange of the data on different applications throughout the entire sales and manufacturing process. imos iX is today far more than a CAD/CAM system. imos iX is a complete solution for the sale and manufacturing of furniture and equipment in the area of networked production and industry 4.0."

Sales solution along the Customer’s Journey

Originally from the CAD/CAM sector, imos AG is developing additional sales solutions for industry and trades. The 3D product data models generated in the design process, including the parameters, are directly transferred to the sales catalog with their characteristics and thus made available to the offered desktop or online planning solutions. Depending on the configuration, the modules are suitable for B2B or B2C business models. With imos iX, imos AG is taking a further step and is offering solutions along the "Customer Journey". End users and planners work together on ideas that can be exchanged online and thus gradually lead to solutions. Different applications communicate with the same planning result, but allow different editing possibilities.

imos ag New timing and

orientation The new imos version does not follow the previous tradition. Instead of the expected version imos 13.0 it is followed by imos iX 2017. imos AG will change the nomenclature for the upcoming version and in future also clearly show its new orientation. The Herford Software house is continuously developing its software products in accordance with the current motto "inspire & produce". It especially concentrates on the entire process, from the end customer to the industrial machine for industry and trades. Developers and product managers can be inspired by current trends and technologies and integrate these into their system solutions. This development is reflected in the naming of the new software version as well as the current exhibition concept at the LIGNA.

Advanced 3D product configuration The focus of the online applications lies in the 3D configuration and planning. These applications have now been expanded technologically, so that any kind of furnishing elements can be processed. It is now also possible to configure and plan seating and upholstery furniture or bought in parts. To this the possibility to simulate kinematic movements can be added, such as the seat mechanics of a chair or the opening and closing of a sliding door.

Photorealistic images at mobile devices

The configured furniture can now be combined into a room planning. Decoration elements are added and, if necessary, global changes can be made to the entire planning process. Afterwards, wall views, including dimensions, can be generated automatically or a highquality almost photorealistic image can be calculated. The latter is done with the help of the new online render service, which generates high-quality picture material quickly and uncomplicated from the planning result, independently from the technical equipment of the terminal.


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SmartROC T45 is based on a proven control system which gives consistency in job after job and doesn´t, to the same extent, rely on your operator’s performance. SmartROC T45 will revolutionize your fuel consumption, improve your availability, and provide you with the documentation you need to be on top of your business. With help from features such as HNS, AutoPos and ROC Manager, you’re always on top of your operation.

Safety depends on control. The SmartROC T45 dramatically reduces the risks of manual errors and human mistakes. With options such as Hole Navigation System (HNS) you have the right information at your fingertips. This greatly improves both efficiency and safety on the bench.

it easy for the operator, adding rods to the desired depth. The machine drills to the exact desired drilling depth with no mistakes, while the operator supervises until it´s time to pick up the rods. Both functions deliver consistent results you can rely on, shift after shift.



The SmartROC T45 relies on automation functionalities to make sure you drill as planned. The automatic feed alignment ensures that you always maintain the desired angle when drilling, which is crucial for optimum blasting results. In addition, the automatic rod adding system makes


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There are two things the SmartROC T45 never compromises on – fuel efficiency and high productivity. The key to its incredible fuel efficiency is a rig that only uses the energy it needs for the work at hand. In addition to its standard automatic radiator fan, engine and compressor

Atlas Copco



speed are automatically adjusted depending on operating mode. For example, during tramming or when the rig is not working, the compressor puts no load on the engine and thus reduces engine speed. Further, the airflow and dust collector speed can be adjusted as needed by the operator.


The SmartROC T45 gives the operator the most energy efficient rig in its class. Its hydraulic system uses significantly less oil, compared to other rigs, with a hydraulic tank that is 1/3 the standard size for its class. This means the operator can use

biological oil with approximately the same cost as usual oil, and he doesn´t have to worry about taking care of spillage.


- Double hose drums with a slot for each hose. This extends the life of the hoses and does not require greasing - A new comfortable chair and two multifunctional joysticks. Operatorfriendly and ergonomic FOPS/ROPS cabin with great visibility - Reduced number of hoses and couplings for better serviceability - Atlas Copco’s rock drill control system COP Logic brings you great hole quality and penetration rate.


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Strategically located in the heart of Europe, ICT Spring Europe 2017 will gather more than 5,000 key decision makers in IT, finance, banking, space, web, manufacturing and marketing, as well as investors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups from over 70 countries, on May 9th and 10th in Luxembourg.

The organizers of ICT Spring Europe 2017 announced several guest speakers involved in this year's conferences including high level decision makers from NASA, Warner Bros Digital, ESA, Ubisoft, Airbus Safran Launchers, J.P Morgan, Rabobank, Forbes, CERN, SNCF and also national officials such as Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister and Minister for Communications and Media of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and Etienne Schneider (Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy).


From the future of Blockhain to the rise of RegTech

We live in a connected world where digital technologies keep revolutionizing the financial sector. Blockchain and new banking pioneers, are more than ever a burning topic. Are companies ready to implement this new process in order to reduce their costs, tax fraud and to increase security and reliability? InsurTech, RegTech and FundTech are just some of the other combinations that are currently redefining entire industries. What are the latest billing and payments technologies?

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What are the newest RegTech trends? This FinTech Summit will bring together seasoned and top-notch experts for both the finance and technology sectors. To discuss these FinTech topics, Harrie Vollard (Head of Innovation & FinTech, Rabobank), Kim Fuglsang (Head of MobilePay Operational Excellence, Danske Bank), Daniel Drummer (VP Fintech Strategy & Partnerships, J.P. Morgan), Matteo Carbone (Founder and Director, Connected Insurance Observatory), Nicolas Mackel (CEO of Luxembourg for Finance), Nadia Manzari (Head of Innovation, Payments, Markets Infrastructures and Governance,

Luxembourg to explore converging disruptions

CSSF), Nasir Zubairi (CEO, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology), Pascal Rogiest (CEO, Luxtrust), Jonathan Prince (Co-founder, DigiCash Payments), Sarah Khabirpour (Head of Strategy, Regulatory Affairs & MarCom, BIL) will gather in Luxembourg for a unique conference.

The Age of Machines

Dealing with massive amounts of Data, the rise of Algorithms and the need for Cybersecurity are some of the main trends CIOs keep a close eye on around the world. Cyberattacks are more and

more common and companies are being forced to adopt an information security policy to protect their data and the role of CIO is constantly being redefined. Moreover, these trends, along with machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence are completely reinventing manufacturing, one of Luxembourg's historical industries. What are the main threats and opportunities? How can operational excellence be achieved? What's new in AI? These sessions will bring together Paul Schockmel (Vice-President Strategy, Business Development and Marketing, IEE), Raja Chatila (Research Director, CNRS,

ISIR - Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics), Dr. Robert Plana (Director, Innovation and Ecosystem, GE Digital), Jaap Zuiderveld (VP EMEAI, NVIDIA), Rohitashwa Pant (Vice President, KUKA AG) and many more. In a world where productivity and profit are the top priority, companies must learn how to minimize their costs and waste. Digital transforms all sectors of the economy forcing industrial companies to adapt quickly to change. Not being able to keep up with the new technologies will end up with decline in the near future.


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How will the universe


We're all worried about what will happen at the end of our lives. We see other living things die, and we know it will happen to us. Because it's inevitable, we worry about when, where and how it will happen. Many of us also wonder about the fate of Earth. Will it be a hospitable blue ball forever, or will it eventually be consumed by the sun as it swells from a medium-sized yellow star to a red giant? Or perhaps we'll poison our planet, and it will float, cold and desolate, through space. If such a thing were to happen, how long would it take? A hundred years? A thousand? A million?


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Some astronomers - those who call themselves cosmologists ask similar questions about the universe. The scale that these scientists work at, of course, is much different. The universe is huge compared to a single planet, even a single galaxy, and its timeline is much, much longer. Because of this, cosmologists can't know with certainty how the Universe began or how it will end. They can, however, collect evidence, make educated guesses and establish theories. One such theory, concerning the future of the Universe, is playfully known as the "big crunch." According to this theory, the Universe will one day stop expanding. Then, as gravity pulls on the matter, the Universe will begin to contract, falling inward until it has collapsed back into a super-hot, super-dense singularity. If the theory holds true, the Universe is like a giant soufflĂŠ. It starts out small, then expands as it heats up. Eventually, however, the soufflĂŠ cools and begins to collapse. About 15 billion years ago, all matter and energy was bottled up in an incredibly small region known as a singularity. In an instant, this single point


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Photos: Discovery Channel Source: www.howstuffworks.com of super-dense material began to expand at an astonishingly rapid rate. Astronomers don't fully understand what caused the expansion to begin, but they use the term "big bang" to describe both the singularity and the first few moments that followed. As the newborn universe expanded, it began to cool down and become less dense.

Beyond the Big Bang

Almost all astronomers accept that the universe is expanding. What happens next is the real mystery. Luckily, there are only three real possibilities: The Universe can be open, flat or closed. Open Universe. In this scenario, the Universe will expand forever, and as it does, the matter it contains will spread thinner and thinner. Eventually, galaxies will run out of the raw materials they need


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to make new stars. Stars that already exist will slowly extinguish, like dying embers. Instead of fiery cradles, galaxies will become coffins filled with dust and dead stars. At that point, the Universe will become dark, cold and, unfortunately for us, lifeless. Flat Universe. Imagine a marble rolling on an infinitely long wooden surface. There's just enough friction to slow the marble down, but not enough to do it quickly. The marble will roll for a long time, eventually coasting to a slow and gentle stop. This is what will happen to a flat universe Closed Universe. Tie one end of a bungee cord to your leg, the other end to the rail of a bridge and then jump off. You'll accelerate downward rapidly until you begin to stretch the cord. As tension increases, the cord gradually slows your

descent. Eventually, you'll come to a complete stop, but just for a second as the cord, stretched to its limit, yanks you back toward the bridge. Astronomers think a closed Universe will behave in much the same way. Its expansion will slow down until it reaches a maximum size. Then it will recoil, collapsing back on itself. As it does, the Universe will become denser and hotter until it ends in an infinitely hot, infinitely dense singularity.

Death and Rebirth

Clearly, there's no easy answer when it comes to predicting the fate of the universe. But let's imagine for a moment thÂŹat the density of the universe is above the critical value required to stop expansion. This would lead to the big crunch, which in many ways would be like hitting the rewind button on a VCR. As gravity

within the Universe pulled everything back, galaxy clusters would draw closer together. Then individual galaxies would begin to merge until, after billions of years, one mega-galaxy would form Inside this gigantic cauldron, stars would meld together, causing all of space to become hotter than the sun. Eventually, stars would explode and black holes would emerge, slowly at first and then more rapidly. As the end drew near, the black holes would suck up everything around them. Even they would coalesce at some point to form a monstrous black hole that would pull the universe closed like a drawstring bag. At the end, nothing would remain but a super-hot, superdense singularity -- the seed of another universe. Many astronomers think the seed would germinate in a "big bounce," starting the whole process over again.


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The Tool It! Challenge is the Middle East’s first competition inviting contracting and fit-out firms, construction companies, or workshop owners, to nominate their most skilled technicians for an intensive test of will, as they grind, drill, and cut their way to glory among industry peers. The three-day competition will take place at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2017, the region’s premier trade fair for building materials and construction machinery, which runs from 22-24 May at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will comprise three categories: Woodwork Routing and Screw Driving; Plumbing; and Metalworking, with leading professional tool manufacturers Bosch, 3M, RIDGID, and Nitto Kohki on board as category sponsors. Contestants will be given a set of electric power tools provided by the sponsors and made to perform similar activities over a given time frame. They will be evaluated by a jury panel, and adjudicated on fixed parameters such as aesthetics, safety, and efficiency. The Prize? All participants will be awarded certificates by organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East, while the winners will be the proud owners of the latest cuttingedge power tool sets provided by sponsoring brands. “The Tool It! Challenge recognises and rewards the hard working men that are a crucial component of any successful project, regardless of the industry,” said


Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Middle East. “These are the men that work tirelessly behind the scenes in building some of the UAE’s most loved landmarks, using skills and techniques needed to perform in the most extreme conditions. The competition also underlines the importance of having top quality dependable tools in order to ensure the safety of the worker and the workplace,” he added. The Tool It! Challenge is open to contractors, sub-contractors, woodworking and other workshop personnel, tool technicians, operators, metalworkers, drillers, cutters and grinders operating across the UAE. Nominations close by the end of April 2017. Hardware + Tools Middle East is a magnet for trade buyers from across the Middle East and North Africa, including distributors, retailers, exporters, importers, contractors, fabricators, consultants and industry professionals involved in the construction and industrial sectors. The 18th edition will feature Country Pavilions from China, Thailand and Taiwan, and will host more than 185 exhibitors from 12 countries representing over 250 brands. The exhibition will also include the Expert Zone, a dedicated section featuring the most innovative products and solutions from leading manufacturers. More information is available at www.hardwaretoolsme.com.

UAE tool operators drill, cut, and grind

to glory at Tool It!

New competition at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2017 spotlights skills of hard working men behind iconic landmarks. The UAE’s finest tool operators will have a live platform to showcase their skills, as they lay down the gauntlet in a competition dedicated to the hard working men behind the country’s iconic landmarks.

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Sauer Compressors will present its entire product range of oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors for the first time ever at ComVac in Hanover (24 to 28 April, Hall 26, Stand B39). The trade fair will mark the world premiere of the BREEZE series, a new generation of air-cooled compressors. Thanks to its modular compressor concept, the new series covers a wide range of pressure and volume flows. Other highlights will include the innovative compressor control family that includes the Sauer ecc 4.0, as well as a wide range of oil-free and gas-tight compressors from the Sauer product portfolio, which has now been enhanced with the HAUG brand. This year, at the largest trade fair stand the company has ever had, Sauer Compressors will exhibit its extensive range of compressor technologies for industrial and many other applications.

New range of air-cooled industrial compressors

The BREEZE series from Sauer Compressors is set apart by its flexible modular system, which has nine different cylinder/piston combinations that make it suitable for a wide range of requirements. The innovative CubeCooler cooling concept reduces recooling temperatures by one-third. A protective cover comes as standard and has an integrated gauge panel, ensuring outstanding usability with the highest safety standards. The first model in the series is the BREEZE WP323LM Basic. This 3-stage air-cooled compressor generates a flow rate of 390 mÂł/h with a final pressure of 40 bar(g). In addition to air compressors with final pressures up to 500 bar(g), there will be booster versions based on the modular system with inlet pressures up to 16 bar(g), as well as special gastight versions for gases such as helium, natural gas and hydrogen.

An innovative control generation

New compressor technologies for industry

With the Sauer ecc 4.0, the manufacturer will unveil the first model from its newly developed compressor control family. The control provides fully automated monitoring of all compressor functions. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen display and featuring a pioneering operating concept, this compressor control offers exceptional usability. End-to-end compressor solutions Recently, the Sauer Compressors Group significantly enhanced its product portfolio with its acquisition of HAUG Kompressoren AG, now HAUG Sauer. At ComVac, the manufacturer will launch some major new developments in oil-free and gas-tight special compressors, alongside its many oil-lubricated compressors.


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Researchers are obviously keen to see their breakthrough results and efforts in diverse scientific areas brought to a broader audience in industry and the marketplace. This is why the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) will, from 16 to 18 May, be presenting its biotech research findings to an audience of professionals at LABVOLUTION with the life sciences event BIOTECHNICA in Hannover, Germany. Companies and research institutes will be using the event to highlight the fruits of their research, as exhibitors at the TUB pavilion intent on connecting with potential cooperation partners from around the world. The TUB welcomes participation by research facilities and start-ups. Another reason for the TUB

presence at this leading European trade fair for innovative laboratory technology lies in the fact that it is an ideal platform for promoting the numerous courses of study offered by its various institutes and departments. Single-use bioreactor CELL-tainer The TUB will be presenting the CELLtainer, which is one of the outstanding results of bio-processing technology work carried out at the Institute for Biotechnology. The single-use bioreactor CELL-tainer was developed in collaboration with the company Celltainer Biotech. Previously available as 20 l and 200 l models there is now a smaller 2 l model. This wave-mixed reactor is suitable not only for the low shear cultivation of cell lines, but also – due to the comparatively high gas mass transfer rate – for

the cultivation of micro-organisms. Until recently this concept could only be effectively applied to the fed-batch cultivation of Escherichia coli with bio dry mass concentrations of up to 60 gL-1 without additional oxygen supply. However, with the current system it is also possible to cultivate filamentous fungi, whereby the formation of structures is determined solely by the growth medium due to the low shear forces. In addition, a variant was developed for the cultivation of phototrophic organisms which by virtue of the high surface to volume ratio ensures good light energy conversion.

The Berlin





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LIGNA opens in just a few weeks. Over five days, from 22 to 26 May, 1,500 exhibitors from 49 nations will use the show to present a wealth of amazing innovations. LIGNA, one of the world's leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries – opens in just a few weeks. Over five days, from 22 to 26 May, 1,500 exhibitors from 49 nations will use the show to present a wealth of amazing innovations. LIGNA's organizers, Deutsche Messe and the German Woodworking Machinery


Manufacturers' Association, owe their upbeat mood to the dynamism of the technology landscape, as expressed in the show's new layout, the upswing experienced by the wood industry in many parts of the world and, not least, the growing tide of digitalization. Integrated manufacturing and digitalization are transforming the machines, systems and tools used in the woodworking and timber processing industries. "Given the current business climate in the wood industry, the growing wave of

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digitalization and our revamped thematic layout, we are looking forward to a very successful LIGNA this year," commented Christian Pfeiffer, Global Director LIGNA and Woodworking Events at Deutsche Messe. "The show has experienced the first significant rise in booked space in several years, and we have already outstripped the final figures for the most recent stating of LIGNA, in 2015. LIGNA 2017 will occupy 128,000 square meters (over 1,377,700 sq. ft.) of display space. And it will profile products and solutions

LIGNA buoyed by

business climate,

new thematic

layout & digitalization

in the display categories of Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production, Surface Technology, Wood Based Panel Production, Sawmill Technology, Energy from Wood, Machine Components and Automation Technology, and Forestry Technology – all intelligently grouped in a new technology-centric layout. The revamped layout has been extremely well received by our exhibitors and has triggered a significant upswing in rented space. A key change in 2017 is that the hall layout is more in keeping with the

technological convergence between small woodworking workshops and large industrial processors," explained Pfeiffer. "Visitors can expect a wealth of innovations and a world-unique lineup of machines and complex plant and equipment, including live demonstrations. There's also a supporting program of conferences and forums in which luminaries of the woodworking and timber processing industries will present and debate future-defining trends," he added. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Smart

Factory: These are the keynote themes of LIGNA 2017. They are the names and faces of a new generation of technologies that will empower users of all types to achieve greater efficiency and productivity and become more competitive. Held in Hannover, Germany, from 22 to 26 May, LIGNA will map out the digitalization road ahead in all sectors of the wood industry and present the latest technology milestones along the way.


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On its second edition, The Big 5 Construct East Africa 2017 is expected to grow even bigger, expanding across 5 exhibition halls and hosting over 200 local and international exhibitors. “With East Africa being the fastest growing region in the continent, the event is setting itself as the central meeting place for global manufacturers of construction products to network and do business,” Andy Pert, Exhibition Portfolio Director, said. “Demand of innovative solutions for the built environment in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia is booming. The Big 5 Construct East Africa is proud to connect local and international stakeholders in Nairobi supporting knowledge sharing as well as contributing to the long-term development goals of the Kenyan Government,” Mr Pert added. There are 43 mega projects currently going on in the region, with a total value of USD 27.4 billion. According to the latest


6W research commissioned by The Big 5 Construct East Africa, 4 of the top 10 projects in East Africa are taking place in Kenya. The biggest of these projects, Kenya’s Konza Smart City, is worth USD 14.9 billion and is expected to be completed by 2030. The city will include the development of a central business district, a university campus, a residential community and parks over 5,000 acres of land. Kenya is also strongly investing in its port infrastructure. In the Lamu County, three berths will be built by 2020 with an estimated value of USD 689 million. The Government is planning the construction of additional 29 berths with the help of private sector investments, reaching an overall value of around USD 5 billion. With these and many more projects in the pipeline, Kenya and the East African region are a fertile land for construction business to flourish. Participating at the first edition of The Big 5 Construct East

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Africa, Fellaris Wambui from RAK Ceramics, commented: “The construction industry in the region is growing: it is a green market, and I believe it offers great opportunities for everyone who works in this sector.” Exhibiting companies were able to sign several deals both onsite and after the event. “Through The Big 5 Construct East Africa, we finalised deals in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, one of which amounted to € 15,000," Michael Xenons, Owner of Gauzer Energy, stated. Organised by dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, The Big 5 Construct East Africa will provide new upgraded features this year. Beyond a dedicated VIP programme for Government officials and key buyers, the show will host a brand new pre-arranged meeting programme for exhibitors and pre-registered visitors.


CONSTRUCTION PLAYERS IN EAST AFRICA Daniela Rădeanu After a very successful first edition that exceeded all expectations, the official exhibition of Kenya’s National Construction Week is coming back at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi from 1-3 November 2017. The Big 5 Construct East Africa welcomed over 8,500 participants in 2016, hosting 188 companies from 21 countries, and 144 key buyers who directly influence the purchasing of products and services for projects valued above USD 50 million. The event, co-located with the National Construction Authority’s Annual Construction Research Conference, also offered 24 hours of networking and 17 certified workshops attended by almost 4,500 industry professionals.


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CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Whether it is used to give signals to road users at crossings, to direct the flow of traffic or as an attractive design element in landscaping applications — coloured asphalt is an excellent way for urban planners, landscape designers and construction companies to create effects. The mix is produced using “colourless bitumen”, a synthetic binder based on mineral oil, that is coloured with pigments. The park along the Lichtenthaler Allee is typical of the magnificent townscape of the spa city Baden-Baden. The landscaping project comprised two sections with

different space conditions and sizes. To create the visual impression of gritted avenues and simultaneously ensure durability, a stone-mastic asphalt with beige colour pigments was used to surface the area. While the VÖGELE SUPER 800-3i Mini Class paver with its compact dimensions and different feeding options was absolutely ideal for the smaller job site section, the SUPER 1300-3i was perfect for the requirements of the larger section, featuring a pave width of up to 5m. Both machines were supported by the two HAMM rollers of the CompactLine series.

Maximum performance in a small area

Both landscaping projects in BadenBaden required a great deal of flexibility with regard to manœuvrability, pave width and feeding. When landscaping outdoor areas located directly in the park, the VÖGELE Mini Class SUPER 800-3i tracked paver was therefore used to pave the surface course with beige coloured asphalt. As there was an underground car park below the job site and it was essential to prevent cracking in the ceiling slab,

VÖGELE and HAMM Unusual design solution for outdoor

facilities in Baden-Baden with colored asphalt



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the compact HAMM roller type HD 10 VO with oscillation took centre-stage during compaction. On the second section, a VÖGELE Compact Class SUPER 1300-3i tracked paver showed off its skills. Here, 160t of coloured asphalt mix had to be paved. The HAMM HD 10 VO and HD 10 VV rollers were used for compaction.


VÖGELE and HAMM’s landscaping competence

High-quality materials, design challenges, unusual colours — landscaping projects

confront contractors with an increasingly varying range of tasks. The machine technology employed is every bit as versatile — and impressive, right down to the last detail. With the Compact Class and Mini Class pavers and the HD CompactLine rollers, VÖGELE and HAMM supply reliable and perfectly dimensioned solutions with high operating comfort.

VÖGELE Mini Class pavers

The extremely compact SUPER 700-3i and SUPER 800-3i Mini Class pavers are the

right choice for very confined job sites, be they tight, low or narrow. Featuring pave widths ranging from 0.5m up to a maximum of 3.5m, an asymmetrical material hopper for space-saving feeding by lorries and delivering excellent precompaction values with the state-of-the-art AB 220 TV Extending Screed, VÖGELE Mini Class tracked pavers prove that it is possible to pave in very confined spaces without compromising on technology, performance and operating comfort.


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Under the motto "Making history – building the future," Wacker Neuson celebrated its 60th anniversary in North America at this year's CONEXPO-CON/AGG. At the same time, it presented its future capability with innovative new products. Conexpo 2017 fell on an anniversary year for Wacker Neuson: The company has been active with its own affiliates in the US for 60 years and in Canada for 50 years. In 1957, Wacker Neuson began the production and marketing of construction equipment in the US as its first foreign affiliate company. "When Wacker Neuson looks into the future in North America, the company stands on a sturdy foundation of sixty years of experience and a profound market knowledge, which offers us enormous opportunities for growth," says Cem Peksaglam, CEO of the Wacker Neuson Group. "As the most important trade fair in our industry in North America, Conexpo offered us an excellent opportunity to look into the future with our customers, dealers and partners. We were able to exhibit innovative solutions that make our customers' work on the construction site easier today, and in the future." Johannes Schulze Vohren, Regional President of Wacker Neuson in North America, adds: “Overall, the show was very successful. We were able to welcome many interested contractors to the booth as well as talk with existing and potential dealers. Our live demonstration show was an excellent way for us to illustrate how our products can benefit the user with their special features and performance efficiency. The improving economic situation also had a positive impact.” 128,000 visitors and more than 2,800 exhibitors were represented at this year's trade fair.

Impressive trade show appearance

Visitors to the Wacker Neuson stand were impressed by the action-packed demo shows and interactive stations. For example, they had the opportunity to participate in the "VDS Challenge" and in the process convince themselves of the advantages of the Vertical Digging System (VDS). The system for Wacker Neuson compact excavators compensates for height


differences in uneven ground conditions at the push of a button, thus providing for more productivity and comfort. An area for the topic of after-market with advice on financing solutions, service, attachments, spare parts, training and many other topics completed the trade show appearance. The Wacker Neuson Merchandising Shop was also well-attended. A highlight at the show was the products of the zero emission series. The line is making Wacker Neuson a pioneer in emission-free construction machines. In addition, the company exhibited the new excavators of the six to ten ton class at Conexpo as well as compact zero tail excavators (with zero tail swing). Visitors to the Wacker Neuson stand could also familiarize themselves with the comprehensive portfolio of wheel loaders, tele wheel loaders, telehandlers, and dumpers from Wacker Neuson. Within the range of compaction, the ride-on tandem and combination rollers for soil and asphalt compaction with an operating weight of 1.5 to 4.5 tons and the new soil compactors of the 5- and 7-ton class were presented. With the comprehensive roller portfolio, but also with the vibratory plates and rammers from Wacker Neuson, customers always get the machine that ideally fits the compaction requirements of their construction site.

Wacker Neuson—all it takes!

Wacker Neuson makes this promise to its customers around the world with a comprehensive range of construction equipment, compact equipment and services rendered. The company has always owed its leading market position to unconditional customer orientation as well as the reliability and power of innovation of its products and services. In this spirit, Wacker Neuson was able to impress customers, potential customers, and partners at Conexpo 2017.

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Wacker Neuson at Conexpo 2017

Taking a look into the future


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KENYA AMONG WORLD'S LARGEST GENERATORS OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Organized by dmg events Middle East Asia & Africa under the patronage of Hon. Charles Keter, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Energy & Petroleum in Kenya, ARELS will bring together governments, private sector, international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and think tanks to share insights on the latest projects, policies industry trends, and opportunities in the region. Growing energy demand, abundance of renewable energy resources, competitive costs and strong political commitment to the sector both locally and internationally, make East Africa a promising region for the development of renewable energy projects. Most countries in the region have published targets for increasing electrification rates: the Ugandan government is aiming for 100% by 2030, Kenya is targeting 70% by 2017 and Tanzania have set a goal of 75% by 2033. In such framework, there is huge potential for scalability (and cost efficiencies through standardization) for investors who are willing to explore growing business opportunities across the region taking advantage of relatively low production costs. The potential to transform and support development in East Africa comes first and foremost from decentralized and off grid opportunities: the reduction of renewable energy technology costs, more efficient O&M models and the

expectation that storage technologies are likely to continue on their downward cost curve, boosting investments in the sector. Key for many countries will be to diversify their power mix: countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda have potential for a wide renewable energy deployment including for solar and where possible, wind projects. Geothermal energy also offers excellent opportunities. Targeting 5GW of capacity by 2030, Kenya is East Africa’s leader in geothermal technology, aiming to become one of the largest generators in the world in the next two years. While geothermal early development costs can be very high, solar projects are generally less dependent on a large scale grid and can provide off-grid or distributed energy solutions, which arguably allow for a quicker and more reliable market entry. Not surprisingly, the offgrid solar sector is thriving, and has been the subject to many inter-government MoUs in the last year or so. As the sector gains traction and attracts more investment, the number and size of projects should be expected to increase significantly. It is also worth noting that small-scale biomass projects in certain communities might be very profitable for the region. The renewable energy industry in East Africa is still facing some challenges. Creating a transmission and grid infrastructure that is

On 4-5 April 2017, over 200 experts and government representatives from Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda gathered in Nairobi to discuss the present and future of green energy in East Africa at the first Africa Renewable Energy Leaders’ Summit (ARELS).


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fit-for-purpose in the context of an increasing demand for reliable and cost-efficient power, is one of the biggest ones. Grid extension or upgrade projects have suffered in the past from a lack of private sector investment. These projects have had to rely heavily on public or development finance institutional funding such as the “Energy Africa Compact” agreement between Uganda and the UK governments. It remains to be seen whether there will be more private sector involvement in transmission and grid infrastructure projects although the move towards more PPPs in the region may guide governments in this direction.

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CONCRETE VIETNAM 2017 CALL FOR PAPER Estimated that every year, about 25 billion tons of concrete is produced all over the world, the consumption of concrete likely keeps increasing annually. The demand of more durable and sustainable concrete structures for now and the future is therefore really essential for the development of global economy and society. Vietnam construction sector has been grown significantly since 2010 and the government intends to concern more about the sustainable development for building materials, especially concrete which is one of the most important materials. In that respect, Concrete Vietnam Conference offers an excellent opportunity for the whole value chain, from equipment and material suppliers up to application driven players and from academic research institutions up to government offices, to share and discuss leading-edge technologies and trends. For more information, please visit www.concretevietnam.com


CONCRETE EXPO VIETNAM 2017 is the only specialized Concrete event in Vietnam that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream Cement & Concrete companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the Capital City of Hanoi, Vietnam to showcase the latest developments in the Cement& Concrete industry.

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Full Paper Submission for Review: Jun 30, 2017. Final Submission: Jul 31, 2017. Conference: Oct 25-26, 2017. Venue: NECC – National Exhibition Construction Center 01 Do Duc Duc Street, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.


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