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How Asteroid

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RIDGID CASE introduces brand new range of mini excavators


Bosch New 18 volt rotary hammers

for professionals


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Things and goals can sometimes seem out of reach, like a mirage out in a vast desert, something imaginary, maybe it’s there, or maybe it’s not. Who knows? We could be walking forward towards it but the distance between remains the same. Like a funny sign in a restaurant: “today we don’t server for free, but tomorrow we do”, this tomorrow never comes. In the end it’s not the destination that really matters but the most important aspect is the journey. Experiences, things you do, people you meet are essential to success. I read a story some time ago about a fisherman who was at a lake in an early morning. He was there too soon to start fishing and did not know what to do. He was bored. As there aren’t many things to do without light on a fishing trip, he sat down on the edge of the lake. Near him, he found a small bag with a lot of little stones. He took one and threw it in the water. He liked the sound that it made when the stone hit the water. He then began

to throw another, and another, until there were just a few left in the bag. Meantime the sun was appearing. Then he took a very good look at the stones and he realized that they were in fact diamonds. Unfortunately he threw most of them in the water. A very common scenario. Human nature always searched for new boundaries to conquer, new heights, things to discover, new experiences and to push evolution to the limits. Technology and science brought us closer to the Universe and to ourselves. All the technologies in the world that exist today are a product of the human mind, our imagination, our dreams. Success usually stays in the hands of true players who can see true colors and not only black and white. Only those who dare to risk everything can win everything. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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- CASE starts the new year ready for further growth - airTec is now more efficient and almost inaudible - Laboratory 4.0: Who needs it, and to what extent - imos is not only presenting the new software version at LIGNA 2017 - THE FASSI GROUP CONSOLIDATES ITS PRESENCE IN THE FRENCH MARKET - Your Checklist for Success at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017




Bosch - New 18 volt rotary hammers for professionals EDITOR: WIRE ENTERTAINMENT S.R.L.



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Networked Production Industry 4.0:



The Desert Queen returns to Dakar

Biesse at Ligna 2017 - Live the experience


HANNOVER MESSE 2017 - Adding value with Industry 4.0

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SCM Group at Ligna 2017


CASE showed its range at Samoter 2017

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Grotefeld to showcase its premium power units for a wide variet y of materials at ligna 2017

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How Asteroid Mining Will Work

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CASE introduces brand new range of mini excavators

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Top Global Innovatorsto Speak at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

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Cross-border e-commerce is one of the fastest growth opportunities in retail


CASE introduces new st yling and livery

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Better energy-efficient flow rate regulation



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CASE starts the new year ready for further growth CASE Construction Equipment reaches the important milestone of 175 years of developing practical and effective solutions for construction businesses worldwide. Over the years CASE has grown and evolved with its customers, shared their challenges and, anticipating their needs, provided the solutions. As it celebrates this important 175-year anniversary, CASE is ready to take up the challenges of the future. It has ensured the growth of its wide tracked excavator offering with the extension of its long-standing strategic alliance. It is looking forward to exciting new product launches, starting with a brand new mini excavator range and the upgrade of its successful T Series backhoe loaders. More new product introductions will follow, maintaining the CASE product offering at the forefront of the industry. CASE has made significant investments in its San Mauro Excavator Hub and Lecce Wheeled Equipment Hub which have undergone major redevelopments.

airTec is now more efficient and almost inaudible The airTec process has become an established zero joint solution in woodworking shops and SMEs. The HOMAG Group was presenting a new entry-level solution into zero joint technology in autumn. This is significantly more efficient and available for machines with feed rates from 8 to 25 m/min. The process can be used from the entry-level machines of the Ambition 1200 series to the highly sophisticated machines of the KAL 370 series. Reduced noise: The noise emissions during the activation process have been significantly reduced, and are now below the noise level of the other processing units. In standby, the exhaust air volume has been reduced almost to zero – meaning the airTec is only audible during edge banding. More efficient and resource saving than before: This is made possible by a new energy source principle. At its heart is a rotation air heater (patent registered) which heats the air and simultaneously stores the warmth for subsequent repeated air heating.

Laboratory 4.0: Who needs it, and to what extent In the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0, scientific labs are also busily gearing up for the future. Laboratory 4.0 promises robotic systems and automation, full digitalization, a flexible, modular work environment, smart materials and functional surfaces. Everything is possible, but who needs exactly what? Decisions relative to automation and robotic systems, laboratory setups and laboratory IT deserve careful consideration. LABVOLUTION, which forms part of the life sciences event BIOTECHNICA (next to be staged from 16 to 18 May 2017 in Hannover, Germany) provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. LABVOLUTION is Europe’s dedicated trade show for innovative laboratory equipment and the optimization of laboratory workflows, and its “smartLAB” display is a major highlight of the event. Focusing on the intelligent laboratory of the future, smartLAB shows how next-generation laboratories will be able to think and communicate.


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Your Checklist for Success at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017 Headed to CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE March 7-11 in Las Vegas? Make the most of your show experience with these “know before you go” tips so you don’t miss out on all that the shows have to offer. Register in Advance.Your first step! Save time and money and avoid the hassle of onsite lines. For added convenience, pre-registered attendees can pick up their registration Badge-Packs at select Las Vegas hotels, monorail stations and the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport as well as onsite. Use the online searchable show planner to see who’s exhibiting, check out the new products and create a personalized agenda of exhibits, education and networking meetings. Download the Mobile App. Navigate the show floor more easily with the app’s advanced 3D maps with routing, stay connected to fellow attendees, get real-time show updates, and much more. The app continuously synchronizes with the online show planner so you can make last-minute updates to your show agenda.

THE FASSI GROUP CONSOLIDATES ITS PRESENCE IN THE FRENCH MARKET On Monday 23 January, in Paris, a new agreement was signed, giving the Fassi Group the majority share of CTELM, the holding company to which the French brands FASSI FRANCE, MILTRA and MARREL belong. It has been confirmed that Roger Boutonnet will continue as president of CTELM, and he took the opportunity, during the signing, to underline the excellent results obtained in 2016, both in terms of sales for Marrel and also with regards to the strengthening of all the subsidiaries. Boutonnet, also a partner in CTELM, emphasized the objectives of growth and continuity that the company has set for the near future. The new and important role that the Fassi Group will play in CTELM is a further step for its consolidation in the French market. “This is an excellent opportunity to develop new commercial synergies for the CRANAB and JEKKO brands, which already form part of our group”. These were the words stated with satisfaction by Giovanni Fassi, CEO of the company of the same name, which is the world leader in the lifting sector.

imos is not only presenting the new software version at LIGNA 2017 imos will show itself from a new side at the LIGNA 2017. In addition to the new software version, which is published every two years at the LIGNA, imos will be presenting further innovations this year. Whilst for imos the LIGNA 2015 was under the motto "inspire and produce", this year the focus is on new technologies for the wood industry. imos AG is inspired by current trends and technologies and incorporates them into its system solutions. The constant technological change will therefore also be reflected in the naming of the new software version and in the current exhibition stand concept. The imos vision, to optimize the entire process of the end customer to the machine, is gaining more and more contour. In addition, many improvements and innovations are available in the individual product groups CAD, CAM, NET and 360 as well as in the handling.


www.easyengineering.eu | February 2016

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With 100 years of experience as a global specialist in sets, KOHLER and SDMO partnership entered in a new era with KD SERIES range, equipped with its own KOHLER engines. The range can now provide a single entry point for all major components of generating sets designed and manufactured in Europe. KD SERIES range of generators provide reliable solutions characterized by low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and unmatched reliability for a wide range of applications, including healthcare, data centers, airports, industry and energy production plants. Engines dedicated to generating sets with the highest power density on the market: a KOHLER-SDMO exclusive. Our global team of engineers has developed a new range of sleek, compact engines offering unrivalled performance. They combine the highest power with superior efficiency specifically for generating sets. These engines are manufactured in France and Switzerland, in factories offering the highest level of quality. Each product is tested under rigorous operating conditions. The range comprises two K135 and K175 engine blocks which cover a wide power


range: from 561 to 4250 kWm.


CONCENTRATED POWER KOHLER diesel engines offer the best power/ compactness/consumption ratio on the market, guaranteeing optimal performance at low operating costs. This effi ciency results from perfect compatibility between the injection system and the engine control unit (ECU).



Thanks to its rigid architecture and optimised combustion, our engine operates smoothly with a low sound level and low vibration, even under extreme operating conditions. Less friction and vibrations means better reliability, greater strength, a longer service life and minimised fuel

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The high fuel pressure common rail injection system reaches an injection pressure of 2200 bar. The higher this pressure, the more fi nely the fuel is vaporised, ensuring more effi cient ignition, combustion and exhaust. In conjunction with the other components, our system offers advanced engine performance and optimal efficiency.


The materials have been selected for their high-tech qualities and strength. The products therefore benefi t from excellent


TO HIGH POWER GENERATING SETS Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu

strength, even for the most demanding projects.

A SLEEK, MODULAR DESIGN The use of components common to all models means that stock is rationalised, maintenance facilitated and training simplified. A sleek, minimal design ensures better accessibility to components for optimised maintenance. It all helps to reduce costs.


The KD SERIES range runs from 800 to 2800 kVA emergency. It will be extended to 4200 kVA, with 5 additional power nodes, currently being tested. Their adaptability and modularity make them the ideal range for tailored power

solutions, perfectly suited to your applications. Common rail injection with electronic control enables optimisation of both fuel consumption (VOC) and emissions (VOE). Emission Optimised Versions conform to EPA Tier 2 requirements at 50 Hz and are EPA Tier 2 certifi ed at 60 Hz. KD SERIES generating sets are available with DCC power for data centres. They comply with the G3 performance class. The KD SERIES range includes a large number of options and accessories: control/command, enclosures and containers, fuel tanks, silencers, circuit breakers, etc. A design that meets American standards is available on request (NFPA110, IBC, UL, etc.)


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To allow installers to stay in complete control even when carrying out work on hard materials – when drilling into reinforced concrete, for example – Bosch has equipped the GBH 18V-26 Professional and the GBH 18V-26 F Professional with KickBack Control. If the rotary hammer turns suddenly or unpredictably on its drill axis, as can occur if the drill becomes jammed in reinforced concrete, the integrated sensor shuts off the motor in a fraction of a second. This prevents unexpected kickback of the tool and, therefore, can reduce the risk of injury. The integrated Electronic Precision Control (EPC)

feature supports tradespeople when drilling into delicate materials such as tiles. If the EPC function is activated, the maximum power of the rotary hammer is limited to 70 percent with slower run-up. It enables tradespeople to work in impact mode from the very start of their task by omitting one work step. The bit is prevented from slipping off when the user starts to drill, and precise results can be achieved quickly and easily. When developing the new generation of 18 volt rotary hammers, Bosch also redesigned the shape of the tools and optimized them for

ergonomic work. The handle is now in line with the drill axis on both tools. This L shape reduces the effort and fatigue involved in working with the tool. In addition, both rotary hammers feature efficient vibration damping. A damping element uncouples the main handle from the hammer drive, reducing vibrations actively.

The first Bosch hammer with active integrated dust extractor To enable tradespeople to work in building stock in a dust-free environment – for example

Bosch New 18 volt rotary hammers

for professionals



February 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

when retrofitting light fittings – Bosch is offering the new 18 volt rotary hammers with active integrated dust extractor for the first time: The GDE 18V-16 Professional can simply be attached to the rotary hammer when required. It has its own motor which is also supplied with power by the rotary hammer battery. To allow drilling to be carried out easily and cleanly using dust extraction, the dust extractor has an automatic power on/ off function. It automatically starts at the same time as the rotary hammer. How-


ever, to ensure optimal dust extraction, it continues to function for two seconds after the drilling operation is ended. The integrated HEPA filter also provides reliable dust protection and, like the dust container, can be cleaned and emptied in just a few easy movements. Further features of the 18 volt rotary hammers include an LED light on the housing which illuminates the working area, as well as a powerful 6.0 Ah battery. With its accompanying GAL 1880 CV Professional quick charger, the battery is fully

As powerful as corded tools – the GBH 18V-26 Professional and GBH 18V-26 F Professional, two particularly highperformance tools, are the latest additions to the Bosch range of rotary hammers with EC motors. Both generate an impact energy of 2.6 joules – 50 percent more than the current strongest 18 volt rotary hammer. This makes them comparable with corded tools such as the GBH 2-26 Professional. This is where the EC motor steps in. It is highly efficient and completely maintenance-free. The user can choose between the model with fixed chuck and the model with changeable chuck (F), which is also supplied with a keyless chuck for round shank drill bits.

charged in just 50 minutes – 30 percent faster than the previous model. The new generation of 18 volt rotary hammers is part of the Flexible Power system and is therefore compatible with Bosch’s entire professional 18 volt system. The 18 volt GBH 18V-26 Professional and GBH 18V-26 F Professional rotary hammers will be available in various scopes of delivery from specialist retail outlets from January 2017. The GDE 18V-16 Professional dust extraction system will be available from May 2017. Subject to change.


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With 84,000 visitors from 86 countries over four days, Verona confirmed its status as a capital for transport, logistics and construction & road machinery. The Transpotec Logitec and Samoter with Asphaltica shows all closed today: trade show organised respectively by Fiera Milano and Veronafiere held together for the first time in the Verona Exhibition Centre with 780 exhibitors from 25 countries, 10 halls and 6 outside areas for a total net show area of more than 84,000 square meters.


The three shows highlight key sectors for the development of Italy, as the Undersecretary for infrastructure and transport, Umberto Del Basso De Caro, said during the inauguration last Wednesday. «The decision to work together, build a system and activate synergies with Veronafiere has certainly borne fruit ... given the results achieved by the three events," said Roberto Rettani, President of Fiera Milano. "This edition of Transpotec, in particular, confirms the approach taken by Fiera Milano three editions ago. Facts and figures, optimism and overall satisfaction clearly evident in the halls undeniably confirm the event as the most important and well-attended business opportunity for sector operators in Italy. The genuine interest shown by visitors to the show in

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the proposals exhibited by companies often turned into contracts and is the result of recovery and new awareness among operators but also sign of willingness to renew fleets, thereby making an effective contribution to the development of the entire Country-System in terms of efficiency and environmental sustainability». «Our goal as trade show organizers," said Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere, "is to develop events capable of being effective business and promotion tools at the service of the entire sector. The construction machinery sector in recent years has experienced one of its most serious recessions ever and Samoter 2017, together with Asphaltica, was consequently a major challenge involving a great deal of responsibility for the 450 companies



who, with us, believed in the project to re-launch the format initiated in 2014. The return of several major brands, significant business on the stands, more and more qualified operators and expansion of international buyers confirm the success of Samoter number 30 and we are already looking forward optimistically to the next edition». Transpotec Logitec is the biennial event organized by Fiera Milano dedicated to transportation and logistics. It is held in Verona that, thanks to its geographic location and major industrial vocation in the field of road transport, distribution and components, is a landmark for the entire sector. This landmark event for the sector in question is designed to offer effective answers to all operators – hauliers,

logistics managers, fleet owners, organised distribution, couriers and ownerdrivers – through a comprehensive range of systems, products and services, as well also numerous opportunities for updating and training. SaMoTer, the Triennial International Earth Moving and Building Machinery Exhibition, has been held in Verona since 1964 and is the leading event dedicated to the construction machinery sector in Italy. The Exhibition is a partner event in the cycle of European trade fairs sharing the patronage of CECE - the European Federation which brings together building machinery manufacturers. Now at its 30th edition, with over 50 years of history behind it at the service of the sector, SaMoTer 2017 is the most impor-

tant event in Europe for the construction sector. Asphaltica, the European exhibition dedicated to the entire asphalt and road infrastructure sector brings together all the key players: manufacturers of plant and machinery, oil companies, research laboratories, the chemical industry for tyres and additives, alternative aggregate materials, reinforcement and waterproofing membranes for road surfaces. Now at its 8th edition and since 2014 held together at Samoter, the show is organized by SITEB (Italian Road Asphalt Bitumen Association) and Veronafiere (which owns 50% of the trademark).


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INSTABILITY Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu

Self-driving bulldozers and excavators capable of redesigning the morphology of hills and embankments guided by drones, GPS and computers. Prevention of hydrogeological instability today even involves increasingly advanced earth moving machines taking inspiration for the rovers used to explore Mars. This scenario is much closer than one would think and in some sectors, such as agriculture, is already a reality - as explained by Massimiliano Ruggeri, an engineer and researcher at the Institute for Agricultural and Earth Moving Machinery of the National Research Council, in his report to Samoter in Verona The earth moving, site and construction/ building machinery event is open until tomorrow. The 30th edition focuses especially and precisely on the technological contribution the sector can ensure in combatting environmental emergencies. "Individual technologies are already available today," said Ruggeri. What is missing is their specific integration to protect the territory, especially in mountain and hillside contexts. Yet all this also pushes towards true robotization and automation of a machinery fleet that in Italy is more than 30 years old and by now obsolete." This is even more the case in Italy - a country where the Geological Service and the Regions certified more than 600,000 landslides in a single year (almost two per square km) and River Authorities have identified 10% of national territory as being at flood risk, while the Civil Protec-


tion Department over the last 3 years has acted in 57 emergencies caused by hydro-geological phenomena. The ground has to be re-designed, in much the same way as occurs in agriculture, following the natural contours of the land and creating small-scale terracing to retain water and prevent erosion. This is where bulldozers, wheel loaders and hi-tech excavators come into play: beforehand, drones map the contours of the land, then work plans are up loaded to computers on-board the machinery performing the tasks by moving independently around the environment thanks to laser levelling, GPS and 3D vision systems. And earth moving machines of the future? "They will be larger," says Ruggeri, "and modular with robot control and variable trim, just like the rovers used to explore Mars. They will have hybrid and

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more efficient engines." Design and innovation during Samoter at Veronafiere are also the focus of the first edition of the Foiv Competition (Federation of Orders of Engineers in the Veneto Region) which awarded the best prevention and environmental recovery projects. Six companies were selected for the two award sections envisaged. The first section (prevention, protection and land conservation) saw the award go to the project for geognostic surveys to study landslides designed by Massimo Sacchetto. The award in the second section (measures to environmental restoration and regeneration projects) went Alberto Bisson, who presented a technique for reinforcing of slopes subject to slow landslides using floating anchors.


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The Desert Queen returns to Dakar

Ceci’s Honda runs with Pakelo lubricants at the Africa Eco Race Claudiu Berariu In 1986 Honda decided to take part to the competition with a new prototype which was expressly conceived to win the Paris-Dakar. With this open purpose was created the NXR750, a two-cylinder powered by a compact 45° V-twin engine, offering 75PS. This legendary Honda won the Paris-Dakar at its debut and for the following 3 years, gaining the deserved title of “Desert queen”. After 27 years Honda wants it all again wishing to dominate the African rally with the younger version of the NXR750: the new Africa Twin, the best-selling Honda model for the Adventure segment. With the support of Honda Europe and RedMoto, (Italian exclusive distributor for Honda Offroad models) the Desert Queen might relieve its glorious past thanks to the professional Italian rider Paolo Ceci. 12 stages, 6500 km (of which more than half as special stages) along Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal and their deserts. It’s the hardest competition of the world that Paolo Ceci is facing right now in Africa. The race started on January, 2nd and entered the Mauritanian territory on January 7th with Dakar as final destination. Pakelo Lubricants is technical partner of this ambitious project. Ceci’s Africa Twin is in fact equipped with PAKELO KRYPTON MBK SAE 10W-40, a fully synthetic engine oil for 4-stroke

motorcycles which need a consistent higher performance product. This engine oil was tested with success both during Merzouga and Tuareg Rallye under very strict conditions. For the suspensions Paolo Ceci is using a product of the AMFLUID series (precisely the 5W viscosity) which provides low friction and long lasting efficiency. In addition to the essential products for the cleaning of the chain (CHAIN LUBE MBK OFF-ROAD) and for the mechanical parts (BRAKE CLEANER MBK) we’re also suppling our COOLANT G30 READY MIX, a product of the Glysantin® line, which we distribute thanks to a co-branding agreement with BASF. Right from the beginning during the first Moroccan stages of the competition Paolo Ceci scored great results, keeping the first or the second place in the general standing, although a small fueling issue during the 3rd stage forced Ceci to lose 40 minutes and a lot of energy. At the end of the last Moroccan stage Paolo Ceci is second in the temporary standing, right behind the KTM of the young revelation rider Israeli rider Gev Teddy Sella. Mauritania will be critical for the competition’s outcome of Paolo and its Desert Queen. Stay tuned.

Senegal’s capital city, Dakar, is utterly the holy of holies of rally lovers. After a short interruption of the Paris-Dakar due to Mauritania’s political issues the competition bloomed again in 2009 under the new name of Africa Eco Race. There’re tons of interesting stories connected with this rally. One of them is the story of the so called “Desert Queen”.


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HANNOVER MESSE 2017 opens in about ten weeks’ time. The show, which runs from 24 to 28 April, will sport a rich array of highlights, including a record 500-plus Industry 4.0 applications, self-learning robots with near-human touch sensitivity, and advanced technology solutions for a more sustainable energy future. “The technologies needed for the successful digitalization of industrial production are fully developed and ready to go,” commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Jochen Köckler.” “The task now is to ensure that decision makers from industry and the energy sector understand the direct,


long-term benefits that digitalization can offer them and their organizations, business models and employees,” he added. “Challenging people to ‘think outside the box,’ highlighting all the various ways in which digitalization can add value, and opening up new markets – that’s what this year’s HANNOVER MESSE is all about, with its lead theme of Integrated Industry – Creating Value.” The show will have around 6,500 exhibitors and feature Poland as its official Partner Country. With Industry 4.0, integrated energy, digital twins, machine learning, predictive maintenance, smart materials, and

February 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

networked and collaborative robots (cobots), companies of all sizes today have a multitude of high-tech solutions to choose from. But often they find it difficult to predict what value these sorts of solutions might add. Which is where HANNOVER MESSE 2017 comes in. Köckler: “The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology will present solutions for all parts of the industrial landscape. It’s a landscape in which mechanical engineering and IT are converging. This is digitalization, and HANNOVER MESSE will show visitors how to recognize its benefits and make them their own.”


MESSE 2017 Adding value with

Industry 4.0 ,

Robots that are as simple to operate as smartphones. Machines that learn from their mistakes. Energy systems that are digitally integrated and controlled. And all of it totally human-centered. That’s Industry 4.0. HANNOVER MESSE 2017 highlights the added value that is unleashed when factories and energy systems go digital.

Predictive maintenance through machine learning

Digitalized production processes generate vast quantities of data which are then analyzed by various upstream and downstream systems. In the not-too-distant future, manufacturing systems will incorporate machine-learning technologies that analyze this data centrally and feed the results back to the production machines in question, thereby enabling them to learn and self-optimize. As such, machine learning is fundamental to predictive maintenance – a highly promising aspect of Industry 4.0 that will feature

prominently at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE.

Putting people first

However, despite the ongoing and rapid spread of digitalization, people will always be absolutely critical to success in industry. Industry 4.0 technologies will help make factory workers’ duties more interesting and varied. Instead of focusing on repetitive manual tasks, factory employees will increasingly be called upon to solve problems, make decisions, innovate and drive value-adding initiatives. But this will not happen in a

vacuum. Manufacturers need to invest in upskilling and education measures to prepare their workforces for Workplace 4.0. “In tomorrow’s agile, flexible factories, employees will be experts in the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, smart glasses and tablets. All of these exiting new digital factory tools will feature prominently at HANNOVER MESSE 2017,” Köckler explained.


www.easyengineering.eu | February 2016

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SCM Group

at Ligna 2017

Great confidence in the

future of the entire industry Boasting a double-digit growth over the last two years and fast-selling new models, SCM Group participates in Ligna 2017 as a solid Group that has great confidence in the future of the entire industry. And as one of the world industry leader, SCM Group is getting ready for the event knowing full well that – thanks to the high technological level it has reached – it is more than able to offer its clients applicable "Industry 4.0" solutions.


February 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Practical solutions made possible by an ever growing data collection and analysis, to facilitate greater control over production quality and quantity, from technological and IT development of individual machines to improving their ability to operate in cells and cell systems. Specifically, at Ligna 2017, on its enormous stand in Hall 13, the Group will display a cell system combined with robot, able to provide a concrete implementation of the "mass customisation" concept, all in order to meet all customer-specific needs, while maintaining the advantages of industrial production. In terms of software and user interfaces, SCM Group is to present at Ligna 2017 some outstanding new solutions, starting from an interface with an innovative and stunning "multi-touch" system, with a 21-inch display and a new graphic look which makes preparation work, production control and diversification easy and safe for operators. And regarding software specifically, SCM Group has completed a major "upgrade" of its Maestro suite. Excellent results have been achieved with beam saws using the new system optimiser, allowing an 80% reduction in computation time and 40-50% reduction in waste. The Watch system supervisor will demonstrate its great capabilities running by itself the cell system on view at Ligna 2017. In general, the SCM Group software suites are designed as open systems that can operate with any type of machine, allowing total control over every machine function, while being easy and intuitive to use by any operator. At Ligna 2017, SCM Group is to present more than sixty products out of its wide range, able to meet the needs of any type of company, from small local carpentry shop to large multinational corporations. In particular, following their extraordinary success during the Open House event, held at the beginning of the year in the Group's headquarters in Rimini, Italy, the new Morbidelli Author M100 and M200 machining centres will be presented, ready to start the "AuthoR-Evolution", along with additional new products shown in a world première and various other "upgrades" of the entire product line. This year's edition of Ligna comes at a particularly happy moment for Scm Group, whose 2016 revenues came to nearly 600 million euros, up from 513 million in 2015 and 466 million in 2014. Four-hundred million out of the 600 million total came from the woodworking industry. Exports account for a major part of SCM Group's market share, but the Italian domestic market has shown an impressive recovery. The Group, with its network of subsidiaries and distributors spread around the world, boasts a total of over 300,000 square metres of production floor area and about 3,300 employees.


www.easyengineering.eu | February 2016

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CASE Construction Equipment debuted its brand new range of C Series mini excavators, and gave a sneak preview of the new G Series wheel loaders, as well introduced its new livery, at Samoter 2017 – CASE’s 175th anniversary year. The layout of CASE’s stand at the internationally renowned exhibition in Verona from February 22-25 has been deliberately organised into sectors (urban construction, infrastructure, quarrying and recycling) to reflect the brand’s focus on customers, making it even easier for visitors to find the offer for their business. An excavator simulator also gave visitors the opportunity to experience what it is like to operate a CASE machine. They were also able to participate in a driving simulator contest to uncover the CASE logo, with each day’s fastest operator being rewarded with a CASE surprise.

CASE showed its range

at Samoter 2017


February 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

The layout of CASE’s stand at the internationally renowned exhibition in Verona from February 22-25 has been deliberately organised into sectors (urban construction, infrastructure, quarrying and recycling) to reflect the brand’s focus on customers, making it even easier for visitors to find the offer for their business. An excavator simulator also gave visitors the opportunity to experience what it is like to operate a CASE machine. They were also able to participate in a driving simulator contest to uncover the CASE logo, with each day’s fastest operator being rewarded with a CASE surprise.

The new mini excavators line-up

CASE’s brand-new range of C Series mini excavators debuted at Samoter. There are currently six models available (from 1.7 to 6 tonnes), with more models to be added during 2017 and 2018. The new C Series is a technological landmark for the mini excavator market, including more features, higher performances, maximum comfort and improved safety.

Gaston Le Chevalier de la Sauzaye, CASE product manager for mini excavators, commented: “The mini excavators are essential machines for the construction industry in Italy and Europe. With the new CASE C Series, we satisfy our clients’ main requests: exceptional productivity, comfort and safety.”

Tier 4 Final backhoe loaders make their debut CASE also exhibited its new upgraded T Series backhoe loaders. This range now complies with Tier 4 Final regulation on exhaust emissions thanks to the exclusive CASE SCR-Only solution that ensures powerful performances with remarkable fuel efficiency, and eliminates the need for diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts or regeneration.

A European ‘sneak preview’

Visitors to Samoter were also treated to a ‘sneak preview’ of the new G Series Wheel Loaders before the official launch in the coming months. They were able to catch a glimpse of the new machines but to have all the technical details and to test drive them, they will have to wait for the official

European launch in the coming months. Alain De Nanteuil, EMEA product marketing manager, CASE wheel loaders, says: “I can’t go into details yet but the new G Series wheel loaders are a huge leap forward, with respect to the already excellent present machine generation which is already highly rated for its reduced fuel consumption and ruggedness. These will be the most silent CASE wheel loaders ever, with new and revolutionary features that will make them the leading players in the industry.”

The entire CASE range on display

In addition to the new mini excavators and Tier 4 Final backhoe loaders and the new wheel loaders, machines from across CASE’s extensive portfolio were on display. This includes the CX210D tracked excavator (with NLC narrow carriage), wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. An Astra HD9, together with the new G Series wheel loader, will be displayed to show the perfect duo for quarry applications.


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How make a complicate process that can take days of testing and require specialized people and multiples equipment, to be transformed into a simple and precise operation which can be done in a few hours even by an operator without prior experience? The answer is easy: with a compact and easy to use equipment. We are talking about bevel a pipe or a metal sheet, a complex and often used process used in industry until very time a time and energy consuming process.


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Bevelling with traditional methods which can be difficult, despite extensive experience in processing and cutting materials to be welded. In most cases, the way to a satisfactory result evolves hours, sometimes days of exercise and errors. Bevelling can be made by milling (for beveled cuts quality and high precision), rectification (for materials and chamfer high), shear (tanks, containers, shipbuilding), cutting flame autogenous (for steel with carbon content below 0,3%), cutting with lasers, plasma (for steel thick with speed and precision increased), cutting water jet very high pressure, jet speed reaching up to 1,000 m/s, the heat contribution is very low.

Why beveling?

Each industry has its own challenges in the industry in terms of the sophistication of training materials for welding. Bevel is an operation used in construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas and shipbuilding. These industries use bevelling as part of the preparation for welding. Beveled edges with different angles allow a stronger weld, which can with-

stand the weight or take over tasks such machines and structures. Regardless of the difficulty of preparing materials for welding, a good result requires two key elements: a capable and precise equipment and skilled people.

What did RIGDIG changed?

At the beginning of 2016, RIDGID launched on the European market a compact machine for bevelling pipes and sheets, the B-500 model, with a mass of only 24 kg. the equipment has been designed to lessen the impact of the human factor on the final result. Its use is an absolute simplicity, so any operator without prior experience can execute a perfect bevel. The machine performs a bevel similar to processing with the lathe, owing to six knives that work simultaneously and perform three bevelling angles (37.5 °, 30 °, 45 °), thus covering most of the procedures of bevelling .thanks to the accuracy of the angle of bevel it requires one pass through the pipe around or along the sheet metal. It can process pipes wit 3 ½” diameter and sheet metal flat carbon steel and stainless.


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Grotefeld to showcase its premium

power units for a wide variety

of materials at ligna 2017

The system supplier Grotefeld GmbH (Espelkamp, Germany) is a highly specialised producer of high-quality power unit technology. The efficient and high-performance components offered by the company are process oriented, whereby the focus lies in the areas of drilling, milling, sawing, cutting, grinding and tracing. For many years now, the enterprise has been developing new applications in terms of the materials to be processed – ranging from plastics and metal to gypsum and cement right through to composites. These innovative developments will be highlighted in impressive fashion by Grotefeld at its stand D72 in hall 12 at the forthcoming leading trade fair “Ligna 2017”. The company, which is based in East Westphalia, has fully embraced this year’s motto of the fair “Processing of Plastics and Composites” by gearing its presentation at Ligna towards its own units, which are highly resistant to mechanical stresses, for the processing of interesting and unusual materials. Grotefeld’s extensive product portfolio will enable the company to show multifaceted applications going far beyond the “customary” uses in the timber and furniture industry.

From a standard power unit to specialised applications

The drilling of gypsum-cement panels, for instance, poses a particular challenge. The highly abrasive dust mixed with the moisture in the air causes considerable problems for both the stability of the unit and the guarantee of the long-term operation of the controllable drilling


gear, which have been ingeniously solved by the engineering company. Although the machining of glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (GRP and CRP respectively) is entirely different, their processing is by no means less demanding. Grotefeld offers special, smart machining solutions both from a technological point of view and in terms of health-related aspects. The diversity of the properties of plastics fundamentally necessitates extensive development work in the field of premium power unit technology. Although high torque values are mostly required for the machining of such materials, the frictional heat generated by the tool can cause some plastics to melt. Grotefeld demonstrates how to overcome such problems by means of its gear reductions. Nowadays, metalworking almost always involves the use of so-called minimum quantity lubrication or lubricant feed through the tool. The top-class supplier also offers its customers attractive power unit developments for such applications.

Innovative power units for all industrial sectors

Composites are a booming segment in industry. The processing of sandwich elements is regarded as “a fine art” since the combinations of materials are virtually infinite and new ideas are presented almost every day. Grotefeld will be the first port of call for companies wishing to hold their own in the processing of this category of materials. The “hidden champion” from Espelkamp has been developing socalled “non-wood innova-

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tions” for some time now. Working hand in hand with its international clients on the development of new systems enables its partners to quickly achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Whether shipbuilding, the caravan industry, producers of insulation materials, the automotive or aviation industry – Grotefeld is regarded as a pioneer and driver for innovation when it comes to smart power unit and machining solutions.


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The SMOPYC International Show of Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery is returning to Zaragoza bigger and better than ever before. The exhibition centre will become the heart of the sector from 25 to 29 April. SMOPYC is a fantastic opportunity for companies interested in the European market. The 17th show will without doubt be the impetus for pushing the leading trade show in Spain and Portugal back to the top of the international trade show calendar. It is a must attend event for public works and construction professionals, who have lost no time responding to SMOPYC’s call. With three months to go before it starts, the triennial event has already exceeded the previous edition in all figures. More than 450 brands have confirmed their presence to display machinery, equipment and technology in the 64,000-plus sq metre grounds. These participation figures denote the trust that sector professionals have in the event and a clear sector upswing which Zaragoza E¬xhibition Centre will do its bit towards boosting. To that end, the upcoming SMOPYC show has been given a new focus, while upholding the core that has long set it apart: serving as a meeting point for professionals and leading national and international brands. To provide extra added value to brands, the organisers of the machinery and construction show have designed an ambitious programme of competitions, activities and forums in conjunction with the exhibition area, which will also feature important new developments. One of the highlights this time round will be SMOPYCDEMO, a demonstration area fitted out so that companies can exhibit the full potential of their machinery and visitors can check their operation first-hand. Then there is the Operators’ Competition where, for the first time, professional skills and abilities in operating the different machinery will be put to the test. Leading brands from the international

market, cutting-edge technological advances and sector professionals will all come together at SMOPYC 2017. Zaragoza Exhibition Centre will become a unique showcase for the expansion of companies and the doorway into Europe for businesses from Spain, Portugal and North Africa. SMOPYC recently won the seal of internationalisation from the Spanish Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, distinguishing events that deliver on criteria of regularity, progression and innovation. The award recognises the proven track record of the show that, over 17 editions, has enjoyed unanimous support from the entire machinery, construction and mining sector and endorses it as a benchmark event for learning about the latest technical and technological developments. For five days, Zaragoza will become the capital of machinery and equipment technology for the building industry and a stage for sector discussion and reflection. It is unquestionably the ideal place to foster a dynamic and productive space where trade meetings, conferences and, of course, business can be done. SMOPYC will be an event that no sector professional can afford to miss. With figures that have already eclipsed past editions in terms of exhibition space and participating brands, Zaragoza Exhibition Centre will become, once again, a unique opportunity for expansion and growth in a market that has already started to recover.


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Low-cost or high-end

This means that there is still great potential in pumps for energy savings, especially in pump applications and engines based on hydraulic technology. However, the overwhelming majority of applications currently in use are operated by motors and pumps running at a constant speed. Take for instance hydraulic power units, which nowadays are typically constructed from inexpensive asynchronous motors, motor starters and fixed displacement pumps, which require relatively small investments. However, they consume a large amount of energy; this is because the overall hydraulic power unit is designed to support the maximum pressure and volume flow required. Energy is wasted because it delivers this maximum output, even if it is not required. In addition, heat inflow into the hydraulic fluid through the constantly operating pump is high, so additional cooling capacity is required. To increase the energy efficiency of such a system, the fundamental approach is to operate the main pump of the machine at variable speed. Thus, only the required power is made available to the system whenever needed. As a high-end solution, this can be achieved with a four-quadrant direct drive - a servo drive controls the speed of the pump and, therefore, the pressure and volume flow. In this case, the oil only needs to be actively cooled to a limited extent. All in all, such a unit consumes significantly less energy than a system with constant pressure. However, a direct drive can only supply one process. If hydraulic power is needed for several different processes, an equivalent number of power units are required. The four-quadrant direct drive with servo motors is thus a solution that should be placed at the upper end of the scale in terms of the investment required.

Cost- and energy-efficient solution with speed control

Eaton provides a more cost-effective alternative. In this solution, a variable speed starter or variable frequency drive takes over the control of the speed of the pump – the variable frequency drive means that more complex functionalities can be handled, while the variable speed starter is more cost-effective and easier to put into operation. A conventional asynchronous motor is used as a drive, whereby motors from the IE2 to IE4 efficiency classes can be used depending on operating cycles and runtimes. A further increase in energy efficiency can be achieved by using permanent magnet motors, but that also involves higher investment costs. The motor control unit receives data from a sensor about the pressure in the hydraulic system


sumption can be reduced from 5.6 kWh to 2.8 kWh – i.e. by around 50 per cent. Assuming that the machine operates for two eight-hour shifts, 300 days a year, the annual energy savings for each machine amount to EUR 2,016. The period for achieving return on investment (ROI) in this case is 2.2 years.

IoT ready for cloud-based power management and, based on this, adjusts the motor’s speed to the volume flow requirement of the hydraulic devices consuming the energy. This ‘Power on Demand’ concept also can supply several parallel processes with similar volume flows and pressure requirements, controlling various actuators via direction control, proportional or servo valves. At the same time, users of this configuration will also benefit from longer machine life, due to lower levels of heat generation, increased operator safety, a compact design, and improved comfort by reducing the noise of the pump.

Energy savings of more than 50 per cent

With a machine model that was jointly developed with the solution partner ATP Hydraulik AG, Eaton was able to illustrate the energy efficiency of this drive concept. Three hydraulic units were operated in parallel – one system was a basic solution controlling the motor and pump at a constant speed, the second was the servo solution using the servo controller, and, in the third, a variable speed starter controlled the main pump based on the power required. Therefore, this machine model allows a direct comparison to be made of the units in terms of dynamics, energy consumption and TCO. The advantages of the variable speed hydraulic power unit were clear. Based on the basic solution, it could be proven that the “Power on Demand” concept meant achieving energy savings of approximately 60 per cent. Eaton has also confirmed this saving potential in practice as part of a retrofit measure on a 20-year-old 50 t injection moulding machine. To date, their hydraulic unit has been constantly driven with a conventional 15 kW asynchronous motor. The volume flow of the pump is mechanically controlled; even at a low volume flow, the motor drives the pump at a constant speed of 1,500 revolutions and so consumes large amounts of energy. This drive was upgraded using a variable frequency drive (Eaton PowerXL DA1), a permanent magnet motor and an axial piston pump (Eaton 425 piston pump). By making the control of the motor load-dependent and only providing it with the power that the process requires, energy con-

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However, reducing energy consumption is only the first step towards an energy-efficient system. The next is to create the conditions for a power management system. Extensively recording and analysing energy and machine data is the only possible way of monitoring energy consumption, identifying opportunities for improvement and checking the impact of the measures implemented. This requires the use of numerous sensors, such as for measuring pressure, positions or temperature as well as for recording information about the operational status of each individual component. In the case of a traditional set-up where individual cables are connected, this means the considerable additional use of wires and cables for transmitting the information from the relevant component to the programmable logic controller (PLC). An intelligent wiring system at the device level, such as Eaton’s SmartWire-DT, offers clear advantages in comparison. It allows components such as switching devices, circuit breakers, pushbuttons, sensors and actuators to be connected to each other using a single cable instead of using elaborate point-to-point wiring. The cable supplies power to the connected devices while also supporting data communication. At the same time, standard components are turned into intelligent, communicationenabled devices using an ASIC module. As the I/O modules of SmartWire-DT are available with IP67-rated protection, sensors and actuators can also be connected in the field. This means that data from a machine or system, for example, to monitor the vertical movement of the cylinder, the temperature or pressure, can be easily recorded and used for power management. By using Gateway modules, SmartWireDT makes it possible for users to connect the system to all popular controls and fieldbus systems, such as Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink or EtherCAT – and to the Internet, therefore making it IoTready. If control devices are used with an OPC UA interface, all data – down to device level – can, for instance, be supplied for cloud-based power management software. Author: Marco Bison, Manager of Mechatronic Technologies, Eaton

Better energy-efficient flow rate regulation Reducing energy consumption by implementing variable speed drive concepts

Implementing a ‘Power on Demand’ concept based on variable speed drives allows for energy saving in any application that involves pumps or hydraulic systems. When used in combination with an intelligent wiring and communication system, relevant machine data can also be easily recorded – the basis for comprehensive power management. Using energy efficiently not only saves companies money, but also saves resources and combats climate change. Pumps are an important starting point in improving energy efficiency – they are among the largest industrial electricity consumers. On average, roughly 45% of the total costs related to a pump’s service life are energy costs.


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Networked Production

Industry 4.0: HOMAG secures production

for the future The HOMAG Group broke new ground at the last LIGNA with its fully interlinked and networked plant stretching over 100 meters. Now the experts are taking another step forward in plant construction at LIGNA 2017. This means: The HOMAG Group is continuing to focus on the issue of digitalization in the woodworking industry and is actively driving this forward. To that end, the experts from Schopfloch are also increasingly active in research projects — for example, in IUNO, the national reference project for IT security in Industry 4.0. Data backup is becoming more and more important for customers as networking in production grows.


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One of the exhibits at LIGNA is a batch size 1 plant with plenty of extras — both in machine and plant technology, and in networking. Although the individual machines aren't interlinked this time, what is impressive is the networking and the consistency of the data and the technical solutions of the individual components. The high-tech furniture production plant incorporates numerous components that the user currently requires along the process chain (and will continue to do so in the future) to produce customized, top-quality furniture to meet the most stringent standards:

Drilling and fitting insertion technology with the ABF 600

TLF 411 storage system

The HOMAG Group's operating system was presented for the first time four years ago; since then, all machines around the world have been equipped with the powerTouch control system. As a result, the machines in the batch size 1 plant that is used at LIGNA also have uniform control elements and software modules, so they can be operated in the same way.

The sheer amount of space that the TLF 411 provides when combined with processing machines and in the panel variants makes it a true all-rounder among storage systems. A particular feature is the huge range of material that can be moved by the storage system; it really makes no difference whether it is used with plastic, plexiglass, laminates, coated or uncoated panels.

HPS 320 flexTec cutting cell

The award-winning cutting cell has revolutionized batch size 1 production and captivated visitors as far back as LIGNA 2015. The HPS 320 will be on display again in 2017 — with plenty of new options that will interest even more user groups. Which ones specifically is a secret for now. If you'd like to have a guess, watch the product video at www.youtube.com/holzma for inspiration.

Edge processing with Profi KAL 610 and an unprecedented circulation system The heart of the batch size 1 plant is an edge cell that is used at the trade fair to produce a range of kitchen parts in a variety of dimensions, colors and materials — live. The edge cell offers fully automated parts handling with an impressively high level of performance, speed and efficiency. And the TFU 820 workpiece circulation demonstrates an unprecedented style of return.

A CNC complete cell with robotic feeding is used to process the fronts and ensures that the most delicate elements of the furniture are handled carefully. The ABF 600 completes the processing professionally and efficiently, irrespective of whether the fronts are to be drilled or have fittings inserted — or both.

Operating the machine with powerTouch

The woodFlex cell control system

The new generation of cell control system was launched as a world innovation at the last XYLEXPO. It is now being used at LIGNA to network all the machines in the batch size 1 plant. The control system is designed to be modular and has been standardized so it is uniform for all HOMAG Group plants. It is more than capable of handling future requirements, changes and expansions, especially when it comes to production using complex and fully networked plants. woodFlex ensures the safety of users, creates transparency in the sequences and reduces the error rate. This control system optimizes sequences, ensures a certain standard is maintained (even when different cells are used), and significantly increases efficiency. woodFlex represents another step for users towards the future of networked production as part of "Industry 4.0".


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WOODWORKING INDUSTRY Over 40 fully functional solutions will be on display targeting all manufacturers, from large companies with significant production, to companies that need to produce thousands of unique products, each designed for the personalized needs of a given customer, to small companies, who often focus on artisanship. Thanks to Biesse's 4.0 ready solutions these companies can become full-fledged “smart factories”.

Important innovations designed for the emerging wood construction sector will also be presented, part of our rich range of technological solutions and turn key projects for the production of doors, windows, beams and wall panels: on display in a dedicated stand at pavilion 13. “Thinkforward is all about Biesse's ability to innovate, to provide integrated solutions that are complex but easy to use, allowing us to produce more, better, at a lower cost. It encourages us to keep looking ahead, to get a better feel for how we need to act today" stated Raphaël Prati, marketing and communication director for Biesse Group. “Thinkforward was also the concept for our stand at Ligna, 5,000

Biesse at Ligna 2017

square meters of innovation and technology where visitors will experience how the digital factory can change the way we perceive and produce things”. Visitors will be able to come within reach of the technological solutions developed for Advanced Materials, a sector that is expanding significantly. Biesse employs its unparalleled experience with machining centres to provide the full precision and reliability needed by all who work with plastics and composite materials. The new Biesse Services will also be presented, as well as the full Customer Care Experience, which further strengthens customer engagement. As part of the Thinkforward philoso-

Live the experience #34

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phy, a Biesse classic, bLab, will also be featured. bLab is a laboratory where the best software in the sector can be tested and machines and manufactured items can be rendered digitally, allowing us to run tests even before production begins physically. The things visitors will see and feel at our stands are the fruit of the challenges Biesse has recently faced and overcome. “We decided to invest and believe in our abilities. This strategic decision brought great results: we've hired new people both in Italy and at our Branch Offices, incoming orders and our market share have increased, and our revenues are up by over 17%, outdoing the extraordinary â‚Ź

600 M target, backed by 60% growth over the past three years. These numbers confirm our Group's position, we are the top Italian player in the sector and the second player globally in terms of revenue, with significantly higher growth rates than our key competitors" says Federico Broccoli, Director of the Wood/Sales Division & Director of the Branches Division. "Our growth is certainly extraordinary, but it's no coincidence. It's the fruit of having invested in assets we consider strategic: Sales Intelligence, Distribution, Marketing and Communication, using growth plans and targeted tools, applying the company's Thinkforward philosophy to increase our presence in the territory we serve and

drawing nearer to Biesse's true asset, our Customers.� And it's in that forward-thinking spirit that Biesse will participate in the Hannover Messe 2017, the most important trade fair for innovation anywhere in the world. In collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft the company will present an icon for cutting edge Biesse technology, a Rover Machining Centre with its 5-axis electro spindle connected to the cloud. A solid example of Biesse's ability to innovate.


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There is no Home Depot on the moon, so the building supplies have to come from somewhere. The only place to get the supplies right now is the Earth, with the space shuttle acting as a truck. Using the space shuttle in this way is something like using FedEx to get all of the materials for building a house to a construction site -- It's incredibly expensive and not very efficient! Asteroids may be a much better place to get the supplies. Early evidence suggests that there are trillions of dollars' worth of minerals and metals buried in asteroids that come close to the Earth. Asteroids are so close that many scientists think an asteroid mining mission is easily feasible. Several international organizations are developing plans for going up to get these natural space resources.

Valuable Asteroid Resources

Scientists think asteroids are leftover material from the early formation of the solar system or debris from the destruction of a planet. There are tens of thousands of asteroids circling the sun. Most are grouped inside the asteroid belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Some asteroids that stray from this orbit, though, flying close to Earth on occasion -- you've probably heard about the possibility of these asteroids smashing into Earth in the future, as in the movie "Armageddon."


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How Asteroid Mining Will Work If you enjoy science fiction, then you know that the thought of colonizing the moon makes for some incredibly imaginative stories. But there is a good possibility that lunar cities will become a reality during the 21st century! Colonizing Mars is another option as well. Right now, one of the biggest problems with the idea of a moon colony is the question of building supplies.


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Asteroids have amazing potential for industry. But what will it take to land on an asteroid, find these valuable materials, extract them and process them?

Asteroid Extraction and Processing


Corporations that might not be interested in exploring space for the adventure and science could be interested in the treasures that a space mining operation could send back to Earth. One NASA report estimates that the mineral wealth of the asteroids in the asteroid belt might exceed $100 billion for each of the six billion people on Earth. John S. Lewis, author of the space mining book Mining the Sky, has said that an asteroid with a diameter of one kilometer would have a mass of about two billion tons. There are perhaps one million asteroids of this size in the solar system. One of these asteroids, according to Lewis, would contain 30 million tons of nickel, 1.5 million tons of metal cobalt and 7,500 tons of platinum. The platinum alone would have a value of more than $150 billion!

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Foto: Discovery Channel Sursă: www.howstuffworks.com

Even without a manned mission to do a full-scale study of an asteroid, scientists know a lot about what asteroids contain. Astronomers use telescopic spectroscopy, which analyzes light reflected from the asteroid's surface, to find out what might be there. In addition to iron, nickel and magnesium, scientists think water, oxygen, gold and platinum also exist on some asteroids. Water interests space explorers most because it could help keep a space colony alive. Without water, there is really no way to move forward with human exploration of space. Water could also be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen to form rocket engine propellant. The metal ore on the asteroids could be mined and used for building spacecraft and other structures for a space colony.

The drive to set up a mining operation on an asteroid is a matter of simple economics. While building an asteroid mine will cost billions of dollars, it will be far cheaper than carrying supplies from Earth to the moon or Mars. Spacecraft would have to carry food and supplies for the mining crew and the equipment for the mine. Newly developed spacecraft should make landing on an asteroid possible. After all, we have already landed on the moon, and some asteroids pass by closer than the moon. A spacecraft going to an asteroid would need less rocket power and fuel than one going to the moon. One problem will be how to keep the asteroid from rotating while it's being mined. Some experts suggest attaching rockets to the asteroid to take the spin out of it. But once miners land on the asteroid, just how do they plan to dig on it, process the materials extracted and transport it to a space colony or to Earth? No one knows for sure what the first asteroid mine will look like, but here are some good assumptions: The machinery will likely be solar pow-

ered, to reduce the need for fuel that would have to be hauled to the asteroid by spacecraft. The equipment will also have to be lightweight to transport it to the asteroid. Some experts, including Lewis, have favored using robotic equipment to limit the personnel needed to carry out the mining project. This would reduce the amount of supplies, like food, required for a manned mission. Miners on asteroids would use techniques similar to those used on Earth. The most likely method would be to scrape desired material off the asteroid,

and tunnel into veins of specific substances. Scraping, or strip mining, will pull out valuable ore that will float off the asteroid. Because much of the ore will fly off, a large canopy might be used to collect it. Asteroids have nearly no gravity, so the mining equipment, and the astronautminers who operate it, will have to use grapples to anchor themselves to the ground. However, the lack of gravity is an advantage in moving mined material around without having to use much power. Once a load of material is ready to be

sent to either Earth or a space colony, rocket fuel for a ferrying spacecraft could be produced by breaking down water from the asteroid into hydrogen and oxygen. After an asteroid's minerals and resources have been exhausted by the mining project, the equipment can then be transported to the next asteroid. Because of the lack of gravity and atmosphere, ferrying the newly mined materials to the moon will be easy. Once there, they can be refined and formed into structures!


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The brand new C Series mini excavators are the first products resulting from the brand’s strategic alliance with HHI. The 5.7 and 6.0 ton models being launched today are produced at one of the partner’s facilities, while the CASE Excavator Hub in San Mauro, Italy, assembles the four new models below 5 tons for markets worldwide. “The mini excavator is an essential product line for construction businesses: they account for the biggest industry volumes by far at 53,000 t units for Europe – and the market size is increasing each year. With the new C Series range, we deliver what our customers tell us they need most from this product line for their

business: outstanding productivity, comfort and safety.”, says Gaston Le Chevalier de la Sauzaye, CASE Product Marketing Manager for mini excavators The C Series mini excavators are designed for performance and reliability, with components sourced from the best, world-class Japanese suppliers. The proven engines and hydraulic system deliver more power, raising the machines’ performance. Five of the six new models comply with Tier 4 Final emission standards. The new mini excavators are loaded with features that will make the operator’s work easier, more comfortable and more productive. They

include the new easy-to-read digital cluster that provides useful information and warning lights; the standard Engine Start Limitation (ESL) anti-theft system; the hydraulic Quick Coupler for fast attachment changes; the electric refuel pump and many more. Safety is a priority with CASE and the C Series makes no compromise in this respect. Safety features include ROPS, TOPS and FOPS compliance, emergency stop switch, travel alarm and object handling kit. The safety valves prevent loads from slipping in case of hose failure. The pilot system with accumulator enables the operator to put the attachment down safely even when the engine is off. The double-flange rollers minimise the risk of detracking and improve stability. The outstanding all round visibility and rear view camera further enhance safety on the jobsite.

The CX17C and CX18C: agility in motion

The CX17C and CX18C waste no time in getting the job done. The powerful hydraulic flow delivers outstanding digging efficiency – 5% higher than the previous models – and fast cycles. The auto shift-down function on the CX17C, which optimises traction and speed and the joystick controlled auxiliary hydraulics

CASE Construction Equipment launched today the all-new C Series mini excavator line with 6 models ranging from 1.7 to 6.0 tons. These are the first products of the new range, which will be extended with additional models during 2017. The new C Series raises the bar compared to the previous range, with better performance, a rich array of features, and even greater comfort and safety – all contributing to outstanding productivity.


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enable the operator to get the job done even faster. The operator station offers high comfort, with smooth pilot controls, ergonomically placed joysticks, adjustable wrist rests and a suspension seat as standard.

The CX26C and CX37C: versatility in motion

The 2.6 and 3.7 ton models stand out for excellent working range, best-in-class reach and dig depth and ample boom swing angles. They are available with a choice of long and short arms, which deliver a maximum dig depth of 2,645 and 2,420mm respectively for the CX26C, and 3,440 and 3,135mm respectively for the CX37C.

The CX57C and CX60C: comfort in motion

The two models at the top of the new range stand out for their best-in-class engine power and lifting capacity and comfort features. These include factory readiness to accommodate the latest technologies that make the operator’s job easier. It all adds up to ultimate comfort for the operator, who can concentrate on getting the job done efficiently and productively with minimum fatigue.


introduces brand new range of mini excavators


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The lineup includes some of the world’s leading innovators, including: Wayne Rapp, Director of Manufacturing, Hyperloop One, D'Arcy Salzmann, Senior Director, Strategy, Microsoft HoloLens & Studio Manager, Future Bureau, Microsoft, Captains Mark & Scott Kelly, former NASA astronauts, Scott Brusaw, Co-Founder, Solar Roadways. “We are so proud to announce the 2017 program, which speaks not only to the caliber of the show, but also the vital connection between technology and


construction,” said Rich Goldsbury, 2017 show chair and President Doosan Bobcat North America & Oceania. “Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business across industries, and construction is no exception. The Tech Experience will push attendees to think beyond traditional perceptions of construction and imagine how technology can and will transform every aspect of our work.” The Tech Talks forum features short yet content rich presentations to inspire and inform attendees; it’s an integral compo-

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nent of the show’s new Tech Experience, examining the future technologies and innovations that will dramatically shape the construction industries, with a focus on the jobsite, workforce and infrastructure. “Our Tech Talk speakers are among the influential people that are making tomorrow’s reality happen, and we’re excited to offer this opportunity to attendees; we know they’ll discover actionable knowledge to improve their businesses and prepare for the future,” said Goldsbury. “The Tech Experience illustrates AEM’s

Top Global Innovators


2017 Tech Talks CONEXPO-CON/AGG, the largest international gathering in the Western Hemisphere for the construction industries, revealed an exciting line-up of featured speakers for its Tech Talks forum. Speakers, whose presentations will be dubbed Tech Talks, will focus primarily on the growing opportunity for applied and blue sky innovation to benefit infrastructure projects and construction jobsites.

ongoing commitment to adding value through thought leadership and delivering actionable information to construction contractors and materials producers. We want to help industry stakeholders see what’s on the horizon, to better understand and address the impact of emerging innovations and potential disruptive technologies on their businesses,” said Michael Haberman, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) chair and President, Gradall Industries Inc.

“NASA Twins” Scott & Mark Kelly to Share Experiences

In a special presentation, “To Infinity and Beyond,” Mark and Scott Kelly, former NASA astronauts and identical twins, will share their reflections and perspectives, including from NASA’s Twins Study and Scott’s Year in Space, on teamwork, leadership and adapting to significant change. Dave Turin, star of Discovery’s Gold Rush, will be on hand to emcee the forum’s two health and safety smart wearables shows,

sponsored by Polydeck Screen Corporation. Turin will also participate in the CONEXPO- CON/AGG education program (aggregates track) on Maximizing Screen Efficiency. CONEXPO-CON/AGG will be held March 7- 11, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and is the international gathering place every three years for the construction industries, showcasing the latest equipment, products, services and technologies.


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The report reveals that cross-border ecommerce offers aggregate growth rates not available in most other retail markets: cross-border retail volumes are predicted to increase at an annual average rate of 25% between 2015 and 2020 (from USD 300 Billion to USD 900 Billion) – twice the pace of domestic e-commerce growth. Online retailers are also boosting sales by 10-15% on average simply by extending their offering to international customers. An additional boost comes from including a premium service offering: retailers and manufacturers that incorporated a faster shipping option into their online stores grew 1.6 times faster on average than other players. “Shipping cross-border is much, much easier than many retailers believe, and we see every day the positive impact that

selling to international markets can have on our customers’ business growth,” said Ken Allen, CEO, DHL Express. “We also see that virtually every product category has the potential to upgrade to premium, both by developing higher quality luxury editions and by offering superior levels of service quality to meet the demands of less price-sensitive customers. The opportunity to ‘go global’ and ‘go premium’ is there for many retailers in all markets. Our global door-to-door time definite network is perfectly positioned to support any retailer that is developing a premium service offering or simply looking for a way of reaching new overseas markets directly without investing resources in warehousing or distribution.” The main challenges highlighted by consumers to cross-border purchases relate to

logistics, trust, price and customer experience. At the same time, online retailers can take a number of relatively easy steps to identify, cultivate and service demand from abroad. The report noted that the ecommerce trend has given birth to a new eco-system of facilitators and off-the-shelf solutions (such as payment providers and programs that localize a website’s checkout experience for the visitor), helping retailers to adapt their offering to the digital world and to transact with customers in foreign markets. Global logistics partners can provide support in identifying the right trade-off between centralized and local warehousing and fulfillment, while fast, reliable and flexible delivery options can be an important tool in turning speculative interest into long-term customer loyalty.

DHL report

Cross-border e-commerce is one of the fastest growth opportunities in retail DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider, has published research highlighting the significant growth opportunity for retailers and manufacturers with an international online product offering. The report – The 21st Century Spice Trade: A Guide to the Cross-Border E-Commerce Opportunity – looks in detail at the markets and products that offer the highest growth potential, the motivations and preferences of customers making international online purchases and the success factors for online retailers that wish to expand overseas. It focuses in particular on the opportunity for premium products and service offerings, with higher basket values accounting for a significantly higher proportion of orders in crossborder transactions.


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CASE introduces

new styling and livery CASE Construction Equipment has renewed the livery on its products to reflect the values of the brand including its practical, hands-on approach. The new styling is part of CASE’s strategy to further strengthen the CASE brand and consolidate its position in all markets. Key steps in this strategy include new agreements with Sumitomo and Hyundai Heavy Industries and the redevelopment and rebranding of the San Mauro and Lecce plants to create the CASE European Excavator and Wheeled Equipment Hubs.

The new styling and livery, which were developed in collaboration with CNH Industrial’s Design Centre, make a strong brand statement. The 2D CASE lettering of the decals uses the same font as the brand logo for consistency, while the reflective white colour makes the brand name and model number much easier to read from a distance. They not only increase the brand’s visibility on the machines; they are also consistent with the CASE values of being direct and to the point. “Our aim with this project was, on the


exterior, to create a design language that reflects solidity and precision, while giving a look specific to the CASE brand that reflects its history and its values and that is common to all models. On the interior Design our aim was to use our experience to improve the comfort and quality of life on board by the use of specially developed seat trim and materials. While the interior trim colours have been modernized to give a contemporary feel, we wanted to create a strong family feeling across the product line-up.”, says David Wilkie, Director CNH Industrial Design Centre. The new Power Abe metallic badge is proudly displayed on every machine, celebrating the CASE brand’s rich heritage and looking forward to the future. The new dark grey colour of the lower part of the machines confers a greater sense of solidity and strength. Careful attention was also devoted to the machines’ interiors, which have been renewed to create a styling specific to CASE that is shared by

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all models – from the common seat design to the dashboard and interior colours.

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