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How DNA Computers Will Work


The new generation of cordless screwdrivers for professionals


revolutionizing the work of electricians

Sdmo efficiency and performance for DATA CENTER Applications

Husqvarna K 970 reliable, effective and user friendly

with SmartTension

Maximum drama

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How often do we pay our bills in the last moment before they are overdue or hit the snooze button on our alarm clock for several times in the morning? Or maybe answer emails in a couple of days after they are received or just making the whole project hours before the deadline? People who do these things are more likely to be dramatic on a regular basis. Considering the fact that there is a lot of available technology today for everyone to use and not so expensive, the amount growing exponentially each year it is a little hard to be dramatic these days. Things like smart watches, smartphones and designer apps tell us when to start or stop sleeping, what to eat, where to drink or to jog. The personal assistant era has begun. People have now more free time than they used to just a couple of decades ago and you can do a lot more in a day now that you could ever do. We have statistics everywhere and of course probable outcomes, all guided by sensors or cameras. Technology is used in a huge variety of fields helping mankind, creating more efficiency that ever before. To be dramatic these days, for a rising number of people, is a matter of choice. Technology unlocks a lot of secrets that we did not have access to. I remember when I was in school in the 90’s, I used to dream of having a small TV on my desk, just to watch

cartoons. After only 10 years the technology was available for everybody. Amazing. There are a lot of questions that there isn’t an answer for right now, at least a non-speculative one. Of course, there is only one way to find out for sure, to see for ourselves. Otherwise, what is unknown will remain unknown forever. Just like in the famous experiment of the Austrian physicist Schrödinger with the cat in the box. A cat was placed in a sealed box, along with a special mechanism that may trigger randomly a toxic gas. Of course air supply was sufficient. After a while he asked the question: is the cat alive or not? His conclusion was very interesting: because the situation was uncertain and he was not sure he assumed that it is alive and not at the same time. This can be demonstrated only by opening the box. Very intelligent. What lies beyond our knowledge will remain unknown if there will be no exploration. Science is advancing every day in new ways that we never thought of. The world today is not at all like the one from 30 years ago. To break patterns is imperative a foray into the unknown and to discover new things we must abandon the old, meaning a lot of drama. So let’s start the adventure! Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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- Efficient Slurry and Digestate Processing with „Kumac“ from WELTEC - Upcoming HANNOVER MESSE to highlight the benefits of “Industrie 4.0” - New saber saw blade range from Bosch with carbide technology - WELTEC BIOPOWER to Build 800-kW Biogas Plant in Colombia on the road to the year 2025 - CATERPILLAR INTRODUCES THE PM620 AND PM622 COLD PLANERS - on the road to the year 2025


Bosch -The new generation of cordless screwdrivers for professionals


Sdmo - efficiency and performance for DATA CENTER Applications


Husqvarna K 970 - reliable, effective and user friendly with Smart Tension EDITOR: WIRE ENTERTAINMENT S.R.L. Iancului Str. no. 10, bl. 114B, ap. 2, district 2, Postal code 021724 Bucharest - Romania Tel.: +40.767.290.362 +40.742.050.076 info@easyengineering.eu www.easyengineering.eu www.wire-entertainment.com www.easyengineering.ro www.tv.easyengineering.ro www.easyengineeringtv.com Ciprian Rotaru Editor in Chief Daniela Rădeanu Managing Editor Silviu Mustăţea Creative Officer Bogdan Mustăţea Art Director Claudiu Berariu Editor Andreea Mirică Editor Layout & Design

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20 PAG 16 – TECH

Pakelo 2TS K - a winning 2-stroke kart lubricant


RIDGID - revolutionizing the work of electricians



Chicago Pneumatic - CPLT H6LED light tower provide efficiency on the move


Intersolar Middle East exhibition 4,000+ visitors made the opening


Wacker Neuson - Emission-free work with the Kramer 5055e

How DNA Computers Will Work





PAG 26 – NEW

China International Tire and Rubber Technology Fair

Atlas Copco - Rental supports the drilling of 240 piles for quay extension at River Tyne

VÖGELE - technologies lends maximum flexibilit y to rehabilitation projects

Co-Development by Kohler and Liebherr


CAT F-Series - wheel excavators and wheel material handlers





Majid Al Futtaim sets ambitious renewable energy targets


Wirtgen Group - technologies guarantee successful rehabilitation



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Efficient Slurry and Digestate Processing with „Kumac“ from WELTEC German biogas specialist WELTEC BIOPOWER now offers a proven solution for the processing of slurry and digestate for livestock owners and biogas plant operators. The fully automated processing system „Kumac“ reduces the liquid manure and digestate volume by 50 percent. In a four-stage procedure, clear water, liquid fertiliser concentrate and valuable solid matter are extracted from the source material. Regions characterised by agriculture are faced with a high accumulation of slurry and digestate, while the areas suitable for spreading the nutrients are limited. In the future, restrictive laws will impose even stricter regulations for handling the nutrient surplus. Against this background, operators are finding it more and more costly to store and dispose of liquid manure and digestate. WELTEC BIOPOWER‘s Kumac processing system represents a sustainable, economic solution for reducing the quantity, thereby improving the transportability and volume of the nutrient surplus.

Upcoming HANNOVER MESSE to highlight the benefits of “Industrie 4.0” The last HANNOVER MESSE had a clear message: integrated industry has well and truly reached the mainstream. To prove its point, the show featured over 400 application examples of fully digitalized processes for the manufacturing and energy industries. The fourth industrial revolution, it seems, is well underway. However, to ensure that the factories of the future don’t remain castles in the air, it is necessary to shine a stronger spotlight on the benefits for industry, employees and society in general. And that is precisely what HANNOVER MESSE 2017 will do. "Integrated Industry – Creating Value" is the official lead theme for HANNOVER MESSE 2017. "Widespread uptake of digitalization in the manufacturing and energy industries will only happen if integrated technology providers make a strong case for the associated benefits," said Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Jochen Köckler.

New saber saw blade range from Bosch with carbide technology Bosch is extending its range of saber saw blades with carbide technology with the addition of three new problem solvers: “Endurance for Vehicle Rescue”, “Endurance for Heavy Metal” and “Endurance for Window Demolition”. All blades have individually welded carbide teeth which are extremely wear-resistant and prove themselves even in the toughest applications. They can cut high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel and offer a significantly wider range of applications along with new areas of use which conventional bi-metal blades have so far been unable to cover. At the same time, the new blades have a life-time which is up to 20 times longer than bi-metal saw blades. With a thickness of 1.35 or 1.25 mm they are 50 or 40 percent thicker than comparable saw blades and, thus, particularly strong. Their carbide technology ensures that this stability is accompanied with high flexibility: Since only the very front tooth tips are made of carbide, the saw blade remains flexible and can withstand bending loads, for example in demolition applications.


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WELTEC BIOPOWER to Build 800-kW Biogas Plant in Colombia Weltec Biopower will shortly start building an anaerobic digestion plant for Colombia‘s largest egg producer. The 800-kW biogas plant is to go live in early 2017. In terms of the feedstock input, the operator Incubadora Santander, which produces about 3.5 million eggs a day, plans to make use of the co-digestion of dry chicken manure from the laying hens and process water from the production. Since the Colombian government started supporting the generation of renewable energies, especially the agricultural industry has discovered its huge biomass potential. So far, only little of this potential has been converted into green energy. In view of these framework conditions, the egg producer Incubadora Santander has decided to generate energy from biomass. The enterprise – which operates several poultry farms close to the western Colombian province of Cauca – markets its eggs under the “Kikes“ brand in 14 cities in Colombia.

on the road to the year 2025 From 1 to 4 November 2016, visitors will see what China’s industrial future looks like at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre, where exhibitors at Deutsche Messe’s industrial trade fairs present products and services for China’s modernization. Wages are increasing, the middle class is expanding, and the demand for skilled labor is growing. At the same time, the years of mega growth are over. Yet China remains ambitious: compared to 2010, the average income as well as overall economic performance should double by 2020. With the initiative "Made in China 2025", China is on the road to Industrie 4.0; automation, innovation, sustainability, and environmental protection are priorities. From 1 to 4 November 2016, visitors will see what China’s industrial future looks like at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre, where exhibitors at Deutsche Messe’s industrial trade fairs present products and services for China’s modernization.

CATERPILLAR INTRODUCES THE PM620 AND PM622 COLD PLANERS Caterpillar Inc. announces the availability of the PM620 and PM622 Cold Planers. The machines are high-production, highly maneuverable half-lane milling machine that perform controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass. Operating weight for the PM620 is approximately 33 330 kg (73,260 lb) and the PM622 is approximately 33 900 kg (74,580 lbs). Transport weight for the PM620 is approximately 29 400 kg (64,680 lb), and the PM620 is approximately 30 000 kg (66,140 lb). The PM620 and PM622 are powered by a Cat® C18 ACERT™ engine, a turbocharged, 6-cylinder diesel engine that provides 470 kW (630 hp) of gross power. The C18 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards. The engine is iso-mounted to reduce vibration and increase operator comfort. The Automatic Engine Speed Control feature allows the engine to optimize output to match the load, reducing excessive fuel consumption and wear on the engine.


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Bosch The new generation

of cordless screwdrivers for

professionals Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu

Bosch is bringing to the market a new generation of 14.4 V and 18 V cordless screwdrivers. Part of the ‘dynamicseries’ and ‘robustseries’, they are comfortable to use and are more durable and efficient than models from previous series. The GSR 14.4 V-EC Professional and GSR 18 V-EC Professional cordless screwdrivers and GSB 14.4 V-EC Professional and GSB 18 V-EC Professional cord-less combi drills are new additions to the ‘dynamicseries’ range of tools, which combine compact design with high performance.


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Full control when screwdriving and drilling

Two LEDs alert tradesmen when the tool stops: A white LED to show that the tool has a blockage and a red LED when the tool is overheating. This way, tradesmen are always kept informed of the condition of their tool. Increased com-fort has been achieved thanks to the tools' improved ergonomics: The Softgrip handle has a grooved structure, meaning that it is easier to hold, especially when working overhead or in tight, hard-to-reach spaces. The proven ‘KickBack Con-trol’ function (previously known as Electronic Rotation Control), an exclusive fea-ture of the ‘dynamicseries’, gives users full control, even for the toughest screw-driving and drilling jobs. The integrated sensor detects sudden tool blockages such as foreign objects in the metal, wood or brickwork and shuts down the mo-tor within a fraction of a second. This prevents unexpected kickback of the tool and, therefore, can reduce the risk of injury.

The perfect tool for every job

The GSR 14.4 VE-EV Profes-sional and GSR 18 VE-EC Professional and GSB 14.4 VE-EC Professional and GSB 18 VE-EC Professional models have been added to the ‘robustseries’, which is a series of particularly durable, high-performance tools. These are the first Bosch cordless screwdrivers or combi drills of this class to have brushless motor technology. All eight models have new functions which offer a higher level of comfort for professionals working in the woodworking industry, electricians, plumbers and heating installers.

Increased comfort, reduced wear-and-tear

Our cordless screwdrivers and combi drills have a newly designed precision cou-pling which is unique in the market. An electronic control system detects when this coupling is overloaded and stops the motor in order to avoid over-tightening when fastening screws. This prevents the loud noise caused by over-tightening, minimizes vibrations, and causes less wear to the material and coupling. This, in turn, results in less wear-and-tear and a longer service life for the tool and ac-cessories. All screwdrivers also come equipped with a robust 13 mm solid metal drill chuck.

All models are fitted with a brushless EC motor and are maintenance-free with a high degree of accuracy. The EC technology also makes the tool's compact de-sign possible: The head length of the ‘dynamicseries’ screwdriver matches that of the cordless screwdriver and combi drill from the 10.8 V class. The tools are therefore particularly well-suited for series applications and enable ongoing work, for example by electricians, installers and carpenters, to be carried out quickly and easily. The ‘robustseries’ models are particularly powerful with a maximum torque of up to 75 newton meters and are suitable for the toughest jobs. The ad-ditional hand grip gives users optimum control with clever reinforcement: The corrugated edge of the tool is firmly interlocked with the clasp on the handle. This ensures a secure hold on the additional hand grip, even when dealing with great forces from heavy screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling. Thanks to the new locking mechanism, it is also quickly and easy to assemble and dismantle, and it can be secured into 23 single positions, making the cordless tools in the ‘robust-series’ easier to control.


www.easyengineering.eu | october 2016

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sdmo efficiency and

performance for DATA CENTER

Applications Ciprian Rotaru With increasing traffic IPs, data digitization, the widespread use of mobile devices and cloud web development, companies are becoming increasingly dependent on data centers to protect strategic information or for hosting servers. Aiming to ensure high performance and availability data center optimization, security systems are more advanced and offer superior protection, a temperature-controlled environment, a fire prevention system and security access. Power can be supplied by external sources and be completed by several energy storage systems (static or dynamic) and / or generators. The aim is powering the systems using the no-break principle. In order to avoid interruptions in power supply, electrical components, including emergency systems are installed in a redundant system. The servers considered essential, are also powered by a system that uses two independent power sources within the data center.

The climate control system is accurate and stable The temperature should be kept stable at about 20 degrees Celsius. This is done


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with the help of conventional air conditioning or optional with water cooling systems.

Fire protection

In order to prevent fire, there are ultra-sophisticated detection facilities that ensure the maximum level of isolation. If, in spite of prevention system, an event occurs, it will be immediately neutralized by using an inert gas or water containing micro particles of nitrogen.


Design, commissioning and use of data centers are only a few of the significant number of challenges for owners and operators of installations. The biggest challenge is undoubtedly modality storage facilities that operate continuously

365 days a year, given the fact that a time-out will lead to substantial loss of revenue. The main purpose of SDMO is to overcome these challenges. The company's long experience in the energy sector, especially in developing products and services for data centers means offering flexible solutions with unrivaled reliability.

Installation requirements TIER IV:

- Capacity data center subsystem: redundant capacity; - Number of generators: dual power; - Generator applications: not limited to a number of consecutive hours of operation under continuous loading and variable; - Fuel storage: 12 hours for each generator.

SDMO strengths:

- Massive investments in research and development. - Modern electronic systems to allow automatic start, synchronization and uninterrupted transition between the network and standby systems. - New developments in engine performance and pollution permit the use of electrical installations with an extremely low level of pollution. - 150 engineers and technicians in support of customers, from equipment design to the end of the equipment life. - A worldwide network of distribution and service confirming that SDMO is close to its customers.

Complete SDMO solutions

- System control / command: APM802 has been tested in the toughest conditions (IP65, vibration, heat, etc.). HMI is designed jointly with a company specializing in interaction design.


demanding environments. - System for limiting the risk of errors. - Specially designed interface, intuitive and ergonomic. - Access Levels adapted to operators and specialists. High availability system with a ring redundant communication between equipment: - Ethernet or optical fiber. - No impact in the case of faults in one of the first equipment. - System Data and secure external access. - Patented Technology tested. - Improving communication: faster, more accurate, better connected and more data.

Reference project:

One of the largest data center projects in France - 11,000 square meters of data processing rooms with a total consumption of 32 MW - equivalent to a city with a population of 25,000 inhabitants: - 7 X2500C generators. - Engines: MTU 16V4000G63. - Sound level: regulated: 75 dB (A) at 1 m. - Equipment mounted on the roof. - 2 hours fire resistance. Autostrada București-Pitești Km 11,5, Domnești – Ilfov - 077090 T: (40-21) 318.36.87; F: (40-21) 318.36.89 office@best-tools.ro www.best-tools.ro

- System adapted for the most


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K 970 reliable, effective and user friendly with SmartTension Husqvarna introduces the new Husqvarna K 970 – with semiautomatic belt tensioning system called SmartTension and a magnesium blade guard. Besides K 970 Standard, updates have also been made on the Rescue, Ring and Chain counterparts. “We continue our tradition of offering professional performance for our power cutter users.


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The new K 970 is an all-round cutter for multi-purposes, and the updated features will make it even more efficient on the job site”, says Johan Simonsson, Global Product Manager Power Cutters, Husqvarna Construction Products. Husqvarna’s unique power cutter range stands out and has always offered machines with different power sources; petrol, electric, air and hydraulic. What they all have in common is the focus on the user, the high power-to-weight ratio and several other features that facilitate the work for the user.

SmartTension and magnesium blade guard

We now introduce SmartTension, a system which makes it easy to tension the belt optimally. “The secret with SmartTension is that you minimise the risk of under- and over-tensioning. When tensioning the belt, SmartTension finds the right tension using a patent pending spring loaded mechanism. In addition, it is easy to change the belt and reverse the blade guard. This contributes to the reliability of our K 970”, says Johan Simonsson. Another very important, new feature on all K 970 cutters is the magnesium blade guard. The magnesium contributes to a light weight, which gives an improved power-to-weight ratio. It

also contributes to an increased cutting depth – now up to 155 mm on the 16” version. In addition, the new stepless adjustment on the blade guard on all new K 970 power cutters makes it easier to change cutting position that in turn facilitates cutting.

With reliability in focus

Besides these updated features, the new K 970 still offers the original benefits of K 970. These include Active Air Filtration™, one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market, and a X-Torq™ engine that produces less emissions and has lower fuel consumption.”Typical users could be distributors, rental companies and contractors direct. What they have in common is a need for a reliable power cutter that does the job”, says Johan Simonsson.

Updates on Husqvarna K 970 Rescue

At the same time, Husqvarna also launches an updated version of K 970 Rescue. The power cutter will feature the new semi-automatic SmartTension and the magnesium guard. In addition, to keep the visibility of the blade guard in smoke, the blade guard comes with reflection tape. Also, the carrying strap on K 970

Rescue is updated. Now, the carabines are bigger and easier to handle with gloves on.

Main benefits

•SmartTension - semi-automatic belt tensioning. Easy and optimal belt tensioning minimises the risk of under- and overtensioning. •Enhanced ergonomics. Stepless adjustment of the magnesium blade guard (on both 16” and 14”) makes it easy to change cutting position. •Increased power-to-weight ratio thanks to the new, light blade guard in magnesium, which decreases the weight to 11kg (14”) and 11.7 kg (16”). •Active Air Filtration™. One of the most efficient air filter systems on the market. •X-Torq™ engine produces less emissions and has lower fuel consumption. •DuraStarter™. Dust-sealed starter with durable starter cord reduces the risk of downtime and increases reliability and product Life. •SmartCarb™. Built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption. •Easy to start thanks to Air Purge and decompression valve.


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Pakelo 2TS K a winning 2-stroke kart lubricant Claudiu Berariu

Midseason results confirmed the leadership of NGM Motorsport, the official Formula K team, in the Italian Karting Championship 2016. From this year the team has been officially equipped by Pakelo Racing lubricants, namely 2-stroke Pakelo Racing 2TS K and Pakelo Racing Gear MBK. NGM has all it takes to succeed in more than one segment of the Italian Karting Championship. In the main KZ2 category the team uses a Formula K kart, with a TM 125 cc engine and a six-speed gearbox. The cutting edge NGM driver of this category is Francesco Celenta with Formula K kart chassis #107.

Celenta is the favorite and he keeps on getting podiums race after race. Last weekend in Adria took place the 3rd round of the Championship. Celenta mastered the qualifying session gaining the pole position on the grid, but during race 1 start a sudden problem at the gasoline system forced him to perform a comeback getting an honorable P7. In race 2, after the grid inversion operation he started from the front. After a few laps he distanced the rivals finishing with a 5’’ lead. Edoardo Salmaso, another NGM driver at his 3rd national challenge, performed well finishing in P10 with very promising time lapses. Another NGM young driver, the 14-year


old Nicolò Genisi is second in the general standing of OK Junior category (14-16 year-old drivers). He drives a Formula K kart chassis with TM 125 cc engine and a single-speed gearbox. Adria round was a bit unlucky for him, but the good results of the previous rounds granted him a solid P2. The remaining two races will give him the chance to compete for the title. Passion and fair play distinguish NGM drivers that under with the strong guide of the Team Manager Nico Biasuzzi are making the most of their talent.

Pakelo advices:

PAKELO RACING 2TS K is a fully synthetic, CIK-FIA approved,2-stroke karting oil for Fuel-Oil premixes. The product grants both extreme efficiency and engine cleaning, even at higher engine speed rates. Cleanliness is a key indicator of working stability in karts. Sludge deposits can block outlet ports and the kart combustion chamber together with the exhaust pipes, compromising the engine efficiency. Keeping the engine clean should be the

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first goal of a 2-stroke karting oil, and that’s exactly what Pakelo took care of. Another important feature for drivers involved in kart competitions is the “non-explosive factor”. Pakelo Racing 2TS K (for fuel-oil premixes) for karts respects the limits set by CIK FIA regarding non-explosive additives. It officially passed RON (Research Octane Number) and MON (Motor Octane Number) tests assuring the regularity to the international standards of the Federation.


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70 years ago in Sissach in Switzerland Von Arx Company was founded, which began production of equipment for concrete floors finishing. Von Arx engineers began developing in the late 90s electro-hydraulic pressed copper plumbing fittings and stainless steel. After a few years, in 2001, Ridge Tool Co., a division of Emerson American, acquires the Swiss company and invests in the research of nano-hydraulics. From that moment until now, the equipment for pressing fittings made by the Ridgid brand manufactured in Switzerland are becoming increasingly smaller in size and weight, but with a growing performance.

Today, the new equipment from Ridgid are revolutionizing the work of electricians, allowing three operations with a single device. This equipment includes a series of innovations from Ridgid, starting with the new quick-change system of the three heads (cutting, crimping and punching), a small size and weight of only 1.5 kg, an ergonomic shape and the new 18V batteries 2.0 and 4.0 Ah. Battery cycle charge time has dropped to 20 minutes for the 2.0 Ah and 40 minutes for the 4.0 Ah. The Ridgid device for crimping electric cable slippers RE-60 revolutionizes the

RIDGID revolutionizing the work of electricians Camil Aliman Based on years of Swiss experience in nano-hydraulics Ridgid launched an innovative device for crimping lugs for electric cables.


october 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

work of electricians, allowing three operations with a single device. No more investment is needed in three separate crimping lugs equipment from 6 mm² to 300 mm², the electric cables being cut up to 50 mm in diameter and punching holes up to 65 mm diameter, in the walls of electrical cabinets. In addition, for those working in the workshop production of electrical panels, Ridgid provides a network feeder of 5 m at 230 V which can be mounted in place of the battery, thus ensuring uninterrupted operation caused by the charging cycle.

A complete set comprising of a RE-60 device and three heads, two batteries and a charger intelligently recognizing previous generations of batteries Ridgid, costs 2.990 EUR + VAT, and the version that includes only the crimping head, batteries and charger costs 2,390 EUR + VAT. The offer includes jaw crimping from 6 mm² up to 300 mm², punches up to 65 mm diameter and a crimping jaws head for square blocks, with a maximum capacity of crimping 240 m². The Ridgid brand owned by Ridge Tool Company, is a leading manufacturer of hand tools and power tools, in its portfolio

entering also tappers and cleaning pipeline equipment and over 300 types of tools used in plumbing, HVAC / R, industries, energy, oil, utilities and commercial field. Emerson Professional Tools subsidiary, Ridge Tool Company is present in Romania since 2005, where it began producing in 2008. Ridge Tool ushered in three years ago, the Emerson Campus in Cluj-Napoca, the first Regional Centre of Ridgid in Central and Eastern Europe, including a production plant, a Center for Training, Technical Support, a showroom and a Customer Service Center. www.ridgid.eu


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Wacker Neuson Emission-free work with the Kramer 5055e Customers now have a choice: fully electric or diesel driven? The 5055e offers zero emissions, excellent performance and off-road capability plus low service costs. Construction site operators face a challenge when it comes to using diesel-powered vehicles in buildings, on inner-city construction sites or in tunnels. Thanks to the new fully electric drive, it is now possible to perform work indoors, completely emission-free with the Kramer 5055e. Additionally, both operators and the environment are protected thanks to zero emissions and extremely low noise levels. This fact should also be of particular interest to municipalities and holiday regions, where residents and holiday guests will not have to suffer the effects of noise and exhaust emissions.


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The electric wheel loader not only makes sense with its environmental benefits, but also with its high cost-effectiveness: Due to the significantly lower maintenance costs, the initial higher price can quickly be recouped. The usual maintenance intervals still comply to ensure that the machine continues to work reliably and economically. As maintenance of an engine is not required, inspection of the machine is correspondingly shorter and hence cheaper. In addition, the price advantage of electricity compared to diesel fuel should be kept in mind. In the size class of 0.55 mÂł bucket capacity, Kramer's 5055e wheel loader launches the first fully electric machine on the market. The performance parameters, off-road capability and ease of operation are equal to the conventional model. Thanks to the stack payload of 1,750 kg, the wheel loader is versatile in its application: For example, transport of stone palettes is possible without any problems. Kramer emphasises the co-ordination of parts and components, to allow precise operation. To achieve this two electric motors are used: one for operating the hydraulics and one for the drive. Depending on the application, power is automatically provided by the respective motor. This helps minimise energy consumption. The electric motor is powered using reliable lead-acid accumulators or lead-fleece accumulators. The battery charger is integrated with the lead-fleece accumulators and charging is very easy, as it can be accomplished via a standard power socket (230 V). Depending on the application and utilisation of the wheel loader, a single charge lasts up to five hours of operation. The charging time of the machine is between four and eight hours depending on the battery option chosen. “We are pleased that we can offer our customers an emission-free and environmentally friendly machine. We are certain that this product will make an important contribution to preserving resources and increasing the efficiency of our customers,â€? says Karl Friedrich Hauri, managing director at Kramer.


www.easyengineering.eu | october 2016

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Atlas Copco Rental

supports the drilling of 240 piles for quay extension at River Tyne

Atlas Copco Rental is supplying equipment to Southbay Civil Engineering Ltd., the main contractor for the building of a ÂŁ25m quay extension at the River Tyne in the United Kingdom. Two powerful portable compressors are being used to assist the company with the piling works that form the base of the new quay.


october 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Air to drill 240 steel piles into river bed

Two oil-injected XAHS compressors are delivered to Southbay Civil Engineering Ltd. for a 10-week period. "The compressors will supply the necessary air to drill steel piles into the river bed. In total 240 piles are needed to support the new quay, each up to 33m long and 21 tons,"

said Paul Stephenson, Managing Director of Southbay Civil Engineering. "The same equipment will also be required for a further 6 weeks later this year.� The River Tyne project covers 300 meters of quay work and includes a 125 meters long quay extension, an upgrade of 118 meters of existing quay and 90 meters of quay wall renewal. This development is required to support the growth in cargo

volumes. This includes the import of wood pellets used by power stations to convert coal into renewable fuels. Extending the length of the quay will increase the berthing capacity by almost 20%, enabling up to four large cargo ships to berth simultaneously. The ÂŁ25m project marks the largest investment since wood pellet facilities were built back in 2010.


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These two methods were made possible by Joseph Vögele AG and their specially developed machine technologies. The world market leader has now combined these two innovations into one. The solution emerged with and for Rask Brandenburg GmbH, a customer that has specialized extensively in modern methods of rehabilitation. The machines behind these modern methods of road rehabilitation are the SUPER 18003i SprayJet paver (for thin overlay) and the VÖGELE InLine Pave train (for compact asphalt pavements). The latter comprises a VÖGELE MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder, a SUPER 2100-3i IP for placing binder course and another VÖGELE paver for the surface course. "With our InLine Pave train and the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet as

the surface course paver, we really have a jack of all trades in our machine fleet," says Bernd Malcharek, President of Rask Brandenburg GmbH. The combination of leading technologies from VÖGELE gives us maximum flexibility." The underlying idea is that Rask Brandenburg can take on conventional paving jobs in future, and still be prepared for thin overlay and compact asphalt paving. Just a few weeks after shipment, the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet had already clocked 600 operating hours, all of them spent on spray paver jobs, i.e. "hot on hot" jobs using InLine Pave technology. "The future belongs to this process. Construction projects can be completed quickly, and that benefits traffic flows. They are cost-efficient, in part because the step of pre-

spraying emulsion is entirely eliminated. And the results are high-quality, because the bond between layers is outstanding," summarizes Roland Schug, Head of Marketing at VÖGELE. In the InLine Pave process, the binder and surface courses are paved "hot on hot" in a single pass. In other words, the two VÖGELE pavers work "in line", with just a few metres between them, so that one lane can remain open to traffic. A VÖGELE MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder with pivoting conveyor and automatic distance control ensures a continuous supply of material. The paver operators can therefore concentrate entirely on paving. The central technological component of the InLine Pave process is the SUPER 2100-3i IP for placing binder course. Apart from the innova-

tions of the latest "Dash 3" paver generation, this advanced machine has an entirely redesigned transfer module whose heated conveyor system has been extended by 1m. It transfers the mix for the surface course to the downstream paver. At a defined point, the new transfer module can easily be removed, a feature that boosts the machine's capacity utilization. What is more, the height of the seats on the two operator's platforms can now be adjusted hydraulically. "Advancements like this are one of the main reasons why more and more companies are choosing InLine Pave," explains Ray Löffler, General Manager of WIRTGEN ZWICKAU, who is responsible for Rask Brandenburg GmbH. , "The InLine Pave process is fully developed and increasingly winning over the market."


technologies lends

maximum flexibility

to rehabilitation projects Daniela Rădeanu In many countries, construction companies are hired to rehabilitate existing roads much more frequently than to build new ones. In addition to the conventional process of milling off the surface and replacing the asphalt pavement, two others exist that are gaining ground worldwide: paving thin overlay on spray seal and the “hot on hot” paving of compact asphalt pavements.


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In total, there are six engines within the new line, which deliver between 709 and 3608 kWm Standby Power at 50 Hz and between 891 and 4250 kWm Standby Power at 60 Hz. The new line is divided into two series – the 135 series and the 175 series – both containing three engines. The 135 series includes the KD27V12, a 12-cylinder model with 135 mm bore and 27 liters displacement; the KD36V16, a 16-cylinder model with 135 mm bore and 36 liters displacement; and the KD45V20, a 20-cylinder model with 135 mm bore and 45 liters displacement. The 175 series also includes three engines: the KD62V12, a 12-cylinder engine with 175 mm bore and 62.4 liters displacement; the KD83V16, a 16-cylinder model with 175 mm bore and 82.72 liters displacement; and the KD103V20, a 20-cyliner model with 175 mm bore and 103.40 liters displacement. Both the 135 and 175 series of engines incorporate a modular design with common components, allowing for efficient servicing, reduced spare parts inventory, and more streamlined technician training. Other key features include: An innovative fuel system by Liebherr with common rail injection, which reaches pressures up to 2200 bar to deliver better atomization of fuel and improved fuel consumption; - This precisely-metered fuel injection system also minimizes engine particulates, reduces emissions, and helps the new engines to meet global emission regulations in all markets; - An advanced Engine Control Unit (ECU), which is supported by KODIA diagnostic software for intuitive monitoring; - A unique turbocharger system, which optimizes airflow to the cylinders for maximum power, optimal combustion, and reduced fuel consumption; - A low-noise combustion system with optimized pressure, which works in combination with a rigid engine block, crankcase and sub-frame to significantly reduce noise and vibration. “These feature-rich engines were purposefully designed to deliver unequaled performance and ultimate reliability in the field,” Cromwell continued. “Together with Liebherr, we carefully test each component and engine under rigorous operating conditions and utilize an advanced quality management system to monitor every step of the development process. These procedures were put into place to ensure the highest level of engine quality and dependability.”


“We will manufacture these engines in our brand new facility in Colmar, France as well as an extended facility in Bulle, Switzerland. The two excellent production sites use the most sophisticated manufacturing tools and assembly processes for large engines,” said Gebhard Schwarz, managing director of Liebherr-Component Technologies AG. “We very much appreciate the teamwork with Kohler and look forward to the great results we anticipate achieving through this collaboration.”

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Co-Development by Kohler and Liebherr New Kohler G-Drive Diesel Engine Range

Delivers World-Class Power

An entirely new line of G-Drive engines was developed to exclusively power the recently launched KD Series of KOHLER and KOHLER-SDMO diesel industrial generators. The compact and powerful new engines, co-developed by Kohler and Liebherr, deliver highly efficient and dependable performance and feature a modular design for optimal serviceability. “A global team of engineers came together and worked tirelessly to design and develop these new large diesel engines, which will only be available on the just-launched line of KOHLER and KOHLER-SDMO industrial generators,” said Tom Cromwell, group president-power for Kohler. “We’re pleased to be integrating a premium new engine into these generators that combines a compact footprint with unrivaled power density.”


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CAT F-Series wheel excavators and wheel material handlers


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The recently released F-Series Cat wheel excavators (M314F, M316F, M318F, M320F, M322F) and wheel material handlers (MH3022, MH3024) are designed to meet high standards for initial quality, reliability, low operating costs, operator comfort and safety, simplicity of operation and maintenance. To further enhance overall value for the machine owner, Caterpillar has further refined the design of these product lines for the 2017 model year to provide increased fuel efficiency, versatility, and operator safety and convenience. Caterpillar policy to annually update product design allows the company to bring new features and enhancements to the market more quickly.

Decreased fuel consumption

The M314F and M316F wheel excavators are fitted with the Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine while the M318F, M320F, and M322F use the C7.1 ACERT engine. These engines feature high torque and fast response to load changes, while meeting E.U. Stage IV emission standards. Emission technology includes the Cat NOx-reduction system, selective catalytic reduction system, diesel oxidation catalyst, and high-pressure/common-rail fuel system. The Cat Clean Emission Module also includes a Diesel Particulate Filter for all models but for the M314F and M316F which do not require it to meet the emission standards. New for these machines is a system that adjusts engine speed to match speed demands during travels. The system provides the exact level of power required for varying roading situations, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and reduced sound levels.

Increased versatility

An optional integrated tiltrotator ready package is now available for the wheel excavators and provides a factoryinstalled, on-board platform for the new Cat tilt-rotators. All modifications required to the cab, electrical, and software systems are incorporated in the package. The system requires no additional monitor; all necessary settings and parameters are integrated directly into the machine monitor. Included with this package are the new advanced joysticks. The available advanced joystick

control system is designed to provide added comfort and functionality. The ergonomic design of the controls and rubberized surfaces allow fingertip control of hydraulic functions, while two sliders and five buttons on each joystick allow integrating additional functions, such as rotation/tilt, Cat tilt-rotator grapple module and lever steering. An added standard feature is extended flexibility for work tool function assignment, on the left pedal and both joysticks. The system allows more freedom to choose which work tool function will be assigned to which control. New quick-coupler controls are now operated from a switch, not from the monitor, in order to comply with ISO 13031 standard. The quick-coupler control switch is located in place of the previous radiomute switch, which is relocated to the right console. The new system allows quicker tool changes.

Safety enhancements

The ability to limit travel speed in reverse mode is also a new feature, allowing the machine owner to set a safe speed when the machine is swung and moving in reverse. In addition, a modified swing lock now functions independently from the implement-lockout system. When loading the machine onto a transport truck, for instance, this feature allows for greater manoeuvrability, offering the ability to adjust implement position, while eliminating the risk of accidentally swinging the upper frame.


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To complete milling work as quickly as possible, GMS Fahrbahnsanierungen GmbH put four Wirtgen large milling machines, with milling widths of 2 m and 2.20 m, to work on the runways. With a total output of some 3,500 PS / 3,452 HP (2,600 kW), these high-performance machines milled 80,000 m² of asphalt on the 2.6 km-long and 31 m-wide strip to a depth of 5 cm. The milling job, including surface cleaning, was completed in 19 hours. The W 210i and W 250i in particular are


capable of achieving unusually high milling performance levels thanks to their two separate diesel engines. At the same time, these large milling machines use energy very efficiently thanks to WIDRIVE, all while going easy on the environment as well. Another plus: The engines are mounted in what are known as “silent blocks” that isolate them from vibration and dampen noise. This protects the milling machine operator against excessive vibration.

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Asphalt paving in two night-shifts Once the large milling machines had completed their work and the surface was cleaned, an adhesive layer was applied as a base for the new asphalt layer. Asphalt paving was then carried out in two nightshifts between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. At this time of night, the 35 trucks in operation could deliver the asphalt without being held up in the usual congestion that occurs around Frankfurt Airport. Each night, the Heitkamp crew paved

Wirtgen Group


guarantee successful rehabilitation

Fraport AG, operator of Frankfurt Airport, renews the surface course on the runways about every seven years, including the center runway, the most-frequently used section. Reason enough to assign key positions on this project to Wirtgen Group machines. The various tasks – in this case milling and paving the surface course – would normally be standard activities, if it were not for the extreme time pressure and high quality requirements. The job, after all, involved the central runway (4 km long, 60 m wide) at Europe’s third-largest airport. To disrupt air traffic as little as possible, work had to proceed extremely rapidly and reliably. The general contractor, Heitkamp Erd- und Straßenbau GmbH, had a timeframe of only 60 hours to complete paving. A total of 20,000 t of material were processed in total.

40,000 m² of an AC 11 D S aggregate-rich asphalt. Engineer Axel Konrad, Project Manager for Fraport AG, explains why: “Material with a high aggregate content offers high resistance to grain breakout, which is critical for aircraft, because dislodged stone particles could otherwise damage the sensitive engines. Another reason is that abraded rubber from the aircraft wheels can easily be removed from this material.”

Four Vögele feeders supply four Vögele pavers

Four pave trains comprising Vögele pavers and feeders paved the surface, together achieving about 500 t an hour. The time pressure in this phase was likewise tremendous. Fraport had stipulated the use of feeders in its invitation for bids, because the surface accuracy of the center runway is of critical importance to the airport operator.

“Feeders are just ideal here because they prevent jolts and joints in the surface,” says Project Manager Konrad. Engineer Jörg Pigorsch, Heitkamp's Senior Site Manager, therefore deployed four Vögele MT 3000-2i high-performance feeders at the site. They can take on an entire 25 t load of mix from a truck in just 60 seconds.


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The arrival of the new light tower follows the successful launch of the CPLB2LED light tower at BAUMA 2016. The CPLT H6LED is the fourth LED light tower in the portfolio and completes Chicago Pneumatic’s offering for 2016. The three other LED models are the electrically-powered CPLB2LED, the diesel driven CPLT V15LED, which features a Red Rock canopy to optimise durability and toughness, and the diesel driven box frame CPLB6 light tower. The CPLT H6LED is equipped with four 350W high-efficiency LED lamps, which are equivalent to four 1,000W metal halide lamps. The effect is to maximise coverage up to 5,000sqm, while reducing fuel consumption by up to 70 per cent. Longer refuelling intervals are enabled by a 130-litre fuel tank that supports run times of up to 185 hours. The stamina of the light tower is enhanced by IP67 protection of its LED lamps, which offer up to 30,000 hours of life before replacements are required. An optional Lc1003 digital controller provides mast and photocell control and enables alerts to indicate any incidence of low oil pressure, high temperature or engine problems, which can help reduce operational and maintenance costs. The CPLT H6LED features a galvanized hydraulic seven-metre mast, plus four heavy-duty stabilisers, to ensure reliability and operator safety. Both of these are essential in the challenging conditions in which light towers are likely to operate. Ignacio Picatoste, spokesperson for light towers at Chicago Pneumatic commented: “Light towers provide essential support to those who work during hours of darkness, enhancing both their productivity and their safety. It is therefore essential that site operators can rely upon this equipment. The new series of Chicago Pneumatic light towers harness LED technology for extended running times, longer lifespans and reduced operating costs. The latest addition, the CPLT H6LED, is robust, efficienct and powerful enough for even the most demanding jobs.” Easy transportation and service have also been factored into the design of the new light tower, which has a compact frame and offers simple access points for maintenance work.


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Chicago Pneumatic CPLT H6LED light tower provide

efficiency on the move Chicago Pneumatic has launched its seventh light tower. Equipped with wheels and featuring high-efficiency LED lamps with specially-designed optics to maximise light coverage and brightness, the new CPLT H6LED offers greater luminosity and improved transportability with the goal of reducing overall operational costs. The combination of efficiency, toughness and portability ensures that the new models can meet the demands of applications including construction sites, events, rental and oil and gas.


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Intersolar Middle East covered the complete value chain of PV with 100 international exhibitors from manufacturing companies as Centrotherm and Schmid, cell- and module makers such as Solarworld, Canadian Solar, and Sharp, inverter companies like Fronius and Kaco, up to energy storage solutions from e.g. OutBack Power, and electric vehicles from Microtron Technologies. The exhibition also covered content-wise all PV and CSP related topics. In 2 open rooms, 17 free of charge, CPD certified workshops from IRENA, RENAC and Solar Energy International draw a lot of attention to the international audience. The high attendance of each workshop showed the big interest in content and the need of information to grow the solar business in the region. The Intersolar Study Program on the last day of the exhibition gave the next generation an insight into the chances of the renewable energy industry. This was


followed by presentations of the “Young Leader’s Innovation Challenge” winners who received their awards during the conference opening. The co-located conference with 80 renowned speakers, gave deep insights in all MENA country markets, perspectives in PV development as well as policies and regulations. The need for local manufacturing was discussed as well as the importance of innovative and reliable technologies. The Global Solar Leader’s Summit and Intersolar Middle East conference was opened by H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and H.E. Dr. Matar Al Neyadi, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Energy. One highlight of this year’s conference was the keynote speech by Ben Hill, Vice

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President of Tesla Energy Europe and Africa about energy storage. Ben Hill also joined the official technical tour to “Dubai Sustainable City”. Faris Saeed, CEO and Co-Founder of Diamond Developers, said, "Our technical tour of The Sustainable City at this year's Intersolar Middle East Exhibition and Conference has provided us with an opportunity to showcase our sustainable community as a model in development, and to discuss innovative solutions with engineers, solar experts and energy specialists. This will help us continue our work for sustainable development and encourage other developers to be part of this green economy". The second edition of Intersolar Middle East will take place again in Dubai at the DWTC from September 25-27, 2017.

Intersolar Middle East exhibition

4,000+ visitors made the opening The first Intersolar Middle East in Dubai took place in a historical year. In 2016, Dubai set a new record for the cost of solar power of about 3 US cents per kW/h. During Intersolar Middle East, an extremely low price of 2.42 US cents per kw/h for solar energy was bid during an auction for a solar farm near Abu Dhabi in the UAE. That is by far the lowest solar farm bit. This shows the direction of solar becoming the cheapest energy source compared to all other energy sources, including fossil fuels and nuclear power.


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You won't believe where scientists have found the new material they need to build the next generation of microprocessors. Millions of natural supercomputers exist inside living organisms, including your body. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules, the material our genes are made of, have the potential to perform calculations many times faster than the world's most powerful human-built computers. DNA might one day be integrated into a computer chip to create a so-called biochip that will push computers even faster.

DNA molecules have already been harnessed to perform complex mathematical problems. While still in their infancy, DNA computers will be capable of storing billions of times more data than your personal computer.

DNA Computing Technology

DNA computers can't be found at your local electronics store yet. The technology is still in development, and didn't even exist as a concept a decade ago. In 1994, Leonard Adleman

introduced the idea of using DNA to solve complex mathematical problems. Adleman, a computer scientist at the University of Southern California, came to the conclusion that DNA had computational potential after reading the book "Molecular Biology of the Gene," written by James Watson, who codiscovered the structure of DNA in 1953. In fact, DNA is very similar to a computer hard drive in how it stores permanent information about your genes. Adleman is often called the inventor of DNA



Will Work

Even as you read this article, computer chip manufacturers are furiously racing to make the next microprocessor that will topple speed records. Sooner or later, though, this competition is bound to hit a wall. Microprocessors made of silicon will eventually reach their limits of speed and miniaturization. Chip makers need a new material to produce faster computing speeds.


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computers. His article in a 1994 issue of the journal Science outlined how to use DNA to solve a well-known mathematical problem, called the directed Hamilton Path problem, also known as the "traveling salesman" problem. The goal of the problem is to find the shortest route between a number of cities, going through each city only once. As you add more cities to the problem, the problem becomes more difficult. Adleman chose to find the shortest route between seven cities. You could probably draw this problem out

on paper and come to a solution faster than Adleman did using his DNA test-tube computer. Here are the steps taken in the Adleman DNA computer experiment: -Strands of DNA represent the seven cities. In genes, genetic coding is represented by the letters A, T, C and G. Some sequence of these four letters represented each city and possible flight path. -These molecules are then mixed in a test tube, with some of these DNA strands sticking together. A chain of these strands

represents a possible answer. -Within a few seconds, all of the possible combinations of DNA strands, which represent answers, are created in the test tube. -Adleman eliminates the wrong molecules through chemical reactions, which leaves behind only the flight paths that connect all seven cities. The success of the Adleman DNA computer proves that DNA can be used to calculate complex mathematical problems. However, this early DNA computer is far from chal-


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lenging silicon-based computers in terms of speed. The Adleman DNA computer created a group of possible answers very quickly, but it took days for Adleman to narrow down the possibilities. Another drawback of his DNA computer is that it requires human assistance. The goal of the DNA computing field is to create a device that can work independent of human involvement. Three years after Adleman's experiment, researchers at the University of Rochester developed logic gates made of DNA. Logic gates are a vital part of how your computer carries out functions that you command it to do. These gates convert binary code moving through the computer into a series of signals that the computer uses to perform operations. Currently, logic gates interpret input signals from silicon transistors, and convert those signals into an output signal that allows the computer to perform complex functions. The Rochester team's DNA logic gates are the first step toward creating a computer that has a structure similar to that of an electronic PC. Instead of using electrical signals to perform logical operations, these DNA logic gates rely on DNA code. They detect fragments of genetic material as input, splice together these fragments and form a single output. For instance, a genetic gate called the "And gate" links two DNA inputs by chemically binding them so they're locked in an end-to-end structure, similar to the way two Legos might be fastened by a third Lego between them. The researchers believe that these logic gates might be combined with DNA microchips to create a breakthrough in DNA computing. DNA computer components -- logic gates and biochips -- will take years to develop into a practical, workable DNA computer. If such a

computer is ever built, scientists say that it will be more compact, accurate and efficient than conventional computers.

Silicon vs. DNA Microprocessors

Silicon microprocessors have been the heart of the computing world for more than 40 years. In that time, manufacturers have crammed more and more electronic devices onto their microprocessors. In accordance with Moore's Law, the number of electronic devices put on a microprocessor has doubled every 18 months. Moore's Law is named after Intel founder Gordon Moore, who predicted in 1965 that microprocessors would double in complexity every two years. Many have predicted that Moore's Law will soon reach its end, because of the physical speed and miniaturization limitations of silicon microprocessors. DNA computers have the potential to take computing to new levels, picking up where Moore's Law leaves off. There are several advantages to using DNA instead of silicon: -As long as there are cellular organisms, there will always be a supply of DNA. -The large supply of DNA makes it a cheap resource. -Unlike the toxic materials used to make traditional microprocessors, DNA biochips can be made cleanly. -DNA computers are many times smaller than today's computers. DNA's key advantage is that it will make computers smaller than any computer that has come before them, while at the same time holding more data. One pound of DNA has the capacity to store more information

Foto: Discovery Channel

Source: www.howstuffworks.com


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than all the electronic computers ever built; and the computing power of a teardropsized DNA computer, using the DNA logic gates, will be more powerful than the world's most powerful supercomputer. More than 10 trillion DNA molecules can fit into an area no larger than 1 cubic centimeter (0.06 cubic inches). With this small amount of DNA, a computer would be able to hold 10 terabytes of data, and perform 10 trillion calculations at a time. By adding more DNA, more calculations could be performed. Unlike conventional computers, DNA computers perform calculations parallel to other calculations. Conventional computers operate linearly, taking on tasks one at a time. It is parallel computing that allows DNA to solve complex mathematical problems in hours, whereas it might take electrical computers hundreds of years to complete them. The first DNA computers are unlikely to feature word processing, e-mailing and solitaire programs. Instead, their powerful computing power will be used by national governments for cracking secret codes, or by airlines wanting to map more efficient routes. Studying DNA computers may also lead us to a better understanding of a more complex computer – the human brain.

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Dubai’s construction industry knows no standstill. According to BNC’s “Dubai Construction Market 2016” report commissioned by The Big 5, the largest construction industry event in the Middle East, over 3,700 projects are currently ongoing across the Emirate. Their total value is estimated around US$400 Billion.



ONGOING IN DUBAI The Dubai construction market is on an upward trajectory, the report shows. Although approximately 21% of them are on hold, a large number of projects are in advanced stages of construction, with an estimated value of over US$100 billion. Noteworthy high-value projects under construction include the Sobha Hartland


Development (US$2.1 billion), the Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences – Palm Jumeirah (US$1.4 billion) and the Innovation Hub PT-163 – Dubai Internet City (US$1.2 billion). Per the BNC project intelligence database, commercial and residential units, education, health care and hospitality

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buildings, leisure and recreation facilities, religious buildings, retail facilities and mixed use urban developments make up approximately 77% of all project values in Dubai, amounting to almost US$320 Billion. “A growing population, the tourism sector, strategic government investments like the Dubai Plan 2021 and the



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COMING SOON Dubai Expo 2020 are fueling the local construction industry”, Josine Heijmans, Event Director of The Big 5, commented. Dubai’s population is approximately 2.46 million people today, and is expected to reach 3.40 million in 2020. The Emirate is also becoming a major destination hub for international travelers. Last year, it welcomed 14.2 million overnight visitors, and is on track to reach 20 million by 2020. “This impressive increase is likely to put a strain on the city’s infrastructure, creating a need to expand its capacity” Ms. Heijmans stressed. Indeed, state planning is strongly supporting the construction market’s growth. The Government of Dubai has outlined an ambitious 2021 Plan, which includes the development of Dubai as a “Smart and Sustainable city”. The Emirate is also getting ready to welcome up to 25 million visitors to the first World Expo in the Middle East, 70% of which are expected to come from overseas. Total spend on infrastructure


projects related to Dubai Expo 2020 might reach up to US$18 billion, with estimated development costs of the Dubai South Area between US$8.1 billion and US$8.7 billion. Presenting the “Dubai Construction Market 2016” report, The Big 5 organisers, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, stated that the shift towards smart and sustainable solutions and the introduction of new building regulations are motivating companies to look for new, innovative products and services. In order to meet this growing demand, the 2016 edition of The Big 5 will welcome attendees with a brand new floor plan. According to Ms. Heijmans, “The new layout with dedicated product sectors will make it easier for visitors to navigate the show and find the products they are looking for.” Taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 21 to 24 November, The Big 5 2016 is expected to host over 3,000 exhibitors, attracting approximately 75,000 visitors.

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UP WITH MARKET RECOVERY After years of general and widespread crisis for the Italian construction machinery industry, 2015 at last saw a turnaround – even for road infrastructure technologies. In Italy, rollers, compactors and mixers for bitumen closed the year with exports worth 113.2 million euros and imports at 22 million euros, respectively up by 27.5% and 30.8% over the previous year’s results. This emerges from data analysed by SaMoTer Outlook, the construction equipment outlook set up by Veronafiere in collaboration with Prometeia and the information input of Unacea. The most important upcoming event for the bitumen sector is Asphaltica, the show highlighting road paving technologies and solutions, safety and road infrastructures scheduled alongside the 30th edition of SaMoTer, the triennial landmark event in Italy for earth moving, site and building machinery, and Transpotec Logitec, the show dealing with transport and logistics, all scheduled at Veronafiere 22-25 February 2017. Asphaltica, organised by Veronafiere and SITEB, the Italian Road Asphalt Bitumen Association, will be an ideal opportunity for discovering the latest innovations in the field presented by major international brands. These include European giants Ammann, Marini and Wirtgen Group, which have already confirmed attendance as exhibitors. The Italian scenario seems to be achieving gradual consolidation of the recovery: in the first four months of 2016, imports of specialist asphalt machinery came to more than 7.1 million euros in turnover, up by 46.4% over the first quarter 2015. This recovery was driven by new investments in construction: +2% in 2016, according to Prom-


eteia estimates. More specifically, the recovery is being helped along by measures to re-launch public works implemented by the Government. In this regard, the 2016 Stability Law (budget) saw a return to positive dynamics for public expenditure in assets and envisaged the abolition of the internal Stability Pact for local councils. After a good performance in 2015, JanuaryApril 2016 saw a setback for exports of machinery made in Italy (-10.4%), coming to 36.3 million euros - above all because of downturns in orders from the Middle East and North Africa. On the contrary, positive signals were seen on traditional markets such as Western Europe, North America and even Russia, up from 1.3 to 3.8 million euros (+184%). Asphaltica 2017 will display specific products and technologies for road building and maintenance focusing on maximum efficiency, lower costs and environmental sustainability “because roads belong to everybody and citizens are particularly aware of deterioration, driving safety and the environment in which they live every day”, says Stefano Ravaioli, Director of SITEB (which will also coordinate the impressive programme of workshops and high-profile

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business conferences ensuring training credits for engineers and sector professionals).


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China International Tire and Rubber Technology Fair

Endless opportunities and open platform

China International Tyre and Rubber Expo focuses completely on the development of the rubber and tire industries in China and it is a prestigious exhibition established in 2004 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting the awestruck rubber processing equipment, finished tire products and the tire related products such as tire accessories, wheels. The abundant product series make CTF to become one of the most successful trade show in the world wide tire industry chain and it also provides a good opportunity for the worldwide buyers and supplier to meet. CTF focuses completely on the development of the rubber and tire industries in China. It is a prestigious exhibition established in 2004 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting awestruck rubber processing equipment, finished tire products and tire related products such as tire accessories, wheels. The abundant product series lead CTF to become one of the most successful trade shows in the world wide tire industry chain. China International Tyre and Rubber Expo is the one-stop event to show and sell and the 2016 edition had 18,632 trade visitors which were primarily specialized manufacturers, buyers and scientific researchers in the tire and rubber industry, visitors from tire and rubber cooperatives, retailers, users of rubber products, and trade


associations and overseas visitors from Russia, the Middle East, Ukraine, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Canada, USA, Germany, Belgium, Japan,UK, Mexico and other 57 countries.

tions - Consultants, Contract Research - Trade Delegates Organizations, Contract Manufacturers - Auto Professionals

Visitor's profile:

Exhibitor's profile:

- Manufacturers of tires - Manufacturers of Rubber industrial machinery - CEOs, Engineers, Technocrats and scientists - Marketing Chiefs, Professional and consultants - Policy makers and international commercial corps - Head- R&D, Regulatory affairs & Quality Managers - Industry Associations and Trade Delega-

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The power that will be generated at existing developments is equivalent to 38,000 megawatt hours per year, and is comparable to the amount of energy produced by the largest power station in Bahrain, Al Dur, running at full capacity for over a day. “Majid Al Futtaim has consistently made bold statements on sustainability. We are fully committed to supporting the UAE government’s development priorities and the Paris Agreement reached at COP-21. We can do this best by setting an example and taking actions that will encourage other stakeholders within the private sector to invest in renewable energy,” said Robert Welanetz, Chief Executive Officer at Majid Al Futtaim – Properties. “The decision to invest in renewable energy comes as we approach the midway point in our five-year sustainability strategy. Solar technology at existing developments will help us to reduce our carbon footprint by 27,000 absolute tonnes of carbon emissions annually,” he added. A white paper on Renewable Energy published by the company today suggests this emissions saving could be achieved for an investment

of AED152 million, with returns delivered in as little as 9 years. This estimate is based on a 10.6 percent internal rate of return – the interest rate at which the value of cash flows from an investment equal zero. In the last three years, Majid Al Futtaim has reduced energy consumption by 9 percent across the 12 hotels in its portfolio. It expects to save a further AED3 million by installing LED lighting at the 19 shopping malls that it manages across the region. In line with this environmental commitment, Majid Al Futtaim will source a minimum of 7.5 percent minimum of its energy consumption at all new developments from solar energy. Integration of solar thermal and ground source cooling capacities at future projects is another option the company is looking into. The company is also exploring offsite energy production, primarily concentrated solar power, wind power plants and large scale solar PV power installations. To support this process assessments are focused on identifying potential partnership opportunities. “The business case for investing in renewable

energy is strong, but the environmental case is equally as strong. United Nations officials have warned the populations of 22 Arab countries could hit 600 million by 2050 and that energy demand will place increasing pressure on existing infrastructure. However, renewable energy sources have the potential to meet 80 percent of global demand by the same year,” said Ibrahim Al-Zu'bi, Head of Sustainability at Majid Al Futtaim – Properties. “Fortunately we live in a time where renewable technology and the cost of producing renewable energy have never been more competitive. We also have a government that is fully committed to renewable energy,” he added. Al-Zu'bi will represent the retail, leisure, and entertainment pioneer when he delivers remarks at the 22nd Session of the United Nations climate talks (COP-22) in Morocco in 2016. He will also be responsible for realising Majid Al Futtaim’s new renewable energy targets. Last month Majid Al Futtaim Properties launched its fifth annual Sustainability Report for 2015, which evaluates corporate achievements and charts progress made against long-term goals for 2018.

Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East and North Africa, plans to use solar photovoltaic technology to generate at least 5 percent of its total energy consumption at existing developments by 2018.

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october 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

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