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KOHLER-SDMO KD Series - The new reference in high power generating sets


Samoter reaches the 30-th edition


case launches Tier 4 Final T Series backhoe loaders

Legendary ideas

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A journey of a thousand kilometers starts with your first step. The huge leap towards the unknown, the new, the undiscovered. Visionary ideas come, first of all, from a lot of experience. The ideas that can stand the test of time, like some great pyramids in the vast desert, are the ones who have science in their core. Intuition is what drives ideas into being. This great tool can be compared to a metaphysical link between the human mind and the Universe. Recent science test show that water reacts to different kinds of sounds, for example, and it changes its molecular status depending on the stimuli, with opposite results for negative and positive. The human body is about 60% made out of water thus we too react to these stimuli, even if we do not realize it. Some ancient theories describe intuition as being a handheld light that guides you if you were to walk in a dark forest. You can only

see the path in front of you, nothing on the horizon, but just enough not to get lost. Other recent tests show that the decision process in the human mind takes about 7 seconds before the conscious mind takes the actual decision. If this is true, it’s like we are 7 seconds slower that the actual reality. So are we just mere spectators in a great show? There is a saying I like: "People have more intelligence than problems". There are a lot of chances that somebody in the past had the same problems we have to deal with today, considering the cyclic and repetitive way of nature, and that somebody wrote the answer in a book. Maybe this happened in ancient past and as all great stories that live through the ages become legends maybe our ideas of today will become legendary. We only have to dare. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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- BOSCH: Connected Car Effect 2025 - Wacker Neuson SE’s Executive Board changes - NEW APPLICATION-SPECIFIC BUCKETS BOOST VOLVO WHEEL LOADER PRODUC TIVIT Y AND PROFITABILIT Y - The largest roller-bearing slewing ring - CES 2017: The Internet of Things is getting personal - Double win at Dakar 2017


KOHLER-SDMO - KD Series - The new reference in high power generating sets


Case launches Tier 4 Final T Series backhoe loaders


Samoter reaches the 30-th edition




Pakelo EP-LS Tecnology


Maximum precision is called for when paving a dragstrip in Norway EDITOR: WIRE ENTERTAINMENT S.R.L. Iancului Str. no. 10, bl. 114B, ap. 2, district 2, Postal code 021724 Bucharest - Romania Tel.: +40.767.290.362 +40.742.050.076 info@easyengineering.eu www.easyengineering.eu www.wire-entertainment.com www.easyengineering.ro www.tv.easyengineering.ro www.easyengineeringtv.com Ciprian Rotaru Editor in Chief Daniela Rădeanu Managing Editor Silviu Mustăţea Creative Officer Bogdan Mustăţea Art Director Claudiu Berariu Editor Andreea Mirică Editor Layout & Design

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Filling cavities between safety barriers


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Prefabrication & Modular Construction Summit Returns


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Catch up with the latest technologies in the woodworking industry AT LIGNA 2017


Wacker Neuson - the mini excavator ET16

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ligna 2017 - 90 percent of exhibition space already booked

Bosch - New saber saw blade range with carbide technology



basf launches Ucrete® MF40AS


the big 5 - Record-breaking participation in 2016


CeMAT 2018


Over 400 exhibitors expected at The Egypt Petroleum Show 2017




How Space Farming Works








- Milwaukee® M18 Rocket™ LED Tower Light/Charger - New Milwaukee® M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool with Brushless Motor - Milwaukee® Introduces Industry’s First Self-Priming, Cordless Transfer Pump


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BOSCH: Connected Car Effect 2025 These days, this is everyday life behind the wheel. In fewer than ten years though, there will be completely new possibilities: highly automated driving will ensure relaxed highway travel, cars driving ahead will send advanced warning of slowing traffic, and your own vehicle will ease off the gas before a dangerous situation can arise. At the end of a journey, navigational devices will guide the driver directly to a free parking area or the car will even find its way through the parking garage completely independently. The study “Connected Car Effect 2025” by Bosch and the consulting firm Prognos investigated more closely what this trend will mean specifically for the US, Germany and the major cities of China. The result: safety systems and cloud-based functions can prevent around 260,000 injury accidents, save 390,000 tons of CO2 emissions and offer drivers many hours of more time for other activities.

Wacker Neuson SE’s Executive Board changes The Supervisory Board of Wacker Neuson SE and Mr. Jan Willem Jongert (member of the Executive Board responsible for sales) have agreed, by fully amicable and mutual consent, for Mr. Jongert to step down from his position earlier than planned due to differences in opinion over the concrete implementation of the Group’s existing sales strategy. Mr. Jongert took up his role on the Executive Board on April 1, 2016 and withdrew from this position on January 9, 2017. Effective today, Mr. Alexander Greschner (46) succeeds Mr. Jongert as CSO of Wacker Neuson SE. Mr. Greschner was previously Managing Director at the German production company for light equipment, headquartered in Reichertshofen near Munich. He spent three years in this role and beyond that played a key role in successful Group-wide sales projects.

NEW APPLICATION-SPECIFIC BUCKETS BOOST VOLVO WHEEL LOADER PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFITABILITY Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced three new buckets specifically designed to fit Volvo L110-L350 wheel loaders – Volvo Sand bucket, Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor bucket, and Volvo Rehandling bucket, which will replace the current model. Optimized for the application, Volvo Rehandling and Volvo Sand buckets enable wheel loaders to perform at maximum capacity, helping customers save time, money and effort. From a wide range of attachments, Volvo customers can choose the best match to meet – and exceed – jobsite requirements, ensuring a more profitable operation. The intelligently-designed Volvo Rehandling, Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor nd Volvo Sand buckets are easy to fill, thanks to the bucket shape, balanced floor back ratio and countersunk holes. These productivity-enhancing features enable operators to do more at a faster rate, while improving fuel efficiency by up to 20%.


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Double win at Dakar 2017 Liebherr V8 diesel engines mounted on the team trucks were specially prepared for the Dakar 2017: the components were modified by using high performance materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and the engine’s performance was optimised to work at maximum output in mountains. To improve the wear resistance of the equipment under the heaviest overloads, new node elements were produced and installed. Furthermore, the pistons were replaced; reinforced rods and reliable turbochargers were mounted. In close cooperation KAMAZ-Master and Liebherr develop and modify drive systems for the KAMAZ trucks participating in the rally in order to prepare them for each race. Since 2014, team trucks are equipped with Liebherr V8 diesel engines with the power output of 686 kW (920 h.p.). This allows the 8,900 kg heavy trucks to reach the limit of 140 km/h (the maximum speed limit at Dakar) and speed up from zero to 100 km/h in less than 10 sec. To reach such an efficiency Liebherr reinforced the engines with specialised fuel equipment of its own production.

CES 2017: The Internet of Things is getting personal Imagine you had a personal companion or guardian angel in every sphere of life. Someone who always knew whether you left the oven on – even if you were already on your way somewhere with the car, or even sitting at the office. At CES 2017, Bosch was showing that connected solutions have already made this vision a reality. “Personalization is a growing trend in the realm of connectivity, and we are driving this trend forward,” said Dr. Werner Struth, member of the Bosch board of management, during the company’s press conference at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. At the world’s biggest consumer electronics trade show, the global supplier of technology and services focused on the following domains: smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility and Industry 4.0. With the increasing personalization of products and services, connectivity is now reaching the next phase of development: “The connected world is getting emotional. Devices are becoming intelligent companions that make everyday life easier and safer at home, in the city, in the car and at work.”

The largest roller-bearing slewing ring: Liebherr delivers a bearing with diameter of ten meters As a result of the expansion of its portfolio in the field of large-diameter bearings, Liebherr offers single-piece as well as segmented bearings with diameters of more than 6,000 mm. Large segmented bearings are mostly designed as three-row roller bearing slewing rings. The biggest one so far was produced at the Liebherr plant in Biberach. It has an outer diameter of about ten metres and a weight of about 40 tonnes. Such large bearings are mainly used in ship and offshore cranes. One of the special features of the hitherto largest roller bearing slewing rings is an integrated reduction measurement system, which reliably monitors the state of the huge bearing. Due to the size, the bearing was machined in individual segments and inductively hardened. After approximately twelve months of development and production, the complete bearing was dismantled for transportation and has already been successfully installed on site.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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KOHLER-SDMO KD Series - The new reference in high power generating sets Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu KD SERIES is the new line of generating sets equipped for the first time with state of the art KOHLER diesel engines. These generating sets benefit from unprecedented power density, making the KD SERIES the ideal range to meet your most exacting requirements. Ranging from 800 kVA/kWe to 4200 kVA /4 000 KWe, they are perfectly suited to all industrial applications. Moreover, they benefit from KOHLER-SDMO quality service throughout the world. The KOHLER Group has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920. Its emergency power supply, main power supply and energy management systems excel throughout the world and across all sectors. As the 3rd biggest global player on the market, KOHLER-SDMO now designs its own generating set engines. It has drawn on its experience of generating sets to develop the ideal KOHLER engine in each power category. KOHLER-SDMO perfectly manages the


production cycle (engineering, tests, maintenance, etc.), pushing it to its highest possible standard.

KOHLER-SDMO, the best energy solutions on the market

From offshore drilling platforms to extreme desert conditions, from building sites to the most demanding industries, KOHLER-SDMO generating sets are prov-

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

ing their reliability and performance. They have made the company one of the top global manufacturers, consolidating its leadership every day through the structure of an international group. Focusing exclusively on generating sets, KOHLER-SDMO now offers the widest range on the market. The local service provided by its distribution network means it can supply power to anyone, any time, anywhere. In addition to its role as an industrial

manufacturer of generating sets, KOHLERSDMO is now positioning itself as a serious energy supplier.

National coverage, international presence

In order for KOHLER-SDMO to continue to grow and meet the needs of new markets, it relies on: 8 sales offices and 3 regional divisions in France. And internationally: a distribution network present, in over 150 countries, 6 subsidiaries and 8 offices. The responsiveness of the company is also based on its development of 6 storage platforms which, in co-operation with the subsidiaries, constitute an effi cient commercial network. In addition, KOHLER and SDMO facilities - now operating as KOHLER-SDMO – are working productively in tandem to offer you an even better service.

KOHLER-SDMO innovation integrated in the kd series range

KOHLER-SDMO invests heavily in Research & Development, with a view to anticipating demand and offering you the most innovative and high-performance energy

solutions on the market.

Engineering and design offices with expertise in the latest technical developments

The engineering and design offices design products inspired by market trends, guided by the marketing department. These teams undergo continuous training in the latest 3D modelling, structural and stress calculation tools and thermodynamic and acoustic simulations.

State of the art laboratory

KOHLER-SDMO invests in state of the art technologies to develop customised products and solutions. Thanks to their worldrenowned expertise, every day our teams optimise the performance of generating sets and their components. Our independent laboratory conforms to the latest requirements and benefits from specialist infrastructures that cover an area of 2,000 sqm.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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CASE Construction Equipment upgraded its T Series backhoe loaders, taking the opportunity of Tier 4 Final compliance to introduce improvements and more choice for customers, as well as the new CASE livery. The new models achieve the demanding emissions standards with CASE’s unique SCR-only solution, which ensures a powerful performance with outstanding fuel efficiency – and no need for Diesel Particulate Filter or regeneration. The efficiency of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment system has been optimised so that Tier 4 Final standards are achieved without a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst.

case launches Tier 4 Final

T Series backhoe loaders #12

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

This reduction in the number of components has enabled CASE to rationalise the engine layout. The after-treatment system has been repositioned externally providing better access to the engine, the electronic module and fuses. The new layout facilitates servicing, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition to the new engine layout, the exhaust pipe has been moved to the right-hand pillar, improving visibility.

Choice of new ‘in-line” backhoe geometry extended to the full range CASE extends to the two bigger models, 590ST and 695ST, the availability of the new backhoe design with in-line cylinder geometry and inner extendahoe introduced on the 580ST in 2016. Now customers can choose from the well-known CASE boom with overlapping cylinders and outer extendahoe and the new in-line design on all three models of the T Series range. The new in-line geometry is the ideal choice for operators looking for exceptional breakout force and great reach. In addition, the narrower frame of the boom provides better visibility of the working area at the back of the machine. The CASE DNA boom geometry, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for tough working conditions, as the sliding part never touches the soil and the components that do are protected against impact and material accumulation.

Smart-fit teeth for quicker teeth changes and service costs savings

New Smart-fit teeth are now available for the front and backhoe heavy-duty buckets. These teeth contribute to the backhoe loader’s improved performance: they penetrate deeper and stay sharp longer, resulting in more productivity that lasts over time and lower service costs. They are also remarkably quick to change: it is just a matter of minutes and the machine is back at work. The result: more productivity, longer life, lower costs.

New Universal backhoe coupler for greater flexibility

A new Universal backhoe coupler has also been introduced for both CASE DNA and In-line backhoe designs. With the new coupler most of non-original CASE buckets can be fitted on the CASE backhoe with minimal impact on back end length and digging performance. This results in higher flexibility on the jobsite and a lower cost impact for the machine’s owner as they can fit different buckets that they already have on site.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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These four companies joined the list of exhibitors that already includes CASE CE, Hyundai, Kobelco, Komatsu, EurocomachSampierana, Ihimer, Kubota, Takeuchi and Yanmar. Ten halls in the Verona Exhibition Centre are by now fully booked. Signs of recovery on the construction machinery market: Italian exports of construction machinery in January-September 2016 totalled 1.86 billion euros (+0.8%); imports were worth 580 million euros (+26.3%).


Important new confirmations for SaMoTer 2017: Doosan-Bobcat, Hidromek, Mecalac and VF Venieri will all attend as exhibitors at the 30th edition of the international earth moving, site and building machinery exhibition scheduled at Veronafiere 22-25 February (www.samoter.it). These four companies join the list of confirmed exhibitors that already includes, among others, CASE CE, Hyundai, Kobelco, Komatsu, Eurocomach-Sampierana, Ihimer, Kubota, Takeuchi and Yanmar.

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

SaMoTer is the only b2b event in the European calendar for 2017 that fully represents the construction sector: earth moving, concrete, drilling, crushing, lifting, vehicles, components and services, not to mention professional training and updates for operators. The coming edition will focus on technologies and solutions for the prevention and management of environmental emergencies. It will be held at Veronafiere alongside Asphaltica, the

r e t o m


s e h c a


exhibition dedicated to road infrastructures (organised in collaboration with Siteb and welcoming Ammann, Marini and Wirtgen Group among its exhibitors), and Transpotec Logitec, the transport and logistics event (with Fiera Milano). During the run-up to the February appointment, economic data associated with the Italian construction machinery segment remain positive. According to the latest data compiled by the SaMoTerVeronafiere Observatory developed with

n o i t i h ed

t 0 3 the aR


ian u, Cipr n a e d ă


Prometeia with data input from Unacea, the period January-September saw orders improve for exports and the home market alike. Exports of earth-moving, road-building, concrete, aggregate and drilling machinery, as well as tower cranes, came 1.86 billion in turnover (+0.8%) in the first nine months of 2016; imports also grew compared to the same period last year to more than 580 million euros (+26.3%).


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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THE FOREFRONT IN VERONA Bobcat, Dieci, Faresin Industries, Manitou, Merlo and, for the first time, Magni Telescopic Handlers: the big names in the telehandler field have already confirmed attendance as exhibitors at SaMoTer, Italy's most important exhibition for earth moving, site and building machinery scheduled at Veronafiere 22-25 February 2017 (www.samoter.it).

The sector is highlighted in Hall 5 and Outdoor Area B to ensure complete coverage during the 30th edition of the Veronafiere show. The focus at SaMoTer 2017 is on technologies and solutions


for prevention and management of environmental emergencies. It is held in conjunction with Asphaltica (the exhibition dedicated to road infrastructures organised in collaboration with Siteb) and

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Transpotec Logitec (the transport and logistics event by Fiera Milano). This year, moreover, it is the only b2b appointment on the calendar in Europe in a position to provide operators with a complete overview of the construction sector. Exhibiting companies cover all sectors, from earth moving to hoisting, concrete, drilling, crushing, vehicles, components and services. In the meantime, the Italian construction market continues its recovery, as certified by the latest analysis published by the SaMoTer-Verona Observatory, developed with Prometeia using information provided by Unacea. Exports of earth-moving, road-building, concrete, aggregate and drilling machinery, as well as tower cranes, posted â‚Ź2.07 billion in turnover (+0.7%) in the first ten months of 2016; imports also grew compared to the same January-October period last year to more than â‚Ź663.9 million (+26%). Consult the SaMoTer 2017 Exhibitor Catalogue (latest update: 21 January).


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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Pakelo EP-LS Technology

maximum endurance for race cars Claudiu Berariu Every two years La Sarthe Circuit experiences a moment of magic suspension of time. Motoring ages mix up and forget themselves to make past emotions and challenges that animated this track since 1923 live once again. This paradox in time is called Le Mans Classic. It’s a biennial race invented in 2002 with the overt purpose to make the best competitive classic cars of the world hit the ground of the most famous circuit of the planet. An explosive formula. This year the 8th edition of Le Mans Classic attracted more than 123.000 spectators and 450 classic cars divided in 7 categories (plateau). From plateau 1 to 6 run classic car segments from 1923 to 1981, while the last group (the new entry of this edition) called Group C Racing comprehends racing cars from 1982 to 1993 that are able to run at 300 km/h just similar to modern models. Autorlando Sport is an Italian GT team founded by Orlando Redolfi, former Porsche preparer, which dedicated all his life to the elaboration and preparation of Porsche cars. To honor the 45° anniversary in motorsport with Porsche brand Autorlando lined up two invaluable Porsche models at the Le Mans Classic 2016: a 1976 Porsche 934 Turbo Jägermeister driven by Maurizio Fratti and Andrea Cabianca, winners of 2015 Classic Endurance Racing and a 1966 Porsche 906 Carrera which scored P8 in 1966 Targa Florio and that has been driven for this Le Mans Classic by Mario Sala and Marco Cristoforetti.


Starting from January Pakelo is official technical supplier of lubricants of team Autorlando Sport. The team’s cars competing in the most important European endurance championships (GT Open International, ELMS, Blancpain) are equipped by Krypton Racing Series motor oil, Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid and Racing Transmission DLS 2.

Pakelo advice: PAKELO RACING TRANSMISSION DLS 2 It’s a fully synthetic transmission lubricant specifically formulated for racing cars. The product has been conceived according to Pakelo EP-LS Technology (Extreme Pressure-Limited Slip) which grants exceptional resistance to wear and extreme pressure and thanks to special friction modifiers it can be used in limited slip differentials reducing friction and stick-slip phenomena even under heavy loads. This characteristic makes the handling of the car much easier and the engine power is optimized.

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

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VÖGELE Maximum precision is called for

when paving a dragstrip in Norway The race itself only takes a few seconds, but in these brief moments, everything has to be absolutely perfect. This is true of both the dragster itself as well as the track. When the drivers rev up their engines for the acceleration duels — so-called drag races — they not only rely on automotive technology. The track must also be completely even and have an excellent grip.

When rehabilitating the Gardermoen Raceway near Oslo, the only permanent dragstrip in Norway, the paving team of Stange Asfalt AS therefore placed very high demands on the asphalt paving — and used state-of-the-art equipment supplied by VÖGELE and HAMM.

Millimetre precision

During a dragster race, the drivers hit extremely high speeds. For this reason the track itself must meet stringent evenness requirements. The tolerance range on the Gardermoen Raceway was only ± 2mm across a width of 4.5m, and a crown with a slope of exactly +1° was specified. The

track must be absolutely precise, as the slightest unevenness can cause instability in the dragster’s road performance. On the dragstrip, the drivers accelerate up to top speeds of more than 500km/h within seconds. After a quarter of a mile (402.34m) the race is already over — and the braking parachute is deployed.

Making all the right moves with ErgoPlus To achieve the required level of precision, the Norwegian road construction company Stange Asfalt AS left nothing to chance on the dragstrip near Oslo

airport: the SUPER 1900-3i worked with two VÖGELE multi-cell sonic sensors for grade and slope control. To guarantee continuous paving without interruption, a VÖGELE PowerFeeder type MT 3000-2i Offset was used for material feed. HAMM DV 70 VO and DV 90 VO rollers — each equipped with vibratory and oscillating drums — compacted all three layers of the new asphalt pavement. Both the innovative and reliable machines and the well-versed paving team proved invaluable during the project. Their familiarity with the VÖGELE technology was a great boon in all situations.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

EASY ENGINEERING | www.easyengineering.eu


Filling cavities between



barriers Using material feeders boosts the paving quality. Decoupling the paver and feed lorry improves job site logistics, prevents sudden jolts to the screed during docking and actively counteracts segregation. For these reasons, material feeders are being specified for an increasing number of construction projects in many countries. With the two material feeder models in their PowerFeeder series, VÖGELE are spearheading technological advancement in this machine segment. With its proportionally controlled pivoting conveyor, the MT 3000-2i Offset


PowerFeeder in particular offers flexibility to paving teams – and opens up completely new applications to construction companies. This was demonstrated by a job on the A 81 Black Forest motorway in which an MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder fed a SUPER 800-3i Mini Class paver from the side. By these means, it was possible to fill a cavity between two safety barriers on the median strip of the motorway continuously – and therefore efficiently. At the motorway job site in the Black Forest, the innovative PowerFeeder brought yet another added bonus into play with its

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

pivoting conveyor: the technology is so robust that it cannot only handle asphalt, but also water-bound base course material or – as on the A 81 – mineral aggregate.

Feeding the paver from the side boosts efficiency

It was an unusual sight on the motorway job site: the largest and smallest VÖGELE machines joined forces to work as a team. This yielded a number of advantages: since the paver was supplied with

material from the side, it was possible to safely maintain the flow of traffic. The alternative – filling the cavity with an excavator or wheeled loader – requires an additional slewing and manœuvring area, lorries have to tip the material onto the traffic lane and work cannot proceed uninterrupted. “Working on a motorway has seldom been so relaxed. Traffic simply passed us by without affecting the construction work at all. The lorries with the mineral aggregate simply merge in front of the VÖGELE material feeder and transfer the material with no further

ado,” enthused Ralf Wagner, Foreman at J. Friedrich Storz Verkehrswegebau GmbH & Co. KG, describing his experience working with the MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder. Additional compaction was also unnecessary when placing the mineral aggregate with the SUPER 800-3i and the AB 220 TV Extending Screed. As a result, the new concrete safety barriers, which form a 7km-long structural separation of the traffic lanes, were quickly and safely filled.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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The system assists operators with an incab display that shows grade plan, cut/fill data, and grade indicators, improving productivity up to 50 percent, compared with conventional grading methods. The system virtually eliminates the need for staking and manual grade checking, making the job site safer and allowing the operator to work unassisted to move material exactly as required—saving rework, fuel, and machine wear. In addition, Grade Control 3D allows work to proceed even in limited visibility, extending the work day. As an added benefit, the system's automated blade control reduces required operator input by as much as 80 percent. The integrated design of the Grade Control 3D system, in addition to the roof-mounted antennas, features an inertial measurement unit that senses machine orientation, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers, data radio, position-sensing hydraulic cylinders, joystick buttons for rapid grade adjustments, and a full-color grade-control display that visually indicates grading progress. In addition, the system includes three “intelligent" operating features that allow the machine to match blade loads with ground conditions, resulting in consistently full blades with reduced operator effort. • AutoCarry™— automates blade lift and pitch to maintain desired blade load, im-





December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Cat® Grade Control 3D, by automating machine functions during both production-dozing and fine-grading applications, enables dozer operators to work more efficiency, accurately, and productively, while also lowering operating costs. The system features an integrated design, including dual, roof-mounted antennas that eliminate the need to climb onto the blade to remove conventional blademounted masts and cables at the end of the day. The AccuGrade™ Ready Option is part of the package, adding versatility by allowing other Cat GRADE technologies to be used, such as AccuGrade Laser or a universal total station when satellite reception is limited.

prove load consistency, and reduce track slip. Complementing the automated implementassist feature are three modes that further assist the operator in working productively. Working as an integrated system, these technologies can significantly reduce overall costs by producing more work, in less time, with a subsequent reduction in machine operating costs. • Grade Control—automates blade lift and tilt for consistent grades and optimizes productivity with AutoCarry. • Rough Grade—prevents downward movement of the blade center below grade, permitting full tilt-steer capability. • Grade Protection—prevents the blade from cutting below the target grade during manual blade operation, reducing overcutting. Grade Control 3D further allows site managers to automatically track material movement and monitor job progress via the system's 3D track mapping data. Timely information encourages timely decisions that keep work on schedule. Production data can be viewed daily via Cat LINK technologies by using the online VisionLink® 3D Project Monitoring capability, which does require a subscription and additional hardware. The Grade Control 3D system is available for D3K2, D4K2, and D5K2 models and is supported by local Cat dealers and SITECH® technology partners.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

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LIGNA is the world's leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries. It’s where all the latest innovations for these industries are showcased at one convenient time and place.


December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Catch up with the latest technologies in the woodworking

industry AT LIGNA 2017 Daniela Rădeanu

Visitors from around the globe can come to LIGNA and get a good, comprehensive overview of all the latest technologies and solutions on the market. They can make comparisons and thoroughly research their capital investment decisions. In a word, they can have confidence they will find all the market leaders – all at the one location. For instance, LIGNA 2017, which runs from 22 to 26 May, will feature exhibitors from about 50 nations. Easy Engineering’s team talked to Christian Pfeiffer, Global Director LIGNA and Woodworking Event, to tell us more details about the fair. Easy Engineering: What does LIGNA 2017 have in store for us? Christian Pfeiffer: LIGNA is the world's leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries. It’s where all the latest innovations for these industries are showcased at one convenient time and place. The show is unmatched worldwide for its extensive range of machinery demonstrations, its immersive trend showcases and the international composition of its exhibitor and visitor base. Basically, there’s no better place for developing new markets. With its high level of international participation and the high percentage of serious, motivated buyers among its visitors, it is simply the world’s best marketplace for wood industry technology. Visitors from around the globe can come to LIGNA and get a good, comprehensive overview of all the latest technologies and solutions on the market. They can make comparisons and thoroughly research their capital investment decisions. In a word, they can have confidence they will find all the market leaders – all at the one location. For instance, LIGNA 2017, which runs from 22 to 26 May, will feature exhibitors from about 50 nations. This year, LIGNA has a revamped thematic layout comprising the following main display categories: • Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production • Surface Technology • Wood Based Panel Production • Sawmill Technology • Energy from Wood • Machine Components and Automation Technology • Forestry Technology Besides its new site layout, this year’s LIGNA will be taking an in-depth look at several key industry themes. For example, furniture manufacturers are increasingly investing in automated

processes as they strive to meet ever more stringent requirements in terms of precision, flexibility, speed, safety and reliability. At LIGNA, this trend is encapsulated in a strong thematic focus on Industry 4.0, or Integrated Manufacturing, as it is also known. Machinery manufacturers and software and automation providers will be showcasing trailblazing developments and pilot applications in this area. Moreover, visitors to LIGNA will be able to get a quick overview of this theme area by going on an “Integrated Manufacturing” guided tour of the show that will take them to the stands of selected exhibitors. Tour participants will be able to witness the latest developments and solutions for intelligent production first-hand and discover the various ways in which the “Smart Factory” vision has been applied in the wood and furniture industries. Another fascinating focus theme is “Processing of Plastics and Composites,” which premiered at LIGNA 2015. We've modified the format slightly for the 2017 edition of LIGNA. Technology demonstrations and displays of product samples will show the great versatility of today’s woodworking machines, which can be used to process plastics and composites as well as wood. At their stands, exhibitors will profile the many nonwood applications of the latest machines. These include caravan and boat building, plastics processing and fabrication, vehicle customization, ship and aircraft interior finishing, the composites industry, insulation material manufacturing, and construction material and exterior cladding production. Here too, we will be offering guided tours for exhibitors. We’ll also be staging the next edition of the Wood Industry Summit – a combined dialogue and presentation event that has been very well received. In 2015, exhibitors and trade visitors used the forum – which attracted international participants from industry, research and government – as a valuable source of leads for primary-industry project work in the world’s high-growth markets. The best measure of the Summit’s success is the quality of the business relationships initiated there, and I’m pleased to say this was very high, because the event resulted in numerous firm contracts. Visiting representatives of international pulp and paper corporations and manufacturers of woodbased panels showed a great deal of interest in direct dialogue with the manufacturers of the machines, plant and equipment on display. All up, our exhibitors generated numerous valuable contacts, particularly among the visiting delegations from Ukraine, Russia, China and Brazil.

E.E: What are the main companies that will be participating this year? C.P: All the market leaders will be there. In fact, the show will once again be an absolute “Who’s Who” of the international timber processing and woodworking industries. The exhibitor list includes names like Homag, Barberan, Bulmor, Weinig, Kleiberit, Jowat, Festool, Vollmer, Dieffenbacher, Leitz, Felder Group, pezzolato, Biesse, Wood-Mizer, IMA, cefla, Siempelkamp, Altendorf, scm group, Linck, Nanxing, Bürkle, Leuco, Festool, and many others. E.E: Which are the predominant countries participating at the show (exhibitors as well as visitors)? C.P: More than half of the 1,552 exhibitors at LIGNA 2015 came from outside Germany. That’s 864 exhibitors from 46 nations who traveled to Hannover to present their products, services and solutions to an international trade audience. The top ten exhibiting nations were Germany, Italy, Austria, China, Sweden, the USA, Taiwan, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain. Meanwhile, about 40,000 of the show’s total of 93,000 visitors were from outside Germany. The top visiting nations, excluding Germany, were Austria, France, Italy, the USA, the UK, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, China and Brazil. E.E: What are your expectations regarding this year’s LIGNA? C.P: At this stage we’re predicting that we’ll at least match the figures achieved by LIGNA 2015. E.E: What would you like to say to companies and visitors who may be thinking of participating at LIGNA? C.P: LIGNA is in a league of its own in many respects. For one, it is by far the world’s biggest trade fair for the wood industry. But it's also way out in front in terms of quality. The leading manufacturers arrange their development cycles so that they can unveil their innovations at LIGNA. In other words, at LIGNA you are sure to see all the technologies that will be shaping your industry over the next two years. So here’s my invitation to you: Come along and experience the show’s rich array of innovations for yourselves and benefit from the kind of outstanding networking opportunities you can only find at the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries. We look forward to seeing you in Hannover!


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ligna 2017

90 percent of exhibition space already booked

LIGNA, the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry, is gearing up for its 2017 season (22 to 26 May). While the opening day is still about six months away, the organizers, Deutsche Messe and the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, can already speak of an excellent turnout: 90 percent of the available exhibition space has been booked. The upcoming LIGNA will see smaller providers showcasing themselves alongside major players, to the benefit of all concerned. Exhibitor locations at the show are now based on salient


aspects of technology use, giving rise to completely new display clusters. Visitors, in particular, will benefit considerably from this revamped layout plan, which is designed to make their visit even more efficient by giving them quick, convenient access to the themes that matter most to them. “LIGNA is on track for success. In fact, compared with the same stage in the planning cycle for the last show, we are well ahead in terms of booked space,” commented Christian Pfeiffer, the Director in charge of LIGNA at Deutsche Messe. “For the upcoming show we are partnering with the German Woodworking Machinery

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Manufacturers’ Association and our regular exhibitors to develop a new thematic layout that reflects the changing ways in which customers of all sizes use woodworking and timber processing technology. And I’m pleased to say the initiative has really paid off.” Exhibitors have given a resounding “thumbs up” to the new hall layout scheme, which in some cases has even led to exhibitors booking more space for enlarged presentations. Repeat exhibitors with a significantly greater footprint in 2017 include Biesse, Bürkle, Cefla, Felder, IMA, SCM and UNIMAK. Also among their number will be Festool, which will be represented at

two separate stands. But it’s not just repeat exhibitors who have put LIGNA’s organizers in an upbeat mood: LIGNA 2017 will also feature numerous first-time exhibitors, such as RS Wood from Italy, Aigner-Werkzeuge from Austria and Vector Systems from New Zealand. Newcomers in LIGNA’s surface technology display area also include many internationally renowned companies, such as Intergroup Plastik (Turkey), Unison (Poland) and IVM Chemicals (Germany).


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basf launches Ucrete MF40AS ®

industrial flooring system

on the European market With Ucrete MF40AS BASF has launched a new heavy-duty antistatic flooring system that is based on a polyurethane cement technology. It complements the BASF product portfolio of chemical solutions for construction, which is bundled under the Master Builders Solutions® brand. Ucrete MF40AS offers numerous advantages in terms of a safe and aesthetic working environment, robustness and durability: Thanks to its antistatic properties, the flooring system protects electrostatic-sensitive devices and can be used in explosion hazard areas. “Our customers’ demand for antistatic flooring systems is growing. This is a result of the EU ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) directives that state requirements


in the field of explosion protection, as well as the growing number of electronic components that are being used throughout industry. With the launch of Ucrete MF40AS we aim to meet this increasing demand and further strengthen our portfolio of industrial flooring solutions,” says Philip Ansell, European Marketing Manager for Ucrete Industrial Flooring at BASF. Ucrete MF40AS’s combination of chemical resistance,

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durability and antistatic features represents a unique offering for a safe working environment – especially for customers in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Thanks to its new technology, Ucrete MF40AS is also available in the new colors, cream and bright yellow, in addition to the standard range. Like all Ucrete flooring solutions, the new system is dense and impervious, meeting the

highest hygienic standards and withstanding extreme thermal, mechanical and chemical impact – thus offering a long service life. This robustness and durability of Ucrete flooring solutions is demonstrated in a video clip called “Ucrete Destruction Challenge”. The Master Builders Solutions experts tested Ucrete flooring under the harshest conditions – for instance freezing it with liquid nitrogen or hitting it with a sledge hammer – and the floor withstood everything. Ucrete is the world’s toughest floor. It was launched in 1969 and has since then been used in various industries – including the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to its good cleanability as well as chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance, Ucrete flooring is well-suited for spaces where a robust, hygienic and durable floor is required.

About Master Builders Solutions from BASF

Master Builders Solutions is BASF’s brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The Master Builders Solutions brand is built on the experience gained from more than 100 years in the construction industry. The comprehensive portfolio under the Master Builders Solutions brand encompasses lasting solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures: Concrete admixtures, cement

additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing solutions, sealants, repair & protection solutions, performance grouts, performance flooring solutions. The Master Builders Solutions brand is backed by a global community of BASF construction experts. To solve our customers’ specific construction challenges from conception through to completion a project, we combine our know-how across areas of expertise and regions and draw on the experience gained in countless construction projects worldwide. We leverage global BASF technologies, as well as our in-depth knowledge of local building needs, to develop innovations that help make our customers more successful and drive sustainable construction.

Construction Chemicals division

BASF’s Construction Chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures: Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing systems, sealants, concrete repair & protection systems, performance grouts, performance flooring systems, tile fixing systems, expansion control systems and wood protection solutions. The Construction Chemicals division’s about

5,500 employees form a global community of construction experts. To solve our customers’ specific construction challenges from conception through to completion of a project, we combine our know-how across areas of expertise and regions and draw on the experience gained in countless construction projects worldwide. We leverage global BASF technologies, as well as our in-depth knowledge of local building needs, to develop innovations that help make our customers more successful and drive sustainable construction.


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the big 5 Record-breaking participation in 2016


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The 37th edition of The Big 5 welcomed over 75,000 participants, breaking last year’s record, organiser dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa announced at the end of the four-day-long event. The largest construction exhibition in the Middle East will be back at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 26 to 29 November 2017, while the co-located Middle East Concrete (MEC) and PMV Live shows will run again in 2018 (26-28 March), as standalone events. Following this year’s success, the next edition of The Big 5 will further focus on the theme of ‘Technology in Construction’. Event Director, Josine Heijmans, also said HVAC-R exhibitors will be clustered in a dedicated product sector in light of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry’s strong development in the Region. “With its record-breaking number of exhibitors and visitors attending the event, The Big 5 2016 was a great success, and the show will be even bigger and smarter next year,” Ms. Heijmans stated. Moreover, The Big 5 2017 will go smart. Thanks to the introduction of the new Konduko smart technology, exhibitors will be able to send digital content to visitors, while capturing and qualifying leads from their smart phones. All visitors will be equipped with a Smart Badge that will interact with the exhibitors’ Smart Readers.


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CeMAT 2018 Strong partnership with HANNOVER MESSE

Next year's CeMAT will take place at the Hannover Exhibition Center, in conjunction with HANNOVER MESSE as the the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology. World's leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management to benefit from partnership with the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology. Next year's CeMAT will take place at the Hannover Exhibition Center, in conjunction with HANNOVER MESSE as the the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology. "Teaming up CeMAT with HANNOVER MESSE forms a strong partnership which will benefit CeMAT by allowing them to reach even greater numbers of top industry decision-makers from around the world. Thanks to its reputations as the leading global event for integrated manufacturing, HANNOVER MESSE has been attracting more and more visitors from around the world. The industry professionals who come to Hannover find innovations, new concepts and solutions relating to Industry 4.0. The exhibitors at HANNOVER MESSE have welcomed the rescheduling of CeMAT, as intralogistics plays an important role in smart factories. Manufacturers from this segment therefore make a key contribution to the further optimization of the industrial value chain", explained Dr. Jochen Köckler, Managing Board member at Deutsche Messe. CeMAT and HANNOVER MESSE are being staged as standalone events, but their common ground will be prominently highlighted for the benefit of potential crossover visitors.


The synergies will be especially evident in the halls dedicated to industrial automation as the beating heart of Industry 4.0 – the buzzword for networked, autonomous and self-organizing manufacturing. Demand is on the rise for individualized, customer-specific products, and the necessary responsiveness and flexibility can only be achieved by means of digitalization and the concepts behind Industry 4.0. "Manufacturing is changing rapidly and there is a growing need for intelligent, networked intralogistics. CeMAT and HANNOVER MESSE will together provide a unique platform for a global audience – a one-stop place where attendees of every background can learn about the latest advances in Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0. As such, we will also be targeting non-industrial users", explained Köckler. HANNOVER MESSE 2016 attracted no fewer than 190,000 visitors. One in three came from outside Germany, and one in two from the manufacturing and processing sectors. In addition to this potential, in 2018 decision-makers from the trade and services sectors from all over the world are also expected to attend CeMAT. The strong growth in online trade is expected

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to continue and the logistics experts in this area are increasingly interested in automated solutions. CeMAT is the place to find such state-ofthe-art solutions.

Logistics 4.0 takes center stage

CeMAT will be located at the northern end of the site, within easy reach of the many visitors who enter the venue via the north entrance. Logistics IT will again form the focal point of the CeMAT presentations. The exhibition itself is located in Halls 19/20, but IT will play an important role at virtually every exhibition stand. "Digitalization of the entire supply chain beyond the in-house, company setting is a prerequisite for the establishment of autonomous and selforganizing logistic chains. There are numerous individual technical solutions, such as warehouse management systems, smart containers and driverless transport systems. Visitors will learn how these solutions function and interact, as well as the competitive advantages that they provide at CeMAT in Hannover", commented Köckler.

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Over 400 exhibitors expected at The Egypt Petroleum Show 2017

Egypt’s prestigious energy event attracts 10,000 visitors from world’s leading oil and gas companies. Organisers expect 400 exhibiting companies and over 10,000 visitors from more than 20 countries, to participate in the Egypt Petroleum Show - EGYPS 2017 across 12,000 square meters of net space taking place at the Cairo International Convention Centre, 14-16 February 2017.

Eight international pavilions, confirmed their participation for the Egypt Petroleum Show including companies from major oil producing countries, among which Bahrain, China, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea and France. “It is a great privilege for the Energy Industries Council (EIC), the leading trade association for UK-registered companies working in the global energy industries, to be hosting the UK pavilion at the first ever Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS). Given the incredible resources the country has - 4.4bn barrels of proven oil reserves – and the huge effort being put into developing these, I am confident that EGYPS will quickly become one of the most important oil and gas industry events worldwide,” said Terry Willis, Director, Middle East and Africa, the EIC. To date, 90 percent of the exhibition is already sold out of which 30 percent are Local Egyptian companies including PetroJet, Ruhrpumpen Egypt, Maridive Group, the Ayadsons Group, and Petroleum Air Services (PAS) while the other 70 percent are international companies from across the globe. EGYPS will also host 7 National Oil Companies and 7 International Oil Companies in its

very first edition. The National Oil Companies include Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS), Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (ECHEM), and Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Company; regionallyThe Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), Arabian Geophysical & Surveying Company (ARGAS), and Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC). Meanwhile, the participating International Oil Companies include EXXONMOBIL, ENI, BP, APACHE, SHELL, EDISON and ENI at the 2017 event, organisers revealed. Commenting on BP’s participation at EGYPS 2017, Hesham Mekawi, Regional President, BP North Africa, EGYPS 2017 platinum sponsor, said: “EGYPS is considered one of the most important events to be held in 2017 and serves as a gateway to the growing oil and gas market in Egypt. We believe Egypt will benefit from such events that lead to the exchange of experiences and attract experts from all over the world. Such events bring together government officials, senior executives and decisionmakers, face to face to work together in finding solutions and addressing challenges as well as discussing new opportunities in the sector.” “Egypt’s oil and gas sector continues to demonstrate flexibility in responding to the changing industry outlook, by working in partnership with IOCs to reach the right balance between securing economic sources of energy to the country whilst ensuring competitive returns to investors. We have confidence in Egypt and its potential, and we are committed to using the most advanced exploration and

drilling technologies to help secure Egypt’s energy future,” Mekawi added. Held under the high patronage of President of Egypt, and support of the Ministry of Petroleum, and organised by the Global Energy division of dmg :: events, EGYPS 2017 is the largest platform for oil and gas professionals in North Africa comprising of 3 dedicated conference tracks: Strategic, Technical and the Women In Energy conference , 3 exhibition halls, and an EGYPS Petroleum Club feature set up. EGYPS 2017 programme will feature 28 technical conference sessions, covering over 10 technical categories that will tackle some of the most imminent topics in the energy sector. In addition to a 2-day strategic industry conference covering 7 sessions and panel discussions with global business leaders including Bob Dudley Group Chief Executive, BP; Claudio Descalzi CEO, Eni; Sara Akbar CEO, Kuwait Energy Company; Martin Craighead CEO, Baker Hughes; Catherine MacGregor President, Reservoir Characterisation Group Schlumberger; Nigel Searle President, Lubricants Global Business Unit ExxonMobil; Momar Nguer President of Marketing and Services & Member of the Executive Committee, Total; Eric Carre Executive Vice President, Global Business Lines Halliburton; Maurizio Coratella CEO, Exploration and Production, Edison Spa, Nabil Bourisli Managing Director, International Marketing Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Frederico Justus President, Regional Operations Weatherford International.


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RIDGID micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter

The RIDGIDÂŽ micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter provides simple, quick and accurate distance readings at the push of a button. Simply push the measurement button to turn on the ultra-sharp Class II lasers, point the device at the spot to be measured, and push the


measurement button. The distance reading will appear on the easy-to-read LCD display. This rugged, compact, portable instrument enables professional tradesman to quickly determine run distances for bidding, distance of piping run, measuring trouble spots down the line, and quickly determine spacing for code compliance.

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- Ultra Sharp Class II Lasers clearly highlight the point being measured. - Exceptional distance range allows accurate measurements up to 164' (50 m). - Adjustable units enable you to quickly read feet, inches or meters on the fly. - Bright backlit display for use in poorly lit areas.

- Quick and accurate calculations on the spot. - Displays the last three measurements, stores the last 20 measurements. - Rubberized over-molding for a solid grip.

Micro IR-100 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

The RIDGID® micro IR-100 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer provides simple, quick and accurate surface temperature readings at the push of a button. Simply squeeze the trigger and point the ultra-sharp dual Class II lasers at the surface being measured. The micro IR-100 provides an immediate temperature measurement on a clear, easy-to-read backlit LCD display. In addition to numerous other uses, this rugged and compact instrument enables professional tradesman to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, perform preventative monitoring of electrical motors and systems, troubleshoot steam traps and quickly check fuses or circuit breakers for overheating – all without contact.


- Ultra sharp dual class II lasers illuminate the surface being measured.

- Ergonomic pistol style grip with rugged over molding allows you to keep a solid grip in the harshest of industrial environments. - 20:1 distance to spot ratio allows you to take more accurate measurements from long distances. -Visual and audible alarms quickly alert you to temperatures outside of the ranges that you set. - Bright backlit display that can be toggled on in poorly lit areas. - Tripod Mount Capable for repeatable, precise temperature measurements.

with a visual, audible or vibration alerts which can be adjusted for your environment. - Adjustable sensitivity settings provide precise leak locating with the touch of a button. -16" (40 cm) flexible probe allows location and detection of leak in hard-to-reach and confined spaces. - Field replaceable sensor means more uptime and less time waiting for repairs.

Micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector

The RIDGID® micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector provides simple and quick readings to identify the presence of combustible gases. With adjustable sensitivity, even lowlevels of gases can be detected in seconds. It ensures proper gas line installations, checks for maintenance and repair needs and quickly pinpoints combustible gas leaks. - Rugged ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, yet tough. - Tri-Mode Detection™ for option to be alerted


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How Space Farming Works


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The International Space Station (ISS) provides a cooperative platform on which to research the critical challenges of putting humans in space for a sustained period of time. And researchers must overcome these challenges before any long flights and permanent habitats in space can happen. Space farming requires greater understanding if humans are to survive in space without constant contact from Earth. Space farming simply refers to growing plants in space. At first glance this might not seem

too tricky, but the inherent properties of space and our ability to travel and live in its environment greatly complicate the situation. Luckily, the ISS has a whole team of astronauts (green thumb not required) from around the world specializing in a variety of scientific and engineering fields. Astronauts conduct experiments and improve our knowledge of cultivating plants in space, as well as many other critical arenas of science. Earth-bound researchers and scientists analyze the results and conduct

their own experiments, thinking up new theories and possible solutions to test. Before we look into the progress the experts have made in space farming, let's delve a little deeper into the obstacles they face.

The Challenges of Space Farming

To understand the challenges of space farming, let's consider some of the elements that affect plant growth in space.

Ever wonder where we will build homes and expand neighborhoods as we use up more and more of Earth's habitable land? Perhaps space will be the next suburb? But before we start sending children on an intergalactic school bus ride, we must figure out new ways to accomplish everyday tasks in space, like growing food. International organizations are devoting time and resources to the development of sustaining human life beyond Earth. Some of the space programs' goals include the upcoming return to and eventual settlement of the moon, along with the pending manned voyages to Mars.


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Less Gravity

Current space-farming experiments examine different aspects of farming in microgravity (a term to describe an environment with little or no gravity). These experiments could be helpful in the related case of farming on the surface of the moon or Mars, which have significantly lower levels of gravity than Earth. Plants take their cues from gravity for aspects of their growth, such as root and stem orientation. Scientists analyze whether plants can properly grow with lower levels of gravity, and just what those

Artificial Lighting

Most plants on Earth have access to loads of natural sunlight and grow toward that light, but researchers must fool plants growing in space to follow this same behavior. The choice of lighting in the growth chambers is an important consideration for several reasons. It's important to use energy efficiently in space, because resources are limited. Energy can't


December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

be wasted on light bulbs that don't maximize their output. In addition, different types of lighting create different levels of heat, and extra heat is something spacecraft must eliminate (researchers prefer bulbs that produce little heat). Additionally, astronauts don't have extra room to lug spare light bulbs through space, so they need a lighting source with staying power, like light emitting diodes (LEDs). Varying Rooting Materials Little to no gravity can affect how rooting materials function. Different rooting materials and soils are better than others when it comes to water and air distribution -- both key to successful plant growth. Out in space, grainy soils can cause water to scatter and fine soils can prevent airflow. Researchers are experimenting with many possibilities, including clay particles, hydroponics and a material like peat-moss.


Plants grow by using the spacecraft's air, humidity and microgravity -- conditions

that are different from those on Earth. Researchers are studying whether any contaminants and dangerous organisms from space will affect those space-grown plants, making them inconsumable for humans. Changes in their genetic codes could be harmful in other ways. There's a possibility that if astronauts brought the plants back and mixed them with those grown on Earth, we might end up with the space-version of kudzu. Kudzu (Pueraria montana) is an invasive species of plant, brought to the U.S. from Japan in the late 1800s.

Limited Available Space

The confined quarters of spacecraft are very different from the massive, rolling farmlands on Earth. Researchers must develop an efficient, streamlined apparatus that can hold crops as they grow with limited space. Growing machines must be automatic (or at least have that capability) and be able to regulate watering, humidity, lighting, air circulation and nutrient delivery. These growing machines also need to integrate with the life support system to successfully exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen.

So when can astronauts visit space's first salad bar? It might be a while as researchers work to understand and overcome the obstacles that space farming presents. Read the next page to learn about their research and why insects might become space food of the future.

Photo: Discovery Channel Source: www.howstuffworks.com


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Prefabrication & Modular

Construction Summit Returns

100% Brand New Speakers

& Project Case Studies Join this One-Of-Its Kind PRACTIONERS Centralized Prefabrication & Modular Construction Summit: Resolve Your MOST Challenging Modular Construction Issues in the Oil, Gas, Energy, Chemicals & Petrochemicals Industry including Modular Design, Project Delivery & Quality Control, Heavy Lifting & Transportation, Minimizing Project Delays, Project Cost Management, Compatibility Issues and Vendor Selection amongst others through Lessons Learned from Global Project Case Studies!

Find out the latest updates and practical information on Latest Technologies & solutions as well as the hottest trends within the industry. Hear from 16+ renowned experts with profound experience and new project case studies share their experiences in terms of improving modular design during the project planning phase, modular design, modules lifting and how to overcome other challenging issues. Hear winning strategies in improving operational efficiency through


strategic partner selection.

Extensive Networking Experience

Meet up with high-profile decision makers and industry leaders within the Onshore/Offshore Oil, Gas & Petrochemical community. Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the super saver discounted prices. Don’t miss your chance to be involved in 9th PREFABRICATION & MODULAR

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

CONSTRUCTION ASIA SUMMIT 2017 and engage in-depth discussion on global strategies to further develop the industry, get first-hand updates and practical information on latest technology that could greatly increase operational efficiency and multiply project ROI. More information at enquiry@equipglobal.com and http://www.equip-global. com/9th-prefabrication-and-modularconstruction-asia-summit

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Wacker Neuson the mini excavator ET16

The new tracked excavator ET16 from Wacker Neuson is especially suitable for excavation work in confined spaces and offers the operator a generous cabin for best working conditions. The ET16 can reach hardly accessible spots without problems and is therefore particularly suitable for work indoors, the inner-city area or for landscaping - simply for all those places where working in confined spaces is often necessary.

Its telescopic undercarriage, which can be extended from 990 to 1,300 millimeters, allows the operator to drive through narrow passages and also ensures a high level of stability when the telescopic under-

carriage is extended. An operating weight of 1.5 tons makes the new mini-excavator ideally suited for use on sensitive soils as it can easily be controlled there. Due to its low transport weight which is 1,400-

1,600 kg, a normal car trailer is sufficient to transport the ET16. The ET16 is a class of its own also in terms of its cabin: It is the largest one in its weight class. Ergonomical and high quality design, it provides the operator with a maximum of legroom and headroom. The full glazing of the cabin also ensures maximum security and allows a panoramic view of all workspaces. A powerful and fuel-efficient 3-cylinder diesel engine and a second traveling speed of up to 4 km/h allows quick switching between different working positions. A direct access to the engine compartment provides easy and quick access to all relevant service points and allows for shorter maintenance and downtimes. Thanks to the standard auxiliary hydraulics, a variety of attachments can easily be installed.


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With a thickness of 1.35 or 1.25 mm they are 50 or 40 percent thicker than comparable saw blades and, thus, particularly strong. Their carbide technology ensures that this stability is accompanied with high flexibility: Since only the very front tooth tips are made of carbide, the saw blade remains flexible and can withstand bending loads, for example in demolition applications.

Quick and reliable

The “Endurance for Vehicle Rescue” saber saw blade – available in two different lengths – was specially developed to meet the requirements of the life-saving services provided by the fire department, rescue workers and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk) on the one hand, as well as those of car dismantlers on the other hand. It cuts through A, B and C pillars made from high-alloy steel, car roofs made from metal sheet, door hing-es as well as windshields made from coated glass quickly and safely. The new blade geometry has several additional benefits: Thanks to the

V-shaped tip, the saber saw blade is easier to guide and does not get stuck in the material. The first tooth on the blade is also designed so that the saw blade can plunge directly into the material to be cut without the need for any time-consuming pre-drilling. The saw blade also has a conical shape. As it is narrower at the front than at the rear, it enables access to tight spaces that can often not be reached using hydraulic rescue equipment.

Precision in the toughest applications

The benefits of “Endurance for Heavy Metal” saber saw blades can be seen, for example, when installing or replacing water pipes and anywhere where high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steel, stainless steel or cast iron needs to be cut. With a 25 mm blade, they are 30 percent wider than comparable saber saw blades. This provides more accurate guidance and higher stability when sawing and, thus, a more precise, clean cut. Available in four different lengths, trades-people can use these blades

to machine different pipe and railing diameters or cut through locks.

One blade for many materials

The “Endurance for Window Demolition” saber saw blades can cut through window frames with a steel core or those made from different materials such as wood, aluminum and plastic, as well as remove hardened window screws, without having to change the blade. The constant tooth pitch across the entire blade means that window fitters can cut different materials quickly and reliably. And if the tradesperson accidentally comes into contact with plaster, mortar or bricks when carrying out this work, the blades can handle it with ease. In order to keep vibrations to a minimum in all applications, the length of the blades was optimized at 150 mm. Beyond that, the “Endurance for Window Demolition” saw blades have a conical shape. They are narrower at the front than at the rear and can, therefore, also be used in tight spaces.

Bosch is extending its range of saber saw blades with carbide technology with the addition of three new problem solvers: “Endurance for Vehicle Rescue”, “Endurance for Heavy Metal” and “Endurance for Window Demolition”. All blades have individually welded carbide teeth which are extremely wear-resistant and prove themselves even in the toughest applications. They can cut high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel and offer a significantly wider range of applications along with new areas of use which conventional bi-metal blades have so far been unable to cover. At the same time, the new blades have a life-time which is up to 20 times longer than bi-metal saw blades.


December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Bosch New saber saw blade range

with carbide technology

Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

EASY ENGINEERING | www.easyengineering.eu



SCHNEIDEN 2017 World's Premier Fair for the Welding,

Cutting and Joining Sectors

When SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN opens its doors from September 25 to 29, 2017, an attractive programme will await the international trade visitors at the world's premier fair for joining and cutting technologies. Exhibitors from all over the world will present the complete value added chain for everything to do with joining, cutting and surfacing - with products and services from shaping via pretreatment and post-treatment right up to the testing of the workpieces. All the market leaders have already registered, amongst others Air Liquide, Esab, Fanuc, Fronius, Kuka, Lincoln Electric, Messer Group, MicroStep, Trumpf, voestalpine BĂśhler Welding and Yaskawa. Because of the modernisation work at Messe Essen, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 will make a one-off guest appearance in DĂźsseldorf. The most important new feature: For SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017, Messe Essen's team has, for the first time, reorganised the halls in an intelligible way according to thematically appropriate main focal points. Thus, it will be even easier for the trade visitors from all over the world to orient themselves. These key topics


have already gone down very well with the registered exhibitors now because they will offer them an appealing, thematically appropriate environment and will ensure that they are found in an even better way. Thus, the prerequisites will be optimum for the most significant information and ordering platform in the sector. The first highlights of the comprehensive supporting programme have already been decided now: The joint booth for Underwater Technology in Hall 14 with especially set-up diving containers will give an insight into their challenging activities. Freshly founded firms will present pioneering solutions on the joint booth for "Young Innovative Companies" in Hall 15.

December-January 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

The joint booth for "Thermal Spraying" in Hall 15 will provide information about new surfacing processes. Moreover, the Robot Welding Competition will give its premiere in Hall 13. In front of an international trade public, the participants will aim to pit their wits against each other in programming, teaching and, of course, welding on robots and welding power sources. Germany's most promising welding talents will be sought in the DVS "Young Welders" competition in Hall 14. The winners will encounter participants from other nations in the Weld Cup on the European level and in the subsequent International Welding Competition.


www.easyengineering.eu | December-January 2016

EASY ENGINEERING | www.easyengineering.eu


MAKITA 18V LXT BRUSHLESS IMPACT DRIVER OFFERS MORE FEATURES AND CLASS-LEADING POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO The XDT12M is part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion system, the world’s largest cordless tool system powered by 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger. Precision fastening applications often require the user to stop or slow down the impact driver just prior to driving the screw into place to ensure there is no damage to the fastener or work piece. Quick-Shift Mode™ is an automatic electronic controller that downshifts and reduces rotation and impact speed prior to driving the screw into place. It is engineered to minimize screw thread stripping, screw breakage and damage to work. The Quick-Shift Mode™ setting can be engaged with a push of a button at the base of the handle.

MAKITA 18V CORDLESS/CORDED VACUUM MEETS DEMAND FOR CONVENIENT CLEAN-UPS AND DUST EXTRACTION Makita® has released a versatile new vacuum that offers both corded and cordless operation with the new 18V X2 LXT® Lithium-Ion (36V) Cordless/ Corded 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Vacuum, model XCV04Z (tool only). In cordless mode the XCV04Z is powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, giving users the extended run-time of 36V but without leaving the 18V battery platform. It also meets the increasing demand for dust extraction with an efficient three-stage HEPA filtration system. In addition to the new XCV04Z, Makita offers ten 18V X2 LXT® (36V) tools powered by two 18V batteries including a dual slide compound miter saw, rotary hammer, circular saw, recipro saw, hedge trimmer, string trimmer, chain saw, two blowers, and a backpack HEPA vacuum. For improved tool performance and extended battery life, the XCV04Z features Star Protection Computer Controls™. Star Protection is communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, overdischarging and overheating.

MAKITA CREATES A NEW CLASS IN CORDLESS WITH 18V LXT® SUB-COMPACT BRUSHLESS Makita® has created a new class in cordless tools with the release of 18V LXT® Sub-Compact Brushless. The new 18V LXT Sub-Compact Brushless includes the most compact and lightest weight tools in the 18V category, giving contractors the size and handling of a 12-volt tool with the performance, power and compatibility of 18 volt. When NiCD and NiMH batteries dominated cordless tools, Makita dumped old battery technology and created the world's first 18-volt lithium-ion system with 18V slide batteries. Makita soon followed with the 18V Compact category, giving contractors superior power-to-weight ratios, less bulk, and the industry’s fastest charge time. Makita also created brushless motor technology for power tools to deliver longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. Recently Makita delivered maximum power and run time with 18V X2 LXT and the industry’s first tools powered by two 18V batteries.


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Milwaukee® M18 Rocket™ LED Tower Light/ Charger: Stand Up, Light Up, Charge Up The leading work light provider in the industry, Milwaukee Tool, continues to expand their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of the M18 Rocket™ LED Tower Light/Charger. With the ability to be set up in 5 seconds, provide 3,000 lumens of high-output light for both task and area lighting, and charge any M18™ battery through a built-in M18™ Charger, the M18 Rocket™ Tower Light/Charger is a breakthrough in productivity. Featuring a new-to-world tri-fold head design, the M18 Rocket™ Tower Light/Charger is capable of delivering 3,000 lumens of multi-directional light through the use of 3 independently-rotating, adjustable light heads. With the ability to maneuver these light heads in multiple orientations, users can direct light to wherever it’s needed. With three output modes for optimizing brightness, it is 50% brighter and has a run-time of up to 17 hours – running significantly cooler than halogen.

New Milwaukee® M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool with Brushless Motor Milwaukee Tool continues to lead the industry in the shift from sweat and solder to press connections with the introduction of the new brushless M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool. Through a ground-up re-design, the industry’s smallest and lightest press tool is now smaller and lighter than ever before. 20% lighter than the leading competitor, and more compact than its predecessor, the Press Tool is best in class – offering 20% more run-time, 10% faster cycle time, and the industry’s longest calibration interval at 50,000 cycles. The most intelligent full-sized press tool on the market, the new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool delivers piece of mind, even on the most critical jobs. A pre-press battery check prevents the user from starting a press the tool cannot complete, while Auto-Cycle ensures a full press every time and indicates to the user via a green light that the connection is complete.

Milwaukee® Introduces Industry’s First Self-Priming, Cordless Transfer Pump Milwaukee Tool brings game-changing innovation to the cordless power tool market with the introduction of the M18™ Transfer Pump. Developed specifically for the water removal challenges plumbers, HVAC professionals, and maintenance technicians encounter on a daily basis in residential and industrial plumbing applications, the new Transfer Pump allows users to transfer water faster, resulting in faster service calls. Completely selfpriming, the M18™ Transfer Pump is designed with a flexible impeller that, once turned on, starts pumping water instantly from inlet to outlet without the need for additional priming assistance from the user. At 480 gallons per hour, the pump can rapidly move water from one area to another. This flexible impeller also helps create a powerful pressure difference that can produce an 18’ lift. Paired with a head height of 75’, the new Transfer Pump can easily be used in a variety of applications.


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