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Author : Kären Matison Hess Pages : 752 pages Publisher : Cengage Learning Language : ISBN-10 : 1285862619 ISBN-13 : 9781285862 613

Criminal Investigation Eas y to rea d and well org ani zed , CRI MI NAL INV EST IGA TIO N,

11t h Edit ion deli ver sa pra ctic al, fiel dbas ed app roa ch to the mo der n inv esti gati ve prin cipl es and pra ctic es you nee d to suc cee d in cri min al

just ice. De mo nstr atin g tec hni que s and thei r ma ny app lica tion s, the boo k intr odu ces lon gsta ndi ng tool s, pra ctic es, and poli cies alo ngs ide

the late st inn ova tion s in tec hno log y and scie nce to giv e you a bro ad per spe ctiv e of cri min al inv esti gati ons tod ay. Top ics cov ere d incl ude D.N

.A. scie nce , terr oris m and ho mel and sec urit y, cyb ercr ime , cri me s aga inst chil dre n, fore nsic s and phy sica l evi den ce, inv esti gati ve pho tog

rap hy and ske tchi ng, ide ntit y thef t, whi tecoll ar cri me, ethi cs, and ma ny oth ers. Exa mpl es and cas e cita tion s sho w ho w inv esti gati ons affe

ct the wor ld aro und you . The Min dTa p tha t acc om pan ies this text gui des you thr oug h you r cou rse and incl ude s vid eo cas es, car eer sce nari

os, vis ual su mm arie s, and inte ract ive lab s tha t allo w you to exp lore inv esti gati ve tec hni que s. Criminal Investigation

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Criminal Investigation  

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation  

Criminal Investigation