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Have you ever wondered how the top internet marketers rake in thousands of dollars per day? There are many high ticket programs online were people are paying $1000 plus dollars to join to generate the kind of income. Independent Profit Center was created with the average person in mind that can't afford high ticket programs, but are serious about earning significant income from home. Dan Miller has recently launched a new affordable program called Independent Profit Center aka IPC that allows total newbies and average people to generate 100% commissions of $200 on every sale through their website without passing up or splitting sales with anyone. What Is IPC? Dan Millers Independent Profit Center in a new program that teaches you exactly how to dominate the search engines like: Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines by following simple stepby-step instructions and videos. Also he teaches how to effectively use solo ads, free classifieds, print advertising, and other methods like: MySpace, blogs, articles, and forums to explode your business. You will receive $1000 in software with full resale rights and your own independent website with free training and support from the company once you join. Who Is The Founder? Dan Miller is not considered some "guru", he is just a normal guy like you and me. His background is in software development and has been very successful marketing online full time for the last 3 years. Dan uses his experience to train and support his independents, so they are able to effectively market online and get immediate results using the IPC techniques. Why Is IPC Creating Massive Attention? Using the techniques and resources from Independent Profit Center, members generated $4000 in 24 hours and over $13,600 in just two days. With the cost only being $200 it is affordable for average people and the conversions rates have been much higher than high ticket and pass up programs. The only cost to get started with IPC is a one time $200 fee for the software, one time $49 fee for the website and unlimited training and support. Dan is also currently increasing the software package to $4000 worth of software and making some nice enhancements to the website to close out the initial pre-launch phase for Independent Profit Center at no additional cost.

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Aaron Johnson Ceo of Real Map Marketing is a full time marketer online and offline. Real Map Marketing specializes in reviewing online business opportunities and coaching others on how to be successful marketing online. To learn more about Independent Profit Center: Click Here Visit Real Profits Daily to start making money today!

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==== ==== Independent Profit Center Review ==== ====

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