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The first one is a little known trick I learned from a pretty well-known internet marketer, who made tens of thousands with this simple method. He found a way to automate the whole process so he does not need to do much these days. But here's the formula he use. It begins with him doing a bit of the good old niche research and finding the best niches online (with lots of passionate people desperate for results). Once he narrows it down to 2 - 3 niches, he will look into affiliate networks such as PaySpree or ClickBank and look for affiliate products related to that niche. Once this is done, he heads over to YouTube and searches for video owners who have (1) have videos related to his niche (2) have no links in their video description (you will be surprised how many people put up videos for the fun of it and never really exploited the popularity of their videos) (3) have at least 10,000 viewership and viewership is increasing by at least 100 a day (you need to pick a few videos and save them in your favourites in YouTube and track them for at least three days, it's a lot of work but it will pay off well). He contacts the video owner using YouTube's messenger service and leaves a message with the owner. It could go something like this, "Hi, I saw your video on and I am pretty impressed. I would like to put a link in your video description as shown below. In return, I will be happy to give you 20% of the money I make from selling this product". If you are a regular Click Bank affiliate, you know they usually pay more than 75% for a product, so 20% is really nothing. Plus, you get a channel to generate traffic to your affiliate link. Here's a further strategy to use. I like to send them a simple YouTube video or article explaining how to create annotations (you can send them the link of another person's video). I will ask the video owner to add annotations encouraging people to click on the link below. Annotations are shapes that appear here and there in the video as the user is watching them. This will increase the chance that users will click on the link in the descriptor box. Why use this method? First, you don't need a website. Secondly, you get a free traffic source (without spending any money). Thirdly, it is hassle free (except for the part where you need to transfer the money over to the video owner via pay-pal) This method works even if you are a product owner. You can set up your own affiliate program through Click Bank and pay the owner directly through the system.

Adam Teow is a professional life coach, an education entrepreneur with more than 700 students around Singapore and an avid internet marketer. Go to to find out more about quick cash generation method that will take your online income to the next level!

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==== ==== Get Here Instant Cash From ClickBank ! ==== ====

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How To Get Instant Cash From ClickBank !