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Disc Duplication And Replication – A Basic Overview

CDs and DVDs have, more or less, become household names but there are some complex processes that are involved in their manufacturing and usage. Let’s have some overview on the different facts related to these storage media.

CDs and DVDs

They are the discs that are used for the storage of various types of data. They are used both at the personal as well as professional levels. We can store any type of data in it whether it audio, visual or any document. The quality of disc depends upon its storage capacity as well as it’s retaining power. It often becomes difficult to distinguish between a good quality disc and the poor one. So, it is always advisable to seek the help of professionals regarding this matter. CD and DVD duplication and replication It refers to transferring all the data to another disc. We generally know this process by the term “burning”. Though burning one or two discs may seem to be a very easy process but have you ever wondered how this work is being carried out on a large scale in companies? Large scale enterprises often need to duplicate or replicate many CD and the DVD’s. Some of the reasons for taking profession help for CD and DVD duplication, are as follows:

 It helps you to save the money in a long run. Since carrying out the duplication and replication process on the large scale is itself a long and time consuming process and there are many chances that we end up damaging the disc and losing the documents. Here professional aid is much a better option.  The professionals are skilled in providing comprehensive costumer oriented service.  Other than doing the work of duplication and replication they are also capable of providing various custom printing, creative and content services.  There will be no compromise on the quality when it comes to professional handling.

Process of CD and DVD duplication and replication:

Disc Duplication generally refers to the process of burning in which the content is copied from one CD and DVD into other discs using a disc drive. Duplication process is generally applied when one needs to copy less than 1000 or more disc.

Disc Replication is a more complicated process than duplication. It is generally referred to process of replicating or cloning the master disc. Firstly they make the glass master then some sets of stampers are created from the master disc. After this they are mounted in the injection mould machine for creating the replica mode. Once it is ready, it is coated with extremely thin aluminum. At last the lacquer is spun on the disc and hardened with the help of ultraviolet light.

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ContaCt InformatIon

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Disc duplication and replication  

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