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Coast keeps saying 'undecided' `I don't know how I'm going to votes.' TOMORROW'S State election looks certain to be a cliff-hanger both on the State scene and in Broadsound. Only totally one-eyed party faithful are predieting victory for their side and their candidate ... most people are saying they are still thinking about how they intend voting. In Broadsound, sitting Member Denis Hinton wants three more years on the basis of his achievements in his first term. ALP candidate Jim Pearce is promising to work for the area and is strongly campaigning on an anti-corruption stance. Liberal candidate Howard Rodda has campaigned on interest rates and what they are doing to families. Independent Pat O'Brien is pushing the environment and saying "the party's over". Citizens' Electoral Council candidate Les White is campaigning on Citizens' Initiated Referenda and believes the State should serve the people and not the people serve the State. Locally, the biggest issue in the campaign was police protection. The ALP offered a 24hour police station for Yeppoon; the Nationals countered with 24-hour service on weekends. The ALP was firm in its commitment ... the Nationals promised what they said was a "realistic" goal. All candidates, throughout the campaign, had a greenish tinge as a result of the environment becoming a focus of attention. The polls keep saying Labor, Labor ... and the Coast electors, when asked, keep saying Undecided, Undecided. And, for once, it's not a case of people keeping their political preferences to themselves. Those who are openly conservative have been stating their voting intentions, as have the openly Labor voters ... but there are many who are openly stating they in a quandary. "I don't know how I'm going to vote," has been a regular conversation starter. It seems that this time, this election, people are aware that a change of government is a distinct possibility. Tomorrow these undecided are going to put the numbers 1 to 5 on their ballot paper to decide the next Member for Broadsound ... and the next government for Queensland.

• ABOVE: Const Brett Heath showed Keppel Coast Gym proprietor Sue Martin a marijuana plant. The display was part of a drug awareness day in Savemore on Saturday organised by Yeppoon Police and Yeppoon Lions Club.

Readers fear wasted vote THE Capricorn Coast Mirror has received enough phone calls about the ins and outs of preferential voting, and the ultimate distribution of preferences, to print this explanation from returning officer Rod Young. The queries received at the office mainly concerned fears that not following a "how-tovote" card would result in an invalid vote. Most callers, apparently prepared to dump their normal first preference, were concerned that if they did not follow a ticket they would • lose their vote. One elector was concerned that the vote that did not follow a ticket would wind up "being thrown in the bin". Mr Young said the first thing every elector should remember was that a valid vote must have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the squares on the Broadsound ballot paper. The five squares could be numbered in any order. It did not matter whether their fourth pref-

erence (number 4) was given to the candidate whose preferences were first distributed ... the vote would still be valid and would still be counted. Mr Young said preferences were distributed only in the event that one candidate did not get 50 per cent of allvotes cast ... plus one (making a first-past-the-post majority). If the five candidates were regarded as A, B, C, D and E, electors could put the numbers I to 5 in any order next to their names. If, for example, one candidate received 38 per cent of the vote, another 24 per cent, a third 20 per cent, the fourth 10 per cent and the fifth 6 per cent, the candidate with 6 per cent would have his preferences counted. In this case, even if the whole 6 per cent went to the candidate with 38 per cent, there would need to be another distribution of preferences because no one would have 50 per cent plus one vote. On the second distribution, the candidate

15,217 DECIDING NEXT M.L.A. FOR BROADSOUND BROADSOUND returning officer Rod Young said there were 15,217 on the roll for tomorrow's election, about 500 up on the previous election. While there is little change in the numbers, there has been a "staggering" change in the names on the roll. Mr Young said the rolls were being con-

stantly updated with up to one-third of the names changing each year. This did not mean people necessarily moving out of the electorate. In many cases people were changing their addresses from one street or town to another. Also, as people moved out of the electorate, others moved in.

deaths also changed the rolls. Mr Young said the name of any elector who died within Queensland was removed from the roll because the Queensland Registrar-General automatically sent advice of each death to the Electoral Office. Mr Young said the Electoral Office, so far as he was concerned, did a good job.

with 10 per cent would have hispreferences distributed. If, again, no candidate received a majority, a further distribution would be held using the votes from whichever candidate now had the least primary votes. This distribution would determine a winner because there would only be two candidates left to receive the votes. One would have to pass the 50 per cent mark. Every vote would be counted at every stage.


Polling booths BROADSOUND electors can vote at any of the following polling booths tomorrow (Saturday) between 8am and 6pm. Alton Downs Hall; Brisbane City Hall; Byfield State School; Cawarral State School; Clarke Creek State School; Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre, Housden Place, Cooee Bay; Coowonga State School; Dysart State School; Emu Park State School; Farnborough State School; Great Keppel Island Resort; Keppel Sands State School; Marlborough State School; Middlemount State School; Nerimbera State School; Ogmore State School; Parkhurst State School; A J Martin's residence Pink Lily; Ridgelands State School; St Lawrence Court House; The Caves State School; Yaamba Post Office residence; Sacred Heart School, Yeppoon.


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I-. .1 - I 1.:(,r ,t 2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989

Pearce: maintained vision for Broadsound and Capricorn Coast •

By Labor candidate for Broadsound Jim Pearce

TOMORROW I join 89 other Labor candidates contesting seats throughout Queensland. I am proud to be a member of a team with strong and honest leadership, supported by positive policies. Broadsound will benefit from these policies, described by independent observers as the best platform developed by any political party for a Queensland election. Throughout my campaigning I have remained positive and maintained a vision for Broadsound and the Capricorn Coast which will be achieved by responsible representation and future optimism. As a candidate I have accepted responsibility for bringing the needs of our area to Labor's Shadow Ministers' attention. I have not made extravagant commitments. As Member for Broadsound I'll share your needs and future aspirations.

I will work with and for the people of Broadsound. As a family man with children attending schools within the electorate, I will make my family home on the Capricorn Coast. I want to make Broadsound and the Capricorn Coast a better place to live, to bring up families, to retire. What follows is an outline of some aspects of an action plan I have developed. It is part of my agenda as Member for Broadsound after December 2. In the area of economic activity I intend to work with local authorities, tourism and development organisations and proposed Office of Regional Development to strengthen our local economy. The extent of business failures and empty shops on the Coast are a cause for concern. Short-term measures such as industrial estates arc a good concept; they must be made to work. The Coast should be a better place in which

to conduct profitable business. I am prepared to champion small business because I believe without profitability in that area we cannot achieve employment for the Coast or generate investment, wages or spending. In Yeppoon a Labor Government will generate a Business Support Centre to provide practical assistance for business to develop and grow. The benefit of a road linking Yeppoon with the Bruce Highway north of Rockhampton has been generally accepted. Residents and tourist operators have been left off the map for too long. A Labor Government will conduct a feasibility study on this proposal. A link road to Bruce Highway is realistic and has my priority support. Schoolchildren and families in Broadsound will benefit from Labor. Capital works programmes will be directed to areas of need. I intend working with parents and citizens asso-

Rodda: a chance to help people with problems •

By Liberal candidate for Bnoadsound Howard Rodda

MY greatest personal satisfaction from 22 years' membership of a service club has been from being able to help people with problems, particularly disadvantaged people in our community. I see the opportunity as Member for Broadsound to be able to carry on this work at a higher level ... and to be in a position to tackle the bigger problems of the cause of the malaise in our society. These problems are the lack of financial security, loss of incentive in many of our young people, the exposure of our Senior Citizens to galloping inflation and the interest rate, nightmare of home buyers and small business. I congratulate the other candidates for the

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seat of Broadsound on the campaign they have directed towards me. I have always believed it is not necessary to resort to vilification and personal abuse of and by opponents to try and win. The Liberal Party has the policies to put us back on a rising standard of living and a better way of life for all. A return of Liberal Government is a step in the direction of turning around the economy with the same policies that gave us a rising standard of living; some incentive for working with reasonable taxation and inflation rate; when you could buyyour own home (and afford it); look forward to your children having a secure job and security for yourself in later life because your savings held their value. At some stage our country has to stop being dragged into the economic mire. The opportunity is now ... and the choice is yours. I draw attention to Citizens Electoral Council supporters that my party is the only one that will support their aims and objects with the legislation they require. The Capricorn Coast's future is firmly based on the development of tourism, fishing, pineapples and small crop industries. With their prosperity, service industries move in to supply needs ... builders and developers. Liberal policy on the removal of land tax will be helpful as this cost is built into every devel-

opment. Our policy on payroll tax and its eventual elimination will assist the larger employer to expand his enterprise. Our clean beaches, long coastline and islands provide unending possibilities for leisure and adventure. Our greatest need is one to hold tourists and visitors for longer periods ... the answer is for more attractions right here on the Coast. A Disneyland-type has been mooted and it would be ideal, not only for tourists but for daytrippers from nearby centres. In the meantime, local service clubs do a great job in providing playground equipment and beautification of parks and provision of facilities. There is no better example of local achievement than establishment of the tourist information centre by Capricorn Coast people. It is a fitting landmark for tourists and a lasting tribute to the people who believe in our future. The initiative of the people who have put up the finance and contributed their services and time are to be commended. It has been a privilege to be associated with these people for seven years, either as vice president or president of the Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation. As Member for Broadsound it would be a high priority matter to gain some government financial assistance to further their good work.

ciations which will receive extra funds. Labor's family commitment will increase the school text book allowance to a total of 8300 per student for both years 11 and 12. This initiative will also encourage more children to stay on after Year 10. For too long the Capricorn Coast's main exports have been school leavers and pineapples. We will extend the free dental care scheme to Years 8, 9 and 10. I have received representations from parents and citizens associations and parents and will, when elected, take up their concerns. As a parent and Member of Parliament I'll support the Labor Government's commitment to never legalise marijuana, heroin or any harmful drug. There will be an upgrading of the staffing and facilities of Yeppoon Police Station to provide 24-hour protection. Yeppoon Tourist Information Centre will benefit from Labor's approach to tourism development and promotion. Financial assistance will be forthcoming to ensure the viability and ongoing development of this centre. The Capricorn Coast has a high level of aged persons. My Yeppoon office will be available to assist the elderly requiring access to physiotherapy and podiatry services, long distance bus travel, medical equipment such as hearing aids, gas and electricity rebates, car registration and drivers licence fees, dental and optometric services. I intend to compile, publish and distribute a. Community Services Directory to provide people with a range of services, especially those relating to concessions, benefits and rebates. Broadsound has unique environmental features which must be carefully managed. My personal commitment in this area has been judged by local conservation groups as the most sound. The most important and fundamental issue in this election is the choice for change. I offer the people of Broadsound the chance to be represented in a good and honest government which will restore honesty and integrity to public life in Queensland. I am committed to hard work and fair representation in a government which will govern for all Queenslanders. We can have better standards, we can make Queensland a better place to live in. I ask, on Saturday, the people of Broadsound to support me in my desire to leave for future generations, a better Broadsound.


Authorised: R BahnIsch Marlborou• h


`Well done Denis Hinton! Good on you, Denis Hinton - it's time we had more Members of Parliament prepared to buck their party machines and say what they think on behalf of the people who elected them We want people who will say what they think. We want people who will put our case in Parliament. We want people who will tell Cabinet Ministers what WE want. We want people who are prepared to put the interests of their electorates ahead of their own careers, if necessary We repeat, good on you Denis. Don't back off. Everyone is behind you COURIER MAIL Editorial (Oct, 1987) ... The National Party Member for Broadsound, Mr Hinton, will attempt to raise the issue at the conference. He drew Sir Joh's wrath when, as a lowly backbencher with less than a year in Parliament, he publicly disagreed with the Premier. Sir Joh call him a rank amateur. But Mr Hinton has shown himself to be no political amateur when it comes to knowing what an elected representative's main job should be - fighting for what he believes most of his constituents want. Editorials on proposed handover of Bayfield Area to trusteeship of Iwasaki Sangyo Co - October, 1987.




Labor Candidate, Broadsound

Independent Candidate, Broadsound

Director, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

(Mirror, 27/10/89)

Denis Hinton has done some good work in this area " it

(Mirror, 10/11/89)

In Broadsound you have a very good National Party candidate Denis Hinton who " has stood up for environmental issues

MOLLY CRAWFORD Environment Officer, Wildlife Preservation Society



ADRIAN JEFFRIES Director, Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld

(Morning Bulletin 28/9/89)

(Rod Henshaw, A.B.C., 28/8/89)

" Denis Hinton has done more for this electorate than any Member for years past."

In Broadsound you have a very good National Party candidate Denis Hinton who " has stood.up for environmental issues ti

(Rod Henshaw, A.B.C., 28/8/89)

If you look at the ex" isting policies of the Liberal Party, the National Party and ALP you will see there are differences in their approach to environmental matters and yet we have some candidates like Denis Hinton who seem to stand out from the rest "



Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989 - 3

Hinton pledges 'diligence and plain hard work' •

By Member for Blvadsound Denis Hinton I SEEK the honour to represent you for a second term in Queensland Parliament. During the three years I have enjoyed my role as your representative in the electorate, Parliament and Government where I've sought to `make my presence felt' on your behalf and in the interests of my constituency. I categorise my role in three areas:Firstly, personal representations are important to individuals, solving problems large or small, providing information, and expediting Government procedures wherever possible. It's not always possible to be successful but I've tried to accommodate every request. Secondly, I've provided the essential infrastructure for my electorate, critical for the area's progress and residents' quality of life. Capital works and services provided by my representations in Broadsound exceed, I believe, the achievements of any other parliamentary member over the past three years and I'm particularly proud of my record.

$25,000 smile! A CAPRICORN Coast resident will have a happy Christmas this year after winning $25,000 in the instant casket. The resident's name is not for publication, but the ticket was purchased from Savemore Newsagency.

TAFE offers office studies INTERVIEWS for people interested in a short course in commercial and office studies at the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre have been organised for next week. The course starts on Wednesday, February 7 and continues for three days a week for 18 weeks from 9am to 3pm. It will cover typing, word processing, introduction to computer software, reception and communication skills and switchboards. The course is designed for mature age people who want to return to the workforce, but not limited to them and keyboard skills are the only pre-requisite. Contact the TAFE centre, 33 6200, on Monday, December 4 to arrange an interview for Tuesday, December 5.

Upgrading of practically every school in the electorate to some degree has occurred. Middlemount received a new high school, Dysart High had a $1 million upgrading, Yeppoon High about $1 million, including library, home economics block and construction of assembly hall and indoor sports complex. A new administration block is the next priority. Emu Park School had a $150,000 upgrade and schools such as The Caves, Byfield, Farnborough and Yeppoon Primary had major additions. Pre-school education has been boosted with a pre-school at Farnborough and an early education unit at Byfield. TAFE education facilities costing $200,000 are now enjoyed by residents, with new TAFE College planned. Roadworks were massive in Broadsound with $9.2 million on reconstruction of DingoMt Flora Road. A $6 million four-lane highway for 9.6 kilometres of Rockhampton/Yeppoon Road has improved the road to Rockhampton and I intend to extend this section. Ridgelands Road and Byfield Road received upgrades. $1 million reconstruction on Rosslyn Bay to Kinka Beach Road is about to begin and Emu Park/Rockhampton Road has benefited from $1.7 million Ellrot overpass and Si million upgrade in Blacks Bridge area - about to begin. In March a S1.8 million Causeway bridge and Causeway widening programme starts. Improving the quality of life for Senior Citizens has been high priority. Construction of a 40 bed nursing home, Gertrude (Gus) Moore MBE Memorial Nursing Home, is nearing completion and will be one of Queensland's finest. I've endeavoured to improve the lot of pensioners in housing distress by providing multiple blocks of modern-pensioner units at low Shuttlewood Lodge' and recently opened 'Ron Kershaw Lodge' will be followed by a further block to be constructed in Old Rockhampton Road and next block at Emu Park. I'm enormously proud of this programme. Rosslyn Bay Harbour construction is one of my proudest and most difficult achievements. A deep-water safe harbourage at a cost to the Government of S4.6 million in partnership with Keppel Gateway Ltd, has provided a safe harbour for existing harbour users, and basis for a modem 350 berth marina and tourism complex that will be the jewel in the Capricorn Coast's crown. It will be an enormous boost to tourism

with yachts arriving from all over the world. The fishing industry will benefit from having a safe, silt-free harbour. Existing silt in the harbour is to be dredged out. $1 million was provide for new wharves and other facilities to improve the existing harbour. Tourism has been boosted from many of the above initiatives with the road sign designation of the tourist loop signs having possibly doubled the Coast's road tourist traffic. Livingstone Shire is the beneficiary of financial assistance with a S2.3 million grant for the filtration plant to provide clean water. How many remember the dirty brown foul smelling water we had. Emu Park sewerage - a $2 million interestfree loan to enable conception of a viable scheme. The list is endless, but it has not come easily and has had to be fought for in competition with 88 other members. I believe I have not let the Coast down and will continue with the same vigour and enthusiasm. My third role is to represent you in State Parliament, where I am recognised even by my opponents as one of the strongest debators in the Parliament. Conservation and control of foreign investment are my particular interests and Byfield National Park is a major milestone for me. Fishing industry conservation measures have high priority and I enjoy working with this industry. Finally, I pledge the people of Broadsound if elected, I will continue the same diligence in representation and plain hard work I have delivered over the past three years ... I can offer no more.




THE election on Saturday is a change for Queenslanders to say they want a real change to the way their State is governed. There can be no change in Queensland whatsoever without a change of Government and there can be no change of Government without the election of a Labor Government. So the choice for voters is between a real change with a Goss Government or no change at all with a coalition dominated by the National Party. This election is about a fresh start for our State, or a return to the past and the days of corruption and cronyism under a National Party-led coalition. The election is a chance for voters to deliver their verdict on Government and Coalition Parties which the Fitzgerald Inquiry has found guilty of presiding over corruption on a grand scale.

111 ALP Jim PEARCE The ONLYchange for the Better


Authorised by: Richard WitkIeswitcz, 19 Brock Cres, Dysart

Responsibility for election material is accepted by J.A. Watson, 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703

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Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

On December 2 - ask yourself CAN BROADSOUND CONTINUE WITHOUT DENIS' DEDICATION AND DETERMINATION? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Multiple blocks of pensioner units: Bill Shuttlewood Lodge & Ron Kershaw Lodge Seven housing commission houses under construction at Yeppoon Gertrude (Gus) Moore MBE Memorial Nursing Home Community Development Office for Livingstone Shire Ellrot overpass on Emu Park-Rockhampton Road New Causeway and Bridge construction Sewerage Scheme for Emu Park Clean water for the Capricorn Coast HINTON, Denis Grenville Rosslyn Bay Harbour Development O'BRIEN, James Patrick Farnborough Road construction 111 PEARCE, James Yeppoon Police Station upgraded RODDA, Howard Leonard Roy Three crisis houses for Yeppoon 11 WHITE, Leslie William Massive school upgradings Kinka Beach restoration TAFE Centre THESE AREN'T PROMISES ... THEY ARE PROOF

' of



73 6.86'11.11:16'r 7, '109 eirlricOifitbaSelCfirioi''hece'mbe'tt1;!

Green: we could show the whole country how to... Webb appointed â– By Independent Candidate for Broadsound Pat O'Btien

BROADSOUND is one of the most diverse electorates. It is unique. We have coal, coral and coconuts; gemstones and gravel; forestry, ADVERTISEMENT






WHITE Leslie William

UTHORISED: M Geissrnann, 15 Wattle Street, Yeppoon


fishing and farming; and on and on. To maximise our natural resources, we need to support "value-added" industry - where processing resources takes place in Broadsound. Our coal mines need to become more energy-efficient and revegetating mine sites with native timber needs to be researched and implemented. Our agricultural industries could be expanded by tanneries, canneries, dried fruit processing, tourism. Our beef cattle industry already does this paddock to meatworks, into cartons and overseas. Why can't our fruit and vegetable industry do the same? Our beef cattle industry is already looking towards "value-added" ... a tannery and a cattledrome. "Value-added" tourism is perfect for our fishing industry, small crops and forestry. "Niche" agriculture, which includes rare fruits, strawberries, organically grown produce, hydroponics and aquaculture have enormous potential to develop tourism as a sideline. It is vital the Capricorn Coast horticultural strip extending from Byfield to Cawarral be protected from urban sprawl. Our fishing industry needs protection from loss of breeding areas and lack of adequate management. It is important locals be involved in decisions affecting local fishery. Regional fish management areas may be part of the answer to establishing a sustainable fishery. Fish management should be planned years ahead, not just for tomorrow. I believe there is enormous potential in Broadsound for nature-based tourism. The Recreation Area Management Bill that went through Parliament recently has some legislative problems that need to be resolved. When they are, imagine a tourism area that includes the environment parks around the southern edge of Corio Bay; wetlands; coastal ranges; Byfield State Forest; Byfield National Park; Corio Bay Fish Habitat Reserve and possibly the coastal fringe of Shoalwater Bay Army area north to Pearl Bay. This mix of private and government-owned land could be under one government management and promotion authority. It would be the largest and most attractive area of its kind on the east coast. We have a major tourist resource here in our backyard - all we need to do is protect and promote it. We must look at our young people's future. It is the responsibility of government to see young people have a good education and the

opportunity to establish themselves in their own small business as an alternative to working for someone else. To this end the establishment of small business incubation centres and the scrapping of small business restrictive regulations needs to be implemented. We need a youth shelter on the Coast and full-time experienced youthworker to help and encourage young unemployed to become independent and useful citizens. The justice system works against them. Some young unemployed people are fined for misdemeanours when they could be placed on community service. When they can't pay they are jailed. Hopefully this will change when the Criminal Justice Review Commission hands down its recommendations. I believe it is our right to breathe clean air; to drink unpolluted water; eat uncontaminated food. Our children's future depends on the future of the planet. I consider Life Education Units to be one of the most important projects of the day and should be fully government funded. We need to change attitudes - to teach our children to respect, care and enjoy themselves without abusing their bodies. Before you place your vote on Saturday, think about what I, as an independent in State Government, can do for Broadsound. Whichever party is elected to govern Queensland, from my seat on the crossbenches I would be in a position to vote with the government or opposition - without being constrained by party policies. By voting an independent into office, you can be sure your Member for Broadsound will not be an ineffective voice on the opposition benches. As an independent I have the right to present private members bills and lobby party politicians. Decisions affecting Broadsound would be made here and not Brisbane party rooms. Have you thought about the publicity for Central Queensland if a Green Independent was elected in Broadsound? We could show the whole country how industry, coal mining, agriculture, tourism and conservation work together for a rich and sustainable future. We could be the first. It could happen here in Broadsound with your vote. Whether or not I win Broadsound, I can promise you - I will still live and work here alongside other committed conservationists for the benefit of all people, environment and a sustainable future for generations.

to Rockhampton Hospitals Board LIVINGSTONE Shire councillor M aurie Webb has been appointed a member of the Rockhampton Hospitals Board ... the second Capricorn Coast representative. Cr Webb said he joins Bob Collins as one of two Coastrepresentatives able to discuss Yeppoon Hospital, and Nursing Home, needs directly with the decision-making body. Health Minister Ivan Gibbs announced the appointment in aletter to Cr Webb. Mr Gibbs said State Governor Sir Walter Campbell, acting on advice of the Executive Council, was "pleased to appoint you a member of the Rockhampton Hospitals Board". Mr Gibbs said Cr Webb was replacing Norm Byrne. Cr Webb has been appointed for a term expiring June 30, 1991. This is the expiry date of present board members. Mr Gibbs said notification of Cr Webb's appointment was being published in the Government Gazette. Cr Webb said he had previously served as a Rockhampton Hospitals Board member when nominated by Living tone Shire Council during a previous term as councillor. He had been unaware of this new appointment and was pleased he had not only been considered but had been selected. He said he would attend the monthly board meetings and would probably be appointed to a committee which would also meet monthly. "The advent of the new nursing home will be of particular interest to me," Cr Webb said. "I am pleased to once again be able to work with Bob Collins. He was there during my previous term."


CAPRICORNIA Electricity notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. . Tuesday, December 5, 9am to 1pm. Consumers: Matthew Flinders Drive between Wattle Grove and Wreck Point; Ocean Parade; The Esplanade; Edward, Pandanus and Melaleuca Streets; Livingstone and Cliff Lanes; GregoryStreet between Melaleuca and Cathne Streets. Wednesday, December 6, 9am to Ipm. All customers on Farnborough Road between Ocean Circle and Iwasaki roundabout, Ocean Circle, Meikleville Hill, Barlows Hill and Pacific Heights.


WITHOUT A LABOR WIN IN BROADSOUND THERE CAN BE NO CHANGE IN QUEENSLAND `Queensland is at a watershed. The Fitzgerald Inquiry identified a web of corruption as well as governmental meandering, that would make anyone but a politician hang his head in shame Three years say the Nationals' advertisements, is all Labor needs to drag Queensland down. Well, they should know.' Editorial Sunday-Mail November 26, 1989


Jim PEARCE for Broadsound AuthorIsed:R Witkiewitcz, 19 Brock Crescent, Dysart

Capricorn; Coast-Mirror • Decemb91..Dpccrilber 7, 1989 ADVERTISEMENT

"Fitzg era I cl can go to bugge ry" Mr Vince Lester, MLA Minister for Police Minister responsible for implementing the Fitzgerald Report into Corruption Wed, November 22, 1989

Put an end to corruption Put the National Party last. VOTE

HINTON Denis Authorised by A Lambley, 42 Farnborough Road, Yeppoon

20 - .capricorn.:Coast Mirror • December 1.- December 7.1989 § - Capricorn Coast error December 1 December 7 1989,

CEC offers chance to have a say in running State

alai?I John Rhodes

By CEC candidate for Broadsound Les White THOSE who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read. Tomorrow, you, the electors of Broadsound have the opportunity to cast a vote that can give you a direct say in the running of this State. The Citizens' Electoral Council has nominated me to be your representative. Please note the wording: "your representative". I will not be in Parliament for my own purposes; I will be there to do exactly as you say. As the CEC candidate I am not allowed to have policies of my own. Instead, I have your policies. You, as an elector of Broadsound, are entitled to attend every CEC meeting because just by being a citizen you are automatically a member. You can attend meetings, have your say, move motions and vote ... and the result of that vote is my directive. Compare what the CEC is offering with today's political parties. At present, our Parliament is used by politicians who are required by w

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Floor `Evia' Normanby St., Yeppoon) .

Your Locaaaa • • • •

Agent for:

Tax Free & Tax Paid investments All classes of Superannuation All types of Fire & General Insurance Rollovers • Unit Trusts


eppoon office 39 1904) After Hours 39 1572

John Rhodes - Ian Macaulay AMP • QBE • FAI • AGC


Let's Put it Right.

• fc • .•



Number every square exactly as below. If you spoil the ballot paper, ask for another.

RODDA, Howard L.R.

Broadsound. E WHITE, L W


their respective parties to vote on issues, in the Parliament, according to the directions of their party. It is illegal to use a threat to force a Member of Parliament to vote yet party members constantly face the threat of expulsion or disendorsement if they don't toe the party line. But as your CEC parliamentarian, I will be legally bound to vote in accordance with the wishes of the majority of electors in Broadsound. I have pledged to do so by signing my resignation from Parliament which can be dated by you, the people, after certain rules are followed, and handed in to the Speaker, should I not perform for the people. In other words, the electors of Broadsound can give me the sack; something electors cannot do to any other candidate. Only the CEC has returned this great strength to the people. The CEC is concerned about certain issues. One of the most pressing is the family unit which members regard as the most important aspect of society. Our present money system needs to be reorganised so that the depressing burden of debt can be lifted from the family. Increasing interest rates driving up home mortgage payments are turning people out of their homes, farmers off their land and businessmen into bankruptcy. All of this is happening while banks are making profits so big as to be regarded as obscene. All money, with the singular exception of that money used by a bank for its own purposes, comes into circulation as a debt to a bank in our bank loan/debt system. The bank advances only the amount of the loan, never the interest that has to be paid. The result of that is that we all have to borrow, and continue to borrow, just to pay interest.

(See pamphlet: "The State Bank Removes the Need for Taxes", copies from Les White, MS/76, Rockhampton. 4702) The banks have known this since 1694 when the Bank of England began to issue loan money at interest. Our need is to stop this nonsense and put the "sense" back into the dollar. This can be done by operating a State Parliamentary and Local Government Bank to take care of the artificial shortage of money. I am pledged to lobby for this bank, if it is the will of the people of Broadsound for me to do so, to reduce their monstrous, inhuman debt. I am also bound by the CEC's constitution to vote against any Bill that is not accessible to the electors for at least 30 days before being debated. This means •a ll proposed laws must be available to the electors to study and decide how theywish to direct me to vote in the Parliament. Another important plank in the CEC's platform is Citizens' Initiated Referenda and Recall (CIR). CIR works, initially, by petition. In the case of Queensland, between 5000 and 10,000 people must sign a petition calling for a referendum on the issue. If those signatures are gained, the government must call a referendum. If the referendum is carried any legislation becomes law or is repealed ... no further steps are needed. CIR, on its own, will be enough to stop bad legislation being forced through the House by party members. I cannot make extravagant claims and promises, I can only promise to carry the will of the people to the Parliament. This is true representative, Parliamentary, democracy. Vote 1 for Les White and know what it is like to really be involved in government ... every step of the way.


Put a LOCAL voice in Parliament


THE five candidates for Broadsound were invited last week to submit 750 words on why they felt they deserved to become the next Member for Broadsound. The only restriction on them was that the space could not be used to attack other candidates. You have read their words now it's over to you!


illJ[1111111111111ffincovilrigi , rtad

Labor promises mean: Hundreds of millions of dollars more spending with no new taxes. Who are you kidding Mr Goss? More of the failed economic policies of Federal and State Labor Governments Policies that bring industrial unrest, strikes and failure of services.

SPARKES NATtot,141.!.5 SAW STARRING - Rus CotTec



0 AM) Co °PERS ME.,4 oviely3okft4, -

• Sir 301-1•Glasson • Vtoni z. . N,i1.2.9... • P...r4in .' vb„"4"

•"Tenn't • tie-Kea-1cm • Ke...4 • I- r,e.... • S. .+,

alternative for ...


• • • •

Full accountability in Government A fair electoral system Better consideration for our Senior Citizens A clean up of cronyism and corruption

Having lived on the Capricorn Coast for 9 years, I am well aware of the needs of the area and electorate in general. Most of my working life has been in farming/grazing - my family is still involved in CQ; my experience in Tourism and local affairs has been invaluable. I have been privileged to have served as President of the following organisations - Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation (2 years), Vice President (5 years); Yeppoon Swans Football Club (4 years); Yeppoon Lions (22 years membership Lions International); Capricorn Australian Football League (4 years) and 3 years Treasurer Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry. People in Broadsound tell me their big concerns are exhorbitant interest rates that cripple their businesses, home buyers are in a financial nightmare - 500,000 Australians will lose their homes. Their other concern is lack of job opportunities because of the sagging economy.

BROADSOUND DESERVES BETTER Wage earners resent their taxes going to people on the dole who will not take jobs offering, preferring the easy existence of not working. Senior Citizens with small incomes daily eroded by galloping inflation, it is claimed they could provide a steak dinner six years ago for what it costs for a can of beans today ... more State concessions needed.

GIVE THE LIBERALS A GO Labor asks for one term in Government. Whitlam asked for the same in '72. Remember what happened? - rising inflation, unemployment, interest rates and foreign debt! It's TIME we learned our lesson. CEC supporters are reminded the Liberal Party is the only one prepared to legislate for their aims and objects.


The ONLY Alternative


ip: Lcapricorn coast mirror



riv:t2iirtE::: -11 1989 - 7

December,1- ecember

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MINTER • ABOVE: Yeppoon Rotary Club organised a Melbourne Cup function at Beaches Bistro to help the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry with decorative lighting in Yeppoon's shopping centre. Pictured are Rotary members Ted Fitzgerald (left) and Eddie Engel (right) with Beaches manager Francis Ryan and chamber president John Jackson.

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It was the end of a week organised by Lions members to make people aware of unused drugs in their homes. "It was a great success. People were able to get rid of dangerous and out-of-date medication safely," Lions president Don Knowles said. "We thank Higgins Pharmacy and Stewart and Brumm for allowing the drugs to be left on their premises and also Yeppoon Hospital for destroying the drugs." Lions members assisted Const Brett Heath at Savemore on Saturday with the display. They arranged videos and information on health and drug awareness. "The awareness day was so successful, I want to have a bigger display with more information in the new year," Sgt Tanzer said. "Quite a few parents now know what marijuana looks like. They wanted to know what people did with the plants ... whether people ate the plant or just smoked it. "Const Heath was on hand to explain everything and hopefullywe have increased parents' awareness on the hazards of illegal drugs."

39 3282

McBean St (opp Irons)

Yeppoon Small Motor Service

Marijuana plant on show at drug awareness day held at Savemore THE drug awareness day held in Savemore on Saturday has encouraged Yeppoon Police officer-in-charge Sgt lc Ken Tanzer to look at having a larger display in the new year. Yeppoon Lions Club worked in conjunction with Yeppoon police to organise the drug awareness day on Saturday.


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Jim PEARCE FOREIGN INVESTMENT Only LABOR will STOP the sell-off Keep Queensland for Queenslanders Authorised: R Witkiewitcz, 19 Brock Crescent, Dysart

8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror -Deceniber• 1 - tiecember 7, 1989


............ ........... ..............

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• ABOVE: The Rare Fruits Council held its Christmas break-up on Saturday afternoon. Pictured is president Bruce Benson with guest speaker Vern Wuihuter.


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Gallery artists and craftspeople starts on Sunday, December 3. Painting, pottery, china painting and woodturning. The gallery is on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets.

Gardeners visit gardens

• Old photos reduced • While-you-wait service • Negative not required •

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CAPRICORN Coast Writers Club invites all members, ex-members, supporters and other interested people to the launching and sale of the new publication '1990'. It is full of yarns and stories of today and yesterday - memories poems and bush ballads. They are all written, compiled and bound by Coast residents. The cost is S5 a copy and is a good Christmas gift. The book is on sale at Yeppoon RSL Hall from 9.30am until noon, Tuesday, December 5.

EMU PARK 39 6398 BAKERY Pattison St

SUMMER '89, an exhibition by Faint rot



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THE next meeting for Coastal Gardeners is a tour of Rockhampton Botanic Garden on Tuesday, December 12. Tom Wyatt has arranged the tour and everyone is to meet outside his office in the old garden at 2pm. If you need transport, phone Carol Ziebell, 39 3357.

A man who does great good, and talks not of it, is on the way to perfection. The man who has accomplished a small good and magnifies it in his speech is worth very lithe. BAHAI FAITH,

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Capricorn Coast Mirror • December.t..rieeemlier ADVERTISEMENT

Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

Your choice m DENIS HINTON for Broadsound ... THE ACHIEVER • • • • • •

Clean water for the Capricorn Coast Rosslyn Bay Harbour Development Nursing Home Multiple blocks of Pensioners' units Highway to Rockhampton TAFE Centre .., the list is endless


DYSART MINING UNION ORGANISER • Strike Leader • Left-wing faction of ALP • Unfamiliar with Capricorn Coast

• PICTURED: Jim Pearce addressing Central Queensland mine-workers during the 1986 Harrow Creek stay-down strike. Photo re-printed from 'Common Cause' October 26, 1988






Denis Grenville


10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989






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COUNCIL INVITES NEW MLA TO TALKS PLEASE permit me to respond to the statement printed in the Capricorn Coast Mirror, (issue 327), by Mr J Pearce, candidate for the seat of Broadsound. The council issued an invitation to Mr Pearce to attend the second day of its November meeting to address and substantiate allegations of impropriety in its dealing and poor performance in carrying out its functions.

Leslie William

Auhorlsed: M Geiesmann, 15 Wattle Street, Yeppoon

RECENTLY we were camped at a local camp-site with a group of young children for a mother and daughter camp. On Saturday morningwe (girls, leaders and mothers) walked to Daniel Park, Cooee Bay to play before breakfast. We arrived at the park at about 7am. We were there for a while when a man came over and told us to "get the kids off the swing". He was not very polite to the mothers or leaders in front girls who are aged from seven to 11 years. After he left, the children continued playing

WHAT a funny lot of people we have representing us on our local council ... they want to charge a family $38 per year to test their swimming pool water, I presume this is for health reasons. This pool, by the way, is out in the bush and not for public use and not even on town water. On the other hand they allow a toxic industry to exist virtually in the centre of town. On many days the fumes from this place cause people to walk on the opposite side of the road to try and get away from them.

Denhams Supermarket Yeppoon

dgell Peas Frozen 500g Schweppes 1 Lt Softdrinks


Mr Pearce was understandably not available to attend at 24 hours' notice. The council places on record its invitation to the new Member for Broadsound, whoever he may be, to attend the next meeting of the council on December 12 and 13 to establish appropriate consultative processes for the term of the next State Government. - Shire clerk Jim Brown, Livingstone Shay Council.

in the park. They were not making excessive noise. He then started yelling at us from across the road. So, we decided to leave. We believe parks are for playing and assumed it was okay for us to take the girls there. , It was after 7am. Surely, there must be other children who play in the park in the mornings. Admittedly the swing squeaks, but we couldn't help that ... maybe someone could give them an occasional grease to maintain and stop the squeaking. - Name and address supplied.


A true independent Your vote - your choice of preferences Citizens' Initiated Referendum The Parliamentarian - not a political party puppet VOTE

I do find it unusual that you work with your husband and are paid by the taxpayers of Australia. I know of no other similar arrangement but I accept your explanation that you are trained for that position. I do sincerely apologise for the hurt that you must feel to take the action that you did. If you had come to me at the time instead of waiting for the last week of the election campaign I would have addressed the matter earlier. Yours sincerely, Denis Hinton. PS: When the election furore has subsided I trust we can still, as political opponents, be friends.


Savemore & McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941

• • • •

I HAVE despatched the following letter to Mrs Keith Wright. Dear Alison, I was shocked to see the full page advertisement in last week's paper and it brought home to me how in the heat of parliamentary debate in September, a comment was made with the best of intentions, that apparently wounded an innocent bystander. Being married to a politician yourself you must be aware that interjections and disruption in the house can cause a member to respond abruptly.

Supermarket Yeppoon

These fumes are quite toxic and dangerous and people have been known to have died from inhaling them and some have been jailed for sniffing them, yet here we have a council allowing you to do it free. I wonder if this type of industry shows up on the town plan and strategic plan we were supposed to get years ago. Please don't try to tell me the dos and don'ts of this industry, I have been involved in it for the past 40 years. - E Jackson, 5 Bird wood Avenue, Yeppoon.


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12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989


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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989 - 13

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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989

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Home Made Rissoles 90c Best Burgers in Yeppoon

Super Mince Burger $1.80 • ABOVE: Ross Wilson cleans thepool with no fence. The house patio extends into right side of picture showing how close the pool is to the building.

New resident buys home with a pool but faces $2000 fence bill 7AM TO 7PM - 7 DAYS A WEEK WITH YOUR FRESH-COOKED FISH & CHIPS AND TAKEAWAY FAVOURITES SCENIC HIGHWAY, KINKA BEACH — 39 6666

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ROSS AND SANDRA Wilson, the new Coast residents who last week wanted to know why they had to pay $38 for swimming pool registration now have another query ... why did Livingstone Shire Council allow them to buy a house with a registered swimming pool that has no fence? The Wilsons, only months after buying their semi-retirement home at Bungundarra, have been told they have to put a security fence around the pool that came with the home. Yet the previous owners' building plans approved by council showed the new house, the pool and the safety fence. The council's building department approved the dwelling after it was completed but there was no fence around the pool. Mr Wilson said the pool and the fence were a puzzle that he would like council to resolve by waiving the need for any fence to be built. Of particular interest to him is how the council can charge $38 a year for pool registration when the pool, without a fence, probably should not be registered. "I think it's a case of the council being more interested in collecting the money than in doing its job," he said on the weekend. "No doubt the council collected application fees from the previous owner for the construction of the house and the pool but I have my doubts about whether the various construction phases were ever inspected. "Obviously, since there is no fence around the pool, something went wrong." He decided to start his inquiries last Wednesday when he called at the council to ask why he had to pay an annual pool registration fee of $38 when nearby councils had no such charge. He also wanted to know what he was getting for the S38. He said he was told other councils not only charged similar fees but also that Livingstone Shire Council had been the last one to seek such a charge. "That was wrong and I said so," Mr Wilson said. "I contacted Gladstone City and Calliope Shire Councils and they told me they did not have any pool registration fee. Rockhampton City Council said it had a fee in its by-laws but did not charge it." In reply to what he got for the money, Mr Wilson said he was told council would check the quality of his pool's water should there be a complaint. "I asked how many such complaints council had received and was told there had never been one," Mr Wilson said. As a result of his visit, a council officer visited Mr and Mrs Wilson's home last Wednesday afternoon, the same day that he made his inquiry. "The officer checked the water with a machine that he told me cost $500," Mr Wilson said. "I immediately checked the water with my $20 or $30 kit and got exactly the same reading. The water was perfect and it cost me far less to find out than it cost the ratepayers." While there, the officer detailed the security measures that would have to be taken around the pool.

The pool is so close to the rear patio that fencing would have to attach to the home itself. Also, Mr Wilson said he was told he had to change locks on doors leading onto the pati they could not be reached by children, and a sliding doorwould have to be converted to selfclose. "But what is totally ridiculous is that just 20 or 30 metres from the house and pool there's a creek that becomes a torrent during periods of rain," Mr Wilson said. "This creek is part of our property, has extremely steep sides that a child would be unable to climb, has debris at the creek edge that would injure anyone falling down the bank ... but that creek doesn't have to be fenced. "As soon as I saw that creek I started putting in star stakes to fence it off from the house be• CONTINUED ON PAGE 15




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Tanby Rd South, Bookings Preferred 39 7144

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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1- December 7, 1989 - 15

Pool and house built at same time but fence missing despite council's OK

• ABOVE: Ross Wilson drives home a star st-kewhich is part of the creek fence. 4/..

141 '

e 6244

10 mins from Yeppoon


7 days 9.30am4.30pm

GobereePark, Handfeed the tame animals Shady Picnic Areas • Swimming Pool GROUP BOOKINGS WELCOME A day out for the family! Ph. 39 7590 Come & Join us at the

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• CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 cause I have a young grandchild who may visit one day. "That creek would be a definite attraction to a child and it's represents a more lethal threat than the pool close to the house where it can be monitored. "But the officer said I don't have to fence the creek ... there's no by-law on that." Mr Wilson said he did learn that the pool had not been inspected because the person who was supposed to do that job had been on sick leave at the time of construction. "But the council has no valid excuse," Mr Wilson said. "This pool and house were built simultaneously. The pool was actually the first stage of construction because the dirt removed for the pool was used to level the slab for the house." What particularly irks him is that both he and his wife, and his solicitor, were aware the pool wasn't fenced at the time they proceeded • with the contract to buy the house. "My wife went to the council with a friend and inquired about the lack of a fence and was told there was a by-law regarding fences and it did apply to rural blocks ... but council wasn't enforcing it," Mr Wilson said. "There are other unfenced pools in rural areas and I want council to leave us alone and let us enjoy our new house, pool and rural lifestyle without a fence," Mr Wilson said. He estimated it would cost a minimum of S2000 to fence the pool to council's stringent requirements. "We have to provide a proper safety fence that will stop anyone from gaining a toe-hold and climbing over the fence," he said. "Yet the Olympic pool at Cooee Bay has a chain-wire fence topped by two strands of barbedwire ... anyone could climb that. "I've also heard the new public pool at Emu Park has a similar fence. How come the council allows these pools, right in the town areas, to get awaywith fences that ratepayers cannot build?" Mr Wilson will be writing to council detailing his complaints and including five pages that were faxed to his solicitor from council. These faxed pages show the building permit council issued for the house andpool, a drawing showing the pool, its proximity to the house and a safety fence around it. The faxes were sent in reply to a query from the solicitor. A covering letter from council stated there had been an inspection of the work site and all construction had received council approval. The letter does state that: "council has noted however that the required safety fence has not been erected around the pool. The construction of this safety fence should be attended to and the health Department of council advised upon its completion". Mr Wilson said the letter, dated June 29 this year, was what had prompted his wife's visit to the council where he claims she was told the fence was not needed in a rural area. "That letter was sent to us before we bought the property," Mr Wilson said. "If the council intended doing its job properly it should have insisted the then owner complete the building as had been approved by council. "The council should have followed through the moment it was aware the house had been completed without the pool fence. "That's the council's responsibility to its ratepayers ... and future ratepayers such as us."


ROCK along with


MEALS 7 days-a-week

Mon-Thur: 6.30pm-8.30p Fri & Sat: 6.30pm-9pm Sunday: noon-2pm



‘ ‘r entertainment SUNDAY ARVO NO COVER CHARGE

Shoreline Restaurant Training Australia's future everts... Welcome to gtorefine 94staurant where Industry meets Education. — 5oin us for Lunch or Dinner in our new premises overlooking 9Zossfyn Bay Harbour. your meat will be prepared by a fidiy-qualified Chef and served by Trainee Waiters and Waitresses preparing for their future under this unique TATE training scheme. All Trainees are backfd by furryquahfied professionals.

Open Fridays & Saturdays from 6pm Sunday Lunch from Noon-2.30pm

CFurry Licensed, a -fa carte menu. Bookings

..essentiar 33 6300 }

Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort

or A Training Centre for Casual Dining

eacheS Bistro

Open every day 7.3Oam to 9.3Opm Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier Reef Trip on 35-metre air-conditioned luxury catamaran


Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Visit Great Keppel Island & do



Your Timetable to Great Keppel Island Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Ex-Rosslyn Bay Ex-Great Keppel Island SEAFARI 9.00am 3.45pm REEFSEEKER 9.00am 4.30pm AQUAJET 9.30am, 1 lam, 3.30pm 10am, 2.45pm, 4.15pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday Ex-Rosslyn Bay Ex-Great Keppel Island SEAFARI 9.00am 3.45pm REEFSEEKER 9.00am 4.30pm AQUAJET 9.30am, 1 lam, 3.30pm 10am, 2.45pm, 4.15pm Transfers, Island cruise with boom netting & snorkelling. Smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the resort facilities for day trippers: pool, shop & bar, etc

`IT'S A DAY YOU'LL ALL REMEMBER' For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948

GREAT KEPPEL ISLAND TOURIST SERVICES 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton Q, 4700

6priCOintoa'st Mirror DeCember '1 DeceMber 7; 1989


Mill Gallery The

28 Anzac Pde 39 3454

December Programme SUNDAY, December 10 "EARTH, FIRE & WATER" An Exhibition of Pottery by

BRIAN CHILDS UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY — Mark Day Refreshments 10am-4pm SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17 An Evening of Music 7.30pm Refreshments Bookings 39 3454 Gallery Hours 10am-4pm daily


• ABOVE: Ma Baker's Tonic arrives in EMU Park to stage a special melodrama in the cultural hall tomorrow night (Saturday). The cast of gangsters, girls and 'nice' people performed at the sailing club last weekend Tomorrow night is your last chance to have file with Yeppoon Little Theatre this year.

S M Weston

Col Turton

/OPTOMETRIST and (OPTICAL MECHANIC) Contact Lens Practitioner; Repairs and Service 36 iJames St • Spectacles • Sunglasses Monday to Saturday NEAR.FIRE STATION Sunglass Lenses •• Lens Tints ‘..After hours (by appointment): 39 4276) t Where possible ... SAME DAY SERVICE,,

39 4077

Jewellers Design • Handcrafting • Repair



It Takes Time to Create! Discuss your order now for Christmas Public Welcome

Yeppoon Jewellery Centre 56 Normanby St, Ph. 39 4779 YEPPOON

WHEN you dance the light fantastic do you' find your feet have a mind of their own and don't take orders? Help is at hand. Lenore Dean has requests to start her ballroom dancing classes again and before she goes to the trouble of hiring Yeppoon CVA Hall and making preparations, she wants to be sure people are interested. There has been talk about town of a deb ball next year and won't we all look dills when we find we have forgotten how to waltz, foxtrot and ttttango. Mrs Dean has booked the hall for December 4, 11 and 18 (Monday nights) from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and if interest is shown, will start classes again next year. Phone her, 39 4602. *** THE Uniting Church Christmas Fair and garage sale on Saturday in Beaman Park raised about S2400. Organisers thank everyone who helped, donated, attended and purchased goods. Visitors were entertained by a fashion parade by Denise Vaughan of Capricorn Coast Fashions, items by Julie's Jazzers (unfortunately a fuse blew and they had to use battery operated music, but that didn't stop their excellent performance) and a first class display byCapricorn Gymnastic Group organised by Mrs Kirwan. *** MERRY Christmas from Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary. Mrs M Armstrong won the bride doll raffle with ticket 4507. *** LAPIDARY Club members' Christmas. break-up and get-together is at the Strand. Hotel Bistro Room on Thursday, December 7 at 7pm. The last workday at the club rooms is on Saturday, December 16 and opens again on Saturday, January 27 for a meeting and usual working from 1pm to 5pm. For information about the break-up, Karl, 39 4081. Members wish all a Merry Christmas.

DOES anyone have a piano they want stored? Dale Childs at the Mill Gallery has musical evenings every month and needs a piano. She is willing to store one for someone and it will be treated with tender loving care. Phone Dale, 39 3454, if you can help or know someone who can. *** A HAPPY crowd was present at St Guild's last 1989 cent sale. Main prize winners were Bev Powell, Jenny Kearnan, Iris West, Sue Smith, Kit McCosker and Bonnie Atcheson. Non-prize winners were given a small gift. The guild thanks everyone who supported them during the year and look forward to seeing everyone at the first cent sale for 1990 ... Wednesday, January 24. ***

KEPPEL Bay Folk Music Club presents John Dengate and Kooka Bros at The Strand' on Wednesday, December 6 at 7.30pm (admission is S5).

cLloyd Labelle Ladies and Children's wear)


OPEN ALL WEEKEND Seaview Arcade Anzac Parade (next to Seafood & Eat It) I

Qld children need your vote EDUCATION spending is the priority issue in this election.

The Labor Party aims to boost education spending to the national average in its first term in. office. It would provide $250 million extra over three budgets.

Without decent funding, children will remain in oversized classes with

The Liberal Party promises to raise edu-

little access to remedial, music,

cation funding to the national average as

physical education and library spe-

soon as can. be responsibly achieved. It

cialists, and parents will remain on

would provide $60 million extra in each of the first two budgets.

the fund-raising treadmill.

• Queensland children deserve decent education funding

The National Party record on education spending is a disgrace. The recent

Of the three parties, the promises of the ALP go closest

State budget increased education spending by a small amount, but it is still

to meeting the Queensland Teachers' Union's spending

nowhere near the national average.


MAKE YOUR VOTE AN EDUCATED Authorised by J.K. Rockett, Queensland Teachers' Union General Secretary. 495 Boundary Street, Spring Hill.


Capricorn Coast Mirror December .1 December 7, 1989 -17 A CHRISTMAS pool party has been organised by Emu Park Nursing Mothers on Tuesday, December 7 at 2 Richard Street, Emu Park from 9.30am. Phone Di, 39 6618 if you need

it3ti S 5


0ME'TIMES in life we see an opportunity to thank those who have led the way with service, support and encouragement and loyal friendship. Last week Forum members were delighted to pay honour to foundation member Leo Carpenter. The party, organised publicly for Christmas and secretly as a farewell, was fun ... and the-champagne flowed. Messages of friendship and tributes were made and a presentation of a pastry server was given by Billie Sinclair on behalf of the members. Joan Byatt presented Leo with a scroll showing involvement of the many Forum clubs in which she had served. Joanne Madden and Joan Byatt organised the evening, Jackie Hole arranged the striking flower arrangements and the food was provided by members. The toasts were warm and genuine ... they didn't lose a friend, they lost a learned counsel. Guests came from Emu Park and Rockhampton and included Pat Ross, Bonnie Beak, Kit Martin, Betty Besch, Betty Vinnicombe, Helen Hinchliffe, Helene Jones, Margaret Shwarer, Irene Keding, Lorraine Antonello, Dianne Isles of Gladstone, Debbie Byrne, Sue Waddell, Kath Madden, Rene West, Sue Maclean, Betty Appleton, Beryl Watson and Jo Rundle. Speakers to 'Christmas comes but once a year' were Jackie Hole, Kit Martin, Joan Byatt, Leo •Carpenter, Cheryl Whellan, Jan Edwards and Joanne Madden. The vote of thanks was given ast club critic Eunice Cowdray.

1AX Kilby of 4 Marlin Street celebrated his

65th birthday on Wednesday, November 29 and his wife Janet has organised an open house on Saturday (tomorrow) from 3pm onwards so friends can call and wish him all the best. *** VICTORY Tennis Club, Emu Park, is having a Christmas barbecue and tennis games on Saturday, December 10 from 10am until everyone is tired. Salad, tea and coffee provided, but you have to take your own meat. Everyone is welcome, whether a member or not. Phone Jan Brimmell, 39 6227 or Jenny Cope, 39 6432 and let them know if you are going so they know how much salad, tea and coffee to have ready.

A. J. Ralston and Associates LTD OPTOMETRISTS PTY


Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649

Assemblies of God 39 2437 or 39 6593

Phone "

Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, December 3 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall How to beat temptation James 4:7

C THE Gertrude (Gus) Moore MBE Memorial Nursing Home is nearly ready and the Friday Ladies are having street stalls to fund a Parker bath. It is bath for the aged and frail and means no lifting for nursing staff. They have S1000 and when Mt Morgan purchased one a couple if years ago the cost was 54000 ... so we had better start working. Space has been allowed in the new building. There are street stalls in front of Findlay's electrical on Thursday, December 7, Friday, December 15 and 22 from 9am onwards. Donations are needed - cakes, plants, anything - and can be left at the stall on the day(s). *** GIGGLE and Gossip's Christmas is on Monday, December 4 at Capricorn International Resort ... starting at 11am. You have to take a gift worth between $2.50 and $3 ... use your imagination. The raffle proceeds are for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal. *** SUNDAY, December 10 is the first of the Coast's Carols by Candlelight ... in Bell Park from 7.30pm. Take a chair, blanket or soft pillow and candles. I nearly thought there wouldn't be any this year. *** BEACH Potters are holding a five-day workshop with Brisbane potter Geoff Shaw from December 4 to 8 inclusive. The workshop will include handbuilding, wood firing and basic sculpture. The cost is $60 or $15 per day. For further information and bookings, please phone Ro, 39 4949. *** BASKETBALL for women has finished for 1989 and games start again in the new year after school returns. *** THE final meeting for 1989 of Yeppoon Pensioners League was held at Yeppoon Town Hall on Thursday with 40 members present. Family Services Minister Beryce Nelson and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton were present at the meeting. Mrs Nelson gave a short, informative address to members. Four new members were received at the meeting ... Roslyn McKellar, Toni Chivers, Myrtle White and Keith Chivers. Reports on North Rockhampton and South Rockhampton Christmas dinners were given by Marge Cornell and Joe McIntyre. Sylvia Cousin and Lil Young will represent the Yeppoon League at Emu Park league's Christmas dinner on Friday, December 15. The Christmas dinner for Yeppoon league is on Tuesday next, December 5, in Yeppoon Town Hall. Soft drinks will be supplied, but it bring-your-own for hard. All CQ Zone branches will be represented. The final bus for 1989 will go to Rockhampton on Thursday, December 14. It is a shopping bus and will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am and return at 3pm. Fare is S3 return and seats can be reserved by phoning Bill Shuttlewood, 39 1340. The Christmas social will be held in Yeppoon Town Hall on Tuesday, December 12. The first social for 1990 is on Tuesday, February 13 and the first meeting in the newyear is on Thursday, January 25. Advice was received from the proprietor of the Capricorn Cabs that as charges were fixed by the Transport Department no concession could be granted for pensioners. He suggested pensioner users might be interested in travelling on a share-fare system.


YEPPOON Nursing Mothers Christmas gettogether is on Tuesday, December 5 for a barbecue at Cooberrie Park (beautiful place for a picnic) starting at 11am.



Concrete' C Pebble I

Marble Sheen' THE ULTIMATE IN HI TECH CONCRETE POOLS & SPAS Ph 39 1198 or 22 2001 Cnr Matthew Flinders Dye & Yeppoon-Emu Park Rd YeppoonJ

• We also revamp your existing Pool! • Convert to-or replace Vinyl Liners • Complete Pool Maintenance • Inground and Aboveground Pools & Spas


WOULD YOU LIKE TRANSPORT TO A POLLING BOOTH ON ELECTION DAY? Denis Hinton has made this facility available Please phone

39 2352 39 4733

DENIS GETS THINGS DONE Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

Centre \


Nov 25 to Dec 9


Imported 'Trifari' Necklace & Earing sets




Two weeks only

SALE Swimwear sizes 8-18

YEPPOON Choral Society's Christmas party is at Upton's on Sunday, December 10 from 5pm onwards. Mikado slides will be shown. The society will sing carols at Rockhampton Shopping Fair on December 19 and 21 and at Emu Park Bowls Club on December 22.


CY-fedi' s

All current Summer clothes


TONY Millroy is a new dad ... Anna presented him with a 71b7oz boy at 4.50am on Wednesday, November 29. Good luck Anna ... if you need any hints on how to live in an allmale household, give me a ring. *** BIRTHDAY greetings were extended to Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club president Bernie Robson for his 60th birthday.


Colourful Viva La Wombat Scarves

. were $24 now $19 Selected leather belts



Geiger pedal-pushers /skirts/shorts


Home Cured Xmas Hams, Turkeys, Chickens Smoked Poultry etc

Qt = P8Pt .7 15cfmf)::(1 - I indrw.):,e)(1 18 .-eapricorrrerrast-Mirror-Decchi

aitIRROR •

-121'.0,i -1- -December

-1989 Iwww••••••••••••••=momomm.m.sim.••••morryinr7


Capricorn Coast -


TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline fora!l editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material. statement. representation or information contained in the advertisement: is. or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive: is in full or, in part, defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication. the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims. damages. expenses. proceedings and l egal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct, alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisement • or any delay iti publication or cancellation of • the advertisement. ' While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast • Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong clasification or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone.


PUBLIC NOTICES AUSTRALIAN Labor Party members and supporters. Election night function, Pacific Hotel. Come along and watch the Labor victory posted on TV, 7.30pm onwards. All welcome. SAINT Martin budget-priced herbs, available only from She's Apples (Tanby Roses) Fruit Shop. YEPPOON Bowls Club Inc AGM, Sunday, December 10. 9.30am. Election of office bearers, delegates (if applicable), selectors; adoption of annual report: determination of amounts payable for entry fee & annual subscription; notices of motion; general business. Barbecue lunch after meeting for $2. SWANS Australian Rules AGM, Tuesday. December 12, 7.30pm, Pacific Hotel. GIVEAWAY: four weaned, eight-week-old kittens to good homes. Please phone 39 6531. EMU Park Bowls Club annual general meeting,' Sunday. December 3, 9.30am. SWIMMING pool and shady BBQ area in tree setting available for Christmas and New Year party hire. Phone Capricorn Coast Squash Centre, 39 2444 or 39 3321.


39 2212

PARCEL DELIVERY Ypn/R'ton/Ypn - 6 trips daily Yeppoon/Emu Park - once daily I

JAMES IILTBI.& CO PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS are open 5 days-a-week and offer

Accounting Services Business Advice Taxation 74 James Street Phone

(next to the Rock);

39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm

L Charismatic Meotings 10am Sundays Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6014


Hempenstall, Noyes & Asociates.

SAINT Martin budget priced herbs. available only from She's Apples (Tanby Roses) fruit shop.

* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consilltants


?4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. • CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Ph Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday, 7pm for Christian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppobn. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139

PLUMBING SUPPLIES PLUMBING supplies better than Rockhampton prices. A.I.S. McCracken Sales Pty Ltd, 24 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. 39 2277, 39 7115 a/h.

PUMP REPAIRS PUMP repairs on site or workshop by our qualified staff. A.I.S. McCracken Sales Pty Ltd. 39 2277 or 39 7115 a/h.


Capricorn Home Deliveries I 1 Fresh Fruit & Veg Honey and Taffy's Soft Drinks

39 4985 I


Denis Hinton your Local Member for

Broadsound FRI, Dec 1

SAT Dec 2 SUN, Dec 3 MON, Dec 4

TUES Dec 5

WED, Dec 6



SPLIT ironbark posts and rails. Phone 39 1140 evenings. CHILDREN'S fibreglass wading pool (circular), 18" high x 7' diameter, $100. 39 2121. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. TRAMPOLINE, 12 stone, very good condition. Ideal Christmas present. $90. Phone 34 4784. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468. TRACTOR; old drag disc ploughs; wooden fence posts: assorted lengths secondhand timber; assorted lengths of poly and galvanised pipes. Phone 39 7131.

ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. BUDGET priced herbs, Saint Martin Herb Garden. Weekends only. 39 7621. GARDENERS! Daylight saving means you can spend more time in your garden ... old railway sleepers $6 each. Phone 39 4937. WHITE enamel shower/bath, 3ft. Good condition. $95. Phone 39 1396.

WEDDING dress and veil, size 12, pale pink, removable sleeves. Good condition. $250 ONO. Phone 39 4996. NEW seedlings and new stock available at Pineapple Patch, opp golf course, Yeppoon. 39 4078. TWO light wardrobes, old style, pine chest drawers, 2x2 seater lounge chairs. Phone 39 6706. CAR equaliser Clarion 80w, new, and half-price HR and CM Valiant parts, spotlight and spares. Phone 39 4996. CONCRETE paving slabs. 6 different sizes. Now available locally at Capricorn Rockblock, 393893. QUALITY waterbed frame plus heater, liner. Phone 39 4993. GIVE a plant for Christmas. See our range of large and small ferns, also many others. Budget Nursery, off Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. WEDDING dress, size 10; 38litre esky; 180 litre all fridge; 201b gas bottle; 35ft length chain. Phone 39 3328. COW manure. Fine. $3.50 bag delivered town area; $3 bag collect. Phone 39 3333. NEW mower buyers! Rover Craftsman, 11 mths old. Under 15hrs of work. 3hp 4-stroke engine. Still under warranty. $400. 39 4170. TERRACE blocks for retaining walls, now available Capricorn Rockblock, 39 3893. DON'T be caught with wasted fruit - buy a Solar Fruit Dryer - then fruit is available all year for school lunches. $128. 39 2312. LOCAL fruit & vegetables, Pineapple Patch (opp golf course). Open 7 days, 7.30am-6pm. 39 4078. CANE lounge, 3 piece, as new, $250. Ph 39 4683.

YELLOW DOOR 15 James St Book Exchange 39 4805 Trading in Secondhand Books Furniture -

Old Barn

Secondhand/New Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines.


Emu Park Living Word Centre

Morn: Yeppoon office a'noon: CWA countrywoman of year semi final even: attend opening L J Hooker's new office; Election day A'noon: SES C'mas party, Capricorn Squash Centre AM: Yeppoon office Lunch: Giggle & Gossip Christmas party Yeppoon office Lunch: Ypn Pens Christmas dinner Yeppoon office

THUR, Dec 7 Yeppoon Office Shop 3, Evia Building, Normanby St, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352


Good Gift Items,

Tools, Elec. Saws, Drills & Sanders


LOck-up Consignment Yard for large vehicles




Secondhand Timber • Many Sizes • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE 66b Farnborough Rd Yeppoon 39 1135 No longer at Hill Street Emu Park

POSITIONS VACANT TEACHER aide required 30 hours per week, Mt Chalmers State School. Apply in writing, including full details of experience, etc, to the Principal by Wednesday, December 6. ADMINISTRATIVE assistant (office duties), 15 hours per week at Mt Chalmers State School. Apply in writing, including full details of experience, etc, to the Principal by Wednesday, December 6. WANTED: reliable, caring ladiesfor casual housekeeping work on an hourly basis. Only permanent residents of Yeppoon and Emu Park to apply. Phone 39 1469 weekdays only.

WORK WANTED HOUSEWORK done. Experienced, good references. $7 per hour. Phone 39 4017 after 3pm weekdays. CARTAGE work wanted for 3 ton truck. 39 1140. HAVE youryard, garden clean for Christmas. Any other work. Please phone 39 6311. FENCING, yard building, trees cut and carted. Phone 39 1140 evenings. 17-YEAR-OLD male looking for apprentioeship as a chef. Has completed 12 months hospite''', course at Rockhampton TAFE College. Live Yeppoon 13 years. Please phone 39 6476. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 39 4182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CARPENTER 'available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. TREE lopping, mowing, general yard cleaning. Phone 34 3732.

BUILDING Local reg builder Keith Greasley is available

work to start or finish before Christmas?

39 7595

WANTED KNOWN MAREE'S House of Fashion, Richardson Road, North Rockhampton. Fabulous high Summer fashions arriving daily. 26 1577. CAMEL rides on Yeppoon Main Beach every Sunday from in front of Bayview. SIGNWRITER has brush will work. Phone (G') Day 39 4648 a/h. TREK on a camel. Boil the billy and enjoy the scenery. Phone 39 3248 or 39 4888.


[Economy prices • Professional standards Cards NO DELAYS ••Business Labels Stickers • • Price tags

39 4053

FOR HIRE DINGHYS for hire, 18 Sunflower Street, Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6105. Daily or weekly rates. METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 1640. DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $8 per Phone 34 4174.


Butt's BugMobiles At...

C53 TANBY RD • Rust Repairs • Panel Beating •

vw n



39 4847

Call in for a Free Quote

Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre Housden Place, Lammermoor Beach 33 6200

Short course in Commercial & Office Studies 1990 3 days per week - 9am-3pm - 18 weeks Starting Wednesday, February 7 Student cost: approx $60. Will cover typing, word processing, intro to computer software, reception and communication skills, switchboard, etc. Designed for the mature age person wishing to re-train into the commercial workforce. Keyboard skills are a pre-requisite.

Phone Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre, 33 6200, Monday, Dec 4 to arrange an interview for Tuesday, Dec 5

GARAGE sale: 32 Hughes Street. Yeppoon. Saturday from 7am until sold. Moving. Ph 39 1720. GARAGE sale: Saturday and Sunday, Cawarral Road. near Coorooman Creek. Phone 39 7131.

MOTOR VEHICLES VW beachbuggy, Baja. Phone 39 2369 after hours. 1982 TOYOTA Lite-Ace van. Excellent condition. Reg. $8000. 2 Found Street, Yeppoon. 1979 DATSUN 200B Sedan, automatic, new motor, four new tyres. Can get RWC. $2500 ONO. Blue Dolphin Caravan Park, ask for Harold Jones.

MARINE MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002. SANDBLASTING: anytime, anything, anywhere. Competitive rates. 39 4633.

WANTED TO BUY WANTED: large deepfreeze in good order. Phone 33 6631. WANTED: 3-way portable fridge. Phone 39 3328. NICE old hallstall, blue and white china jardinieres. Phone 39 4993. CUPBOARD with shelves, in good order. Phone , 39 1770. WANTED to buy old furniture, any condition. Top prices paid. Phone 39 1380 or call Ross Garage, Yeppoon. CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h, 39 4304 a/h OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac at,...) jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

SHARE TO SHARE with two others, modern high set 3br furnished home. $130pw between three people. Phone 39 4008 or 39 3631.

Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989 - 19


39 1764

For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

YEPPOON READYMIX Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •



OOR CENTRE 53 Tanby Road 39 1840 a/h: 39 7622 39 2102

Cnr Tanby Rd & Charles St

39 1813

• Interior • • Exterior • • Free Quotes •


39 4410 a/h

`17 years on the Coast'


Mike Stokley



FREE ESTIMATES given on all types of Masonry construction

Allan 'Happy' Warren 39 3113

Interior • Exterior • Roofs



39 2205 or 39 1275



19 '/2 Years in Yeppoon

Vince Workmanship Hannan Guaranteed




Special Coatings to reduce Summer Heat



Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORSrttlid Industrial • Residential • Commercial


Suspended Floors • House Floors Patios • Driveways • Foundations


Call us for FREE Measure & Quote


Denis Schofield

Phil Munro

Renovations • Concrete Work • New Homes

39 3680

Phone STEVEon 39 3646

Graeme's PLUMBING & DRAINAGE Service Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am or 6-6.30pm or 39 4318 other times

For Services at a Fair Price!




$ $ 0$ e$ $$$ o ats el

• Decorative • Secure • Won't Rust

; P


A A Central Coast Aluminium Awnings & A Holkand Blinds

• All PVC & Canvas Work • • Boat Hoods • Tarps • Repairs • Portable Campa & Garage


53 Tanby Rd 39 4774


CABINETMAKERS Modern Custombuilt kitchens Attractive aluminium awnings & blinds

33 6714




39 4644

R A and T A Jones Phone

39 6714

... for all electrical repairs


ELECTRICIAN ® RICHTER • Installation • Maintenance ELECTRIC • Pensioner COMPANY • D iscounts


Maintenance • Renovations • New Work

33 6836

39 7753h:"'„ Reg. Builder



Security Grilles are the No.1 choice because they're Tough & Extremely Difficult to break or cut. Their smooth, elegant finish is virtually maintenancefree & lasts for years.

Keppel Bay

CLEANING SERVICES 24 years Professional Experience Specialising: Carpet Cleaning Window Cleaning Shops • Offices Housed washed inside, outside Window Tinting FREE QUOTES

39 7954

Peter and Tony

CARPET CLEANING Emu Park — 39 6178

CLEANING `We do everything'... Domestic • Commercial • Office Exterior house cleaning • Mould Removal Window Cleaning • Carpet steam cleaning FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

35 1181



39 4966

Professional Service Competitive Rates

Insect Screens





39 4318

‘‘AVA AL Ali

All hours

39 1679

Answering Service

WESTERLAND ROOF SERVICES • All Painting • Re-Roofing • • De-Rusting • Gutter Sealing •

HIRE SERVICE Cement Mixers • Wheelbarrows • Chainsaw Trestles & Planks • Generators • Spray Guns

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20 - Qapricqrn:coast MiKror, • 13ppinbcr 1,- December 7, 1989



ANTENNA installation, Wand Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo. TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. BRICKLAYER, retaining walls, BBQs, letterboxes, etc. Phone 33 6143. CONCRETING, foundations, house floors, suspended floors, driveways, exposed aggregate. Col 39 4066; Mal 39 1247. FOR all your slashing, dozing, ripping, ploughing. Phone 39 4754. HOUSES cleaned inside and out. For free, noobligation quote. Phone Des. 39 7110.

INTERIOR painting by qualified semi-retired painter. Cheap but good. Pensioner 20% rebate. All work guaranteed. You don't pay unless satisfied. 39 4772 evenings. LANDSCAPING, paving, retainer walls, garden irrigation. For free quotes, ring 39 7530. LAWNMOWING and tidying between Emu Park and Yeppoon. Cheap rates. Phone 39 6130. MAINTENANCE, plumbing, drainage, building, painting, repairs, etc. Phone 39 3503. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SIGNWRITER has brush will work. Phone (G')Day, 39 4648 a/h. SLASHING: allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TREE lopping, plumbing, drainage, repairs, renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

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SALE OF LAND - YEPPOON Notice is hereby given that the Council intends to offer at auction the following lands on Saturday, 16th December, 1989, commencing at the Ivey Street (West) site at 10.00am and following at the Seaview Road and Shaw Avenue sites. IVEY STREET (WEST) -16 lots in a new selectively cleared subdivision, just a short walk to the beach and recreation facilities (Lots 1-16 on R.P. 620307).



N C..)



SEAVIEW ROAD -3 elevated lots with views of Keppel Bay, and the roadway to be fully upgrade(' (Lots 1, 24 and 25 on R.P. 620963).

61A/ '


and Cattery


We Care for your pets

39 7553

CONTACT owner direct. Approx 3ac with 3 road frontage close to beach. 3br house and :3 rockblock stables (acc 8 horses) plus training track. Fullyfenced, town water plus bore. Ideal for tourist venture, future business, boat storage, pottery. Will negotiate. $150,000. Phone 396472.

SHAW AVENUE - 4 large elevated lots fronting a newly con structed roadway. (Lots 2-5 R.P. 620865).



6 7


Enquiries should be referred to L.J. HOOKER - YEPPOON. Phone 39 3788

HOUSES FOR SALE CONTACT owner direct. Approx 3ac with 3 road frontage close to beach. 3br house and 3 rockblock stables (acc 8 horses) plus training track. Fullyfenced, town water plus bore. Ideal for tourist venture, future business, boat storage, pottery. Will negotiate. $150,000. Phone 39 6472.



THREE miniature poodle puppies, white purebred female, 6 weeks. $150. 39 7632. GIVEAWAY: 8 weeks old black and white kittens (4). Phone 39 2425. LOST your dog? Contact dog officer, 018 792036 or call at LSC depot between 3pm and 4pm during the week.








OPitfessionalsj at ACTION!


BOX 600 PO, YEPPOON. CI. 4703


(Acting under instructions from The Public Trustee)


INVEST IN THE FUTURE SITUATED: 46 John Street, Yeppoon. DESCRIPTION: Two storey fibro house, s/c 1 brm downstairs, 3 brm s/c upstairs, it's in good repair, short walk to schools, shops & beach, tropical backyard with BBQ, garden shed & fowl run. Would make a good rental proposition. Definitely a sound investment as a sensible reserve price has been set. AUCTION TO BE HELD: On site Sat, 2nd Dec, 1989, 11am.


LOST AND FOUND LOST your dog? Contact dog officer, 018 792036 or call at LSC depot between 3pm and 4pm during the week.



LAND AUCTION Yeppoon on 16th December, 1989 at 10am 16 tree-studded lots in a new subdivision, within easy walking distance of Lammermoor Beach (Lots 1-16 on RP 620307)

BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Junior Sports Ass'n. $100 jackpot. Promoter: Lyn Stephens. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No. B23804. WEDNESDAY: 7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Promoter: A Tranent. Permit No. 623049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. 621554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B23686. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totaling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. 823737.


Seaview Road 3 large Residential A lots - all with sea views (R. 2, S.20-23 Sect. 19) (S.24 and 25 Sect. 19) (S.15 and 16 Sect. 19)


39 7646 Kevin Pearce Advertise your business in this space for just $6.60 ... even less with discount Phone 39 4244

Shaw Avenue 4 large elevated Residential A lots - 1006m2 each. (Lots 2-5 RP 620865)










pricdrh Coast Mirror'

Services you may need Buy or hire a Covermate Campa for Christmas

V: " 444 ,,

• ABOVE: The 50kg Covermate Campa shown unpacked, in foreground, and assembled (20 minutes later) behind. ONE of the drawbacks to the eisure industry is that the leisure equipment such as boats, caravans and tents spent more time idle than being used. This represents too much of a waste of money for some people but Sid McDowall of Hidden Valley Road overcome this problem with the Covermate Campa. It's one of those ideas that deserves support, not simplybecause it's Coast designed and built, but also because it's a great idea! The Covermate Campa is a comfortable camper for four adults ... easily. It's 16' long, 7'6" wide and 8' high! And that's why the idea is so great ... when you're not using it on weekends or during holidays for accommodation you can park your car, boat or whatever in it! It can be used year-round ... and the "head of the house" can see the value in it. You can contact Sid on 39 4774 or call at the factory at 53 Tanby Road for a demo. The Covermate Campa costs just $1950 ... and it -won't take too many motel rates to pay that back. Or, if you only need some extra

accommodation for friends dropping in over Christmas, talk to Sid about renting one. He will set it up anywhere on the Coast and it will cost you just $80 per week! By the way, the whole campa comes in a box measuring just 5'xl'xl' so it can be carried in a station wagon or on the roof of any vehicle. Don't spend these holidays at home. Get out of the house with the kids and enjoy a genuine camping holiday at a price you can afford.

No roads to cross to private beach SEASPRAY Waterfront Holiday Units, also known as Blossom's on the Beach, is the place for a relaxing holiday. You can let the kids wander freely because there's no traffic to worry about. It's right on the beach at Cooee. Bay and the grounds invite you to spend an evening enjoying a barbecue while the waves dance on the-shore just metres away. Phone Blossom or Brian Hooper (39 1421 or 39 3111) for bookings.

Mobile Auto Electrics firm based in Yeppoon BEASLEYS Mobile Auto Electrics is a locally-owned business that has opened in Yeppoon offering a full, comprehensive electrical service to automotive and marine customers. Beasley's Mobile Auto Electrics started two years ago in the Rockhampton district and quickly built up a following among heavy machinery and marine users. That business was totally mobile but fast growth made Stephen, David and Lorna Beasley see the need for a base ... one fixed address from which to dispatch the mobile unit while at the same time provide a service to passers-by. The family scouted around the region and decided Yeppoon was the logical base. New premises on the Old Rockhampton Road (adjacent to Keith Nutley's Auto Care Centre and opposite Yeppoon Showground) were chosen because of size and design. The mobile service will be maintained for marine work and emergency roadside service together with a towing facility if necessary. All automotive and marine electrical work is covered, including electronic problems and full airconditioning service. Naturally, with a business that operates around-the-clock with a mobile service, communications play a big part. Customers can phone Beasley's on 39 4668 at the workshop or after hours at 34 4146. In addition, customers on the run can contact Beasley's on UHF radio by call-sign QCR 050 or on radio-telephone by dialling (076) 542100 and asking for 7QSB. With their own communications so neatly interfaced, the Beasleys can offer solid advice on the communications facilities they retail. They have a wide range of of radios including VHF, UHF, CB and 27mHz marine, complete with aerials and fitting if required.

As an additional service to the Capricorn Coast, a refrigeration service concentrating on commercial cold storage will be provided by business associate Ed Handley who is now operating from the Old Rockhampton Road premises. Stephen, Dave and Lorna Beasley, who live at Cawarral, trust Coast residents will appreciate the additional services offered and they invite business people and residents to "give us a go" and enjoy the convenience of an additional local automotive electrical service. Their retail section stocks and sells lights, fittings, switches, batteries and new and exchange generators, alternators and starters. By the way, when the Beasleys say around-the-clock, they mean it ... if your vehicle won't go get on your phone, radio or radio telephone to them and they's be there! That's their business!

20-point safety check for boats just $20! DON'T let your boat spend this summer in a workshop when it could be taking you and your family to Great Keppel for a great day. Instead, spend $20 for a 20point service safety check and get a written report on your boat, motor and trailer. This is a great pre-Christmas workshop offer from Mark Stephenson, the Marine Mechanic at Cooee Bay Marine, 49 Tanby Road, Yeppoon (phone 39 1675). Phone Mark, take your rig to Cooee Bay Marine and leave the rest to him. You'll have your rig checked from stem to stern and know you can enjoy worry-free summer fun. At no extra cost, Mark Stephenson will pressure test the gearbox and recharge with oil. But don't put it off ... this offer applies only until December 30!




Saturday 16th December, 1989 on site McBean Street, Yeppoon The Ex Morgan's Bakery Factory 1467m2 Industrial Land & Buildings




Emu Park First National


AUCTION ON SITE a/c LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th FIRST PARCEL Thomas Street, Emu Park, 10am 8 lots with seaviews and short stroll from Shelleys Beach (Lots 1-5 Plan LN 2702) (Lots 1-3 RP 618327) 641m2 up to 811m2

SECOND PARCEL Redman Street, Emu Park, 10.45am 5 Lots with rural aspect (Lots 1 & 2 RP 604021) (Lots 1 & 3 RP 620860) 800m2 to 1256m2 ALL LOTS ABOVE AVERAGE SIZE

AND THEN RURAL PARCEL northwards.from Emu Park Airstrip (Subs 1-24 of portion 34 & subs 1-56 of portion 42) Area 4.543 ha to be sold in 2 parcels AUCTIONEERS COMMENTS: Chance of a lifetime to purchase prime property in Emu Park


Then immediately afterwards all the equipment therein including baking equipment, freezers, refrigerators, shelving, pressure cleaner, 4.5k.v.a. power plant, oxy-welder, Ford Econovan and many other items as per inventories available from: RL EA ESTAlE


Ph. (079) 39 1177 A.H. Chris Ede (079) 39 3226




in conjunction with Dalgety Winchcombe FGC Rockhampton


41 Cliff Street, Yeppoon

on behalf Estate Dr Peter John Deery

SATURDAY, 16th DECEMBER, 11am • SEA & ROSSLYN BAY HARBOUR VIEWS • Older style Queenslander, 2 bedroom & sleepout, frontage to Cliff Street & rear access Beak Street. Excellent redevelopment as a unit site, zoned residential. Area of 764m2.


Further details: DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD 27 Pattison St, Emu Park 396411 DALGETY WINCHCOMBE FGC, Rockhampton 276188

22 - .capricgrA, Com _Mirror pqcembpr).,-. December 7,1989

Women golfers close '89 season Basketball final


YEPPOON Golf Club Tuesday women's group has finished its season until February, 1990. The Wednesday club was well attended with some visitors hitting off with locals. Ladies' stableford winner was Jan Tiegs with a good 42 points from Joan Chandler 37. Jan also won the first nine with 29.5 again from Joan Chandler on 31.5. Joan Marwedel won the second nine with 29.5 from Grace Ritchie and Pat Cruickshank, both with 33.5. N Montgomery and G Dawson won the pinshots and the proshot went to N Montgomery. Members' stableford was K Thompson with 42 points from M Prior, G Rosin, N Devery, captain Jack Stratford and J Grayson, all on 41 and W Dicker with 40. First nine winner was R Montgomery with 30.5 from captain Jack Stratford and G Rosin with 30.5 each, C Ede and N Devery 31 each and J Grayson and S Simpson 31.5 each. Second nine: R Tiegs 28.5; M Eggleshaw 29; W Dicker and M Kennedy 29.5 each; V Hunt 30.5; D Cooper, L Taylor and M Prior 31.5 each. Pinshots were won by G Rosin and R Dawson and B Morgan won the proshot. The veterans played a stroke for members and ladies over 12 holes on Friday for trophies donated by Lionel and Beryl Taylor. Ladies' winner was Charlotte Somogyi with

Alan and Colleen Stickley (and Mark) are moving to Brisbane and their home at 34 Tucker Street, Yeppoon, is for sale. The home features established easycare gardens, large front verandah, open lounge with vertical drapes, dining room and kitchen ... all overlooking bushland, sea and town views. The family room, with large walk-in cupboard, leads to outdoor B130 area, pergola and inground pool. There are three bedrooms, main ensuite, plus built-in library nearbedrooms 2 and 3. Rockblock toolshed adjoins laundry area. 3 car accommodation. Close walking distance to primary school and Savemore centre. Contact any Capricorn Coast Agent or phone 39 3427 for information.

Classifieds phone 39 4244


NEW PLAYERS WELCOME - (No registration required) Try tins exciting game which has taken Australia by storm our fastest growing sport - any age from 7 to 70 ... experienced or never played before. • Game tips and advice available at stadium •

Social mix-in bowls TWENTY-FOUR Rockhampton bowlers from St Joseph's Indoor Bowling Club joined Singing Ship members at Emu Park on Saturday for an afternoon of social mix-in bowls. The bowling was good and some games were close. It was a relaxed, enjoyable afternoon ... a great way to finish interclub games for thisyear. Visitor Gloria Brown was the winner of the fruit tray raffle. Trevor Gardner defeated Brian Garvey for cock of the walk after a close game. The annual general meeting is Saturday, December 2 in Emu Park Cultural Hall starting at 1pm and the club's break-up day is Saturday, December 16.

TIMETABLE Sunday, December 3 & Sunday, December 10 Juniors (up to 12 years) 4pm $1 Sunday, December 4 & Monday, December 11 Boys Intermediate (13-16) & Men 6pm $2 Tuesday, December 5 & Tuesday, December 12 Girls Intermediate (13-16) & Women 6pm $2

YEPPOON STATE HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM Phone Alison 39 7990 or Corrie 39 3414 for further details or just come along.


For best game opportunities: DONT BE LATE

EMU Park Choral Society presents a pro-. gramme of Christmas music at Yeppoon on Friday, December 1 at the Uniting Church at 7.30pm. The programme includes music from the Christmas Cantata 'Heaven Rejoices' and some Australian carols. A collection will be received for the Blue Nursing Service.



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Waft" . WOle



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., --: =,-------7- -- -

...1. •1i.4.11 .


Service Station Good Old-Fashioned DRIVEWAY SERVICE! ( ICE, DIESEL, KERO ) NEAR THE SHOWGROUND - 391689



• , m -.•___,_,...r..z... , . .,, f.



' ,-




' ."."


Nev & Carole Welfare's

-• \ ,

/ y•

• Maw lifter

WHAT do you do when you find or accidentally injure any of our native animals or birds? The person who cares for injured fauna is Gail Matthews. That doesn't mean you take your hurt budgie, cat or dog to her ... they go to the veterinary. Gail, 39 3316, lives in Yeppoon Crescent. She arranges for the animals and birds to be released in the wild when they are able to care for themselves.

• CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24 from good position failed the find the basket. This was despite gaining so many reboun Despite the loss of Thomas with an inju.-41 ankle, it seemed Seagulls would take gold. But the scoring machine of Stevenson and Asher kept them on the back foot and a silly accidental trip by forward Alison Shackleton put her out of the game for 10 minutes. That was enough to put Nomads on the winning dais. Sandy McC osker put in a noticeable performance for Seagulls. There were no surprises in the A men's game after Saints domination this season. Determined to avenge their loss of last season's grand final, Saints never really looked threatened this season and Saturday's game against Hootans was no exception. "The parochial crowd bias against Saints was a little unfortunate as they are perceived as a Rockhampton team," publicity officer Don Willoughby said. "But more than 50 per cent of the team's either Coast residents or players registered here who do not play in Rockhampton." Hootans, after failing to put any real pressure on Saints in the first half showed a much better effort in the second half. They still seemed reluctant to take the ball to the basket and draw all important fowls which pressure the opposition ... a manoeuvre Saints used to good effect. It's difficult to pick best players for Saints, but Gayle Lorraway was notable in putting in one of her best games of the season. Hoc s best performers, who never said die, V, --le Dominic Vigar, Geoff Arnold and Pat Cranny. Aside from grand final presentations, the evening ceremonies included awards to individual players for a range of categories assessed on the year's performances. Junior encouragement awards: C C Lakers, Kerry Buchholz and Philip Staley; Devils, Chad Brown and Melissa Miller; Mighty Midgets, Cody Harris and Angela Thwaite; Phantoms, Paul Scott and Brett Hamilton; Thundercats, Scot( Shackleton and Shannon Priem; Hornets, Carla eSvenson and Barry Phillips; Richmond, Justin Spyve and Andrew Prince; Wolfpac, Bjorn Prince and Franklin Edwards; Zeon, Jodie Thompson and Wesley Titmarsh; Jets, Bronwyn Timms and Barbara Irwin; Flames, Sonia Phillips and Tracey Bromley; Bombers, Scott Leslie and Brett Shackleton. A men's: most valuable, Mark Sargood; most improved, Mark Boyd. B men's: Richard Caulfield; Anthony Warwick. Women: Michelle Ganter; Janet Walters. CK Motors trophy for basketball sportsmanship was presented to Richard Caulfield. Stevenson family trophy for Junior Player of the Year was won by Chad Brown. Minter Motors female player of theyear was Sue Asher. Patron's trophy (Stickley's) male player of the year presented to Jim Shackleton.

ril I, ....4cfT...„..,

''...?''''. ----- --'-=;


45.3 from Chris Moss 46 with Nancy Montgomery on 47 and two thirds and Mavis Shields 48 and two thirds. Stella Haskins won the pinshot. Members' stroke winner was B Farrar with 40 nett from Arthur Simpson 43.3, V Hunt, A Pickering and F Chudleigh 44 each with P Green on 44.3. There was no pinshot, the captain forgot to put it out ... that should be the vice captain's job. The ladies played a stableford scratch on Saturday for club trophy. Shirley Burton won with +2 on countback from Elizabeth Huszak and Nancy Montgomery, both with + 2. Next was Nicole Hunt with + 1. S Burton, G Scharf and D Gregg won pinshots and N Montgomery the proshot. Members played a stableford scratch for the Wayne Dicker trophy. Winner was S Harris with +6 on countback from J Garvey also on +6. Next: W Dicker, J Jamieson and P Lowry +5; W Farrar, P Turnbull, L Taylor and S Thorne each +4; P Foxwell, E Shields, M Kennedy, B Menzies, J Clarke and N Royal with +3 each. Pinshots winners were R Bean, E Shields, A Kibble and A Simpson and S Schuster won the proshot. On Sunday the ladies played a stableford for club trophy and Nicole Hunt won with 36 points. Pam Drillis was next with 34 points on countback from Mavis Shields and Stella Haskins. N Hunt won two pinshots and the proshot and T Clark won the other pinshot. Members also played a stableford for club trophy. G McHugh won with 41 points on countback from J McDougall. Next were V Cockburn 40, J Burton, D Perrin and C Haddow with 38 each and T Gray on 39. V Hunt won two pinshots with J Grayson and P Pitt one each and F Huszak won the proshot.

- 4 —,-4% •



tt. —NII

••••• .. '

Capricorn=ENZ9 Diesel Sentipes * Engines * Pumps * den Sets * laser AM (Qld) - .

Truck Whegl Alignment MOBILE WORKSHOP

A. & S.

39 2291 & 39 3862 a/h



at McBean Street, Yeppoon (Between Minter Motors & Telecom)

Manufacturers of )

C.C.A. TREATED PINE LATTICE Phone Allan Evans (079) 39 4937

aforeasy! ilVS/


CABINET MAKERS •Kitchens • Wardrobes • Polishing

Yeppoon Exhaust?‘, and Car Gear Electronic Engine Tuning Pipes & Mufflers Shock Absorbers Auto Accessories Tow Bars Performance Parts Expert Fitting 57 Tanby Rd Yeppoon


Auto Electrics See Rob White & Staff for: • Starter • Alternator • • Generator • Wiring Repairs -

Auto Air-Conditioning Regas & Servicc ILARGE RANGE OF CENTURY BATTERIES



Free Measure & Quote - We fit & Install

Call us anytime - We'll get you started a/h 39 4027. 39 3398

57 TANBY RD - 39 4973 s


â&#x20AC;˘- 1

Capricorn uoast Mirror December 1 - December

71,1:,, â&#x20AC;˘

15.9 -23


Six clubs visit for presentations EMU PARK GOLF

ZILZIE Golf and Country Club held a -e event over nine holes and Thursday club b7161k-up last week. Trophies were presented to Red Team match play winners D Frisby, 0 Phillips, D Lawn, 0 Sheppard, C O'Mara, M Thompson and L Walling. Nine hole winner was B Sleeman with 33.5 nett and she also won the putts. Runner up was D Frisby with 35.5. C O'Mara was putts runner up on countback from F Humphries. Pinshots: F Humphries, L Walling and M Thompson. Members' winner was M Thompson with 36.5 nett and L Walling was runner up. C O'Mara won the mystery hole and T Campbell the mini putting competition. Play continues on Thursdays. A stroke event was played on Saturday and members' winner was Cec Saunders with 59 nett and he won the pinshot. Associates' winner was 0 Phillips with 69. On Sunday members and associates played a stableford scratch for Rex Mills trophies. D Campbell won with +7 and D Webb for associates' with -4 on countback from D Frisby and 0 Sheppard. Pinshots were won by V Svendsen and D Webb. Yesterday, Thursday, was a stroke for Laurel Thompson's trophies. Tomorrow, Saturday, a stroke game will be played for Daph Wassman's trophies. On Sunday members play for medal and stableford, Tom Pincott trophies. Members' hly meeting is at 9am and associates' m ing at 9.30am. There is a combined break-up on Sunday, December 10 with nine holes starting at 9.30am followed by lunch and presentations.

YEPPOON Ladies Bowling Club president Marj Bierwirth welcomed six visiting Rockhampton clubs headed by CQDLBA president Linda Waite on Tuesday to the club's trophy presentations. Other clubs in attendance were RLBC, Victoria Park, NRLBC, ALBC and DMLBC. Unfortunately the green is still closed and bowls were not played ... but everyone enjoyed the afternoon. After a special luncheon the guests enjoyed some light-hearted entertainment. Long-time secretary Mary Crowe celebrated her birthday on that day and all joined in the traditional song in her honour. The date of the green's opening is still uncertain,,but publicity officer Ivy McNamara said members hoped it would be ready for the mixed get-together on Saturday, tomorrow. "Evening entertainment starts about 7pm with music, dancing and fun for all," she said. "Supper is served at about 10pm and admission is free." The ladies club has a change of venue for the Christmas luncheon ... now noon at the sailing club on Wednesday, December 6 with lunch served at 12.30pm. The annual meeting is on Friday, December 8 at 130pm in the clubhouse. "Please everyone, make an effort to come along. It is not only in the club's interest, but yours as well. Also, please ladies, bring a plate for afternoon tea." During the presentations president Bierwirth congratulated the seven women who represented Central Queensland in Bundaberg last weekend in the Bonney Shield. This inter-association competition was started last year and the Central Queensland women were delighted to win and bring home the shield ... now two years' running. The CQDLBA and players were extremely proud to win after competing against the year's top bowlers. One of the Bundaberg players represents the State. A close, exciting finish was watched by players and one report said CQDLBA officials would need to repair the seat they were on ... their fingernails were found on the lawn underneath them. "The shield must remain in the clubhouse of whichever club our CQDLBA president is a declared member. Other clubs can't display the shield, but it can be seen at Athelstane," she said.

TERRIFIC NIGHT A TERRIFIC night was the verdict of the 80 people who attended Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club's Christmas dinner in the club's hall at Yeppoon Showground. Included in those present were six members of the Mackay Indoor Bowls Association, four from Baker's Creek and two from Emu Park Indoor Bowling Club. Kath Mcllwraith was compere for the evening and she provided a programme of song, dance and games. Many of those present were in fancy costume and prizes were awarded to Alma Jones and Bernie Robson who portrayed street women and Jean Whiteacre who went as a gardener. Items were contributed by Phyl Rumpf, Gary Warren (solos), Ivy Mallory (yodel), Ken Jones (mouth organ) and a medley of songs by a group of women members. Rowena Stevens donated the Christmas cake which was iced by member Mary Miller's grand-daughter. Music for the dancing and singing was provided by well known Yeppoon pianist Leila Goodwin.

BARBECUE DAY A BOWLS-barbecue afternoon will be held at Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club on Sunday, December 10. The barbecue is free and is for members and i ?..d guests. If you are attending please place your name in the book provided. The club will go into recess on Friday, December 10 and will resume on Wednesday, January 17. Before play started last Friday night a minute's silence was observed in memory of club member Loraine Gilbert who had died suddenly while on a visit to Brisbane.


Licensed Approved Inspection Station


`A' grade MECHANIC gives your vehicle Personal Attention at

Nutley's Auto Care Centre

Old Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon (Opposite Yeppoon Showground)

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3rd GRADE WINS CAPRICORN Coast third grade cricket side registered its first season's victory. The side took first innings points against Brothers at Victoria Park on the weekend. Captain Greg Hogg won his first toss of the season and sent Brothers into bat. A spell of good bowling, backed by fine fielding saw Brothers dismissed for 89. Steve Christie was the best of the bowlers, taking four wickets for 22 runs from 13 overs. Tony Ellison took one wicket for 16 from five and Matthew Barsby bowled economically, conceding only eight runs from five overs and also collected two run outs. Mick Barsby also bowled well conceding 18 runs from eight overs. Coast went into bat and at stumps on the first day was all out for 209. A first wicket partnership of 102 saw Coast off to an excellent start with Mick Barsby topscoring with 82 and Peter Huxtable making 39. Tony Ellison was unlucky not to reach his 50 when he was dismissed for 49. Greg H ogg made 12 and Steve Christie made 10. With a lead of 120 runs Coast is looking for outright points when play resumes on Saturday, tomorrow, at 12.45pm.

Two Yeppoon bowlers, Eleanor Batts and Ivy McNamara, were part of the winning team with Isabelle Kelly from ALBC, Dalma McKelvie, Dot Macoun, Jill Buch and Joy Sherrington of DMLBC. Winners and runners up for Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club 1989 competitions. District games. Singles: D Roos and E Batts. Pairs: E Batts and I McNamara; M Bradley and A Fotheringham. Triples: D Locke, T Childs and I McNamara; M Baglow, J Beasley and E Batts. Fours: D Roos, E Woodbridge, E Batts and I McNamara; S Ziebicki, V Wilson, M Elliott and R Wass. Championships. Singles: I McNamara and A Fotheringham. Pairs: E Saxby and D Engel; M Manthey and E Batts. Triples: M Freeman, E Woodbridge and M Bierwirth; J Collins, M Bradley and A Fotheringham. Fours: N Garner, M Bradley, M Bierwirth and A Fotheringham; Y Riordan, S Ziebicki, E Woodbridge and M Stewart. Club games. B singles: M Bradley and T Childs; C singles: M Freeman and J King. Novice: P Fortune and B Dawson. Pairs: D Locke and D Engel; M Hansen and I McNamara. Triples: J Hoare, M Crowe and I McNamara; E Benson, M Freeman and G Powell. Fours: E Saxby, Y Riordan, R Wass and E Batts; B dawson, M Hansen, D Moulds and A Fotheringham. 2-4-2 pairs: J Hoare and D Engel; P Radcliffe-Brown and A Fotheringham. T and D Page Rose Bowl: E Saxby, Y Riordan, R Wass and E Batts; B Taylor, D Locke and F Denney. Consistency singles: I McNamara and E Batts. Foundation Cup: E Saxby, Y Riordan, R Wass and E Batts. Bulletin Shields: M Bradley, P Childs, M Bierwirth and A Fotheringham. Queen of the Green is M Bierwirth.

Junior bowlers receive welcome JUNIOR bowlers and their parents and friends from Rockhampton and Mt Morgan were welcomed at Emu Park Bowls Club by vice president George Cliffe on Sunday. The boys played good bowls and were a credit to their liaison officer Norm Pearce and his wife Marcia. Sixty-two bowlers aged from 15 to 85 enjoyed the challenge on the green. The juniors were invited to make the match an annual event at Emu Park. Overall winners were Emu park bowlers with a score of 199 to the juniors' 179. Emu Park's winning team was Mary PeacocK, Tom Bates, Ruth Forrest and Jack Norris. Juniors: Norm Pearce, J Menton, D Huggers and M Eastman. Social bowling days during the week were well attended and trophies were awarded: Tuesday, Arthur Atcheson, Dulcie Locke and George Cliffe; Wednesday, Lill Mills, Mary Peacock and Col Rose; Saturday, Bruce Power

* *

* * *

and Ted Porteous. In club mixed competitions, Kath and George Cliffe defeated Ailsa and Chick Stanley to take out the mixed pairs final. Scores were even after the 15th end then Ailsa and Chick got one and stuck on 13, while Kath and George scored a two and three ones to win the game. Mixed social bowling continues on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. The men's annual general meeting is on Sunday, December 3 at 9.30am with mixed social bowls at 1.30pm. On Wednesday, December 6, the ladies' committee meeting is at 1 lam with social bowling at 1.30pm. Sunday, December 10 is the last playing day for the year and it is The Skirts v The Shirts followed by high tea (everyone to take a plate) and presentations for ladies, men's and mixed. Barbecues continue every Friday night with a fancy dress party on Friday, December 22.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Adults: $7 Students: $6 Pens/Child: $4 Family: $18 39 4932

Normanby St Yeppoon

Capricorn Cinema





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SHOOT SUCCESS THE SSAA 'Christmas shoot held on the weekend at the Duncan McDonald shooting complex in Cawarral was successful. S Gavin and M Kurtz were placed first and second, respectively, in the military event and pig event. M Kurtz took out first place in field and game shotgun event with R Derringt, on and T Kitton second and third. R Newmann won the blackpowder event with M Kurtz second. S Gavin and C Harvey were first and second in the rim-fire silhouette event. A high gun was held and M Kurtz was declared winner. There will be two shoots at the complex before the end of the year ... December 3 (practice) and December 10 for rifle competitions. The branch hopes to have a monthly high gun event next year. Membership forms for Capricorn Coast residents interested in joining the branch are at Tony Malinconico's gunshop in Findlay's and from Ross Newmann, 39 2406. SSAA Rockhampton thanks Owen Guns, Dean Street Gunshop, Casagrande Firearms, R Thomasson and Duncan McDonald for their support.

EMU Park Golf Club Tuesday associates played a stroke for club trophies and the winner was D Manion with 69 nett and B Sleeman won both pinshots. Run down: E Tomkins and K Killoran, both with 70 nett. D Logan won the Wednesday standard scratch with + 13. Runner up was Dan Daly + 12 with G Cook, G Rudd and Dawn Daly on + 11. J Doblo and D Logan won the pinshots and D Logan won the 2's. Friday chicken run winner was C Sharrock with 29 nett. Runners up: G Cook 31, G Bowser 33 and R Robinson 34. Pinshots were won by Dawn Daly and C Sharrock. Saturday stroke winner was J Guthrie on 59 nett with runners up C Doblo 62, F Bywater 65 and J Aldous and D Tideman 66 nett. First nine gross winner was R Robinson with 38 and second nine went to G Bowser with 41. G Capell and P Ma lick won the pinshots. Members and associates played a stableford for Dawn and Dan Daly trophies on Sunday. B Rowland was the members' winner with 43 points and runner up was E Simpson on 38. Gross winner was F Schneider with 80. Pinshot winners: F Schneider and P Malick. Run down: P Malick, D Logan, W Urquhart. Associates' winner was R Schneider on countback from K Killoran and M Newman with 38 points. K Killoran was runner up on countback from M Newman. Secret hole went to G Smith and pinshots to C Lyon and R Schneider. Run down: M Newman, N Crowhurst and E Tomkins. Tee off for Friday's (today) chicken run is 4pm. A single stableford will be played tomorrow, Saturday, with draw at 11.30am. On Sunday it is the members' medal final and non-medal winners for trophies donated byJ E M Syndicate. The associates also play. Associates play on Tuesday is now in recess and yearly competition is finished.



6.45pm, Fri & Sat, Dec 1 & 2 4pm, Sun, Dec 3

9pm, Fri & Sat Dec 1 & 2 7pm, Sun, Dec 3

Charity premiere, Wed, Dec 6 7pm, Thurs, Dec 7




Charity Special Premiere Wednesday, December 6, 7.30pm Wine and Cheese Supper Organised by Amnesty International and Sproceeds shared with Vincent De Paul Christmas Fund Tickets: $10 From Amnesty members & Capricorn Cinema


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24 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 1 - December 7, 1989

-9astea Hifi titian a,

Wicket needs care CAPRICORN Coast Cricket Club needs constant help to maintain the turf wicket at Yeppoon Showground. The local side as well as Rockhampton teams play on the wicket everyweekend and to keep it in top condition more players and members are needed. The same people have been working on it. and would appreciate help from other quarters. If you are able to help, contact Ron Christie or Ted Pidcock. SECOND grade Capricorn Coast cricket side played Grammar in its first away game this season. Captain Jeff Ingle won the toss and sent Grammar into bat. At stumps the Rockhampton side was seven for 196. It was a slow knock by Grammar with one batsman scoring a century not out. The same batsman was dropped when he was on 60. Coast's bowlers did a good job containing the opposition, but come still need to improve their line. Ken Ogilvie took one wicket for 37 from five overs. Wayne Kitchener took one for 47 from 22. Ian Anderson took four for 59 from 20. Brad West took one for 18 from six and Jeff Ingle took no wickets for 34 runs from 14 overs. Big Ian Anderson looked like a prima ballerina when he jumped high in the air to take a brilliant catch off his own bowling. Coast, which has scored 200 plus runs quite frequently this season, will have to produce the goods again to gain first innings points when play resumes tomorrow, Saturday, at 12.45pm.

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( wmicipricaprn IAA= wmairrcuair CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY INC. and ...

Bayview Tower new owners Chris and Kathy and new managers Peter and Anna invite all Capricorn Coast Business, Trade & Professional people & their partners to a

Christmas Social at Bayview Tower Tuesday, December 5, 7.30pm to 9.30pm Free Savouries (Pay for own drinks) 6.30pm - 7.30pm Brief Chamber of Commerce meeting 7.30pm - 8.30pm Happy Hour (Half price on Regular drinks) 8.30pm - 9.30pm Social and Discussion OBJECTIVES:

• Social get-together • Discussion of general business aims & the possibility of an Annual Business Forum

et -


the witvitin

• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Basketball Association annual presentation of trophies was held in Yeppoon Showground on Saturday. Chad Brown (left) was awarded the sportsmanship in basketball and Richard Caulfield was junior player of the year. They are pictured with president Don Willoughby.

Basketballers play senior grand finals CAPRICORN Coast basketball senior grand finals were played on Saturday and ended the 1989 season. The B men's final was contested by the youngest team, Generals. The team mainly comprises Yeppoon High School students. They played against Exploding White Mice, last year's high school students. After a strong stint by EWM, they came under pressure from the more co-ordinated percentage Generals' game that managed scores from every player as they penetrated EWM's zone. Over-confidence crept into Generals by the second half, but EWM staged a fight back, trailing by one point, with three minutes to the bell. The loss of EWM's big post player Anthony Warwick, with five fouls, signalled the end of their 1989 chance. Generals' best players were Trent Thompson and Richard Caulfield while Earl Jones and Aaron Thompson looked the most outstanding for EWM. Close games make great games and there were none closer than the Nomads v Seagulls encounter. Seagulls looked stronger in defence and offence, constantly penetrating Nomads' basket and excluding the easy shots from Nomads. This edge was negated by some great outside shooting by Kellie Stevenson and Sue Asher with three pointers. Seagulls' Alison Thomas made good percentages from her shots but many other attempts

SUZY decided on Sunday she would phone a mate in Brisbane to find out how people in the real big smoke were voting. The mate said she didn't know how thingswere going in her State seat; in fact she didn't know the name of her State seat. Worse, she didn't know who the candidates were, what parties were standing or even how many candidates were standing. Suzy asked her what happened to the political literature that was no doubt stuffed in her letterbox and the mate said she threw it in the bin without reading it. She wasn't interested in political advertisements on TV, didn't listen to the radio and, worse, didn't read newspapers. Shocked, Suzy asked her how she could cast a vote if she didn't know anything about the election? Her mate said there was nothing to it, she just went along to a polling booth, had a look at a few how-to-vote cards, then cast her vote. Just think, that mate is cancelling out someone else's ... and it could be yours!!! • • • BY the way, that mate was one of the people who believed that a vote had to follow a how-to-vote card or it wasn't counted. See the story elsewhere on this matter ... the are quite a few confused people and perhap---• it's time the Electoral Office spent a few bob explaining voting procedures. On the same note, one of the parties showed a hand holding a vote hovering over one ballot box with a party name on it then switching to another box with another party name on it. As a result there are probably people who think this is how it's done. If voting was not compulsory, advertisements like that would turn people away because they would think everyone could see how they were voting. • • • ONE story floating around this week concerns a plan to add an extra year to high school. One Coast father, who knows how much his son "loves" school, told him he'd better watch out or he'd be incarcerated for three more years rather than just two more. Older brother, who had already left school, overheard this and shouted out he wasn't going back whatever the government decided! It took half-an-hour to calm him down!!! • • • RHODES Watson, the Mirror's numberone photographer, (he's number one because he won't give "old Baldy" any film or a camera) has a hearing problem. It's no big deal to him but it does cause him to walk with a list on occasions, make him walk into walls and generally demolish buildings. Anyway, while photographing Susan Dowie's School of Drama graduation concert on Sunday he heard a line in the show that really tickled his fancy. One kid says to another: "You have custard in one ear and jelly in the other." The second kid replies: "Speak up, I'm a trifle deaf'!!!

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