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$1000 reward for strychnine baiter POWER Street resident Peter Hayward has offered $1000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person, or persons, who strychnine baited his son's dog. Paddy, an eight-month-old Border Collie, Blue Heeler cross, died in agony k late Thursday night watched by his 14`"-' year-old owner, Morgan Hayward. Mr Hayward returned home to find the dog had already died. Three children had watched powerless as the strychnine slowly killed the family pet between 9.30pm, when they found him, and 10.15pm. The children did not know what to do and had thought the pup had been involved in a fight. It is not known how long the pup suffered alone before being found. Mr Hayward said he was convinced the animal had taken a strychnine bait but decided not to act until he had confirmation. He took the body to a Coast veterinarian who referred him to a Rockhampton veterinarian. Samples were taken from the dog's stomach and sent to Brisbane for analysis. Death by a strychnine bait was confirmed. Mr Hayward had already told police of the dog's death and announced his offer of a $1000 reward. "I want to find the person who could do such a thing and I want that person punished," Mr Hayward said. "Paddy was only a pup, a child's pet. Morgan is terribly upset." Paddy was no angel, as anyone who

Reward stands for other pets owns a pup would know. He dug holes in the garden and barked occasionally at dogs outside the property ... but Mr Hayward said nothing Paddy did was enough to make someone want to bait him. For Morgan, the loss is harder to take than for most boys because Paddy was not a dog picked out of pet shop window or from a pedigreed litter. He and his father had been horse-riding in Sydney earlier this year with friends. The weather was abysmal, with rain sheeting down as they rode through the bush. They heard a noise, stopped to investigate, and found Paddy, a just-born puppy, still with his eyes closed. He had been dumped in the bush, unwanted. Morgan took responsibility for him. He fed him with an eyedropper until he was able to take solids. "Paddy should have died from pneumonia that day in the bush but Morgan saved him," Mr Hayward said. "He had been taking him to obedience school at Cooee Bay and Paddy was becoming a very attractive dog." Mr Hayward said Paddy was no trouble but there had been a complaint

about him in the past fortnight. "I want whoever did this to be found and punished," Mr Hayward said. "I will give $1000 to anyone who provides the information the police need. "I realise there is only a slim chance of catching whoever did this but I want them to have a few sleepless nights. I want them to worry about whether anyone saw them throw something to Paddy. "Perhaps someone saw them getting the strychnine, or overheard them talking about getting even with the dog. I want whoever did this to keep looking over their shoulder." Mr Hayward said he was so upset at the loss of Paddy he wanted to do something for anyone who has ever had a dog baited. "The $1000 reward stands for Paddy for a reasonable amount of time. If it becomes obvious that no-one is going to come forward, I will make the same $1000 available as a reward for anyone who gives information about any dog baiting," Mr Hayward said. "Maybe this sort of money will deter people from thinking they can get away with baiting someone's pet. Maybe some other pet will be saved and other children will not have to watch such a cruel death the way mine did." Information can be given to Yeppoon Police (39 1400).


Vet: Paddy suffered up to 2 hours PADDY died from a strychnine bait, a Rockhampton veterinarian confirmed on Tuesday morning. He said a sample was taken from the dog's stomach contents and sent to Pathology Services in Brisbane for analysis which confirmed the original diagnosis by both a Coast and the Rockhampton veterinarian. Paddy would have suffered from 20 minutes to two hours. The Rockhampton veterinarian said the bait would have been administered with meat or some pet food. The amount of strychnine that killed Paddy would have been sufficient to kill a child, most certainly one of the same weight, and could have killed an adult. The veterinarian said the way to tell whether a dog had been given a strychnine bait was to look for signs of stiffness.

The dog moves stiffly after ingesting the bait and is very susceptible to sound and touch. At this point, if a dog is patted on the head, it will go into extended rigidity with its head well back and legs extended. The strychnine works on the nervous system. If the owner can get the dog to a veterinarian within 15 minutes, there was a good chance it could be saved. The veterinarian gives the dog an emetic to empty the stomach and muscle relaxant to control the convulsions. If necessary, the veterinarian will keep the dog under anaesthetic up to 24 hours. This treatment overrides the effect the strychnine has on the nervous system. A lot depends on how much strychnine is used in the bait. Of 10 dogs taken to his surgery still alive, he would save about eight. He said once you've seen a dog suffering at a surgery, it was not hard to diagnose.

The veterinarian said because strychnine was used so widely on properties there was "lots of it about in tins under houses". Some years ago, anyone who could prove they owned a property could buy strychnine over the counter at a pharmacy. Both David Higgins of David Higgins Chemist and Kevin Brumm of Stewart and Brumm Pharmacy said it had been relatively easy about five to six years ago to buy strychnine but laws had been tightened since then and permits were required. Both said it was unlikely new stock would have been used in last week's baiting. It was more likely old stock, kept under a house for years, would have been used. They said there would be plenty around. Years ago it was used to control annoying possums.



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• ABOVE: Paying an electricity account was a joy on Friday when Robin King took the Smile for Life campaign to its limit. His brightly-coloured mish-mash brought more than a touch of ' life' to the Coast. The . Capricorn Coast's Life Education campaign's final fund-raiser is a street stall on Friday, November 17, in front of H.W. Findlay' s store.

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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989

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ABOVE: Mar, a long bearded collie, consoles Morgan Hayward on the loss of Paddy.

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CAPRICORN Coast resident Les White is the Broadsound Citizens' Electoral Council candidate. The campaign launch is at the end of next week at a venue to be confirmed. Citizens Initiated Referendum is the only

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platform the CEC stands on. It is the only link between each electorate CEC candidate ... each candidate is autonomous. Mr White has been a resident of the Capricorn Coast for about 20 years.


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CaOicoin Coast •Mirroi• November 10'--NbVembei 16; 1989 - 3

AROUND-THE-CLOCK POLICE SERVICE IN 1990...ON WEEKEND . YEPPOON Police Station will operate `" around-the-clock on Fridays and Saturdays by about the middle of next year, Police Minister Vince Lester said on Friday. He said the 24-hour service on weekends was a realistic target that would be achieved. He was giving the government's reply to Opposition Leader Wayne Goss' offer of a 24-houra-day police station at Yeppoon. Mr Lester said his offer of a weekend around-the-clock service was already moving ahead. He had visited Yeppoon Police Station, spoken to officer-in-charge Sgt lc Ken Tanzer and heard what was needed. Asa result of a submission from Sgt Tanzer, Mr Lester announced he was making Yeppoon a training station and providing an additional trainee. It was announced last month that two trainees would be transferred to Yeppoon and Mr Lester announced a third trainee on Friday. He said this would lift the number of police from eight recently to 11 ... six uniformed officers, two CIB and three trainees. The minimum staff needed for a seven-daya-week, 24-hour-a-day police station were 20. Mr Lester said he could not approve an additional 12 police for Yeppoon. They were not available. They would also not be available for Mr Goss should he become Premier. The reality he had found, since becoming l'olice Minister, was that 400 new police were being trained annually and 200 police were leaving the force each year. An extra 800 police were required throughout the State and, under the present system, this would take four years to achieve. But he said he had undertaken to speed up recruitment and training by looking at opening a second police academy ... a duplicate of the Oxley Police Academy. Iri addition, he was working toward making it easier for police who had left to return to the force. Also, he was looking at ways of getting police out of the stations and into police work by removing some of their administrative tasks. In an address to Yeppoon Police and Coast business people invited to a meeting at Keppel Bay Sailing Club, Mr Lester said he had acted quickly since becoming Minister. He had approved promotions rather than leave them in limbo, some for as long as two years; appointed a commissioner; ordered the

• ABOVE: Police Minister Vince Lester inspectedYeppoon Police Station last week with Inspector Ross Beer (left) and Superintendent Kirk Patric/ (right). Mr Lester was accompanied by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and spoke to officer-in-charge Sgt lc Ken Tanzer. bullet-proof vests that had tested to be the best available; appointed 11 additional police to the Stock Squad and introduced Rural Watch and had taken steps in a number of other areas, especially pay. An industrial affairs expert was looking into remuneration and was reporting to Mr Lester on December 14. Speaking directly to the police at the meeting, he said "I am well aware of your conditions". He also said the whole force needed a ."shake-up" ... he had found manual typewriters were still being purchased and he had banned them. In future, only electric typewriters or word processors would be bought. Other areas were being looked into including cases where police were buying their own batteries for equipment. He told police he wanted clerical staff to handle administrative work but, at the same time, he wanted to see police being released from the office to do police work. "I don't want to find clerical staff employed and police still staying in the office; that has happened in the past," he said. He was working toward prison staff being used to transfer criminals and gave an example

of two police cars and four officers not being available on the Gold Coast because they were transporting mental patients. "How can that happen?" he said. He was pleased to see the spirit of the police force was in the right place ... "I'll stick by you, I can assure you". After detailing the problems in the Police Department, Mr Lester said why the things he had done had not been done in the past "I can't really answer". He believed the problem stemmed from not having professionals in the top echelons of administration. He announced that Yeppoon would be a training station and said "election or no election, I'm not going to tell untruths". He told police his offer of enough staff for a weekend around-the-clock service was a "fair dinkum commitment". In addition, works worth 970,000 were starting as soon as a house could be found for police now accommodated at the station. FOOTNOTE: Mr Lester told Yeppoon Police he would be providing them with an electric typewriter. He could not provide them with a photocopier because they went to stations with 20 staff.


Jim Pearce ALP candidate for Broadsound The ONLY change for the Better TOURIST INDUSTRY THE State Government's assistance to the tourist industry in the wake of the pilots' dispute is limited to deferment of licence fees and payroll tax. In other words tourist operators must still pay these fees and charges at a later date. This type of assistance will not cost the Government a single cent, yet taxpayers' funds that could help tourist operators are being wasted on politically motivated advertising. These advertisements will cost at least 5250,000 once they appear in newspapers throughout the State. It is money that could be used to provide real and direct financial assistance to tourist operators being hurt by the greed of pilots. For the tourist operatorsbusiness is tough - for the National Party it's business as usual. Authorised: Richard Witkiewicz, 19 Brock Cres, Dysart


for YOUR child's education He has pushed for New and Improved Facilities. His achievements over 3 years are Outstanding. They include: Yeppoon State High School New library complex ($400,000) - School repainting - New assembly Hall & Indoor Sports Centre (P&C project, initiated & supported by Denis with $230,000) - Home economics block $284,000 - Tenders called for new science laboratory.

Yeppoon Primary School

Coowonga State School Cawarral State School

Repairs and maintenance

Fencing - internal and external repainting

Nerimbera State School Walkways between buildings - repainting

Additional classrooms ($297,000) - major repainting - drainage & pipework to new school oval - fencing.

Emu Park State School Major upgrading just completed, including covered play area, walkways, landscaping, additional classrooms, new staff facilities & principal's office - major school repainting.

Byfield State School Covered play area ($62,000) - early education centre ($52,000) - repainting.

Farnborough State School

The Caves State School $200,000 upgrade to be completed by start of next school year - new classrooms, staff rooms, principal's office, storage, covered area - school has been repainted.

Milman State School Water supply rectified Marlborough State School Repainted inside & out Ridgelands State School Major repairs effected - new toilet blocks - repainting

St Lawrence State School

Additional classrooms - provision of pre-school plus additional modular classroom under construction ($60,000) - repainting highway re-aligned to improve safety at school ($250,000).

Repainting & repairs to principal's residence

Keppel Sands State School

Clarke Creek State School

Modular classroom addition ($72,000) - storage shed - internal repainting

Restoration of school swimming pool & school water supply school repainted

Ogmore State School Repairs to principal's residence - repainting


Keep Education Number 1 in Broadsound


Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

4 - Capricorn Coast Mirtor November 10 = Nov~ihU~eF"ItS, 1989

Police station upgrade `blatant pork barrelling'

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THE upgrading of Yeppoon Police Station announced recently by Police Minister Vince Lester should be viewed as nothing more than blatant pork barrelling, ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce said this week. "The announced upgrading is inadequate and an empty promise," he said. "The National Party has had years to do something about the overstretched police service in Yeppoon. Why have they waited 'until four weeks before an election to announce an upgrade? "If the Nationals are serious about commu-

Hinton says Local Authorities' revenue source needs change


Your hosts Denis Hinton MLA & his wife Roslyn invite

National Party supporters to dinner to meet


Premier Hon Russell COoper MLA •, BAYVIEW TOWER, YEPPOON

Monday, November 13, 7pm $25 per head

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SUNDAY, November 12, a rally for the environment will be held in Appleton Park from 3pm until sunset. There will be speakers on the environment, displays, stalls, music and soapbox oratory. Included is a cycle ride for the environment with registrations at Appleton Park at 7.30am. The trip consists of four legs and participants will contribute S2 a leg. The circular route starts from the Tourist Information Centre at 8am, south to Kemp Beach. The second leg is to The Causeway for a picnic lunch. The return journey to Appleton Park is also in two stages. Powerwalkers are expected to join in and escort vehicles will follow the procession. Green Independent candidate for Broadsound Pat O'Brien will be at the rally for environment.


H.W. FINDLAY 39 3266

"We live in a society that, because of the collapse of the Australian economy and the western world's highest interest rates, means most families in the future will be renters. They will pay for no services while ratepayers will subsidise the renters. "We must examine the whole system so the burden of providing services is shared more evenly. "I will be advocating in the new government a total review. "Rural landholders are particularly disgruntled and rightly so. "It is time to re-assess the whole system. and protect the ratepayers who are suffering badly„ and unfairly under the present system."

A TOTAL reassessment of revenue collection for Local Authorities needs to be undertaken by the State Government to take the burden off ratepayers, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week. "I will press the government after the State election to appoint management consultants to provide a plan for Local Government re-organisation," he said. "The present situation where many shire rural ratepayers are financially supporting urban development and ratepayers are providing community services for non-landholders must'be re-considered. ""On the Capricorn Coast, for example, there is a weekend influx of Rockhampton people, other Central Queenslanders and normal tourist traffic using public facilities and contributing to council refuse collection costs. "All these services are the financial responsibilities of Coast ratepayers," Mr Hinton said.

Environment rally Sunday



Mr Pearce said. "All he is doing is returning Yeppoon Police . Station to what it was several years ago - a training station - until the rot set in and police numbers were allowed to drop to an all-time low. "After almost 12 months of trying to get the message to Mr Hinton, he still couldn't get it right when he (Mr Hinton) went to Mr Lester. "The elderly, single women, business people and all Coast residents - have a right to be suspicious of National Party promises made just prior to an election."

nity policing, why did they slash the police allocation in this year's budget by S16 million," he said. "The State Governinent has responded with a band-aid solution to my continuous calls for the upgrading of Yeppoon Police Station to a 24 hours station. "Friday and weekend nights fall well well short of 7 day around the clock coverage. The people of the Capricorn Coast are without police protection. "Mr 'Lester's claims that he would make Yeppoon a training station are misleading,"



Les McDonald 39 3133 Yeppoon & Savemore Newsagencies


Help for clubs AN application by Yeppoon Amateur Racing Cub to the Racing Development Fund for a -:rant of $70,196 to upgrade course facilities has -he full support of Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. The funds are to reimburse the club for construction of the on-course TAB; dam and irrigation systems; scale area; daystalls; bar floor and footings; roof extensions over the bar and book-makers' ring and improvements to the access road. • YEPPOON Indoor Bowls Club will receive a State Government grant of $400 as 20 per cent of a capital cost of 52000 towards new club facilities.

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Contrary to BLATANT LABOR PROPAGANDA continually attacking the Queensland National Government's Taxes and Charges FACT: QUEENSLAND HAS THE LOWEST STATE TAXES AND CHARGES IN AUSTRALIA.

THE RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF; • On latest national study figures, Queenslanders have about $180 more in their pockets than the average Australian, and $364 more than New South Wales taxpayers. • According to Melbourne based Institute of Public Affairs, their latest "severity index" for state taxes are:- OLD - 77; NSW - 104; VIC - 111; WA- 107; SA - 94; TAS - 96. • According to bureau of statistics (86/87) Queenslanders paid $583in state taxes per person, the lowest by far of all the states. MEANWHILE BIG SPENDING HAWKE LABOR: • Total tax revenue has increased since LABOR came to office from $44 billion (82/83) to an estimated $82.3 billion (88/89) - pearly double. • Personal income tax is up from $20.8 billion (82/83) to an estimated $37.9 billion (88/89) - pearly double again.

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VOTE for

1 HINTON Denis Grenville



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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989 - 5


■ ABOVE: Coastguard cadets received a training sailboat front Yeppoon Rotary Club. Ray Channells, Ted Fitzgerald, Kevin 13171711172 and Eddie Engel were shown the craft by Ross Lobe:* gier and Dick Sutton. •


New shopping centre delay DELAYS involved in setting up a second shopping centre for Yeppoon mean the major works will not proceed in time for Christmas this year as expected. Frank Beckinsale, a Victorian builder who took options over 2.5ha of land on the corner of Yeppoon-to-Rockhampton Road and T anby Road, said this week he had exercised the options and \q- now owns the shopping centre site. But unforseen delays have put back the project to well into next year. Mr Beckinsale said originally he had planned to have the shopping centre open for Christmas this year but once that deadline passed the urgency to start was removed. His shopping centre. project involves a major supermarket, 16 specialty shops, a restaurant, mini golf course and 100 market stalls open all weekend. With the urgency removed to start the shopping centre, Mr Beckinsale has decided to proceed with the market stalls so that Capricorn Coast shoppers become accustomed to buying discount goods from the site. The former Yeppoon Skateway building will house 60 individual market stalls opening from 6am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Mr Beckinsale said these market stalls would offer Coast residents the chance to open their own businesses at a price they could afford. "I have the premises and can't do anything with them just now so I decided to proceed with the

market stalls to make the huge site synonymous with discounting," he said. "My shopping centre has always been planned to be an area that would not only keep Coast people on the Coast but also attract shoppers from Rockhampton. "The stalls were an integral part of the concept ... discounted goods on stalls will keep Coast shoppers at home." Mr Beckinsale insists his stalls will not make up a flea market ... "these stalls have absolutely nothing to do with flea markets". He said he was looking for people to offer discounted clothing for adults and children, discounted shoes, discounted furniture and discounted dress and curtain fabrics. "Goods of these types are available in capital cities and help families to make ends meet," he said. "There is no reason why the right stallholders could not beat Rockhampton prices. "The goods are available, all that is needed is someone to make the effort to bring them to the Capricorn Coast." Mr Beckinsale said the Skateway building would eventually house a supermarket but for the moment, it was ideal for the stalls. He expects 60 stalls, under cover, open from early morning until late afternoon would prove a drawcard. There was parking available for more than 200 vehicles.

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JIM PEARCE LABOR CANDIDATE IN BROADSOUND JIM PEARCE will give the CAPRICORN COAST a voice in the Goss Government. Policies are in place to: • Ensure full public access to Queensland beaches • Provide for mandatory economic & environmental impact studies for planned developments • Abolish ministerial cash advances & unlimited expenses • An extra 1200 police officers in Labor's 1st term • Introduce a caravan park dwellers tenancy act to protect permanent tenants




6 - Capricorn 'Co'ast Miirot November 10. - Novembef'16, 1980

Great debate rather like seeing Christians thrown to the lions

• ABOVE: Suzuki students have their graduation concert on Sunday at St Ursula's College at 3.30pm ... and it's open to the public. Pictured are Clare Morgan on piano, Michelle Cranny and Justin Clare. ADVERTISEMENT

Campaign office open 7 days-a-week 1 Normanby Street, Yeppoon

39 4733

Postal • Absentee • Electoral Visitor • Pre-election information • General election information available


AUTHORISED: R Bahnisch, Marborough

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TUESDAY'S Great Debate between the four candidates seeking election as Member for Broadsound most likely did not change anyone's vote in the audience ... but it was entertaining in the way that watching politicians get grilled is similar to watching Christians being thrown to the Lions. The audience seemed evenly matched. There were supporters for Nationals, Liberals, Labor and Greenies. Some were vocal, some provided the undercurrent of cynicism and all applauded politely when it was the right thing to do. Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president John Jackson was the man in the middle and he kept control probably as well as could be expected. In debates of this nature, political aspirants seem to ramble and questioners often seem more interested in making a point for their side than ih asking a question that will provide information for all. Liberal candidate Howard Rodda led off the seven-minute introductions saving he was concerned for the future of small business on the Capricorn Coast which was swimming against the tide of business failures around the nation. Bankruptcies were being brought about by Labor's federal policies on interest rates. Mr Rodda said he had been involved in Coast affairs since long before the start of the Tanby Road industrial estate when he had been part of the push to get the Department of Industrial development to start the project. It was now a "respectable" area and may have been too successful because since campaigning, he had met a man who wanted to start a business but found no land available. The man's business could not be sited at the estate because so many blocks had been earmarked. Mr Rodda, from his previous ownership of Hacienda Units and his executive positions on the CCTO, said tourism was the way ahead for the Coast. But the National Party government had not given enough assistance to Coast tourism. He said the CCTO had received no help with its Information Centre and had, through the generosity of Coast businesses and residents, made its own arrangement to pay off the centre. The CCTO had dealt with two State Tourism Ministers and the then Premier and had not been offered any assistance. He said the QTTC should be disbanded and reorganised with a new chairman who had no tourism interests and the present 16 regions in Queensland should be redefined. "Preference should be given to organisations willing to help themselves," he said. But he was not advocating handouts which came from taxpayers. Mr Rodda said he was not making big promises ... "I may not get elected but I can go to bed at night and sleep easily". Independent candidate Pat O'Brien, the man with the "geen" tag, could have won the debate with his opening remark that he did not intend to speak for seven minutes, he preferred questions. He spoke as a candidate who was also a small businessman on the Coast and he said he was interested in hearing what the parties' candidates were offering as solutions to the problems they had created. He knew of businesses for sale worth S60,000 on which owners would be lucky to realise $20,000 because few people wanted to invest in small businesses. He said governments had to come up with ways to allow small businesses to increase profits. He posed the question: "Is it possible our government has been taken over by Mining, Industry and Big Land owners?" Mining was being favoured with freight concessions; multi-national businesses were offered free land and cheap power ("I believe theypay one-eighth of what we pay. That would mean not 51600 for me but just S200".) and property owners were given drought relief and subsidies. "If they can get them, why can't we?" he said. He asked the audience to "think about it". Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said three years ago, when he came from Biloela, he found a disillusioned area full of division. "There was the belief that nothing can happen here," he said. "I was determined to turn the place around." He had three priorities: the first, and most important, was servicing the needs of constituents; then there was the need to create the infrastructure so the area could grow and prosper; the third was to play a role in State matters to help Queensland grow.

Howard RODDA

Liberal for


He had treated all constituents equally and had given help when-ever asked. The infrastructure had been provided; roads, the harbour marina which would become "the jewel of the Queensland Coast", schools and the TAFE to train the young people. There was a need to provide the enthusiasm to make the area one in which people would want to invest. His role in State matters was to keep Queensland the State with the lowest taxes. This was borne out by 1700 people a month "votingwith their feet" and moving to Queensland from Labor States. He asked for three more years to continue his work for Broadsound. ALP candidate Jim Pearce said the Capricorn Coast's future could not be viewed in isolation from the rest of Australia. The ALP had a regional economic development plan for the Fitzroy region that would benefit the Capricorn Coast. He said "some might try to take issue" with him for being a miner and a trade unionist "but I won't apologise". He also wanted to make it clear that the ALP rejected any suggestion that "profit is a dirty word". (When a questioner later twisted ask why he was against profit, Mr Pearce re-read his statement and suggested to all business people they should make as much profit as they could because the profit provided employment). His party would offer support to all business people ... "not just the high-fliers but the partnerships and sole traders". There would be a Small Business Support Centre set up in Yeppoon -which would offer advice, education and training programmes. Also, "the Goss Labor Government would not close down the TAFE in Yeppoon". Regarding tourism, Mr Pearce was aware of the CI'DO-CCTO fights and, in government, the ALP would look at the regional body and the Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation (QTTC) which has, he said, failed to provide leadership and will undergo a long overdue shake-up. He applauded the CCTO's efforts in building the Information Centre and reminded the audience his party had offered to fund it. On foreign investment and tourism, Mr Pearce would put Queensland first and he was concerned at the trend of foreign tourists travelling on foreign airlines, staying at foreign resorts within Australia and paying foreign travel agents for their holidays. He wanted to make it clear he was "not antiIwasaki. Mr Pearce offered "full-time, active representation in your interests". With the addresses over, the "Romans" took the floor and set about turning the candidates into lion fodder. The first question rambled so badly it started with a letter the questioner had received from Mr Goss on Parliamentary letterhead and wound up asking all four where they stood on provision of fire services in Yeppoon.


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.-7 Capricorn Coast Mirror November 107 November 16, 1989

Time running out to nominate choice for an Aust. Day Award TIME is running out to nominate someone for a Livingstone Shire Australia Day Award and only six nominations have been received at Livingstone Shire chambers. Nominations close at 5pm on November 24 at the council chambers. Council has introduced additional Australia Day awards with the provision of achiever medallions. "Some Australia Day achiever medallions will be considered for presentation to exceptional nominees who do not win selection for a citizen or sport award," Livingstone Shire Australia Day Council selection committee spokesman Cr Brian Dorey said. "The committee also decided to form a

Sydney visitors at shell meeting VISITING Keppel Bay Shell Club member Skye Maddison and her parents from Sydney attended the October meeting. A display of shells from a recent outing by Glen Munro created much interest. Shirtbox displays were Pectens ... one of the most colour. ful of the shell families and always makes a wonderful display. The club's Christmas party, a barbecue, is on December 16 at the Whitman Street, Yeppoon, clubhouse. Members took shells for identification and discussion. The night's competition was won by Nancy Plumb and Arthur Prowse. The prize was American Pectens and Cowry. Ena Coucom supplied the night's entertainment ... slides of a trip she took to the northern rivers district of New South Wales. The slides were of rare and unusual shells and marine life taken from a depth of 280 fathoms off Iluka and Yamba.

This space is available to tell everyone what you can offer them ... and all it costs is $9.90 Phone 39 4244

`Twenty-sixers Club' (people born on January 26) for special participation on Australia Day. People eligible to join are those born on Australia Day. "Would anyone who qualifies for the club please contact council so they be included in the celebrations." To make it easier for people nominating suitable Australia Day award recipients, council has a sheet at the chambers explaining the criteria for the Australia Day Council awards. An attached sheet has all the information needed to nominate people for the awards, all you have to do is fill in the spaces. Every year Livingstone Shire Council presents Australia Day awards to residents who have worked for the community without reward. It is the time for people who work, without pay or public praise, to receive recognition from the community. Council, in conjunction with the Australia Day Council, will present the awards on Australia Day, 1990. There are two citizen awards - citizen and junior citizen - and three sports medallions over 18 years, under 18 years and coach, official or administrator. People who have been nominated in the past and not received an award are eligible to be renominated. The citizen award is for a person 25 years or older on January• 26, 1990; junior citizen for a person under 25 years on January 26, 1990. A sports medallion may be awarded to a participant of 18 years of age or over; under 18 years; or a person of any age who has made a ' significant contribution to any recognised port as a coach, official or administrator. Council has formed a committee, chaired by Emu Park State Primary School principal Dennis Wex, to select award recipients and organise the Australia Day function. Other committee members are Meg Moore of Marlborough, Laurie Hill from The Caves, Bruce Barnett and Frank Mortensen of Yeppoon, Crs Dorey, John Dowie and Maurie Webb and shire accountant Denis Murphy. "If anyone needs help with information about the awards they may contact any member of the committee," Cr Dorey said. "Suzy Watson from the Mirror has also offered to help anyone with information."

Own your own Business for... Frank Beckinsale, the owner of Yeppoon Discount Markets, is calling for Expressions of Interest from Traders who wish to become part of the exciting concept of 60 market stalls, undercover, in the former Yeppoon Skateway building. Yeppoon Discount Markets is the start of the proposed new shopping centre for the Capricorn Coast. At least 60 market stalls can be accommodated inside the building and stallholders will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, the successful stall-holders will be given first option of expanding their businesses into the Specialty Shops to be incorporated in the final Shopping Centre design.

Yeppoon Discount Markets is set to become the most exciting shopping idea for years. The Markets will open only on weekends. The Produce section will open at 6am and the General Market will open about 9am. Both sections trade until 3pm. Permanent stall-holders will be able to leave their stall, and goods, on the premises overnight which eliminates the problem of setting up each morning. The extensive advertising designed to make everyone aware of what is available at Yeppoon Discount Markets is included in the stall rental.

Interested? Phone Frank Beckinsale now on 39 4800, 8am-9am and 4pm-6pm daily. THESE ARE IDEAS FOR STALLS: • Fast Food • Fresh Fruit Drinks • Home-grown Produce • Crafts • Dress Fabrics • Discount Adult Clothing • Discount Children's Clothing • Discount Shoes • Discount Furniture • Discount Toys • Discount Jewellery •



Keeping Coast Dollars on the Coast!

Yeppoon Discount Markets Sallosioom° 20 6%*

- Capricorn coast Mirror November-1Q Noyember.10„1989 LAPIDARY Club members please note the monthly outing is on Sunday, November 12. Everyone leaves from Yeppoon Railway Station at 8am. Visitors interested in fossicking are welcome, take some tucker and don't forget a hat. *** THE next genealogy workshop of the Rockhampton Branch of the Genealogical Society of Queensland for Capricorn Coast residents is on Saturday, November 18 between 1pm and 4pm at Sacred Heart School, John Street, Yeppoon. The fee is S1 and anyone interested in researching their family tree is welcome. Experienced researchers are in attendance. Contact Neta Klaproth, 39 3179, for information and assistance. *** AMNESTY International's next meeting is on Monday, November 20 at 7.45pm, 20 Strow Street, Barlows Hill. New members are welcome. Phone Leslie Levy, 39 4063, for more information. ***

FORUM inquiries to Jan, 39 2130 or Anne, 39 6560. Fellowship is at 7.30pm and the meeting at 8pm in Yeppoon CWA Hall. ***



Ladies and Children's wear)



Seaview Arcade (next to Seafood & Eat It) Donna Molloy's

THE November social for Yeppoon Pensioners League is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Tuesday next, November 14, starting at 1pm. The afternoon is free, afternoon tea and entertainment, and you don't have to be a member of the league to go. It is a good afternoon and there is no reason to be lonely. *** ANNETTE and Frank van Gestel and their family are leaving the Capricorn Coast and a farewell has been organised on Sunday, November 26 from 11am in Lions Park, Emu Park (next to the Emu Park Bowls Club). It is a a-vour-own lunch and drinks and everyone bring is welcome. *** PARENTS and boys are working hard to raise money to send some Yeppoon High School Rugby Union Club members to New Zealand next year, to play against first XV there. A, grocery raffle has been organised for Christmas and donations are needed. They can be left at the high school, or phone Ann Lambley, 39 4698. Phone Anne, 39 4698, if you can help or if you are interested. *** A memorial service will be held at the Emu Park Cenotaph at 11am on Saturday, November 11 ... Armistice Day. A function at night is limited to members and wives. *** PROBUS Yeppoon's trip to Nob Creek Pottery on Monday, November 13 is full. Contact Jack Hoare, 39 4661. *** EMU Park Pensioners League Christmas dinner is on Friday, December 15 at the cultural hall. The cost is S5 for members and $10 non-members. Tickets must be purchased by November 29 and will be available at the next social, or by phoning 39 6359. *** A FAMILY affair exhibition starts at the Paint Pot Gallery on November 18 and continues until December 2. The artists are Wilf and Beryl Watson, Kay Faulkner and Lyn Diefenbach wood turning, pottery weaving and painting.

BeachCombers Hair Trends Put your Hair in Good Hands

17 Hill St (Opp. La Bamba) Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm 39 4720 S M Weston

Col Turton

"OPTOMETRIST and (OPTICAL MECHANIC) contact Lens Practitionet: i Repairs and Service 36 James St • Spectacles Monday to Saturday NEAR FIREsTAnot4 • Sunglasses Sun lass Lenses 39 4077 • Lens gTints • After hours (by appointment): 39 4276) t Where possible ... SAME DAY SERVICE ADVERTISEMENT

O'Brien, James Patrick Independent Candidate for Broadsound Phone 39 7997 or 39 4875 P.O. Box 263, Yeppoon 4703 The Party's Over It's Time to

ok ndepena

Authorised by Pat O'Brien, Birdwood Farm, Lake Mary, 4703


aptirmit Cotothite THERE is a workshop at the TAFE Centre on Saturday, November 11 organised by the Arts Society. The tutor is Frances Patterson and she will work with mixed media ... water colour, acrylic, pastel, ink and charcoal. Take stretched watercolour paper and/or stiff cardboard. Cartlige paper will be available. You have to supply your own lunch and morning and afternoon teas will be provided. The workshop starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm. Visitors are welcome. ***

NEW and Pregnant Parents Support (NAPPS) is having its Christmas break-up on Sunday, November 19 at Upper Stoney Creek, Byfield. If it is raining, then Sunday, November 26. Take your picnic hamper, block-out and bathers. Information: 39 2220. *** EMU Park Pensioners League provided a full day of entertainment at its social on Wednesday, October 25. A large cent sale in the morning preceded an entertaining afternoon of talented people performing for social-goers. The cent sale attracteda large crowd of about 200 people from Emu Park, Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Mt Morgan and a bus full of happy holiday-makers from Toorbul near Brisbane. When opening the social, league president Stan Nelson thanked everyone who donated the quality prizes for the afternoon. He said their help is what makes the league continue from strength to strength. Schotia Place group was the first act with a bracket of breezy numbers. John Smyth followed with 'Isle of Innisfree'. and Ifyou ever go to Ireland'. Yeppoon's Mrs Hall sang sweetly in her usual style. Joe McIntyre, never stuck for a word, performed a humorous recitation. Alf Marcombe sang two nostalgic songs. Members welcomed back Gert Marcombe who has not been well. Doris Steiner and Marg White were a stylish duo. George and Maureen Turner from Rockhampton combined for a popular duet. Emu Park Evergreens followed with a bracket of old favourites. Stan Nelson was popular with 'Once upon a Time'. After a sumptuous afternoon tea, the Toorbul pensioners club members showed their talent to the audience's delight. Carole Taylor and Bev Smyth dresSed for the part with `We're a couple of swells' and `Sideby-side'. Doreen Svensen, helped by Ella Lewis in feather boaS, hammed it up with "We'll make hay while the sun shines'. Stan Saunders from Rockhampton played an entertaining bracket on the bones. More variety followed with George Cooper on harmonica. Jean Dendle rocked to 'Blue Hawaii' and Norm and Norma with `Lucille' and `I still call Australia home' to loud applause. Stan Nelson was treated to a great ovation for his rendition of The Lord's Prayer'. Dot Close made a welcome return as a soloist. Tommy Black sang 'Tired Hands'. A speedy recovery is wished for Peggy Stevens, who is on the sick list. Lucky door: Jack Flanagan; Doreen Anderson; Kathy Cliffe; Irene Mounter; Nancy O'Donnell; Win Nelson and Jerry Osler of Deception Bay. Raffles: Margaret King and Lillian Person of Toorbul; Coralie and J Webber from North Rockhampton and P Chong of Rockhampton. Everyone said it was the best social they had attended, but the same is said every month. The next social is on Wednesday, November 29 at 1pm in the Emu Park Cultural Hall.

CAPRICORN Coast Toastmasters is hosting the Area 4 conference at Bayview Tower on November 11 and 12. Toastmasters from all over Queensland will visit Yeppoon for this event. If you would like to go to a Toastmasters evening as a guest, phone Sally Tickle, 39 4011. *** MAY Briggs and Pam Gaze exhibition of. raku specialty ware, domestic, glazed and saltfired stoneware at the Paint Pot Gallery until November 18. The gallery is on the corner of Queen and Hill Streets, Yeppoon. *** CHRISTMAS luncheon for Probus members has been changed to Tuesday, December 12 at the sailing club. Phone Jack Hoare, 39 4661 for information. *** THE next meeting for Coastal Gardeners is Tuesday, November 21 a visit to a shire champion garden at Woodbury. Not to be missed. Tom Wyatt has arranged for a guided tour of the Botanic Gardens on December 12. If sufficient. numbers are available, a bus can be arranged. Phone Coral Ziebell, 39 3357 or Margot Taylor, 39 1922, quickly if you are interested and then a firm booking can be made. *** EMU Park RSL sub branch annual meeting is on November 19 at 10am. Business: election of officers. *** YEPPOON Lioness Club is collecting spectacles to hand on to others. If you can help, leave them at the Mirror office, or with a members. And thank you for the ones that have already arrived. *** ALL Diabetic Support Group folk, please note the annual general meeting is at the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade on Tuesday, November 21 at 7.30pm. ' It is also the Christmas break-up, so take a plate. The Community Health Centre is on the ground floor of Como Units on the beachfront at Yeppoon.

A. J. Ralston Fry and Associates LTD 0PTOMETRISTS



Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39


Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, November 12 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall Win' is Australia so troubled? Romans 1:20-32

Jewellers Design • Handcrafting • Repair


It Takes Time to Create! Discuss your order now for Christmas

Public Welcome

Yeppoon Jewellery Centre 56 Normanby St, Ph. 39 4779 YEPPOON

tiprkoin Coast Mirror

Suzy o

Captiesu Catvgliite


November 10 - NoveMber 16,190 - 9 IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT

Savemore Centre 39 2443

Hair Design welcomes back

JO SORENSEN nee Badcock

as our new Manageress Don't worry! We are all still here ... KRIS, every day by appointment except Monday KERRY, all day Monday & Saturday mornings and Thursday by appointment SHARYN, as normal

We know Jo's presence will extend the

Jo's Special FREE


you have always experienced at Kristin's in Savemore Centre

semi-permanent colour with your Perm

39 2443

• ABOVE: Miss Australia quest entrant Chantal Hooper and her parents Blossom and Brian afterpictured at the judging of Miss Capricomia on Saturday night at Capricorn International Resort. DATE CLAIMERS ... Saturi. ay, November 11. Cent sale, 2pm. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary. Yeppoon Showground. *** Saturday 11. Street stall outside Findlay's, St James Ladies Guild. *** Wednesday, November 15. Cent sale, 2pm, for Pam Harmer QCWA Countrywoman of the Year entrant. *** Friday, November 17. Street stall in front of Findlays, 9am - noon. Life Education. Donations accepted at stall on day. *** Wednesday, November 22. Christmas cent sale, 10am, St James Hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon. St James Ladies Guild.

THERE is a get together in Yeppoon Town Hall on Sunday, November 19, at 3pm. The German-Australian Club meets at the town hall on a regular basis because it is easier than visiting ... they have about 35 regular people going along. Everyone is welcome. You are invited to go along and task, play cards, sometimes dance and meet people ... the last is the important part. The club is looking for a piano accordion player interested in playing german music. Ring Erna, 39 3954 if you are shy and don't want to just go along on your own. The club also has a an air rifle group. They meet on Sundays, but not this week. Phone Hans, 39 3746, if you want information. *** YEPPOON Camera Club meets the second Monday of each month, 8pm at the RSL Hall. *** NEXT Thursday, November 16, Yeppoon Pensioners League will run a bus to Rockhampton for a morning of shopping and for those who wish an afternoon at the North Rockhampton Pensioners League social at Bauhinia House. The Yeppoon league will also run a bus to Rockhampton on Monday, November 27 to take delegates to the CQ Zone meeting of the league atSchotia Place. for seats on the buses, phone Bill Shuttlewood, 39 1340. Fare is S3 return on each bus. --'BASKETBALL for women on Tuesdays from 9.30am until noon at the Cooee Bay stadium. Beginners are welcome to join experienced players. Lynda Thomas, 39 6687. •

Saturday, November 25. Christmas Fair and garage sale, Beaman Park for Uniting Church. ** Saturday, December 2. St James Indoor Bowling Club Christmas party, Kanangra. *** Tuesday, December 5. Yeppoon Pensioners League Christmas party, Town Hall, 1pm. *** Friday, December 15. Emu Park Pensioners League Christmas dinner, Cultural Hall. *** Saturday, May 12, 1990. St James Anglican Fete. *** Saturday, May 26, 1990. Girl Guides Hobby Horse Derby, Beaman Park, Yeppoon.

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0.* :mai%

-0' 114 r,,,


A. & S.

TIMBER PRODUCTS at McBean Street, Yeppoon (Between Minter Motors & Telecom)

( Manufacturers: of ) C.C.A. TREATED PINE LATTICE Phone Allan Evans (079) 39 4937

fl tsees9Y1 an


BACON PACKS 0-ilii710 Psst! The Boys at Angliss Yeppoon have gene Crazy!


9 9 750

g pack

Free Home Delivery Ph. 39 1633 or 39 1700

99 MINCE $1

These Super Specials available from Monday to Saturday — ONLY at Angliss Yeppoon! •

The ONLY Alternative

H oward RODDA

Liberal for




10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989 1 Z e °/4,s. 1,41, 10 mins %-` from r Yepp9un


/ ••"-7 days 9.30am4.30pm


[ GoberriePar Handfeed the tame animals Shady Picnic Areas • Swimming Pool. GROUP BOOKINGS WELCOME A day out for the family! Ph. 39 7590

TUCKSHOP Dine-in or Takeaway • Spuds in Duds • Doner Kebabs • Lentil Foods OPEN • Honey glazed BBQ Chickens 7 DAYS We cook in vegetable oil FROM

Sands Arcade - 39 3665


The finest French Restaurant in CQ...

Causeway Lake Store




Large Range of Takeaway Food Bait • Fishing Tackle Petrol • Ice • Groceries • Milk Smailgoods • Cold Drinks

ITALIAN NIGHT Sat, Nov 11, 7.30pm course meal $25 4 plus coffee-

• ABOVE: Stella Haskins, Ruth Shields, Daphne Engel and Joy Fitzgerald watched the Melbourne Cup at Beaches. Yeppoon Roily.), Club worked for the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce to add to the kitty for lighting Yeppoon's shopping centre.


Remember, the Fishing's Great at the Causeway Lake!




Dining out on KANANGRA the Capricorn Coast Licensed Famly Restaurant - Buffet-Style Menu - Eat as much as you like

Family Night Friday Children half price Free Children's Entertainment


Tanby Rd South, Bookings Preferred 39 7144

Special Occasion Group Bookings welcome

31:antern estaurant tiF (Coast

• ABOVE: Nursing mothers conduct sweeps every Melbourne Cup day at the Railway Hotel. Pictured are: Joy Moody, Edna McCallum, Lee Small, Gloria Law and Val Frew.

123 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon - 39 2318

Available for Functions

• • • •

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday




budget-priced wines


Children's Menu $6.50


It's Back

Better than Ever!


Camel Rides GIVE THE KIDS A SUNDAY TO REMEMBER Take a jaunt on Capricorn Sapphire and Keppel from in front of Bayview Tower to Beachside on Sundays • ADULTS only $2 • Children (under 15) $1 •

Camel Treks FEEL LIKE LAWRENCE OF YEPPOON From three to six people can take a Camel Trek and boil the billy anytime, on the Coastal strip, including the Tanby Road area • 2-hr treks: Adults $25, Children (under 15) $12 • Phone John Richardson (079) 39 3248 or (if unanswered) 39 4888

• ABOVE: Yeppoon Races was a hive of activity on Melbourne Cup day ... Pauline Swart and Molly Hawksley are pictured in the betting ring.



ALL TAKEWAYS Open from 7.30am 7-days-a-week SIT DOWN MEALS

39 2394 Normanby St, Yeppoon

Galaxy Chine. at 26 Jam( • B.Y.O. • a-lo OPEN

7 Di

• LUNCH: 11.30L.,/-2, • DINNER: 5pm-lOpn

Fine Chinese &

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989 - 11

Shoreline Restaurant 'Training Australia's future experts... Welcome to Shoreline Westaurant where Industry meets Education. — loin us for Lunch or Dinner in our new premises overlooking Rpsslyn Bay 9-farbour. Your meal will be prepared by a fully-qualified Chef and served by Trainee Waiters and Waitresses preparing for their future under this unique TATE training scheme. All Trainees are backed by fullyqualified professionals.

Open Fridays & Saturdays from 6pm

air • ABOVE: Sally Beswick took two-week-old daughter Sera-Jay to the Pine Beach Hotel for the Melbourne Cup. They are pictured with Leigh Hardy, son Troy; Sharon King; Debbie Ford and daughter Christie.

1Fully Licensed, a-lad carte menu. Bookings ssenliai- 33 6300

Sunday Lunch from Noon-2.30pm

Rosslyn Bay. Inn Resort

or A Training Centre for Casual inning

Open every day 7.30am to 9.30pm

each eS Bistro

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier Reef Trip • ABOVE: Wally Apps and daughter Gloria Apps took birthday girl (wife and mother) Helen Apps to The Club Hotel on Melbourne Cup Day to celebrate.

on 35-metre air-conditioned luxury catamaran


Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Visit Great Keppel island & do it in style aboard Svendsens Takeaway for --

FAST FOOD next door to Pacific Hotel

• ABOVE: Kanangra Restaurant was the venue for the Catholic Parish Melbourne Cup luncheon. Pictured are: Jess Simpson, Judy Sleeman and May Baglow.

;e Restaurant s Street, Yeppoon


L.-carte • Aust. meals • WS 3CLa

Let us Quote on catering for your next party at home



Your Timetable to Great Keppel Island Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Ex-Rosslyn Bay


Take Aways Phone Orders 39 1205


9.00am REEFSEEKER 9.15am AQUAJET 9.30am, 11 am, 3.30pm

Ex-Great Keppel Island 4.30pm 5.00pm 10am, 2.45pm, 5pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Ex-Great Keppel Island 4.30pm 9.00am 5.00pm REEFSEEKER 9.15am 10am, 2.45pm, 5pm AQUAJET 9.30am, 11 am, 3.30pm Transfers, Island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the resort facilities for day trippers: pool, shop & bar, etc Ex-Rosslyn Bay


`IT'S A DAY YOU'LL ALL REMEMBER' For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948

Seafood Cuisine

GREAT KEPPEL ISLAND TOURIST SERVICES 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton 0, 4700

12 - Capricorn Coasi- Iviiri,or,-,November10' - November '16;1989

INFORMATION CENTRE DEBT REDUCED TO $31,557 THE CCTO's Information Centre loan debt now stands at $31,557. The CCTO has continued to make the $1000 monthly payments it undertook when it received the loan ... and those payments will continue to reduce the principal. Payments to the appeal can be made by sending cheques, made out to CCTO Information Centre Loan Account, c/- CCTO, P.O. Box 166, Yeppoon, 4703. The following businesses have paid cheques to the value shown toward the appeal for this year and have given a commitment to complete their total $520 donation due over the two years: • Capricorn Coast Mirror, John & Suzy Watson, pd $260 • Capricorn Printing, Terry & Cheryl Simpson, pd $260 • Seaspray Waterfront Holiday Units, Blossom Hooper, pd$260 • Poinciana Caravan Park, Doug & Sylvia Belot, pd $260 • Bay Vacationer Units, Peter & Yvonne Motion, pd $260 • Driftwood Motel, John Allen, pd $260 • Reef Seeker, Helen Jackson, pd $130 • Victory, Helen Jackson, pd $130 • Capricorn Newsagency, Ian & Colleen Graham, pd $260 • Capricorn Cabs, P W & S C Denning, pd $260


• Maguire & Associates Solicitor, Tom Maguire, pd $65 • Brian Hooper Real Estate, Brian Hooper, pd $260 • BP Yeppoon, Russell & Judy Sart, pd $260 • Yeppoon Video Centre & Yeppoon Computer Centre, Colin & Barbara Driscoll, pd $100 • Hacienda Units, Bill & Dell Mackie, pd $260 • Capricorn Diesel Services Pty Ltd, Sue & Bob Waddell, pd $260 • John & Marguerite Richardson, pd $60 • Kanangra Restaurant, Liz Pilbury & Brad Messer, pd $520 • Capricorn International Resort, Iwasaki Sangyo Co. (Aust.) Pty Ltd, $260 • Blue Anchor Motel, Don Machan, pd $260 • Beryl & Maurie Cagney, pd $260 • Seven Dwarfs, Brian & Beverley Gilligan, pd $260 • North Keppel Island Resort, Naomi Hehir & Peter Hayward, pd $260. • Cooberrie Park, John & Pattie Shannon, pd $65 • Keppel Island Water Taxi, Bob Goodger, pd $130 • Capricorn Water Slide, Harold, Joan & Kevin Dobby, pd $260 • Paul Watts & Associates, Paul & Rhonda Watts, $260 • L.J. Hooker, Nick & Dora Callianiotis, pd $260 • Scoffm, J & Y. Jewellers, John & Yvonne Scoffin, pd $20 • Bennetts Menswear, Tony Bennett, pd $5



Your hosts Denis Hinton MLA & his wife Roslyn invite

National Party supporters to dinner to meet

Premier Hon Russell Cooper MLA BAYVIEW TOWER,'YEPPOON

Monday, November 13, 7pm $25 per head

RSVP: 39 2352 or 39 1007


• 4W.WW:::::5;•••00:tiii Asel ae•

Novelty cakes for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries & other speci.1 occasions

EMU PARK 39 6398St BAKERY Pattison

Real Steak Pies, Pie & Peas, Curry, Steak WE SELL: & Kidney, Family Tank, Pies, Cottage, Onion Hi-Top, Grain, Pies, Pasties, Viennas, Sausage Rolls

Cobs, Rye

• OPEN 7 days • Pritikin Style 6am-5pm Mon to Fri 6am-2.30pm Sat, Sun & Public Hol

• Ken Jones Marine, Ken & Rosemary Jones, pd $25 • Elgan Units, The Nagle Family, pd $260 • Sunlover Lodge, Wolfgang & Brigette Bielharz, pd $65 • Whites Tourist Services, Ruth & Trevor White, pd $65 • Gumnut Glen, Kerry Flynn, pd $100 • Keppel Barge Services, Ken Woods, pd $260 • Yeppoon Charity Market, pd $260 • Kempsea Carpark, Arthur & Betty Ware, pd $65 • Railway Hotel, Ron & Jan Schmidt, pd $260 • Anon, son of Yeppoon's early storekeeper, pd $500. • ANZ Bank, Arthur Holt, pd $260 • Denison Star, John & Heather Donkin, pd $260 • Howard & June Rodda, pd $60 • Billy the Mountain Entertainment, Bill Ludwig & Pauline Gallie, pd $130 • Yeppoon Butchers, Pat & Ann O'Brien, pd $260 • Q'ld Premier-Mines Pty Ltd, Frank Beckinsale, $50. • Kristin's Hair Design, Kris Plain, pd $25 • Sail-inn Motel, Elaine Melaney, pd $65 • J E Davies Medical Pty Ltd, Jonathon & Janet Davies, Pd $65 • Yeppoon Backpackers Hostel, Tony Millroy & Anna Potter, pd $65 • BeBops, Helen Bayne, pd $20 • Beachcomber Hair Trends, Donna Molloy, pd $20 • Tanby Turf, pd $260 • Yeppoon Marine Engineers, Kathy & Roger Dale, pd $100 • Capricorn Coast Tours, Glen, Marsha & David Reddiex, pd $260 • Coral Life Marineland, Kevin & Yvonne Logan, pd $115 • Father H J Gygar, Catholic Church Yeppoon, pd $260 • Denhams Bros. Limited, Savemore Centre, pd $260 • Hedi's Boutique, Claude & Hedi Goetz, pd $260 • Tanby Roses, Keith & Janice Hendy, pd $65 • Como Holiday Units, Horst & Fay Simon, pd $130 • Barrier Reef Backpackers, Appleton & Widdowson, pd $20 • Jim Pearce, ALP Candidate Broadsound, pd $50 • C.Q. Pest Control, Chas. & Jane Hilliard, pd $65 • Ampol Service Station, Nev. & Carole Welfare, pd $100 • Denis Hinton, Member for Broadsound, pd $260 • B.A.C. Removals, Eric & Kirstin Sundgren, pd $52C • Mario & Elma Cresta, pd $260 • Lions Club of Yeppoon, pd $260 • Capricorn Palms Caravan Park, Richard & Jeanette Cavanagh, pd $260 • Annie's Pie Van, Dermott & Ena Egan, pd $65

• Sandy's Cafe, Frank & Rosslyn Knobel, pd $200 • Aussie Hot Bread, John, Judy, Richard O'Grady, p $100 • Club Hotel, Norm Marsden and Margaret Hoare, pd $260 Anonymous housewife, (Emu Park), $10 • Savemore Centre Traders, 2 pledges of $260 p.a., pd $520 • Capricorn Coast Sports, Hobby Centre, Ron & Beryl Dawson, $260 • Andrews Construction, John Andrews & John Brian, pd $260 • Stewart & Brumm Chemists, Kevin & Rosaleen Brumm, pd $260 • Capricorn Fruit Supplies, Dick & Betty Tyrer, pd $100 • Anonymous Yeppoon Potters, pd $20 • Strand Hotel, Peter Green, pd $65 • A.J. Ralston Optometrists, Jeff Hall, pd $260 • Drs Ramiah & Donohue, pd $260 • Rosslyn Bay Fishermen's Co-op Assoc Limited, P Hansen, B Pattemore, pd $260 • Annie's Pies, Lance & Annette Lawer, pd $30 • Penlaw Catering, Boyd Penfold & Lance Lawer, pd $30 • H.W. Findlay Pty Ltd, Henry Findlay & Margaret Malinconico, pd $130 • Keppel Kampout, Geoff Mercer, pd $260 • Dowies View Tours, John Dowie, pd $65 • Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort, Roger Barratt, pd $60 • Old Glenmore Homestead, George Birkbeck, pd $65 • Yeppoon Rotary Club Inc, $520 • Pacific Hotel & Liquor Barn, Bill & Dot Nugent, pd $300 • Livingstone Shire Council, pd $5000 The following businesses and individuals have pledged donations of $520 over two years: • Capricorn Reef Diving (Rob Frietag) • Keppel Bay Motors (Bi & Barbara Ward) • Stickey & Associates Solicito, (Warren Rinkevich) • Mach 1 Panels (Mick McConnel) • Cooee Bay Marine (Vince & Lesley Welsh) • Yeppoon Stockfeeds (David Andrews) • Keppel Coast Gym (Kim and Sue Martin) • Coolwaters Holiday Village (Wayne Grady) • Irons Sawmill and Hardware (Dr Lex Homer) • Pedwin Autos Services (Henning Pedersen & Tony Irwin) • Kinka Lodge (Judith & Brian Hose & Judith Watts • Ami Setu (Dentist) & Gyan Setu • Each cheque paid to the appeal will be acknowledged. A Donation of $100 has been received from Olsen's Capricorn Caverns (Ken & Ann Augusteyn) The Caves.

Ron & Kerrie Hyslop's

Service Station EMU PARK • Petrol • Oil • Outboard Fuel •

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Open 7 Days (6am-7pm) Phone 39 6173


Sheikdom at



RESTAURANT Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort Rosslyn Bay COME JOIN US FOR THE SHEIKIEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE Dine in our desert atmosphere on November 17, 18 and 19 with Ali Baba, his mistress and their graduating students ICOMPLIMENTARY COCKTAIL FOR EVERYONE DRESSED IN ARABIAN COSTUME \ s. FREE CAMEL RIDES 2

Cost: $30 per head for 6 course meal Friday or Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch

This is the first group of students to complete the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre's Hospitality Studies at the Rosslyn Bay Campus. The students' theme is a weekend of Middle Eastern Delights as part of their Arabian Nights.

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The ONLY Alternative

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ABOVE: Volunteer fireman Phil Agius really put his back into it when practising with the jaws of life at a demonstration at Yeppoon Fire Station last week.

Howard RODDA

Liberal for



d IT roadsoun


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989 - 13 •

HIRE Televisions and

Videos from$27

a manth

Les McDonald 39 3133 ADVERTISEMENT

DENIS ACHIEVES... Pensioner accommodation - first class - low rent

• ABOVE: Margaret Ireland (centre) opened the Don Ireland SWinillliV Complex on Sunday morning. She is pictured with her daughter-in-law Jan, Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen (right), Member for Capricomia Keith Wright (second right) and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR •

Compelled to reply WE feel compelled to reply to the letter headed lammermoorians lose to LSC grader' and would like to say this to the writer. If bull.... reigned supreme - you'd be King.

- H Fisher and J Craig, Prospect Suret, Yeppoon.

Who would cop...? THANK goodness the pig's head left on Yeppoon Police station's front lawn wasn't deposited at Denis Hinton's office, because we all know who would have been blamed.

- Ross Dickson, Stevenson Street, Badows Hill

Save your paper WHITE paper is going the way of white bread, white sugar and white rice, it is unhealthy. The bleaching of paper pulp with chlorine leads to the formation of dioxins, which are some of the most deadly toxins known. The alternative that is now available is 100 percent recycled paper that has been neither de-inked nor bleached. This is the most environmentally friendly method of making paper. Support in the market place, however, is needed to ensure the future production of this paper, so I would urge your readers to buy recycled, unbleached paper for as many applications as possible.

- Glenmary Swan, Capricorn Conservation Council co-ordinator

Daylight Saving Blues Daylight saving has only just started, And already I have found out, What little I'm likely to gain on the swing, I'll lose on the roundabout. Having used the new daylight provided Having worked all day in the sun, I'm no further ahead than I was last week, There arc still lots of jobs to be done. To all of you folkswhowould tamperwith time, I will nominate that which I seek, Long hours of daylight are of no use to me, What I need are more days in the week.

- Mervyir Scope.

Pineapple Patch and

Colonial Gardens UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP Watch for ... • New name • New ideas • New look • New approach Call in (opp golf course) & meet the staff OPEN 7 days-a-week 7.15am-6.30pm

$10,000 to disabled ramp at pool THE disabled persons ramp in the Don Ireland Swimming Pool complex was funded by the State Government. At the complex's opening on Sunday, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton presented the committee with a 510,000 cheque. "I was distressed that I had been unable to provide State Government funds to assist the

$100,000 renovations nearing completion at the Strand Hotel RENOVATIONS costing more than S100,000 end this week at the Strand Hotel returning a "run-down" hotel to its former glory. Licensee-manager Peter Green said "rundown" was the only term that could apply to the hotel he took over eight months ago. At that time he had been sent to Yeppoon for one year and, before leaving Brisbane, he made sure it would only be one year. Eight months later, with the work nearing completion, the view of the beach from the front of the hotel had made him decide to ask for an extension at the Strand. "The place gets to you," he said. Renovations started with the exterior paint job and continued throughout the building and into the accommodation wing. The biggest change was the creation of the Tide's Inn Restaurant in an area that had been a store room. This had not been expanded into the old Treasure Trove shop, taking seating from 40 to between 70 and 80. The public bar was turned into the Sportman's Bar and between the two a T-shirt and souvenir shops replaced the former bottle shop. The beergarden had been renovated and renamed Tide's Out and seating had been doubled to 150 to cater for live entertainment on Sundays and char grills. The Dolphin Function room upstairs had been remodelled and air-conditioned and was attracting business.

Gold and bronze to college chefs TWO apprentice chefs working at St Brendan's College under the Capricorn Group Training scheme won gold and bronze at the Capricorn chef-of-the-year. First year apprentice Scott Herbert won gold in his section and second year Jason Birse brought home bronze. The competition, for the Capricorn region, was held at the Rockhampton College of TAFE on the weekend. "The menu was set and each apprentice competed in their year group," St Brendan's chef-in-charge John Fitchen said. "They competed against 25 other apprentices and we are pleased with their success. "It is the first time I've had a apprentices who have won special places."

Capricorn Coast Pool Maintenance Leave Water Samples, • Pick up Pool Supplies at Yeppoon Glass & • Tiles, 53 Tanby Rd

Marlborough or Emu Park pool because of the difficulties of precedent and the enormous cost to the State Government if it funded community pools, which are normally a local government responsibility," Mr Hinton said. "The grant for the disabled persons ramp was a one-off and was funded within Family Services guidelines."

Ph. 39 1198

,0 F ENgD. Capricorn 7.11

_ Diesel Services

* Engines * Pumps * Gen Sets * laser AM (Old) . Truck WheA Alignment


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Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

Yeppoon Exhausts and Car Gear

Electronic Engine Tuning Pipes &pufflers Shock Absorbers Auto Accessories To w B a rs Parts Performance Expert Fitting Phone 57 Tanby Rd) Yeppoon 39 1038

CABINET MAKERS •Kitchens • Wardrobes • Polishing (CUSTOM-MADE FURNITURE Free Measure & Quote - We fit & Install 57 TANGY RD - 39 4973 f


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Cal-Chlor _ lokg -$52.95 !.‘ Swim Clear_ 10kg - $92.95 Stabilised Chlorine

The 15 family units in the motel had been refitted with new curtains and bedspreads and, despite airline disputes, only one room was available on Tuesday night. Work was still continuing on the Tropicana Lounge facing the beach which opens on Tuesday, November 14, with the Electric Blue Girls, an International Dance Review. Mr Green said the renovations were part of cleaning up the hotel's image. The work had paid off in increased trade. , The Austotel-owned Strand had employed eight staff eight months ago and now had 22 permanent casuals with three more soon to be engaged.

SINCE becoming Member for Broadsound I have placed high priority on the provision of pensioner accommodation on the Capricorn Coast. Many of our Senior Citizens do not enjoy the standard of living that they are entitled to after a lifetime of work within our society. I am proud of my achievements in the construction of eight pensioner units at Bill Shuttlewood Lodge and a further 8 units at Ron Kershaw Lodge which will be officially opened on November 23. A further 12 units will be constructed at a site in Rockhampton Road in January and land is being provided in Hutton Street for yet more units. I am also seeking a site in Emu Park. I gratefully acknowledge the advice received from the Yeppoon and Emu Park branches of the Pensioners league in regard to pensioner requirements and Senior Citizens can be assured this first class, low rental accommodation will continue to be constructed- a commitment honoured - a Broadsound achievement.

39 3398

a/h 39 4027

supafinish Panel Beating & Spray Painting We'll respray your vehicle using the latest in paint technciogy WE USE & RECOMMEND QUALITY DULUX PRODUCT:-

39 4166

Sean Chamberlain or call to 57 Tanby Rd for a free quote".

14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror- 'November 10: - November 16, 1989

For this one night in November, the environment was king... • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 Mr Pearce said police, ambulance and fire brigades were all starved of funds under the present government. Labor would ensure the people of Queensland were protected in all three areas. Mr Rodda said the last thing Yeppoon needed was a fire of the type depicted in the film, the Towering Inferno, especially if the fire brigade did not have the equipment to fight such a fire in the town's highrise building and the two boarding schools. Mr Hinton said there had been a "hullaballoo" about two years ago over removing three fire officers from Yeppoon and leaving only one in charge of auxiliaries. He had brought then Administrative Services Minister Don Neal together with topranking fire officials and public servants, to a meeting at the Coast and the resulting meeting with Coast residents had kept the four officers in Yeppoon. The result was that Yeppoon, on the basis of population, was one of the best manned in the State. There could not be additional services without higher taxes. (There was a point of order from the floor saying that Mr Hinton had in fact been in favoUr of reducing staffing at Yeppoon Fire Station and it was 13 members of the public who swung the vote in favour of keeping the fire officers. Mr Hinton clashed with the questioner saying he had "at first" supported the removal of officers but he had listened to public opinion and reversed hi# stand). Mr O'Brien, with his answer to this question, started a swing of opinion to his side with humour. He said services in Queensland were slashed to the bone. He (Mr O'Brien) was the first to say Denis Hinton had done a lot in three years but "only because Broadsound is a marginal seat". "Vote me into office and if it stays a mar-

ginal seat we'll get the funds." Naturally, in a seat where there's a "green" independent standing, there were questions on the environment. Basically, all four sounded like "green" candidates. Every development was going to be looked at "in the light of how it would affect the environment" ... for this one night, the environment was king. Foreign investment was another topic and all candidates effectively talked of controls and committees and looking into it". On the issue of a State bank to assist small business, Mr O'Brien said it seemed to be a good idea and it needed to be looked at; Mr Hinton was opposed. It would be robbing Peter to pay Paul because of subsidies; Mr Rodda was opposed. He felt all borrowers should pay market rates; Mr Pearce said would be looking at forming a State Bank as soon as it took office. It would see that Queenslanders got a fair go. It would not be a QIDC. There would be an independent board. All four were asked for their "personal" opinion of daylight saving. All four hedged. Each wound up saying it was a matter that should be put to the people in some way or other. Sand mining was an issue that would not go away. Mr Hinton supported it only if environmental impact statements supported it; Mr O'Brien totally opposed sand mining in Corio Bay; Mr Rodda said he did not know enough about the topic to comment and Mr Pearce said under Labor, there would be no sand mining of Byfield National Park. One questioner persisted with an inquiry of Mr Hinton as to why he had not supported Labor's attempts to introduce a Foreign Land Register since 1979. Mr Hinton replied the National Party had introduced the only register that existed in Australia. He said he was not aware of ALP policy in 1979.

The same questioner asked why Mr Hinton had not supported the Savage Report recommendations for help to Small Business. Mr Hinton replied he had not been in parliament at the time. -The final question asked of each candidate was what was their pet project they wouldwork on for the Coast should they be elected. Mr Pearce said he would like to set up communications between everyone in the electorate ... "business, council, schools; it's these people who know what the problems are". He would seek guidance from these people in identifying what had been wrong for so long. Another pet project, one which he had "copped flak" over, was the northern road link for the Coast. The lack of a road link to the north was one reason why the Coast was suffering because tourists did not want to take a scenic route that covered 100km and brought them back to where they started. He said it would cost a lot of money. Mr Rodda said he found politics something new and that there was a great lack of knowledge of the problems in the community. He would have an advisory committee drawn from various organisations. He said he was not fully aware of the miners' problems where Mr Pearce came from (Dysart), he knew tourism, but was new to conservation. He said there was a need for Member of Parliament to get the best information. Mr Hinton had two pet projects; the realisation of the new TAFE college on the site that had been bought at the entrance to Yeppoon; and the extension of the four-lane highway from Yeppoon to Rockhampton. The Coast needed training facilities for its young people so they could help the area grow. Mr O'Brien said he had issued a statement on the need for help for small business which was one of his pet projects. The most important "pet" would be helping the unemployed youth of the Coast. He said

LO WOK Will! IlleSe people ... "they need a professional youth worker. W, have no youth shelter; nothing." In their three-minute summing up, Mr Peace said he was not a big-timer, not a knowall ... "I'm and achiever, a quiet achiever. I like to get the job done". Mr Rodda said there were three big evils in Australia ... "Big government, big unions and big business':. He defined big business as multi-nationals who scoured the world for cheap pineapples, canned them overseas, brought them to Australia and put them on supermarket shelves while our growers had to pay Australian wage rates. He closed by saving he felt there were hard times ahead. Mr Hinton reiterated his opening statement that he had provided the Coast with the infrastructure it needed to grow. He was proud that he had been involved in getting the Coast going. He called for support for another three years. Mr O'Brien said the most important matter for the Coast was diversity. It had already been provided in some respects by tourism operators setting up accommodation ranging from camping sites in caravan parks to resorts. As a result, the Coast had not been knocked about by the airlines dispute. The Coast had to maintain its diversity; "not like the butcher who sells milk or the mechanic who sells floppy disks" but by looking at- the Cattledrome project; by asking why the Coal' didn't have a pineapple cannery. "We have to expand our base and we have to do it ourselves because these guys (the party candidates) can't help us; they are in enough trouble." He said there were four candidates on December 2 (now 5) but really only two ... "It's them, or us." The meeting closed with applause for all candidates.

(New Products The Waverunner...great fun for whole family!

THE Yamaha Waverunner WR500 is the best excuse you'll find to take to the water this summer ... it's genuine fun for the whole family! It's carries two people at up to 60km/h, it's safe and it gets the adrenalin flowing from the moment you turn on the electric-start 500cc motor. It's a motorcycle on water! Vince Welsh at Cooee Bay Marine has been appointed the central Queensland agent for Yamaha Water Vehicles and wants everyone to experience the fun of roaring along the water. To share this fun experience he is offering free demonstrations. Call in at the Cooee Bay Marine premises, 49 Tanby Road, Yeppoon, have a look at this startling machine

then j oin. Vince in a demonstration ride ... you won't be disappointed. This is a demonstration for Mum, Dad and the kids so they can all share the exhilaration. Then Vince's introductory price tops off the excitement ... the Wave Runner WR500 is now available for just $5750 ... what else offers a family so much fun per dollar? The Wave Runner can be ridden by any family member right from the start.You don't need special skills or balance ... the Wave Runner is easy to ride. This jet-driven "motorcycle on water" has no propellor so it's super-safe. You can roar along in flat water or jump waves ... either way it's unadulterated fun. Phone Vince now on 39 1675.

Top quality Tasco binoculars from only $79.95 DID you know you could buy top quality binoculars in Yeppoon? Now let's get this clear, not just binoculars but top quality ones. There's a wide range of the world famous Tasco brand binoculars on display at Findlay's Betta Store in James Street, opposite Beaman Park. You must have a look at this range if you're thinking about Christmas gifts because one look through them will convince you. They're really quite inexpensive when you consider the quality. Prices start at $79.95 for the 8x32 model and the dearest is only $183 and that's for the 7x50 , rubb erised , water resistant model that is ideal for the yachtie. Other models include 7x35, 7x50, and 8x40. Now, if those terms don't mean anything to you, ask the stafffor a demonstration. Once you've looked through them you will understand. The image is sharp, it's clear and these Tasco Binoculars are powerful. Don't worry about focusing these

See the Bay from Bay Vacationer JUST staying for a few days or planning your next holiday? Why not call in at the Bay Vacationer, in Anzac Parade, Yeppoon and make a booking with Peter or Yvonne Motton? Phone 39 1213. There's no better way of spending your holiday on the Capricorn Coast than right in town with the beach directly over the road and views, day and night, over Keppel Bay to Great Keppel Island.

141171711 (111441



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11111.101111110111 I11 ...'MPriris,^10 . V•04440' 04


lllll 1114111V 5f.X/Ibtlir!



binoculars; one touch is enough with the Zip Focus models and others are always in focus whatever you're looking at. Think about that for a minute. The fixed-focus models are ideal for bird watching ... you see a bird, whip out the Tasco binoculars and there it is in glorious detail. All models come equipped with straps and carry cases. Incidently, Findlays also have details on the "World Class" Tasco range ... these are the models that carry a lifetime guarantee. If anything, absolutely anything, should happen to them, they will be replaced free! Call in at Findlays.

Budget, Beachfront S/C Units, Zilzie HOW does $20 double overnight sound for beachfront units on the Zilzie beachfront? It's top value for a clean, fully self-contained unit in a quiet, tropical garden location on the-beach. Ask about group or family rates. Phone 39 6223 or look for the Pottery sign, 26 Esplanade, Zilzie.

Tell the Coast about your special product l in this Shopping Locally column Phone 39 4244. It costs just $3.30 per centimetre with a minimum price of $13.20.

' Capricorn Coast'Mirror November 10'- November 16;1989 15 M1•11111111M110•11MM1101111••••111111ne



Capricorn Coast -



TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material. statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is. or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive: is in full or. in part, defamatory. in breach of copyright. trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mitror are relying on the provisions of this clause. • In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication, the AdvertiSer hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims, damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct. alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While every care is taken with all Disp • lay and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made. but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accePted forwrongclassification or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone.

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion,., phone 39 3722 or 344130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call); 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Ph Brenda Barry, 39 4304: AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday, 7pm for Christian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship &studyof Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139

THANKS NOTICES DON Ireland Swimming Complex committee thanks everyone who helped in any way at the opening of the complex on Sunday. Thankt to everyone who has helped physically or with donations since the idea was 'floated'.

PUBLIC NOTICES Capricorn Home Deliveries I

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Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays . Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6014



PUBLIC NOTICES CAPCOAST Rugby Union Christmas hamper winner Emma Maguire. YEPPOON Recreation Youth Club raffle: 1st, S Schelke: 2nd, D Patterson; 3rd, M Collins. YEPPOON Indoor Bowling Club Melbourne Cup raffle, permit 2317: 1st, E Seeman, Coolsetti Ave, Yeppoon; 2nd, M Bertrand, Birdwood Ave, Yeppoon; 3rd, B Banister. Arthur St, Yeppoon. TYRER family has sold the Pineapple Patch and Colonial Gardens and they thank all customersfor their patronage and wish Valley Syndicate every success. ANNUAL general meeting, Emu Park Rugby league Club. Sunday, November 12, 10am, Pine Beach Hotel beergarden. All executive positions vacant. Interested persons welcome. ANNUAL general meeting CapCoast Rugby Union Club, Thursday, November 30. 7.30pm, Railway Hotel. All executive positions vacant. Interested persons welcome. SWIMMING pool and shady BBQ area in tree setting available for Christmas and New Year party hire. Phone Capricorn Coast Squash Centre, 39 2444 or 39 3321.

RSL of A Yeppoon sub-branch The annual general meeting is to be held in the RSL Hall at

'Hempenstall,'Noyes. & Asociates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Constiltants

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Commercial Sheds for sale for removal


The sheds, known as Goody's = ' Engineering Works: • 1 clean span building 105'x60' • 1 clean span building 50'x40' • 1 skillion building 20'x30' Direct inquiries to Frank Bebkinsale

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7.30pm, Tues, Nov 14, 1989 Hon Sec

Social Night Top BBQ

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Dancing • Entertainment November 18, 6.30pm

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Members bring as many guests possible


(53 TAN BY RD • Rust Repairs • 'Panel Beating •

Leila on piano Tom on Saxophone & Trumpet Graham on drums


SPECIALISTS , Capricorn Coast Squash Rackets Association thanks the following fortheir support which enabled the Trend Interiors Capricorn Coast Open Squash Tournament to be such a success. Trend Interiors; John Richardson; L J Hooker (N Callianiotis); Equinox; Central Coast Sawmill; Bay Vacationer; La Bamba; Dowie View Tours; Brian Hooper Real Estate; Chippindale Motors; Harbour View Laundramats; St Brendan's College; Yeppoon Tyre Service; Louise's Coffee Lounge; Neville Welfare's Service Station; Yeppoon Tackle and Sports; Murph's Sight n Sound; Irons Hardware Emrik Apollo; Pacific Hotel & Liquor Barn; Treasure Trove; HW Findlay & Co; Bennetts Menswear; Coucoms Shell Museum; Golden Sands Units; BP Yeppoon; CK Motors; Stewart & Brumm Chemists; Rockmans


Annual Meeting Tuesday, November 14 7.30pm, Pacific Hotel Agenda: Welcome • Apologies Management Committee Report Treasurer's Report (audited) Election of Management Committee Appointment of Auditor

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Accounting Services Business Advice Taxation Services 74 James Street (next to the Rock) Phone

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ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. BRICKLAYER, retaining walls, BBQs, letterboxes, etc. Phone 33 6143. CONCRETING. foundations, house floors, suspended floors, driveways, exposed aggregate. Col 39 4066: Mal 39 1247. DRESSMAKING done at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4604, ask for Wendy anytime after 6pm. HOUSES cleaned inside and out. For free, noobligation quote. Phone Des, 39 7110. INTERIOR painting by qualified semi-retired painter. Cheap but good. Pensioner 20% rebate. All work guaranteed. You don't pay unless satisfied. 39 4772 evenings. LANDSCAPING, paving, retainer walls, garden irrigation. For free quotes, ring 39 7530. MAINTENANCE, plumbing, drainage, building, painting, repairs, etc. Phone 39 3503. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding. Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens. 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SIGNWRITER has brush will work. Phone (G')Day, 39 4648 a/h. SLASHING: allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TREE lopping, plumbing, drainage, repairs, renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO. TVand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. RAY ARMSTRONG


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wanted for coming season Male or Female We are prepared to train willing workers Phone 33 6339 during office hours for details

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LOST your dog. Contact dog officer, 018 792036 or call at LSC depot between 3pm and 4pm during the week.


REWARD offered for information leading to the return of the following, misplaced between Yeppoon and Capricorn Palms, during St Ursula's speech weekend. • Wedding, Engagement and Eternity platinum rings • Sapphire platinum ring • 2 diamond rings set in gold • Gold cross and chain All items are of sentimental value and in old-fashioned settings. Please phone

Yeppoon Police, 39 1400 if you have any information

16 - Capricorn Coast MiftOr November 10 '-'NOVerabef 16, 1989



For all your Concrete needs on the Coast


39 1764


Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •


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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989 - 17.

Private swim pools can be health risk

U3A social day LJ3A Capricorn Coast members are invited to asocial get together on November 17 at the Rosslyn Bay Inn at noon. The meeting is the first of what is hoped to be a regular monthly event. Informality is the order of the day with an entertaining guest speaker. All members are encouraged to attend as are all those interested in the University of the Third Age concept. Take a friend. For information contact Ian Whitehead, 27 2266. The discussion group meets on Mondays between 1.30pm and 3.30pm at the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre, Housden Place. Next guest. speaker is Livingstone Shire Community Development Officer Jane Wallace who will explain her role in the shire. Contact Joan Whyte if interested, 39 6472.

PRIVATE swimming pools can be a health risk with the spread of various diseases so Livingstone Shire Council's health department will check pools during the summer season. Officers will give advice to pool owners and check chlorine levels. "Swimming pool water is hygienicwhen a free chlorine reading of not less than 0.3 parts per million with a pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 being maintained," Health Inspector John Harmsworth- said. "A private swimming pool is required to be fenced in such a manner as to stop the access of small children. The minimum standard is set by council's by-laws, available from our department. "If any pool owner needs advice on pool or fence construction or water treatment, our staff would be pleased to help."



MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002. SANDBLASTING: anytime, anything, anywhere. Competitive rates. 39 4633.

SATURDAY after 8am. Going back to Japan. Kitchen utensils, sundries, etc. Farnborough Road, third house on the right, north of Farnborough School. 39 7610. SATURDAY morning from 7.30am. 19 Kennedy Street, Zizlie. Household items.

MOTOR VEHICLES 1981 LANDROVER troop carrier, 3.5 litre engine. original 26,000 miles. $6000. Phone 39 4547. WANTED to buy: VW Combi Van, fair condition. ,Nrite: R Howland, c/- Staff, Heron Island. 4680.

FOR SALE TURKEYS: white, first lay. $30 pair. Ph 39 3370. NEW Rover, 5hp, ride-on mower. Under new price. Try before you buy. 39 6798. CONCRETE paving slabs. 6 different sizes. Now available locallyat Capricorn Rockblock. 39 3893. COW manure. Fine. $3.50 bag delivered town area; $3 bag collect. Phone 39 3333. COME see our new greenhouse. Small and advanced indoor plants, also outdoor plants. Budget Nursery, off Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. TRAMPOLINE, new mat, 17st capacity, $100, ideal Christmas present. 39 6706. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. SPLIT ironbark posts and rails. Phone 39 1140 evenings. STOVE elements. drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. LAMBSKINS. cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468.


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BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Junior Sports Ass'n. $100 jackpot. Promoter: Lyn Stephens. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No. B23804. WEDNESDAY: 7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Promoter: A Tranent. Permit No. B23049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. 821554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B23686. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totaling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. 823737.

SHARE PERSON to share farmhouse on acreage. $55 per week. Phone 39 4149.

WANTED TO RENT COAST resident family requires permanent 3br home, furnished or unfurnished. Yeppoon area. References. 39 1298.

WORK WANTED FENCING, yard building, trees cut and carted. Phone 39'1140 evenings.

EFFICIENT office worker: experienced in bookkeeping. typing, word processing and reception. Happy personality. You need me. Phone 391129. 17-YEAR-OLD male looking for apprenticeship as a chef. Has completed 12 months hospitality course at Rockhampton TAFE College. Lived in Yeppoon 13 years. Please phone 39 6476. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 39 4182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. TREE lopping, mowing, general yard cleaning. Phone 34 3732.

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HOUSE FOR SALE Alan and Colleen Stickley (and Mark) are moving to Brisbane and their home at 34 Tucker Street, Yeppoon, is for sale. The home features established easy-care gardens, large front verandah, open lounge with vertical drapes, dining room and kitchen ... all overlooking bushland, sea and town views. The family room, with large walk-in cupboard, leads to outdoor BBQ area, pergola and inground pool. There are three bedrooms, main en-suite, plus built-in library near bedrooms 2 and 3. Rockblock toolshed adjoins laundry area. 3 car accommodation. Close walking distance to primary school and Savemore centre.

May be inspected Sunday, November 12, 1989 by phoning 39 3427.


g2;veyilb•er 16,1989


Man has bath needs sponsor for charity day

Bowls social and barbecue STARTING at 6.30pm on Saturday, November 18, Yeppoon Bowls Club will hold a barbecue to be followed by a social evening for women and men. "Roll up and make it a beaut Christmas party," publicity officer Ivy McNamara said. "A small donation will be charged." Ladies presentation of trophies day is on Tuesday, November 28. Morning tea will be served at 11.30am. If the green is open bowls start at noon, if not other arrangements will be made. "President Marj would like members to take along either a tart or a cake and other goodies will be provided by the club and committee. "All items for our Christmas hamper from a members are a must to make it a success. President Marj would appreciate it as soon as possible." • The ladies have changed the venue for the Christmas luncheon to the sailing club. It is on Wednesday, December 6 at noon. "The charge is $12 per person and there is a sheet in the clubhouse (ladies room) for names of those attending," she said. "All money to be paid before presentation day, November 28. Lucky door prizes can be •won and members are not required to take any ... they will be supplied." Annual subscriptions are due (S15) and must be paid prior to the annual meeting on Friday, December 8. Any member who has not paid her fees will not be eligible to vote.

YEPPOON resident Allan Bailey is looking for sponsors or assistance to fund a bath-tub race for charity. Mr Bailey is Yeppoon Hospital Auxiliary vice president and has accepted a challenge from his brother, Eric, to race a bath-tub off Yeppoon next year. His brother took a bath-tub powered by a small outboard motor from Gladstone to Heron Island last year and raised 55000 for, charity. "We haven't decided on a course yet, but it will be off Yeppoon, in either June or July, 1990," Mr Bailey said. "The auxiliary supplies equipment for Yeppoon Hospital that is not budgeted for by the board of directors and the bath-tub race is a fun way of doing it. "These funds are usually raised through raffles and that won't be enough with the advent of the nursing home. We urgently need an injection of a larger amount of money. "Any business or individual sponsoring the race will have their name on the bath-tub and in any promotional material used," he said. "It doesn't have to be cash, it can be goods. I'll need enough styrene flotation material to make the tub buoyant and stable and fibreglass to encase the foam and secure it to the tub." He has a new bath-tub donated by Young's Distribution Centre, Townsville, an old outboard motor from Ken Jones Marine and Charlie Richards donated the motor's gearbox and he has received a number of expressions of interest in helping. "But I need more help and certainly cash or goods." Mr Bailey can be contacted for suggestions or inquiries at home, 393232, or during the day at Ken Jones Marine, 39 4002.

Combined Coast teams have win EIGHTEEN teams of six took part in the Rockhampton Combined Clubs and Combined Capricorn Coast Clubs played in the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club's playing arena on Sunday. It was a five-game day and all players voted it a day of good bowls and sociability. Combined Coast Clubs won the day by a good margin of wins, 27 to 18, but the overall points margin was a mere 20, Coast scoring 27 wins, 477 points to Rockhampton's 18 wins, 457 points. First prize in the raffle, a meat tray, was won by Yeppoon's Myrtle Cooper, and second prize of a towel went to Rockhampton's Elaine Yunm. Frenchville club visits YIBC next Wednesday morning when the Beryl Beattie Shield will be played. Next Friday night, Rockhampton clubs Wandal and Capri visit Yeppoon. YIBC's Christmas dinner is on Sunday, November 26 in the club's Yeppoon Showground hall.

Phillips wins with 64 nett THURSDAY'S match play final at Zilzie Golf and Country Club was won by Red Team. The stroke game was won by 0 R Phillips with 64 nett and M Thompson won the pinshot. The stableford winners on Saturday were T Pincott with 42 points and D Frisby 39. A Lewis won the pinshot. Sunday's members' medal was won by G Brimmell with 59 nett. Members' stableford for the G Pearson trophy was won by R Sheppard with 44 points on countback from T Pincott. Associates' medal final winner was G Hicks with 62 nett. She also won G Pearson's trophy. The pinshot went to G Brimmell and draw for pinshot, D Frisby. There is a working bee on the course at 8am on Saturday, tomorrow. The stableford will be played and the draw is from noon to 12.30pm. Sunday's game is a stroke for G Brimmell's trophies with the draw from noon to 12.30pm.

• ABOVE: Everyone went to the Trend -Interiors Capricorn Coast 12th Open Annual Squash Tournament on the weekend. May Briggs is pictured with one spectator who wanted to cuddle.

Coast racehorse syndicate wins $5000 at Melbourne Cup meeting meeting which attracted 33 starters. Last year's Melbourne Cup Day meeting had four races and 15 starters. Triloox, which is trained by last season's YARC premier trainer Lyle Rowe, was ridden a confident race by Rockhampton apprentice Michael Evans. Evans, the son of many time Rockhampton premiership winner Gary Evans, rates the win, his 22nd, as his biggest thrill so far in racing. Triloox won like a 5-4 on favourite should, by four lengths, easing down from the Clive Large-trained El Jada and second favourite Confident Lover. Premiership leader Peter Wheeler, who is apprenticed to Bushley trainer Wayne Cowie, combined with his master to score the first leg of a personal double on first starter British Game in the Mudcrab Maiden Handicap, (1200m). When Wheeler won the next race, the Seafood and Eat It Country Stakes (1440m) on Argent Nuage, it gave him successive doubles at Yeppoon and sixwins from as many rides this season. However his winning streak was not allowed to continue in the next race when his mount, Champagne Tess, put on a rodeo act and threw him twice ... once in the saddling enclosure and then just as the horse moved onto the track. In the absence of the withdrawn Champagne Tess the race, the Full Plate Handicap (1000m), was won by the Tanzada three-yearold Tanspot which Bouldercombe trainer Don Forsyth thought might be a bit big as the dual Rockhampton winner was returning after being nearly three months off the racing scene. Husband-and-wife team Terry and Cathy Chinner combined to continue Instant Reaction's domination of the 400m sprints at Yeppoon when the five-year-old Easy Azure horse scored by a neck in a thrilling finish to maintain a clean sweep of this event since sprint races resumed three meetings ago.

FOUR Coast racehorse owners cracked a big win on Melbourne Cup Day at Yeppoon Raceswhen theirjointly-owned horse, Triloox, won the Ray Morgan Memorial Two-YearOld Stakes. The race, named in honour of ex-Dulux and Earle's Paints representative Ray Morgan, who died earlier this year. carried prizemoney of S7100. Triloox owners Ray Armstrong, Greg Simpson, Debbie Lodwick and the estate of Brian Gilligan picked up S5000 plus a S100 trophy. This is third only to the Silver Bootee Stakes and the Toast-of-the-Coast events held each year at Yeppoon. The prizemoney was made possible by the wide support given by Dulux, Earles Paints and panel beaters and painters throughout Central Queensland who had come in contact over the years with Mr Morgan. His widow, Dot Morgan, attended the meeting and presentation but was unable to make a speech. John Suthers, speaking on her behalf, said the memorial race had been made possible by "the high esteem Ray had with both hiS social and business friends". Triloox is a 2-y-o sprinter who gained his name by a method only the Coast could choose; the syndicate had tried other horses which had all failed so they came up with the idea of buying a horse for his looks ... hence Triloox. Close to 500 people attended the five-race



Concrete' C Pebble Painted Pty Ltd"'


Marble Sheen


THE ULTIMATE IN HI TECH CONCRETE POOLS & SPAS • We also revamp your existing Pool! • Convert to-or replace Vinyl Liners • Complete Pool Maintenance. Inground and Aboveground Pools & Spas

Ph 39 1198 or 22 2001

Cnr Matthew Flinders Dye & Yeppoon-Emu Park Rd YeppoonJ

Holiday plans for youngsters COAST resident Cheryl Scott has organised school holiday activities for six to 14 year-olds ... if enough are interested. She has arranged for the YWCA in Rockhampton to set up special activities over four weeks: December 18 to 22; January 8 to 12; January 15 to 19 and January 22 to 26. "It is difficult if you are a working mother to organise things for your children," Mrs Scott said. "I thought it would be different for Coast children to have a week in Rockhampton, so I approached the YWCA for help. "The children will be supervised by YWCA adults, not teenagers and the cost is all inclusive," she said. "They will go skating, visit the waterslide, have a barbecue lunch, visit the botanic gardens, go swimming, have indoor activities and a break-up party at the end of each week." Mrs Scott said the cost was S37 and included admission to wherever the children visited. "The cost also includes the bus fare to and'---1 from Rockhampton each day. All they have to take is a packed lunch. "It is non-profit, but I must have at least 50 children who want to go, otherwise I couldn't afford the bus." Phone Mrs Scott, 39 3143, if you are interested in your children having a week in Rockhampton during the school holidays.

Tennis festival ends '89 year YEPPOON and District Tennis Association has completed its year of play with the Festival of Tennis. Teams from Yeppoon, Rockhampton and Gladstone competed in A and B grade competition over the last two weekends. The Coast men's and ladies' teams were successful in the B grade division. The break-up and presentation night is at the sailing club on Saturday, November 18 at 7.15pm. Players and their families who wish to attend and have not yet indicated, are asked to advise John, Pam, Rhonda or Peg as soon as possible so numbers can be finalised. The club will subsidise all paid-yp members.

Dobby, Philp win on countback



TWELVE teams competed for trophies donated by games director Harold Dobby and selectors Michelle Ahern, and George and Mary Miller on Thursday, November 2 at St James Indoor Bowling Club. Joan Dobby and Ivy Philp won on countback from Ron Holland and Myrtle Cooper. Sportsman's prize went to Myrtle Smith, Kerry de Graff and Ella Hunt.


Raffle winners: Ivy Philp, Lill Young, Bonnie Atcheson, Joan Holland and Jean Preston. The lucky door went to Mary Miller. Thursday afternoon, November 16, is vice presidents' day and players compete for trophies donated by Audrey Abel, Eva Gardner and secretary Kath Mcllwraith. St James' Christmas party is on December 2 at Kanangra Restaurant.

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989 - 19

Swimmers record yersonal bests CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club members have competed in Central Queensland carnivals recently. The first was at Black-water on October 28 when 13 children and several parents travelled to the successful meet. There was an outstanding effort by Matthew Anderson and Natalie Cumming and all other children performed extremely well ... most swam their personal best times. The Moura and Biloela Carnivals were on November 4 and 5 and five swimmers went from the Coast. They collected 12 medals and N Cumming won age champion at Moura. At Biloela they won 14 medals and M Anderson was runner up age champion. Organisers were pleased with the fine efforts put in by all the children. The swimming club meets on Wednesday nights at the Cooee Bay pool and newmembers are welcome. Coast will host a big sprint and relay carnival on February 3, 1990. It is expected a large number of Coast members will nominate. Contact Kay Cumming, 39 3994 or Anne Novak, 39 3269 if you are interested in having your child join the swimming club.

Steve Pidcock man-of-the-match •CONTINUED FROM PAGE 20

• ABOVE: Brad Gough isn't just an outdoor cricket star ... he also shines cricket.

39 players tee off in ambrose at Yeppoon Golf Club women's day YEPPOON Golf Club women played a two team ambrose for the Dawn Wahlin trophy on Tuesday, October 31. Thirty-nine players hit off and the winners were J Leyden and L Brook with 67. Next were G ,Watson and D Gregg with 67 from J Davidson and L Quigley with 68. Pinshots: L Quigley and J Davidson.; K Jeacocke and S Hennessy. Proshots: C Somogyi and Y Fritschi; P King and J Alley. Birdsnests: S Kruger and H Fry; D Wahlin and B Chandler. The Wednesday club was again well attended and four visitors from the Capricorn Country Club hitting off. Ladies' stableford was won by D Webb with 37 from 0 Phillips 35, it Norton 35. First nine winner was R Norton with 29.5 and J Tiegs 30.5. Second nine: E Longton 28.5; D Webb 31.5; H Fry-31.5. Pinshots: J Tiegs and R Norton._Proshot: N Montgomery. Members' stableford: J Vuolo 45; P Marwedel 44; B Morgan, B Hertrick and M Eggleshaw 42 each; B Tennent and E Nankivell 41 each; M Matthews 40." First nine: B Morgan 28.5; B Tennent 29.5; J

Odds and Ends into etquash grand finals A GRADE squash semi finals were played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre on Wednesday night. Odds and Ends narrowly defeated top team Navigators, two rubbers each, eight games to six, to go straight to the grand finals to be held on Saturday, November 18. It was Navigators first defeat of the season. In the second semi final, fourth-placed Bits and Pieces defeated Saints and Sinners, two rubbers each, nine games to eight. Bits and Pieces now play Navigators in the preliminary finals in Wednesday night. Odds and Ends defeated Navigators, eight games to six: Gary Hodgson v Shane Miners 03; Denis Etheridge v David Schulz 2-3; Greg Pitt defeated Andrew Dowie 3-0; John Briggs def Chris Briggs 3-0. Bits and Pieces def Saints and Sinners, nine games to eight: Wayne Stewart def Chris Priem 3-1; Steve Kennett v Chris Callard 2-3; Val Odell v Robert Stewart 1-3; Neale Royal def Joe Foat 3-1.

Nail-biting finish in C grade squash C GRADE squash semi finals provided a nail biting finish with second team Navigators just defeating top team Professionals, two rubbers each, eight games each 110-109. In the second semi final Odds and Ends def Bits and Pieces and now play Professionals in the preliminary final on Wednesday night. Navigators defeated Professionals by one •oint: Ruth Frisch def Simon Atwell 3-1; Jason Powell def Shane Stockwell 3-1; Danny Malone v Chad Quigley 0-3; Jason Malouf v Dwayne Vivian 2-3. Odds and Ends def Bits and Pieces 3-1: Jason Frisch v Leon Greer 0-3; Eric Eddyned def Michelle Tucker 3-0; Majella Miners def Mark Bishton 3-0; Melinda Ganter def Wendy McGinty 3-0.


Licensed Approved Inspection Station


grade MECHANIC gives your vehicle Personal Attention at

Nutley's Auto Care Centre

Old Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon (Opposite Yeppoon Showground) All Makes, All Models, All Repairs Fully qualified Toyota, Mercedes- Benz, 4WD & Continental Car repairer FREE No Obligation QUOTE Phone 39 4688 or A/H 39 3752 NEW PREMISES - NEW EQUIPMENT

Steve Pidcock was man-of-the-match donated by Yeppoon Panel and Puint and Yeppoon Tyre Service. In its previous match the third grade side was beaten on first innings by Commonwealth. Coast was sent in to bat and dismissed for 97. Mick Barsby made 27, Tony Ellison 24 and Darren May 13. Commonwealth, in reply, made 198. Christie took 3/81 from 20 overs, Darren .May 3/43 from 12 and Tony Ellison took 2/11. Coast managed to avoid outright defeat by one wicket, when at stumps on the final day the score was 9/126. Ron Christie made 26, Paul Marsh 23, Steve Christie 17 and Mick Barsby 14. Cricket is played almost every weekend at Yeppoon Showground and anyone wishing to support the home side is welcome. No gate charge and refreshments are available.

• ABOVE: Tony Carte was in the indoor cricket grand finals at Capricorn Coast Indoor Sports.

Vuolo 30; B Hertrick, D Cooper and captain Jack Stratford 30.5 each. Second nine: P Marwedel and M Eggleshaw

Yeppoon Cavaliers defeat Emu Park Aussies in junior cricket YEPPOON Cavaliers defeated Emu Park Aussies on Saturday in the 6/7 junior cricket competition played at the Emu Park cricket ground. They won 79-75 in a close game. Cavaliers best were Robin Knobel who scored 25 and 24 respectively and were both not out. Stuart Murphy was Aussies top batsman with 26 not out and Jason Purton took three wickets. Sacred Heart Koalas and Yeppoon Colts played a scratch match. Colts borrowed some Koalas and won the match by one run, 86-85. Koalas best batsmen were M Scherlies 28 retired and M Jones 24 not out. Scherlies was also best bowler with 2 for 14 with Ryan Apps 2 for five. Colts best batsman and bowler was C Smith with 24 runs. Yeppoon Colts downed Emu Park Lions 9446 in the 4/5 game played at Emu Park Primary School. David Bentley and Nathan Hirning were Colts best batsmen with 15 and 14 not out. David Bentley was also best bowler with two wickets for no runs. Shay Tabb hit eight runs for Lions and Chris

New committee to push soccer in '90 YEPPOON United Soccer Club's new executive and committee iskeen to generate as much interest as possible for junior soccer's 1990 season. Representatives will go to each primary and secondary school before the end of term to talk to boys and girls. Registration forms for children to nominate for play next season are available at the schools next week. It is proposed to start the games earlier next year with possible games against Rockhampton clubs. Committee meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month, next on November 28, at the Uniting Hall, Arthur Street and all parents are welcome. Any inquiries: Michelle Baker 39 4964; Raylae Moffatt 39 1945; Anne Novak 39 3269.

Titmarsh and Shay Tabb were best bowlers with 1 for 3 and 1 for 4 respectively. Sacred Heart Koalas defeated Yeppoon Cavaliers 77-62 at Barmaryee. Quintal Goody hit 18 runs not out and B Hansen took two for 6 for Koalas. Adrian Moore was top batsman for Cavaliers with 10 not out. Ryan Duckwitz took one wicket for three runs. The end of year barbecue organised by Yeppoon Primary and funded by the boys during the year is on November 18 at 12.30pm. All Colts, Cavaliers, All Stars and Wanderers are to be at Yeppaon Primary School on that day. Before the barbecue a fathers v sons game has been arranged for the Colts and Cavaliers 4/5 at Barmaryee. Lunch and drinks are provided but parents have to take their own. The poolwill be opened after lunch.

29 each; R Montgomery 29.5; B Hertrick 31; J Vuolo and T Jarman 32 each. Pinshots went to G Jackson and J Vuolo and the proshot was won by P Marwedel. M Eggleshaw scored an eagle on number 15 green. Twenty-one members and 12 women hit off in the veterans stableford over 12 holes on Friday. Ladies' winner was S Haskins with 24 points from J Chandler with 22. E Longton scored the pinshot. T Woodbridge took out the members' stableford with 31 points from B Farrer with 29. Next were K Thompson 27, P Foxwell and J Stratford with 26 points. Jack Stratford also took out the pinshot ... in the hole. The ladies played a stroke on Saturday and D Haddow won with 66 nett from E Woodbridge 71 and L Quigley and C Freeman with 72 each. Pinshots: T Clark, S Burton and T Clark with the proshot to G Watson. Members played their monthly medal in A, B and C grades. A grade winner was B Tennent with 69' nett. B grade winners were N Royal and J Couani, both with 67. C grade winner was A Winterwith a nett of 60, which cost home a few strokes. Rundown: P Munro 64; R Hunt and S Harris 66 each; L Evans 67; R Kerr, A Kibble and B Morgan 68 each; J Burton, M Jeffery, V Hunt, J Andersen, K Dean and J Garvey, each with 69. Pinshots: A Kibble, L Evans and G patterson. Proshot went to T Shields and the McWilliams Wines pinshot won by C Freeman. The ladies hit off in a stableford for club trophy on Sunday. T Clark won with 36 points, followed by S Hennessy on 35, J Burrowes 33 and S Moore 32. S Moore won two pinshots and R Norton one and P King won the proshot. Members also played a stableford for the Lou Muhldorff trophy and the winner was R Kerr with 41 points. Next were R Walters and A Simpson with 40 points each. J Kerr won two pinshots and the proshot. The other pinshots went to W Towns and D King. Yeppoon played Zilzie for the Rov Nixon trophy at Yeppoon on October 22. The day. went to Yeppoon, but not as much as the scores shown on the result slip. Scores: Yeppoon members 392, ladies 275. When added these came to 667 not 467 as shown on the score sheet. So the real scores were Yeppoon 667 to Zilzie 767. Yeppoon regrets the error.

*************************** Normanby St Adults: $7 Students: $6 Yeppoon Pens/Child: $4 Famil : $18

Capricorn Cinema TONY DANZA

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9pm, Fri, Nov 10 9pm, Sat, Nov 11 7pm, Sun, Nov 12


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6.30pm, Fri & Sat, Nov 10 & 11 4pm, Sun, Nov 12

7pm, Wed, Nov 15 7pm, Thurs, Nov 16


NIGHTS ***************************

20 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 10 - November 16, 1989-

Jeff Ingle scores first 2nd grade century

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JEFF Ingle made history on the weekend when he scored Capricorn Coast Cricket Club's first century in the second grade competition in the innings played against Easts at Yeppoon. The club has had three centuries since it started in 1985 ... all in third grade. One century was scored by Jeff Ingle in the 1985/86 grand final and that was also against Easts. Coast lost the toss and was sent into bat. The side was in trouble early in the game with three wickets down for 14 runs. The wheel of fortune turned with a good partnership of 42 between Jason Dawes and Jeff Ingle, followed by a fifth wicket partnership of 52 between Keith Semmler and Jeff Ingle. Another good partnership of 61 for the sevtnth wicket followed by a seventh wicket partnership of 89, saw Coast on top and at the end of the day was nine wickets for 270 with Jeff Ingle unbeaten on 135. Another highlight was the quick-fire innings of 56 by club newcomer Gary Muller. It included a big six that resulted in Pa lost ball. Other notable scores: Brad West 20; Keith Semmler 17 and 11 by Jason Dawes. The match continues on Saturday (tomorrow) at Yeppoon Showground from 1pm. The third grade side played its first game on the new Yeppoon wicket on Sunday ... but with less luck. After being sent into bat by All Blacks, Coast was dismissed for 74. As the top-order crumbled, it was youngster Geoff Huxtable who showed how it should be done when he top-scored with 14. Paul Marsh scored 12. All Blacks easily made up the deficit and at stumps was two for 113 and took out first innings points. Bowlers: Steve Christie took 0/22 from 12 overs; Tony Ellison 1/22 from nine; Mick Barsby 1/18 from eight. Coast has to consolidate to avoid outright defeat when the match continues on Sunday at 1pm. In the previous second-grade match, Coast won first innings points against Norths. Coast won the toss and elected to bat and declared at five for 205. Steve Pidcock top-scored with 81, Dale Wetzler made 23, Jeff Ingle was not out on 37, Keith Semmler was not out on 18 and Brad West made 19. Norths, fielding a short team, was dismissed for 52 and was forced to follow-on. Wayne Kitchener took 4/38 from 13 overs and Ken Ogilvie took 4/13 from 13 overs. Norths, in the second innings, managed to avoid outright defeat by two wickets. The side made 89 with the loss of six wickets. Ken Ogilvie took 2/23 from 10 overs, Wayne Kitchener took 1/26 from seven and Ian Anderson took 3/26 from 11.


• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast gymnasts Skye Higgins, Bridget Kirwan, Rachel Weisse, Morwenna Kirwan, Rebecca Semple and Carla Miller competed at Emerald recently.

Gymnasts' success at Emerald THIRTEEN Capricorn Coast gymnasts travelled to Emerald for competition against 10 Central Queensland clubs. Gymnasts from Mackay, Emerald, Gladstone, Black-water, Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast competed in teams and individually. The Coast was represented in four divisions.

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There were 61 nominations in the under 9 years and Rebecca Semple, Rachel Weisse, Carla Miller and Morwenna Kirwan's team took out third place. Morwenna also won third place on bar. In the 34 nominations in 12 years and under, Debbie Nagle, Kathleen O'Hare, Skye Higgins and Bridget Kirwan's team won second place. Bridget also took home a first on floor and second overall, individually. In the open, levels 5-10, Theresa Kirwan, in a team with Rockhampton members, was place third. Debbie Nagle goes to Chandler for the minor State titles this weekend. All gymnasts are preparing display items for the break-up presentation on Saturday, December 2.

Late sports copy may be held over SPORTS correspondents please have your copy to the Capricorn Coast Mirror as soon as possible after your sport is played. All editorial copy must be received at the Mirror office before noon on Wednesday. Preference will be given to contributed copy received early in the week. Late copy may be held over to the following week's paper. Please include correspondent's name and contact phone number (printed) if possible.

INDEPENDENT Broadsound candidate Pat O'Brien won some friends by injecting humour into an otherwise fairly staid night at Bayview tower on Tuesday night when the candidates met the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He was asked his opinion on setting up a State Bank and started his answer by saying: "I'm not an economist ... then again, neither is Paul Keating"!!! ••• ALL four candidates were asked their personal opinion of daylight saving. One word would have been enough for an answer: Great, or lousy. Instead, all four went on about it being OK for the Coast but the man on the land could have problems and perhaps in the fullness of time, after all matters have been looked at, and a committee had reported and so on. Surely that was an easy question. OK, it was loaded, but surely someone expecting to represent the rest of us in State Parliament could say "I'm for it," or "I'm agin it"! Really, would an answer like that lose votes? ... orwould it win votes by showing you were someone prepared to take a stand? If we're going to have a State full of MLAs who want to rush back to us every time something dicky is proposed we may as well do away with parliament and all meet around a pot-bellied stove once a month and sort out the problems! ••• DENIS Hinton got a laugh on the daylight saving issue by saying he was woken at 5.45am on the first day of new time by a Marlborough grazier who said his kids were now up for school so he may as well be too! Maybe the grazier should have stood!!! ••• BY the way, no-one asked what would have seemed a fairly obvious question ... where are all the preferences going? Will Pat O'Brien stand firm and give no direction or will he give a nudge and a wink to one side? Will Howard Rodda show the Liberals mean business and direct their preferences away from the Nationals to show their independence? Will Pearce stand up to the greenies and show Labor can't be blackmailed and direct preferences, not to the "wishy-washy Libs" but to the Nationals? Tune in next week ... surely one of the candidates will put us all out of our misery on this exciting question! ■• ■ AND now for something completely different ... who do you ring when you have a snake in your home? A reader phoned this week to say she'd had a snake in her home and didn't know what to do about it. She phoned a bloke in Rockhampton to help and he arrived an hour later. By then, of course, the snake had snuk. So, who do you ring. Let us know at the Mirror (39 4244) because we're interested. too! ••• BY the way, if you have a wild gecko rampaging around your home phone Suzy. Rhodeswill vouch for her. He had one in the darkroom last week and would not enter the black hole until this vicious creature had been removed. Suzy, to get the pictures developed, stormed up the stairs and quietly removed the gecko to another place. Have vou ever seen 19 stone of quivering blubber? It's not a pretty sight!!! `




by R'ton's leading professionals BEVAN MULHOLLAND and DARREN SARGOOD at

Cooee Park Courts during the week for adults

36 1983 after 6pm VACANCIES FOR JUNIORS




A and Reserve Grade Chairman of Selectors and Team Selectors for 1990 season (must be able to attend training and all games) Apply in writing by December 1, 1989 to Secretary, P 0 Box 626, Yeppoon. 4703