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57.TANBY RD. 39 2391 ISSUE 325 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1989 — THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1989 PHONE (079) 39 4244 (Two Lines) 6400 FREE COPIES WEEKLY

• ABOVE: Margaret Ireland will open the Don Ireland Swimming Complex at 10am on Sunday, November 5. To celebrate the opening the committee has given a free day to everyone who wants to try out the new complex. The day will be festive with stalls, barbecue, swimming displays and invitation challenges to all. The pool will be open daily from 5am until dark from Monday, November 6 and will be operated by the committee. Pictured are Yvonne and Menyn Protheroe, Bev Green, Pat Datiras and ',alma Kelly ... some of the people who have been working for a community pool since March 25, 1982. The complex has cost about $195,000 and the majority has been raised by the Emu Park and district community with assistance from Livingstone Shire Council and Member for Capricomia Keith Wright.

Sewer work starts Januar WORK will start on the Emu Park sewerage scheme by the end of January and the first connection will follow about 12 months after, Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said this week. Although the expected start date is known, no details on costings for the overall scheme or for ,ndividual connections will be known for at lc A six weeks. Cr Bowen said there were still too many unknowns to provide figures on costings. The biggest unknown at this stage is the actual site of the treatment works. Cr Bowen said a motion passed at the latest council meeting nominating the site as the recreation reserve off Hartley Street was only a guide to engineering staff. The motion, approved with only one dissenter, only pointed out the "general direction" in which the treatment works would be sited. There were at least three sites in that general direction. The first was the recreation reserve; the second the sanitary reserve closer to Emu Park-to-Rockhampton Road and the

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third was behind Emu Park golf course. This site would need some land from the golf course. But Cr Bowen was not eliminating other sites from planning. He said no decision was final until the costings had been obtained. Costings could not be finalised until an aerial survey, due to start next week, was completed and the results digitised in the council computer. Only then could the council provide detailed costings. Among matters to be considered were where to put the treatment works, where was the effluent going to be distributed and the cost per household. Cr Bowen said cost was important because there was no point in setting up a sewerage scheme which bankrupted the ratepayers. Other factors coming into play were council's hopes of gaining the Commonwealth land near the existing industrial estate. Cr Bowen said Member for Capricornia Keith Wright was involved in this matter. The • Commonwealth, at present, was intending to auction the land to the highest bidder.

Pacific Hotel LIQUOR BARN x-Iks; lavorigtalegRepi


Cr Bowen said council would prefer to get the land a lower price so that it could be used as part of the sewerage scheme. The area was one being considered for distribution of effluent. He expects the Commonwealth to see the council's point of view... "I can't see Mr Wright clobbering the people of Emu Park by saying the council had to bid for the land at auction". The aerial survey would showwhich site was most economic. Cr Bowen said the treatment works site would probably be in the general area between Hartley Street and Emu Park Road but council was open to suggestions from residents. The six week delay on costings was "unfortunate", according to Cr Bowen because it would mean the State-election would be over. He said that was unfortunate because the budding politicians would miss the chance to make offers to help ratepayers with costs. However, Cr Bowen said he did not care which party won the election because council would continue to be "light-footed" to get the possible deal for ratepayers.



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Open forum for all candidates AN open forum for Broadsound electorate candidates has been organised by the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, November 7 at Bayview Tower. The theme of the 7pm meeting is The future of the Capricorn Coast in general and business and economic development in particular'. "It is not a debating contest," chamber president John Jackson said. "There are no prizes to be awarded for the best speaker or the most lucid. It is so the business community can be better informed. "The meeting is open to everyone, not just chamber members or businesses. "Candidates' names will be drawn out of a hat that night to be fair to everyone. "Each candidate will speak for seven minutes. After they have all spoken an hour has been made available for questions from the floor. Then each candidate will be given about five minutes to sum up," he said. "Question time has hopefully been made long enough for everyone to ask the candidates the things they want to know." Mr Jackson said it was an open forum and the meeting would stay with the theme. "We are a chamber of commerce and industry, not an inquiry. We encourage people to come along and ask the candidates questions about the Capricorn Coast and its future economic direction."

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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989

Early start to Kinka work RECONSTRUCTION of the Scenic Highway between Kinka Beach and Rosslyn Bay Harbour will be brought forward to December following discussions between the Main Roads Department and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Construction of a new wide bridge at The

Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright, MHR Will be available to

Meet Constituents at the office in the Denhams Supermarket in Savemore Centre this

Saturday (Nov 4) from 9am-noon PHONE 27 6455 FOR APPOINTMENTS

Causeway, followed by widening and construction of The Causeway has been brought forward to March 1990. "It is expect that the last rock from Kinka quarry to be placed at the end of the new marina wall will be carted this week," Mr Hinton said. "Rock cartage will continue for a further three weeks to bring the harbour wall up to full height and strength. "As soon as rock cartage stops, reconstruction of the road at the Kinka Beach section will start in line with previous Government commitments." Mr Hinton said the harbour was being dredged and when that is finished the State Government's commitment of S4.6 million in partnership with Keppel Gateway will be complete. "The further development of the marina and associated tourist facilities will be at the sole commercial discretion of the company," he said. "Rosslyn Bay Harbour will be a deep, safe anchorage for all harbour users with a minimum water depth of four metres. "Progress on the reconstruction of Kinka road at a cost of 5500,000 will be rapid on the Kinka section and along Mulambin Beach. "The resheeting of the remainder of the Scenic Highway between the quarry and the harbour, at a further cost of 5500,000, will be done following the construction of the new Causeway bridge."

• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre community council chairman Bruce McGregorreceived an Australian flag front Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen on behalf of Member for Capricornia Keith Wright on Saturday at the TAFE centre opening.

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• ABOVE: Ned Warren and Sarah Blenkin are pictured raising the Australian flag after the official opening of the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre on Saturday.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 - 3

No surprise for Pearce in personal attack from chairman ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce said this week there was no surprise in Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen's personal attack. Since his election as chairman, Cr Bowen had locked in his fate with the Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. "He has shamelessly allowed his position, and that of the council, to become politicised," Mr Pearce said. "Cr Bowen knows that Desperate Denis is Doomed and that's why he has announced his intentions not to contest a council position in 1991." Mr Pearce said it was quite obvious a shire chairman could not make his council a pl atform in the National Party without suffering the rejection the party would experience in the December 2 election. "I stand by my criticism of the council," he said. "When the in-fighting and incompetence of Livingstone Shire Council so adversely impacts on the development of the Coast, it must become a State issue and a concern to me as the next Member for Broadsound. "I have pledged my support to the current council. When elected, I plan to work in cooperation with them to achieve benefits for the residents and ratepayers of the entire shire. "There will be no special deals." Mr Pearce said it was not his intention to become involved with Cr Bowen in a mud-slinging match. "I have an election to win and I can spend my time better meeting and talking with local residents," he said. "As far as I am concerned, the issue is now as dead as Desperate Denis in the election."

Bowen lashes ALP's candidate Premier to visit after bias claim against council LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said this week it was "sad that after 32 years in Opposition the Labor Party could not come up with a better candidate than Jim Pearce for Broadsound". He was replying to a story in last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror in which ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce said Livingstone Shire Council "had a hopeless record for providing services to the people. It also has a record of political bias heavily in favour of the National Party". Mr Pearce also said council needed to spend more money on roads, and kerbing and channelling. His article was prompted by an advertisement placed by the council advising candidates to remove advertising signs alongside roadways. Mr Pearce said last week he would comply with the notice but requested council treat all candidates the same way. Cr Bowen said this week Mr Pearce (a Broadsound Shire councillor) should read the Fitzgerald Inquiry Report where he would learn which arm of government he was aiming at when he stood for State Governnient. "The report is quite clear on the fact that State Government should keep its nose out of Local Government," Cr Bowen said. He also asked Mr Pearce to state publicly why, after two invitations, he had not visited council to see how it operated nor to discuss the problems he said he had encountered while meeting electors. "Mr Pearce first involved himself in Livingstone Shire affairs about three months ago and I contacted him and invited him to visit council, see how it operates, meet the officers and staff and bring forward the problems he s aid he had found," Cr Bowen said. "He told me he would visit. After a while, when he hadn't called in, I contacted him a second time and reminded him that he was going to visit. He

still hasn't turned up." Cr Bowen said since Mr Pearce felt his campaign should involve Local Government, it was only fair to ask him why he wasn't standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the hundreds of Local Authorities throughout Australia, and all road and motorists' associations, in calling on the Federal Government for more funding for roads. In New South Wales, where there was a shocking death toll on the Hume Highway, 7 of every 10 accidents were being caused by the roads. "I'd like to know where he stands on this important issue ... or is he going to demonstrate the same, weak, slipperiness we've been seeing from the Opposition for the past 32 years?" he said. In a final blast, Cr Bowen said the ALP had claimed he (Cr Bowen) was friends with the National Party Government ... "but I can assure Mr Pearce that should he become the State Member, and should his party win government, and if that government can come up with money for Livingstone Shire, then I will be instan t friends with him. "I am for any government that can come up with the goods. "It is sad that he is the best the ALP can come up with. "As far as I am concerned, I am sick of party politics and, like many members of the public, I can't but think in a very cynical manner about their activities. "With the state of affairs of party politics in Australia, unless they clean up their own act, we're going to face many years in the future of unstable government."


Jim Pearce ALP

candidate for Broadsound The ONLY change for the Better A GOSS Labor team is ready to bring open, honest and accountable government to every corner of the State. All Wayne Goss is asking for is a chance. Just one chance to clean out the place once and for all. A chance to implement Fitzgerald totally. As the Labor candidate for Broadsound I am aware that Labor has the leadership, the policies and the team ready to bring good government back to Queensland. In Broadsound the last thing we want is to be part of a National Party-dominated coalition of weakness with the Liberals, a coalition too weak to implement the Fitzgerald report. Our task is clear. We must throw out desperate Denis and throw out this tired old government. They've been there too long ... far too long. Only then will Queensland start winning again. Authorised'. Richard Witkiewicz, 19 Brock Cres, Dysart



MUTILATED PIG'S HEAD ON POLICE LAWN A MUTILATED pig's head was left on Yeppoon Police Station's front lawn early Sunday morning. "Children on their way to church and the beact- were subjected to the sight of a mutilated animal," Yeppoon Police officer-in-charge Sgt lc Ken Tanzer said. "Why subject people to th sort of thing?

PREMIER Russell Cooper will be in Yeppoon on Monday, November 13 after the Cabinet meeting in Rockhampton. The National Party will hold a dinner on that night at Bayview Tower to allow the Premier to meet members and supporters.

was probably put there by the same people v. J disrupt our community functions. I imagiT c that sometime we will see them in an official -apacity. "What sort of people would do that? We live in a lovely place, but unfortunately people with that sort of outlook make it uncomfortable for everyone."


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JIM PEARCE LABOR CANDIDATE IN BROADSOUND JIM PEARCE will give the CAPRICORN COAST a voice in the Goss Government. Policies are in place to: • • • • •

Control foreign investment so that all Queenslanders benefit Plan development for LONG TERM security and prosperity Eliminate special deals and cronyism Create opportunities for youth Protect our precious coastline



THE ONLY CHANGE FOR THE BETTER AUTHORISED BY: Ft Wttkiewitez, 19 Brock Crescent, Dysart

4 - tprieorfi CoadMirror November l'-'November 9, 1989

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has employed a community development officer funded by the State Government and shire. Council has leased the Blue Nursing Service premises in Normanby Street and that is not covered by the State Government grant. The premises will be shared by the Maternal and Child Welfare Department on certain days. The new officer is Social Worker Jane Wallace and she started on November 1. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said he had obtained 521,000 per year from the. Family Services Department to assist council with funding. "She will undertake the co-ordination of • •

community projects to assist families," Mr Hinton said. Livingstone Shire health and community services committee chairman Cr Maurie Webb said council was entering an exciting period of community projects with the employment of a community development officer. "Her priority is to research funds we have missed out on by way of subsidies from the. State and Federal Governments," he said. "Having a community development officer is a break away from the bread and butter issues of roads, streets, sewerage and water problems."

LIBERAL candidate for Broadsound Howard Rodda said camping facilities at the proposed Sandy Point environment park should be restricted. "I attended a public meeting in Yeppoon on Monday night about a management plan for Sandy Point," Mr Rodda said. "Bill Carter of W Carter and Associates spoke to interested people on a management plan for the area. "It is quite clear from the evidence submitted by locals who know the area that its ecology won't sustain unlimited traffic and occupation on a semi-permanent basis. "The need is for a boat ramp in the correct location, installation of toilets and rubbish disposal facilities for the use of day-trippers and fishing people," he said. "The chopping down of trees for firewood and indiscriminate use of 4WD vehicles on sand ridges can no longer be tolerated. "Of more concern to me is the basis of access through Iwasaki Sangyo Company land. The

original agreement between the company and the State Government was, to say the very least, more than favourable to the company. "The Government has made some attempt to wind back some of the earlier generosity, but it is intolerable that locals and visitors to our lovely Coast wanting access to these popular recreation areas can only do so by courtesy of Iwasaki Sangyo," he said. "Management changes, policies change ... there is no guarantee of permanency for the present arrangement."

Liberal candidate calls for Sandy Point camping area restrictions

56 Tanby Rd, Yeppoon - 39 2115

ROCKHAMPTON COLLEGE OF TAFE Celebrating 100 years of Service to the Community 1889 - 1989

It Ft

Community Development Officer starts

CAREERS EVENING Stepping Stones to the Future To enable students to make a more informed choice on their future career path, the Rockhampton College of TAFE is conducting

A CAREERS EVENING Wednesday 8 November, 1989 4pm to 9pm All campuses will be open to the public. Staff will be available to assist with 1990 course information and most areas of the College will be operating normal classes to give prospective students a realistic view of day-to-day operations. Bolsover Street Campus Quay Street Campus Canning Street Campus Phone 27 4077 Phone 27 2666 Phone 27 4633 Capricorn Coast Centre Phone 33 6200 DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT, VOCATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING

New boat ramp for Corio Bay A NEW boat ramp estimated to cost between $50,000 and $70,000 is to be built at Kelly's Landing, Corio Bay, using Harbours and Marine funds. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton announced the construction of the ramp at a meeting on Monday night called to discuss management of and access to two environmental parks at Sandy Point,, north of Capricorn International Resort. The Premier's Department, at Mr Hinton's request, commissioned W Carter and Associates, a management consultant, to provide a management plan for the area. "Various options for access were discussed," Mr Hinton said. "They included resumption of the private road owned by the Iwasaki Sangyo Company by the Main Roads Department, resumption by Livingstone Shire Council, or the provision of a legal easement over the road to provide for unfettered public access. "The latter option was strongly supported. Main Roads would have to make a contribution towards the road's maintenance," he said. "Mr Carter outlined a comprehensive management strategy, including sand dune protection, camping areas, road useage and plant protection. It was well received by the meeting. "He also said garbage collection and other maintenance could be done by private contractor," Mr Hinton said. "Mr Carter's report will be with the Premier within four weeks and then the Premier's Department will make adequate funds available to implement all recommendations." Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough


Regarding the BLATANT LABOR PROPAGANDA repeatedly attacking the Queensland Zonal System - "The Gerrymander" FACT: LABOR HAS A GREAT RECORD OF ESTABLISHING "GERRYMANDERS" THEMSELVES

WE ALL KNOW: • LABOR invented the Queensland zonal system (the "gerrymander") prior to 1957 • Many of the great western democracies recognise the tyranny of distance on fair representation, and have a zonal system - eg, Canada, England. • On present boundaries & on a 2 party preferred basis, LABOR can win Government in Queensland with 51.4% of the vote. • The Queensland Government has set up the Electoral and Administrative Review Commission (EARC) to review the Electoral system. An all party committee will oversee the activities of the commission. • The Queensland Nationals have undertaken to accept the umpire's (EARC) decision.

BUT LABOR WON'T TELL YOU: • Under LABOR'S new plan, the so-called 'one vote, one value' proposal, 6 country seats will disappear and go to the Brisbane area. On a two party preferred basis, • In New South Wales, the Coalition Parties had to win over 52% of the vote to oust the Unsworth LABOR Government. • Federally, to beat the Hawke LABOR Government at the last election, the conservatives would have had to win 52.6% of the vote. • In Victoria, the Cain LABOR Government was returned to office with just 48.7% of the vote. • In South Australia, the Bannon LABOR Government can be returned to office with just 47.8% of the vote. • In Western Australia, the Dowding LABOR Government was returned to office with a bare 46.5% of the vote.





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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 - 5

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DENIS ACHIEVES_ Upgrade Emu ParkRockhampton Road THE Rockhampton to Emu Park Road is an important link between the two centres with many daily commuters and holiday makers using the road. It is a vital part of our tourist scenic loop for the Coast. On becoming Member for Broadsound in 1986, I have achieved a new overpass named Ellr ot Overpass replacing dangerous Sleipner Bridge over the railway line, at a cost of S1.7 million, and further major roadworks at a cost of 5900,000 is to start in January bypassing the dangerous Black's Bridge and creating a new turn off to Nerimbera. I am concentrating on the road in the North Rockhampton electorate, where widening works are being carried out and further major upgrading is planned, due to the heavy truck traffic. The dangerous gates at lakes Creek Meatworks must be replaced with an underpass for cattle and the dangerous bend across the rail line straightened & eliminated. I am proud of my initiative in providng S35,000 for tourist loop signs that have doubled the tourist traffic coming through Emu Park and Yeppoon. Much has been done - more will be achieved - a commitment honoured - a Broadsound achievement.







Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough




• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service respite care programme has started and the first to try out the new bus with its special lifting device was Irene Holt. Behind Mrs Holt is Florence Chandler. Bus driver Warren Royal is pictured with Liz Kelly. At back right is Joyce Bowie with Srs Jan Robinson and Jo Rundle.

Public meeting over Pivot roads A PUBLIC meeting has been called by residents concerned about the use of roads by the Pivot Group to transport mineral sands to a dry mill in Yeppoon. The meeting is in Byfield Hall on Thursday, November 9 at 7.30pm. "Do you live on any of these roads? Byfield (to Coobetrie turn-off), Woodbury, Adelaide Park, Limestone Creek, Old Byfield, Kreis, Barmaryee or Racecourse," Byfield resident Joan Furness said this week. "These are the road access options cited by Pivot for the proposed transportation of sand dunes from Shoalwater Bay Training Area to the dry mill site next to the racecourse. "They intend to extract ilmenite, rutile, zircon and other minerals including monazite. "Everyone is welcome to the meeting. It is time to voice your concern again. The Federal Government has allowed Pivot three more months to improve on its EIS and one month of that time has gone." Mrs Furness said Byfield residents were concerned about the proposed 80 trucks, carrying 25 tons, using the roads each day. "We are also concerned about the destruction of a unique and pristine area and the fish breeding grounds," she said. The residents have invited Member for Capricornia Keith Wright to address their concerns at a public meeting in the Byfield Hall on November 9 at 7.30pm.

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Pebble - . • ABOVE: Opposition leader Wayne Goss officially opened ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce's electorate office last week.




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Chamber arranges free talks for Coast small business operators REGIONAL Visit Weeks provide an opportunity for business people to take advantage of services offered by the Stpall Business Development Corporation. Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry has arranged for Capricorn Coast business proprietors to have a seminar and free private consultations with a SBDC officer on Thursday, June 9. The free consultations are between 9am and 2pm and the merchandising seminar is from 4pm to 6pm in Yeppoon Town Hall's meeting room. The seminar cost is S10. "The consultations can be at a proprietor's premises or in the meeting room," Chamber president John Jackson said. "The chamber has invited the corporation in the past and arranged appointments. We don't have a phone and the Capricorn Coast Mirror has offered to make appointments for the corporation. "If any business proprietor wants to have a free consultation with a corporation officer, just phone 39 4244. When you make the appointment say whether it is on your premises or at the town hall," he said. "Livingstone Shire Council has made the meeting room available so the consultations will be private. "The merchandising seminar is open to everyone, but we need to know numbers. Please phone the Mirror, 39 4244, by 5pm Tuesday, November 7 and leave your name and contact phone number. • "The seminar is in two sections. The first hour is a sit down time with discussion from Mr Thomson and the second hour is practical. We will inspect town shop windows with Mr Thomson explaining whether a window has been dressed ideally or if it needs upgrading. "We asked for this seminar to help local businesses in merchandising their windows ... that's where the customer looks before they enter a premises. We hope the seminar can be used as a part of our new direction ... lighting up Yeppoon with coloured lights," he said. "The lightswill attract people to window shop at night and maybe we could dress up our windows to take advantage of that. "This will bring more business to those who have used the seminar to its fullest." SBDC was established by the Queensland government to help small business to prosper and grow. "Our resources are directed towards developing more successful performances in as many small businesses as possible," SBDC advisor Chris Thomson said. "This is achieved by providing business owners/managers with a free and impartial advi-

sory service. "The regional visit weeks ensure services are available to rural areas," he said. "Small business makes up 96 per cent of private enterprise in our community. One of our objectives is to provide each member of the small business community with access to basic understanding of sound business management." A seminar has been organised in Rockhampton on Wednesday, November 8 between 6.30pm and 9.30pm. "It deals with financial planning and answers your questions on what documents to prepare, keep and maintain for future use," he said. "It will establish a system of documentation which is simple and easy to understand. "You will be able to plan for future expenditure, so you know where and when your money is needed and never again be caught out by that unforeseen payment." Business people interested in attending the seminar can phone Jan Housecraft, toll free, (008) 177324. The Queensland Confederation of Industry in Rockhampton, 27 1278, has SBDC brochures.

Grants for museums THREE Livingstone Shire museums have received State Government grants worth $8400. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this eek the Capricorn Coast Historical Society received S2700, Emu Park Historical Mt: cum Society 52700 and Marlborough IV -.cum 53000.

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Les McDonald 39 3133

Ca'prieore Coast Mitror November 3,, November .9,,I989 - 7

WEBBER TO RESCIND MOTION ON SEWER SITE DIVISION One Councillor Lloyd Webber has given notice to rescind his own motion siting the Emu Park treatment works on the recreation reserve off Hartley Street. He said this week he wanted to remove this motion so that a public meeting could be held to receive input from all interested residents on where the plant should be sited. He would like the meeting held as soon as possible, perhaps within two weeks, but he had heard that no meeting could be held for at least six weeks. He suspected the timing of the meeting was designed to remove it from the run-up to the State election. He said the issue had become a political football. The "political football" was kicked around at a meeting held in front of the Zilzie Store on Tuesday and his rescission motion was lodged at council while this meeting was being held. Cr Webber was puzzled about the meeting because it showed there had been a "total lack of communications between council and residents" on siting of the treatment works. Yet he said he had known the treatment works were going to be placed somewhere between Hartley Street and Emu Park-toRockhampton Road for at least eight years. Maps showed there was a sanitary reserve near the Rockhampton Road and he had always thought this was going to be the site. In fact, at the latest council meeting, he had moved a motion that this was the area where

the treatment works should be located. However he learned that some councillors were not aware of its location so he moved that council have an on-site inspection that day. As well as all councillors, shire clerk Jim Brown and design engineer Mike Paine, two Emu Park Progress Association representatives had joined the inspection. They were shown the sanitary reserve site and the recreation reserve. "There was general agreement from everyone that the recreation reserve was the best site," Cr Webber said. "Expert opinion offered was that prevailing winds would carry any smell away from Hartley Street homes toward the airstrip. "Also, we were told that because council was intending to build a different type of treatment works from the one in Yeppoon, there would be less smell generated and it would dissipate before reaching the airstrip." As a result, when the councillors returned to council that afternoon, Cr Webber moved a motion to make the recreation reserve the site. It was carried with only one dissenter. Cr Webber said he had considered what he would feel if he was living in Hartley Street and, after weighing the facts, felt "comfortable" with the decision. "But I'm open to suggestions on other sites." He said the lack of communications concerned people who had moved to Emu Park and Zilzie in the past year. They were appar-

Hinton steps in to guarantee all residents will be heard on site

A ROW has developed over the siting of the treatment works for the Emu Park sewerage scheme and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has stepped in with a guarantee for residents that their wishes will be heard. Council decided at its latest meeting to establish the treatment works on the recreation reserve off Hartley Street, somewhere between 350m. and 600. from the nearest houses. The site would be screened from homes and expert opinion said prevailing wind would blow away from Hartley Street. But the recreation reserve is not owned by the council ... it is State Government land that can be handed over after a request from council. Mr Hinton, after attending a meeting at Zilzie on Tuesday, issued a Press release in which he stated categorically that he would stop the government from handing over that land unless residents were adequately consulted. He said council would not proceed with sewerage plant construction at that site until a total assessment on all alternative sites had been costed and put on display for public comment and to a public meeting. He said he had inspected the preferred site with a council officer on Tuesday morning. It was 450 metres west of Hartley Street. He then attended the meeting where he said 50 angry residents of the Zilzie area discussed the issue. He was handed a petition signed by 82 people objecting to the proposed site. He sent the petition to council. Mr Hinton told the meeting he would call a public meeting with the council within a week to discuss with the public, the site options and costs. But this meeting would now be put back. Mr Hinton said he had an assurance from shire chairman Cr John Bowen that council would not proceed until the public was fully consulted.

"At this stage, the council cannot put up fully costed alternatives and the public meeting will be held as soon as the options are available," Mr Hinton said. He had told the meeting the State Government could block construction of the plant at the present site by not approving a rezoning from recreation reserve to local government reserve. "However this would be a last option. It is far preferable that council takes a final decision on the site after full and open consultation with the public in the Zilzie and Emu Park area. "I am totally assured byCr Bowen and other councillors that this will occur before any application for a rezoning or construction works are undertaken. "I give the community my full undertaking that this will occur - however it cannot occur within one week as indicated at the meeting because the necessary facts will not be available." Mr Hinton has been involved with the sewerage scheme for almost three years culminating in the Country Cabinet Meeting approving a commitment for a S2 million loan, interestfree for three years. Mr Hinton said this week that loan had been agreed to on the basis of costings supplied by council and those costings would have been based on an expected site for the treatment works. The loan had been subject to nine months' negotiations with the Water Resources Commission because council had to satisfy the commission it had a viable scheme. The S2 million interest-free loan was designed to assist council make its non-viable scheme viable. Mr Hinton said he had also asked for the public meeting to include time for discussion on the transfer of the industrial estate site to Hartley Street.

ently unaware of the area being considered for the treatment works and were concerned about both smell and property values. He wants a public meeting so that everyone can have their say ... "It's the biggest decision that will be made for decades in this area," he said. "It's irreversible. Once the treatment plant is built it's there to stay."


Consolidated Electric Motors

39 3310 or 39 3303 a/h 24hr-7 days-59 Tanby Rd

INSTANT CASH IN YEPPOON Instant cash, when you need it, day or night, 7 days a week with our new Flexi Teller at:

Flexi Teller Msortionri 4ostralle

Flexi Teller

4. • • RE ;A 61 5., to ti N.; IN • e • II* 6111

Savemore Shopping Centre, James Street, Yeppoon National Australia Bank have just installed a new Flexi Teller machine to provide greater convenience for our customers in this area who hold Flexicards

Other Flexi 4t‘ Teller Locations: 99 East Street, Rockhampton 184 Mulgrave Street, North Rockhampton

How do you get Flexible banking together? How? Together with National Australia Bank Flexicard and Fle:idTeller - for your convenience.

National Australia Bank National Australia Bank Limited

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We repair Pumps (Irrigation, Industrial, Pools & Domestic Pressure Systems Single & 3-ohase motors • Power Tools Generator Sets • Compressors ... etc

From 6.30am Saturday at Rosslyn Bay Kiosk






39 1066 LIC 483


8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989

A. J. Ralston and Associates







Warren Mitchell (Piano) Phil Wright (Guitar) Peter Dobe (Reeds)

Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649

‘ 1Z -

Sunday, November 5, 7.30pm Bookings 39 3454 Refreshments Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and his wife Roslyn invite their friends & supporters to join then? at an

Old Fashioned Garden Party

Jenny & Jody will care for all your .Beauty Needs at

Bakehouse Beauty (Therapy Clinic

(with light luncheon and afternoon tea)

4th November, 1989, 11am 9 Stevenson Street, Barlows Hill $12 per head Liquor booth operating

54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217

organised by National Party. Cap Coast branch. Women's Section For reservations: Denis: 39 2352; S Riley:


39 4739; D Abel: 39 2374





Televisions and

Quality Antique and • odernFu u


66b Farnborough Rd Yeppoonl 39 1135 22 Hill St Emu Park 39 6999

• ABOVE: Natalie Melaney and Darren Pollard were married at Sacred Heart Church on Saturday. The reception for 75 guests was held at Bayview.

Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon & Fashion Parade (Fashions by Claire's Resort Wear)

Danish Banquet at

eacheg Bistro at

Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort

33 6300

11.30 - 3pm Tuesday, November 7 $13 per person (includes pre-lunch champagne cocktail) Tickets available from: Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort Reception Ph 33 6333 or Beaches Bistro Phone 33 6300

LUCKY DOOR PRIZES All raffles proceeds will go to Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry Party Lights for Yeppoon project Hat essential attire!

MANY abject apologies to the people wno waited for the TAFE bus on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. No-one wanted to go by bus at 10am or noon, and everyone seemed to be turning up in their own cars, so we didn't do the 2pm trip. If those people who waited would like to phone 39 4244 and ask for Suzy, I will arrange a special trip over the centre. Mondays or Tuesdays are best. *5* THE Caves hall will be bouncing on Saturday night (tomorrow) from 8pmwith a Hey Hey It's Saturday theme in aid of the Queensland Cancer Fund. Bad Habits will entertain, you will be able to have a go at a duck, enter a multi-draw and try out for the talent quest with a difference. The major prize is a weekend for two on Great Keppel Island. Cost is S5 for adults, S3 students and primary students Si ... included is a hot supper. Phone Karen Tennent, 34 2957 or Jan Miller, 34 2874 if you want to know more. *** PAM Harmer is delighted her luncheon at The Lantern was successful ... she raised $210 for the Countrywoman of the Year Quest. *** ANNETTE and Frank van Gestel and their family are leaving the Capricorn Coast and a farewell has been organised on Sunday, November 26 from 11am in Lions Park, Emu Park (next to the Emu Park Bowls Club). It is a bring-your-own lunch and drinks and everyone is welcome.


Assemblies of God 39 6254 or 39 6593


Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, November 5 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall How to recognise a Godly religion. 1 John 4: 1-6

• ■ MI IN II • II II II • 111 E•MENI•••••

▪Vaughan's Furniture • ▪

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(AMP 00

• •


a month

Les McDonald 39 3133

Nev & Carole Welfare's

ervice Station


"The" Cabinetmakers 77 Rockhampton Rd YEPPOON 39 1645 .• Specialists in:

• •

• e



Antique Reproduction & Restoration " GENERAL CABINET LI

"▪ •

e e le




e e e

. LAY-BY for Christmas .


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 = 9


C ?UMW Cetaaffige

Capricorn Coast Pool Maintenance Leave Water Samples, • Cal-Chloriokg -$52.95 Pick up Pool Supplies at Yeppoon Glass & • Swim Clear- 10kg - $92.95 Tiles, 53 Tanby Rd

Stabilised Chlorine

Ph. 39 1198 '


Savemore & McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941

The best bet on • ABOVE: Jodie Westerland and Rod Kim were married at the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall on Saturday ... the new building's first wedding. A memorial service will be held at the Emu Park Cenotaph at llam on Saturday, November 11 ... Armistice Day. A function at night is limited to members and wives. *** SOMETIMES good deeds can fall foul. Today, Friday is Smile for Life for Life Education. Last week the Mirror ran a story and some ads to help. Unfortunately, I put the wrong name down for one of the places to purchase a badge ... it should have been CK Motors and not BP Yeppoon. So if you haven't bought a $2 Smile for Life badge go to CK Motors and they will be only too happy to help (if they have any left). *** THE popular Emu Park Blues Club is heading to Rockhampton for the next blues night ... for the first time. Thevenue is the Galah Bar at the Heritage for Monday, November 6 and the starting time is 8pm. The club h,ls organised a bus to take members and guests and leaves Savemore at 6.30pm with a pick-up at Seaside Plaza Emu Park at 7pm. Return is midnight. You have to book if you want to go in the bus. Contact Russell Fitzgerald at Keppel Laminating, Savemore, Jeff Quigley at the Seabreeze Coffee Lounge, Emu Park or Ian Henderson at Z-Cars, Emu Park. The trip is S2 total for members and S7 bus fare and S3 admission for non-members. No children are allowed. The December meeting is on the first Monday at the Emu Park Cultural Hall. There is no Emu Park meeting in November. If you want to know more about the club, phone Jeff Quigley, 39 6991. *** CAPRICORN Coast Writers annual general meeting is on Tuesday, November 7 at 9.30am in Yeppoon RSL Hall. There will not be a workshop and members must be financial to have their work included in 'Capricorn Coast Writers 1990'. *** BASKETBALL for women on Tuesdays from 9.30am until noon at the Cooee Bay stadium. Beginners are welcome to join experienced players. Lynda Thomas, 39 6687.

DATE CLAIMERS ... Saturday, November 4. Garden party, 9 Stevenson Street, Yeppoon, 1 1 am. National Party Women's section. *** Saturday, November 4. Olde Time Music Hall, 8pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Lioness Club, light supper, $10 admission. Tickets at McDougalls. Proceeds to local projects. *** Tuesday, November 7. Capricorn Coast Parish Melbourne Cup Function. Kanangra, 11.30am, S16 for luncheon, fashion parade and entertainment. Tickets at Krugers. *** Tuesday, November 7. Giggle and Gossip Melbourne Cup luncheon from I lam. Capricorn International Resort. Husbands welcome. Fashions in field. Reservations, 39 0211.




is the

m Seafood Smorgasbord Luncheon in the CHAMPAGNE TENT at


g I I

Yeppoon Races II

You can't beat these prices ... 1 g all for $13, BUT!! free admittance plus lunch You must phone your booking to 39 2233 and I collect your free pass from Seafood and Eat It I this weekend


Tuesday, November 7. Light up Yeppoon with Chamber of Commerce. Hosted by Rotary and organised by Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre Beaches Bistro, Rosslyn Bay. 11.30am-3pm. Reservations: 33 6300. *** Tuesday, November 7. Sweeps at the Railway Hotel, llam-2pm for Nursing Mothers. *** Saturday, November 11. Cent sale, 2pm. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary. Yeppoon on Showground. Yeppo November 15. Cent sale, 2pm, for Pam Harmer QCWA Countrywoman of the Year entrant. *** Friday, November 17. Street stall in front of Findlays, 9am - noon. Life Education. Donations accepted at stall on day. *** Saturday, November 25. Christmas Fair and garage sale, Beaman Park for Uniting Church. *** PROBUS Yeppoon is going to Nob Creek Pottery on Monday, November 13. Stony Creek is the place for lunch and then return via Lake Mary. The cost is S7.50 per person, based on a full coach (49). Jack Hoare, 39 4661.





Hair Design welcomes back

Savemore Centre 39 2443

JO SORENSEN as our new

nee Badcock


Don't worry! We are all still here ... KRIS, every day by appointment except Monday KERRY, all day Monday & Saturday mornings and Thursday by appointment SHARYN, as normal

We know Jo's presence will extend the

Jo's Special FREE


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for Broadsound


Pat O'Brien


• ESTATE JEWELLERY: 9ct, 18ct Gold Chains. Diamond, Opal, Ruby Rings, Brooches. Full Valuations Given



• Restored Silky Oak, Cedar, Pine Furniture, Large Kitchen Hutch, Farmhouse Table, Dressing Tables, Chest of Drawers

I I •• ROYAL DOULTON: Toby I Jugs, Shelley Pieces, Full Din- I ner Sets, Belleek Wedgewood, I Mary Gregory, Clarice Cliff I


Pat O'Brien — Think Globally - Act Locally

Lay-by now I for Christmas

Authorised by Pat O'Brien, Birdwood Farm, Lake Mary, 4703




Limited I Lay by Credit Cards I Mail Orders


10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 November 9, 1989 THE next trip (November 9) is the last one for Emu Park Pensioners League for 1989 and is a barbecue in Rockhampton's Botanic gardens and also shopping. The cost is S5 for members and S6 non-members, all inclusive. Phone Stan Nelson, 39 6359, to reserve a seat on the bus. You don't have to be a member.

YOU aren't too old to go powerwalking there's a special light walking programme specially set up for senior adults. Powerwalkers leave from the National Fitness Hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon (next to the kindy) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. Phone Julie Courtney, 39 4390 for information.

I .



Monday, November 6, 7.30pm • Free admission • Light Supper • • Raffles • Lucky Door • Drawing of Sweeps Proceeds to Club Hotel Sports Club Permit No. 15999


39 3106 Due to popular demand the Club Hotel is having a

Melbourne Cup Luncheon in the new Garden Lounge The menu includes: Prawn Cocktail • Spit Roasted Beef • Buffet Sweets FREE bottle of Champagne • Sweeps • Lucky Door • • Raffles • TAB in complex • with bookings of six TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE BAR:

EMU Park Kindergarten is having an open day on Monday, November 6 between 8.45am to 11.45am as an enrolment look-see' for 1990 onwards. The children must be accompanied by an adult. Enrolments for 1990 are open for children who are at least three years of age on December 31, 1989. The kindergarten is open.on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings and prepares children for pre-school. Bookings are heavy and if you want your child enrolled, contact Vivienne Cole, 39 6622, only on kindergarten mornings.

$12 per head

BOOK EARLY ... DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED Proceeds to Club Hotel Sports Club Permit No. 15999

MEMBERS of U3A's discussion group are wondering if there is a phantom population on the Capricorn Coast. They said it is noticeable that when clubs are formed on the Coast that only women turn up. The discussion group members are now issuing a challenge to the men to go along on Monday, November 6 at 1.30pm to the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre, Housden Place to discuss a conservation subject: 'Progress v Pollution'. You can just turn up. *** PARENTS and boys are working hard to raise money to send some Yeppoon High School Rugby Union Club members to New Zealand next year to play against first XV there. A grocery raffle has been organised for Christmas and donations are needed. They can be left at the high school, or phone Ann Lambley, 39 4698. The next meeting, and anyone interested in lending a hand or sponsoring jumpers or anything is welcome, on Wednesday, November 8 at 7.30pm in the high school library. Phone Anne, 39 4698, if you can help or if you are interested. *** JOAN Whyte was the main speaker at the last Forum meeting and she covered her life-time ambitions in the topic 'Chanaing objectives'. The following speakers - Jenny Curtis, Jan Edwards, Billie Sinclair and Leo Carpenter gave varied ideas in their speeches. Mrs A J D Martin Guest was the evening's critic andJanie Coucom was made welcome by chairman Cheryl Whellan. Anne Owen proposed a vote of thanks to the speakers. November 8 is the biannual meeting. New memberswill be elected and a good attendance is expected. Inquiries to Jan, 39 2130 or Anne, 39 6560. Fellowship is at 7.30pm and the meeting at 8pm in Yeppoon CWA Hall.

• ABOVE: Phoebe and Norman BL '1012 of marriage on Saturday ... surrounded by fai YEPPOON Little Theatre is having its annual general meeting on Tuesday, November 7 at the Apps' residence, 26 Little Park Street at 8pm. Members are advised to attend because there are some proposed amendments to the constitution. *** CAPRICORN Coast Writers are calling people interested in writing short stories and poetry to go to the Yeppoon RSL Hall on Saturday, November 4 at 10am and meet Wally Woods from CIAE Humanities Department. The charge is Si to cover hall hire. Mr Woods will give an assessment of short pieces of writing if they are addressed to him care of J Edwards and lodged at Yeppoon Travel, Savemore before the end of October. *** Tuesday, December 5. Yeppoon Pensioners League Christmas party, Town Hall, 1pm. ***

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 - 11

HERE is a story to warm the cockles of your

of laide Park Road celebrated 50 years nily and friends. THE next meeting for Coastal Gardeners is Tuesday, November 21 ... a visit to a shire champion garden at Woodbury. Not to be missed. Tom Wyatt has arranged for a guided tour of the Botanic Gardens on December 12. If sufficient numbers are available, a bus can be arranged. Phone Coral Ziebell, 39 3357 or Margot Taylor, 39 1922, quickly if you are interested and then a firm booking can be made. *

CAPRICORN Coast Toastmasters is hosting the Area 4 conference at Bayview Tower on November 11 and 12. Toastmasters from all over Queensland will visit Yeppoon for this event. If you would like to go to a Toastmasters evening as a guest, phone Sally Tickle, 39 4011.

Donna Molloy's

heart. Mrs Alma Atkinson left her wallet at Savemore Newsagency last week. She didn't notice it was missing until she arrived home. She had gone to the newsagency straight from the bank and had withdrawn money. Mrs Atkinson had quite a bit of identification in the wallet and hoped someone would find and return it to her or hand it in. She was sure she had left it at the newsagency and rang to see if someone had handed it in. It was. Now the trouble is no-one remembers who handed it in. Mrs Atkinson is overjoyed at the return of her wallet, and it was intact. She would like to thank the person who handed it in, so the Mirror has volunteered to be the in-between. Phone 39 4244. Mrs Atkinson is one of the strong and long-term workers for the Senior Citizens Benefit Housing Society auxiliary. *** NOW here's a sad one. Sharyn Whitworth went fishing at Fisherman's Creek and left her brown shoulderbag on the seat of the car. Someone removed it. She has been to the police and reported her loss, but urgently requires some of the things in the bag. If you think you can help, phone 39 1562 after 6pm or go to Yeppoon Police Station. *** EMU Park RSL sub branch annual meeting is on November 19 at 10am. Business: election of officers. *** YEPPOON Lioness Club October meeting rang with laughter ... they know how to enjoy themselves. Twenty members attended the meeting in the shell clubhouse in Whitman Street. Desley Ride and the club's Pineapple Festival entrant Megan Lee were guests. Megan thanked the club for their sponsorship and members in turn said they were proud of her. The November meeting will have a representative from the respite care centre to speak. The Emu Park club will join on that night. Toys and clothes for the Bush Children's Home are being made. *** CONTINUING ... the Lioness club is collecting spectacles to hand on to others. If you can help, leave them at the Mirror office, or with a members. *** MAY Briggs and Pam Gaze present a varied collection of domestic, glazed and salt-fired stoneware at the Paint Pot Gallery exhibition from November 4. Also there will be some examples of sawdust-fired specialty ware.

BeachCombers Hair Trends Put your Hair in Good Hands

17 Hill St (Opp. La Bamba) Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm 39 4720


Col Turton

S M Weston


on act Lens 'Practitionel II


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After hours (by appointment):

Sunglasses • Sunglass • Lens Tints Lenses •

Monday to Saturday 39 4276

Where possible ... SAME DAY SERVICE/

Jewellers Design • Handcrafting • Repair TALK TO THE JEWELLER Public Welcome

Yeppoon Jewellery Centre 56 Normanby St, Ph. 39 4779 YEPPOON

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- Ile-int-1,15? I 4.,rif/4;°•,1-1 TA /.1'rittP=0:7hLif 4?-11-t; i114 ... .. . 12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989

* t4?



.7.011-01 • Ar.,

Shoreline Restaurant

a an OFR


VIGTORV qr•m• 111•6111111111; PVIIIMIK • ,..f4a4°, V11710/V1

Training Australia's future everts... Welcome to Shoreline Rqstaurant where Industry meets Education. — _Join us for Lunch or Dinner in our new premises overlooking losslyn Bay .9-farbour. your meal will be prepared by a fully-qualified Chef and served by 'Trainee Waiters and.Waitresses preparing for their future under this unique TAFE training scheme. All Trainees are backed by fullyqualified professionals.

CFay Licensed, a-lad carte menu. Bookings ~essentiaf 33 6300

A Training Centre for Casual Dining

Open Fridays & Saturdays from 6pm Sunday Lunch from Noon-2.30pm

Rossfyn Bay Inn Resort

or .1

each eS Bistro

Open every day 7.30am to 9.30pm Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier Reef Trip CAPRICORN on 35-metre air-conditioned luxury catamaran


.134, 1,11




Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948


• ABOVE: The Victory left on its last trip to Great Keppel Island on Tuesday ... and the crowd enjoyed the pleasure of cruising on its final voyage.

4 new members for pensioners FOUR new members were enrolled at last Thursday's monthly meeting of the Yeppoon Pensioners League held Yeppoon Town Hall. There were Messrs Frank Lamb and Owen McCosker and Mesdames Marie Hoddy and Kath Smith. The cost to league members for the Christmas dinner to be held in Yeppoon Town Hall on Tuesday, December 5, is $4. The last date for acceptances is at the November meeting, to be held on Thursday, November 23. Catering is by Walters. An invitation for members to attend the opening of the Ron Kershaw Lodge on Thursday, November 23 at 10am was received from Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Following the opening by Welfare Services Minister Beryce Nelson, those attending will be bussed to the CWA hall for morning tea. An approach will be made to Capricorn Cabs

proprietor for a concession to pensioners travelling by taxi. The league will run two buses to Rockhampton this month, the first on Thursday, 16th, leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am for shopping and a visit to the monthly social of the North Rockhampton Pensioners League at Bauhinia House. The second buswill take Yeppoon members to South Rockhampton's social at Schotia Place and to the CQ Zone meeting on Monday. 27th. For seats on both buses, ring Bill Shuttlewood, 39 1340.

Svendsens Takeaway for — I

FAST FOOD next door to PacifiC Hotel


Arts workshop CAFE THERE is a workshop at the TAFE Centre on Saturday, November 11 organised by the Arts Society. The tutor is Frances Patterson and she will work with mixed media ... water colour, acrylic, pastel, ink and charcoal. Take stretched watercolour paper and/or stiff cardboard. Cartlige paper will be available. You have to supply your own lunch and morning and afternoon teas will be provided. The workshop starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm. Visitors are welcome.


Careers night CAPRICORN Coast students are invited to a careers evening at the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre on Wednesday, November 8 from 4pm to 9pm. "The open evening is to give high school students from year 10, 11 and 12 an opportunity to see TAFE in operation and give them a chance to see what happens in a TAFE college," spokesman Lyn Monte said. "It is another option for them to see what is available." Staff representing business and general studies, school of community and cultural studies, applied science and adult education will be at the Housden Place complex between 6 and 9pm. Rockhampton College of TAFE campuses at Bolsover Street, Canning Street and Quay Street will also be open on the same evening.

39 2394

Open from 7.30am 7-days-a-week SIT DOWN MEALS Normanby St, Yeppoon

Froggies TUCKSHOP Dine-ih or Takeaway • Spuds in Duds • Doner Kebabs • Lentil Foods • Honey glazed BBQ Chickens DrAEyNs We cook in vegetable oil FROM

Sands Arcade - 39 3665 9AM

10 mins from Yeppoon ,



Handfeed the tame animals Shady Picnic Areas • Swimming Pool, GROUP BOOKINGS WELCOME A day out for the family! Ph. 39 7590

Book Early 39 6560

Your Timetable to Great Keppel Island Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Ex-Rosslyn Bay

Ex-Great Keppel Island

4.30pm 9.00am SEAFARI 5.00pm REEFSEEKER 9.15am 10am, 2.45pm, 5pm AQUAJET 9.30am, 11 am, 3.30pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday Ex-Great Keppel Island 4.30pm 5.00pm 10am, 2.45pm, 5pm Transfers, Island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the resort facilities for day trippers: pool, shop & bar, etc Ex-Rosslyn Bay

9.00am SEAFARI 9.15am REEFSEEKER 9.30am, 11 am, 3.30pm AQUAJET

`IT'S A DAY YOU'LL ALL REMEMBER' For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948 411

GREAT KEPPEL ISLAND TOURIST SERVICES 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton 0, 4700


at the

Pine Beach Hotel Melbourne Cup Smorgasbord Luncheon $10 a head of which $2 will be donated to Tony Ravell

• Fashion Parade by Rockmans • Free Bottle of Bubbly for each table • SWEEPS GALORE •_ Book early - 39 6100

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 - 13

Units and Condominiums

The finest French Restaurant in CC)...






"ec714, 711



l e°

Boardwalk Townhouse Units Private Launch Pontoon 120-room Hotel


39 3499

Come & Join us at the

Bellowing Bull BYO



Yeppoon's Newest Steakhouse 32 Mary St (Opp Post Office) Yeppoon OPEN: 6pm Tuesday-Saturday BOOKINGS: 39 4746 or 33 6637 a/h • Great Atmos here •

Ferry Termina H Tavern Commercial Facility

Try our Huge Steaks, Fresh 'Bulls Special' Salads, Selection Half Price if Eaten Seafoods We Cater for all types of functions

Bus Terminal Backpackers' Hostel

Keppel Gateway Marina releases Master Concept for bay project KEPPEL G atew ay M arina Resort' s final Master Concept plan has been released detailing how the project will look after the components worth probably more than $80 million are completed. Project director John Davies said the Master Concept could still be changed but the plan meets statutory and Harbours and Marine requirements, the company's own marketing analysis and landscaping input from experts to create a site that would blend with the adjacent National Park. The concept incorporates three areas: • A public area including a tourist boat terminal, adjacent bus terminal, backpackers hostel, specialty retail area, tavern and 120-room hotel. • Residential area with a range of villas, townhouses and condominiums ultimately catering for 300 residences. • The actual marina is the third area of the concept offering 350 berths with on-shore dry storage, marina management and yacht club facilities. A public boardwalk joins the three areas.

Causeway Lake Store

Large Range of Takeaway Food Bait • Fishing Tackle Petrol • Ice • Groceries • Milk Smallgoods • Cold Drinks

Remember, the Fishing's Great at the Causeway Lake!

Friday Night DISCO 8-midnight

Sunday Arvo Cutt & Dryde C 2.30-6.30pm) No Cover Charge Light Music

Pine Beach Hotel on the Emu Park beachfront 1

39 6160

Mr Davies said while there were three separate areas they would not be developed individually as three stages. He expects work will start on parts of all three simulaneously, according to demand. The construction of the actual marina site (seawalls, reclamation and harbour dredging) is still going ahead with Leightons due to finish in January. Mr Davies said the Master Concept plan now released enables final market feasibility studies to determine staging of the project. Engineers are now working toward final detail design of civil works which immediately follow Leightons' work. The civil works include a 2km road from Vin E. Jones Memorial Drive to the outer arm of the seawall; carparks, site drainage and services. The civil works pave the way to start the marina, residential and boat terminal construction. "The project is now well under way," Mr Davies said. "Leightons are in the final stages and the Master Concept allows us to show potential tenants what is envisaged. "It has taken months of working on plans, discarding them and starting again but now have it all together ... this is the way the Keppel Gateway Marina Resort will look." The eight-member concept planning team was led by former Expo project manager Bob Roche. Mr Davies said the team was commissioned to come up with a concept that brought together the adjacent National Park with the new land created within the harbour. "Landscaping, to naturally blend the new and the old environments, was uppermost in planners' minds," Mr Davies said. "There was also the paramount need to relate the entire concept to its ultimate use, a safe, deepwater, all-weather harbour ... the marine gateway to the Keppels." The more than $80 million ultimate cost estimate is a projected figure which is a guide to the future overall development.

Tanzer urges moderation for schoolies THIS week's police message from Yeppoon police officer-in-charge Sgt lc Ken Tanzer is for students finishing school at the end of the year. "There are lots of parties at this time of the year for students leaving their school years behind them," he said. "They enjoy themselves and that's great. All I ask is that the students use some commonsense. "The majority is under drinking age. Underage drinkers may appear before a court to tell the magistrate why they were drinking alcohol. Their parents are asked to accompany them to court if the people involved are under 17 years of age. "There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but everything in moderation. Use some common sense," Sgt Tanzer said. "Say farewell to your friends and your school years, but make sure you don't mess up your future."


Tcflantern estaurant on tile Coast 123 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon — 39 2318

Available for Functions

• • • •

Wednesday 6pm Thursday Friday Saturday Late


Exciting New Menu

Children's Menu $6.50

Dining out on KANANGRA the Capricorn Coast Licensed Family Restaurant - Buffet-Style Menu - Eat as much as you like

Family Night Friday Children half price Free Children's Entertainment



Tanby Rd South, Bookings Preferred

39 7144

Special Occasion Group Bookings welcome


Take a jaunt on Capricorn Sapphire and Keppel from in front of Bayview Tower to Beachside on Sundays • ADULTS only $2 • Children (under 15) $1 •


From three to six people can take a Camel Trek and boil the billy anytime, on the Coastal strip, including the Tanby Road area • 2-hr treks: Adults $25, Children (under 15) $12 • Phone John Richardson (079) 39 3248 or (if unanswered) 39 4888

14 - ,Cctpricore-,C,,Q4.5t Miric.c..N,co?embpr, 7 November 921989

WOW, THAT'S G OOD, SAYS MINISTER AT T.A.F.E. OPENING "WOW, that's good," Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester said on Saturday morning when unveiling a triptych at the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre. The triptych, a colourful montage of Capricorn Coast community life created by Marie Biggins, was the Coast TAFE's idea to replace the standard plaque that Ministers usually unveil. Mr Lester obviously agreed with the choice. After his "wow" comment he said opening plaques was "such a dull affair". The unveiling came after a series of speeches that praised the Coast TAFE, its staff, students and community council at the official opening on Saturday morning. Mr Lester's speech, mostly off the cuff, met an enthusiastic reception. He touched on a variety of topics from slashing red tape in government to learning to bowl bumpers for a cricket match later in the day when he was due to bowl against his ALP opponent in Peak Downs ... and he had heard the opponent had also been practising bumpers. Mr Lester was the Minister who put the need for a TAI-E on the Capricorn Coast to the Country Cabinet meeting held in March this year and came away with approval. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton had earlier told the crowd how a garden spider had provided the Coast with the funding for the TAFE. Mr Hinton had taken the proposal to Mr Lester and had been told to refer it to then Finance Minister Brian Austin. Mr Austin had said no funds were available. Mr Lester, while favouring the project, could not act without funding. Then Mr Austin was bitten by a spider while working in his garden and he missed the Country Cabinet meeting in Yeppoon. Seizing the opportunity, Mr Lester pushed the proposal through Cabinet in March this year and- announced straight after that the project could go ahead. Mr Hinton and Mr Lester set up a community council (chairman Bruce McGregor, Mick Cranny, Barry Schmidt, Suzy Watson, Crs John Dowie and Mike Prior) and, by the end of June, a three-year lease had been negotiated on the Anglican Conference Centre, the centre had been repainted and repaired and renamed Housden Place and 200 studentswere enrolled. On Saturday, Mr Lester remarked that the



• ABOVE: Pictured are Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre community council chairman Bruce McGregor, Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen, Mary Lester, Member forBroadsound Denis Hinton, an instructor and creator of the triptych officially opened by Police, Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester, Roslyn Hinton, Mr Lester, Rockhampton TAFE College community council chairman John Lever and Rockhampton TAFE College director Mike Adennann. The centre was opened on Saturday. Replying, Mr Lester said he had travelled the special tribute to the members of the commucommunity councils in TAFE were designed to world and he felt the Capricorn Coast for too nity council "who had worked tirelessly" and to cut through the Public Service red tape and long had undervalued itself. St Brendan's principal Br Neil Langdon for his they were succeeding. assistance from the start with the use of an "This is the best bit of coast in the world," he He told how he had come across his own red said. "We have to make more people overseas office and secretary and for allowing him to tape early in his Ministerial career when a aware of what we have." work "flexible hours". public servant had suggested courses he should The Capricorn Coast TAFE would help the He also thanked Livingstone Shire Council take so he would be qualified to speak to region prepare for the "tidal wave of growth for its help both in starting the Housden Place educators. complex and for the land it provided for the that is headed this way". "He was a goof. He wanted me to upgrade my future TAFE. qualifications to speak to educators," he said. It would provide a major boost to employCr Bowen and other councillors had provided (That person no longer works with the government prospects of the people of the region. behind-the-scenes help and advice whenever ment). "The new TAFE centre will provide courses needed. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen, when weltargeted to meet the employment needs of the TAFE staff, especially director Mike Adeicoming the Minister and presenting an Austracommunity. Courses have proved so popular mann and Morris Jones, who is in charge of lian flag to Mr McGregor on behalf of Member that enrolments have already exceeded 200," operations and handled the setting up of the fortapricornia Keith Wright, had commented he said. Coast TAFE, were singled out for praise. that the Capricorn Coast was the best place in Mr McGregor, (St Brendan's deputy princithe world to live. pal) when welcoming visitors and guests, paid

COAST T.A.F.E. STUDENTS NEED PRIVATE BOARD PRIVATE Board is required by students to live in home-like accommodation." fast." studying at the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre, Housden Place and Rosslyn Bay or Rockhampton College of TAFE. Students and their parents are given accommodation booklets containing names, addresses and costs of home board. "We have students attending TAFE from all Cr _X Central Queensland and other parts of C. deensland," co-ordinator Val Wex said. "The students are usually 17 years of age and are straight from school. They are usually from out-of-town areas and their parents want them

The accommodation be on a share basis with other students or on their own. The person offering the board can have house rules and can state whether they would prefer male or female students. "Usually the student has a room to his or herself, but that isn't a hard rule. Board may be full or part," she said. "Full board is usually about S60 per week as an average and that includes washing, ironing, breakfast and dinner, seven days a week. "But it could also be just room and break-

Mrs Wex said anyone interested in being included in the accommodation booklet can phone her or Tarina Wright on 27 4633 during office hours. "The information we require can be handled over the phone. All we need to know is your name, address, contact phone number, how many students you wish to take and whether you are offering full or part-time board." Mrs Wex said she was also interested in hearing from any Capricorn Coast businesses interested in offering discounts to students.



(Services you may need)

New Products Floppy computer disks for just $1 each! LOOKING for Double-Sided, Double-Density five-and-a-quarter inch floppy disks? Tried to find them but don't know where else to look? Well, you didn't try Ped-WinAuto Services, did you? Henning Pedersen has them for sale at $1 each! That's cheap! Now, why didn't you think of calling there before ... it's quite natural for your friendly, neighbourhood vehicle repairer to sell floppy disks for IBMs and compatibles. After all, cars are so computerised today you need floppies to keep track of their idiosyncrasies. You'll find Ped-Win Auto Services at 57 Tanby Road, Yeppoon.

No roads to cross to private beach SEASPRAY Waterfront Holiday Units, known as Blossom's on the Beach, is the place for a relaxing holiday. You can let the kids wander freely because there's no traffic to worry about. It's right on the beach at Cooee Bay and the grounds invite you to spend an evening enjoying a barbecue while the waves dance on the shore just metres away. Phone Blossom or Brian Hooper (39 1421 or 39 3111) for bookings.

Like a resort holiday at a discounted price? AFTER so long without planes in the sky, many people are looking closer to home for a holiday. We, in Central Queensland, are lucky that we live in the midst of Australia's holiday playground ... Queensland. As a result, we have a wide choice of holiday destinations within easy driving distance ... or we can take a coach or train. John and Tony at Yeppo on Travel Agency have combed through the special offers that have become available since the pilots' dispute disrupted Australia's air travel routes. So, if you're looking for a great holiday at a price that will be hard to beat, have a think about these holiday ideas. You can stay at South Molle Island from $65 a day all inclusive ... and that all inclusive means you get three meals a day and use of all facilities! Or try the Contiki Whitsunday Resort where $299 buys five nights for the 18-35 age group. The price includes boat transfers, three meals a day and full use of facilities. Still in the Whitsundays there's the Wanders Resort where five nights cost only $244 twin share which includes breakfast and dinner. The price includes a cruise to Whitehaven Beach and Hook Island plus the Underwater Observatory.


If you want to head south, have a look at the Kondair Resort at Hervey Bay where you will get two nights for $96 per person which includes a full day tour of Fraser Island. Just a little more to the South there's five nights available for just $160 at Noosa Sound Holiday resort Resort. This is aholiday for a family of four! And, if you want to hit the Gold Coast, try the Bond University Hotel where, for only $40 per person per night your holiday includes breakfast and a choice of lunch or dinner. In addition, you will get a free of the Bond University. It's obvious the tourism industry° is fighting back during the airlines dispute and anyone looking for a holiday can find what they want at the right price. Call in and see John or Tony at Yeppoon Travel Agency in the Savemore Centre and they'll make all your arrangements. Phone them on 39 1044. Remember, Yeppoon Travel Agency is your AFTA and IATA travel agency on the Capricorn Coast!

Quartz Movements for great clocks! SAM VAUGHAN has a great idea he wants to share with Coast hobbyists ... he has Quartz Movements for sale. What's a Quartz Movement ... well, it's the quality insides of a clock, complete with hands! Sam buys Quartz Movements in bulk for the quality clocks he makes and sells and can offer the movements to wood-turners or ceramic workers so that they can make their own top-quality clocks. There's a variety of styles, hands and faces about the size of a medium wall clock and they will enhance any hobbyist's creation. Sam reckons now's the time to buy so your creation will be ready for Christmas ... a present you can hand over with pride! P hone Sam on 39 1645 or call in at his workshop at 77 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon. If you can't make your own clock ... buy a Grandfather or Grandmother clock that Sam has crafted!

Remember the rissoles Mum used to cook ROSS and Ann Dickson at Seafood and Eat It know their onions ... and their chickens, chips and seafood, too! They're aware that there are times when customers want their chicken or seafood in handy form ... and there's nothing handier than rissoles.

They make them on the premises and they have real chicken and real fish in them ... plus secret ingredients that give them the taste that brings you back for more. Call in at Seafood and Eat It, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, or phone your order to 39 2233.

Capricorn Coasi Mirror' 'Norntember 3'= Novembtr 9;:1989



Capricorn Coast -


Social Night Top BBQ Dancing • Entertainment TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid StreetiCinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary • Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday, The deadline fora!l editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material, statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is, or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive: is in full or, in part. defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn ...., Coast Mitror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication, the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims, damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct. alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisemen t or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. ' 4. ... While every ca re is taken with all Display and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on .:.. the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only ::. for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we ''....will not be held responsible for unnotified '-s-- recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility . not accepted for wrong cla.5sifica tion or for any ( error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed > by telephone.

November 18, 6.30pm

NORMAN and Phoebe Buchholz thank their family and friends for their good wishes on their anniversary.

IN MEMORIAM BROWN: Marie Olive. In memory of Marie Brown who passed away 2/11/88. Remembered by her friend, May Baglow. "Friendship in another's trouble, courage in your own". C PUBLIC


Capricorn Home Deliveries I Fresh Fruit & Veg Honey and Taffy's Soft Drinks

39 4985 I

, * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation CortstiltArit

: Z4 Anzac Parade, Y!ppoon 39 3740

Members bring as many guests possible



are open 5 days-a-week and offer

Leila on piano Tom on Saxophone & Trumpet Graham on drums

In •


39 2212

PARCEL DELIVERY Ypn/R'ton/Ypn - 6 trips daily Yeppoon/Emu Park - once daily

Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6014

74 James Street Phone

(next to the Rock)

39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm

Annual Meeting Tuesday, November 14 7.30pm, Pacific Hotel Agenda: Welcome • Apologies Management Committee Report Treasurer's Report (audited) Election of Management Committee Appointment of Auditor

VACANCY QCWA Sunset Lodge, Emu Park for frail, aged male or female resident Permanent care


Denis Hinton your Local Member for


SAT Nov 4

am: Yeppoon office a'noon: Inspect Police station with Minister Lester Even: Yeppoon high school speech night Cap Coast NP Women's branch Garden Party Even: Miss Capricornia crowning Cap International

SUN, Nov 5

Open Don Ireland Swim Complex, Emu Park

MON, Nov 6

Travel to Dysart for High school speech night

TUES Nov 7

Dysart & return a'noon Even: Chamber candidates night

WED, Nov 8

Emu Park for interviews at N Fraser's shop, Pattison St (next to Esso)

THUR, Nov 9

Yeppoon Office

Shop 3, Evia Building, Normanby St, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

'EXPRESS DELIVERY 5i rs, 22 1789 carrea Parcel

TRADEWORK ANTENNA installation, Wand Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. CONCRETING, foundations, house floors, suspended floors, driveways, exposed aggregate. Col 39 4066: Mal 39 1247.

'Home Yeppoon •Caravan Upholstery •Boat 20 Wattle St, Yeppoon

s ni tclerilY l


39 4777

39 1172 a/h



Anytime • Anything • Anywhere



NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1) Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: L20/Plan LN27, Par Rosslyn (59015). MS142 Bungundarra, Yeppoon. (2)Area of the land: 608 H, 410.0 sq m. (3)Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): Bungundarra Rd 1125m; un-named road 2275m. (4)Nature of Proposed Use: Extractive industry. (5)Where applicable - the building dimensions, the grossfloor area, and the number of storeys: Nil. (6)Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: Nil. (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: One. (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Front end loader; dozer; screening plant. (9)Zone in which the land is included: Rural 'A'. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person atthe Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 20th November, 1989. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5) (j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection.


39 4633

SALE OF VEHICLES Tenders closing 2pm on 27th November, 1989, with the undersigned are invited for the following:-









&ILE '

Capricot Radiators 53 Tanby Rd 39 4810

P and J Caterers

Weddings • Functions • Parties • Bulk Cooking AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD

39 4215 or 39 7587 1

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast

13.<>A<> C EA


REMOVALS Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly STORAGE IN YEPPOON Eric Sundgren


39 3822

22 4049


FOR SALE OR TRADE-IN 1988 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 182-AHO 1988 Suzuki 4WD Reg No 795-AHJ 1988 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 345-AHO 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 244-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 247-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 246-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 256-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 297-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 294-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 296-PYJ 1987 Mitsubishi Triton 1 tonne Reg No 379-PYJ 1987 Ford Falcon Untility Reg No 473-PYJ 1987 Nissan Patrol 4x4 1 tonne Reg No 652-PYJ 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 1 tonne Reg No 807-AHJ



N Cb too small Reasonable rates

39 6845

Manny Pisani

BRICKLAYER BLOCKLAYING & BRICKPAVING Commercial • Industrial • Domestic

Documents can be obtained from the Engineering Department. Ph (079) 39 3388 P 0 BOX 600 YEPPOON OLD 4703

SWIMMING pool and shady BBQ area in tree: setting available for Christmas and New Year party hire. Phone Capricorn Coast Squash Centre, 39 2444 or 39 3321. PEOPLE interested in improving their future with the help of others. It costs nothing to listen and there is no obligation. Meeting: Sunday, November 5. Phone 39 3816 for appointment. MEMBERS of Yeppoon Little Theatre are asked to attend the annual general meeting, Tuesday. November 7, 8pm. Apps' residence, 26 Little Park Street. Members are advised there will be proposed amegdments to the constitution.

••••••:ii.?:,..i4 •




"HeMOtrittaltloVes- & Asioditi*


FRI, Nov 3

CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. Ch ._DBIRTHclasses, books and videos. Contact N & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. A meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, ''E-ppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Ph Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday, 7pm for Christian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139




18 yrs experience

26 1329 39 6273

16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989


For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Beat the Summer onslaught of FLIES and INSECTS Insect screens are the answer


39 1764

Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •

window screens come in a range of fixed, sliding, clipped or hinged designs versatile enough to fit any size or type of window.


Cnr Tanby Rd & Charles St

39 1813

• Interior • • Exterior • • Free Quotes •

Allan 'Happy' Warren 39 3113 `17 years on the Coast'

39 1513 PAINTING Vince


39 4410 a/h


Special Coatings to reduce Summer Heat GUARANTEED SATISFACTION


39 7753hf„

Tom Porter's

Industrial • Residential • Commercial


CABINETMAKERS Modern Custom4 ( built kitchens Attractive aluminium awnings & blinds

Sid McDowall


Suspended Floors • House Floors Patios • Driveways • Foundations

33 6836


39 2298

39 4774

53 Tanby Road

39 1840


PAINTER George Barrett & Co • All types of Painting •

Re-Paints Specialist • FREE quotes All hours

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Graeme's Plumbing & Drainage Service Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am or 6-6.30pm For Services at a Fair Price!

Reg. Builder

Denis Schofield Renovations • Concrete Work • New Homes

39 3680

Aluminium Awnings & Holland Blinds

Central Coast Insect Screens

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39 4644 0 RICHTER • Installation • Maintenance ELECTRIC • Pensioner COMPANY • Discounts Phone


39 4318

STEVEon 39 3646 Mike Stokley

PAINTING Interior • Exterior • Roofs

39 2205 or 39 1275


Specialising: Carpet Cleaning Window Cleaning Shops • Offices Housed washed inside, outside Window Tinting

Emu Park — 39 6178


Installation • Maintenance APRICORN COAST


39 2489

Phil Munro

33 6714



• Decorative • Secure • Won't Rust MADE-TO-MEASURE

Maintenance • Renovations • New Work

Exterior house cleaning • Mould Removal Window Cleaning • Carpet steam cleaning FREE QUOTES ANYTIME


... for all electrical repairs


`We do everything'... Domestic • Commercial • Office

Peter and Tony


39 4959




WESTERLAND ROOF SERVICr—s • All Painting • Re -Roofing • • De-Rusting • Gutter Sealing • FREE QUOTES



Answering Service

a/h: 39 7622 39 2102

39 6714

24 years Professional Experience





New homes • Alterations • Extensions PROMPT QUOTE










D 000,

FREE ESTIMATES given on all types of Masonry construction





in Yeppoon Hannan Guaranteed


ow_ F oa




Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

35 1181



39 4966

Professional Service Competitive Rates


39 7646 Kevin Pearce


39 4937

GARDENERS : iknatl..durilijummss CAPRICORN HEARTS • Heliconias • Spathiphylum TANBY Weekends 39 7120 CAPRICORN




39 7530 TREE LOPPING 39 7530

q u cF)toer, F p one ...


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DRESSMAKING done at reasonable rates. Phone 394604, ask for Wendy anytime after 6pm. HOUSES cleaned inside and out. For free, noobligation quote. Phone Des, 39 7110. INTERIOR painting by qualified semi-retired painter. Cheap but good. Pensioner 20% rebate. All work guaranteed. You don't pay unless satisfied. 39 4772 evenings. LANDSCAPING, paving, retainer walls, garden irrigation. For free quotes, ring 39 7530. MAINTENANCE, plumbing, drainage, building, painting, repairs, etc. Phone 39 3503. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SIGNWRITER has brush will work. Phone (G')Day, 39 4648 a/h. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TREE lopping, plumbing, drainage, repairs, renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO. TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

HERBS: Clearing sale this weekend only. Saint Martin Herb Garden. 39 7621. NEW Rover, 5hp, ride-on mower. Under new price. Try before you buy. 39 6798. CONCRETE paving slabs. 6 different sizes. Now available locally at Capricorn Rockblock, 393893. LARGE karate suit, $30; Colevision games computer and games, $70. Phone 39 3956. COME see our new greenhouse. Small and advanced indoor plants, also outdoor plants. Budget Nursery. off Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. SINGLE bedroom suite with innerspring mattress; corner desk; wardrobe: chest of drawers; mountain bike. Phone 39 3427. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. GENERATOR: 12kva Dunlite and Yanmar motor, suitable for marine use. Ph a/h, 39 3949; 39 1154. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. RAILWAYsleepers: 8' lengths, $6 each. Available Capricorn Rockblock 39 3893. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468. GREEN and white carpet 13'x11'6", $80 ONO. Phone 39 1478.

MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Junior Sports Ass'n. $100 jackpot. Promoter: Lyn Stephens. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No. B23804. WEDNESDAY:7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Promoter: A Tranent. Permit No. B23049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm. Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B23686. SATURDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totaling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B23737.

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LOST your dog. Contact dog officer, 018 792036 or call at LSCdepot between 3pm and 4pm during the week.

FOR HIRE DINGHYS for hire, 18 Sunflower Street, Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6105. Daily or weekly rates. METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 1640. DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $8 per day. Phone 34 4174.

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AUCTION EXCLUSIVE SEASIDE UNIT UNIT 9 SANDPIPER COURT LAMMERMOOR BEACH Strata Title - Partly furnished Top storey, sea breezes & views

TO BE AUCTIONED ON SITE SATURDAY 18th NOVEMBER, 1989 at 12.30pm For further details contact Ron Graystone a/h 33 6453 186 Musgrave St 22 5633



Raine & Horne Rockhampton REAL ESTATE


Beginning at 10.15am, South Tanby Road - behind the Gumnut Glen Holiday Cabins UNIQUE COASTAL PROPERTY

Followed by 3x 2 Bedroom strata titled units at 11.30am, Ferguson St, Emu Park QUALITY BRICK UNITS

5 brs, 2 bathrooms, huge living areas, ingroun• swimming pool, 6 bay shed, mango orchard, seaviews, all set on 3.5 acres (1.6ha) only 5 minutes from town centre

To be offered firstly as a whole and if not sold to be offered as individual units. All 2 brs, fully furnished and fully tenanted, seaviews, short walk to beach



Seven Dwarfs Motel

MOTOR VEHICLES WANTED to buy: VW Combi Van, fair condition. Please write: R Howland, c/- Staff, Heron Island. 4680.

WANTED to buy old furniture, any condition. Top prices paid. Phone 39 1380 or call Ross Garage, Yeppoon.

staff. A.I.S. McCracken Sales Pty Ltd. 39 2277 or 39 7115 a/h.


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TO RENT SMALL 2br flat, $75pw. Bond, References, No pets. Phone 39 7595. ONE bedroom unfurnished flat, Sands Arcade, Norman by Street, Yeppoon. $55pw. Bond. Phone 39 2325.



VW Combi Van, fair condition. Please write to R Howland. c/- Staff, Heron Island. 4680.

CAPRICORN COAST, JAMES ST, YEPPOON The Complex has 17 units comprising overnight and fully self-contained holiday units, manager's quarters and three masonry block shop premises let to reliable tenants. Total land area 1618 sq m. Corner Site Zoned Central Business "B". A word from the Auctioneer: An ideal opportunity to purchase a well known Motel SEVEN located in the sought after retail section of Yeppoon, with the ability to capitilise on DWARFS MO- the ever-increasing tourist traffic passing through the Capricorn Coast. 7.„,



AND THEN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING TEL TO BE AUC(TO BE AUCTIONED ON THE MOTEL PREMISES) TIONED ON HOUSE PROPERTY - 22 QUEEN STREET, YEPPOON SITE, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8th, Highset fibro home with three bedrooms, tiled roof, separate lounge/dining and excellent views - presently leased till June 1990. Land area 1012 sq m. Zoned 1989 at 11am Residential C. An ideal redevelopment site.



18 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR •IETTERS TO THE EDITOR •

Lammermoorians lose to LSC grader IT goes without saying that throughout history, and depending on his choice of habitat, man has been compelled to contend with that region's climatic phenomena. For me, poignant memories of the Sahara's sand and dust storms were forcibly re-incarnated during the weekend October 20/22 as I feverishly laboured throughout a period which should have been one of restful enjoyment. Sadly and mundanely, the time was spent washing and cleaning floors, windows, furniture and newly-painted front patio walls, in an attempt to regain the standard to which I am accustomed and one which was certainly in evidence when I departed for Rockhampton at 8am on Friday, the fateful 20th! And if, dear reader, your curiosity impels you to become further embroiled in this, my tale of anguish and woe, let me first assure you that we Lammermoorians were not the victims of a naturally created 'Land of the Pharaohs-type Occurrence' at that point in time. Quite on the contrary! Our harrowing clean-up - and here I include many of my neighbours - emanated from a man-inspired, man-authorised, man-conducted activity, expedited and delicately harmonised with the sheer misuse of a man-made leviathan; the servile yet lethal Livingstone Shire Grader, no less! Could it have been a demonstrative practical gesture of gratitude for the payment of the recent exhorbitant six-monthly rate demands, simultaneously combined with one superb 'beautifying!!' attempt to equate and bring our chosen ambience into line with the Capricorn Coast's entries and roadsides in general? Conjecture as I may on this matter, and in spite of again hearing the oft-repeated red herring- 'blame Main Roads!' - it is imperative that we who reside in this tourist-orientated, holiday-making township if defaced roadsides and of sterile lunar-like barreness now point, with decisive urgency, a finger of accusation, at our inspiration-starved, tunnel-visioned, trivial-minded, couldn't care-a-stuff, junket-journeying and complacently-unctuous man-chosen pillars of society; the strategists who operate from within the bunker-room walls of the 'Palace of Pfriseessient/Dissension?' Yeppoon's very own Taj Mahal! And so it is dear reader, that as I watch the traffic hurtling up and down, and 'survey through the powdery haze this newly-acquired and wondrous strip of barren-brown, I am inspired by Francis Bacon's prettily devised utterances (circa 1600) when musing on Aesop:' "The fly sat upon the axletree of the chariot wheel and said, what a dust I raise". Dust indeed, may only be matter in the wrong place, but would anyone care to share my deliciously-gritty cucumber sandwich? - D Keith B Griffiths, 146 Lammermoor Beach.

Cooking peacocks could be answer TALK of the peacock invasion of Kinka Beach in last week's Mirror reminded me of the gem of a letter written by my husband Norman, published in this paper some years ago. It went as follows: "In Europe during the Middle Ages when knights were bold and ladies fair and virtuous (or was it fairly virtuous) and all Australians were suntanned, the Indian bird, the Peacock, was esteemed by gastronomes as a rare delicacy. When cooked the bird was set before the master of the house or the most honoured guest. Only the most noble were allowed to carve or have a portion. It was the custom for the carver, and those who had a slice, to take an

oath promising some knightly deed. The Peacock, unlike native ducks and geese, is not a protected bird. The method of cooking is exactly the same as for pheasant, which it closely resembles in taste. Here at Kinka Beach we are fortunate in having a number of these birds living off the fat of the land, not protected by any law or regulation, and very edible. The only thing is catching them. Salt on their tails is no use. Either wring their necks or shoot them. Unfortunately nowadays I am slow on my feet and do not have a gun. But if anyone wants some recipes I will be quite happy to supply them, without inquiring into their ancestry, noble or otherwise, dexter or sinister." There was a serious side to this letter. Knowing that Peacocks are introduced, living on seeds, insects and small reptiles and possibly upsetting the local ecology, in addition to their nuisance aspect, Norman hoped someone might take up his suggestion. We heard subsequently that Peacock was on the menu at the wedding ceremony of a local grazier ... but that was all. His suggestion .could be one solution to the problem, but like many other people, I'm a softie when it comes to killing a beautiful creature. Perhaps rifling their nests for tasty bantamsized eggs would help cut down the growing population. Searching out nests in not easy - I have only ever found one sitting female. The Peacock could become quite a problem over the years. - Moib' Crawford, Natalie Place, Kinka Beach.

Women can grow at Forum meetings AS we head rapidly towards the end of 1989 and the 1990s, one can only wonder what the next decade will bring, both worldwide and on the national front, and how the ensuing issues may affect us as individual citizens. There are now more advantages and equal opportunities for people in the fields of business, professions or should they wish, education, than were present 10 years ago. More women, having reared families to a more independent status, are freer to engage in alternative areas of their choosing. Some may opt for further education or for employment, if available, on a permanent basis. Whatever the options - confidence, ability and assertiveness are of great importance for the challenging and steadfast action in the pursuits sought by individual applicants. It is a tough world and the competition is keen. Forum, a women's club, in its goals of public speaking and meeting procedure - a skill once learned never goes astray - has given women a chance to grow and strengthen in personal awareness and self confidence and seek the many options available to them. There are many clubs in operation throughout Queensland where communication skills play a major part. As a strong member of this association for four and a half years, I can attest to the confidence shown as members have joined, becoming strong and competent speakers on set and impromptu subjects and showing the ability to effectively run meetings. Capricorn Coast Forum Number 53 welcomes inquiries and interest from any women who feel Forum could help them as an interesting affiliation and in the quest for learning the skills of speaking to groups with similar interests, who show and extend their help within this club. . We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm for fellowship and 8pm sharp for the meeting. Any queries can be answered by phoning Anne, 39 6560 or Jan, 39 2130. Forum looks forward to welcoming you ... we may just be the beginning of a whole new concept. - Jan Edwards, 64 Braithwaite Stiret, Yeppoon.

Cavaliers Singapore lychees down Colts from Queensland! IN his letter to the editor (September 29) C Thompson complains about the import of pineapples from the Philippines and canned tomatoes from Thailand. Mr Thompson should understand that trade is a two-way matter. For instance last year in Singapore I bought lychees in a local market. When I queried the high price I was told this was because they had to be imported from Queensland. Thailand is a country with which I have a fair acquaintance and if Mr Thompson were to go there he would see that the supermarkets carry a large range of Australian produce. Nearly all the dairy products are Australian and in addition Thailand imports many million dollars.worth of Australian wheat and barley. It also spends over S5 million on Australian meat and our meat industry is trying very hard to expand the market there for beef products and live cattle. Last year a Thai delegation visited Rockhampton to look at the possibilities. Nor are agricultural products the end of the story. Thailand imports large quantities of Australian manufactured and metal goods such as aluminium and aluminium alloys: In 1987-88 Australian exports to Thailand totalled over 5317 million (I can supply a detailed breakdown if necessary) and among the goods exported were photographic supplies to the value of S9.5 million which probably came largely from the Kodak company the government is presently supporting financially. I am not encouraging anyone to support the present-government. I am simply stating the facts. You cannot expect the Thais to buy from us if we do not buy from them. - Norman Howarth, 16 Ocean Parnde, Yeppoon.

Come on Hinton, listen to our needs I, TOO, live adjacent to the Yeppoon Readymix plant and am made to suffer from this heavy industrial plant which both State and Local Governments allowed to be established without adequate town planning or an environmental impact study. I have heard mumblings in the past about the plant being moved into a low population density area somewhere out of town, but of course the cost would be enormous. But nevertheless governments in the future, and also heavy industry, might think twice about moving into a light industry zoned land which borders a residential area. The plant must be moved. At 3pm when the high schoolers are crossing, Tanby Road and the cement trucks are thundering down Tanby Road, swirling dust as they go, this is a busy time which is exacerbated by the trucks. I know one long time resident of Charles Street who was eventually driven from her home because of chronic asthma due to dust. Almost every house on Tanby Road which directly cops the full effect of the continuous blast of dust from the cement works, is, in fact, for sale. People are being driven from their homes! Come on Mr Hinton, listen to our needs. - G O'Brien, 15 Tanby Road, Yeppoon.

$3758 to junior tennis CAPRICORN Coast Junior Tennis Association has had an application for a $3750 subsidy for junior coaching approved by the State Government. It is 25 per cent of a total cost of $15,000 spent by the club on coaching.

CAPRICORN Coast Junior Cricket continued play on the weekend with junior and senior games. Under 6/7 Yeppoon Cavaliers downed Yeppoon Colts 115 to 61 at Yeppoon Primary School. Scott for Cavaliers with 28 not out. Geoff Boon and Michael Corberry were the side's top bowlers with three for three and two for seven respectively. Colts' top batsman was James Wilkinson with 12 runs and then took three wickets for 10 runs. Daniel Bayne took three wickets for eight. Emu Park Aussies defeated Sacred Heart Koalas 87 to 50 at Farnborough. G Newberry and M Scherlies top-scored with 27 and 25 and both were not out. They then fronted up and were best bowlers for Aussies with three wicket each. Quigley, Larson and Purton hit 11 runs and A Solito took four wickets for 11 runs for the Koalas. Under 4/5 Yeppoon Colts won against Yeppoon Cavaliers 72-66 at Barmaryee. Daniel Limpus top-scored with 20 not out for Colts and Beau Baker took three wickets. Cavaliers' Adrian Moore shone with 25 not out and four wickets. Emu Park Lions defeated Sacred Heart Koalas 79-71 at Emu Park Primary. Lions best were Goody with 23 retired ars.,_/ Neil with three wickets for four runs. Hardy and Jeffreys were Koala's best with 25 retired and two wickets.

Professionals to top of ladder C GRADE squash fixtures finished this week when top team Navigators were defeated 3-1 by Professionals. The win boosted Professionals to top position. Final points were Professionals 55, Navigators 54, Odds and Ends 33, Bits and Pieces 32, Secret Weapons 25 and Saints and Sinners 21. The top two teams meet this week in the first semi-finalwhile Odds and Ends will battle with Bits and Pieces in the second semi-final spot. Odds and Ends def Secret Weapons, two rubbers each seven games to six: Jason Frisch ' v Brad Kent 1-3; Eric Eddyned v Sally Malouf 0-3; Majella Miners def Richard Cagney 3-0; Melinda Ganter def Tanya Tucker 3-0. Bits and Pieces defeated Saints and Sinners 31: Leon Greer def Richard 3-0; Michelle. Tucker def Richard Benson 3-1; Mark Bishtonv Cindi Tucker 0-3; Wendy McGinty def Leon Frisch 3-0. Professionals d Navigators 3-1: Simon Atwell v Ruth Frisch 1-3; Shane Stockwell d Jason Powell 3-1; Chad Quigley d Danny Malone 32; Dwayne Vivian d Jason Malouf 3-2.

Number ones display skills PROFESSIONALS and Navigators provided the games to watch at the B grade squash fixtures played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Professionals downed Navigators three rubbers, 10 games to one rubber eight games. It was the number one players who showed determination and effort ... the sort that makes for lively finals. Bits and Pieces defeated Secret Weapons, two rubbers, eight games, 96 to two rubbers, 6 games, 101 points and go straight into the grand final after the major semi final played on Tuesday. Navigators were knocked out of the finals by Professionals.

LORRAINE McCAMLEY WINS MEDAL FINAL AT YEPPOON GOLF FORTY-TWO women competed for the medal final on Tuesday, October 24 at Yeppoon Golf Club for trophies donated by Mary Quinn. Winner was Lorraine McCamley with 66 nett. June Gambling won the stroke round on a countback from Lorraine McCamley, both on 66 nett. Next were: Kitty Jeacocke, Elizabeth Huszak, Ann Barrow, Lorna Quigley and Charlotte Somogyi, all on 67; Jan Alley 69; Bev Osborne and Sue Hennessy, 70 each. Pinshots: silver, T Clark; bronze A, E Huszak; bronze B, L Quigley. Proshot to V Cox. The Wednesday Club game was well attended with visitors hitting off with locals. Ladies stableford winners were Val Cox and Nancy Montgomery, both with 35 points. Val Cox also won the proshot and first nine with 33 from Loran Quigley, Stella Haskins and Margaret Prior, all on 34. Pat.Pickering won the second nine with 32 from Dianne Haddow with 33.5. D Webb and

S Haskins won the pinshots. Members' stableford winners was T Edmistone with a good score of 49 points. Next: W Farrar and B Menzies 44 each; M Prior, N Quirk and R Jennings 43 each; J Anderson 42; T Jarman 41; E Nankivell and J Large 40 each. First nine: T Edmistone, R Jennings and L Taylor 27 each; M Prior 29.5; W Farrar 30; P Pitt and M Matthews 31 each; S Thorne 30.5. Second nine: P Hogan 27; R Jennings and T Edmistone 31 each; G Fry, J Anderson, M Prior, W Cummings and R Buntain 31.5 each; B Menzies 44. Pinshots: R Buntain, P Hogan and S Harris and M Eggleshaw won the proshot. The veterans played a stroke for members and ladies over 12 holes on Friday. A storm caused the 12 holes to be washed out and only the first eight holes were used. C Somogyi won from K Scope On 33 and B Taylor won the pinshot. Members: W Farrar 23.5; R Clark 24.5; W Osborne 26; T Gray, L Taylor and A Pickering

27.5 each. Pinshot winner was T Edmistone. New member Bing Morgan was welcome by president Roy Montgomery. On Saturday the ladies played a four ball aggregate stroke game. Nancy Montgomery and Tarni Young won with 142 nett. Sybil Moore and DianneHaddow with 144 were next followed by Elizabeth Huszak and Val Cox on 148. P Drillis, T Young and T Clark won the pinshots with the McWilliams Wines pinshot going to T Clark and the proshot to D Gregg. Members also played a four ball aggregate stroke for the Ian Macaulay and John Rhodes trophies. Winners were N Royal and B Watt, A Kibble and R Hunt 135, J Garvey and B Tennent 136, B Moses and R Kerr 136, T Gray and A Cruickshank 136, R Young and I Lester 137, E Nankivell and C Haddow 137, T Edmistone and W Oates 139. Pinshots: J Garvey, S Thorne and N Royal and the proshot was won by T Shields. ,

A mixed 4bbb stableford for Bob and Joan Burrowes trophies was played on Sunday. Stella and Godfrey Haskins won with 49 points. Next: Kevin Dean and Sue Hennessy 48; Mike and Margaret Prior 48, Jim McDougal and Hazel Fry 47. Pinshots: ladies, J Keyes, E Huszak and S Haskins and proshot to J Keyes; members, B Tennent, W Oates, N Drillis and A Schuster who also won the proshot. The women played a single stroke in conjunction with the mixed. Stella Haskins won with 66 followed by Shirley Burton 68 and June Gambling also on 68. Leftovers for members was won by Chris Ogg with 43 points from Wilf Osborne with 39. "Congratulations to the Yeppoon ladies golf team for winning the Callianiotis Shield," publicity officer Jack Stratford said. "Also to Yeppoon ladies golf club new officers. I wish them and their new president Lorna Quigley and captain Val Cox all the best."

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 3 - November 9, 1989 -.19

Tomkins wins tableford E TOMKINS won Tuesday's associates stableford at Emu Park Golf Club with 42 points and also won a pinshot. K Killoran won the other pinshot and the rundown was M Newman and K Killoran with 36 points each. Wednesday's bisque bogey winner was C Sheridan on countback from S Bowser and C Doblo with + 18. Runners up were S Bowser and C Doblo on +18 and T Gardner on + 17. Pinshot winners: Dawn Daly and D Logan. Saturday bisque par winner was J Elliott with + 7. Runners up: D Tidemann + 6, W Urquhart and C Sheridan +3. First nine winner was G Bowser with +3 and second nine was J Guthrie +4. Pinshotswent to G Capell and W Urquhart and 2s to G Bowser and D Logan. On Sunday members played their 11th monthly medal and stableford for trophies donated by Fred Schneider. J Fields won with 60 nett and G Blair was runner up with 63. Pinshots: G Blair and Dan Daly and rundown was K Fry, K Howyler and J Guthrie. The associates played a stroke for club trophies and D Manion won on countback from Dawn Daly, 70 nett. Pinshots: M Newman and E Tomkins. Tomorrow, Saturday, is a single stroke with the draw at 11.30am. On Sunday members played their 12th monthly medal and stableford for trophies donated by Farmers centre. The associates play a stroke for club trophies. An 18 hole, two club novelty will be played on Melbourne Cup Day. President's Day, Shirley Mills trophies. The twilight chicken run is on Friday, today. Nine holes teeing off between 4pm and 6pm.

Pine Shield still at Emu Park BROTHERS club visited Emu Park Bowls Club for the first time in 1984 and Jim Stevenson asked that a piece of wood from a pine tree be cut (it also made way for the clubhouse. That piece of wood is now the Pine Shield and is contested bi-annually between Brothers and the Emu Park clubs. One game is played in Rockhampton and one in Emu Park and the overall winners take the shield for the year. The game was played at Emu Park on Sunday. Brothers president Ray Beck and his team were welcomed by Emu park vice president George Cliffe and everyone, as usual, enjoyed a day of bowling and renewing friendships. The sea breeze was an extra challenge for the visitors and Emu Park retained the shield, won by them for the first time in 1988. Emu Park's top team was Joyce Barber, John Madden, Alan King and Brian Heath. Brothers: Audrey Holmes, Ethel Newman, Kit Bealey rr and Edna Connolly. rophies can be won at Emu Park every p aying day. Tuesdaywinners were Basil Buttsworth, Allan Evans, Brian Heath; Saturday, Jill Hoare, Les Taylor, George Cliffe. There were no trophies on Wednesday because of rain. Club trophies will be played on Sunday with a 2.30pm start. Tuesday bowling starts at 9.30am and the Melbourne Cup luncheon is at noon followed by a fashion parade, TV, race and all the rest. Wednesday and Saturday games start at 2.30pm. Monday, November 6 is the ladies annual general meeting and all are asked to attend at 10am.

POWERWALKING for Senior Adults A light walking programme designed for the senior members of our community.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am We meet at the NATIONAL FITNESS HALL, QUEEN STREET, YEPPOON Inquiries:

Julie Courtney, 39 4390

POWERWALKING le Summer Timetable Monday & Tuesday: 5.30pm Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 6am Thursday: 6am & 5.30pm Sunday: Barn Inquiries: Julie Courtney: 39 4390 Ilona Higgins: 35 1185

Basketball numbers up 20 pc as YIBC home to season moves into semi-finals Rockhampton THE major season orCapricorn Coast basketball reaches the semi-finals this week. Coast basketball has grown another 20 per cent in popularity this season and new teams are planning for entry into next year's compe-. tition. Minor premiers Saints will find tougher competition next year as more stronger players move into the A grade comp. The women's competition has been close with four points between first and fifth. The men's teams have one point between the top three. Junior games have been decided with the well-supported Emu Park Devils leading the way again. Intermediates have the two top teams tied on 31 points. Junior and intermediate grand finals are on Sunday, November 19 and seniors Saturday, November 25. After the seniors finals, a presentation for all ages and grades will be held at Yeppoon Showground. Junior: Devils 30; M&Ms 26; Lakers 25; Phantoms 15 (three forfeits); Thundercats 14. Intermediate: Bombers 31; Richmond 31; Wolfpac 29; Hornets 22; Zeros 18; Flames 14; Jets 12. B men: Tanby Roses 24; Generals 24; Ex WM

23; Dunkin Co 18 (three forfeits); NKOTBC 17; Reefseekers 12; LDS Jazz B (entered a week 9). Women: Seagulls 27; Nomads 27; Pink Galahs 25; Gadabouts 23; PGH 23; Shadows 18; Breakaways 13. A men: Saints 38; Hootans 26; Scoobs 22; Don's Party 16 (three forfeits); Coasters 15. Sunday, November 5: 4pm Lakers v Thundercats, Alison Thomas and S Stevenson; 5pm Devils v M&Ms, R Caulfield and J Moody; 6pm Richmond v Bombers, D Moore and D Mose; 7pm Wolfpac v Hornets, S Stevenson and D Mose. Monday: 6pm Team 3 v Team 4, J Moody and D Moore; 7pm Team 1 v Team 2, P Horan and A Moore; 8pm Saints v Hootans, R Vanderwolf and J Shackleton; 9pm Scoobs v Coasters, R Vanderwolf and A Thomas. Thursday: 6pm Team I v Team 2, D and A Moore; 7pm Team 3 v Team 4, D and S Willoughby. Team games where team names are not listed are subject to game results on November 2. The position on the points table is available on November 2. If you are not aware of your points standing, please contact Sue Stevenson.

Morgan Crigan welcomed into ranks of junior basketballers UNDER 8 junior basketballers welcomed new player Morgan Crigan to the game played in the Recreation Council basketball stadium on Sunday. Morgan warmed to the game and participated eagerly. He made several attempts to shoot a goal but was unsuccessful. Rachel Farr showed great improvement in her game, particularly with her skill at dribbling the ball down the court. Callie Lynch also exhibited steady improvement and played a more active role in the game. The most notable effort was from Darren Walter who, with the co-operation of his team members and the opposition, carefully played the ball down to his goal end to make several 31 attempts at scoring. All players and spectators offered Darren encouragement. Scorers: Damien Barry (3), Matthew Kelso (1) and Melanie Elstob (1). The under 10 game was strongly contested with most players attempting and shooting goals. Gavin Walter top-scored with four goals one point, closely followed by Roy Jackson with three.

Owen Kelso scored two goals one point. Emily Symes and Grant McCombe both scored two goals and Kerrin Caulfield, Matthew Kelso and Alexander Sykes were successful with one each. Matthew Newmann and Ken-in Caulfield played steadily and Kerrin showed some good attacking play that resulted in five jump balls. Stephen Schmidt played well and attempted to score but was only successful with one point when awarded free shots at goal. Under 12 Richard Corbett, in his second game, topped the goal score with seven ... a commendable effort. Jay Keohane played strongly, especially when defending and was successful at shooting five goals. A much improved game was played by Kelly Marshman last week. She attempted several goals and scored one and was noted for some good efforts at dribbling and passing the ball. Fiona Cumming's height was an asset to her team when rebounding under the rings. Fiona scored a goal. Other goals: Cameron Blake (5), Adrian Moore (4), Jordan Crigan and Owen Kelso one each.

THIS Sunday Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club will be at home to players from the combined Rockhampton indoor bowls clubs who will play YIBC in a five-game match starting at 9.30am. Players from both teams will take their own lunch and YIBC is providing morning and afternoon teas. Sunday's match will start off a busy month for YIBC members. On Wednesday, 15th, Frenchville club will visit YIBC and the annual Beryl Beattie Memorial Shield will be played. Rockhampton clubs, Capri and Wandal, visit YIBC on Friday, 17th, in the final interclub games of the year. Baker's Creek (Mackay) Christmas dinner is on Saturday, 18th, and YIBC will be represented by Bernie and Vi Robson and Fred and Lorna Wade. YIBC's Christmas dinner is on Sunday, 26th. Keep in mind Sunday, December 10. Following the afternoon of bowls a free barbecue will be held.

Sleeman wins Thursday flag lil 1â&#x20AC;˘1 Y Sleeman won the .1 hursday tlag at Zilzie Golf and Country Club. I Smith Shield winners on Saturday were member Cec Saunders with 40 points and D Webb 31, on countback from D Frisby. R Sheppard and L Thompson won the pinshots. Members, associates and visitors played a stroke for the Ron and Olive Sheppard trophies on Sunday. Winners were L Taylor 57 nett and D Frisby with 63 nett. G Mosswon the pinshot and draw for pinshot went to G Pearson. A stableford will be played on Saturday (tomorrow). On Sunday members play the medal and stableford and associates play the medal final and for Gwen Pearson's trophies. The members' monthly meeting is at the clubhouse on Sunday at 9am and the associates' meeting is at 9.30am.



`A' grade MECHANIC gives your vehicle Personal Attention

Close result seems assured in A grade squash's sudden death CAPRICORN Coast A grade squash results played on Wednesday night at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre went much as predicted. Fourth-placed Bits and Pieces narrowly defeated third-placed Saints and Sinners, two rubbers each, seven games each, 109-99, to ensure their fourth-place for a berth in the second semi-final. With both teams lining up again next week in a sudden death knock-out another close result seems assured. The top semi-final will be contested by points leaders Navigators and second-placed Odds and Ends.

AGM for Emus EMU Park Rugby League's annual general meeting is in the Pine Beach Hotel beer garden on Sunday, November 12 at 10am. All executive positions are vacant. If you aren't able to attend the meeting, but are willing to work, leave your name with Eddie Mallard or Jeff Quigley. The Emus thank all trophy donors: the Morrands, Ahern family, Emu Park Store, Emu Park Esso, Emu Park Bakers, Emu Park Butchers, Charlie Stratford, Seabreeze Coffee Shop, Peter Shuttleton, Eddie Mallard and the Pine Beach Hotel.


and at

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36 1983 after 6pm VACANCIES FOR JUNIORS

Just out of the semi-finals were Secret Weapons and Professionals both with 27 points. Odds and Ends defeated Secret Weapons two rubbers each, eight games each, 112-105: Gary Hodgsonv Mark Sargood 2-3; Denis Etheridge v Brett Odell 0-3; Greg Pitt def Bernard Lacy 31; John Briggs def Andrea Harvey 3-1. Navigators defeated Professionals 3-1: Shane Miners def Steven Walsh 3-1; David Schulz def Cane Murphy 3-1; Andrew Dowie v Larry Owens 1-3; Chris Briggs def Kathy Davies 3-0. Bits and Pieces def Saints and Sinners 109-99: Wayne Stewart d Chris Priem 3-1; Steve Kennett v Chris Callard 1-3; Val Odell v Robert Stewart 0-3; Neale Royal d Joe Foat 3-0.

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'20 - Capricorn Coast Mirror, /*slovetriber 35- November 9, 1989

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SOMEONE left a pig's head on the lawn in front of Yeppoon Police Station on Saturday night ... that could be considered funny by some (many?) except that officer-incharge Sgt 1/c Ken Tanzer said the pig's head was mutilated; horribly mutilated. He and his fellow officers can cope with that sort of thing so the joke, protest, whatever, fell flat with them ... but Ken Tanzer said it did not fall flat with the children who attended church in the CWA hall next door on Sunday morning. The mutilated head did nothing for their joy that day. It was removed as soon as police realised it was there ... but how many children saw it? • • • YEPPOON Rotary president Bruce Towle was "murdered" last week at a progressive dinner ... fellow Rotarians and wives were gathered in a club member's home when the lights went off, there was a scream and, when the lights came on, Bruce Towle lay "dead" with a knife sticking out of him. Suspicion fell on all Rotarians and their wives because of information planted on the "body". Anyway, Rotarians being Rotarians, they finished the first course at that house and set out for Bruce's for the second course. He lives way out on a dark, dusty Howes Road and the Rotarians and wives, riding on a chartered bus, were amazed to see a ghost, with halo, flapping its arms in the breeze in the bus' headlights. Of course it was Bruce Towle who, being president, obviously assumed he would automatically get angel status. It was a great joke and the progressive dinner proceeded throughout its courses. But one member reckons the joke had an even funnier side because before the bus turned up, Bruce (Angel) Towle had flapped around in front of another set of headlights thinking they belonged to the bus ... but they stopped, did a quick turn and headed back down the road. Bruce is the only one with the real story ... and he's not telling!!! • . • W'HO'S the Yeppoon doctor who attended a medical reunion at the Hyatt Resort at Coolum ... and forgot the Slip, Slop, Slap? Seems he wasn't the only one to forget to practise what he preaches. The whole dazzle of doctors settled in for breakfast on the terrace, scheduled to last just the length of a doctor's appointment and instead, because they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the breakfast lasted as long as patients usually sit in the waiting room. The result was a dazzle of blindingly pink doctors. And boy, was it pink ... the Coast's representative had enjoyed some protection by wearing sunglasses with the result he returned to work with two white areas in a pink face. Pity his sunglasses had been on at an angle ... gave him a rather wicked look! • • • DAYLIGHT saving's introductions had its moments on the weekend ... Suzy received a call from Graham Hansen of Hansen's Carpet and Curtains, that the next day, at 7am, he would be laying the carpet in the Capricorn Coast Mirror office. There were no options ... the two-year-old carpet was running out of warranty and it was time she organised herself. That night, bubbling with joy, she remarked to "Old Baldy" that they had to be at the office at 7am. He, smelling a rat, asked was that 7am real time or daylight saving time. She hadn't asked and it was too late to check. It didn't matter. Graham Hansen phoned them so early there was a smell of sparrows in the air. He was ready and they had 30 minutes to get to the office. They did, and they had the last laugh, because he had to help them shift everything before laying the carpet. Anyway, he glued the carpet down in one room and started on the second then noticed Suzy was sound asleep on the freshly-glued carpet. He didn't mind until she started snoring ... then he kicked her in the ribs, told her the glue wasn't thy and he had warned her not to vacuum the carpet for two days and snoring, of her type, counted as vacuuming!!!

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• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Cricket Club has its first representative in a Central Queensland side ... Steve Pidcock. He is pictured showing the style that earned hint a place in the side. He will open the batting in the North Queensland Conference Trials for the Central Queensland under 19 side this weekend in Townsville.

Annual squash open attracts 31 from Coast THE Trend Interiors Capricorn Coast 12th Open Annual Squash Tournament is being conducted at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre this weekend. Thirty-one local players have entered and best chances are expected to be in men's division three where local player David Schulz is top-seed and women's division three where Melinda Ganter is second seed. Twelve players from the Dalby club have entered the tournament including top-seed in women's division one, Angie Roffe who is ranked fourth Australian woman under 19. Play starts at 8am on Saturday and Sunday with the finals played from 11.30am on Sunday. The public are welcome to watch the championships.

Singing Ship to Goovigen SINGING Ship Indoor Bowls Club members travelled to Goovigen on Sunday for a day of bowling with Biloela and district club members. Players from other Coast and Rockhampton clubs also joined the Emu Park club for the trip and members thank them for their support. As in previous years the day was a great success enjoyed by all. Prizes for highest scores were won by Muriel Matheson and T Roe of Biloela. Runners up were Merle Sheridan (Singing Ship) and Dave Prior (Biloela). Gents' special prize was won by Dudley Courtman and ladies' special by B Torney, both of Biloela. Raffle winner was B Stevenson from Singing Ship. This Saturday (tomorrow) is meeting day, starting at 1pm followed by the usual afternoon of bowls in the Emu Park Cultural Hall. Other dates to remember are Melbourne Cup Day at Billie Stevenson's home; president's day on November 18 and St Joseph's visit Emu Park on November 25.


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