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age • ABOVE: Yeppoon Ladies Bowls Club members Esme Woodbridge, Eleanor Batts and by McNamara are pictured showing their light touch after winning the district fours final (Del Roos was absent). Photo by Rhodes Watson.

Police want help to ensure crime doesn't pay. on Coast CRIME, lile business, must run at a profit and the only way to reduce crime on the Capricorn Coast is to make life harder for those people who spend their lives preying on others. This is the first message from Yeppoon Police officer m charge Sgt is Ken Tanzer who is starting a campaign to involve all residents in crime prevention. He has embarked on this campaign in response to increased criminal activity in recent months, activity that has resulted in thefts from Coast homes, businesses and private vehicles. An example is the Western Australia couple who lost $900 left in a handbag at Rosslyn Bay Harbour while they were away looking at the view. Their car was locked, the bag wasn't visible but a hole was punched in a rearwindow The empty bag was later found in a rubbish bin at Wreck Point making police believe the thief, or thieves, escaped on foot along the beach. Only days later, the tyres of a car parked at the harbour were slashed. Police believe the would-be thieves lashed out when they found no valuables in the vehicle. But Coast residents and visitors are not only in danger of being robbed ... there has also been a marked increase in violence: A gang, later found to have come from Rockhampton, viciously bashed a young man at Emu Park. They took to him with a lump of

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4x2 hardwood near Bell Park. Another gang so savagely bashed a man in Normanby Street, Yeppoon, that he was hospitalised for days. The victim chose not to press charges which left the police with no course of action. "It's no longer a case ofyouthful exuberance and high spirits which results in fights," Sgt Tanzer said. "It's a deadly combination of excessive alcohol and sometimes drugs which looses vicious fiends onto the streets late at night. "These animals are looking for trouble. They respect no-one. Anyone can become an innocent victim of these crazies." Sgt Tanzer said the Capricorn Coast had changed, for the worst. The area's promotional activities have acted as a beacon to both tourists seeking the good life ... and criminals seeking the easy life. "Our population is growing, there are more tourists ... and human parasites have seen a way to make a living here," he said. "The problem we were going to look at tomorrow is here today ... and only a united community can stop it growing to the stage where Coast residents are forced to live in steel cages as has happened in capital cities," Sgt Tanzer said. A united community can beat crime because instead of would-be criminals having to look out for cruising police cars, they also have to be

aware every home has silent watchers ready to phone details to police of number plates, clothes, height, colour of hair and any other information that means capture. "The community has to adopt a self-policing attitude," Sgt Tanzer said. "It's not enough to expect the police to have all the answers. We need information. We need to have the backing of the whole community." The campaign by Yeppoon Police will comprise more than Press releases. Sgt Tanzer will be giving talks to clubs on security for homes, business and cars, as will other police officers. "We want to meet the people. We want to talk to everyone. We want to explain just how serious this situation has become and what everyone can do to help," he said. A Neighbourhood Watch could be instituted whereby police and concerned members of a neighbourhood liaise on a regular basis so a flow of information stops crime before it starts. Sgt Tanzer wants to receive a response from the community so both police and citizens can tackle the problem of crime and take steps that stop the situation getting out of hand. "Secure property. be aware that thieves are around, report suspicious activities and we can make arrests," Sgt Tanzer said. "Make the Capricorn Coast a hard place for criminals to make a living and together we can drive them out."

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• ABOVE: This is the first of a series of messages Yeppoon Police will issue to make the community more aware.

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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August .24, 1989

Big start to Information Centre appeal with cash and pledges 4'

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• By John and Suzy Watson THE Capricorn Coast Mirror's appeal to find 100 donors of $5 each a week to pay off the CCTO Information Centre is off and running with cheques already paid in totalling $2665 ... and 24 additional pledges which are to be collected for next week. In all, that's 36 donors promising $9360 this year and a total of $18,720 in payments over two years toward the Information Centre loan of $54,000. CCTO chairman Brian Hooper took the appeal to heart last week and made an appeal to his own members that they had to lead the way. "They responded magnificently," he said. "As can be seen by the list of names, people directly involved in tourism have put their hands in their pockets to see this appeal is a success." In addition, Mr Hooper, and CCTO management committee members, also contacted other businesses this week to see if they were interested in helping ... "We had a dream run," he said. "Everyone we spoke to knew about the appeal, thought it was a good idea, and supported it. "Some people represent businesses with management in other areas and they have promised to seek permission to contribute. "Others have asked if donations are tax deductible and, quite frankly, we don't know. The CCTO is an incorporated body and it's possible donations are deductible ... we're checking it out." Mr Hooper said he and management committee members would continue contacting tourism operators this week and early next week to gain cheques and pledges. "The way this appeal is going we could have our 100 donors by the end of the month," he said. "If we fail, it won't be for the want of trying. "But we do have one problem ... time. All of us have businesses to operate and while we can get on a phone, it's not that easy to physically visit people and pick up cheques. "There would have been a lot more names on the list with cheques had we had the time to get around and pick them up. "We're hoping to see some arrive in the mail in the next few days, some to be dropped in and others that will be picked up." Mr Hooper reiterated his, and the CCTO's commitment, that every cent pledged would be paid directly off the CCTO Information Centre Loan Account to reduce the principal. "The quicker the principal is reduced, the less interest that will be paid meaning more value from every donor's dollar," Mr Hooper said. "In addition, the CCTO's monthly loan repayment of $1000 will continue in accordance with the terms of the loan. "This means the money raised in the appeal will actually increase the value of our $1000 payments because more of that money will come of the principal as well." (The CCTO made $1000 payments from early this year until the annual general meeting and paid only $158 off the principal. That is the reason for this appeal.) Mr Hooper said to safeguard donors' interests should anything happen to the present executive, a motion would be passed at the September 12 management committee meeting that "all monies received from this appeal will be paid directly to the CCTO Information Centre Loan Account and that the CCTO will continue paying its monthly $1000 loan payment in accordance with the terms of the loan".

This appeal calls for tourism operators and businesses to pay $5 a week for the next two years toward the Information Centre loan. To make collection easier, it is suggested cheques be made payable to : CCTO Information Centre Loan Account, P.O. Box 166, Yeppoon, 4703 ... and that amounts of $65 (13 weeks) $130 (26 weeks) and $260 (one year) be paid. Mr Hooper said the CCTO was also happy to accept smaller payments should contributors so wish. The following 12 businesses have paid cheques to the value shown toward the appeal for this year and have given a commitment to complete their total $520 donation due over the two years: • Capricorn Coast Mirror —John & Suzy Watson — paid $260 •Capricorn Printing—Terry & Cheryl Simpson — paid $260 • Seaspray Waterfront Holiday Units — Blossom Hooper — paid $260 • Poinciana Caravan Park — Doug & Sylvia Belot — Paid $260 • Bay Vacationer Units — Peter & Yvonne Motton — paid $260 • Driftwood Motel — John Allen — paid $260 • Reef Seeker — Helen Jackson — paid $130 • Victory — Helen Jackson — paid $130. • Capricorn News agency — Ian & Colleen Graham — paid $260 • Capricorn Cabs — P W & S C Denning — paid $260 • Maguire & Associates Solicitor — Tom Maguire — $65 • Brian Hooper Real Estate — Brian Hooper — $260 The following 22 businesses and individuals have pledged donations of $520 over two years: • North Keppel Tourist Resort (Peter Hayward) • Cooberrie Park (John & Pattie Shannon) • Kempsea Car Park (Arthur & Betty Ware) • Seven Dwarfs (Beverly & Brian Gilligan) • Whites Travel Centres (Ruth & Trevor White) • Coastal View Tours (John Dowie) • Gumnut Glen (Kerry Flynn) • Beryl & Maurie Cagney • Denison Star (John Donkin) • Sandy's Cafe (Frank Knobel) • Keppel Barge Service (Ken Woods) • Capricorn Palms Caravan Park (Richard & Jeanette Cavanagh • Sunlover Lodge (Wolfgang & Brigette Bielharz) • Bee Bops (Helen Bayne) • Capricorn Reef Diving (Rob Frietag) • Capricorn Fruit Supplies (Betty & Dick Tyrer) • Old Glenmore Homestead (George Birkbeck) • Barrier Reef Backpackers (Appleton & Widdowson)• Keppel Bay Motors (Bill & Barbara Ward) • L J Hooker Real Estate (Nick C alli anio ti s • Stewart & Brumm Chemists (Duncan Stewart & Kevin Brumm) • Paul Watts & Associates Solicitor (Paul Watts) • Blue Anchor Motel (Don Machin) • Stickey & Associates Solicitor (Warren Rinkevich). As each cheque in paid to the appeal, it will be acknowledged in the payments list and will continue to be published in future editions ... so please send in your cheques!

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Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 3 ADVERTISEMENT

Jim Pearce ALP

candidate for Broadsound The ONLY change for the Better

■ ABOVE: Scott Lang 2, enjoyed a spaceship ride on Saturday at the Emit Park State School Fete.

`Rock solid' decision on daylight saving MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week the Government's decision not to introduce daylight saving was "rock solid and will not be compromised". "'the Premier's statement that businesses could chose their own trading hours, simply reflects the liberalised trading hours now available to most businesses," Mr Hinton said. "They can chose whatever trading hours they like. However, it is perfectly obvious normal trading hours will best suit the public and in the majority of cases be the most profitable. "The current outcry by Rockhampton Mayor Ald Jim Webber and business interests did not reflect the views of the majoritywho did not use interstate flights or were even aware of airline schedules," he said. "The majority are concerned about domes-

tic problems of tired children who have to catch a school bus an hour earlier each day, but will not easily go to sleep in the daylight. "Most people do not want it and recall vividly the unsuccessful trial that was carried out in 1973. "I conducted a telephone survey about six weeks ago and recorded 131 votes against daylight saving and 59 votes for it, reflecting the views of mainly Capricorn Coast residents who live in a tourist area. "It is 2-1 against daylight saving and problems with children is the major factor," Mr Hinton said. "At Government level, it was suggested school hours could be put back one hour as a compromise solution, but this was rejected because of domestic inconvenience, particularly with working mothers."

Daylight saving answer to problems... LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman Cr John Bowen was no t contacted by Brisbane Lord M ayor Sally-Anne Atkinson about daylight saving ... and it's a pity because he's in favour of it. He said this week he could not speak for the council on this issue because it was a matter that had to be put to the table as a whole but he spent the first 18 years of his life in Wales with daylight saving for 12 years ... and he likes it. "Daylight saving started in World War II when the experts of the day were asked by the government in Britain to devise a way to make work, and life in general, more efficient," he said. "The answer was daylight saving. It was an answer that was found during a time of national emergency, of great stress and strain. "A nation at war, fighting for its life, turned to daylight saving to increase productivity, to save fuel such as electricity and to generally make life more efficient. "Today, Australia is a nation in economic difficulty, a nation going down the plughole." Cr Bowen said changing clocks helped save Britain ... it could do the same for Australia. He said daylight saving was the ideal way of life for a coastal area such as the Capricorn Coast where people sought a casual way of life. Also, the Coast had a large pensioner population and they would appreciate the savings in electricity. The daylight hours were divided into two sections; the working daylight hours and the leisure daylight hours. "You wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and go to work ... all in daylight," Cr Bowen said. "You leave work, travel home and have time for leisure activities ... in daylight." He said it made no sense sleeping through the morning daylight because, for many people, it was too hot and they awoke earlier anyway. But while they were awake an hour earlier, there was little that could be done with the extra hour. There wasn't enough time to go to the beach and it was too early to mow the lawn. But if everyone awoke an hour earlier because the clocks had been changed, the same hour could be used after work and be added to the remaining daylight hours ... there was time to mow the lawn and go to the beach! Cr Bowen said he had read arguments that cows would not respond to daylight saving but he had spent his early life on a farm and knew that was incorrect. "Cows in Wales have been accustomed to daylight saving all their lives," he said. "They don't wear watches, they just wander in to be milked through habit. "Farmers usually give cows something sweet at milking time and the cows respond. They know that if they wander in to the milking shed there's something in it for them.

"They are quite happy to turn up an hour earlier." Cr Bowen said it took, at the most, three days to have the cows arriving an hour earlier for milking. Also, daylight saving did not cause an earlier lambing seasons, did not make chook lay eggs any differently nor did it affect pigs. He said the issue would probably be debated at the September council meeting.

MEMBER for Merthyr Santo Santoro attended an inaugural public meeting to form a Capricorn branch of the Liberal Party on Wednesday night at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. About 30 people attended from 7pm to 9.30pm during which lively discussion about topical issues ensued. Mr Santoro said he was greatly encouraged by the support that was expressed at the meeting for a branch of the Liberal Party in the Capricorn Coast and hinterland area. The meeting decided that several interested people unable to attend would be followed up and that a second meeting would be held by the end of September to formally launch the branch. During his address to the meeting, Mr Santoro said the Liberal Party was the only viable alternative government party for Queensland. "The matter of candidates for Broadsound was raised at the meeting but no firm decision was, or could be made," he said. "A decision would depend on the availability of a suitable candidate and the existence of a strong organisation able to fund and run a campaign." Mr Santoro said Coast residents who attended the meeting expressed strong support for the Liberal Party's "No" stand for the October 14 referendum. "In fact, this sort of response is typical of the response throughout Queensland and the referendum is doomed to a massive defeat and total humiliation for the National Party that is not being honest about genuine electoral reform," he said. "This defeat will be followed by an even greater loss of support at the general election that will follow the referendum before the end of the year as disenchanted National Party voters in areas such as the Capricorn Coast flock to the Liberal Party as the only alternative. "The Labor Party has only very recently demonstrated that it can't run itself on the floor of Parliament, let alone the State of Queensland," Mr Santoro said. "Behind the gloss of Goss stand a bunch of burnt out men who have been used to perpetual Opposition and who will judged as fit as only for Opposition for the voters of Queensland at the next election."

DURING the past 12 months I have made a special effort to visit the many businesshouses throughout the electorate of Broadsound. Our area has been neglected far too long, too many business people are struggling to make ends meet. It is a fact of life in business that only the fit will survive. Governments cannot legislate for business survival. We can, however, develop an atmosphere in which business people may plan with confidence. I am enthusiastic about Labor's Regional Economic Plan for Central Queensland. I am confident the benefits of thiswill flow into the commercial sector of Yeppoon where empty shops are currently a cause for alarm. The situation for many is desperate. We have to help wherever we can and we will. I can be contacted on 58 1694 or 33 6649. Authorised: Richard Witkiewicz, 19 Brock Cres, Dysart

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 • /


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A STATE Government task force to formulate beverage container deposit legislation has been approved at the request of Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Mr Hinton, who initiated the move on June 14, after discussions with the Capricorn Conservation Council, said Environment Department officers will examine similar legislation in South Australia and legislation and practices in the United States, Norway and Sweden. "Scandinavian countries have developed the recycling process to an art form and could form the model for Queensland legislation," Mr Hinton said. "Options being considered by the task force include the banning of steel cans, as aluminium cans are more suitable for recycling and less energy is required to recycle the cans than to refine aluminium from aluminium oxide.

Consumers, conservationists and milk vendors unite to save bottles THE conservation and consumer movements have joined the Milk Vendors Association in an attempt to head off moves by the Port Curtis Dairy Co-operative to dispense with milk in glass bottles. "The humble milk bottle will face extinction in Central Queensland unless consumers changed their purchasing habits and pressure is placed on the dairy co-operative," Capricorn Conservation Council co-ordinator Glenmary Swan said this week. "PCD is planning to phase out glass bottles in their new factory despite their environmental advantages. This will mean only milk in throw away cardboard cartons will be available or at a later date, in plastic bottles which are nonbiodegradable. "Milk cartons are being imported and their use adds to the destruction of forests around the world." "The Central Queensland Consumers Association urges consumers to buy milk in bottles to send a message to PCD directors that consumers wanted the choice," association publicity officer Alison Wright said. "Besides the environmental aspect it is cheaper to buy milk from your milk vendor and moreover it is delivered free," she said. "Milk vendors provide competition for the major retail stores and this helps to keep prices down. "Milk and bread were once the same price but when home bread deliveries ceased, the cost of brekl through the supermarkets increased to where bread is now twice the-price of milk," Mrs Wright said. "The consumers association supports the sale

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"The task force will study deposit and recycling schemes for all beverage containers, including glass and plastic, which can now be recycled with modern technology. "We want to devise a system where 95 to 97 per cent of containers are returned. This will enormously reduce environmental pollution and cut local authority costs for garbage disposal," he said. "What we are on about are clean roads, parks, beaches and bushland. Every town and suburb would have receival depots for returnable items with obviously a high labour requirement, creating jobs. "Our society can no longer afford the throw away syndrome v,hich is adopted by industry for least cost, but with maximum environmental impact and huge costs for ratepayers." A preliminary report to State Cabinet should be available in about a month's time.

SKILLSHARE Capricornia is offering an employment workshop for unemployed people on August 23 and 24. Day one (Wednesday) involves communication skills, confidence building and teamwork activities aimed at providing an enjoyable and relevant beginning. Day two addresses basic job search skills, career and job selection and discussions on what Skillshare has to offer, finishing with a session on personal presentation. Skillshare has organised the workshop to offer training and other employment related opportunities to disadvantaged unemployed people living on the Coast. During Skillshare's eight months operation, many Coast unemployed people have been involved in a selection of courses in bar attending, wine and food waiting, trades assistant work, retail assistant and kitchenhand. Course details are available from Wilmer Thomson at Yeppoon CES agency. For further information contact Skillshare Capricornia manager Nanette Nissen, 22 2352.

of milk in bottles because the bottles can be refilled. "The average re-use in Australia is more than 20 times, but in Central Queensland is almost double that." Milk Vendors Association president Ray Gibbs said he welcomed public support from. the consumer and conservation movements. "Our association has launched a 'Buy your Milk in Bottles' campaign to promote home delivery bottle sales. "We are asking the kids and the mums to get involved in this issue so PCD will continue to produce milk in bottles," Mr Gibbs said. "The issue brings together factors such as consumer choice, jobs, the environment, price and even imports."

U3A numbers encouraging AN encouraging number of registrations have been received for courses being co-ordinated through the recently established U3A Capricorn Coast. U3A Capricorn Coast secretary Ian Whitehead said registrations had been received for real estate, drama, wood turning, interior decorating, chess, the environment, discussion group, orchid growing, armchair travel and birdwatching. Four courses, woodturning, real estate, orchid gowing and the discussion group, start within the next two weeks. Mr Whitehead said a further two or three participants was all that was required before it was practical for each of the other courses to begin. He invited anyone interested in taking part to register as soon as possible by phoning 27 2266 during working hours. "Further course information is available and will be forwarded in an appropriate timetable to all registered participants," he said.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 5


THE final Environmental Impact Statement released by Pivot Projects Pty Ltd was "an inadequate document that does not justify a major sandmining operation" at Shoalwater Bay, Wildlife Society of Queensland Capricorn branch president Pat O'Brien said on Wednesday. The final statement was posted to Mr O'Brien on Tuesday. He, along with 68 others who objected to the proposal, were sent a 2.5cm-thick document detailing the mining company's answers to the objections. "I read the document as soon as it arrived and

Hospital AGM YEPPOON Hospital auxiliary annual meeting is on Thursday, September 7 at the CWA Hall. Representatives from Capricorn Coast charitable organisations are invited to the 7.30pm meeting. The auxiliary will hand over two television sets and video machine to the hospital. Auxiliary members and members of the Capricorn Coast community have made knee rugs and other items for the new nursing home and these will be on display. Supper will be served after the meeting.



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am of the opinion that it is an inadequate document that does not justify a major sandmining operation in a sensitive area with recognised conservation values, especially an area listed as National Estate," he said. He said the new document recognised problems with low-level radioactivity but failed to address those problems. It also recognised problems with Yeppoon's water supply but fails to solve them. "The group still refuses to undertake proper flora and fauna surveys until after leases have been granted," Mr O'Brien said. "It says it will revegetate mine sites to Queensland Government standards ... but the government has not set any standards. None, currently, exist. "It says it will restore the land to a level acceptable for future Army activities, when in fact the area is rarely used by the Army, and then only for beach landings. "That was all that was said, which leaves cause for concern that the area will be left in a condition only suitable for tank exercises." He said the document still did not satisfy guidelines laid down by the Department of Arts, Sport, Environment, Tourism and Territories (Dasett). "There is further concern in the document because objections were made to certain known proposed mining areas and the document, answering those objections, shows new boundaries to the leases," Mr O'Brien said.

"Also, we understood that no mining would be visible from the sea but the new boundaries mean mining will most definitely be visible." His main concern is that 68 submissions were made based on available information ... and the new document contains different information. "The original information listed areas where mining was likely to take place. The new document shows additional areas that are supposed to also contain minerals," he said. "There is nothing to back up these claims. They could be pure guesswork." There were so many changes, Mr O'Brien said he would be calling on the Federal Government to call for fresh objections before making a decision on the leases. "What we objected to has changed. The nature of the proposal has changed. We should be given the opportunity to make fresh submissions," he said. "We have, for example, objected to a low-set medium density resort development and now the company is proposing a high-set, high density development. "There is no comparison in that example ... and no comparison between what we made submissions on and what the Federal Government will be dealing with to make its decision. "It's a completely different proposal." Mr O'Brien said anyone interested in seeing the area to be mined was welcome to join the conservation movement on its second Reefseeker trip to Shoalwater Bay to be held on Sunday, August 27. Tickets will cost S50 each which includes lunch on board.



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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989

MLA seeks Iwasaki resort plan Pearce seeks `please explain' on readymix

QCI holding clinic for businesses

ALP candidate Jim Pearce this week called on Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to explain to Yeppoon residents why the concrete batching plant is still located in the centre of town. Mr Pearce said residents living in the area must be fed up with such an industry on their doorsteps and they would be disappointed there are no real signs the plant will be relocated. "I have noticed, recently, that work is going on late at night, this must be a great inconvenience to the residents," he said. "If I was the present elected member I would be very concerned about the health risk generated by the dust created by operations at the batching plant. "The company must be allowed to operate at maximum capacity- to maintain jobs and supply. But let's not forget about the ratepayers who deserve to live in a dust-free and noise-free environment." Mr Pearce said Mr Hinton was going to have the plant moved to a more acceptable site. "But it appears the plant will remain and the residents will have to settle for more dust."

A BUSINESS clinic, where employers and business people can receive free advice on a wide range of important business issues, is being held on Wednesday, August 30 in Rockhampton. The clinic, organised by the Queensland Confederation of Industry Limited, is one of a series to be held in Queensland regional centres from August 21 to September 1. "They will give employers the chance to seek confidential advice on matters such as Voluntary Employment Agreements (VEAs) and award restructuring, as well as information on employer sponsored superannuation, new workplace safety laws and the proposed training levy on all employers," QCI regional manager Graham Bloxsom said. Qualified professional advisers will also be on hand to answer questions on taxation, finance, rates of pay and award interpretation, business and commercial law, small business accounting, Government tendering, Government support services, proposed laws on product liability, class actions and consumer protection, and trade and international business opportunities. "The Queensland business environment is changing rapidly and employers owe it to theinvest ment they have in their business, to find out as much as they can about the changes taking place. "For example, under the current wages system, the onus is largely on employers to identify inefficient work practices and trade them off in return for wage rises," he said. "Few employers would know how to correctly go about this, yet the system offers tremendous potential to overhaul outdated awards and work agreements." Mr Bloxsom said a two hour seminar would precede the clinic to address the more important issues in depth. Issues to be raised will be VEAs, superannuation, award restructuring, new workplace safety legislation, the training levy, other planned legislation and local issues. Attendance at the seminar is not a condition for attending the free clinic, but information from the seminar could well prompt questions for the clinic or suggest a new course of action for a business owner. Those attending the seminar have the option of attending their own seminar business clinic immediately after the two hour seminar. The Rockhampton seminar and clinic is at the Country Comfort Motor Inn on August 30. The Seminar starts at 10am and the free clinics for the public run from 1pm. Attendance at the seminar is S48 or S38 for confederation members. "The clinic is free and not dependant on attending the seminar, though we would advise business owners to come to the seminar in order to be better informed." Contact Graham Bloxsom, 27 1278 for information about the seminar and free clinic.

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A FULL management plan for the environmental parks excised from the Capricorn International Resort, portions 16 and 17 Parish of Woodlands is being sought by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. "My request is being considered by the Premier's Department for a special allocation of funds quite separate from the normal funding of the Conservation, Parks and Environment Department that has the responsibility for environmental parks," Mr Hinton said. "I am concerned about issues such as access which is guaranteed by the State Government, activities in the area, preservation of the unique environment, provision of toilet facilities and rubbish collection. "I intend to ensure parks are accessible, clean, beautiful and an asset to the community. "I have spoken at length with the Premier's Department on this issue and have been assured of their complete co-operation." Mr Hinton said he was supporting Livingstone Shire Council in its application for funding from the State Government for a full aerial

Sensitive Broadsound requires a Labor Government Comben SHADOW Environment Minister Pat Comben said in Yeppoon on Wednesday that only the election of a Labor Government would ensure implementation of environmental protection policies for Queensland. He was visiting the Capricorn Coast to promote the ALP's Coastal Protection Strategy. "Our Coastal Protection Strategy contains the strongest guidelines ever produced in Australia for the control of inappropriate development, but such policies can only be delivered by a Goss Government", Mr Comben said. "However much personal commitment and integrity local 'green' candidates have, the electoral system is unlikely to allow them to win, and if they do win, they will sit in impotent isolation on the cross benches. "The return of a National or a Liberal/National Government will not assist the Queensland environment. "The past neglect of the environment has left Queensland with a small national park system, no habitat protection legislation, no pollution control strategy and a weak Fauna Conservation Act," he said. "Broadsound electorate is one of the most environmentally sensitive in the State and will require a Labor Government to address the local problems. "To date Mr Hinton has only delivered half the promised Byfield National Park and allowed Speaking Tube and Elephant Hole caves to be blown up. .




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three dimensional digital survey of the area suited to council's new computer equipment. "Provision of this information will make for efficient land use planning of the resort area in harmony with adjacent lands. "Total cost of the project is $200,000 and I have asked council to put in a written submission to the Premier's Department. "It would be appropriate for the Iwasaki Company to make a contribution, as it would provide them with access to the data for their own planning," Mr Hinton said. "Council should also make a contribution. "I accept the principal cost is the responsibility of the State Government in line with mine and Premier Mike Ahern's commitment that the repeal of the franchise agreement will not in anyway be a burden on council ratepayers and it will not," he said. "At this stage I cannot give accurate apportionment of costs or timing as the State Government is yet to receive council's submission. "I am assured by the Premier's Department that speedy consideration will be given to the matters."


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"Mr Hinton may claim to be environmentally aware but it is his Government that is objecting to the preservation of the wet tropics, that has permitted the use of Graslan which could destroy 5 million hectares of poplar box country and which has no proper coastal protection policy," Mr Comben said. "Mr Hinton must take his part of the responsibility for the environment neglect of the National Party, however hard he tries to state locally he is the environmental conscience of the National Party."

Hinton: Green or a Labor Party stooge? MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton this week queried whether a proposed Green Independent candidate was a "Labor Party stooge". In a Press release Mr Hinton said: "That is the question being asked, about proposed green independent candidate for Broadsound Pat O'Brien." "Should Mr O'Brien confirm his candidacy then this issue will be determined by the allocation of preferences," Mr Hinton said. "The only independent position is `no allocation of preferences'. "I know Pat O'Brien very well and respect his integrity. I could never believe he would allow himself to be captured by the Labor Party. "He does not personally support the Labor Party and to cast preferences to ALP candidate for Broadsound Jim Pearce, a coal miner from Dysart, would fly in the face of all his conservation principles," he said. "I do find it difficult to understand why the green movement would particularly choose Broadsound. As Member, I have easily the strongest record of any State Parliament member on conservation issues. "I don't just talk about them. I get action. "A Government member can be most effective. A green independent would be truly 'in the wilderness'," Mr Hinton said. "Nonetheless, I welcome Pat O'Brien's candidature, if he is a true independent. I know he will not allow himself to be manipulated from Brisbane as a Labor puppet. It would go against all he stands for."

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Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 7 '

Svendsens Takeaway for —

A club for the folk who like Folk INTEREST in folk music on the Capricorn Coast has given birth to Sunday Night Live organised by the Keppel Bay Folk Music Club. Coast residents Greg Henderson, Mark Finter, Dave Burrows and other people interested in folk music have had some jam sessions. "We have now decided what we are looking for," Greg said. "Now it's time to tell everyone when and where they can listen to folk music." Folk covers all music except lta'rd rock. "It's the music of the people ... blue grass, blues, reggae, jazz, bush and ragtime. "We formed Keppel Bay Folk Music Club so local musicians would have somewhere to play. It's a chance for people to meet and share their love of music and to have a good time," he said. The group expects to have a folk night about every three weeks called Sunday Night Live. "We are affiliated with Queensland Folk


FAST FOOD CAFE next door to Pacific Hotel 39 2394

Federation and it means we are on the list for artists who travel Australia. So people who come along will have some variety." The first Sunday Night Live is September 3 from 7pm to 10pm at Keppel Bay Sailing Club. "The sailing club is not charging us to have the nights and we have been able to keep the admission charge to S3. "We have to have an admission charge so we can have other artists." Mr Henderson said if anyone joins the Keppel Bay Folk Music Club the fee is S3. "We will have a lower admission charge for members." To encourage people to go to the first Sunday Night Live, the club is including membership in the S3 admission charge. Mr Henderson said the club would like to hear from anyone interested in joining or playing. He can be contacted at 39 1920.

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Dine-in or Takeaway Home-cooked Tucker • • • • • • 11, • ABOVE: Stan Kent laid a wreath on Yeppoon Cenotaph after the Long Tan service on Sunday ... remembering Vietnam.

• ABOVE: Vietnam veteran Warren Spreadborough laid a wreath at Yeppoon Cenotaph on Sunday to COMMentorate Long Tan Day.

Try a


CLUB HOTEL Awr.:frin71 ECIALS Lunches: Mon-Fri, Noon to 2pm Sunday: Noon to 3pm 4e1* i e .) 4ek. r 10 mins ; 7., from Yeppoon , j--.

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"An idea of the number of interested shooters would be appreciated because we must have approximate numbers for registration. "Included in the event will be a section where blackpowder handgunners will be able to use their flintlock and caplock pistols and all calibres of blackpowder revolvers." To shoot any event on the Cawarral range a person must be a SSAA national member. "SSAA annual membership is S40 and that gives the member a monthly book and helps fight unrealistic gun laws," he said. "Then an annual amount of S50 to the local branch which includes insurance, range fees and excludes SSAA targets. "If you can't attend many shoots, then it will cost S12 for insurance, a daily charge of S3 for use of the range and a fee for SSAA targets. "Visitors pay S5 for a day plus cost for SSAA targets. Any person paying S50 can shoot all events held at Cawarral with the only extra cost being targets." Anyone interested in wanting to shoot pistols, including blackpowder, or blackpowder rifles can write to SSAA Rockhampton Branch, PO Box 675, Rockhampton or phone Ross Newmann, 392406. Events are shot on Sundays from 9.30am at the Cawarral range. Frist Sunday, open practice; second, rifle events (rimfire, centrefire, military); third, field and game shotgun; fourth, blackpowder firearms (rifles at present). "If you are unable to attend the range on the Sunday of your event, you can attend another Sunday. The duty range officer will witness and sign your targets," Mr Newmann said. "The only requirement is that you fit into the event being shot on the day. It means being prepared to stop during the time the range is closed to change targets and obeying any direction from the duty officer ... safety first is a must."

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Sporting Shooters seek licence to shoot pistols at Coast range THE Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Rockhampton branch, has applied for a discipline of pistol (that is, a licence to shoot) for its Cawarral range. "We would like to hear from any pistol owner shooters or intending owner shooters who would like to use our range," Blackpowder publicity officer Ross Newmann said. Blackpowder is a section covered by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia.

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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - A,:gust 24, 1989

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A • ABOVE: The 1989 Community Development Conference was held at the National Fitness Centre, Cooee Bay on the weekend. Pictured are 10 of the 300 people who took part. From left: Jack Ingram, Nell Stanawav, Ian Whitehead, Margaret Turnbull, Trevor White, Betty Cockerill, Denise Christensen, Nanette Nissan, Gary Roberts and Maly Clarke.

DATE CLAIMERS ... Saturday, August 19. Street stall outside Findlay's electrical. Friends of the Benedictine's. *** Saturday, August 19. Lifeline collection, Open: Mon-Sat 8.30am-5pm 8.30am to 12.30pm. Contact Don KNowles, 39 1362. *** Saturday, August 26. St James Anglican fete, 11am - 3pm. Church grounds, Mary Street, Yeppoon. *** Saturday, August 26. Cawarral School fete, 10am. Novelty cake auction, farmers' trade display, book fair, fun castle, pony rides, barbecue and all the other stalls you would expect. 28 Anzac Pde 39 3454 *** Saturday, August 26. Keppel Sands P & C bush (AUGLISTPRO GRAMME) dance, Savoy Theatre, 7.30pm. Music by Iron Barque. S5 single, S3 child, S15 family includes supper. Lucky door and novelty prizes. *** Saturday, August 26. Scope's Man of the Year, An Evening of Music - JAzz Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Phil Wright - Guitar *** DATE CLAIMER: Sunday, August 27. BenePeter Dobe - Reeds fit Day for Blue Nursing Service. All day social Robert Gibbons - Drums bowls with cent sale organised by Singing Ship Indoor Bowls Club, Emu Park Cultural Hall 7.30pm Refreshments from 9.30am. Morning and afternoon tea. Bookings Phone 39 3454 *** Sunday, August 27. Pig-on-the-spit pre-finals celebration for Yeppoon Swans, Yeppoon September 9 Showground, 1pm-5pm. *** Exhibition to Clermont Monday, August 28. Seminar in Yeppoon Any locals who wish to participate, Uniting Church, 9.30am to 11am. Conducted contact Dale at the Mill by Education Department Religious Education branch Beth Nolan. All RE teachers and other interested persons are invited to attend. *** Donna Molloy's Sunday, September 3. Sunday Night Live at Keppel Bay Sailing Club, 7pm. Keppel Bay Folk Music Club and music by Kooka Bros. *** Saturday, September 9. Cent sale, Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. Yeppoon Showground. *** Monday, September 11. Spring Fair, Emu Park Bowls Club, 12.30pm to 4.30pm. St Vincent de 17 Hill St (Opp. La Bamba) Paul fashion parade, stalls, face painting, Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm Ph, 39 4720 games, garden hints. *** Saturday, September 23. Spring Fair, Yeppoon Town Hall, 2pm. St James Guild. *** • Saturday, September 23. Pineapple Festival Ball, Yeppoon Town Hall. *** September 27 to 30. Capricorn Coast Society of Arts Pineapple Festival Art Exhibition, Yeppoon Town Hall. *** Sunday, October 8. Annual reunion St Faith's past pupils. Service in St James Anglican worth $18 Church, 10am, followed by noon lunch at by Wella Kananra. *** with every THE annual general meeting of the Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service auxiliary is at the Normanby Street, Yeppoon centre on month Monday, August 28 at 2pm. All helpers, friends I and new members are welcome. SET PRICES Student Cuts $6 • Manicures $8 Pensioner Perms $30 Pen. Sets $7 • Pen. Cuts $7

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• Sunday, August 20 •

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300 aim to improve way we live THE State Community Development Conference held at the Queensland Recreation Centre, Cooee Bay, on the weekend attracted about 300 people who discussed ways to improve the communities in which they live. It was the first conference held outside Brisbane and was hosted by the Central Queensland FSP Network and the Capricorn Community Development Association. The workshops included discussions on community arts, how to prepare funding applications, environmental issues, community building, accessing local government, home and community care, how to incorporate your group and neighbourhood centres. Besides the workshops, participants also had *** EMU Park RSL monthly socials are on the third Saturday of each month when league members and their guests are welcome. *** YOU have another week to see the collection of old painting at the Mill Gallery. The exhibition of 19th century work from Europe, England, America and Australia continues until August 27. It is privately owned and includes original oils and water colours, lithographs, etchings, photographs and first edition prints. The gallery is on the Yeppoon beachfront and Dale will give you more information, 39 3454. *** THE Genealogical Society of Queensland's Rockhampton branch is having a workshop for Coast residents interested in researching their family tree on Saturday, August 26 from 1pm to 4pm at Sacred Heart School, John Street, Yeppoon. The workshop fee is Si. Contact Neta Klaproth, 39 3179, for more information. *** THE luncheon and fashion parade hosted by the blue nurses auxiliary in Yeppoon Town Hall on August 9 was a great success ... about S1600 worth of success. But it isn't just the money (although it helps), it is the fun and enjoyment by all the people attending. Shirley Kruger of Kruger's Fashion House supplied the clothes and celebrated her 25 years in the trade. Reg West kept the theme with The Anniversary Song'. Other artists kept the afternoon moving ... Leila Goodwin, Beryl Dawson and Seth Murphy. The auxiliary thanks everyone who helped and attended. *** FRIENDS of Father Tom Martin and Amnesty International have arranged another movie ... A World Apart on Sunday, August 27 at 5.30pm at the City Cinema. The movie is British and won the grand jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The screening is a oncer, so you will have to be quick. Bookings can be made at Yeppoon Travel and Emu Park News. A bus leaves Beaman Park at 4.30pm.

interaction between meal breaks to exchange ideas. "Queensland's geographical problems shrunk to a manageable size, linking organisations while dealing with complex issues to break down barriers to ensure co-operation' between community run services, social services and local authorities," a spokesman said. "Neighborhood centres appear to be an important need and centres in Monto, Emerald and other areas are successfully functioning. "The Capricorn Coast should be proud of having such an excellent centre as the recreation camp at Cooee Bay. With the over 300 participants, tourism received a well acknowledged boost."

A. J. Ralston PTY and Associates LTD ,TOPTOMETRISTS' and

Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649 Jenny & Jody will care for all your Beauty Needs at

Bakehouse Beauty Therapy Clinic 54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217 JENNY SHEPHERD DIP. B. Tit. CLAftINS


Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, August 20 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall

Scope's Man of the Year?

Are You Man Enough to be ... The SCOPE Club of the Capricorn Coast Inc. Presents

MAN OF THE YEAR Keppel Bay Sailing Club August 26, 1989 from 8pm $10 per head includes Hot Supper

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Man of the Year! Phone 39 3152 a/h

All Proceeds to help purchase a Life Education unit for the Capricorn Coast

Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 9 HAVE you explored Central Queensland? The German-Australian Club has organised another excursion, this time to Agnes Waters and Town of 1770. It's on Sunday, August 20 and everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a member. The cost is S17 per person and children are half price. For details, 39 3746 or 39 3954. German music can be heard on Saturdays at 4pm on FM 4YOU. *** THE Laurel Ladies meet on the fourth Friday of each month in the Yeppoon RSL Rooms at 10am. *** V HANNAN won the Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society's raffle of a meat tray and V Thompson won the bed jacket. H Kennedy won the prettiest gingham prize as well as the lucky door, C Clift won the novel article section and M Jewell the most useful. Members thank Mrs Rose Osborne for judging the gingham sewing and members and helpers (there was another judge, but the piece of paper tore in the wrong place, so I'll put it in next week). *** PROBUS Club of Yeppoon's trip down the Fitzroy River on Tuesday, August 29 is now fully booked. The coach leaves Yeppoon Town Hall at 7.15am and will be back in Yeppoon about 2.30pm. Morning tea will be provided on the boat and those with big appetites, or poor sailors, can take extra food. Any further information, contact Bert Rial, 39 3953 or George Hillier, 39 3361. ***

SCHEDULES for St James Guild Flower Show and Fete on Sunday, September 23 are available from J Preston, 39 1951. ***

A MEETING of the Motor Neurone Social and Support Group (one meeting) is on August 26 at 2pm at 178 German Street, North Rockhampton. Inquiries to Shirley Smith, 28 4809.

Nev & Carole Welfare's

(AMPOL) Service Station Good Old-Fashioned DRIVEWAY SERVICE!


Sum' DO you love a mystery? Join Yeppoon Lioness Club on their mystery bus tour on Tuesday, August 22. It really is a mystery the members don't know where they are going. Pick up the bus outside Yeppoon Railway Station at 8.30am and you will be returned at 4.30pm. The trip, morning and afternoon tea and lunch are included in the S15 charge. Bookings are limited and ticket can be bought from Del Coughlan at McDougall's Savemore or ring Joan Duffy 39 7192, Joy Walsh 39 1514 or Colleen Wassell 39 2390. *** FEEL like a game of tennis and don't know anyone? Social tennis is played every Tuesday from 9am at the Cooee Park courts and you would be welcome. There are racquets for hire and new friends to meet. Phone Rachel, 39 1846 or Nita, 39 1836. *** EMU Park Choral Society invites singers to join them in preparing for the Christmas Cantata 'Heaven Rejoices' which will be presented at the end of the year, prior to the Christmas season. Interested? Linda Leech, 39 6573; Dell Svendsen 39 6257; Doug Cruden 39 1162. *** GIGGLE and Gossip celebrates its sixth birthday on Monday, August 28 at The Lantern from 11.30am. It is a special parisienne day and you may dress appropriately. The cost for the luncheon is S13.50 and book, 39 2318. ***

BASKETBALL for women on Tuesdays from 9am until noon at the Cooee Bay stadium. Beginners are welcome to join experienced players. Contact Lynda Thomas, 39 6687. *** PENSIONERS are invited to Gracemere Pensioners League's first social on Tuesday, August 22. The Emu Park league has organised a bus that leaves the cultural hall at 8am, then travels to Gracemere via Yeppoon. The first stop is the shopping fair, then on to the Botanic Gardens fora light lunch and then to the Gracemere Civic Hall. The S3 bus fare includes lunch and if you want to go, be quick. Phone Stan Nelson, 39 6359. You don't have to be a member of the league.

f th> RANGE PERM Have a perm with a friend for the price of ONE!

CRICKETING widows and mothers, here is a warning. The Capricorn Coast Cricket Club's annual general meeting and sign on is on Saturday, tomorrow, at 1.30pm at Yeppoon Showground pavilion. The club hopes to field an under 16 team this year and with Australia's success 'over there' there shouldn't be any trouble raising enthusiasm. *** THE blood bank is at Yeppoon Hospital on the third Saturday of each month from 1.30pm to 3pm. The next date is Saturday, tomorrow.. *** THE Coast's blue nursing service auxiliary invites anyone with ideas to a meeting at the Normanby Street, Yeppoon centre, on Monday, August 21 at 2pm to plan the Zilzie Garden Fete. SisterJo has prepared the garden and groups and individuals are needed to organise attractions and activities to make the afternoon the success such a location deserves. Jo Rundle's garden is right on the point at Zilzie, surrounded by tropical trees and flowers. *** A BUS has been arranged to take Yeppoon Pensioners League members to South Rockhampton Pensioners League monthly social at Schotia Place on Monday, August 28. Transport leaves Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am and returns at 4pm from Schotia Place. The fare is S3 return and seats can be obtained from Bill Shuttlewood, 39 1340. *** THE man-of-the-year, organised by Scope of the Capricorn Coast is on Saturday, August 26 at Keppel Bay Sailing Club at 8pm. Tickets are limited and selling fast ... available from Beachcombers Hair Trends or Lynda Gustafson, 39 3152 after hours.

REDKEN This is an opportunityto have the best. We are proud to announce that we one use individually packed perming solutions (not bulk solutions). Each pack suited to your hairtype. Redken now has nine sci"Inner Secret" entific developed perms that are Still the most revolutionary known to suit your acid wave hairtype. We offer you the latest in Hairfashion, with Highly Qualified Senior Staff Lesley, from one of Sydney's well-known Redken Salons & Fiona who has worked in Top Melbourne Salons. The girls have an exciting new way to create an exciting New You. Ideal for Daughter-Mother, Granddaughter-Grandmother, BoyfriendGirlfriend, or a gift for a friend.

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Week 5: Gospel for Sunday, August 27 Jesus says to his disciples, "Where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them". (Matthew 18:15-20) Capricorn Coast Catholic Parish: Fr Noel Milner, 39 1312

Denhams Supermarket Yeppoon



lanalvinortimiiimainun Maggie

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Babe Shampoo/Conditioner These Super Specials are on sale Friday 18th and 500m1 Saturday 19th August. While stocks last. Limit rights reserved. Supermarket Yeppoon

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989

ELECTRIC MOTOR & PUMP REPAIR We repair Pumps (Irrigation, Industrial, Pools & Domestic Pressure Systems Single & 3-ohase motors • Power Tools Generator Sets • Compressors ... etc

Consolidated 39 3310 or 39 3303 a/IT'i Electric Motors 24hr-7 days-59 Tanby Rte

Protect your Home and Family Phone 39,1811 for full details

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and Associates

• ABOVE: Cubs and brownies of the air spent a week on the Coast at the National Fitness camp, Cooee Bay. I hey had a night with some Coast cubs and brownies at the Yeppoon Scout Group with Coast members. (above Seafood and Eat It) LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS AGENTS FOR MLC Life the best views in the world. Glass bottles are made from quartz sand as General agents for MLC Insurance, FAI, Where else could you lie in bed, waited on silica; lime, sodium bicarbonate, and borax are NZI Insurance, Mercantile Mutual, CIC. hand and foot, bathed in the security of every added, plus energy. Silica is one of the most attention to your needs, and watch the most common minerals on earth and can be obsuperb sunrise as well. tained from many sources, not just beach sandAll this and tasty meals too. Even a tea room mining. JAMES Hill has asked the public to justify the for that extra cuppa. But, oh dear, what did I Glass bottles can be reused. A survey 20 years use of glass milk bottles instead of plastic or Do you your find when I opened the fridge for milk. No glass ago averaged a life span of 13 refills. Maybe we plasticised cartons. milk bottle but a plasticised carton. The only can do better now. The United Nations has said the world has flaw, but easily remedied. When glass is broken it can be recycled, only 19 years to clean up its act, and everyone Many thanks to all the staff. therefore no rubbish. The aluminum cap can must do their utmost to help. The main aims - Robin Healy, MS142 Byfield. also be recycled ... again no rubbish. are to conserve resources, recycle rubbish and If bottles are washed with the rest of the avoid toxic wastes. Protect them for years to come with washing up, then the rinsing water is very So let's examine the pros and cons of glass and Century Car Care Service. minimal compared to the vast amounts needed plastic. to process the wood pulp for cartons. For an eye-catching Plasticised cartons are made from wood pulp, James Hill's problem with his son leaving the plastics, chemicals and dioxin bleach. Copious FREE DEMO AND QUOTE dregs in the bottom of the bottle is easily amounts of water and energy are required to WHO is Labour's Dysart coalminer candisolved. Make him a cup of tea and use the on your boat or caravan, ring David process them, and they can only be used once. date for Broadsound trying to kid with his latest "putrid" dregs. Experience is the best teacher. They cannot be reused or recycled, will not opposition to all sand mining or is he just trying - Robin Healy and Leise Childs, Wildlife Piesdecompose, and so create large amounts of to jump on a bandwagon to make political ervation Society Queensland, Capricorn rubbish. mileage? Branch. Plastic bottles require water and energy to If he is seriously concerned at disturbing the make and contain toxic chemicals. They cannot environment, as he states, to provide export be reused (for milk). Plastic can be recycled income for Australia and employment for after chopping and re-processing. If discarded 39 7612 a/h himself and fellow coalfield workers, what on they will not decompose, and so create bulk earth is he doing earning a living as a coor 33 2332 rubbish. alminer? You can't have it both ways Mr Pearce. I WOULD have thought there would be no Either you are for mining or against mining, misunderstanding regarding my attitude on and, if as you say you are against it in your latest caravan parks or libraries. stance, perhaps you should resign your job as a But for David Goodwin's benefit (Mirror coalminer and get out of the industry that is letter 12/8), I'll make one last attempt to help supporting you. him get it right. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has I am not opposed to libraries. A simple shown his concern for the environment by check of council minutes would reveal I supblocking the special lease, from the Land ported the library expenditure after minor Administration Commission and approved by pruning. Livingstone Shire Council, from RZ Mines Ltd I used the library issue to help drive home a until such time as the company has produced a • 8 days Fly/Houseboat Holiday includes 5 days on the Murray River from $711 per point most ratepayers would find far from satisfactory environmental impact study. Just person ex-Brisbane. being absurd. the same as Mr Hinton has been outspoken on • Take the family on a New Fairstar cruise from $1140. Children half-fare. Teenager It is a question of priorities, Mr Goodwin. proper and adequate environmental studies travelling with family 25% discount. The caravan parks have the potential, right and safeguards from the Pivot Group. • 8 days, 7 nights, Camping Holiday Fraser Island from $332 per person for 4 share. Cost now, to fully fund a decent library service and We need to protect our environment, but we includes 4-wheel-drive vehicle hire, All camping equipment & permits contribute towards better roads as well. also need industry and jobs and development • Disneyland Freedom fare with Air New Zealand —1 child accompanied by 2 adults goes That is why I want the caravan parks refor Yeppoon and future employment for our FREE — includes complimentary Disneyland passes. tained. young people and we must learn to strike a • 6 nights Honolulu from $1199 per person on twin-share basis. Includes return airfares, Fortunately most people see it as a comsensible balance in all these matters, meeting accommodation & transfers. monsense approach and in the long-term interadequate safeguards in the environment too. • Here's value for the family. Book either a self-drive Motorhome holiday in Tasmania or ests of all ratepayers. In his first term of office in Broadsound, Mr New Zealand ... but book early to avoid missing out! If Mr Goodwin is genuine about his concern Hinton has shown his independent thinking • Still some accommodation available on Sunshine Coast. Reasonable rates. for the library's future, he should be backing and has achieved far more than any of his • 7 days Singapore from $1074 per person on twin-share basis. Includes return airfares, me to the hilt to secure the funding for such a predecessors - in environmental matters, See John or Tony at accommodation & transfers. service rather than indulging in senseless atroads, bridges, schools, police, aged persons tacks which would appear to be politically nursing home, general community grants helpmotivated. ing all sorts of organisations regardless of race - Cr Lloyd Webby; Cawannl. or creed, and the setting up of commercial for your brochure or holiday quotes NOW! developments like the $25 million Rosslyn Bay We're your IATA and AFTA travel agents on the Capricorn Coast project to mention but one. SAVEMORE CENTRE, YEPPOON — Phone 39 4244 All of these things, whether out on the coalfields or in rural or coastal areas, make a tremendous impact upon our well being as a community and help our children's future. Denis Hinton is the kind of local memberwe WHAT a fortunate community we are to have have badly needed for decades, for he is an such an excellent local hospital. achiever - a man who gets things done for all Not only is it staffed by a team of cheerful sides. competent, caring people, it also offers some of - B McLean, 13 Ware Avenue, The CalISCIV(7).. /24 ANZAC Pde, YEPPOON

Milk comes in glass again and again...


Car? Caravan? Fibreglass Boat?

Coalminer against sand mining?

Century Car Care Capricornia

Library issue used to drive home point



Great view, service at Coast Hospital

BUSINESS & TAX ee-amuLVIIVA\RISIEEDIXDACCOUll I9C I ATES We will give you professional advice and ongoing help to make your business and wealth grow by providing: • Business Planning and Management Advice • Taxation Planning and Return Preparation • Accounting and Secretarial Services • Audits and Investigations • Financial Advice Please call Tony Edwards or Judith (Julie) Ward on 39 1766 or 27 4588, for personal assistance. YEPPOON OFFICE: 23 Hill Street

Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 11 41.11•111•11•111111Mt




Denis Hinton II TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline forall editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material, statement. representation or information contained in the advertisement: is, or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive; is in full or, in part, defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication. the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims. damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct, alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classifica t ion or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone. 4

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street. 'eppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, "---39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Ph Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday, 7pm for Christian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139

THANKS NOTICES CLIFF Peacock thanks Dr Blenkin, nursing and domestic staff and wardsmen for their superb TLC while in their care at Yeppoon Hospital. • Thanks also for prayers, cards and phone calls. All gratefully appreciated.


Emu Park Living Word Centre I Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays

Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6014 Religion should unite all hearts and cause wars and disputes to vanish, giving birth to spirituality. Bahai Faith

your Local Member for

Broadsound Denis Hinton is unavailable for appointments or engagements. The office is open. 1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352


VIETNAM vets raffle winner, Peter Murray, A93, donated by Rick Budworth. Thanks to Club Hotel and community for support. INSTITUTE student hascar space available daily. Kinka Beach via Yeppoon. If you need a lift, ring 39 6476 after 6pm. YOGA Nidra (deep relaxation) classes, Thursday evenings. Phone 39 3539. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisationsand most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.

39 2212 Parcel Delivery

28 Rosslyn Street Statue Bay

33 6211 33 6174 'Nempenstall, Noyes & AsSociates

R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily

* Taxation Consultants


Fresh Fruit & Veg Honey and Taffy's Soft Drinks

MOTOR VEHICLES 1983 NISSAN Pulsar, five speed Hatchback. $6000 ONO. Phone 39 4439.


OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY 19/8/89 - 11AM TO 1PM WOODBURY ROAD COOBERRIE Follow our signs at Cooberrie Park. Modern 3 bedroom home on 3 acres overlooking beautiful Cooberrie Valley. - BARRY VALE


AJH 39 4180

are open 5 days-a-week and offer

ccoun ing Services Business Advice Taxation Services 74 James Street Phone

(next to the Rock)

39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm

AUCTION aaki) . Older style home on 2023m2 large (1/, acre) allotment PLUS smaller 415m2 (16pch) allotment next to home PLUS old household furniture and sundry items PLUS estate jewellery PLUS Holden FB Station Wagon. To be offered by public auction to finalise an estate.

To be held 10am Saturday, August 26. On site 25 & 27 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon. (Near proposed new Food Barn & Markets).

for Capricorn Coast unemployed

Wednesday, August 23 Thursday, August 24 9am to 3pm Keppel Bay Sailing Club Job Search, Grooming, Confidence Building, Communication Skills, Introduction to Coast Skillshare courses


Parcel 5 Til(3eri:(dParilly

Coastal Carriers

ECKANKAR 'The Journey Home' A free introductory video to introduce you to a spiritual teaching that will help you touch the truth inside you. Where:

Units 1 & 2, Como Units, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon When:

Monday, August 21, 7.30pm Phone 39 7157

PUBLIC NOTICE Parents are advised the new junior basketball group operating from the Queensland Recreation Council Cooee Bay Hall is not in any way associated with Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc or Queensland Basketball. Although we have provided the group with equipment and support in the past, parents should note we cannot be held responsible for any claim arising from these sessions by any Queensland registered player or others. We wish the group every success in achieving its stated aims to promote basketball in young players in a non-competitive environment, A Shackleton Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc Affiliated with Queensland Basketball.

39 4985


* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) Z4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740,

Capricorn Home Deliveries


All tax work done by

Tom Callaghan who has 30 years' experience in Taxation Law and Practice for Primary Producers and Small Business


Phone 39 1177 a/h Bob Melaney 33 6790 COUNCIL OF THE SHIRE OF LIVINGSTONE PUBLIC NOTICE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1936 to 1986 APPLICATION FOR TOWN PLANNING CONSENT NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1) Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Lot 40, Tooker's Road, Cawarral. Reg Plan No. LN538. (2)Area of the land: 206.756 hectares. (3)Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): Tooker's Road 502m, unnamed road 1609m. (4) Nature of Proposed Use: Grazing of horses, stockyards and mounting base for trail riding. (5)Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: Approx. 200 square metres of stockyard, 10sq metres for storage shed. (6)Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: Five. (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: Two. (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: 4WD troopcarrier. (9) Zone in which the land is included: Rural A. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 4th September, 1989. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 779


Pr X , 191nr.




To be held on Site 16 & 18 Evelyn St, Yeppoon. 11am, Sat, 12th August , e<‘'

• ..




• -

This magnificent three bedroom home is situated on 1427m2 of prime Real Estate - including views overlookspare allotment, unsure." 1 beaches and ing Iwasaki Resort, ' ,ruction almost at the new Marina 0 V, your front do et NOTE: This ''V will be offered as One Lot. If it fails to re . the modest reserve it will be offered as Two Lots. For inspection contact Jenny Ede or Bob Melaney at -


as MI YEPPOON 39 1177



Acting on Instructions from (Mortgagee Exercising Power of Sale) ON SITE "BANGALEE" Yeppoon. 11a.m. SATURDAY 16th September Lot 47 Mirrawena Ave Bangalee Est An excellent building allotment. Two minutes walk from beach & surrounded by Capricorn International Resort.


ELDERS YEPPOON Phone 079-391177

AUCTION To be held at Bayview Tower Motel Yeppoon: 10.30am SAT, 20th July

Dog owners are advised that the Council has introduced discounts for payment of fees by the 31st August, and a concessional pound release fee discount of $10.00 for dogs which are already registered at the time of impounding. The new fees for 1989/90 are:After 31.8.89 By 30.8.1989 Neutered dog/spayed bitch $ 9.00 $ 8.00 $27.50 Whole or unspayed animal $25.00 Pound release fee for unregistered animals is Registration Plus Pound Release

$27.40 $40.00 $67.50

Registration forms are available by contacting the Council office and payment should be sent to or made at the Council office; NOT at the Council Depot.

BOX 600 P 0 , YEPPOON. 0. 4703


- TIDEWATER MnTEL main street and A landmark right in Yen, 8 units plus 3 2 minutes walk to n broom privatr includes 2 shops swimming pool. Area fronting mi. 1171m2. POSITICA1 - POSITION - POSTITION For inspection and further details Contact Bob Melaney at

YEPPOON 39 1177

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989



Livingstone Shire Council

TENDERS Tenders, closing on Monday 4th September 1989 at 2.00pm are called for the following cleaning work required to various buildings in Livingstone Shire as follows: Contract No,1 Contract No. Z Contract No. 3 Contract No. 4 Contract No, 5

- Amenity buildings as specified in Division 1 & 2. - The Caves township public toilet block - Marlborough - public toilet block Shire Administration Centre 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon Emu Park Cultural Centre Building Hill Street, Emu Park and Emu Park Library, Hill Street Emu Park

Specifications and Conditions of Contract documents are available from the Shire Administration Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon. Inquiries are to be directed to the Health Department. A J BROWN SHIRE CLERK


Main Roads Main Roads Department. Queensland

Paving The Way For Queensland QUOTATION QR 681 INTERMITTENT PLANT HIRE Quotations are invited for the intermittent hiring of various items of road making plant for a period of six months from 1 September 89 to 28 February 90. Hiring locality will be within the Shires of Banana, Calliope, Fitzroy, Gladstone City, Livingstone, Mt Morgan and Rockhampton City. Hiring in this Quotation will be in accordance with the Main Roads Department Conditions of Hire - Constructional Plant - [Form 2P (HC)]. Types of Plant required for hiring are as follows:Backhoes, Bobcats, Compressors, Cranes, Dozers, Excavators, Graders, Loaders, Low Loaders, Rollers, Scrapers, Tractorsand Trench Diggers. Documents are available from Mr Bill Hunt of the District Office, 38 Armstrong Street, North Rockhampton, telephone (079) 311 555. Quotations endorsed "Quotation QR 681" are to be forwarded to the District Engineer, Main Roads Department, Box 5096, ROCKHAMPTON MAILCENTRE, Q. 4702 and be in his hands by NOON on Friday, 25 August 89.

TO RENT 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house, Yeppoon. Phone 39 7923 nights. QUALITY 3 bedroom home, Yeppoon. Seaviews and yes it hastenanted flat under, $110pw. Phone 39 4582. 3 BEDROOM brand new, low set home. Short walk to beach. $150pw plus bond. 27 8856 a/h.


ANTENNA installation, TVand Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, Wand Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. CONSCIENTIOUS concretor. All types of work. Phone 39 2298. FURNITURE repairs, restorations, craftsmanship assured. Single father's plea for work. 34 4210. LANDSCAPING, rock border edging, paving, retaining walls. Free quote. 39 6921. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and l< J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SIGNWRITER has brush will work. (G')Day, Phone 39 4648 a/h. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TREE lopping, plumbing, drainage, repairs. renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

Emu Park PANEL & PAINT Smash Repairs • Rust & Restoration Insurance Work • Windscreens

Bernie Wells #29 64361 48 Nelson St ‘J WANTED KNOWN SALARYand Wage returns $40 at Ray Smith & Co -Tax Agent, 1 Normanby Street. Yeppoon. Phone 39 2224. No increase from last year.



Sunset Lodge 2 vacancies for

Frail, aged

P and J Caterers Weddings • Functions • Parties • Bulk Cooking

male or female

AT PRICES 39 4215 or 39 7587 YOU CAN AFFORD



39 2330


Radiator We




Capricorn Radiators 53 Tanby Rd

39 4810

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast


Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly STORAGE IN YEPPOON Eric Sundgren

39 3822


8'x6' FREEZER box. Phone 39 1801 evenings, leave message 39 2212 business hours. FIVEton flat body truck, phone 39 1801 evenings. leave message 39 2212 business hours. WANTED to buy old furniture, any condition. Phone 39 1380 or call Ross garage, Yeppoon. CARS, utilities, commercial vehiclesand machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h, 39 4304 a/h. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

22 4049

MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002. 10' TINNY. Good order. Swap for similar punt. Phone 22 5658

BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Junior Sports Ass'n. $100 jackpot. Promoter: Lyn Stephens. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No. B23804. WEDNESDAY: 7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Promoter: A Tranent. Permit No. 823049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. 823686. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B23737.

PERSON to entertain children professionally. Phone 39 7144, 39 6627.

20" KRIESLER colour TV, $250; 26" AWA colour TV, $550; 2 speed AWA video recorder, $350. Lammermoor Beach, 33 6142. FERTILISER spreader - fully adjustable to left or right. 460kg capacity. New price, $490. Yeppoon District Co-op, 39 1592. SEEDLINGS: large range, flowers and vegetables. Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon (opp golf course). 39 4078. FOR sale: Fridge, Westinghouse, 13 cft; upright deep freeze, Westinghouse, 16 cft, frost free; lounge suite. Phone 39 2379. FERNS: new consignment. Just arrived. Open Saturday, Sunday. Budget Nursery, Coorooman Creek, Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. McCULLOUGH 16" chainsaw, VGC, $250 ONO: 2 leather skits (grey/black and black), 8/10, new never worn ($300). take $200 for both, no offers. 11 Comley Street, Emu Park. (Sunday afternoon only). FOR sale: Trail bike, Kawasaki 250cc. Reconditioned motor, 10hr work. No light. Phone 39 2379. GREENHOUSES locally made with 70% shade cloth. Two sizes. Phone 39 4295. SLASHERS - best prices from Yeppoon District Co-Operative, 39 1592. COW manure (fine) $2.50 bag (collect); $3 bag delivered town area. 39 3333. PLANT sale: stock reduction, make way for new Spring stocks. Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon (opp golf course). 39 4078. SALE: half price on goods. Secondhand Shop, Hill Street, Yeppoon. Yeppoon Trading Co (behind old CEB). 39 3568. MOTOR bike, 1980 SR500 Yamaha, goes. $200 ONO. Phone 39 3978. SHADECLOTH. first grade, 1.83m and 3.66m wide. Cheapest prices. Yeppoon District Co-op. 39 1592. 30' ANNEX, heavy ,duty canvas. VGC. Blue & White. $1000. Phone 39 6398. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. 14' WINDRUSH Catamaran &trailer with sail-box - good condition - coloured sails - spare rudders - fat wheels for sand. (079) 52 1353 a/h. HERBS Large range available Yeppoon flea market, in pavilion. Orders taken for rare and unusual herbs. 7am - 10am. SHOP fittings, laminated counter and shelving; three ceiling fans. Phone 39 1327. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. AGRICULTURAL equipment. Best prices from Yeppoon District Co-operative, 39 1592. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468.

CAPRICORN COAST TAFE CENTRE is calling tenders for the contract cleaning of our Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort restaurant and Bistro complex. Inspection of premises by PRIOR appointment with Bill Belany, phone 33 6200. Written tenders to be submitted by Friday, August 26, 1989.

WORK WANTED ACTIVE, reliable service pensioner wants casual work, anytype. Own transport. Please ph 396311. WATER boresdrilled, Yeppoon area. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 3932. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 39 4182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. LAWN-MOWING and tidying. Emu Park and Yeppoon area. Cheap rates. Phone 39 6138. TREE lopping, mowing, general yard cleaning. Phone 34 3732.

PUMP REPAIRS PUMP repairs on site or workshop by our qualified staff. A.I.S. McCracken Sales Pty Ltd. Ph 39 2277, 39 7115 a/h.

FOR HIRE METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 1640. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek, $8 per day. Phone 34 4174.

LOST AND FOUND LOST: White Angora doe, half grown with ear tag, on Tuesday night in Statue Bay area. Phone 39 1406, 33 6472 a/h. LOST: Grey female cat with red collar on Sunday night in vicinity of Normanby Street west. Phone 39 4779.

Furniture Secondhand/New Freezers, Washing Machines. Good Gift Items, Tools, Elec. Saws, Mills & Sanders

Old Barn The


LOST 6-month-old Corgi from Cooee Bay/ Wreck Point area late on Saturday afternoon. Child's pet. Reward.

Lock-up Consignment Yard now open for Large Vehicles )

YELLOW DOOR Book Exchange

15 James St 39 4805

Trading in Secondhand Books

39 2454 b/h; 39 3531 a/h PETS FOR sale: Australian Kelpie pups, pedigreed, registered, immunised. Excellent bloodlines. Phone 36 1036.


Coastal LP Gas Supplies

We care for your pets .

- 'Woodbury Road 39 7553


Where to stay on the Coast

39 1406 33 6472 a/h

Enjoy Island Views from every unit al the


Bay VacatioRer 16•Ar•IZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overnight & W ekl..(079) 39 1213


Half Price on Goods

Secondhand Shop - Hill St, Yeppoon Yeppoon Trading Co (behind old CEB)

Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek •

Own private beach (079) 3A 1421 j

39 3568

cinemax theatre


39 4932


Friday, Aug 18, 8pm Sat, Aug 19, 6pm & 8pm Sun, Aug 20, 6.30pm

Friday, Aug 25, 8pm Saturday, Aug 26, 8pm


Tom Hanks in

September 15 & 16






1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 13



Reg. Builder

Denis Schofield Renovations • Concrete Work • New Homes

39 3680 Reg


(21308H5) Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Word - All types • revor A/H: Simpson 39 6734






Tilt-a-Doors Features Colourbond zincalume panels for a more durable & weather resistant finish




Yeppoon 39 2419 CABINETMAKERS Modem custom-built kitchens Attractive aluminium awnings & blinds

DOOR CENTRE 53 Tanby Road 39 1840 a/h: 39 7622 34 8139 Add interest to a bathroom with a stylish shower screen. Choose from a variety of styles & colours. Hinged screens also available. Call us for a free measure and quote

For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

YEPPOON READYMIX Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION Loader Hire • Truck Hire •

cnr Tanby Rd & Charles St 39 1813 or 39 4410 a/h


PAINTER George Barrett & Co • All types of Painting • Re-Paints Specialist • FREE quotes All hours


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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - Augtist 24, 1989

Victory to Swans YEPPOON Australian rules reserves played well on the weekend to come out winners against Wandal 13-13-91 to 5-4-34. Goalkickers: Brett Lord 3; P Munro; D Harris, T McGrath 2; R Lawer, S Bird, R Masak, P Minton one each. Credit is given to all reserves, especially Tim McGrath for his two great goals. The A grade side was disappointed with its game. They didn't start playing until late in the game. Wandal 13-18-96, Yeppoon 9-3-57. Goalkickers: B Munn 3; T Tomkins, N Basham, R Chapman. A Warwick, G Boyd, A Thompson one each. Yeppoon Swans meet BITS at Yeppoon Showground on Saturday, tomorrow, and then only Parkana to go before the final series. The seniors wish the juniors the best of luck for this weekend as they go into the grand final against Parkhurst. A grade awards: mug and Hogue and Brown, Greg Williams; Pacific dinner for two, Mark Taylor; Annies Pies, Steve Lauritz; Murph's Sight n Sound, Nic Basham; mark of the day, Alan Muller, Antony Warwick. Reserves: mug, John Heathcote; Pacific dinner for two, Tim McGrath; Bellowing Bull dinner for two, Ray Lawer; Kristin;s Hair Care, Matthew Eatts. The pre-finals function is at the showground clubhouse on Sunday, August 27 from 1pm to 5pm. It is a pig-on-the-spit and organisers invite players, members and supporters to lend a hand to support the teams for the two expected grand final wins.

PATRON'S TROPHY DAY TWENTY-FOUR Singing Ship Indoor Bowls Club members competed on Saturday for the patrons trophy. Ray Farrow took home the trophy and Charlie Stratford was runner up. In the cock and hen of the walk Trevor Gardner defeated John Smith and Avis Mallory defeated Ethel Duke. On Sunday, August 27, the club is hosting a benefit day for the Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service. It is a full day of bowls with a cent sale during the lunch break in the Emu Park Cultural Hall. Play starts at 9.30am. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. Singing Ship members should check the nomination book for games already arranged for the next few months including trips to Gladstone and Biloela.

ZILZIE GOLF RESULTS ZILZIE Golf Club's Thursday stableford on August 10 was won by visitor E Hallett on 40 points. Associate and pinshot winner was D Frisby with 32 points. Saturday's stroke event was won by T Pincott with 59 nett and he also won the number one pinshot. The Westpac trophies on Sunday were presented byJohn and Denise Shearer to B Muller and G Hicks who won with 52.5 nett. The special trophy was won by M and L Thompson and pinshots went to T Lawn and D Frisby. Winner of the Hinchcliffe Shield was N Bull. A stroke will be played on Saturday (tomorrow) and there is a working bee on the shed. Sunday is president v captains teams, stroke.

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Yeppoon bowlers contest pairs THE open pairs were played over the weekend at Yeppoon Bowls Club and games director Roy has another competition off his hands. The two semis were played Saturday and the final was contested Sunday morning. Tom Roos and Frank O'Brien played Eric Austin and Peter Brown in the first semi. The lead changed hands in the early part of the game. Towards the finish Brown and Austin were away to lead 15 11, then with four to play, led 18 12. Roos won three of the ends but dropped a three on the other to finish down 21-16. In the other semi, Graham McCosker and Keith McKimmie met superbrats Roy Graff and Mark Gustafson and the youngsters finished on top 21 12. The first half was a low scoring game with Graff leading 12 8 on the 13th. Graff led 14 10 with four to play and finished scoring a four and two on the last ends. In the final Graff and Gustafson lined up again. This time they met Austin and Brown. From six all on the ninth, Graff gradually drew ahead to take out the match 22 13. Frank Birkett played Tom Roos in the semifinal of the open singles and had the breaks early to go to a lead of 18 4. Tom came back to be down 18 13 then Frank took control and won the match 25 16.

The other semi saw Don McPherson take an early lead over Ray Campbell. Don led 13 3,17 4 and 19 9. Ray took over and allowed Don to score only one more single to win 24 20. There were a couple of turnups in the mixed fours. Noreen Garner, Graham McCosker, Merle Bradley and Geoff Lambert proved too consistent for Joan Beasley, Tom and Dell Roos and Bill Roberts, beating them 25 14. Geoff never looked like losing, leading 14 3 and 22 4. Bill managed to win four ends straight to make his score respectable. On paper May and Bill Manthey, Clarry Hinton and Elinor Batts looked too strong for Edna and Tom Saxby, Daphne Engel and Barry Atkinson. The scores were pretty even for the first half but Barrywent from a lead of 98 on the 11th to 24 10 on the 18th. Bill won three ends when the score still favoured Barry, 2419, but a six put on the second last end put Manthey right in it down 25 28. Bill won the last end but could only score a single. The feathers on Wednesday were won by the Goodies - George Hillier, Keith Scattergood and Frank O'Brien - with 19 plus 17. There was a turn up in the cock of the walk when Arnold Halfpenny was defeated 6 4 by Ces Redinger who will now hold the title.

Soccer semi-finals at Apex Park CAPRICORN Coast soccer semi-finals start on Saturday, tomorrow, at Apex Park. Second semis are on Saturday, August 26 and the grand finals on Sunday, September 3. Anyone with queries about the finals may contact coaches or managers. Cawarral played social soccer on Sunday with Sacred Heart teams. In the under 7 games played on Saturday, 7 ounces defeated Hawks 3-0; Emu Park def Dragons 1-0. Under 8/9s: Raiders def Bobcats 2-1; Panthers def Byfield Bandits 4-0. Panthers played well with good passing ... bad luck for Bandits who were two players short. Emu Park def Bullets 11-0. Bullets played a disappointing game with players not supporting each other in

the game. Under 10/11/12: Magpies v Byfield Bombers 2-2; Emu Park def Westpac Cutters 3-1 in a nervous game until the last quarter, when two late goals won the game for Emu Park and both teams played well. CK's def Eagles 3-1. CK's deserved to win with excellent defence and attack. Youths A def Youths B 4-0. The watch donated by Scoffins Jewellers was won by A McKenzie, Moura; Wine (Club, Strand, Railway hotels), C Hole, Yeppoon and R Moffat, Barmaryee. The present raffle will be drawn on grand final day, Sunday, September 3. Organisers thank the businesses for their support of local soccer.

District Fours final goes to YLBC YEPPOON Ladies Bowling Club members have performed well in the inter-club competitions in Rockhampton. D Roos, E Woodbridge, E Batts and I McNamara won the district fours final. E Batts and ! McNamara took out the Master pairs title. V Milne, E Batts and I McNamara were runners up in the Master triples. I McNamara skipped an Athelstane team to win the Master Fours. It was a good record and members are proud of their winning women. Fixtures for Tuesday, August 22 at 9.30am with umpire M Bierwirth. Champion triples: E Saxby, D Locke, D Engel v J Collins, M Bradley, A Fotheringham. Club pairs: M Hansen, I McNamara v N Garner, R Wass. The semi final of the champion fours is at 1pm with umpire R Wass: N Garner, M Bradley, M Bierwirth, A Fotheringham v D Roos. M Baglow, J Beasley, E Batts. Bowlers are asked to check the board for competitions called on Saturdays and Sundays and advise the games director if available to play. Champion pairs finals: E Saxby (sub E Hinton), D Engel defeated M Manthey, E Batts 1815. 2-4-2 pairs: P R-Brown and A Fotheringhamwon on forfeit from V Austin and B Exten. Club pairs: M Hansen and I McNamara won on forfeit from I Ogg and M Bradley; N Garner, R Wass def M Blacklock, B Beckett 19-15. Consistency singles: M Bradley def A Fotheringham 152-148; I McNamara def S Ziebicki 152-98. Champion triples: M Freeman, E Woodbr-

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idge, M Bierwirth defJ Barber, M Manthey, P Childs 27-12; Y Riordan, V Austin, E Batts def L Goodwin, G Powell (sub N Garner), M Blacklock; V Wilson, F Denney, M Stewart def M Hansen, J Hoare (sub J Kearnan), I McNamara 27-19; J Collins (sub P Fortune), M Bradley, A Fotheringham def E Benson, B Beckett, H Villiers 20-19.

Long rallies in daytime squash LADIES Daytime Squash match of the day on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Courts was between Kathy Dale and Wendy Stephens ... Kathy won 3-0. They played many long rallies, with Wendy winning many points with well controlled dropshots. May's Meanies v Rhonda's Rebels: May Briggs v Rhonda De May 3-0; Diane Tskavic v Penny Munn 1-3; Ann Hinton v Ivanka Burns 3-0; Ivanka Burns v Jan Schmidt 2-3; Debbie Marxsen v Michelle Witt 0-3; Debbie Marxsen v Glenys Blatch 3-1; Jody Woods v Wendy Woods 3-0. Liz's Fizzersv Pearson's Pushers: Lyn Forrest v Debbie Pearson 0-3; Alice Glennie v Kathy Harding 3-1; Gaye Sands v Kathy Harding 0-3; Meryl Hutton v Lyn Woods 3-1; Fay Bishton v Glenda Locker 2-1; Sharon Myles v Cordie Nugent 0-3; Betty Woods v Ros Harvey 3-0. Denise's Doo Dahs v Britton's Brats: Denise Campbellv Julie Britton 3-1; Barbara Bartrum v Lona Perrin 2-3; Barbara Bartrum v Jean Graff 3-0; Janet Edwards v Pat Harris 3-0; Rhonda Millor v Debbie Pattersen 0-3; Robyn Turner v Le Anne Kennedy 3-1; Joyce Hinton v Lyn Stanton-Cook 3-1. Kate's Krackers v Wendy's Winners: Kathy Dale v Wendy Stephens 3-0; Debbie Bettiensv Debbie Lamb 1-3; Trish Hinton v Diane Cameron 3-0; Linda Keily v Megan Anderson 1-3; Kerry Campbell v Jenny Smith 2-3; Christine Lewis v Charlotte Scott 0-3; Sally Hartley v Lesley Scott 3-0.

35 1181

Under 8, 10 and 12

Emu Park - 39 6178

PRESIDENT'S DAY WEDNESDAY, August 23 is Emu Park Bowls Club lady president Mary Peacock's day. It is ladies only and lady members and visitors are asked to have their nominations in by Tuesday, August 22. Tarts for afternoon tea, cent sale items and mysteries would be appreciated. Morning tea is at 11.30 and the game starts at 12.30pm. "Throughout the year the club has had tremendous help and support from Kevin Doolan and his staff at The Professionals real estate," publicity officer Marg Price said. "On Sunday, August 20, bowlers line up to play for trophies donated by The Professionals. We would like a full green for this day. There are a few vacancies at present, 39 6503." With good weather and an excellent green, members and visitors have been able to enjoy bowling at Emu Park. The week's trophy winners: Tuesday, Marje Collins, Alan Price, Isobel Lawrence, Harry McNamara; Wednesday, Ruth Forrest, Tom Hardman, Col Rose; Friday pairs, Val and Neil Eime; Saturday, Nell Jones, Bob Craike, Tom Hardman, Horst Hannes. Sunday's winners were I Patterson, M Ibbott, Allan Evans and Bill Huttley with 21 points and a margin of 11. Runners up: Jim Stouratis, Basil Buttsworth, Marje Collins and Horst Hannes, 21 points, margin 7. A good day of bowling is assured for Sunday, August 27 when trophies will be provided by Member for Broadsound, Denis Hinton. Three bowl nominated pairs competition continues on Fridays with a 9.30am start. Social bowls and trophies on Tuesdays-, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1.00pm with practice roll up on Fridays between 2pm and 5pm. Friday social evenings with barbecue teas served from 6pm and music to 10.30pm.

BASKETBALL FIXTURES CAPRICORN Coast Basketball fixtures for this week. Sunday, August 20: 4pm Devils v Mighty Midgets, Willoughby and Jason Moody; 5pm Phantoms v C C Lakers, Willoughby and R Caulfield; 6pm Zeros v Hornets, A Thomas, R Caulfield; 7pm Richmond v Flames, J Moody and S Stevenson. Bye: Thundercats and Wolfpac. Monday, August 21: 6pm Gadabouts v Breakaways, S Stevenson and C Willoughby; 7pm Reefseekers v Ex White Mice, A Moore and A Laycock; 8pm Don's Party v Saints, R Vanderwolf and P Horan; 9pm Scoobs v Hootans, R Vanderwolf and A Thomas. Tuesday, August 22: Clinics. Thursday, August 24: Dunkin Co v Tanby Roses, A Moore and D Moore; Seagulls v Pink Galahs, P Horan and R Caulfield; NKOTBC v Generals, D and C Willoughby; PGH v Shadows, J Moody and A Thomas.

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PROFESSIONALS narrowly defeated Se cret Weapons, two rubbers each, eight games to seven in the first week of the second round of the Capricorn Coast A grade squash competition. Reserve Ray Campbell played well for Secret Weapons to defeat Cane Murphy in four. Kathy Davies pressured Danny Tanks 8-10, 109 before losing 7-9, 5-9 as she appeared to tire. Bits and Pieces defeated Odds and Ends by a two game margin with two rubbers each. Gary Hodgson reversed his first round loss to defeat Wayne Stewart of Bits and Pieces in three. Neale Royale has made a solid comeback striking the ball cleanly to defeat a somewhat lethargic John Briggs in three. Navigators took five points with their win against Saints and Sinners. Chris Callard fought back when down two games to David Schulz to win the third 10-9 but David took the fourth 9-8. Professionals def Secret Weapons, two rubbers each, eight games to seven: Steven Walsh def Mark Sargood 3-0; Cane Murphy v res Ray Campbell 1-3; Larry Owens def Bernard Lacey 3-1; Kathy Davies v res Danny Tanks 1-3. Bits and Pieces defeated Odds and Ends two rubbers each, eight games to six: Wayne Stewart v Gary Hodgson 0-3; Wayne Teys def Dennis Working 3-0; Glen Evansv Greg Pitt 23; Neale Royale def John Briggs 3-0. Navigators def Saints and Sinners 4-0: Shane Miners def Chris Priem 3-0; David Schulz def Chris Callard 3-1; Andrew Dowie def Rober Stewart 3-0; Chris Briggs def Joe Foat 3-1.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989 - 15

Peter Fritschi scores hole-in-one Junior basketball

Emu Park golf , EMU Park Golf Club's Wednesday winners in the American foursome were C Cliffe and M Rudd with 42.5. Runners up: G Cooke and C Doblo 52 nett. Rundown: C Wagg and Dan Daly 52.5, B Crossley and G Rudd 51. Pinshots: Bill and Val Symonds, G Bowser and P Malick. Saturday's stroke winner was D Wilson on 60 nett. Runners up: on countback, G Mannion, Dawn Daly, C Noble 63; M Rudd and P Malick 64. Pinshots: Dawn Daly, P Malick. The Mery Evans Memorial Day 4bbb stroke trophies, donated by Molly Evans, were played for on Sunday. Winners were B Mills and L Cairns with 54 nett. Runners up: K Schmidt and S Robinson 57 nett. Leftovers winner was K Huwyler 65 and runner up, P Moran with 66. Pinshots: K Schmidt, P Malick, S Mills, S Robinson, D Wilson, D Daly. Rundown: B Rowland, F Schneider, R Robinson 68. The associates performed well at the Mt Morgan Open Championships on Friday ... S Mills won C grade and reduced her handicap to 29, G Capell won the 18 hole nett and reduced her handicap to 31, M Newman won the nine hole nett and the teams was won by S Mills, G Capell and D Manion. S Mills also won the veterans section. Saturday, tomorrow, it is a high low, draw at 11.30am and arrange partners. Members play in the Chapman champion( lips on Sunday, arrange, for the M Robinson, `•-ti Blair and R Blair trophies. Associates compete for the 10th monthly medal and stableford for S Robinson trophies. Official starting time on Sunday is 11.30am and players are asked not to be late. On Tuesday the associates play a stroke, P and C Teams for club trophies.


B grade squash BERNIE Farrell came close to being beaten by Darren Corney in the match of the week in B grade squash last week at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Bernie has been unbeaten this year but found the going a bit harder against a fitter than normal Darren Corney, 9-4, 7-9, 0-9, 9-7, 9-7, 34-36. Darren is starting to find form and will prove a worry to all who play him as the season develops. Navigators def Odds and Ends 2, 3-1: Mark Drayton d Cameron Bennett 3-0; Barry Vains v Sandy Brown 0-3; Mick Teys def Richard 3-0; Fay Robinson def Allison McDonald 3-1. Secret Weapons def Odds and Ends 4-0: David Watson d Peter Dixon 3-1; Kevin Orr d Ian Anderson 3-0; Brad McCosker d Kevin Allery 3-1; Tracey Kime def An drew Stevenson 3-2. Saints and Sinners def Bits and Pieces 2, 3-1: Nick Saunders v Stewart Clark 1-3; Bernie Farrell d Darren Corney 3-2; Gavin Kime def Damian Molloy 3-0; Trevor Stanford def Scott Wakely 3-1. Professionals defeated Bits and Pieces 3-1: Paul Murphy def Mike George 3-0; Clint Marsden v Shane Nipperness 0-3; Rob Wigington def res Adrian McGinty 3-0; Terry Na.6ishop def res Melinda Ganter 3-1.

PETER Fritschi scored a hole-in-one on number 11 green at Yeppoon Golf Club on Saturday. He also won the members' strokewith 62 nett. The Wednesday Club was again well attended with visitors (Mr and Mrs Stevens, Mr and Mrs Fairhill, B Maitman, G Williams, L Vraha and Mr and Mrs Dundon) hitting off with the locals. Ladies' winner was R Stevens with Nancy Montgomery, both on 34 points. First nine: D Webb 31, J Marwedel 34. Second nine: R Stevens 34.5 K Scope 34.5. Pinshots: S Haskins (2), N Montgomery; proshot, S Haskins. Members' stableford winner was E Shields 42 followed by T Edmistone 40, T Longton, M Jeffrey, R Kerr, P Marwedel, A Kibble and J Bartley 39 each. First nine: W Towns and T Wahlin 28 each, J Bartlett 29.5, N Quirk 30, B Watt 31.5, A Kibble 32, captain Jack Stratford 30.5, C Williams 32, W Bartley 31. Second nine: T Longton 29.5, L Evans 29.5, A Simpson 30.5, P Marwedel 31.5, E Shields 31, J Burton 32.5, L Taylor 32.5, E Nagle 33, P Hogan 32.5. Pinshots: E Nagle, K Clements, D Cooper, G Muller, M Jeffrey. Proshot: J Andersen. The veterans had a good roll up on Friday for a 12 hole stableford for members and ladies. Over 50 players hit off, including visitors Mr and Mrs Dundon, L Capel, G Williams, Bill Marshall, K Kennedy and Eric Richardson. Ladies' winner was Yvonne Fritschi with 26 points, Stella Haskins 24, May McGlashan 23, Kay Scope and M Dundon 22 each and Mavis Shields 21. Phoebe Harris won the pinshot. Members' winner was T Longton with 29 on

countback from F Chudleigh also on 29. Other scores were M Fry and M Scope with 27, K Thompson 26, E Nagle 27, R Montgomery 25, G Williams 25. Pinshot to J Capel.

Veterans' president Roy Montgomery welcomed two new members ... Horst Simon and Bill Farrar. On Saturday, visitor Rhonda Stevens won the ladies' stroke with 59 nett. Next were Beryl Bartley, Mary Sherlock and Nancy Montgomery with 75 each. Pinshots: T Clark, E Huszak and G Watson. Proshot: D Gregg; McWilliams Winespinshot, R Stevens. Members also played a stroke and P Fritschi won with 62 nett (which included the hole-inone) on countback from S Pickering with 62. Rundown: S Thorne, A Ritchie 64, N Roberts 65, T Edmistone, B Horton 67, L Harper 68, B Tennant, P Ambrose 69, B Moses 70 nett. Pinshots: L Harper, P Fritschi, G McHugh. P,roshot, I Bradshaw. The ladies played a 4bbb stableford for club trophy on Sunday. Winners were Phoebe Harris and Cassie Freeman with 44 points from Pam Drillis and Rhonda Stevens 42. Next were Kitty Jeacocke and Hazel Fry 39, Stella Haskins and Ruth Edmistone 39. Pinshots: P Harris, V Cox and C Moss and the proshot went to J Keyes. Members played a 4bbb stroke for Ken Clements and Phil Todd trophies. Winners were Adolph Schuster and Tom Edmistone with 49 points from J Andersen and A Hogue 48. Next were C Hennessy and J Couani. Pinshots: N Stevens, W Albertsen, W Oates. Proshot: A Hogue.

Mini-rugby side shows its skills CAPCOAST'S mini-rugby side has displayed abundant skills during recent weeks of the Rockhampton and district mini-rugby union competition. The under 8 team played well against Mt Morgan but could not match the try-scoring ability of the boys from the Mount. The following game against Colts was a much more even affair and the match proved to be the most exciting and closest of the season. Colts rattled up 16 points in the first half while Capcoast failed to score. Never a team to give in, the Coast side turned the game around in the second half. Nicholas Craig set the wheels in motion by scoring early. Not long after, Terrence Toon moved into top gear to outpace Colts cover defence and score in the corner. Five minutes from fulltime Ben Newmann scored the try of the match. He secured loose ball from a centre field ruck and surprised everyone by shooting through a gap in Colt's midfield defence. Brett Cranny converted the try and with three minutes remaining, the scoreline read Colts 16, Capcoast 14. From the ensuing kickoff Simon Timbs set sail for Colts tryline. This great burst upfield resulted in a centre field scrum, 10 metres out from Colts line. Courtesy of a clean heel by hooker Boey Martin, the ball came Capcoast's way. Nicholas Craig skirted around Colts tiring defence and

scored the winning try. Sam Bongers slotted the conversion over the crossbar and the game ended 20 points to 16. Tomorrow, Saturday, Capcoast plays its penultimate game of the season ... against Gracemere at Rugby Park.


Saturday 2 singersIlive music


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Evelyn Seeman presented the trophies and was thanked for a lovely afternoon by winning skips Joan Howe, Ron Hancock and Florence Collins. An enjoyable barbecue ended the afternoon's activities. There are a few vacancies on the coach for the trip to Mackay on September 3 to 5. The return fare is $20 and is a good opportunity to spend a weekend in Mackay. Inquiries for seats are to be directed to Bernie Robson, 39 1630. YIBC number two team in the Winter Fixtures being played at the Rockhampton and District Association's playing centre, Ken and Lois Crockett and Arthur and Bernie Atcheson, had a perfect score in the second round played on Saturday night. They won all four games played and will go into the last round next month ... leading all other teams. On Saturday YIBC's number two team defeated YIBC's number one team 10-9, Central Star number one 15-13, Leichhardt number one 13-11 and Central Star number two 18-5. YIBC's number one team could only manage one win, defeating Leichhardt number two 138, but going down to QRI 5-13, YIBC number one 9-10 and Wandal 5-11. The book is open for a visit to Frenchville on Tuesday next, August 22.

CAPRICORN Coast C grade squash game of the night was played between Melinda Ganter and Nathan Wiggington with Melinda winning 3-1. Odds and Ends def Bits and Pieces 4-1: Melinda Ganter d Nathan Wiggington 3-1; Adrian Shields v Majella Minors 2-3; Eric Eddyned d Michele Tucker 3-1; Jason Frisch d Leon Greer. Navigators def Saints and Sinners 5-0: Jason Malouf d Leon Frisch 3-0; Danny Malone d Cindy Tucker 3-2; Jason Powell d Richard Benson 3-0; Ruth Frisch d Arthur McDonald 3-0. Professionals def Secret Weapons 4-1: Tanya Tucker v Duanne Vivian 0-3; Natalie Donald v Chad Quigley-0-3; Richard Cagney def Shane Stockwell 3-0; Bradley Kent v Sally Malouf 0-3.

Tennis fixtures THE following Yeppoon and District Tennis teams are set down for fixture play at Daniel Park, Cooee Bay, on Saturday. Players are reminded play starts at 12.30pm sharp. Division A. Kangaroos: J Gregory, M Cranny, P Smith v Dingoes: J Gregg, J Coxon, D Collett. Hares: G Sorensen, sub, P Hansen v Koalas: G Clayton, sub, V Sorensen. Division B. Cockatoos: R Hasell, P Iafrati, K Stevenson, J Messerschmidt v Parrots: B Rumble, J Harris, J Stevenson, J Clayton. Emus: R Driver, R Letchford, F Armstrong, R Scoffin v Curlews: L Stewart, A McDonald, sub, H Sorensen.

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CAPRICORN COAST CRICKET CLUB Annual General Meeting and SIGN ON Yeppoon Showground Pavilion • BBQ • Drinks

C grade squash

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64 on greens for Patron's Day YEPPOON Indoor Bowling Club patron Evelyn Seeman would be pleased at the 64 players who turned out in her honour at the annual patron's day held at the club's playing centre on Sunday afternoon. After three rounds of 12 ends the result was a selector's dream ... two points separating first and third places. In the top position were Adrian De Graff, Phyl Shepherd, Joan Howe, Jean Whiteacre and Jack Duke with a score of 27. Runners up on 26 points were Ron Hancock, Alan Philp, Frank Howard, Bernie Robson, Alec McFadyen and Errol Ward. Third place went to Florence Collins, Jill Hallam, Rowena Stevens, Jack Thomasson and May Anderson who scored 25. Sportsman's prize went to the combination of Sylvia Cousins, Billie Sinclair, Lester Findlay, Irwin Morgan, Thelma Shuttlewood and Ethel Duke. The lucky door was won by Kurt Renner and raffle prizes went to Billie Sinclair, Bill Shuttlewood and Elsie Hinton.

JUNIOR basketballers didn't play on the weekend, but are expected to turn up in force on Sunday at the Cooee Bay basketball stadium. Under 8s play at 1pm; under 10s, 2pm; under 12s, 3pm. All children are welcome to play. There are no joining fees or uniforms. Phone Kerry for information, 39 3163.


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16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror August 18 - August 24, 1989

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Emus meeting Diehards for a ticket straight into grand final •

By Jeff Quigley

THE mighty Emu Park Emus travel to Browne Park on Sunday to take on Etna Creek Diehards in the rugby league reserve grade major semi finals. With the Park team still smarting from the defeat in the Lou Janake Shield, Richo Hill trophy game a fortnight ago, it promises to be one hell of a game. The carrot being dangled on the result of this one is a ticket straight into the 1989 grand final. A supporters bus leaves the Pine Beach Hotel at 11.30am. Everyone is welcome aboard the bus. Children must be accompanied by an adult with cost S2 for adults and children free. There is a victory function at Emu Park

Leagues Club, at the rear of the Pine Beach Hotel after the game, starting at 6pm. Coach Steve Anderson and captain Matt Trims will have the Emus all fired up for the big one and the side will be back to full strength. The baby-faced assassin Roscoe Fordham will also be making a welcome return to the paddock. Congratulations to the Yeppoon club for the fine performance in Sunday's minor semi finals in both grades. If the plan goes according to the script, then we might have an all Coast reserve grand final. It was also great to see our own Zilzie pig farmer and no stop front rower big Brett Svendsen take out a major award last week for the fastest growing pigs.

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• ABOVE: Emu Park Rugby League reserve side posed on Saturday morning for the club's first official photos. Back row front left: Shawn Doak, Paul Fransen, Scott Smith, Steve Lewis, Kent Svendsen, Mark Slotosch, David Nicholls, patron Megan Anderson, president Eddie Mallard, Ross Fordham, Geoff Nicholls, Laurie Buckley, Bret Svendsen and Kel West. Middle, front left: Brad Emmert (kneeling), Brendan Muller, Jimmy Duffy, Robert Dunlop, captain Matt Tri171111S, coach Steve Anderson, CoryAtzdersen, Brad Tri171171S. Front: Shane O'Mara, Warren Reid, ball boy Gavin Duffy, Mark Briggs, committeemen Charlie Stratford and Danny Duffy and Jim Pendergast. Photo supplied by Brett Driver.

Junior Swans in grand finals UNDER 13 and 15 Yeppoon junior Australian rules teams represent the Capricorn Coast on Sunday in the Capricornia Junior Australian Football League grand finals. Throughout the season the boys have worked and trained hard in the they may bring home a flag at the season's end. "When up against a number of teams from a large city like Rockhampton, extra effort and dedication have had to be put in," publicity officer Shane Steele said. "These teams have always looked ahead and faced the task with determination and vigor and on Sunday the fruits of their labour will come to the fore. "Whether they win or lose, to reach a final is only for a privileged few." Mr Steele the Coast will look with pride at the two teams who have fought hard to make it to the top. A bus leaves Yeppoon Showground at 8am for teams and supporters. "No matter what code of sport you follow, make it a family day outing and cheer on the Coast when the Yeppoon juniors challenge Parkhurst in both grades for the decider of the grand final flag," Mr Steele said. Under 13s kick off at 9.30am and under 15s at 11.15am at Rockhampton Cricket Grounds.

Bullets coach at Friday clinic A JUNIOR basketball clinic has been organised by Capricorn Coast Basketball on Friday, August 25. Brisbane Bullets assistant coach Peter Pendle will conduct the clinic at Yeppoon State High School stadium. Under 14s from 4.30pm to 5.30pm and under 18s from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Coaches and interested parents are invited to attend either clinic. Mr Pendle has been involved in basketball since 1973 when he was junior coach and Lang Park Basketball Club administrator. He managed the Queensland under 18 team in 1974; was Cairns and far north Queensland coaching and development director in 1986 and 1987; 1 attended training programmes in the United States and organised the 1988 Queensland tour to Singapore for the fourth Merlion Cup.

THERE's a story on page one this week about Yeppoon Police calling for help from the public to preserve the Capricorn Coast's easy-going lifestyle. The police, as we do, like living here, and they want to see our lifestyle continue ... but there are people who want to take advantage of our friendliness and our casual way of life. Read the story, think about it ... and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. You're not expected to turn into a Dick Tracey, in fact, that's the last thing the police want ... but look out for your own, and your neighbour's, property. Remember the Yeppoon Police phone number, 39 1400. It could be your lifeline! •• • WHILE we're talking about police, spare a thought for the people involved in the QATB ... the ambulancemen. Sure, if you get crook, they're there to help. If you cut your finger they'll bandage it ... but sometimes their real role in life comes home in such a dramatic fashion you can't help wondering where you' would be without them. This is brought to mind by an incident over the weekend. A Coast resident woke up Sunday night feeling wheezy. He got out of bed, kicked in the machine that many asthmatics that keep handy ... and collapsed. His wife, who had been asleep, woke up and saw him turning blue. She called out to their teenage son and he phoned the ambulance. Minutes later the ambulance arrived. The ambulanceman was unable to revive the asthmatic and radioed for a second ambulance which arrived within minutes. Both ambulancemen worked on the asthmatic until they were satisfied he could be taken to hospital. They carried him to the ambulance and one rode in the back while the other drove. They handed him over to the nursing and medical staff but waited at the hospital until the man showed signs of revival then passed on this comforting information to his wife and son. Then, at one o'clock, on a bitterly cold morning, they returned to base to sterilise their vehicles. OK, it's their job and they must get a great deal of satisfaction from saving people's lives ... but it's great knowing people like this work around-the-clock to protect us! •

WORKING Mum in Yeppoon was out of office when phone rang. Colleague took call and discovered the working Mum's daughter calling. The daughter asks, urgently, if her mother is at work. When told she's out she leaves her phone number in Brisbane and says she wants Mum to contact her as soon as she gets in. Working Mum returns to work, gets message from daughter, and starts dialling daughter in Brisbane ... frantically. There's a couple of bring-brings then daughter answers phone. Working Mum, by now almost in panic, shouts down phone: "What's wrong? What's happened?" Daughter, quite casually: "Mum, how do you cook silverside?" Mother ... exhausted, throws hands up in horror ... and remembers that though her daughter is 24, she still needs her Mum! •

THIS is issue number 314 and Sunday, August 20, as well as being Suzy's birthday, is also the Capricorn Coast Mirror's sixth birthday. They haven't been easy years (no-one's complaining) ... but they have been extremely rewarding. There's a great sense of satisfaction involved in producing a newspaper every week. There are the advertisers to call on, the news sources such as council, emergency services and you, the public, the photographs to take and process, the typesetting, layout, design, printing at Gympie, the accounts, the deliveries ... the constant movement from bare pages to readers sitting down with the finished product. On behalf of John ("Old Baldy"), Suzy, Rhodes and Rhett Watson, I want to thank Shirley Moore and Pat Andersen for their cr;nstant help and Sandra Mackie for her years of devotion, the dozens of delivery girls and boys ... and you, the readers, who, through supporting our advertisers, make the Capricorn Coast Mirror possible. It's a great life in a great place!!!

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