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Capricorn Coast Mirror July 7 - July 13, 1989 - 7

Canadians know we're `down under' "AND we think we have an identity problem in Central Queensland," Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation regional manager Barry Lee said. "It's often been said that most overseas people have little or no idea of where Queensland is, let alone Central Queensland. "And they are probably right, despite selective advertising expenditure and superb marketing efforts by the QTTC and ATC. This is particularly true in Canada." Mr Lee said the Australian Tourist Commission (ATC), in conjunction with several State tourist boards, spent about 5220,000 to identify groups of Canadian long-haul travellers offering the greatest potential for Australia. One of the things they discovered was that Canadians are generally ignorant of Australia. "An aspect of their market research programme was to present a blank map of Australia to a group of Canadians in the research group and then ask them to locate any city they knew. "The map indicated some surprising results to the questions ... it was upside down (we're `clown-under'); Auckland was on Cape York; the outback was 'somewhere in WA; Perth was in Central Queensland; Brisbane was just south of Gove. "It indicates the giant task we still have in front of us," Mr Lee said. "But, what does the average Australian know about Canada?"

Time for ducks and quail to move on! WILD ducks and quail can be hunted under permit in Central Queensland from August 5 to September 30, though 12 brown or stubble quail may be taken per day from July 1 to September 2. This year's open season is later and shorter than usual, after being approved by Order in Council on June 8. Environment and Conservation Minister Geoff Muntz said this year's mild autumn temperatures and late rains in many parts of the State meant ducks were breeding about the time the season normally started. "The excellent breeding conditions mean their conservation status is quite safe, and by delaying the season, more ducklings will have time to mature," Mr Muntz said. Mr Muntz said only 12 ducks per day can be taken. A free indentification brochure is available from Department of Environment and Conservation Department offices throughout the State. The permit is S20 available from department offices. At the season's end, permit holders are required by law to submit a return detailing numbers of ducks taken and types of habitat used.



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■ ABOVE: Yeppoon-Emu Park QATB committee chairman Neville Welfare received a $5000 cheque from auxiliary president Edythe Broomfield.

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Is flashing naughty or not? IS flashing naughty or not? is the question posed quite often by RACQ members to its legal office and traffic and safety department. "We refer to situations where motorists use their headlight flashers to warn oncoming traffic of the presence of a polite radar trap ahead,” RACQ publicity officer Vern Mathieson said. "The confusion stems from the fact that the Police Department seems to be in two minds on the issue. While some district traffic superintendents gave gone on record as condoning the practice, police in other areas of the state have gone to the trouble of posting officers up the road from radar sites, specifically to apprehend headlight flashers. "In the latter case, motorists are booked under section 36(a) of the Traffic Act for "obstructing or hindering a member of the Police Force in the exercise of his powers or duties under the Act". "Because this is a summons offence, the charged motorist would be required to appear before a magistrate who would have to decide whether the defendant knew of the radar trap, whether headlights were flashed, if it was done to warn other motorists of the radar, and whether the action did 'obstruct or hinder' the police." The RACQ points out while the rights and wrongs of warning other motorists of police radar could be argued at length, it could be seen as one area where the exercise of discre-

tion by police only serves to leave the public guessing. "Until the Traffic Act is amended or a Police Commissioner's edict directing police officers throughout the state to tolerate the practice is issued, motorists can only be advised to curb their neighbourly intentions toward fellow drivers and not flash their headlights in the vicinity of police radar."



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Pearce: Hinton smooth talker'

ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce this week described Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton as a smooth talker who uses the media in an attempt to convince the public that he knows all. "Mr Hinton has a habit of knocking everything not suggested by himself ... he takes credit for other people's initiatives," Mr Pearce said. "His greatest asset is his ability is to twist the facts. He has attempted to do this by claiming I constantly oppose the harbour development at Rosslyn Bay. "I want to make it clear I support the concept of the small boat harbour being provided. It will be a tremendous benefit to the fisherman and pleasure craft operators. "I will support any development that falls within environmental guidelines, creates jobs and is in the best interest of the people I represent. "I will not support any development set up to benefit a few at the cost of the environment or the living standards of local communities."

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