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YEPPOON GOLF CLUB MEMBERS LOOK BACK OVER 20 YEARS • Report compiled by present members with assistance by associates YEPPOON Golf and Country Club was formed at a public meeting on November 26, 1965 at The Strand Hotel. The actual date when the formation of a golf club in Yeppoon was first discussed by a small group of Yeppoon businessmen is not known. The group decided to look around for a suitable site and then hold a public meeting to assess the general public's reaction. Only 19 people attended the public meeting but the small response did not deter the enthusiasts. A report to the meeting that 137 acres of land at Farnborough, owned by Ben Kent, suitable for a golf course to be constructed, could be purchased for $830 and 52220 had been raised by debentures: The meeting "a Club to be called the Yeppoon Golf and Country Club, be, and is, hereby formed ". A steering committee was formed: chairman was Strand Hotel licensee Brian Blanning (later succeeded by John Ware); secretary Duncan McColl; assistant secretary John Noyes; treasurer Cyril McCook. The committee: Bert Cooper, John Ware, Ben Kent and Beryl Dowling. The committee was authorised to acquire the land on a six month optional term and to start construction work. It was expected as progress was made, so would public response be engendered and more finance in the form of debentures and lub membership subscriptions ($2) be forth-

Livingstone Shire Council machinery was hired at weekends to clear nine holes and one green was formed. Dick MacNevin supplied a tractor for his debentures, Harry Platts put down a bore and fresh water was found, and a large amount of voluntary work was done by John and Florence Ware, John and Connie Noyes, Brian and June Blanning, Mery and June Nash and Bill Freeman. Unfortunately, it became apparent that through lack of funds and public interest, the venture was not successful and it was decided an alternative site be found and the Farnborough land sold. The land was sold to Jack Hinz for $2000. It was in February, 1968 the present site on the Yeppoon-Rockhampton Road was obtained. At a public meeting in Yeppoon Town Hall officers and committee were appointed: patron Bill Blanning; president John Ware; vice presidents Ken Norton and Eddie Gedge; secretary John Noyes; treasurer Jack Garner; captain Col Smith. Committee: Bill Hamilton, Jack Cargill, Horrie Stone, George Patterson and Harry Goodson.

Other committee members during the formative years: Harold Goodwin, Harry Dobe, John Barnes, Lou Stevensen, George Norton, Al Ritchie and Frank Walden. The new site's total area was about 103 acres. Arrangements were made for the immediate purchase from the West family of 53 acres at S40 per acre and with the option of Si deposit, to purchase the balance within five years at the same price. During the weeks that followed and particularly Sunday mornings, members and associates tidied the course by gathering fallen tree branches, twigs and stones. It was on such an occasion a popular and well attended fixture was born (now sadly off the calendar). On arrival at the clubhouse one Sunday morning about an hour before competition time, club captain Col Smith found six stalwarts (Arthur Balchin, Bill Noller, George Norton, Hans Thiele, John Ware and Joe Dotti) refreshing themselves after a hard morning's work. He told them their golf would dramatically improve if, instead of imbibing on the Sabbath and being such sinners, they went to church like he did. The upshot was that if he could find five more saints in the club, like he was, a challenge match would be played the next Sunday starting at 7am. A notice was put up asking any interested members to nominate. Forty-two players turned up at the hit-off time and after much searching into character and antecedents, 21 Saints played 21 Sinners over 12 holes. The result (only after numerous objections and several recounts): Saints won, 865.5 shots, against 866. The challenge match became an annual event with the associates, calling themselves Angels, playing Sinners. Construction of 12 holes started as soon as possible after the land purchase. Fairways, dams, tees, greens and semi rough were carved out of the scrub. Ken Norton was paid on a deferred basis to bulldoze the narrow fairways, brush clearance and dam construction. Mr McArthur from Sydney was brought in by Horrie Stone to design the layout and he recommended some trees actually on the fairways and constituting natural hazards be left ir, to be removed later if thought necessary. Probably due to the profane language these particular trees engendered, theywere ever.tually removed ... or died from disease? Greens were formed .tnd laid. Couch grass was donated by Bob Skuthorpe and Mr Spurway and the committee hired a cutter from Rockhampton Golf Clt.b to cut the turf. Alex Harmsworth made arid donated a sign

Kruger, Scharf take golf trophy with 151 YEPPOON Golf Club ladies game on Tuesday, June 27 was a four ball aggregate stroke. Winners were Shirley Kruger and Gladys Scharf with a score of 151. Next: Norma Channells and Charlotte Somogyi 154, Cassie Freeman and Lorraine McCamley 157, Althea Vaughan and Ruby Norton 157, Gwen Dawson c,„.nd Chris Moss 158. Pinshots: G Watson, A Vaughan and C Somogyi and the proshot went to G Dawson. Last week's Wednesday Club was well attended with 70 members and 16 ladies hitting off. Ladies' stableford winner was Chris Moss with 38 points from Beryl Bartleywith 32. Chris won the first nine with 33.5 from Margaret Prior 35 and also won the second nine with 32.5 from Esme Woodbridge 33. Pinshot winners were N Montgomery and S Haskins, who also won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was R Stokley with 44 points. Next: P Marwedel 42, N Royal 42, T Woodbridge 41, D Cooper 41, N Drillis 41 and T Edminstone 40 points. First nine: P Marwedel 27.5, R Stokley 29, M Eggleshaw 30, K Griffiths 30, A Simpson 30, T Edminstone 30.5, P Foxwell 30.5. Second nine: J Webb 29, N Royal 31, R Stokley 31, T Woodbridge 31.5, L Evans 31.5 and T Edminstone 31.5. Pinshots were won by H Simon and J Major and S Thorne won the proshot. The veterans game, a stableford over 12 holes for members and ladies, was played on Thursday last week instead of Friday because of the Pro-Am. Ladies winner was Nancy Montgomery with 25 points from Joan Marwedel 23 and Esme Woodbridge won the pinshot. Members' winner was Tony Longton with 27 points on countback from Trevor Gray 27, L ylor 26, V Hunt 26, Bressingt, on 26 and P arwedel won the pinshot. Friday was the start of the Yeppoon Golf Club FAI Insurance sponsored Pro-Am over 72 holds. Ladies day was on Friday and Nicole Hunt scored the best gross 84. Next best was Stella Haskins with 89. Rtiby Norton scored the best nett with 72 from Charlotte Somogyi 73.


A grade stableford winner was Nancy Montgomery with 39 points. B grade Kath Maxwell 32 points and runner-up Althea Vaughan 31. C grade Joy Lewis 31 points and runner-up Jessie Conaghan 29. Teams winner: professional Jim Kennedy, associate Kath Maxwell, Jessie Conaghan. Long drives: A, Glenda Watson; B, Ann Barrow; C, Jessie Conaghan. Saturday was the amateur members with professionals day. Best gross was by Peter Lowry with 78 and runner-up was Kevin Dean with 81. Best nett was Jeff Mason with 66 on countback from Vern Olive. Lindsay Best won the A grade stableford with 37 points on countback from Mick Busteed. Neil Roberts won B grade with 40 points from Bruce Menzies, 39. C grade winner was Paul Sandeman with 41 from Peter Fritschi with 38. Teams event: Rob Boiston, N Roberts, K Dean, R Hamilton. Long drives: A, J Bartlett; B, M Brennan; C, C Cooper. The pros played four rounds of Yeppoon Golf Course to compete in the FAI Insurance Group New Chippindale Motors and a maroon FAI Tournament play championship Queensland blazer. On Sunday, after four rounds, Stephen Taylor emerged as winner of the Yeppoon Pro-Am. His rounds were 74, 69, 65, 69 ... a total of 277. Next best was Tony Wolsey and Chris Rutherford, one stroke behind Taylor on 278, with rounds of 72, 69, 72, 66 and 74, 70, 67 and 68. Mike Ferguson was next with 280, Robin Mentz 282, Shane Healey 284, Paul Hartford 285 and Taylor Murphy with 286. On Sunday while the pros were finishing their rounds, the locals played a nine hole four ball aggregate stableford for members and ladies. Member winners were F Huszak and V Hannan 38, V Hunt and A Simpson 36, W Albertsen and R Burrowes 32, B Moses and G Rapley 31 points. Ladies winners: Stella Haskins and Joan Burrows 30, Connie Noyes and Jean Kean 29, Nancy Montgomery and Beryl Bartley 25, Elizabeth Huszak and Yvonne Fritschi 25 and Mary Sherlock and Hazel Fry 25 points. Pinshots were won by Doug Cruickshank and Joan Burrowes.

• ABOVE: Yeppoon Golf Club's pro-am on the weekend was a success. Pictured is professional Greg Carroll as he lines up to putt. `Yeppoon Golf Club' arid erected it over the front gate. Local interest blossomed. Club membership increased, labour, materials and machinery were supplied either free, on deferred terms, or by debentures. Life membership was offered for 5200 and among the early purchasers were Jack Garner, Horrie Stone, Harry Goodson and Ken Norton and family. Three trustees were appointed ... John Ware, Godfrey Haskins and Henry Findlay. In the meantime, the first constitution was drawn up in which it was stated: "The Club shall be called The Yeppoon Golf and Country Club'. • The annual subscriptions were: members, S15 per annum; associates, SlOpa; husband and wife, joint, S2Opa; non-playing members, SSpa; juniors, 16 years and over, S5; juniors, under 16 years, S2pa. Green fees: members, S15 per annum, 50cents per day; associates, SlOpa, 30 cents; juniors, SlOpa, 30 cents; visitors, gentlemen 80 cents, ladies 50 cents. • On June 20, 1969, a layout of nine holes was opened for play. The first clubhouse was the captain's car green fees were taken on the bonnet, trophies displayed on the back seat and alcohol sold from the boot. Soon a cement slab was laid on which ice boxes were placed containing beer and soft drinks. A roof and closed-in bar was constructed followed by a fully enclosed clubhouse

built by local builders, Barnes and Stevensen, ably assisted by some enthusiastic members. On July 11, 1969 a meeting was held at Yeppoon Town Hall to form an associates committee. Members' club secretary John Noyes was committee chairman. It was proposed byMrs L Goodson and seconded by Mrs Irene Smith "that this meeting elect office bearers" ... monthly meetings have continued. The first associates committee: president, Mrs C Noyes; vice president, Mrs I Smith; secretary, Miss G Norton; treasurer, Mrs H Norton; captain, Mrs L Goodson. The first club competition was held on August 2, 1969, the nine holes were played twice. On October 4, three further holes came into play giving the club a 12 hole layout. Membership at this time was 80. Three bores were put down but only salt water was discovered. Two earth dams were constructed providing minimum requirements but capable of enlargement as funds became available. Sources of funds to date included 54400 raised by debentures and a loan of S5000 arranged with the ANZ Bank. Ampol helped with donations towards flags, hole cutting equipment and cups and a ball washer. Every year the club advanced but 1971 was an excellent year. The grounds committee of Ken Norton, Arthur Balchin (greens director), George Norton, Hans Thiele, Bill Noller, Peter Holt, John Ware, John Noyes, Bill Marshall, Bob Burrowes, Len Matthews and Norm Myler made course improvements. They spread hundreds of yards of sawdust (donated by Len Matthews) on the fairways in front of the greens, removing trees and saplings to enable easier slashing of the rough, removed mat grass from the greens (Ken Norton's use of diesel oil was successful), built a machinery shed and lighting plant, phone was installed (thanks to Harold Goodger) and many other worthy projects. Seemingly, constant working bees were happening and members Bob Walters, Don Bundeson, David Wilshire, Ben Ward, Neil Eylander, Ray Armstrong, Bill Napier, Bill Freeman, Jack Stratford. Bert Wust and Al Ritchie were just a few of the many willing helpers. Caretaker accommodation was provided for Mr and Mrs Bert Wust. The first greenkeeper to be employed was Gordon Mallory. •Associates donated 5200 to members towards the clubhouse awning in time for the Open. The first Open Championship was in 1971. The associates played on April 16, mixed pairs 17th and members on April 18. The entry fee was S1.50 with 20 cents per player in the teams event. A junior section was formed under the direction of Don Bundeson and Eddie Gedge with members and associates helping with tuition in play, rules and etiquette. Rockhampton professional Dave Gardener held frequent instruction courses and the Wednesday Club started. The first hole-in-one was made at the old number four hole by club captain Col Smith on December 30, 1970. Many members asserted the ball ricocheted from tree to tree on its way to the hole.

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