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ISSUE 299 FRIDAY, May 5, 1989 - THURSDAY, May 11, 19g9


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• ABOVE: What are they hiding?... good deeds. Peter Alexander, Arthur Donovan, Max Hutton, John Curtis, Felix Price, Wayne Flohr, Paul Schick, Graham Scott, Bruce McGregor, Graham Hinting and Allan Blank are pictured this heavy sheet of cliplock onto the new open area for the Keppel Guide hut. The materials for the open area came from last year's Hobby Horse Derby and the labour from Yeppoon Lions Club and guiding fathers. -

Coast TAFE has premises and 19 courses

Wright fears pineapple import crisis

had been given the opportunity to have our own TAFE Centre, we should make the most of it by finding out exactly what sort of classes Coast residents wanted." A survey was held and from the flood of information that followed, the community council chose 19 courses that had the highest priority to be held in the first semester. "The courses themselves are incredibly hard to choose," Mr McGregor said. "People have such diverse needs it would be impossible to satisfy everyone but the 19 we're offering appear to be the ones that are most in demand." Enrolments will be held next month at a date to be fixed. If any course is not filled it will be dropped. Mr McGregor said a course needed a minimum of 10 students to be held. While finishing touches are being put to the courses, the State Works Department will be preparing the Anglican Conference Centre. Rooms will be painted, lighting installed

and both minor and major repairs carried out. "The centre is ideal for TAFE purposes," Mr McGregor said. "It will serve the Coast well until the TAFE Centre is built on the land that has been bought in McBean Street." The 19 courses are: • Certificate of Introductory Art and Design • Course of Introductory Photography • Associate Diploma of Business (accounting) • Associate Diploma of Business (computing) • Certificate of Commercial and Office Fundamentals • Certificate of Commercial and Office Studies • Certificate of Real Estate Practices • Certificate of Small Business • Course of Management for Ind,ependent Business-owners • Course of Microcomputer Awareness

MEMBER for Capricornia Keith Wright said pineapples worth $5 million could be left unpicked in the fields this year because of a flood of cheap imports. He said the $5 million represented between 18,000 to 20,000 tonnes of pineapples. "An unbelievable crisis is developing," Mr Wright said. He said the consumer affairs group he chaired was having talks with Franklin, Coles and Woolworths urging them to give preference to Australian pineapple products. "They are buying in massive tonnages from Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines and in doing so are threatening some 2000 jobs in the processing and farm labouring industry alone, as well as the livelihood of 600 farming families," Mr Wright said. "In turn, they are adding to our foreign debt by importing pineapples when they could be buying Australian-made."



THE Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre is off and running ... the first classes will start in July at the Anglican Conference Centre, Cooee Bay. Coast TAFE Community Council chairman Bruce McGregor said this week 19 courses were scheduled to start on July 10 and the lease was being drawn up for the Anglican Conference Centre. It's a great achievement for a centre that didn't exist until State Cabinet met in Yeppoon on Monday, March 6. On that afternoon, Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester announced perhaps the best news the Capricorn Coast had heard in years ... a TAFE centre would be built on an llha site in McBean Street. While that news was sinking in, he also announced $200,000 had been allocated for classes for 1988/89 in temporary premises. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton was involved in setting up the community council and chose Mr McGregor to head up the sixmember group. "Our first meeting was held on March 30 and we set ourselves a target to be operational by July," Mr McGregor said. "Thursday night meetings decided since we



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2 - CapriCorn Coast Mirror May 5 -May 11, 1989

TAFE centre picks courses

Keppel Sands boat ramp site ti not changing

• CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 • Course of Word Processing • Introduction to Computerised Accounting • Spreadsheets • Certificate of Horticultural Assistants • Course of Bar Attendant Practices • Certificate of Hospitality Practices • Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality • Japanese Language and Culture • Navigation for Small Vessels The hospitality and tourism course may not start this semester because a suitablevenue has not yet been decided. "We may have suitable premises for the bar attendant and hospitality practices courses."

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• ABOVE: Karen Mooney isn't smiling ... she was stunk by hornets in long grass beside her Morris Street home. Karen is upset and worried by the snakes and other vermin that emerge regularly from the overgrown land. Her fatherused to keep the long grass at bay, but finds it difficult to do the job all the time.

Wright fears pineapple crisis • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Mr Wright has been involved with talks this week with Primary Industry John Kerin. Mr Kerin had said he was concerned about the imports but saw no simple solution. A lift in tariffs was not a big enough deterrent and a quota system could not be introduced. The countries that are flooding Australia are developing countries which were supposed to be given preference. Mr Wright, who phoned from Canberra, said he was not prepared to see this important Australian industry "go down the gurgler" irrespective of the international trade consequences. "There's a principle at stake here in the value the growers put back into Australia's economy," he said. "Every tonne is worth $240 to them and it is a labour-intensive industry as well as being as an import-replacement industry. "We are only just now starting to export pineapples. Some 5000 tonnes were exported last year to Canada and Japan. We have just opened up the top-end market." Earliei this week, Mr Wright told the Prime Minister's Rural Task Force in Canberra of the threat to the pineapple industry. He said the growth in imports, from 9000 tonnes in 1983 to more than 20,000 this year, threatened the livelihood of more than 600 pineapple farmer spread from South-East to Yeppoon. The blatant undercutting of prices by as much

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Wright to meet Coast growers

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as $100 a tonne could wipe out the pineapple growers unless action was taken to restrict imports. He had asked Mr Kerin to rec anv as the concept of quotas irrespective of government policy to promote an open market philosophy. Mr Wright said Mr Kerin had told committee he was conscious of the dilemma but believed quotas would be a hard line to sell in view of the pressure being placed on the Americans and the European Economic Community to remove quotas on beef, sugar and grains. , Mr Wright said it was a major dilemma but if no action was taken Australia stood to lose a primary industry worth, in value-added terms, up to $300 million to the nation's economy. The Primary Industry Committee members and the Rural Task Force accepted Mr Wright's proposition for an immediate investigation into the costs being paid by pineapple farmers for chemical and fertilisers. Mr Wright said there was a difference in some cases of hundreds of dollars for the same product sold under different brand names. He said Coast growers had told him they were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars across the industry for chemicals and fertilisers. "A 10 per cent reduction in price could give growers a competitive edge against imported pineapples," Mr Wright said. There was a need for a full and detailed inquiry into the wholesale mark-ups of chemical and fertiliser and Mr Kerin had agreed to assist in the prepartion of information that would assist the committee in it deliberations. He said there was considerable evidence that Coast growers had been "ripped off" to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars by fertiliser and chemical manufacturing companies. Mr Wright said the need for quotas and a reduction in the cost of farm costs, particularly as they related to chemicals and fertilisers, could save the industry. He said the issue would go before the committee on Tuesday. A meeting was planned with Trade Minister Senator John Button on the quota issue and, if necessary, the matter would be taken to Prime Minister Bob Hawke in a special report from the Rural Task Force.

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MEMBER for Capricornia Keith Wright will be meeting Capricorn Coast pineapple growers between May 14 and 17 to gather more information. Mr Wright said growers were gathering information from each other which would be included in a submission to Canberra. He would also be meeting Golden Circle Cannery executives to receive documents. All information collected would be taken to Canberra to press the pineapple industry's case.

THE site of the Keppel Sands boat ramp will not be altered following inspection and reassessment by Harbours and Marine Department officers. Member for Broadsound asked Livingstone Shire Council to stop work on the project following local complaints and a personal inspection by him. Mr Hinton had then requested the site be moved after considering opinions expressed at a public- meeting he convened at Keppel Sands to hear local views. "It was a clear majority view at the meeting the site should be moved slightly upstream on Cawarral Creek and placed with a northerly aspect as against the easterly aspect of the present site to gain better protection," Mr Hinton said. "I told the public meeting three things: we would accommodate public knowledge and opinion as far as possible; the department's engineers are the only qualified people and therefore their views would be paramount as the ramp is totally funded by taxpayers money: the buck stops with me as the Government's representative and I accept this responsibility. "After a re-appraisal of the sites, the engineers strongly favour the present site as the uwave action is considered to be better head-on up than across the ramp as would be the case with the proposed alternative site. "The Keppel Sands area is extremely difficult terrain for a boat ramp and a beach access ramp is the best that can be provided." he said. "I have discussed the issue at length with Harbours and Marine Minister Don Neal and it is a case of the present site or nothing and I have opted to continue construction at the present site. "I realise not all boat owners will agree, but the matter is definitely final."

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Capricorn ,Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989 - 3

LIBERALS TO OPEN COAST BRANCH? "We want to gauge what interest there is in

THE Central Zone of the Liberal Party is inviting Capricorn Coast residents to decide whether they want a Coast-based branch.

"The belief that the Federal Government has let down the battlers in Australia has led to an increase in membership for the Liberal Party throughout Australia," Central Zone Liberal Party chairman Bev Reynolds said this week.

forming a Coast branch of the Liberal Party. "There are Liberal members and supporters living on the Coast, some of whom have moved from other areas, and we urge them to contact me at 28 3454 after hours or Allan Reeves, 33 6321 after hours." A public meeting will be held on the Capricorn Coast in June.

FOR PAY PEARCE AGAINST `BINGO ment to ambulance services. I shudder when I AMBULANCE officers should not have to sell raffle tickets and run bingo to pay their wages. ALP candidate for Broadsound Jim Pearce said this week he was fed up with seeing ambulance officers forced to sell raffle tickets and run Bingo to raise their own wages because, he said, ambulance committees, particularly in country areas, are so starved of funds they are unable to meet basic training and staffing costs. "Improper training for Queensland's 1,200 ambulance officers means the overall standard of the State's ambulance service has suffered," he said. "Lions, Lionesses and other community groups continue to provide essential equip-

9....k.'"'Open 6a

think where ambulance services would be if it was not for the ever-generous communities we live in. "A Labor State Government elected later this year will move immediately to ease training and staffing costs borne by Queensland's 95 ambulance committees. "For too long the ambulance service has been the poor relative of the Queensland Emergency Service ... under-funded, under-staffed and under-equipped. "Ambulance officers are professionals dedicated to their job. It is not right they should have to run raffles."

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• ABOVE: John "CamelDundee" Richardson couldn't think of anything better to do on a wet weekend than take "Capricorn" for a spin along Adelaide Park Road, through Yeppoon shopping centre and home to Taranganbah. The ride was a hit with Jill Valentine who had also been puzzled about what to do on a wet day ... she took Trista, Keira, Meisha, Travis, Ebonie, Sierra, Beau, Quanita, Jenny "and Grandma" for a spin in the family van and saw a camel. John Richardson, who's well known for his exploits at wheelbarrow racing and hobby-horse derbies, knows he's on a winner with "Capricorn" ... literally. "Capricorn" is best known for winning the Great Australian Camel Race from Ayers Rock to the Gold Coast; a 3200km Bicentennial event. Joh's wife, Marguerite, and children Zoe, 5, and Matti, 3, love the camel ... let's face it, not every home can boast a dromedary in the drive!

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Pensioners oppose sandmining YEPPOON Pensioners League is against sandmining at Shoalwater Bay. The matter was raised at the league's April meeting in Yeppoon Town Hall last Thursday and the 50 members present were unanimous in their opposition to the project. League president Bill Shuttlewood said he had read all the arguments for and against the project and he did not think it was in the best interests of the people of Yeppoon that sandmining be allowed in the Shoalwater Bay area. Vice president Jack Rumpf said the Commonwealth Government should make Shoalwater Bay a permanent Army base. Mrs Sue Smith moved and Mr Jack Rumpf seconded the motion: 'This meeting of the Yeppoon Pensioners' League is of the opinion

that sandmining at Shoalwater Bay is not in the best interests of the people of Yeppoon and we ask the Member for Capricornia Keith Wright to take the suggestion to the Federal Government that instead of sandmining on Shoalwater Bay the area be made a permanent Army Base'. Mrs Kath Mcllwraith moved and Mr Bill Coxan seconded that a letter be written to the Livingstone Shire Council asking when the construction of the pedestrian crossing linking James and Normanby Streets will be started and completed. A complaint by a member that glasses supplied under the free optical service for pensioners were unsuitable will be taken to the CQ Zone meeting being held in Yeppoon next week.

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989

Lioness club to pay hall hire

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EMU PARK Lioness Club will have to pay S40 for hire of the Emu Park Cultural Hall. The club wrote to this month's council meeting asking for the fee to be waived because the club was a non-profit organisation and the event to be held was raising funds for the local community. In a report to council, shire accountant Denis Murphy said because several requests of this nature were received throughout the year, it would seem appropriate for council to consider such concessions in the next budget. "A discounted hire rate to these organisations would allow council the option of receiving some funding from non-profit organisations so as to cover operating costs such as electricity and caretaker's fee," he said. The recommendation, moved and seconded by Crs Duncan McDonald and Roy Wall, was that council advise the Lioness. Club that the fee for the May 26 hiring would be waived. Cr Glenda Mather asked what council's policy had been in the past. She considered it had been "a bit inconsistent". Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said it was difficult to give an open ticket. Most cases had to be dealt with on their merit. Cr Key Hinz council was able to give a discount at Emu Park but groups at the Caves had to pay full fees because council did not own the hall. Cr Brian Dorey said council couldn't have a policy on this subject. If the hall was to be used for a worthy cause it should be allowed free of charge. Cr Ellen Cogill said refunding fees was just putting the costs back on other ratepayers; council had a hall to maintain. When put to a vote, council decided not to refund the fee. Crs Maurie Webb, McDonald, Dorey and Wall voted against the decision.

RSL gets hall hire refund YEPPOON RSL Sub-Branch was refunded fees associated with hiring Yeppoon Town Hall for its district conference held on February 17 and 18. In a report to council, shire accountant Denis Murphy said fees were S84 security deposit plus S55 hire. Referring to the group's letter, Mr Murphy said the Coast economy would have benefited by such a large contingent of people. The sub-branch said 150 delegates and wives attended the conference. They stayed in Coast hotels and motels and were taken on tours of various attractions. Mr Murphy said it would appear prudent for council to give encouragement to the staging of such events in future by acceding the request for a refund. The recommendation was successfully moved and seconded by Crs Roy Wall and John Dowie.

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Living alternatives for aged forum LIVING Alternatives for the Aged is the topic of a public forum at Yeppoon Town Hall on Monday, May 8 at 10am. The forum is being promoted by the University of the Third Age, Capricorn Coast, and will provide an ideal opportunity for older adults and interested persons to obtain a variety of information, The issues are as diverse as cluster homes, demountable housing, aged homes and the services available through the Home and Community Care Programme. Guest speakers, Livingstone Shire town planner Scott Stewart, social worker Anne Czekanski and Maureen Hanrahan from Bethany Nursing Home, will be available to answer questions on each of the above topics as a conclusion to the forum. Morning tea is available throughout the morning and admittance is free. People needing more information may contact Cr Mike Prior 39 1838 or Ian Whitehead 27 2266.

Hinton 'unable to deliver' park



• ABOVE: Little Athletics Winter sign-on was held on Saturday at Apex Park. Stella Freeman pinned on daughter Gina's under 10 age tag. Training is every Saturday from 1.30pm to 4.30pm at Apex Park and more members are welcome.

Council to buy industrial land LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will proceed with acquisition of industrial land on Rockhampton Road now held by the Department of Industry Development. This was the recommendation of the Tourism and Development 'Steering Committee presented to council's April meeting. The committee said while there was no immediate shortage, it was recognised that there was a lack of land in the Yeppoon area that could be developed for industrial purposes in • the future. UP to be 5300 will be spent buying books, pamphlets and information on business development from the Small Business Development Corporation. The action was recommended to Livingstone Shire Council's April meeting by the Tourism and Development Steering Committee. The idea is to have as much information as possible available to people interested in starting a small business. Everything will be displayed in Yeppoon Library.

EP land plan LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will provide funds in the 1989/90 budget to buy the Defence Reserve now used by the Emu Park/Yeppoon Rifle Club. The land, Defence Reserve R. 322, has been valued at S120,000. In a report to council, the Tourism and Development Steering Committee thought it appropriate to continue attempts to obtain the land. It is believed council wants the reserve for use as future industrial land. The committee recommended council pro-. vide funds to buy the reserve and consider the sale of other council land to help fund the purchase. It also recommended the Department of Administrative Services be asked to offer council first option on the land. There was a further recommendation to invite the rifle club to meet the committee to discuss the club's future.

BROADSOUND Labor candidate Jim Pearce has called on Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to come clean with what is in tended for the area known as Vallis Park, north of Yeppoon. "In Parliament in February, 1987, Mr Hinton said he was committed to having such areas as Vallis Park on top of the Bluff at Yeppoon preserved as National or Environmental Parks," Mr Pearce said. "He has been unable to deliver. Capricorn Coast people have the right to knowwhy Vallis Park was not declared an Environmental Park. "Maybe the government has something else in mind for the area. If they do, Mr Hinton must act responsibly and let us know about it." Vallis Park is on the hills above and north of Yeppoon and covers about 13 hectares of Crown Land. The area was declared a Reserve for Park and Scenic purposes under the Trusteeship of Livingstone Shire Council in 1967. "The declaration of the area as an environmental park is essential for the people of Yeppoon and if promoted correctly would see many tourists seek out this excellent view which would allow them to appreciate the area's beauty."

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Museum rebate

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EMU PARK Historical Museum Society Incorporated will be given a rebate of general rates of S197.54 and the group will be placed on the list of donations to public bodies from the next financial year. Museum secretary Joan Whyte, in a letter to council, said the society wasvoluntary, charged nominal admission fees and was open every day •of the week. It also promoted tourism in the area. Shire accountant Denis Murphy recommended the reimbursement of rates.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror Mav 5 - May 11, 1989 - 5

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`I knew about the Brisbane Line...' IN reference to a letter written in the Mirror by Mr Dickson of Yeppoon stating there was no military line named the Brisbane Line in World War II. Please get the facts straight before you write about a subject you do not seem to know about. I knew about the Brisbane Line because my late husband, a farmer at the time, was a private in tlfe VDC volunteer defence corps, with farmers, businessmen, a school teacher, and workers, whatever their work entailed, joined the force in Biloela. Other districts had their VDC men. These men were unpaid soldiers. They trained as regular Army soldiers every Sunday and at times at night through the week studying map reading andwartime strategy. As a part of their training, one weekend these soldiers stormed and captured Mt Morgan mine. When the enemy set foot on our soil these men had to help defend our country and people by attacking the enemy soldiers with guns, grenades and swords by blowing bridges or railway lines if necessary to destroy or deter them while the main military force defended the Brisbane Line. Wewere annoyed to think theArmy was deserting us in this area and North Queensland to hold the Brisbane Line a fact of life in World War II.



The history of the Brisbane Line is in the Canberra War Museum archives. It was conceived by Australian generals after Menzies was out of office. Lieutenant-General Ivan MacKay sent a memorandum to Army Minister Frank Forde and General George Vasey sent a copy to MacArthur's aides. MacArthur's reaction was: "The defeatist conception which that involved was fatal". It is perceived as an insurance policy against possible disaster by General Blarney who took Sergeant Jack Stewart from Victoria Barracks in Sydney to Melbourne to draw a map of Australia five metres long by three metres high on which the generals marked their plans. The map was marked top secret. The date ... February 4, 1942. I hope this letter will inform you and others of events that took place in Australia during the last war. - R Hardwick, Vaughan Sneet, Yeppoon.

Reader's praise for coverage IT is indeed unfortunate our community leaders - Livingstone Shire Council - have to be shown what the principle involved was with the selection of a new councillor. It looked like we were, once again, going to be plunged into the much-publicised in-fighting that was well known at LSC instead of working 0/0



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together and getting on with the job 'as one body for the good of the community. The near fracas with the selection of the new councillor was averted because of the unbiased reporting by our local Mirror newspaper. I've heard each council meeting costs the ratepayers up to 52000 and this issue and the inability of many councillors to make a decision except on their political party lines meant this issue could have dragged on and on. We on the Coast are fortunate to have journalists of the calibre of John and Suzy Watson who show neither favour nor affection to anyone and are only concerned with printing the facts. Congratulations John and Suzy. Not only have you shown yourselves to be excellent journalists and a credit to your profession, but you have saved local ratepayers a small fortune. Keep it up. - Ross Dickson, Stevenson Street, Batiows Hill.


SCRIPTURE proof Christ rose on the first day of the week - Sunday. Mark 16v9 reads: Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons. It has been suggested by A J Ward, in the last letters page of your paper, that an error has been made, regarding what day Christ rose. I would like to say to Mr Ward, that to insist on such a statement without any scripture proof, is to be in grave error. The above scripture (which was quoted in my last issue) is very clear that 'Christ rose on the first day', and not as A J Ward suggested that `Christ was only seen on the first day'. In addition, the New Testament clearly teaches

that we are not bound to the ceremonial Sabbaths - or annual - as was the nation Israel. Colossians 2 v 14-17, the Word of God says:— Blotting out the handwriting of ordiances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. Therefore let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a 'feast day' or a 'new moon' or `sabbaths': which are a `shadow' of things to come; but the body is of Christ. We are thus told that the `sabbath days' were nailed to the cross of Christ and taken 'out of the way' at the time of His death and resurrection. This is true of both weekly Sabbath and annual Sabbaths. By the way, Ephesians 2 v 8: By grace we are saved through faith, and that not of ourselves; it is the gift of God. Verse 9: not of 'works' lest anyone should 'boast'. Good works produced are the fruit of our faith in Him. Philippians 1 v 6: Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you, will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. So you see salvation is a gift of God. The plain truth is that Christ arose on the first day of the week, not on. Saturday. - Lydia Agius, Lot 52 Racecourse Road, Yeppoon.

Humans hatch out of auric eggs... THE egg, the symbol of life and the judgement. Not only chickens hatch out of eggs, humans do too. They hatch out of auric eggs into a world of light when they are spiritually reborn, and thus the new man, the Christ-child, beholds the Kingdom of Heaven. It is in this new body that man ascends into Heaven. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. This is the resurrection body. It looks the same, but is not the same. The Christian faith is founded on the resurrection, on the death of Christ. No! and by far not on the sabbath. For it was the enemy that killed him, not God, although God allowed it, for the salvation of the world. Christ arose from the dead on Sunday, hence Easter is celebrated on Sunday in the resurrection spirit. Christ is more than prophet, for the scripture says, through him all things were created. Also the planets are egg-shaped, and so is the embryo and the womb. Easter eggs are a symbol of new life, and the bunny is a symbol of fertility because it breeds so abundantly. It is by its fruits (spiritual) that Christianity is known. Inner peace and joy in the Lord, fearlessness and trust in God are some of them. Religion that is centered on death, darkness and disaster has no life in it, in fact becomes a dangerous evil to society. Christ conquered satanic forces once through his sacrifice and at the second time with his sword, which is his word. Prophecy is fast fulfilling itself as he and hi angels throw in the sickle for the harvest. Since Christ has been on earth physically since 1939, when nation turned against nation. His already is the victory a second time. He will be a revealed a grown adult, and what goes on in the world today is rarely satan's work, but God's mighty judgement through Christ until every knee shall bow and everyone acknowledge him as Lord. As the scripture says: 'He comes forth from his army. Being captain of salvation, he comes to save, but also to judge. This I write that the truth shall set you free, have no fear, for the Lord knoweth those that are his, but at the same time calleth all men to be saved. - Angela Mahatica, Byyield.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989 - 7


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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989


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Land tax idea gains followers

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THE concept of a land tax applicable to all foreign owned lands by non-resident aliens is gaining momentum as a brake on the purchase of Queensland lands by foreign interests, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week. Mr Hinton initiated the move in a paper circulated to Queensland parliamentary members. "The response, so far, from the community has been good. It is natural my ALP opponents oppose the concept and no doubt a few "i's need to be dotted and t's to be crossed" but the concept is clearly gaining momentum," he said. "The Queensland public clearly rejects the Federal government's open slather approach to foreign investment and if the issue is not addressed, we will be cursed by the next generation who will find Australia an economic colony of foreign powers especially Japan." He said if it was introduced, a rate of tax could be struck so as to determine the level of foreign ownership desirable in the State. "Many long term owners, such as English pastoral companies, could decide to subdivide theirvast pastoral holdings, making these lands available to Australian buyers. "Speculative purchases by Japanese, Hong Kong and New Zealand investors, which are driving up land values beyond the means of Australian families, could be arrested. "The Government would control the situation. The Queensland Government is the only Government to set up a Foreign Land Register and is uniquely placed to make such a move. We can and we must, for the future of our children. "I intend to crusade on this issue until it is accepted by Government and implemented," Mr.Hinton said.

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Phone: 39 7590 Handfeed the tame animals Shady picnic areas • Swimming Pool Group Bookings welcome

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• ABOVE: EMU Park has a ppziorAussie Rules side ... just starting. Coaclz o irton shows Brad Purton, Byron Constable, Nicholas Purdie, S/tea Tabs, Chris Moulds, Ross Goodger, Casey Tabs and Jason Purton some ball skills. Training is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3.30pm at the cricket ground.

Nominations open for awards NOMINATIONS are open for the 1989 Queensland Tourism Awards to be held at the Conrad International Hotel on Saturday July 29. CTDO manager Barry Lee said the awards, conducted annually by the Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation, recognised the achievements and efforts made by individuals and businesses on behalf of the industry. Awards are offered in 18 different categories including tourist attractions, resorts, festivals and special events, tourist services, tourism marketing, training and education and tourism developers. "This year several new categories have been introduced, reflecting the broad growth of the industry in the past year. These include a radio

tt4r `7Eluttern -1.eetattrant tin file Craig 123 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon

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HISTORICAL VILLAGE You are invited to wander through this historical complex of houses, antiques and a street of churches.

Home-made sandwiches and cakes are available, but you are welcome to bring your own food and picnic under the trees. Tea. coffee and soft drinks are on sale in one of the church halls. Weddings, Conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome Group bookings are available

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award in the media section, a new caravan parks award and a small business category," Mr Lee said. The award has been divided into two subcategories with prizes being awarded for the provision of product and provision of service. "We are hoping our own Capricorn region tourism operations will show the confidence they have in their own product and come forward on this occasion. "We keep saying we are as good or better than other regions. Not only do awards help to lift prestige but also to create an awareness of the area from where the winners come." Nomination forms are available from the Information Centre, Gladstone Road, Rockhampton and must be returned by 5pm, Friday, June 9 to the CTDO office. Further information contact Barry Lee 27 2055.

BROADSOUND ALP candidate Jim Pearce said this week identified wetlands in Queensland should not be further destroyed by ad hoc development. •• "Wetlands along the Queensland Coast have an economic aswell as ecological, recreational, educational and scientific aesthetic values," Mr Pearce said. "Nature provided wetlands as the vital link between dry land and the sea to sustain a balanced environment. "Wetlands play a vital role in the life cycle of fish, providing food and nursery areas. "Birds such as egrets and ibis are abundant in wetlands where food is plentiful and natural vegetation encourages roosting and breeding," he said. "Many wetlands act as home or feeding areas for migratory birds which Australia has agreed to protect." Mr Pearce said wetlands in Queensland should not be further destroyed unless there was an authority given by the Government and that authority would only be given when it was a last resort to development and all other factors had been taken into consideration. "We must encourage people proposing developments to avoid disturbing the wetlands and to look fdr alternatives. "I have had long discussions with Shadow Ministers on coastal development and the protection of our remaining wetlands. The Shadow Ministers are aware that as far as the general public is concerned the Labor Party has long been the party that has guarded the environment. They are determined to go all out to ensure that policy is formulated for proper management of our coastal lands, particularly wetlands."

Erosion offer AN offer by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright to provide S100,000 to Livingstone Shire Council for restoration work on the Yeppoon main beach through a National Estates Grant is being pursued by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Mr Hinton said he has complied with Mr Wright's request that he (Mr Hinton) ask Premier Mike Ahern to ear mark $100,000 for Yeppoon from S700,000 which Mr Wright has stated is available to Queensland in 1989/90 and would include provision for beach restoration work. "One thing is certain, the situation with regard to the erosion on the Main Beach is urgent," Mr Hinton said. "It is a disaster area and the undermining of the sea wall adjacent to the Surf Life Saving Club is catastrophic as it will certainly mean the eventual collapse of the building if action is not taken by council to redress the issue. "The State Government position• is quite clear. We will provide a subsidy of 25 per cent on all beach protection works undertaken by council and will assist council with planning and programming of any works including the construction of a groyne and beach nourishment works. "We are grateful for the financial assistance of S100,000 offered by Mr Wright and I have requested the Premier to advise myself and council as to procedures necessary to obtain this invaluable assistance."

Council may sponsor visitors LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will consider sponsoring 75 Queensland Port Authorities' Association delegates to a visit and afternoon tea at Koorana Crocodile Farm. It will cost S712.50, which has not be provided in the current budget. Shire accountant Denis Murphy's recommendation, that funding be considered in the next budget, was adopted.

The Port Authorities' Conference will be held from October 2 to 6 this year and is being held in Rockhampton for the first time. Rockhampton Port Authority, on behalf of the organising committee, approached council to sponsor the crocodile farm visit at S6 each admission plus S3.50 each for afternoon tea. The 75 delegates will also visit the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort.

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Coastal wetlands under scrutiny


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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989 - 9




Short Cut NO COVER CHARGE • ABOVE: Swans' A grade side played BITS on Saturday at Yeppoon Showground. John Chapman prepares to drop punt while Anthony Warwick shepherds.

Emus suffer shock 22-4 defeat

By Jeff Quigley THE mighty Emu Park Emus suffered their second defeat on the trot when theywent down 22 points to 4 in a shock loss to the under-rated Norths outfit. It was a game they should have, could have, id would have won, if they had done one thing ... play football. If they were race horses the stewards would have swabbed them. The highlight of the game for the Emus was the mighty try scored by big bad Kel West in the first minute of the game, when he busted the brittle defence to force his way over. From then on things just got worse. In the fifth minute of the game Hacksaw Jim Duffy earned the dubious distinction of being the first Emu banished from the field of play when referee Hill ordered him off for being the `third man into a scuffle'. What makes the matter worse was the punch he threw would have had trouble knocking his grandmother over. While Conic Anderson was down receiving attention to a ankle injury, the Blues were able to capitalise on a two man overlap and score a converted try to gain the lead. With their backs up and the Park only offering token resistance Norths was able to score another converted try to go into the halftime break leading 12 points to 4. The halftime rev by the coaching staff failed to lift Park's spirit and the Blues simply carried on with where they left off. They were able to race in two more tries to make the final tally 22 points to 4. They were unlucky not to score two or three more but narrowly missed out when the final passes went astray. Best players for the Park were O'Mara, Slotosch, Buckley and Nicholls. Supercoach Jack Gibson once said 'every team is entitled to one bad game a season', well we certainly had ours. It was great to see the loyal supporters still able t o give the guys a cheer as they left the field play. L,-he Park suffered a setback at training last Thursday night when former great Foley Shield hooker Herman Anderson aggravated an old neck injury which forced him to stand down from the starting line up. The big question is

what will he do with the new training boots? Don't forget the fancy dress night is on this Saturday night at the Pine Beach Hotel. Everyone is welcome to what guarantees to be a great night's entertainment. There's a pig on the spit, live band and plenty of great prizes. Be there or be square. This Saturday sees the Mighty Emus take on the form team of the competition ... the Etna Creek Diehards. As the game is to be played on the inside of the prison no spectators are allowed. We can only take an official party of 25 inside and let's hope they let the 25 of us out.

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.St • ABOVE: Marvborough RSL Social Bowls Club members were welcomed to E17111 Park last weekend by Emu Park president Frank van Gestel. He is pictured with Maryborough president John Milner.

Junior league calls for players CAPRICORN Coast Junior Rugby League is seeking 10, 11 and 12-year-olds interested in joining a Rockhampton weekend competition. The young players would be taught rugby league skills under the 'mod league' adaptation of the game. A spokesman said the club would be working with Yeppoon Primary School, which already fields weekday fixtures for these age groups. Yeppoon Primary has an experienced band of teachers who are coaching the young players for the Friday inter-school competition. "What we are seeking is any overflow of 10, 11 and 12 year-olds from Yeppoon Primary who

MEALS 6 days a week

could join children from other schools in the area who are not playing rugby league, such as Emu Park and Farnborough," he said. The mod league competition would be played on Sunday mornings. "Hopefully some games can be played in Yeppoon. New players can join the band of youngsters now to lining each Saturday at 9am on the new Rugby League Ground on Tanby Road." Coaching of the children from seven years through to the under 12s is well supervised under the guidance of coaching director Bill Thorpe.

Lapri corn Reefseeker

Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Visit Great Keppel Island & do it in style aboard


Your total fun day

Odds and Ends in squash tie A GRADE squash fixture points continue to close up with Odds and Ends tied with Bits and Pieces for first on 35 points while Saints and Sinners are only three points away for third. Bits and Pieces caught the leaders with a 31 victory over them while Saints and Sinners took their points with a similar margin over Navigators. Dennis Etheridge used his reach to advantage \—,t his long match against Leon Malone. Dennis ran out the winner 9-5 in the fifth. Bernie Lacey put in a big effort but was unable to contain Joe Foat in the fifth. Glen Evans put to use some of the experience he gained on the weekend, defeating Val Odell in three. A certain bus driver found no time to practice

for a challenge issued on last weekend's bus trip when Andrea Harvey bobbed up to play him this week as a reserve. Unless the re-match result is reversed Andrea may have to walk next week. • Professionals def Secret Weapons 3-2: Cane Murphy def res Ray Campbell 3-0; Val Odell v Glen Evans 0-3; Andrew Dowie v Andrea Harvey 2-3; Glen Ward d res Mery Leslie 3-1. Saints and Sinners def Navigators 3-1: Chris Callard def Brett Odell 3-1; Dennis Etheridge def Leon Malone 3-2; Bernie Lacey v Joe Foat 2-3; Neale Royale def Chris Hacker 3-1. Bits and Pieces def Odds and Ends 3-1: David Schultz def Mark Sargood 3-1; Greg Pitt def Wayne Teys 3-2; Chris Briggs won on forfeit; John Briggs v Jeff Lamb 0-3.

Transfers, Island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the new resort facilities for day trippers -. pool, shop & bar, etc IIT'S A DAY YOU'LL ALL REMEMBER ' For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948

GREAT KEPPEL ISLAND TOURIST SERVICES 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton Q, 4700

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror

May 5 - May 11, 1969

Assemblies of God

YEPPOON State High School Parents and Citizens Association 's meeting raised some important issues. An assembly hall management and development committee was formed and final planning is underway for the annual Mothers Day Brunch in Beaman Park on Sunday morning, May 14. Planning is also well advanced for the assembly hall's official open-

Phone 39 6254

or 39 6593


Pastor Ernie Peters

The next meeting is on Tuesday, May 9 at 7.30pm in the school library. An initial report on the Education Department's plan for locally designed school development programme will be presented at the meeting.

Sunday, May 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park

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Street, Yeppoon celebrated 55 years of nzarriage on Tuesday. They have worked, and are still working, for Coast organisations ... and enjoy each others conznanv. LAST week's luncheon and fashion parade for the Capricorn Coast's Blue Nursing Service netted about 51400. The women of the Blue Nurses' auxiliary who served and hosted the luncheon were happy with the help they received from their friends and members of the Blue Nursing Committee. The afternoon was indeed delightful. Leila Goodwin played the piano while autumn fashions were modelled from Kruger's Fashion House. Beryl Dawson sang 'Autumn Leaves' and 'Memory'. During an interval in the parade Peggy Hoolhorst sang a bracket of numbers. The auxiliary reported that the guests spent generously at the stalls which were well laden with plants, handcrafts and food items.

Paint Pot Gallery

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• ABOVE: Bill and Vera Farlow o Power

*** HOW long since you have been to a May Dance? The German-Australian Club is having one at Lifeline Hall, Campbell Street, Rockhampton on May 13. Short Cut is providing the music and the evening is licensed. Book early ($8 single and $15 double) to avoid disappointment, Graham, 28 0959 or Hans, 39 3746. *** IT is becoming widely known that if a woman •feels confident about giving birth to her baby, she will handle the labour and delivery more easily and in fact will probably enjoy the early days of parenting more. It is a wonderful start for a newborn baby to have a mother and father who display confidence and enjoyment in their baby. How does a woman and her ,partner gain more confidence in the birthing and early parenting process? By discussing her hopes and fears with other pregnant women and their partners at New and Pregnant Parents Support (NAPPS) Childbirth Classes. Also through relaxation, exercise, visualisation, enhancement of communication and assertiveness skills, knowledge of the birthing process and guided activities by a qualified educator specialising in childbirth education. Classes run for six weeks (plus a post-natal reunion if it can be arranged) and start on Wednesday, May 10 at 7.30pm at the Community Health Centre, Yeppoon. NAPPS is a locally based, voluntary association which relies on community support to continue to provide this quality service. Inquiries and enrolments: 39 4523.

SENIOR Citizens Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary is having a cent sale with lots of goodies and a tasty afternoon tea in the showground pavilion on Sunday, May 13 at 2pm ... for Mothers Day. The last one was a great success and drew people from everywhere. *** A SPECIAL gift display for Mothers Day is a feature of the May exhibition at the Paint Pot Gallery. *** LMU Park Pensioners League's April social was well attended by visitors from Rockhampton, Brisbane, Yeppoon and locals. The theme was a tribute to Anzac and the simple decoration of the stage with cenotaph, flags and greenery was striking. The afternoon's entertainment was opened by The Evergreens with a medley of moving songs including 'Rose on No Man's Land' and 'When the Poppies Bloom Again". Alf Marcombe sang 'Yvonne' and 'For Old Times' Sake'; Pearl Curry, in sailor suit, sang and tap-danced to 'The Fleets in Port Again'. Joe McIntyre was at his best with a recitation. The Melody Singers from Rockhampton werea colourful group ... lively and talented in their performance. Jean Dendle, always entertaining, rendered two numbers. Norm and Norma, a popular duo, sang 'Alice Blue Gown' and 'We'll Meet Again'. John Smyth, a smooth tenor with an Irish lilt, sang 'Sailor Boy' and 'Group of Young Soldiers'. Alec Bacon, Emu Park's baritone, sang 'Let There be Peace' and 'I Still Call Australia Home'. Doreen Svensen, with 'Red Roses for a Blue Lady' was helped out by Stan Nelson parading around in different hats. After a break for a lovely afternoon tea, the Green Singers sang and acted out a lively bracket. Stan was joined by Ella Lewis in a sweet duet 'We'll Gather Lilacs In the Spring'. Hugh Wellesley played his mouth organ and George Turner was stirring as usual with two songs. The Evergreen men closed the day with a bracket of campfire army songs. A good day was had by all and varied and entertaining artists contributed. Lucky door winners were Joan Larsen, Francie McMillan, Mavis Bourke and Edna Bowler of Brisbane. Raffle winners: Joyce Watson, Janet Thwaite and Muriel Davis of Rockhampton. Everyone is welcome to attend the socials held on the last Wednesday in the month at the Emu Park Cultural Hall. It's a free afternoon and a good way to meet people and make new friends.

DADS, KIDS... Ron & Kerrie Hyslop's

Service Station EMU PARK • Petrol • Oil • Outboard Fuel • • Diesel • Parts & Accessories • • Mechanical Repairs • • Fishing Tackle • Bait • Ice AND NOW AGENT for ELGAS Home & Commercial Deliveries Open 7 Days (6am-7pm) Phone 39 6178


Make it


Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989 - 11 HOW long since you limboed? Scope's Rock n Roll night is on Saturday, May 6 at La Bamba from 8pm. The admission cost of $5, if pre-sold, goes to Scope. There will be a prize for the best '50s or '60s outfit. Tickets are available from Scope members, Beachcomber Hair Trends, Stewart and Brumm Chemists, BP Yeppoon or give 'Barb. Fitchen a ring, 39 7638. *** THE last meeting for 1988/89 of the CQ Zone of the Queensland Pensioners League is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Tuesday, May 9, starting at 10.30am. Delegates from Yeppoon, Emu Park, Mt Morgan and South Rockhampton leagues will be present. *** PRIZE winner, at St James Guild April cent sale were: compe..tions, N Moran, M Ahern. Raffles: J Smalley; -nap raffle, M Peters; jackpot, I Wells; lucky door, C Bentley. St James Guild next cent sale is on May 24. *4.*

C CHILMAN won Yeppoon CWA's basket of groceries raffled for the Bush Children's Home. *** YEPPOON CWA meeting is on Friday, May 12 at 2pm in the CWA hall. *** THE May social for Yeppoon Pensioners League is on next Tuesday starting at 1pm. The afternoon is open to all pensioners ... admission and afternoon are free. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, May 6. Under 18 disco, Yeppoon High stadium, 7.30pm to 10pm. *** ON the weekend of May 20 and 21 the Flying Arts will have a workshop at Beach Potters Tanby Road shed. Subjects covered are onglaze and carved pots. Phone Nicole Ray, 39 3546, for information. Jenny & Jody will care for all your Beauty Needs at

Bakehouse Beauty 'Therapy Clinic 54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217 JENNY SHEPHERD DIP. B. Tu.





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Deal direct with your local pool builder

Sa3gio THE arrival of a baby Changes your whole lite ... including your sex life. Nursing Mothers has a nurse educator going to the next meeting on Tuesday, May 9 who will explain some of those changes and suggest ways to make the most of your new life phase. The topic is Sex and the breastfeeding woman and it's at Debbie Sibon's home, 31 School Street, Yeppoon from 9.30am. Transport and information, 39 4139. *** THE pastel workshop organised by the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts on April 27 was enjoyed by everyone. On Saturday, May 20, an oil workshop has been arranged with local artist George Sharp as tutor. It will be at the usual venue ... the Anglican Conference Centre, from 8.30am to 4pm. Canvas boards will be available on the day or ring 39 4010 for supplies. Non members are welcome to attend - take your lunch - morning and afternoon teas ar eprovided. For more information, 33 6135. *** DOLL Ward and her son Errol have returned from Brisbane after attending her grandson's wedding. Peter Wellings married Kerri Kurtz at All Saints Anglican Church and honeymooned at Lord Howe Island. The couple will live at Shorncliffe. *** WHILE in Brisbane Mrs Ward's brother-inlaw, Pat Ward, died. He lived in Mt Morgan before moving to Mt Gravatt in Brisbane and was always the life of the party at the functions held by the senior citizens. He was cremated from the West Chapel of Mt Thompson Crematorium. *** YEPPOON Pensioners Leagus is running a bus to Rockhampton on Thursday, May 11 leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am. A bus will take league members to Emu Park on Wednesday, May 31 to attend the Park's monthly social in the cultural hall. Transport will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 12.15pm. For seats on both buses, contact bus captain Pat King, 39 2109. *** A STREET stall for St James Ladies Guild is outside Findlay's electrical on Saturday, May 13. *** PANCAKES, sweet and savoury, will be served to mothers by fathers and children at the Yeppoon State High School's Mothers Day Brunch in Beaman Park on Mothers Day morning (from 9.30am). *** EMU PARK Pensioners League's free bus to attend Yeppoon Pensioners League social on Tuesday, May 9 leaves at 12.15pm from the cultural hall. Everyone is welcome to travel on the bus to the free social ... you don't have to be a member of either league. *** WHAT turns your stomach? Is it Australian v overseas trade, child abuse, worthy causes needing and not receiving proper funding, indifference? These subjects were aired at last week's Forum meeting. Speakers Cheryl Whellan, Billie Sinclair, Joan Whyte and Jan and Shirley Edwards brought their grievances into the open. Central Regional Council president Phyl Thurlow was a guest and presented an interesting address on the spirit of Forum. Meeting procedure isn't cut and dried ... it needs spontaneity, vitality and pleasure by members who do make the odd mistake and then learn not to hassle. The reason for the theme? There was a hitch in the scheduled programme and members made the most of the topic. Leo Carpenter and Jan Edwards took guests to the meeting ... Inger Soldal and Jennifer Curtis. Jackie Hole chaired the meeting and Leo Carpenter was critic. The next meeting is on Wednesday, May 10 and a workshop with questions and answers on child abuse. Hostesses are Leo and Billie. If you would like to attend the meeting, phone Jan 39 2130 or Cheryl 34 4187. Forum is on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the Yeppoon CWA Hall from 7pm, with the meeting starting at 7.30pm.

[Pastrycooks Special


Cherry & Date Bar

Pie of the Week!




'Unita Catagfige


A. J. Ralston and Associates LTD r\.OPTOMETRISTS.

Beef & Mushroom

Bakers Special

Boston Buns




McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 &14 William St, R'ton 27 7959}

THE hoy-cent sale organised by Marje Cornell and Phyl Rumpf for Yeppoon Pensioners League is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Thursday, May 18. Morning tea will be served at 9.30am and hoy from 10am to noon. Take your own lunch and stay for the cent sale which starts at 1.15pm. A raffle being conducted by the league will be drawn at the end of the cent sale. *** THE next meeting of the Rockhampton branch of the Genealogical Society of Queensland is at the Education Centre (old Leichhardt Ward School), North Street, Rockhampton on Tuesday, May 9 at 7.30pm. A beginners class starts at 7pm. Membership is $30 a year and that starts from the time you join. Assistance is given to new members and they are put on the right path in tracing their ancestors. The society will have a display at Sacred Heart's Festival of Hobbies on Saturday, May 13. Members will show what information is available to anyone who wants to research their family tree and will also answer questions. Contact Neta Klaproth, 39 3179 or Greta Brady, 28 4770. *** THE Keppel Woodcraft Association is taking part in North Rockhampton High School's fete on May 7 and also Sacred Heart's big Festival of Hobbies on Saturday, May 13. That master of fine turning, John Stanton, will demonstrate his skill at both functions and some fine examples of turned wood will be on sale.


Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649

Mill Gallery The

28 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon Sunday, May 14, 7.30pm An evening of music with 'BONZA' featuring: Lorraine Melanson (Mandolin and Vocals)

Ant Innes (Guitar and Vocals)

Bookings: 39 3454 Gallery Hours: 10am - 4pm daily Pottery • Paintings • Woodwork


Nursing Mothers Association is celebrating National Mothering Week (May 7-14) with this free offer in conjunction with Photofair on

Saturday, May 13 from 10am to noon at SAVEMORE CENTRE NMAA products on display Tarweena Shopping Trolley restraints on sale

Mothers Day Special Give Mum the gift she deserves ... a gift voucher from Mickey Q. With ALL services a FREE BROW WAX or LASH TINT.

Streaks Short Ot Hair 4° from

Make her day with a gift she'll wear with joy ... phone Teena, Jo, Sandy and Michelle now!

Bodywaves Short $ tel Hair from

Cy •


Mickey Q Hair Design 50 James St, Yeppoon (Next to Pacific Hotel)

Phone 39 3022 MONDAY.TO FRIDAY: 8.30am and SATURDAY: 8am to 4pm




12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989 L



TYPESET. composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material. statement representation or information contained in the advertisement: is. or is likely to be. misleading or deceptive: is in full or, in part, defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mitror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication. the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims, damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct. alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. • lay and While every care is take n with allDisp Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classifica t ion or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS SUE Stevenson! Happy Birthday for May 8. Love from the Willougbys.

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition, Wednesdays, National Fitness Hall, 7.30pm. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets Tuesdays, 7pm for.Christian Meditation, Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139


39 2212 Parcel Delivery Burton's

R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily

Hempenstall, Noyes & Associatesi * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultant

Z4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 374.0;




VIETNAM Medals Hot-line (03) 326 5634 or (03) 326 5633. CARO, 366 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Vic. 3004. AILSA'S Linen, specialising in pre-Wedding parties. Phone Shirley, 39 3307 after 6pm. WEIGHT Watchers: Emu Park CWA Hall, Monday 9.30am. Yeppoon CWA Hall, Tuesday 6.45pm. LENORE Dean School of Ballroom Dancing closed until further notice. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for organisations and most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.

WANTED: Organ teacher to teach a young girl. Phone 39 6437. TAICHI: Queensland Recreational Hall, Cooee Bay. Wednesday, 6.30pm. Inquiries: Lindsay Smith. 27 6270.

CAR cassette, $50; CB with car antenna, near new, $70. 39 1782. BOUGAINVILLEAS: single and double, large range of colours, 6" pots. $3.98. Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road (opp golf course), Yeppoon. 39 4078 BATTERIES for your car, boat, tractor or truck. All sizes. Top quality. Phone 34 4278. ROSES, budding and flowering. Now available from Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road (opp golf course). 39 4078. HONDA CT90. Reliable. What offers? Please phone 39 4397. BUDGET Nursery closed until May 19. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. THREE dispenser Cafe bar coffee machine. Phone after hours, 39 4563. YEPPOON Stockfeed for all your farm animals and pet food supplies including Roo, Beef and Chicken for your dogs and cats; birds and birdseeds; aquarium fish and acc. Gardening: we have bug sprays and dusting powders; fertilisers in bags from 5kg to 50kg. Check our price on Osmocote, shade cloth, lattice, garden ornaments, copper logs. Potting mix $3; Mulch hay$2. POL pullets and botulism vaccine in stock. Phone 39 4320. SEEDLINGS: large range, flowers and vegetables. Now available at Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road (opp golf course). 39 4078. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468.

EXPRESS Parcel DELIVERY3rei‘Yfly rsi caorarsieta 22 1789



Denis Hinton your Local Member for Marlborough NP meeting pm: Opening of Marlborough Historical Museum Broadsound Electorate NP council meeting Lecture at CIAE pm: Yeppoon Office

SUN, May 7 MON, May 8

Yeppoon Office

TUES, May 9 WED, May 10

Yeppoon Office

THURS, May 11 FRI, May 12

Yeppoon Office

Teacher Aide - Clerical Persons interested in applying for this position are invited to lodge an application with the Administrative Assistants in the Office at Yeppoon State High School. Application forms and particulars of the position from the Office at our School. Applications close 4pm Wednesday, 10 May. J GREGG PRINCIPAL



39 3119 a/h: 39 3773


Yeppoon Office

1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

INCOME TAX For friendly, efficient, confidential service...Lois

Position Vacant Yeppoon State High School


Broadsound SAT, May 6

POSITIONS VACANT WANTED couple for cleaning amenities block. Live in, with own van. Apply Poinciana Caravan Park, Cooee Bay. 39 3688, 9am-5pm only. RELIABLE person for interior housecleaning, four to six hours per week. Phone 33 6836.


Ray Smith and Co TAX AGENT Normanby St, Yeppoon Reasonable Rates • Maximum Refunds

Bill Thomson R/E office,

39 2224 for appointment

Emu Park Living Word Centre

Furniture Secondhand/New Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines. Good Gift Items, Tools, Elec. Saws, Drills & Sanders, Hanimex Movie Camera & Projector

New consignment yard opening soon

Coastal LP Gas Supplies

EL-GAS 39 1406 33 6472 a/h

Class Glass

Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147

LATTICE • LATTICE • Premium Grade • CCA Treated Pine FREE MEASURE & QUOTE No order too big or too small

AKENBE LATTICE 146 Kent Street Rockhampton

27 9040 - a/h 22 5653 SCREEN DOORS and

WINDOWS that will

LAST and are

I can run your office!

• Decorative • Won't Rust • Secure Made-to-measure

Let me handle your: • • • • •

Word Processing • Letter Writing Stock Control & Records Office Filing Systems & Records Computerised Accounting Banking & Cash flow forecasting

I will chase your bad debts! Like you, I am prepared to work weekends and evenings

• Confidentiallity Assured • $15 per hour I CAN WORK IN YOUR OFFICE OR IN MY HOME

Phone Margo 39 7045 after 6pm

'Aluminium Awnings and

Holland Blinds Windows light up your home but none so distinctive as those made at

Yeppoon Glass • Window Replacements • Patio

Enclosures • Windows for your new home • 53 Tanby Rd, Yeppoon 39 1840

Yeppoon Hire Service PARTY HIRE


• Tables and Chairs • BBQs • Party Lights • Disposable Dinnerware • Bunting

• Cement Mixers • Wheelbarrows • Trestles & Planks • Generators? Lawnmower • Garden Tools • Spray Guns • Electrical Tools • Chainsaw


Highchairs Folding Cots

51 Tanby Road (next to Cooee Bay Marine) OPEN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY

39 7969: a/h 39 7969

Central Coast Insect Screens FREE QUOTE

39 4318

INDUSTRIAL SPACE LIGHT industrial building to be erected. Interested parties in renting same, please ph 39 3607 a/h.

TRADEWORK ALL painting, paperhanging. small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CARPENTER: all types building and concrete work. Tom Titmarsh, 39 6331. CASSETTE, Radio. Stereo, Nand Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LANDSCAPING, rock border edging, paving, retaining walls. Free quote. 39 6921 or 28 0240. PAINTER. Qualified tradesman. Very reasonable rates. For free quote phone 39 1862. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TREE lopping, plumbing, drainage, repairs, renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antennasupplyand installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989 - 13



TRADESMAN PAINTER • Reasonable Quotes • • Hourly Rates or Contract • Immediate start

39 4863

Tree Lopping Lawnmowing Old Cars Shifted FREE QUOTES Ring

34 3732 or

39 1975





Peter and Toni

• Smash Repairs • Rust & Restoration • • Insurance Work • Windscreens • Bernie Wells 48 Nelson St

39 6436


Interior * Exterior * Free Quotes *

Emu Park — 39 6178






39 3113 '16 years on the Cass!'

DARRELL WEBB ariress & Re ep co R

Radiator Oxy, MIG Welding & Electric Capricorn Radiators 53 Tanby Rd 39 4810

TRUCK for HIRE 39 1406

R A and T A Jones

Specialising: Carpet Cleaning Window Cleaning Shops • Offices Housed washed inside, outside Window Tinting FREE QUOTES

39 7954

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast

B.A.C-REMOVALS Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly STORAGE IN YEPPOON Eric Sundgren

39 3822

22 4049



Graeme's Plumbing & Draining Service Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am Or 6-6.30pm

Yeppoon Readymix Sand and Gravel Supplies

Mike Stokley

PAINTING BOBCAT HIRE 4-in-1 Bucket • Post-Hole Digger Earth Bucket • Tipper Hire

12 ton dropside tipper & grain bin

Front end LOADER 21 /2 metre COMPETITIVE RATES

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* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio controlled

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

Sandblasting Box Trailers to Semis

ALL STEEL ITEMS Painting done ... primed or Tar Epoxy to finishes Capricorn Sandblasting Len Payne ...

Tanby Road Roundabout

39 4092


Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS'pty Ltd Industrial — Residential — Commercial 0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations

33 6836

Bill Green

ELECTRICIAN Phone 39 7950


4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger

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Rick Barnes Allan 'Happy' Warren

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Yeppoon Yard Maintenance Gardening, Tree Lopping, Rubbish Removal, Lawns, Vacant Allotments • Including New Look Landscapes, Paving, Stonework, Waterfalls

Phone 33 6245 or 28 1732

STEEL Fabrication


Maintenance and Construction Tradesman/Welder Ph Greg

39 4539

Welding and Mechanical Service

cnr Tanby Rd & McBean St,

39 6105 (M & M Uziel) 39 6105


Specialised & General Welding • Steel • Aluminium • Stainless •


BACKHOE for hire

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Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays' I.C. & S. Stanley

39 1139


Mobile 240 V Welding Unit General Mechanical Repairs

Boat Trailer Maintenance, Fabrication & Repairs 18 Sunflower St, Kinka Beach

. 1989 14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11,

LADIES BOWLS PRIOR to Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club's Foundation Day afternoon, the following competitions will be played starting at 9am. Championship singles final: A Fotheringham v I McNamara and president Marj Bierwirth is marker. Championship pairs: N Garner, M Stewart v G Powell, M Blacklock; D Moulds. M Greaves v M Manthey, E Batts. 2-4-2 pairs: E Benson. E Elliott v Y Riordan, J Beasley. J Barber, D Locke v V Thompson, M Baglow. Consistency singles: S Ziebicki v R Wass (E Saxby). C singles: M Freeman v I Ogg (M Hansen). The club fours will be played at 1.15pm in conjunction with social games for the Foundation Cup Anyone wishing to play may do so. please put your names on the clip board or ring your name in by 12.45 pm. Club fours: J King. M Crowe. M Greaves. V Wilson vJ Hoare, J Barker. M Bradley. M Stewart: I Ogg. V Mortensen, P Childs, D Engel v B Dawson. M Hansen. D Moulds, A Fotheringham; S Conner. E Benson, D Locke. E Hinton v E Saxby, Y Riordan. R Wass, E Batts: B Exton, M Blacklock. G Powell, J BeasleyvJ Cain, J Collins, M Manthey, M Baglow: P Fortune. M Freeman. S Ziebicki, F Denny v L Goodwin. N Garner. B Beckett, M Bierwirth. The district singles are on Wednesday, May 10 at 9am: I McNamara v M Baglow (B Beckett): A Fotheringham v M Stewart (V Wilson). Results of the district pairs semi-final: M Bradley. A Fotheringham d R Wass, M Elliott 24-16. District triples: N Garner, R Wass, M Elliott d F Denny. V Wilson, M Stewart 20-12: M Baglow, J Beasley. E Batts d D Moulds, M Bradley. A Fotheringham 2215; M Freeman, E Woodbridge. M Bierwirth d L Goodwin, G'Powell. M Blacklock 27-10. Champion pairs: F Denney, V Wilson d S Ziebicki, J Barber 28-21. Consistency singles: E Batts dJ Cain 152-38: forfeit to D Engel from M Greaves: J Hoare d M Stewart 156-144. Novice singles: B Dawson d J King 31-23. Queen of the Green: M Bierwirth d J Cain 10-2. -Last week it was reported Beth Beckett received a Pennant Badge ... it should have been M Manthey." publicity officer Ivy McNamara said. "My apologies ladies, and Beth we all still say a big Thank you' for being just where you were needed. at the right time. Just proves how essential it is to have a reserve at your team's side at all times." Practice roll ups only allowed after 3pm on Fridays and will cost 50c per player.

N. I


WET COURSE REDUCES GOLF FIELD YEPPOON Golf Club's Wednesday club numbers were down because of a wet course. Ladies' stableford winner was Mary Sherlock with 31 points. Joan Marwedel won the first nine with 32 and the second nine winners were Margaret Prior and Mary Sherlock both with 35 and a half. Pinshots: N Montgomery, M Prior. Proshot, H Fry. Members' stableford winner was M Kennedy with 47 points. Others: S Thorne 42, R Montgomery and C Bell 40 each, T Gray and F Ryan 41 each and R Hunt 42 points. First nine: C Bell, 29 and a half, B Morgan 30. T Gray 30 and a half, F Ryan 31 and a half, I Murray 30 and a half. Second nine: W Cumming 26, M Kennedy 27, C Barclay 29 and a half, S Thorne 30 and a half, R Hunt, R Hansen and B Morgan 31 each. Pinshots: W Cumming and R Hansen and the proshot to C Barclay. The veterans played a stroke on a composite course of 12 holes on Fliday for members and ladies. Ladies' winner was Phoebe Harriswith 41 nett. next Rita Edmistone 49, Joan Marwedel and Nancy Montgomery both 51. The pinshot went to Chris Moss. Members' winner was A Simpson with 42 nett. J Stratford and P Marwedel 43 each, captain Tom 44. Pinshot to P Marwedel. "I wish the veterans a good trip away to Buderim," publicity officer Jack Stratford said. The ladies played a stroke for the club trophy on Saturday .Winner was Phoebe Harris with 73 nett from Glenda Watson 75, Nancy Montgomery 76. Pinshots: L Quigley, J Keyes, P Jenkins and proshot to G Watson. McWilliams Wines pinshot was won by N Montgomery. Members played a stroke for T Stevens trophy. Winner was J Major 66 nett. Others: C Haddon 67, M George 68, T Edmistone 69, S Thome, R Young and M Coren 70 each, C Cooper. P Fritschi and L Taylor 71 each. B Morgan 72. Pinshots: I Lester. S Thorne and R Young and the proshot to A Gabel. A mixed aggregate stableford was played with L/ overs on Sunday. Mixed winners were Bill and Cassie Freeman with 65 on countback from R Young and N Montgomery also with 65 points. Next were P and Y Fritschi with 64, R Walters and G Scharf 63. Pinshots: ladies. J Lewis. G Dawson. C Freeman. Proshot, N Montgomery. Members: R Walters, T Edmistone. R Kerr. Prcshot R Young. Leftover stableford winner was T Edmistone 41. R Kerr 37 and L Cox 36.

Ladies game on Monday was a stableford for club trophy and the winner was Shirley Burton with 31 on countback from Pam Drillis, Gwen Dawson 26 points and Vicky Caseleyr. Proshot, J Burrowes. Members also played a stableford for club trophy. Winner was C Ogg 41 from J Andersen and D Hoare both 41. Next: B Morgan, I Murray and T Edmistone 39 each. Pinshots: B Morgan, V Hunt, D Hoare and J Garvey. Proshot T Edmistone. Twenty-nine ladies hit off in the Tuesday Medal in A, B and C grade. A grade winner was Glenda Watson with 80 nett: B grade. Lorraine McCamley 75; C grade. Kitty Jeacocke 77. Run down: Fay Yesberg 79. Bev Osborne. Y Fritschi, Marge Prior, Cassie Freeman and Ruby Norton all 80 each. Pinshots: G Watson, KJeacocke and proshot to H Fry. "Congratulations to Theresa Clark for winning the Rockhampton Open for Ladies," Mr Stratford said.

Dirt riders race for QATB fund THE Capricorn Dirt Riders Club held the Central Queensland ATV Championships, Moto Cross and Pony Express on the May Day weekend with all proceeds going to the Emu Park QATB. Pony Express: Open, P Webster and B Pownall, 1; R Rann and M Rann, 2; S Frost and C Frost, 3. 80cc-201cc: B Olive and I Gull, 1; M Gallagher and M Hafner, 2. Ironman: S Parkinson. Trailbikers: C Withoos and A Withoos, 1; P Barr, 2; R Slattery, 3. Overall: P Webster and B 1:J Porter, Pownall. Moto Cross: 50cc, C 2; L Clunes, 3. 80cc: S Roe, 1; D Frost, 2; G Pearce, 3. Novice: 80cc, C Biggs, 1; J Purton, 2. 125cc: M Hafner, 1; M Gallagher, 2. Enduro: S Frost, 1. Open: S Tindale, 2; R Rann, 2; K Kime, 3. Trike: J Barlow, 1; S Barlow, 2. Oddy: P Hiron, 1; S Boyle, 2; I Speirs, 3. Best rider of the weekend: R Rann; best effort, bikes: M Hafner; best effort Quads: P Turner.

GRAND CONCERT A GRAND concert on Sunday night brought to a close a wonderful weekend at Emu Park Bowls Club when the local club was host to Maryborough bowlers. Yeppoon Choral Society members excelled with their musical items and the ladies' costumes were a delight to the eye. Emu Park members, Pearl Curry, Esme Johnson, Rhoda Maud and Dot Scoffin welcomed the visitors musically. Roy Johnson pleased with a rendition of Banjo Patterson's `Man from Ironbark'. Local artists Stan and Win Nelson and Yeppoon's Lynda Leech performed to their usual high standard and Maryborough members also showed their talent. Many members, ladies and men, contributed to the weekend's success and president Frank van Gestel thanked everyone involved. Good and many games of bowls were played during the weekend and the visitors appreciated a superb green and local scenery. In competition, Joy Stewart defeated Esme Johnson and Marg Price defeated Pat Tickner in the ladies closed singles. In the men's A grade singles Eddie Mann defeated Col Smith 31-21 and Chick Stanley def Ron Holman 31-20. In the district singles Brian Heath defeated Wolfgang Beilharz 31-30 in an exciting game. On Tuesday the Tobruk Rats Shield was won by Glen Kluver, Phil Cosgrove and Frank van Gestel. Social bowling trophies: Wednesday, Peter Brown, Trish Childs; Saturday, Allan Morton, Marg Price, Bob Maud, George Cliffe. MReminder dates: Sunday, May 7, table selected mixed triples for Ken Sinclair's fish trophy; Monday, May 8, working bee in the kitchen; Tuesday, mixed social bowls, club trophies; Wednesday, May 10, social bowling, trophies donated by Mary Peacock; Friday, May 12, practice roll-up from 2pm, social evening with Ron's Music from 6pm; Saturday, May 13, mixed social bowling club trophy; Sunday, May 14, Mothers Day special (mixed social bowling).





COASTAL Creations, clothing and drapery store,

METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins.

for sale. Phone 39 1179.

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11.30am Saturday, 18 February, 1989 Lot 16 on Registered Plan No. 17034 10.07 Hectares


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Where to stay on the Coast

Rain Man

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Capricorn Coast Mirror May S - May il, 1989 - 15

Zilzie golf

YIBC has a win GLORIOUS weather prevailed for the visit to Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club last weekend by members of the Mackay Indoor Bowls Association. YIBC and MIBA have been exchanging visits twice yearly since 1975 when YIBC made its initial visit to Mackay. The only longer association with an outside club is the twice a year `Ye Olde Davis Cup' tussle between YIBC and Callide Indoor Bowls Association. The Mackay contingent arrived on Saturda3, afternoon and that night played the usua MIBA v YIBC fixture. Staging a form reversal on their form the previous weekend when they went down to Callide Valley in `Ye Olde Davis Cup' fixture by 13 games and 111 points, YIBC beat the Mackayites by 59 points. The score was YIBC 196, Mackay 139. Best for YIBC, with 30 points, were Ken Moore, Flo Collins, Sylvia Mahoney, Arthur Birt, Mary Miller and Harry Whiteacre. Second, with 27 points, were Tom Poole, Jean Whiteacre, Theresa Warren, Bernie Robson, Dot Baker and Dora Beentzes. Two teams finished in third place on 26 points and on a countback. Kath Mcllwraith, Ron Hancock, Andy Hobkirk, George Miller, Vi Best and Gary Warren won the minor placing with an aggregate of 38. Best teams for MIBA: first, on 25 points, M Hastie, B Vickers, Polly Firth, Vera Farlow, Elsie Benton and Pat Phelan. Second, with 20 ooints, Glad Wilson, Vena Edwards, Bill Scheider, Hazel Pershouse, Dal Kyle and Eileen Sorenson. Third, on 19 points, A Curyer, B Crowsley, Jim Rutland, May Stockley, Gordon Whyte and Ben Jorgensen. MIBA members performed well in the raffles, winning all three. Successful ticket holders were no Douglas, Eileen Brooks and Bill Schneider. In all, three sessions of play were held ... Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night. The latter two sessions were social play, teams being selected from both centres. Sixteen teams played on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and 18 took to the mats 'on Sunday night. Sunday afternoon results: first, two teams tied on 26 points and after a countback, Elma Kearney, Dal Kyle, Dot Morgan, Rossi Lowe, Dot Baker and Rae Tannah were successful with an aggregate of 41. Second place went to Tom Crowley, Gary Warren, Kath Mcllwraith, B Vickers and John Mijatovic. Following the afternoon session, a successful cent sale was held, followed by a barbecue tea at which 110 were present. Sunday night results: first, with 28 points, were Tom Devantier, Cyril Olive, C Curyer, Bill Schneider, Vi Best and Joe Renner. Second, won on a countback, with 26 points and 36 aggregate went to Ron Saunders, Ethel Duke, Stella Lubach, Mavis Brown, Chrissie Cant and M Hastie. Third, 26 points 32 aggregate, Tom Poole, B Vickers, Dick Sinclair, Aub Klaproth, Vena Edwards and Errol Ward. Raffles went to L Snell, Jim Rutland, B Vickers and Jack Thomasson. Among the Mackay visitors were former MIBA president Jim Firth and wife Polly, who have been on all 15 visits to YIBC; former secretary Bill Schneider (..)ind wife Mary; Hazel Mitchell, wife of late 'Bluey' Mitchell who. in 1975, organised the first visit to Mackayby YI BC with the then YIBC games director Norm Gardner, Eileen and Ethel Brooks and games director Ben Jorgensen. YIBCwill visit Rockhampton to play against QRI and Depot Hill next Thursday night. Team names are on the board.


Tilt-a-Doors Features Colourbond zincalume panels for a more durable & weather resistant finish

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Door Centre 53 Tanby Rd - 39 1840

pap .4as ash mil ea 41g0



--I . • t-Wikaw,4* * •

Basketball fixtures BASKETBALL fixtures for next week. Sunday, 4pm, Devils v Mighty Midgets, W Dooley, R Caulfield; 5pm, CC Lakers v Phantoms, D and C Willoughby; 6pm, Jets v Hornets, R Caulfield, A Moore; 7pm, Bombers v Parkies, J Christensen, D Moore; 8pm, Richmond v Wolfpac, D and C Willoughby. Monday, non-counting points: 6pm, Byfield v Hoot ans, J Shackleton, K Smith; 7pm, Seagulls v Nomads, V and M Cranny; 8pm, Coasters v Scoobs, J Taylor, C Campbell; 9pm, Saints v Don's Party, K Dooley, J Christensen. Tuesday: 6pm, Intermediate v Juniors; 7pm, under 14 v under 16; 8pm, advance; 9pm, noncounting points, Breakaways v PGH, S Stevenson, C Willoughby. Thursday: non-counting points, 6pm, Gadabouts v Billabongs, A and D Moore; 7pm, Tanby Roses v Reef Seekers, J Moody, K Smith; 8pm, Exploding White Mice v Generals, D Willoughby, C Willoughby.

• ABOVE: Steven Novak, 10, and Chantal Leonard, 11, were the top boy and girl forthe Capricorn Coast Swimming Club 1988-89 season. Steven had the highest boys' aggregate with 250 and Chantal won the girls' with 232.

Squash success CAPRICORN Coast Squash Club fielded 18 players in the Dalby Open Squash Tournament held on the May Day weekend. Nine male and nine female players acquitted themselves well. Glen Ward won the men's division three event and Ellen Farr was runnerup in the women's division two. Consolation event winners were Andrea Harvey (division one) and Debbie Lamb (division three). Debbie defeated Tracey Kime 3-1 in the final. Andrew Dowie was kept well occupied for the weekend with playing • and driving as View Tours showed players seldom seen parts of Queensland while diverting to avoid flooded routes.

Swans' reserves steal limelight giving BITS first loss for 1989 •

By Jay Blake

LAST week Yeppoon Rules Reserves stole the limelight by inflicting BITS' first defeat of the season and more to their credit, kept them scoreless in the process. Unfortunately, their score 15-30, detracts from the performance slightly and Mike,. Wozniak must be wondering if the goal umpires are standing in the right opening. JR Heathcote controlled the game from the centre with his customary no-nonsense style and it was his ability to win the ball consistently early in the game that was the impetus of the Swans' win. Ray "Are you being served?" Lawer played his best game of the season with his vigorous tackling being a major feature. Dwayne Roberts was everywhere and in everything. His terrier-like performance caught the eye of the selectors and undoubtedly will be playing A grade football before too long. John Pidgeon once more ran his legs off and this combining with the ever-improving Tim `Moose' McGrath could prove vitally important come September. Widely travelled overseas pair `Hack and Harris' and 'Butta' McDonald paid their way with fine games at centre half back and centre half forward. It was great to see last year's final series hero Rob Masek playing and everyone's fingers are crossed he has overcome his injury problems. Scores: Yeppoon 15-30-120 def BITS 0. Best players: Heathcote, Lawer, Roberts, Harris. Goals: M Donka, Harpo 3, Hacker, Lawer, Bird and Pidgeon 2, Mark Wetzler 1. The A grade game against BITS was impressive with the huge winning margin flattering them and the only consoling feature was that finally they managed to kick accurately. For the second week in a row the side murdered full forward Warwick Chapman and it's about time the forwards and followers had a good about how they're crowding him out. Grant Boyd found the touch that has eluded him over the last few weeks and I'm sure that put some broad smiles on the faces of our two favourite Kinka residents. `Dad' Williams strung four quarters together and looked quite impressive in his white epauletteswhile his partner in crime Bryan Munn displayed all his wares. Congratulations to Mark Van Gestel for bagging nine goals and making me eat my hat. Tony Warwick played a ripper of a second half and Tim Mynott impressed with his strong straight ahead defence from the back pocket. Scores: Yeppoon 30-16-196 def BITS 11-9-75. Goals: Van Gestel 9, Bryan Munn 5, W

Chapman 4, C Bill 3, Brett Lord and Boyd 2. Best: Williams, Boyd, Van Gestel. This week the Swans take on' third-placed Parkana at Church Park. Awards: A Grade, Mug, Anthony Warwick; Mark Van Gestel Pacific dinner for two; Steve Burns, Murph's Sight n Sound; Greg Williams, Kirstin's. Reserves: J R Heathcote, mug; Anthony McDonald, Pacific dinner for two; Greg Bain, Annie's Pies; Ray Lawer, Angliss.

Sportsmanship wins in Rules

LAST weekend the junior Aussie Rules Swans played only two grades against Brothers at Victoria Park in Rockhampton. Unfortunately, Brothers was unable to field an under 15 side and Swans under 17s pulled out at the last moment leaving Brothers' under 17s without a team to play against. The games played were only scratch matches due to an undermanned under 11 Swan side and an undermanned under 13 Brothers side with Swans taking the points. The games were good spectator games. Sportsmanship ruled on the day with both teams lending players to the undermanned sides. Under 11s had their usual great spectator thriller with Swans coming out the victors 5-737 to Brothers 0-1-1 but half the Yeppoon side was made up of Brothers players. Best players for Yeppoon were Shawn Denning, Owen Battersby and John Lawton. Now the Swans have had a few games, a vast improvement is showing in their ball skills with the boys now hand balling and looking for team mates to kick to. Well done Swans and congratulations to their coach Peter Murray. Under 13s showed true sportsmanship and lent the undermanned Brothers' side their two best players, captain Doug Edwards and Bradley Hirning, and it showed on the Swans' game with the score ending Brothers 11-8-14 clef Swans 1-6-12. Although only a scratch match it was a hard fought game. Coach Dale Wetzler said the boys will have to work a harder and learn not to rely on their top players as the final score last weekend indicated. Best player for Yeppoon was Peter Guyer who never gave in until the last whistle, Cameron Blake and Shane Campbell who also did likewise. All three are the smallest men on the side. Sundays gaipes are under 11 and under 13 only, against Emu Park under 11 and St Brendan's under 13 at St Brendan's.

BECAUSE the Zilzie Golf Club course had not recovered from the wet weather, a stroke play on Thursday, April 27 showed poor results. Winners were P Mallick with 66 nett and P Barker 82. On Sunday a stableford play showed better results with winners L Taylor 41 points and G Pearson 36. Pinshot went to N Bull. A stroke game for associates will be played on Saturday. It is the first day of the fifth monthly medal and QLGU Brooch. Sunday is Central Queensland Cement Pty Ltd Open Day starting at 9am. An 18 hole competition will be played in conjunction with club monthly medal. There are good prizes for long drives, pinshots and Bradman's trophies. A barbecue will follow to finish off the day. Please nominate early by phoning the club on 39 6356 or 39 6625, however late nominations will be accepted.

Tennis fixtures THE following teams have been set down for Yeppoon and District Tennis Association fixtures at Daniel Park, Cooee Bay, on Saturday. Players are reminded starting time is 12.30pm. Division A. Koalas: G Clayton, G Klupfel. V Sorensen v Kangaroos: J Gregory, M Cranny. P Smith. Dingoes: J Gregg,J Coxon, D Collett v Hares: R Green, M Harris, P Hansen. Division B. Cockatoos: J Jackson, R Deguire. K Stevenson, P Iafrati. R Haswell v Curlews: H Sorensen, D Perrin. M Bullemore, L Stewart. L Bennett. Emus: R Irons, R Scoffin, J Hooper, R Driver. R Latchford v Parrots: B Rumble, P Scharf. K Heritage, J Harris, J Stevenson. Players who are unable to play this weekend are asked to contact John 39 1517, Rhonda 39 4458 or Pam 39 7563 by Fr:day evening so substitute players can be organised in time.

Emu Park Rugby League Club

Fancy Dress Night Saturday Night (May 6)

Pine Beach Hotel 7.30pm until Late! ALL WELCOME Admission: • $3 in Fancy Dress • $5 if you're a 'Norm' [

Pig-on-a-Spit • Live Music • Prizes for Best Dressed etc • BE THERE!!! •


First 20 Foundation Members OF THE Emu Park Rugby League Club Numbers 1 to 20 will be

Auctioned at the Fancy Dress Night If you want to be the No. 1 Member - Bring Your Money With You!

(Emu Park Rugby League is sponsored by the Pine Beach Hotel %


16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 5 - May 11, 1989

Owes ft town mil

Play netball? CAPRICORN Coast Netball has seven teams and needs more players ... in any age. "We are absolutely delighted with the roll-up, but would be ecstatic if we had more," spokesman Donna Duffy said. The teams will play a round robin again next week. The players are taught the rudiments during short games. The teams all play against each other. "That way we can gauge how everyone plays and also teach at the same time. "Anyone who wants to play can come along to the Cooee Bay courts next Wednesday from 6.45pm. They can join in or watch." In the C C Crocs v Rockets Black game beginner Stacy Gorman and Tanya Boland showed how they will perform during the season. They worked hard and played with enthusiasm. Rockets' goal shooter was unbeatable. In the round robin this week Rockets Pink won on forfeit from Pioneers Blue, Pioneers Gold defeated CC Crocs 9-b, Swans defeated Rockets Pink 9-3, Swans defeated Pioneers Gold 20-2, Rockets Pink defeated High School 15-2, Rockets Black defeated C C Crocs 19-1, Rockets Black defeated High School 16-2. Netball draw for week two, May 10, at Cooee Bay Netball courts. Court one: 7pm, Rockettes Black v Pioneers Gold, umpires Swans; 7.30pm, C C Crocs v Swans, umpires Rockettes Black; 8pm, Reds v Swans, umpires C C Crocs; 8.30pm, Rockettes Black v Swans, umpires Reds. Court two: 7pm, Reds v C C Crocs, umpires Rockettes Ponk; 7.30pm, Pioneers Gold v Reds, umpires Rockettes Pink; 8pm, Rockettes Black v Rockettes Pink, umpires Pioneer Gold; 8.30pm, C C Crocs v Rockettes Pink, umpires Pioneer Gold. Pioneers Green has the bye.

Rugby at home


CAPCOAST Rugby Union Club plays three at home games on Saturday at Cooee Park. The under 19 side plays Brothers at 1.15pm, a display by the mini under 8s at 2.30pm against Cities and A grade plays Borthers at 3.15pm. After the games the club has organised a barbecue with pig-on-the-spit and bush dance, from 6.30pm. The club is charging S5 for adults, S2.50 for children under 16 and S15 for a family of four or more.

Sweat it out with

Squash Competition • Social at




. . _ _


Cooee Bay Marine 39 1675 49 Tanby Road, Yeppoon

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likely& ob

• ABOVE: The pictured Yeppoon Ladies Bowls Club members won the coveted Purple Pennant: Daphne Engel, Joyce Barber, skip hy McNamara, president Maig Bierwinh, Del Roos, Ruth Wass, Vera Wilson, MYrle Bradley, Mar] Stewart and Eleanor Batts.

Birkett, Moulds and Hinton are new district triples champions ANOTHER Yeppoon Bowls Club competition hit the dust and the new district triples champions are Frank Birkett, Dave Moulds and Clarrie Hinton. In the semis Frazer Freeman, Dick Sinclair and Terry Woodbridge defeated Key Thompson and Frank O'Brien, who -subbed for Tom Roos, and Barry Atkinson 25-13. Terry played top bowls and many times drew to put his team ahead. Barry and company stayed on six for six ends while Terry had gone to a lead of 22-6. "In the other semi Clarrie and Harry were at it again and I wonder if Harry is ever going to register a win," the club's publicity officer said. "He again said he was going to give up this silly game and go fishing but added he was going to use Clarrie for bait. . "Clarrie again drew away and when he scored a six on the 18th that was Frank Birkett, Dave Moulds and Clarrie Hinton 30 def Scott McClymont, Laurie Collins and Harry McNamara 24. In the final Terry Woodbridge won the first four ends to lead 5 nil but by the ninth Clarrie had levelled the score 8 all. Terry led 18-10 on the 15th but Clarrie won five of the last six ends to finish in front 20-19. One open triples was played with Geoff Lambert, Mark Gustafson and Roy Graff proving too strong for Norm Richards, Keith McKimmie and Graham McCosker 24-21. Graham led 11-4 and 17-10 but in dropping a five on the 16th was their downfall. Arthur Rail, Jack Hoare and Reg Gibbins had a decisive 21-11 win over Rob Skuthorpe, Col Hennessy and Brendan Croese. Tom Dorrell and Bill Roberts were never headed in their

game against Gordon McKenzie and Frank Birkett winning 26-19. Peter Brown proved too strong for Brendan Williams winning 25-20. Peter was leading 2214, needing three which were scored in singles, while Brendan added six to his total. Ray Campbell registered an easy win at the expense of Frank Whiteley 25-9. Dick Sinclair held Don McPherson to 19 all and did not score again with Don winning 25-19. Arnold Halfpenny kept Bill Roberts busy but allowed Bill three fours for Bill to finish in front 25-20. Frazer Freeman went down by the narrowest of margins 25-24 to Frank O'Brien. On the last end O'Brien drew two shots in line with the jack and expected Frazer to drive but he elected to draw and fell short. In C division Graham Williams recorded an easy 26-8 win from Alan King. Roy Cain went down to Norm Richards 12-25. Ken Moore had much the same score against Des Ryan 25-17. George Cavanagh started off well but when he reached 16 fell in a hole and Brendan Croese caught up and became the new leader on 18. Then George kicked on to 22 and once again waited till Brendan made it 22 all. George then scored a single and two to take him out. Arnie Petersen proved last week's win over Graham McCosker was no fluke, winning again, 25-21. Graham had his chance. He led 8 nil, 16-5 and 21-10 then did not score again. 'Three games of mixed pairs were played and Tom and Dell Roos scored a runaway 39-12win over Dolly and Don McPherson. Eleanor Batts and Clarrie Hinton were too strong for Dulcie Locke and Ken Moore, winning 30-12. It was an even contest between the Mantheys, Bill and May, and the Freemans, Frazer and Margaret, and the Freemans fmished on top 18-17.

Emu Park soccer teams prove too good for Yeppoon players EMU PARK soccer teams proved too good for Yeppoon teams by winning all three games in different age groups at Yeppoon's Apex Park on Saturday. Emu Park under 7 played 7 ounces 2-0. Best players for Emu Park were Russell Hardy, Rocky Ingvanzo and Scott Hodkinson. Lee Gaskin, Shane Findlay and Scott Campbell played well for 7 ounces. Under 7 Little Bowsers played Sacred Heart's Hawks 4-0. It was a well played game with much excitement. Best players for little Bowsers: Mark Rinkevich, Mitchell Robertson and Stephen Clark. David Harbic, Matthew Couani and Chris Donahue played well for Hawks. Dragons under 7 had a bye. Under 8/9 Panthers strong defence won their game against Bobcats 4-0. Greg Wiltshire scored three goals and Eden O'Brien one. Sacred Heart played well, but due to the size of team lost some continuity with players going on and off field. Best players for Bobcats were Luke Kershaw, Lance Inslay and Shanatosh .Ramiah. More players are required for Yeppoon under 8/9 teams. Emu Park under 8/9 played Raiders 6-2. Ben Cummins scored four goals and Christian Titmarsh and Dane Hardy one goal each for Emu Park. ,Raiders teams are playing their positions well. Michael Korotcoff scored two goals. Cameron Shield and Ian Edmistone played well for the team. Bullets played Byfield Bandits 5-1. Bullets

played a good game overall with superior soccer skills and several Byfield players played particularly well under pressure. Emu Park under 10/11/12 played CK's 6-1. Stuart Murphy led his team well. Forwards and halfbacks from both sides played well, as did the goalkeepers. Westpac Cutters played Byfield Bombers 3-1. Boyd Macgrath scored two goals and Trista Vallentine scored one goal for Cutters. It was a good fast moving game with play taking place from one end to the other. Girls dominated both in attack and defence on both sides. Eagles played Magpies 3-1. Goal scorers for Eagles were Mark McGrath and Clinton Hamilton. Chris Robertson scored the goal for Magpies with Jade McKenzie and Dion Auriac playing well for Magpies. Fixtures will be played at Byfield, Emu Park and Yeppoon on Saturday. Sacred Heart Teams play Byfield Teams at Byfield. Under 7 Hawks, bye. Under 8/9: Bobcats v Byfield Bandits 8.30am. Under 10/ 11 /12: Eagles v Byfield Bombers 9.30am. Yeppoon 3 teams play Emu Park Teams at Emu Park. Under 7 Little Bowsersv Emu Park 8.30am. Under 8/9 Panthers v Emu Park 9.15am. Under 10/11/12 Magpies v Emu Park 10.10am. Yeppoon 1 team play Yeppoon 2 team at Apex Park Yeppoon. Under 7 Dragons v 7 ounces 8.30am. Under 8/9 Bullets v Raiders 9am. Under 10/11/12 Westpac Cutters v CK's 9.30am.

ONE of those anonymous correspondents reports there was a tidal wave in Coorooman Creek about 5.30am on Monday. Seems a brother took his sister crabbing and, having such fun, they "stepped out" together. The shame of it all was that there were no onlookers so reports of the sister's bruises in places she can't show have to remain unconfirmed. Still, they were lucky ... they had a "leaver" to help them back into the boat, and never lost a crab!! • • • LONG weekends can become even longer if you work at it ... "Old Baldy" learned on Saturday morning was scheduled to fence part of the yard for the two family dogs. Suzy, reading from a list of jobs to be done, had "OB" and Rhett ticked off as the tradesmen. Neither feels the slightest bit happy with that sort of work so they put off buying materials until it was almost too late on Saturday afternoon ... but that ploy failed when Bev and Frank Green were still open. Still, it was too late to start Saturday. Sunday dawned with "OB" deep in sleep and nothing would shift him. As the sun headed higher Suzy reminded him he was doing the fence regardless of what time he got up. A the sun sunk lower, he, with Rhett, started:' Armed with two pairs of pliers and a fourpound hammer, they drove in star stakes, stretched fencing wire, unrolled 50 metres of chicken wire, stretched it, tugged at it ... and got very little done. When the sun finally dropped behind the horizon, "OB" realised he was a long was from finishing ... so he called on Rhodes for help. Rhodes, who was going out that night, gave great assistance. He turned on the car lights to illuminate the job site, moved the roll of chicken wire about a metre ... and had a shower. "OB" and Rhett laboured into the night. Monday dawned and again "OB" stayed in bed. Rhett, who was a bit fed up with his father's organisational skills, rudely woke him and set him to work. Together, father and son laboured through the day. "OB's" hands, not used to anything stronger than pointing at what work others have to do, cramped ... and Rhett was left the main job of tying off the wire with the pliers. As the sun sunk slowly in the west Tina and Duke, the proud owners of the enclosure, were locked in. "OB" and Rhett headed for a walk to the beach ... and 8.15 seconds later both Tina and Duke were walking with them. It seems the pair of them had patrolled the fence, found its weakness ... and decided the whole idea must be to get out while the getting was good. By carlight, the part that hadn't been wired off was repaired and the two dogs spent the night in Stalag 17. "OB" swears he's spending the next long weekend at the Mirror office ... although Suzy did say on Tuesday morning that the office carpark would look nice if there was just a low fence around it!!! • • • BY the way, on Tuesday afternoon, during another escape attempt, Duke hurt his paw on sharp wire. There was a rushed trip home, much bathing in Dettol, a trip in the car for Duke and a leisurely evening sprawled at the office plus the rest of the night lounging in the lounge room at home ... with Tina, who didn't like the idea of a night on her own in the-fenced yard!!! • • • JUST a teensy item about the Mirror's new computerised accounts ... while "OB" and Rhett built the fence, Suzy spent the long weekend preparing the first statements on the computer. They were mailed on Tuesday morning, look a lot different from the old ones, have a couple of mistakes in places ... and Suzy will be at the office on Saturday to handle any queries!!! • • • KINKA BEACH woman, just back from Melbourne, was telling a story of woe regarding her nice new car which she damaged when she hit a galah at 100km/h. A "friend," who listened to her tale, recalled the time he was driving through a nudist colony and hit a cockatoo!!!

Rugby Union SATURDAY at Cooee Park U19 1.15pm: CapCoast v Brothers Mini-U8 2.30pm: CapCoast v Citys A Gr 3.15pm: CapCoast v Brothers

BUSH DANCE at 6.30pm