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ISSUE 290 FRIDAY, March 3, 1989 - THURSDAY, March 9, 1989 •

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ABOVE: While the Capricorn Coast will be under the spotlight on Monday, Kinka Beach and The Causeway will receive more than a fair share of the attention when the Premier and ministers see erosion in action.

Cabinet visit puts Coast in spotlight STATE Cabinet's visit on Monday will put the spotlight on the Capricorn Coast. The Brisbane media covering the Coast Cabinet meeting will inevitably be drawn to various activities which will result in wide exposure. Brisbane television viewers are bound to see at least snippets of footage on such events as the "erosion watch" at Kinka Beach and The Causeway; the earth-turning by Premier Mike Ahern at the Rosslyn Bay Harbour marina development; the official welcome lunch at Bayview Tower and flashes of the scenic beauty that only the Capricorn Coast can provide. As well, there's always the Cabinet meeting itself. It's heady stuff for the Coast ... Mr Ahern and his Ministers will be visible to everyone at some stage. So will the entourage that brings the total number visiting Yeppoon to more than 70. Travelling with the Premier and Ministers will be security personnel, pilots and a vast army of public servants. Waiting to greet them will be an even bigger army of Coast public figures and private citizens. Some will be greeting the Cabinet visitors with one hand outstretched for a handshake and the other palm upward for a hand-out. No doubt some people will regard the visit as a "cargo cult" where visitors from foreign parts drop in and shower locals with money. No doubt many will be disappointed. The Coast is very likely to gain directly from



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the Cabinet visit. School children will probably hail the Ministers as gods if the traditional day off is awarded. Livingstone Shire councillors will no doubt hope for an early answer on a string of requests to the government for help. There are at least three major projects that Cabinet can "green-light" while in town ... Emu Park sewerage; Kinka Beach erosion and a new bridge across the Causeway. Various Ministers have already been told about the need for special financial help to set up a sewerage scheme in Emu Park. Council delegations have been v is iting Brisbane in recent months providing a string of figures to back up claims for a grant or an interest-free loan similar to the one provided for the water treatment plant. Whatever Cabinet decides, assuming it's along the lines of a grant or cheap loan, it could be announced on Monday afternoon. Similar expectations could be held for a $200,000 project to combat Kinka Beach erosion. Mr Ahern, various Ministers and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton will join council officials and Capricomia Institute experts for a"beachwatch and briefing" on Monday from 7.30am to 8.15am. A $200,000 scheme has been proposed as the answer to tides devouring the Kinka Beach dunes and threatening the Scenic Highway. Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation secretary Laurie Killeen (a Kinka Beach resident) will

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be organising a group of concerned citizens to greet the party at the Causeway on Monday morning. He said he was circulating all homes in the Kinka Beach area to organise as many people as possible to put the area's case for special help. This could be the project that gets the nod from Cabinet because it's been a running sore for years ... and it appears the State Government's actions decades ago in building The Causeway could be blamed for the problem. In the same area, the need to upgrade the Causeway bridge and viaduct will come under scrutiny. This is another project with obvious importance because it, too, has been an ages-old problem. The cry that "someone's going to get killed" cannot be ignored forever ... because, quite frankly, someone is going to get killed. There's no pedestrian pathway and the narrow bridge is a haven for illegal fishermen looking for a meal. Then again, the issue that also deserves support is anew bridge near the Showground. It's narrow, it's dangerous, it's used by thousands of schoolchildren each year ... and it's in the middle of Yeppoon. Cabinet is likely, even certain, to leave something behind as a form of goodwill. Whatever that is will be most welcome ... as will the publicity the Capricorn Coast receives from the visit. Whatever happens, the Capricorn Coast can't lose!

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Meet-the-people barbecue...

Marvellous opportunity to meet the Ministers MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton described a Meet-the People barbecue to be held on Sunday as a "wonderful Opportunity for Capricorn Coast residents to mix informally with Premier Mike Ahern and Cabinet Ministers. The combined National Party branches of the Capricorn Coast are hosting the barbecue at the C:vee Bay Hall from 5.30pm. Ir Hinton said Cabinet: tiristers would be S. nday afternoon arriving conC:.0 ally c in preparation for a Spec,a1 Meeting of State Cabinet in Yeppoon on •,t,)ticlay morning. "It will be a great event for the Capricorn Coast and is a marvellous opportunity for people to meet Cabinet members and get their point across on the various issues they may wish to discuss," he said. "It is an enormous advantage to have a Country Cabinet Meeting, whereby the Cabinet has a first-hand look at local problems and issues. It goes a long way toward getting these issues solved." Mr Hinton said he was expecting a large crowd to attend. "Everyone is welcome," he said.

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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 March 9, 1989 LARGE SELECTION OF USEFUL




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• BILL GUNN Deputy Premier, Minister for Public Works, Housing and Main Roads

• BILL GLASSON Minister for Land Management

LIVINGSTONE Shire councillors and private citizens are among people who have been granted consultations with various Ministers on Monday during State Cabinet's meeting on the Capricorn Coast. .


• MIKE AIIERN Premier, Treasurer, Minister for State Development and the Arts

State Ministers will hear wide range of topics in consultations with citizens

• VINCE LESTER Minister for Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs

• IVAN GIBBS Minister for Health

• CRAIG SHERRIN Minister for Family Services

• NEVILLE HARPER Minister for Primary Industries

List of deputations to Queensland Cabinet on March 6, 1989: Unless otherwise indicated, deputations will be at Livingstone Shire Council chambers. Ministers who are not otherwise engaged may attend an earth-turning ceremony to be performed by Premier, Treasurer, State Development and Arts Minister Mike Ahern and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton starting at 8.30am to signify the start of the Rosslyn Bay Harbour north sea wall and associated marina project. 7.30am to 8.15am: Inspection at Causeway Bridge and erosion at Yeppoon Main Beach and Kinka Beach. Deputy Premier, Public Works, Housing and Main Roads Minister, Bill Gunn with Water Resources and Maritime Services Minister Don Neal. Deputation from Livingstone Shire Council. 8.30am to 8.55am: Inspection at Yeppoon State High School on general matters and upgrading fence and carpark. Deputy Premier Bill Gunn and Education, Youth and Sport Minister Brian Littleproud. Deputation from school representatives. 9am to 9.30am: Inspection at Yeppoon Police Station. Police, Emergency Services and Administrative Services Minister Russell Cooper. 8am to 8.15am: Deputation from Central Queensland Parents and Citizens Association. Education Minister Brian Littleproud. 8.10am to 8.30am: Deputation from Emu Park Historical Museum Society representatives: financial assistance. Industry, Small Business, Technology and Tourism Minister Robert Borbidge on behalf of Mr Ahern. 8.10am to 8.30am: Gladstone City Council: funds to upgrade Dawson Highway to reduce traffic dislocation at Shaw Street intersection. Local Government and Racing Minister Jim Randell. 8.30am to 8.50am: Gladstone City Council: public transport facilities and tourist orientated projects. Transport Minister Peter McKechnie and Tourism Minister Robert Borbidge.

• JIM RANDFJJ • PETER McKECHNIE Minister for Local Government and Racing Minister for Transport



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8.30am to 8.50am: Livingstone Shire Cr Roy Wall: use of chemical sprays and compensation for stall cattle producers. Primary Industries Minister Neville Harper. 8.30am to 8.50am: Confidential submission by A P Rowe. Local Government Minister Jim Randell. 8.30am to 8.50am: Livingstone Shire Council: measures to assist persons who qualify as first home buyers to buy/build homes. Finance Minister and Minister assisting the Premier and treasurer Brian Austin for Deputy Premier Bill Gunn. 8.50 to 9.10am: Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens Association and University of the Third Age representatives: proposed TAFE College at Yeppoon. Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester and Finance Minister Brian Austin. 8.50am to 9.10am: Yeppoon Fruitgrowers: use of chemical sprays. Primary Industries Minister Neville Harper. 8.50am to 9.10am: Livingstone Shire Council: provision of lights at rail crossing. Transport Minister Peter McKechnie. 8.50am to 9.10am: Livingstone Shire Council: declaration of Bayfield and Byfield areas as managed recreation areas under proposed new legislation. Environment, Conservation and Forestry Minister Geoff Muntz. 8.50am to 9.10am: Confidential submission by Cr G Mather. Local Government Minister Jim Randell. 9.10am to 9.30am: Mr L Nevison: funding for North Rockhampton State High School band to attend titles. Finance Minister Brian Austin. 9.10am to 9.30am: Farnborough State Primary School parents: school bus runs. Education Minister Brian Littleproud. 9.10am to 9.30am: Capricorn Coast branch Wildlife Preservation Society: Mt Etna; Byfield National Park, stage two; sandmining by Pivot Group. Environment, Conservation and Forestry Minister Geoff Muntz. 9.10am to 9.30am: Livingstone Shire Council: Community Development Worker/NeighCONTINUED ON PAGE 3

• ROB. BORBIDGE Minister fonndustry, Small Business, Technology and Tourism

• RUSSELL COOPER Minister for Police and Minister for Emergency Services and Administrative Services

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• MARTIN TENNI Minister for Mines, Energy and Northern Development

• GEOFF MUNTZ Minister for Environment, Conservation and Forestry

• BRIAN LITTLEPROUD Minister for Education, Youth and Sport

• PAUL CLAUSON Minister for Justice and Attorney-General and Minister for Corrective Services

• BOB KATTER Minister for Community Services and Ethnic Affairs

Capricorn Coast Mirror March

ALP candidate issues his Broadsound shopping list DESCRIBING next week's Country Cabinet Meeting as a hollow political stunt ALP endorsed candidate for Broadsound Jim Pearce has submitted his shopping list for Broadsound. "It should be apparent to all that the Ahern Cabinet is coming to Yeppoon because they are desperate to retain Broadsound, but no matter how much pork-barrelling they do, they won't make up for the past years of National Party neglect," Mr Pearce said. "A Labor Government will allocate funds equitably. We have our priorities for Broadsound and I suggest that as a bare minimum, the current Government should provide S3.2 million towards the Emu Park sewerage scheme. "I have had discussions with local groups and I know the Livingstone Shire Council will agree such a development is long overdue. It cannot wait any longer." Mr Pearce said he had already called on the Government to renovate the Yeppoon Police Station. "But there is a crying need for additional police staffing. The population, with special circumstances of a tourist locality such as ours, more than justifies the provision of a 24-hour manned police station," he said. "Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and the Ahern Government will be shown to be completely out of touch if they do not act to support our overworked and understaffed police in Yeppoon. "Since my endorsement in December I have travelled extensively throughout the electorate and have witnessed glaring neglect in areas especially roads and schools. "I am well aware of what needs to be done in the western part of the electorate." He said an immediate and adequate contribution by the State Government for the Dingo Mt Flora Road is urgently required. "The waste of taxpayer money on the BluffFarnborough Road only serves to highlight the Government's misplaced priorities. People live beyond the Iwasaki Resort and money needs to be spent to improve the Byfield Road." Mr Pearce saidthar as a member of the Goss ALP team he is prepared to be reasonable in all things.

Goss shadow hits phantom SHADOW Minister for Finance and Regional Development, and Member for Cairns Keith De Lacy visited the Capricorn Coast yesterday, Thursday. He talked to residents, business people and local ALP branch members about regional development. Mr De Lacy addressed Coast business people at a luncheon and social hour at La Bamba later will attend a barbecue for Branch members and supporters. "Mr De Lacy is one of the senior Shadow Ministers in the ALP team, and as spokesman on finance and regional development, would have a key economic portfolio in a future Goss Government," Capricorn Coast ALP branch president David Timbs. Mr De Lacy said it was significant that the portfolios of finance and regional development had been linked together in the Goss Shadow Ministry. "Wayne Goss is committed to the economic development of all regions in Queensland, which he sees as the building blocks of the overall state economy," Mr De Lacy said. "By creating a separate Department of Regional Development and linking it with the Department of Finance, Mr Goss has ensured that it will always retain priority ranking within the Ministry. "This contrasted sharply with the present Government, where there was no Department of Regional Development," he said. "They have a Department of Northern Development but this is a phantom department it has no budget, no programmes, and has been nothing more than a propaganda unit for the relevant Minister in North Queensland."

Nev & Carol Wel are's

"My clainis for Broadsound are not extravagant. They are a bare minimum to achieve what Broadsound electors need. "It is not good enough to see our beachfront being further eroded while the Beach Protection Authority and Government remain inactive," Mr Pearce said. "We have recently seen Environment and Tourism Minister Muntz open a Tourist Information Centre towards which his Government contributed nothing. That is not good enough. "As a candidate and with the support of my colleagues I make a commitment that an ALP Government will relieve the local businesses of the debt burden they carry for this public facility. "I appreciate the desperate position the Ahern Government is in across the State and I welcome next week's cabinet meeting if it benefits the long neglected electors of Broadsound. "The priorities I have listed this week are a bare minimum. This is not an ambit claim. Even if we gain the things I have outlined it will be too little too late, but we won't accept anything less."


March 9, 1989 - 3

MINISTERS' BUSY SCHEDULE CONTINUEDFROM PAGE bourl.CgNT.z.-nue. a mity Services Minister Craig Sherrin. 9.10am to 9.30am: Concerned citizens: Aliens Land ActT Beaches at Iwasaki Resort. Land Management Minister Bill Glasson. 9.10am to 9.30am: Mr G Gaudion: rezonings on Great Keppel Island. Local Government Minister Jim Randell. 9.10am to 9.30am: Livingstone Shire Council: acquisition of DID land at Yeppoon and terms thereon; Site for future TAFE College at Yeppoon. Industry, Small Business, Technology Minister Robert Borbidge and Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester. 9.10am to 9.30am: Australian Underwater Federation and Capricorn Skindivers Association: Spear fishing for Barramundi. Primary Industries Minister Neville Harper. 9.10am to 9.30am: Inspection of CCTO Tourist Information Centre, Yeppoon and difficulty of access from roundabout. Deputy Premier Bill Gunn. Deputation from Livingstone Shire Council. 9.10am to 9.30am: Book launch at Livingstone Shire Council Chambers of 'Food Poisoning Prevention in Australia'. Health Minister Ivan Gibbs. 9.15am to 9.30am: Yeppoon Lions Club: acquisition of sewerage package plant from

Rosslyn Bay Harbour when it becomes redundant. Water Resources and Maritime Minister Don Neal. 9.30am: Cabinet meeting in Livingstone Shire chambers. 12.30pm: Media conference at Livingstone Shire chambers. 12.45pm to 2.30pm: Luncheon, Sails Restaurant, Bayview Tower. 2.15pm: QATB inspection with Police, Emergency Services and Administrative Services Minister Russell Cooper. Mr Ahern and some ministers will leave the Capricorn Coast at 3.15pm to inspect Stanwell Power Station.

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989

Vietnam veterans deny knowledge of wreath laying

Helmut Barb has donated 60 pints of blood. He is pictured with Sister Dianne Atkinson at Yeppoon Hospital. The blood bank operates on the third Saturday of each mon-th.

A YOUTH seminar to encourage leadership and personal development has been organised by Rotary. The week-long seminar for young people aged from 18 to 24 years is at the Queensland Recreation Council camp in Cooee Bay from March 27 to 31. Organisers expect young people from throughout Central Queensland will take part in the seminar. Yeppoon Rotary Club is accepting bookings so Coast residentswill have a chance to attend. Some activities and discussions are dancing, meeting procedures and ebating principles, first aid, motivation, how to budget, leader• ship principles, self-awareness, stress manage; ment and a tour of Coast attractions. • Information is available, after hours, 39 1131.

CAPRICORN Coast Vietnam Veterans Legion denies all knowledge and participation with the laying of a wreath at the Yeppoon Cenotaph last Friday. President Roy Savage said the legion did not arrange or organise the laying of the wreath on the day of Emperor Hirohito's funeral. "There are days set aside to lay wreaths to remember servicemen ... Anzac Day on April 25. Armistice Day November 11 and Vietnam Veterans Day on August 18. "We do not lay wreaths on any other days. There is no reason to do so," Mr Savage said. "We have had people approaching members of our legion and castigating them for the Nv-reath-laying. All I can say is that we definitely did not have anything to do with it."

Council will offer all real estate agents chance to access data

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REAL Estate agents will be offered computerised short property searches by Livingstone Shire Council as soon as an appropriate charge has been calculated. This was decided at council's February meeting after a report was received from shire accountant Denis Murphy. He said an approach had been made by a real estate agent for council to supply a database so the, agent could access the name, address, property description, street address and valuation of a property without having to refer to council each time the name and address of the owner was required. Mr Murphy said council now charged $7 for up to five searches and an extra $5 for each additional search (owners name/address or zoning). A rate search cost $14 and a full search $50. The agent's request had been made "some time ago" and before referring it to council for a decision, Mr Murphy said "we had to ensure we could supply selected fields only of our database and on a regular update basis". "The supply of this data without being capable of updating quickly would be more dangerous than beneficial to an estate agent," he said. "It would seem appropriate that the data would be supplied and updated by council and be used only on a one site basis with an annual licence fee." He suggested updates could be piovided on a six-monthly basis in conjunction with the issue of rates. Mr Murphy said he had also been asked to supply the software necessary to access the data supplied by council. He said it could be supplied subject to council's approval. "One of the benefits that could flow to council through the release of such data would be fewer inquiries daily which would reduce administration costs associated with short property searches," he said. Full property searches would still have to be conducted through existing channels. The recommendation was that council create the database for release and that the annual licence fee be $500. It was also recommended council consent to the accountant supplying his personal software package to access the database. Cr Maurie Webb wanted assurance, which was given, that the information be available to all agents, not just the one who had applied. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said agents could now get computer sheets of every sale registered in the Valuer-General's office. The cost was 300 an entry. Information supplied was the seller, the buyer, the price and date of contract. This was now available and it would be available by downloading from a computer. He agreed with the recommendation to council to supply agents with the information they sought ... but he queried the price. He thought council

would not be charging enough. He told councillors that real estate agents had to update their files every month ... "20 agents with 20 girls updating". "I'm only interested in the money we (the council) can make," he said. "I think we need a financial model so we can establish a fair market price." .He said it had taken council years and "many hundreds of thousands" to create its database and he said it should be sold for the right price. Council should look at the alternative for the agents, which was $3000 from the Valuer-General's Department based on 300 and entry for Livingstone Shire. Mr Murphy said he had suggested the update would cost $500 but Cr Bowen asked what should be the charge for the up-front figures. "We're in the business of making money out of data," he said. He suggested council could raise $40,000 by selling the data. His thoughts were cut short by Cr Roy Wall saying ratepayers distrusted council. "We conduct 50 per cent of our business behind closed doors. Now we're handing out information," he said. Replying, Cr Bowen said he did not think council was discussing 50 per cent of its business in committee (behind closed doors). Council resolved to create the database but will decide later what to charge for the information. Cr Glenda Mather had her name recorded against the decision.

Seaweek plans APRIL 15 to 23 is Seaweek ... celebrated Australia wide to focus attention on the enjoyment of the sea and its resources. Central Queensland's Seaweek co-ordinatof Alice Kay is based at the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. Seaweek is funded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority so that communities throughout Australia can celebrate the sea. "The idea is to focus attention on the enjoyment of the sea and its resources," Alice Kay said. "It will encourage safe and sensible use of all the sea has to offer in recreation, employment and quality of life. "We are developing a community programme for that week. Some of the activities planned are posters, essay and photograph competitions based on a sea theme." She said there would be liaison with surf and sailing clubs, the coastguard, Queensland Recreation Council, State Emergency Service and other organisations involved with the sea. "We hope to have activities arranged during Seaweek for Capricorn Coast residents."

114 Safety Houses from north to south ABOUT 114 homes from Zilzie to Farnborough are Safety Houses. Safety Houses are a refuge for children on their way to and from school if they are approached by a stranger or feel threatened. The Yeppoon and Emu Park Safety House programmes started in 1985 as part of a statewide programme. It is an extension of the earlier 'Stranger Danger' scheme. People who are interested in having their home classified as a 'safety house' have to fill in an application ana are interviewed to ensure the children's safety. Zilzie to The Causeway is organised through the Emu Park Safety House Programme and from there to Farnborough through the Yeppoon programme. Yeppoon Safety House annual general meeting is at 7.30pm on Tuesday, March 7 at Yeppoon Pre-School.

Emu Park Safety House annual general meeting is at 730pm on Wednesday, March 8 at Emu Park State Primary School. The Yeppoon agenda includes 1989 elecrtion of officers, discussion by Community Health social worker Mary Casey and a speech by Safety House liaison officer John Rigarlsford. The Emu Park meeting agenda includes the 1989 election of officers, discussion by. Mr Rigarlsford, a video on the role of Safety House in the community and a light supper. All past and present members are invited to both meetings as well as anyone interested in the programme. Safety House is a vital programme in our area for the protection of all children and parents should be aware of it. Emu Park inquiries to John 39 6672 or Irene '39 6543; Yeppoon, Debbie Dearden 33 6220.

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989 - 5

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WEDNESDAY 8th MARCH, 1989 at 7pm The Archer Room, 1st Floor, Country Comfort Inn, Victory Parade, ROCKHAMPTON Reservations: Please phone Glenda Stanfield on 27 3122 or 27 3442 by 6th March. Refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the Seminar.


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ABOVE: St Andrew's Hospital, Yeppoon, was opened on Saturday by Senator Lady Bjelke-Petersen. She is pictured with 96 year-old Lillian Penis.

Fruit growers fear green paper plans

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YEPPOON Fruit Growers are alarmed at proposals contained in a State Government

green paper which could severely restrict the economic operation of many small farmers on the Capricorn Coast. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has arranged for a deputation from the Yeppoon Fruit Growers Tree Crop Sub Committee to meet with Primary Industry Minister Neville Mr Harper when the Country Cabinet meets in Yeppoon on March 6. "I am alarmed at proposals in the green paper which will, if implemented, severely curtail crop spraying operations as it would be illegal to allow spray drift to encroach on neighbouring properties without prior notification and permission," Mr Hinton said. "At this stage it is only a green paper and not legislation and I would doubt if some of the proposals are sufficiently practical to be included in legislation. "I am pleased to be able to support the Yeppoon Fruit Growers and arrange direct discussions between them and Mr Harper". "In April a further green paper will be released by the State Government proposing 'Right to Farm' legislation, modelled on legislation currently utilised in Canada and the USA," he said. "This legislation will give protection to farming operations threatened by encroaching urban development and establish "the prior right to exist."

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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989 HAVE you wondered what Amnesty International is about? The Coast branch has organised an publicity and promotion stall at Savemore on Saturday (tomorrow) until lunchtime. There will be someone on hand to answer any queries.

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FRIDAY, March 3 is World Day of Prayer. The venue this time is at two churches. At Yeppoon it is the Uniting Church in James Street, Yeppoon and there are two services ... one at 10am and the other 7.30pm. And Emu Park's Anglican Church, Archer Street, will host the other at 10am. It is no longer called Women's World Day of Prayer ... now open to all men and women. This year's theme is "Lord, teach us to pray" and the service is prepared by the Christian women of Burma. *** A QUIZ and fun night has been organised by Yeppoon Primary School's Parents and Citizens Association for Friday, March 3 at 7.15pm in Yeppoon Town hall.. The cost is S16 for a family, S6 adults, pensioners S4 and playing children are S3, others are free. Babysitting is free at the town hall and so is a light supper. Drinks will be on sale.

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Suyio *Via Ceil6teige A GOOD roll up at Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens Association's annual general meeting showed Capricorn Coast parents are interested in their children's high school education. "The attendance also proved the parents are interested in helping the association improve the school's facilities," publicity officer David Goodwin said. Jack Cowie, as retiring president, outlined some of the improvements to the school's facilities during his time in office: a new machinery shop, new library, ground beautification (an on-going project involving students, parents and teachers), repainting of the school and construction of the assembly hall. Planning for the assembly hall's official opening started with some good suggestions from students representatives, Sara-Jane Bergman and Leonie Ryan, who were welcomed to the meeting. The meeting ended with a conducted tour of the new hall. 1989 office-bearers: president, Bruce McGregor; secretary, David Goodwin; treasurer Duncan Stewart; vice presidents, Bob Walls and Geoff Cue. The next general meeting is on Tuesday, March 14, at 7.30pm in the high school library. *** WOW! What a day! That's the only way to describe February 22 for the Emu Park Pensioners League. The Cultural Hall was packed, it was hard to estimate the crowd, but suffice to say, buses brought visitors from Yeppoon, Rockhampton and Mt Morgan to the cent sale, zone meeting and social and members are sure everyone had a great day. Emu Park turned on the hospitality they are renowned for and no-one was disappointed. The cent sale was a great success mostly due to the lovely donations and members thank everyone for the quality prizes. Particular thanks was given to local businesses who gave prizes and to the ladies in the kitchen who coped so well and happily with such a big crowd. The zone delegates were treated to a lovely lunch, after which everyone settled back for the social. The Evergreens opened with love songs especially for Valentine's Day. Artists included Alf Marcombe, charming as ever, Mrs Hall, Pearl Curry, who tap-danced with energy on a very hot day ... members don't know liow Pearl does it. Hugh Leslie played a mouth organ medley; Joe McIntyre did one of his 'Albert' recitations; Alec Bacon was popular with a couple of singalongs; Norma Briskin always a hit; Beth Lever sang sweetly; Jack Flanagan, Dot Close and Peg Stevens sang a lovely duet. John Smyth did a smooth rendition of Galway Bay, followed by Tom Lever. Jean Dendle had everyone rocking to Blue Moon. The Bauhinia group did an hilarious medley of songs dressed in colourful 'bird' outfits, and the finale ... 'Who killed Cock Robin', had everyone roaring with laughter. However, all good things must come to an end and the visitors departed with Emu Park president Stan Nelson thanking everyone who attended and issued an invitation to "come back and see us soon". The socials presented by the league are free to all and are held on the last Wednesday in the month. Next social will have an Easter theme, go along and have a good time. Lucky Door: George Roads; Mrs Kruze (Southport); Mr Hamilton; B Roads and Mr Crosthwaite. Special raffles: D Hendlcy, Ella Lewis, Mrs Kirk, Mrs Shuttlewood, Monica Boyd and A Edmonds. Raffle: Lil Mills, Col Barker and NI Ford. *** ST Patrick's Day supper dance is on ... St Patrick's Day, Friday March 17 in Yeppoon Town Hall. Dance the night away from 7.30pm until midnight with Key Doyle and his orchestra. It is a family night and everyorie'swelcome. Adults admission is S6 and pensioners and high school students $2. *** THE Yeppoon Hospital auxiliary meetings are on the first Thursday of each month at the hospital, starting at 7.30pm. *** THE Laurel Ladies won't have a March meeting because the date falls on Good Friday. So, instead for the. pril 28 meeting there is an outing to Keppel Sands. The cost is S2 per person and guests are invited. You may take your own lunch or take advantage of Jack. Crigan's deft hand at cooking (with your food, it's all bring-your-own). The bus leaves Yeppoon at 10am and returns at 2pm. Contact Alice Quinn if you 'would like to spend a pleasant day at Keppel Sands. ***

HANDCRAFTS at the Yeppoon CWA Hall every Friday except Good Friday from 9am to noon. Everyone is welcome and there is help with all crafts. *** ST Ursula's College Parents and Friends Association meeting is on Tuesday, March 7 at 7.30pm at the college. A good attendance would be appreciated. *** YEPPOON Little Theatre is having a casting night following the meeting at Steyn's residence, 12 Power Street, on Tuesday, March 7 at 8pm. Members and newcomers are urged to go along and read two one-act plays to be performed in May and then again at the Drama Festival in June. There is a social evening at Rosalie and John's on Saturday (tomorrow) at 7.30pm and it is bring-your-own. *** PRIZE winners at February's St James Guild cent sale were Mrs B Atcheson and Mrs G Jordan for competitions, Mrs J Yorkston won the jackpot and Mrs M Ahearn and Mrs J Kiernan won special prizes. The next cent sale is on March 22 and has an • Easter theme. *** HEALTH and Fitness Fun Camp for women is on March 10, 11 and 12 at the Queensland Recreation Council Camp at Cooee Bay. It's a full weekend from 5pm Friday to 2pm Sunday and a good chance to get away for a break before the Easter holidays.The camp has been organised by the Queensland Keep Fit Association and there is no age limit. The cost is S40 and includes all meals, accommodation and fun ... demonstrations, skits, parades, games, fancy dress, fitness, plenty of fun and no cooking. Phone Loraine 28 0908 and book yourself in for the weekend. *** BEACH Potters held its annual general meeting on Monday, February 27 at the clubhouse on Clayton's property, Tanby Road, Yeppoon. The attendance was excellent and several new members were welcomed. The new committee for 1989 was elected: president Janet Edwards; vice president Cynthia Birch; secretary Sarah Blenkin and treasurer Ina Baird. Meetings are held on the third Monday each month at 10am at the Tanby Road shed. The club holds a working meeting every Monday morning at the clubhouse and new members are given a helping hand. If anyone would like to join, just go along any Monday about 10am or if you would like more information phone Sarah on 39 7764. *** WOULD you like to meet new friends? Join the German Australian Club. It has something for everyone ... golf, chess, German language, folkdancing, card games, shooters (air rifle only) and more. Phone 39 3954 for more information. ***

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Sale continues until Saturday, March 11 New owner JAN LARGE will welcome you from Monday, March 13

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989 - 7

CoQofPiNE BREASTFEEDING in the earlyweeks is the topic of Nursing Mothers Thursday, March 9 meeting at 19 Tucker Street, Yeppoon. The discussion starts at 9.30am and if you are interested in finding out more about nursing mothers or would like a lift to the meeting, contact 39 1095. *** CHERYL Whellan spoke sincerely and strongly to the topic 'Peace - wouldn't it be lovely?' at last week's Forum meeting. Her speech covered anti-violence, the pleasures of children raising family pets and placed emphasis on a more peaceful environment. It was Cheryl's first main speech at Forum and members said it was a good and pertinent talk, especially with today's problems. Forum welcomed returning member Kaye Howe, Judy Smith as Eunice Cowdray's guest and Barbara Wildin's guest Chris Towle. Eunice chaired the meeting. Barbara spoke on `Peace - at last! in homes', Kaye Howe presented `A peace maker and Esperanto', Jan Edwards contribution was `Illegal immigration threats to peace' and Janice Froschauer delivered 'Four days of peace'. Barbara Fitchen proposed the vote of thanks and critic was Joan Byatt. Next meeting, Wednesday, March 8, is procedure meeting and hostesses are Joan Byatt and Jan Edwards. The venue is Yeppoon CWA rooms at 730pm. If you wish to attend, contact Barbara 39 7523 or Jan 39 2130. Guests are always welcome. *** PROBUS Club of Yeppoon has a get together on March 6 for members and guests at the sailing club. Assemble at 6pm with dinner at 6.30pm/ Members who wish to attend and whose names were not taken at the barbecue on February 13, please let secretary George Hillier know, 39 3361. ***

THERE'S a place to drop in for a chat ... Wednesday 10am to noon, School of Arts building on the corner of Hill and Archer Streets, Emu Park. Cards, darts, talks and crafts on Saturdays at 7pm. If too many people turn up ... maybe another day will be organised during the week. *** CAPRICORN Coast Writers Club issued its `Capricorn Coast Writers 1989' ... a collection of stories, yarns of today and yesterday, poems - funny, sentimental and serious - bush ballads and wildlife. And all from people living on the Capricorn Coast. The green-covered book is written, illustrated, compiled, made-up and bound by Coast people and it is all voluntary ... a labour of love. The club's sole source of finance is from the sale of its books. This latest book is available from the Paint Pot Gallery, Hill Street, from club members, and from acting secretary Jan Edwards (39 2130) at a cost of S5. The club's next meeting is Tuesday, March 7 at Yeppoon RSL hall from 9.30am to 11.30am and new members are welcome.

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FORTY-TWO pensioners attended the February meeting of the Yeppoon Pensioners League at Yeppoon Town Hall last Thursday. The meeting heard reports of the zone meeting held at Emu Park and the meeting to elect a steering committee to gauge the feeling for the formation of a University of the Third Age from Kath Mcllwraith and Bill Shuttlewood, respectively. A cent sale and hoy will be held in Yeppoon Town Hall on Thursday, May 18. A bus will run to Rockhampton on Monday, March 20. Inquiries for seats to Pat King, 39 2109. The league's March social is on Tuesday, March 14 starting at fpm and the next meeting is on Thursday, March 23 starting at 2pm. Both activities are in Yeppoon Town Hall. *** BYFIELD Historical Society's next meeting is on Saturday, March 4. Inquiries, please phone Mary O'Brien, 35 1169. *** DENISE Nicholas has an unusual job ... she spends a large part of her week looking for friends. She is the Rockhampton region co-ordinator for the Volunteer Friends Programme. Denise's job is to find friends for people with an intellectual disability who have difficulties seeking friendship for themselves. "The Volunteer Friends Programme was set up under the Intellectually Handicapped Citizens Council of Queensland because it was recognised that everyone has a need for friendship," she said. "It is rather unusual that an organisation becomes involved in creating a friendship between two people. "Creating friendships and enjoying them is generally a very spontaneous and natural part of life. "There are good reasons for the programme. Most of us tend to shy away from things that are different and sadly, from people who are different too. "This often includes people with an intellectual disability. We don't choose them as friends because we don't know how to go about it or what to expect." Denise said the reality for many people with an intellectual disability is that they have no friends ... and that's where Denise and the Volunteer Friends Programme comes in. "We want to recruit volunteers to befriend people living in Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast. "For a start we try and make it as easy as possible for friendship to flourish by careful matching. "We consider all the `ordinary' aspects of life before we introduce two people, like what time you'd like to volunteer, family commitments, interests and hobbies." An information evening on the Volunteer Friends Programme will be held on Tuesday, March 14 at 7.30pm, first floor conference room, Bolsover Street Campus, Rockhampton TAFE. Denise has over 30 people who need a friend. People interested in inquiring about the Volunteer Friends Programme can contact Denise Nicholas on 34 4130 or the Intellectually Handicapped Citizens Council (008) 177 581 at the cost of a local call. *** WOMEN in the Arts Festival in Rockhampton has two Coast potters and a woman who specialises in handpainting. Pat Martin of Cawarral and Nicole Ray, Yeppoon are the potters and Lisa Regeur, also of Yeppoon, handpaints originals on linen, tshirts, cards and soaps. They will be exhibiting at St Aubin's Village March 1 for the month with displaysand ad working demonstrations on Saturdays and Sundays. Included are members of the Rockhampton Spinning Club, dried flowers and basketware by Suzie Cugola, gum-nut creations from Nanette Seppings, tapestry, painting and patchwork. Pat Martin will conduct children's workshops every Sunday from 1 lam and this Sunday the children will be making face masks.

HAS anyone lost a female bull terrier about two-years-old. She is white with one brown ear and has brown patches. The dog control officer picked her up in James Street, Yeppoon about three weeks ago. She has been fretting and is obviously someone's loved pet. The dog control officer can be contacted by phoning the Shire office, 39 3388, or going to the depot-between 2pm and 4pm on weekdays. If you are really desperate, contact him after hours at 39 6224 or 39 6202. Of course, if she had been registered it would have been a lot easier to find the owner and the dog wouldn't have had to fret.

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THERE's a cent sale on March 8 at Emu Park's CWA Hall for the Don Ireland Swimming Complex. It starts at 9.30am.




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Road signs act as blinkers' I WOULD like to draw to council's and the general public's attention a dangerous stretch of road. The primary problem involves traffic departing from the centre parking area which exists adjacent to the Bakehouse Gym building in upper Normanby Street. The departing vehicles drive into a stream of two-way traffic both above and below the centre parking bay. Several people involved in accidents have stated they believed the lower road to be a oneway road continuing from Mary Street. This action is made more dangerous because the centre parking bay has long low road signs at each end of the bay which effectively act as visual blinkers, inhibiting a comprehensive view of the road - thus drivers must frequently nudge their way out onto the active roadway before completely obtaining vision. This exercise was responsible for two collisions alone on Saturday, February 18, one of which had damages well exceeding S1500. Several days earlier another smash occurred





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in identical uncircumstances and many near misses too numerous to mention. In the interest of consistent logical motoring perhaps the area could be made safer if the one-way left carriage way, which exists from Mary Street, could continue along around McDonald Street - the lower arm of the roadway finishing at the intersection adjacent to the Co-op. The upper arm of Normanby Street could remain in its two-way form. The offending road signs which are presently placed at the centre parking bay would merely have to be heightened above driving vision level to alleviate the problem to a large degree. In the interest of the many people who use this section of the roadway to attend various businesses: eg., medical, chiropractical, dental, gymnasuim and beauty therapy services; it is hoped some constructive decisions can be made to make this a far safer area than it is at present. - Jenny Shepherd, Bakehouse Beauty Clinic, 54 Normanby Street, Yeppoon. •

'Mining will cut water to trickle'

"WHY is it better to be bombed then mined?" This question is as absurd as the Pivot Group's proposal. The army has been in Shoalwater Bay for almost 30 years and we still have our water supply. Five years of mining will reduce the water supply to a trickle, or none at all if it doesn't rain for two weeks at any time. When it does rain the silt will clog up the works. After almost 30 years of army occupation Shoalwater Bay is still there in rather better condition than it was in 1965 under grazing leases. After five years of sandmining the whole coastal dune area will be obliterated, along with thewater catchment (the dunes) and army and shire roads will be wrecked. Pivot will shoot through with the loot, leaving us with the devastation to clean up forever. Shoalwater Bay Training Area is the major defence training area in Australia, as it offers air space, sea space and ground space for combined allied forces exercises involving the army, navy and airforce. There are only two impact sites whete bombs are dropped. Bombs are definitely not dropped indiscriminately over the whole area. Shoalwater Bay's large area, diverse land forms and veaetation provide various different natural areas for our defence forces to train in. The CSIRO works with the army to control and advise on the correct use of each area, to avoid over-use on any one area or any impact on fragile areas. When an area lias been used it is rested to regenerate. The' defence forces have no intention of ever bombing up the entire area, as this would render it useless for its prime purpose; that of providing training in natural environments. Now we have the true facts from reputable scientists; individuals, media and council members, can no longer be excused, through ignorance, for making ridiculous statements based on the appalling draft EIS. • Neither can they be excused for allowing smooth-talking Pivot representatives to persuade them to put separate interests before their own people's interests. - Robin Healy, MS 142, By-field.

Ghost Bat has right to life IN his letter H M Brownsdon asks if someone will tell him/her the use of the Ghost Bat. I would like to answer with a question. Why does an animal have to be of use? Of use for whom? In my opinion the Ghost Bat, in common with all other animals, has a right to life and they are all part of a chain of animals and plants that keep things going.

ABOVE: Yeppoon State High School principal. Leaders Patdcia Drost (left) and Mark van Geste Gavin Bolton (at back) after they were inducted _-


ABOVE: The 1989 St Ursula's College captains fri captain Jenny McLean front Mt Ossa and Rach( Would H M Brownsdon please tell me what use he/she is? None, as far as I can see. All he/ she manages to do is use up irreplacable resources, pollute the environment and contribute to the overpopulation of the world. - Mrs U Shepherd, MS76, Keppel Sands Road, Rockhampton.

'Sheer lunacy to mine this area' IN RESPONSE to your plea for reasons why people are protesting the proposed sandmining, I felt the need to reply. I am a Byfield resident, having owned land here for seven years. Together with my husband, we decided to give rural life a chance, with ideas of a small business in part to be dependent on tourism. We have two children and after arriving here three and a half years ago to live on our block we were suddenly confronted by the frustration, hard work and the beauty of living in the bush. I am totally amazed at the ignorance at some who brand country dwellers as a type of lower class citizen or dole bludger because we don't wish to join the rat race which can't even guarantee a job. Such small mindedness would never see the reality at the farm, which is plain and simple ... hard work! They think we must sit in a creek all day. Wouldn't it be wonderful! We in the country don't have all the automatic

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Mirror March - March 9, 1989 - 9


lohn Gregg congratulates Student Action .1 and school captains Ceri Protheroe and ' on Friday.

nn left, Gabrielle Callaghan of Yeppoon, d Smythe of Blackwater.

pleasures of city folk. Power and water are often large and expensive problems, often shelving other dreams of self-sufficiency, that is, farming small crops, until they can be afforded. We don't even have a dump! Byfield residents must cart their rubbish 45 kilometres to Yeppoon dump. And then there's the road! This road is already used to its full capacity. Frequently used by all locals, logging trucks, forestry vehicles and trucks, building supply delivery vans, CEB, Telecom, school bus and council vehicles and then the tourists. On weekends every man and his dog comes down from Rockhampton and the Coast to swim in the creeks, go to Five Rocks or go pig hunting. terrifying to meet fast moving cars on this alard. It's worse still when you meet a group of cars and experience moments of blindness by the dust and it is torturous to have to sit behind a logging truck until you reach the bitumen. I think it utter madness to contemplate the socalled 80 extra vehicles a day - surely there will be more as.the project begins. To me, this will further isolate our lives, not wishing to take a death drive into town! What tourist, having ventured that far, would ever return again ... thus disadvantaging certain people reliant on the tourism trade. Of course the children are at worse risk than us all. They have to sit in a schoolroom close to this only road and have the constant noise abuse bombarded at them. As it is, the children find the dust a problem on the road. Their eyes get full of it and it makes riding a bike a misery. To have the added danger of being hit by a truck or negotiating quicklywhere to ride if two

trucks pass each other is an extra worry, not to mention the hazards of rocks hurled up by the trucks towards the children. Having been forced to wade through the Pivot sandmining proposal I find repeated discrepancies and feel much of it was used only to fill the pages. Obviously they don't even know what a dune is or how the water table is affected by these sensitive structures. This land, in the most part, is pristine, untouched, no roads and full of wonderful wilderness. Aboriginal sites have been found intact, back to when they were driven from their lands. The army hasn't decimated this area as we are led to believe. What point would the army have in practicing jungle warfare on a desert after the sandminers had gone through it? The best place to mine - if at all - would be the more southern beach areas. Leave the subsoils, dunes, rainforests and the beautiful Pearl Bay intact. Less damage to all wildlife would occur this way. Why is there almost no mention of radioactive tailings in the wake of this project. Surely we've all heard and seen of Byron Bay and other sandmining disasters and of the high incidence of leukaemia which accompanies it. Pivot talks of mining the area behind the dunes, the huge bowl where all our town waters are collected. It's crazy to believe that contamination won't' occur. I don't care how much money they've got, how many supposed jobs they've got to give, its sheer lunacy to mine such an environmentally sensitive area. Of course the Livingstone Shire Council can't commit itself to personal preferences, it sees the Byfield Road as a project they'd willingly pass on to anyone else - (Livingstone Shire chairman Cr) Bowen says "We do not want development at any price," but of course everything does have a price. I think it's too high a price. Do Yeppoon people really believe that these trucks aren't going to turn Yeppoon into a truckies town? Who is going to police these trucks? What's to stop them going to town for cigarettes, petrol and clogging up the beachfront while they get fish and chips? I am frustrated and desperately unhappy to think that this may eventuate and really spoil such a beautiful area. The tourist potential of the Shoalwater Bay area is in the same league as the Daintree something to be held on to before it is too late. A wonderful wilderness like nowhere else on earth. What terrific potential as a campers' paradise! Thisventure, if environmentally planned, would experience tremendous popularity with local and overseas visitors alike. I would prefer to see our unemployed working on this type of venture rather than sandmining our soil - raping our mother earth. Unfortunately, I have no financial or business interest which would make my complaints stand up and be heard. I have only the truth to make my comments upon. May commonsense prevail in this final decision by our government. - Helen Stickley, MS 142, Byfield.

‘Slash, burn, kill is NP attitude' RE H M Brownsdon's letter, issue 289 ... `Here we go again - howls of protest from greenies' must have sent a shudder through any normal thinking person. The Queensland National Party's record on conservation is deplorable and they cannot be trusted with our heritage. Their policy has been, and still is, slash, burn, kill in the pursuit of short-ternm employment. For this reason it is important to identify H M Brownsdon. Mrs Brownsdon is an obvious National Party supporter and mother of Garth Brownsdon who is on the Yeppoon branch National Party's executive. Mrs Brownsdon's attitude to conservation slash, burn, kill - is a direct reflection of National Party conservation policy.

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I'm one of the `greenie-conservationists' you wrote about Mrs Brownsdon, as if they were obscene words. I do not apologise for being concerned about our future. You are out of touch, as is the National Party, to public attitudes. The general public is not a mob of mindless, ill-educatta, uncaring people doing nothing and putting crosses on ballot papers every three years as they are told to do. The general public is concerned and, thankfully, today politically aware. I'm also a realist and a businessman dedicated to the development of our Coast, but not without careful forethought and planning. No-one cares more about the development of Queensland than the ALP, which has a plan for our future fitting all requirements - big business and environmental groups - which has been hailed by all concerned groups, not just big business, not just conservationists. At least the ALP has a documented policy on these issues. The National Party does not. Mrs Brownsdon used emotive statements referring to 'Fabians', 'God', 'POWs', 'conquerors', 'grandchildren' and 'foreign land ownership' in an effort to sway our thinking when it has nothing to do with her intentions which are to kill harmless little animals which are already in danger of extinction. After you rid the world of the Ghost Bat you can start on the koalas, kangaroos, wombats and all other animals that do not have a direct productive role. We could stuff them and sell them overseas and help our reduce our foreign debt by increasing exports. Paul Keating stand aside ... Mrs Brownsdon has the solution to save Australia. After we get rid of all the useless animals, we can then start on unproductive people. foreigners, the sick, elderly or the afflicted ... the list is endless. Your callous attitude to something helpless is frightening. You warn us about the Fabians. whoever they are, ruining Australia. People with attitudes likeyours are the oneswe have to worry about. You ask in your letter "will somebody tell me of what use is the Ghost Bat?" I will, and I hope vou learn something in addition to scientific facts such as compassion. consideration, commonsense and caring. The Ghost Bat is found only in discreet colonies in northern Australia and their numbers are decreasing. It is uniquely Australian as much as the koala, but much more rare. It's listed as a vulnerable species and is the largest carnivorous bat in the world. For this reason it is fascinating to people outside Australia and has the potential to become a major tourist attraction. The Ghost Bats of Mt Etna have featured in BBC World Life Magazine three times in the last year ... therefore we, on the Coast, have received an enormous amount of publicity. Chancen is a German nature magazine and had a five page colour spread on the Ghost Bats and Mt Etna three months ago. A London daily tabloid has a colour feature on the Ghost Bats and Mt Etna due out in a fortnight. The Ghost Bat has the most sensitive hearing of any land animal in the world and Professor J Pettigrew, Centre of Hearing Research Queensland University, has a captive colony of Ghost Bats at the university and is leading research with them to help deaf people hear. Is that enough to explain it to you Mrs Brownsdon? - Ross Dickson, Capricorn Coast ALP Branch secretary.

re-opens March 3 for an

Buffet Style Menu


... eat as much as you like!

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989




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CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONSto Yeppoon Guide Leader Vivienne Cole who last week was presented with a Good Service Bar in appreciation for all her help to Guides and other leaders in the Central Queensland Guide Region.

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health, 39 1469, 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays. 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian Meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome.


BLACK and WHITE NITE Club Hotel Friday, March 3,- 8pm-late NO COVER CHARGE - LIVE BAND Come along in Black & White and get in the spirit!!!...for Natalie Garwood Endeavour Foundation Bartender of the Year

R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily

PUBLIC NOTICES GIVE-AWAY: Border Collie/Labrador cross.- 2 years old. Male. Friendly. Phone 33 6208. YOGA classes every Monday at 9.30 - 11am. National Fitness Hall, Queen Street. Ph 39 2413. APPLIQUE classes - Kim Kucsak introducing creative applique classes in Emu Park. Ph 39 6580 for further details. ADULT literacy group classes Wednesdays, National Fitness Hall, 7.30pm. Further information Brenda, 39 4304. LENORE Dean School of Ballroom every Monday. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Classes 7.30pm. Private lessons by appointment. 39 4602. DRESSMAKING classes - from beginners upwards - being held in Emu Park. 39 6580 for details. WANT to have a club fundraiser, pre-wedding or baby shower? Consider a linen showing. Good discounts and gift. Phone Doris, 39 2416. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisations and mostfunctions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.


For all your valuation requirements, Urban & Rural Kim Shields Diploma of Business A.A.I.V. Capricorn Valuation Consultants Phone Yeppoon: 39 4139 or Rockhampton: 22 5758

INCOME TAX For friendly, efficient, confidential service...LOIS



Ray Smith and Co TAX AGENT James St, Yeppoon Reasonable Rates a Maximum Refunds

Bill Thomson Real Estate office,

39 2224 for appointment

• 10x7 Tray • Cattle • Calves • Horses

EXPRESS Parcel DELIVERY3L°eTdParily Coastal Carriers 22 1789 Toyota Landcruiser Owners!

•for strength, longer life and rust-free service ... fit FIBREGLASS components Mudguards • Bonnets • Roofs



MYSTERY CITIES OF THE PAST Relive the excitement of discovery See: ANCIENT BAALBEK and share in the unsolved mystery of its giant stones. UR and its treasures - a city where modern civilisation began. NINEVAH: Ancient capital of Assyrians. TYRE: A great city -today a city under the sea. By way of fascinating screen pictures, hear Bruce Grosse present another gripping story of "AMAZING DISCOVERIES IN LOST CITIES OF THE DEAD". Discover the messages their monuments hold for us today.

This Wednesday,

* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

your Local Member for

?4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740,

Broadsound FRI, March 3

Yeppoon office

SUN, March 5

Morning: Broadsound Electorate Council NP Meeting Evening: BBQ Cooee Bay Hall to welcome Cabinet Country Cabinet Meeting Yeppoon

EMU PARK 33 6363 a/h

Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates ,

Denis Hinton

Central Qld Fibreglass 39 6038

Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays "Carmel", 6 Emu Street Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147


Available from:

(alongside Airstrip)

Emu Park Living Word Centre

39 4165 anytime

MON, March 6

BAPTIST CHURCH Children's Clubs ... Pre-school to Grade 3 Wednesday after school Grade 4 to 8: Friday from 7pm to 9pm • Sunday School - 9.15am • Morning Worship - 10.30am • Evening - 7pm

Parliament TUES, March 7 resumes to THURS, March 9 Brisbane Yeppoon office FRI, March 10

ART CLASSES Beginning March 8 Interested? Phone 39 1513

Genny Hannan's

1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

I can run your office!


Weight Watchers Yeppoon CWA Hall, Tuesday, 6.45pm

Let me handle your: • • • • •

Cash flow forecasting Stock Control & Records Office Filing Systems & Records Letter writing Banking & Finance Problems

I will chase your bad debts!

March 8 - 7.30pm

Like you, I am prepared to work weekends and evenings

Yeppoon Town Hall Normanby St Expense collection only Inquiries 39 7667

$15 per hour - 2 hour min. I can work in your office or in my home Phone Margo 39 7045 after 6pm

• Confidentiallity Assured •

The Rotary Club of Yeppoon invites young people to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Seminar to be held at Cooee Bay from March 27 to 31, 1989, The seminar is designed to encourage leadership and personal development. If you are aged between 18 - 24 years phone 39 1131 after hours for information.

AN EMU PARK CLUB FOR RETIRED AND SEMI-RETIRED BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MEN is being planned under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Yeppoon, to be known as the PROBUS Club of EMU PARK. Probus clubs provide regular monthly meetings for retired men who appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and enjoy their fellowship. They also hold discussions on matters of current importance, hear addresses by guest speakers and visit places and organisations of specific interest. Retired men interested in becoming members can obtain further information by ringing John Degotardi, 39 1283, or Godfrey Haskins, 39 1246, or by writing to the Secretary, Rotary Club of Yeppoon, PO Box 202, Yeppoon.

Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Members of Capricorn Coast Women's Section, Yeppoon Branch & Cooee Bay Branch of the NATIONAL PARTY invite you to meet the Hon the Premier, Mike Ahern & his Cabinet at a "Meet the People Barbecue" Venue: Cooee Bay Hall, Matthew Flinders D, Time: 5.30pm, March 5, 1989 Cost: $8 per person

Physiotherapist (Mrs Alyson Macdonald)

21 Hill Street, Yeppoon wishes to advise that her clinic is open

Monday, Wednesday & Friday For appointment: 39 1715 33 6621 a/h

I am interested in learning more about the Scout Movement


YOUTH MEMBER LEADER H ADULT SUPPORTER Name Address Phone Yeppoon Scout Group, P 0 Box 163, Yeppoon. 4703

TUTORS/TUITION TUITION available: Maths, Physics, Chemistry. Experienced teacher. Phone 33 6517.

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989 - 11



Peter and Toni

Emu Park — 39 6178


Len Kelly's

VINCE HANNAN -- 39 1513

TRUCK FOR HIRE 12 ton dropside tipper & grain bin

Front end LOADER 21/2 metre COMPETITIVE RATES Rick Barnes

39 2106 anytime


Carpet Cleaning



47 TANSY ROAD, YEPPOON 39 2419 • Modern custombuilt kitchens • Attractive aluminium awnings & blinds

Appliance Service New Number

Mike Stokley


39 4644

Interior FREE quarEs

... for all electrical repairs

Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am o 6-6.30pm

For Services at a Fair Price!



39 6714

Denis Schofield

REG BUILDER 39 3680... for quotes TREE LOPPING

39 7646 Kevin Pearce WAYNE KERSHAW


4-in-1 Bucket • Post-Hole Digger Earth Bucket • Tipper Hire

39 7546

Sand and Gravel Supplies



• Loader Hire • Truck Hire • cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

BACKHOE for hire

BOBCAT Hire 39 4408

e Sub Contractor • New Homes • Renovations Patios • Pergolas • Tiling Phone Bob ... FREE QUOTES

39 4632

LAWNS mowed RUBBISH removed TREE lopping All GARDENING Free quotes 33 6407

Sandblasting Box Trailers to Semis

ALL STEEL ITEMS Painting done ... primed or Tar Epoxy to finishes Capricorn Sandblasting Len Payne ...

Tanby Road Roundabout

39 4092


Tom Porter's CAPRICORN VONCRETORS•pty Ltd Industrial — Residential — Commercial ❑ Suspended floors 0 House floors i3 Patios ❑ Driveways 0 Foundations .

33 6836


39 3646


r D&HE Woodward

39 7540

Mach 1 Panels



• CARPENTRY & PATIO SYSTEMS . FRANK 39 2330 or TIM 39 4256

specialising in...


• Glass & Aluminium • Replacement Windows • Flyscreens


After hours contact...

DRAINER Phil Munro

33 6714 4.

eanin 'We do everything' ...

Domestic - Commercial - Office

35 1181

CARPENTER Licensed contractor - 1st class work Free quotes on: Renovations . Extensions Decks & Pergolas • Built-in Robes

Phone Brian Hudson.

39 4423

Tradesman Welder Maintenance and Construction No Job Too Small Phone Greg

39 4539

Spray Painting Panel Beating cnr Tanby Rd & McBean St,

39 6105 (M & M Uziel) 39 6105


Specialised & General Welding

DARRELL WEBB Recores & Repairs

Cohn James

39 4573

K. & L.R. Ruskin

Maintenance * Renovations '* New work

Welding and Mechanical Service


39 7014


For small and large jobs


Aaron Patterson

Phone 39 7950

Boo Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

0 Installation ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts






Brick and Block Laying

Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning



I.C. & S. Stanley 39 1139


.39. 3193




4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

ALL painting, paperhanging. small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ANTENNA installation. TVand Video repairs. Les McDonald. 39 3133. Mary Street. opposite Post Office. CARPENTER: all types building and concrete work. Tom Titmarsh. 39 6331. CASSETTE. Radio, Stereo. TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330. FREE quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. PHOTOGRAPHER specialising Weddings and portraits. Noel Naumann Photography. 34 2896. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber Keith Chivers - 39 3518. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding. Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens. 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens. 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments. Emu Park. Kinka. Ziizie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION. Video. Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330. TREE lopping. plumbing. drainage. repairs, renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO. TVand Audio repairs. Antenna supplyand installation. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330.

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Dave Kershaw for...

* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667


39 2205 or 39 1275


Yeppoon Readymix


No loading for weekends Radio controlled



For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

39 1813 or 39 4410 a/h

Graeme s Plumbing & Draining Service




Trenching Services • Rat Walls • Underground Power • Pipe Laying • Back Fill Blade • Drainage & Irrigation • Post Holes


Henry St, . Emu Park ser":":- ;--

Ph. (079) 39 6408

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast

B.A.C-REMOVALS . ... •crl Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Storage • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

Eric Sundgren

39 3822

22 4049

PAINTER Interior * Exterior , ._,4 * Free Quotes * ••


Allan 'Happy' Warren

, • ;14

39 3113


4 - --a



rs on the Caper

Butt's BugMobiles f Have Moved to

53 TANBY RD. • Rust Repairs • Panel Beating •

• Steel • Aluminium • Stainless •

Radiator Oxy, MIG Welding & Electric

Mobile 240 V Welding Unit

Capricorn Radiators 53 Tanby Rd 39 4810

18 Sunflower St, Kinka Beach

General Mechanical Repairs

Boat Trailer Maintenance, Fabrication & Repairs


1119SPECIALISTS 39 4847 Call in for a Free Quote

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989


Tradesman PAINTER George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting * Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes AM hours

39 1679

Answering service

FOR SALE GARAGE sale 13 Adelaide Park Road. Saturday, not before Sam. Moving, must sell, household items. RIDE-ON mower. Rover Colt, $650. Ph 39 6472. BATTERIES for your car, boat. tractor or truck. All sizes. Top quality. Phone 34 4278. LINGERIE. 25% off at Yeppoon Discount Clothing, Arthur Street. 390 LITRE deep freeze. $300: family size continental tent, $200. Phone 39 7595. LARGE palms (7' - 8') $16, others from $2. Budget Nursery, Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. See Budget Nursery signs. EVENING wear. 20% off. Yeppoon Discount Clothing. Arthur Street. DUNLITE 3kva generator set, never used. $120C ONO. Phone 39 2300. GARAGE sale: Emu Park Kindergarten, Saturday, March 11, 9am. Donations gratefully accepted. Items can be sold on commission basis. Items for sale include set of French Doors. Phone 39 6208 or 39 6932. PO-PLANTS: ferns and assorted from $1. Please phone 39 4031. MATERNITY wear. 20% off. Yeppoon Discount Clothing, Arthur Street CANON VM-E2 8mm video camera and recorder. Never used! New! Usually $1995 on special now $1600. Phil. 39 4247 a/h: 39 3568. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. KIDS' wear from 20% off. Yeppoon Discount Clothing. Arthur Street.



39 3119 a/h: 39 3773

Furniture Secondhand/New Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines. Good Gift Items, Tools, Elec. Saws, Drills & Sanders, Hanimex Movie Camera & Projector

New consignment yard opening soon


Coastal LP Gas Supplies

EL-GAS 39 1406 • 33 6472 a/h







AS NEW. 4 piece lounge, carnival-brown, $450: 3pce samyl dubbing stereo, $320. Owner moving. 39 4236. TWO electric fans $40. $30; 1 Singer sewing machine, plain sewing. $90. Phone 39 2449. CHEAPEST palms on Capricorn Coast: Coconut trees, Malayam dwarf from $9.50; Fully established Alexander and Queens $35 in 401t bags. Plus many others. Palms and Plants 2000. Hill Street or 39 3913. LOWREYelectronic organ, lollabout jogger, card table, couble bed base and mattress. small deep freeze. 39 1002. HT HOLDEN ute rear windscreen and size 1C Puma football boots. Phone 39 1272. SUMMER sale. Yeppoon Discount Clothing, Arthur Street. SEWING machine, Globe, as new. Must sell. Half price, $250. 39 3271. JEWELLERY display case, one silky oak and glass counter. The Shed, Savemore Centre, phone 39 4532, 39 3442 a/h. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. FIBREGLASS canopy suits most SWB utes. New price $1750 will sell $850 ONO. Phone 39 6779. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468.

MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.

FOR HIRE METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 1640. DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in ... 34 4174.

WANTED TO BUY CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h. 39 4304 a/h. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.



SHARE BOARDER wanted, male or female. Use of all facilities. Zilzie area. Phone 39 6224

Phone Yeppoon Scout Group, P 0 Box 163, Yeppoon. 4703

WORK WANTED BABY-SITTING. Responsible young lady. Yeppoon. Phone 39 3248 BORES drilled. Reasonable rate. Yeppoon area. Phone 39 3932. LAWN-MOWING and tidying. Emu Park and Yeppoon area. Cheap rates. Phone 39 6138 FOR Al looking lawns and gardens. Ph 33 6407. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 394182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CEILINGS and walls washed, windows cleaned and exteriors washed down. Free quotes. Phone Des or Dot, 39 7110. CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065.

BINGO - SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No.B22892. WEDNESDAY: 7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Permit No. 23049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. 822744. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 6C calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B22735.


I am interested in learning more about the Scout Movement


BIG WHALE offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals.

Feeding tours hourly from 11ani.

Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581


COOBERRIE KENNELS` and Cattery We care for your pets

Woodbury Road

39 7553

Where to stay on the Cott.* Enjoy Island Views from every unit a, the

flay VacatioOet 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON j

Overn ight & Wrk



Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek

Own private beach (079) 39 1421 I

cinemax theatre

YEPPOON $6.50; $5; $3.50

Programme' Information ... 39 4932 a

E fi

d s


































for 1 week 4.3.89 to 11.3.89 at

Yeppoon Trading Co Hill Street (behind old CEB)


WINDOWS that will

LAST and are

• Decorative • Won't Rust • Secure Made-to-measure

Aluminium Awnings and

Holland Blinds Central Coast Insect Screens FREE QUOTE

39 4318

Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by aJustice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. For further conditions of acceptance of this advertisement, see Capricorn Coast Mirror information details in Classifieds pages (first item on first page of classifieds). This conditions must be adhered to by all advertisers. I agree to the conditions as detailed above and in Capricorn Coast Mirror notice on classifieds pages:



Ph -

POST or DELIVER the completed Classified coupon to the Capricorn Coast Mirror P.O. Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 • The Mirror office is located on the Corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. PHONE THE CAPRICORN COAST MIRROR ON (079) 39 4244

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989 - 13

Esme Johnson queen of green

Close encounters SAINTS and Sinners defeated Professionrubbers each, 10 games to seven, in a close encounter on Wednesday night. Saints and Sinners secured their two rubbers with wins by number four Dennis Etheridge against Ellen Farr in three and number two Bernard Lacey against Andrew Dowie in four. It was the two games that the wiley Chris Callard 10-8, 10-8 against Val Odell at number three that gave them victory on a games count. Glen Ward at number one for Professionals, leading two games to nil, lost the third 0-9 and the fourth 6-9 before defeating a tiring Neale Royal 9-2 in the fifth. Leon Malone played up a position and did well to take a game from number two Danny Tanks. Glen Evans won his first match of the season defeating Greg Pitt in five. Biots and Pieces def Secret Weapons 3-1: Ray Campbell d res Mark Sargood 3-0; Greg Pitt v Glen Evans 2-3; Chris Briggs d Larry Owens 3-2; John Briggs d Gordon Roberts 3-1. Odds and Ends def Navigators 4-0: Wayne Teys d Russell Fitzgerald 3-1; John Bygraves d res David Schultz 3-1; Danny Tanks d Leon Malone 3-1; Tony Smith def Neil Roberts 3-0. Saints and Sinners def Professionals two rubbers each, 10 games to 7: Dennis Etheridge d TT-Alen Farr 3-0; Chris Callard v Val Odell 2-3; Bernard Lacey d Andrew Dowie 3-1; Neale Royal v Glen Ward 2-3.

f_grade squash IN the B grade squash fixtures on Tuesday night, played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre, Chris Priem refused to lay down ... upsetting the highly favoured Shane Miners. Chris took victory in five for the match of the week. The lead changed regularly and Chris kept the pressure on after losing the first game 1-0. At 35 points all it was close and Shane lost his first match this season. Other upsets saw Peter Dixon defeat Maria Maroney in four and Mike George defeated Gary Hodgson also in four. Navigators def Bits and Pieces 2 4-1: Maria Maroney v Peter. Dixon 1-3; Mike George v Gary Hodgson 3-1; Warren Sullivan v Peter Darmody 3-2; Robyn Lee v Lyle Spyve 3-0. Odds and Ends 2 def Saints and Sinners 3-2: Shane Miners v Chris Priem 2-3; reserve Kevin Orr v Sandy Brown- 0-3; Jim George v Mick Teys 3-0; David Reynolds v Scott Wakely 3-1. Bits and Pieces defeated Secret Weapons 4-1: Brett Odell v David Shultz 3-0; Vicki Lacey v Ann Perrin 0-3; Brendan McKenna v Gavin Kime 3-0. Professionals defeated Odds and Ends 5-0: Cane Murphy v Carl Hudson 3-0; Greg Maroney v Wayne Stewart 3-0; Steven Walsh v Greg Simpson 3-0; Brad McCosker v John Thorne 3-0.

Daytime squash LADIES daytime squash fixtures were played on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Kathy Dale v May Briggs 3-2; Nita Marxsen v Lona Perren 3-0; Trish Hinton v Lyn Ganter 3me Cameron v Robyn Battersby 3-1; 0; Liiiaa Kiely v Pauline Fitzgerald 0-3; Rhonda Mellor v Robyn Turner 2-3; Debbie Patterson v Paula Mills 0-3. Ros Clifford v Liz Scherlies 0-3; Debbie Peason v Marg Brodell 3-0; Judy Minter v Penny Munn 1-3; Anne Hinton v Jan Schmidt 3-0; Faye Bishton v Rosemary Hansen 3-2; Rosemary Pannett Christine Lewis 3-0; Lyn Stanton-Cooke v Christine Lewis 0-3. Julie Britton v Denise Campbell 3-1; Joyce Dooley v Rhonda DeMay 3-2; Marty Dixon v Rosemary Jones 3-1; Pat Harris v Gaye Sands 0-3; Kerry Campbell v Leonie Warren 3-0; Glenda Locker Charlotte Scott 3-0 and Tracey Salmond v Ros Harvey 0-3.

ABOVE: Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club member Ay Cooper has been playing bowls for 20 years. She is pictured skipping the end at a game played on Saturday in the Emu Park Cultural Hall.

Singing Ships great day of bowls IT was a great day at Emu Park last Sunday when Biloela joined with Singing Ship Indoor Bowlers for a day of mix-in triples. The bowling was good, the atmosphere was really friendly, and for some it was a day to meet old friends. During the lunch break, a cent sale was held. The team with the highest score was Len Kearney, Iris Smith and Dudley Courtman. Runners up were Lois Crockett, Brian Garvey and Doris Radecker. The sportsman's prize

SPENCER TAKES HAT-TRICK YEPPOON Wanderers bowler Craig Spencer realised a cricketer's dream on Saturday when he took a hat-trick against St Brendan's Green in the Year 8 and 9 cricket competition. He finished the day with the impressive bowling figures of six wickets for six runs including the hat-trick (three wickets in successive balls). To round off his cricketing day Craig scored 15 runs not out. Capricorn Coast junior cricket Year 8 and 9 competition leader is Yeppoon All Stars with two wins, a draw, a loss with 10 points. St Brendan's Green and Gold teams are tied with one win, a draw, a loss and six points. Yeppoon Wanderers has one win, a draw, two losses and six points. Yeppoon All Stars d St Brendan's Gold 76-55 at St Brendan's, Webb oval on Saturday. Best batsmen for All Stars were Paul Scott 15 and Kamahl Setu 25, both not out and best bowler was Andrew Wilkinson, three for five. St Brendan's Gold best batsman was A Fan 21 not out and was also best bowler with two for 10. Yeppoon Wanderers d St Brendan's Green at Simpson oval. Yeppoon Wanderers best batsmen were Craig Spencer 15 not out and Chris Robertson 20 not out and best bowler was Craig Spencer, six for six (including the hattrick). St Brendan's Green best batsmen were Paul Bauman 19 not out and Ray Moretto 10 not out and best bowler was Cameron Beal, three for four. Year 6 and 7 competition has Emu Park Aussies, Sacred Heart Koalas and Yeppoon Cavaliers equal with two wins, a draw, a loss on 10 points. Yeppoon Colts has a draw, three losses and two points. Yeppoon Cavaliers d Yeppoon Colts 108-98 at Yeppoon Primary School on Saturday. Best batsmen for Cavaliers were Scott Shearim 26 not out and Robin Knobel 14 and best bowler was Geoff Boon, three for 10. Colts' best batsmen were Chris Smith 24 and Barry Stanley 19 and best bowler was Andrew Wogand, two for 10.

Sparkling moments in rugby CAPRICORN Coast Rugby Union Club began its 1989 campaign on Wednesday night with a closely contested loss to 1988 grand finalist Institute. The first half produced some sparkling moments, culminating in a try to utility cum half Darkie McGuire, the try was converted by Wes Dawes. The young back row trio of Dawes, Bennett and Read created a number of scoring opportunities with some determined thrusts in the midfield. â&#x20AC;˘ The hard work put in by the tight forwards during the offseason was evident with their " greater mobility and speed to the breakdowns. Teâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;v Lucht slotted in well to the second row spik, will improve as the season progresses. New player Peter Lane displayed good skills and, combined with his ability to break the line, will be a valuable asset to the team. The second half saw a rejuvenated Institute strike back at Cap Coast. At half time Coast led with one try and a conversion. Final score: Institute 10 Cap Coast 6.

was won by John Smith, Jack Peake and Merle Sheridan. First prize in the raffle went to Jack Surman (Biloela) and Charlie Stratford (Singing Ship) won the second prize. "The day seemed to go too quickly, but we look forward to visiting Biloela later in the year," the publicity officer said. "This Saturday, March 4, is our monthly meeting starting at 1pm."

Cap Coast scored a resounding victory over Mt Morgan on Saturday, with a score of 26-4. The first half was very scrappy affair with neither team asserting authority. The second half began with a more resolute attitude from the Coast team, determined to make up for the lost opportunities in the first. The revival was led by big prop Mark Gilligan who powered through the crumbling Mt Morgan defence. Wes Dawes provided some quality lineout ball, and in combination with Michael Lucht provided dominance in the lineout. The backline, although disrupted by the absence of Nick Corbett began to function more effectively, with burly pivot Gerand Read as a link man for the backline. Matthew Boyd is continuing to grow in confidence in his new reele as fullback and the club is endowed with two excellent finishers in Mark Thompson and Mick Vaughan. Darkie McGuire scampered for two tries, Peter Lane one, Brad Flynn one and Wes Dawes one try and two conversions.

Sacred Heart Koalas d Emu Park Aussies 112-107 at Emu Park Cricket Ground. Koalas' best batsmen were Mark Scherlies 22 not out and Richard Apps 25 not out and best bowler was Mark McGrath, three wickets. Aussies' best batsmen were Wes Larsen 23 not out and Stewart Murphy 21 not out and best bowlers were Stewart Murphy two wickets and Ryan Brinkley two wickets. Year 4 and 5 competition Yeppoon Cavaliers d Yeppoon Colts 96-94 at Barmaiyee on Saturday.. Cavaliers' best batsman was Adrain Moore 14 not out and best bowlers were Michael Zasanski, one for four and Chris O'Rourke, one for four. Colts' best batsmen were Daniel Limpus and Nathan Stevens both 14 not out and best bowlers were Ashley Torr and Nathan Stevens both two for two. Sacred Heart Koalas d Emu Park Lions 94-75 at Emu Park Primatt School.

BOWLERS at Emu Park will play for trophies donated by Phil and Bill Elliott on Sunday at Emu Park Bowls Club. Mixed nominations are invited for this table selected game. Ladies' competition started on Wednesday February 22. Esme Johnson defeated Man Peacock for the Queen of the green badge. Ir the first round of 2-4-2 pairs Rhoda Maud Mary Peacock defeated Esme Johnson am: Joyce Barber. Ladies competition draw to be played on of before Wednesday, March 8 (postpone( games). Champion singles: Joyce Barber Mary Peacock. C grade singles: Esme Johnsor v Rhoda Maud. Also on March 8, trophies donated by Marg Price for mixed table selectec. triples. Trade table every Wednesday. The men's committee meeting on Sunday March 5, starts at 9am. The men's competitions are progressing well. This week'swinners: A grade singles, round 2 Ron Holman d Frank Van Gestel 31-24; Basil Buttsworth d Arthur Atcheson 31-25; Keith Miller d Col Rose 31-14; Col Smith d HartMcNamara 31-29. Round three: John Aitken d Lew Tickner 3211; Chick Stanley d Roy Johnson 31-22. B grade singles, round two: Ken Sinclair d Col Rose 31-17; Arthur Atcheson d Eddie Manr 31-15. Round three, Wolfgang Beilharz d John Devine 31-23. Pairs, round one: Bob Maud, Frank Var Gestel d Keith Miller, Jack Rogers 25-21. Draw to be played on or before March 4. A singles, Dick Brown v Brian Heath, Col Pearson v Bob Maud. Draw to be played on or before March 14. E singles, Ken Sinclair v Arthur Atcheson. All draws are on the board, members please check and it's play or forfeit on the date allocated. Social games have been well attended recently at the Park. Visitors are always welcome and can be assured of a good game with the friendly locals. Trophy winners this week: Tuesday, Cliff Peacock, John Devine, Peg Kluver. Wednesday: Rhoda Maud, Mary Peacock. Saturday: Cliff Peacock, Frank Van Gestel. Sunday: Jan Kunst, Ruth Forrest and Col Smith. "Attendances at the Friday night socials are good, but we would like to see more members come along with their families and friends to enjoy the barbecue meal and good publicity officer Marg Price said. "It's a night for relaxation. Don't forget the special night for St Patrick's, March 17, with a free talent quest concert, with prizes for the best Irish song, joke or costume."

Outrigger paddlers record 7th fastest time ROUND four of the Australian Outrigger Canoe racing grand prix was held at Daydream Island in the Whitsundays last weekend. The Capricorn Coast women's team travelled north to compete against nine other teams in the 1000m sprint. In this, the team's first race, the girls recorded the seventh fastest time over the distance and gained invaluable experience against strong opposition. Airlie Beach dominated the women's sprint and South Molle outrigger club won both the women's and men's marathons over 17km. Over 100 paddlers from the eight grand prix clubs will attend round five of the circuit at the Capricorn Coast on Saturday, March 18 with a

full day of racing. Keppel Bay Sailing Club is the race venue and a large crowd is expected. Clubs competing include Airlie Beach. Hamilton Island, Hayman Island. Lindeman Island, Daydream Island, Ko-Huna (Mackay) and South Molle Island. Although the Capricorn Coast Outrigger Club has a training outrigger canoe members borrow a competitive boat from another club each time they race. The club is looking for a major sponsor to help buy a new racing canoe at a cost of S5000. Anyone interested in competing for the club or would like to help with sponsorship please contact club president Michael Cervai, 39 1009.

Benching rules now in force at basketball CAPRICORN Coast Basketball Association players are reminded that all registrations are to be paid by their third fixture games, also uniforms are to be worn or that player cannot take the court. Benching rules are also now in force. Any inquiries regarding these rules can be made to secretary Alison on 39 7990. If referees cannot attend their game please ring Alan Thomas on 39 6687. Sunday, March 5: 4pm, Devils v Thundercats (Corrie and Andrew); 5pm, Jets v Bombers (Cathy and Don); 6pm, Mighty Midgets v C C Lakers (Doug and Andrew); 7pm, Parkies v

Richmond (John and Ken); 8pm, Hornets v Wolfpac (Ken and Alan). Phantoms has a Bye. Monday, March 6: 6pm, Don's Party v Byfield (Paul and Kelvin); 7pm, Saints v Coasters (Alan and Doug); 8pm, Gadabouts v Billabongs A (Carrot and Ken); 9pm, Scoobs v Hootans (Don and Sue). Tuesday. March 7: 6pm, training; 7pm, Pink Galahs Billabongs B (Cathy and Jo-anne): 8pm, Breakaways v Seagulls (Corrie and Sue). Wednesday. March 8: 6pm, Tanby Roses v Golden Roughs (Jason and Kelvin); 7pm, Exploding White Mice v General (Doug and Andrew); 8pm, PGH v Nomads (Paul).

YIBC expects big turn-out for barbecue THERE should be a good turnout of indoor bowlers at the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club tomorrow for the bowls and barbecue afternoon. It is the first of two such fixtures, the second to be held in the second half of this year. Play tomorrow afternoon will start at 1.30pm and three games of 12 ends will be played, followed by a barbecue tea. Among those present will be indoor bowlers invited from sister clubs. Next Friday night, March 10, Rockhampton clubs, St John's and Dean Street will visit YIBC. Teams for YIBC are on the board! Next Sunday, March 12, teams of four will

compete in Rockhampton for the president's fours. Play will be held in the association hall and as teams are self nominated a good turnout to honour president Reg Ferguson is expected. On Wednesday, March 22, games director Vi Robson will provide trophies for an Easter fixture. Regular visitors to YIBC from Mackay over many years, Cec and Vena Edwards celebrated their golden wedding last weekend and YIBC president Bernie Robson and games director Vi Robson were at the celebrations. They took with them a card conveying good wishes signed by members of YIBC.

14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 March 9, 1989

Yeppoon golf YEPPOON Golf Club Wednesday Club ladies' stableford winner was Esme Woodbridge with 35 points from Stella Haskins and Hazel Fry, both with 32. Hazel Fry won the first nine with 31 and a half from N.Montgomery 34 and a half. E Woodbridge won the second nine with 31 from S Haskins with 34. M McGlashan and H Fry won the pinshots and E Woodbridge the proshot. Members' stableford winners were T Simpson 43, V Svendsen 43. H Hilpert 43. M Eggleshaw 42, P Foxwell 39. P Marwedel 39, A Simpson 39. First nine was won by A Simpson and L Evans both with 29 nett, P Foxwell 30, E Nankivell 30 and a half, G Haskins 30 and a half, R McGlashan 30, H Hilpert 31 and a half. Second nine nett: H Hilpert 30 and a half, M Eggleshaw 31, T Wahlin 31 and a half, T Simpson 31, G Muller 31, V Svendsen 33. Pinshot winners: F Ryan, W Towns, J Dempsey and C Williams won the proshot. Veterans played a stableford for members and ladies over 12 holes on Friday. Ladies' winner was Chris Moss with 25 points, Y Foxwell 24, C Freeman 24, H Fry 22, and N Montgomery won the pinshot. Members' winner was Bill Freeman 33, P Marwedel 31, C Williams 29, A Simpson 28, A Launchburrt 27, T Wahlin 27, D Cox 31 and B Freeman won the pinshot. President Roy Montgomery welcomed three new members ... Val Cox, H Cox and H Adams and a visitor from Mackay was Percy Livesley. Associates played a stroke game on Saturday and the winner was Joyce Keyes with 70 nett. Next was Flossie Ware with 71 on countback from Debra Hunt also with 71. Pinshots: F Yesberg, J Tones, P Cruickshank and G Scharf won the proshot. Members' winner was Brian Tennent with 63 nett, W Dicker 66, W Towns 66, W Oates 66, T Jarman 67, P Fritschi 69, J Cameron 69, S Schuster 69, E Nankivell 70. Pinshot winners: E Nankivell, K Clements, D Harker, D Lee and S Thorne won the proshot. The McWilliams Wine pinshot was won by D Lee on 16. B Tennent had an eagle on 14. A mixed 4bbb stableford was played on Sunday and the winners were Adolf and Colleen Schuster with 48 points, from Bob Walters and Gwen Dawson 47. They were follow:d by David Ogg and Theresa Clark 46, Ray Williams and Sue Hennessy 46, Wayne Dicker and Elizabeth Haszak 46, Nobby and Pam Drillis 46, Geoff and Marge Williams 46. Pinshots: ladies, M Williams, M Hunt, S Hennessy; members, W Dicker, NI Busteed, V Hannan and W Freeman. Proshots went to V Caseley, r and J Burton. Associates' Tuesday game was a 4bbb stableford for club trophy and the winners were Sue Hennessy and Shirley Burton with 45. Next: Ethel Jarman and Kitty Jeacocke 44, Chris Moss and Yvette Fritschi 43. Pinshots: silver Ann Barrow and bronze A Elizabeth Haszak, bronze B winner was Lorna Quigley. Glenda Watson won the proshot.

Fast games in district single

ABOVE: Yeppoon Junior Aussie Rules players spent Sunday at Yeppoon Showground learning ball skills in an Australian Football Olympics. Shaiie Campbell is pictured passing the ball into a target. Senior player Brett Lord and under 11 coach Peter Murray were teachingthe juniors to direct the ball over distances. Also pictured are Matthew Dean and Cookie Campbell (behind Shane).

Aussie Rules juniors meet Bear YEPPOON Australian Football Club junior players met Brisbane Bears player Brad Hardie on Sunday at Yeppoon Showground. Organisers said the day, which included 'football olympics' was successful. "St Brendan's college joined us with 25 boys and they took out some of the prizes in the football olympics," publicity officer Yvonne Motton said. "Brad Hardie spoke to the boys. parents and committee. He gave hints on skills and how to succeed in playing football. "We were delighted with the support from senior footballers and it was good to see the togetherness." Prizes of footballs, shorts and socks were donated by Mike King, Adrian Hogue, Carol and Paul Dean, Yvonne and Peter Motton and supplied by Tackle and Sports. Under 11 winners: Cookie Campbell and Cameron Blake (equal first), Glenn Edwards (second), Peter Dean (third). Under 13 winners: Shane Campbell (first),

Steven Broadhurst (second) and Heath Devine (third). Under 15: Dayle Perrin (first); David Cavanagh (second) from St Brendan's and Scott Wakeley (third) from St Brendan's. Under 17: Trent Thompson (lirst); Dale Wetzler (second) and Dan Edwards and D Martinsen (St Brendan's) equal third. "Registrations are still being received. Any player can see Shane or Chris Steele or speak to coaches at training on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm. "The committee wishes Chris Steele good luck and good health. She would welcome some help from parents with the juniors, because without help the juniorswill not survive," Mrs Motton said. She asked that players and parents should return registration papers because it is impossible for the committee to call on each person. The first junior game is on Sunday, April 2 at a venue to be decided.

Singles semi to Ivy McNamara

ZILZIE GOLF ZILZIE Golf Club Thursday stroke game winners were member Trevor Lawn with 68 nett and associate 0 Phillips with 68. Pinshots went to T O'Mara and D, Frisby. An enjoyable day was spent at Capricorn Iwasaki Golf Club on Saturday, February 25, by' members and associates of Zilzie club, followed by barbecue tea and presentation of trophies at Zilzie. The trophies for the winners were presented by Mr N Bull for the donors, Central Queensland Cement Pty Ltd. The winners of these trophies were G Brimmell on countback from M Morgan with 73 nett and B Sleeman with 80. A mixed aggregate VSS for V Svendsen's trophies was played on Sunday and the winners were D Campbell and C Wheeler with + 7. Runners up were L and B Taylor with + 4. Pinshots were won by R and 0 Sheppard. A special trophy went to N Bull and D Frisby. A stableford will be played on Saturday for the associates' first day, third monthly medal. Sunday is a busy day with a stroke and associates' medal second day, as well as members' monthly meeting. CQDLGA Veterans' Foursome is on Thursday, March 9 at 10am with a progressive draw. Thursday club members and associates who wish to play that day must be on the course by 9am for their stroke game.

ABOVE: Sam Bongers (Sacred Heart) and Nicholas Craig (Yeppoon Primary) are sevenyears-old and are preparingto sign-on for the 1989 under-8 Cap Coast Rugby Union season at Cooee Park tomorrow, Saturday.

Saturday sign-on for mini-rugby A SIGN-ON for boys interested in playing mini-rugby union in the under 8 year level is at Cooee Park tomorrow, Saturday. Capricorn Coast Rugby Union Club has organised tomorrow's sign-on from 9am. Cap Coast plans to field an under-8 side in the Rockhampton and District 1989 mini-rugby union competition. The Rockhampton association has boasted the involvement of up to seven teams in the under-8 competition in recent years and this expanding trend seems set to continue in 1989 with the addition of the young Cap Coast outfit. Boys who turn eight during 1989 are eligible

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TWO of the shortest games of singles were played on Yeppoon Bowls Club green last weekend. In the first, Gordon MacKenzie, in the B singles, took only 11 ends to beat Warren Royal 26-2 and it only took a little longer for Reg Gibbins to defeat Frank Birkett 25-2 in the district's over 14 ends. In the other district singles it was much the same pattern when Eric Austin held Terry Woodbridge till the nineteenth when Woody scored a four and carried on to win 25-17. Peter Brown was never headed in his match against Roy Graff and won 25-15. It was the same for Frank Whiteley against Bob Bird winning 26-12. Two games were played in the club singles with Bill Roberts winning 25-11 over Ken Moore and Don McPherson was successful from Key Thompson 26-9. In the B grade Fred Baker trailed Ray Campbell for 25 ends then drew level 22 all. Fred only scored one more while Ray went on to record a 26-23 win. The district fours semi-final saw Roy Graff s team score an easy win, 35-14, over Bill Roberts' four. Roy had 14 on the board before Bill scored and at the half way mark led 21-5. Tom Roos, Don Goody, Mark Gustafson, Roy Graff d George Cavanagh, John Ware, Barry Atkinson and Bill Roberts 35-.14. In the graded fours Ricki Ziebicki, tuft Moore, Goldie Corbett and Rea Gibbins defeated B Duffie, Peter Cowie, Arnie a Petersen and Norm Myler 26-19. Two games were played in the district pairs and both were close. Clarrie Hinton had Cliff Martin as a sub for Bill Manthey who is now home from hospital and they defeated Don McPherson and Reg Gibbins 17-14. The score was four all on eight ends, then Clarrie won four ends in a row adding eight to his total and that was the winning break. The scores in the game were level at four all, 10 and 14, before Tom Roos and Frank O'Brien scored a five, three and two singles to win 24-14 from Mark Gustafson and Graham McCosker. Members must nominate on Sunday morning for the turkey triples at 9am and Sunday afternoon is twilight bowls starting at 3pm. Wednesday and Saturday is the usual social game but watch the board as the competition director will be calling games. "We would also like to welcome our new greenkeeper, Laurie Wood, and hope he settles in quickly," the spokesman said.

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to play. Ten players make up a rugby team at this level and the game is played on a reduced size field under simplified rules. Introductory (trial) games will be held next Saturday and again Saturday week before a break for Easter. After Easter, the Rockhampton Mini-Rugby Association stages its annual father and son weekend at the Cooee Bay National Fitness Camp. The camp will be headed by Queensland coaching directors and a panel of senior players including former international Brendan. Moon. A non-competitive round of mini-rugby will start On April 8 and followed later in the season with a competitive round where teams compete for age-division trophies. Mini-rugby games will be played on Saturday mornings and the side's coach Mike Bongers expects skills sessions to take place after school, one day agweek. Players will be provided with free transport to Rockhampton when required while home games will be played on the Cooee Bay field. The sign-on takes place tomorrow at the Cooee Bay sports field from 9am and interested parents are invited to meet Mr Bongers there for further information. Contact number is 39 4218.

YEPPOON Ladies Bowls Club champion singles semi-final was won by Ivy McNamara when she downed M Stewart 31-16. Other fixture results: district singles, D En' 'J d P Childs 34-16; J Barber d S Ziebicki 31 D Roos d J Beasley 31-22. Consistency singles: J Cain d E Saxby 155105; M Blacklock d B Beckett 151-149; M Bradley d L Goodwin 152-88. Competitions for Tuesday, March 7, at 9am and umpire will be M Bierwirth. Champion singles: D Roos v E Batts and A Fotheringham will be the marker. District singles: J Barber v R Wass; M Manthey v M Stewart. M Bradley and S Ziebicki are markers. District triples: E Saxby, M Greaves, D Engel D Locke, P Childs and I McNamara. C grade singles: P Fortune v B Dawson. Y Riordan is the marker. Consistency singles: R Goody v J Beasley; N Mills v M Baglow. M Blacklock and V Wilson are the markers. H Villiers will be the umpire at 1.15pm. District Pairs: M Bradley, A Fotheringham v P Rodgers and P Childs; E Saxby, D Engel v M Mant hey and M Greaves;M Baglow, J Beasley v D Locke and E Hinton; E Batts, I McNamara v M Bierwirth and M Stewart. . "Members were sorry to hear Effie Richards. and Billy Sinclair have not been feeling well," publicity officer Ivy McNamara said. "Effie is now home from her short stay in hospital, and all wish both ladies better health. "At a recent CQDLBA meeting, Effie was presented with a Medal of Merit in appreciation of her long years of work and association with the controlling body. Congratulations and well deserved Effie. "Winners of the afternoon's play for the trophy the parent club donated to the ladiPwere all very close. "Only a small margin separated all four winning teams. F Denney skipped the winning team, as did president Marj, Anne Fotheringham and Eleanor Batts. "Ladies, please do not forget the Easter basket. Let's all donate a few items and make it a nice full basket for some lucky person."

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989 - 15

CQRL president: It's over to you Yeppoon

CENTRAL Queensland Rugby League imposed a $20,000 fine on the Yeppoon Seagulls because that was how it viewed "the seriousness of what the Seagulls had done". CQRL president Jim Gallagher said this on Monday when asked how the figure of $20,000 had come about. When asked did he seriously believe the Yeppoon club could pay the figure, Mr Gallagher said he was not in the business of supposition. The fine had been put on the club and the next move was up to Yeppoon. The $20,000 fine has rocked Yeppoon and made headlines even in Brisbane. Yeppoon club °facials, in private discussions, appear not to know what will be the next step. The Seagulls have 21 days in which to appeal against the decision to the Queensland Rugby League. Acting Seagulls president John Rhodes said on Monday the club had not yet lodged an appeal. Mr Gallagher would not discuss any direct reason why the fine had been imposed on Yeppoon. This information was available from the Yeppoon club which had the correspondence over the Broncos-Yeppoon game. But the seriousness of the offence resulting in the fine was related to long-term sponsorship the

CQRL had recently signed with XXXX Brewery. "Within a month of getting this sponsorship, Yeppoon had put it completely at risk," he said. The $20,000 fine was an infinitesimal amount against the value of the long-term sponsorship. "They put at risk the only long-term sponsorship Central Queensland has had," he said. "We have an association of rugby league clubs from Yeppoon in the East to Winton in the West and from Callide Valley in the south to Tieri/ Middlemount in the north. "They have never had a guaranteedprizemoney in their lives. For that prizemoney, we gave our sponsor exclusive rights of product. "After years of working toward that, one club decided to stuff them," he said. "This dispute is about protection of sponsorship. Breweries and John Ribot (Broncos general manager) are coincidental ... this is a dispute between the Yeppoon club and the CQ league. "It's a very narrow, straight line dispute. It's to do with the agreement CQ entered into." He said Yeppoon knew the terms of the agree-

Webb left wondering what would have appened if he had not made that call • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 "We have not done anything wrong," Mr Rhodes said. We still have had not written notification of the terms of the sponsorship agreement with the CQRL. "We have the minutes of a Rockhampton Rugby League meeting held on January 23 this year stating that the sponsorship is for the semi-finals and finals and that the sponsor's products had to be sold exclusively at those games." That is Yeppoon's stand on this issue. They have the minutes and these were confirmed by the phone call on the Thursday before the game during which the Rockhampton official said the agreement wording was in doubt. Mr Rhodes said the subsequent communications from CQRL president Jim Gallagher were, so far as he's concerned, only Mr Gallagher's interpretations of the agreement. "At the inquiry held after the Broncos game, the Rockhampton official said he had made a mistake and that the sponsorship agreement was for all games," Mr Rhodes said. "But that was after the event ... before the game everyone believed the agreement was only for semis and finals. "There's another point that hasn't been cleared up; when does the season start? If it started with the first trial of the season, on January 25, the Rockhampton league had already broken the agreement because Carlton products were sold at those games ... I was served them. "Also, both Carlton and Bond products were sold at games at other trials. Other clubs would

have probably sold Powers as well at these games if they could get itbut there's been a shortage. The only reason we had Powers available for our game was because it was made available to us." Mr Rhodes said the club had not sought to sell only Power products at the Broncos game nor had Broncos general manager insisted on it. The club had phoned XXXX and asked if it could have the XXXX tent for the game. He said the club was told the tent was at the Capricornia Institute and would be needed there untillOam on the Saturday of the game. "If we wanted to, we could have sent someone up to pull it down and re-erect it at St Brendan's but we don't have that many workers available. We thought XXXX would want to have some advertising at the game but they didn't seem too worried," Mr Rhodes said. Mr Rhodes said the club had not decided what course of action to take regarding the fine. "We could appeal to the Queensland Rugby League but it's not much use the QRL reducing our fine to $10,000 or even $1000 ... we didn't do anything wrong," he said. "We told the inquiry in Rockhampton we weren't breaking any contract and we still have not had any contract terms in writing. "The QRL might wipe our fine and give us a slap over the knuckles but we're inclined to think we should get an apology." Cr Webb, now sitting in the wings and watching as a bystander, had the last word on Tuesday: "I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't made that phone call to get those footballs?"

hank You Henry says thanks Thank T tor big money in Silver Bootee TWO-YEAR-OLD Thank You Henry scored a convincing win in the Fosters Silver Bootee Stakes at Tyrer Park on Wednesday. Trained by Frank Crick of Rockhampton for Blackwater owner Ron McKenna and ridden by Mark Unwin, Thank You Henry at his second start, blitzed the opposition in the fairly smart time of one minute, five seconds for the 1100 metre journey. Thank You Henry was also winner at his first race start on February 11 when he won a maiden two-year-old handicap over 1000 metres at Callaghan Park. Dashing Stardust, 6/4 favourite, finished fifth in his bid to provide owners Percy and Max Kuhn with back-to-back wins in the richest race held at Tyrer Park. Frank Crick scored a double with Idasan, which he owns and trains, when it led all the way in the Fosters Light Maiden Handicap over 1000 metres. Regular trainer supporter Maurice Stafford of Rockhampton was rewarded when the New

Zealand-bred gelding Dreyfeus, ridden by apprentice Greg Lee, won the first race on the programme, the Victoria Bitter Wallet Handicap. Promising Rockhampton galloper Anything, trained by Stafford's older brother Ron, won the other feature event the Fosters Country Cup Qualifying Restricted Handicap over 1200 metres. This provided Anything with its third win in succession and at the same time brought to an end the winning streak of Gladstone galloper Rassy Again which had won its sixth previous starts, including three at Rockhampton. Rockhampton trainer Ray Unwin scored his first win in nearly two years when James' Gain finished too strongly to beat Zippy Zing in the Crown Lager Plate Handicap over 1200 metres. Club officials were pleased with the large crowd's reaction to the new TAB which operated on Sydney and Melbourne races.

5 little athletes off to Brisbane FIVE Capricorn Coast Little Athletes are competing in Brisbane at QEII this weekend in •the age championships State titles. Troy Edwards is competing in the under 15 ;b1h jump, javelin, long jump, 1500 metre walk 14,1. discus. Brett Hallam is in the under 14 1500 metre walk and 800 metres. Geoffrey Boon and Emma Hodkinson are in the under 11 long jump and 60 metre hurdles. Emma is also competing in the 100 and 200 ) metres. . Jodie Graff is in the under 9 100 metres, long 7 jump, discus, 70 metres and 200 metres.

There is no athletic meeting tonight (Friday). Break-up and presentation of trophies is at the Apex Park at 6.30pm on Friday, March 17. The annual general meeting is on the same night followed by a barbecue. The club is changing back to a winter season and sign-on day is at Apex Park on Saturday, Apri129, at 1.30pm. New and past members are welcome. If you require further information phone 39 3541. Darin Coombs, a club past member, has been granted financial assistance from the State Government's Regional Sports Talent Assistance Scheme.

ment before the Broncos match, as did all other clubs within the CQ League. "Had they not known the terms I told them personally in the week leading up to the match," Mr Gallagher said. "I told them once verbally and three times in writing." He said this action had been taken in the week before the game because the "president of the Yeppoon club told me on the Monday before the match that the club was stepping outside the sponsorship agreement". Mr Gallagher said he known the game had been scheduled because the Yeppoon club had been given permission to stage it by the Rockhampton league and the Rockhampton league, in turn, had told the CQ league. It was only in the final week the CQ league was told Yeppoon was stepping outside the sponsorship agreement. When told that Yeppoon had already committed itself to the game by the Thursday before the Saturday match, when the correspondence took place, Mr Gallagher said what Yeppoon had to do at that stage was "decided who they were committed to". "That was their choice. They always had that choice. Their choice was to concur with the sponsorship agreement or cancel the game." When asked whether an apology from Yeppoon would be sufficient to erase the $20,000 fine Mr Gallagher said: "No comment ... they know what the system is." Mr Gallagher said a visit from the Broncos was "like putting money in the bank" for a club .. "they're the most promotable club in Australia, but you don't have to break agreements to have that promotion and the crowds". Asked whether the Rockhampton league would have liked to have staged the game instead of Yeppoon, Mr Gallagher said Rockhampton had offered no objection to Yeppoon having the game. "There were no petty jealousies in the official correspondence," he said. Earlier in the interview, Mr Gallagher was told there appeared to be no "face-saving solution" open to either side in this dispute. He replied that the CQ league "does not have to save face. We believe we were ethical in what we did ... we believe Yeppoon was unethical in what it did". He said he had been elected unopposed as CQ president for the past 10 years and there had been lots of contentious issues that he had been able to solve over the phone. He didn't think he had written as many letters in the previous 10 years as he did in the week before the Broncos match. He agreed that if Yeppoon did not lodge an appeal and did not pay the $20,000 fine it would be a team with no-one to play ... "You said it." Mr Gallagher said. "Action has been taken and I am awaiting developments. It's over to you Yeppoon."

Ribot: storm in a teacup BRONCOS general manager John Ribot said on Monday the dispute between Yeppoor. Seagulls and the Central Queensland Rugby League "did not make any sense". Yeppoon, by staging the game with the Broncos, was "only trying to promote rugby league and give the game a kick along". "I thought rugby league was all about increasing the game, not decreasing it," he said. "Yeppoon did a good promotion and got penalised for it." He could not see any basis for the fine of "the huge amount of $20,000". The fine was just like saying "Aussie Rules, take over". Mr Ribot said the game had come about because of his respect for John Rhodes (now acting Seagulls president) and Maurie Webb (president until his verbal resignation on the day before the match). "I was talking to John Rhodes about playing a series of trial games. He showed interest and said 'why not have a game with us?'," Mr Ribot said. He said he had asked John Rhodes to "put something to me". "He did and I said OK. That was in October or November last year." Mr Ribot said the dispute should not have occurred. The Broncos had asked for a neutral ground and Yeppoon had nominated St Brendan's College. "Yeppoon only found out two days before the game that it was not OK," he said. Asked whether the Broncos had insisted on its sponsor's product, Power Bitter, being the only beer available at the game, Mr Ribot said the Broncos had not asked for "exclusivity ... we only wanted the opportunity for equal rights". Asked whether the Broncos had insisted on only its own advertising signs at the ground, Mr Ribot said the team was not worried about signs ... "We play at Lang Park and there are XXXX signs all around the ground". He said his prime object was to run a football club, not a brewery. His team had a S1 million sponsorship and it was only fair that its sponsor got a fair go. Mr Ribot described the Broncos/Yeppoon game as an "excellent day" and "rugby league was the winner". He said that's what the Broncos were all about. He said the Broncos would like to come back and play Yepppoon again but it wouldn't for the sake of the local (Yeppoon) club if the $20,000 fine was the result. The fine wasn't promoting the game, it had blown it apart. "It's a storm in a teacup," he said.

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16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 3 - March 9, 1989

Sophie Reynolds wins Haupt Shield •

Owe Hitt twain

Tke lack ob

• ST URSULA'S College swimming carnival was held at the Cooee Bay Olympic pool. Aggregate winner, for the third consecutive year, was Nagle with 740. Kennedy house was second with 632. third was Madden with 582 and Shiel was fourth with 580. Sophie Reynolds had the highest aggregate points for the college, won the Haupt Shield and broke records in the 15 year age individual medley and the 15 year age backstroke. Two other records were broken. Deidre Witt, the 13 year age butterfly and Donna Abbott, the 14 year age butterfly. Age champions: 13 years, Deidre Witt (Kennedy), 23 points and one record. 14 years: Rebecca Valmadre (Shiel) 21. 15 years: Sophie Reynolds (Nagle) 25, two records. Senior: Kylie Sheppard (Shiel) 19.

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ABOVE: Jackie Crick represented Blackwater owner Ron McKenna when Thank You. Henry won the Fosters Silver Bootee Stakes at Tvrer Park on Wednesday. Slte received the trophy front Carlton and United Brewery manager Cluis Daley (left) andYeppoon Amateur Racing Club president John Millrov.

Seagulls: We didn't do anything wrong CR MAURIE WEBB made a phone call on the Monday before last weekend's Broncos-Seagulls game to get three footballs at league prices ... and he believes the subsequent $20,000 fine can be traced back to that call. He said on Tuesday he phoned Central Queensland Rugby League secretary Neil Cush to ask for the three footballs and, when Cush was unavail-

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BLOKE down southern end of Capricorn Coast had problem with car radiator. He'd taken the car for a run and the light had come on and everything he did to fix it didn't seem to get him anywhere. Finally, fed up with the thing, he decided to give it one more try. He figured if he stuck the hose in it while the motor was running he might clear whatever the blockage happened to be. Now, since this was about the sixth or eighth time he'd taken off the radiator cap while the water was boiling he was well aware of the danger involved. He wrapped one of his wife's old skirts around the radiator cap to protect his hands and pushed down to release the pressure. Unfortunately, as he pushed down, he somehow or other managed to partly unscrew the cap which sent a jet of boiling water through the one gap he'd carelessly left in the skirt. The jet of boiling water unerringly headed toward the fly of his shorts and soaked him. Pain was instantaneous. He started dancing up and down in front of the car trying to keep his hands protected in the skirt and keep the radiator cap on while, at the same time, create sufficient draft in his shorts to cool off the water. Just then, with the same unerring instinct that made the boiling water head for his fly, his wife turned up. All she could see Was her husband bobbing up and gown at the front of the car. With the innocence of Eve, she inquired politely if there was anything she could do to help. Her "Adam," still with his hands on the radiator cap, gave her a quick run-down on what had happened and suggested something she could do to relieve his pain. "Eve" decided his advice could not be followed in public and retreated while he shouted "it's in your own best interests"!!! Wonder what he suggested? • •• PAT ANDERSEN is back from a jaunt to Melbourne visiting rellies and, while catching up with the news at the Capricorn Coast Mirror, remarked about something happened to her on Sunday while attending church with her friends in Victoria. She went to a Uniting Church near Templestowe and her cousin introduced her to members of the congregation after the service. As she was introduced and asked where she came from, Pat told them she came from a place on the Coast near Rockhampton in Queensland ... "you wouldn't know the area, it's a place called Yeppoon," was the sort of description she gave. How wrong she was. Three couples, as soon as they heard the name Yeppoon, immediately remarked that they visited Yeppoon each year for a holiday. They talked about the motels or caravan parks they stayed in and described the Coast in glowing terms to the rest of the congregation. "I was thunderstruck," Pat said this week.

able, he spoke to CQRL president Jim Gallagher. "In the course of that conversation about footballs, I was asked what arrangements the club had made about beer sales for the game," Cr Webb said. He replied that the club had arranged to sell Power beer and was told this was not in accordance with the agreement on CQRL sponsorship. "I knew nothing about new sponsorship arrangements and said so. When I got off the phone I contacted our delegate to the Rockhampton league and he said he knew nothing about it," Cr Webb said. "Nothing more was heard until early Thursday morning when a Rockhampton rugby league representative phoned to say he had re-read the sponsorship agreement and there seemed to be some doubt about the wording. "He felt the wording could be taken to mean that the sponsor's products (XXXX beer) had to be sold exclusively at semi-finals and finals but not exclusively at other matches. • • • "At that stage (Thursday morning) the Yeppoon club had nothing in writing as to what it should or BY the way, Eunice Coombs, who's Memshould not do." ber for Broadsound Denis Hinton's secretary, Cr Webb said the club then learned that the Mt has been flat out lately working out details Isa club had sorted out its XXXX sponsorship involved in Cabinet's visit to Yeppoon on problems concerning their Broncos game to be Monday. Suzy phoned her to ask how many held on the same Saturday as Yeppoon's and the media representatives were expected ands Taroom club had already played the Broncos the Eunice said she'd find out and phone back. week before with no problems. Soon after, Eunice rang Suzy to say she'd "As far as we were concerned, the game was on phoned someone in Brisbane and asked how ... then the faxes started," Cr Webb said. many southern media reps were coming. There He resigned as Yeppoon Rugby League Footwas a short silence on the line then the bloke in ball Club president on the Friday, the day before Brisbane said he doubted any journalists from the Broncos game. Sydney or Melbourne would cover the event. Acting club president John Rhodes said there Eunice then reminded him that in Brisbane, southerners may well be from other States but was a phone call, as Cr Webb said, on the Thursin Yeppoon, Brisbane was regarded as the day morning. The next communication was a fax delivered at 2.55pm on Thursday to Cr Webb's `South! home by the post office. "We were asked to reply to it by 3pm," Mr Rhodes said. "Mrs Webb phoned Mr Gallagher to tell him the fax had only just arrived and I think he said we had until 7.30pm to reply. "We sent a fax in reply on Friday morning saying that substantial XXXX would be served at the ground and we got a fax back saying we had to serve Bond products exclusively." Mr Rhodes said there had then been a fax saying the game was cancelled. After the game was played, Rockhampton league asked for $260 in payment for players' insurance. The game was played. There was a record turnout of spectators and Yeppoon club officials are convinced it was the best promotion for rugby league held in this area. OFF The following Thursday, February 23, an inquiry was held in 'Rockhampton and Yeppoon was fined $20,000. AT TI IE Mr Rhodes said he could not understand why the fine had been imposed ... and why, if the CQRL felt it had to fine Yeppoon, similar fines had not been imposed on Mt Isa and Taroom which also played the Broncos under similar 39 2444 circumstances.

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