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!ISSUE 289 FRIDAY, February 24, 1989 - THURSDAY, March 2, 1989 PHONE (079) 39 4244


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Minister to see Pivot's leases A STATE ministerial party will inspect the proposed Pivot Group mining leases on Tuesday, February 28 at Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton's request. Mr Hinton said the group would be looking at the areas to be mined if Pivot's application to the Federal Government is successful. "The most important thing, of course, is the Capricorn Coast's water supply. We have to make sure that that won't be interfered with in any way," Mr Hinton said. "We will also be looking at the possible interference with estuaries and fish breeding grounds and the company's plans for the total reclamation of mined areas. "I am particularly interested in seeing this area that has been included in the Australian Heritage Commission, as of course, is Mr Muntz." The group will be led by Conservation and Environment Minister Geoff Muntz. Also included is Mr Hinton, State Mines representative Malcolm Daley, Environment Department representative Tom Gilmore, and representatives from National Parks and Wildife, the Army, Pivot and the Wildlife Preservation Society Capricorn Coast branch. Mr Hinton said he expected that by today (Friday) he will have received permission from the Army for the group to see the Shoalwater Bay Training Area.

• ABOVE: The Capricorn Coast is going to have a-University of the Third Age. At a meeting held on Tuesday in the shire chambers a steering committee was fonned. Pictured are, not in order: Joan Whyte, Brian Bartley, Jean Morton, Joy Walsh, Leo Carpenter, Frances Windress, Nell Stanaway, Ian Whitehead and the meeting's chairman Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen.

$250,000 walkway could be auseway's 3rd lane • By John and Suzy Watson

A NEW Causeway Bridge aimed at today's needs has been designed and can be built in the next financial year for $1.803 million ... but it does not provide for tomorrow's traffic conditions by having a third lane. Livingstone Shire Council and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton have been made aware of costs involved in the new bridge and negotiations have started on the most important part of the construction ... the walkway. The walkway, alone, will cost ratepayers $251,000 but it's that walkway which is the main reason there's going to be a new bridge. Fears that "someone's going to get killed" prompted then candidate for Broadsound Denis Hinton to bring then Main Roads Minister Russ Hinze to the Capricorn Coast on Sunday, October 5, 1986, and a meeting at the Causeway resulted in Mr Hinze arranging a $50,000 grant to the Capricornia Institute to build a model of the area and determine the best way to handle erosion, siltation and walkway problems. A lot of water has flowed under the Causeway since then but now the details are being worked out by council, Mr Hinton and Main Roads. There was a "spirit of agreement" on that Sunday. Mr Hinze was in a jovial mood and he left the crowd laughing. But he made it perfectly clear that he expected council to be involved in the funding of the new bridge. That was understood ... but the $251,000 bill that council faces for the walkway has not met unanimous support. Last week, during council's February meeting, councillors resolved to open negotiations with Main Roads over the walkway. Council had two options before it but one could

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hardly be described as fair dinkum. The first option is for a new bridge and a widened Causeway viaduct. That's the one that's going to cost ratepayers $251,000. It"s the second option that has absolutely nothing going for it. This provides a "dollied up" old bridgeand a walkway the length of the bridge ... and nothing else. All it has going for it is the cost to ratepayers ... $38,000. But that's not what Mr Hinze was talking about in 1986 and it's certainly not what Mr Hinton or Cr Bowen are talking about today. Both Cr Bowen and Mr Hinton referred to this option as a "dollied up" bridge. Mr Hinton, on Wednesday night, said it was not even being considered. So, the ratepayers are left with a new bridge with an all-up cost of $1.803 million of which $251,000 belong to council as its share of the walkway. Mr Hinton said the new bridge was the only option that could be considered and he said the $251,000 could be paid over two financial years. Meanwhile the council, after considering both options, has found a negotiation point. The Main Roads plans show a complete walkway with the new bridge but only a partial walkway with the "dollied up" bridge. Being a walkway that leads no-where it's really only a fishing platform ... but if the new bridge only had the same length walkway the cost for

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ratepayers would drop from $251,000 to $64,000. Mr Hinton wants to see the walkway continue for the full length because it was concern for pedestrians' lives that prompted the meetings, the model, the drawings and the final proposal. "I believe this is the only sensible long-term approach to safe traffic on the Capricorn Coast's Scenic Loop Road," he said. "It should be constructed as soon as possible given the present dangerous situation that exists." Mr Hinton is right ... that's why the proposed new bridge is being offered. But there's a third option that council, Mr Hinton, Main Roads and maybe Cabinet, which meets in Yeppoon next week, should consider. This third option involves little more work than is now planned ... and would result in a third lane for traffic when it is needed. The Main Roads Department should look at providing more rock fill on the western side of the Causeway to a width necessary for a future third lane. In the meantime, while the third lane is not necessary, the extra width could be used as a cycleway and a walkway. Perhaps by the year 2000 the third lane will be necessary and it will be available. Also, by the time the third lane is needed, the Capricorn Coast will be more prosperous and will probably be in a better situation then to provide

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funds for another extension which would be the walkway. Council appears ready now to pay for the bridge part of the walkway at a cost of $68,000 so there shouldn't be any grumbles from there and Main Roads could do itself a favour by solving a future traffic problem at today's prices. Let's face it, just building the proposed new bridge and widening the existing Causeway road is going to cause chaos to today's motorists. Think of the chaos 10 years down the track when Main Roads tries to add a third lane. Main Roads, at that time, would probably face the situation of having to provide a completely new bridge spanning the entire Causeway. If this is doubted, look at what happened in Brisbane when traffic choked the old Hornibrook Highway between Redcliffe and Sandgate ... a brand new bridge was built! Mr Hinton said this week the new bridge could be built in the 1989/90 financial year if council makes its decision. With Cabinet in town next week, the third lane is an option that should not be overlooked. After all, Main Roads did suggest in one option that it would "dolly up" the old bridge and provide a walkway for just that section. What's the difference in providing a walkway for the new bridge and just having a third lane ready for the future in the more expensive proposal?

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Army relay for Bush Children THE Queensland Bush Children's Home in Todd Avenue is one of three charities that will benefit from a 50km relay run next week. Ten soldiers from District Support Unit, Rockhampton, will run from Statue Bay to the East Street Mall in Rockhampton on Friday, March 3. The Army Charity Relay Run will celebrate the Australian Army's 88th birthday on March 3. The two five-man team teams will leave

Statue Bay at 6.3pm and arrive at the mall at midday. Cheques to the Queensland Bush Children's Scheme, Legacy and War Widows will be presented at the end of the run before a birthday cake is cut to continue the celebrations. Business houses and individuals are invited to take part in the relay run by donating cash. All donations can be made to the Administration officer, DSU, 68 Western Street, Rockhampton or phone 27 5088 for any inquiries.

Cooee Bay land owner in dispute with council over sewer manholes





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A COOEE Bay land-owner is in dispute with Livingstone Shire Council over placement of a sewerage pipe and man-hole on her land. The vacant land is in Elma Street, Cooee Bay, opposite a new unit development. The sewer main to service the development has been accessed through Mrs Nora Burton's 24 perch allotment. "Before council placed this last sewer main and man-hole, my land already had one sewer main along the back boundary and two manholes," she said. "Two man-holes are in each back corner, with one running on a diagonal. "The new sewer main, placed by council, is along the western side of my property with another man-hole just inside my front boundary. "I did not give my permission for council to use my land. Council contacted me, by phone, in January this year and asked if it could have access through my 24 perch allotment. I refused," she said. "Council knew last year that it would have to arrange to supply sewer mains to that development. It could have contacted me a lot earlier at least, so that it could be discussed." After the contact from council Mrs Burton advertised for three days in the Morning Bulletin's public notices that no-one was allowed access to the Elma Street block for any purpose. "Surely, when you own a block of land, and I have owned and paid rates on that allotment for at about 25 years, the council can't just go and do what they want. "I now have a sewer main along the western side, across the back and three man-holes in three corners of my allotment. "I have a letter signed by the shire clerk saying council would offer compensation, but that's not good enough. "That land is of no use to me now and I want council to buy it from me. The only compensation they can offer me that I will accept is full purchase of my allotment. "Council could build a small on it for a council officer and he could live with the mains and man-holes. "Maybe the developer could buy it if council won't." "I want council to stop all work on the sewerage. I don't want them to connect the pipes to the development from the main on my land until I have received compensation." Mrs Burton was .permitted to address February's council meeting to discuss her problem. At that meeting council decided to call for a report from the engineer. When the report was completed Mrs Burton would be invited to a meeting with the chairman, division two councillors, shire clerk and engineer. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said the only place the man-hole could be placed was on Mrs Burton's land. "It couldn't be placed on the footpath be-

cause of other services already there," he said. "The man-hole was put in the extreme front corner of the allotment. "The main runs down the side of the block and wouldn't interfere with anyone wanting to build a house on the land. "You have to build a residence a certain distance from a boundary and that is why the sewer main was put down the side as close to the boundary as possible " Section 50(2)(i) of the Local Government Act 1936-1984: Works, etc., may be carried out on roads and lands. For the purpose of exercising and performing any of the functions of local government under this Act or any other Act, the Local Authority may provide any works, matters, or things as are necessary on, through, across, or under any road, and may also on making compensation therefore carry any such works, matters, or things into, through, across, or under any other land.

Trees dangerous at Mulambin park MULAMBIN Beach camping area caretaker Harry McNamara said last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror story on removal of trees from the camping area did not take into account the trees were dangerous. The story said council had cut down Casuarinas in the camping ground and local residents were angry the trees had been removed against ratepayers' wishes. Mr McNamara said the trees that had been removed were dangerous to campers and daytrippers. "The trees had to be removed, not pruned. There have been occasions when limbs and even trees have fallen on tents and caravans," he said. "We have strong winds here and some of the trees are dangerous. There are still some trees that need to be removed because they are hazardous." Council warns anyone staying at Mulambin Beach camping area that they stay at their own risk and that council is not responsible for any loss or injury. The notice, given to everyone who books in, reads in part: "Persons making use of this park and its facilities may be exposed to the risk of substantial damage to their property and/or serious personal injury during periods of high wind velocity".

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989 - 3 7





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ALP Finance spokesman to visit Yeppoon STATE opposition Finance Minister Keith DeLacey will.visit the Coast this week. The Capricorn Coast Branch of the ALP invitedMr DeLacey to visit the area and talk to residents and groups. "Mr DeLacey is also responsible for ALP plans on Queensland decentralisation of industry," branch president David Timbs said. "He will address a businessmen's luncheon at La Bamba on Thursday, March 2 and a businesswomen's social hour that night." Mr DeLacey will speak on decentralisation and the ALP financial plan for Queensland. If anyone is interested in attending the luncheon or social hour phone La Bamba, 39.3212. Any individuals or groups who wish to speak to Mr DeLacey can make an appointment with Ross Dickson, 39 2233.

• ABOVE: Yeppoon and fourotherRSL sub-branches hosted the RSL conference on the weekend. Pictured, not in order: Men' Scope (Yeppoon), Stan Kent (Yeppoon), district president Fred Cowdray (Enur Park), Doug Murphy (Mt Morgan), Brigadier George Mansford, Bill Scott (Barcaldine), John Huddleston (Mt Larcom), Jack Delaney (Mt Morgan), State president Sir Albert Abbott, Alex Scott (Mt Morgan); Frank Carpenter (Emu Park), Stan Cook (Gracemere), Bill Power (Emu Park) and Hugh Cochrane (Yeppoon).

RSL conference first of its type THE Central Queensland RSL conference held on the weekend was the first one to be hosted by combined sub-branches in Queensland. Yeppoon, Emu Park, Mt Larcom, Mr Morgan and Gracemere were the five sub-branches in charge of organising and hosting the conference. Organiser and Yeppoon RSL member Hugh Cochrane said all delegates and their spouses enjoyed the conference. "We've had compliments on the organisation and entertainment. The atmosphere was very relaxed," he said. Forty women spent Saturday on a tour of the Coast. They visited the James Street memorial


plaques, St Christopher's Chapel, had lunch at Ross' Run with a full tour of the historical complex, Emu Park Historical Museum, Singing Ship and the graves on Taranganba hill. The tour itinerary was organised by Mervyn Scope and the two hostesses were Leo Carpenter and Margaret Stevenson. CQ district president is Fred Cowdray (Emu Park sub-branch) who was re-elected unopposed, secretary Ron Gough was also reelected unopposed and Ian Power is treasurer. Zone vice presidents: Far Western, T W Ravenscroft; Mid Western, H S Kitching; Near Western, D Daniels; North Eastern. Bill Power (Emu Park); South Eastern, A W Deacon; Callide Dawson, M T Keyworth.

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989

Ministers, experts will be shown erosion in action at Kinka Beach

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KINKA BEACH will be the focus of attention on March 6 at 7.55ani when a group with the power to repair erosion damage will watch the sea nibbling at the sand dune during a 4.5m. tide. Watching the sea will be State Government Ministers, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, shire chairman Cr John Bowen, Capricomia Institute erosion experts and council officers. This was announced to Livingstone Shire Council last week by Cr Bowen when he remarked that everyone was going to be warned "not to stand too close to the edge". This first-hand experience of erosion at work at Kinka Beach is expected to highlight the scope of the problem and, at the same time, make Ministers aware of the State Government's responsibilities. Discussion on this topic came about last week when council was adopting a recommendation on its interim works programme for next financial year. In a report, shire clerk Jim Brown said there was an opportunity for the council for the council to participate in erosion "demonstration works" next year. These could be funded by the Beach Protection Authority on a dollar for dollar basis, or even better. He recommended council should indicate a willingness to participate on a larger scale with specific works at Yeppoon or Kinka Beach in cooperation with other governments. The figure of $200,000 was proposed which, in summary, was shown to be a $100,000 loan for beach protection and a subsidy of S100,000. Cr Bowen, discussing the topic, said the experts would be meeting at Kinka Beach on March 6 to see the erosion problem first-hand. He suggested Mr Hinton may well be able to convince the Minister of the size of the problem and have the State Government pay $200,000 for work as a grant. He based his belief on the cost the government would face, through the Main Roads Department, if part of the Scenic Highway fell into the sea. He said Main Roads would automatically deny responsibility "but 40 years ago when it built the groyne (Causeway) it used the cheapest materials". It had lowered the flush of water from the Causeway by 50 per cent. Main Roads had "saved a great deal of money" by building a viaduct. This had taken 40 years to show its effects. Cr Roy Wall suggested council should borrow a further $100,000 specifically for Kinka Beach, not $100,00 for Yeppoon or Kinka as stated in the report to council. He said there was a lot more chance of getting something done at Kinka Beacli if council was prepared to borrow the extra $100,000. "They (the Ministers) will want to see what priority council puts on the work," he said. Kinka had been getting washed away for the past 10 years and council had been procrastinating for the past six years. "I say put $100,000 aside for Kinka Beach. If we're not going to provide any money, who is?" he said. "Kinka is getting pounded to pieces." He made this suggestion an amendment to the motion. Earlier, Cr Bowen had mentioned that a total of S400,000 was available from the B PA for erosion work. Cr John Smith, commenting on that figure, described it as a "drop in the bucket" and "miserable". "The State Government has to bite the bullet. The ratepayers can't pick up the tab," he said. Cr Glenda Mather asked what council spent on beach protection and when told, said it was obvious council did not allow enough in the budget. Cr Bowen responded sharply. "We need $2 million now! What we have to do is grasp the principle of funding and state publicly that State and Federal Governments are not facing up to their responsibilities," he said. When she asked whether council benefitted from tourism, Cr Bowen replied that the whole of Australia gained. "We should be standing united, not screwing down the nails on the coffins of our ratepayers," he said.

Cr Ron Landsberg said the cost of beach protection was a government responsibility and it should not be coming out of ratepayers' money. Cr Ellen Cogill said council had to pressure governments to help. There were further comments along similar lines and shire engineer Pat Murphy said there was a proposal for a beach "demonstration" (erosion control work) on Yeppoon's main beach. Supporting this statement, Cr Brian Dorey said council should not look a gift horse in the mouth. He said the usual subsidy was 25 per cent. Cr Wall, supporting his own amendment, said he was against only providing $100,000 because it would go no-where. "If this $100,000 is to go on Yeppoon we are still left with nothing on Kinka Beach," he said. He said $100,000 was a drop in the ocean and council should go for $200,000 and get something for Kinka Beach. Cr Bowen said Mr Hinton had acknowledged Kinka Beach as a disaster area. Mr Hinton wanted a project to be put up for Kinka Beach that could be put to the Ministers on the day they visited the beach. He said Mr Hinton had realised how bad it was on Sunday when they had walked on the new groyne. The tide had come over the top of it and it had been breached. The next tides were going to be even higher and the damage could be enormous. Cr Duncan McDonald said he was against borrowing an extra $100,000 because it was not going to do anything. "Out in the rural areas we want roads," he said. "The government has known about Kinka Beach for years. The people of Kinka have been cutting down trees for years and burning them. It's a waste of money as far as I am concerned." He queried why Livingstone had to pay for the works when people from other shires came to the Coast for the beaches. Cr Dowie foreshadowed that council carry the recommendation calling for provision to be made for a $100,000 loan with the addition that council did not see this fund as being adequate to do any satisfactory work at Kinka Beach and it be treated as an emergency issue and be taken up with the State Government. Cr Wall's amendment seeking an additional $100,000 loan was lost. Council then discussed the original motion with Cr Dowie's addition. Cr Key Hinz said he felt council had to put something in its budget for erosion. He had seen merit in the idea of providing 5200,000. He doubted anyone would pay 100 per cent of the cost. The motion, as it stood, did not say the money was specifically for Yeppoon. Itcould be Yeppoon or Kinka Beach. He was keeping his options open. Closing the debate, Cr Bowen said it was a State and Federal Government matter. The money had to come from the State Government's general fund. Cr Cogill recorded her name against the decision.

Senator Flo to open hospital THE new St Andrew's private hospital in Cliff Street, Yeppoon, will be officially opened tomorrow, Saturday, at I lain by Senator Lady Bjelke-Petersen. The hospital will be dedicated by the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Moderator Reverend Graham Lake. Capricorn Coast residents are invited to attend the official opening and dedication ceremony.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989 - 5

Christie V Appeal closes with $7456 THE Christie V Appeal, organised by Yeppoon Lions Club, raised 57,456 was finalised at Yeppoon Bowls Club last week. Appeal organiser Don Knowles thanked everyone who was involved in the appeal, in particular: Telecom, 4R0, Iron Barque, Vocal-Eyes, Atlanta, This Way Up, Ambush, Janine Vaughan and Eddie Olsen. He also thanked all major raffle donors: East West Airlines, Great Keppel Island Resort, David Woodward, Jim Wood, Yvette's Res-

taurant. "Of course, everyone who donated anything or assistedwith the appeal has our thanks," Mr Knowles said. "I can't name everyone, because there were so many who gave their time and money to help." Yeppoon Bowls Club held a charity bowls day for Mrs Coucom last week and presented a cheque for S500 to Jim Coucom who handed on the money to her.

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• ABOVE: Christie V Appeal organiser and Yeppoon Lions Club member Don Knowles, Lions club treasurer Wayne Flohr, Jim COUC017I, Bruce Harris from telecom and Yeppoon Bowls Club president Norm Myler, The appeal was finalised with a charity day at the club.

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Cooberrie area parents want second bus run A DEPUTATION of parents from the Cooberrie district whose children attend Farnborough State School will meet Education Minister Brian Littleproud on Monday, March 6, in an attempt to secure an additional school bus route. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton arranged the deputation following a meeting with parents at Farnborough School. Parents of 10 children expressed concern at their necessity to transport children to Farnborough School by car. "The children already have access to a school bus to Yeppoon State Primary School but their parents have voluntarily chosen Farnborough," Mr Hinton said. "Parents in the area are assessing how many other children would use an additional bus service if it were available." Mr Hinton inspected Byfield and Farnborough State schools on a tour of Broadsound schools. "I am pleased that both schools are in first class condition with new improvements under way. "Byfield State School has a new early education unit, costing 590,000 which is providing excellent pre-school education in the district. A new covered play area will be constructed by the end of June this year." "At Farnborough the new pre-school is presently under construction and when completed should release an additional class room. This will enable the school to split up the existing composite class of years 4, 5, 6 and 7. An additional teacher will then be required," he said. "Should the school bus initiative be successful, bringing more students to the school, then this move would be further facilitated." Mr Hinton praised the staff and parents and citizens associations at both schools on the "outstanding conditions of the school grounds". "However, the staff facilities at Farnborough State School are totally inadequate and I am writing to Mr Littleproud in an endeavour to have improvements in this situation effected."

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Shire council wants a logo LIVINGSTONE Shire residents have been invited to submit ideas and sketches for a logo representing the shire. Council's Tow-ism and Development Committee chairman Cr Mike Prior said the logo could be used by Shire businesses, organisations and council. "We're looking for something that is instantly recognisable as representing our coastline and hinterland," Cr Prior said. "Sketches are preferable, but we realise not everyone has artistic talents, so ideas on what could be included would be quite okay. "We want input from the whole community. The ideas and sketches will then be given to an artist so a decision can be reached by council." The contest is expected to run for two months from this week. "Council has arranged prizes for logo winners. We have organised a weekend for two at Great Keppel Island Resort, two nights at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort, a day trip to the reef on the Reefseeker, a day trip on Victory and a family pass to shire attractions." There are no entry forms and all entries are to be addressed to shire clerk Jim Brown. Any inquiries about the logo to shire planner Scot Stewart at council.

• ABOVE: Yeppoon RSL member Menyn Scope wasn't backward when asked to pose with a trio of beauties at the RSL conference on Saturday. From left: Tracy-Ann Weick from The Caves is an entrant in this year's Girl in a Million, Kynt Jarrott is the current Golden Girl and Trevina Hall is the current Girl in a Million.

Savemore Centre 39 2392

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, February 26 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6pm, Emu Park CWA Hall ■ ABOVE: Ned Warren was presented with a life membership badge by Bruce Towle at the Yeppoon Hack and Pony Club's meeting on Sunday. Let our l'refe.:csiOnal-Stylists c a new and e,vciting sty-elor titttli `1Ce tise only top quail' tit prady.

17 Hill St, Yeppoon (o(d c-EB office) 39 4720 (Opposite La Bamba)

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A QUIZ and fun night has been organised by Yeppoon Primary School's Parents and Citizens Association for Friday, March 3 at 7.15pm in Yeppoon Town hall. If you don't have anyone to go with ... it doesn't matter because there will be vacancies at tables so pairs or singles can fit. It really isn't a night for top-of-the-drawer trivia players ... just lots of fun with weird questions, perfect for apprentice trivia people. The cost is $16 for a family, $6 adults and playing children are $3, others are free. Babysit ting is free at the town hall ands() is a light supper. Drinks will be on sale. *** AFTER being in recess for the last two months, Yeppoon Camera Club has started its 1989 programme. Competitions set for the recent meeting were black and white prints with 'Open' category, also colour transparencies, with 'Landscape' the open section and 'Seascape' the restricted. In black and white prints the placings were: 1, Harold Vaughan with "White-faced Heron"; 2, Rex Kean with "Claude"; 3, Rex Kean with "Birds at Nest". Merit to R Channells with "Egretta Gazetta with catch". In seascape, Margaret Kean won first place with "At Anchor"; 2, Rex Kean with "Breakthrough"; 3, Bill Vaughan with "Cyclone David". Merit to Margaret Kean with "Tradewinds". The open section was landscape: 1, Margaret Kean with "Fogg Sun"; 2, Norma Channells with "Creek Scene"; 3, Althea Vaughan with "Through the fog". Two merits to R Channells, "Storm Sequel" and "Storm Passes". Judge for the evening was club patron Reg Fitzpatrick. The club meets on the second Monday of each month at Yeppoon RSL rooms at 8pm.

NINETEEN members attended the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts annual meeting on February 15. President Marie Bayliss, secretary Ella Richter and treasurer Beryl Watson were re-elected unopposed. The yearly calendar of events is now available at the Paint Pot Gallery. For a trial period in March and April the monthly meetings will be held at 4.30pm instead of the customary 7.3Opm. The committee hopes the new time will encourage more members to attend. The next monthly meeting is on Wednesday, March 15 at the Paint Pot Gallery on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets, Yeppoon. New members are always welcome. A water colour workshop is to be held at the Anglican Conference centre on Monday, February 27 from 8.30am to 4pm. The tutor is watercolourist Brian Kehoe and hisworkshops have been enjoyed by members and others over the years. If you are attending, take your lunch, morning and afternoon teas are supplied. Another workshop is planned for April. For information on Brian Kehoe's workshop or any future ones, please phone 39 1330 or 33 6135. *** FATHER Chris Schick was ordained in St Joseph's Cathedral on July 1, 1982. He served at Holy Rosary Parish, Bundaberg from February, 1984 and started his ministry out west as Parish Priest of Barcaldine with Father John Hill. Father Chris is the 13th child of Tony and Abbie Schick and was educated at St Brendan's Colleae.

Glass Cut-to-Size • Showerscreens • Aluminium Windows • Tiles • Grouting et Adhesives Flyscreens • Security Screens Wardrobe Doors • Framed Mirrors 0.3 Tanby Road - 39 1840; 39 7622 a/11)

• ABOVE: Scope is donating $1500 to update the swings and equipment in Beaman Park. Member Pat Handley is dressed readyfor the Rock n Roll Night at La Bamba tomorrow night (Saturday).

Capricorn COist Mirror FebruarY"24 -'March 2, 1989 - 7

Guides celebrate a day of thinking GUIDES from the first Yeppoon unit celebrating thinking day on Monday.

Thinking Day is when guides and brownies remember and think of others in the world. The girls and leader Viviennne Cole were dressed as people from other countries. During the afternoon leader Viv Cole received a good service badge for her work for guiding in Central Queensland. Thinking Day is celebrated as close to February 22, each year as possible. Lord Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave celebrated their birthdays on February 22, but several years apart. Olave Baden Powell was born in 1889, Robert Baden Powell in 1857.

A. J. Ralston PTY and Associates LTD OPTOMETRISTS'


• ABOVE: First Yeppoon Guides celebrated Thinking Day . on Monday at the guide hut ... in national costumes to show how far guiding is in the world. Pictured, not in order: Kvlie Dexter, Leonie Duncan, Brommi Cole, Wendy Huxtable, Bobby-Jo Birse, Julia Watts, Lisa McLean, Laura Minter, Jackie Cole, Anglea Neil, Simone Craig Kaylene Mitchell, Stacey Hallet, Leisa Pitt, Deanna Miles, Angela McPherson, Angela Bell and guider-in-charge Vivienne Cole. Not in the photo are assistant leader Natasha Busteed and unit helper Lyn Pitt. FRIDAY, March 2 is World Day of Prayer. The venue this time is at two churches. At Yeppoon it is the Uniting Church in James Street, Yeppoon and there are two services ... one at 10am and the other 7.30pm. And Emu Park's Anglican Church, Archer Street, will host the other at 10am. It is no longer called Women's World Day of Prayer ... now open to all men and women. This year's theme is "Lord, teach us to pray" and the service is prepared by the Christian women of Burma. *** FREE volleyball games on Yeppoon Main Beach have been organised by the Queensland Recreation Council. The games are every Sunday from 2.30pm in front of the surf club. Yeppoon State Hihh School is supporting by giving the use of the volleyball nets. ***

ST Patrick's Day supper dance is on ... St Patrick's Day, Friday March 17 in Yeppoon Town Hall. Dance the night away from 7pm until midnight with Key Doyle and his orchestra. It is a family night and everyone'swelcome. Adults admission is S6 and pensioners and high school students S2. *** WANT to go back? Scope has organised a Rock 'n' Roll Night - music from the 50s and 60s - at La Bamba on Saturday, February 25. The fun starts at 8pm with lots of music, Rock `n' Roll and jive exhibitions and a limbo competition. Tickets are available (S5) from Beachcombers Hair Design and Scope members, or you can ring Lynda Gustafson, 39 3152 after work. Proceeds to new playground equipment in Beaman Park. ***

Australian Labor Party

&IN er Capricorn Coast

ALP Branch

It's time for a change of government in Queensland. Our State deserves better ...

Join the ALP Come and see how we operate ... what we stand for. Meetings first Thursday each month, Railway Hotel Function Room

Inquiries: 33 6649, 39 2233 NEXT MEETING 'N Thursday, March 1, 7.30pmi .8.athoimdrirmh-sullarnsmuniamr•mBe±ch


Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ...

A STEERING committee was tormed on Tuesday at Livingstone Shire Council chambers to gauge interest in starting a University of the Third Age on the Capricorn Coast. Forty-eight people heard Queensland Council of the Ageing co-ordinator Nell Stanaway and Queensland Recreation Council representative Ian Whitehead explain what the University of the Third Age is and how much benefit Coast residents would receive from one. The meeting was chaired by Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen. He started off the meeting with everyone in the chambers introducing themselves ... a real ice-breaker. The steering committee was formed and will be supported by Nell Stanaway and Ian Whitehead in advisory positions. It will organise another public meeting, gauge the amount of interest for a University of the Third Age on the Coast and gather information from the Rockhampton group. Those on the steering committee are: Joan Whyte, Joan Byatt, Brian Bartley, Cr Mike Prior, Pat Andersen, Jean Morton and Joy Walsh. Leo Carpenter would not accept a position at that time, but acted as secretary for the meeting. The committee has been offered the use of the council chambers and facilities ... a generous offer by Cr John Bowen. Rockhampton City Council has also supported the group there. The University of the Third Age is not a profit-making concern. The Rockhampton group has a SIO yearly fee and that covers postage, a newsletter, insurance and other incidentals. The Capricorn Coast has a large population of citizens of the third age ... people who are actively retired. They don't want to stagnate and a number of them want to learn things they didn't have the time or opportunity to do before retirement. *** THE Emu Park Historical Museum Society's flea market is on tomorrow, Saturday, at the museum in Hill Street, Emu Park. *** GUEST speaker at the next•general meeting of the Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland, Capricorn Branch is Livingstone Shire town planner Scot Stewart. In addition to informing the meeting about the town plan - in planning since 1977 - Mr Stewart will also speak about the local government role. Question time will be followed by slides/ video on the Shoalwater Bay Army Training Area. Venue is Yeppoon RSL hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, February 28. Everyone is welcome. Annual subscriptions for 1989 are due.

Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets 0 Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire 0 Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed/loose Flower Arrangements with... Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies

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PROBUS Club of Yeppoon's business meeting is at the sailing club on Thursday, March 2 at10am. On March 6 there is a get together for members and guests at the sailing club. Assemble at 6pm with dinner at 6.30pm/ Memberswho wish to attend andwhose nameswere not taken at the barbecue on February 13, please let secretary George Hillier know, 39 3361. *** THE Emu Park Lioness Club will not hold the Easter Carnival this year. Members thank past supporters and hope to see them in 1990.

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LUNCHEON and fashion parade organised by the Blue Nursing Women's Auxiliary for the service is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Wednesdy, April 26. ***

BYFIELD Historical Society's next meeting is on Saturday, March 4. Inquiries, please phone Mary O'Brien, 35 1169. *** YEPPOON Lioness Club has started craft sessions on Thursday, March'2 at 7.30pm lRid Wednesday, March 8 between 10am and 3pm at the shell club building in Whitman Street. Contact president Joan Byatt, 39 3189, for more information.

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FOR more than 15 years the Central Queensland conservation movement has regarded Shoalwater Bay as one of the more important sites in its region of interest. Conservationists have participated in a number of official inspections and have generally acknowledged that the Defence Department's management strategy is conservation based. Conservationists have worked with the army in this area to keep ecological damage to a minimum despite the land use. The department has also had discussions with the CSIRO and the conservation movement over land use policies. The key to environmentally sensitive land management is the ability of the Defence Department to currently spread its operations over a large area. This allows access restrictions to apply following military exercises to facilitate natural regeneration. This ability would t)e seriously restricted should sandmining proceed in the eastern areas. The Australian Heritage Commission and the Federal Government will be required to determine the significance of the mining proposal in the area. Of the major coastal key areas between Cooktown and NSW, Shoalwater Bay has been g a iven the highest heritage ranking of all. Other areas in comparision would include the Daintree Rainforests, Whitsunday region, Fraser Island and Cooloola. Shoalwater Bay is the largest and most undeveloped region on the east coast south of Cooktown ... a magnificent area scenically, and an important scientific reference area. Most of Shoalwater Bay Training Area has not been used extensively, and about 20 sites within the training area are being maintained as scientific reference points. The general public should be aware that there are two impact sites on Townsend Island and one site further west. The impact sites are probably the least used areas in Shoalwater Bay, not only because of the high cost of explosives, but because there are many other army activities just as important, if not more so. No impact sites are located in the proposed mining lease areas, which are the least used areas of all. The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland was established in 1963 by the poet Judith Wright. We now have 23 branches in Queensland and every branch now has an environment awareness officer. There are over 60 non-government conservation groups in Queensland and Australia has over 350,000 active conservationists, supported by many other citizens who are not in a position to publicly state their concerns. We are not totally anti-development. In spite of worldwide land degradation, pollution, and deforestation, most conservationists see the need for a 'marriage' between ecology and economics. There is a need to address economic issues because the environment does not exist as a separate unit from human factors, needs and ambitions. Greenhouse and ozone layer damage have shown us how sensitive our environment really

Dining out on the Capricorn Coast

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Friday Night —ad Dean Ahern has been at Kanangra for three and a half years and he is ably assisted b acting hostess Sandy Cullen


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is and how fine the line is between progress and pollution. The Capricorn Coast needs honest, sustainable industry and development ... industry that people can be proud to be a part of. Do we really need the so called 'ugly industry' sandmining, to create divisiveness and controversy in our community and cause the destruction of much of our beautiful coastline. - Pat O'Brien, Capricorn Coast branch Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland president.

Here we go againhowls of protest from greenies HERE we go again. A large company wishes to start an industry which will provide jobs and a boost to the area and to the economy and howls of protest come from `greenies', conservationists and others. Central Queensland is recoiling 'because the Government has a Northern Development Strategy but just about everything that wants to come to Central Queensland is met with a wall of opposition. There is more than just preserving beauty, animals and bats involved. The development of the north is an urgent strategic necessity if we are to survive, indeed it applies to all Australia. What we have to preserve for our children and grandchildren is our ownership of our God-given land and if we don't use our resources, others who don't have them, will. After February 15, 1942 (how many remembered that last week?) we were told by our conquerors (ask a POW) if they did not win the war, they would win the peace, if it took 100 years. Their pace is stepping up but their Fabian strategy cannot or will not be seen by Australia's famous Fabians who are running around trying to save us with an anti-nuclear stand. Wake up Australia before it is too late to save what has been hardly fought for. By the way, will someone tell me of what use is the Ghost bat? - H M Brownsdon, Farnborough Road, Yeppoon.

Pivot mining plan has Mirror's 'blind support' WITH regard to the Pivot sandmining proposal which obviously has your blind support, I offer these comments. 1 The mining lease areas have never been bombed, nor is live firing involved. For 24 years the Army has acted responsibly and confined live firing and bombing to particular areas. One can only assume that this will continue. 2 The two large marine estuaries of Port Clinton and Island Head Creek, which are extremely important to both recreational and commercial fishermen, are at risk from this proposal. These two estuaries are the only estuaries in Central Queensland that have not been destroyed, partially destroyed or affected by man's so-called progress. Open your eyes and take a look at the rest. For example, in Figtree Creek at Yeppoon, we have playing fields and buildings where once mud crabs lived and mullet swam. 3 Sandmining has been banned on Fraser Island and strongly opposed on Moreton Island, both these islands are very nice but do not compare with the appeal that Port Clinton, Pearl Bay and Island Head have for the boating community. That part of the mining lease area is the most picturesque part of the Australian coastline. Only an environmental vandal would support mining that area. 4 Finally, we obviously need an Army and that Army needs the most diverse training area. If these young soldiers are willing to put their lives on the line to protect our families and this country then Pivot and its supporters can take their mining proposals elsewhere for mine. - Ray Harris, 40 Adelaide Street, Yeppoon.

'Pleasure to read unbiased article' on sandmining TO the editors and special note to James Hill. It was a pleasure to read your unbiased article on mining in the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area. Very rarely these days does one have the inclination to congratulate any of the media on feature articles or news produced, especially in the print division. To me, a journalist is a person who gathers the news and facts and prints them in a completely unbiased, unpersonalised article. I believe the old-day reporters would turn over in their graves at some items that are produced by so-called journalists today. The majority do nothing except sensationalise. or attempt to push their own views and beliefs down the public's throat. A true example of this is the ABC TV with their current affairs and news items pouring out the views of only one political party. As a swinging voter the ABC has lost me through this reason. I think my mentality is above the political trash they dish out. Having had my dig. back to the article on Shoalwater Bay. Great work and congratulations on this article. Also, as a long-time fan of James Hill, I can only say these paragraphs are a classic of great column work. - A Moore, Kinka Beach.

How can council cut down those Casaurina trees? HOW can the Livingstone Shire Council be so ignorant as to cut down Casaurina trees on Mulambin Beach? There they are, piteously bleating to the State Government for funds to fight erosion, and at the same time taking a chainsaw to nature's answer to the problem. Don't they know that if you cut down a tree on a beach or on a hillside, you cause erosion? Is that not grade one commonsense stuff? • Are they so blind that they cannot see that this Coast has a natural answer to erosion with its Casaurina and Weeping Cabbage Palms. These trees are native to the Coast and grow here quickly and easily. I went along to the council nursery in Yeppoon and asked for some Casaurina trees. "Oh no, sorry lady, we don't have any of those. They're not an attractive tree you know". So Kinka Beach is being washed away and Yeppoon beach remains a problem but the council has not one Casaurina tree to replace all those it destroyed last week. - Name and Address supplied.

Scientist's evaluation was not an objection THE CSIRO scientist referred to in last week's report on Pivot Group Limited's proposal to mine the Shoalwater Bay area said this week he had not made public his "objections" ... he had released his "evaluations". He said his evaluations were a comment on Pivot's draft Environmental Impact Statement. He said the role of the CSIRO was to make information available to the public.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989 - 9


Mulambin concern at gradual loss of protective trees THE following letter has been sent to Livingstone Shire Council. MULAMBIN Beach residents have contacted me expressing their concern over the gradual removal of beach protecting trees in their area, namely Beach Casuarinas or Coast She-oak. I discussed this with the Shire engineer Pat Murphy, who said that the trees removed were old and dangerous. True, that this casuarina can become straggly as it matures, with dead branches appearing. However, judicious pruning in the early stages would overcome this problem and prolong the life of the tree. This Beach Casuarina (Casuarina Equisitifolia) is an ideal tree for planting in fore dunes and one that occurs naturally all along the Queensland Coast. I would suggest that council takes note of the experimental area planted by the Beach Protection Authority on the southern side of Sunflower Street beach entrance to Kinka Beach. Walk along the beach and it can be seen how the trees, planted only one to two metres apart, now form a dense wind break, while helping to hold the dune. Unfortuately, this continuous line, forming a barrier to wind and wind blow sand, was partially destroyed two years ago when a fire was allowed to burn through the dunes in order to `improve' the sea view. Plantings of natives, preferably before the removal of shade and protection from the older trees, together with the backing of other salt tolerant natives, such as the Cottonwood (Hibiscus Tileaceus) - a magnificent specimen of this species occurs on Kinka Beach area to which I have already referred - also Pink Walnut (Endiandra Sieberi) and Weeping Cabbage Palm (Livistona Decipiens). This mix would provide the protection that is sensibly sought by the Mulambin Beach residents. In addition, all the above species have value for resident birds. The Capricorn Coast has a wealth of bird life, but, species are disappear-

ing due to the gradual clearing of native vegetation. This has become very apparent during the five years plus I have been living at Kinka Beach and keeping records of the bird population. The shire council should take every opportunity to treasure the bird life - which is not only a tourist attraction, but also for the usefulness of the birds themselves in controlling the insects. Coconut Palms have little food value for our native birds, and they do have a reputation for harbouring cockroaches. Therefore they do not provide a sensible alternative to a mixed planting of native trees. - (Mrs) F M Crawford.

Three species of birds lost because hollow tree cut

WITH regard to James Hill's comments "Back of the Mirror", as the wildlife preservation society member with the greatest interest in birdlife, I wish to remark on his view that to build a house you remove trees and birds nests, but then completing your building, you plant more trees and back come the birds. Unfortunately things are not so simple as that, as my experience during the past five years at Kinka Beach has proven. When we moved in, there were birds of 10 different species nesting in all directions around us. The loss of a single tree, complete with nesting hollows to make room for a house opposite us, means that we no longer have nesting Dollarbirds, Pale-headed Rosellas or Blue-winged Kookaburras. They will not return to this particular place during my lifetime, because they need the hollows found in older trees! Also, birds that shun close proximity to people - flycatchers, whistlers and some finches - are not seen so frequently these days. I no longer hear owls calling at night or see Crested Hawks nesting in a neighbour's garden. True, some birds learn to accept our presence and benefit from well stocked gardens - such as sunbirds and several species of honeyeaters, and sparrows. The diversity of bird species however is gradually lost. - Molly Crawford, 6 Natalie Place, Kinka Beach.


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Home-made sandwiches and cakes are available, but you are welcome to bring your own food and picnic under the trees. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are on sale in one of the church halls. Weddings, Conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome Group bookings are available

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• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Toastmasters were at the northern division conference at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort on Saturday. Noelene Drost and Jennifer Betheras were judges and Morag Clay and Glynis Cumming competed in speech contests.

Coast Toastmasters gain thirds SPEECH quality was high at the Northern Division Toastmasters Conference at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort on Saturday. The three Capricorn Coast Toastmaster competitors gained two third places. In the International Speech Contest, with nine speakers, Glynis Cumming's theme was `I'll take romance' and gained her a third. Morag Clay was placed third in the Evaluation Speech Contest from the 10 speakers. Sally Tickle took part in the Humorous Speech Contest with `Women's work is never done'. The humorous section speeches were presented before dinner. Sally expanded her theme to include shopping as a stimulation of the economy. There were eight entries in that section. The first and second placegetters go to Brisbane in May for the the District/Downunder Convention. That convention is winners of all Australia/New Zealand and South Pacific competitions. The winner of that convention then goes to the international contest in America in August. Coast resident Jennifer Betheras, Area Four ( Governor, was nominated as Northern Division Lieutenant Governor for 1989/90 in a tied


CAFE 39 2394

ALL TAKEAWAYS Open from 7.30am 7-days-a-week SIT-DOWN MEALS Normanby St, Yeppoon

ballot with a Townsville Toastmaster. Election for this position takes place at the May convention in Brisbane. The Northern Division divers Rockhampton to the Gulf and Northern Territory. The Lieutenant Governor is in charge of the division and oversees all clubs and area governors. Jennifer has been in Toastmasters for four years and is a charter member of the Capricorn Coast Toastmasters. She has been Coast secretary and educational vice-president and is currently administrative vice-president, Rockhampton Boomerang president and Area Four Governor. Toastmasters is a learning club and the membership is constantly changing as members learn as much as they need to do whatever they want in speechcraft and meeting procedure. Members are available and willing to speak at any local group's meetings or functions. The Capricorn Coast branch has organised youth leadership programmes at Yeppoon State High School, St Ursula's College and St Brendan's College. Toastmasters next meeting is on Wednesday, March 1 in Yeppoon's CWA Hall at 7.30pm. People attending the speechcraft classes will be at the meeting. Anyone interested in seeing how Toastmasters operate is welcome to attend. Contact Sally Tickle, 39 4011, for information about Toastmasters, speakers or classes.

Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

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Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989



Capricorn Coast

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by telephone.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO Jo-anne (JO-JO) Mackie. Many happy returns for today (Friday, February 24). I hope your 15th birthday goes well for you and all your wishes come true. Love from the family, Tina and Keith.



Weight Watchers

For all your valuation requirements, Urban & Rural

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Kim Shields

Yeppoon CWA Hall, Tues 7pm Emu Park CWA Hall, Mon 9.30am

Diploma of Business A.A.I.V.

Capricorn Valuation Consultants Phone Yeppoon: 39 4139 or Rockhampton: 22 5758

ECKANKAR Free Introductory Video Are you interested in your dreams and their spiritual meanings? How about Soul Travel to discover your divine Self? Or reincarnation, past lives, spiritual mastership and how to work with the laws of divine Spirit in everyday situations? You're invited to "The Journey Home" a halfhour videotape presentation on the teachings of ECKANKAR Date: Monday, February 27 Time: 7.30pm Place: Yeppoon RSL Hall or phone 39 7157 or 34 4154

Yeppoon LIVESTOCK CARRIERS • 10x7 Tray • Cattle • Calves • Horses Stuart 39 4165 anytime

EVANS,EDWARDS & ASSOCIATES CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS_ Professional Accountants, Tax Agents and Business Advisors YEPPOON office attended \ Tuesday: Judith (Julie) Ward

Wednesday: Tony Edwards}

23 Hill St, Yeppoon (beside Maguire's Solicitors)

39 1766

Rockhampton: 27 4588 Emerald: 82 1240 Brisbane: 245 4566

AN EMU PARK CLUB FOR RETIRED AND SEMI-RETIRED BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MEN is being planned under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Yeppoon, to be known as the PROBUS Club of EMU PARK. Probus clubs provide regular monthly meetings for retired men who appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and enjoy their fellowship. They also hold discussions on matters of current importance, hear addresses by guest speakers and visit places and organisations of specific interest. Retired men interested in becoming members can obtain further information by ringing John Degotardi, 39 1283, or Godfrey Haskins, 39 1246, or by writing to the Secretary, Rotary Club of Yeppoon, PO Box 202, Yeppoon.

Amazing Discoveries in

LIZ and Jessica Pilbury and family wish to sincerely thank relatives and friends and staff of Rockhampton and Yeppoon Base Hospitals for their kindness and support in our time of great loss of Hugh Frederic Pilbury. Please accept this as our personal thanks.

for strength, longer life and rust-free service

... fit FIBREGLASS components Mudguards • Bonnets • Roofs Available from:

Central Qld Fibreglass (alongside Airstrip)

39 6038

EMU PARK 33 6363 a/h

Physiotherapist (Mrs Alyson Macdonald)

21 Hill Street, Yeppoon wishes to advise that her clinic is open ,

Monday, Wednesday & Friday For appointment: 39 1715 33 6621 a/h

Joseph Kenna and Co

111111"• ••••

Chartered Accountants


For all Taxation and Business Advice

SAVEMORE CENTRE YEPPOON Tuesday: Jeff Buntain Thursday: Jeff Carlos Phone 39 2132 224 Quay Street, Rockhampton Phone 27 3122

Denis Hinton your Local Member for

AO .. 4 -,zio, "•

Broadsound FRI, Feb 24

Ypn High Snr Induction A'noon: Yeppoon office Eve: Ypn branch NP meet

SAT, Feb 25

Morn: Opening St Andrews Hospital Yeppoon PM: Opening R'ton Airport Terminal Central Council NP meet Biloela

SUN, Feb 26

Central Council NP meeting, Biloela

MON, Feb 27

Yeppoon Office

TUES, Feb 28

Yeppoon Office

WED, March 1

Morning: Yeppoon Office A'noon: Yeppoon Races

1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

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A Program for you & your family

Toyota Landcruiser Owners!

R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily

THURS, March 2 Cap Coast Women's Section NP meeting. A'noon: Yeppoon office Evening: Tree Crop subcommittee Fruitgrowers Meeting



39 2212 Parcel Delivery Burton's



CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary. Community Health, 39 1469. 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell. 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian Meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome.



you must not miss.

Wednesday, March 1, 7.30pm Yeppoon Town Hall Normanby St, Yeppoon Admission Free - Expense collection only For reserved seats: Phone 39 7667 or 39 4457

EXPRESS Parcel I DELIVERY3Rti'mtoens/Ydparily Coastal 22 1789 Carriers

I can run your office! Let me handle your: • Cash flow forecasting • Stock Control & Records • Office Filing Systems & Records • Letter writing • Banking & Finance Problems

I will chase your bad debts! Like you, I am prepared to work weekends and evenings

• Confidentiallity Assured • $15 per hour - 2 hour min. I can work in your office or in my home Phone Margo 39 7045 after 6pm

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989 - 11


Carpenter. is hereby withdrawn from all agents. WEEKEND only. Herbs from $2 pot, Saint Martin Herb Garden. Phone 39 7621. BOOK-KEEPING: experienced book-keeper requires work in Yeppoon area. Can reconcile cash books & prepare financial statement. Ph 39 4321. YOGA classes every Monday at 9.30 - 11am. National Fitness Hall. Queen Street. Ph 39 2413. CORRECTION: Nominations for management committee positions with Capricorn Coast Basketball Incwill close February 28, 1989 and not 24/ 3/89 as previously advertised. A Shackleton, Secretary. DIRTY carpets? Ring Liz Watt for a demonstration of Filter Queen's vacuum cleaner (Australianmade). 39 4607. CAPRICORN Coast Basketball Inc calls on all referees for a meeting on Tuesday, February 28. 7pm at High School Stadium. APPLIQUE classes - Kim Kucsak introducing creative applique classes in Emu Park. Ring 39 6580 for further details. ADULT literacy group classes Wednesdays, National Fitness Hall, 7.30pm. Further information Brenda. 39 4304. LENORE Dean School of Ballroom every Monday. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Classes 7.30pm. Private lessons by appointment. 39 4602.. DRESSMAKING classes - from 'beginners upwards - being held in Emu Park. 39 6580 for details. WANT to have a club fundraiser, pre-wedding or baby shower? Consider a linen showing. Good discounts and gift. Phone Doris, 39 2416. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all orinisations and mostfunctions. Reasonable rent. none Pauline, 39 3252. EMU Park Pharmacy open over Easter for your holiday needs.


Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10aM Sundays

"Carmel", 6 Emu Street Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147


VINCE HANNAN -- 39 1513

TRUCK FOR HIRE 12 ton dropside tipper & grain bin


Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am o7 6-6.30pm

For Services at a Fair Price!



Genny Hannan's ART CLASSES Beginning March 8 Interested? Phone 39 1513

39 2106 anytime

Graeme's Plumbing & Draining Service

* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

• Sunday School -- 9.15am • Morning Worship -- 10.30am Family Night fellowship tea 5.30pm followed by Film Showing 7pm. Children's Film & "The Calling" A True Story of Missionaries in Peru Dramatic Powerful Film

Carpet Cleaning Emu Park — 39 6178


39 6714

REG BUILDER 39 3680... for quotes



39 7646 Kevin Pearce


Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Members of Capricorn Coast Women's Section, Yeppoon Branch & Cooee Bay Branch of the NATIONAL PARTY invite you to meet the Hon the Premier, Mike Ahern & his Cabinet at a ''Meet the People Barbecue" Venue: Cooee Bay Hall, Matthew Flinders Dve Time: 5.30pm, March 5, 1989 Cost: $8 per person RSVP 1st March, 1989 39 2352 or 39 1007



Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

Sandblasting Box Trailers to Semis

K. & L.R. Ruskin

Trenching Services

ALL STEEL ITEMS Painting done ... primed or Tar Epoxy to finishes

• Rat Walls • Underground Power • Pipe Laying • Back Fill Blade • Drainage & Irrigation • Post Holes


Henry St, Emu Park

Len Payne ...

Ph. (079) 39 6408

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast

B.A.C-REMOVALS Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Storage • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly Eric Sundgren

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22 4049


Tanby Road Roundabout

39 4092 Aporimirirmat



Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS-pty,Led Industrial — Residential — Commercial 0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations

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Denis Schofield


Len Keily's


Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates Z4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740,

Peter and Toni


Rick Barnes



oUBLIC NOTICES ..OUSE 16 Adelaide Street, Yeppoon. F E and L M

I.C. & S. Stanley 39 1139

Bill Green

ELECTRICIAN Phone 39 7950



DRAINER Maintenance * Renovations * New work

Phil Munro

33 6714 .1

Cleaning' 'We


everything' ...

Domestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning FRFE QUOTES ANYTIME

Bob Jocumsen's eieaning Service,

35 1181

CARPENTER Licensed contractor - 1st class wcrk Free quotes on: Renovations • Extensions Decks & Pergolas • Built-in Robes

For small and large jobs Phone

Brian Hudson- 39 4423

Tradesman Welder Maintenance and Construction

No Job Too Small Phone Greg

39 4539

Welding and Mechanical Service

cnr Tanby Rd & McBean St, Yeppoon

Specialised & General Welding


• Steel • Aluminium • Stainless •

39 6105 (M & M Uziel) 39 6105

Recores & Radiator Repairs Oxy, MIG Welding & Electric

Mobile 240 V Welding Unit

Capricorn Radiators 53 Tanby Rd 39 4810

18 Sunflower St, Kinka Beach

General Mechanical Repairs

Boat Trailer Maintenance, Fabrication & Repairs

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989

St James bowls

Landholders querying council's rights on signs

ST JAMES Indoor Bowling Club's new president Joan Dobby, extended a warm welcome to 18 indoor bowlers from OBI club Rockhampton. After a happy evening of bowling the visiting team was successful with 103 points to St James 87. The monthly meeting is at 7pm on Monday, March 6, with bowls starting at 7.30pm.

LANDHOLDERS have queried whether it is legal for Livingstone Shire Council to charge them for advertising hoardings erected on their properties ... and Cr Ron Landsberg said some big property owners were prepared to take the matter

Mirror Classifieds work - just $3

to court.

He was commenting on a report submitted to council on "the legality of charging for advertising signs, in the light of complaints from various members of the public". Shire clerk Jim Brown told council in the report that chapter four of the council's by-laws contained the enabling provisions concerning advertising devices. Part 4 related to construction standards of advertising hoardings and part six related to licensing.

Council's policy statement Advertising Signs and Devices was developed to assist council in determining applications for new advertising signs. "The chief problems encountered in recent times stem from the fact that the provisions of the by-law and policy have not been enforced consistently and licensing was allowed to lapse completely about five years ago," Mr Brown said. Council had been progressively catching up on the backlog and establishing proper records, control and follow-up. It was anticipated council would be in a position to send out licensing renewal application forms in advance on July 1 this year. "Annual licensing is necessary to provide for

the sytematic control and inspection of all signs the shire and a reasonable level of fee is necess, to ensure that the user-pays principle is maintained," Mr Brown said. Cr Landsberg said he did not think the report was what had been asked for at the previous meeting. He felt the report should have dealt with matters such as going onto other people's land and charging for it. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said fees were necessary to see that signs were erected properly. Cr Landsberg said some landholders were querying whether council could legally charge them and some were prepared to take it to court. Cr Bowen suggested council could save them some money by sending them council's by-laws.






ALL painting, paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CARPENTER: all types building and concrete work. Tom Titmarsh, 39 6331. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. FREE quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. PHOTOGRAPHER specialising Weddings and portraits. Noel Naumann Photography. 342896. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber Keith Chivers - 39 3518. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and f< J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOFand gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

GARAGE Sale: Kitchen cupboards. double bowl sink, stove with rotissery, rangehood and divider. Phone 39 2331. SATIN and lace wedding dress, size 18. $500 ono. Phone 28 3484 or 39 1847. FOUR young Ringneck Parrots. Two double breeding cages. 25 Charles Street. 39 3195. RIDE-ON mower, Rover Colt. $650. Ph 39 6472. GARAGE Sale, Saturday, February 25, 13 Percy Ford Street, Cooee Bay, 8am to 1pm. New single beds, two whipper snippers, electric blankets, tools and etc. Assortment of other goods. BATTERIES for your car, boat, tractor or truck. All sizes. Top quality. Phone 34 4278. BICYCLE, lOsp racer, Repco. VGC. $135. Roadmaster lOsp, $85. 39 4353. LARGE palms (7' -8') $16. others from $2. Budget Nursery, Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. See Budget Nursery signs. GARAGE sale: Emu Park Kindergarten, Saturday. March 11, 9am. Donations gratefully accepted. Items can be sold on commission basis. Items for sale include set of French Doors. Phone 39 6208 or 39 6932. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. SAFE n Sound baby car seat $60; 1984 Falcon s/ wagon, 8 mths rego, auto, air-cond, excellent condition. Phone 39 3933. GARAGE sale: All household and garden equipment. Owner moving. Saturday and Sunday at 46 Maida Street, Esplanade at 7am. 39 4236. CHEAPEST palms on Capricorn Coast: Coconut trees, Malayam dwarf from $9.50; Fully established Alexander and Queens $35 in 401t bags. Plus many others. Palms and Plants 2000, Hill Street or 39 3913. GARAGE sale. from 7am. Gas/elect fridge, student's desk. 2hp air cond, ass tools, ex bike and walker elect welder, carpets, many other household items. 68 Normanby Street. 39 3851. TWO-MAN tent. VG order. Also girl's pushbike. Phone 39 6028. YEPPOON Stockfeed. Stock fodder and vet lines for all your farm animals and pets. Dip and washers for ticks and fleas. Birds and birdseed. Gold and tropical fish. In gardening we have a good varietyof organicfertiliser in 5kg bags. Osmocote $5.60 per kilo. Mulch $2. Chook Poo $5. We also stock products to kill insects, fungus and weed in your garden. Saddles and repair. Winner of our lucky $100 of stockfeed was Lyn Thompson. Yeppoon. Phone 39 4320. GARAGE sale: all household furniture and pot plants. Start 7am. Last turn on left before Emu Park or Tanby Road. Sign out front of house. Saturday and Sunday. Phone 39 7112. SEWING machine. Globe, as new. Must sell. Half price, $250. 39 3271. FIVE pine breakfast bar stools. Phone 39 1136. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835.

Tradesman, PAINTER George Barrett & Co. ' * All types of Painting * Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes All hours

39 1679

Answering service

Butt's BugMobiles Have Moved to 53 TAN BY RD Cf • Rust Repairs • Panel Beating •



39 4847 Call in for a Free Quote


Coastal LP Gas Supplies •

Interior * Exterior * Free Quotes *



Allan 'Happy' Warren

39 3113 ' 16 yesrs on the Coast

LOST AND FOUND LOST: 2 year-old black Brangus Bull, cross-

EL-GAS 39 1406 33 6472 a/h REAL ESTATE FOR six weeks only. $66,000 buys "Boksburg", Emu Park. 5 bedroom highset concrete under, large entertainment area, lock-up workshop, solar hotwater, town and tank water, established lawn. gardens. Phone owner 39 6176. Agents welcome.

branded OP2. Phone 39 7923 nights.

PETS GIVE-AWAY three kittens. Phone 39 3414.


FOR HIRE METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 1640. DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in .. 34 4174.

WANTED TO BUY HALF size violin and music stand. Phone 394555. WANTED: Piano, good condition. Phone 393269. CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h, 39 4304 a/h. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.



5'6" BUFFET, folding beds, TV chair, cushions. 3 Marina Avenue. 39 3062. HIGH chair $20: wardrobe $25: chest of drawers $20: lounge chairs $50. 39 3328. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Ph Janet, 39 1095.

BOOK Exchange, bentral Yeppoon location. Contact 39 7923 night or at shop. LONG-established, well known retail outlet, Yeppoon. Totally refitted, bright new decor. Caters local/tourist, beach, casual, accessories. Easy to manage. Low overheads. Good lease' available. POA. Phone owners 39 4742 after 6.30pm. Genuine inquiries only.



39 3119 a/h: 39 3773 ARTHUR STREET YEPPOON

Furniture Secondhand/New Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines. Good Gift Items, Tools, Elec. Saws, Drills & Sanders, Hanimex Movie Camera & Projector

New consignment yard opening soon

TUTORS/TUITION TUITION available: Maths. Physics. Chemistry. Experienced teacher. Phone 33 6517.

TO RENT PRIME position, Yeppoon workshed, about 190 sq metres for lease. Ample parking and display area. Phone 39 4461 after 7pm.



WINDOWS that will

LAST and are

• Decorative ■ Won't Rust • Secure Made-to-measure

'Aluminium Awnings and

Holland Blinds Central Coast Insect Screens FREE QUOTE

39 4318

BINGO SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall, Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No. B22892. WEDNESDAY: 7.30pm. Keppel Bay Sailing Club . Permit No. 23049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Per. mit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B22744. SATURDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B22735.

BIG WHALE offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals.

Feeding tours hourly from 11arti.

Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581

YEPPOON modern 3br unfurnished house for long-term lease. Contact Shane at Commonwealth Bank, Yeppoon. 39 3633 or a/h 39 4321.

MOTOR VEHICLES FALCON sedan, XB, new paint, tyres and trim. RWC. VGC. $2,500 ONO. Phone 39 4633. TOYOTA Landcruiser parts, 1970. engine, 3 speed box and transfer case, front axle with diff, no brakes, front and rear drive shafts. 1975 all cub glass and door catches, power brakes assisted with near new master cylinder, km speedo and class gauges. Phone 39 1213.

MARINE 14ft caper cat boat, good condition, unregistered trailer, $2000. Phone 39 6316. MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine. Yeppoon. 39 4002.

WORK WANTED LAWN-MOWING and tidying. Emu Park and Yeppoon area. Cheap rates. Phone 39 6138 FOR Al looking lawns and gardens. Ph 33 6407. IRONING done my home. $5 per hour. Prompt. Phone 39 1720. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. P1394182.... PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim. 39 3735. CEILINGS and walls washed, windows cleaned and exteriors washed down. Free quotes. Phone Des or Dot, 39 7110. CARPENTER available: renovations and repairat reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065.


COOBERRIE KENNEL and Cattery We care for your pets

Woodbury Road

Where to stay on the Coast Enioy Island Views from every unit a the

Bay Vacatioper 16.ARIZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overni,ght & Wekl 079) 39'1213


Woodbury Road, Cooberrie Park. Low to highset new three bedroom home set on three acres overlooking beautiful Cooberrie Valley. Offers prior to Auction considered. Phone Barry at

Elders Real Estate Yeppoon 39 1177 a/h 39 4180

Programme Information ... 39 4932


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (lust over Ross Creek ,

Own private beach (079) 39 1421 J

cinemax theatre On Site February 25, 1989 at 10.30am

39 7553

YEPPOON 1 $6.50; $5; $3.50

Fri, Sat, Feb 24, 25, at 6pm, 8pm NO SUNDAY SCREENING




Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989 - 13

Big YIBC night

Tie in junior cmaicket comp. CAPRICORN Coast junior cricket Year 8 and 9 competition leaders are St Brendan's Green and Gold still tied with one win, a draw, no losses and six points. Yeppoon All Stars has one win, a draw, a loss and six points and Yeppoon Wanderers, a draw, two losses and two points. Yeppoon All Stars d Yeppoon Wanderers 104-69 at Farnborough School on Saturday. Best batsman for the All Stars was Andrew Wilkinson 27 not out and best bowler was Trent McCamlev with three for 15. Yeppoon Wanderers best batsman was Craig Spenser 26 runs and best bowler was Chris Robertson, four for eight. Year 6 and 7 competition has Emu Park Aussies topping the score board with two wins, a draw, no losses and 10 points. Sacred Heart Koalas and Yeppoon Cavaliers tie with a win, a draw, a loss and six points and Yeppoon Coltswith a draw, two losses and two points. Yeppoon Cavaliers d Sacred Heart Koalas 90-85 at Yeppoon Primary School on Saturday. Best batsmen for Cavaliers were Scott Shearim and Michael Buckt on both with 26 not out and best bowler was Geoffrey Boon with three wickets. Sacred Heart Koalas best batsman was M McGrath 28 not out and best bowlers were "'chard Apps and Craig Newberry both took

• •• • ABOVE: Gary Morris (centre) wasn't changing between quarters at the Broncos v Yeppoon Invitation game on Saturday at St Brendan's College ... he lost a sock, shoe and jersey during a tackle. Looking on is Bronco Greg Howarth and waiting is Brad Donald.

Emu Park Aussies d Yeppoon Colts 100-74 at Emu Park Cricket Ground. Aussies best batsman was Aaron Solito with 24 not out and best bowler was Lee Donnellan two for four. Colts best batsman was David Lawton 15 runs and he was also best bowler with three for five. In Year 4 and 5 competition Yeppoon Cavaliers d Emu Park Aussies 105-101 at Emu Park Primary School. Cavaliers best batsmen were Adrian Moore with 25 not out and Peter Hansen 27 not out and best bowler was Michael Zasanski with two wickets. Aussies best batsman was Dane Hardy 17 and best bowler was Michael Muller with one wicket.. Yeppoon Colts d Sacred Heart Koalas 47-39. Colts best batsman was Nathan Stevens with five and best bowler was Cameron Blake, three for two. Koalas best batsmen were Quint Goody and B Hansen, both with three runs, and best bowler was Quint Goody took three for three.

ZILZIE GOLF ZILZIE Golf Club's Thursday stroke game was won by L Walling with 68 nett and B Sleeman with 67, who also won the pinshot. Winner of the flag on Saturday was 0 Phillips. Winner of the N and B Bull trophies on Sunday, a mixed Canadian, were Cec Saunders and 0 Phillips with 59 nett on countback from D Webb and G Brimmell. R Nixon and 0 Phillips won the pinshots. Winner of the men's single event was R Nixon 70 nett. Last week's winner of the single events for Cec Saunders trophy was Norm Bull with 38 points. Members and associates will meet at Iwasaki Golf club between 9.30am and 10am on Saturday, February 25, to hit off for competition play. There will be no competition at Zilzie club on Saturday, social play only. A bring-your-own barbecue tea will be held at Zilzie club in the afternoon. On Sunday, play will be a mixed aggregate VSS for V Svendsen trophies. Please arrange partners.

Biloela bowlers for Emu Park BILOELA bowlers will be in Emu Park for a full day of bowls and cent sale at the Singing Ship Indoor Bowls Club on Sunday. Organisers expect the visit to be as enjoyable as previous ones. Other games already arranged: St Vincent's at Rockhampton on March 9; Morrison Park at Singing Ship on March 11 and at Frenchville club on March 20. Members should check the nomination book if they are interested in these games. The first round for this year in the Cock and en of the Walk has been played and Ray TOW and Marj Wilson are still wearing the adges, congratulations to them both. Anyone is interested in learning to play indoor bowls is welcome at Emu Park Cultural Hall each Tuesday and Saturday at 1.30pm. "You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere as well as the bowling. Visiting bowlers are always welcome," the publicity officer said.

FIFTY-three indoor bowlers turned out for vice presidents' night last Friday at the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club. "Split Sixes" was played for trophies given by YIBC vice presidents Vera Farlow and Florence Collins and it was a night of social and keen bowling. Two points separated the first three placegetters. Top prize went to Mavis Brown and Nancy Janie who finished the night with 28 points. Three teams tied for second on 26 points. They were John Shepherd, Mery Eaaerling, Vera Farlow, Ken Crockett, Phyl Shepherd, Errol Ward, Tom Poole and Bonnie Atcheson. On countback, second place with an aaaregate of 36, went to John Shepherd, Mery Eggerling and Vera Farlow and third place was filled by Ken Crockett, Phyl Shepherd and Errol Ward with a score of 34. First place prizes were meat trays, second place bacon and eggs and third place biscuits. The lucky door, a basket of fruit, was held by Ron Hancock and first prize in the raffle (a meat tray) went to Betty Bannister, while Evelyn Seeman took out second prize. The first round of the Vamvakaris Shield will be played at the association hall in Rockhampton on Wednesday, March 1. YIBC has one team nominated in the fixture. The book is open for members wishing to attend the bowls barbecue afternoon on Sunday, March 5. Names are required for catering arrangements. On Wednesday, March 22, games director Vi Robson will host an Easter trophy day with Easter eggs as prizes.

Junior league

• ABOVE: Yeppoon Rugby League coach John Rhodes stood in as coach for the Yeppoon side in the game against the Brisbane Broncos on Saturday at St Brendan's. He is pictured giving a pep talk to the team and showed the Coast really had the Bronco spirit. [•

l'apticOrn Coast



CAPRICORN Coast Junior Rugby League sign-on in the mini and mod competition for under seven to under 12 was a success. Twenty-six players registered as well as a number of adult members at Saturday afternoon's sign-on. A follow up sign-on will be held after the swimming and junior cricket seasons. "Saturday's sign-on was held to take advantage of the Brisbane Broncos visit so any intending junior players would have a chance to meet them," publicity officer Paul Nugent said. "We don't want to encroach on the juniors other sports. So a followup sign-on will be held after those sports have finished their seasons." Mr Nugent said a clinic for intending coaches has been organised. "Coaches and other organisers will attend the clinic so they can be accredited. They will be taught how to cope, teach, train and care for young league players. "The team will then be allocated and training and games will start." Junior play is non-competitive with adults supervising all games. Shirts and footballs are supplied by the committee.

lir d



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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989

Bits and Pieces FAI trophy day has first win

Hole-in-one for Woodbridge

BITS and Pieces secured their first win for the season on Wednesday night in the A grade squash fixtures played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. They narrowly defeated former seconds placed Saints and Sinners, two rubbers each, eight games each, 126 points to 115. Dennis Etheridge at number four for Saints and Sinners was too consistent for reserve Brett Odell, taking the match in three. Chris Callard was at his tricky best to defeat Greg Pitt of Bits and Pieces 10-9 in the fifth, 41 points to 38. Chris Briggs is starting to strike form and applied the pressure to Bernie Lacey to win in three for Bits and Pieces. A grade Rockhampton player Jeff Lamb played as a reserve at number one for Saints and Sinners and was unfortunate to over-extend himself early in the fifth, going down to John Briggs 32 points to 44. Gordon Roberts excelled by taking the first game from Tony Smith, but as the match wore on Gordon found his legs no match for Tony's accuracy. Danny Tanks continues to steamroll the opposition. This week Larry Owens was the victim in three. Len Kelly indicated the return to form when he extended Wayne Teys to five. In general, players appeared to be settling in well to the new competition and this emphasised by half of the matches on Wednesday going down to the fifth game. Professionals defeated Navigators 3-1: Ellen Farr d Russell Fitzgerald 3-0; Val Odell d Leon Malone 3-2; Andrew Dowie v Joe Foat 0-3; Glen Ward d Neil Roberts 3-2. Odds and Ends defeated Secret Weapons 3-1: Wayne Teys d Len Kelly 3-2; reserve Mark Sargood v Glen Evans 2-3; Danny Tanks d Larry Owens 3-0; Tony Smith d Gordon Roberts 3-1. Bits and Pieces defeated Saints and Sinners, 126 points to 115: Brett Odell v Dennis Etheridge 0-3; Greg Pitt v Chris Callard 2-3; Chris Briggs d Bernie Lacey 3-0; John Briggs d reserve Jeff Lamb 3-2.

YEPPOON Golf Club Wednesday club was well attended and captain Jack Stratford is back on deck and Terry Woodbridge scored a hole-in-one. Ladies' stableford winner was Phebe Harris with 32 points from Kitty Jeacock with 30. First nine hole winners were K Jeacocke and P Harris both with 36 nett. P Harris won the second nine with 37 from L Quigley and S Haskins both with 37 and a half. C Moss and N Montgomery won the pinshot and P Harris won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was B McIntosh with 39. Followed by W Towns, 13 Morgan, P Marwedel, G Ramke, J Marr and W Dicker, all with 38, T Gray, T Shields and B Tennant, 37 each. First nine winner was M Brennan with 30. Then B McIntosh 30, R Montgomery and L Best 31 each, T Longton 31 and a half, T Woodbridge 31 and W Dicker 31 and a half. Second nine: J Marr 30, R Montgomery 32, T Gray 33 and a half, T Shields 33 and a half, D Cooper 33 and a half, V Svendsen 33 and a half and T Longton 34. C Williams and W Towns won the pinshots and T Woodbridge won the proshot. Terry scored a hole in one on number six. The veterans game on on Friday was a stroke for members and ladies over 12 holes. Ladies' winner was J Marwedel with 44 and a third from H Fry with 48 and a third and Y Fritschi with 49. R Edmistone won the pinshot. Members' winners were V Hunt 41 and two thirds from P Marwedel 42 and a third, H Fisher 42 and a third and G Fry 42 and two thirds. R McGlashan won the pinshot. The trophies for the games were donated by Gwen Dawson. Ladies played a stableford for club trophy on Saturday. Winner was G Watson with 34 points on countback from N Hunt. Next were P Harris and M Prior with 31 each. D Gregg and N Hunt (2) and M Williams won the pinshots and N Hunt won the proshot. Members played their monthly medal in A, B and C grades: A grade P Lowry 67; B grade J Cameron 67; C grade R Morgan with a good nett of 62 ... the best nett of the day. Run down of netts: N Quirk 66, W Schalch 66, S Schuster 68, N Drillis 68, V Svendsen 68, M George 68, J Garvey 69, B Tennant 70, K Clements 70. N Drillis (Bayview Tower Trophy), W Oates (McWilliams Wines trophy) and P Lowry won the pinshots and I Cruickshank won the proshot. On Sunday the ladies played a S/Scratch and the winner was Pam Drillis with + 4, R Damm -1, C Moss -1. N Hunt (2) and M Williams won the pinshots and N Hunt also won the proshot. Members played a stableford and the winner was J Barnes with 45. Next were R Hunt, D Perrin and J Cameron each with 41, C Hennessy 40, D Ogg 39. R Hunt, W Freeman, R McGlashan and A Schuster won pinshots. F Huszak won the proshot. D Ogg won an eagle on number nine. On Tuesday the associates played a stableford and the winner was Lorna Quigley with 36 on countback from Ann Barrow also with 36. Next were Sue Hennessywith 35, P King 34, E Huszak 34, G Scharf 33, S Burton 33. Pinshots: silver, S Hennessy; bronze, M Prior and G Watson won the proshot.

John Thorne scrapes home B GRADE squash player John Thorne for Odds and Ends narrowly scraped home in fixtures played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. He defeated Robin Lee from Navigators 108 in their fifth match to victory in the match of the night on Tuesday. With only six points the difference, it was a close match with Robin being unlucky as victory could have fallen either way. In other close matches, Wayne Stewart showed the advantages of youth, wearing down his wiser but older opponent Mike George, to take victory in five. David Reynolds of Odds and Ends 2 defeated Damian Molloy of Secret Weapons in five with Damian losing it in the fifth. Bits and Pieces 2 defeated Professionals 3-2: Peter Dixon v Cane Murphy 1-3; Gary Hodgson v Greg Maroney 3-1; Peter Darmody v Steven Walsh 1-3; Lyle Spyve v Brad McCosker 3-0. Navigators def Odds and Ends 3-2: Maria Maroney v Carl Hudson 3-0; Mike George v Wayne Stewart 2-3; Warren Sullivan v Greg Simpson 3-1; Robin Lee v John Thorne 2-3. Odds and Ends 2 def Secret Weapons 5-0: Shane Miners v David Schultz 3-0; Barry Vains v Anne Perrin 3-1; Jim George v Gavin Kime 30; David Reynolds v Famian Molloy 3-2. Bits and Pieces defeated Saints and Sinners 31: Brett Odell v Chris Priem 3-1; Vicki Lacey v Sandy Brown 2-3; Brendan Mckenna v Mick Keys 3-0; Ben Hardine v Scott Wakely 3-0.

EMU PARK Bowls Club organisers were pleased with the turn-out for the FAI sponsored day on Sunday. Teams from QRI, Yeppoon, Brothers and Welfare clubs also attended. With a full green of 64 bowlers there was plenty of good bowls, some good luck, and a feeling of good fellowship. Winners: first, Bernie Lawless, Phil Cosgrove, Audrey Heath, Brian Heath. Runners up: Marg Price, Alan Price, Mildred Rose, Col Rose. Sportsmanship award: Kath Cliffe, Allan Evans, Ruth Forrest, Eddie Mann. Spider: Bob Maud. The lamp donated by Sid Sawley was won by Max Kilby. Mary Peacock is now ladies club president. "Betty Allen stood down due to poor health, but will continue to support Mary and the ladies club as secretary," publicity officer Marg Price said. Triples trophy day on Wednesday, February 15, waswell supported andwinnerswere: Edith Gibson, Rhoda Maud, Beryl Wincen. Draw for ladies competition to be played on or before Wednesday, March 1: Championship singles, Joyce Barber v Mary Peacock. C grade singles; Esme Johnson v Rhoda Maud. Mixed bowling will start on Wednesday, March 8 with trophies donated by Marg Price. The men's competition games continue: A grade singles, Roy.Johnson d Jack Rogers 3124; Lew Tickner d Phil Cosgrove 31-20. B grade singles, round one: Col Smith d Roy Johnson 31-9, Keith Miller d Phil Cosgrove. Round two: John Devine d Jack Rogers 31-23; Bob Maud d Alan Price 31-17. ' Pairs: Chick Stanley, Dick Brown d A Price and Roy Johnson; Col Rose, Wilf Gibson d Lcw Tickner and Col Smith. A grade singles game to be played. on or before March 4: Harry McNamara v Col Smith; -Col Pearson v Bob Maud; Dick Brown v Brian Heath; Arthur Atcheson v Bas Buttsworth; Ron Holman v Frank Van Gestel. "There is always a bit of a breeze on the green at Emu Park and last week with Cyclone Harry whirling around, the winds were a little gusty at times and several good bowls went off course," she said.

Sunday, March 5, will be a good day with trophies for mixed bowling being donated by treasurer Bill Elliott. Twenty-eight names are on the board for the match at Rockhampton Bowls Club with Brothers on Wednesday, March 1, bus leaves Yeppoon at 530pm. Mixed bowling at Emu Park every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 1.30pm, with names in before 1pm. New members and visitors welcome. Friday socials continue, starting at 6pm, take your family and friends along for a good night. St Patrick's Day special social Friday, March 17, with prizes for the best Irish song Irish joke and best Irish costume. Roll up every Friday from 2pm.

Ladies bowls club to play for parent club trophy on Tuesday YEPPOON Ladies Bowls Club will play for trophies donated by the parent club on Tuesday, February 28. "The men have very generously given us a cheque for the afternoon's play," publicity officer Ivy McNamara said. Names must be in by 5pm on Sunday. Late nominations will be acceptable, two rounds will be played and all teams will be drawn by the selectors. The game will be preceded by morning competitions starting at 9am. Umpire for the morning will be M Bierwirth. Championship singles semi-fmal: I .McNamara v M Stewart. A Fotheringham is marker. District singles: P Childs v D Engel; D Roos v J Beasley; J Barber v S Ziebicki. Markers are E Woodbridge, M Greaves and M Manthey. Consistency singles: J Cain v E Saxby; L Goodwin v M Bradley; M Blacklock v B Beckett. Markers F Denney, E Hinton and D Locke. Results of district singles: R Wass d E Woodbridge 33-26; D Engel d M Bierwirth 31-16. Champion singles: M Stewart d J Barber 32-29; D Roos d D Locke 32-26; A Fotheringham d S Ziebicki 31-19; I McNamara d M Greaves. Consistency singles: E Batts won on a forfeit from G Powell. 2-4-2 pairs: J Kearnan, E Batts d D McPherson and E Hinton. Club pairs: M Hansen, I McNamara d R Goody, V Wilson. "President Marj welcomed another new member on her first playing day as a member and presented her with her hat band and badge at afternoon tea. "A big welcome to Pat Myler, wife of the president of the parent .club.

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â&#x20AC;˘ ABOVE: Emu Park Bowls Club president Frank van Gestel was watchedby JudyAnn Smith on Sunday during the FAI trophy fours.

39 1258

Registered Builder No. 12917

"Members were pleased to hear Pagie' is feeling a little better, but sorry to hear Ivy Philip has had a fall," she said. All committee members, the next meeting has been altered to 930am, Friday, March 3. Barbecue and social will be held this Saturday night starting at 630pm. "Ladies do not forget the cent sale next Tuesday and items for the Easter hamper will be appreciated. "The parent club should be pleased with the result so far, to their request for donations for aluminium seats for the greens surrounds. "Tthis week Justine and Geoff Morgan donated a cheque for one, as did Vi and Clarrie Mortensen. "Donations were also received, very gratefully, from president Marj, treasurer Myrl, secretary Mary, senior vice Maureen, B Beckett, R Wass, Y Riordan, E Hinton, F Denney, P Radcliffe-Brown, D McPherson, B Exton, P Childs and E Benson."

Stadium's air cushion floor pleases basketball officials tion and grace combined with physical power." CAPRICORN Coast basketball players and Mr Willoughby said basketball was a sport officials are pleased with the air cushion floor designed as a general fitness exercise using of the high school stadium. almost every muscle and joint through a wide The availability of proper canteen facilities range of movement. means players can purchase snacks, drinks and "This complements training for almost any hot dogs and sit and watch other games without other sport while being unsurpassed as an the need to rush home for meals. exciting activity for players and spectators The other major benefit to this year's players alike." is that all games are played inside and far more The clinics are open to Capricorn Coast bastime is available for additional events. ketball members and non-members. "As part of Capricorn Coast basketball's on"Interested players and parents can speak to going commitment to development, a prothe coaches who will be only too happy to gramme of training has been organised by discuss any aspect of the game or training." some of our State League Basketball league Sunday, February 26: 4pm Thundercats v C C players," publicity officer Don Willoughby Lakers (Jason and Andrew); 5pm Mighty said. Midgets v Phantoms (Kelvin and Jason); 6pm "Sue Stevenson, Robert 'Carrot' Campbell Richmond v Jets (Ken and Doug); 7pm Bomband Samantha Willoughby will be bringing ers v Hornets (Don and Corrie); 8pm Wolfpac their representitive experience to youngsters v Parkies (Sam and Carrot); Devils has a bye. from eight to 16, covering all aspects of the Monday, February 27: 6pm Saints v Hootans game, from those who have never played right (Doug and Cathy); 7pm Seagulls v Gadabouts up to representative standard. (Corrie and Sue); 8pm Byfield v Scoobs (Don "This will be an on-going weekly clinic enand Jason); 9pm Dons Party v Coasters (Ken hanced from time-to-time with visits from visâ&#x20AC;˘ and Alan). iting American players," he said. Tuesday, February 28: 6pm training under 14 "Each group will enjoy a non-competition and under 16 boys; 7pm Pink Galahs v PGH game as part of the session. This provides an (Sue and Kelvin); 8pm Nomads v Billabongs B opportunity for those who would like to try (Sam and Carrot); 9pm Billabong A v Breakabasketball but don't feel up to a fully fledged ways (Carrot and Corrie). competition game. Wednesday, March 1: 7pm Exploding White "The atmosphere will be informal and parMice v Dunkin' Co (Alan and Don); 8pm ents are especially invited to come along and Generals v Golden Roughs (Don and Alan). see just how their children develop co-ordina-

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989 - 15

Barbecue, social for Yeppoon bowlers, friends

Brownlow and Bears star for Rules Olympics gir l JUNIOR Australian Rules footballers can meet Brisbane Bears star and Browniow medallist Brad Hardie on Sunday at Yeppoon Showground. Coast organisers have arranged an Australian Football Olympics for anyone who wants to join in. "The drawcard, of course, is Brad Hardie. And we want everyone to come along and take part in this fun day," publicity officer Yvonne Motton said. There will be prizes to be won for the under 17s, 15s, 13s and 1 ls. "We have footballs, shorts and socks as well as a Brisbane Bears sample bag will be given to the first 40 registered players who turn up. "Brad Hardie will be at the showground from 9.30am until 1 lam." Junior football competition starts on April 2. The under 17 coach is Lance Lawer, under 15 is paul Minton, under 13 is Dale Wetzler and Peter Murray is taking the under 11 players.


- • ABOVE: Tyrer Park has a TAB. Steve Bums puts finishing touches to the grill while committeeman Ray Armstrong looks on.

On-course TAB will operate at Tyrer Park for Wednesday meet TYRER Park racegoers look set to have the benefit of on-course TAB betting at Yeppoon Amateur Race Club's meeting on Wednesday. "Construction and fitting out of the totalisator building at Tyrer Park would be completed in the next few days," a club spokesman said. "TAB assistant general manager Peter Lamb last week advised that TAB equipment, such as ticketing machine and monitors have been dispatched and he was confident they will be in places within a few days. . "There are some TAB lines already on course and Telecom is working with us to complete this landline work. Telecom has a great workload at the moment, but they are certainly doing their best for us." A $7000 loan for the TAB buildina at Tyrer Park was obtained from the Westpac°Bank and

guaranteed by race club president John Milroy. Arrangements have been made for the monthly TAB commissions paid to the Yeppoon Race Club to be channelled directly to Westpac. Construction costs of the new TAB building, located between the bar and undercover betting ring, have been minimised through the generosity of local businessmen. The large window and roller door were provided by Manny Lodwick, Bruce Ross donated the personnel door, electrical contractor Mick Findlay gave the ceiling fan and paint was provided free by Taubmans through Earle's Paints. The TAB relocated counters, grill work, security mesh and carpet tiles from its former premises in Yeppoon.

Emus in 17-4 win over Emerald under extremely hot conditions


.41-7‘ • ABOVE:• Capricorn Coast swimmer Natalie Cummings is pictured after competing in the 50 metre breast-stroke at the swimming carnival on Saturday.


Swimming club hosts successful Coast carnival CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club hosted a successful sprint and relay carnival on Saturday. The Coast members swam well and won several medals. Patsy Findlay took out the nine year age aggregate. A large number of Coast relay teams won medals. "It was encouraging to see the very young ones swimming so well, as well as the older children," president Anne Novak said. "I wish to thank the club executive and committee members and the large band of hard working parents for making the carnival the success it was. "Special mention to Artie den Exter; Bill and Kay Cumming; Nobbs and Pam Drillis; Dot Svensen; Lyn Hallett; Don Knowles; Judy and Don Cooper; Cheryl Pattimore ($50 donation of seafood tray); CK Motors (car gift pack); Emu Park Newsagency (Parker Pen set)."

EMU PARK Emus rugby league reserves continued their winning form when they accounted for the Emerald side 17-14. The match was played in front of a big crowd at the Emu Park Cricket Ground. "The interest and support the Emus have generated has to be seen to be believed. It is simply fantastic," publicity officer Jeff Quigley said. The game was played under hot conditions which made the going extremely tough for the bigger forwards. Emerald opened the scoring and was able to capitalise on some poor Park defence. Emerald's big centre was given enough room to bust through some timid defence and score out wide after only seven minutes of play. "Their conversion attempt was unsuccessful but the fact that they scored so early and so easily put the shivers down the backs of our supporters," he said. But the gloom was short lived when the wiley Jimmy 'Jazz' Pendergast displayed some ex. ceptional individual brillance to stand up four players before crossing under thepost. Brad Emmertt added the extras to give the home side a six points to four lead. With the evergreen Roscoe Fordham calling the shots in the backs and Matt Trimms directing things in the engine room the Park boys started to turn the screws. Continual pressure was rewarded when big Kent Svendsen accepted a sweet pass off Trimms to score midway between the post and the corner. Pendergast missed the conversion and the home team went to the break leading 10-4. Immediately after halftime Kirk Doak stretched the Park's lead to 11-4 when he landed a towering field goal. "Some of the crowd reckoned it was the best field goal seen at Emu Park for years. "The stewards were calling for a swab as the wheels fell off the Park's wagon." Emerald scored two quick tries in a short period of time and both were from basic errors from the home side. When the Emerald kicker

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converted the last try from the sideline it looked as though the Park was looking at its first taste of defeat. With the Emus trailing by 14-11 they set about to rectify the problem at hand. With introduction of the kick and chase game the Emus were able to keep the visitors confined in their own quarter. Burly Brett Svendsen was leading by example as he continually busted the defence. With 10 minutes remaining he was brought down close to the line after yet another bullocking run. Pendergast brought the house down when he followed Trimms through an opening near the centre of Emerald's quarter. Trimms served up a good pass which Jimmy gratefully accepted. With three defenders hanging off him, he was able to ground the ball over the line and in full view of the referee. With Kirk Doak's successful conversion the Park had hit the front by 17-14. The Emus continued to apply the pressure right up until the fulltime hooter but the score remained unchanged. "It was a very good win but the boys made it hard for themselves with too many silly mistakes." Best players for Emu Park were Brett Svendsen, Jim Pendergast, Kent Svendsen, Shane' Omara, Kirk Doak, Roscoe Fordham and Matt Trimms. "There were some very good first up performances by Shane Omara and Kelvin West,- Mr Quigley said. "There is still a long way to go for this team but if they keep putting in, come March 15 they should be a pretty good all round team. "The Emu Park committee thanks all the women who assisted at our ground during the game. It was great to see. How about a ladies auxiliary? "New club membership cards are out now. Why not become a financial foundation member of the greatest little club on the Coast. "Contact our president Eddie Mallard or myself if you are interested," Mr Quigley said.

OUTRIGHT LOSS ALTHOUGH Capricorn Coast third grade cricket team led Allenstown on first innings, the Coast side was eventually beaten outright. This was partly due to insufficient players on the second day when the side only fielded eight players. Don Letchford maintained his good form with a fine 38 out of the side's 73 in the second innings. D May gained 17 and newcomer G Hogg, scored 16, enabled Coast to reach 91 in the first innings. A complete analysis of the match was unavailable because of an incomplete scorebook.

YEPPOON Bowls Club president Norm Myler this week extended an invitation to all members, wives and friends to attend a barbecue and social at the club on Saturday, tomorrow starting at 6.30pm. Cost is S2 per head and the barbecue will be followed by a social evening of music and dancing. Anyone wishing to attend is asked to notify the club, to assist in catering arrangements. Results of bowls played last weekend: A grade singles, T Woodbridge d W Beilharz 25-4; A Halfpenny d C Hinton 25-22. B grade singles: D Moulds d D Ryan 26-17; T Ryan d G Hillier 25-14; G Williams d T O'Sullivan 25-8. C grade singles: F Freeman d C Redinger 273. Mixed pairs, R Wass, F Baker d D Engel and E Engel 29-12. Teachers district singles, P Brown d D Sinclair 25-19. Fourex district fours, first round, team skips only mentioned: R Graff (snr) d R Gibbons; W Roberts d B Williams; H McNamara d N Myler; P Brown d C Hinton. Second round: H McNamara d P Brown; W Roberts and R Graff (snr) will play off this Saturday to decide the winner to play H McNamara in the-final. _ Games called for this weekend Saturday, February 25, at 9am: Teachers district singles, F Whiteley v R Bird; R Graff (inr) v P Brown; E Austin v T Woodbridge. A grade singles: W Roberts v K Moore; D McPherson v K Thompson. At 1.15pm the fourex district fours will be played: G Cavanagh, J Ware, B Atkinson, W Roberts v T Roos, D Goody, NI Gustafson and R Graff (snr). Graded fours: R Ziebicki, K Moore, J Corbett, R Gibbons v G Barrett, P Cowie, A Peterson and N Myler. Sunday, February 26, 9am: A grade singles, B Williams v A Atcheson; B grade single, F Baker v R Campbell; C grade single, C Hillier v L K Findlay. District pairs: C Hinton, W Manthey v D McPherson and R Gibbons; M Gustafson, G McCosker v T Robs and F O'Brien. Social play for next week: Mixed night bowls will start at 6.30pm on Friday, February 24. Men's social game on Saturday, February 25, 1.15pm. Mixed social games, Sunday. February 26. 1.15pm. Men's social game Wednesday, March 1, 1.15pm.

They're Racing on Wednesday, March 1,

at Tyrer Park See the Richest Race on the Coast...the

Foster's Silver Bootee Stakes & a Qualifying Division of the Foster's Country Cup ENJOY THE FACILITIES: • New TAB Operating on course for all Southern Meetings or • Place your bets with the bookies for local & interstate meetings • Five local races.


16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror February 24 - March 2, 1989

Nate Riff mutes eft

Richest race of year next Wednesday

Tke bait ok

the Ktivist

YEPPOON Amateur Racing Club stages its richest race of the year on Wednesday, March 1, when a top field of two-year-olds line up for the Foster's Silver Bootee Stakes. A top field is guaranteed because prizemoney has been lifted by $5000 from $10,000 to $15,000. The winner will take home $10,000 and a trophy. There will also be a qualifying division of the Foster's Country Cup. It's a five-race meeting with betting on local and southern races.

"OLD BALDY" is known for his mechanical ability ... it just doesn't exist. He's been the bane of Graham McLaughlin's life because he's forever taking his lawn mower and whipper snipper into Yeppoon Small Motors with the complaint that they won't start. Ninetynine times out of one hundred, Graham slowly pulls the rope and the motor bursts into life. Graham's wife, Sue, spends a lot of her time talking to "OB's" wife, Suzy while "OB" talks to Graham. Anyway, Sue and Graham spent Wednesday night at work repairing the Capricorn Coast Mirror's generator. They knew what was wrong with it but "OB" had walked within 50 paces of it and that was enough to cause strife. Anyway, about 9pm it's firing and Sue delivered it to the Mirror. Believe it or not, "OB" pulled the rope and it went, first pop. Sue was thanked profusely because "OB" was worried about a storm. The Mirror's computers went on strike on Tuesday night over the storm and he wasn't risking it on production night. Anyway, Sue explained what had been done, told "OB" how to work the generator ... then announced that someone else knew less about motors than he did. Then, in the best Alfred Hitchcock tradition, she left, without revealing who it is! • •• BY the way, Sue's obviously into farming ... she left two plough trails up the Mirror driveway as she drove out. Wonder why she was in such a hurry to get away from "OB"! Was it because "OB" was fiddling with the generator? • ••

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CRICKET It's a hit with my mates

• ABOVE: Luke Wilson received his bestever birthday present when he collected an autograph from Brisbane Bronco captain Wally Lewis on Saturday.

New Season starts FICA NETBALL March 27

Cricket is Incredible

It's caught with the guys oo

Volleyball Teams Needed

Netball is Fitness


Nominations Accepted until March 20 Nominate BEFORE March 13 & FIRST GAME is HALF PRICE! End of Season Prizes include: • $800 CASH Prize - to a non-forfeiting team • $100 Voucher - Highest Run Rate • $100 Voucher - Best Natured Team

Autumn Season is Cool To Miss it, You'd be a Fool

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Seconds lose second in succession

CAPRICORN Coast second grade cricket team lost its second game in succession playing East's on Saturday. Although the losses have been by narrow margins, the side would like to approach the semi-finals in a winning sequence and is resigned to putting in much more work in the coming weeks. Coast batted first and was aided by a great start from S Pidcock and D Wetzler who scored a 57 opening partnership. S Pidcock eventually scored 31 and D Wetzler 34, B West added 17, the only notable scores. Coast's middle order once again didn't offer much assistance compiling 8-119 from 41 overs. Easts players were in early trouble due to some fine bowling from K Ogilvie but managed to struggle on, passing the required score off 39 overs. I Anderson took 3-31; K Ogilvie, 2-29; J Dawes 1-20 and W Kitchener 1-31. Easts second grade Easts v Cap Coast First innings 10 G Reynolds c Pidcock b Kitchener A Douma b K Ogilvie 20 V Crough b K Ogilvie 13 A White c Tanner b Dawes 14 M St enhouse c Ingle b Anderson 7 L West b Anderson 1 J Hawke b Anderson 7 D McHugh not out 29 A Pattison not out 0 S Condon did not bat 22 Extras 124. TOTAL BoWling: W Kitchener 7-0-31-1; K Ogilvie 152-29-2; J Dawes 6-0-20-1; I Anderson 6-1-31-3;. J Ingle 4-1-7-0. Yeppoon second grade Cap Coast v Easts First innings 31 S Pidcock c A White 34 D Wetzler lbw A White 3 P Huxtable run out 5 J Ingle c L West 2 J Dawes lbw L West 4 L Tanner c A Pattison 5 W Kitchener cJ Hawke 17 B West run out 0 K Semmler did not bat 4 I Anderson not out 0 K Ogilvie did not bat 14 Extras 119 TOTAL Bowling: J Hawke 8-0-25-1; A White 9-0-31-2; A Pattison 11-2-21-1; V Crough 5-1-14-0; L West 8-1-18-2.

RHODES Watson is certainly making a name for himself. He spent all week showing every customer his new pair of rugby boots (they're about two feet long and as wide as a car tyre). But his best trick came about when he dug up his old boots from last year in front of a customer ... Rhodes dug his hand inside and, like a magician, pulled out a pair of socks that had been there since the last game of the season. The customer, who was down wind, left. The Mirror wishes to offer sincere apologies!!! •

• •

ROY SORENSEN is one of the unsung heroes of the CCTO's Information Centre. He volunteers his services on Tuesday and Friday afternoons every second week and fills in if others are delayed. Among the information he's had to dispense was the location of 38 kids who were holidaying here from Bundaberg. He didn't have a clue about where they might be but he jumped in his car and set off to fmd them. Using his head, he quickly found them at the National Fitness Centre. He raced back to the centre and told the caller the news. Er, just in case you're wondering ... no, Roy didn't leave the caller hanging on the phone. He phoned him back! •

• •

YEPPOON RSL stalwart Hugh Cochrane spent weeks organising the conference held in Yeppoon Town Hall on the weekend and one of the highlights was a group photograph taken on the steps at the lunch break. Suzy asked Hugh to identify the group and as he was about to walk out the door, he took a quick look. He seemed to puzzle over the pic then asked the strangest question ... "aren't I in the picture?" Suzy looked at it, saw Hugh, pointed him out and Hugh said "I thought that was my mate from Emerald!"

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