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ISSUE 272 FRIDAY, October 28, 1988 - THURSDAY, November 3, 1988 PI ONE (079) 39 4244

Registered by Australia'Post — Publication No OAC3843


Pie shop fire exposes danger: Coincidence in addresses puts business at risk A COINCIDENCE involving two council depots, two creeks and two pie shops in streets called Charles has highlighted a problem with the 000 emergency service. Last Friday about 4.45pm Don Machan from Yeppoon Crane Hire noticed smoke billowing out of the shop next door ... Armies Pies. Mr Machan rang Yeppoon Fire Brigade where a recorded message told him to use the 000 service. He dialled 000 and was answered by a woman on the switch. "She asked what service and area," he said. "And then asked if I wanted Rockhampton or Gladstone. I said I wanted Yeppoon, but she again said Rockhampton or Gladstone. "I said there was a fire in a pie shop in Charles Street and it was just across a little bridge on the way to the council depot. "She put me through to the fire brigade and I repeated where the fire was." Mr Machan then phoned Annies Pies' proprietor Lance Lawer at his home. Mr Lawer rushed back to the pie shop to be greeted by smoke. In the meantime Mr Machan had switched off the electricity and gas. Mr Machan said about 15 minutes had elapsed between his phone call to the 000 service and Mr Lawer arriving at his shop. Mr Lawer had left the shop early to pick up his wife from hospital. He had left a cooker on with chickens and it had boiled dry. "I flew down expecting smoke and the fire brigade but there was no fire brigade and plenty of smoke," he said. "I re-rang the 000 service to say everything was under control and there was no need for the fire brigade. "I was answered by a woman on the switch who said emergency, what service? and then Rockhampton or Gladstone. I said twice it was Yeppoon." Mr Lawer said the girl at the switch had said -you're the person with the fire at the pie shop. L,I said yes and repeated I no longer required the service at Yeppoon," he said. "This was about 5.15pm." Telecom and the Rockhampton Fire Brigade confirmed the first call was made at 4.48pm. The second call went to the exchange at 5.04pm. Rockhampton Fire Brigade chief George Grassie said the brigade had no mention of Yeppoon and had sent a fire truck to a pie shop in Charles Street near the council depot and a creek at North Rockhampton. Mr Grassie said the brigade had patrolled Charles Street, North Rockhampton, looking for a fire but eventually recorded it as a malicious phone call. It was only in passing a Coast officer was asked if there was a Charles Street with a pie shop in Yeppoon. Mr Lawer said Yeppoon Fire Brigade had arrived at 6pm with a fire unit knowing the fire was out but to check what damage had occurred.

• ABOVE: Hynautic mechanic Craig Bailey (centre) with drivers David (left) and Stephen Morley during a repair session on Tuesday afternoon.

Dial 000 for emergencies THE free 000 emergency service number must be used by Capricorn Coast residents in case of fire and police emergencies. Callers will be answered by a Telecom operator who will answer 'Emergency. Which service?' Followed by 'Which town?' The Capricorn Coast is in the Rockhampton district and the operator will connect the caller to the service he/she requires (fire or police) in Rockhampton. When the caller is connected to the Rockhampton service he/she must give detailed information of where the emergency has occurred... house number, street name, closest intersecting street, landmark and town or suburb. The Rockhampton service then relays the information to the Coast service. Remember, you are talking to Rockhampton fire or police officers. Help them in anyway possible with local directions.




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Sydney-to-Brisbane speedboat record inspiration for brothers THIRTEEN years ago Peter Morley set out from Sydney in a 16ft Haines speedboat pushed by a 150hp Mercury outboard ... 14 hours, 13 minutes and 1 second later he arrived in Brisbane. That record stands today ... and his sons Stephen and David reckon he "did it the hard way". They should knows they were talking just a few hours after they had slammed their way from Mackay to Rosslyn Bay in Hynautic, a 28ft cat pushed by twin 200hp Yamahas. They lost the prop from their port motor about an hour out from Rosslyn Bay and were at Cooee Bay Marine helping mechanic Craig Bailey make repairs. As entrants in the Pacific 1000, a blue water ocean race from Cairns to the Gold Coast, they understand the punishment their father withstood setting his Sydney-to-Brisbane record in 1975. Stephen was a student at Carringbah High School when that record was set and he recalled on Tuesday how his father made preparations for the race. "Dad loaded a heap of people on board the Haines to simulate the weight of the fuel he would have to carry for the trip," he said. There

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were people everywhere ... then Dad opened it up to get it on the plane. "It was from experiments like this he worked out the prop pitch he would need for the trip. He carried 110 gallons of fuel (about 500 litres) to cut down on fuel stops. By comparison, Hynautic carries two 600-litre fuel tanks (that's six 44-gallon drums) ... but they are not necessarily filled on any leg of the race. Stephen Morley preferred not to say how much fuel he carried, or used, on the Mackay to Rosslyn Bay leg ... "you don't want your competitors getting hold of that information". Asked to elaborate, he said the amount of fuel needed was carefully estimated so that no unnecesary fuel was aboard ... "carrying 200 litres extra means pushing an additional 400-odd pounds of weight for the whole race for no purpose". That makes sense. So does the line the driver/ navigators wear that cuts the motors if they're thrown out of the boats in the heavy seas they encounter ... and the safety gear, including helmets they wear. Then there's two compasses and thick, he-vy foam padding in each driver's "hole". In fact, the more time spent looking at an ocean-going


2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

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Coincidence shows problem with 000

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• CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 He said the lack of response disturbed him. "Everything was done correctly," he said. "Don Machan dialled 000 which we have been told is the correct thing to do in an emergency and passed on the information he felt was necessary to direct the fire brigade to my piemaking premises. "If he neglected to give sufficient information for Telecom or the fire brigade in Rockhampton to find my premises it's not his fault ... the people answering the phone have the public's safety in their hands and they should have procedures laid down which ensure the correct information is gathered from the caller. "It's obvious from what Don told the fire brigade that he had given extremely detailed information on how to find my premises. It's disturbing that this information could also apply to an area in North Rockhampton, " he said. "In places the size of Sydney and Melbourne, from which our tourists visit, coincidences of this nature must be much more common. "No doubt Sydney and Melbourne emergency services have laid down strict procedures to cope with problems of this nature. Smaller areas such as ours should have a much easier time sorting out such coincidences. "Luckily no one was hurt, nor was the damage severe. But I'm glad my home isn't situated in Charles Street, across a little bridge on the way to the council depot." Confusion about the Rockhampton and Gladstone question was blamed as the major cause for this mishap. Telecom said exchange operators had a set procedure when dealing with the special 000 service. Telecom said the operator will answer the phone by saying emergency, which service? Followed by which town? At this stage anyone phoning in is asked to clearly state what service and where they come from. The operator then types the information into a computer and, in the case of Yeppoon, it states which phone number is to be dialled. Yeppoon is in the Rockhampton district and the call is then dialled through to the Rockhampton service required. The service, at the present time, using 000 is the fire brigade and all calls go to the Rockhampton Fire Brigade. (Yeppoon Police suggest emergencies for their service also to be directed through 000.) The caller is asked to give full information to them and then the Rockhampton Fire Brigade alerts Yeppoon Fire Brigade and relays the information. People ringing from the Coast are asked to clearly state where they come from, with the nearest street intersection to where the emergency is located. Yeppoon-Emu Park Ambulance superintendent Geoff Reynolds said every town has a Mary Street or Hill Street, or Charles Street, and it was important to identify the area you were in. Mr Reynolds said Rockhampton had diverted some 000 services to Yeppoon as had the Gold Coast. "The 000 service is great for people on holidays or without change," he said. "We prefer locals to continue the 39 1211 service because we have two lines open 24

KEEP OFF FOOTPATHS! BIKE riders were reminded this week to "keep off the jolly footpaths" and the underaged to stay off licensed premises by Yeppoon Police officer-in-charge Sgt 1/c Ken Tanzer. "It could be embarrassing for yourself and parents if you are apprehended in licensed areas," he said. "We are continually policing the under-aged." Sgt Tanzer said under 16s should utilise the under 18 discoes. "The more you support these functions, the more the organisers can think of holding them on a regular basis," he said.

hours every day. It is best for us to get first-hand information." Yeppoon Police said they preferred the 000 service. "It is better to go through Rockhampton because Yeppoon isn't manned all the time," an officer said. "Yeppoon officers are sometimes out in the car and if a caller tries Yeppoon there maybe no answer, but if they go through Rockhampton the police can use the two-way radio to forward the information." The officer did recommend that the 000 be used in an emergency and that all general police inquiries go through the normal 39 1400 number. The coincidence which led Rockhampton Fire Brigade to send its fire truck to the pie shop in Charles Street, North Rockhampton, has highlighted a problem with the 000 service which can only be overcome by callers clearly stating the service needed and area they come from. Some people believe after being connected that they are talking to a service in their area, but the Coast is in the Rockhampton district and all calls go through the Rockhampton headquarters first and are then relayed to the specific Coast service.

UNITS GET PRIORITY MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said expansion of pensioner units on the Cap- , ricorn Coast was one of his highest priorities. Mr Hinton said this week, in parliamentl. many senior people in the electorate were ot,.„.... 1 of touch with their families, living in caravan parks or sub standard homes needing repair. "They are in difficult circumstances," he said. "I am very pleased that with the assistance of Family Services Minister Peter McKechnie, we have been able to provide eight new units at Bill Shuttlew000d Lodge and have eight more due for construction in Whitman Street. "These units are only half a kilometre from the shops and, being close to existing units, make for a close community." Mr Hinton said the units were valuable because they provided first class accommodation at low rates pensioners could afford. "Rentals range from $27 per week for single people to $39 per week for couples," he said. "The units contain every modern facility. "Every time a new unit or housing commission home is constructed, it makes available other accommodation, which is vitally important to the community's well being."

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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988 - 3

QTTC head to hold CTDO/CCTO talks QUEENSLAND Tourist and Travel Corporation general manager Ken McGill and Stuart Moore will visit Central Queensland on Wednesday, November 30. The meeting was organised so Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation and Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation representatives could hold discussions. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton met Mr McGill in Brisbane on Monday and outlined problems afflicting the Central Queensland tourism industry including conflicts between the CTDO and CCTO. "Mr McGill will be attempting to assist the organisations to find a structural formula for the C 1DO that will resolve these problems," he said.

Mr Hinton said Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz had already been invited to meet Coast tourist operators on December 16, when he will open the CCTO information centre. "The CTDO's structure must be revamped to provide for effective coastal representation that includes the sub regional organisation and its membership," he said. "The CTDO has only about 10 per cent of its membership on the Coast and is not representative of Capricorn Coast tourism. "The Coast sees Rockhampton as getting favoured treatment in the promotional material and needs representation that will ensure this will not happen. I am determined that this difficult issue will be resolved."

Police warning: make it hard for criminals to steal your goods YEPPOON Police officer-in-charge Sgt 1/c Ken Tanzer this week warned Coast residents against being willing victims to break and enter thefts. Sgt Tanzer said too many people were giving thieves an open invitation to steal household, car or boat goods. "Don't be a willing victim," he said. "Make it difficult for a thief and take positive action to protect property and bring offenders to court." Sgt Tanzer said break and enters, and stealing, had increased in past months. People were making it easy for thieves to sell goods by not recording serial numbers or engraving items with identifiable marks. "The community can help police by listing all their valuables, take note of serial numbers and make use of the police's free vibro-engraving service," he said. "In the situation of parked cars, lock all valuables in the boot, or hiding spot, and better still leave them at home in a safe place. "Check boats, and assess your own personal security and property security. Make sure you can secure your house and fix that broken window - thieves can enter that way." Sgt Tanzer said the community had to make it hard for a criminal to steal. "Don't leave money lying around," he said. "The police cannot effectively run without sensible and fairminded community support. Be aware of people acting suspiciously." Sgt Tanzer said recalled a day when he (dressed in uniform) was trying to enter a car. The owner had locked the keys inside.

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"A woman was driving past, saw me trying to open the car, and stopped to ask if I was a real policeman," he said. "She didn't take the situation on face value and I commend her sensible approach. More community-minded people are needed. "It wasn't her car and she could have driven past without bothering to stop. An area can be better policed and served with people being more concerned." Sgt Tanzer said the recent spate of break and enters had involved businesses and houses. "Winter is finished and now with the onset of summer more people will be in the area holidaying and visiting," he said. "People should take time now to assess their security. Start thinking security and don't get caught. Don't worry about being a sticky beak. "In a country town no-one can move without everyone knowing what's happening. We have to become like country towns to combat the stealing." Sgt Tanzer said he realised a lot of people didn't want to involve themselves because they considered it interfering. He is also aware that people are afraid to talk to the police because they may have to appear in court and give evidence. "Everything the police are told is treated confidentially," he said. "We never break confidentiality. The only time a person would have to appear in court is during a major case where government law requires the giving of evidence." Sgt Tanzer said minor offences didn't need court appearances. "If you see someone suspicious take note of the place, time and description of that person, it maybe all the police need to help piece together the jigsaw," he said. "The police get personal satisfaction in bringing to justice thieves. The real winners are the people in the community. "Help us rid the community of the parasites who live off the free gifts - they thank you every time doors are left wide open."

Benefit at Emu Park A BENEFIT tonight (Friday) is being held by the Emu Park community for the family of Steven Sleeman of Emu Park who was injured in a car crash. Mr Sleeman, 26, married with two children is now in the Wagga Base Hospital. The benefit takes the form of a disco and barbecue in the Pine Beach beer garden from 7pm to midnight. Billy the Mountain will provide entertainment and there is a door prize, raffles and other goods available. Entry is S2. Funds raised will go towards helping the Sleemans pay any immediate expenses. Mr Sleeman has been involved with Yeppoon Rugby League, touch football and rugby union.

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

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A PUBLIC meeting at Emu Park has been called by Member for Broudsound Denis Hinton to consider options with regard to a proposed roundabout in the centre of Emu Park at the corner of Hill and Pattison Streets.

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ANYONE interested in growing plants should head out to Valley Vista tropical fruit farm next Saturday (November 5) for the Third Annual Horticultural Field Day. Planning is well advanced and people interested in growing plants correctly are assuied of gleaning useful information by Yeppoon Fruit Growers' Association Tree Crops sub committee co-ordinators Bruce Sloper and Lew Fitchen. Lew and Barbara Fitchen's property, Valley Vista, on Millview Rd, off Farnborough Road, is the site for many demonstrations from the more than 17 companies with stands.

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The meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday October 31 at the CWA hall and will be attended by Rockhampton Main Roads Department officers, Mr Hinton, Livingstone Shire councillors, Emu Park Progress Association members and the general public, to consider the desirability of a roundabout and if required, what available plans would be the most appropriate. Mr Hinton said he had obtained approval for the construction of the roundabout following representation from the Livingstone Shire Council, Emu Park Progress Association and the Emu Park branch of the National Party. There is concern among some businesses adjacent to the proposed roundabout that it could cause parking problems and reduce business opportunities. "As a result I have convened a public meeting so that all aspects of the issue can be aired and we are in possession 'of all the facts before making a decision," Mr Hinton said.

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The programme starts at 10am and continues throughout the day with demonstrations and presentations from the experts. "Whether you are a home gardener or a plantatior. farmer there will be information for you,'' Mr Sloper said. "You will find out how to irrigate, spray and fertilise to protect your plants." Employment and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester will give an address at 3pm. There will be a barbecue lunch and a bar. Programmes are available from the Yeppoon Co-op and further details from Bruce Sloper (39 7038) or Lew Fitchen (39 7638).

Public meeting at Emu Park to discuss options on roundabout

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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988 - 5

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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

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YEPPOON Little Theatre is having its annual general meeting on Tuesday, November 1 at Wilma and Bruce Apps' home, 26 Little Park Street. The group decided to have the annual meeting at this time of theyear to make it easier to plan next year's activities. All executive positions are available and the 1989 production schedule will be considered. All members are asked to attend and anyone else interested in producing, acting or backstage work for next year is particularly welcome. After the meeting the usual rehearsal for the end of year production - a bicentennial special, - will start at about 8.30pm. *** TOASTMASTERS last 1988 meeting is on Wednesday, November 2 at 7.30pm in the Yeppoon CWA Hall. First on the agenda is an educational talk on `Leadership Roles' by Jennifer Betheras. The' title is appropriate as it will be followed by the 1989 election of officers. Geoff Farr and Esther Kullack will also give speeches. If you wish to improve your listening, speaking and thinking skills contact Sally Tickle, 39 4011. *** A BUS has been arranged by Emu Park Pensioners League to go to Yeppoon's social on Tuesday, November 8. It leaves the Emu Park Cultural Hall at 12.15pm. The fare is Si and everyone's welcome. Inquiries to 39 6359. *** WITCHES and warlocks ... Yeppoon Lioness Club has organised an halloween cabaret at the Cooee Bay Hall on Saturday, November 19. Tickets from Del Coghlan, McDougalls in Savemore, for $10 including a light supper. Bring your own exotic brew and there are lots of prizes.

HAIR DESIGN 50 James St Yeppoon

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FRIDAY, November 11 is the date set for the free Christmas social given by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright in the Rockhampton Municipal Theatre and a free bus will be supplied for Yeppoon pensioners. *** YEPPOON Lapidary Club members. Please attend the next general meeting in the club rooms on Saturday, October 29 (tomorrow) at noon. *** PROBUS Club of Yeppoon will hold its next business meeting at the sailing club on Thursday, November 3 at 10am. A committee meeting is on the previous day (Wednesday), November 2 at 9.30am at the sailing club. *** AHOY and cent sale for Yeppoon Pensioners League is on Thursday, November 17 in Yeppoon Town Hall. Convenors are compere Marge Cornell and assistant compere Phyl Rumpf. Hoy will start at 10am following morning tea. Articles for the hoy and cent sale may be left with Marge Cornell, Phyl Rumpf, Pat King or Bill Shuttlewood. RED Cross street stall is on November 10. and donations of food and other goods would be welcome. *** THERE is a meeting in the Baptist Church, Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon at 7pm on Sunday, October 30. The meeting is in preparation • for next year's Good News Festival. Evangelists George and Rita Galieh are in Central Queenslandpreparing the area for the Good News Festival next year. The festival is being organised by the combined Churches Crusade Committee.

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DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, October 29. The Great State Fete at Yeppoon State Primary School.

• ABOVE: Desray Newman was busily working on her pottery design at the garden fete in nursing sister Jo Rundle's Zilzie garden and organised by the Blue Nurses THURSDAY, November 3 is hospital auxiliary's meeting in the old hospital building at 7.30pm. Christmas party for auxiliary at Penny Stephens' home on Sunday, November 13 from 11.30am. *** THE Capricorn Justice and Peace Group donated five books on Aboriginal issues to the Yeppoon Library to mark the Ecumenical Unity and Hope programme for racial harmony that was held in Rockhampton during September and October. *** SATURDAY'S hospital auxiliary meat tray raffle was won by M Flanders. Thanks to all who helped. *** THE RSL Remembrance Day concert is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Friday, November 11. All proceeds to Legacy, War Veterans Homes and RSL Goodna. *** EMU Park's Victory Tennis Club has started social tennis every Friday night at 6pm for anyone who wants to play. Contact Lexie Bennett, 33 6559. *** A dentist will speak about the importance of caring for your child's teeth at the Emu Park Nursing Mothers Group on Tuesday, November 1 at 9.30am. The venue is Kerry Dunlop's home, Pattison Street, Emu Park. *** GOOD news for all Capricorn Coast writers ... there is enough material for the new Capricorn Coast Writers book. Please don't send any more, but keep it handy for the following book. The group thanks John Murphy and Tony Perkins at Yeppoon Travelfor allowing people to drop their manuscripts in for collection. Next meeting is Tuesday, November 1 at 9.30am in the Yeppoon RSL hall. *** YEPPOON Lioness Club is very proud of its charity record over the last three months ... $1035 has been earned and presented. Last week they relaxed on the Causeway' Lake with the visually handicapped on white cane day, and supplied morning tea and a light luncheon. On Saturday members will serve drinks at the state school fete. im

DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, November 1. Melbourne Cup luncheon at Kanangra for Sacred Heart. Tickets at Kruger's fashions. *** DATE CLAIMER: November 1. Melbourne Cup luncheon. Pine Beach Hotel for Emu Park Kindergarten. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, November 5. Sacred Heart School garage sale and mini fete, 10am. *** DATE CLAIMER: Thursday, November 10. Red Cross street stall. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, November 12. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's electrical. *** DATE CLAIMER: Thursday, November 17. Hoy and cent sale, 10am, Yeppoon Town Hall for Yeppoon Pensioners League. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, November 26. Christmas Fair and garage sale, Beaman Park from 9am. Uniting Church. *** DATE CLAIMER: November 26. Keppel Coast Girl Guides cent sale, Yeppoon Town Hall, 2pm.

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• ABOVE: The Duke and Duchess of Pork entertained women at the Gi xle and Gossip luncheon at The Lantern on Monday. One of the afternoon's highlights were 'orders' specially presented to people who had attended every luncheon for five years, assisted or provided 'special' entertainment. Mine host Gordon is in the background with the royal 'pork'. MELBOURNE Cup luncheons. THE Rockhampton Active Riders Club is Kanangra at noon for Sacred Heart with new holding a public meeting at Kemp Beach on summer fashions by Krugers (that's where you Sunday, October 30 at 3pm to discuss the formation of a Capricorn Coast sub-branch. get the tickets - S15, including smorgasbord). Transport is available, inquiries at Krugers. Club spokesman Christine Tasker said the Rockhampton Active Riders were an equesBookings must be made because numbers are trian group that specialises in dressage, show limited. jumping and hacking. Pine Beach Hotel for Emu Park KindergarThe meeting starts at 3pm but Christine said ten from llam. Fashions by Rockmans. 58.50 everyone was invited to take a picnic lunch admission for smorgasbord. Babysitting and before the actual meeting time. sausage sizzle for children at cost of Si per For further inquiries phone Christine on 28 child. 6642. Sweeps at Railway Hotel for Nursing Moth*** ers Association. *** THE Red Cross street stall is on November YEPPOON Funtime Playgroup has vacan10 in front of H W Findlays. Donations of cies for children from birth to five years at the vegetables and cakes are very welcome. The St James Hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon every proceeds of the stall will go to help the Red Monday from 9.45am to 11.45am. Cross rest rooms in Rockhampton. Playgroup is a fun way for children to learn to The medical loan equipment is still available share, play with others or do their own thing from the Community Health Centre, Anzac d parents, grandparents or caregivers are Parade. Some of the equipment available for welcome. Mothers also have a chance to get out hire: wheelchairs; Canadian crutches; small, of the house and share ideas with others. medium and large size wooden crutches; lamb*4.* skin rugs; bedpans; bath-boards; ray lamps and nebulisers. SIX-YEAR-OLD Callan Barnes has the The Capricorn Coast branch of Red Cross eyes of an eagle ... he found a wallet folder in a gutter on the way to school. He contacted his meets on the third Friday of every month in the Yeppoon RSL at 1.30pm. mother, Merrilea, who returned thg wallet to *** owner Paul Caffery (he didn't even realise he had lost it). THE Don Ireland Swimming Complex and Emu Park Swimming Club Inc has organised a Down Memory Lane fashion parade for October 29 at St Mary's Hall, Nobbs Street, North Rockhampton. It starts at 2pm, with admission at S5 and includes raffles, competitions and afternoon tea. Bookings ... 39 6078.. *** UNICEF Christmas cards, stationery and mugs are available from the Capricorn Coast and Justice and Peace group at the Flea Market in Contact Lens Practitioners Yeppoon Showgr , ound on Saturdays and also from Denise Christensen, 39 2155. Shop 30, Savemore Centre *** DATE CLAIMER: December 3. Scope Phone ... 39 3649 Christmas gift cent sale, Yeppoon Town Hall.

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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

An 'extraordinary phenomena' group forms branch on Coast

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A spokesman said the CEC offers all people in an electorate a say in adopting government policy. They are entitled to exercise their rights as members of the council and can take part in the democratic right to inform their elected representative of what they feel. "The CEC executive does not have any power to decide electorate policy," the spokesman said. "It will ensure CEC principles are adhered to and adopted. "An executive position is one of a willing worker and not a position of power to boost any one person's importance within the community." The group's only stated policy was Citizen's Initiated Referendum. The idea of CIR is to give people the chance to vote within existing laws to introduce and recall politicians and public servants who weren't seen to be properly performing their duties. Professor Walker said there were now more than 110 Citizens Electoral Councils formed in Australia.

Fun-run starts State school's Great Fete BILLED as the Great State Fete, Yeppoon State Primary School's major fundraising venture will be held tomorrow, Saturday in .the school grounds from 11am to 3pm. Organisers have spent months preparing a smorgasbord of entertainment and activities for both children and adults. To start the show rolling a 3km fun-run from Yeppoon Main Beach to the school will start at 10.30am. Starting at the Surf Life Saving Club competitors run along the beach to Ross Creek and back again before setting off down Normanby Street and then Ben and Jeffries Streets before entering the school grounds in Tucker Street. Principal Coral Deeth is in her last year at Yeppoon after nearly nine years. She has been transferred to Maryborough and leaves on November 10. Miss Deeth will be at the fete and is looking forward to talking to past and present students and parents. Entertainment includes a dance display per by Julie's Jazzers and appearance by State League Basketball Team Rockhampton Rockets. Competitions include a bike raffle. Tickets have been on sale for the past two weeks. One lucky person has a key to unlock the chain surrounding the bike. This novel raffle heats up at 2.45pm when expectant key-holders will begin try and fit their key into the lock. Last year's popular ring cleaning stand will once again be available. Badge making takes on a new meaning at the fete. Take your own material or make use of equipment at the stall to make a badge of your famous movie star, family or message. Rides include pony, hay, train and merry-goround. Children can also jump in the fun castle. Attraction takes on a new meaning at the fete with a smorgasbord of food available. Old favourites including burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, chips, sweets, ice cream and cakes join the Malaysian food stall to tantalise the tastebuds. Everyone going to the fete is encouraged to wear a crazy hat and enter the crazy hat competition. Sidewalk entertainment will be provided by Yeppoon Primary School children. Creating an Expo atmosphere the students will be busking around the school.

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A CITIZENS Electoral Council was formed for the seat of Broadsound at a public meeting in Yeppoon Town Hall last Friday night. Council chairman is Mark Geissmann, vice chairman is Rhonda Gray, secretary Mark Dolan and treasurer Betty Stroup. Guest speaker was Dean of the Faculty of Law at Queensland University Professor Geoffrey Walker who addressed the 60 people at the meeting on Citizens Initiated Referenda. He also spoke in favour of forming a Broadsound Citizens Electoral Council. Mr Walker said time was running out for the lucky country because it was being governed by an oligarchy of big government, big unions, big money and big media. "History will judge us very harshly if action is not taken," he said. He described the CEC movement as an "extraordinary phenomena" which started in Barambah ... the seat held by former Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988 - 9 Dining out on the Capricorn Coast

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Goss sees need for more 3-star accommodation

• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation representative Blossom Hooper was official tie-cutter last Friday at Bayview Tower. The latest in a long line of politicians to have his tie shortened was State opposition leader Wayne Goss.

Tours are by arrangement only

You are invited to wander through this historical complex of houses. antiques and a street of churches. Home-made sandwiches and cakes are alwilable but you arc welcome to bring your own food and picnic under the trees. Tea. coffee and soft drinks are on sale in one of the church halls.

Weddings. Conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome Group bookings are available

Inquiries: 39 6466

STATE opposition Leader Wayne Goss told a CCTO-sponsored meeting at B ayview Tower on Friday that tourists needed more three-star accommondation because ordinary Australians could not afford the five-star that was being offered. He said the private sector had "done the fivestar thing well" but was not doing enough at the three-star level. The answer was for the State Government to give the lead with research and development. His party believed the volume in the tourism industry would come from the domestic market, and Australian tourists, plus those from Europe, America and Japan, wanted three-star accommodation. 'The average Australian can't afford to stay on an island or in other five-star accommodation," he said. 'They want three-star. Then we can attract tourists from overseas." He said Queensland was best suited to provide the diverse holidays that people want. "Tourists don't want to spend four weeks at any one location." Mr Goss said tourists wanted a mixture of surfing, reef, outback and golf over their four-week holiday. "If you look at Central Queensland, look at what you have to offer ... look at the opportunity that has been missed," he said. Central Queensland was a strong region "but no-one is putting it together". He supported the CCTO' s push for its own funding saying there was a need for a strong, regional body but also said: "You can't promote yourself in Sydney, Melbourne or overseas ... but the State Government can. That's what the State "ovemment should be doing". Speaking later on the CCTO' s push for its own funding, he said the case should get a boost in the lead-up to the next State election because Broadsound was a marginal seat. "You need to get more than Press releases and advertising. You need to get funding," he said.

Goss: State needs plans STATE Opposition Leader Wayne Goss told a CCTO-sponsored meeting the State Government was putting too much emphasis on the Gold Coast and Cairns in its tourism drive. Mr Goss, speaking at a lunchtime meeting at Bayview Tower on Friday, said Queensland needed a Regional Development Strategy. Too many things were treated too easily in Queensland ... there was not enough planning. Because Queensland was the most decentralised Australian State, Mr Goss said it was "very important to have a planned economy" There were new growth industries such as tourism but it was a "disgrace there had never been a comprehensive Regional Development Strategy". "Tourism in this area has a lot going for it but they (the State Government) has not done the planning." He said the Labor Party in Queensland had its membership spread out throughout the State and lid more Central Queensland members on its Csi adow frontbench than the National Party had. Speaking further about Central Queensland, Mr Goss said the Regional Development Strategy was needed to counter the "glamour areas" of Cairns and the Gold Coast. He would be coining back to the Coast to outline his plans in future months. These plans would include a recipe for strong growth.

• A trip down Memory Lane • A trip you'll never forget • Be Early to avoid disappointment

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

HINTON CLAIMS PERSONAL TRIUMPH MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton has claimed the gazettal of Byfield National Park, stage 1, as a personal triumph. Mr Hinton said Conservation, Environment and Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz announced the gazettal on October 20. The park encompasses an area of 4090 hectares north of Corio Bay, previously known as Bayfield. Mr Hinton said it was a "magnificently scenic area with superb beaches, melaleuca forests and flowering heath lands". "It will benefit tremendOusly from tender loving care administered by the State's National Parks and Wildlife Service," he said. "Proper camping facilities and amenities will be provided, and protective measures will be taken against fires and littering that have marred the area in recent years. "It will be a magnificent recreation area and

asset to the Central Queensland tourist industry." Mr Hinton said he secured the area for National Parks following a public battle last year with the then Premier, SirJoh Bjelke-Petersen. "I have personally shepherded the process of establishment of the park through every department," he said. "Clearing it with the Mines, Lands and Premier's Departments. "It has been a long haul but it is finally achieved and the area now belongs to the Queensland people." Mr Hinton said stage two of Byfield would be ascertained following designation of sand mining areas with R Z Mines Limited. "This will be expedited as quickly as possible," he said. "The cause of conservation has taken a great leap forward and the people of Central Queensland are the winners."

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Conservationists revelling over govt's Byfield Park declaration CAPRICORN Coast conservationists have been revelling in their latest success ... the gazettal of Byfield National Park. Capricorn branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland president Pat O'Brien said gazettal meant Capricorn Coast residents had a major national park withing half-an-hour's drive from Yeppoon. The Capricorn branch has tried for nearly 25 years to have Byfield, part of the Shoalwater Bay military training area, gazetted a national park. Byfield contains sandmasses, swamps, mountains, fast flowing streams, beaches, rocky headlands and plains. It has been a popular long weekend destination for campers, trail bike riders, fishing people and four-wheel drive enthusiasts. Gazettal will mean few restrictions for the average Coast person. Mr O'Brien said stage one would need a management plan that designates camping areas, improves vehicular access to the park and beaches. Mr O'Brien said the Coast branch would now lobby for gazettal of the balance of the proposed national park, which would extend to the Byfield township and includes the late pockets of remnant rainforests in Queensland. "The gazettal is very significant for Coast people because of Byfield's major tourist potential," he said. "And, the larger the park, the more we can claim and protect, and develop into a popular destination like such places as Carnarvon Gorge. "Byfield has almost everything except large cliff areas. Its educational value is immense. Not only does gazettal preserve flora and fauna but also it gives people the chance to see and investigate our heritage." Queensland Wildlife Preservation Society director Don Henry was on the Coast this week - after flying from Brisbane - to talk to Coast branch members. Mr Henry said stage one gazettal was a boon but it still only represented one-third of the original gazettal proposal put forward in 1969. "It is important people realise that what national parks are gazetted over the next 10 years is all we will have," he said. "Development is moving at such a pace any available land will be cleared, sold and developed. We will never again be in the unique position of setting aside future parks." Mr Henry said one reason for the urgent push to see the remainder of Byfield gazetted national park was the authority to prospect approvals to sand mine. "Sand mining and national parks do not mix," he said. "You cannot bring back what nature's taken 1000 years to create. "The hard decision must be made now and it will only happen with the community's backing." Mr Henry said he didn't believe people could afford the luxury of another 20 years - the time to get stage one gazetted - for gazettal approval on the remaining land. Byfield's gazettal is part of an overall coastal strategic plan involving Byfield, Curtis Island, Rods Peninsula, Deepwater and Urimbula. Byfield has a wealth of flora and fauna: five out of eight large wallaby types live in the area as well as more than half of the native pigeon and dove species. Byfield supposedly includes some of eastern Australia's least-disturbed coastal and .subcoastal habitats. A mixture of tropical and temperate conditions has resulted in Byfield being a conservationist's haven with more than 30 per cent of Australia's total.. bird, mammal and reptile species to be found in the area. Byfield's rainforest area and sand dune - a

Chamber to meet LIVINGSTONE Shire town planner Scott Stewart will be guest speaker at the monthly Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting on Tuesday, November 1. Chamber president Tony Millroy said Mr Stewart would be giving an informative talk about Livingstone's town planning. He urged any interested parties including developers and real estate agents to attend the meeting at 6.30pm in the Bayview Tower Motor Inn. "Mr Stewart will endeavour to iron out any problems or concerns with the town planning system," he said. His talk will last 45 minutes and a question and answer session will follow. General business will be discussed before Mr Stewart starts his talk.'

suitable home for the rare ground Parrot - are of particular ecological interest. Bandicoots, kangaroo and wallaby - plus a possible sighting of the Northern Rat Kanagaroo - brushtail and ringtail possum, and all five glider types can be found in the tall open forests. Nature has provided a home for the platypus in Waterpark Creek and the presence of forest red gum indicates the existence of koalas. A massive list of birdlife including the rare Red Goshawk have been observed. Pigeons and doves, especially fruit-pigeons are prolific. Other pigeon species include the red-crowned, purple-crowned, topknot, white-headed, wornpoo, green-winged and brown. Byfield is not only important for its fauna but also its flora. The foredune thickets along the east coast beaches are vital to the survival of seasonal migration of rainforest animals. The exposed beaches in the national park show many active blowouts and sandblows the result of wind gusts exceeding 160km per hour and effects from storms. Sand dunes, up to 9km long and more than 150m high, are features of the beaches. Some minerals have accumulated on the beach, basically made up of yellow siliceous sand. Shallow freshwater lakes and mangroves add to the area's attractiveness. Former National Parks branch forester Peter Stanton said Byfield encompassed nine terrain patterns. Kangaroo grass can be found in areas not occupied by heaths while small hardy herbs. including Helichrysum and Blue pincushion are in abundance. Spinifex-Impomoea herbland forms the first line of protection from the sea. Backing this is the familiar fringe of Casuarina. Black she-oaks mix in the open scrub while eucalyptus, banksia and casuarina are the main flora types in scrub areas.

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man.'St, aleppoon one

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988 - 11


Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. • ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material, statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is, or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive; is in full or, in part, defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right; is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication, the Advertiser liereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims, damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct, alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While every care is taken with all Displayand Classified advertisments. the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errois or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrongclassification or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS NICKY and Paul. Many happy returns and best wishes for both your 21st. Hope the party goes well this weekend. From your cousin Sandra Mackie and family.

COMMUNITY NOTICES ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health, 39 1469, 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian Meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome.


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CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 344130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, -7eppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day.

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v Next meeting

Monday, October 31, 7.45pm Cooee Bay Hall Discussion includes: Main Road funding for bridge near Showground; Railway Crossing Braithwaite Street and members topics All members welcome

Annual General Meeting Yeppoon Sub-branch, RSL, will be held in the RSL Hall, Yeppoon

7.30pm, Tuesday, Nov 8, 1988 Members and intending members are invited to attend. National Party of Australia - Qld Capricorn Coast Branch Women's Section is holding a PUBLIC LUNCHEON at The Lantern Restaurant, Yeppoon'

Thursday, Nov 10, 12.30pm Guest Speaker: Mrs Andrea Ahern

RSVP Nov 8; 39 2352; 39 1007 Cost: $12.50 ADVERTISEMENT

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Coastal Pet and Garden Care

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Reliable care for pets & plants in your home ... when you're on holidays

39 3642 or 39 1294 Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays "Carmel", 6 Emu Street Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147

Hempenstall, Noyes & Associatis. * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultant;

vt4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3749

11am: Yeppoon State Fete 2pm: Caves & District Prog Ass'n Bicentennial M'thon Relay. Official starter, R'ton 7pm: Mr & Mrs Hinton to judge best outfitted team

MON, Oct 31

Public meeting. CWA Hall, Emu Park re MRD r'bout

TUES, Nov 1 WED. Nov 2 THURS, Nov 3 FRI, Nov 4

Yeppoon office Family commitment Yeppoon office am: Fly Middlemount pm: Deputations. interviews. Broadsound Shire office, M'mount

1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

YEPPOON Australian Football Club Inc invites applicationsfor the following positions. Coaches, team managers, trainers ...for all junior and senior grades. Apply in writing by November 25 to Secretary, P 0 Box 626, Yeppoon. NPAYeppoon branch general meeting on Friday, November 4 in CWA Hall at 7.30pm. CAPRICORN Coast Women's Section National Party annual general meeting, 11.15am, November 10, Lantern Restaurant. Mrs Andrea Ahern and Mrs Mendi Campbell in attendance. All members welcome. ANNUAL general meeting of Yeppoon Golf Club Associateswill be held atthe clubhouse on the 8th November. All members welcome. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisations and most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252. YEPPOON Australian Football Club Inc. annual general meeting, Tuesday, November 15, 7.30pm, Pacific Hotel. Agenda: ground development (speaker from council); election of office bearers; junior sub-committee; appointment of auditor. Nominations close November 8. LENORE Dean's School of Ballroom Dancing, Yeppoon CWA Hall, Mondays 7.30pm until 9.30pm. Inquiries: 39 4602.

KING O'MALLEY IS COMING Emu Park Progress Association invites interested persons to a

PUBLIC MEETING to be held at

CWA Hall, Emu Park Monday, Oct 31, 7.30pm for discussion and view plans on traffic roundabout at Hill and Pattison Streets. TENDERS

TENDERS REQUIRED to paint the Regent Building, James Street, Yeppoon

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B.A.C-REMOVALS 42001 Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Storage • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

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All areas north of the Causeway • Moderate Rates • 5' cut •

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Water Proofing • Trestle Hire • Heat Reducing Coatings .

SPECIALISING IN ALL TYPtS OF * EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio co ntrolled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel 39 766

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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988 - 13

Real Estate, Auctions - our auctions result in one sale, two negotiations, one passed in PR1CORWCOAST - MIRROR-

FOUR auctions in the past two weeks have resulted in one sale, two further negotiations and a block of land being passed in. L J Hooker Yeppoon's Nick Callianiotis said auctions of two blocks - one at Prospect Street and the other in Cordingley Street - had a mixed response. A possible buyer is still negotiating a price for.

six acres in Prospect street. This auction attracted a crowd of 15 with bidding stopping at S10,500. The other land auction involved half-an-acre in Cordingley Street. The land passed in after the 516,000 reserve price wasn't reached. Mr Callianiotis said he was pleased with the results. The Professionals Emu Park office also had a mixed bag of success with one definite on-site sale and another sale being negotiated. Auctioneer at Saturday's sale of land in Gap Street, Doug Woods, said about 12 attended but few were bidding. Gap Street's 514,000 reserve price wasn't reached but a local buyer has been negotiating. Two weeks ago The Professionals sold a rural property for $140,000 to a Sydney buyer, Barry McIntosh. Green Meadows a 24-acre farm was sold to Mr McIntosh from Cronulla. Mr Woods said the turn out to this auction had attracted quite a few people. "Traditionally auctions were accepted by the community only as a last resort," he said. "However, people are beginning to see it more as a first option and it is becoming an acceptable way of buying and selling."

MURRAY ESTATES for Town & Coast Real Estate

Sriecialists in Ruial \& Grazing Pnaperlesi 66 Farnborough Rd - 39


3733 Maurice Murray - 39 3272 Dallas Cossar - 39 3209


aucnom ACHON!

SATURDAY, 29th OCTOBER TODAY TODAY at 11am ON SITE TODAY cnr Wilbraham & George Sts, Zilzie


Generally level easy to build block with an area of 2023m2 (corner position approx. 40m x 50m). Located in a quiet and very popular area on the Coast. Only 150 metres from both main and Reef Street beaches. Zoned Residential B and can be subdivided into 3 blocks if required. Nice place to live or invest in. Under instructionsfrom vendors. Terms 10% on fall of hammer. 30 days to settle. Ask Doug Woods a/h 39 6970.


YEPPOON 39 3788

A/H Vicki Bionda 39 2310

Franchisee N. Callianiotis A/H 39 1392

o0 le>1 m r


OPEN HOUSE INSPECTION SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1PM-2PM 25 Caroline St. 4 b/r Brick Home, Good Area, Cnr Allotment, En-suite Bar and Entertainment area 1 St Brendan's College


$98 3 000



FRIDGES, freezers, household items. Secondhand Shop, Emu Park. 396 999. CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Phone 39 4304. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques now at Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

FASHION boutique - excellent position, Capricorn Coast shopping centre. Good returns. Inquiries: 39 3031 or 39 2490.



LOST: Mystere sailboard off Rosslyn Bay. Finder please phone after hours 39 6566. LOST: Budgie, Zilzie area, green and yellow and answers to 'Woody'. Phone 39 6024.

PETS SEVEN Chihuahua cross pups, 16 weeks old. Must nave a home. Phone 39 4427.

We care for your pets

Woodbury Road


39 7553


MOTOR VEHICLES SUZUKI carryvan, as is, unregistered, 6-y-o. $150. Morgans Bakeries, McBean Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 1941.

DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in ... 34 4174.


Mitsubishi Pajero 5 Speed Factory Air-Cond. Log Books & Ready for delivery,

only $23,990

Four Wheeler Dealer Gladstone Rd, Rockhampton - 27 6655

• ABOVE: More than 100 attended the Building Surveyors Conference at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. Pictured (from left) is the Central Queensland Building Survgors chapter secretwyJohn Milne, Rita Milne, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors Queensland chapter president Leo Bhunkie and Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen.



ALL painting, paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ALL type brick and block laying. Quotes and advice. Phone Tony Strong, 39 6884. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CARPENTER available, extensions and repairs. Free quotes or hourly rate. Phone 39 7727. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes, phone 39 1404 or 39 1745. FREE quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber • Keith Chivers - 39 3518.

PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and f< J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. QUALIFIED tradesman in aluminium and steel fabrication, welding, mobile unit. Same reasonable rates day or night. Phone Dave 39 4547. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING and rotary hoeing in Cooberrie and Adelaide Park Road area. Phone 39 7648.. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. VIDEO, TVand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. WINDMILLS repaired. erected, bought and sold. Travel anywhere. Phone 39 7640.



DOMESTIC house-cleaning, also ironing done. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 4017. FOR Al looking lawns and garden ... ph 33 6407. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lop• ping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. FENCING, yard building, tree lopping and yard cleaning. Phone 39 1140. HAVE your home ready for Christmas - ceilings and walls washed, windows cleaned and exteriors washed down. Free quotes. Phone to Des or Dot 39 7110. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460.... CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065.

SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hal! for Junior Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No.B21112 WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B21780. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B21799

POSITION SOUGHT by recent resident cf Capricorn Coast, aged 40s, married, A.F.C.I.A., experienced in all facets of hotel/motel, caravan park management; beer reticulation; ordering; pricing; bottle dept: bar service; reception; staff supervisor; accounting. Anything considered.


POSITIONS VACANT PERSON required for home sewing. Piecework. Some experience an advantage. Phone 39 6580.

Where to stay on the Coast Enjoy Island Views from every unit a' the

BIG WHALE offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily

Bay Vacationer ' 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overn •ht & W ekl 079 39 1213

and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals. Feeding tours hourly from 11am.

Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creak, Own private beach (079 39 1421

A0°Ele50 RAINBOW SUPERCINEMA Friday only, October 28, 7.10pm

Sunday, Oct 30, 7pm


arthur 2- ON THE ROCKS Saturday, Oct 29, 7.10pm EDDIE MURPHY



$617 .5VI $1750

COMING TO RICA Fri & Sat, Nov 4 and 5, 7.10pm

PRESIDIO ® starring THE

Sean Connery

& Mark Harmon



14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

Basketball fixtures CAPRICORN Coast Basketball Association fixtures for week 15 at the Cooee Bay National Fitness Hall and Arthur Street courts. Sunday,.October 30: 4pm Raiders v Bobcats (A Thomas, D Willoughby); 5pm Tigers v Demons (J Christensen, J Moody); 6pm Lescence v Slick Chicks (J Moody, C Willoughby); 7pm Bombers v CK Celtics (K Dooley, K Smith); 8pm Rebels v Young Ones (A and D Moore); Devils has a bye. Monday, October 31: 6pm Hootans v Brendans (G Nicholas, A Thomas); 7pm Billabongs A v Seagulls ( M and V Cranny); 8pm Rimjammers v Coasters (K Dooley, D Moore); 9pm Saints v Scoobs (J Moody, K Smith). Tuesday, November 1, at Arthur Street court: 7pm Golden Roughs v Breakaways (K Smith, C Rosenthal); 8pm Brendans B v Trailblazers (D and A Moore). Wednesday, November 2: 6pm Billabong B v Pink Galahs (S Willioughby, A Thomas); 7pm Gadabout s v Resort Raiders ( S Willoughby, A Thomas); 8pm Courtcrawlers v Nomads (J Moody, K Smith); 9pm Coasters B v Tanby Roses (A Thomas, K Dooley).

ELECTRIC MOTOR & PUMP REPAIR We repair Pumps (Irrigation, Industrial, Pools & Domestic Pressure Systems Single & 3-phase motors • Power Tools Generator Sets • Com • ressors ... etc Consolidated

39 3310 or 39 3303a/h Electric Motors 24hr-7days - 59 Tanby Rd

Assemblies of God • Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

00.Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, October 30 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall

6.30pm, Musical. Cathedral of Praise "His Name is Life"

Fun Run 10.30am from Surf Club to Tucker Street (nominations from 9.30am) Primary, Secondary, Open All participants receive certificates • Random Drug Testing •

• Lucky Dodger Prize • • Jewellery Cleaning • • Hay Rides • Pony Rides . • Doll and Teddy Show •

Fab and Pocky Ccrit o)Ateci to fly 3oofiv 1 iher, mtorn North. Zo 411N went to... I

Pacific 1000 a race of endurance ATHISGRADE SQUASH week was the second last week of the Capricorn Coast Squash fixtures. A and taking each day as it comes current coincidence in the draw saw the four mai contenders for semi-finals positions play each THE Pacific 1000 is all about endurance and taking each day as it comes ... ever)/ day boats and crew aim to make it through the day and finish. Yeppoon signals the halfway point for competitors. The six-day competition starts in Cairns and finishes at the Gold Coast. The leg from Mackay to Yeppoon is considered the roughest and toughest section of the race. Going into day three the two leading competitors - both in class A -Shampoo and McKnight Signature broke down and didn't complete the leg. Winning this leg was EIT Mover. In second place was Lowes (a class B powerboat). Classes are determined by size ... Lowes is 9.76 metres and the bigger vessels can go to 11.59 metres. Lowes, built and owned by Harold Lowe, is unique ... it is the only timber handmade boat. The six other powerboats were built out of fibreglass. A boat costs about $180,000. Lowes public relations officer Barry Moore - and Harold Lowe's co-driver - said powerboat racing wasn't a sport for someone operating on a shoe string budget. Mr Moore said repairs and maintenance weren't cheap and it was best to have the backing of assets if considering the sport. Lowes is capable of reaching speeds up to 136km/h and is powered by three V6 outboard engines. Mr Moore said speed depended on conditions. "The past two sea legswere rough but the remaining legs should enable us to stretch out the speeds," he said. It hasn't been plain sailing for Harold Lowe and his team of eight. During day one of racing the powerboat blew a gearbox and eight kilometres out of Yeppoon the boat spun a bush out of a propellor. Harold Lowe steers and navigates while Barry Moore controls the throttle speed and trim angle (angle the boat runs on). The back-up crew includes seven people as well as a truck to tow the boat, crew support truck and station wagon. The tow truck leaves early each race day while remaining crew wait until the race starts (about 9am each day). Tuesday's leg from Mackay was given the earlier time start at 8am because it is known as the roughest leg. Mr Moore said it wasn't the longest leg but there were no benefits from islands to knock down waves. The boats looked forward to the remaining

three days' racing because the incidence of islands signalled a smooth run to the finish. Overall, Lowes is placed third or fourth. Mr Lowe said they were fairing a lot better than other crews. "Normally one boat-a-day pulls out because of break-downs," he said. "Today (Tuesday) three, including the top two, broke down. Mr Moore likened riding in the powerboats to constantly falling from a two-storey building. "You lose all fear," he said. "You become fearless when it comes to every day life." It's Mr Moore's first race but Mr Lowe's second. The boat is also in its second endurance race. Last year, the brand new Lowes, incurred a number of breakdowns but this year they had sorted out the problems and remarked on the relatively smooth trip to date. The boat was docked at Cooee Bay Marine, owned by Vince Welsh, for general maintenance. Mr Moore said general maintenance was needed to anticipate any problems and sort them out before the next day's racing. On Wednesday, the group set off at 9am for the fourth leg to Bundaberg. FOOTNOTE: The seven competitors had an uneventful start from Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour on Wednesday morning but the City of Townsville entry broke down soon after (at 10.05am) just out from Keppel Sands. The land crew picked up the boat from Cawarral Creek. Lowes entry and EIT Mover also suffered breakdowns near Gladstone. This leg was won by Shampoo with Ocean International, second.

%Very little' money in racing big boats • CONTINUED FROM PAGE / powerboat the more sense it makes ... until prizemoney is mentioned. Stephen Morley used two words to sum up how much first prize was worth ... and they meant "very little". Anyone contemplating entering the Pacific 1000 would have to have a lot of sense; and even more cents. It's , big business. Stepehn and David estimated they would be out-of-pocket at least $15,000 and more like $20,000 by the time they reach the Gold Coast. That figure did not even include the cost of buying the boat, the motors, the trailer, the support vehicle. It did include the cost of running these items, plus the personnel to man them. But they were happy. They had started the leg second overall and, even after losing a propellor ($600 on its own, without the shaft it took with it) they were still fourth when they made it to Rosslyn Bay. They regard the race as good advertising for their businesses, Gold Coast Hydraulics at Southport and Energy Hydraulics in Sydney, where they live. These businesses are involved in supplying and fitting steering gear from the United States. They can recommend the gear because they've tested it before and they were in the middle of testing it again in this race. Craig Bailey owns Marineland at Tarens Point in Sydney and he also takes time off work to race because it's in the line of duty. It's hard to get enthusiastic about a sport that has a limited number of entrants because boats cost around $200,000 to put in the water and then drain even healthy pockets in running costs but there are skills involved that. have to be admired. Stephen Morley realised he was talking to an amateur when he was asked the following question: "Why carry a navigator ... don't you just head out of Mackay and turn right for Rosslyn Bay? He patiently explained that while he did turn right, he then headed 40 miles out to sea where he was out of view of land. The boats carry charts pointing out navigational points to head for ... "but at 60 miles per hour it's hard to see anything," he said. "Sometimes, when you're 40 miles from land, can't see anything but water and you're getting pounded around you start to wonder why you're racing at all." One thing is certain, they're not racing for the money ... but whatever it is, their record-holding father was sitting on an oildrum watching repairs. He's still interested!

(Oa C1)011, if eoore fleinD NCKTI-1- SOUTH, 1/clsoa3esti900fr9 BAST (.11.ST "!! Yes Re.c.,}y HIST- (.,051Pi1121,INF:s 1 offers a ‘(7101- SPNER' fare from RocK-

liArirroN to BRISBANE cIncl ReT00) for ONL'1 6 Ito 'co, You MOST book 3o clas in 3d vance and 5fay 3 nia hts 11.

other on Wednesday night ' Top team Navigators defeated second team Odds and Ends 3-1. The result was much closer than the scores indicate with Odds and Ends losing two of the matches in five. Larry Owens accounted for Val Odell in five while the Nobs Drillis-Andrew Dowie match provided the greatest interest. Andrew came out firing in the first with tight drives and crisp boasts and drops to win 9-1. Nobs countered to win the second 9-4 against a looser Andrew. Andrew won a cliff-hanger third 10-8 after many close rallies and hand-outs. Nobs replied wth another 10-8 and with both players tiring, Nobs took control in the fifth to win 9-1, as Andrew failed to find direction and length. Carl Hudson, playing as reserve for Professionals, gave Danny Tanks food for thought when he took the second game 9-3. Danny then outran Carl to win in four. Peder Dale performed well for Professionals to win in three against Lyn Witts. Neil Roberts came out ahead in his match against Chris Hacker in what is becoming a traditional five. A number of players represented the Coast last weekend in the Rum City Open Tournament. held in Bundaberg. Val Odell was successful, winning the special ladies plate event. Bits and Pieces defeated Secret Weapons 31: reserve David Shultz def Anthony Trump 95; reserve Greg Pitt def Mark Sargood 3reserve Ian Atkinson v Glen Ward 0-3; Neil— Roberts def Chris Hacker 3-2. Navigators def Odds and Ends 3-1: May Briggs v Len Keily 0-3; Val Odell v Larry Owens 2-3; Andrew Dowie v Nobs Drillis 2-3; Tom Brick def Gordon Roberts 3-1. Professionals def Saints and Sinners two rubbers each, eight games to six: Peder Dale def Lyn Witts 3-0; reserve Carl Hudson v DannyTanks 1-3; Glen Evansv Bernard Lacey 1-3; Clay Nothling def Joe Foat 3-0.

Zilzie Golf results ZILZIE Golf Club Thursday standard scratch winners were member L Walling 4 4 and associate P Barker +3. Pinshot winner was G Cook and T Campbell took the mystery prize. Saturday stroke game winners were G Brimmell with 62 nett and F Humphries, 66. Sunday stroke game winners were V Svendsen with 56 nett and 0 Phillips, 64. Pinshot winners were G Brimmell and 0 Phillips. A working bee will be held tomorrow, Saturday. Memberswill attend at 6am and associates will provide lunch. The course will be closed Players needed to play for Nixon Shield at Yeppoon, draw at noon. Afternoon competition at Zilzie as usual.

Little athletics meet CAPRICORN Coast Little Athletics general meeting is at Apex Park on Friday, October 28 at 6.45pm before the athletics start. Parents are asked to attend as the future of the club may be in doubt. For further information please contact LOr raine Coombs, 39 3541.


Vibra Crete Concrete Pools from $7500

Ph. 33 6198

Bea CockCcc,Ka-1-00! forROFSSIcNK, TRUE),AMICK from cWL4MoCoNsul-TONTS


NOW if 'PoLLY want5 a CRRCKER7Ican.afrort] 5/xEs oriheryt °Siff, -the 4150 1 saved `EAST (JEST rro I- sfivER..

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988 - 15

VICTORY TO YIBC AT YEPPOON Indoor Bowling Club's playvenue last Sunday a match was played ( Neeetween Rockhampton St Joseph's club and YIBC. After five games of 12 ends YIBC was winners with 22 and a half ends and 351 points to St Joseph's seven and a half ends and 273 points. Allwho participated in the day voted it one of enjoyable bowls. For St Joseph's the best team was Edna Harman, Doug Ames, Lil Higson, Gladys Purdie, Pat McGrath and Bill Cassidy, two wins and 52 points. YIBC's top combination was Fred Wade, Alan Philp, Evelyn Seeman, Ivy Mallory, Florence Collins and Noreen Domoneywhose. tally was five wins and 66 points. Lowest score trophy went to Bill McIntosh, Carol Webley, Lil Close, Pat Ireland, Fred Brown and Val Ewing with no wins for 35 points. Ken Jones presented the first raffle prize (a mud crab) and this was won by YIBC member Frank Howard. The second prize (a cockerel) went to another Yeppoonite, Tom Devantier. On Sunday, combined Rockhampton clubs will play Coast clubs at YIBC and another enjoyable day of bowling is envisaged. Sunday, November 6 is President's day when members and visitors will play for trophies given by YIBC president Bernie Robson. Play will be held in the afternoon, at the end of which a barbecue tea will be held. The admisi ion for President's day is $2.50 which includes laying fees and the barbecue tea and visitors are welcome. Next Tuesday, November 1 a visit is arranged to the Senior Citizens' Indoor Bowls Club at Bauhinia House. And if you are reading this report on Friday afternoon, remember Tom Poole's trophy night is on tonight.

WIN TO EMU PARK TWENTY-TWO bowlers from Emu Park travelled to Mt Morgan Welfare Club on Sunday to do battle for the John and Mavis Beatham Shield. The match was played, in warm conditions, as two games of 21 ends. Emu Park Bowls Club won with a score of 248 points to Welfare 218 points. Emu Park's Marge Price, Merle Sheridan, Arthur Atcheson and skip John Aitken won the top team award. Runners up was the Mt Morgan team of Robyn Blythman, Colleen Leigh, Mark Blytham and Ernie Heath. It was a good day and the Welfare club's hospitality was appreciated by the Coast bowlers. Week's trophy winners: Tuesday, Col Pearson, Dulcie Locke; Wednesday, Ken Moore, Peter Brown; Saturday, Ethel Madden, Jack Norris. Sunday, Ruth Bird, Harold Goodger and Col Smith. Mixed pairs round one winners were Ruth Forrest and Wilf Gibson. Top team for Emu Park on the QRI day was Mary Peacock, Kath Cliffe, Jim McDerby, Ethel Madden and Col Smith. This week's timetable: Friday, October 28, oll up from 1.30pm; special general meeting to discuss bank loan proposal at 12.30pm followed by mixed social bowling on Sunday, October 30. Trophies: Tuesday, November 1 will be mixed social bowling at 10am followed by Melbourne Cup smorgasboard lunch, fashion parade and television viewing of the race. Wednesday, November 2, mixed social bowling trophies. Sunday, November 6, men's committee meeting. Monday, November 7, ladies annual general meeting.

YEPPOON BOWLS YEPPOON Bowls Club was to have played host to the Dee and Welfare clubs of Mt Morgan and Wowan club for the Savage Shield on November 20. The all-day competition has been brought forward to Sunday, November 6, and will now be played at the Welfare club, Mt Morgan. Yeppoon will send eight men and eight women by bus to play for the shield and members wishing to be considered must put their names in the book. Lunch will be available. Please check notice board for details of players and transport.

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Cavaliers and Colts tie at top YEPPOON Cavaliers and Colts have tied equal top with 28points in the Yeppoon Junior Cricket year 6/7 competition. Emu Park Aussies has 16 points and Sacred Heart Koalas, eight. Yeppoon Colts d Yeppoon Cavaliers 71-67. Yeppoon Colts best batsman was Cameron Dunn with 19 runs and best bowler Lance Hawke took five for 16. Cavaliers best batsman Troy Pinkerton hit 20 runs and best bowler was Shane Franke with four for six. Emu Park Aussies d Sacred Heart Koalas 8859. Best batsman for Aussies was Dino Inguanzo with 20 runs and best bowler was Matthew Coyle with two wickets. Koalas best batsman was Paul Scott with 26 not out and

best bowler was Ryan Apps with five wickets. In the year 4/5 competition Yeppoon Cavaliers d Yeppoon Colts, 84-55. Best batsman for Cavaliers was David Targett 26 not out and he was also best bowler with Peter Dean, three for one and took two for one, respectively. Best batsman for Colts was Chris Smith 14 not out and Nathan Stevens was best bowler with two for five. Emu Park Lions d Sacred Heart Koalas 10779. Best batsman for Lions was R Brinkley 27 not out and R Donellan 26 not out, best bowler was Cody Harris with four for 12. Koalas best batsman was Gordon Scott 20 runs and Gordon Scott was best bowler and he took three for five. •

1 point between 4 squash sides WITH only one week to go in the season, one point separates four teams in the Capricorn Coast B grade squash competition. Bits and Pieces, Professionals, Odds and Ends and Secret Weapons are all battling for third and fourth positions and a spot in the finals. With some good squash being played, Secret Weapons kept its finals hopes alive with a strong win over Bits and Pieces. Secret Weapons' Barry Vains played well to overcome a determined Mike George and Scott Witts showed his talent with good ball control to beat Brett Odell in five. Saints and Sinners 41; Navigators 40; Bits and Pieces 32; Professionals 32; Odds and Ends

31; Secret Weapons 31. Navigators defeated Odds and Ends two rubbers each, eight games to six, 84-82: C Murphy v C Preim 1-3; S Miners v A Perrin 30; W Stewart v G Hogdson 1-3; N Saunders v M Damrow 3-0. Professionals defeated Saints and Sinners two rubbers each, seven games to six, 74-67: C Hudson v D Hinton 1-3; P Novak v D Schultz 0-3; S Brown v S Hansen 3-0; W Hudson v S Mitchell 3-0. Secret Weapons defeated Bits and Pieces three rubbers to one, 10 games to seven, 138117: S Witts v B Odell 3-2; P Dixon v K Orr 30; B Vains v M George 3-2; J George v B Mc Kemnar 1-3.

GOOD RALLIES IN DAYTIME SQUASH LADIES Daytime Squash match of the day was played between Ruth Alexander and Diane Cameron. A long game, featuring some good rallies, finally saw Mrs Alexander win 32 with a point score of 41-38. Scintallating Seven v Kathy's Conquerors 1214: Denise Campbell v Kathy Dale 0-3; Carol Greasley def Rhonda DeMay 3-2; Diane Tsakavic def Jean Graff 3-0; Diane Cameron v Ruth Alexander 2-3; Linda Kiely def Donna Scott 3-0; Inga Corney v Sylvia Hodgkinson 13; Rosslyn Harvey v Rosemary Pannett 0-3. Britton's "Bright Ones" def Handouts 13-11: Julie Britton def Wendy Stevens 3-0; Joyce Dooley def Nita Marxsen 3-1; Trish Hinton def Joyce Hinton 3-1; Jan Schmidt v Cheryl Evans 0-3; Faye Bishton def Edrae Damrow 3-0;

Robin Turner v Thonda Mellor 1-3; Christine Lewis v Glenda Locker 0-3. May's Marauders v Rossy's Rippers 12-15: May Briggs def Trish Andrews 3-1; Sue Blake v Wendy Hinton 0-3; Debbie Bettien def Rosemary Jones 3-2; Carmel Donnellan v Ann Priem 0-3; Rosemary Hansen v Charlotte Scott 2-3; Debbie Marxsen v Kerry Campbell 0-3; Merillea Barns def Lvn Stanton Cook 3-0. Scherlies Schockers def Trish's Triers 12-11: Liz Scherlies def Rosslyn Clifford 3-0; marg Brodellv Debbie Pearson 0-3; Penny Munn def Judy Minter 3-0; Pat Harris v Gaye Sands 0-3; Robyn Battersbv def Leonie Warren 3-0; Debbie Moss def Cheryl Egan 3-2; Paula Mills v Judy Hawke 0-3. .=

GREAT SQUASH ON MONDAY NIGHTS LADIES Monday night squash at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre has seen some great competition this season. In some tight games Secret Weapons' Linda Keily defeated Saints and Sinners Edrae Damrow; Joyce Dooley fought out a long one, only to lose to Debbie Pearson. Navigators' Patti Price fought hard to overcome Professionals' Julie Britton and Kathy Vaughan went down to Penny Moraitis. Professionals defeated Navigators four rubbers to one, 15 games to six, 159-117: J Britton v P Price 2-3; L Forrest v V Hughes 3-0; N Busteed v H Thorpe 3-0; M Ganter v R Mellor , 3-1; P Moraitis v K Vaughan 3-2. Odds and Ends 2 defeated Bits and Pieces 1,

three rubbers to two, nine games each, 106-126: R Brettel v K Dale 3-2; W Hinton v R Jones 31; A Besley v F Bishton 0-3; W, McGinty v L Warren 3-0; S Foley v D Welsh 0-3. Odds and Ends defeated Bits and Pieces 2, three rubbers to two. 10 games to 7, 115-97: M Briggs v L Christiansen 3-1; J Minter v R Clifford 0-3; D Tokovic v T Kime 3-0; D Moss v A Roberts 1-3; C Knight v M Thomasson 30. Saints and Sinners defeated Secret Weapons, three rubbers to two, 10 games to 8, 139-111: B Cockerill v Marxsen 3-2; D Pearson v J Dooley 3-2; L Ganter v P Harris 0-3; E Damrow v L Keily 1-3; L Marxsen v V Kalache 3-0.

DOBBY, HINTON, MILLER THE WINNERS ON Monday night, St James Indoor Bowls Club's monthly trophy night was held and the winners were Harold Dobby, Joyce Hinton and Mary Miller. The sportsman prize went to George Miller,

BOWLERS BUSY SINGING Ship Indoor Bowls Club members have been busy this month with games at home and away with three wins and one defeat. Singing Ship 104 d St John 88; QRI 151 d Singing Ship 127 and Singing Ship 111 d St Vincent's 78. Tomorrow, Saturday, Yeppoon's St James Indoor Bowling Club will play at Emu Park in the Hartwig Trophy. The club's Melbourne Cup luncheon will again be held at the home of Billie and Jack Stevenson ... a day all club members enjoy. The next meeting is Saturday, November 5 at 1pm, when plans for the Christmas party should be decided. Members are invited to the meeting to discuss any ideas for the party.


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Mavis Hof and Audrey Abel. The raffle for the night was won by Nancy Jarvie. "Secretary Kath McIlv(raith has been absent from bowls having treatment for her eyes at Rockhampton Hospital and members wish her a speedy recovery," the club's publicity officer said A team was nominated for the summer fixtures from St James but, unfortuately owing to insufficient numbers they had to be cancelled. Players please note the final of the Hartwig shield is to be held at Emu Park's Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club on Saturday, October 29. Next Thursday, November 3, is games director and selectors day and triples will be held so give them your support for their day. Secretary would like all names in the book for the Christmas party to be held at the sailing club on December 3. All visitors are welcome at St James Indoor Bowls Club, Mary Street, Yeppoon on Mondays at 7.30pm and Thursdays at 1pm.

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YEPPOON GOLF YEPPOON Golf Club's Wednesday club was well attended with a few visitors hitting off with the locals. Ladies' stableford winner was Joan Burroweswith 36 points from Rita Edmistone with 35. Rita Edmistone won the first nine with 32 from Joan Burrowes 32 and a half. Joyce Keyes won the second nine with 33 from Laurie Osborne and Joan Burrowes both with 33 and a half. Pinshot winners were S Haskins, R Edmistone and M Prior won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was Villa Svendsen with 44 points from M Hoare 43, C Barclay 41, T Shields 40. L Lucas 39, V Hunt 39, G Haskins 39, I Macaulay 39, P Marwedel 39, and T Gray 39. First nine winners were V Svendsen 29, M Hoare 31, C Barclay 30 and a half, H Fisher 30 and a half, T Shields 30 and a half, N Ward 32, W Osborne 32. Second nine winners were W Towns 29, C Meyers 30, W Cumming 32, M Hoare 32, P Foxwell 32, T Edmistone 32. R Montgomery 32 and a half, L Lucas 32 and a half. Pinshot winners were T Gray A Dougherty and B Morgan won the proshot. Veterans played a stableford for members and ladies over 12 holes. Gwen Bullock won the ladies with 27 points from Beryl Taylor 27 and Kay Scope 26, Beryl also won the pinshot. Members' winner was Key Thompson with 33 points from Arthur Simpson 32, Godfrey Haskins31, Villa Svendsen 31, Peter Marwedel 31, and Terry Woodbridge 31. Pinshot winners were W Osborne and W Farrar. Bill Farrar was welcomed as a new member. Associates played a stableford for club trophy and the winner was Joyce Keyes with 35 points on countback from bey Osborne also with 35 points, next was Lorna Quigley with 34. Pinshot winners were V Caseleyr, N Hunt (two), M Prior and E Huszak won the proshot. Birds nest winners were M Prior. N Hunt. Members played a stroke for Harley Fisher trophy and the winner was Mike Boyd with 62 nett from Tony Blain 63, Mery Damrow 64, Wayne Dicker 65, Joe Garvey 65, Wayne Towns 65, Steven Schuster 66. Ian Atkinson 66, Vince Hannan 66. Mike Mickleburgh 67. Roger Geddes 67. Frank Huszak 67. Pinshot winners were S Thorne. I Macaulay, B Horton, M Damrow. and M BOyd won the proshot. A mixed 4bbb aggregate stroke was played with left overs for members and ladies. The mixed winners were Bob and Joan Burrowes with 133 nett. from Ray and Nola Clark 139, Vince and Genny Hannan 139. Tom and Rita Edmistone 141. Nev and Phyllis Mann 141. Bill and Cassie Freeman 143. Pinshot winners: ladies P King and N Hunt (two) and members' T Edmistone (two) and M Damrow. Left overs: members' winner was J McHerron. Associates played a 4bbb stableford for club trophy. Winners were Elizabeth Huszak and Charlotte Somogyi with 43. Next best were Marge Williams and Cassie Freeman with 42 from Gladys Scharf and Hazel Fry with 41 on countback from Genny Hannan and Joan Gregory with 41, Joyce Keyes and Daphne Gregg also with 41. Pinshot winners: silver, G Watson and A Vaughan won the bronze. All players winner was J Keyes and G Watson won the proshot. A reminder for associates, don't forget presentation day, and annual general meeting on November 8. This week the membership number draw stands at S120, be there at 6pm on Saturday to stand a chance of winning.

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16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 28 - November 3, 1988

SECOND SUCCESSIVE YARC DOUBLE FOR LYLE ROWE LYLE Rowe scored his second double in a row at Tyrer Park on Wednesday in a Capricorn Coast business sponsored race meeting. The first win was with the Yeppoon-owned (Bronwyn Perkins, Patricia Rowe and Greg Simpson) Parafan and opened her winning account in the Rosslyn Bay Fisherman's Cooperative Maiden Handicap (1000m). Consistent Parafan has had 12 startswith one win, four seconds and two thirds amassing $14,660 in prize-money. Rockhampton-based trainer Rowe completed the double with Man of Integrity in the

Rockhampton. Barbara Cook scored her first win as an owner when Silver Report made a long run from the tail of the field to catch the Yeppoon owned and trained New Horizon in the Keppel Barge Service Wallet Handicap (1200m).

T J Bradford Pacific Heights Estate Country Stakes (1440m). Man of Integrity was part of the first winning double on September 21. Both horses were ridden by jockey John Stephens ... also a double for him. Recent southern purchase Opaque Flash made it three wins in as many starts in the area, when he led all the way in the Kempsea Undercover-Keppel Water Taxi Restricted Handicap (1000m). Opaque Flash, owned by Bill Stark of Gracemere and trained at Alton Downs by John Cooney, had previous wins at Ridgelands and

Local bettors bested bookmakers on the Tyrer Park events when three of the four favourites passed the camera first - Opaque Flash (9/10), Parafan (4/5) and Man of Integrity (6/4). Silver Report broke the bookies drought at 20/1.

Big Cup Day for Yeppoon races Tent patrons will also be able to watch the Foster's video This Fabulous Tuesday, a history of the Melbourne Cup, plus southernraces and the Cup itself on Sky Channel. Shaver's Surf Shop is sponsoring a roving fashion parade of beachwear. Models will make a number of changes throughout the race day and will meander through the crowd instead of parading on the catwalk. The Yeppoon meeting is one of about six expected throughout Central Queensland but organisers are pleased with the 34 nominations they have received for the four races. Racecourse gates will open early Tuesday to allow Cup Day patrons to make a full day of it. The Seafood Luncheon will start around Noon and the four local races will start after the running of the Melbourne Cup.

YEPPOON Amateur Race Club has planned a big day for the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday with live TV coverage of the race, a seafood luncheon, roving fasion parade featuring beachwear ... and four well supported local races. Ross and Anne Dickson of Seafood and Eat It have sponsored the day and are taking bookings for a $12 seafood luncheon in the Fosters Champage Tent. Bookings have flowed in since the luncheon, and menu, was announced. Mr Dickson said places were limited but bookings could be made on 39 2233. The menu of fresh crabs and prawns, seafood mornay, lasagne, chicken and salad can be topped off with champagne from the bar that will operate in the tent.

Coast cricketers defeat Souths for second outright points win Evinrude has always been the industry leader in powerful portable outboards. Our new 1988 portables prove it. The 8 and 6 run even quieter and offer more protection from corrosion than ever. Plus the 4 Deluxe is packed with convenience features like F-N-R shifting. And all three portables run on an economical gas/oil fuel mix and AccuMix' automatic oil injection.

the loss of two wickets (Coast first innings score seven for 56 declared). Andrew Reedman was unbeaten on 29 while Brendan Fleetwood made a steady 11. Coast won the match by eight wickets for 41 runs from 20 overs. Second grade will play Grammar at the Grammar school tomorrow (Saturday) starting at 12.45pm. If luck is running with the second graders it certainly is against the third graders who have suffered another outright defeat to Etna Creek. Coast was dismissed for 89 runs in the second innings after being forced to follow-on (first innings scores Etna Creek 187-Coast 58). Darren Petterwood top-scored with 29 while Dale Wetzler made a patient 11. Dale Wetzler was the Coast man of the match for his steady but unbeaten knock of 24 in the first innings. Third grade will play Frenchville at Victoria Park starting at 12.45pm. The club will run a bus for the two teams departing the Railway Hotel at 11.30am.

CAPRICORN Coast second grade cricketers gained their second successive outright victory against Souths last weekend in Rockhampton. Souths resumed their second innnings with the score at five for 67 (first innings score 19) and were all out for 89. Wayne Kitchener agained bowled well to capture five wickets for 34 runs from 14 overs and so did Ken Ogilvie who took two for 35 from 15 overs. A direct hit from Peter Huxtable, fielding at short square-leg, found one of the Souths batsman well short of the crease to be run-out. This left Coast with only a score of 53 needed for outright victory which they achieved with

INDOOR Cricket and icA Bea CRICKET Netball NE7ALL 's caugh"n It's a hit with my mates

Darin Coombs in National team for Pan Pacific Games

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CAPRICORN Coast athlete Darin Coombs overcame a painful groin injury to take out first place in the open boys' discus at the Queensland track and field championships on Saturday. Darin, who attends Ipswich Grammar School, pulled a muscle in his groin during a training session leading up to the competition. He is now attending a physiotherapist and will start light training next week for the Pan Pacific Games. He was selected after winning his discus with a 49.14m - below his personal best throw of 52m - after a disappointing shotput where he finished sixth. The Pan Pacific Games from December 3 to December 9 in Sydney has athletes from 22 countries competing ranging in age from seven to 18 years and are held every four years. It is expected 4000 students will converge on Sydney to compete in track and field, and swimming and diving events. Intellectually and physically handicapped athletes will also be competing at these games. Darin was selected in the national team for the annual track and field titles on December 10, 11 and 12 in Canberra.


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Ike back aF the Wilma SOME, not all, journalists have a nose for news and they pride themselves on being able to sniff out a story anywhere. Some claim they were born with it, others achieve it with time and experience ... and those with a Shakespearian bent claim they had it "thrust upon them". The worst thing that can happen to any journalist is to lose that "nose" That long intro leads into the Pacific 1000 boat race from Cairns to the Gold Coast. "Old Baldy" has an aversion to events of this nature. He has nothing personal against the sponsors, the drivers, the navigators, mechanics, hangerson or spectators ... but he thinks it's silly that so much money is spent racing a boat out at sea where no-one can see it then claiming it as a spectator sport. He reckons it's like 12-metre yacht races. As a result, "OB" told Suzy this year he didn't think it was worthwhile the Capricorn Coast Mirror covering the event ... "Look, they blow in early Tuesday morning and blow out again early Wednesday morning," he told Suzy. "No-one notices, no-one cares ... the perfect example of here today and gone tomorrow." So, on Tuesday morning, the boats blew in and "OB" slugged away at hi computer. He rationalised that the CCTO's hosting of the dinner on Tuesday night had been given page-three publicity so all was right with the world. By Tuesday afternoon his "nose" was twitching ... these huge powerboats were being dragged down the main street to service stations and around the traps for repairs. Everywhere they went they drew crowds ... drivers craned their necks to see them as they passed; pedestrians stopped, pointed and starting chatting to others nearby. Finally, with his "nose" itching, he rushed back to the office to talk to Suzy ... "Have I lost my nose for news? Am I wrong? Should we be covering these money machines?" Suzy, patiently, waited for him to rundown then told him many people were interested in the boats. It was only natural; lots of people owned everyday cars but watched formula 1 racers. Lots of people owned tinnies and, as a result, were interested in huge powerboats. "Well why aren't we covering this race?" 'OB' screamed. Suzy, patiently, said: "Because dear, you said we weren't going to cover it.". The Mirror wound up covering the powerboats!!! •

• •

ONE of the hardest jobs in newspapers is interviewing someone who has been a friend for years, especially when you're young. People you've known as "Uncle" Fred or "Aunty" Pat suddenly become awkward. Rhodes Watson has overcome the problem with ease ... talking to Barbara and Lew Fitchen about their Valley Vista plantation this week, he simply referred to them as Akeland Barloo, their scouting names from, hiaJ youth. At least he remembered not to put out his left hand to shake! •• • FROM the Mirror's world-wide resources comes this item ... France is noted for its wine industry, and practically everyone there drinks wine. Italy is known for its pasta, and Italians are known to eat pasta. Germany is noted for its beer ... and Oktoberfests are spreading everywhere. Yeppoon is noted for pineapples ... but are they a daily/nightly dish? Not if you talk to pineapple growers. In fact, one grower reckons Yeppoon consumers regard pineapples as an item that should be on sale at "three large ones for a dollar". You know, that means local consumers expect one of the sweetest, juiciest fruits known to man (woman, person) to cost about 33 cents a kg. That's cheap eating. What other natural source of sugar and fibre costs so little? Maybe it's time we all started having a good look at our own home-grown industry and started supporting it. It's just like shopping locally ... to do so brings prosperity to your own town. And, N,,,Ln the long run, we all benefit!

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