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ISSUE 265 FRIDAY, September 9, THURSDAY, September 15, 1988

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On the Yeppoon Beachfront


• ABOVE: Yeppoon Swans A grade players face their first-ever grand final bid. Pictured is the team relaxing before the big game on Saturday against Wandal. Back row (from left): Doug Newton, Les Lacy, Nic Bash ant, Phil Munro, Jay Blake, Trov Tompkins, Michael Wozniak and Dave Bibby. Middle row (front left): Bryan Munn, Danny Bromley, Brett Motto'', Mark Taylor, Brian Cruikshank and Brett Odell. Front row (from left): Grant Boyd, Steve Burns (captain/coach ) and Mark Wiggington.

• March start for marina KEPPEL Gateway Pty Ltd announced this week work would start in March next year on construction of seawalls and reclamation associated with its 350-berth Rosslyn Bay Harbour marina. Managing director John Davies said the March starting date would allow for uninterrupted work based on the end of the cyclone season. An earlier proposed deadline to start work this week had proved difficult to meet because of technical design and commercial considerations, and finalisation of equity arrangements. Mr Davies, a Biloela-based businessman

who also has a home at Lammermoor Beach, said the March start would allow his company a nine-month stretch of the best weather in which to finish stage one. This stage, estimated to cost $8.5 million, would build an inner and outer seawall plus reclaim and create 12.5ha (30acres) of prime harbour-front land between the walls. "That means the project will have fulfilled the obligations required under the two-year development lease issued in March this year by the Harbours and Marine Department with the Harbours Corporation of Queensland," Mr Davies said. He expects to complete that stage very

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early in 1990 ... and that will mark the start of the next and final stage. "By 1990 we will have seawalls and 30 acres of raw, reclaimed land with a superb 20-acre, 3-metre deep marina basin," he said. Rosslyn Bay Boast Harbour will then be complete. It will have a safe, all-weatehr harbour entrance and deepwater moorings. That's when the commercial development starts. The ultimate plan calls for: • 350 marina berths catering to boat sizes ditated by demand at that time. • Marina on-shore facilities which include a management centre incorporating a • CONTINUED ON PAGES 8 AND 13

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YEPPOON Swans Australian Rules A grade players face their toughest test whenthey contest the finals at 2.30pm, Stenlake Park, Rockhampton on Saturday. The Swans are the Coast's final chance to win a first-ever football premiership out of any A grade side. Only five weeks ago the Coast was in a position of taking out three possible premierships.


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Dog attacks boy doing good deed A CAPRICORN Coast boy's community spirit in helping clean up Yeppoon Main Beach on the weekend was marred by a dog attack. Seven-year-old Ben Webb was bruised and scratched when a tan German-Shepherd cross attacked him while he was helping collect rubbish. Ben's mother, Belinda Webb, said she didn't see the whole incident. She said Ben was collecting rubbish in the softer sand section higher up the beach while she and friends collected rubbish closer to the water. "Ben is normally a friendly person when it comes to dogs," she said. "I asked him if he had done anything to annoy the dog. "He said all he did was to say hello and the dog latched onto the top of his leg. He has bad scratches and bruising on his leg and buttocks.

"A man and woman were sitting nearby with another German Shepherd and all they did was smack the dog that attacked Ben, after the accident," she said. "They didn't shout or call the dog back. My, friend told them that in future they should make sure their dog is under control. "What I'm worried about is that the dog could have badly injured a smaller child." The incident occurred while they were collecting rubbish between the Bluff and the ramp on Farnborough Beach at Bangalee. FOONOTE: Livingstone Shire Council bylaws state that designated bathing areas (identifiable with signs) disallow any dogs. All other areas (without signs) can be used by dogs but they must be effectively under control with either a leash or chain.

WRIGHT PROPOSES %SUPER REGION' A SUPER region designed to promote Central Queensland was proposed by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright when he addressed the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry this week at Bayview Tower. Mr Wright said a super region, called Capricorn or Capricornia, promoting the whole Central Queensland area could solve identity problems now experienced. The chamber invited Mr Wright to talk about his suggestions and plans for the Capricorn Coast's future in the next five years. Mr Wright said a central administration block, located at Rockhampton, with input from all regions from Maryborough to Mackay would link Central Queensland. "Total regional development would give us an identity," he said. "The first major breakthrough has been achieved with the Commonwealth Education Department to be centrally located at Rockhampton. "Rockhampton would have the administration centre but all areas would still play key roles." Mr Wright said that there was too much disunity in Central Queensland because ad-. ministrative roles were handled all over the place. "Until there is one administrative centre the area cannot work together," he said. "Rockhampton is suitable because it already has some major government centres as well as population. We can start looking at promoting the area as a definite destination for tourists," he said. "We have to find products to sell in Australia and overseas. We have to develop our Ps ... people, position, power, potential, promotion and performance." The super region proposed, Capricorn or Capricornia, has about 250,000 people, is ideally positioned with the potential to offer everything except snow. Mr Wright said a super region could offer complete tour packages offering a wide range of destinations that could concentrate on one area but also be a whirlwind tour of the entire region. "With an identity, we can promote the area that offers a wide range of attractions," he said. Mr Wright's idea is to have this region in the forefront of advertising. Overseas tourism companies could be told about what this area has to offer and be in a position to recommend it as a destination. "At the moment they don't know about us," he said. "It's up to us to convince them it is worth seeing and being on their tour itinerary." Mr Wright said he was pursuing efforts to get a 550,000 pilot scheme grant from the govern-

Pineapple Fest shaping up THE Capricorn Coast's 1988 Yeppoon Pineapple Festival is shaping up to be a week full of activities starting on Sunday, September 25. Elimination trials for Woody's 1000 Obstacle Race will be held on September 25 at Appleton Park. Winning teams will compete in the big race held on the following Saturday with $1000 prizemoney. Decorated shop windows and a garden fair in Beaman Park will be held on Wednesday, September 28. The official opening is held that night during the Capricorn Society of Arts Exhibition. A pet parade, in Beaman Park and wine and cheese night at 8pm in Savemore Centre will be the entertainment for Thrusday, September 29. Fireworks, mardi gras, Trinidad Calypso Band, raffles and a whole host of other entertainment for the family is planned for Friday, September 30. Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2 include another mardi gras, wheelbarrow race wood chops, processions, floats and bands. A cabaret on Saturday night will witness the crowning of the Pineapple Queen and Charity Queen. Sunday's surfside at Yeppoon Main Beach includes a first ... Woody's supermarket big beach sprint race for six to 16-year-olds.

ment to start the programme. "There is no official funding available," he said. "I am asking for a one-off payment, no set precedent, to start a pilot scheme for a super region. "Areas within the super region would benefit from a total package promotion."


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Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 3


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AIR-CONDITIONING • ABOVE: It was an all-in effort for the Cassidy family when they helped the Emu Park Lions Club and Livingstone Shire Council plant trees on Saturday. Howard Cassidy (centre) is helped by son Rhys, while daughter Chloe looks on.

Hinton seeks readers' ideas on park name; Bayfield or Byfield? MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton is seeking feedback from the community as to the most desirable name for the national park soon to be gazetted north of Corio Bay. "The area has been traditionally known as Bayfield and the proposed Bayfield National Park has almost become `folklore' to those people such as myself, who have been committed to the objective of creating a national park," Mr Hinton said. Environment, Conservation and Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz wants the name changed to Byfield National Park because of the obvious confusion created by two district names that are immediately adjacent and yet so similar. "I am therefore seeking a public response by telephone or mail, and indeed through the Mirror so I can accurately reflect the views on the community to the Minister," he said. "I invite the public to put forward their thoughts on this issue." Mr Hinton received the following letter from Mr Muntz about the national park's name change. "I refer to your letter of August 9, 1988, requesting that the proposed name of Byfield National Park be changed to Bayfield National Park. The position in this particular matter is that a short time ago the surveyor-general approached the then acting minister for land management Ivan Gibbs, concerning the proposal by the National Parks and Wildlife Service at that time to use the name Bayfield rather than Byfield for this national park. The surveyor-general intimated that the former spelling had occurred frequently in the press and some complaints had been received in the Department qf Geographic Information about the "wrong' spelling of the name. The acting minister strongly urged the adoption of the name Byfield rather than Bayfield for the following reasons: the district of Byfield was known by that name from the time of closer settlement; postal authorities used that name as early as 1888 (refer Frew, Joan Queensland Post Offices, p 108); the district is well known among botanists and florists as the original habitat of the rare Byfield fern (Bowenia serrulata); the general public will associate the national park with the district, and the two should bear the same name, to avoid directional and tourist confusion. It is recognised that the original pastoral run carried the name Bayfield and that a parish took its name from the run. However, the pastoral run disappeared as an entity late last century and parish names will receive less and less use as the lot on plan system of land description gains currency. The name Byfield Creek appears on a cadastral map as early as 1908 (County of Palmerston, sheet 1). The postal receiving office shown on the parish map appears to change name from Bayfield to Byfield at some time between 1923 and 1928 (Parish Maps). The school was considered by then the Department of Public Instruction to be Byfield from its establishment in 1923. Although the origin of the name Bayfield is

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not in doubt the popular use of Byfield as a district name led the acting minister to urge that Byfield be the name used for the new national park. I am sure you will agree that the argument for changing the name of the proposed national park to Byfield was indeed impressive, and, in the circumstances, I approved that the name Byfield National Park be adopted."


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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

Minister says strategic plan still, needs documentation from LSC

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Greening help EMU Park Lions Club and Livingstone Shire Council's greening programme on Saturday attracted 30 people from the community. The tree planting morning resulted in more than 96 Hoop Pines, Cuban Trumpet Trees, and Queen, Alexander and Royal Palms being planted. They were planted on the Emu Park to Rockhampton Road approaches and is part of an ongoing Lions greening programme. Council supplied the machinery and fill and the Lions club provided the trees. Club spokesman Ross Coulter said it had been a good community effort. A free barbecue was provided for helpers following the working bee which involved about three hours' labour. The Lions club is now working toward its annual Oktoberfest which is four weeks away.

AGM held over ILLNESSES and a lack of numbers has caused the Capricorn Coast Blue Nurses to hold-over its annual general meeting. The meeting will now be held on Monday, September 19 at 2pm. Everyone is invited to attend the meeting which will be held at the centre in Normanby Street, Yeppoon.

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rather than be completely redrawn and this advice was confirmed by letter to the council dated August 16, 1988. As already indicated, when the complete documentation is received from the council, urgent action will be taken to process the matter. There is nothing now which the Local Government Department can do until this documentation, which was first requested in February of this year, and further information relative to certain matters proposed to be contained in the strategic plan, is received from council.

Bayfield licences surrendered THE proposition considered by the State Land Administration Commission that the first stage of the proposed Bayfield National Park be held as a reservation for scientific purposes rather than a National Park has been abandoned. • "The 3760 hectare area north of Water Park Creek will be gazetted as national park in the near future, following my submission to Premier Mike Ahern and Cabinet," Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said. "I requested that the gazettal of the first stage of the park be expedited. There is no possibility that the area will be anything but national park," he said. At present occupational licences over the area are being surrendered, and this is the final, stage before gazettal.

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MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton asked Local Government Jim Randell about the progress of Livingstone Shire Council's strategic town plan at parliament this week. Mr Randell replied: The Livingstone Shire Council first decided to prepare a strategic plan for its area in July 1983 and since that time dialogue has taken place between council and my department on a number of matters related to the preparation bythe council of a new town planning scheme which includes the proposed strategic plan. In February, 1988, officers of my department met with representatives of the council and the council's town planning consultant. At that meeting advice was given that as council was now finally committed to the adoption of a strategic plan, the Local Government Department would give priority to its introduction into the existing town planning scheme for Livingstone Shire by way of an amendment to the scheme. The council was advised that while the department's policy has been to require maps to contain up-to-date cadastral information, maps which are currently available would be accepted by the department for the strategic plan in this instance. Further discussions were held between officers of the Local Government Department, council representatives and the council's town planning consultant in April 1988, when much the same advice was given. In July 1988, the Local Government Department reiterated its advice to the council that the mapping required need only be updated

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Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 5

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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

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THERE'S always a problem when you list everyone who helps at a function or what ever ... someone misses out. Capricorn Coast SCOPE apologises to the following people who missed out in last week's thanks to people and businesses who helped at or with the Casino Capers night in Yeppoon Town Hall. Coastal Creations for the loan of the model (in Savemore, you couldn't miss it); White Rose Costume Hire ... loan of clothes to dress same model and Savemore Traders for allowing the dressed model to be display.

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• ABOVE: Creative Clothing designers Alison Wallace, Pain Van Wyk, Joanna Schelks and Alanna Waugh hold up some of their work. The fashion parade and afternoon tea was held at The Mill Gallery on Saturday.

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DATE CLAIMER: Friday, September 9. Under 18 disco, Emu Park Cultural Hall, 7pm to 10pm. 52 admission. Organised by Ceri Protheroe. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, September 10. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's electrical.

Savemore Shop Open 7 days Sunday, 5am to Noon

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DATE CLAIMER: Monday, September 12. Rockhampton Botanic Gardens curator Tom Wyatt will answer questions at Emu Park Bowls Club. Lunch and entertainment. S6. Phone 39 6879.


DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, September 17. St James Guild Annual Flower Show and g Fair, Yeppoon Town Hall. 2pm Spring Sprin CLAIMER: September 17. Springtime fair and garage sale in Emu Park Catholic Church grounds, 9am to noon. Proceeds to YEPPOON Lapidary Club's next field outing is on Sunday, September 11, -leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 8am. Members and visitors interested in fossicking are welcome ... take some tucker because the outing is not local. *** THE next meeting of the Rockhampton branch of the Genealogical Society of Queensland is on Tuesday, September 13 at 7.30pm in the Education Centre (old Leichhardt Ward Boys School), North Street, Rockhampton. The following Saturday, September 17, a workshop from 10am to 3pm is on for members and anyone wishing to join. The fee for the day is Si. A quarterly journal, Capricorn Connections, is on sale for S2 plus postage. Contact Neta Klaproth, 44 Power Street, Yeppoon, 39 3179 for information about the society.

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SCOPE'S next business meeting is on Monday, September 12 at 7.30pm at Sacred Heart School ... visitors always welcome. *** CHILDREN, it's time to get your act together for the Children's Art Exhibition at the Mill Gallery on Sunday, October 2. *** A local doctor is giving a talk on acupuncture at the Community Health Centre on Yeppoon's beachfront (between the hospital and council chambers) on Thursday, September 29 at 7.30pm. The talk has been organised by New and Pregnant Parents Support (NAPPS) and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend. More information? Contact Teresa Lynch, 39 7548.

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THE Benedictine's street stall, organised by friends of, is on Saturday, September 24 from 9am outside H W Findlay's. Donations of cakes, plants and handiwork would be appreciated. You can leave them at the stall on the day or phone Clorine Chilman, 39 1126 and she will arrange pick-up. *** ST JAMES Guild's Flower Show and Spring Fair is on September 17 at 2pm in Yeppoon Town Hall. Entries in by 1 lam. Schedules are available from Lynettes, Stewart and Brumm Chemists and A K Findlay's. More information to Jean Preston, 39 1951. *** BYFIELD spaghetti night at the Raspberry Creek Homestead on Saturday, September 10 at 7pm. Two course meal cost is S5 for adults and S3 school children. Entertainment by Marto and fundraising is by the Byfield Historical Society. *** THE next meeting of the Capricorn Coast Justice and Peace Group is on Saturday, September 10 at 9.30am, 26 Little Park Street. After the meeting a local resident who has recently returned from the Soviet Union will give a talk on his impressions of the current political thinking of that country.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 7

Coucom's Shell Museum Hill Street, Yeppoon 39 2386 MORE tutors are needed for adult reading and writing classes ... adult literacy it's called and Brenda Barry has been working for ages to help. She said there are no special qualifications ... just a degree in caring. Phone 39 4304 if you would like to help. *** JESACA Price (18 months old) of Braithwaite Street is fretting because her Bob is missing. Bob is a three-month-old male bull/ arab cross male puppy and he went missing on referenda day. There is a reward ... phone 39 1568 after hours or 22 5499 during business hours. *** THE Byfield and District Historical Society is having a Back to Byfield Day on October 8 at the Raspberry Creek Homestead. The committee is offering space to people interested in having a stall. The charge is S5 per stall and inquiries to secretary Helen Yaxley, 35 1239. ***

A LARGE group of Yeppoon Choral Society members and friends gathered at Ted and Norma Upton's home to farewell two valued members who are leaving the district. Ken Franklin has been transferred to Toowoomba and he and his wife, Jill, will be sorely missed. He has been an active and enthusiastic member for several years and has been seen in The Merry Widow and Orpheus in the Underworld. Behind the scenes has been Jill with her considerable sewing expertise and support. The next couple is Mary and Tom Headrick who are moving to Gatton. Mary is a long-time supporter and has taken part in many productions, both on and off stage. Ken, Jill and Mary received gifts and best wishes from their choral society friends. *** BACK to Blackall reunion is on at the Rockhampton Railway Recreation Hall on Saturday, September 24. Tickets are $12 each and you have to let Barney Elliott 28 5398, Heather Tennent 223074, or Millie Hawkswell, 391796, know by September 1 if you want to attend. *** THERE has been a change of format and date for the formation of the Coast menapause group. There will be an open meeting and discussion group on Wednesday, September 21 at 3pm. The venue is still the Community Health rooms on the Yeppoon beachfront, between the council chambers and hospital. Dr Ken Burns is guest speaker and is available for questions and discussion. Organiser Sister Judy Newman-Tyler hopes that no-one has been inconvenienced by the date change ... and invites you to the new meeting. *** ST James Guild annual Flower Show and Spring Fair is on Saturday, September 17 in Yeppoon Town Hall at 2pm. There will be prizes for entries in flowers, cookery, needlework and jams. *** THE monthly social of Yeppoon Pensioners League is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Tuesday, September 13, starting at 1pm. The afternoon is free and not restricted to anyone ... there is even a delicious, free afternoon tea. Anyone who would like to spend a couple of hours with music, song, dance and lots of fun ... remember no charge and free afternoon tea, it's on Tuesday.

—NANCY and Brian Bowles of the Queensland Recreation Council Camp at Cooee Bay wish goodbye to all the friends they have made in Yeppoon. They are retiring and wish their replacement Mick Rooney all the best.

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GRACE Ritchie has spent about 1000 hours working on a hexagon quilt to be raffled by the Capricorn Quilters for the mammography unit. There are 4,500 hexagons in the quilt of many colours ... a labour of love. Stand by because tickets go on sale next week. The quilt is about 80" by 90" and will fit a 3'6" bed or a double if you have frills. *** PROBUS is having a social outing on Thursday, September 15 ... to Great Keppel Island on the Denison Star. It is a bring you own lunch or purchase at the resort. On the following Sunday, September 18, the club will go to the opening of the Cliff Kershaw Memorial Gardens in Rockhampton. The coach will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 7.30am to arrive about 8am for breakfast and then the official opening at 10am. The coach returns at noon. More information on both outings to secretary George Hillier, 39 3361. *** SEPTEMBER 10 is the date of the bicentennial ball in Emu Park ... get a table together, it's more fun. The progress association has organised the night's entertainment (and Key Doyle will provide the music). The cost is 512.50 a head and includes supper provided by the Endeavour Inn. There's no excuse. Babysitting is available at the CWA hall next to the Cultural Hall. *** THE care-givers course run by Community Health starts on Friday, September 30 from 1pm to 3pm for five weeks. It will cover many topics including communication skills, interviewing techniques and the responsibilities of a care-giver. If you can give one or two mornings or afternoons per month in helping families with young children in a stressful situation and would be able to attend the care-givers course, then New and Pregnant Parents Support (NAPPS) would like to hear from you. Helpers are needed who don't have young families. NAPPS is a community based group that wants to help families through stressful periods. To do it effectively they need the community's support. If you are interested or can help NAPPS in any other way, please ring Teresa Lynch, 39 7548, or Janice Froschauer, 39 1527. *** KEPPEL Bay Shell Club's August meeting was a time to talk about the recent shell show and enjoy the slides of the winning entries shown by president Allan Davidson. Plans for the annual cent sale are made and some interesting prizes for shell collectors as well as the public will be available. Visiting members from Bribie Island, Betty and Don Byrne, donated a selection of framed colour phots showing rare and unusual shells, living shells and shelling expeditions. They will be a source of interest for all time. Don won the monthly competition. The shirtbox display was unusual beach shells and the jet black Stromb displayed by Patsy Geddes created a lot of interest. Next month's shortbox competition will be Mitra shells.


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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988




For all your...

Check our shop • BREAD for each week's Special • BREAD ROLLS (Savemore Shop • CAKES Open 7 days • PIES etc Sunday, 5am to Noon


Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 14 William St, Rockhampton 27 7959 1,

Will o Sandra Cordwell's

Strand. Hotel-Mot (Wine & Dine in the Blue Dolphin Room • Friday & Saturday Nights a-la-carte (Sunday Night Carvery - 3-course meal - $9)


Relive the past at —

Saturday & Sunday lati




Emu Park



...from 10am, last guests through gates 3pm Tours ... every Monday and Thursday 9.30am and 1.30pm

You are invited to wander through this historical complex of houses, antiques and a street of churches. • Home made sandwiches and cakes air available, but you air welconte to bring your own and picnic under the tires.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are on sale in one of the church halls. Weddings, Conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome Group bookings are available

Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560

The Coast's TOP SPOT!


Developer gives full details of Rosslyn Bay Harbour plans manager, chandlery, laundry, a shower and toilets complex. • Associated with the marina would be a hardstand area incorporating boat-lift (for repair and maintenance) and fuelling facilities. • In addition, there would be a tourist berth facility, including a terminal, available for tourist and charter boats. This facility would become the focus of attention for a fisherman's wharf-style boardwalk area. This would be surrounded by retail facilities, hotel and tavern catering to the tourists and travelling public. • To attract permanent reidents and to provide a holiday market, villas and townshouses have been planned. There would be 22 harbour-front villas with attached marina facilities and a further 25 townhouses. • Provision has also been made for a helipad. • To cater for the vehicular traffic the project is expected to generate, provision has been made for 600 parking spaces throughout the site. Mr Davies said before any of this development could occur, stage one had to be completed. Getting stage one ready for a start has taken almost six months since the signing of the lease. Planning before the development lease was signed took 12 months during which a thorough investigation into the Capricorn Coast's needs, requirements and viability was commissioned. Backed by volumes of data generated by research groups and consulting engineers, Mr Davies is confident the company has a "great site" that will develop as the focal point for boating and tourism for the islands and the Capricorn Coast. He carries a brief case full of bound reports on design, wave model test results, artists' impressions, photographs, costings and lease agreements. Every report represents a step closer to the start of work. Right now, Keppel Gateway Pty Ltd's development managers, Leighton Contractors, have settled on a final design which requires further three-dimensional


wave model testing of the outer breakwater. Endless testing is necessary for any project ... but in the case of Rosslyn Bay Harbour, the right tests were vital. Cyclone David proved the original harbour wall to be found wanting. Keppel Gateway's consultants simulated Cyclone David-type conditions in their wave model tests to come up with the best design for the marina project.

COOEE CORNER Fast Food., * Chickens * Bait * !lib 'n' Chips *

7 days —lam to 8inn Phone orders to 39 1033

Ike Sugiesulex Patch

• Ph. orders 39 1397 • Meals. snacks *Juices, vitamins *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39.1397

Emu Park's

presents from Tamworth, the Country Music Capital -

PINE BEACH HOTEL invites you to the

Stan Coster

NSW Rugby League Grand Final

Balmain Vs Canterbury Tigers Bulldogs

Plus the Blue Gum Band 3 hours of GREAT Family Entertainment • Bush Ballads & a variety of Country Favourites •

on the


Sunday, Sept 11, 3pm

Thurs, Sept 15

Lunch available Noon to 2pm Cold Beer • Hot Meals • 7 Days • Bottle Shop Specials weekly

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I. •

• -•


'V •

313'. • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •••••

- • • • .,*,• Ir

• ,

Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 9



Team effort leads to grand final * By lay Blake

They led at every change, albeit only a few points, so the result was always in doubt. To describe Steve Burns' performance you would have to dig deep for the right superlatives. Gladstone hit himwith everything bar the goal post but the tough captain/coach answered every challenge. Rover Mark Wiggington turned in his best display of the season showing all his skills and picking up kicks all around the ground. Centre half forward Dave "Yabbie" Bibby was as tigerish as ever, pouncing on every ball on the ground apart from being a tower of strength in the air. Nick Basham started the game in fine style,

YEPPOON Swans earned a spot in the 1988 grand final with a stirring win over Gladstone last Saturday. Led by an inspirational Steve Burns the Swans held sway all day in a hard fought preliminary final. Once again it was a complete team effort with the Swans starting as if shot out of a cannon. If they had kicked accurately a near-match winning lead would have been posted by the end of the first quarter. Throughout the game Yeppoon dictated play but every time they looked to have kicked away, :ley let Gladstone back in.

kicking the first two goals, then kept the momentum going in the ruck for the rest of the game. Rob Masek followed up his best of game last week with another great game in defence and his partner in crime, Mike Wozniak, overcame a slow start to finish all over his opponent at full back. Tim Mynott was rock solid in his back pocket and his clearing dashes that have become his hall-mark pinched holes in the Gladstone attack. "Mr Football" Gary Fraser again spearheaded the attack, finishing with six majors and Brett Motton continues to run into top form at

the right time. His solo goal in the last quarter was the sealer. Final scores: Yeppoon, 15-18-108; Gladstone, 13-8-86. Goalkickers: Fraser, six; Basham, five; Motton, two; Munro and Bibby, one. Best players: Burns, Wiggy, Basham, Yabbie, Motton, Masek and Cookie. The Oscar Johnson oration award was won by Rob Stokely for his speech on mud bathing. This week is the big one, but to win it the Swans must overcome minor premiers Wandal on their home ground, so every bit of support the town can muster will make the task a little easier.

Congratulations DOUG NEWTON & The Swans Cut them up the middle then Mow them down to size! Good Luck from

Yeppoon Small Motors Tanby Rd, Yeppoon 39 2115

You've Streaked into the Grand Final Now Cut the Bulls down to size Good Luck Men from

• ABOVE: Under 17 Aussie Rules players stretch wide for the ball during the grand final on the weekend. The under 17s capped off the season by winning the premiership.

Generation Blades

Hair Studio

26 James St, Yeppoon - 39 3777

. 40 ^


cs •-•• • \\I




* 88


Dates to Remember at the Pacific!!

/re •

1 11141:‘


1 2"

Navy Royal Rum $



uouii tam

Aussie Rules Presentation Night Friday, Sept. 16 Aussie Rules/Rugby League


Melbourne Cup 'FUN & GAMES' night


Monday, Oct. 31

KAISER STUHL 100 PIPERS S COTCH 4 litre Wine Si Casks $13 "



G6- iat. Ab3t

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

Congratulations SWANS on a Grand Effort from the GOOD SPORTS

Yeppoon Tackle & Sports 26 James St, Yeppoon - 39 1436

Congratulations YEPPOON SWANS from ONE FINE CLUB to ANOTHER Fly in & Celebrate the Swans' Victory AT THE


James Street, Yeppoon 39 3106

A Great Effort Swans; congratulations from

Bill Thomson Real Estate Remember to BLOCK their kicks and LAND your goals

CENTRE: Steve (Ruffa) Bums, captain/coach. Originally from the Gold Coast, has moulded a side blended with youth and experience. In his first year of coachinghas taken side to a grand final. Always leads by example and neverplays a bad gauze.

HALF FORWARD: Bryan (Professor) Munn played top level football in South Australia and Victoria, has skills coming out of his ears. Deadly accurate with both feet and although more robust than previous years will be handfed for Wanda' defence.

WING: Jay (Bosustow, Fo. Blake, club's 100 game veteran has his sights set finely on crea history by capping a good, strong reer with a premiership. He has I the team's publicity machine . good job too!

j. t RUCK ROVER: Brett (Wetly) Motton, a junior club product who has a shingof representative honours to his credit. Skilled in all facets of the game and his future may lie down south.

RUCK ROVER/FORWARD: Phil (Fluffy, Monty) Munro, a former East Davenport player whose high marking and goalkicking made him a dangennan for other sides. Always controversial and a crowd favourite.

UTILITY: Troy Tompkins is bles. with good hands and kicks the ba ratite. He is deceptively quick and s up his forwards well. More talent this first winning A grade grand fi, side.

ROVER: Mark (Wiggy) Wiggington. He is a talented small man who has now found his feet in the senior team. Although still under 17 he has the head of a veteran and speed to burn ... a good combination.

CENTRE HALF FORWARD: David (Yabbie) Bibby, another former South Australian and a realfind for the club. His strength and vigour across the half forward line is an integral part of Swat's' success.

WING: Brian (Cookie) Cruiksl is another great competitor won't stop naming. Never fails to drive off his wing and is rarely o, the best players. The teams s shrines through in all players.

HALF BACK: Brett Odell was brought out of retirement and has not let anyone down. He is a very skilled player who can play in almost any position ... this adds to the team's rounding of talent.

ROVER: Grant Boyd, a young tough dynamo who loves doing the hard work. His never-say-die attitude has often sparked the Swans into action. He has been through the junior sides to this team.

BACK POCKET: Tint Mynot, der 17 representative player wh, found iris niche in the pock crash, tackling hard numer wit shut all resting rovers out of the


Street, Yeppoon

39 2393

GREAT EFFORT SWANS We know you'll win the BULLFIGHT! Get the taste of Success after the match at the


Anzac Parade 39 1301

JUST LIKE OUR BREAD THE SWANS ARE RUNNING HOT... It will be a Cakewalk on Saturday Congratulations Dave Bibby, Brian Cruickshank and All the Yeppoon Swans From the


The Bulls can CHARGE all they want' But they can never FLY like a Swan Especially a Yeppoon Swan Good Luck from

Poinciana Caravan Park Scenic Highway, Cooee Bay - 39 1601

Congratulations to the

FLYING SWANS from Supersize Photos 38 James Street, Yeppoon (next door to Sunflower Patch)

To all Supporters of the Flying We specialise in


AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY! & processing your Grand Final Pics

Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 196ts - 11

The Swans are on the right TRACK... and this Saturday, the Bulls will CRACK Good Luck Fellas (Phone 39 3300) Ron &I an Schmidt

Railway Hotel-Motel PLUMBER and DRAINER Phil Munro - Maintenance, New Work, Renovations

THE SWANS are BUBBLING with enthusiasm With Wandal's chances going down the SINK I'M PROUD TO BE PART OF THE TEAM Ph. 33 6714 FULL FORWARD: Gary (Mr Football, Polar) Fraser; started the season in a blaze of glom but was forced to leave due to business commitments. Has returned for the finals and his presence gives the Swans a target up forward.

FULL BACK: Michael (Cac) Wozniak since arriving from Mt Gambier, SouthAustralia, has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense back man. Extremely strong over head and a good disposer. He has often held the backline together.

You've Reached the last Nail Now DRIVE it Home on Saturday Good Luck from G & M Reddiex

Capricorn Coast Tours Phone 39 1325

There'll be no stampede if you

SHUT the GATE in '88 Congratulations Yeppoon Swans from... St, Yeppoon Laundry 39Hill1833 RUCK: Mark (Span-ow) Taylor is a great competitor who never stops giving anything but his. best. Gives away height to all opponents but rarely lowers his colours. Another part of the club's unity.

HALF BACK: Les (Lank, Dive Bomber) Lacy, former Victorian whose endeavour is an inspiration to team-mates. Loves to run through the centre and possesses a bullet-like pass.

' Australia's Leading Bank Congratulations to the Swans on a Fine Effort from Manager Graham Basham & Staff, Yeppoon branch


BACK POCKET: Doug Newton came through the junior ranks and straight into the A grade side. A powerhouse who would rather not over an opponent than around him. More young talent.


BACK POCKET: Nic Basham has relished the chance of running on the ball. Has a magic set of hands and shows an uncanny goal sense. Another young player who has it all together. Brisbane, look out.

from M ighty are the Swans Congratulations Bryan Munn Insurance - 39 1811 L ong do they kick Winning is your policy C lever are their tactics & Bryan Munn 'assures' supporters of a great game


Yeppoon SWANS...

Were SLICK in '86 SAVAGE in '87 and you're GREAT in '88

I'm Proud to be President of a fine club

`Take the Bulls to the Cleaners Thanks for a Great Effort ... Brendan Kelly of: UTILITY: Danny Bromley is the youngest team member. He is cheeky but has enough skill to play out of trouble. Another youngmenmberwho has shown he has what it takes to play in the side.

CLUB PRESIDENT:' Brendan Kelly, formerly played football in Melbourne. Has been on Yeppoon Swans committee for past fouryears, one year as president and former team manager.

39 3889


39 3889





12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

Party on at

La Bamba

Nightclub After the Swans' Victory and remember,

Don't let the Bulls Ruffle your feathers Hill Street, Yeppoon - 39 3212

Good on ya' Swans You'll make Mincemeat of the Bulls just like we do!

Yeppoon Butchers Arthur St, Yeppoon (Opp the Railway Hotel) 39 1866

GREAT EFFORT BOYS - Just remember A load of Bulls is no match for 18 Matadors

Good Luck on Saturday from Yvonne & Peter Motton of the

16 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 1213

BAY VACATIONER A Salute to the Swans

■ ABOVE: It was a big day forAussie Rules on Saturday with grand final wins to both the under 15 and 17 sides. Pictured are under 15 players Dale Wetzler and Adrian Deurloo during the game.

One game from history YEPPOON Swans has been, for most of its history, football's poor cousin. During the early years when the team struggled to finish anywhere bar the bottom and victories were celebrated as a final ... all players and officials were the brunt of much derision. However, 1985, with a new-look committee, and an influx of talented players the Swans revived. With Alex Herewane at the controls, the club swept all before them. The A grade side finished second and the reserves on top in their first year. Unfortunately the seniors failed to win a final but the reserves brought home the club's first title.

Kings of Australian Rules in '88 from Mike King & Kel Kane CALTEX Roadhouse, Nth Rockhampton

Yeppoon Swans' Major Sponsor in '88 Phone 26 1578

All in all, the BULLS are just

Another BRICK in the Wall CLAY it on them SWANS From


Swans can win win first A grade flag •

In 1986, with more talent, the club seemed destined for success but stumbled in the preliminary final again. Reserves continued to carry the torch and brought home its second premiership. Last year there was little joy, with players leaving, committee problems and too few wins. The reserves made the finals but were eliminated in the first semi. This year the club acquired the services of Steve Burns as coach and before the season started it seemed that it was going to be a long year ... but that wasn't to be. By expanding on the youth policy, Steve was able to field a side with a combination of old heads and young legs. At one stage the side was unbeaten and top of the table but disaster stuck. The team lost match winners Ben Kelly and Gary Fraser in one week. Added to that were some injuries and the club lost its momentum, balance and winning edge. Coach Burns then concentrated on building unity, and it is this team spirit that separates this side from those of previous years. Entering the final series as underdogs the Swans have gone from strength to strength and now have only one side between them and history.

FR• P• E

Yeppoon Seagulls Rugby League side had already made it to the finals, CapCoast Rugby Union was in top form and the Aussie Rules side seemed a certainty to be in the top four. However, Yeppoon Seagulls faltered in the finals, CapCoast was out after the first semi and it was left to the Aussie Rules side to bring home the A grade premiership. None of the three sides had ever contested an A grade grand final but Yeppoon Swans' chance is on Saturday when the team meets minor premiers Wandals. Yeppoon Seagulls club president Cr Maurie Webb said league supporters would turn out in force to barrack for the Coast side, as will CapCoast Rugby fans.

High flier with flair YEPPOON Swans' half back Rob Masek is a forward turned defender who has hit his straps at the perfect time. He is a real high flier with plenty of flair and more proof of the team's new spirit. Masek was unavailable for the team photograph this week ... but is definitely a goer for the grand final on Saturday. f

Eat a Morgan Pie, Watch a Long Swan fly, and for the first time... You'll see a Bull Cry!

Great Effort Fellas -

Morgans Bakeries McBean St and Savemore Centre, Yeppoon 39 1941

They'll be engulfed by a SEA of Red & White The Bulls won't stem the tide ...

Victory for the Swans Congratulations from

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services Victory, Reefseeker, Seafari & Aquajet - 33 6744

Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 13


La Bamba

1 BIG NIGHT - Friday, Sept 16 A TRIBUTE TO AC1DC


.2 MI

.1 .7.-


.4111V. 6, •••• y 44)


714 -.

4:4 ritwest.





Ms, amp

— "We are working hand-in-hand with the Harbours and Marine Department each step of the way," Mr Davies said. Harbours and Marine Department officers have been a tremendous help." Mr Davies said he had planned to have the physical construction underway this month and realised there had been a great expection on the Coast for the project to be seen to start.

ROYAL HOTEL] KEPPEL SANDS Ex-lends a welcome to all visitors for a friendly drink XXXX and Carlton on tap



1Lunches: Mon - Fri, noon to 2pm Dinner: Fri, Sat, Char Grill, 6pm-8p Sunday: noon to 3pm

iz a Pizazz Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon (Third block from beach)

Phone orders to ... 39


Coast designers show their skills

Bookings 39 3212 • Hill St, Yeppoon • Bookings 39 3212



( Eat in or take-away)


THE Mill Gallery's creative clothing fashion parade and afternoon tea function attracted only 30 people. Despite the disappointing turnout all enjoyed the work from local seamstresses and designers. Mill Gallery's Dale Childs said it was important all branches of art were displayed. "Because this is an art gallery of all fields, and there are lots, including phot ographic and dressmaking, which should be displayed," she said. "It also gives local designers and seamstresses, who don't sell through shops or sew constantly, a chance to model and display their creations." The six designers include one who showed her work for the first time. Joanna Schelks gives young people fresh ideas with her work. Joanna's creations went on display for the first time. Pam Van Wyk presented a colourful display of Australian Bush scenes with her dyed batik clothes. Byfield seamstress Alana Waugh combines patchwork, applique, screenprinting and handpainting items in mix 'n' match resortstyle wear. Allison Wallace's clothes give a crisp linen look in some fashionable suit styles. Pauline Ewart has an individual style with fresh cottons suitable for the Coast climate. Linda Sykes and Jan Collins have created styles from the 1988 women in the arts. Their special touches give flair and personalisation to each design.

The looigliteet tittle hurt .est Cora 7'ry a

"Dredging is obviously a vital part of the reclamation and that work depends entirely on the cyclone season. Sepember 5 was our final date for the start of seawall construction and we've missed it. "That means the dredge cannot be guaranteed protection from cyclones this season and a start can't be made until March next year."


DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier Reef Trip on 35-metre air-conditioned luxury catamaran


Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord lunch, morning and afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat and snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

visit Great Keppel Island and do it in style aboard

Your total fun day

CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Tuesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 15 from 10am to 3pm. All consumers on Farnborough Road from Ocean Circle north to old Hacienda Caravan Park including Todd Avenue, Meikleville Hill, Barlow Hill and Pacific Heights areas.

Dining out in Yeppoon

39 7144 KANANGRA Limiseid Family Restaurant BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Buffet Style Menu FOit:0)40iii4$4004**•-• Children Welcome Under 14: Half Price Pre-Schoolers: free OPEN: Friday Night $14; Saturday Night $16; Sunday Lunch $12 Eat as much as you like!

EK• ,

Transfers, island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch lunch and underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the new resort facilities for day trippers - pool, shop and bar, etc

'It's a day you'll all remember' For further information phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton Q, 4700

14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE

Your Own Hotel with PORTA-KEG • Holds 3 gallons (48x10oz glasses) • It's strong, lightweight - take it anywhere • Get your keg filled at your local hotel & SAVE BIG MONEY Dispenses Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks

Call at Kempsea Car Park, 33 6670 S M WESTON

(Optometrist) and

Contact Lens Practitioner

Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 1 pm A/H appointment: 39 4276 — Resident

36 James St

Col Turton

39 4077

Near Fire Station

(OPTICAL MECHANIC) Full-time Service & Repairs to Spectacles and Sunglasses

Monday to Saturday Where possible ... SAME DAY SERVICE d,

• Apple • Apricot • and Loganberry Pies SINGLE SERVE and FAMILY SIZE ... with or without cream

Cakes • Cakes • Cakes Cheesecakes • Block Cakes • Napoleons • Lamingtons • Custard and Apple Tarts Custard Tarts • Apple Fingers • Apple Turnovers •

(Annie's PIES) 1 Charles St, Yeppoon 39 1011

Pensioner idea 1 I WOULD like to comment on the article in the Back of the Mirror, wherein Mr Cranny wants to increase the population considerably. In the last 10 years the Iwasaki development has provided about S100 million in the area, I would say, mostly in material and labour costs. At a wild guess this could have increased the population by 1000 people, and to suggest that the population be increased by another thousand, a similar incentive must be provided. Once Emu Park was considered a pensioner's retreat but the trend is now the other way, and with a sewerage scheme envisaged, it will be more so. With the present conditions next to the garage at Emu Park, an epidemic is imminent, if weather conditions prevail that will favour a virus. I was recently at Emu Park and wanted a tin of rolled oats, thought I'd be loyal and pay, perhaps, an extra 10 cents, but on inquiry, found it was 90 cents, so I went out and filled my car with fuel, at least that made me happy. I'm sorry to be all gloom and doom but you asked for opinions. - S A Robinson, C/- Eventide Homes.

Pensioner idea 2 OPENyour eyes James Hill haven't you seen all those southern guests every winter? There are our potential future residents. The question asked every time: "What are the summers like here?". The backpackers have got their act together, what about lbw cost units to house older citizens in winter and then long service leave participants and families over the other months. Maybe council could lease one unit from Iwasaki for low cost!! Further to James Hill's discussion with Mick Cranny. Retired does not necessarily mean pensioner. Maybe retired people could be encouraged to invest in local business. They could see their investments being utilised. Why waste the experiences of a lifetime. If you knit their lifetime experiences and talents with showing young people how to set up business and if locally financed. Retired people have families visiting so we need better and cheaper transport to meet

Pensioner idea 3 IN RESPONSE to Mick Cranny's suggestion in "The Back of the Mirror (September 2), I have no objection to wheeling in another thousand geriatrics. I can just see it now, 500 brand new 4WDs going down the middle of the Coast road at 40 kph. These people are more likely to be quiet living and law abiding; less likely to set fire to palm trees or grow marijuana. Bringing in more pensioners is, to my mind, a far better alternative to building an international airport, high-rise buildings or encouraging more Japanese investment. - Name withheld.

Reader's 'Bravo' to Cr Mather THE recent decision of Livingstone Shire Council to pass a censure motion against Cr Mather is nothing more than a flagrant attempt to silence a dedicated, hard-working and most able councillor. Anyone who knows Cr Mather would never question her integrity or her capacity to withstand the intimidatory tactics of those other councillors who are well renowned for pulling the wool over the ratepayers' eyes. The ratepayers of the Livingstone Shire are most fortunate to have a person of the calibre of Cr Mather, and performances to date would suggest she has far greater ability than all her opponents put together. Bravo Cr'Mather! Your attempt at keeping the bastards honest will undoubtedly have the overwhelming support of the ratepayers of this troubled administered shire. - L Webber, Tungamull Road, Cawarral.

MATHER HIRES HALL FOR WATER WORRIES DIVISION 4 Livingstone Shire Cr Glenda Mather has hired the Caves Hall for Saturday, September 17 from 2pm to 4pm to give her division the opportunity to talk about the water consumpton issue. Cr Mather said ratepayers could discuss the water consumption issue or any queries about such accounts. "I have decided to hire the hall after a number of phone calls about water rates," she said. "New residents and some of the older ones

Full Lubrication Service We will check... • Differential and Gearbox • Steering • Suspensions • Shock Absorbers • Battery • Radiator, belt and hoses • Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders

[ All Makes & Models ..\ 4WD Light Commercials Heavy Commercials i

MINTER MOTORS Transport Insp Station

trains and buses and at more flexible hours. Consideration would have to be solved for people without a car. Conning a lift is difficult with an arthritic thumb. Capricorn could be noted for "Enterprise, expertise, unity compleat to put more feet on the street." Why doesn't council advertise its beautiful caravan parks on the beach? - Joan Whyte, Kinka Beach.

McBean St (opp Iron's) Yeppoon 39 3282 BANKCARD WELCOME

Roadworthy Insp Station

might like to discuss the issue. Educating people in knowing what water they can use, how to read their meter and how to calculate their own accounts in this respect, is important. "In the past anomalies have been found regarding charges and people have been overcharged excess water rates." Cr Mather has pursued the water issue for a number of years. She hopes the open afternoon will help clear up some problems associated with water consumption. "Educating ratepayers to calculate their water rates and to know something is wrong and out of the ordinary can put a stop to problems," she said. Cr Mather said she would be happy to answer any questions and if she doesn't know the answer, will find out and get back to the questioner. She said the opportunity to talk to her would be a great way to iron out problems and discuss any worries. "It's better to understand, get shown how to calculate rates and not be left in the dark," she said. "It will not cost anything ... just bring along your rate notice." Cr Mather said anyone could talk to her at the open afternoon. She is also available by phoning 36 1195 if someone is unable to see her on that day about water consumption issues.

Fire ambulance police 'all quiet' THE Capricorn Coast's police, ambulance and fire brigade services all reported a quiet week and no major incidents. Yeppoon-Emu Park District Ambulance superintendent Geoff Reynolds said it had been a quiet week with no hassles. Yeppoon Police officer in charge Sgt Ken Tanzer also reported a quiet period. He thanked people who have assisted with the hit and run accident and inquiries are continuing. A Yeppoon Fire Brigade spokesman said nothing eventful had occurred.

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and ... Domestic Pressure Systems Single & 3-Phase Motors • Power Tools Generator Sets, Compressors ... etc

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• Pool Maintenance • Vinyl Liner Conversions & Repairs • Complete Landscaping Service

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39 2132 or 27 3442

THE • INVESTMENT PLANNERS to arrange an obligation free discussion

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QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TAX FILE NUMBER? CALL 008033476. If you have any questions about the Tax File Number,

If you don't speak fluent English, you can call the

they can be answered by calling 008 033 476, for the

Telephone Interpreter Service in Brisbane on (07)

cost of a local call.

2215233; All Non-Metropolitan QLD areas 008 112 477.

We have staff ready to take your call between 8am and

After Hours: All QLD,

10pm Monday to Friday, and between 9am and 5pm on

including Brisbane

Saturday, Eastern Standard Time.

008 251977. AT9TA031QLD .

Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 15


Capricorn Coast is

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market. Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion. phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact lew & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week. 24-hours-a-day. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health, 39 1469, 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian Meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome.


Joseph Kenna and Co KENNAS

Chartered Accountants


For all Taxation and Business Advice

SAVEMORE CENTRE YEPPOON Tuesday: Jeff Buntain Thursday: Jeff Carlos Phone 39 2132 224 Quay Street, Rockhampton Phone 27 3122

Number for the Capricorn Coast is


Toyota Landcruiser Owners!

FIRE The new Fire Call

dr.) TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. • ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material. statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is. or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive; is in full or, in part. defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right; is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication. the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims. damages. expenses. proceedings and ::::legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct, alter. amend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While everycare is taken with all Displayand Classified advertisments. the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone.



for strength, longer life and rust-free service

... fit FIBREGLASS components Mudguards • Bonnets • Roofs variable from:

Central Qld Fibreglass I

(alongside Airstrip)

39 6038

EMU PARK 33 6363 a/h

39 2212 Parcel Delivery Burton's

0 0 0 Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

?4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740



Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day

Coastal Pet and Garden Care Reliape care for pets & plants in your home ... when you're on holidays

Leading Rockhampton

39 3642 or 39 1294

TAX AGENT Ray Smith and Co are now established on the Capricorn Coast at

N. S. MANI Public Accountant Reg Tax Agent

Bill Thomson's Real Estate office, James St, Yeppoon. LOIS BAYLISS will provide you with Friendly, Efficient and Confidential Service at Reasonable Rates. FOR MAXIMUM REFUNDS


NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consentunder Chapter 49 of the Council's Bylaws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1)Postal Addressand Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Rockhampton/Yeppoon Road, Bondoola. Part Resub 3 of Sub 9 Por 2268 Parish Yeppoon. (2) Area of the land: 168.979 ha (using 20.23 ha). (3)Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): Rockhampton/Yeppoon Road: 2241 metres. Racecourse Road: 1985 metres. (4)Nature of Proposed Use: Bow Hunting Club and range. (5) Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area. and the number of storeys: Not applicable. (6) Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: Ten (10). (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: Nil. (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Nil. (9)Zone in which the land is included: Medium Industry. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade. Yeppoon, on or before 26th September, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 749


Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays "Carmel", 6 Emu Street Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147

Capricorn Coast

EL GAS agent Bert and Kay Griese

27 4244


Emu Park Living Word Centre

Tax Returns • Business Advisors Accounting • House Calls

or 28 9561 a/h

ANNUAL general meeting, Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service Auxiliary. Monday. September 19 at James Street, Yeppoon centre. ANNUAL general meeting Yeppoon Rugby League Club, Strand Hotel. Friday night. September 16, 1988. M D Webb (president). MY surgery will be closed during the school holidays from 10/9/88 to 25/9/88. A Setu. Dental Surgeon. YEPPOON Primary School P & C raffle winner: K Hall, white ticket, B99. Drawn Sept 4. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisationsand most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252. SAVE $13.50 now. Join Weight Watchers for only $8.50 with members who care. Tuesdays. 7pm. CWA Hall. Normanby Street. Jenny. 39 7947. CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club general meeting, September 27, 7.30pm. Cooee Bay Hall. All interested parents welcome. CLAIRVOYANT, tarot cards and palms. 39 6502 for appointment VACANCY: QCWA Sunset Lodge, Emu Park for one frail aged male or female. Permanent residence. Phone 39 6484. LENORE Dean's School of Ballroom Dancing. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Mondays 7.30pm until 9.30pm. Inquiries: 39 4602. MORE tutors needed for adult reading and writing classes. No special qualifications needed. only a 'degree in caring'. Phone 39 4304.

33 6472 I

Bill Scott's




53 Tanby Rd, Yeppoon 39 3401 or 39 4628 a/h Electrical Wiring & Service Sheet Metal Cutting & Folding Light Metal Fabrication Switchboard Manufacturing

Accounting Services Business Advice Taxation Services 74 James Street (next to the Rock) Phone

39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm



Denis Hinton your Local Member for

Broadsound SAT, Sept 10

Emu Park Bicentennial Ball

SUN, Sept 11

Officially open Ridgelands Rodeo Yeppoon Office

MON, Sept 12 UES, Sept 13 WED, Sept 14

Yeppoon Office Attend Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. Brisbane Evening: Premier's buffet for conference

THURS, Sept 8 Conduct Yeppoon High School students on tour of Parliament House A'noon: Governor's Garden Party. Government House FRI, Sept 9

Yeppoon Office

SAT, Sept 17

Evening: National Party branch meeting at Bayview Tower. Guest speaker: Health Min Leisha Harvey

1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352 mombeemes




Professional Accountants, Tax Agents and Business Advisors Yeppoon: Bayview Tower C YEPPOON office attended (Tues & Wed) 39 1766 Tuesday: Judith (Julie) Ward Building `Rockhampton: 27 4588 ` Wednesday: Tony Edwards.,

WORK WANTED HOUSE-CLEANER available. experienced, reliable, with references. Phone 33 6829. IRONING done at 91 Adelaide Park Road. Phone 39 2487. BABY-SITTER - child-minder available to work evenings and weekends. Kinka Beach area. Phone 39 6476. BABY-SITTING, child-minding and elderly people. Available day or evening. Mature lady. own transport. 39 3831. TREE-LOPPING, professional mowing and edging, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging. tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jum. 39 3735. FENCING, yard building, tree lopping and yard cleaning. Phone 39 1140. EXTERIOR walls washed down and windows (inside and out) cleaned. Ph Des or Dot. 39 7110. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs. house cleaning. Phone 39 2460.... CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065.


Australia Post Tenders are invited fora Honda CT 110 Motor Cycle in "as is" condition. The cycle can be inspected by contacting the Postal Manager, Yeppoon. Tenders should be submitted in a sealed envelope endorsed "Tenders for Motor Cycle" and addressed to the Postal Manager, Yeppoon, 4703. Tenders close at 2pm on Friday, 16 September, 1988. The highest or any tender need not necessarily be accepted.

16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

TENDERS LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL SALE OF USED VEHICLES QUOTATIONS P2/88 to P17/88 CLOSING DATE: 2pm Monday, 26th September, 1988 Quotations are invited for sale of light vehicles in accordance with the following schedule:-


QUOTATIONS NO. P2/88 P3/88 P4/88 P5/88 P6/88 P7/88 P8/88 P9/88 P10/88 P11/88 P12/88 P13/88 P14/88 P15/88

1986 Nissan Navara 1 tonne 4 x 2 factory body Reg. No. 202-POY 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser 1 tonne 4 x 4 tray back Reg. No. 826-PRO 1986 Ford Econovan Reg. No. 910-PRQ 1986 Nissan Navara 1 tonne 4 x 2 tray back Reg. No. 939-PRO 1986 Nissan Navara 1 tonne 4 x 2 tray back Reg. No. 938-PRQ 1986 Nissan Navara 1 tonne 4 x 2 tray back Reg. No. 979-PRO 1986 Holden Drover 4 x 4 Hardtop Reg. No. 018-PSZ 1986 Nissan Navara 1 tonne 4 x 2 tray back Reg. No. 978-PRQ 1986 Nissan Navara 1 tonne 4 x 4 factory body Reg. No. 934-PRO 1987 XF Ford Falcon G.L. Sedan Reg. No. 589-PSZ 1987.XF Ford Falcon G.L. Sedan Reg. No. 626-PSZ 1987 XF Ford Falcon G.L. Sedan Reg. No. 033-PUJ 1986 XF Ford Falcon Utility Reg. No. 911-PRQ 1986 Ford Courier 1 tonne 4 x 2 tray back Reg. No. 123-PSZ

Specifications are available from the Shire Engineer's office at the Shire Administration Centre, 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon. Quotations from private persons are welcome. Vehicleswill be available for appraisal at Livingstone Shire Council's Depot in Cordingley Street, Yeppoon from 9.00am to 12.00 noon on Friday, 16th September, 1988. Box 600 P. O., A J BROWN Yeppoon. Q. 4703 SHIRE CLERK



DARK brown leather two-seater lounge and two chairs. $1200 or near offer. Phone 39 4076. LAMBSKINS. cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Phone Cheryl 39 4439. FIBREGLASS resins and everything else you need at Cooee Bay marine, 49 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. 39 1675.

GARAGE sale. Thursday and Friday after lunch time. Flat 2, Maple Court, Maple Street, Yeppoon. 2 bunk beds (one innerspring and 1 foam), bedisde table $150; 1 wardrobe, $50. PALMS not available until September 19 from Cawarral Road off Emu Park-Rockhampton Road. AIR-CONDITIONER, Kelvinator reverse cycle 1800BTU, large unit, $700 ONO. VGC. Fits most windows. Phone 396060, askfor Trisha or 396502 a/h. HOLIDAYS coming up - coach and airline tickets for sale. Whites Tourist Services. 7 days, 10am5pm. Phone 39 1066. AUTOMATIC washing machine, excellent condition, $280; cot with mattress, $50; 16" bike $20; Genoa lounge, needs work, $100; XY Falcon,. $130. Phone 39 4523. BEARINGS and seals - Cooee Bay Marine - 49 Tan by Road, Yeppoon. 39 1675. FOAM mattress sale. 30" small single bed x 5", $48.50; 36" single x 5", $52; 42" (3/4 bed size) x 6", $87.90; 54" double bed x 5" $87.60. Green's Hardware. Emu Park. Phone 39 6237.



2nd Hand Shop Old and New Furniture

LOCAL REMOVALS Yeppoon-Rockhampton area

39 3119 a/h: 39 3773 FOR SALE

Golf Clubs Spalding Caravelle (full set) RH NEW Pro Simmonds Bag NEW Buggy with seat Owner forced to retire


39 1135

66 Farnborough Road


Bill Green

MURRAY ESTATES for Town & Coast Real Estate. 7

$0:010ii§tOlti Ru

Gig Pmpee

66 Farnborough Rd - 39 3733 Maurice Murray - 39 3272. Dallas Cossar - 39 3209

AUCTION ON SITE Sat 10th Sept 10am 37 Pandanus St, Cooee Bay Highset 3 bedroom home in the heart of Cooee Bay. Short walk to shops and beach. Realistic reserve. For inspection phone Elders Real Estate, Yeppoon. (079) 39 1177 , 3 a/h Barry Vale 39 4180 Ita2161


Sandblasting Box Trailers to Semis Painting done ... primed or Tar Epoxy to finishes

• Decorative • Won't Rust • Secure Made-to-measure

Secondhand Shop

Tanby Road Roundabout

Capricorn Sandblasting

and are

Aluminium Awnings and

• Surf Ski • Pie Oven • • Pine Hutch • Meat Safe • • Queen Size Water Bed • • Spray Unit •

Holland Blinds L Central Coast Insect Screens

Something for Everyone


39 4318


Len Payne ...

39 4092


49 TANBY RD. YEPPOON 4703 •Phone 392419 * Modem custombuilt kitchens * Attractive aluminium awnings and blinds.

One large room, one with carpet.

39 4541 a/h or call at SUPERSIZE PHOTOS, James St, Yeppoon

Phone Bob ...

39 4632

'Signwriting Mike's Signs 39 3081 c- Free Quotes) Call

CARPENTER I • Sub Contractor • New Homes • Renovations Patios • Pergolas • Tiling Phone Bob ...

39 4632

Mike St okley





39 2205 or 39 1275

Tradesman, PAINTER Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes All hours

39 1679

Answering seiiice

For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Yeppoon Readymix Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •

cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street 39 1813 or 39 4410 a/h

B A.C-REMOVALS Local * Interstate * Overseas Packing * Storage * Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly



39 6714



• Sub Contractor a New Homes • Renovations Patios • Pergolas • Tiling


PAINTING & WALLPAPERING ( Three-Room Portable Shed -


George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting *


Phone 39 7950



that will




$150 ONO 33 6714

Mrs A's

FOR SALE ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds -all types - free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419. SHED 48x24x12. $2750. Unused. Can rail. (071) 213777 after hours. QUALITY pine and brown velvet dining setting with matching floral fabric lounge. $800 complete. 39 4564. CASTROL Oils - Cooee Bay Marine - 49 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. 39 1675. ANTIQUE silky oak cabinet, wardrobe and duchess, Edwardian chair, modern lounges, kitchen table, 22 good quality stacker chairs, old trunk, Caloi exercise bike, chest of drawers and much more. Secondhand Shop, Emu Park. 396 999. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings . sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Ph 39 3835.

VINCE HANNAN -- 39 1513


FRANK 39 2330 or TIM 39 4256

Eric Sundgren 39 3822 22 4049 Denis Schofield


Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS•pty,Ltd Industrial — Residential — Commercial 0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations

33 6836

Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 17



Peter and Toni

Carpet Cleaning Emu Park - 39 6178

FURNITURE Restoration * Repairs * Polishing

Phone Hans - 39 3746



Heavy & Light Diesel Repairs

All areas north of the Causeway

MY PLACE OR YOURS • Reasonable Rates

• Moderate Rates • 5' cut •

Aluminium & Steel Fabrication


39 4547


Tradesman Welder

Maintenance and Construction No Job Too Small Phone Greg

33 6472

all hours

Reg BUILDER (21308H5) Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Work - All type • No job too small Trevor AH: Simpson 39 6353 39 6734 /

39 4539

Len Keily's

Appliance Service

39 4644

CuNmew ber ... for all electrical repairs

Graeme's Plumbing & Draining Service Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am or 6-6.30pm

For Services at a Fair Price!



SPECIALISING IN ALL TYPtS OF * EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * --, No loading for weekends Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

HEAVY Diesel Mechanic Marine • Agriculture • Refrigeration and general Oxy and Welding

Earthmoving Equipment

Dave Kershaw for...

Night and 39 6638 Phone Allan Day Rates 39 6869

BOBCAT PLUMBER Hire 4 in 1 Bucket * t'ost Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

39 3193'

3-9 4408

DRAINER Maintenance * Renovations * New work

Cleaning 'We do everything' ...

Domestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

Blue Singleton

BACKHOE HIRE • 4 Bucket Sizes • Rock Ripper

Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service)

35 1181

39 3020

4 Bucket Sizes Rock Ripper

GHR Backhoe Hire 39 3020 Service 71

RICHTER 0 Installation ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts



39 3646


Interior * Exterior

Allan 'Happy' Warren

39 3113 :16 years on the Coast'



336714 :

Phil Munro


Kevin Pearce



Corney's PriceRite Hardware cnr Hill & Queen St 39 1636


D & H E Woodward

39 7540

4 in 1 Bucket • Extender Hoe 1 -Block Clearing - Tree Lopping

Available 24hrs a day

39 7646 all hours

All types


BACKHOE for hire

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays

I.C. & S. Stanley

39 1139



ALL painting, paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ALL type brick and block laying. Quotes and advice. Phone Tony Strong, 39 6884. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CARPENTER available, extensions and repairs. Free quotes or hourly rate. Phone 39 7727. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. COASTAL repairs ... building, plumbing, painting, small jobs. Prompt attention. Based at Kinka Beach ... the centre of the Coast. 39 6862. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes, phone 39 1404 or 39 1745. DRESSMAKING with or without patterns, including formal and bridal wear. Reasonable charges. 39 3783. FREE quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. OFFICE equipment repairs. V J Engineering. 1/ 40 Knight Street, North Rockhampton. Ph 28 7889 or 28 2119. PLANS drawn ... houses, extensions, renovations, prompt design service. Phone Lance Emery, Design Draftsman, 39 6648. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber Keith Chivers - 39 3518. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast- D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. QUALIFIED tradesman in aluminium and steel fabrication, welding, mobile unit. Same reasonable rates day or night. Phone Dave 39 4547. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING and rotary hoeing in Cooberrie and Adelaide Park Road area. Phone 39 7648.. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. VIDEO, TVand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. WINDMILLS repaired. erected, bought and sold. Travel anywhere. Phone 39 7640.

MERCEDES 220s and SE: Datsun 200B: A/c Homer and 1300 ute; VW Passat: Peugeot 404 and 505 sedan and wagon: VWbeetle; Holden HP Premier: HQ/HJ; Falcon XB and XC: Valiant Galant sedan and wagon: Toyota Corolla and Corona 6: 5 speed Inter AS truck: Suzuki carryvan; VJ Valiant 41 auto: Morris Marina 1100 and Nomad. Phone Ray Barry, 39 4633 or 39 4304.

YEPPOON LAWNMOWING Rubbish Removal • Tree Lopping Hedge Trimming • Prompt Service

WANTED TO BUY MOUNTAIN bike, barbecue setting, small house, garage/shed to live in or material suitable for accommodation. 39 4103. MEN'S geared wide rim bike. Phone 39 4106. WANTED: 4-6 tonne diesel trayback truck. Can trade Toyota Landcruiser. LWB Troop Carrier. Phone 22 3737. CARS, utilities. commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Phone 39 4304. OLD and modern furniture and fridges and freezers. Secondhand Shop, Emu Park. 396 999. OLD fashioned furniture. china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques now at Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

REAL ESTATE FINDLAYS Drapery Shop, prime position. $360.000. Phone 39 1138.

TO RENT LARGEfurnished flat $80 pw including electricity. Causeway Lake. Phone 33 6481 or 82 6846....

SHARE PERSON to share flat, $45 pw. Cooee bay area. Phone John, 39 3644 b/h.

WANTED TO RENT PROFESSIONAL couple seeking 3-4 bedroom house in Yeppoon area. Contact Sturzbecher at 39 3140.

LOST AND FOUND LOST: Keys in black key holder. Cooee Bay area. Phone 39 3820. LOST: Male, 3 month-old bull/arab cross. white with tan markings. Answers to 'Bob'. 18-monthold girl fretting. Went missing on Saturday from Braithwaite St area. Reward. Please ph 391568 a/ h or 22 5499 b/h.

PETS DOGS at pound. Female cattle dog and black male terrier cross. Council depot at end of Arthur Street. Yeppoon, weekdays.

39 4460

COOBERRIE KENNELS and Cattery We care for your pets Woodbury Road 39 7553



ALUMINIUM welding, MIG and TIG and general fabrication by resident tradesman Dave Piper at Ken Jones Marine Yeppoon. 39 4002.


BINGO SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No.B21112 WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. 821780. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. 821799


DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek. $6 per day. Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in ... 34 4174.

MOTOR VEHICLES 120Y wagon body parts for sale. 39 6254 except Sunday.

Where to stay on the Coast


Enjoy Island Views from every unit a: the

Bay Vacationer

16 ANZAC PARADE, 'YEPPOON Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 1213

offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals. Feeding tours hourly from 1lam. Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek )

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

COs „AV 0LI 50 RAINBOW SUPERCINEMA $61Z1;4 4 4n0 Nightly 7pm until Sept 22 Single Feature 4 • "

DUNDEE I To September 12, 9.15pm Single Feature


Sat and Sun, Sept 10 & 11, 2pm


b4 -IL Z\

Sat & Sun, Sept 17 & 18, 5pm



Fri & Sat, Sept 16 & 17, 9.15pm 0


MAOUK I 1 OE i liiingiall.111111111M it

18 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

Three finals at PONY RESULTS Yeppoon Bowls Club over week

Junior Rugby League starts THE newly-formed Capricorn Coast Junior Rugby League Club held an election of office bearers this week at a meeting attended by 30 interested people. Positions: president, Sgt 1/c Ken Tanzer; vice-president, John Dawes; secretary, Bernice Tanzer; treasurer, Kevin Robinson. Five directors were also elected: coaching and' refereeing, Bill Thorpe; equipment and grounds, Boyd Battersby; fundraising, Sandra Wassell; catering, Robyn Battersby; and public relations, Bill Nugent. Club patron is Yeppoon Rugby League Club president Cr Maurie Webb. Emphasis for junior league players would be on learning skills and having fun instead of playing to win. Children five years and overwill be eligible to join. Further information about where the club will play and if it will be involved in a Rockhampton or its own Coast competition will be decided at a later date. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 4 in the Pacific Hotel at 7.30pm. All interested people are invited to attend. For further information phone Bill Nugent on 39 3208 or Ken Tanzer on 39 1400.

• ABOVE: Yeppoon Bowling Club's men's patron Bill Roberts sends down a bowl during the patron's afternoon on Saturday. There were 56 bowlers who turned out to pit their skills against each other and also watch the men's singles finals.

THREE finals were played during the past week at. Yeppoon Bowls Club. In the Open fours Mark Gustafson, George Williams, Geoff Lambert and Roy Graff (jnr) defeated Dick Sinclair, George Barrett, Graham McCosker and Bill Manthey 31-18. The open pairs final was a close game with Keith McKimmie and Graham McCosker defeating Peter Brown and Eric Austin 19-17. In the mixed pairs final Esme and Terry Woodbridge downed Elsie and Clarrie Hinton 30-19. There was a good attendance for Patron's Day on September 3, and the winners were Tony Ryan, Kev Thompson, Alf Schofield and Tom Roos. The runners up were Jack Hoare, Fraser Freeman, Bill Andrews and Barry Quigley. Patron Bill Roberts presented both teams with prizes. Devonshire Fours will be played on Saturday, September 10, and on President's Day on Sunday, September 11, nominated teams will play mixed bowls.

COMPLETE RESULTS OF EMU PARK '88 GAMES RESULT'S of the Bicentennial games held at Emu Park. 5000 men: Garry Maher 1; David Akeringa 2; Tony Usher 3. Women's 5000: Bev Laundry 1; Kathy Weick 2; Pamela Stewart 3. Men's Buffers 75: Nestor Svendsen 1; Andrew Christiansen 2; Mike George 3. Women's Buffers 75: Mary Gurney 1; Bev Laundry 2; Lyn Christiansen 3. Masters 100: Cliff Gormley 1; Lindsay Furness 2; Tom Titmarsh 3. Six year boys 50 metres: Reece Kellaway 1; Michael O'Brien 2; Rory Wex 3. Seven year boys 50 metres: Lindsay Twigg 1; Mark Knox 2; Regan Owens 3. Eight year boys 80 metres: Tim O'Brien 1; Luke Kershaw 2; Christopher Stevens 3. 9 year boys 80 metres: Cody Harris 1; Anthony Morgan 2; Stephen Isles 3. 10 year boys 100 metres: Mark McGarth 1; Ryan Miller 2; Kenny Weick 3.11 year boys 100 metres: Matt Coyle 1; Matt Anderson 2; Joe Ludcke 3. 12 year boys 100 metres: Peter Mahony 1; Cameron Horton 2; Raymond Knox 3. 13 year boys 100 metres: Nick Radosavjevic 1; Michael Ferris 2; Matthew Wex 3. 14 year boys 100 metres: Dominic Kirwan 1; Alan Ciantar 2; Dayle Perrin 3.15 year boys 100 metres: Julian O'Neill 1; Garth Spencer 2; Trent Thompson 3. 16 year boys 100 metres: Greg Thompson 1; Dwayne Roberts 2; Michael Rankin 3. Open boys 100 metres: Steve Donohoe 1; Brian Bryce 2; Paul Klink 3. 10 year boys 400 metres: Kenny Weick 1 Shane Roser 2; Ryan Brinkley 3. 11 year boys 400 metres: Matt Coyle 1; Matthew Anderson 2; Jason Steemson 3. 12 year boys 400 metres: Peter Mahony 1; Andrew Horton 2; Bjorn Prince 3. 13 year boys 400 metres: Richard Uakai 1; Wes Titmarsh 2; David Bell 3. 14 year boys 400 metres: Andrew Prince 1; Kevin Farr 1; Bill Carter 3. 15 year boys 400 metres: Julian O'Neill 1; Trent Thompson 2; Joshua Belz 3. 16 year boyi 400 metres: Peter Murphy 1; Michael Rankin 2. Open boys 400 metres: Mark Gravina 1; Paul Klink 2; Brian Bryce 3. 15 year boys 800 metres: Julian O'Neill 1; Joshua Belz 2; Mike Chandler 3. 16 boys 800 metres: Raphael Barton 1; Peter Murphy 2. Open boys 800 metres: Brian Bryce 1; Greg Thompson 2; Donal Letchford 3. 13 boys 1500 metres: Peter Mahoney 1; Matthew Anderson 2; Richard Benson 3. 14 boys 1500 metres: Andrew Prince 1; Bill Carter 2; Dayle Perrin 3. 16 year boys 1500 metres: Raphael Barton 1; Peter Murphy 2; Mike Chandler 3. Open boys 1500 metres: Aaron Thompson 1. 15 boys 3000 metres: Bill Carter 1; Dan Stonier 2; Joshua Belz 3. Open boys 3000 metres: Raphael Barton 1; Peter Murphy 2. 6 year girls 50 metres: Belinda Dunn 1; Marine Richmond 2; Camille MacDonald 3. 7 girls 50 metres: Ingrid Christiansen 1; Erin Beattie 2; Sheree Byrdoe 3. 8 girls 80 metres: Sonya Murphy 1; Lorelle Thomasson 2; Candice Goudie 3.9 girls 80 metres: Kiri Leonard 1; Melissa Ludke 2; Katrina Sognol 3. 10 girls 100 metres: Emma Hodkinson 1; Brooke Roberts 2; Leslie Rowe 3. 11 girls 100 metres: Shae Christie 1; Chantel Leonard 2; Ann Marie McGarth 3. 12 girls 100 metres: Melissa Cullen 1; Andrea Verschaeren 2; Kathy Weick 3. 13 girls 100 metres: Dorothy Shilvock 1; Angela Knight 2; Danielle Christy 3. 14 girls 100 metres: Kylie Heeb 1; Belinda Cullen 2; Lyndel Forrest 3. 15 girls 100 metres: Michelle Kirkland 1; Karren Myatt 2; Kerryn Wilson 3. 16 girls 100 metres: Melissa Brownlie 1; Ceri Protheroe 2; Kayleen Thorpe 3. 10 girls 400 metres: Kiri Leonard 1; Melissa Ludke 2; Sheree Clark 3. 11 girls 400 metres: Chantal Leonard 1; Chae Christy 2; Bonita

Williams 3. 12 girls 400 metres: Sparkle Furness 1; Kathy Weick 2; Heida Froschauer 3. 13 girls 400 metres: Dorothy Shilvock 1; Dannelle Christy 2; Vicki Roser 3. 14 girls 400 metres: Peachy George 1; Lyndell Forrest 2; Linda Penny 3. 15 girls 400 metres: Kerryn Wilson 1; Michelle Kirkland 2. 16 girls 400 metres: Kaylene Thorpe 1; Ceri Protheroe 2.15 girls 800 metres: Kerryn Wilson 1; Rachel Little 2; Michelle Kirkland 3. Open girls 800 metres: Janice Hayes 1; Kellie Constable 2. 13 girls 1500 metres: Sparkle Furness 1; Andrea Verschaeren 2; Teresa Auguston 3. 14 girls 1500 metres: Vicki Roser 1; Dorothy Shilvock 2; Danielle Christy 3. 16 girls 1500 metres: Kerryn Wilson 1; Rachel Little 2; Michelle Kirkland 3. Open girls 1500 metres: Alida Kleinmeulman 1. Under 15 3000 metres: Kelly English 1. 16 girls 3000 metres: Monique Dunkley 1; Michelle Kirkland 2. Open girls 3000 metres: Rachel Little 1; Janice Hayes 2; Kelli Constable 3. 10 boys 200 metres: Kenny Weick 1; Mark McGrath 2; Ryan Miller 3. 10 girls 200 metres: Emma Hudkinson 1; Leslie Rowe 2; Brooke Roberts 3. 11 boys 200 metres: Matt Coyle 1; Matthew Anderson 2; Nathan Barr 3. 11 girls 200 metres: Shae .Christy 1; Chantal Leonard 2; Bonita Williams 3. 12 boys 200 metres: Peter Mahoney 1; Cameron Horton 2; Dean Tooker 3. 12 girls 200 metres: Melissa Cullen 1; Sparkle Furness 2; Andrea Verschaeren 3. 13 girls 200 metres: Dorothy Shilvock 1; Shona Smith 2; Danielle Christy 3. 13 boys 200 metres: Nick Rudosavljevic 1; Richard Uakai 2; Tony Hoy 3. 14 boys 200 metres: Dominic Kirwan 1; Alan Cianter 2; Troy Dean 3. 14 girls 200 metres: Sophie Reynolds 1; Belinda Cullen and Kylie Heeb both 2; Lyndell Forrest 3. 15 boys 200 metres: Julian O'Neill 1; Trent Thompson 2; Tony Trigg 3. 15 girls 200 metres: Michelle Kirkland 1; Kenyn Wilson 2; Karen Myatt and Carla Svendsen both'3. 16 boys 200 metres: Greg Thompson 1; Michael Rankin 2; Dwayne Roberts 3. 16 girls 200 metres: Melissa Brownley 1; Kaylene Thorpe 2; Ceri Protheroe 3. Open boys 200 metres: Steve Donohue 1; Paul Klink 2; Brian Bryce 3. 10 boys 800 metres: Ryan Brinkley 1; Mark McGrath 2; Bradley Hof 3. 10 girls 800 metres: Sheree Clark 1; Brooke Roberts 2; Bonny Furness 3. 11 boys 800 metres: Matthew Anderson 1; Jyothi Jaffray 2; Nathan Barr 3. 11 girls 800 metres: Nicole Peckover 1; Chantal Leonard 2; Seonea Roberts 3. 12 boys 800 metres: Bjorn Prince 1; Peter Mahony 2; Richard Benson 3. 12 girls 800 metres: Sparkle Furness 1; Kathy Weick 2; Andrea Verschaeren 3. 13 boys 800 metres: Tony Beck 1; Wesley Titmarsh 2; David Reynolds 3. 13 girls 800 metres: Vicki Roser 1; Dorothy Shilvock 2; Pamela Stewart 3. 14 girls 800 metres: Peachy George 1; Lyndell Forrest 2; Julie Farrell 3. 14 boys 800 metres: Bill Carter 1; Bo George 2; Kevin Farr 3. 11 boys High Jump: Matt Coyle 1; Luke Kalache 2; Nathan Barr 3. 12 boys High Jump: Cameron Horton 1; Richard Benson 2; Dean Tooker 3. 13 boys High Jump: Tony Ravell 1; Chad Quigley 2; Kelly White 3. 14 boys High Jump: Andrew White 1; Alistair Warren 2; Allan Ganter 3.15 boys High Jump: Julian O'Neil 1; Garth Spencer 2; Adrain Deurloo 3. 10 girls High Jump: Brooke Roberts 1; Julia Watts 2; Kristine Wex 3. 11 girls High Jump: Chantal Leonard 1; Mandy Knight 2; Seonea Roberts 3. 12 girls High Jump: Joanne Schneider 1; Andrea Verschareran 2; Joanne Knight 3. 13 girls High Jump: Claire Wyland 1; Dorothy Shilvock 2; Debra Neven 3. 14 girls High Jump: Natasha Butler 1; Julie Farrell 2;

Sophie Reynolds 3. 15 girls High Jump: Michelle Kirkland 1; Lynda Penny, Darlene Roberts equal 2. 8 boys Long Jump: Chris Stevens 1; Bradley Hof 2; Christian Titmarsh 3.9 boys LongJump: Darren Spires 1; Codey Harris 2; Justin Edwards 3. 10 boys Long Jump: Mark McGrath 1; Tony Tieing 2; Kenny Weick 3. 11 boys Long Jump: Matt Coyle 1; Nathan Barr 2; Shane Roser 3. 12 boys Long Jump: Trent McCamley 1; Peter Mahony 2; Andrew Horton 3. 13 boys Long Jump: Tony Ravell 1; Nicholas Radesonljene 2; Graeme Broccaido 3. 14 boys Long Jump: Troy Dean 1; Dominic ICirwin 2; Allan Ciantar 3. 15 boys Long Jump: Garth Spenser 1; Reiher P 2; Tony Trigg 3.16 boys Long Jump: J O'Neill 1; Richard Williams 2; Michael Rankin 3. Open boys Long Jump: Evan Brown 1;Mark Graving 2; Bill Myatt 3. 11 girls Long Jump: Brooke Anderson 1. 8 girls Long Jump: Kiri Leonard 1; Fiona Hyslop 2;Melissa Ludcke 3. 9 girls Long Jump: Suzane Hill 1; Amy Prince 2; Tanya Lewington 3. 10 girls Long Jump: Emma Hodkinson 1; Brooke Roberts 2; Lesley Rowe 3. 12 girls Long Jump: Heidi Froschauer 1; Joanne Schneider 2; Monique Dunkley 3.13 girls Long Jump: Clare Wyland 1; Danielle Christy 2; Dorothy Shilvock 3. 14 girls Long Jump: Melita Owen 1; Lynder Forrest 2; Kylie Heeb 3. 15 girls Long Jump: Karen Myatt 1; Michelle Kirkland 2; Linda Penny 3.16 girls Long Jump: Melissa Brownlie 1; Kaylene Thorpe 2; Sharon Taureasa 3.

2-4-2 competition THE winners of Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club's 2-4-2 competition were D McPherson and E Batts 21 who played E Benson and I McNamara 20, in the final on Tuesday. Congratulations to all for a good close game. Winners of the Bacon and Eggs competition were J Denney skips, with J Hoare, J Kernan and L Dunphy. The runners up were B Sinclair, M Blacklock, P Childs and M Stewart skip. Thank-you Flo Denney for kindly donating the prizes. Mixed bowls were enjoyed on Sunday and the winner of the Father's day free meat tray was Alan King. Our thanks to Mrs Vi Mortensen for donating the tray. The club triples competitions is September 20. Play starts at 9am. Three rounds. The list is in the Ladies room, so get your name please. Jill Hoare is welcomed as a new member. Congratulations to Esme and Terry Woodbridge on winning the mixed pairs. September 13, Social play at 1.15pm. Competitions will not be called until September 20, and the club birthday Rosebowl and cent sale on September 27.

Spring camp for ages 7-12 THE Queensland Recreation Council will run a Spring vacation camp during the school holidays at the Yeppoon Recreation Camp. The camp, for 7-12year olds, is over five days from Monday, September 12 to Friday 16. Among the activities offered will be a visit to Great Keppel Island, Byfield State Forest, beach games, bushwalks, canoeing, camp fires and a talent night. The price of $95 includes return by bus ex' Rockhampton, all meals, accommodation and activities. Application forms are now available at the Queensland Recreation Council Office, Reaney Street, North Rockhampton, 27 2266.

Results of the Central Queensland AustraliPony stud book show held in Rockhampton oi.__the weekend. Lenera Juti owned by Rebecca O'Grady of Yeppoon first in Led colt two years and under three years. Belbar Jasmine, also owned by Rebecca O'Grady, won the following: first, open pony mare hack 12.2h hand under; third, novice pony hack under 12.2hh; first pony more to be ridden by 17 year and over 14 years (Rider Vicky Kuln); first pony mare to be ridden by under 14 years rider Kerry Thompson; champion pony mare under saddle and supreme pony hack of the show. In the led classes on Saturday BelbarJasmine notched up second led pony APSB under 13hh and then went on to reserve champion led APSB mare. _ Child handler under 17 second Vicky Kuhn, child handler under 14, third Kerry Thompson both led Belbar Jasmine. Judy Cowie from Bundaleer Pony Stud, Yeppoon, had a busyweek-end being treasurer of the Central Queensland Branch, had to leave the Benson boys and dad to getting the ponies in the ring, but all went well with Rahane Sunflower first in Maiden pony hack and first Welsh B pony mare. Bundaleer Pollyanna was first Led APSB ul2ll, third walking pony and Sam Benson was third in child handler U/10. Bobby and Shirley Kuhl of Willow Pond Pony Stud had a wonderful weekend winning °following: Imperial Mazurka, first Welsh filly, champion welsh A filly, supreme welsh A exhibit, supreme filly of the show. Owendale Whirlwind, first welsh A filly U/2 years, reserve champion welsh A. Willowpond Jimnee crickette, first welsh B stallion, champion welsh B stallion. Michelle Tucker of Yeppoon also had a good show.


THREE sessions of indoor bowls were enjoyed by a party of Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club members and Rockhampton players over last weekend in games with Mackay Indoor Bowls Association members at Mackay. In the first session on Saturday night it was Visitors v Mackay Indoor Bowling Association and after three games of 12 endsvisitors ran out winners by the narrow margin of four points, scores being Visitors 228 to MIBA 224. Best for visitors were Rowena Stevens, Ellen L'Estrange, Harry Whiteacre, Ken Jones, Florence Collins, Beryl Russell with two wins, 37 points, and with two games and 31 points' were Fred Wade, Gloria Peach, Edna Witt, Bill Anderson, Mavis Brown and Joan Joseph. While a team drawn out of the hat was Ron Kyle, Lorna Wade, Evie Cowie, Alan Philp and May Anderson who won one game for 41 points. Sunday afternoon and night were sessions of social games composite teams from both centres being selected. Results: afternoon, first; K Lowe, C Brown, F Hope with 30 points; second R Douglas, Jarvie, D Hansen 28; out of the hat, Vi Robs E Nash, J Hussey. Night, first; three wins 56 points, Royston Roll, Joan North, Andrea Wytinberg, Rossie Lowe, Alan Philp and Elizabeth Lowe; second, three wins 49 points, Fred Wade, Gloria Peach, Errol Ward, Marie Grayino and Jean Whiteacre; drawn out of the hat were Cec Brown, Bill Anderson, M Ken, Ron Kyle and Evelyn Seeman who won two games and scored 34 points. Interspersing the afternoon and night sessions on Sunday were a cent sale and a barbecue tea.


ZILZIE Golf Club's Thursday stroke game for D Frisby trophies was won by member D Campbell with 68 nett and associate F Humphries 71 nett. Pinshot winners were L Ditchburn and 0 Phillips. Saturday stroke winner was Cec Saunders with 54 nett. Associate medal winner was G Pearson 69 nett. Pinshot winner was D Wassman. Members' medal winner was G Brinunell 60 nett. Stableford winner was J Webb on countback from R Morgan with 42 points. Pinshots L Ditchburn and D Webb. Associate winner was D Webb with 35 points. A stroke for the QLGU medal will be played tomorrow (Saturday), September 10. Sunday the R Nixon Shield will be played between Zilzie and Emu Park at Emu Park at 11.30am and a stroke game at Zilzie will be played.


SINGING Ship Indoor Bowls congratulates Marion Stratford and Lois Crockett the winners of the Sid Wills Pairs, which was played last week. Runners-up were Billie Stevenson and Arthur Atcheson. There will be no bowling this Saturday afternoon and Association Day has been cancelled.

Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988 - 19

YEPPOON GOLF YEPPOON Golf Club's Wednesday club ladies stableford winner was Beryl Bartley with 33 points from Joan Burrowes with 28. Beryl alsowon the first ninewith 34 and a half from Joyce Nichols and Chris Moss both with 37 nett. She then won the second nine with 35 and a half from Esme Woodbridge with 36. Pinshots: P Andersen, E Woodbridge and M Prior won the proshot. Members stableford winner was Villa Svendsen with 41 points, Peter Marwedel 40, Tony Longton 40, Des Hallam 39, Ian Atkinson 39, Tom Wahlin 38, Terry Woodbridge 38 points. V Svendsen won the first nine with 30, T Longton 30 and a half, P Marwedel 32, G Basham 33, T Wahlin 33, E Nankivell 33, K Kane 33. Second nine winners were D Hallam 31 and a half, I Atkinson 31 and a half, V Svendsen 32, T Longton 32 and a half, A Simpson 33 and a half, J Burton 33 and a half. Pinshot winners were I Atkinson and G Rosin and captain Jack Stratford won the proshot. There was no Ladies Thursday club on account of Traders Day being played. Veterans club played their closed championships in silver and bronze for members and ladies over 18 holes. Ladies silver winner was Nancy Montgomery with 89 gross and runner up was Stella Haskins with 98 gross. The best nett was Beryl Taylor with 81, runner up was Cassie Freeman with 82. Silver long drive winner was Stella Haskins. Pinshots win_ ners were S Haskins, N Montgomery. Winner of the bronze championship was Nola Clarke with 103 gross and runner up was Charlotte Somogyi with 107. May McGlashan won the best nett with 79 from Esme Woodbridge with 80 nett. Gwen Dawson won the long drive. Pinshots were G Pearson, C Moss. Members silver winner was Bill Freeman with 80 gross and runner up was Terry Woodbridge with 87. Best silver nett was captain Jack Stratford with 73 and runner up was Villa Svendsen with 74. Bill Freeman won the silver long drive also a pinshot and V Svendsen also won a pinshot. The bronze section of the members was won by Roy Nichols with 90 gross from Peter Marwedel 91. Best nett was Harley Fisher with 68 from John Degotardi with 69, Wilf Osborne won the long drive and P Marwedel and J Degotardi won the pinshot. Ladies played their monthly medal in A, B and C grades. Glenda Watson won the A grade section with 70 nett, Hazel Fry won the B grade with 79 and Beryl Bartley won the C grade with 71. Run down of netts were Margaret Prior 74, Elizabeth Haszak 75 nett. Pinshots were M Williams (2), J Burrowes, and G Watson won the proshot. Members played their medals in A, B and C grades. The A grade winners were Ian Macaulay and Ernie Nankivell both with 71 nett. The B grade winner was Jim Cameron with 66 nett and the C grade winner was Des Hallam with a good score of 62 nett, which cost him three strokes. Run down of netts, Trevor Gray 67, Peter Tweedy 70, Joe Garvey 67, Ken McCurley 69, Kevin Dean 70, Vern Olive 70. Pinshot winners were V Olive, K Dean, M Patteson, I Macaulay and W Dicker won the proshot. A mixed 4bbb stroke on Sunday for David and Erin Hore trophies was played with a left over in conjunction. The mixed winners were Frank and Elizabeth Haszak 61 nett, from Harley Fisher and Joan Chandler 66, and Adolf and Colleen Schuster also with 66. Other scores were Bob and Joan Burrowes 67, Geoff and Marge Williams 67, and Vince and Gaye Hannan 67 nett. Pinshots were Ladies M Williams (2), C Freeman and V Caseleyr won the proshot. Members; C Kennard (2), K Griffiths, V Hunt and R Burrowes won the proshot. A game for left overs was won by Mery Damrow with 39 points, John Noyes 36 and Les Wilson 36. Associates played a stableford for a club trophy and the winner was Hazel Fry with 35 points, next best was Marge Williams with 33 and Cassie Freeman with 29. Pinshots were Mary Quinn and G Watson won the proshot. Jack Stratford's pat-on-the-back this week goes to all the trophy winners of the Veterans closed championships held on Friday, September 2.

Tom and Kitty heard the, Surf was pin Bil-l!! They warted to go WING TEN, So Meg called into YEPPOON 'TRAVEL AGENCY for the best way to Bet *ere . • • .•

34 karate students heading to Bundaberg for State titles A LOCAL contingent of 34 JKA Shot okan Karate students are travelling to Bundaberg this weekend (September 8-11) to compete in the 11th JKA Queensland Karate-Do State Championships. "The team has been selected from a progressive points tally gained from club and inter-club titles held recently," publicity officer Adele Young said. "The team consists of students from Yeppoon JKA, Rockhampton JKA and Emu Park JKA night clubs, as well as local schools including Yeppoon State High and Primary, Sacred Heart Primary, St Ursula's College, St Brendan's College, Rockhampton Grammar, Rockhampton Girls Grammar, Emu Park Primary and others." The Queensland Titleswill be held under the auspices of Mr Shunsuke Takahashi JKA 6th Dan, Chief Instructor of Australia and New Zealand. An all day training seminar will be held with Mr Takahashi on Friday, September 9, in preparation for the titles in the Bundaberg


Civic Centre. "Capricornia Instructor Chris Bulbrook JKA 3rd Dan, expects his students to do well, and said the local youngsters should be commended for their dedication," she said. "Almost all of the team has fundraised to help themselves go away, receiving no outside sponsorship. Mr Bulbrook has delegated two of his senior students, Keith Lea and Chris Stokes, to be team coaches while they are in Bundaberg." The team members are: Adam Clark, Craig Newbery, Travis Ewan, Steven Anderson, Jadie Hirning, Jeff Huxtable, Leon Frisch, Simon Atwell, Kim Laundry, Warren Goodwin, Melanie Jones, Susan Young, Paula Winkel, Sacha Schutze, Robyn Schutze, Jay Hinton, Raymond Wheeler, Shane Thomasson, Andrew Hoadley, Adam Croft, Toni Carige, Sandra Doyle, Kylie Ohl, Dirk, Arno and Brigitte Breutmann, Andrew Cara, Andrew Corneal, Ian Murray, Perryn Fowler, Megan Parker, Keiran Simpson.

CapCoast bundled out of finals in fluctuating Institute match CAPCOAST was bundled out of the 1988 finals by a powerful Institute side, going down 25 to 12, last Saturday at Rugby Park. Both teams scored two tries each in a strangely fluctuating game, the difference being five booming first half penalty goals by Institute half back Jason Hetherington. Hetherington, current under 19 Queensland' representative, was in top form landing six from seven with a goal kicking display rarely seen in Rockhampton. With an amazing first 20 minutes, Coast found themselves down 15 nil and almost straight after Institute fullback scored a superb solo try when his swerve and pace left his markers for dead. The score read 21 to nil and the students looked ready to run riot. Instead CapCoast dug deep into their reserves of stamina and although Institute was still controlling the lineouts Coast wrested enough ball to mount a few sustained attacks. With 10 minutes left in the first half Mick Bongers made a solid run before unloading to Dave Ruck who dived over and converted his own try. The score was still an unbelievable 21 to 6 at half time. The Coast side played with more purpose in the second half and looked swifter and more menacing even though they couldn't sustain Institute's drive in second phase attack. Flanker Mick Bonger's work rate was exceptional. Wes Dawes, Paul Marshall and Brad

Flynn gave good accounts of themselves. Mark Harris and Steve Kavanagh were the best of the Coast pack with Harris' defensive qualities proving invaluable near the end. Hooker Paul Marshall scored a consolation try right on full time but the Coast side never really recovered from its early setback. The final score Institute 25, CapCoast 12.

Yeppoon wins Rose Bowl YEPPOON Ladies Bowling Club president Del Roos welcomed North Rockhampton Ladies Bowling Club president Gloria McPherson to take part in the annual Rose Bowl competition. In windy condition, YLBC bowlers, at long last retrieved the Rose Bowl with a 310 to 303 points score. Gloria McPherson, when presenting the Rose Bowl to Del Roos, warned that next year they would be trying to regain the trophy. Competitions for Tuesday, September 6 at 9am, umpire D Roos. Consistency singles final E Batts v I McNamara, marker R Wass. 1.15pm: 2-4-2 pairs final, 'E Benson and I McNamara v D McPherson and E Batts. A social play will be held in the afternoon and visitors are welcome.

Trophies, trophies trophies at bowls TROPHIES, trophies, trophies. Bowlers on Sunday at Emu Park Bowls Club were well rewarded for their efforts. It was Hazel Dingwell's Day and she provided cakes for afternoon tea with trophies for winners, runners-up, sportsmanship awards and 20 lucky surprises. The winners, who will also have their names engraved on the Hazel Dingwell shield, were:Molly Evans, Nita Rollinson, Roy Johnson, Bob Maud. Runners-up: Hazel Dingwell, Jim McDerby, Ruth Forrest, Dick Brown. Sportsmanship awards went to Bev Farrow, Norma Waters, Tom Bates, Viv Ireland. As it was also Fathers Day and Bev Farrow made a lovely cake which went to NSW visitor Sylvia Mitchell. Altogether members and visitors had a great day. Weekday trophy winners: Tuesday, Joe Menzell and Alan Evans. Wednesday: Phil Cosgrove, Ivor Withers, Nina Koppel. Friday 3 bowl pairs: Phil Cosgrove and Eddie Mann. Saturday: Sylvia Mitchell and Bill Polkinghome. In the Prime Ministers Cup competition held at the Diggers, Emu Park club was represented by Chick Stanley, Wilf Gibson, Col Rose and Frank Van Gestel. The Sunday events continue and next week September 11, bowlers will play for the Glen Kluver shield and trophies.

Ladies v Gents on Sunday, September 18, it will be something different, or as Col Smith puts it the skirts v the shirts. Monday, September 12, is the club's bicentennial luncheon and Rockhampton Botanic Gardens curator Tom Wyatt will give advice on gardening problems. There will be a three course lunch and good entertainment, for S6. Prior bookings would be appreciated. Bookings on phone 39 6879. On Wednesday, September 14, the ladies have their meeting at 10am followed at 1pm by mixed social bowling with trophies, and trade table. Tuesday mixed bowling and trophies 1pm. Friday, 9am, 3 bowl nominated pairs competition. Barbecue lunch available. Friday from 1pm, roll up. Friday evening barbecue teas from 6pm. Saturday 10, 9am, free coaching; members, visitors, new members and anyone interested in "having a go", are invited to attend. Saturday 1pm, mixed social bowls, trophies, barbecue teas from 6pm.

CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club annual general meeting was held on Tuesday, August 23 and the 1988/89 executive is: president Anne Novak; vice president Bill Cummings; secretary Pam Drillis; treasurer Dot Svensen. Out-going president Bill Cummings said, in his annual report, that during the last season four members were selected to go to State titles earlier in the year. The club took part in most of the regional carnivals and Mr Cummings thanked parents for their assistance during season and his executive members for their support and help. The swimming club's season starts at the Cooee Bay Olympic Pool on Wednesday, September 28 at 7pm with gates open at 6.30pm. The club is looking forward to a good season with new lessee Cyril Thomasson and Otto Sonnleitner and manageress Margo Sonnleitper. Coaching clinics will be arranged to benefit the children. 1988/89 fees: S12, S9, S6, and family S30. Ages: (limit as long as child swims 10 metres) 10 metre swim, 25 metre swim, 50 metre swim, all strokes. Si each child swims against his/her own times every week with the aim to better times. All children are welcome to join or go along first to see if they want to join. Any inquiries to Anne Novak 39 3269 or Kay Cumming 39 3994.

YIBC WINNING THE second round of the MacNevin Shield was played at the Rockhampton and District Indoor Bowls Association playing centre in Rockhampton on Wednesday night of last week and YIBC team of Marj Birkett, Cec and Mavis Brown, Bob and Elma Kearney and Ken Jones continued on its winning way with two wins and a bye. The team now goes into the third and final round of the fixture on Wednesday, October 3 having won all its games and will be hoping for a continuation of its excellent form. In its latest encounter the YIBC team defeated St Joseph's 12-11 and QRI 11-9. Patron's Day this year will have a different format. It will be held on Sunday, October 2, and will be a five-game day. Participants will bring their own lunch which will be held after two games. Following the afternoon's three games a barbecue tea will be served. Playing fees to include the barbecue tea, will be S2.50. There should be a large number of members and visitors to honour the club's patron Evelyn Seeman.

Basketball draw CAPRICORN Coast Basketball Association draw. Sunday, September 11: 4pm Raiders v Demons (A Thomas, A Moore); 5pm Devils v Bobcats (K Dooley, J Christensen); 6pm Slick Chicks v Rebels (J Moody, K Smith); 7pm Celtics v Lescence (K Smith, C Willoughby); 8pm Bombers v Young Ones (C & D Willoughby). Monday, September 12: 6pm Golden Roughs v Billabongs (C Willoughby, D Moore); 7pm Rimjammers v Saints (J Christensen, K Dooley); 8pm Scoobs v Coasters (C Campbell, D Willoughby); 9pm Brendans v Hootans to be played at a later date. Tuesday, Arthur Street court, September 13: 7pm Gadabouts v Breakaways (J Taylor, K Smith); 8pm Seagulls v Courtcrawlers. Wednesday, September 14: 6pm Resort Raiders v Billabongs (S Willoughby, A Thomas); 7pm Pink Galahs v Nomads (S Willoughby, A Thomas); 8pm Tanby Roses v Brendands; 9pm Coasters B v Trailblazers. On boys have a bye. Winner of the Junior Basketball raffle was yellow ticket F66, Joanne Taylor (a trip to Keppel Island on the Victory).

John McGregor 33 6138

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20 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 9 - September 15, 1988

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• ABOVE: It is the second successive season the Yeppoon Swans have fielded an wider 17 grand final winning side. Pictured is the team having a cool drink after the match against Brothers. Back row (from left): Rod Chapman, Adam Belot, Troy Tompkins, Nic Basham (coach), Bevan Murray, Mark Van Gestal, Jason Jamieson, Danny Edwards, Luke Bowden, Danny Bromley and Tim Mynott. Centre (from left): Trent Thompson and Steven. Front (from left): Darren Petterwood, Dairen Franke, Grant Vaughan, Tim Van Gestal, Chris Woods, Dwayne Roberts, Steven Bird, Brett Lorain and Mark Wiggington.

Under 17s and under 15 Swans victorious in their grand finals



Carole & Nev Welfare 391689' Disability Income Insurance 1 Who needs it? Why? See

CHRIS BULBROOK your Capricorn Coast District Inspector at Yeppoon Courthouse

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YEPPOON Aussie Rules under 17s didn't lose a game all season and in the grand final proved why, by beating Brothers all over the ground. Danny Bromley played a great game, setting up many scoring opportunities for his forwards from the centre of the ground. Chris Woods left his best game of the year for the right game, a fine display in the ruck, winning almost every centre bounce he contested and also took some fine marks. Tim Mynott, another of Yeppoon's best players, made some bone-jarring tackles that left opposing players wondering what hit them. These tackles, backed up with his fine ball skills, made him one of the main players in Yeppoon's win. It was a fine all round effort by both teams and the senior experience which many of these players possess showed in the game. It was the third U/17 grand final win in a row (1986 to 1988). Presentation night is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Sunday, September 11 at 7pm. Everyone is welcome. YEPPOON Aussie Rules under 15 side started against Parkhurst as underdogs, but much to the players credit came out winners ...


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they hadn't defeated Parkhurst all season. Dale Wetzler lead well and took some great marks all over the ground, an excellent display. Chris Lawer did an excellent effort at fullback repelling many of Parkhurst attacks and starting some of Yeppoon attacks. Ronald Mackie showed great skills all day whether it was marking, kicking or ground skills and with that great boot set up many forward thrusts. Grant Thorpe, another good player, ran all day never giving up - he was always in the packs getting the hard ball and was rewarded for all this work with the best on ground award. It was a great effort by the whole team. They fought hard for four quarters in a close scoring game. Yeppoon 10-10-70 d Parkhurst 9-6-60. Goalkickers: D Caddy 3, R Mackie, A Deurloo, C Gibbons, S Petterwood and G Thorpe one each. Best players: G Thorpe, D Wetzler, C Lawer and R Mackie. THE under 13 Aussie Rules grand final between Yeppoon and Parkhurst last weekend was unfortunately controlled by Parkhurst for the majority of the game. Parkhurst's taller players proved the difference between the two teams. Yeppoon fought hard all day and was well lead by Nathan Farlow, David Lawton, Shane Franke, Mick Lawton and Shane Campbell, who was awarded the best on the ground ... a great effort. A special mention to Stephen Horstman who was announced under 13 league best and fairest. Best wishes to Brad Hirning who was injured in the game. Parkhurst 7-10-52 d Yeppoon 3-2-20. Best players: Shane Campbell, Nathan Farlow, David Lawton, Shane Franke, Mick Lawton and best goalkickers were Peter Dean two and Doug Edwards one. "It was wonderful to see the support at the ground - do hope these people remember this excitement at the beginning of next season, and help the boys right from the onset of the season," Yeppoon Junior Australia Rules publicity officer Yvonne Motton said. "Sincere thanks to the coaches, team managers, property managers, and anyone who helped in anyway at all physically or financially during 1988."

Seagulls say Swans will be toast of Coast YEPPOON Seagulls Rugby League president Cr Maurie Webb said that all Coast league players would be with the Swans on Saturday in the grand final bid. Cr Webb said they would be the toast of the Coast when they bring home the big prize. "All major football codes have done extremely well in 1988 and it is now up to the flying Swans to clinch that big year," he said. "Those officials and players in the team would be having a big build up this week. There is nothing like grand final fever ... it's infectious. "Good luck Swans, you have earned your grand final berth. There should be many league followers on Saturday to cheer you on. "Celebration champagne is supposed to be pretty special. Here's hoping you have a big taste of it on Saturday night."

LAST week's item about encouraging pensioners to come to the Capricorn Coast to live brought about an interesting reaction from two people who wish to remain anonymous. The first said there were three reasons why he was against pensioners ... the 500 couples would buy 500 homes that were now bringing in full rates for the council and, after getting concessions, would turn those homes into "losses" for the council, and therefore the rest of the ratepayers. Also, he reckoned 500 pensioner couples would come here because of the way the place is ... and there would then be "1000 more people arguing against change and stopping the Coast's progress". For some reason, the man didn't want to write a letter to the editor which would include his name! • • • THE second comment came from an equally well known man who also wasn't looking for publicity ... he reckoned a pensioner would not move to the Coast "because there's nothing here for them". He compared the Coast with Rockhampton where he said places like Sche.'" Place gave pensioners their own hall wk they could stage concerts at will. Also, the Rockhampton City Council gave bigger rates discounts to pensioners in the city ... so why would they move here? He gave further instances but agreedmany older people would like the Coast for its climate and views; but he said pensioners needed more. 'They need a nursing home, and the Coast still hasn't got one ... yet," he said. "They want pedestrian crossings so they don't have to spend all day waiting for a motorist to be aware of them and give way!" • • • OK, so there's two views. There's two more views in the letters to the editor section. But the idea still has merit. Vince Cranny's idea of Putting feet on the Street is a good one because pensioners, today, are able to command a steady income and have needs that can be satisfied in Coast shops. But it's not a one-way street with pensioners providing everything and the Coast giving nothing in return. The Coast already has a nucleus of fine bowls, indoor bowls and golf clubs. It also has doctors, a good public hospital and anew private hospital just weeks away from opening. A nursing home is not far off (apparently) and there's always the beaches and fishing. But Vince's idea wasn't just a "quick thought" ... he felt a campaign to attract pensioners would have to be launch "after" the shire had done a bit of pulling together and put together a "package". That package, if handled correctly, would include a council statement of intent toward pensioners along the lines of "benefits to pensioners in the way of rate rebates" and whatever else was considered necessary. Business people could offer incentives to pensiq s (OK, they do now) which would be displayed on posters in windows. Signs could say "Pensioners Welcome" and shop assistants could be trained to provide older folk with a chair ... and courtesy. Well, it's an idea, mull it over. It may be adopted one day ... when we're all pensioners and expect this sort of treatment! • • IF you're wondering about the colour pictures and all the tourism information wrapped around this week's Capricorn Coast Mirror, wonder no more ... the copy you have is one ofi 103,000 printed for visitors to Expo. It was made part of this week's Mirror to show everyone what is being done to promote the Shire of Livingstone to the tens of thousands of people visiting Expo. It was paid for by Coast business people and organisations who responded to a call from shire chairman Cr John Bowen and fellow councillors to make the end of Expo a rip-roaring success for the Coast and the rest of the shire. A meeting was held last Tuesday morning in the council chambers and the idea was put to everyone present. A second meeting was held on Thursday and two projects were authorised ... the cover you've just seen and another brochure which will also hit Expo but is designed as an on-going promotion for the shire. Needless to say, more money is needed. If you want to help, phone the council (393388) and say you want to help. Either shire clerk Jim Brown or Cr Bowen, or anyone, will be pleased to take your name ... and cheque! • • • •

THEN there's the dog that keeps follong his master to work, regardless of what steps are taken to keep him at home. On Wednesday, the dog made what could have been a fatal error ... it dropped in at his mater's workplace, saw a man at the front counter and rushed up to him and licked his hand. The man just happen to be ‘council's dog-catcher!!!