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ISSUE 254 FRIDAY, June 24, 1988 - THURSDAY, June 30, 1988

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QRC survey: (THIS TIE-FREE ZONE IS CATCHING ON 80pc want Emu Park's pool in Bell Park; 18pc back school


MORE than 80 per cent of people surveyed at Emu Park want the Don Ireland Swimming Complex pool sited in Bell Park. Only 18 per cent regarded the primary school as a suitable site. These figures were revealed in the Queensland Recreation Council recreation needs survey and community consultation report. The group surveyed Emu Park and Zilzie in March. The QRC prepared the report as a basis for Livingstone Shire Council to use in future planning and provision of recreation and leisure opportunities. It covered areas including basic demographic characteristics, activity needs, facility needs, community use of schools, current participation rates and non-participation. In addition to personal interviews, two public meeetings aimed at addressing the recreational needs of youth within the area were held. The data from these meetings were included in the report. The surveywas used also used as a guide for the Don Ireland Swimming Pool Committee in locating its pool. The aim of the needs survey was to determine the location and potential use of a pool complex at Emu Park. Further consultations looked at the design, aesthetics, activities management and viability of the pool complex. The survey showed 94.1 per cent (175) of Emu Park people said there was a pool need; 3.8 per cent (7) said no and 2.2 per cent (4) didn't know. It was found 83.9 per cent (156) indicated they would use a pool if it was built. However in the 55-plus age group not many indicated a willingness to use a pool. The proposed frequency of pool-use varied from once-a-week to more than three times. Out of those surveyed 89.1 per cent said they would use the pools on weekdays while 73.1 per cent said weekends. Three places were identified as possible sites. Ranked in priority were Bell Park with 80.9 per cent, Emu Park State School 18.2 per cent and R.311 Reserve with 5 per cent. Most surveyed saw the pool complex as a recreation fun activity place. People also supported a learners' facility but there was less than a 4 per cent demand for a competitive training and diving complex. The Don Ireland Swimming Complex will now use the information from the needs survey in guiding its decision-making and final plan structuring.

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• • ABOVE: There's no need to ask people to smile when they are watching their tie being sliced ... Maritime Services Minister Don Neal couldn't stop laughing as CCTO chairman Howard Rodda snips into the Minister's clothes allowance.


li111111111110111. • ABOVE: Town Crier Don Knowles makes short work of the Tasmanian Premier's tie with these clippers. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and shire chainnan Cr John Bowen did their hit to secureRohin Grdy's tie.

• ABOVE:An hour later, at the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort, resort managingdirector Tomi ■ Yamada discovered that ties are a no-no on the Coast. With him are Cr Bowen, Tasmania's tieless Premier Robin Gray and Denis Hinton.

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Tasmanian city to become a `sister' to shire SOMEWHERE in Tasmania, there's a city of municipality which will soon enjoy "sister" status with Livingstone Shire and the Capricorn Coast. Tasmania's Premier Robin Gray confirmed he would pass on news about this area when he returned to his home State. The idea for "sister" status with a place in Tasmania appealed to him, but he said he would not nominate a municipality off the top of his head because, "Tasmania, like Queensland, is a little parochial". "When the people of Tasmania hear about this area's attributes they will all want to have sister status," he told a gathering over lunch at the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort on Friday. Mr Gray was visiting the Coast to look at development. With him were Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and John Davies, the principal of Keppel Gateway Pty Ltd, the company which will soon be developing a marina at Rosslyn Bay Harbour. All three are old school mates from Victoria, and their speeches contained many references to days gone by ... and nicknames.

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THIS Tie-Free Zone is catching on. From just Friday to Wednesday, three important ties were clipped from the owners. First down was Tasmania's Premier Robin Gray, followed in quick succession by Capricorn Iwasaki Resort managing director Tomi Yamada. On Wednesday, Maritime Services Minister Don Neal was officially "welcomed" by having his tie clipped away at Bayview Tower. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton came close to losing a second tie because he was wearing one when he greeted the Minister. Livingstone Shire Councillors are learning to keep alook out for people carrying scissors ... most now carry ties in their pockets in case they feel the need for a "security blanket" around their necks. The Tie-Free Zone could go a long way toward putting the Coast on the map. It's as original as the Cooee Contest and the Hobby Horse Derby; has just a bit more class than the World Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest held some years ago; is as distinctive as the Singing Ship ... and attracts television cameras when "tall poppies" are known to be facing the scissors. The best part about it is that everyone seems to love losing their tie ... it's something for them to talk about when they return home and the resulting pictures show a human side to many figures that normal official business manages to hide. FOOTNOTE: For those people still concerned about the Tie-Free Zone, it does not mean you can't wear a tie it means you can't be forced to wear one. A Tie-Free Zone means freedom of choice ... it's your choice whether or not to wear a tie. But, if you do, beware of scissors!!!

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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

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_411110‘d • ABOVE: If children could vote, Tasmania's Premier Robin Gray would have gained Letitia (6) and Kalleen Knowles' first preferences when he fussed over them at the council chambers on Friday.

QNTV footage sent to Hobart • Continued from page 1 The Premier impressed everyone with his easy-going manner. He was presented with some pineapples by Letitia (6) and Kalleen (9) Knowles and made their day by not only taking the time to chat with them but also to give them his autograph. He was informed that he was wearing a tie and that the Capricorn Coast was a Tie-Free Zone ... and he was obviously amused at the Town Crier's (Don Knowles) difficulties in shearing off his tie with a pair of sub-standard scissors. The tie-cutting ceremony was carried out


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twice ... once at the council chambers then later, at the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort, for the John Ryan QNTV television camera. This footage was sent to Hobart for transmission throughout the State. Resort managing director Tomi Yamada, who was also wearing a tic, was swept up in ceremonies and also lost his tie to the Town Crier's scissors. After the speeches and the lunch, Mr Gray was taken on a tour of the resort followed by a tour of the Capricorn Coast. When he proposes "Sister City" status in Tasmania, he will know what he is talking about. He was shown everything and was obviously interested. The "sister" idea is a good one that should allow the Coast to forge closer links with "real Southerners".

Emergent funds reply to council QUEENSLAND'S Auditor-General has written a reply about the legality of Livingstone Shire Council's procedure on declaring emergent expenditure. The Auditor-General V C Doyle said the strict interpretation of legislation would show it was illegal. "However, it is pointed out that the Act, as it now stands, particularly in relation to the accounting and auditing provisions, is widely recognised as being over-prescriptive, out of date and, in many respects, not capable of practical application," he said. "In view of the above, I have no objection to the approval procedure for emergent expenditure outlined in your letter." The matter was raised again during the June meeting by Cr Glenda Mather. Cr Mather was still unsatisfied with the issue and recorded her name against council's emergent expenditure report.

lA •

Stingers information AN information pamphlet on marine stingers will be included with the next Livingstone Shire Council rate notices. Health surveyor John Harmsworth said the one-page pamphlet would be included with the notices. Information on marine stingers would also be distributed to Coast schools and interested community groups.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TAX LODGMENT AMNESTY OR THE TAX FILE NUMBER? CALL (008) 033 476. If you have any questions about the Amnesty Monday to Friday and between 9am and 5pm or the Tax File Number, call (008) 033 476

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 3

July 1 meeting on nursing home CAPRICORN Coast organisations have an opportunity to push their reasons for a nursing home when State Health Minister Leisha Harvey visits on Friday, July 1. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said Mrs Harvey would be visiting the Coast primarily to talk about the need for a nursing home but would also be making inspections. Mrs Harvey's visit will be the first since her appointment last year as Health Minister. Mr Hinton said invited community representatives from concerned groups, including the Yeppoon Pensioners' League, Blue Nursing Service, Meals on Wheels, Livingstone Shire Council and Country Women's Association, would meet at 10am in the council chambers to discuss building a nursing home. "The main reason for inviting Mrs Harvey was to discuss the need for a nursing home and to talk about positive proposals," Mr Hinton said. "I am determined to see a nursing home built on the Capricorn Coast and am confident this will be achieved." Mr Hinton said Mrs Harvey would inspect the Yeppoon Hospital and Community Health Centre before the meeting in the council chambers. "She will also be talking to hospital board members and addressing Yeppoon CWA branch members," he said. "Mrs Harvey's itinerary also includes an inspection of the Yeppoon Ambulance Centre, and talks with QATB committee members. Yeppoon-Emu Park QATB superintendent Geoff Reynolds said the visit would be a chance for members to discuss funding and to put forward any proposals on funding. Following talks with the QATB, Mrs Harvey will go to Rockhampton for more talks and inspections. Livingstone Shire Council is hosting a dinner for Mrs Harvey at Bayview Towers at 7pm. Mr Hinton said Mrs Harvey was expected to attend the Yeppoon National Party branch meeting.


• ABOVE: Maritime Services Minister Don Neal congratulates Boating and Fisheries Patrol district officer Roy Supple who accepted the keys to the Ellida, watched by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton.

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`Minister for Good News' hands over keys to $98,000 patrol boat MARITIME Services Minister Don Neal commissioned the Ellida, a S98,000 Boating and Fisheries patrol boat, at Rosslyn Bay Harbour on Wednesday afternoon. In his third trip to the Capricorn Coast in the past few months, the Minister commented in his speech that "I must be Minister for Good News" as far as the Coast was concerned. Field officers Carl Roebuck and David Wilkinson said the 32-foot Ellida was a Cougarcat powered by twin 225hp Evinrude Outboards.


Immunisation clinic THE next immunisation clinic will be at Yeppoon on July 12. Livingstone Shire Council health surveyor John Harmsworth said immunisations were held at the council offices in Anzac Parade.

With 20 people aboard for a cruise outside the harbour, the craft easily planed away from a dead stop in the water. With this load, it cruised effortlessly at 27 to 28 knots. It carries 900 litres of fuel, has a top speed of 39 knots (about 70km/h) and a range of 15 hours or more at cruising speed based on fuel consumption of 60 litres an hour. The Ellida has two bunks, a kitchenette, small dining area, toilet ... and a rubber ducky with a

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

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• ABOVE: Maritime Services Minister Doll Neal commissioned the new Boating Fisheries patrol boat Ellida on Wednesday at Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour.


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$98,000 for boat well spent -Neal • Continued limn page 3 15hp outboard. It will normally be stored on a specially-built trailer and will operate from the harbour. Mr Neal said the 598,000 cost was money well spent because for it would allow the Boating and Fisheries Patrol to have a more efficent -and effective means of monitoring marine activities, both commercial and recreational, in waters off the Capricorn Coast. "Interest in boating is booming throughout Queensland, and the Capricorn Coast certainly illustrates this," Mr Neal said. "There are now more than 4100 registered boats in the Rockhampton area alone, with many more from interstate and even international waters regularly passing through this region. "This means an ever-increasing workload for officers of the Boating and Fisheries Patrol." Mr Neal said the Ellikla would be a welcome addition for patrol officers. An extended partol area north of Yeppoon would now be possible and assistaance could also be given to Mackay and Gladstone stations if needed. "In our Bicentennial year, it is appropriate that this vessel has been named the Ellida, because the name carries with it a piece of local history," Mr Neal said. "It was in 1853 that the Archer Brothers, Charles and William, left their grazing property at Coonambula in the Wide Bay district to travel north in search of further good grazing land. "The brothers, after travelling about about 67 miles, came upon a large river which they named the Fitzroy after the then Governor of New South Wales. A suitable site for their purpose was chosen at Gracemere, near where Rockhampton now stands. The Archers then decided to overland their flocks in the normal manner of the day, but to transport the heavier stores by water. Colin Archer obtained a cutter for this purpose. "The family brought some 8000 sheep in addition to practically all the materials to establish a sheep station. On September 1, 1855, the cutter Ellida, under Colin Archer, anchored in the Fitzroy River near the property to unload the stores. "In November of the same year Ellida loaded wool from the Archer's Gracemere flock and carried it to Gladstone for transhipment to Sydney. "By naming our new patrol boat after the

Two lost dogs need new homes

NEW council dog-catchers .Daney and Maureen Frost said they had two dogs in their care. One is a black Bull Terrier/ Labrador cross. The Frosts said the female puppy was found at Ross Creek. The other dog is a black long-haired male. If anyone is missing animals matching these descriptions they should phone the council depot on 393622, Monday to Friday from 2pm to 4pm. The dogs are kept at the Livingstone Shire Council dog pound. This is at the end of Arthur Stret where it meets Cordingly Street. Mrs Frost said they also were looking to place an old Chihuhua/ Terrier cross. She said a home was needed for the dog and would idealy suit an older couple. The dog is already registered for the 1988/89 year.

'44 .11* ;!?


• ABO VE; Maritime Services Minister Don Neal hands Cedric Archer a nameplate and plaque to commemorate the commissioning of the Ellida. original Ellida, we are acknowledging the contribution of one of the district's pioneering families and also that first cutter that entered the Fitzroy river more than 130 years ago " Former Fitzroy Shire chairman and descendant of the pioneering Archer family, Cedric Archer, was presented with a nameplate with Ellida engraved on it, •plus a brass plaque commemorating the occasion. Mr Archer thanked the Minister for remembering, and honouring, his family. At a later luncheon, he said the name Ellida was the Icelandic word for boat ... it came from his Scottish forebears who had moved to Norway. The plaque would be mounted in the 130year-old family homestead which was built from split ironbark posts and gum shingles.

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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

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• ABOVE: Emu Park residents took time out last weekend to inspect proposed structural plans for the Don IrelandSwinuning Complex Pictured (from left) is Kath Long Anne Le-onard, Shantal Leonard, Kul Leonard, Olive Eastward and Iris Smith.

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Community spirit proposal LIVINGSTONE Shire Council could pursue a programme aimed at promoting community spirit, which includes counselling and support services. The Family Service Department's neighbourhood centre programme is asking councils, and other approved organisations, to set up a place for families and individuals to turn for help or support. Council was told its role was as a sponsor to the neighbourhood centres. These centres must operate on a non-profit basis and need sponsorship to ensure they continue functioning. State government leases and other funding is available to groups wanting to start a centre. Member for Broa1sound Denis Hinton told council money was available to start a programme in Livingstone Shire. He said that council should make an application before June 30. Council, in agreeing to investigate the proposal, was told it had already calledapplications for a welfare, liaison and co-ordinating officer. • Shire clerk Jim Brown said funding assistance could also be obtained if this officer was attached to the programme. Council will now make an application for funding assistance to employ an officer and find suitable premises to operate the programme.

He said a group of elderly Rockhampton people had praised plans for a ramp in the 25m pool. They said the Don Ireland Swimming Complex would be the only pool in the area with ramp facilities, enabling easy access for disabled people. Andrews Construction has been engaged to carry out design work for construction of the 25m pool. These plans are now subject to council approval. Mr Green said the committee hoped to start construction within the next few months. More donations, such as the S200 given by the Yeppoon Lionesses Club, were needed to finish the pool, but the $80,000 already raised would enable construction to start. The committee is also waiting for exact specifications and prices from Andrews Construction before entering into any contract.

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TWO-YEAR-OLD Ayden Green has already benefited from plans to build a swimming pool in Bell Park, Emu Park. His grandfather, Frank Green, bought him Life Membership in the Don Ireland Swimming Complex. Life Membership was available during an open day, organised by the committee, showing conceptual stage one drawings. Mr Green said favourable comments wer e made by many who looked at the plans.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 7

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• ABOVE: Can your group use this house? It's free if you can demolish it in three weeks!

Can your group use this house? MAIN Roads is giving away a house to the first Capricorn Coast organisation which calls ... as long as the group is prepared to demolish and remove within three weeks. Main Roads area engineer Peter Evans said this "first-in, first-served" offer was being made on a house advertised for demolition two weeks ago. He said no offers were submitted for the Farnborough Road house, other than two from peoplewho said theywould remove the place if Main Roads paid them. The house has to be removed to make way for the new four-lane highway. "Main Roads decided it would be cheaper to demolish the building themselves," he said. "It was then proposed that the timber frame, iron-roofed house would be better used by some community organisation. We will give it to them at no charge as long as they are able to demolish the building themselves within about three weeks." Mr Evans said Main Roads had considered it a waste for the department to demolish the fibro house and thought it would be better used by some community organisation. The alternative for Main Roads was to have a bulldozer demolish the building. A group could be saved the cost of materials through this offer. Mr Evans said the first president or secretary to phone him on 27 5700 would have the option to remove the building. "The group must be able to convince Main Roads that the

materials would be used by a community organisation," he said. "It is also important that they can demolish the building within three weeks. It is not a house that can be carted away."

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Four Yeppoon students gain places in ELP YEPPOON State High School has been fortunate this year in winning four places for the residential Extended Learning Programme (ELP) in July. The four selected students are Gavin Bolton, Mark Stickley,Daniel Dalglish and Daniel Curtis. The Extended Learning Programme starts on Sunday, July 10, with three busloads of students who will travel from the more distant parts of the Central Queensland region. The workshop ends on Friday morning July 15. Following the programme's success last year, about 70 studetns from State Secondary schools in the region have been chosen to develop their skills in Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Art. Theywill be living together at Meteor Park Conference Centre and work programmes have been organised by Education Department teachers and officers. The students selected are the most able in their subject areas and should benefit by a programme of work which will be different from that normally found in secondary schools and so will enhance their awareness and appreciation of the subjects. The school's aims are to: • Develop further skills in very able students. • Give these talented students a chance to meet and interact with each other. • Initiate an awareness of the range of careers available within these subject areas. As a further inducement, Ian Pye, from the CityComputer Centre, has donated a Commodore 64 computer. This will be presented to one student on Thursday night at the formal dinner. Students' work will be judged on innovation and initiative.

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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988


The alternative point of view to a groyne... THERE has been a fairly steady flow of information from government sources about the possibility of building a groyne. However there has not been very much in the way of alternative points of view. This is an important issue because the effects are forever in that once a groyne is put in place it is unlikely to be removed. Your recent editorial on the Coast being at a cross-road was very timely. The decision to build a groyne or not should be made by the permanent residents, because it is our rates that will be used to maintain it. The following points should be borne in mind: 1 The history of groyne experimentation and development in California and the Gold Coast shows the limited short term success with the requirement for on-going expenditure and the potential in fact for long term further degradation. Comparison to the Sunshine Coast is useful. 2 Photos from the last century of this area show Main Beach as having a similar condition then as now. This area generally exhibits beaches with long gradual falls. This appears to be a natural condition in areas protected from ocean swells by large islands or reef chains. The only variation that occurs is on beaches within pronounced bays where swell is compressed. 3 This area has already witnessed the degrading effect of a groyne. I have been told on countless occasions by long term residents of what a lovely sandy beach Statue Bay was prior to the harbour wall being built. A feature of sea walls is that sand accumulates on the southern side only and is removed from the immediate northern area of the wall. 4 Change to beach profiles in this area is very dynamic. We are currently seeing the annual winter removal of sand from the beaches giving high embankments and steep slopes. This occurs throughout the winter on the east coast and as long as the northerly drift is not interfered with, then the annual summer replenishment will also occur. Finally it is probably an unfortunate act of fate that of all the lovely beaches in the area the • a


• • • • • •

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town is not situated on a more classically attractive one. However it is important to realise that: 1 the long profile of the main beach lends itself to tremendous recreational use and the council needs an open mind on commercial proposals, and 2 the beach as we have it is still better than anything else in Europe, Japan and eastern USA. Let's make no mistake, development is good. Not to develop is not to progress. Responsible development, however, in all its forms carries with it an awareness of the particular locality involved and of the problems that have occurred in other areas. It is for the community to hear all the issues and then to make its wishes known, including wanting more information. - Alan Reeve, 14 Wall Street, Lammermoor Beach.

Cheap housing brought couple to Coast life VISITORS to EXPO '88 from Melbourne and Sydney will be visiting the Australian Pavilion, and this week in particular their attention will be focused on Central Queensland. My husband and I are from Melbourne (born and bred). We came across Central Queensland "by fluke". What kept us in Yeppoon? This is the whole purpose of this letter. It was the unbelievable availability of cheap housing, the stunning surrounding scenery, not to mention your fantastic weather. Central Queenslanders, you don't know how lucky you are. Tell your "deprived fellow Australians" from "down South", Melbourne and Sydney about these treasures you have to offer. Use EXPO to show off the magnificent old homes "going cheap" (by Melbourne and Sydney prices) and all the other treasures this real estate market has to offer. Breathtaking scenery and weather thrown in for free. Crocodiles, crabs, cattle or cotton won't bring the city slickers up here. Take it from me.

- B Blyth, Yeppoon.


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Yeppoon Show memorable event for all CONGRATULATIONS on the organisation and running of Yeppoon Show. It was a memorable event for all of us and comprehensive representation of the arts, crafts and business aspirations of our area. The displays of our children's arts and the historical and environmental stalls, for me, gave a meaningful understanding to the visitors the flavour of the town, which is unique to the show venue. It also gave the locals a reminder of their own roots and origins. In order to preserve the regional flavour of the show we will have to look at the limits of expansion the show can acheive on its present site and work towards keeping it within those bounds. The only thing that marred it was the dumping of the concrete from the old pavilion in the creek bed. The creek in the future scheme of things, with foresight and planning could be a feature of beauty and recreational activity in the show ground complex and it is worth valuing it appropriately. - Jack Ingram, 34 Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon.

Plea to council to consider Skateboarding referendum needs an area of its own

THIS is a plea to Livingstone Shire Council to give a lot of serious thought to the local government question in the referendum before rushing into putting themselves under the federal umbrella. What would they gain? Labour's avowed aim is to do away with the States in favour of centralised government in Canberra and larger regional councils taking their place. Wran implemented this in NSW to a degree, doing away with many small councils and amalgamating them with the nearest large town. This had the effect of closure of many small hospitals and affecting school bus services till the government had to step down on the latter. Canberra has surely shown it is not interested in local government with its road funding cuts and it is too far distant to understand local problems. Surely this is evident in national heritage listing. Local government has alwaysbeen said to be closest to the people and the State Government is closest to the local scene. Keep it that way. The motives behind this referendum require close scrutiny and we have not seen the recommendations of their pensive commission. - H M Brownsdon, Farnborough Road, Yeppoon.

THE following is a copy of a letter sent to council. I am writing on behalf of the skateboard riders of the Capricorn Coast. As a parent, I am concerned that the riders have no area they can use that will ensurethat they arc not a menance to others or a danger to themselves. Skateboarding has been in Australia since the 1950s (not in the proportion that it is today) and I feel it is extremely important that not only team sports be recognised and encouraged as there are those who prefer not to compete with others, but "do their own thing" in sporting activities, which should be their right. Therefore I would hope that an area may be set aside solely for the purpose of skateboard riding, as skateboarding in streets and other areas in the town make the participant look as though he/she is being irreponsible. An area would necessitate certain requirements, but I feel it is a case of keeping youth occupied ir their chosen sport. Having worked with youth in sport I realise while they are kept occupied they are not causing problems and destruction in the community. Apex Park, the higher area which has not been developed and remains in an unkempt state, would be a suitable area to be developed for riders. Yeppoon State High School held a meeting recently and a committee was formed. Earlier this year my son organised a petition which was forwarded to the council ... this was an indication of the popularity of the sport. I would hope you would consider this request and support the idea of providing an area for those interested skateboard riders as they are children of ratepayers who I am sure do not


(col Turton OptoMetrist. .. • Resident (OPTICAL MECHANIC)



want their children all over town looking for a suitable area on which to skate out of harms way. A selected area could only increase the popularity of the sport. Help has been offered by a few business people to develop such an area if given approval. I am willing to assist in any way possible as I believe the children's interests are very important and in this bicentennial year children should be given the opportunity to advance. - Lorraine Coombs, Yeppoon. Mrs Coombs can be contacted by anyone who wishes to support Coast youth in the search for a skateboard area, 39 3541.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 9


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Council units idea may win cash A LIVINGSTONE Shire Council move to build units at Cooee Bay could result in gaining local government funding. Council was told this week funding was available in the local government's community housing programme. The funding programme was set up in 1984 as an incentive for councils, and other community organisations, to build long-term rental accommodation. • The programme's aim is to increase the amount of housing available to low income earners. Council was told there was a waiting

list of 32 for Queensland Housing Commission housing in Yeppoon and that there was also a high demand for private rental accommodation. Council owns land in Wattle Lane, Cooee Bay, and this was put forward as a possible future site for units. A committee including shire clerk Jim Brown, Cr Lawrie Daley and Cr Maurie Webb will investigate the programme, and sites, which could result in council making an application for funding.

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Blackout cost businessman time and customers; Power cuts back A POWER blackout two weeks ago cost a businessman time and customers ... "and I didn't even know it was a scheduled interruption to power supply". Seafood and Eat It proprietor Ross Dickson said he had lost about 5400 two weeks ago, and possibly many customers, when Anzac Parade between Yeppoon Hospital and Strand Hotel Motel was blacked out. Mr Dickson said he didn't know the blackout was planned. However, the Capricornia Electricity Board told him it had been advertised in the daily newspaper. Mr Dickson said he didn't read it. It was same problem that arose four years ago when a series of unknown scheduled blackouts in Normanby Street, Yeppoon had left businesses without electricity in the peak trading hours. Money, time and customers were lost then, a fate similar to Mr Dickson's. He said he arrives early to week every morning. The power had been on but after returning from an errand the place was pitch black ... no power. The power wasn't connected until after 2pm and a morning's trade was lost. Mr Dickson said the business operated on gas but the hotbox to keep food hot, an essential part of the business, could not be operated. He said fridges could not be opened because continual opening would have meant cold air escaped and food inside started to warm up. A scheduled blackout would have still meant trade loss. Mr Dickson said it wasn't the money factor but the many customers, expecting to see the business open, lost because they weren't. Mr Dickson said prior warning would have given him the chance to pre-warn patrons power cuts were expected and the business wouldn't open until afternoon.

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The Capricorn Coast Mirror four years ago gave the CEB the option of a free community service to advertise power cuts. Releases had been regularly passed on until the retirement of Yeppoon manager Kevin Scarlett. Interuption notices have since then been intermittently been sent despite approaches to the Yeppoon office. When contacted on Monday a CEB spokesman said the lack of notices could have been an oversight. He said the matterwould be looked into and passed on to the publicity officer. CEB publicity officer Paul Broome said on Wednesday the arrangement with Mr Scarlett had been private and the new manager was unaware of the service offered by the Mirror. Mr Broome said the CEB had now arranged officially for the notices to be sent through the area office. He wanted to assure businesses that the CEB would continue issuing notices to the Mirror for the free community service.

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10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

Tourism and development are of great importance - chamber




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Coast at the Crossroads article brings out varying views from tourism and business leaders as well Make visitors pay for parking at as readers beaches providing amenities! Tourism conjures

THE centrefold article in last week's Mirror by John and Suzy Watson gives an excellent insight into the frustrations of many Coast residents. Tourism and development are of great importance to us all, whether tourist operators, shopkeepers, shoppers or parents. It affects the value of our homes and secures our future and our children's future. The parallels with the development of the Gold Coast are not to be taken as a wish to change our Coast to become a second Surfers Paradise as many, if not most, of us have no wish to live in that type of environment. The article's comments are positive and constructive and urge the getting together of Coast organisations to overcome our present shortcomings. Many of the Coast groups interested in promoting the quality of life, affluence, opportunity and generally trying to bring the Coast into the 21st century are working well, but the thing which is lacking is the co-ordination of this effort.

In a situation like this a strong council based committee should be organised, given powers of promotion, substantial funding (aminimum of 550,000 per year guaranteed initally for three years) and strongly supported by the other relevant organisations. The article discusses funding. Nobody is happy to pay more to a council which, in the past, has not appeared to have the unity and sense of purpose which ratepayers expect. For our representatives to unify on this, to compromise and to implement, could well result in the quantum leap that the Coast desires. I understand that a powerful council tourism and development committee has been set up to do just this, and I wish them every succeess. It could well be the most important committee the council has ever instigated. I am confident that the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry will support such action to the hilt, both with funding and expertise. - Andrew McClelland, Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president.

IT was great to see a newspaper take a positive stand and recognise one of Yeppoon's economic problems, rather than talk up the town's confidence with exaggerated claims. Perhaps I can offer an alternative view, based on Sydney' beachside council solutions. Install parking ticket vending machines similar to those at Rosslyn Bay at all beachside car parks where the council provides adequate facilities Issue all ratepayers with annual parking stickers and sell discounted annual parking tickets to all others who require them. The employment of a roving parking and nuisance inspector could police the regulated parking areas. Now to the business of raising funds for

external and local tourist promotions. Every person in Yeppoon, from milkman to teachers, garage proprietors and builders, benefit from the tourist trade so it is only logical to levy each ratepayer S20 to S50 per head. Assuming there are about 3000 ratepayers, a meaningful amount of funds would be available for promotions on television or sponsoring weather reports on radio stations on winter mornings and including our own local forecast. In reply to the commonly made mistake of recommending someone, other than oneself, footing the bill, you are too late. The council already charges attractions such as our own an entertainment tax to cover public facilities as well as requiring us to have adequate facilities on our own property. If we sell food we are charged a catering tax. Even though we raise marine animals for sale and display on what was rural land, we are charged the higher domestic rate because we are a tourist attraction. If we wish to change the classification of our viewing room to a catering room we have to pay a fee of S430. How many 364-clay-a-year attractions are there on the mainland in the Livingstone Shire? One; Coral Life Marineland. Many family businesses are subsidised in diverse but necessary ways from working in real estate to oil rigs to fishermen. Few can stand on tourism alone, and you suggest tax them harder. Most attraction and. accommodation owners already promote with hard cash to bring tourist dollars to our beautiful Coast to be shared by all. How about all ratepayers picking up their own share of the bill, rather than letting others shout round after round. - Kev Logan, Coral Life Malineland.


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YOUR two-page article in the Capricorn Coast Mirror (pages 10 and 11, issue 253) deserves acclaim because it covers many issues confronting our Coast society. Tourism conjures thoughts of like or hate, depending on whether you perceive that you personally gain from a tourist dollar or if you don't. I prefer to call a tourist, "visitor", because when our friends or relations visit us, either from overseas, interstate or neighbouring towns, we do not think of them as tourists but visitors. We sometimes tend to forget our friends or relatives are tourists who spend money in the area (attractions, food and souvenirs) even though they may be accommodated in our house. Unfortunately society tends to believe a tourist to be a stereotyped individual with a camera hanging by the neck. No, they are people just like us who travel to relax, play sport, adventure (National Parks), or just like the lure of an unknown lifestyle, climate or beauty. Yes we have it all in "Capricorn", with the Capricorn Coast being the Coastal paradise of our region. However promotion of the Coast, by the Coast itself, will not provide sufficient impact in that "big marketplace world out there". But by full co-operative efforts from all sectors in the community, together with neighbouring areas such as Rockhampton, our promotional efforts will then become significant. It is a shame some locals have an attitude of "let's go it alone". While the highways run through Rockhampton (statistics show us 85 per cent of all tourists travel by car), the Cap-

Reader suggests new survey on ati THE centre page of last week's Mirror (7/6/ 88) was thought provoking, which is good. Though too often it seemed to hold up the course of development on the Gold Coast as a worthy model for the Capricorn Coast to follow. Agreed this was qualified by one of the closing sentences: "We could learn from the Gold Coast and avoid the same Mistakes. It's our decision". Also qualifying the overall impression of the editor's views were telling remarks quoted by "James Hill" in his column "Back of the Mirror" about Sydneysider who phoned and after listening to a blurb about life on the Coast said,

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"I wonder ifyou realise just how lucky you are". I have often had similar remarks made to me by visitors from the south and from overseas. When I have given them a guided tour of our area, they raved on about a "little paradise" and expressed hope that it should never be, spoilt by developers seeking no more than a quick return. In 1985 the Capricorn branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society undertook a poll of about 400 people on Saturday mornings in Yeppoon's charity market. The poll showed there was an overwhelming majority of people

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Lapricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 11

Timely and inspirational article poses a number of questions THE article in last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror titled "Capricorn Coast at the Crossroads, Which way to go" by John and Suzy Watson, was both timely and inspirational. It was an article of substance, which covered a lot of issues and posed a number of questions. One question posed was: "Who stands to gain from tourism?" The simple answer is that everyone on the Coast, and in the Capricorn region and beyond, stands to gain from tourism. Your readers are discerning. They will regard such a statement as mere assertion made by those with a prime interest, unless it is supported by elaborative detail that shows how and why everyone stands to gain. Let us set aside historical statistical classifications of industries. We need to embrace an entirely different concept, namely that of a basic industry which is a trigger and a generator of urban growth. Tourism is the Capricorn Coast's only basic industry. A basic industry is one which makes a demand, for "goods and services" provided by other industries.

The ramifications of those three words: "goods and services" are far reaching and need to be detailed. Tourism is a prolific job-creator in its own right. The real effects go furthur than this. Growth in tourism in turn makes demands on the building and construction industry far beyond the obvious tourist accommodation establishments. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The building and construction industry is another basic industry which builds the physical urban fabric. Basic industries create jobs and diversify employment opportunities. They are urban growth generators. Local governments have an important role to play. It is difficult for them to do this unless they have the support of a fully informed electorate. All of these components have a vital role to play in the total picture. The foregoing incomplete and sketchy outline shows that it is not possible to do justice to the substance of your article in a short reply. The Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation is now preparing a comprehensive response which will be available for your next issue. - L R Killeen, deputy chainnan, CCTO.

) thoughts of love or hate... Generations to come will face a bleak future for jobs without tourism ricorn Coast must have the full co-operation from that area, just as Rockhampton needs the Capricorn Coast. We are, after all, a suburb of Rockhampton, and if the area's population progresses satisfactorily, one day we will all be a part of one large city. Another aspect to bear in mind is the future of the Rockhampton/Coast area. Without tourism and related developments, generations to come will face a bleak future for employment. Up to this time the region's economy was almost entirely reliant on primary production. We find such commodities as fruit and produce, beef, grain, cotton, coal, gold, gemstones and wool. All are exported in a comparatively unprocessed state. Therefore labour-intensive secondary industries related to further processing these raw materials has not developed. This means we are not only exporting raw materials but, also, money being saved in the region is being inted elsewhere by the finance companies.

Most importantly, the resultant export to other areas (our greatest asset of all), is people leaving the region to find employment. I cannot see any other way, in the short term, to reverse this trend but through tourism and its related spinoffs. We have something very special in this region - that is the "real unspoilt Australia" which hasn't suffered development at any cost to the detriment of the "locals' " lifestyles. If the community is aware, we (hopefully) will not make the same mistakes as areas such as the Gold Coast in the past 20-30 years. I envisage growth along the entire Capricorn Coast right to the mouth of the Fitzroy River, with elevated areas inland with sea views. I would also hope that a concrete jungle is not created for creation's sake - any high-rise must be located so as not to disadvantage other landholders. Development of the Capricorn Coast must blend into our environment, and most of all "be real Australia", that is one thing that cannot be exhorted, and the world must come here to share it. All forms of pollution (particularly noise), must be guarded against at all costs. The entire community must co-operate, finance and work together toward a better future for ourselves and our children. It is up to all of us, and if the promotion of this area and region is inadequate, everyone in the community is to blame. Not just the people at the top should be targeted or blamed. . Yes it's time, the past is gone and cannot be changed, liut the future is up to us all ... isn't it? - Hubert Murray, Allamanda Court, Lammermoor Beach.

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itudes toward development who were opposed to any form of high-rise development; a small number were in favour of moderate and limited high-rise, while a few took the view that development of high-rise should be unconfined and unlimited. That was three years ago and opinions do change, therefore perhaps now is an opportune time to carry out a further and more extensive survey on this and other aspects of tourism on the Capricorn Coast. Perhaps with a different council we might get some attention being given to public opinion. While we may not have the beaches to be-

on where 3St is heading? e're interested! THE BUSH ...

TCHIN July 153 - 22) Lammermoor Beach idvanced

1330 for information

come another Gold Coast, no doubt if we did, we could finish up as a third rate imitation of that resort, with similar problems like those already highlighted by the Fitzgerald inquiry. A proper land study should be commissioned by council, seeking consultation and input from all the community. This could then lead to orderly decision making. In the meantime we ratepayers wait with considerable interest the publication of the long promised Strategic Plan. - (Mrs) Molly Crawford, 6 Natalie Place, Kinka Beach

YVETTE'S (Under new management)

NEW OPENING DAYS Wednesday to Sunday: 6pm Saturday and Sunday Lunch: 12.15pm

This Special Offer Expires June 30 NORMAL PRICE $4.50

We cater for small weddings and functions

NEW MENU Seafood and Meats Your host: Christian-Henri Satre President et "Les Toques Brunches" Qld


The Frient4 People in Photos

Savemore Centre -39 2317

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 AN old-fashioned bring-your-own picnic will be held at Bell Park, Emu Park on Sunday, July 1. Organised by the Capricorn Coast Junior Basketball Association the family-orientated 1 See our extensive (L21 fun-day will start at 11am and finish about 4pm (when it's starting to get cool). Ai range of plants at `41 There is no charge. Families need to bring their picnic hamper and drinks. Barbecues will be provided for cooking and plenty or activities organised. Canoona Rd Rockhampton 27 5676 Cricket, basketball, sack races, egg-and[ spoon races, three-legged (all the old picnic favourites) will be featured during the day. The Queensland Recreational Council will be supplying two earth balls (popular with children of all ages), two parachutes and a tugGem Stones of-war rope. Sapphire Rings Special guests on the day will be players Jewellery made-to-order from Rockhampton's Rockets team, including Prop Abrahams, Bryan Allen and Moose 7 Normanby St Laycock. Yeppoon Organisers said Bell Park was chosen because there was lots of open space, plenty of MAGIC 39 4510 trees, amenities, barbecue facilities and no Large range of Opal Jeweller), major problems with traffic, so children can run freely in the area. Watch Repairs *** Come in - THE Capricorn Coast Society of Arts brows Children's Workshop is on Saturday, July 2 instead of June 25. The workshop is held by the society in Beaman Park between 10am to noon during the school holidays. Brushes, paper and clay are provided for the $1.50 per child fec. *** PTY LTD EMU Park CWA is having an Australiana luncheon to celebrate CWA International Day on July 7 in the Hill Street rooms. Doors open at midday and everyone is welcome ... cost is S6 per head. and *4.*



Su3g' RiCohyt CeilAteige

St Aubins Village


A. J. Ralston and Associates


Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre

Phone ... 39 3649 EMIR PARK LIVING WORD CENTRE where born again Christians meet SUNDAYS: Worship Communion Children's activities 10am CWA Hall. Emu Park All other meetings at the Centre "Carmel" 6 Emu Street. Emu Park SUNDAYS: 6.30pm, Gospel Outreach WEDNESDAYS: 10am, Ladies meeting WEDNESDAYS: 7.30pm, Praise meeting EVERYBODY WELCOME

Inquiries and Counselling ... Pastors Eric and Kath Davies 39 6147 or 39 6014


Vaughan's Furniture 77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON 39 1645 Specialists in...

Quality Hand-made Furniture Antique Reproduction and Restoration

YEPPOON Pensioners League comperes Marge Cornell and Phyl Rumpf will conduct a hoy-cent sale at Yeppoon Town Hall on Thursday, July 14 starting at 9.30am. League member Pam Brisbin has crocheted a woollen knee rug and given it for a raffle ... to be drawn at the cent sale. Marge Cornell has supplied second prize ... a doll in a bed. Tickets are on sale next week and up to the day of the cent sale. *** DO you feel like getting dressed up? the Bicentennial dinner and ball is on Saturday, July 9 in Yeppoon Town Hall, starting at 7pm. Formal dress ... anything from the last 200 years. Two bands will play and during an interlude there will be a display of Latin American Dancers. Bicentennial Authority executive director Laurie Strange and his wife Pam will be guests. Tickets are S25 (on sale at Savemore) and includes dinner and the ball is licensed. *** PROBUS Club of Yeppoon will have its dinner dance at Kanangra Restaurant. It will be an Italian night, members and their guests will meet at 6.30pm and the handover to new officers will take place during the evening. Details from secretary George Hillier, 39 3361. *** YEPPOON Lapidary members please attend the next meeting on Saturday, June 25 at noon in the club rooms at the showground. *** THE general meeting of the Capricorn branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society is in the Yeppoon RSL Hall on Tuesday, June 28 at 7.30pm. Guest speaker is botanist Steven Burry from Queensland National Parks and Wildlife. He will talk about vegetation of the Byfield area. A video produced by the society called Beautiful Byfield will be shown. *** A bus has been arranged by Yeppoon Pensioners League to take members to the Emu Park Pensioners League social on Wednesday. Transport leaves Yeppoon Railway Station at 12.15pm and there are seats available. Inquiries to bus captain Pat King, 39 2109. *** THE next Emu Park Pensioners League social is on June 29 in the Cultural Hall.


Beauty Therapy Clinic 54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and ALL DAY SATURDAY


(Jenny and Jody care for all your beauty needs) • Manicure $10 • Pedicure $13 • Eyelash Tint $6

• Acrylic Nails $45 Delux Clarins Facials $25 • Acrylic Coating $25 • Full Leg Wax $20 • Half Leg Wax $16 • Set of Tips $25 • Infills $20

ABOVE: Ellie Neilson shows Mill Gallery proprietor Dale Childs her favourite painting ... Birds of a Feather. Ellie has a selection of her etchings on display at the gallery until July 3. DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, June 25. Flea market at Emu Park Historical Musuem, Hill Street, Emu Park, 9am. *** DATE CLAIMER: June 25. Street stall, 8am in front of Emu Park Secondhand Shop for Emu Park Kindergarten. *** DATE CLAIMER: June 25, 2pm. Winter '88 exhibition, Paint Pot Gallery. *** DATE CLAIMER: Sunday, June 26. Car Rally start 9.30am from Valley Vista, Millview Road, Farnborough. Capricorn Coast Scope. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, July 2. Children's Workshop, Beaman Park, 10am to noon. Capricorn Coast Society of Arts. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, July 9. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's electrical. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, July 9. Formal Bicentennial Ball, Yeppoon Town Hall, 7pm. *** DATE CLAIMER: Thursday, July 14. Cent sale hoy morning, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Pensioners League. *** DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, July 19. Cent sale at Emu Park CWA Hall, 9.30am. Admission is 60 cents, morning tea, raffle, lucky door. Emu Park Kindergarten. *** DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, July 27. Cent sale, 10am, St James Hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon. Admission 60 cents. St James Guild. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, August 6. St James fete in the church grounds. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, August 13. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's electrical. *** DATE CLAIMER: August 13. World Cooeeing Contest Country Night at Cqoee Bay hall. *** DATE CLAIMER: Sunday, August 14. World Cooeing Contest, Daniel Park, Cooee Bay. *** YEPPOON Scout Group committee is looking for used scout and cub uniforms to build up a swap shop. Donations of uniforms would be welcome and if anyone would like to sell their own, the committee is prepared to do so on a commission basis. Contact Mery Leslie, 39 3317 or Bob Walls, 39 2207 if you are interested in donating, selling or buying. *** THE fruit basket raffle organised by the Senior Citizen's Benevolent Housing Society was won by MrJ Newall ... thanks to Tyrers and Mr Lindley. *** MRS Sawley of Kinka Beach won the Yeppoon CWA show raffle.

THE next Giggle and Gossip luncheon is on Monday, July 11 at La Bamba. ***

GINGHAM ... memories of sitting at school (and for me at home) cross-stitching an apron as part of my learning experiences. I still have the apron ... it took everyone else a term and me the whole year, so I wasn't going to lose it after all that effort. You have now been given notice to get out your needle and thread and trot down to one of the material shops in town to buy some gingham to prepare for the Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society's gingham afternoon on July 23. Prizes will be given for the prettiest, novelty and best. The Gingham afternoon includes a cent sale and afternoon tea ... and it is in the Yeppoon CWA Hall. *4.*

DISCUSSION this week was mostly about the new $2 coins. Our new typist Pat Andersen suggested we shouldn't accept them as change ... she said to ask for two Si coins instead. I don't know if that is legal, but that's her idea so she won't muddle them up with other small change. *** A social outing to Zilzie Beach by Keppel Bay Shell Club members is planned forJune 26 ... picnic and shell collecting starts at 10am. Phone 28 7525 for details. ***

WINTER '88 is an exhibition of paintings, pottery, china painting and woodturning at the . Paint Pot Gallery on the corner of Queen and, Hill Streets, Yeppoon. It will be opened on Saturday, June 25 at 2pm by Cr Brian Dorey. *** BICENTENNIAL Queen Quest entrant Karlene McDonald is holding a talent c "Hey, Hey It's Friday," on July 1 in the Sti Hotel at 7pm. Any people who think they have a talent it could be singing, dancing, poetry recitation or an entertaining act - is invited to compete for a S100 cash prize and trophy. Entry into the talent quest is free but a $5 admission fee will be charged at the door. Funds raised will go to Karlene's nominated charity, the Yeppoon-Emu Park QATB. Nominations can be made with Karlene McDonald on 39 3457. Karlene said there would also be entertainment by Brown Sugar.

Paint Pot Gallery

cnr Hill & Queen Sts,

Yeppoon Open 7 days a week

Official opening

Saturday, June 25, 2pm Exhibition of Paintings, Pottery, Porcelain, Wood Turning Coast artists at their best

TaTiby Roses

Florist and Chocolate Shop

your Intedlora Agent in the centre of town!

Large range of silk and dried flowers arrangements BaLket arrangements to suit all pockets

39 2266 or 39 7162 a/h cnr James & Mary for all occasions

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 13

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 Fr Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, June 26 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall


• ABOVECapricom Coast pensioners enjoyed the free concert and afternoon tea organised and hosted by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright on Sunday in Yeppoon Town Hall.

sunfo Captinvut Ctuotilitg

A "WINTER 88" art exhibition of paint, pottery, china painting and woodturning wtll be opened by deputy chairman Cr Brian Dorey at 2pm tomorrow (Saturday) at the Paint Pot Gallery on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets, Yeppoon. The official opening and exhibition are open to the public. The exhibition is being provided by Coast artists and craftspeople. An organiser said this display offered a variety of works that would be "liveable with". "There arc a variety of sizes, from very large to minature and varied media including oils, watercolours and pastels," the organiser said. "The pottery includes beautiful, functional, oven-proof, microwave-proof stoneware, besides sculptured pieces. All are decorative. The china painters use the beautiful `soft' technique besides clear, vigorous styles suitable to modern and Australian designs. "The wood turner has selected local timbers. Lest you are doubtful, about for example, wood-turned goblets, he explains that he left vinegar in a goblet for a fortnight without any effect on the finish." Refreshments will be provided on the afternoon of the opening day. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, September 3. Endeavour Foundation Spring afternoon at Yeppoon Town Hall, 1.30pm. *** ERIC Minchin, traditional oil painter and co-founder of Broken Hill's Brushmen of the Bush, will be on the Capricorn Coast next month conducting a five-day seminar. Mr Minchin has been holding traditional oil-painting classes for the past decade. Marie Liss, who is organisising the seminar, said 11,,,classes were always popular with both new and experienced artists. Mr Minchin was an original Brushmen of the Bush founder at Broken Hill. He was oneof-five painters, including Pro Hart, noted world-wide for their scenes depicting outback Queensland and New South Wales. Mrs Bayliss said to ensure everyone could attend his five-day sessions, three classeswould be held: Yeppoon from July 18-22; Black-water July 25-29; and Rockhampton from August 15. She said Mr Minchin had continued these yearly classes both because it was popular and he liked the area. "The five-day course includes instruction on composition, line and colour perspective, colour mixing and demonstrations," she said. "Students will have a chance to demonstrate these facets in at least two paintings produced under his guidance." The Yeppoon course from July 18-22 will be held at the Anglican Youth Centre, Lammermoor Beach. Mrs Bayliss said vacancies were still available in either beginner or advanced classes. For further information phone Mrs Bayliss on 39 1330.

Many selected Perfumes


to clear our shelves

YEPPOON Meals on Wheels held its annual meeting on June 14. The following officers were elected for 1988/ 89: director Cr M Webb; deputy director and supervisor F Mortensen; Lions representive E O'Sullivan; Rotary-representive F Mortensen; secretary Joan Mortensen; treasurer C Welfare; captains, J Mortensen, P Gambier, C Stickley and G Coxon. In his summing up of the past year's activities Mr Mortensen said a tremendous amount of work by too few people had been carried out. "This service is for the aged, the retarded and sick. It is a credit to the few dedicated people who, through their love and devotion made it possible to serve meals to these people," Mr Mortensen said. "I thank all those angels of mercy who are involved in this completely voluntary service and I look forward once again to your help this year. "Thanks also must go to those people whc donated gifts of money, vegetables and fruit .. Mr J Breakspear, Mrs McDonald, Mr Crooks. Mr Mallinson, Miss Guest, Mr Arnold, Mt Barnett, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Clayton, Mrs Smith, Mrs McDonald of Cawarral, Mr and Mrs F Newton, Mr E Barnes, Miss Simpson, Mrs Potter, Mrs Wright, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Benn, Tanby Ice, Mrs Moses, Mr Sleeman, Mr Mitchell and Mr Herron." Meals on Wheels still needs another 10 vol-. unteer helpers and drivers. Mr Mortensen can be contacted at the centre, 39 2477 or 39 1320. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, September 17. St James Guild Spring Fair, Yeppoon Town Hall. *** HOY every Friday, Emu Park CWA hall at 9.30am. The dollar cost includes morning tea. *** YEPPOON Camera Club meets the second Monday of each month, 8pm at the RSL Hall.

1/2 price

HELP yourself to exceptional value

STEVVART AND BRUMM CHEMISTS James Street, Yopoon opp Keaman Park

39 140S

Capricorn Coast Fashions' Visit our new showroom in town...

Hill Street, Yeppoon 39 3035 (next to the CEB office) but we still manufacture at our Adelaide Park Road factory

We specialise in sportswear ... • Tracksuits • Sweat Shirts • T-shirts • Singlets • in your club colour and style We can screeprint or embroider your logo or advertising OPEN Mon to Fri: 9am-5pm Sat: 9am-lpm

Elayne presents


PO for 2 weeks only


Specials June 27 to July 9

GB's Hair and Beauty Salon for Ladies & Men 26 James Street, 'Yeppoon 39 3777

Hair and Scalp TREATMENTS including Scalp Massage and Steamer


usually $15

Under Tree


Hardie • Koor • En-Tal • Wingfield


(L, I t Deals


A.I.S. McCracken Salesr.Z Yeppoon 24 Tanby Rd 39 2277 a/h 39 71 4 5

Rockhampton 49 Bolsover St 22 3680 I

STREAKS normally from $22.50

(Short Hair)

OMPLIMENTARY Semi-Permanent Colour eer Penn

14 - Lapricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 0.1.8100001

Mirrorpu Classifieds 39 4244, [i w AO/I 0001%

Capricorn Coast


TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach.

4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and the dike is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and C liltStreet, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We


ANNUAL general meeting Emu Park Progress and Ratepayers Association to be held at CWP Hall, Thursday July 7, 7.30pm. Business: Election of office bearers; Adoption of amended constitution.

CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. ANNUAL general meeting of Don Ireland Swimming Complex Committee at CWA Hall, Emu Park, Wednesday July 20, 7.30pm. SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. CARD reading, Tarot cards and palm. Ph 39 6905 for appointment. MY surgery will be closed during the school holidays from 17.6.88 to 3.7.88. I will be available from 18.6.88 to 24.6.88 at home. Ami Setu, Dental Surgeon.

Accounting Services Business Advice Taxation Services

Muppets in Town

74 James Street (next to the Rock)

The Sandpipers


are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon, Wednesday.


39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm

Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be siped and witnessed by a Justice ofthe Peace, Minister of Religion or a member oldie medical pro-

Saturday, July 30 St Ursula's Hall

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day

39 2212

\, fesstion.


Yeppoon's Own


Sadies 4

CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showgrounc starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion. phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street. Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information. 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Anhui Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further infor• mation, 39 3924. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week . 24-hours-a-day. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health, 39 1469, 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays. 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries. Eleanor, 39 6152.

We Clean and Tidy • Houses • Units • Flats • • Motels • Offices •

Prices so competitive you won't be able to do without us! Weekly, Monthly or Complete Springclean

Large two room hall with kitchen and open Queensland style verandah in centre of Yeppoon. The building is highset, fully concreted under and partly concreted yard. Ideal for youth organisations, ballet classes, yoga, women's craft groups, cent sales, bingo games, church meetings, exercise classes, fashion parade nights, most functions.



wishes to advise that he has qualified as a licensed financial planner in association with

AMP Life and


Contact treasurer:


Toyota Landcruiser Owners! for strength, longer life and rust-free service

Australian Funds Management Phone: 27 3255 office 33 6221 a/h

Yeppoon Branch National Party Yeppoon Branch invites all members to meet the Hon Leisha Harvey, Minister for Health, at the branch meeting.

Friday, July 1, 6.3Qpm Yeppoon CWA Hall Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

... fit FIBREGLASS components Mudguards • Bonnets • Roofs

r. ,ailable from:

Central Qld Fibreglass (alongside Airstrip) EMU PARK 39 6038 33 6363 afh Joseph Kenna and Co ---------Chartered Accountants K EN NAS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS

For all Taxation and Business Advice SAVEMORE CENTRE YEPPOON Tuesday: Jeff Buntain Thursday: Jeff Carlos

Phone 39 2132 224 Quay Street, Rockhampton Phone 27 3122

EVANS, EDWARDS & ASSOCIATES ee GM UIII CHARTACCOUNTANTS ERED Professional Accountants and Business Advisors We maximise your profits and minimize your costs Our Yeppoon office is now attended on both Tuesday - Judith (Julie) Ward, and Wednesday Tony Edwards Rockhampton 274588 - Yeppoon (Tues, Wed), 39 1766 Brisbane. 07/2064577 - Emerald, 821240

ATTENTION ALL BOATIES! Keppel Sands Coastguard needs your assistance with the construction of Hie Radio and Radar Surveillance Centre. This Unit will be capable of cyclone and storm watch, and assist search and rescue at sea. DONATIONS are Tax Deductible and attract State Government Subsidy. Contact Q.F.20 Coast Guard, Keppel Sands, or Phone 27 6576 anytime.

PLEASE HELP; Your Donation could save Your Life! .

.... .



••• •I .21 • If


111r1I WM)

Reliable care for pets & plants in your home ... when you're on holidays

39 3642 or 39 1294


Denis Hinton your Local Member for

Broadsound 110imp _ SAT, June 25

Middlemount Race Club opening. Present flag

SUN, June 26

Middlemount: MotoCross State Titles Afternoon: Marlborough, NP Branch meeting

Phone 39 4318 or 39 7969


Coastal Pet and Garden Care

MON, June 27

Yeppoon Office

TUES, June 28

Brisbane: meeting of Committee, Industrial Affairs, Vocational Educ'n Training

WED, June 29

Yeppoon Office

THURS, June 30 Yeppoon Office FRI, July 1

Meetings & inspections with Health Minister Leisha Harvey Evening: Attend LSC dinner for Minister Harvey following NP Branch meeting


NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1)Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Corner of Old Rockhampton Road and Barmaryee Road. Lot 1 on RP 609240, Parish of Yeppoon, County of Livingstone. (2)Area of the land: 1576 square metres. (3)Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): 59.676m to Barmaryee Road, 12.733 to Old Rockhampton Road. (4)Nature of Proposed Use: Place of Assembly. (5) Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: Building dimensions, 34.95m x 17.380m; gross floor area, 450 sq metres; one storey. (6)Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: Nine. (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: Nil. (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Lawn mower. (9) Zone in which the land is included: Rural 'B'. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 11th July, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Everyobjection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 739

TO RENT LAMMERMOOR beachfront house, 2 bedrooms, furnished, telephone, refridgerator and wasl' machine. $85pw. Bond. Phone 27 4387.

TO LET Two Bedroom, furnished unit on the beach at Lammermoor. Ceiling fans, telephone, undercover car parking, clothes dryer, auto washing machine. No pets. $120 per week

28 6367 TRADEWORK ALL painting, paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ALL type brick and block laying. Quotes and advice. Phone Tony Strong, 39 6884. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, Wand Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. COASTAL repairs ... building, plumbing, painting, small jobs. Prompt attention. Based at Kinka Beach ... the centre of the Coast. 39 6862. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes, phone 39 1404 or 39 1745. DRESSMAKING with or without patterns, including formal and bridal wear. Reasonable charges. 39 3783. ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. FREE quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligatior quote and satisfaction guaranteed. LAWN-MOWING: Kinka, Emu Park and Zilzie area. Phone 39 6650. OFFICE equipment repairs. V J Engineering, 1/ 40 Knight Street, North Rockhampton. Ph 28 7889 or 28 2119. PAINTING: Mark Tennent, local tradesman. Free quotes. Phone 39 6333. No job too small. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber Keith Chivers - 39 3518. PLUMBING arid drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REGISTERED builder, free quotes, hOuse or extensions, concrete. D Schofield. Phone 39 3680. ROOFand gutter repairs or renewal, Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zllzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING and rotary hoeing in Cooberrie and Adelaide Park Road area. Phone 39 7648.. SLASHING done - Inquiries phone 39 1199during daytime. SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199 daytime. SPRINKLER systems for lawns, gardens, fernerys. Pop-ups, micro spray systems. Phone 39 1684. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. WINDMILLS repaired. erected,bought and sold. Travel anywhere. Phone 39 7640. "Nan,

Emu Park

48 Nelson St,..A

Panel Beating and Spray Painting Rust & Restoration • Windscreens fitted

B & J Wells

39 6436

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 15


WIAMOSWIIIIMI••••••••••••14IIM.0•Mlentrialylereilloal..•ff -ffldrall.0.11•101.4••NrIelinIO•16.6.1• ••••••••••


ssifie• s 39 4244 001.1.1••••••••••••••••••=1•2111•114•••••••••01•••••0




Peter and Tonl

Carpet Cleaning Emu Park — 39 6178

ELECTRICAL. Service * Installations * Repairs * * Maintenance * Safety Checks *

NO JOB TOO SMALL Phone 39 7950


39 6714


Tradesman, PAINTER George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting *

Bill Green

R A and T A Jones


Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes' All hours






Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

39 4408

Panel and

39 7969

Answering service

4 in 1 Bucket *


Coast and Rural areas (DELIVERY) $2/item per day *

Dave Kershaw for...

• Complete Re-Sprays • • Rust Removal • • Restoration Work • • Windscreens Fitted •


HOME CARPENTRY Needs 39 2330

Call Frank

48 Nelson Street 39 6436

'39 3193-



Capricornia & Coastal Concrete Service All types of work * Residential and Industrial

39 2298

All types

Corney's PriceRite Hardware cnr Hill & Queen St 39 1636

39 1679

Yeppoon TRESTLE HIRE Service



Restoration * Repairs * Polishing

Phone Hans — 39 3746

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Mike Stokley


Amt WA YNE KERsii.m...w

*Specialising in Roof Cleaning*

Roots Exterior 39 2205


B and J Wells (Prop)





Local * Interstate * Overseas Packing * Storage * Insurance peparting Brisbane & Interstate weekly


ric Sundgren

39 3822

Len Keily's Appliance Service for all electrical repairs



49 TANSY RD. YEPPOON 4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive aluminium awnings and blinds.


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Reg BUILDER (21308H5) Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Work - All type • No job too small Trevor A/H: Simpson 39 6353 39 6734

ALL PAINTING pont pit Tot-foot ;rt

Repairs * Fabrications * Refurbishing

including floor stripping and sealing

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FREE QUOTES ANYTIME Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service Annmamer.

HEAVY Diesel Mechanic Marine • Agriculture • Refrigeration and general Oxy and Welding

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39 6638 Night and Phone Allan 39 6869 Day Rates


Allan `Happy' Warren

39 3113 '16 years on the Coast'

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Capricorn Sandblasting

35 1181

Workmanship guaranteed 1. 18 years in Yeppoon •

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Phil Munro






39 3646

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Tanby Roundabout YEPPOON

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Yeppoon Readymix ) ELECTRICIAN Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Strpet

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

Commercial and Domestic

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For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio controlled

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Phone John ... 39 3337



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BACKHOE for hire

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays.

Yeppoon and C


Contractors Johnson and Corbett • Decorators • Paperhangers • - • Domestic • Commercial • • Special Finishes • Competitive Quotes

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I.C. & S. Stanley 39 1139

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16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

Mirror Classifieds 39 4 24 L .....111.461111111•••111MMI•0•11.11•




UNEMPLOYED living on the Coast. Volunteer work in child care, clerical work, sports, supervisors, available now. Contact Community Volunteer Programme on 22 2352 or Yeppoon CES for appointment.


FALCON XE Wagon, auto, air, roo bar, driving lights. Private. VGC. $8,750. Phone 33 6464. 1973 FORWARDcontrol 3 ton Bedford Truck with stock crate. As is. $1500. Phone 39 7935.

LEASE required by bank of good quality residence, Yeppoon area. Car accommodation essential. Will consider unit or duplex accommodation. Please contact: Accountant, Commonwealth Bank, Yeppoon during business hours, Phone 39 3633.

OLD fashioned dining suite. Phone 33 6580. CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Phone 39 4304. HOUSEHOLD furniture and effects. Secondhand Shop, Emu Park. 396 999. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques now at Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

Yeppoon State High School



SITUATED: 40 Rockhampton Road. Yeppoon DESCRIPTION: Two storey 5 brm brick home. Plus 30'

Applications are called for the position of Janitor at Yeppoon State High School. Particulars: Hours Wages

8am - 5pm $314.20 per week (plus annual increments) Application Forms: Available from school Monday 4th July Closing Date for Applications: Friday 8th July Interviews: 11th - 15th July Commencement of Duties: Monday 1st August J Gregg PRINCIPAL

FOR HIRE DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in .. 34 4174.


x 12' rockblock building suit granny flat or rumpus. Plus a 16' x 12' rockblock building as storage plus 2023 m2 block of land. Plus sea. town & rural views. All this plus a vendor who wants to sell. AFTER HOUSE AUCTION: Only if house is sold. Household furniture: beds: washing machine: fridge, etc. AUCTION TO BE HELD: On site Saturday 25th June 1988 at 11.30am. Prior offers will be considered. OPEN HOUSE: Sunday 12th and 19th June. 2pm - 4pm. Inspections a must. INQUIRIES: Contact Ron Deasy a/h 39 1850

DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD, James St, Yeppoon 39 3444

artini ESTATE


Coconut Palms (15' to 40') •

39 7762


LONG coat female Chihuahua pup; smooth coat male Chihuahua; female Basset Hound with papers. At flea market Saturday morning or sign 3km on Hidden Valley Road.



and Cattery We care for your pets

Woodbury Road

ON SITE 10.30am SATURDAY 30th July

Gents Hairdressing business for sale

Prime Freehold Real Estate. Right in the heart of Yeppoon's commercial centre. This complex consists of air-conditioned CEB offices, laundramat, art shop, 3 bedroom residence (upstairs) and large shed building at rear. Part of complex currently leased to existing tenants. LAND AREA 2169.42 m2 (over 1/2 acre).

Contact A Lawn


ring anytime





Golden Cane Palms

39 7553

YEPPOON STOCKFEED For your Stock & Pet Food needs, Animal Care products, Aquarium & Fencing needs

Pasture Seeds $375 Potting Mix Braithwaite Street

39 4320


Further details contact the auctioneer BOB MELANEY 079 39 1177 a/h 33 6790


FINDLAYS Drapery Shop, prime position. $360,000. Phone 39 1138.

QM! 4 James Street Yeppoon

PRICE wanted to locate water, connect spear, sandy soil. 39 6764.


YEPPOON • 39 3788 A/H • Vicki Bionda 39 2310


Singer Sewing Machine



A/H Lyn Solito 39 6291 Eddie Lewis 39 6614

When thinking of buying or selling Real Estate in Yeppoon Contact the Professional Sales Tearr

Electric • Iron Body Excellent Condition

Red Hot Special

• Ron Deasy - a/h 39 1850 • Mark White - a/h 39 4137 • Pauline Young - a/h 39 3692 Rental Manager Cherokee Ch'alk - 34 4474 Reception - Julie Evans James St, Yeppoon 39 3444



Franchisee N. Callianiotis A/H 39 1392

$85,000 Open for Inspection • Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26, 11am - 2pm LOWSET 4br, Builtins in Master Bedroom, Larger-than-life Rumpus Room opening into paved courtyard area overlooking land scaped gardens and in-ground saltwater pool. An entertainer's delight and a magnificent home. Rear pergola enclosed, with gas BBO.

Follow the signs to

121 Hartley St, Emu Park L.J. Hooker a/h 39 6291

VACANT LAND - 3/4 acre elevated position. Seaviews and Coastal with rural aspect - $37,000 LOWSET 4br Rural setting, modern kitchen, sunken lounge, large allotment. Inspection recommended - $60,000 LOWSET ROCKBLOCK - 3br, large two-bay shed, ideal for boats. Close to all facilities - $48,000 DONT FORGET! Open inspection This weekend, 121 HARTLEY St, EMU PARK

SOLE AGENCY Highset 3br, Air-conditioned Master, 4th bedroom down. Close to allfacilities, Elevated position. Neat as a Pin.

Hand-milked $300 • $500 Calves at foot/Due to calve -

39 7672 mornings or night


FURNITURE • anNew NEW Pine Suites

• 2ndhand

Silky Oak Table and Sideboard Cane Table & Chairs


for Town & Coast Real Estate

Hill St (behind CEB) 39 3568

Specialists in Rural


& Grazing Properties) 66 Farnborough Rd - 39 3733 Maurice Murray - 39 3272 A/11 Dallas Cossar - 39 3209

that will

LAST and are

$65,000 SPECIAL - Rental proposition, Yeppoon Town area, highset, very handy to shopping centre, on large block. Furnished. $41,000. Currently rented at $95 per week. YEPPOON - Sole Agency, 2br up, 2br down, near new polished timber floor, cathedral ceilings - $62,500 SOLE AGENCY - Rural living, 7 acres approx 4br lowset. Established orchard, abundant water, peace & tranquility - $69,000 BEAUTIFUL sea views, highset 3br home with Grannyflat beneath. Double lockup garage, BBQ area. All this for only $82,000. URGENT LISTING REQUIRED - HOUSES - BUSINESSES - FLATS & LAND

39 4496

If you're thinking about selling your home Why not ring your Friendly, Local, Real Estate Agent NOW ... We have cash buyers Call


• Decorative • Won't Rust • Secure Made-to-measure and

Aluminiuni Awnings J sms Central Coast


Insect Screens FREE QUOTE

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 17 YEPPOON Show's Angora Goat section had 57 entries and a doe under two years was grand champion exhibit and champion pue doe of the show. Womgala Sea Deanna, owned by Joanne Rea of Quarry Angora Stund, Kunwarara, was picked by judge Ron Carter from Stanthorpe. Reserve champion was Angora Francis 360 from Kymonie Stud and owned by the McBay

ANGORA GOAT SHOW RESULTS family. The Kyomie stud also won champion buck of the show over 12 months with Kyomie Misty Magic and reserve champion with Kyomie Play Boy. Champion graded doe over two years was

CLASSIFIEDS Phone 39 4244

Silver Ridge Coral owned by M McQuillam who also won the reserve championship with Silver Ridge Tanya. Kyomi Stud won all fleece classes for articles made from mohair, kid, young adult and buck fleeces.

[Capricorn Coast MIRROR CLASSIFIEDS 39 4244) FOR SALE


QUALITYclowns, locally hand-made. Ph 394318. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ...

PIANO. Wertheim. Good condition. Bargain price. $300. Phone 33 6208.

sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Ph 39 3835. WEDDING dress, size 10-12, cream lace with matching hat/veil. VGC. $300. Phone 39 4331. YAMAHA electric organ (two keyboard). Excellent condition. $600. Phone 39 1589. BMX as new, full reconditioned. $75. Pink and White. Phone 39 4282. FINDLAYS Drapery Shop, prime position. $360,000. Phone 39 1138.

EXPO Gold Bicentennial Kangaroo Paw. Nev. stocks now at Colonial Gardens, Rockhamptor Road, Yeppoon. 39 4078. SIX-PIECE lounge, freezer, fridges, electric heater. 50 egg incubator, table and chairs, bookcases, washing machine also cheap books sales and exchange. Secondhand Shop, Emu Park. 396 999. CK MOTORS. Open 7 days. Cav-296 equiv $4.95; in-line fuel filter $2. 39 1410. FENCING and yard building. Terry McMullen. Phone 39 1140. IRONING. Pick-up and returned same day (or at your place). $6 per hour. Phone 39 1215. EXTERIOR walls washed down and windows (inside and out) cleaned. Ph Des or Dot, 39 7110. LAWN-MOWING, yard work. odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460.... CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. COASTAL Mowing Service. Keep your weekends free. Phone me for prompt attention. 39 7042.

Dr h,07 1:1A


CK MOTORS Z 9. Z 30 equiv oil filters; Holden, Ford, etc; $5.50 each. 39 1410.

LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Ph Cheryl 39 4439.

TRAMPOLINE 16 stone, fridges, freezers, wash• ing machine, TV, stereo, brush cutter, beds cupboards, wardrobes, silky oak desk, coffee tables, wire rope, dressing tables, air conditioner assorted tyres, new toilet cistern and pan, shower screen door (900mm). All at Mrs "A's" Second. hand Shop, Farnborough Road. Phone 39 1135 Opp Caravan Park (formerly Gold Mine).

CK MOTORS. Industrial belts, filters for most makes of acrs, trucks and tractors. 39 1410. NATIONAL electronic organ, model SX-4500R $1,000. Phone 39 7639. BIKERS, Fishermen: Tour Mate wet weather suit $100 ONO. Phone 33 6580.



Savemore Centre 39 4532 39 3442


FOUR rooms, ideal office space for professional

SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior

people or shop. James Street, Yeppoon. Phone 33 1606....

MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND Friday, June 24, 7.10pm Sat, June 25, 2pm & 7.10pm


Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872.

For New & Secondhand Goods NOW BUYING

Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: V Caseleyr. Permit No.B21112 WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B21780. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B21799

• Household Goods • WE BUY ANYTHING WE SELL EVERYTHING Remember Our Phone No. is



Where to stay on the Coast

offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral,

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ATTRACTIVEaluminium awnings and blinds -all types-free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoor Kitchens, 39 2419. .22 MARLIN 7 shot magazine. VGC. $80. Brigalow home brew kit, $20. Phone 39 1140. BABY grand piano, Cramer. $4,000. Phone 39 7639.

Battery 34For4278 your Car, Boat, Specialist Tractor


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BOUGAINVILLEA flowering from $2.99. Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road. Yeppoon. Phone 39 4078.

Old fashioned WE BUY furniture, china, WE SELL bric-a-brac, jewellery. WE TRADE THE SHED ANTIQUES



turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals.

Enjoy' Island views from every unit a the

Feeding tours hourly from 11am.

Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581



Tuesday & Wednesday June 28 and 29, 7.10pm

HACIENDA WDaily eekly Beachfront 39 1370 Self-Contained

Feature occupies entire programme Friday and Saturday July 1 and 2, 7.10pm FROM RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR OF 'GANDHI'

they changed her diapers W. She changed their lives 140‘r'S

Vacationer .-

16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON (079 39 1213 Overnight & WQek'

18 Anzac Pde, Yeppoon


. 13




Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs

AAPP,?,,P.M.,03//Get PIUS-




PHONE (079) 39 1594 -




Waterfront holiday units CRY

Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

STAKEOUT® It's a tough job but someboVs got to do it! Sunday & Monday June 26 and 27, 7.10pm DANNY BILLY DeVITO CRYSTAL

MATINEES Saturday, June 25, 10am Sunday, June 26, 2pm


SITES: $36 pw







Alli\OPO,G1-1181:`2 FREDOlf


alifraiViiiii idirit . • ,---, ---, -:- ' - ---i- -:e------ LONG STAY CARAVAN

Owen asked his friend Larry for a small favour..


.9s ltd 1LN)

The Capricorn Coast's leading beachfront park now has several sheltered sites available at reasonable fees for caravans up to 26 feet. The grassed sites have concrete pads: metred power, water and phone connections. All sites are close to the modern amenities and these park facilities: • Modern laundry with washing and drying ' machines Shop • • LPG Refills • Half acre of central recreation area • Pool • Undercover gas BBQs • Playground • ISD/STD Phone • Car Wash Island View offers a friendly lifestyle in a parkland setting with the beach at your doorstep. Call In and look around or phone us for more information.

Scenic Hwy, Kinka Beach Phone 396284

18 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

Emu Park golf EMU Park Golf Club ladies played a stroke for the M Crowhurst trophy on Tuesday which was won by Carol Bones on countback from Doreen Manion with 66 nett. Pinshot winner in B grade was Marg Newman and C grade Eunice Fry. A single stableford played on Wednesday was won by Mick McMahon with 28. Runnerup was Dave Logan with 28 and the pinshot was also won by Dave. On Saturday a single stroke play using Calloway Handicap system gave winner Dave Logan 71 nett. Runner-ups: Bert Maker 72, Peter Malick 74, Ritchie Robinson 74, Winston Mathers 74. Pinshot winners Peter Malick and Dorelle Scott. Sunday was a mixed American foursome for trophies donated by Queensland Railways. Winners: Ritchie Robinson and Marquella Ufer 57 1/2 nett. Runners up were Clive and Ron Weicks 59. The encouragement trophy was donated by Bob and Pat Verson and Helmut Lewodoski. Results were: A grade, mens, long drive David Ogg; B grade, Ritchie Robinson; C grade, Eddie Simpson. Ladies, B grade, long drive Marg Newman; C grade, Doreen Manion; novelty card Keith and Lyn Schmidt. Pinshots: Ritchie Robinson and Marquella Ufer, David Ogg and Kay Killoran. Turkeys nest, Eunice Tomkins.

Yeppoon bowls NOT a good start 'co the week for Yeppoon. Bowls Club in the Pennants competition. On Saturday, visitors North Rockhampton won by 24 points overall and on Sunday at Diggers, the home side defeated Yeppoon by 11 points. The social evening arranged for June 25 has had to be postponed due to the Pennants competition. It will be arranged for a later date.

Soccer results UNDER 6, 7 and 8 soccer play results from Saturday's games at Apex Park. Yeppoon Vultures, 3 defeated Byfield nil. Goal scorers for Vultures were Andrew Brein. gan 1, Stuart Rinkevich 1 and Daniel Limpus 1. Best and fairest player was Daniel Kussrow. Vultures' goal-keeper Ian Edminstone played well making two good saves that robbed Byfield of certain goals. Others who played well for Vultures were Matthew Brodel, Matthew Breingan and Mark Rinkevich who nearly scored his first goal. Yeppoon Eagles defeated Emu Park 1-0. Goal scorer for Yeppoon was Andrew Breingan. Best and fairest for Yeppoon went to Chris Lodwick. Yeppoon's team was short of players so Andrew Breingan and Daniel Limpus made up the full team. It was Emu Park's first defeat. Other players for Yeppoon whc played well were David Cue, who took part in the goals scored, Chris Lodwick, Eden O'Brien and Daniel Limpus played well in defence. Tiger Sharks and Gremlins played a nil all draw, with good soccer being played by both teams. Players for Tiger Sharks Michael Korotcoff, Chris Novak and Matthew Cummings played well. Gremlins best players were Cody Gibbons, Joel Simpson, Ryan Duckwitz and goal-keeper Michael Zanski. In the under 9, 10 and 11 games Emu Park defeated Yeppoon Barracudas 4-3. Scorers for Emu Park were Kris McDonald 2, Stuart Murphy 1 and Wesley Larson 1. Best player for mu Park went to Stuart Murphy. Barracudas goal scorers were Daniel Spyve 2 and Matthew Anderson 1. Best and fairest went to Matthew Anderson. An exciting game was played by both teams. Cawarral defeated Byfield 3-1. Goal scorers for Cawarral were Dean Tooker 2 and Duane Warcon 1. Best and fairest went to Paul Caton. Byfield goal was scored by Ethan White. Best and fairest went to Rhi Rikard. Fireballs and Sacred Heart played a two all draw. Goal scorers for Fireballs were Ryan Scarlett 1 and D Scott 1. Best and fairest went to D Greig. Sacred Heart's goal scorers were RichardApps 1 and Mark Scherlies 1. Best and fairest to Richard Apps. No soccer will be played at Apex Park on Saturday because of the school holidays. The next games are on Saturday, July 9 starting at 9am.

Under 19s win! CAPCOAST under 19s played two games last week being narrowly defeated by Pioneers 3-0 on Saturday but defeating Colts 12-3 on • Tuesday night. The young Coast side played its best rugby to date on the Tuesday night with the backs scoring two trys and the breakaway one. The team operated as a unit due to some good training sessions over the past week. The forwards have learnt to control possession thus allowing good ball to be spun along the backline. Man of the match was Ron Mackie. Scorers for CapCoast: trys - Ron Mackie, Darrin Coombes and Alan Twidale.

LAUGHTER , MUSIC AT PENSIONERS' CONCERT YEPPOON Town Hall echoed to the laughter and music of 120 Coast pensioners and 20 local and Rockhampton artists• on Sunday at a free concert organised by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright. Dances interspersed the vocal and instrumental items. Prizes for lucky spots and lucky door numbers were included in the afternoon programme. Key lucky door prize ... a pair of pearl earrings given by Keith and Alison Wright was won by Cawarral resident and Yeppoon Pensioner League member Steve Bambling a nice surprise for his wife Betty. Following a sumptuous afternoon tea provided by Yeppoon league members and visitors from Emu Park, Keith Wright drew the raffle

run by the Yeppoon Pensioners League. First prize, a painting of an old home executed and donated by Yeppoon artist Dave Woodward and framed by Phil Smith of Keppel Art and Framing, went to yellow ticket C12, held by Emu Park Pensioner League secretary Alice Crosthwaite. Second prize was taken off by Yeppoon league pianist Norm Brisbin with blue ticket F10 and third prize was won by Rockhampton saxaphonist Leo Wessels, a regular entertainer at socials, who held pink ticket D63. Livingstone Shire deputy chairman Cr Brian Dorey and his wife Olive visited the social and Cr Dorey gave a short address to the gathering. Cr John Dowie was also numbered among the artists.

$18,000 subsidy for libraries MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton this week announced the payment of a State Government subsidy to the Livingstone Shire Council for its library service. Mr Hinton said the subsidy of 518,241.96 was part of the total entitlement for the 1987/ 88 financial year for the council's library operations He was advised of the subsidy payment by Premier Mike Ahern who, as Minister for the Arts, is responsible for the Library Board of Queensland. Mr Hinton said the State Government, through the Library Board, was allocating more than S7 million this financial year to local authorities providing an independent, free library service, to residents. Two subsidy schemes were in operation Under the first subsidy scheme, a rate of 50 per

cent was paid to local authorities for expenditure incurred on: • Books and related materials. • Approved miscellaneous expenditure. • Salaries of unqualified staff paid in accordance with the appropriate award and employed solely for library purposes. Mr Hinton said an upper limit, based on the area's population, applied to the subsidy available to the local authority. Local authorities with a population above 10,000 received a maximum subsidy of 52.34 per capita. The second subsidy scheme provides that independent local authorities operating a free library service are eliglible for a subsidy at the rte of 50 per cent on salaries paid to qualified library staff. This subsidy was payable only on one position per 10,000 population, subject to availability of funding.

Cr Dowie takes Lioness chair LIVINGSTONE Shire Cr John Dowie took the chair at Yeppoon Lioness Club's changeover dinner at Kanangra Restaurant on Wednesday, June 15. Guests included Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and Lilian Bowen, Lion's deputy district governor Des Brown and his wife, representives from Lions, Lioness, Scope, Toastmasters and Rotary. Members were encouraged to introduce their guests to the gathering. Newly elected president Joan Byatt reported that many hours had been spent by members working for activities and community projects. Bev Gilligan, Jacky Hole, Eunice Coombes, Maureen Dyer and Joan Byatt had made tapes for the blind from the writings of the Capricorn Coast Writers Club.

Members congratulated Jacky and Chris Hole who made artistic and original decorations for the fund raising events and the Lionesses who made flower posies given away on Mothers Day. Retiring president Bev Gilligan presented the highest award, Lioness of the Year, to Jacky Hole. Awards for 100 per cent attendance went to Colleen Wassell and Chris Hole (one year), Joy Walsh (two years), Joan Byatt (four years), Jacky Hole and Olive Cummings (five years), Del Coughlin and Edna Thring (six years), Jean Dowie and Bev Gilligan (eight years). Thanks was given to Leila Goodwin and Tom Whalin for music played during and.after dinner and to Bev, Jacky, Yvonne Brown and Judy Hayes for entertainment and to Joan Duffy and Olive Cummings for their tail-twisting.

SHIRE COUNCIL IN BRIEF... A NEW system of fire levy collections for owners with more than one parcel of land in Livingstone Shire will be in force next financial year. Council acted on a recommendation from developer John Chapman. Mr Chapman said council should change its fire levy policy, of charging per lot, to a single charge. This new levy will apply to lots under the same ownership and operated as a single business. • • • • CAPRICORN Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Town Hall hire charges for its Trade Fair in August have been dropped by Livingstone Shire Council. Chamber vice-president Mike Walter, in a letter to council, asked if the S87 security fee and renting fees for the three-day fair could be waived. Council was told it couldn't waive the security fee but could drop the hire charges. • • • LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has declared membership money for the Capricorn Tourism and .Development Organisation Inc as emergent expenditure. The S3265 charge is based on 25 cents per head. Council was told if it was paid before June 30 it was eligible for a S360 discount. Cr Brian Dorey successfully moved to have membership renewed and list it under emergent and extraordinary expenditure.

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has nominated Sypher and Noon as names for two roads at Inverness Estate, Yeppoon. The two roads are in the area where the Jehovah Witnesses intend building a Kingdom Hall. Members wrote to council asking if the roads could be named. • • • ENVIRONMENT, Conservation and Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz said funds were available under a national estates grants programme designed to conserve heritage projects. Mr Muntz said the funds enabled both government and community organisations to conserve and present places important to National Heritage. Analysis of stone artifacts from Keppel Island are included with this project. Analysis of shell from 12 sites has been completed but final analysis has been delayed by not having complete data on stone artifacts. • • • A LEAFLET providing information on stray dogs will be included with the next Livingstone Shire Council rate notices. The notice follows a report from shire accountant Denis Murphy about the possibility of including information about a ratepayer's rights in relation to impounding dogs. Mr Murphy said including an insert would be more easily handled than including the information on the rate notice itself.

Those who contributed to, what a Victorian pensioner present at the afternoon describe as "the best concert I have ever attended were the band Atlanta comprising Bill, Darren, Dallas, Terry and soloists Trevor Wright (Cawarral) John Dowie, Ruby Harris, Marge Cornell, Phyl Rumpf, Yvonne Brown, Judy Hayes, Alf Marcombe (all of Yeppoon), Evelyn Wallace, Allison Wright, Keith Wright (Rockhampton) Norm Brisbin and Tony Ceff piano/violin duet, Barry Diplock (Rockhampton) saxaphone solo and Yeppoon's Joe McIntyre's monologue. Doreen Balderson, Leila Goodwin, Marge Cornell and Norm Brisbin were accompanists for the afternoon. Thank you to all the artists who contributed to this enjoyable afternoon.

Miss Australia Quest seeks Coast entrants THE Miss Australia Quest is all about learning, knowledge and friendship according to the many past entrants who have spent time with the main recipients ... the Queensland Spastic Welfare League. For the past 34 years quest entrants have been raising money for Australia's Spastic Centres. Single Capricorn Coast girls, who have turned 18 by October, 1988, are or again being called on to take up the challenge for a year. Rockhampton Spastic Centre quest coordinator Vicki Tiegs said girls looking for a challenge, and who were also prepared to commit themselves to a year of fundraising, were being sought to enter this year's quest. Miss Tiegs said the main quest function was to raise funds for Spastic Centres. She said 4000 children and adults were registered within Queensland Spastic Centres. "The main objective is to provide a major source of funds," she said. "These funds are urgently needed to ensure the wide range of specialised services for cerebral palsied children and adults continue. "The funds help them to achieve their fullest potential and also helps in the promotion of public awareness." "The quest provides entrants with the chance to become involved in a valuable community service," she said. "It gives entrants an opportunity to set and achieve worthwhile personal goals and involves entrants, families, sponsors, and the community at large, in helping spastic people." The Coast's nearest spastic centre is at Rockhampton. Other centres are at Maryborough, Toowoomba, Geebung, Rocklea, Redcliffe, Fig Tree Pocket, New Farm and the Gold Coast There are three judging stages; regional, State, and national. A Regional Queen and Fundraising Queen are selected for the State finals then winners from the State judging continue to the Australian titles. All sections attract major sponsorship including prizes of cars, holidays, make-up, je-ellery, hairdressing, clothing, footwear champagne. Coast girls interested in entering this year's competition can phone Miss Tiegs on 27 5655.

Youngs Buses buy new run YOUNGS Buses has branched out its Coast services by buying Bob Jeacocke's Emu Park-Yeppoon school run. Stan Young, from Young's Buses, said the run had been taken over from June 1. He said the run would continue with the same drivers, pick-ups and buses. The school run is in addition to the eight trips being made every day between the Coast and Rockhampton. Mr Young said there were no plans to increase services but, during school hours, some cl• arter work would be carried out using the school buses.

CAPCOAST A GRADE DOWN FRONT-RUNNERS CAPCOAST A grade finished oft a successful week by downing frontrunners Pioneers 13-0 on Saturday and then crushing Mt Morgan 18-0 on Tuesday night. This leaves the. Coast side well up on the points table, in second place. The Pioneers game was by far the best performance of the season with Coast outplaying its opponents in every phase of play. The Coast forward pack, lead by hooker Paul Marshall, had no weak links with the back row of Brad Flynn, Allan Myles and Jeff Bennett, who all put in a commanding performance. Veteran number eight Brad Flynn was rewarded with a try after crashing over from

the back of the lineout. Pioneers had no answer to the blockbusting backline defence with Nic Corbet, Steve Kavanagh and Mick Bongers all featuring in some clever attacking moves. Corbet's left late in the game, after sustaining a head wound which needed 10 stitches. Coach Tony Bennett labelled his team's. performance the finest of the season. He praised every player's efforts. Scorers for the Coast: trys, Brad Flynn and Dave Ruck trys; Dave Ruck one conversion and a penalty. The Mt Morgan game was a different story with CapCoast taking a while to settle down.

Mt Morgan, to its credit, spoiled a lot of possession that really should have been won. The scores were locked at nil-all for most of the first half until Ruck kicked a penalty taking them to a 3-0 lead at the break. Early in the second half the Mt Morgan side finally succumbed to the relentless pc-ssure imposed by the CapCoast forward They were rewarded with a pushover try. Coast then took control of the game when stand-in five-eights Bill Hayes intercepted a Mt Morgan pass sprinting 30m to the try-line. Final score CapCoast 18, Mt Morgan nil. Scorers: trys - Bill Hayes and Brad Flynn; Dave Ruck - two penalties and two conversions.

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988 - 19

Top basketball :earns in classic

Stableford win at Yeppoon


WITH 50-odd teams, the cream of Queensland, under 14 basketballers played and socialised on the weekend at Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast. This was the Coast's first Sunstate Classic team in this grade. Weeks of preparation went into this team under coach Sue Stevenson who has had more than 10 years of A grade experience in a major centre. With a long-term plan to create a top ranked team, the first step was to allow the players the opportunity to put aside team and individual differences and put their energies to the team's benefit in the State's major competition. The boys slept, ate, socialised and played together for four days. Everyone was sad to see the weekend come to an end, and word has it that some Longreach girls were left with broken hearts. Parents were totally supportive of the coach and management team, allowing their children to share in this unique experience. Despite being the newest centre to compete, the Capricorn Coast boys were drawn in a pool against centres such as Brisbane, Toowoomba and Bundaberg, where the possibility of victory was negligible, however they fought gamely with some notable performances. The height of the Longreach players, when tched against the Coast's boys, did not daunt them. While the major centres fought out the top spots, the Coast faced Rockhampton in the next round and demonstrated what they had learned by holding a 25 point win. This was against players with more than six years' experience. In fact, many have played in competition more than half their lives. Because the draw took them to an extra day (Tuesday), they were unable to spend Monday night at the Rockhampton Police Youth Club, so parents pitched in to take home 10 boys and return with them for theiginall game the next day. The loss of momentum was evident after the break. However it was a pretty ordinary performance that allowed Gladstone to control the game and take the seventh position in division 9. These boys now have the opportunity to play next season as a team in Rockhampton, while still competing in the Coast games. Players in the Capricorn Coast Classics under 14 team were: Natusha Harris, Cpt (13), Loyce Elstob (12), Scott Leslie (12), Ryan Miller (11), Matthew Coyle (11), Brett Shackleton (12), Joe Ludcke (12), Dino Inguanzo (12), Andrew Moore (13) and Paul Christensen (13). In recognition of the members from Emu Park in the junior competition, Capricorn Coast Basketball is planning a family fun day at Bell Park in conjunction with Emu Park Lions Club on Sunday July 3. All junior players should take along their parents and senior players may care to bring tbeir children. In fact any families are welcome ;ther involved in basketball or not. Basketball will not be played but there will be some "anything goes" style of activities for all to join in. Soft drinks will be available. Parents are advised to provide their own barbecue or picnic hamper and other refreshments. Shelter and cooling facilities will be provided. It's fun and free. Teams can register for the season starting the following Sunday. New and prospective players are always welcome and Yeppoon parents should join in with their children and make the trip to the park for the afternoon. The pottery raffle was won by Bev and Jim Burton.


Annual shield THE Hof Shield will be played at the Rockhampton and District Indoor Bowls Association playing venue on Sunday. The shield is played for annually and trophies for the day are given by Mavis Hof, widow of Lou Hof, who was a member of Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club. Two teams from YIBC will play: Mavis Brown, Lorna Wade, Fred Wade, Cec Brown and Kath Mcllwraith: NancyJarvie, Alan Philp and Tom Poole. Sunday, July 10 is the date set for the Rockhampton- Capricorn Coast encounter. It is a five-game day to be played at the association's Rockhamnpton centre. Names of players to make the trip are on the board. Please notify if you are available. -qvbscriptions are now due and may be paid t~,1 a secretary. Members must be financial to vote at the annual meeting at the YIBC hall on Tuesday July 26. Nominations are presently being accepted for the positions of patron, president, two vicepresidents, secretary and treasurer. Nominations close for the above positions on Tuesday. July 12.

• ABOVE: Women's night squash winners, Team Two, hold aloft their trophies. From the left is Edna Danzrow, Roslyn Chfford, Nancy Busteed, Kathy Dale (captain) and Melinda Gunter.

• ABOVE: Equalisers proved too strong in the A grade squash grand final. Pictured are leant members (front left) Chris Callarci Anthony Dump, Andrew Dowie and Neale Royal (captain).

• ABOVE: B grade squash winners-Gone Home, went home with a load of trophies. After a number Ofyears playing squash it was Denis Hinton's first grand final win. Front the left is Denis Hinton (captain), Lionel Dale, David Shultz, Debbie Shanks, Ronnie O'Brien and Brad McCosker.

Squash nominations close soon NOMINATIONS close on June 30 for the Capricorn Coast Squash Association winter fixtures. Grading nights are on July 5 and 6 and competition starts during the week of July 11. The association is looking forward to again having A, B and C grade teams. Organisers have proposed to have the C grade play on Wednesday nights with A grade to give the lower grade a chance to see the top teams in full flight. "We hope it will also promote club spirit and support throughout the grades," the publicity officer said. "To help improve the club spirit we would

like to set up a teams trophy that will be won by a combination of A, B, C and Ladies teams. We are hoping that the same names can be used in each grade to bring a little bit of unity into the competition and make scoring of points for the competition easier. So get into the spirit and adopt a team." A new committee was elected at the annual general meeting to take over duties for 1988/ 89. The incoming committee said it hopes it can fill the shoes of the 1987/88 committee. 1988/89 president is Anne Perrin; vice president Ellen Farr; treasurer Wendy Hudson; secretary Valerie Odell.

Free admission experiment wins fans at Tyrer Park race meeting YEPPOON Amateur Racing Club's committee was pleased with the response to their first free admission day at Tyrer Park on Wednesday. The free admission day was held as an experiment for future promotional ideas. YARC secretary Leo Mackie said "the crowd was above average, when it was taken into account that this was the fifth meeting in two months". Another first for the club was the running of its first three-year-olds' race restricted to Park Stakes class. The race attracted a strong field of seven starters. The Frank Crick-trained Loaded Copper ran brilliantly in the feature event of the day, The Westpac Park Stakes (1200m). The race gave the three-year-old colt his second feature event win in the past 11 days. On June 11, Loaded Copper won the Winfield Park Stakes for the same age group of horses at Callaghan Park. Loaded Copper, ridden by Gympie jockey Bill Kenning, drew away over the closing stages to beat Bay Claudius and Big Bubbles in the smart time of 1min 10.8sec. This time was only 0.6 seconds outside the track record, set at the last meeting by Editor's Error. Promising Yeppoon apprentice Sam

Oakley, who is a product of the recently completed Aboriginal training course conducted at Tyrer Park under resident trainer John Anderson, brought his tally of wins to four, in ohly 17 rides. He did this by winning the opening event, the Handibank Improver's Handicap, on the Gold Coast-trained Roebeck. Oakley's previous wins were at Callaghan Park, Springsure and Ycppoon. Owner Rex Morrison travelled from Stonehenge to see his filly, Simone's Love, easily win the Westpac Travel Maideh Handicap (1200m). The filly won from the Brian Bauer-trained New Horizon which started as short-priced favourite at 7-4 on. The Yeppoon-owned and trained What A Turnout opened his winning account in this area with an easy win in the Investment's Country Stakes (1200m). Rockhampton jockey "Bush" Mules said What A Turnout, trained byJohn Anderson for Will and Sandra Cordwell of the Strand Hotel, was slow to begin but had too much class for the opposition. Rockhampton trainer Clive Holmes, who frequently uses Tyrer Park to educate hisyoung horses, took out the final event, The Advantage Saver Open Handicap (1420m).

STABLEFORD winners of the Wednesday club ladies section at Yeppoon Golf Club were Margaret Prior and Joan Burrowes, both with 36 points. Margaret won the first nine with 30 1/2 from Joan with 35. May McGlashan won the second nine with 32 1/2 from Gwen Bullock and Joan Burrowes with 34. Pinshot winners: J Burrowes and M Prior and proshot winner was J Burrowes. Members' stableford winner was Chris Ede with 43 points followed by Arthur Simpson 40, Des Hallam, Ken Chapman, Wayne Dicker, Lionel Taylor and Brendan Kelly, all on 39. D Hallam won the first nine with 291/2. Next were K Chapman 30 1/2, V Svendsen 32 1/2 and J Stratford and C Ede 32 each. Second nine winner was C Ede 31, followed by W Dicker and H Hilbert 32 each, L Taylor 32 1/2, J Degotardi 33, T Longton 32 1/2, C Williams 33. Pinshots: L Lucas, E Nankivell. Proshot: R T Nichols. Ladies beginners and 36 markers played a 12 hole stroke on Thursday. Winner was Pat Pickering with 49 nett from Inez Vale with 54 on countback from Mary Quinn. Pat also won the pinshot. Veterans played a stableford on Friday for members and ladies over 12 holes. Ladies winnerwas Heather Keene with 25 points from Cassie Freeman 21. Cassie also won the pinshot. Ray Clark won the members' stableford with 29 points on countback from Vince Hunt. A Simpson won the pinshot. Captain Peter welcomed Ray Morgan and Tom Wahlin as new members. Associates played a std/scratch on Saturday. The winner was Phoebe Harris followed by Theresa Clark from Margaret Prior. Pinshots: P Harris, G Watson, J Burrowes and proshot went to V Caseleyr. Members played a stroke for Morgans Bakery Trophies. Winners were Jim McHerron 62, P Clair 65 on countback from Cec Cooper and Frank Huszak. Next were Peter Fritschi 66, Wayne Dicker and Steven Schuster 66, Jack Stratford 67, Ray Morgan 67, R Dixon 67, Brian Horton, Ken Dean, Eric Richardson, all with 69. Pinshots: W Oates, N Drillis, R Young, D Cruickshank. Proshot: C Cooper and John Couani scored an eagle on number four hole. A mixed 4BBB stroke for Pam and Nobby Drillis trophies was played with L/Overs on Sunday. The mixed winners were Vince and Genny Hannan with 61 nett. Next best: Bob and Joan Burrowes 62, from Peter and Yvonne Fritschi 64, Arthur Simpson and Nicky Hunt 64, John Noyes and Gladys Scharf 64, Ron and Tarni Young 64, Frank and Elizabeth Huszak 64, Tom and Ethel Jarman 643. Pinshot: ladies, E Huszak (2), Gladys Scharf; proshot, N Montgomery. Members: FHuszak, V Olive, M Busteed, R Beck. Proshot, J Noyes. A game for left/overs was won by Darren Wilson with 65 nett from Brendan Kelly 68, Alan Stevenson 69, Vern Olive 69, Ken Clements 74. Yeppoon associates played the second 27 holes of the closed championship and full details of scores will be in next week's Mirror.

Bowls draw NOMINATIONS close for Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club fours at 5pm on Sunday June 26th. The draw is at 1.30pm on Monday ready for' play at 9am on Tuesday, June 28. The pieman will visit the club at noon or you may take your own lunch. President Del Roos Day is Tuesday July 5. Nominations close Sunday, July 3 at 5 pm. Morning tea is at 11.30am and play starts at noon. Competitions again on July 12. 2-4-2 pairs: D McPherson, E Bans d M Hansen, M Baglow 22-21. M Bierwirth d B Beckett in the semi final of the B singles. The monthly committee meeting is on July 1 at 1.30rom.

Singles trophy LAST week 32 Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club members played for the Baker Singles Trophy. Charlie Stratford played accurate bowls through all rounds and defeated Marg Price in the final. On August 7, the club hopes to visit Biloela. Last year the trip was cancelled because of a lack of players to fill the bus. "This year we should make an extra effort. Anyone who can make the trip should nominate now," the publicity officer said. At the last meeting it was decided to celebrate 20 years of indoor bowling in Emu Park. "We have set July 23 as the date and hope to have as many past members as possible with us to enjoy the afternoon." The meeting is on July 2 at 1pm in the Emu Park Cultural Hall.

20 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 24 - June 30, 1988

SWANS BLITZ PARKANA IN CONTROLLED GAMES YEPPOON proved too strong in both A grade and reserves Australian Rules Football on Saturday to defeat Parkana 18-18-114 to 88-56 in A and 10-15-75 to 2-3-15 in Reserve. The results would indicate dull games but to both sides' credit it was good run on football with highlights throughout which can be built on for next week's games. Yeppoon in both grades had stronger goal to goal play than Parkana and took control in the second half of the game. In A grade Mark Wigginton, Tim Mynott, Troy Tomkins and Martin Kavanagh (recruit from St.Brendans) showed they deserved their selection in the team giving run on, drive and support football to the goal to goal player in

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Mark Taylor, ever reliable in the back line, Ruffa (Steve Burns) with courage, run and determination at centre, Brett Motton strong marking and holding the ball in the forward line (kicking five goals, four points from centre half forward) and Phil (rubber legs) Munro at full forward kicking four goals, proved too strong. Goal kickers: Brett Morton 5, Phil Munro 4, Robin Masek and Mark Wigginton 2 each, Bryan Cruickshank, Martin Kavanagh and Steve Burns 1 each. Best player awards: Steve Burns, the mug; Brett Motton, Pacific dinner for two; Troy Tomkins, Bay Vacationer encouragement award. Swans Reserve game was a reasonably good spectacle with run-on determined football. Parkana was lifted by Richard Pryor keeping pressure on from the back-line and the game was even at half-time, but a more determined effort by captain J R Heathcote supported by Mark Wetzler gave great drive to Yeppoon after the break. Because of this they drove the ball to David Bibby (Yabby) who marked strongly and finished with 5 goals. Best player awards: Col Jameson, mug;. J R Heathcote, Pacific dinner for two. Mark Wetzler and David Bibby were among the best players. Goal kickers: D Bibby 5, R Geissman 2, R Lawer, S Bain and C Jamieson 1 each. On Saturday Swans meet Wandal at Stenlake Park and organisers are looking for huge support to help the teams win again.

Me bait the Iftivum

• ABOVE: A grade Swan Grant Boyd is a picture of concentration as he attempts to block this kick.

A and B grade baseball teams undefeated so far this season YEPPOON Spartans Baseballers Club completed a successful weekend when both teams won convincingly at the Iwasaki Baseball Field. The A and B grade teams have not lost a game since the season's fixtures started and the • club is getting stronger each week. Saturday afternoon saw Yeppoons' crack side Spartans Blue defeat last year's runner up Cubs Bullets 10-5 in a game that saw power hitting from the Blues. In the first inning with one out and a man on second, Spartans coach Mike George set the example by hitting a long home run over the centre field boundary to score two runs. Two batters later Spartan youngster Nigel Jones connected with a Bullets pitch and sent it over the goal posts in left field and gave Spartans a lead of 4-0 after the first inning. Yeppoon's pitcher Nigel Jones held Bullets for four innings until a few walks and hits had brought the score to 4-2. Spartans scored a run in the fifth but an inning later, mainly on Spartan errors, Bullets caught up to make it 5 all in the final inning. Spartan's batters George, Jones, Byron Prince, Don Lanham and Greg Weeks got stuck into the opposition and with aggressive base running scored five more runs to win the game 10-5. The second grade team annihilated Cubs Raiders 26-3 in a game that saw Ron Mackie


SQUASH with friends or play in a team at ... Capricorn Coast Squash Centre ... 39 2444 ✓


Capricorn Coast Squash Rackets Association announces

NOMINATIONS close June 30 GRADINGS nights: July 5 and 6 COMPETITION starts week of July 11




lama Hit min ail

and Shane McLeod hold the Raiders to only a few hits with their fast accurate pitching. Paul Toon and Bo George each recorded four hits for four times at bat to lead Spartans offence. Beside the above players, Lionel Dale, Terry Jenkinson and Andreas Jones played exceptionally well. This week Spartans Blue play Spartans White at the Iwasaki Diamond starting 2pm. Players to help Nan and Doug with the raffle this week are AndyJones and Stephen Corney.

Visitors to Park EMU Park Ladies Bowls Club hosted a busload of ladies from Mt Morgan's Dee club on Wednesday. The visitors were welcomed by Emu Park president Betty Allen and everyone enjoyed the day. Dee president Ellen Kirkman said it was their first away Friendship Day and thanked the host club for its hospitality. After good bowling and lots of fun, winners drawn from the box were: Pearl Curry, B Malone, E Jones and Betty Allen. New Emu Park member Dulcie Scott won the cushion and a knee rug donated by Flo Cooke was won by Beryl Wincen. Sunday was a good day with full greens. Club trophies went to Ruth Forrest, Eve Yates and Len Ryan after a countback. Runners up were Hazel Dingwell, Glen Kluver and Ken Sinclair. Judy-Ann Smith won the meat tray raffle. The veterans singles first round went to Will Gibson who defeated Dick Prior. Friday roll up now starts at 1pm and is followed by a barbecue tea from 6pm with a social evening to follow. On Wednesday, June 29 there is a ladies meeting at 10 am followed by mixed social bowling and trade table. Peter and Pat Pritchard's trophy day is on Sunday, July 3 at 1pm. Patroness Dot McKenzie's day for ladies is on Wednesday, July 6 and includes a cent sale and morning tea at 11.30am. Games start at 12.30pm and nominations in before 5pm Tues, day, July 5. Donations of items for mysieries and cent sale would be accepted. Ladies competition draw held June 29: Margaret Lyttle v Ethel Madden in the closed singles final. Sunday, July 10 is Member for Capricornia Keith Wright's trophy day.

LINDSAY HARTWIG, the politician from the old school, is back on the campaign trail. He phoned Wednesday morning to say he had won pre-selection for South Coast, Russ Hinze's former seat on the Gold Coast. Lindsay was chosen from five candidates who stood for the State's latest political group ... the Citizens' Electoral Council (CEC). Lindsay, as always, was bubbling with enthusiasm about his chances of representing the Gold Coast. As all who remember him as the Coast's representative in Parliament (Member for Callide) and as Livingstone Shire chairman, will remember, Lindsay was expelled from the National Party and contested his seat as an Independent and won. He revelled in being a rebel and still enjoys it. He reckons the CEC is the new force in politics, not only in Queensland but also in Northern NSW, where another branch has been formed. "People are sick and tired of unelected party officials running Queensland," he said. The CEC already has an important win under its belt ... it knocked off former Premier SirJoh Bjelke-Petersen's seat. Lindsay, apart from the years of experience in Parliament behind him, has another big asset ... his mate Russ Him. They've been mates for years and Lindsay, while not expecting Russ to campaign for him, does not believe Russ will campaign against him. So, the Coast "old boy" is fairly confident ... after all, he still has an enviable record; he's never been defeated at the polls. It will be interesting to see whether he keeps his record intact. • • • "OB" was out with Rhodes photographing the CEB building in Hill Street for an auction advertisement and was trying to figure out how to get a clear shot without cars parked in front. No sooner had he figured out an angle than the two cars in front of the building pulled out. However, while the second was pt.Illing away, a third pulled in. The woman driving the car was about to get out when she saw the camera. She askec would it be a help if she found another spot to park ... and did. That's another great reason for living here ... people really do cart about others! • • • VINCE WELCH returns to this column with an item he probably hoped would not see the light of day ... but he hadn't counted on his adoring wife, Lesley. It seems Vince has been shouting at son John about making sure there's always a spare tyre in the Cooee Bay Marine ute. John, one of those young menwho always does as he's told, has always carried a spare ... but that hasn't stopped Vince from shouting. Anyway, Sunday dawns and Vince heads out for a drive in his latest pride and joy, a 1968 Mercedes Benz. Rounding the roundabout at Ross Creek' gets a puncture ... and stops. As you guess, he didn't have a spare. Also, he didn't have a wheel brace. Also, he didn't have a jack. But while he didn't have a jack, he had a John, and a Lesley, just a quick call away on the end of the CB radio. Using all his powers of persuasion over the airwaves, Vince cooly, and calmly, explained that he needed help. Lesley, who has been refereeing the shouting matches at home about spare tyres, got him to repeat his request, many times, so that all listening could hear of Vince's dilemma. Then, packing the necessaries, she drove to the roundabout ... talking all the time on the CB to everyone about how Vince had left home without a spare, and so on. Now anyone who knows Vince (one of those quiet, meek men) would realise, he just loved every minute of it. Funny thing is, hg's usually quick to tell "OB" anything that happens so "OB" can pass it on to me for this column ... but somehow or other, this item must have slipped his mind!!!


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