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ISSUE 252 FRIDAY, June 10, 1988 - THURSDAY, June 16, 1988 PHONE (079) 39 4244

Registered by Australia Post -- Publication No OAC3843

at Tyrer Park

ABOVE: Rhianna Rickard, 10, squeezed orange juice on this American orange juice press. Rhianna was at the World Environment Fair Day despite rain having candled the day's programme. A number of people still turned out for nature walks and other activities.


A ROAD reconstruction scheme to straighten out the dangerous bend at the intersection of Farnborough Road and Hinz Avenue, adjacent to Farnborough State School, will be implemented toward the end of the 1988/89 financial year. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton was told by Deputy Premier Bill Gunn that following Mr Hinton's representations the route had been resurveyed and finance approved. Mr Hinton said the Main Roads Department estimated the cost at $250,000. "Livingstone Shire Council told Mr Gunn of its support for the job's priority and land resumption procedures will start shortly," Mr Hinton said. "I am delighted with the priority given the work because the road is dangerous to both vehicles and children who are at risk from traffic travelling from the Byfield direction. The road project will be about one kilometre in length." This week, a representative from concerned people wanting the road changed, said plans were progressing well. "Commitments have been given and we will now be working to make sure these commitments are honoured," he said.

KEPPEL SANDS OFFERS SMORGASBORD OF FUN KEPPEL Sands will be offering a smorgasbord of activities during its Family FunFestival on Sunday, June 12 from 10am to 5pm. The funfestival replaces Krabtastic which was transferred to Rockhampton this year. Organisers said Krabtastic would return next year but the funfestival had been organised so people would still know something was on. When Keppel Sands people realised Krabtastic was transferred, the Bush Fire Bri-

gade, Coastguard and Keppel Sands State School Parents and Citizens Association banded together to organise a festival in lieu of Krabtastic. The Family FunFestival was the result and it should a fun-filled day featuring crab and toad races. There will also be an auction, barbecue, competitions, novelty events, food stalls, refreshment booth and street stalls. For the children there's a merry-go-round,





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Safer road plan at Farnborough

Yeppoon Show to be `compact and intimate'


JAMES STREET In Downtown •

QUEENSLAND Health Minister Leisha Harvey will visit the Capricorn Coast on Friday, July 1 to meet community representatives interested in the provision of a nursing home and for a dinner function with the Livingstone Shire Council. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, who arranged the visit following a visit from Health Department officials in January, said Mrs Harvey's visit would not be "just another talk fest about nursing homes". "It will be very positive for the Coast. Mrs Harvey will inspect Yeppoon Hospital and the Community Health Centre, then meet community representatives at Livingstone Shire Chambers to discuss aged care requirements on the Coast and nursing home proposals," Mr Hinton said. Minister Harvey will have morning tea with the QCWA Yeppoon Branch, inspect the Yeppoon-Emu Park Ambulance to have talks with the committee on ambulance funding and then go to Rockhampton for afternoon engagements.

THE Coast will be a hive of activity over the Queen's birthday weekend with three major functions ... the 33rd Annual Yeppoon Show, Keppel Sands' Family Funfestival and the Yeppoon Little Theatre's sixth Festival of Drama. It will be an activity-packed weekend for families to enjoy. And Tonight (Friday), to get baby-boomers into the mood, ex-Easybeats lead singer Stevie Wright will rock at La Bamba. Stevie Wright is the man who put Friday on everyone's mind with his international hit Friday on My Mind The Easybeats were an Australian smashhit group in the '60s when they were among the first of the Down-Undergroups which took the world by storm with a string of hit records that competed against the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Liverpool sound.



Minister visiting for talks on nursing home

Long weekend features the annual Show Funfestival, drama festival plus 'Rocker

THE 33rd Annual Bicentennial Yeppoon and District Agricultural Show will be compact and intimate ... a great place to take the family. Society president Cr Brian Dorey said the Yeppoon Show was compact enough to give families a look at all the displays and action without having to walk great distances. He said it would be the first time a night programme, and no Monday programme, would be offered. The two-day show will also feature the Cobb & Co Coach now travelling around Australia. Cr Dorey said the coach would arrive Saturday morning and be available all day for rides. "The driver can choose any route he likes because the coach is classed as a vehicle," he said. The official party, including Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, Livingstone Shire Council chairman Cr John Bowen and show president Cr Brian Dorey, would be carried by coach to centre ring during the opening ceremony. Cr Dorey said that during the night programme, a cross-cut versus chainsaw competition would be held. "This competition was last held in 1985 when a New Zealand cross-cut team challenged a chainsaw team," he said. "The New Zealanders won the competition. "There is also a 750mm standing wood-

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fun castle, pony rides, treasure hunt and beach art to keep them entertained all day. The adults will have more serious activities ... raffles, toad and crab races. A live band, Hi Beam, will provide the musical entertainment. It is expected activities and stalls will be operating from the beach to the Keppel Sands Store. Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend. . MORE WEEKEND FUN PAGE 10

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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 FOR ADVICE ON ALL ASPECTS OF INVESTMENT Ring 39 2132 or 27 3442

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COAST RESIDENT RECEIVES MEDAL FROM WAR CAPRICORN Coast resident Joe McIntyre will remember the Bicentennial year as the year Greek Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of National Defence, loannis Haralambopoulas, presented him with a medallion he earned 47 years ago. In a specially prepared ceremony on Greek National Day, May 22, Mr Harlambopoulas presented Mr McIntyre, and about 30 other 6th Division AIF members (four wives accepted the medals on behalf of their husbands), with medals earned during the 1940-41 campaign. Mr McIntyre said his division had been sent to help Greece defend itself from invasion. Six weeks after arriving in Greece the division was evacuated. He said he applied for the medal about 12 months ago after some friends had received a medal from the Greek Government for service during 1940-41. That application was answered this year

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and a presentation date was arranged. The letter, sent on May 11, told Mr McIntyre he would be presented with the medal on May 22, at Expo, by Mr Harlambopoulas, the Deputy Prime Minister of Greece. "It came as a complete surprise to hear about the presentation so long after making the application," he said. "Not only was it a surprise but also we didn't have much time between receiving the first letter, getting the invitation, and leaving for Brisbane." Mr McIntyre and his wife, Lorna, said the presentation ceremony had been "great". Mrs McIntyre said all those receiving medals were well looked after. The medal is about 3cm by 3cm and is attached to a blue and white ribbon (Greek colours). Inscribed on one side arc the towns involved - Epirus, Albania, Macedonia, Thraki and Crete - and on the other is a picture of a goddess and a laurel. A diploma also accompanied the medal. The diploma stated what areas were involved and a message ... "The very best omen is to defend the country". Present at the ceremony was Brisbane Lord Mayor Sally-Anne Atkinson, Expo chairman Dr Llew Edwards and Deputy Premier Bill Gunn. Mr McIntyre thinks he was the only Central Queenslander at the ceremony. An appli-

O ABOVE: Joe McIntyre holds up the diploma and medal he was awarded for sen,The presentation was ice in 1940-41. made on Mat' 22 which is also Greek National Day. cation was made by another 6th Division All' member but the consul didn't hear back from him. The medal will now join the six others Mr McIntyre was awarded for service in World War II ... the 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Pacific Star, 1939-45 War Medal, The Defence Medal and the 1939-45 Australian Service Medal.

A job for life...with small catch THE Bureau of Meteorology is offering some lucky Capricorn Coast resident a lifetime job, but there's a catch ... there's no pay. The job involves taking weather observations. The Coast has been without weather readings ever since the Bureau of Meteorology closed its station at the Yeppoon Post Office eight months ago. The station, which was behind the Yeppoon Post Office, took a variety of observations, including wind speed, wind direction, maximum and minimum temperatures, cloud type and amounts, pressures, humidity and rainfall. Readings, which went back about 90 years, stopped last year. Rainfall readings, being taken at Barmaryee, are now the only ones taken. The bureau's facilities officer-in-charge Bryan Davies said this week the office had to be closed because it didn't meet bureau needs.

Mr Davies said a close look at the Yeppoon.'“ station's operations and costs resulted in it „ being closed down. The bureau didn't like closing stations but financial constraints has forced them to take action. He said people taking rainfall readings did not get paid but stations like the former one at Yeppoon was a paid position. "We are a free service and funding is provided through tax," he said. "If more money was allocated to meteorolog it could have been possible to continue running a station like Yeppoon's." Mr Davies said the location, and number of readings taken, at Yeppoon had contributed to the station's closure. "A station needs to be in an open place, open to all the elements," he said. "Readings need to be taken about seven times every day of the week. We have enough equipment to set up someone but no money to pay them. Any interested person would have to be prepared for a life-time job with no pay."

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 3

Calf bellows in terror as two pig dogs savage it in Hughes Street MARAUDING dogs have struck again ... this time it was a family pet calf. The attack comes one week after dogs savaged and killed animals kept in Yeppoon High School's Agricultural paddock. Hughes Street resident Von Rogan said the family's pet calf had been attacked by two pig dogs at 7am on Saturday. They raced to the calf's rescue when they heard it bellowing in terror. Mrs Rogan said the calf was locked in its paddock but the two pig dogs, one with white markings and the other with white and brown markings, had broken the steel gate and were attacking its ears. She said one dog was hit with a stone as it • "

raced away but nothing could be done to catch the animals. "It was lucky the calf retreated to the fence closest to the house," she said. "We have a fairly large paddock and the calf could have been savaged more had it gone to any section other than near the house." Mrs Rogan said it was important dogs were locked up, or restrained, at nights. She said if it was the same dogs involved in Yeppoon High's attack they had covered a considerable distance ... from Rawlings Street to Hughes Street. Agricultural students were this week still nursing injured calves while the loss of their prize ram, and a pregnant ewe, is still felt.

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ABOVE: Yeppoon High School Agricultural students are still recovering from the loss of their prize ram and a pregnant ewe after a marauding pack of dogs killed them. Students (from left) SusanWardyear 10, Denise Bionda year 10, Tanuny Konings year 8 and Rosalie Shields year 8 are seen next to the graves of the dead animals. Tammy holds one of the ewe's



First of Coast's Expo volunteers will man stall at end of month THE Capricorn Coast's first Expo volunteers leave here at the end of this month to woo State, national and international visitors. Shire chairman CrJohn Bowen said six volunteers would be the vanguard of what looks like being a 100-strong force of Coast ambassadors who will, in rotation, man an Expo stall until the end of October. The Coast volunteers will be promoting the whole of Livingstone Shire as well as the whole Capricorn region. Cr Bowen said he hoped to have slices of pineapple available on the stand for overseas visitors to taste. This would give many international visitors an idea of the climate because they realised pineapples were a tropical crop. In addition, the Coast volunteers would have literature on the beef industry. "The beef industry is one of the biggest money earners in Livingstone Shire," Cr Bowen said on Wednesday. "Cattle grazing is not only a major industry, it is also a major land use in division three," he said. "We looked at what the Coast, the shire and the region has to offer visitors and it became obvious that beef is well to the forefront. "Taking a long-term view, many Asian visitors are only accustomed to fish as their staple

New TAB branch A TAB branch opened at the Pine Beach Hotel at Emu Park on Tuesday. Hotel manager Steve Anderson said the TAB had opened an agency to replace the one which closed in the Seaside Plaza arcade.

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protein diet. These countries quite often have barriers against beef imports from other countries, as well as Australia. "If we can entice these people to the Capricorn region and they can discover for themselves that this area is one of the largest cattlegrowing regions in the world they may acquire a taste for meat ... a product we take so much for granted. "In the long-term, they may well pressure their politicians at home to cut barriers to allow our product onto their tables." Cr Bowen said pineaples were a Coast commodity that had to be promoted at Expo. Pineapples are part of the Expo promotion and this area grows them. "No international visitor should leave Expo without first tasting this delicacy," he said. He said it looked as if the council would face a total bill for fares and accommodation of about S5000 for the Expo promotion ... but this amount could be reduced by approaches he had received from a couple of Coast businesses that had offered cash because they could not afford to donate time. He said the time that volunteers had already offered as a donation was alreadyworth tens of thousands of dollars. "By the time this promotion ends we may well find we have mmounted a million-dollar promotion for just a few thousand," he said. There was no plan to produce a special brochure although any group or individual was welcome to provide their own brochures for the volunteers to hand out. Volunteers should have all been interviewed within the next 10 days and the first group will be announced when travel times and datesare co-ordinated.


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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988

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ABOVE: A couple stroll past Capricorn Iwasaki Resort's beach amen ties block on the weekend.

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Capricorn Iwasaki Resort says no problems with beach access HEAVY traffic on Farnborough Beach on Sunday in front of the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort made a claim to the Capricorn Coast Mirror impossible to substantiate. The Mirror was phoned on Sunday by a Coast real estate agent who said a couple had told him they had been ordered off the beach in front of the resort. The agent said he did not disbelieve the couple but, at the same time, could not believe

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what he was being told. He said it was well known that the beach was freely available to everyone. The Mirror spoke to the couple who said they had been walking on the beach near the water's edge when two Japanese had told them it was a private beach and they should leave. Mirror owners John and Suzy Watson then drove to the resort and parked in the area set aside for public beach access. There were two resort vehicles on the beach with a party of Japanese talking and looking at the view. They made no attempt to approach or speak to us. We stayed there for about an hour photographing some of the dozen or so private vehicles driving along the beach past the resort, and a couple walking on the beach. There were other couples further along the beach and someone walking a horse. This week, assistant resort manager Yukuo Yoshihara (who has had a long association with the Coast because he previously accompanied resort owner Yohachiro Iwasaki as interpreter) was told of the allegation. He said he would speak to all Japanese staff to see if anyone had approached the couple. He phoned back an hour later to say all Japanese staff denied ordering anyone off the beach. "I find it difficult to believe the story because our Japanese staff do not speak English well enough to even speak to Australians, let alone order them off the beach," Mr Yoshihara said. He said the resort had no special rights to the beach and did not try to claim them. "Beaches all over the world are owned by the Nation and they are for everyone," he said. "We have provided public access to the beach and special facilities so that everyone will feel welcome to visit here. "The -resort has built a road, provided a large parking area, a brick amenities building, a walkway to the beach and sheltered picnic tables on the beach. "These are available, free, to anyone who cares to visit. These facilities are designed to attract people so that theywill perhaps call in at — the resort and have a cup of coffee or lunch. "We have spent a lot of money trying to attract people ... we are not trying to keep people away."

Monday to Friday or 9am and 5pm Saturday, Eastern Standard Time.

packs its props YEPPOON Choral Society has finished its entertaining production, Opheus in the Underworld. The cast and oganisers can now pack away scripts, props and music for another year, pleased with the response from the audience. Bookings were slightly down on past years but numbers were increased with door sales. Nearly 200 watched the final of three performances on Saturday night. About 150 watched the two other nights. The society will not know how much it made until expenses including hall hire, copyright and fees, have been paid. A spokesman said the group expected to break even.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 5


5"x7" Enlargements

ABOVE: The new two-lane section around the Bluff was closed on the weekend when a 100m slide covered the road. Suzy Watson couldn't resist the temptation to "put her foot in it" and described it as the nearest thing to pancake make-up. ..

Mud and rock slide at the Bluff closes 2 lanes of new highway A LANDSLIDE at the Bluff on Farnborough Road on the weekend has meant the two outward bound lanes on the new four-lane highway have been closed for the past week. Main Roads district engineer Key Kerr said this week the road would be closed until the bluff stabilised and actions were taken to ensure traffic was safe from further slides. Mr Kerr said a section of the Bluff, opposite the park, had fallen away for about 100m. He said this was at a different end of the Bluff to where earlier reports of falling rocks had been sighted. He said it appeared the slide had been caused by water soaking into the ground uphill from the road cutting. The slide on Saturday was probably the result of rain on Friday night. The slide follows Main Roads work on the new four-lane highway to the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. Mr Kerr said he wasn't satisfied Main Roads work had caused the slide but said intense concentration of machinery in the area could have shaken the Bluff's stability.

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The slide could have happened before roadwork started and, if it had, Coast people would have been disadvantaged. But traffic still had access to Yeppoon via Farnborough Road on the weekend because the two new lanes were open. Two years ago, traffic might have had to go via Cooberrie to get into town. Mr Kerr said the two outward-bound lanes wouldn't be opened until the Bluff had dried enough to stabilise and traffic could safely use the lanes. Main Roads will now be investigating the best way to stabilise the Bluff and prevent further slides during wet weather. Mr Kerr said a possible way of stabilising the Bluff would be to divert the water from the soil. He said Main Roads plans had included a concrete drain but water was still able to get into soil. The costs to ensure the Bluff was stable would be minor compared to the work being carried out on the four-lane highway.


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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988

Hobby Horses raise record $4500

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THE Keppel Coast Girl Guides' raised a record 54500 from last week's Hobby Horse Derby held in Beaman Park. This novel fund-raising venture, without help of alcohol or gambling, has become one of the "big'. days on the Capricorn Coast fun calendar. It ranks with the Cooee Contest as a day out for the whole family and something to write about to relatives in the South. Organiser Gwen McGregor said she wanted to thank each and every business, organisation and the people of the Capricorn Coast for their sponsorship, participation and support. HOBBY Horse Derby 1988 results: Each heat winner (Men's Division): large bottle beer/wine; single pass on Denison Star; bar mat and coaster set and stubby holder (Capricorn Newsagency). Second: Pan pizza (Pizza Hut); third, free pass to La Bamba Nightclub. Each heat winner (Women's Division): large bottle beer/wine; single pass on Denison Star and jewel box (Coucom's Shell Museum). Second: Pan pizza (Pizza Hut); third place, free pass to La Bamba Nightclub. Each contestant received a recipe book from Rosslyn Bay Fishermen's Co-op. Winning jockey (Hobby Horse Cup): Chris Hacker (Squash'em), day fora family on Great Keppel Island (Australian Airlines); family pass on Victory (Great Keppel Island Tourist Services); five video hires (J S Movie Hire); magnum of wine (Pacific Hotel). Winning Horse owner: Brian Umlauft, Capricorn Coast Squash Club. Family pass on Victory (Great Keppel Island Tourist Services); five Video Hires (J S Movie Hire); magnum of wine (Pacific Hotel). Winning jockey (Powder Puff Derby): Lyn Murphy (Tinnie Linnie). Family pass on Denison Star (Denison Star); voucher (Kruger's Fashions); hair care products (Donna Marie Hair Salon); flower arrangement (Tanby Roses). Winning horse owner: Robyn Murphy. Family pass on Denison Star (Denison Star); lunch for two (Studio One); shell planter (Coucom's Shell Museum). Most funds raised by sponsorship: Irish Miss(t), Mary Mackin, St Brendan's College. Family week-end on Pumpkin Island (Roger and Merle Mason); return trip on Keppel Island Taxi (Brian and Judy Umlauft); two films, including developing (Supersize Photos). Most funds raised by a business: King Prawn, Rosslyn Bay Fishermen's Co-op. Family pass on Denison Star (Denison Star); dinner for two (Capricorn Iwasaki Resort); bottle of wine (Railway Hotel). Most funds raised by a service club: Lions Roar, Yeppoon Lions .Club. Family pass on Denison Star (Denison Star); dinner for one (Keppel Bay Sailing Club); double pass to the Kavlon (Kavlon Theatre); two video hires (Rainbow Video); bottle of wine (Strand Hotel). Most funds raised by a sporting club: Squash'em, Capricorn Coast Squash Club. Family pass on Denison Star (Denison Star); lunch for one (Lantern on the Coast Restaurant); family pass to the Kavlon (Kavlon Theatre); cask of Cooler (Strand Hotel). Most funds raised by a school: Spock, Yeppoon High School. Family pass on Denison Star (Denison Star); lunch for one (Yvette's French Creperie); two video hires (Rainbow Video); regular Pizza (Pizza Hut); bottle of wine (Railway Hotel). Second, funds raised by a business: Galloping Pharmacist, Stewart and Brumm, voucher Coastal Creations. Second, funds raised by a service club: Rotary's Revenge, Yeppoon Rotary Club, voucher Happy Sun Restaurant. Next most funds raised: BP Yeppoon, BP Yeppoon, voucher Yeppoon Discount Clothing. Most colourful jockey: male, Darren's Donkey, Westpac Bank, day cruise for one on Golden Phoenix; female, Pink Hibiscus, Denny's Icecream Parlour, voucher David Bradley's Hair Design. Most humorous jockey: male, Be Prepared, Sacred Heart School, open order Cooee Bay Marine and open order CO Electrics; female, Boxer, The Great Aussie Box, voucher GB's Hairdressing Salon. Best dressed jockey: male, Galloping Pharmacist, Stewart and Brumm Chemists, voucher Bennett's Mens Wear; female, Super Smile, Yeppoon Dental Protection Association,

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voucher Mickey Q Hair Design. Drawing competition: best drawing, Paul Dean, five video hires (J S Movie Hire); funniest drawing, Carlyn the Ciwi, five video hires (Yeppoon Video Centre). Jaffa count, Rachel Allory. Name the doll, Joanne Stephenson. Apron parade: adult, Sue Banks, LP record (Murph's Sight n Sound); lunch for one (Lantern on the Coast); child, Jolene Banks, coral stand and opal necklace (Yeppoon Shells and Gifts); one free lunch (Be Bops). Caroline Banks, four video hires (Rainbow Videos). Raffles: fruit and vegetable tray (Yeppoon Fresh Fruit and Veges), V Cole; meat tray (Angliss Savemore), F .1 Lamb; hamper of groceries (Denhams Supermarket), D McGregor; electric kettle (Findlay's Electrical), D Campbell; two coffee mugs (Irons Hardware), J Huxley; fruit tray (Seaview Fruit Shop), P Blank. Guess the winners competition, lunch for two (Kanangra Licensed Family Restaurant), J Loram. Lucky programme, voucher (Capricorn Coast Casuals), J Loram. Most funds raised by a hotel: Strand Turn Out (Phil Smith), Strand Hotel, voucher His 'n Hers Resort wear. Third, funds raised by a school, Radish, Yeppoon State School, three course dinner for one at Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Next funds raised: Flying Emu, Emu Eatery, three video hires (Rainbow Videos). Next funds raised: Travel-White, White's Tourist Services, open order Sunflower Patch. Next funds raised: Seafood and Eat it (Mark Party), Seafood and Eat it, open order Hong Kong Cafe. The generous donations of three planter boxes from Mr and Mrs Lawford at The Great Aussie Box has been held over for a raffle at a future date. Sunvisor hats donated by Victory (Great Keppel Island Tourist Services) were used as prizes for the guides and brownies. The following donations were used as prizes in the cent sale: LP record (Murph's Sight n Sound); two pairs indescratchable sunglasses (Stewart and Brumm Chemists); porcelain horse figurine (Treasure Trove); BBQ set (Mitre 10); book (Yeppoon Newsagency); voucher Higgins Pharmacy; wooden necklace (Coastal Cane); plant (Colonial Garden Supplies); blank video tape (Rainbow Videos); Cooler bag (Photo Fair); drink stirrer sets, two, (Capricorn Newsagency).


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Capricorn a" Bg..E2j Diesel Services * Engines * Pumps * Gen Sets *

Flyscreens • Security Screens Wardrobe Doors • Framed Mirrors

laser AM (Old) Truck Wheel Alignment MOBILE WORKSHOP

Tanby Road - 39 1840; 39 7622 a/

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 7

Under Tree

SPRINKLERS Hardie • Koor • En-Tal • Wingfield

AT LEFT: Retired Rockhampton Anzbulance financial officerAlf Lawrence feels he has worked harder than ever since offering to assist Yeppoon and El7111 Park District Ambulance with subscription collections and ticket sales for an art union. Mr Lawrence will become a familiarface around the Coast as he door-knocks and sells tickets throughout the area.

(Special FOR I BUYS I


A.I.S. McCracken Sales7„; Yeppoon 24 Tanby Rd 39 2277 a/h 39 7115

Under New Management ABOVE: Retired Rockhampton Ambulance financial officer Alf Lawrence feels he has worked harder than ever since offering to assist Yeppoon and E17111 Park District Ambulance with subscription collections and ticket sales for an art union. Mr Lawrence will become a familiar face around the Coast as he door-knocks and sells tickets throughout the area.

Alf Lawrence 'flat out' with QATB FORMER Rockhampton senior finance ambulance officer Alf Lawrence believes since retiring he has worked harder than ever helping out Yeppoon-Emu Park Ambulance. .Mr Lawrence has offered his assistance to the Coast's ambulance brigade, free-of-charge, to collect subscriptions and also sell tickets in the home art union. He said he felt "right at home" with the art union because his main job with Rockhampton had been to organise the home as a prize and the ticket sales. Now retired (since February 28), he will help the ambulance in its financial matters because it will "give the officers more time for ambulance duties". Mr Lawrence said it was important people subscribed to the ambulance, not only to help out with running costs but also because the cost to an injured person using the service without a subscription could add up ... "especially if you need ambulance transport to Brisbane". He outlined the possible cost for a person with hip injuries who, after being transported to Yeppoon, then Rockhampton, was referred to a Brisbane specialist. He said total costs for one way was about S1800. Subscriptions from July 1 will be S58 for a family, S51 for a single worker, S36 for a pen-

sioner couple, and S27 for a single pensioner. Mr Lawrence said this was the cost for just one-way travel ... it was generally up to the patient, unless ordered by the doctor, to find their own way back to Yeppoon. Subscriptions are usually collected yearly. Mr Lawrence said he would be doorknocking north of the Causeway Lake to Byfield in mid July, and south of the Causeway to Emu Park in February and March next year. If people would like to start a subscribition before these collection date, they can call at either the Yeppoon or Emu Park offices. Mr Lawrence is also helping sell ambulance art union tickets for a four-bedroom house in Rockhampton. He said buying tickets though the Coast office would benefit the Coast ambulance but Coast people buying tickets in Rockhampton were not helping the Coast. The Coast ambulance gets 20 per cent of all sales coming from this area but nothing from Coast people buying tickets in Rockhampton. "It is important people support the Coast QATB and the art union," he said. Closing date for the art union is October 12 with the draw on December 22. Tickets are S50 each and interested people can go to the QATB or contact Mr Lawrence on 39 2121.




39 1410

Rockhampton 49 Bolsover St 22 3680

Proprietors: Lyle & Noeleen Spyve Spare Parts Mgr: Paul Caffery Workshop A Grade Mechanics: Tony Irwin Henning Pedersen

DISCOUNT SPARES & ACCESSORIES Suppliers of Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Valves


SHELL SUPER OUTBOARD OIL while stooks available

$ 1050 4 Its INLINE FUEL FILTERS Equiv Z 14KA while stocks available

L. each


Savemore Centre 39 1700 Boneless Rolled

LAMB LEGS Seasoned or Plain


LAMB STEAKS (Minted or Plain)


Mongolian Lamb Strips

8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988


ELECTRIC MOTORS...Repairs & Rewinds Consolidated

SWIMMING POOLS priced from $8,500

• Light Engineering • We repair Pumps - Irrigation, Industrial, Pools and ... Domestic Pressure Systems Single & 3-Phase Motors . Power Tools Generator Sets, Compressors ... etc 24 hours - 7 days 59 Tanby Road

39 3310

Concrete • Vinyl lined • Fibreglass and Spas All repairs:

Brick Coppings • Pool Plumbing Tiles • Paving Deal direct with builder ...

a/h: 39 3303


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BINGO ( New Programme


Bigger Prizes

Does your...

Steering wander? or Wheels shake?

Yeppoon Town Hall

Monday, 7.30pm Every week... $300 in 90 calls $100 in 90 calls $500 in 55 calls $200 in varying calls and

WINNER TAKES ALL SPECIAL Promoter: V Caseleyr. Permit No. 52112

Fruit Pies and

Cakes * Apple * Apricot * and... Loganberry Pies SINGLE SERVE and FAMILY SIZE ...with or without cream

Cakes * Cakes * Cakes Cheesecakes * Block Cakes * Napoleons * Lamingtons * Custard and Apple Tarts Custard Tarts * Apple Fingers * Apple Turnovers *


PIES 1 Charles St, Yeppoon

39 1011

34. ABOVE: Bubblingsewage spewed out of a manhole in Appleton Park on Sunday. The force lifted the manhole lid while raw sewage, that the system couldn't cope with, oozed around the park.

Poo-lution oozes out of manhole LIVINSTONE Shire Council this week warned householders that tapping storm drain pipes into sewerage outlets was illegal. Council issued the warning after it was found a sewerage overflow in Appleton Park on Sunday could have been caused by too much stormwater. Shire engineer Pat Murphy said the overflow, in which some people reported seeing solids, could have been caused by too much water in the sewerage line. He said the pumps were only meant to handle a certain amount of water. People tap-

Rain-soaked playing fields puts stopper on weekend activities RAIN-soaked playing fields and continued wet weather put an end to many activities and sports on the Capricorn Coast on the weekend. The Wildlife Preservation Society Yeppoon branch cancelled its World Environment Day Fair on Sunday, while Queen Quest entrants had to postpone their car rally. The Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service was unable to carry out its annual collections in many areas and will now rely on donors dropping money into its office. CapCoast Rugby Union Club games were rained out and the Seagull's home game was eventually played in Rockhampton. Australian Rules, tennis, golf, bowls and soccer suffered similar fates after rain soaked the Coast late last week. Yeppoon Wildlife Preservation Society president Pat O'Brien said a decision was made early on Sunday to cancel the World Environment Fair.


CATERPILLAR D4D House allotments ... Levelled & Cleared General Land Clearing Ripping Dam Sinking and De-Silting

$40 per hour

ping stormwater pipes into the sewerage created a situation where the pumps could not cope with the flow. Even the back-up pumps could not handle the amount of water that probably went through during last week's wet weather. Mr Murphy said not only was it illegal to tap into the sewerage, but it was also a possible health hazard. Mr Murphy said people should be using any stormwater drainage system or a kerbing and channel system, if available.

LOS & Huon

Rotary Hoeing ... 100" Cut Slashing Post Hole Digging Disc Ploughing


27 9548


$30 per hour

DON'T MISS the ANGORA GOATS at Yeppoon Show • See the region's top Angora Goats

He said despite efforts to reach people, some still turned out for the day's activities. Mr O'Brien said that, as a result, a couple of stalls were erected and nature walks and other activities were held. "It was disappointing to have the fair cancelled because many people worked hard organising it," Mr O'Brien said. "It's no use postponing because World Environment Day is held on June 5 and no other date. "It means next year's World Environment Day will be bigger and better than the one we had planned for this year." Sunday's car rally organised by the nine Livingstone Shire Bicentennial Queen Quest entrant s was also postponed. It will now be held on Sunday, June 26. Rally drivers and passengers leave from Savemore Centre at 1.30pm. What follows will be a 100km set course which organisers say will be a test of skill ... not speed. ollowing the rally, which ends at Yeppoon Showground, there will be a barbecue. Proceeds from the day will be split among the five charity entrants. The annual Blue Nurses Door Knock appeal was only partly completed because of the weather. The appeal dates cannot be changed and people who did not see a collector are asked to drop off their donations to the Yeppoon centre in Normanby Street or post them. About S8000 was raised last year. So far this year about $5000 has been raised and another $3000 is still needed for running costs. It is the Blue Nurse's main fundraising activity and the centre is dependent on the money for wages and for its running costs. Yeppoon has three full-time nurses, and three casuals who help out when needed. Rugby Union's A grade and under-19 games were washed out while the Rugby League Seagulls played Black-water at Rockhampton's Gymnasium grounds. For the Seagulls, it was a case of cancel, or sink, at the Showground. Showground officials decided the fields could be badly damaged if play was allowed to continue for the Seagull's home game. The change of venue didn't deter the Seagulls from romping home in the game against Black-water.

• See the Mohair Products on display


Capri Chickens and Seafoods

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We • Check your Front End • Balance Front Wheels • Full Alignment See our experts for a Wheel Alignment and Balance

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Tina's Eastern Takeaway Open Thursday-Tuesday Noon to 8.30pm Pattison St, Emu Park 39 6649

Colonial Gardens

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You need...


New releases at Yeppoon Show, June 11 and 12 See our enormous range of plants and flowering plants as well as the fruit and vegetable display from The Pineapple Patch


7 days a week 1Rockhampton Road 39 4078 (opp the golf club) 8.30am - 5.30pm I

(Everyday Specials

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 9

Bicentennial Show to visit Rockhampton

AT RIGHT: Cec and Dawn Redinger have a lot to smile about because for the first time in eight _years they visited Great Keppel Island. Despite being in a wheelchair (a result of a stroke 15 years ago) Mrs Redinger gads about with her husband. The trip was a Mother's Day present after their three children were unable to return home for the occasion. They said they thoroughly enjoyed their trip which was made easier through the help given by Denison Star staff. They plan to spend about two weeks on the island later this month.

•Ph. orders 39 1397 Weals, snacks *Juices, vitamins *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397


Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 & children 50c

Hill St, Yeppoon - 392386, 391313a/h

Coastal Carriers General Carriers

Express Parcel Delivery Dep. R'ton/Yeppoon 3 times daily Phone Joyce ... 22


or after hours Col Bailey ... 33 6582


Natasha Higgins packing home comforts for cruise on Tall Ship CAPRICORN Coast teenager Natasha Higgins is throwing in all the comforts of home to spend 10 days on board the Tall Ship, Young Endeavour, during the school holidays. Natasha, 16, is in Year 12 at Yeppoon State High School. She learned this week her name had been selected, along with 23 others, from hundreds of applicants. The chance to join the Young Endeavour during its sail north happened when she saw an advertisement asking 16 to 18-year-olds to apply for a position on one-of-three legs. Natasha jumped at the chance to join the Tall Ship during its Mackay-Townsville leg. She found out three weeks ago that her name had been drawn along with 23 other boys and girls for that particular leg.

Bring your pool to BioGuard. CAPRICORN COAST

Pool Maintenance for your Pool Sales & Service

33 6198

YEPPOON Primary School Parents and Citizens' Association is giving potential billy cart drivers a chance to test skill and speed on Sunday, July 31, at 8.30am. The association is holding a Billy Cart Derby, which will be a forerunner to Rockhampton's derby during August and is an excellent opportunity to test out carts. There are only seven weeks to go before this derby and drivers should start building carts now. All drivers will be required to wear

SALON 24's Heidi Oration again cut her

way to victory in a hairdressing competition on Saturday. Heidi was placed first in.both the men's and females' fashion cut for first and second year apprentices. There were about 20 competitors in each event. Most attend college with Heidi. For the first time, Rockhampton's Technical and Further Education College held a competition for apprentices. Salon 24 proprietor Ann Devlin said other TAFE centre's held a competition, but it was a first in Rockhampton last weekend. The hairdressing championship was held in the Rockhampton Shopping Fair on Saturday. Ann Devlin said she was pleased with Heidi's efforts. She said Heidi had started working for Salon 24 as an apprentice 12 months ago but before that worked part-time on Saturdays.

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1




39 4223

James Street Monday - Saturday:

protective clothing and helmets. Brakes will be compulsory in most divisions while organisers hope all drivers will install brakes on their carts for all races. Tow hooks will also be required. There are six divisions: juniors to age seven; standard billy carts without ball, needle or roller bearings; standard billy carts with bearing wheels; super-modifieds which are enclosed vehicles driven by juniors under 16; commercial speed carts; novelty carts (anything). Nominations close at 8.30am on the day, organisers are still preparing entry fees, venue, sponsors and trophies but warn competitors to start gearing up.




Lunch, noon to 2pm Dinner, 6pm to 8pm


Noon to 3pm

39 3106

ROYAL HOTEL KEPPEL SANDS Exiends a welcome to all visitors for a friendly drink XXXX and Carlton on tap

The Ititigkteet tittle ballot .eit Ike Coat

iPizzazz J

(Third block from beach)

( Eat in or take-away) Phone orders to ... 39


The Best Way to enjoy Meat!'



Charcoal Grill BYO EAT IN or TAKE-AWA Phone orders..39 2433 Opp Railway Station between Pacific & Railway Hotels


1111111 MOM WM NMI MI IMMO .....

Capri Chickens and ea oo


Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon

MIR MI WPM 11111111

Hot and Cold Chickens Fish and Chips Soft Drinks • Milk Ice Creams



1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1



I Whitman Street, Yeppoon Phoneyour 391199 ! %,.........................................



$12.99 12; 24; 36 exp

frond" Kodak Gold 100ASA 24 exposures film

Over 2500 movies in stock front $1.

Evia Building, Normanby St Next to TAB

She and another Rockhampton girl will be the only Central Queenslander on board. The remaining "crew" come from around the State. The young crew will be expected to do anything from cleaning to scrubbing the deck. Even the thought of having to work during her holidays doesn't bother Natasha. She can't wait for the June 21 departure day to roll around. The only requirments needed for the cruise were a medical certificate and an ability to swim 50m. Natasha said organisers had also sent books and information about knots and general other seamanship rules. Natasha realises -the trip won't be just a holiday cruise but the chance to join the crew of a Tall Ship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She said beach activities and other events were also part of the cruise.

Yeppoon Primary School wants billy-carts readied for big race

Heidi cuts her way to victory en you close your Neglect pod with BioGuard. your pod Our pros can tell you this winter and you may have some nasty all you need to know. surprises next Spring. So your pool is ready for fun in Spring. Stains. Scaling. Make your pod a Damaged equipment. And expensive repairs. party! Winterize with But you avoid all this BioGuard.


CENTRAL Queensland is one-of-six planned stops for the Australian Bicentennial Authority's travelling visual exhibition show. The first of these six visits will be at Mt Isa on June 25 and will continue through to Cairns from July 7-10, Townsville July 16-19, Rockhampton July 26-29, Maryborough August 5-8 and Toowooba August 14-17. The exhibition will be stopping at 34 Australian centres during the year travelling in about 20,000km. It has already been seen in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Eighty-seven vehicles move the show from place-to-place giving country Australians a look at the nation's past, present and future. The colourfully painted pantechnicons open into six displays containing objects and images aimed at provoking education and exploration; highlighting challenges taken on by Australia and also what it means to be Australian. The exhibition takes on a different identity each time it stops and participating locals contribute displays about their main industries and activities. Live performances by bands, school choirs, Aboriginal corroborees and fashion shows add to the atmosphere. Tickets go on sale two days before the opening at each location.

Ike Stutiestum Pat&


Try a delicious counter meal at the ...




10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988


Sandy's CAFE

Fast Food * Chickens * Bait * Fish 'n' Chips *

7 days — 7am to 8pm Phone orders to 39 1033

ALL TAKEAWAYS Open from 7.30am 7 days-a-week SIT-DOWN MEALS

Normanby Street, Yeppoon

Dining out in Yeppoon

39 7144 KANANGRA Licensed Family Restaurant BOOKINGS


Buffet Style Menu SPECIALTY NIGHTS First Friday and Saturday in month July 1 and 2 SPANISH/MEXICAN

Eat as 'ltch as you like!

Children Welcome Under 14: Half Price Pre-Schoolersi free OPEN: Friday Night $14; Saturday Night $16; Sunday Lunch $12

`I'arttern ?a,estaurattt on the Coast 123 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon

Rapesperrevcalatr t Ls 39 2318


OPEN: Fri, Sat, Pub. Hols from 6pm Sundays 11.30am

exotic Indonesian Rijstaffel on Sunday Every Sunday enjoy Roast and Smorgasbord Adults: $14 Children u/13 & Pens: $7

Super-fast AQUAJET & magnificent VICTORY xi&

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY and AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island and the Underwater Observatory.

INFORMATION and BOOKINGS: 33 6744; 27 2948 a/h


Reliue the past at —

Saturday & Sunday ...from 10am, last guests through gates 3pm Emu Park Road '~

Tours... every Monday and Thursday 9.30am and 130pm


You are invited to wander through this historical complex of houses, antiques and a street of churches.

Home made sandwiches and cakes air available, • but you air welcome to bring your own and picnic under the tires. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are on sale in one of the church halls. Weddings, Conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome Group bookings are available


Inquiries: Mrs J Ward,

39 6466 and 28 1560

• 1 /7"

• -7

WIN //




7 %

%ft /

// /




Gift Vouchers


mesemeessener, 11111Pali

Stevie Wright • will bring back memories for former fans of Easybeats... and the sixties! WHEN Stevie Wright hits the stage at La Bamba tonight (Friday), hundreds will be taken back in time to an era when the Easybeats were Australia's top rock group. Hits like Friday on My Mind, She's So Fine, For My Woman, Woman, In My Book, Easy as can be, Sad and Lonely and Blue, Sony and I'll Make You Happy, topped the charts between '65 and '67. In 1987 the ex-Easybeats singer formed a new group, Hard Rain, and started on the come-back trail with a bevy of blockbusting '60s hits. The Bicentennial year has been an historic time for Australians ... even more so for Stevie who has spent the past decade out of the rough and tumble world of music, except for a couple of performances in 1980 and 1986. His performance during The Royal Bicentennial Concert showed signs of more to come and he spent the following months touring Victoria and Adelaide. The reception from audiences has assured Stevie his efforts to revive the Easybeats hits from the '60s won't go unnoticed. Already fellow ex-Easybeats Harry Vanda and George Young have helped out with the recording of a single in March. La Bamba has scored a coup by having Stevie Wright singing tonight. Older Coast residents will remember the impact the Easybeats had ... some have said the group's songs produced a following in Australia close to that of Beatlemania. Younger rock 'n'roll fanswill now have the chance to see a legend in action. To refresh older rockers' memories, The Easybeats soared to fame during the '60s and, at one stage, they produced a string of double A side hit singles and EPs which produced a separate hit with each and every track. The Beatles' Sgt Peppers album stole some of the limelight, when it wasreleased in Australia, but the Easybeats still enjoyed fame until the early '70s. Stevie, at this time, spent about two years performing in the hit musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. He, Vanda and Young then wrote singles, which again dominated the rock scene in the mid '70s. In 1980 Stevie appeared at the Concert of the Decade. His only other appearance after that time was in April, 1986, at a Sydney Hotel.


ar. 444

ca7 ' 01

ABOVE: These boys weren't afraid of getting sports being cancelled due to rain. Instead Showgroundfor a quick dip and game. Fror Michael Toon, Nigel Halloran, Anthony Sti

TOP CASH PURSE • CONTINUED chop block class for three-men teams. It is the first time at Yeppoon Show and about five teams arc expected." Cr Dorey said the woodchops thisyear had attracted its biggest cash purse, S1060. for Saturday's six-event programme. Well known axemen, including Des Stumer from Biloela, will be contesting the A and B championships. A last-minute decision by society members has resulted in an additional toilet block. The new pavilion has cost about 532,000 and another S4000 was spent in building a male and female toilet block, with wide doors for wheelchair access. The new pavilion has a canteen section with built-i44 sinks, oven, and a cafeteria-style servery. Cr Dorey said 190 people could now be comfortably seated in the pavilion. This is 110 more than in past years. The Yeppoon, Byfield and Emu Park Historical Societies will be using part of the new pavilion. The historical display takes up about--nine metres of the building. Additional facilities have also been built for the stud beef and cattle shows on Sunday. A new ramp will make unloading animals much easier. The cattle-holding paddock, across the creek, can hold 200 head. An extra judging rina and warm-up ring will help reduce time lost t'through large entries in the equestrian events. Some classes, in past years, had up to 28 entries. All horse, cattle, dog, goat and woodchop top award winnerswill be given specially struck

Let Capricorn Backpackers whisk you away to this fabulous, tropical Coral Cay on the Great Barrier Reef



Mr Griese only started breeding Ang( goats 12 months ago but his interest goes ba‘..., to the early '70s when he managed a hotel/ motel in Canberra. An Angora goat convention was a regular event in Canberra in the '70s and he met many top breeders when they stayed at the hotel/ motel he managed. His interest in goats was only from the sideline because he moved around for a number of years before finally settling in Yeppoon. Mr Griese noticed there wasn't a section for Angora goats in the Yeppoon Show so he started it by sponsoring the champion of cham-

North West Island


BEHIND the bright lights, the side-show rides, the exhibits and events at any Show there are people who have devoted hours of their time to planning and preparing one section. Some, like Bert Griese of Capricorn Seafoods, do it because they are interested in what is happening and want to further promote a particular interest so others can enjoy it as well. Five years ago Mr Griese, by sponsoring a goat show during the Yeppoon Show, made it possible for a new section, the Angora goat show. Angora goat breeders now regard the Yeppoon Show's events as an important stop on the show circuit.

There's another world waiting for you just 100km from Australia...

p5•,4,7: 7/


• Camp under a tropical sky from 1 night or 21 nights • Only $50 a night includes • Accommodation • All Meals • Snorkeling • Jungle walks • Fishing

Full details from Yeppoon Bac!

Ca ericorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 11


ere are now 13 classes, including pure Does, pure bred Bucks, grade Does and.wethers. The show not only highlights the animals but also finished articles made from their fleece. Mohair (fleece) jumpers and dresses as well as other products will be an important feature of the Angora goat displays this year. Mr Griese said it gave people a more complete picture to see where Mohair came from and the ways it could be used. The animal, and the quality of its fleece, are major points for judging. This year's judge,

Ron Carter from Tansley, near Eukey, is one of Australia's top Angora breeders. It will be Mr Carter's job to judge the goats on size, shape, conformation and fleece quality. He will also look to see which animals have the least amount of kemp (course wool) in their fleece. Mr Griese said he had never entered goats before and was still making a decision on whether he would enter one of his animals this year. He said he sponsored the goat section to further the interest of Angora goats in the Central Queensland area.


wet on the weekend despite many acavues and they made use of a huge puddle at Yeppoon left is Shaun Pedderwood, Patrick Swayze, Jayne and Steven Richmond.

FOR WOODCHOP FROM PA GE 1 Bicentennial medallions. Forty smaller medallions will be presented in champion events and a further 60 Bicentennial mugs, made by committee member Val Barnett, will be given to section winners. Atkinson's Pavilion has more undercover space, inside and outside, and is well taken up with displays of fine art and pottery. A special feature at this year's show will be the static display by Yeppoon State. High School. Many subject areas form this display. Missing this year will be the caged bird display. Mr Dorey said organisers, Mr and Mrs Croydon, had been unable to work the display. "Mrs Croydon was injured in an accident earlier this year and their display, which is always a crowd pleaser, will be missed," Cr Dorey said. Attempts to have trotting excluded from the programme were quickly stopped. Cr Dorey said trotting had never been a profitable - exercise but was a great crowd pleaser. "The way trotters turn-out their animals makes it an attractive event to watch," he said. "For that reason, trotting will always be included in the programme." Sideshow alley will be filled to capacity. Cr Dorey said each year larger rides were filling the spaces and more entertaining attractions were being added by Showmen's Guild members. Yeppoon Show opens at 8am on Saturday. The night programme starts about 6pm and ends at 9pm. Sunday's events open at 7.30am and the show is expected to finish about 5pm.

Drama festival offers 5 plays from 4 groups Yeppoon Little Theatre's Festival of Drama gets underway on Saturday at 8pm. The festival started five years ago to give amateur groups a chance to get together. The groups compete for trophies but the value gained from seeing other clubs perform; the way they interpret scripts, and the critique given by the judge, are the main reason for attending. Organisers said five plays performed by four groups would be offered over two nights. Three plays will be featured on Saturday with the other two, plus supper, on Sunday night. For the first time, Wowan Amateur Theatre group will be participating. They start proceedings on Saturday with a farce, "Its a Crust", followed by Rockhampton Backyard Theatre's "Bill's Barbecue" and Yeppoon's drama, "We'll dress her like Shirley Temple," directed by Paul Peterson. Yeppoon Little Theatre starts the ball roiling on Sunday with a comedy, "Room 22". Capricornia Institute players will follow with a mystery/drama called "Mrs Thalley F". Supper follows these two plays while the adjudicates, Ron Verburgt prepares a summary and deliberates before presenting his critique and the awards. Organisers said everyone was welcome to attend performances. Spokesman Rosalie Steyn said performers would be able to meet other performers and would also mix with the audience. She said the audience could talk to actors and the adjudicator to learn how a play was directed and also ask questions of anyone involved both front and backstage. A special festival ticket is S9 or it's S5 a night. Tickets will be available at the door.

Stevie Wright (Ex-Easybeats) The Little Black-Eyed Bruiser IS BACK FOR ONE NIGHT, Friday, June 10,

with his band

Tonight, Friday, Tonight

HARD RAIN The Coast's Finest Cuisine / FULLY a-la-carte estaurant


Freshest Seafood International Delicacies

This Week at

Rocky's Show `helps Yeppoon YEPPOON Show Society president Cr Brian Dorey believes the Yeppoon Show has never been disadvantaged running one week before Rockhampton's show ... he believes it helps, more than hinders. Cr Dorey said many top international and State horsemen and cattlemen used the Yeppoon Show as a prelude to Rockhampton Show. Rockhampton's Show was a major event on the Show circuit and many used Yeppoon as a warm-up to the followingweek's programme. And, despite competition from other activities, the show has reported a steady increase in patronage in the past fewyears. "People like the Show because it's small but interesting," Cr Dorey said.

• An Idyllic Tropical Island for just $50 a night plus Reefseeker fare • Professionally-led tours depart Yeppoon Backpackers on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays (Weather Permitting) from June 5 to 19. SCUBA Diving and Courses from • $16 per dive (inc gear); Free snorkelling and fishing.

(packers - 39 2122.

Tonight's the Night!

Or call in at 12 Anzac Parade, YEPPOON


39 3212

THURSDAY, June 16 Australia's Top Country Rock Band

Kakadu featuring legendary guitarist

Phil Emmanuel Keep Watching La Bamba's Noticeboard • June 17 & 18: Overactive Minds • June 23: Fire up with Bill & Boyd • June 12: Fats Thommo

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988' EX Emu Park Police officer in charge Bob and Carol Ubergang have a daughter, TaraLea. They contacted the office this week so everyone would know ... and be as delighted as they are. •


`Optometrist and

Contact Lens Practitioner

Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 1 pm A/H appointment. \•••• 39 4276

36 James St _e 39 4077

Col Turton

YEPPOON Town Hall will be the venue for Yeppoon Pensioners League cent sale and hoy morning on Thursday, July 14. The league's comperes, Marge Cornell and Phyl Rumpf, are in charge and anyone who would like to donate items for the cent sale and hoy can leave them with Marge, Phyl, Pat King or Bill Shuttlewood. Everyone welcome. *** THE Order of St Luke, Capricorn Coast, will hold a healing service at Christ Church, Emu Park, on Tuesday June 14 at 7.30 pm. All welcome. Inquiries to J Taylor, 39 7015. *** REMINDER. The Diabetic meeting is on Tuesday, June 14 in the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (between the council chambers and hospital) starting at 7.30 pm. *** THE Probus Club of Yeppoon will present an evening of slides of the Antarctic produced and shown by Ted Upton. The date is Thursday, June 16 and the venue Keppel Bay Sailing Club at 7.30pm. A light supper will be provided and the admission of Si is to defray expenses.


!dam- Coaatitsei WINTER '88 is an exhibition of paintings, pottery, china painting and woodturning at the Paint Pot Gallery on the corner of Queen and Hill Streets, Yeppoon. It will be opened on Saturday, June 25 at 2pm by Cr Brian Dorey. The artists are all regular exhibitors and patronswill enjoy this new display of Coast talent. Interstate and overseas visitors have been delighted with the range of art available on the Coast. ***

YEPPOON Scout Group committee is looking for used scout and cub uniforms to build up a swap shop. Donations of uniforms would be (OPTICAL MECHANIC) welcome and if anyone would like to sell their own, the committee is prepared to do so on a Full-time Service & Repairs commission basis. to *** Contact Mery Leslie, 39 3317 or Bob Walls, Spectacles and Sunglasses 39 2207 if you are interested in donating, selling DATE CLAIMER: Friday, June 10. Emu Park or buying. Bowls Club barbecue tea with entertainment Monday to Saturday *** by Ron Gibson. EMU Park Pensioners League May social held in the Cultural hall was a mixture ... autumn songs and a Queensland flag presentation by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Everyone who celebrated a birthday in May was wished the best and The Evergreens sang You Will Never Grow Old. For all your... Check our shop Mr Hinton, when presenting the flag, told the for each week's special • BREAD audience about the history of the flag's symbols and The Evergreens finished off with The • BREAD ROLLS Savernore Shop Sunshine State. rFRESH, • CAKES The afternoon's entertainment started with Open 7 days two songs from Alf Marcombe. Pearl Curry to noon \ DAILY" Sam Sunday, • PIES etc danced and sang, Win Nelson was pianist and Stan Nelson did a great job as compere. Tony Ceff played the violin accompanied by Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 Win on piano and then Win recited one of her 14 William St, Rockhampton 27 7959 I many numbers. George and Maureen Turner sang a duet and George Cooper entertained the delighted audience with a song on his mouth organ. Joyce Buehow, Peg Stevens and Carol Taylor combined in a lovely song. The Evergreens sang a bracket of Mothers Day tunes. When afternoon tea finished, Mrs Hall, Dot Close and George Turner rendered numbers. Raffles were won by Marcie Wyer, Pearl Curry, Beryl Nolan and Vera Comes. Visitors from Sunset Lodge, Yeppoon and Rockhampton enjoyed the afternoon's entertainment. The next social is on June 29. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, June 11. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's electrical.


LOOKING for work or a change in career Youth Access Centre at the North Rockhampton CES has information on a wide range of careers, education possibilities and can help you apply for a job. Visit the Youth Access Centre display at Yeppoon Show this weekend. *** BI-CENTENNIAL Queen Quest entrant Tanya Benson drew one of her raffles this week. The hamper of goods was won by Mr P Shaw, Site 64, Beachside Caravan Park. The drawing was witnessed by Barry Cross of the Sunflower Patch. Barry is a Justice of the Peace. *** INTERESTED in gemstones, cutting and fossicking? Go to Yeppoon Lapidary Clubrooms in Yeppoon Showground any Saturday at 1pm. *** THE next Giggle and Gossip luncheon is on Monday, July 11 at La Bamba. *** YEPPOON Bowls Club will have a special evening on Saturday, June 25 in the clubhouse. There will be music, dancing, items and supper will be served. *** LAUREL Ladies meet at 9.30am on Friday June 24 at the Yeppoon RSL Hall. At 10.30am they and their friendswill leave for the Aboriginal and Islanders Cultural Centre. Then at noon will go to the Rockhampton Mall and leave there at 2pm. Anyone who has not nominated may contact Dorothy, 39 1661. ***

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Mickey Q 39 3022 Hair Design James St EMU PARK LIVING WORD CENTRE


Savemore T4,44464411--ali Boutique Centre 39 2490

Bakehouse eauty Therapy Clinic nerl' Jenny's Beauty Spot and Jody's Nails


eyebrow wax and eyelash tint with every facial Acrylic Nails: $30 usually $45

' \OPENING JUNE 14) 54 Normanby Street, Yeppoon 39 3217 Yeppoon Little Theatre presents ...

SIXTH FESTIVAL OF DRAMA 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, June 11 and 12 Yeppoon Town Hall Festival ticket: $9 Tickets available at door

Nightly ticket: $5

DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, June 14, 7.30pm Yeppoon State High Parents and Citizens meeting. *** DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, June 15. Yeppoon Lioness changeover at Kanangra Restaurant, 7pm. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, June 18. Emu Park RSL social dinner dance. All members and friends welcome. *** DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, June 21. Cent sale, 2pm, QATB centre, James Street, Yeppoon. Jackpot, lucky door, special prize. Free admission. *** DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, June 22. Cent sale and rose show, 10am, St James Anglican Women's Guild hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, June 25, 2pm. Winter '88 exhibition, Paint Pot Gallery. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, July 9. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's electrical. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, July '9. Formal Bicentennial Ball, Yeppoon Town Hall. *** DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, July 27. Cent sale, 10am,_ St James Hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon. Admission 60 cents. St James Guild. *** DATE CLAIMER: Sunday, July 31. Billycan Derby organised by Yeppoon Primary State School Parents and Citizens. Inquiries, John Arnold, 39 3314. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, August 6. St James fete in the church grounds.

where born again Christians meet SUNDAYS: Worship Communion Children's activities 10am CWA Hall. Emu Park All other meetings at the Centre "Carmel". 6 Emu Street. Emu Park SUNDAYS: 6.30pm, Gospel Outreach WEDNESDAYS: 10am, Ladies meeting WEDNESDAYS: 7.30pm, Praise meeting EVERYBODY WELCOME Inquiries and Counselling ... Pastors Eric and Kath Davies 39 6147 or 39 6014


Vaughan's Furniture


77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON 39 1645 Specialists in...

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Tanby Roses Chocorislatt e Stop your Intedlom Agent in the centre of town!

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 13. DON'T forget the TAFE open day on Saturday at the Emu Park Cultural Centre from 10am to noon. - The morning has been organised so that all will be able to sec what courses are available in leisure and hobby. Microwave cooking, barbecue cooking, sewing, pottery, bricklaying, art and stretch sewing will all be displayed ... and you can see what you want to do. Organisers also hope to have applique, patchwork, personal grooming and deportment displays.

A. J. Ralston and Associates LTD (OPTOMETRISTS) and

Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649


THERE'S an extra person at the Mirror for a few weeks while Sandra is on holidays ... Pat Andersen. She has retired from the Yellow Door Book Exchange and had some time on her hands so she is typing copy for us. *** MARY McLean, Pauline Willis, Michelle Ahern and Avis Mallory were the lucky people who won prizes at St James May cent sale. Avis won the special competition and redonated her prize for the June cent sale ... she donated it in the first place. The June cent sale will be combined with the Rose Show. ***

TUESDAY, June 14 is the day for the next Yeppoon Pensioners' League social starting at 1pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. All pensioners are welcome ... afternoon tea is provided • and admission is free. *** A social outing to Zilzie Beach by Keppel Bay Shell Club members is planned for June 26 . picnic and shell collecting starts at 10am. 28 7525 for details.

008 026 222



THE next Capricorn Coast Red Cross branch meeting is on June 17 and will be held at Joan Gibbons home, Poinciana Avenue, Tarangaba at noon. Lunch will be served before the meeting. tee

CAPRICORN Coast pensioners. The free concert organised by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright willl be held in Yeppoon Town Hall on Sunday, June 19, starting at 1pm. Dave Woodward's painting, donated by him to the league, will be drawn at the concert. There are still some tickets available. The social is for all Coast pensioners, not just members of pensioner leagues. tee ANOTHER Probus Club date to remember is the dinner/dance at Kanangra Restaurant on Wednesday, June 29. It is also handover to new officers night. The evening and meal will be Italian style. The meeting will start at 6.30 pm. Details from secretary George Hillier, 39 3611. *** INTERESTED in impro,,ing your speaking and listening skills? Go along to the Yeppoon CWA hall. Toastmasters meet every first and third Wednesday of the month. The meetings are lighthearted, friendly, interesting and productive ... learn by doing. The next meetina is on June 15 ... just go along to the CWA°hall at 7.30pm, men and women welcome. If you need more details contact Sally Tickle, 39 4011. tee

A recently formed fun musical group called :ealous Troupers Fun Band made its debut at the Bauhinia House Senior Citizens social on Tuesday, June 7. Members are from Zilzie and Emu Park with the only musical instrument a concertina backed by home-made noise makers. It is a fun group that delighted the audience so much they all joined in clapping, singing and calling for more. Band leader Ella Lewis handled the concertina and soprano soloist Crystal Philp soprano sang Wooden Heart followed by bass singer Alex Bacon's rendition of Shenandoah. The group hopes to appear at aged people's homes in the area.

ANYONE for tennis at Emu Park! Victory Tennis Club has Monday social club games at 10am for members and Friday games for everyone at 7pm. Contact Lexie Bennett, 33 6559 if you want to join or just play. The courts, next to Bell Park, can be hired by individuals or groups ... go across to Millroys Store, they have all the information, 39 6280. tee

YEPPOON Camera Club meets the second Monday of each month, 8pm at the RSL Hall. *** YEPPOON Pensioners League members wishing to attend the Rockhampton show next Friday or just to do a spot of shopping are advised that transport leaves from Yeppoon Railway Station area at 9am. For seats on this bus contact bus captain Patricia King, 39 2109.

ABOVE: William and Glenda Coxan celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with family and friends at Rockhampton's Tickles Restaurant. Mr Coxan, 77, who celebrated with their seven children and their families were married on May 17, 1938.

benefit country people. Call the Commonwealth Answer Line for the cost of For example — a local call. Co-ordinated by • USING THE CES TO FIND the Department of Primary A JOB Industries and Energy, the • ENERGY MANAGEMENT Answer Line is staffed • ASSISTANCE FOR ISOLATED from 9am — 9pm Monday CHILDREN to Friday, to help you with • ENGLISH LANGUAGE information about programs TRAINING FOR MIGRANTS and services which might


c5afon 24

Phone 39 2198

Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (on the Beachfront) When only the most Professional staff will do


D I ... winner of the Male and Female Fashion Cuts

• Skin

Bair anas


WOMEN'S social tennis at Cooee Park tennis courts, Tuesdays from 9.30am. Visitors don't have to join the club and are very welcome. If you want a hit, just go along or if you are shy contact Glad Chapman, 39 1054 or Nita Bowman, 39 1836. Beginners are welcome and racquets can be hired. *** HOY every Friday, Emu Park CWA hall at 9.30am. The dollar cost includes morning tea.

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SUNDAY, June 12 10am, Yeppoon Town Hall

6pm, Camp at Coolwaters

39 2198

For Normal, Resistant, Tinted and Frosted Hair. Vector's low Ph alkaline perm represents a new direction for permanent waving. The perm's result is gentle to hair and leaves hair shiny and manageable.


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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988"

Mirror Classifieds 39 4244 Capricorn Coast


Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinks Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4763, and the office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244, We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon, Wedneiday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS MANY Happy Returns Shane the Great on your 17th for Saturday, June 11. From the family

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health, 39 1469, 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays. 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152.


Yeppoon's Own

Sadies 4 We Clean and Tidy • Houses • Units • Flats • • Motels • Offices •

Prices so competitive you won't be able to do without us! Weekly, Monthly or Complete Springclean

Phone 39 4318 or 39 7969


Joseph Kenna and Co


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For all Taxation and Business Advice

SAVEMORE CENTRE YEPPOON Tuesday: Jeff Buntain Thursday: Jeff Carlos


39 2132

224 Quay Street, Rockhampton Phone 27 3122

24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

Muppets in Town Saturday, July 30 St Ursula's Hall


Accounting Services Business Advice Taxation Services

POSITIONS VACANT UNEMPLOYED living on the Coast. Volunteer work in child care, clerical work, sports, supervisors, available now. Contact Community Volunteer Programme on 22 2352 or Yeppoon CES for appointment.

Coastal Pet and Garden Care


Reliable care for pets & plants in your home ... when you're on holidays

39 1294

74 James Street (next to the Rock) Phone

PUBLIC NOTICES DID you see the night rainbow last Wednesday, at about eight? Wasn't it beautiful? Wendy, David and Marie. QUOTE wanted: Painting exterior, low set timber home. Phone 39 4411. COMPUTER tuition available one-to-one. Child/ teenager/adult. Reasonable charge. 33 6146. ALYSON Macdonald, Physiotherapist, 21 Hill Street, Yeppoon regrets that her rooms will be closed from Monday June 6 to Tuesday June 14. Her clinic will re-open on Wednesday June 15. Please phone 33 6621 after 6pm for appoint. ments. CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway. Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. CARD reading, Tarot cards and palm. Ph 39 6905 for appointment.

39 3642


Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!!

39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm

NOTICE is hereby given thatan application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1) Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: "Bristol Vale", Kinka. MS1626, Yeppoon. 4703. Lot 2, RP 12846. Par Hewittville. (2) Area of the land: 331.2 hectares. (3) Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): 1.9 km. (4)Nature of Proposed Use: Extractive Industries. (5) Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: Nil. (6)Numberof motorvehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: Nil. (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: One. (8)Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Front end loader and dozer. (9)Zone in which the land is included: Rural A. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copythereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 27th June, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or beforethe abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be adr essed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated asthe person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 735.


Professional Accountants and Business Advisors We maximise your profits and minimize your costs Our Yeppoon office is now attended on both Tuesday - Judith (Julie) Ward, and Wednesday Tony Edwards Rockhampton 274588 - Yeppoon (Tues, Wed), 39 1766 Brisbane. 07/2064577 - Emerald, 821240

ATTENTION ALL BOATIES! Keppel Sands Coastguard needs your assistance with the construction of Hie Radio and Radar Surveillance Centre. This Unit will be capable of cyclone and storm watch, and assist search and rescue at sea. DONATIONS are Tax Deductible and attract State Government Subsidy. Contact Q.F.20 Coast Guard, Keppel Sands, or Phone 27 6576 anytime.

PLEASE HELP; Your Donation could save Your Life!

TRADEWORK Kevin Pearce


in 1 Bucket • Extender Hoe

Block Clearing - Tree Lopping Available 24hrs a day

39 7646 all hours


39 3499

SPECIALISING IN ALL TYPES OF * EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE *, No loading for weekends Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

FURNITURE Restoration * Repairs * Polishing

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Phone Hans — 39 3746

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Pacific Heights, Yeppoon OPEN Friday, Saturday 6pm Sunday Lunch, noon Any other nights for parties or lunches.


Gents Hairdressing business for sale

Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day



Central Qld Fibreglass (alongside Airstrip)


39 6038

33 6363 a/h

HALL FOR HIRE Large two room hall with kitchen and open Queensland style verandah in centre of Yeppoon. The building is highset, fully concreted under and partly concreted yard. Ideal for youth organisations, ballet classes, yoga, women's craft groups, cent sales, bingo games, church meetings, exercise classes, fashion parade nights, most functions.

REASONABLE RENT Contact treasurer: 33 6406 a/h ADVERTISEMENT

Denis Hinton r-"1 •

your Local Member for

Broadsound SAT, June 11

SUN, June 12




Open Yeppoon Show Evening: Marlborough & District Lions Club annual changeover night Keppel Sands Bush Fire Brigade Family Fun Day, Keppel Sands

MON, June 13

Yeppoon Show

TUES, June 14

Yeppoon Office Morning: Yeppoon office Afternoon: Keppel Coast Small Schools Assn Sports at Keppel Sands School

WED, June 15

Repairs * Fabrications

* Refurbishing

Show Plastics Industries FREE QUOTES 39 4519 Emu Park

48 Nelson Street

Panel Beating and Spray Painting Rust & Restoration • Windscreens fitted

B & J Wells 39 6436

PAINTING and WALLPAPERING Workmanship guaranteed s 18 years in Yeppoon •

Vince Hannan

39 1513

HEAVY Diesel Mechanic Marine • Agriculture • Refrigeration and general Oxy and Welding

Earthmoving Equipment Night and 39 6638 Phone Allan Day Rates 39 6869 Yeppoon and C Q

Painting Contractors Johnson and Corbett

THURS, June 16 Yeppoon office FRI, June 17

Meeting Tasmanian Premier Robin Grey

1st Floor, Seaview Arcade, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

• Decorators • Paperhangers • • Domestic • Commercial • • Special Finishes •

Competitive Quotes

39 2425 anytime

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 15. r




Peter and Toni Carpet Cleaning Emu Park — 39 6178

ELECTRICAL Service * Installations * Repairs * * Maintenance * Safety Checks *


Phone 39 7950


39 6714

Corney's PriceRite Hardware 39 1636

B.A.C-REMOVALS Local * Interstate * Overseas Packing * Storage * Insurance Peparling Brisbane & Interstate weekly

Vic Sundgren

Tradesman PAINTER George Barrett & Co.

All hours

39 3822

39 1679


49 TANBY RD. YEPPOON 4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive aluminium awnings and blinds.

Yeppoon Readymix For all your Concrete needs on the Coast Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street


39 4410




Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Work - All type • No job too small


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AH: / 39 6734

ALL PAINTING vont fiv-t001--fort ;tit

Dave Kershaw for...




4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

9 4408


Service and

HOME CARPENTRY Needs Call Frank 39 2330

'39 3193

CONCRETING Capricornia & Coastal Concrete Service All types of work * Residential and Industrial

39 2298

PAINTING 7 Mike Stokley

WATER BLASTING Heavy Duty Cleaning *Specialising in Roof Cleaning*


Roofs Exterior FREE QUOTES 39 2205

Len Keily's

FREE QUOTES Phone John ... 39 3337

Appliance Service

Commercial and Domestic

39 7677

for all electrical repairs


•Member of Qld Master Painters Assoc Written Guarantees

0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations


floor stripping and sealing Phone Des or Dot ... 39 7110 for free quote


33 6836

ELECTRICIAN Lr .:, 0 Installation RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance 0 COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts Phone





onty.oNE DAY Sandblast

Weatherboard Houses

OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques now at Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442. FRIDGES, freezers, household effects. Secondhand Shop Emu Park, 396 999.

WANTED TO BUY Coconut Palms (15' to 40') and

[PAINTER Interior * Exterioy * Free Quotes *

Allan 'Happy' ' Warren

RUST KILLER • Industrial Spray Painting •


33 6714

Phil Munro


Capricorn Sandblasting

ALL painting, paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ALL type brick and block laying. Quotes and advice. Phone Tony Strong, 39 6884. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, Wand Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. COASTAL repairs ... building, plumbing, painting, small jobs. Prompt attention. Based at Kinka Beach ... the centre of the Coast. 39 6862. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes, phone 39 1404 or 39 1745. DRESSMAKING with or without patterns, including formal and bridal wear. Reasonable charges. 39 3783. ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. LAWN-MOWING: Kinka, Emu Park and Zilzie area. Phone 39 6650. MR FIX-IT. Any repairs around the house, lawns mowed or cleaning. Call Mr Fix-it: 39 3935 or ph 39 3306. OFFICE equipment repairs. V J Engineering, 1/ 40 Knight Street, North Rockhampton. Ph 28 7889 or 28 2119. PAINTING: Mark Tennent, local tradesman. Free quotes. Phone 39 6333. No job too small. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber Keith Chivers - 39 3518. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REGISTERED builder, free quotes, house or extensions, concrete. D Schofield. Phone 39 3680. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING and rotary hoeing in Cooberrie and Adelaide Park Road area. Phone 39 7648.. SLASHING done-Inquiries phone 391199 during daytime. SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199 daytime. SPRINKLER systems for lawns, gardens, fernerys. Pop-ups, micro spray systems. Phone 39 1684. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

Maintenance * Renovations * New work

39 3646 r

39 3113

Golden Cane Palms

39 7762



39 7540

H E Woodw


TO LET Two Bedroom, furnished unit on the beach at Lammermoor. Ceiling fans, telephone, undercover car parking, clothes dryer, auto washing machine. No pets. $120 per week

39 4092

Cleaning 'We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning• FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

35 1181

28 6367


BACKHOE for hire

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays. I.C.

& S. Stanley

39 1139

YEPPOON LAWNMOWING Rubbish Removal • Tree Lopping Hedge Trimming • Prompt Service

39 4460

ring anytime

PERMANENT furnished flat to rent $90 weekly. Beachfront. Bond and references. No children and no animals. Phone 39 2337 after 6pm.

'16 years on the Coast'

39 1404 a/h

Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

KEITH BECK 39 4016


Industrial — Residential — Commercial

Tanby Roundabout YEPPOON


Coast and Rural areas * $2/item per day *

39 7969

Answering service


39 1813


22 4049



Yeppoon TRESTLE HIRE Service

Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes

CUT All types

cnr Hill & Queen St


* All types of Painting *

Bill Green


Iassifieds 39 4244

FOR HIRE DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in .. 34 4174.

PETS TWO female long coat Chihuahua pups; male smooth coat Chihuahua; female Basset Hound with papers. Sign 3 klms on Hidden Valley Road.

COOBERRIE KENNELS We care for your pets Woodbury Road

39. 7553

16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 111111•111.111•••••


classifieds 39 42 411 Mi rror L WANTED TO RENT



LEASE required by bank of good quality residence, Yeppoon area. Car accommodation essential. Will consider unit or duplex accommodation. Please contact: Accountant, Commonwealth Bank, Yeppoon during business hours. Phone 39 3633.

FALCON XE wagon, auto. air, bullbar, driving lights. VGC. RWC. Private, $8750. 33 6464.

LAWN-MOWER for sale, runs well, $40. Phone tc 39 1935. KAWAI organ, built-in tape deck, headphones, music, stool, $900 ONO. (4 Lamberton Street). Ph 39 2300. COW manure. Largest bags now $3, others $2.50. Flat meeting demand. Undamaged bag refunds 20c. 39 1492 a/h.

MARINE HYDROFIELD 27ft. Excellent fishing boat. many extras included. Must sell. $20,000 ONO. 39 7727.

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2,000 m2 level allotment Emu Park. Suitable flats or house. $30,000 NEG. Phone 58 1380. REDUCED again ...this large top of the market blocI: of land is sacrificed. It's a gift. Offers now considered around $28,500 direct. Over third of an acre (1549 sq metres total) Barlows Hill. Gentle east slope, superb views, all services, easy to build, room for pool and gardens. Save thousands. Investment, build or retirement. Bank financeto approved purchaser. Ph owners 39 1853 for inspection.

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(on a/c of Mr David Plahn) ON SITE 10am SAT 18th JUNE MOUNT RAE ROAD: BUNGUNDARRA VIA YEPPOON International Diesel Tractor; Chamberland Diesel Tractor with 8' stick rake blade; 1958 5 ton Chev truck U/R; 1941 Blitz Truck U/R; 1942 Blitz turned into crane; 1942 Blitz used as wood truck with hydraulic tip; Blitz steering boxes; Blitz transfer case; Blitz 4'x2' Cab &Chassis; 1963 Stout 30cwt utilityfarm use; 1941 lend lease used as a crane; Ford V8 engine side valve; Holden engine FB model & Holden parts; Chev engine & parts; Gulleting machine Mark 10 Villiers motor; 12 volt generator, Villiers motor, charger & batteries; compressor, Mark 20 Villiers motor; Frimsby water pump; Shaw bench - orger-trolliers; Forge + Anvil; Leg vice & Bench vice; Wall drill; Circular saws; 2 chain saws; Pinch & Spudd bars; hand winch & steel rope; 2 coil new steel rope; 3 parts coil of fencing wire; Truck wheel brace; Twitch chain; 2 circular saw sets; two 44 gal drums; 3 tins of bolts; small quantity of sawn timber; secondhand Iron sheeting; 7 pound hammer & wedges; Pulleys, V & Flat; 40 tt 6" five ply belting; 3x13 gal drums of oil; 1x13 gal drum & pump; lead lined knapsack; Front axle & wheel to make Into trailer; box assorted brake cups, new; Yamaha track bike. Plus lots more bits and pieces

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 - 17

Chefs' event CAPRICORN Iwasaki Resort will stage a ion Culinaire, (Chefs' Competition) and a stival of fine foods at the resort on July 16 and 17. Organisers hope it will be the first of an annual event that will encourage both apprentice and qualified chefs to compete and display their talents to the people of Queensland. To complement the competition, the resort will conduct a special evening of fine and varied dining to enable visitors to taste different dishes from all over the world. This, in conjunction with wine tasting and entertainment, will give everyone an interesting and entertaining evening. The competition will cover four different aspects of the chefs craft ranging from food sculptures to desserts with a special section for new creations. This section will enable each entrant to utilise their creative talents to the fullest extent. A panel of judges comprising some of Australia'sleading food expertswill be on hand to ensure the highest standards of judging are observed.


Full praise for council officers FROM time to time we read where people knock the efforts of Livingstone Shire officers, so it is only fair that credit should also be given. Having completed a major project at Showground, these officers are worthy of praise. John Milne and his assistant Ken of the building inspector's office, John Harmsworth of the health section and Les Smith from plumbing and draining. From the start of the project they all gave freely of their advice and guidance, making our work much easier by their promptness in approving of work and carrying out inspections. I am sure all Show society members join me in extending thanks to these officers. - B Barnett, ground supervisor Yeppoon Show Society.

Have you ever wondered what children read 70 years ago? DO you know the title of the first Australian children's book and when it was published? Have you ever wondered what kind of books children read 70 years ago? Would you like to see working drawings and original illustrations from famous books and discover the process involved in their production? An exhibition has been organised at the North Rockhampton public library, Berserker Street, North Rockhampton, on Monday, June 20. The exhibition is drawn from the internationally recognised Dromkeen Children's Literature Collection which is housed at Riddells Creek in rural Victoria. The collection, conceived in 1973 by booksellers Court and Joyce Oldmeadow, has become a home for children's literature in all its forms and now boasts some 3,000 separate exhibits. From the start, it was intended the collection should not be locked away but should be accessible to the public especially children. Today, over 12,000 Victorian children visit the Dromkeen Homestead each year in organised excursions and the various displays are constantly visited by researchers, librarians, teachers and the general public. The Dromkeen Collection is now recognised internationally as being of major importance in the world of children's literature and as a result of overseas bequests it now also contains material from the United States, Japan, Malaysia and China. Official recognition was accorded Court and Joyce Oldmeadow in 1976 when they were presented with the Eleanor Farjeon award in the United Kingdom. Since Court's death in 1977, the publishing groupAshton Scholastic has become the major benefactor of Dromkeen and as a contribution to the bicentennial programme, together with Joyce Oldmeadow, has organised a national tour of a significent part of the collection. Originally the tour was to include capital

cities but now in conjunction with M and M Educational Suppliers Pty Ltd, it can be seen in Townsville, Rockhampton and Noosa during June. Dates and times for the Rockhampton exhibition: Monday 20, 10am to 4pm; Tuesday 21, 10am to 6pm; Wednesday 22, 10am to 6pm; Thursday 23, 10am to 6pm; Friday 24, 10am to 4pm. Admission is free to this exhibition and presents the opportunity for older generations to reminisce and recall the books of their childhood and for today's children to discover the magical world of children's literature past and present in all its forms.

Five Tall Ships for Keppel Bay FIVE tall ships will grace Keppel Bay's shores in July, August and November. The Amorina, Bounty, Soren Larsen, Anna Kirsten and Tucker Thompson will stop at Great Keppel Island during stages of specially planned cruises to North Queensland. Great Keppel is the overnight port-of-call for passengers joining and leaving the cruife. Resort general manager Rob Cooke said the Tall Ships would stop at the island on three occasions ... July 23 and 24, August 20 and 21, and November 12 and 13. He said Amorina would lead the convoy in July when it arrives from Fraser Island with its passengers. The Bounty, Soren Larsen, Anna Kirsten and Tucker Thompson will arrive from Fraser Island during August. The last visit by the ships will be in November when the Bounty, Soren Larsen and Anna Kirsten sail from the Whitsundays. Mr Cooke said the ships would be anchored off Great Keppel Island in front of the resort.

Bigger loans THE Commonwealth Development Bank has increased its preferred maximum loan from Si million to $2 million. Higher amountswill be considered in appropriate circumstances. The same preferred maximum will apply to its equipment financing facility. Commonwealth Development Bank chief general manager John Fletcher said this measure will enable the bank to assist a wider range of applicants engaged in all forms of business and primary production. "The bank will now be able to offer more financial assistance for the establishment, acquisition or carrying on of businesses, including rural businesses, which are unable to obtain the funds elsewhere on reasonable terms and conditions," he said. The CDB was established for this purpose. To this end, CDB works closely with all major Australian banks to ensure the best financial packages are available to meet the needs of Australian enterprises. "CDB's loans will continue to be made for fixed terms, usually from 3 to 20 years although longer terms are available. As a cash flow lender, CDB will continue to tailor repayments to suit the borrower's income pattern. "Increased flexibility is the key note of CDB operations. This is evidenced not only by the repayment arrangements that are available, but also by the recently introduced option of a variable or fixed interest rate for new borrowers." Applications for loans may be lodged directly' with the CDB in each capital city or through most trading banks.

Take another look... LIVINGSTONE Shire Council 1988-89

budget. I would like to suggest to the shire council that before discussing the budget and priorities on rural roads it should take another look ... now we have had the recent heavy rain. The condition of the first two kilometres of Stones Road has certainly altered and it will definitely need a lot of work to restore it to reasonable condition. - E Jackson, MS 142, Cooberrie.



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BIG WHALE offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals.

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real live CINEMA 35mm Ultra Stereo


Movie occupies entire programme

Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18, 7.10pm

,. . . . . JURA[(O

SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: V Caseleyr. Permit No.B21112 WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus. phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. 820760. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No.

Friday and Saturday June 10 and 11, 7.10pm ,,„ .,,\.., ;,, ,,, „Lk,:",,,*•\:.•‘""".* .`..‘‘•..'•' ,,:WK •-• As `\‘ v‘', ‘



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The Man from Snowy River II plus...


Where to stay on the Coast Enjoy "Island Views from every unit a, the

flay --Vacatioper


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LONG STAY CARAVAN SITES: $36 pw The Capricorn Coast's leading beachfront park now has several sheltered sites available at reasonable fees for caravans up to 26 feet. The grassed sites have concrete pads, metred power, water and phone connections. All sites are close to the modem amenities and these park facilities: . laundry with washing and drying machines • Shop • LPG Refills • Half acre of central recreation area l • P° Undercover gas BBQs • Playground • ISD/STD Phone • Car Wash Island View offers a friendly lifestyle in a parkland setting with the beach at your doorstep. Call in and look around or phone us for more information.

Scenic Hwy, Kinka Beach Phone 396264

18 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988

St James Indoor Enthusiasm and commitment in Nita's Ninjas top bowlers miss Coast basketball grand finals in daytime gam( out in shield games in city THE finals of the Vamakaris Cup competition were held last Wednesday night in the Rockhampton Indoor Bowling Association Hall. The Dean Street club won with eight games, Leichhardt and St James clubs each had six games. Leichhardt, with the higher aggregate, was second and St James third. In the championship pairs held on Sunday, Yeppoon's St James Indoor Bowling Club memberswere pleased to see Keith Mcllwraith and Michelle Dobby in their first attempt reach the quarter finals. St James players Gordon and. Ivy Mallory gave a good account in the open, reaching the semi-finals going down by one point on the last end. In the consolation Ken and Lois Crockett reached the semi finals, giving away at the last end. Dot Diplock and Ron Tait won the open with Mery Hixon and Noreen Domoney as runners up. John Davis and his father won the consolation with Edna Stretton and Mildred Parker runners up. John is the junior player who was runner up in the Queensland State Titles held in Biloela. St James members welcomed back president Jack Rumpf who chaired Monday night's meeting, however he is still unable to start playing again. The Hartwig shield will played by St James and Emu Park's Singing Ship clubs. St James playing times are Mondays at 7.15pm and Thursdays, 1.15pm. All visitors are welcome. On Fridays between 9am and Ilam the club holds its practice sessions.

Paul Dean of

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COAST basketball Intermediate and B grade finals were played last week with plenty of enthusiasm and committment. Young Ones again showed Celtics they were not unbeatable. When aided by a bench coach they were able to apply effective defence to block out Celtics attack limiting the scoring to captain. Jason Moody throughout the first half. Basketball is a 40 minute game and Young Ones lost control in the second half, allowing Celtics to use their running game and score 2 to 1. Adrian Deurloo put in a good second half performance for Celtics while Lee Dungey and Mike Chandler were outstanding players with Young Ones. These two groups of players, with heaps of potential, are lacking full time coaches. "Perhaps some seniors could lend a hand next season. If you are willina to help please contact Mike George at the ° high school; 39 1815 or myself after hours, 39 3414," publicity officer Don Willoughby said. B women. Billabongs B started poorly and several players squandered possession with forced shots and negligible defence to cover the fast break. Pink Galahs Megan Anderson and Shame Willoughby were aggressive defenders rattling Billabongs B who conceded 17 points at the break. This agression left Galahs with their two outstanding defenders in foul trouble in the second half allowing Billabongs Jan McCallum and Aleena Sousaari to capitilise on the weaker cover. The lead was too much to assail and Billabongs 10 points second half advantage was insufficent to capture the prize. In the first half against St Brendan's boys, B Men Tanby Roses appeared to have started half an hour before they were ready and wandered about the court without direction. It was a more inspired and hungry Roses who took the court after half time and demonstrated to the lads that you can never relax in a basketball game. Keith Hendy drew foul after foul with determined drives to the basket. . "Aggression in basketball doesn't necessarily mean play contrary to the rules of the game, simply a committment to push hard for any advantage that can be gained. "This has been the backbone of Brendan's success. When confronted by a similar committment by the other side the boys were forced into errors and fouls. A point no doubt noted by coaches of their opponents," Mr Willoughby said. "Despite these problems there was no argument. St Brendans was definitely the stronger team and fully deserved the crown after an unbeaten season. "There were great performances all round but if someone had to be nominated as most

valuable it would be Michael Adcock." The Coast invitation team playing against Rockhampton's U/16 girls found how tough these well-trained representative teams can be. Despite playing a whole game on the bottom half of the score, it was the Coast players who kept their heads in the final minutes ... snatching a win from the Rocky girls for a 53 to 50 result. Samantha Willoughby and Cathy Rosenthal each scored 14 points. The fundraising progressive dinner for juniors last Saturday suffered difficulties due to extensive rain at several of the host homes. The diners were restricted to two locations, finishing the evening at the National Fitness hall. It was a success for the organisers and junior basketball will benefit by over $400. Capricorn Coast basketball will have U/16 girls and U/14 boys at the Rocky Junior carnival this weekend. The U/14 boys will also play at the Sunstate Classics from June 18 to 20 and the U/16 boys at the Sunstate Classics in Mackay on June 23. SundayJuly 10 and Monday July 11 starts the next season for juniors. Teams should register early by contacting Joanne Smith on 39 4415. Plans are underway for a family fun and sign on day to be held at Bell Park on July 2 or 3. Details from Allan Thomas 39 6687.

Enjoyable golf in Zilzie rain ALTHOUGH last Thursday was wet those who ventured out enjoyed their game at Zilzie Golf Club. Stroke winner was V Svendsen 64 nett with the pinshot being won by D. Campbell. On Sunday a fine day encouraged members and associates to compete and enjoy a good round of golf. Medal winner was T Barker. Stableford winner for D and K Miller's trophies was Cec Saunders with 38 points on countback from L Taylor and R Morgan. Associate winner was P Barker with 73 nett. C Peers won the secret hole and pinshot was won by .D Webb. A working beewill start at 8am this Saturday. The Open Championships will be held on June 17, 18 and 19 and the course will need a fair amount of preparation. A good roll up to assist with this preparatory work will be appreciated and organisers said it was a case of many hands make light work. A stroke game will be played in the afternoon. Sunday is a social day. During the winter months hit off times will be from 11.30am to noon.

Late rain gives ducks a break from normal shooting season THE duck season will be later than usual in the large part of central and northern Queensland this year. Details of the 1988 season were given today by Environment and Conservation Minister Geoff Muntz following executive council approval. "Because of the relatively late rains in central and northern Queensland, the start of the breeding season for waterfowl was delayed this year," he said. "This has resulted in a likelihood that fledgling birds will still be present in late June, which is the traditional start of the open season in those districts. "For this reason, the open season for Fauna District two, three and six will run from July 30 to October 30. The season in district five in the west will run from June 25 to September 25. "In this way, wild duck populations are not expected to be affected adversely," he said. (Fauna District two covers from North of Bundaberg, west to beyond Alpha and North to Collinsville. Fauna District three extends from Proserpine to beyond Cooktown and inland past Pentland and Greenvale. Fauna District six, which includes the bulk of North-west Queensland and includes Cape York Peninsula, entends north from a line starting at the border welt of Mt Isa and continuing to a point east of Hughenden.) The open season has been declared for six species of duck - black, woodys, grey, teal, grass whistlers, water whistlers and white-eyeds - will run from May 28 to August 28, in Fauna Districts one and four across southern Queensland, south from about 25 degrees south latitude. Two species of quail - stubble quail and brown quail have been declared and the season will run from May 28 to August 28 in Fauna Districts one and two (as per map in Order in Council). Taking is restricted to using a shotgun by a person holding an Open Season Fauna Permit

(Personal Use) obtained for $15 from Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service Offices in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Charleville, Maryborough, Rockhampton, Townsville,, Cairns and Mt Isa. A permit condition is that within one month of the season's close, the holder must report to the service the number and species taken. Any one person may take or have in his possession during the Open Season only 12 birds in any 24 hours. Ducks and quail shot may not be sold. Shooting requires landholders' permission. Hunting is forbidden on many private properties, crown land such as state forests and national parks, and certain shires and cities all• declared fauna sanctuaries. An identification guide and further details may be obtained from Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service offices.

Subsidy cheque for life savers

MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton presented a $7,875 cheque to the Emu Park Surf. Life Saving Club ... a subsidy from the Queensland Government. • A total of $1.61 million in subsidies from the Queensland Government will be shared between 52 clubs this year. "The grants are in recognition of the excellent work and community service provided by members of surf lifesaving clubs in Queensland," Mr Hinton said. "The public could help lifesavers by observing any official warning signs displayed, never swimming alone, and never swimming out too far or beyond one's capabilities if an inexperienced or weak swimmer. "I commend lifesaving clubs for the excellent service they give the community and Emu Park is fortunate in having such a dedicated club."

GRAND final winners and top team winners in the Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre on Wednesday were Nita's Ninjas: Nita Marxsen, Roslyn Clifford, Debbie Pearson, Megan Anderson, Cathie White and Natalie Dooley. Runners up were Julie's JJJazzers: Julie Britton, Joyce Hinton, Jean GrafF, Rosemary Hansen, Robyn Battersby and Christine Lewis. Awards: sportswoman, Denise Campbell; captains' choice, Vicki Walther; most improved, Robyn. Wooden spoon winners: Diamonds ... Denise Campbell, Trish Andrews, Pat Harris, Cannel Donnellan, Leonie Warren and Sue Adamson.

Decisive wins in Coast Netball WEDNESDAY'S netball played at the Cooee Bay Sports ground produced some convincing wins for teams. Rockettes Black soared to a 60-6 victory over Vital Idols during the first 7pm match. The other 7pm game was won by Pioneers Maroon after Strays forfeited. Hazzards, playing on court one, took out the game against Rockettes White, 40-6, and Pioneers Gold defeated Rockettes Pink 45-: during the second 8pm match. Fixtures Wednesday, June 15, at 7pm: court 1, Strays v Rockettes White, umpires are Hazzards; court 2, Vital Idols v Rockettes Pink, umpires are Pioneer Maroons. 8pm: court 1, Hazzards v Pioneers Maroon, umpires Rockettes White; court 2, Pioneers Gold v Rockettes Black, umpires Rockettes Pink. Duty team is Hazzards.

Mutineers down to Gone Home B GRADE team Gone Home stayed long enough on Wednesday night at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre to rout Cane's Mutineers, four rubbers to two. Scott Mitchell put in the best performance for Cane's Mutineers with a season's first win against Ron O'Brien in five. Bill Thorpe was unlucky to lose in three to David Schultz in an 8-10, 3-9, 9-10 result. Dennis Hinton showed some of his old experience with an 8-10 win in the fourth game against Cane Murphy. Fourth placed Gone Home will now try its luck against top team Young and Old in the grand final on Wednesday night ... and it will be on for Young and Old or everyone will have Gone Home. Gone Home defeated Cane's Mutineers four rubbers to two: Brad McCosker def Ann Trigg 3-0; Ron O'Brien v Scott Mitchell 2-3; Debbie Shanks v Mike George 0-3; David Schultz def Bill Thorpe 3-0; Lionel Dale def Shane Miners 3-1; Dennis Hinton def Cane Murphy 3-1.

Supplement can be claimed for low incomes

IF you know a low income family, check they are receiving the Federal Government's Family Allowance Supplement. That's the suggestion of Queensland Labor Senator Mal Colston. "The Federal Government is concerned that many eligible families may have still not applied for the supplement," he said. A family earning S300 a week or less can be paid S22 a week for each child under 13 years of age and $28 for a child aged 13 to 15. For higher rates of income, some allowance is still payable and the income test is easier for larger families. For example, a familywith two children aged between 13 and 15 can receive some supplement while earning up to $424 a week. Benefits for children of pensioners are equal to the maximum rate for the Family Allowance Supplement. Therefore the supplement is not payable to social security beneficiaries. "The Family Allowance Supplement is part of the Hawke Government's aim that by 1990, no child in Australia should live in poverty," Senator Colston said. "It is essential that low income families b' come aware that they can apply for the supple—) ment. The extra amount they can receive must help the family budget. "Any person who thought they could be eligible should contact their local office of the Department of Social Security." Further inquiries: Senator Mal Colston (075) 510 555, office; (07) 378 2553, home.

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988 19.

Wild Cats beat Lthe High Flyers A fast and exciting grand final between High Flyers and Wild Cats saw the end of the Juniors Indoor Netball season at Yeppoon ICA this week. Playing a high standard of netball both teams finishedwith the close scores of 19-17 in favour of Wild Cats. Wild Cats' Shaun Pedderwood proved to be a strong and capable asset along with consistent shooting from Kellie Stevenson. Other notable players from Wild Cats were Darren Pedderwood and Peachy. Allison Timms for High Flyers was relentless in defence. . Lee Dungey and Sandra Timms from High Flyers were awarded the Players of the Match trophies. Best and fairest of the season was awarded to Kellie Stevenson. Most improved went to Tim Rice and sports-person of the season was carried off by Allison Timms. The scores for Friday night: Bits and Pieces v Cherokees 25-19; Mixed Nuts v Baggy Pants 28-8; Strayers v Hazzards 41-14. Pacific Hotel players of the week were Sharyn Spelling of Mixed Nuts and Cindy Bauer of Hazzards.

Little Athletics (coach course HE Little Athletics Association of Qld Inc will hold a Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course in Rockhampton on September 10 and 11. The venue will be advised at a later date. The course will cost S65 for each participating adult. A three day coaching camp for little athletics will be held in Emerald on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the school holidays ... September 1, 2 and 3. The venue is Emerald High School. Cost for LAA of Qld Inc registered athletes is S25 and unregistered athletes, S35.00. The cost includes morning and afternoon teas and lunch will not be included. Parents are welcome to attend and work with the coaches, at no extra cost. Phone Lorraine Coombs on 393541 for further information.

Dismal final for YIBC in shield YEPPOON Indoor Bowling Club competed in the final round of the Vamvakaris Shield played at the Rockhampton association hall last Wednesday night. The trophy was won by Dean Street (formerly St Stephens) club which has not lost a game during the fixture. The YIBC team of Tom Poole, Alan Philp, Cec Brown, Mavis Brown, Ken Jones and Kat h McIlwraith had a dismal final, losing two of the games played and drawing the third. Results: Dean Street 24 points; YIBC 8; St James 10; YIBC 9; Central Star 11; YIBC 11. s There will be no bowls thisweekend at YIBC the hall will be used by the Show society for the three days of the show. Play will resume next wednesday at 9.30am:

Tennis fixtures THE following players are set down to play Yeppoon and District Tennis Association fixtures at Daniel Park on Saturday starting at 12.30pm. Organisers would like any player unable to play to conact John, Pam or Rhonda as early as possible to arrange substitutes. Division one. Magpies: J Conon, substitute, D Collett v Pelicans: J Gregg, N Kerley, L Edwards; Kookaburras: J Gregory, M Fay, L Klupfel v Seagulls: G Klupfel, D Letchford, P Smith. Division 2. Possums: P Wyeth, K Stevenson, P Iafrati, substitute v Bandicoots: R Irons, P Scharf, M Heritage, substitute; Wombats:. B Rumble, J Jackson, R Driver v Wallabies: T Halloran, J Hooper, R Hasell, J Stevensen.

Seagulls play 60 minutes of top 70 tee-off for Wednesday golf football in 8-try winning romp • By David Ruck YEPPOON Seagulls played 60 minutes of superb football in an eight-try romp over Black-water last Sunday. Although scoring three late tries, the Bulldogs were never in the race due to an early tryscoring spree by the Seagulls. There was skill, loads of it, toughness, speed and experience on display as Yeppoon rattled on five early first-half tries. There was talk that the Englishmen were strong, and the French, classy, but one man stood out like an aristocrat ... centre, Brian Watts. The New Zealander, and former Rugby Union player, showed elegance in everything he did ... whether it was setting up tries, kicking goals or tackling. Watts, a player not spoken of in the preseason talks, has become a vital cog in the Seagull's backline this season.

There were some other strong performances in the backline. Winger Steve Patch bagged three tries, fullback Dennis Ogden attacked cleverly and Frenchman Porgeau showed real class. Yeppoon's tough forward pack matched Black-water in every department. English forward Mark Parry looked strong and fast, often busting the first tackle, showing off loading skills and the ability of knowing when to use them. It was unfortunate he was injured in the dying stages of the match due to a gaping headwrench. Tough forward Ian Brazier, not long back from injury, turned in a sterling performance Often described as a heart-with-legs, he lives up to his reputation. Although not a full 80-minute effort from the Seagulls, coach John Rhodes should be well satisfied that his team has the potential to go all the way, bearing in mind grand finals aren't won in early June.

Yeppoon High School athletes to show skill at Townsville meet FOURTEEN Yeppoon State High School athletes will test skill and speed this weekend during the North Queensland Bicentennial Games at Townsville. Physical education teacher Mike George said the athletes had nominated to attend the competition and had spent the past few weeks training. Mr George said he hoped theywould come back with a bag-full of medals. The squad includes Central Queensland Cross- Country Runners members as well as some quality throwers and sprinters. Competitions start tomorrow (Saturday) and continue until Monday at Townsville's Ignatius Park. More than 500 athletes are expected to attend the games. Teams from North Queensland, some from Central Queensland, and a few from Southern Queensland, will be competing.

Yeppoon High School's squad members are: Sparkle Furness, competing in middle distance and distance races; Sandra Timms, high jump, long jump, javelin and distance; Rachel Little, middle distance and distance; and Kendall George, high jump, javelin, middle distance and distance. Michael Rankin, high jump, long jump and sprints; Mike Chandler, middle distance and distance; Tony Beck, long jump, middle distance and distance; Raphael Barton, middle distance and distance; Bo George, high jump, javelin, discus, middle distance and distance; Kelvin Smith, long jump, high jump and sprints; Gerrard Gosens, middle distance and distance; John Maker, middle distance and distance; Darren Petterwood, discus, javelin and middle distance; and Ronald Mackie, discus, shot put, javelin, hurdles, 100m and 200m.

Anyhows get points decision at A grade squash for grand final THE A grade squash grand final resulted in a points decision in favour of Anyhows, two rubbers each, seven games each, 105 points to 97 at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre on Wednesday night. Saints and Sinners took the first rubber with an exciting 27 points to 17 win by Leon Malone aginst reserve Brett Odell. Greg Goodman took the second rubber for Saints and Sinners with a 10-8 win in the fourth against Val Odell. Chris Hacker took Anyhows' first rubber with a nail-biting 9-4, 7-9, 10-8, 9-6 result against JOhn Brodi. The third game was the crucial one because a win by John would have given Saints and Sinners an unbeatable lead. Anyhows captain Neil Roberts and Saints and Sinners Joe Foat took the court with Joe's objection a game or 20 points and Neil's target

a 3-0 win and to minimise lost points. With Neil showing improved concentration and Joe having difficulty finding direction, Neil took the first game 9-2. Joe's target then became a game. Neil maintained the pressure to • win the second but had a momentary waver of concentration at the start of the third to see Joe take a 3-0 lead. Application and a sharp crosscourt drive clear of the walls saw Neil recover the lead and go on to a team win. Anyhows now meet Equalisers in the grand final on Wednesday night starting at 7pm. This promises to be a re-match of the first semi-final clash which should not be missed. Club members old and new and friends are irivited to watch. Anyhows defeated Saints and sinners, 105 97: reserve Brett Odell v Leon Malone 0-3; Val Odell v Greg Goodman 1-3; Chris Hacker def John Brodi 3-1; Neil Roberts def Joe Foat 3-0.

Team Two to take on Team One THE final of the Capricorn Coast Women's Only Squash was in the balance to the last match on Monday night at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Helen Nuttall took the first match for Team Seven in three but not before Team Two's Melinda Ganter equalised at eight all in the first game. Team Two struck back when Edrae Damrow won a close match in five against Bev Duckwitz. Helen Thorpe appeared the steadier player in her win for Team Seven in three against Nancy Busteed. Team Two again equalised when number two player Roslyn Clifford defeated Nita Marxsen in four. With rubbers two all and Team Seven hold-


TYRER PARK Sponsored by The Strand and Ascot Hotels

ing a nine games to six advantage it was left up to the captains. Kathy Dale opened strongly for Team Two,• taking the first two games, but, Colleen Moody fought back to take the third. Kathy won the match with a 10-8 result in the fourth for a Team Two win. • Team Two now contests the grand final against top team Team One on Wednesday night starting at 7.30pm. All members, past and present, visitors and friends are invited to watch. Team Two defeated Team Seven, three rdbbers to two: Melinda Ganter v Helen Nuttall 03; Edrae Damrow def Bev Duckwitz 3-2; Nancy Busteed v Helen Thorpe 0-3; Roslyn Clifford def Nita Marxsen 3-1; Kathy Dale def Colleeen Moody 3-1.

YEPPOON Golf Club's Wednesday Club had a good roll up with more than 70 members and ladies hitting off. Ladies' stableford winner was Lorna Quigley with 37 points from Hazel Fry with 36. Nancy Montgomery won the first nine with 30 1/2 from Hazel Fry and Mary Sherlock, both with 33 nett. Lorna Quigley won the second nine with 30 from Margaret Prior with 31 nett. Pinshot winners were M Sherlock and J Keyes and R Edmistone won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was Paul Moore with 44 points. Next were Len Lucas and Michael King 43 each, Mery Scope 40, Peter Foxwell, Tom Edmistone, captain Jack Stratford and Ian Murray, each with 39. Don Cooper won the first nine with 28. Next: captain J Stratford 28 1/2; E Sheilds 31 and T Edmistone 31 each; T Wahlin 311/2, L Lucas 31. P Locker won the second nine with 29, P Moore 30, M King 29 1/2, I Murray and M Scope 31 each, L Lucas and P Foxwell 31 1/2 each, C Ede 31. Pinshots: B Moses, D Cooper. Proshot: T Edmistone. No play on the course on Friday and Saturday due to rain. On Tuesday 26 players hit off in a stroke game for Bev Osborne trophy. Winner was Ann Barrow with 67 nett from Gladys Scharf 72, Shirley Burton 74, Marge Williams and Sue Hennessy 77 each, Cassie Freeman 78. Pinshots: B grade, A Barrow; C grade, M Quinn. Proshot, A Barrow.

Barbecue draws Emu Pk bowlers BECAUSE of heavy rain on friday only a small number turned up for the Emu Park Bowls Club Friday barbecue, but those who braved the rain had a ball. By Sunday the green had dried out and members and visitors enjoyed the afternoon. Trophy winners were Col Pearson and Lew Tickner. Peg Kluver won the meat tray raffle. Pat Tickner who has just returned from a holiday in Italy was welcomed back by the ladies on Wednesday. Dot McKenzie was the lucky raffle winner. Dot McKenzie had another win when she defeated Ethel Madden in the final of the consistency singles. On Sunday players are assured of a good day and Dick Brown will provide the trophies. Intending players are asked to submit names before 12.30pm. The ladies have a friendship day on Wednesday, June 15 with Dee ladies. The game will start at 11.30am and nominations before 10.30am. Don't forget Sunday July 3 ... Peter and Pat Prichard's trophy day.

CapCoast plays Institute at home CAPCOAST Rugby take on the strong Institute club in both grades this Saturday at Cooee Bay Oval. Coast'sA grade side has now won five of its seven games to date and beat Institute easily in the first round. The game should be a lot closer this time with a real battle looming up front between the forward packs. The backs haven't really clicked this season and,given plenty of ball,could prove the knockers wrong. The under 19 side, although only recording one win this season, has showed much improvement over the weeks. With a narrow four-point loss to Brothers two weeks ago the boys should be ready to make amends this weekend with the home ground advantage proving a handful for the Institute side.

RUGBY UNION on the Coast this Saturday CapCoast vs Institute


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A grade 3pm - Under 19 1.30pm

20 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 10 - June 16, 1988


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YEPPOON Table Tennis Association end of season presentations and barbecue is on Thursday June 23 instead of June 16 as previously set. Social games will still be held on June 16 for those who want to attend. The association thanks John Faulkner from Dulux Paints for the donation to the club of 2It paint for the tables. It has improved the playing surface considerably. New members and anyone interested in playing table tennis is welcome to go along to the Cooee Bay hall on Thursdays nights from 7.30.

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THE Royal Australian Navy will make its presence known during the Commonwealth Bank-sponsored Fifth World and 15th Australian Tasar Titles being held in Yeppoon next month. HMAS Bendigo, a naval patrol boat, will play an important role in transporting the official committee during the 10-day world championship hosted by Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Entries had already reached 115 boats when the organisers were contacted this week. However, it is expected more could filter in next week. New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans and Japanese are part of the flotilla which also includes competitors from all mainland States and Territories. Hosts, Keppel Bay Sailing Club, have spent the past three years preparing for the world titles. Publicity officer Colin Syms said 13 twoman crews would be coming from overseas. To cater for these overseas competitors, five new boatswere added to the present flotilla. "It will be the first time Japan has sent any competitors, and seven crews are expected," he said. Mr Syms said the Canadian and New Zealand crews were old hands at Tasar world titles, which were first held in Australia in 1981. Three more titles - Canada 1983, Sydney 1985 and England 1986 - have since been held. Current world title holders, the Royal Australian Navy Crew, with crew members Lt Commander Rick Longbottom as skipper and forehand Louise Scuellion, will defend their title. Traditionally the competition starts with an Invitation Day. This will be held on Sunday, July 3, which is also the official opening day. Mr Syms said warm-up heats, to enable crews to familiarise themselves with the waters and conditions, would be held on June 30 (two


SQUASH with friends or play in a team at ... Capricorn Coast Squash Centre ... 39 2444



Patrol boat HMAS Bendigo will visit Coast to help at Tasar titles


Offical Opening 1pm Saturday by Rev Fr Durham


ABOVE: Watch out Brisbane Bears, the Emu Park Bears are ready and rearing to go. The newly formed under 11 Australian Rules team has already faced the firing line with games against Rockhampton clubs. The object is to teach boys and girls the basics of thegame but also to promote participation and fiin. Organisers said girls were in no danger because modified ndes ensure once a player has the ball, they cannot be tackled or touched. A good response from parents has meant no transport worries for the team. Competition prizes are held on Sunday while training is every Thursday at 3.30pm at the Ellin Park Cricket Ground. Emu Park Bears has only nine players and wants more boys and girls to join the club. Richard Pryor (left) and Col Purton (right)give a few pointers to Brad Purton, Darren Spiers, Nicholas Purdie, Chris Moulds, Shanee Goodger, Michael Ford and Col Purton.

heats) and July 1 (two heats). Competitions start on Monday, July 4. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are for heats, Thursday is a lay-day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the final three heats. Mr Syms said, like golf, the winners would be the crew with the lowest score. "It is definitely a sport of skill, concentration, application and judgement," he said. "Wind conditions change constantly and knowing when to set and trim sails are both important areas which separate winners from the remaining flotilla." Mr Syms said boats would sail alternate mornings and afternoons over an 11.8 nautical mile (23km) course. Five rescue craft, (three craft have come from club members and the Port Curtis Club) will be on hand throughout the competition. Holding the titles is an achievement for the Coast because out of four applications, only one (Keppel Bay's) was outside Sydney. Mr Syms said Sydney was recognised as "Tasar City" and for the Coast to hold the titles was a great achievement. Sydney also had the biggest turnout of Tasar competitors (122 entries) during the 1985 titles. Mr Syms said it was possible for this year's entries to equal, or even better, this number. The titles should attract about 350 people. Most crews will be accompanied by families and there will also be a number of spectators.

50 nominate for Tyrer Park FIFTY nominations have been received for the five race meeting sponsored by the Strand Hotel and Rockhampton's Ascot Hotel at Tyrer Park on Wednesday. Heading the way is the feature event the Cordwell Investments Country Stakes (1200m) worth S5000 with 19 nominations. Total prize money for the day is S11,000. Coast resident Will Cordwell will present the main feature's trophy. Tyrer Park offers full satellite coverage on all southern races and bookmakers will field on the main southern meetings. This meeting is the second of three major meetings in June. Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club will conduct its final meeting for the current racing season on Wednesday, June 22. The main feature is the Westpac Park Stakes (1200m) for three-year-olds ... another $5000 event.

A WOMAN at the Singing Ship on Saturday afternoon was calling out to her dog named Lucky. Nothing strange in that except that "Old Baldy" used to have a dog named Lucky and he has been pondering lately why dogs are given that name. Suzy and he gave their dog that name because they picked him up from the pound and said at the time they would be lucky to find the dog they were looking for and the dog would be lucky to escape from his cage. They thought it was original. On Friday, they were delivering papers to one of the paper boys and they heard the boy's mother call a dog Lucky. Turns out to be the same story ... they thought the dog was lucky to get a home. So, down at the Singing Ship on Saturday, "OB" decides to check out how that dog running free got his name ... same story. This dog was impounded in South Australia and the woman happened to be on hand at the time. She was worried about the dog's fate so kept in daily contact with the pound. On the last day, when it was obvious no-one was going to claim the dog, she bought him, saving him from execution. She paid S130 to have him shipped to her Melbourne home and now he's with her on a holiday up here. Samr story ... same name. Is there any other reaso. for calling a dog Lucky? • • • IS this a promotion or demotion? Officerin-charge of Yeppoon Police Sgt 1/c Ken Tanzer was on the front page last week and now he's on the back page! Anyway, one little boy can consider himself lucky Ken was on the phone one day this week. The Mirror's Cathy (Lois Lane) Logan was interviewing him about road rules and so on when Ken remarked that he could see a boy riding by on the footpath. Ken gave Cathy a blowby-blow account. The boy gave a perfect hand signal at the corner, stopped and got off his bike, walked across the pedestrian crossing holding up his hand to stop the cars ... then got back his bike and continued on his way cycling along the footpath. That was what the interview was about ... children being taught the road rules, and especially not to ride their bikes on the footpath!!! • • • HEAR about the cadet photographer who was so excited about a photograph he had just taken that he opened the back of the camera to see what it looked like? • • • FOR some reason or another the above item brings to mind a conversation overheard between Rhodes Watson and his mother, sweet, lovable Suzy ... Rhodes had a frown on his face (which means he was thinking) and Suzy had a frown on her face (which means she was annoyed). Anyhow, Rhodes finally works out that he has something pressingly urgent to say: "Mum, how do you stop seagulls from landing on the bottom of the car?" Suzy's frown thickened (throwing shadows over her face). TheRhodes realised he had made a mistaka...../ "Mum, do you know how to stop seagulls from landing on the bonnet of the car?" Suzy stopped work, completely ... with exasperation in her voice she said: "Rhodes, I don't care." Undeterred, Rhodes then carried on a rambling story about eating lunch on the beachfront and the seagulls dropping out of the sky and landing on the bonnet of his car and making noises and dropping messages and so on and so forth. Suzy, totally exasperated shouted: "Get to the point." Rhodes, in reply, said: "Put a lemon on it." Suzy just looked at him ... then muttered something about "he isn't mine, he isn't mine". Rhodes, again undeterred, said: "If you put a lemon on the bonnet of the car it stops the seagulls from landing on it." Now, that may sound totally ridiculous, but all Tuesday Rhodes drove around town with a slice of lemon on the front of his car and he was quite right ... there wasn't a seagull to be seen on the :i.onnet!!


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SUNDAY 7.30am ONWARD Senior Hack & Riding Classes Show Jumping • Caged Birds Trotting Programme • Angora Goat Show FULL GRAND PARADE in the afternoon

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BOTH DAYS Fruit & Vegetable Exhibits (PINEAPPLES), Floral Exhibits Women's Industries, Competitive displays of Honey, Homemade Wines & Beer, School Work, Art & Craft, Photography, Fine Art, Pottery, porcelain Painting, Lapidary and other Crafts Lounge Bar Facilities under Canvas with tables & chairs