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ISSUE 237' SATURDAY, February 27, 1988 -- FRIDAY, March 4, 1988

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(BOWEN: I TOOK OVER...IT WAS HORRENDOUS) All four candidates for the chairmanship of Livingstone Shire Council attended a debate at Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday afternoon organised by Janine Cossar. They were each given six minutes to address the crowd. They were then given a further two minutes to make further remarks, then faced questions. 77te Capricorn Coast Mirror taped their six-minute talks and reproduces them, in full, for the benefit of die electors.

I THINK running for council is a very important thing. It's a thing I would like to see many people have some experience of. After three years you begin to realise what enormous tasks and responsibility you'll have. It takes about six years, I believe, to really get the feel of things. I've been a councillor for the past eight years and to me personally it's been a rewarding experience. It has taught me a great deal about society and caused me to think very deeply about the future of our beautiful nation such asAustralia. However, 20 months ago my telephone rang, I learnt that Mr Hartwig, the previous chairman, had resigned. A voice on the phone said:

"John, would you please take the opportunity that's given of being appointed the chairman in this emergency situation." That month was the highest month of real estate commission I had ever received in some 17 years of trading as a real estate agent. I looked at Lilian and said: "Well. Lilian, we've had a very hard, rough six years, do we really want to go back into that again. It has taken us a whole year to recover our business, because in the six years I was in council my assets had dropped considerably. The amount of time I put into council meant that I couldn't devote that time in my own business. As the result I had sold all my assets and reduced my land holdings down to the only

block I have which is the block that my house is on. Lilian saidwill you be an absolute so and so fool if you do because you've tried your best and I don't think you can give anymore. However, being a glutton for punishment I discussed it the following daywith Lilian and I said "Look, I would like to go, but the difficulty is the feeling of the community. If I take the chair I cannot act as a real estate agent. Which means that you will also lose your job and our earnings will drop to the rock bottom. Another day went by and Lilian said "Well John, looking at it this way, you put so much into it, I'll back you, even though it means that I myself also to be absolutely straight about it


TURNER: MADE A COMMITMENT TO STAND NO doubt standing here for chairman for the Livingstone Shire was brought about by the citizens in the community asking me to stand. That has gone back to Dick Tennent's time, also '86, '87. When I had two meetings down here in '87' I made that commitment. My experience with Local Government goes over many years, as many as my candidates' here going for the chair ... their terms added together. During that 21 years I have had vast experience. Vast experience in negotiating, negotiating with big companies ... BHP Utah, Theiss Dampier Mitsui, Blair Athol Coal, involved in a whole construction of a new town. That no doubt has given me a tremendous

amount of expertise and skill. It has also given me the opportunity to have tremendous contacts in Government departments. That is very, very important. I see here one, and I say with all sincerity, I have never seen a local authority in the community so far apart. That is my number one role is to bring the local government and community together. It is going to be team work that's going to do that. I have spoken of a community development officer. We have had one in Belyando who has netted in eight years S1.6 million, far outstripping any funds that has had to come out ... In fact, the State Government has given us,

Belyando, 560,000 for three years towards those wages, so I think that speaks for that. Further on we have the Local Government Association, where all Local Authorities are involved, we had the local association select Belyando as a shire that works so closely with local organisations that that may, with other local authorities, become a model throughout local government in this State of Queensland. Open council I've spoken about. Open council is one. I intend to get a press officer within the staff — no more employment there within the staff, to let you know month to month what is happening. They will be giving reports out to the press. There won't be any need for someone to come and see me, if they

do they are quite welcome anytime. I'll also direct the shire clerk to give that information out. Another thing I feel is that I see as a problem is letters unanswered. I certainly would want to know if someone writes a letter to council and they do not get any reply. Policies. I have read it and some say that I haven't come out with any policies. Well I don't know, somebody can't read the Mirror, they can't read the Bulletin. I've got pamphlets going out, some early before Christmas in fact, I believe I have put my policies forward, there is a pamphlet going out next week. That will take that up further.



IT'S not my intention today to dwell on the background of this election, performance of the current council, or its leadership. You'll have your views about that and I have mine. Any election is an important event in the life of the community. For us in Livingstone Shire, the election on March 19 is going to be vitally important. It will be, for us, an opportunity for a fresh, new start. With a new council there will be a chance for healing and settlement of the deep divisions which have marred our community image and hampered our progress. Whatever the results of the March 19 election, I hope that all four of uswill be able to cooperate to realise the common goals we will

each no doubt express this afternoon. Only one of us will be successful. Never-the-less, because I'm confident we each aspire to achieve the sound management of council's affairs, and the benefit of the community, the three runners-up will resume their place in the community with a graciousness, a goodwill and a willingness to co-operate in seeing the new council succeed. On March 19 you, the electors, will have made your choice. Only one of us will be given the high honour and great responsibility of leading our council. I believe you will make your judgement on the basis of which one of us can best deal and best heal the divisions and promote within the

community the trust and confidence in council which is so lacking. As a candidate I've gdne to great pains to remain independent of any of the divisive groups or factions which unfortunately exist within our community. I resisted offers to join these groups and I have had no backing from any element pursuing vested interest, retribution or control. I believe I speak for the wider community, the wider section of the community which wants to see a return to stability, harmony and the wise management of the council's slender resources. As a candidate I've made a commitment that I will not make any promises. To do so would be

to sow seeds of disputation. As your shire chairman I will be committed to actively developing close harmony and team work. I wish to promote trust and to create opportunities for each of the councillors to express their particular interests and abilities in such a way that confidence can develop and opportunities arise for all to achieve. I believe that an achieving council is a happy council. Under my leadership council will not be a one-man band. I present myself as a candidate as one who's not been involved in any of the bitter brawls which has brought this council limping to the end of its term. I've not associated with any of the factions, I


WILDIN REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT HURT I'VE been a part of the Livingstone Shire for six years which is probably one of the most horrendous periods, except perhaps the session before, that this shire has ever been through. And I ask you to cast your minds back to think about that. Ten years, 10 years of pain and agony ... discontent, disillusionment and uncertainty. Really think about it, why that hurts? I'm not going to tell you why, I'm asking you to tell. Think about it and make your own decisions as to why that happened. I also ask you to think about why it has suddenly changed. And I will tell you that, because in the last three years perhaps some people have achieved a goal and you have a

council basically made up of people who genuinely care about their community ... who have always cared about their community. They haven't created hassles and attention at the table; they haven't made life for staff and council elected members and for the public, impossible. Roads, sewerage, water, drainage, all the everyday things that local authorities are committed to provide for the people, I've done, regardless of who would be in the chair, and I would say any chairman, and I see one in Roy Wall sitting now in the body of the audience, have to be given a medal .... to be able to keep providing those services in a time of total disruption.


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ability to pay is getting smaller and smaller. We live in a shire where our infrastructure has been practically nothing in the last 10 to 12 years. The infrastructure to be able to meet, the development that's taken place in this shire and will continue to take place in the shire have been put down and paid for by you people. Not a great many ratepayers are meeting that debt. I can't condemn the present council for increasing its debt by S2.1 or S2.3 million. Any shire that has an infrastructure problem and is going to do what needs to be done to provide that infrastructure must raise debts. There are only two ways of doing it ... raising loans or getting the money directly from you


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We've been able to lay down the planning of the treated water that you will have on tap in July this year. That was done by people who were working under very very difficult circumstances ... they did it. Livingstone Shire is one of the biggest obtainers of money from the years of 1982 to 1985 from the Mains Road Department, I think outside of Brisbane ... that was all done under difficult conditions. It's not easy being able to provide the services for the members of the community and in the shire. Government subsidies are dropping; they have been for quite a number of years. People's

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2 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

SANDMINING PUBLIC TALKS THE proposed sand mining at Bayfield will be the topic of discussion at a public meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday, March 3, at Bayview Tower. RZ Mines managing director Bob Kelly will give a talk on company views of the proposed sand mining. Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president AndrewMcLelland said the chamber was hosting the meeting after Mr


Kelly had approached Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to give RZ Mine's side of the story. Mr McLelland said Mr Kellywould talk about the potential benifits to the community and also address concerns people have about mining. A video of past mining projects, (before and after), will also be shown. Mr McLelland said questions would be welcomed.

Protection for scallop industry

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LEGISLATION for the introduction of vital protective measures for Central Queensland's scallop industry will be introduced to State Parliament, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week. He had been advised by Primary Industry Minister Neville Harper his case on behalf of Capricorn Coast fisherman for a 130 meat pieces per kilo limit had been successful. "From March 1, the meat count measures will be introduced on a voluntary basis, and full cooperation from the industry is requested in making the measures effective," he said. "Department of Primary Industry officers arc now working on suitable procedures for the policing of meat count measures and when they are finalised they will be embodied in State Parliament legislation. "I am pleased at the Minister's response to my request because the meat count measure is supported by fisherman, including the Yeppoon Branch Queensland Commercial Fishermen's Organisation, as well as the processing sector."

Chamber meet

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THE CAPRICORN Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry meets on Tuesday, March 1, in the Bayroom at Bayview Tower. The meeting starts at 6.30pm. President Andrew McLelland said included in the agenda would be the presentations to the shop assistant of the month and business person of the month. "A local guest will talk about aspects of small business management," he said. "Discussions will also be held about associate membership." Mr McLelland said members, visitors and potentially new members were invited to attend.

Mr Hinton said the meat count restriction would greatly restrict the number of immature and undersized scallops being taken from the scallop grounds, particularly during the breeding season in winter when scallops were at their leanest. "It should almost certainly ensure sufficient scallops are left in the beds for breeding and regeneration purposes," he said. ADVERTISEMENT




Chairman As the present Chairman of Livingstone, I have proved that this Council can work, having taken the Council out of turmoil into success over the past two years - I ask you not to change now -

Let's keep going with Bowen!!!! (Stay with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

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KS coastguard forging ahead IN only five years the Keppel Sands Coast Guard will have developed from a home-operated radio service into an independent unit with radar facilities benefiting all Central Queensland people. Keppel Sands Coast Guard is about three months away from completing its new building which will house full radar and radio facilities. Construction work has just started. When finished it will have a raised observatory room, sleeping quarters, chart room and meeting room ... which also combines as the kitchen, dining and training room. Group spokesman Peter Ladynski said ideas for a building first surfaced about 1985. After finding a position ideally suited for its plans, Coast Guard representatives submitted an application to the Lands Administration Commission. The site chosen is on the South Keppel Sands headland which is situated at the mouth of Pumpkin Creek. Uninterrupted views of Zilzie Beach, North Keppel, South Keppel, Cattle Point, Cape Capricorn, Curtis Bay and all islands in Keppel Bay enhances the position. Radar range would be 96 nautical miles and could show all possible cyclone movement onshore and offshore. Mr Ladynski said the benefits would extend both to boat owners as well as Central Queensland people in general. "The equipment can warn boating people about how fast a storm is moving." Positioning the building on the headland will also mean that on a clear day, larger boats and small boats outfitted with radar reflectors, could be seen up to 40 nautical miles away. Mr Ladynski said this would help in monitoring the progress of a ship in distress. Smaller boats not using the radar reflector wouldn't be seen as far away as one with a reflector. "The reflector, made out of alfoil, can track a boat 40 nautical miles away, but wooden or fibreglass boats-without these reflectors can't send back a signal," he said. "The radar unit is designed to give the time, angle and degrees of any movement in the sea and members can relay the message to the various services if it could be a potential emergency." "Operators are now manning radios in Keppel Sands 24 hours a day. All three licensed radio units are in private residences. "It's hard for Coast Guard members to be rostered on times which also work in with house-plans where radios are stationed.

"The new building will give these members a greater ability to participate in rosters without feeling as if they are intruding." Mr Ladynski said without support and help from people everywhere, the cost to build would have been about $47,000. However a number of people are using their skills to reduce this cost. "To name a few, PGH has greatly reduced prices on mega-bricks, which require no maintenance or painting," he said. "Burkes Transport helped with the mammoth task of delivering the bricks, N and B Humphries Plumbing are doing free work and Sellers Concrete have also reduced cement bag prices." Mr Ladynski said a special thank you should go to bricklayer Rosco Forohanfl, and George Wilson, who is retired, and also the Keppel Sands Rural Fire Brigade for giving up time to help. "What has also been great is the support from Keppel Sands people," he said. "We have had to raise a lot of our money because the Government was only able to give 75 cents for every dollar raised. "The Coast Guard has run raffles and operated a stall at the show which Keppel Sands residents have supported." He said many had also pledged to help with the building's construction. "Their help means our costs will be greatly reduced," he said. Radar unit prices range from about 515,000 to about $27,000. Coast Guard members will probably buy a 515,000 unit which fullfils the 96 nautical mile radius. A DC generator, costing about $8000, will ensure Keppel Sands will have an idependent operation, while further plans for solar panellingwill charge the generator's four batteries (a single 12-volt battery costs about S200). Mr Ladynski said a wind charger would boost the ability to generate electricity in all weather conditions. "We are pleased with piogress so far. We hope to finish the foundations this week and have a lockable and operational building within about three months," he said. "It was a major task the 29 Coast Guard members took on but a well worthwhile service for all Central Queensland people in the long run." He said the Keppel Sands Coast Guard was formerly a section of the Yeppoon Coast Guard but became a flotilla about 1985. "Keppel Sands also has a station at Fitzroy River's mouth," he said.

LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL ELECTIONS Ballot papers have now been posted to all persons whose names appear on the Voters Roll (which has been compiled from the State Electoral Roll) and electors are encouraged to ring the Returning Officer (393388) if they have not received their ballot paper by the 4th March, 1988. In most instances, unclaimed ballot papers will by then have been returned to the Council offices by Australia Post, and can be redirected to the elector's current mailing address upon request. Where a person's name has been omitted from the Voters' Roll, and such person was entitled to be enrolled for the Shire of Livingstone at 31st December, last, such person may make application for a vote before 4.00pm on the 18th March, 1988. Electors are encouraged to follow the instructions on the ballot paper carefully, and to return the completed ballot paper in the pre-paid post envelope enclosed, at their earliest convenience. It is important that a vote be recorded for both the office of Chairman on the top part of the ballot-paper, by placing a figure 1 in the square opposite the candidate of your choice, and also for the number of Members to represent your Division, by placing consecutive figures, commencing with figure 1, in the squares opposite the candidates of your choice. Do not put any extra marks or writing on the ballot paper, and do not used Liquid Paper or similar products to make corrections. It is not necessary to fill in all the squares, only those required for the actual number of positions to be filled. Persons who accidently destroy or deface their ballot paper may make application for a replacement paper also, but will be required to return the original paper before a new one is issued. Electors may return their ballot papers direct to the locked ballot box at the Council office, Yeppoon, during office hours up to 4.30pm on Friday, 18th March, 1988 and between the hours of 8.30am and 10am on election day, 19th March, 1988, if necessary. Persons who receive more than one (1) ballot paper; or a ballot paper for persons who have left that address or who are deceased; are requested to note details on the post paid reply envelope, enclose the blank ballot paper, and return same to the Returning Officer to facilitate corrections to the Roll. Candidates or their paid agents are not permitted to attest votes signatures on the certificate attached to the foot of the ballot paper, nor are they permitted to receive or take any ballot paper from a voter - please do not ask them to mail or deliver your ballot paper for you. A J BROWN RETURNING OFFICER


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4 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 111 IN • INI IN III MINIM IN NI IN . . MIN IN NI IN M III • NI NI NI IN it

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A DANGEROUS bend adjacent Farnborough State Primary School will be considered by Livingstone Shire Council as a major priority in roadworks. Cr Geoff Cue, in submitting a notice of moI tion, said concerned parents wanted council to I fix the potentially fatal corner. He said parents wanted the 100km/h speed limit reduced to 60km/h for the section of Farnborough Road passing the school. I "This should be reduced to the north past the sharp bend adjacent to the school," he said. I "It would ensure southbound traffic would I have sufficient time to slow down and negotiate the bend without risk of losing control and I ploughing into the school grounds or I principal's house." I Cr Cue said the road was under Main Roads control and he had contacted them to try and .1 find a solution. • "District engineer Kev Kerr said his department intended widening Farnborough Road, funds permitting, from Woodwind Valley junc• tion north to Hinz Avenue intersection," Cr I Cue said. "The problem was discussed further and three options were looked at." The options discussed were re-aligning the I road to remove the sharp bend; modifying the approaches to the bend reducing its severity; Iand reducing the speed limit from about Collins Road corner to an appropriate northern point.




I I Extension for I ! school route _ 1 1

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has agreed to extending The Caves Barmoya School bus route. The Barmoya Bus Committee asked council to approve an 8km extension to the existing bus route. Shire engineer Pat Murphy said council, in agreeing to the extension, must be prepared to maintain the roads to an adequate, safe standard for the school bus. "At present, the majority of the road could be considered satisfactory for the school bus," he said. -Councillors agreed to letting the shire clerk authorise the intended extension.

Cr Cue said the first option was costly and could not be done until next financial year. "You would also still have cars travelling at 100km/h," he said. "Option two is under investigation by Main Roads but the speed limit would still remain at 100km/h. "The third option would assist in reducing the present danger and allow time to consider a permanent solution." Cr Cue said whatever option was adopted the bend still required ugent attention. Shire engineer Pat Murphy told council the best solution to the present poor horizontal alignment was option one. "The approaches couldn't be modified without considerable permanent works and Main Roads would be reluctant to reduce regulatory speed for through traffic because advisory speed signs already existed," he said. Councillors said the issue was a high priority for future roadworks. ADVERTISEMENT


BOWEN John for

Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, I support the Council's policy on up-grading your water supply through good management whilst keeping rates down. with the stiengtho


Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon


Division 2 Electors „.

Put your Trust in Roy Wall I can co-operate with anyone who is interested in ... open, honest, local government by ensuring adherance to the Local Government Act; adherance to Council By-laws; answering questions honestly from ratepayers without threatening them; having only one open report for each of the various facets of council business (not one report for members and another different or amended one for the public); publication in full of the Auditor-General's Report and intolerant of cronyism. I will strive for... • An increase in Pensioner Rate Rebates (I was successful in helping obtain earlier rate rebates) • Upgrading the quantity and quality of the Coast water supply (previous councils, of which I was a member, laid the foundation stones for the present situation where the Coast has had few water restrictions in spite of the record dry season) • Reduction in unnecessary expenditure to keep rates down • More government funding in the Shire and endeavour to keep loans to an absolute minimum • Better maintenance of roads and streets and forward planning for bitumen extensions • Proper town planning for urban/rural development, tourist attractions, sporting and recreational facilities • More support for tourism • Establishment of a nursing home • Information being released to Ratepayers of Shire business (as Chairman of the previous council I wrote different weekly articles in two local newspapers and an occasional column in another for the whole three years • Preservation of our quality of life for ourselves and our families. Gazettal of National Park in Byfield area I feel my record of past achievements in Livingstone Shire - 6 years as Chairman, 6 years as Deputy Chairman and 3 years as member for Division 2 suitably qualifies me as one of the choices for member in the forthcoming election. Authorised by R W Wall, Mt Lizard, Bungundarra

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

Bowen says it was horrendous • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 will not be able to deal. So 1 returned the answer yes, I would help get the council out of the turmoil. I took over. It was horrendous. The first thing I did was purchase a very large tape recorder. It's about that size and about that deep. There was no hope at that moment getting council consent because the table was so divided, and with the enormous problems - I had streams of people coming in everyday - piles of files to go through to try and sought out the problems. I tackled them at the rate of four or five a day and tried to solve, without making anymore, at least two or three a week and then with good will of each month's meeting when the councillors got along, we gradually, I believe, got down that pile of problems. The result is now we got rid of all appeals. An appeal, ladies and gentlemen, would cost you easily S10,000, so when it cost the council 510,000 in court ... it's the ratepayers money. I'm happy to say in the last two years we have had no losses in court. We've never been to ADVERTISEMENT

ISSUES CONCERNING DIVISION 1 RATEPAYERS I decided to stand as a Candidate in Division One because I feel I am competent and have a fairly wide knowledge as an Administrator and known as a person who does not take "No" for an answer. I have no affiliation with any political party or pressure groups. Being in the public eye -- as a store-keeper in Zilzie -- I find the issues and problems associated in Division One are as follows: Poor drainage in Emu Park. Zilzie and Keppel Sands: the need for a sewerage scheme in Emu Park and Zilzie: poor quality roads and nonexistent street kerbing: neglect of Bell Park including caravan park: pot-holed road to Coorooman Creek boat ramp: poor quality road to Koorana Crocodile Farm: the lack of trees on public land such as nature strips: non-existence of children's playgrounds and facilities for children in Zilzie and Keppel Sands. Some of the remedies that Iwould like to address: the setting up of a Statutory Water and Sewerage Board, which would operate independently from the Councif. for the whole of the Capricorn Coast which would plan and obtain finances to implement a sewerage scheme for Emu Park and Zilzie area ... or anything south of The Causeway. This sewerage and water hoard to be made up of two Livingstone Shire representatives. sewerage and water consultants ... engineers. one representative from each division and one independent local citizen from each division. Bell Park and Keppel Sands Caravan Parks have the poorest facilities imaginable. They need immediate upgrading or. failing this, handing over to provate enterprise on a lease basis with the proviso that the lease-holder upgrade the facilities. I will pursue -- at all costs -- the upgrading of Coorooman Creek Road and the road to Koorana Crocodile Farm. so that tourists using these roads. and the locals. can do so in safety without fear of blow-outs. The greening of flora by the setting up of council neighbourhood nurseries. This could be achieved by approaching our elderly and retired citizens who may be interested in taking care and giving nourishment to immature plants. There should be stricter control on absentee landowners in the cleaning up of vacant allotments: making nature strips the responsibility of the owner to keep them neat and presentable. We live in an age of information and I would like to instigate a quarterly report from council as to what works and improvements are to take place in each division and this report to be made public to the media and representatives of council in each division. Ring me anytime. 39 6945 or see me at Zilzie Store

For Division One ...


1 or F21 WITHOOS Frank Authorised by F Withoos, Zilzie

court. The council, I believe, in the last three years and I speak for the council now, not so much for myself. But the council in the last three years has, I believe, stopped the escalation of great increases. In fact, none of the increases during the past three years has been as high as the consumer price index and, to date, The Caves water rate went down $20 per house, Marlborough water $72. Rural block construction rates are down. Down by seven per cent in one area and three in another and 7.6 in another. I can tell you all the nice thingsyou would like to hear, but every candidate here will tell you we need a nursing home, we need play grounds, we need cycle ways, we need all those things. But all I can say is in the last two years we have made more progress in obtaining those things. We won millions of dollars worth of money from the Government. I believe the council has settled and is now working very very well indeed. And I would challenge anyone to come up with facts and figures to prove otherwise. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's staywith the strength. Let us make this place a greater place. Let us not hear tittle-tattle and carry it on without first substantiating that what you hear is the truth.

Turner honours commitment • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Roads, of course, I believe is very important ... vital here. I notice people even here this evening that are concerned about their roads. I'm glad to see Mr Timbs got on to the message on roads. David it is a problem in Queensland. You mentioned Professor Self, I had the same opportunity of being investigated, or, on the hearing of Professor Self, but no doubt the problems still come back to Federal Funding. Federal funding is so low and it's cutting back. We've got to be able to do something about that. Now what concerns me very much is your loan debt. Nowyour loan debt here was, I think when John had taken over, something like S14 million, I remember reading that in the Mirror. I believe now it's S16.5 maybe a little more. There's S2.4 million of that of course involved in the water treatment, that's essential. I say John, to you and your council, congratulations at least for getting that moving. Now let me say that is going to cost, when to phase that in, irrespective of whether it is two to three years, that's going to put water rates up 20 per cent. Sewerage in Emu Park if going onto the Park itself, they couldn't afford it. Put over the whole of the shire it will mean another 35 per cent increase. Now, that to me, is something we have to watch and I would be watching, if you give me that opportunity, very very closely. In administration costs, Belyando Shire expenditure for some S17 million, Livingstone expenditure S16 million. Now that comes from a statistical survey of local authorities that is given by the authorities to the Queensland Local Government Department and that then is put together. Livingstone is some S200,000 more extra in administration. Now I don't know why. I can't say, I'm not in there and I don't know what the problem is. John might know, but that is the variation between my shire, previous shire, and the Livingstone Shire; it's some 5200,000 more. I would certainly be looking at that and at road borrowing. That's another one that I say to Local Authorities - you borrow money for roads and gravel roads, particularly. By the time you keep on going -- S250,000 this year -- you'll end up borrowing just to pay your interest in redemption.

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6 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 ADVERTISEMENT





Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, I stand by Council's decision to promote sensible developments such as the following approved projects: Luxuiy unit development at Lammermoor Rosslyn Bay Harbour Development (ay with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

Timbs offers a fresh approach ■ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 therefore pose no threat to whatever mixture of people the electors select as a council. Having said f will make no promises I can advise you of some of the measures I would like to see council pursue and which I hope I would be able to negotiate to fruition. I don't intend to engage in any auctions to outbid my opponents as to who will offer the most. I believe such an exercise in vote buying is undignified. Rather if you have any specific queries about what I would hope to see council achieve in respect to roads, water, sewerage, drainage or any engineering projects or if you want to know my views on pensioner rebates, community development, tourism and economic developments, dogs, dust, open council, legal expenses, aged care, federal/state relations, secrecy, land developers and real estate agents, national parks, environmental parks, strategic plans, rates, valuations, town planning, beach litter, footpaths, weeds and water pressure, political parties, rural representation, Iwasaki Sangyo, storm water drainage, meeting procedures, television reception, you name it, if you want to know it just ask me. I've got nothing to hide.


Your ballot paper will arrive soon. Please remember you must vote for five (5) candidates in Division 2 and a Chairman for the Shire. Maurie Webb THE WORKER suggests he has the experience to do the job for you. For honesty and integrity and no personal gain ...

Authorised by M D Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon

Make Maurie Webb THE WORKER one of the top five.

If you want to know about tourism, about art and culture, about airports, council debt, job opportunities for our youth, council staff, industrial estates, mining development. Anything at all ... just ask me. I've got nothing to hide. I'm an open book. Because•I've got nothing to hide and because I believe very strongly in open council, I would like you to know that .I would, as chairman, endeavour to initiate better lines of communication with residents and ratepayers. In this regard I will show a lead by being available for regular interviews with the public. I believe residents must not feel isolated from the decision making process. I would therefore like to put to council a proposal for a new structure of community advisory committees. As chairman, I would seek to implement a policy which would ensure that every ratepayer is provided with a much improved annual report of council's activities. This report in a clear and precise manner would detail council's aims and objectives, financial status, reserves and indebtedness, organisation and projected works programmes, to mention but a few of the areas in which we can improve our information and accountability. My experience in local government has convinced me that Local Government is a most vital form of Government. I want to open the doors of Livingstone Shire. I want to make it your council, working for you. I've nominated to work full time on your behalf for a better community. I serve no vested interests. I offer valuable experience and study in the area of local government and public administration. I ask for your support in developing a council we will all be proud of.

New spotlight in hall A $1445 quote by Coast business CO Switchboards to install a spotlight in Yeppoon Town Hall was accepted by Livingstone Shire Council. Shire clerk Jim Brown said that following the December meeting, when council voted to meet initial costs to install lights, letters were sent to four electricians for quotations. Three businesses replied to the clerk's letters. CQ Switchboards gave the lowest quote with $1445, while Lester Findlay said S1548 would cover the proposed work and Central Queensland Electrics quoted $1625.

• Trevor White... ADVERTISEMENT

In Division 2

for beautification of main drag Authorised by T White, Whitman Street, Yeppoon



WEBBER is the


Division One Authorised by Lloyd Webber, Tungamull Rd, Cawarral


For a strong voice in... Division One VOTE

1 Neville

FRASER Emu Park and District Progress and Ratepayers Association supports NEVILLE FRASER as its nominated candidate. He has 27 years Local Government expereince and this is his first nomination in Livingstone Shire. He is in the Chemist shop with his wife at Emu Park and is available at all times. Authorised by R Leicht, 14/16 Bright St, Emu Park


ROWE SAYS... BEEN THERE, SEEN IT ALL, AND NOT AFRAID TO TELL At present LIVINGSTONE SHIRE has a Council that: ■Refused to indicate any acceptance of Judge Gibney's findings in the Commission of Inquiry ■Refused to accept the recommendation of a Magistrate and Appeal Board ■Refused to comply with the latest recommendation of the State Ombudsman ■Refused to comply with the opinion of the Solicitor General ■Refuses to comply with the requirements of the Local Government Act and the advices of Council's own Solicitor in relation to 'Illegal Expenditure' ■Refuses to accept the advices of the Beach Protection Authority ALL THESE FACTS CAN BE WHOLLY SUBSTANTIATED BY THE OFFICIAL RECORDS

I put the questions: 1 Do current Livingstone Shire councillors foolishly believe that they are beyond the authority of the judicial system? 2 Do they consider that they are a law unto themselves? 3 Do Electors sincerely believe that any matter put before this current Council will receive fair and just consideration? Why don't ratepayers ask: ■Why is it that YEPPOON ratepayers have the 18th highest rates in Queensland out of 134 Local Authorities? ■Why will Yeppoon ratepayers have the 5th highest rates when the Water Treatment Plant and the Emu Park Sewerage Scheme come on line? ■Was the fact that Judge Gibney found that Tony Rowe was 'not only a competent Engineer, but that his dedication, loyalty, and integrity were beyond question' incompatible with their standards? This mob have had their chance for the past 3 years. Livingstone still has the secrecy, the political bluster and blunder and is known Australia wide as a place to avoid.

Let us have a Revolution with a new team of genuine Councillors given the opportunity to straighten out the system.

Authorised by Tony Rowe, P 0 Box 445, Yeppoon

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 -D R M


THIS MAN IS WANTED! WHY? Because ... 1 2

Chairman promised to reduce the $14 million debt. The debt is now $16.493 million.


A further $2.7 million has been budgetted for Emu Park sewerage. If proceeded with, this will put Yeppoon sewerage rates up by at least a minimum of 20 per cent.


The $2.4 million for water treatment means a 20 per cent rise is coming.

He's a Clean Skin...

This is a 40 per cent rate rise without even adding on year-toyear inflation. Can the average ratepayer cope anymore?




Livingstone administration costs in 1986-87 were $944,000 on expenditure of $16 million. Why are they $220,000 above Belyando Shire Council's administration costs when that shire's expenditure was $17 million?


Another candidate says he can do more for you but does not say how. Why has he not told us the length of his Local Government experience? Is it only 3 years and 1 month ... or less?


Local Government Acts and Operations are vastly different in New South Wales compared with Queensland.


Can Livingstone Shire afford inexperience?


Can Livingstone Shire be used as a stepping stone to Hinton's seat in Parliament? -- "No!"


One Councillor could not make up her mind about nominating for Chairman until 20 minutes before nominations closed. (Indecisive action?)


Let's give credit where credit is due ... Thanks Denis Hinton (Member for Broadsound) for your efforts in obtaining $20 million for this area ($7 million of which will be spent on the Rockhampton City-to-Yeppoon Road) and thanks Member for Capricornia Keith Wright for assistance for Army Roads.


JIM has not been involved in the years of Livingstone turmoil. (NO WOUNDS TO H EA L)


JIM has 21 years' Local Government experience (ELECTED CHAIRMAN SIX SUCCESSIVE TERMS)


JIM is a proven Leader and Negotiator. He has a good track record.


'JIM says he is committed to restrict loan borrowing.


JIM, over the years, has made excellent contacts with heads of government departments.


JIM is the only Chairman candidate who is striving to achieve certain policies (as at 26-2-88). Many policies are dependent on his, and council's, ability to obtain State, Federal and Australian Grants Commission money. (These are not promises but constructive issues.)


JIM realises council is Big Business. (His personal success in business over the years is a tremendous assistance.)


JIM will give full time to council (No business interest in Shire.)


There's Never Been A Greater Need...

1Vote anl Turner J.R. Authorised by J & D Fittler, Poinciana Ave; Tricia Childs, Strow St; C L Westacott. John St; all of Yeppoon

8 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 ADVERTISEMENT


Wildin says think about the hurt • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 people as ratepayers and it's not possible. The best possible thing to do is raise the loans to put that infrastructure in and hope that we will increase our rate base so that the burden is lessened. It has to be done. I never made any secret before the last election that we had debt. I didn't make any promises that the debt would be reduced, because it can't be, overall when you have very vital infrastructure that must be put in place. As chairman of the Livingstone Shire I would like to see a lot of the rifts that have occurred in this community in the last 10, 12 to 15 years be healed. We are never going to achieve

Webb defends Wall's council in VOTE


COUNCIL, David Timbs for Chairman Livingstone Shire Council

DAVID TIMBS, 38, married with five children, is a High School teacher, former Armidale City Council Alderman and Deputy Mayor, New England County Council member, Chairman Nursing Home Foundation, Honorary Director Treasurer of a NSW Public Hospital, numerous involvements in community, University graduate and skilled negotiator. Vote 'for David Timbs and gain ... no factions, no fights Authorised by D P Timbs, Lammermoor Beach


The right decision now can put the right ideas into Livingstone Shire Council. There's no need for the' Capricorn Coast to become a dumping ground for old-fashioned development ideas ... the same ideas that turned the Gold Coast into a Concrete Jungle. I see our Capricorn Coast as the last oasis on the East Coast of Australia; • The last place where people can live in the sun without the towering high-rises blotting out the view; • The last place where people can walk freely in the streets without fear of mugging because of poorly developed ghettos where fellow Australians turn to a life of crime to eke out a miserable existence; • The last place where children can have a childhood worth looking back on because of unspoilt beauty surrounding them. Together we can see our Capricorn Coast develop the right way; where high-rise has its place; where medium-rise units nestle into hill sides and where residential areas provide us, the residents, with our own piece of paradise knowing we have no fear of concrete jungles invading our privacy. I have seen resort areas where development and conservation have gone hand-in-hand for the benefit of all and I will fight to see these ideas incorporated into Livingstone Shire Council by-laws. The sitting councillors have had their chance. They have fought among themselves, squabbled with the staff, gone cap-in-hand to State and Federal Governments and tried to turn us, the ratepayers, into mendicants. We deserve better ... and so does the Capricorn Coast. I offer my services to you, the people of the Capricorn Coast. I have nominated for division 2, where I have lived for more than seven years. I have been in business in Yeppoon for more than 16 years. I have paid my dues ... I am part of the Capricorn Coast and I am prepared to help it progress along planned, organised lines. I carry no grudges; I serve no masters ... except you, the electors. I know what the Coast needs but I need your help ... I must have one of your five votes on the division 2 ballot paper. Please, when casting your votes for Division 2, think of your future and children's future and give me your vote. The only promise I make is that you won't be disappointed.



DIVISION 2 Livingstone Shire Council candidate Maurie Webb said this week he had intended to run a campaign without personally attacking anyone but "last Saturday's public meeting changed that stance," he said. "How anyone could stand on a public platform and declare the previous administration left the shire in a deficit situation, beats me," he said. "This is simply untrue, as the following facts from the annual accounts and estimates booklet issued showing the balances as at June 30, 1985, will show. "Any shire chairman should check his facts: general fund credit, $220,584.49; water undertaking credit, $237,871.47; sewerage and cleansing fund, $315,988.66 in credit." Mr Webb said the only account in the red had been the Caves water undertaking, around $20,000. He said it made him see red when he was part of the administration that did a top job under Roy Wall's leadership,and he took the statement as an attack on his own credibility. "I was disgusted with the Dorothy Dixer questions from the floor," he said. "It was strange that the chairman had the right paperwork for those questions ... although he didn't have all the answers." Mr Webb said anyone who played the voters for suckers had a lot to answer for. "For heaven's sake we have to be honest about shire matters," he said. "The ratepayer has a right to be treated seriously and with respect. "I never have had any difficulty with treating people honestly."

anything or get any where until we can do that and that means all of the faction groups, all of the members of council, all of the people who make up the Livingstone Shire have to really look at their situation and decide in which direction they want to go. You know, council is council. You elect us as representatives to do what you think we should be doing. But you are the people, it's your community, it's your money we're spending. I would like to see every member of this community, tell us or give us some direction in what you want us to do, or where you want to go, or what you want to achieve, because it seems to me that very quickly that's forgotten in all elected governments. You're elected and then you forget that it's the people who are paying, it is the people's community, it is their quality of life. , And that is one thing I would really like to see as chairman of Livingstone Shire. It is your community, we will provide the infrastructure, the water, the sewerage, the drainage ... all of those things and God help us, there's plenty to do. We can only do it as quickly as is possible for you the people to pay, because whether the money comes from the government in grants or whether raised in taxes, you ultimately pay.







Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, I will help to promote the creation of interesting children's play parks and playgrounds in a number of urban areas.

Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon


COUNCILLORS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY Dear Electors, You will all remember me, the councillor sworn in mid term to face salvaging the fragments of Livingstone Shire Council. A divided, hostile council presented little glamour. I knew that I must enter council without any preconceived ideas or prejudice and make decisions on the merits or demerits of each case as it is presented to the table. Any prior commitment to support a particular group or sector means you are serving factional interests and not the community as a whole. Councillors have a responsibility to honour their Oaths and Declaration of Office. I have always acted responsibly and made decisions at the table independently of other councillors. The evidence of this must be the absence of the customary "Blow-ups" at council meetings. Livingstone Shire is not lost and can continue the stability maintained since my appointment. My policy is to maintain and improve our standards of living.





Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 ADVERTISEMENT

The Wildin I WILL BRING THE COUNCIL TO YOU! So that each Division can see how Livingstone Shire Council spends Your money, I will ensure at least one meeting a year will be held in each Division. They will not be full council meetings ... they will only deal with matters affecting the Division hosting the meeting. I will pay the hall hire and bus transport costs from the Chairman's allowance. I will not accept any increase in the allowance. You will meet the councillors and the officers. You will be able to ask questions. It's your Council -- You have the right to see it working for You!

Referendum on Sewerage

Upgrade water YES: I WILL continue upgrading our water supply. The work has already been done; the planning completed; the bills paid ... over the PAST 9 YEARS (NOT 22 months).

NO: I WON'T give a commitment to sewer Emu Park. I will gather every scrap of information on the best way to sewer this area and I will make full costings available for public scrutiny. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be hidden. And, when all of this information has been made available, I will ask council to hold a referendum. YOU WILL DECIDE IF YOU CAN AFFORD SEWERAGE. No pressure groups or "squeaky wheels" will push us into the quagmire of debt. Everyone will have an equal say!

Upgrade roads YES: I WILL continue to upgrade roads. I will get the Engineering Department to draw up a plan that shows every unsealed road. I will then work with ALL of the Councillors to allocate priorities. YOUR representatives will say what YOU want!

No frustration with council

More Books YES: I WILL provide more books in our Libraries. I arranged for a State Library Field Officer to assess Livingstone Shire's needs and I will use that report to bring books to the reader. I will discuss with Community Organisations, such as the Blue Nurses and Mealson-Wheels, an idea to have books delivered to and picked up from house-bound residents.

Open Council YES: I WILL provide Open Government. I fought the present chairman when he stripped the information from council's agenda ... and won, so that the Press and Public could know what was going on. I fought the present chairman when he took council meetings behind closed doors ... and I won. My policy has always been to answer any questions. If more information is needed, I will find out.

NO: I WON'T threaten anyone. If you don't like something you will have the right to express yourself without fear. You won't need a solicitor to talk to council. You may not get what you want ... but you will be able to get it off your chest. There is no need to feel frustration when dealing with the council.

I WILL BURY THE PAST! I WILL create an environment at the Shire Administration Centre which will be in touch with what you, the people who pay the bills, want. You will have qualified, full-time staff on the counters to answer your queries. There won't be part-time consultants costing tens of thousands of dollars. There will be full-time officers who will live among us, be a part of us, and know what we want. I will bury the past!

I WILL HOLD REGULAR INFORMATION MEETINGS These Information Meetings will be held at various times in different Divisions. I will review the Council's activities since the previous meeting and outline what lies ahead. Everyone will get the chance to ask questions. You will not need a pressure group to make yourself heard. All Councillors and Officers will be invited to attend but attendance will not be compulsory. We all live here. It's Your money. Let's spend it the right way. I will show there is no need for secrecy!


Wildin B.A. Authorised by B.A. WILD1N, Howes Road, Farnborough

10 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988


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Cash. r Nstoritn families Tax free payments for your children.


The Government has introduced a new payment to help working families with the cost of raising their children.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Facts on bins at Cawarral I DO not usually respond to the outrageous from Cr Giorgi but as usual, Cr Giorgi is guilty of misrepresenting the facts, this time on the Cawarral wheelie bin meeting. The facts: 1.Our community voted overwhelmingly to reject the wheelie bin introduction despite Cr Giorgi's determination to impose them on us. 2.The meeting at times proved unruly for two reasons - the arrogance and utter stupidity of Cr Giorgi's high-handed attitude and the total incompetence of the chairman appointed by Cr Giorgi. 3. Cawarral and Mt Chalmers did not ask for wheelie bins or any other bins and the majority of ratepayers had no need for them as they dispose of their rubbish on their own properties. 4. The figures offered RE. cost of service by Cr Giorgi and Cr McDonald and backed up by the health surveyor were highly suspect ,as they didn't add up. 5. The industrial bin was the only service received from the council apart from road maintenance for which a separate levy is paid. Therefore, to suggest we were out to get something for nothing is false and quite ridiculous. 6. If, as Cr Giorgi alleges, the industrial bins — are illegal for the collection of household refuse, why is it that these bins can still be seen throughout the Shire and elsewhere in residential situations some 18 months or so since the health department and council deemed them unsuitable and illegal for the disposal of this refuse? - Lloyd Webber, Tungamull Road, Cawarral.

Peace, quiet I HAVE been a resident of Yeppoon for 12 years. When I think back over the past five or six years and remember the fighting and quarrelling which took place regularly in Livingstone Shire Council in those days and compare it with the peace and quieet which is the order of the day now, feel a great deal of respect and admiration for the present chairman, John Bowen, for the way in which he has calmed things down since he became chairman. As vice president of the Causeway Progress Association I feel very pleased with the improvement in roadworks carried out and the planting of trees. So I ask before you fill in your voting paper think carefully and remember those bad times a few years ago, and remembel how much better things are now. I feel that Cr Bowen should be given the chance to continue the good work. Coming from the back, I would never change my horse in midstream, I would keep to the horse I know does the better job. - Budge Edwards, 27 Ware Avenue, Causeway.

Make it known AS chairman of the Keppel Sands Advancement League I would like it known that Cr Duncan McDonald haas been an interested and regular attender at our meetings. He has consistently drawn the attention of the Livingstone Shire Council to our requests and problems, CrAnn Giorgi has also worked hard for us. - E.C.Daniels, 28-30 Schofield Parade, Keppel Sands.

The payment is the Family Allowance Supplement. It is tax-free and is paid at a maximum rate of $22 a week for each child under 13 and $28 a week for children aged 13, 14 or 15. The exact amount depends on how much money your family earns and how many children you have.




The Family Allowance Supplement is in addition to your Family Allowance (formerly Child Endowment). Anyone who already receives a Social Security pension or benefit has had their child payment increased automatically to the same amount. However, everyone else will have to fill in a separate claim form. Ring the Telephone Hotline 221 1288 for information or to be sent a claim form. Callers outside the metropolitan area ring (008) 017 007.





Don't let your family miss out! Social Security helps. D SS65. 305.180

As Chairman of Livingstone, I will lead the fight to Canberra for a greater share of the fuel tax to be spent on our roads with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

-T6s wa5twir4dfrufrt




ANN GIORGI KEPPEL SANDS ew water treatment plant being built. Emu Park sewerage en route

I am tired of Division 1 being the Cinderella of the Capricorn Coas

I will do my best to: Get roads throughout the Division upgraded. Sort out the water and sewerage problems once and for all. lake the administration of the Shire more efficient and more accountable to the electors. nsure decisions are made by Councillors, not professional staff. Stop the huge waste of Council resources in the form of Court Cases - Livingstone Shire Council has lost 11 out of 34fir- No more court cases - all old ones settled ... great savings

0 7



(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

(v) 10 11 12

Gen on, eral fund $300, 000 n 3 Years Water treatment Plant co.._ retained (6 Wig water rates

Find out where the huge waste of money is occurring. DONE Stop more borrowings unless we can demonstrate ability to repay by enlarging rate base Stop secrecy in Council. Press for Sub-Committees in special areas. L Council meetings Town planning and sub-division Public works. OPEN to public ... Council works programmes. lease come Finance and administration. Trouble shooting and public relations. Get a co-ordinated policy on Beach Protection for the whole Coas

Encourage small business - thereby creating jobs for the unemployed. TRYING Ensure public access to every decision of Council and every meeting: in short, stop treating the public like Enemy No. 1. Meetings OPEN - minutes available in all libraries


e had these for a been stopped but they've More need as no


The Public is PAYING!





4801 -I see Please phone 34 oeactl protecti°11.;3-

q Ns ‘``' vAireie‘:)1.‘;‘I 0

*le 31e *e99e\ 52°9

PRIORITIES next term

Gi.„;-Lfo, k .5. q, ,t..?_„ 2 3c(-4 - 8'0 /.

Finish Emu Park Roads, start on Emu Park Drainage; finish Beach Protection on Keppel Sands and Kinka beaches; build stinger-proof netted areas in Division 1, finish Lagoon and Bicentennial Park in Emu Park, also construct bicycle way from Zilzie past school to Pattison Street; oversee affordable Sewerage scheme for Emu Park and bitumen as many rural roads as possible. Oversee buoying of Coorooman Creek and up-grading of new Keppel Sands boat ramp and Coorooman Creek Road boat ramp on Zilzie side.



12 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

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Trip to home RECENTLY my son and I had a week's visit to my childhood home. How different everything is now, 60 years later! Progress through the years of plenty, which have given life to the old town. In my day we depended on the channel country floods to bring life. But then after the water had fallen again in the Diamantina, and the hot sun had dried the beautiful grass and the wild flowers, which bloomed in the millions on the sandhills after the flooding; then everybody became particularly careful of the precious water. Now hot and cold pipes are supplied in every home, electric lights take a most superior place, and the scanty rain is never missed, except in the vast stretches of cattle country. Top quality beef has been produced from that wonderful channel country over the years, as has been proved time and time again in the Adelaide markets. `Planes frequently land on the airstrip in Birdsville, and on November 28, 1987, it was humming with activity, because David Brook was 40! A big celebration was planned for that night, preparations were going on for weeks inadvance, and guests arrived by the dozen. That night we were all treated to entertainment, and attractive food and drink in the wide, calm, open air. Coloured lights and balloons and many party tables, set beautifully, rivalled the brightness of the clear stars in that vast outback sky. A lovely calm evening. After the guests had flown out next day, back to various homes, my son and I wandered around taking many snaps, called at the pub that famous Birdsville pub - and had a yarn with some bushmen there. I remarked on a clock, which was operating backwards! The numbers looked so strange on the incorrect sides. One old bloke said it had the batteries in upside-down he thought. Then another drawling joker said: "Well, you see, this is tick-free country, the clocks only tock". Because of airfreight, goods are expensive in the only store, but nobody in the town or district pays anything for meat, except bacon, or chicken. A butcher's shop is unheard of, and this has been so for years. The cattlemen kill, in turn, and everyone is happy continuing thus. In Birdsville, the color of a man's skin makes no difference at all, and the state school teaches them togetherness in every way. Since my parents lived in this.old border town in the 20s, the mode of living has advanced for the betterment of its people, and even heat is not hard to bear now, with airconditioning and water flowing constantly from the artesian bore, who cares! -Abbie Schick, 14 Birdwood Estate, Yeppoon.

Rowe inquiry FURTHER to Mr Kit ching's remarks re the Rowe enquiry being conducted behind closed doors and commissioner Fitzgerald's remark that justice cannot be done behind closed doors (it must be seen to be done, a statute of British justice), I seem to remember the terms of the Rowe enquiry were not absolute. In other words restrictions or limitations were placed on the scope of the enquiry so can it be called a full enquiry? And how can Mr Rowe claim similarity to the Fitzgerald enquiry? - H Brownsdon, PO Box 286, Yeppoon.

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Bravo Rowe! I'D like to congratulate Tony Rowe for enlightening readers of the true position re the shire's actual loan debt as opposed to the version authorised by the present chairman for ;public consumption. It is most unfortunate that ratepayers have been deceived to the extent they have by the chairman and members of this council particularly during the last election on the need for open council and made great play of the necessity to reduce the 514.5 million loan debt as it then was. Can we as ratepayers afford another three years of secrecy and deceipt? -- Lloyd Webber, Cawarral.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 --

Webber has sewerage proposal L

LIVINGSTONE Shire Division one candidate Lloyd Webber believes that Emu Park's septic problems can be overcome without the need for expensive sewerage connections. He said that the majority of Emu Park/Zilzie residents "seemed perfectly happy with their septic systems and it seems quite unfair to impose a heavy financial burden on these people for a service they neither need nor could afford". "It would make far greater sense for council to come to the assistance of the few who are experiencing serious problems with their septic systems by looking at the alternatives to sewerage connections for these difficult areas. "There are several systems which more effectively and hygenically dispose of toilet waste than either septic or sewerage and the Clivus

Multrum system, in particular, should be seriously considered by council as a way of solving the immediate problems," Mr Webber said. "This system has been in use for many years overseas and, in fact, many shires thoughout Queensland have installed them. From discussion with the engineers of some of these shires, the system has proven to be safe, clean, efficient and economical. "The advantages of a waterless, decomposing type system such as Clivus Multrum are many. But the main asset is that there are no on-going costs for either the ratepayer of the council. I believe a full investigation should be carried out with the view to having such a low maintenance system installed in all future buildings in the Emu Park area."

Sandy's CAFE

Wall attacks rate arrears

ALL TAKEAWAYS Open from 7.30am 7 days-a-week SIT-DOWN MEALS Normanby Street, Yeppoon

FORMER shire chairman and Division 2 candidate Roy Wall said that at the public meeting held in the Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday, chairman Cr John Bowen made a statement that arrears in rates amounted to about $400,000. "He did not specifically say whether he was referring to arrears in all funds. He said 'the figure had been substantially reduced in this term'," Mr Wall said in a Press release. Mr Wall, quoting from the Livingstone Shire Annual Account, Statements of Rates and Charges, said the total arrears in all funds at June 30, 1985, the end of his term as chairman, was $370,276.30. "Arrears at June 30, 1986 (Cr Bowen chairman), $497,090.04 and arrears at June 30, 1987 (Cr Bowen still chairman), $411,476.13," he said. "I am quoting audited figures not figures off the top of my head in blind panic," Mr Wall said. "Another incorrect statement by Cr Bowen was his reference to the deficit passsed on by the previous council at the 1985 election. "The only fund then showing a deficit was The Cave's Water $21,058.49. Other main funds showing a surplus were general 5220,584.59, sewerage and cleansing $315,988.66, and Capricorn Coast water $237,871.41."

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TOURIST operators will miss out on invaluable opportunities to promote the Capricorn Coast and their own businesses at Expo, unless they act quickly. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said that Expo offers a unique opportunity to promote the Coast, but the availablevenue will be mostly taken up by Rockhampton based enterprises unless Coast operators act quickly. " The Capricorn Coast should be promoted as the primary destination for tourists coming to Central Queensland with it's unsurpassed scenic beauty," he said. "A committee headed by Iris Cameron and endorsed by the Capricorn Tourist Development Organisation was urgently seeking participants in the Central Queensland exposition, which will last six months, but includes a three day features period from June 15 to 23. "Coast businesses should be organising package deals from Brisbane to entice people to the Coast and to promote these package deals at Expo."

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14 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 ADVERTISEMENT

For good sound representation in the whole of Division One VOTE





LAWRIE DALEY (6 years previous Council experience) Authorised by Ross Coulter, Golding St, Emu Park


Wall on debt I QUESTIONED Cr John Bowen on council's five-year forward programme of works, (during the candidates' debate on Saturday) as submitted to the Co-ordinator General's Department. Cr Bowen was unable to answer my questions. To refresh his memory and to enable you, the ratepayers, to better understand council's financial excursions, I derived from a copy of that forward programme the following figures. Proposed borrowing for water, sewerage, Emu Park sewerage, roadworks, drainage, and plant and equipment: 1987-1988, $3,616,000; 1988-1989, $2,465,400; 1989-1990, $5,074,000;


Ray MC siNELL—= ADbmsNi Your YOUNGER choice for Division 2


Born and educated Rockhampton Age: 32 2 years Emerald Pastoral College 5 years employee Lakes Creek Abattoir 4 years Wormald Security Proprietor of Cooee Bay Store for past 3 years, with a successful record in Business


* Unity within Shire * Total indepence from all faction groups * Maintain community awareness of the needs of the elderly * Better communion between shire council and ratepayers * Restoring confidence on Capricorn Coast * Watchful eye on administration expenditure * Encourage private enterprise to establish sporting facilities for our youth Authorised by Ray McDonnell, 101 Matthew Flinders Drive, Cooee Bay ADVERTISEMENT


1990-1991, $1,530,000; 1991-1992, $1,620,000; This gives a total of $14,035,400. Do you remember the fuss Cr Bowen, and a few of his fellow councillors, including Cr Mario Cresta, made about the shire debt of $14.5 million (accrued over a period of about 30 years) prior to the last election. He said on Saturday "the council was heading for a sound financial position" and yet unknown to most of us, he and his council propose to borrow almost as much money in the next five years as the balance of loans remaining after about 30 years of borrowing. As chairman of the previous council I was quite happy to publish my council's financial matters in the newspaper for your information. - Roy Wall, candidate for Division 2.

PRIORITIES: * Administrate efficiently to restrain undue rate increases and indebtedness * Seek maximum access to State and Federal Government subsidy and grant schemes for community needs (ie water, sewerage, roads, cultural, recreational and sporting). * Effect the most economic strategy for the long term provision of adequate clean water augmentation and expansion of sewerage scheme. * Improve urban/rural roads, drainage and parks upgrading programs and street lighting. * Promote well controlled development, tourism and business on the Capricorn Coast and in the shire to provide more employment. * Continue to support pensioner and welfare concessions, establishment of a respite day care centre, nursing home and retirement villages. „ * Encourage and support the development of sporting, recreational and cultural facilities for young people and other age groups, maternal and child welfare and day care facilities, community volunteer organisations such as State Emergency Service, Coastguard Association, Surf Life Saving Association and Rural Fire Brigades, professional community services such as Blue Nursing, QATB and Fire Brigades administrated under community committees and boards, other civic and community organisations. * Strive to improve the economic viability of the Coast and Shire. Authorised by S B Dorey, Scenic Highway, Yeppoon

VOTE or for

SCARE tactics or misuse of statistical informationwhen used at election time as a weapon against your opponents should be condemned as they erode confidence and the ratepayers become the victims because their businesses and assets are depreciated. Last Saturday, at the 'Great Chairmanship Debate', an ex-Livingstone Shire councillor endeavoured to highlight his understanding of the present council's "Five Year Forward Borrowing Programme". I list below some points which I trust will assist to add balance and fact to the argument. 1.Every council in Queensland is required by the State Government to submit a guide which assists them to budget for the State finances. 2.The programme is not binding but, if a shire has the potential to double in population in the next five years, as Livingstone has, that council must be forward looking enough to include every possible need including new reservoirs, upgrading sewerage, increasing the size of the newwater treatment plant, weirs at Waterpark Creek, new pumping stations, new mainlines, drainage works and upgraded road works. Of course, this would cost millions but would only happen if there is a huge increase in development and population. If our population increase continues at its present steady growth, all aspects of the above Five Year Programme will not be taken up. 3. In the years to come, regardless of growth, this council will borrow money for infrastructural work but remember our present debt is being reduced every year as loans are being paid out and, in this term of council, redemption has been increased dramically. 4. If we do not include every probable future demand in our "Five Year Forward Borrowing Programme" and an urgent need arises, it cannot just be tacked on in midstream. 5. the previous council, four years ago, had a

1 2

COWDRAY Division One Qualification of Candidates Dear Electors, It's interesting to note that in the State of Queensland a Candidate if on the roll can nominate regardless of money owing to the council. In other States quote one:- He or She is disqualified if He or She has not before He or She is nominated paid all moneys in excess of the sum of Fifty Cents which became due by Him or Her to the council before the end of the month preceding nomination day, end of quote. • Your INDEPENDENT Candidate • Many Years of Service to the People • Have attended courses at UNIVERSITY of NEW ENGLAND and QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY on MANAGEMENT in LOCAL GOVERNMENT. • You, the Electors, need my Experience of many years in LOCAL GOVERNMENT.


VOTE for COWDRAY F dal or El Having retired,) can put in my time to see that you, the ratepayers, get value for your dollar RING ME AND HAVE A TALK ON FACTS NOT FICTION ... 39 6315 Regarding Funding for Roads, Section 19, Main Roads Act. Funding for Sports and Recreation. Also the needs of People through the Grants Commission for this Shire would be missing out on many thousands of dollars each year. Authorised by F Cowdray, Emu Park



DOREY S. B. (Brian)



Cue on debt



'forward Borrowing Plan' which totalled $10.5 million. Even if we include the $2.4 million for the water treatment plant, we have only taken up 61 per cent of their projection. To summarise, the above programme is a planning tool, not a commitment. My commitment to you is to keep our rates down to a level we can all afford to pay. In this latest term of council the rate increases have been below the CPI level. - Cr Geoff Cue, candidate for Division 2

I would like to, with your approval, work for ... •

Establishment of low interest loans through Council sponsorship of new different businesses and new homes ... as is already operating in some Shires in NSW and Victoria • Introduction of L.E.D.A. Programme:- formulating economic development of Shire • Community Officer (grant) ... available for knowledge of incentives and persistence for businesses and individuals

For new ideas and a new perspective consider a new face for the vacancy


Authorised by T White, Whitman Street, Yeppoon

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 --

MEET THE CANDIDATES DIVISION 1, FRED COWDRAY RETIRED Division 1 candidate Fred Cowdray has lived at Emu Park for the past 18 years although he has owned a house there for 25 years. "Although I own my house I have no intentions of sub-dividing," he said this week. Mr Cowdray said he had nominated for council because he had so much experience in Local Government, some 14 years with Emerald Shire Council.

DIVISION 2, MIKE PRIOR DIVISION 2 candidate Mike Prior is a semiretired sea captain who now works at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort as an assistant golf-pro


and also dabbles in wood-turning. Mr Prior said he had lived at Cooee Bay for the past 16 years but didn't own any property in Livingstone Shire so had no intention of subdividing. "I was originally associated closely with the tourism industry," he said. "I was skipper for 10 years of Keppel Island Cruises' boats and also spent five years in management with the same company. "I skippered the Fiesta, Oceanus, Keppel Cat 1 and also Keppel Cat 2." His main reason for nominating was because he had sensed people's dissent with the present council. "There's not much I can do to help change the situation now, but if I get elected maybe there is something I can do," he said. "I hope to be able to put forward some ideas to improve water supply and to also look at the different Division 2 problems."

ADVERTISEMENT coninnoNsENSDECISION MAKING * Born at old Yeppoon Hospital,1937 * Lived and farmed in Livingstone Shire all my life * Partner, with my wife Althea, in Yeppoon Taxis for 10 years * Four children (two girls, two boys) aged 15 to 21 Interested in keeping Livingstone Shire GREAT IN EVERY WAY My policies are... * Stable Government for our Community * Good planning for the future of this great Shire * Increased efficiency in order to achieve value for the Ratepayer's dollar * Blending together the different interest groups in our community in order to develop the Shire in a way that complements both the farming and urban communities - conservation and tourist industries - local needs in the respective areas, such as cycle ways, parks, gardens, playgrounds, facilities for the aged.


Division 2

Authorised by H R Vaughan, Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon


Cr. Mario Cresta


am standing independent of Groups and Political Parties as I have in Local Government since 1967.'


Dear Electors, Firstly may I congratulate the Graham Cummins' and partners on their foresight in building the magnificent Emu Park Endeavour Motel and wish them well. This asset will be the forerunner of greater things ahead for Emu Park in future years ahead. For good Council operation and efficiency it is important that Council has a good Public Relations with its staff and work-force employees. On election this will be my policy. 1 Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Shire Clerk and Engineer to have quarterly meetings with Administration Staff outlining Council Policies and listening to suggestions from Staff on how cost savings and efficiency can be further implemented. It is important for Staff to have an input. First meeting to take place after Poll finalised. All Council to be provided with the Report. 2 Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Engineer to have initial meetings with Staff of Engineering Department along with Overseer and Foremen to discuss the works programme and allowing the Staff to put forward their views of how costs savings and more efficiency can be implemented. Meetings then to take place at suitable intervals suggested by that meeting. All Council to be provided with a report. 3 Foremen to have talks with the workforce gangs implementing the policy and encouraging the employees to have their input for cost saving and efficiency. Many employees can contribute well to this procedure. 4 On election as Chairman I would talk to employees on site on a Public Relations basis, but at no time would I direct a change of work procedure, as this instruction belongs to the Foreman, Overseer and Engineer, as they have Council Policy. Electors. Their's never been a giraterneed.t VOTE



Jim Turner 33 John Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone 39 1265. Authorised by J Turner, 33 John Street. Yeppoon.

GLENDA Mather is a registered nurse who has lived on the corner of Dawson Road and Bruce Highway for the past six years. Mrs Mather said she owned 86 acres but ran horses on the block and had no intention of selling the land or sub-dividing. She said her reason for nominating was because people were being kept in the dark about many council issues. "I believe the people have been kept in the dark on many issues, intentionally or otherwise, and in some cases it has cost us dearly," she said. "Cr Bowen's statement "Evil prospers where good men do nothing," sums it up nicely. "I'd like to give the good men a real good shake."

Concern at bus shelter brings about motion GROWING concern from Cooee Bay residents about the bus shelter on the Yeppoon Emu Park Highway, adjacent to the Poinciana Caravan Park, prompted a notice of motion from Cr Mario Cresta. Cr Cresta said parents were concerned about the safety of children crossing the road to catch school buses. "This matter has been discussed with Main Roads and Transport Departments informing them of the problem and concern," he said. "A choice between the speedy movement of traffic, as against the safety of small children, should not pose a problem with motorists."

45 Poinciana Ave., Yeppoon, Q. 4703 Telephone 39 1007

Support your Councillor who has supported your community over the past sixteen years MARIO




Your Proven Councillor Authorised by M.L. Cresta, 45 Poinciana Ave, Taranganba Heights, Yeppoon ADVER11SEMENT

Cr Cresta's motion outlined three ways to reduce the hazards for pedestrians and motorists. *A speed limit reduction from 80km to 60km. * Two "Children's Crossing" signs. * A zebra crossing (first preference) or school crossing. "I have further spoken to the department offering an alternative bus route," he said. "The bus driver, instead of pulling up on the bus shelter side, could pull up on Taranganba Road. A trial run could show it would work better and leave council's options open.

Cr Geoff CUE Adelaide Park Road Yeppoon. 4703

"Anything which will improve the children's safety should be attended." Shire engineer Pat Murphy said the crossing signs would be the preferred course which Main Roads would also agree to. "Main Roads would be reluctant to reduce the speed limit and the zebra crossing would not meet the warrants," he said.

Telephone 39 3719


Over the years, most central Queenslanders (as well as thousands of other people!) have entrusted themselves to my care and judgement on board one or other of the tourist vessels I have skippered. I now ask you to sign me on to the "Good Ship" Livingstone Shire as a councillor. Having resided in Yeppoon for more years than I care to remember and having had contact with so many residents through my work and 14 years' service on the ambulance committee (part of the time as chairman). I feel I have a good grasp of the needs and aspirations of most of the ratepayers. Please consider seriously voting...


Michael Walter


for Division Two

Authorised by M Prior, 53 Dolphin Crescent. Cooee Bay

Your support for my re-election to a Second Term in the forthcoming Shire Council Elections is sought and in return I undertake to apply every effort to maintain the best interests of the Ratepayers of this Area. Your continued support will enable me to again apply my qualifications and experience to ensure further benefit and progress to Livingstone Shire.

`Let's keep things going' VOTE




Your Councillor for Division 2 Authorised by G Cue, Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon

16 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror' February 27 -- March 4, 1988


Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 SUNDAY February 21 10am Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Beaman Park for movie 'Like a Roaring Lion' (Cathy faces peer pressure at school






Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, I stand by Council's decision to adopt the cycle-way plan for the Capricorn Coast - to provide safe access from both north and south of Yeppoon to all schools and colleges, and develop a similar plan for Emu Park. (Stay with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon




WEBBER Div for

Elect me on March 19 and I'll work damn hard to see the following implemented: • Large scale tree planting on foreshores and picnic spots of Emu Park, Zilzie and Keppel Sands • Better alternatives to sewerage for Emu Park area which will cost nothing for majority of Ratepayers or Council. • An end to the bitter feuding and sensible, stable management of the Shire's affairs. • Fair representation for all Make



in Div

Authorised by Lloyd Webber, Tungamull Rd, Cawarral

BY CATHY LOGAN AN Emu Park couple who celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this week are among Emu Park's oldest pioneers. Davison Thwaite, 78, and Janet Thwaite (nee Young), 76, were married on February 24, 1933. Fifty-five years later they can fondly recall the highs and lows of married life. Mr Thwaite came from a family of 17 children while Mrs Thwaite was the oldest of three girls who came from an old Mt Morgan family. Mrs Thwaite said their secret had been not to have any secrets. "Let one another know what's happening, don't have secrets and have all the money go into one lot," she said. Mr Thwaite said to get approval from one another is a good recipe. "We let each other know what was happening. If one didn't approve something it wasn't done," he said. The Thwaite's have three daughters, nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Distances apart will make it hard for the whole family to celebrate the anniversary. Their eldest daughter, Maureen, (Mrs Jones) lives in Rockhampton; Lorraine (Mrs Biggs) lives at Ipswich, while their youngest daughter, Elma, (Mrs Boshell) lives in Canada. Pride in the family is evident. Mrs Thwaite said she didn't believe in beating, only chastising, but said it seemed to have worked. Mr Thwaite's family has lived at Emu Park since 1910 when they migrated from England. Mr Thwaite said he was only three months old when parents Joseph and Sarah opted for the lucky country. He arrived with 11 brothers and sisters, (one brother was ill and couldn't make the journey and came to Australia later) while another brother had died in England. Mr Thwaite was named after an uncle already at Emu Park, who vouched for the family. Clarence Baxter Davison was Emu Park's station master. Four more Thwaite children were born at Emu Park where, after journeying up the Fitzroy, they eventually settled. Mr Thwaite said his father worked fish traps at what is now called Zilzie. "I can remember the house we rented was the only one at Zilzie," he said. "We never had luxuries in the house and always walked to school (which was on the same site as today's school) which was one and a quarter miles away." For pocket money the Thwaite boys shot snakes, possums, and goannas for their skins. The area they hunted is now Svendsens Road.

A. J. Ralston and Associates LTDr


Contact Lens Practitioners 16. w ABOVE: Mr and Mrs Davison Thwaite pictured in the garden ... 55 years of marriage. "We earned about 10 shillings (Si) for a good carpet snake skin," he said. Mrs Thwaite said her husband could remember so much about Zilzie and Emu Park he should write a book. He can still remember three of the teachers; Miss Slippers, Miss McNamara and head teacher Pat Goodwin. "There were two boarding houses, one at Philip Street and another in Emu Park, two bakehouses, two butchers, three hotels, two grocery shops and one hardware store opposite the police station," he said. "Bell Park was a popular place for picnickers who travelled from Rockhampton to the area. "I can remember as many as seven trains for one picnic group making the trip to Emu Park." After finishing school Mr Thwaite helped with his father's fish traps and then moved to Mt Morgan to work at the mine. It was this move which resulted in his meeting Mrs Thwaite. The Thwaites stayed in Mt Morgan for 11 years then shifted to Rockhampton where they lived for 32 years. They have spent the past 12 years at Emu Park. Mr Thwaite has two living sisters, Greta Huntley (Sarina) and Ethel Cowap (Emu Park) but many descendants can still be found in Emu Park. The Thwaites enjoy life and vividly recall


Captateu Caw YEPPOON Little Theatre group is preparng for the bicentennial Festival of Drama to be -ield in June. The group hopes to enter two one-act plays ... and Yeppoon audiences will have a chance to iee the plays in May (dates to be determined) 3efore the festival. Rehearsals have already started at Bruce Apps' home (39 2315, in case you want to join). *** THE monthly Emu Park Historical Museum's flea market is on Saturday, February 27 at 9am in the museum's grounds, Hill Street. Stalls cost $4 and you welcome to set one up. *** NURSING Mothers coffee morning is on Monday, February 29, 10am, at 19 Tucker Street, Yeppoon. ***

EMU Park Amateur Players held its first 1988 meeting recently and members decided to put on a show after March. Anyone interested in being in a show or helping out would be welcome ... male and female. The players would like to start up a junior group and wants to hear from boys and girls who are interested. Phone secretary Dalma Kelly, 39 6417, treasurer Pat Datiras, 39 6078 or president Bob Taylor, 39 6896.

Shirley Burton of f

funny little things which have happened in the past 55 years of marriage. Mrs Thwaite has failing eyesight but she sa her husband had been marvellous in helping her. "I was lucky I married someone who was willing to help and I can assuredly say it's been a pleasure to have.been his wife," she said. Mr Thwaite said Janet was a great wife and "if positions were reversed she would do the same".

ARE you afraid to go out alone, drive a car, go to the supermarket, stay in the house alone, go to work, be in crowded places or any number of other activities that to most would not induce fear? You are not the only person to suffer from these strange feelings. It is a condition that is more common than we realise. Agorophobia. This fear reaction to activities and places is often related to panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It is not a physical illnesses or mental disease. If you recognise these feelings then Community Health may be able to help you overcome these fears. Community health will be offering an Agorophobia Anxiety self help group with the first meeting on Tuesday, March 1 at 9.30am. The meeting is at the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon. For more information or if you need assistance to attend, call Mary, 39 1469 or after hours, 39 1064. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, April 2, Bell Park. Emu Park Lioness Club is having its Easter Carnival. Any girl aged between 12 and 17 is invited to enter the Queen Quest. Entry fee is $5. Community organisations are invited to have a stall. Bookings and inquiries: 39 6128, 39 6271, 39 6267.

Beauty Therapist



wishes to thank all her customers for their patronage over the past 4 years and welcomes them to the

at her new premises

50 - 52 James Street, Yeppoon

39 3934

(opp railway station)

Monday, February 29 at 9am

at Kristin's Hair Design and Beauty Spot Facials * Waxing Tinting .Manicure * Pedicure.;

Savemore Centre, Yeppoon 39 2443

Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649 ADVERTISEMENT

REPORTED QUOTES OF THE WEEK The following are extracts taken from the Capricorn Coast Mirror, Morning Bulletin and other named sources relating to Livingstone Shire Council matters during the past three years. The writer considers the extracts to be V the public interest and no comments have bee., added to them. The Freedom of the Press

"In my opinion we should tell the press not to come anywhere near us (the council) for a few months.' (Cr Cresta, Mirror, 5 April, 1986) This is an open message to any Livingstone Shire councillor thinking about banning the media. It is a message from the people who elected you, and it is very short and to the point: Who do you think you are? What are you trying to hide? Your ratepayers elected you because they believed you were the best men and women to do the job. And you have let them down badly. All that you have done since you were elected a little more than a year ago is blunder mindlessly from one crisis to another. Had it not been for influence brought to bear from the highest possible sources in this state, you would have all been sacked. So faryou have made no official announcement, but it is common knowledge that several of you cannot take criticism. Ban us councillors, but be warned -the Morning Bulletin will not be muzzled. Unlike many of you, we care aboutwhat happens to the people you represent. (Editorial, Morning Bulletin, 4 April, 1986) Open Government? (Question in Mirror) Asa member of Livingstone Shire Council, you would be involved in the spending of public money. Do you believe council should be accountable to the public for how it is spent? Bowen: Yes. (Mirror, 30 March, 1985) Ordinarily this report would have been available tothe Mirror but, since Cr Bowen was appointed chairman by six councillors, the information supplied to the press has been drastically cut. Also debate on such reports, and anything else for that matter, has been conducted in committee ... behind closed doors. (John and Suzy Watson, Mirror, 14 June, 1986) War-time Analogies for the Livingstone Battle Zone Aspokesman for Local Government Minister Mr Hinze said yesterday it would not surprise him if Livingstone Shire Council 'declared war on Bulgaria', the council was such a Mad Hatter's tea party. (Morning Bulletin, 27 Novem4er, 1986) Cr Dorey said he did not hold grudges against his colleagues who took 'political' moves to ensure he did not become chairman. But they had become obsessed with their power base and the service to the ratepayers had suffered. 'They're a team of kamikaze councillors now.' (Morning Bulletin, 10 May, 1986) Livingstone Shire Council yesterday pushed its own self destruct button by moving to sack its engineer Mr Tony Rowe for the second time within 10 months. About the same time as seven Capricorn Coast based councillors were moving a carefully orchestrated series of motions designed to get rid of Mr Rowe, Local Government Minister Mr Hinze was forming his own plans to fix once and for all the Livingstone problem. (Editorial, Morning Bulletin, 26 March, 1986) Just Scraped Through Livingstone Shire Council will just scrape through its first year in office before being sacked and replaced by an administrator. Elected on March 30 last year, the formal ratification by cabinet of the appointment of an administrator is expected to occur at next Tuesday's cabinet meeting ... on April 1. (Mirror, 29 March, 1986) Livingstone Shire Council has to be sacked ... and it could happen when cabinet meets or Tuesday. Council hasto be sacked because it is not doing the job it was elected to do, running the shire. If ever conclusive proof was needed that council is a joke, it was provided aplenty on Tuesday morning when 12 elected representatives couldn't even elect a chairman. (Mirror, 26 April, 1986) Authorised: J Chapman, Maida Street, Yeppoon

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 LONELY? Bored? Sick of TV? Here is the solution! Take your Scrabble board to St James Parish Hall in Mary Street on Saturday, February 27 at 2pm. Enjoy a couple of hours of mental stimulation. The afternoons are held fortnightly and you are welcome even if you don't own a board ... just take yourself and a smile.


*ma Catoffise

* **

YEPPOON Hospital auxiliary is looking for some more vases so that flowers for the patients can be put in something other than jam jars. Clean out your cupboards and leave the vases at the hospital or Mirror office. Two have already been left at the office ... beautiful local work by one of our own potters and made specially for the patients. *** DATE CLAIMER: Friday, March 4, World Day of Prayer ... inter-denominational, international and inter-racial. St James Anglican Church, Mary Street, Yeppoon, 10am. *** DATE CLAIMER: Friday, March 18, Yeppoon Town Hall, St Pat's dance hosted by Capricorn Coast Catholic Parish with ihusic by Kev Doyle's band. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, March 19, 2pm, cent sale, Yeppoon CWA Hall.







Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, we have up-graded more rural roads and streets last year than ever before and will continue to improve the rural road system.

(Star with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

THERE is a guinea pig show on at the Queensland Recreational Council, Reaney Street, Rockhampton on Sunday, March 6 at 10.30am. It is for pets and pedigrees ... you don't have to book, just turn up with your guinea pig and show it. The cost is 20c entry for pets and 30c for pedigrees. *** YEPPOON and District Safety House Committee continues to work toward keeping our children safe while travelling to and from school ... and the scheme is well into its third year. The annual general meeting is on March 1 at Yeppoon State Preschool at 7.30pm. Dr Ken Burns will be the guest speaker ... Recognising problems in children. Everyone is invited, you don't have to have school-age children. Phone 39 3719 for more information. *** ROSALIE Steyn is Yeppoon Little Theatre Group's 1988 president and has organised a barbecue luncheon for all past, present and indtending members on February 28 at about 12.30pm at her home, 12 Power Street, Yeppoon (long sentence). It is all BYO except salad ... Rosalie is providing them. If you want to know more about YLT or the barbecue, 39 3068 or 39 1545. *** WOMEN'S social tennis is at the Cooee Park tennis courts on Tuesdays from 9.30am. If you want a hit, just go along or if you are shy contact Glad Chapman, 39 1054 or Nita Bowman, 39 1836. Beginners are welcome and racquets can be hired.

WINNER of QATB raffle at Savemore on Saturdaywass D Horton, Adelaide Park Road. The prize was a crows nest plant.

e M. 1.."

Vaughan's Furniture

HAPPY Birthday to Peter Malick of Emu Park; Joanne Mackie, Yeppoon; LSC chairman candidate David Timbs and his daughter.

77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON 39 1645

*** CAPRICORN Coast sub branch committee of Endeavour Foundation held its annual general meeting recently and elected Joan Dobby as president. The vice president is Dot Patzwold and secretary/treasurer is Dulcie Abel. The meeting date has been changed to the second Tuesday in the month, with the next meeting to be on March 8 at Mr and Mrs F Newton's home, 5 Tanby Road at 2pm. Members will have a combined cent sale and house games on Wednesday, March 30 in Yeppoon Town Hall starting at 10am.

Specialists in... Quality Hand-made Furniture Antique Reproduction and Restoration

** *

lanby Roses,

See Keith and Janice Heady for flowery for ail occasions

Florist & Chocolate Shop cnr James and Mary Streets ... your Interflora Agent in the centre of town

39 2266 or 39 7162 a/h

,IVIORGANS BAKERIES; For all your...

* **

HOY is on every Friday in the Emu Park CWA hall at 9.30am. The dollar is costs includes morning tea. *** BREAST-Feeding — facts and fallacies is a humourous look at some of the old wive's tales presented by Nursing Mothers on March 1 at 39 Pears Street, Emu Park from 9.30am. Phone 39 6615 if you need more information or trans-




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ROCKHAMPTON ...• ROCKHAMPTON , ..... .. THEODORE ... fin.......



18 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 --





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Gladstone Rd, Rockhampton. 27 6866 U.

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Gladstone Rd. Ph. 27 6866

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988 --

Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror .is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. Wd are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagenient, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.


Yeppoon's Own

Your Coast

Sadies 4


many best wishes from the family.

Chicken Capri Seafoods. , Whitman Street, Yeppoon

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Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc. (previously Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association) will will hold its Annual General Meeting at the Railway Hotel on Tuesday, March 1, 1988 at 8pm. Nominations for position of president, vice president, secretary treasurer, games convenor, player representative, referee nominee are invited from financial members.


for a modest, reasonable charge

39 3807

Written nominations must be lodged with the Secretary of Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc, c/- P 0 Box 291, Yeppoon by February 23, 1988. A general meeting to ratify the constitution of the incorporated organisation will be held at 7.30pm immediately before the AGM.

between 6am and 8am and after 5pm and talk over your dwindling HOT supplies with Graeme

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CONGRATULATIONS JO-ANNE Mackie turned 14 on February 24 ...

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Environment Centre Shop Environmental Books A-Z Chemicals in the Home Field Guide to Birds of Australia

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Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

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LINEN PARTY for ... Bridal Showers or Fundraising

39 6879 HURRY! LAST DAYS! Offer closes March 4, 1988 Become a member of

WEIGHT WATCHERS for only $8, no registration fee required ... saving $13. Men and women welcome. Concessions for pensioners and students. Yeppoon CWA Hall, Normanby St Tuesday 7pm Your friendly lecturer Dawn 39 1847 ADVERTISEMENT

Denis Hinton your Local Member for

Broadsound 11040. March 27 - 28 Attend NPA Central council meeting, Brisbane March 29

Meetings in Brisbane

April 1

Yeppoon Office Evening - Attend Nth R'ton NP branch meeting

April 2

Visit Ridgelands area 6.30pm, BBQ at TAFE with Minister Lester 8pm, R'ton Branch Fire Arm owners Assn meetin Yeppoon Office 7.30pm Chamber of Commerce meeting with Mr Bob Kelly of RZ Mines

April 3

April 4

April 5

Yeppoon area 5pm meeting, Mr Kelly guest speaker 7.30pm Wildlife Society meeting Marlborough NP branch meeting

PODIARY (Chiropodist) consultation and treatment, Yeppoon CWA Hall starting Monday, February 29 and Tuesday March 1. Then every Monday 9am to noon. 28 1318 after 4pm weekdays, 9am-5pm weekends. SHORTHAND classes Tuesdayevenings. For further information phone 39 6021. EMU Park Kindergarten would liketo thank all applicants for the position as kindergarten assistant and advises them the position has now been filled. CLASSICAL and Jazz Ballet, Catholic Hall Archer Street, Emu Park. Friday, 3.30pm - 5.30pm. Teacher Debbie Parker, Rockhampton Academy of Dancing (ex Royal Ballet School). 33 1895. YEPPOON Branch National Party monthly meeting on Friday, March 4 in CWA Hall, starting 7.30pm. TUITION: Maths, Physics, Chemistry. Experienced reg teacher. $15 per hour single; $10 per hour 2 or more. Phone 33 6517. ANNUAL meeting Capricorn Coast ALP. 7.30pm, Wednesday March 2. Pacific Hotel. HALF-PRICE herbs available during February. Phone Saint Martin Herb Garden, 39 7621 SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical •Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835._ VIETNAM Veterans from all services. We have now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. YVETTE'S Restaurant, Pacific Heights, Yeppoon. Open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday lunch and public holidays, also bookings for private parties, weddings and all catering. 39 3499. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide :os". Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day

As Chairman of Livingstone Shire, I will bring to fruition the street plan for the Shire. This plan will give direction for development, protection of the environment, compatibility of land use, help the economy for employment, create parks, gardens and recreation facilities where needed, and generally give direction towards the future development of our Shire.

the strengthf) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

LADIES... Do you have the feeling for Golf? Come and join us in our fun and frolics. Yeppoon Golf Clinic starts 9am, Thurs March 3. Pro Murray Hodge for information, 39 3664

ATTENTION Theatre-goers! Val Doonican Cliff Richards Wickety Wack Kamahl 'Pyjama Tops'

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This amount includes return bus fare from Yeppoon and ticket into Pilbeam Theatre. Book now on

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Which councillors voted against the payment of Mr Rowe's legal expenses being made? I believe them to be: Crs Bowen, Cogill, Cresta, Cue, Dorey, Dowie, Giorgi, McDonald. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Authorised by G Mather, P 0 Box 5186, RMC

IS YOUR BUDGET IN THE RED? Want to get it back in the BLACK? Come to...

Yeppoon Town Hall 7.30pm on February 28 ...for the Home Finance Management Seminar and learn how to budget your money NO CHARGE FREE ADMISSION NO CHARGE a


People who have no hopes, are easy to control. Those who have control, have the power. Authorised by G Mather, P 0 Box RMC

PHSIOTHERAPIST Alyson Macdonald (B. Phty. MAPA) has opened a physiotherapy practice at

21 Hill Street, Yeppoon Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30am to 5pm (No doctor's referral is required) Sporting injuries welcome

39 1715 33 6621 a/h POSITIONS VACANT ARE YOU EARNING YOUR WORTH from carpenter to an income of $300,000 in the last three years? from house cleaning to an income in the last 90 days of $600,000? I require people in the Yeppoon area who are looking for success and a career to be proud of. 39 4500 ext 2208


TENDERS The Yeppoon-Emu Park Ambulance Committee hereby call tenders for the-extension of existing shed situated 40 James Street, Yeppoon. Specifications may be obtained by contacting the Superintendent/Secretary. The standard code of tendering applies and the lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders close Friday, 18/3/88 G Reynolds Superintendent/Secretary

20 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988



TRADEWORK Peter and Toni Australia Post

Carpet , Cleaning Emu Park — 39 6178

Mail Contractors required by Australia Post. Apply by tender for the following services.


MSF 142 - Yeppoon - Moulds Monday, Wednesday, Friday MSF 1682 - Emu Park Street Mail Delivery Monday to Friday

Main Roads Main Roads Department,Queensland



39 3646



1 Farnborough Road, Yeppoon. Type: 1 Bedroom Fibro Dwelling Open For Inspection: Tuesday, 1st March, 1988 10am to2pm

Tenders are to be submitted on the forms and in the envelopes available from Main Roads Department, 38 Armstrong Street, NORTH ROCKHAMPTON (Or Main Roads Site Office, Beach Side Caravan Park, YEPPOON). Conditions of Sale are set out on these forms. The highest or any Tender is not necessarily accepted. All Tenders must be lodged in the Tender Box, 38 Armstrong Street, NORTH ROCKHAMPTON no later than NOON, Tuesday, 8th March 1988.


D &

H E Woodward

39 7540


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33 6714

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All enquiries phone (079) 27 5700

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Paving The Way For Queensland



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Brickies Loam ' * Filling * Granite * Gravel

4h.....:, KEITH BECK 39 4016

B.A.C-REMOVALS Local * Interstate * Overseas Packing * Storage * Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

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Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

35 1181

4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive aluminium awnings and blinds.

VIDEO, TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 392330. ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service, based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. RUBBISH removed, trees lopped, furniture removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers,'39 7924. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering. 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhamptpn. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. CONCRETING,' block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes. 39 1404 or 39 1745. PAINTING and Wallpapering, free' quotds. Phone Vince Hannan, 39 1513. RETIRED carpenter, small jobs, insect screening, furniture repairs, wood turning. 39 6507. CARPENTERavailable. Renovations, extensions, all types of new buildings. No job too small. Free quotes. Phone Trevor Simpson 39 6353, 39 6734 a/h. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CASSETTE. Radio, Stereo, TV and V,' repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and AntennE repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. STOVE and hot water. repairs. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast -- D K J Harding. Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. SLASHING done — Inquiries phone 39 1199 during daytime. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199. PLUMBER — Keith Chivers — 39 3518 — Plumber — Keith Chivers — 39 3518. BUILDING, painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232 or 22 1687. REGISTERED builder, free quotes. House or extensions, concrete. D Schofield. Phone 39 3680. SLASHING — allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016.

J. R. Concrete * Slabs * Paths * Patios * * Brick paving * Exposed Aggregate * Free Quotes — Town & Country

39 4583 ,

Appliance Service for

all electrical repairs 39 7677 of

. Kershaw for... Dave




FIBREGLASS Repairs * Fabrications * Refurbishing

Show Plastics Industries FREE QUOTES 39 4519 WAYNE KERSHAW





4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

39 4408

39 3193

Bill Green


No loading for weekends Radio controlled

* Installations * Repairs * * Maintenance * Safety Checks *

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667


Phone 39 7950

PAINTER ., ,*teFrrioere * Exterior Quotes ..; :.,,;

,r v .'47, to'




LAWN-MOWING, Edging, Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed.

Len Keily's 'We do everything' ... DoMestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning

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-:At- -


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39 3614 a/h



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39 3834


Written ,.Guarantees "



01)r 'f 00 t •In' t

0 Installation RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts

Tenders close with the Postal Manager, Australia Post, Yeppoon Q. 4703 at 2pm on Wednesday 9th March, 1988 Tender forms and further particulars are available from the Divisional Manager as shown & any Post Office listed on the mail service


'16 years on the Coast'


lEarl and Margaret Hempseed

Plumber Drainer 49 Thomas St, Emu Park 39



Restoration * Repairs *Polish ng

Phone Hans — 39 37It*,


4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays I.C. &

S. Stanley

39 1139

and Security Doors

Free quotes

39 4318

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988


TRADEWORK CARPENTER/builder, wardrobes, extensions, new houses - no job too small! Terry Bishton, 391784. LAWN-MOWING: Kinka, Emu Park and Zllzie area. Phone 39 6650.

MAINTENANCE For all your requirements contact...

Capricorn and Islands Maintenance Service From footings to roof ... backyard to front, Inside and out ... we do the lot!

Residential * Commercial * Industrial 24 hrs emergency service - 7 days a week No job too big or too small

39 2298

WATER BLASTING Heavy Duty Cleaning *Specialising in Roof Cleaning*

Brick and Block Laying for advice and quotes... Phone DAVID YOUNG


39 1189

CUT All types

Corney's PriceRite Hardware 39 1636 • cnr Hill & Queen St

Yeppoon Readymix For all your Concrete needs on the. Coast Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

39 1813


39 4410



Mike Stokley


FREE QUOTES Phone John ... 39 3337

ODD JOBS eating up your weekends? NOW SIT BACK!

Enjoy your leisure hours... for all • 0 Mowing O Tree Lopping O Repairs O Rubbish Removal

0 Fencing 0 Concreting 0 Barbecues 0 ...whatever


39 3675 •


Record Printing



2; 27 3366 FULL RANGE OF OFFICE FURNITURE ALSO AVAILABLE. 0 • Quality Printers • Quality Printers •



39 6714

CONCRETING Capricornia & Coastal Concrete Service All types of work * Residential and Industrial

39 2298




22 1789

33 6582 a/h


Coast and Rural areas * $2/item per day *

39 7969

Roofs Exterior FREE QUOTES 39 2205

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22 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

Emu Park Golf Club holds first Danny Webb Memorial Day EMU Park Golf Club held its first Danny Webb Memorial Day on Sunday. Trophies were donated by the Webb family and many thanks are due to them for a lovely day. The competition was a mixed foursome and the inaugural winners were Richie Robinson and Nancy Crowhurst with a nett 63 and a half. Runners up were Gordon Bowser and Carol Bones on 67 nett. Pinshots were won by John Houlihan and Clair Lyons and B and N Funch. The leftovers competition was won by Phil Moran with pinshots won by Phil Moran and Ritchie Hylard. Next Tuesday, March 1, the associates resume play after a short break. Competition is for the first monthly medal for 1988 and stapleford. The draw for Tuesday is between 9am and 9.30am.

The club is looking for innovative ways to enlarge its activities in addition to the regular Sunday and Tuesday competition. Special competitions are held on Wednesday and Saturday. These games are popular, particlarly among players who do not belong to other clubs. Special handicaps are given so that raw novices can compete favourably with skilled players. The competitions are open to both sexes, residents of Emu Park, and all visitors. The juniors started last Saturday and the day culminated in a successful meeting by senior members. Beginners, as well as experienced juniors, are all welcome. The juniors now play-

ing range in age from 8 to 17 years. The junior competition starts at 7am each Saturday. The club has a few willing helpers to look after these players but assistance from interested parents or others would be appreciated. Professional coaching is arranged during the year and lectures to explain the rules and etiquette are held periodically. Results: Wednesday, single stroke: winner Andrea Gilson; 1st runner up Rob Bowser; 2nd runner up Bill Gregson; 3rd runner up Gordon Bowser. Pinshots: ladies; Andrea Gilson; men's, Gordon Bowser.

Saturday, single stroke: winner John Fields (net 64) runners up, Eric Scott (net 68), Barr Dallow and Phil Moran (net 69). Pinshot.._. men's Eric Scot; women's Carol Bones. Fixtures: Saturday, February 27, draw 7am: seniors; mixed bisque bogey for everyone. Draw 11.30am to noon. Sunday, February 28: members play a single stroke for George Jones trophy. Associates: game to be arranged. Club trophies; draw for members and associates 11.30am to noon. Tuesday, March 1: associates official electic start. First monthly medal and stapleford. Wednesday, March 2: mixed stapleford. Draw 1 lam. Golfers, novices, visitors, holiday-makers welcome.

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• ABOVE: Pictured is the old-fashioned section in the first Bicentennialfiinction held by one of the Livingstone Shire Bicentennial Queen Quest entrants ... Tanya Benson. He first fluid-raising venture was a hair and clothes fashion night with the emphasis on days goner by. The above section was organised by Kristin's Hair Design ... she provided the hair civies, clothes and models. Tanya's charity for the quest is the Blue Nurses

Floodlight bowls on secret rink

39 1310

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THE winning team of floodlight bowls at Yeppoon Bowls Club on Friday night, played on a secret rink, was E Kilby, L Dumphy, K Moore and E Batts. On Saturday the past presidents held their meeting in the morning and joined Yeppoon players in the afternoon for social bowls. Following the bicentennial games, in which F O'Brien and C Hinton did well to reach the last 16 of the pairs competition, attention has been given to competition games. A number of these games were played over the weekend. District singles: W Roberts 31 def T Roos 23; P Brown def D Moulds 32-18; F Birkett def R Campbell 31-23. District veterans singles: M Hutton def A Schofield 28-17. District pairs: K McKimmie and G McCosker def D McPherson and R Gibbins 20-19; M Gustafson and R Graff jnr def F O'Brien and T Roos 19-14. District fours: G Barrett, D Sinclair, F Baker and B Quigley def A Halfpenny, W Fotheringham, G McCosker and D Moulds 29-28. Open pairs: K O'Leary abd E Pidcock def N Myler and D Goody 25-16. Open fours: K McKimmie, B Atkinson, J Ware and W Roberts def G Cavanagh, P Cowie, K Thompson and N Myler 37-22. Mixed pairs: E Batts and G McCosker def V Thompson and K Thompson 30-17; B Pettitt

Peers, Peers peerless at golf ZILZIE Golf Thursday stableford winners for R Brown trophies were associate D Peers and member C Peers with 35 points and 36 points. Sports trophies, L Walling and T Campbell. Pinshots; E Humphries and 0 Phillips. Saturday competition: best scores E Humphries, F Humphries, C Saunders and 0 Phillips. Sunday stroke winners for R and 0 Sheppard trophies were member K Miller with 57 nett and associate D Peers 64 nett and she also won the medal. Pinshots went to G Brimmell and P Barker. Saturday, February 27 will be a working bee at 8am and then a afternoon stroke game. Tomorrow (Sunday) mixed Agg v S.S. for V Svendsen trophies. Medal also for members. All ladies veterans are reminded that the CQDLGA Veterans Foursome will be played at Zilzie on March 10 and early nominations would be appreciated.

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and W Roberts def N Andrews and W Andrews 26-15; E Hinton and C Hinton def J Cain and R Cain 32-18. Mixed fours: M Freeman, F Freeman, E Woodbridge and T Woodbridge def P Childs, R Risely, D Locke and K Moore 29-20. A singles: F Birkett def D Ryan 31-13; B Williams def M Gustafson 31-14; P Brown def A Halfpenny 31-16; F Freeman def D Goody 31-28; C hinton def W Manthey 31-17. B singles: F O'Brien def F Freeman 31-24. C singles: G Hillier def L Findlay 31-21; K O'Leary def R Holman 31-24. On March 20 the CQDBA will play Port Curtis DBA and players are need for the event. A bus will leave the club at 6am. Yeppoon Bowls Club will be represented at the testimonial to Bates Goddard at the Rockhampton Bowling Club.

C Ki6 a

39 1410

. A/H 39 4501




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Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, I will continue to keep the meeting costs down and chair the meetings in a civilised and democratic manner. Stay with the


Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

Mixed triples ti,at Emu Park

Baketball to be bigger, brighter with more teams and players IT'S a bigger, brighter basketball competition that starts the 1988 season under the new Capricorn Coast Basketball banner. With more teams and more players in each team officials are gratified with the obvious endorsement by the players of the direction of local basketball. The intermediate division of juniors has been bolstered by the nomination of three teams from the high school ... "No doubt with an eye on the future when they have their own stadium," the basketball spokesman said. The school also has teams in both A and B men's competitions. "Mike George has put considerable effort into getting these teams going and finds himself battling to keep up with the kids of Rimjammers who undoubtedly will do well, captained by former Tasmanian under 16 representative Nic Basham. Basham now confronts his former team mates in last year's runner up, Saints, who are looking strong with plenty of new and old talent. Coasters are back with the same line-up that gave them success last year. Scoobs are now considerably strengthened by John Christensen under the ring. An unusual feature this year is the nomination of some women in what has formerly been considered a men's competition. "Those nominated are skilled and experienced players who should be able to hold their own in the men's competition. They know they can expect no quarter and will need all their skill to stay out of trouble." The women may need the extra games be-

EMU Park Ladies Bowling Club monthly mixed triples trophy day last Wednesday, February 17 was well attended and winners were Beryl Wincen, Alan Evans and Cliff Peacock. Eight ladies travelled to Rockhampton on Monday, February 22 to take part in the Bicentennial pairs. On Wednesday 24, members said goodbye to Betty Byrne. "Betty has been a loyal member for several years and will be missed. We wish her well for _ the future," the spokesman said. Competition draw for March 2. Queen of the green at 12.45pm, B Farrow v M Wilson and D McKenzie v K Cliffe (marker needed). At 1.30pm B Singles: K Cliff v B Atchenson, M Price v J Stewart. Champion Singles: F Cooke v M Wilson, B Wincen v M Lyttle with B Allen as a marker. Three more markers are needed for the 1.30pm competitions. Wednesday, March 9 competitions: Consistency singles, B Atcheson v K Cliff, J Stewart v M Wilson, E Madden v M Price. Champion singles, J Barber v D McKenzie. Four markers are required. Mixed social bowls will also begin at 1.30pm on both days. Friday and Saturday are barbecue nights at the club and this week there will be dancing on ri d a y (tonight) to the music of guest artists . jailand Graham.



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A, B and C grades play monthly medal matches at Yeppoon golf

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Engines, Gearboxes Fish Sho • flues

ASSOCIATES played the monthly medal in A B and C grades at Yeppoon Golf Club last Tuesday. A grade winner was Joyce Keyes with 76 nett, runner up was Marge Williams with 77. B grade winner was Daphne Gregg with 68 nett, next best was Connie Noyes on 74. C grade winner was Lorna Quigley with 74 nett and the runner up was Chris Moss with 77. Pinshots: A grade, M Williams; B grade, A Barrow; C grade, A Aird. Birdsnest D Gregg and J Keyes won the proshot. Twenty-eight players hit it off in the medal. The Wednesday Club was again well att ended with 60 members and 20 associates, plus a few visitors hitting off. Esme Woodbridge won the ladies Stableford with 36 points from Daphne Gregg with 34. Connie Noyes won the first nine with 33 from Nancy Montgomery with 34 and a half. Esme Woodbridge won the second nine with 34 along with Daphne Gregg also with 34. Pinshots: C Noyes, R Edmistone and S Haskins won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was Don Cooper with a record score of 50 points which cost him three strokes. Next was Ernie Nankivell 42, Edgar Shields 40, Vince Hunt 40, Lionel Taylor 39, Arthur Simpson 39, Marshall Morgan 39 and Phil Todd with 39 points. D Cooper won the first nine with 27 and I Murray 29 and a half. N Smith 30 and a half, J Degotardi with 30 and a half, V Hunt 31, E Nankivell 31, P Todd 31, 0 McCurtayne 31. D Cooper also won the second nine with 27, R Dawson 29 and a half, M Morgan 30, W Osborne 30, D Mallory 31, J Kriger 30, L Taylor 30 and a half. Pinshots: T Gray, D Mallory and R Mclndoe won the proshot. Beginners and 36 markers started the 1988

39 1410 39 4501

• A/ H C •Ilic6





cause only three women's teams made the A grade in the selectors eyes. With similar line-ups to last year's Nomads, who were unlucky to be relegated to fourth last year will battle with grand finalist Billabongs and Seagulls. All A grade games will be played on Monday nights. The five B men and 5 B women teams will play on Wednesday nights. On Tuesday, March 1, the annual general meeting will be held at the Railway Hotel from 7.30pm. All players are encouraged to attend and organisers said that it won't be a long meeting. Sunday's draw: court stewards, Thomas and Willoughby. 4pm, Tigers v Demons, D A Moore; 5pm, D evils v Bobcats, Derek Wordan; 6pm, Slick Chicks v Bombers, A L Thomas; 7pm, Rebels and Celtics, J Shackleton and D Willoughby; 8pm, Young Ones and Lexence, C and S Willoughby. Raiders and Achievers have a bye. Monday: court strewards S Stevenson and C Willoughby. 6pm, Scoobs v Rimjammers, J Shackleton and S Willoughby; 7pm, Seagulls and Billabings A, K Dooley and L Matta; 8pm, Coasters v Saintgs, S Stevensen and D Willoughby. Nomads has a bye. Wednesday: K Dooley and D Frew. 6pm, Hootans v Tigas, M Anderson and S Willoughby; 7pm, Resort Raidersv Pink Galahs, D Frew, P Stanton-Cook; 8pm, Trailblazers v Tanby Roses, A Thomas, D Moore; 9pm, Billabong B v La Wetz, K Dooley and D Moore. St Brendan's Gadabouts has the bye.




Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone, who is not a member of any political party, I will ensure fair representation to 1 governments of the day in the interests of the people of this Shire.

(Stay with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen. P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon


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year last Thursday with a 12 hole stroke. Winner was Mary Quinn with 47 nett, next best was Pat Pickering with 48 followed by Jan Gubbins with 49. Mary Quinn won the pinshot. Veterans game was well attended was a stableford for members and ladies over 12 holes. Ladies' winner was Gwen Pearson with 27 points from May McGlashan with 24 points, next was Stella Haskins with 22 points on a count back from Glad Hick and Kay Scope. Pinshot: Hazel Fry. Arthur Simpson won the members' stableford with 31 points from Roy Montgomery and Bill Freeman, both with 28 points. Pinshots: T Wookbridge and F Ryan. Trophies: C Williams and E'Ryan. Associates played a stableford for a club trophy. Winner was Daphne Gregg with 39 points from Connie Noyes 36, Jean Kean 35, May McGlashan 34 and Rital Edmistone 34 points. Pinshots: J Keyes, T Clark, M Williams. M Williams also won the proshot. Members played a stroke game for John Suthers trophy. Winners were: best gross, Peter Haines 71, which is par for the course. He also scored a hole-in-one on number eight green. Best nett winner was Nev Messer with 59, which cost him three strokes. Rundown of netts: P Haines 63, T Jarman 64, K Griffiths 65, T Edmistone 66, B Kelly 62, K Brooks 65, V Hannan 64. Pinshots: S Thorne, C Cooper, K Rice, R Moyle. Proshot: P Haines. Ladies played a Bisque S/Scratch winner was Avis Aird with + 5, Chris Moss + 5, Joan Barrow +4. Best nett, Daphne Gregg with 68, Avis Aird 69. Pinshots: C Moss, G Dawson, N Hunt and C Noyes won the proshot. Members also played a.Bisque S/Scatch for Terry Woodbridge trophy. Winner was D Wilson with + 8, on a count back from Vern Olive. Ossie McCurtayne + 7, R Walters + 7. L Lucas, Trevor Gray and Alan Lewis +6, Edgar Shields, Les Wilson, Bill Oates +4. Pinshots: T Bulgar,13 Wiltshire, A Lewis, W Freeman and L Lucas won the proshot. The veterans held the annual general meeting last Friday. the 1988 committee is: president, Harley Fisher; vice president, Roy Montgomery; captain (members) Peter Foxwell; captain (associates) Cassie Freeman; secretary, M Scope; treasurer, Kay Howe; providor, Charlotte Somogyi.

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24 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 27 -- March 4, 1988

Capricorn Coast cricketers in quest for minor premiership

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CAP Coast second grade cricketers are in fine form. The side met Southside United in the second last round of the competition last Saturday and were sent in to bat on a reasonably flat track. The Coast set out in a run scoring mood against an accurate Souths attack to compile a creditable 7-221 at stumps on the first day. The top order batting acquitted themselves well with a solid partnership ... Dennis Kolega top scoring with 48, Adrian Smith 47, J Ingle 43 and newcomer to the club D Tsoumbaras a

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(CEEPTIRE Rat:4501e/ PHONE 27 6860 A/H PAUL THORNTON 28.1128 CYRIL BRIGHTMAN 28 7090

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sound 37. Coast hopes to continue next Saturday in its quest for the much sought after minor premiership. Sunday Coast once again had to face Southside United in the deferred one day game .:. this time doing a demolition on the top at the table Southside being sent into bat once again. Coast was in early trouble at 5-45 out took on the Souths attack with some well constructed partnership and the 40 overs with a score of 7134. Dennis Kolega capped off a fine weekend double with 44 combining well with Wayne Kitchener who scored 43 not out. Souths task didn't appear to be too difficult with 3.5 runs an over required. Souths finished with 86 off 34.4 overs. After Wayne Kitchener and I Anderson contained the early Souths batsmen with 1-13 and 1-20. Jeff Ingle bowled a tight brand of spin for 118 off his eight overs and was followed by the tearaway pace of K Ogilvie and A Walls who finished with 4-16 and 3-14 respectively. Next Saturday Coast hopes to continue this form to complete the double against Souths. While, on Sunday, J Ingle, W Kitchener, S Pidcock, Jason Dawes and D Petterwood will be representing their club and respective grades will be selected in the RCA Bicentennial matches to be played at the Rockhampton Cricket grounds starting at 10am.

Close games at St James

LAST Monday St James Indoor Bowls Club trophy night was held and some close games were enjoyed by participants. The winners were Mavis Chant, Len Jones, Sophia Thompson, Ken Crockett, Michelle A'Hern and Arthur Irons with 36 points. "One notes with pleasure how our Sophia, over 80 years, often popping up in the winning teams. Her ability as a lead takes a lot of beating and Arthur has recovered from a recent illness," the publicity officer said. Indoor bowls is a sport for all ages. Members will play the first day (tomorrow) of the Rockhampton City games and indoor bowlers are asked tonight to join in the Rockhampton March with all other sports. Presidents Fours will be played in the Association Hall next Saturday night March 5. President Keith Chant would like to see good support. On the following day Sunday, March 6 is the finals for the indoor bowls City games. It will be a pairs game and the Capricorn Coast has always been well represented in these games. Members are asked to check with the games director when the Vamvakaris and Rock Fours are due to start. The QRI club visit St James on Tuesday, March 1 at 7am. Members are asked to provide a plate of goodies for the visitors.

Tennis players ready for '88 THE Yeppoon and District Tennis Association is getting ready for the 1988 season at the Daniel Park, Cooee Bay Courts. Members and intending members are advised that the annual general meeting will be held on Sunday afternoon, February 28 at 2pm at the courts. Nominations are invited for president, secretary and treasurer. Following the meeting, social tennis will be played for the rest of the afternoon. Members are reminded that social tennis continues on Wednesdays at the courts from about 7.30pm. Anyone interested in joining the association are invited to play.

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the (Ovum TOPLESS, the word that makes men's pulses race, took on a new meaning on Sunday when a, shall we say, large, round lady bared all at Great Keppel. A correspondent, who saw this incident, said the woman was almost wearing a one-piece swimsuit. She had slipped off the straps, rolled down the top until it formed a "kini" (we went through that a few weeks ago) and strolled along the beach in front of the resort. To use his words, "rolls of fat hung limply over the front of what was left of the swimsuit ... and huge boobs hung over the fat" (he has a way with words, that fellow). Anyway, aside from the fact that it turned him off his lunch, he saw the funny side when the woman's progress along the beach broughtler close to two young boys who were fishing. As she approached them (on her right side) she became quite modest and flipped up the right side of her costume, pulled the strap over her shoulder, and passed them. Once past, she, quite literally, let it all hang out!!! • • • WHILE on the subject, I must tell ytm. about the very modest lady who had to make a rushed trip to Rockhampton this week with her TAFE-attending son. It was such a rushed trip she didn't have time to dress. Still, when you have a flash car you can take chances in your nightie because nothing can go wrong ... until the car won't start and the garageman takes two hours to arrive. And, all the time, you're sitting there in your nightie. Still, the boy made it to TAFE and that was the important thing. • • • BLOKE saw a cute teenaged blonde who, just for the moment, was wearing a sour face. "I've got some oranges at home but I need lemons for my fish and chips," he said. "I'll bring them in so you can have a look at them for a while." It's the sweet things that people say to each other that makes life interesting!







Chairman As Chairman of Livingstone I support the Council's present policy to eliminate borrowings for plant and machinery and pay our way from the healthy plant reserve fund which we have dramatically increased in the past three years.

pay with the Strength!) Authorised by J Bowen, P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

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