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ISSUE 235 SATURDAY, February 13, 1988 -- FRIDAY, February 19, 1988

PEOPLE who died two and three years ago are still listed on the electoral roll for the March 19 council elections ... and postal voting coupons will be sent to their address. The rolls were prepared by the State Electoral Office in Brisbane and sent to Livingstone Shire Council as the official voting list for the elections. Capricorn Coast Mirror staff, purely out of curiosity at first, checked off names at random on Monday night and discovered the name of a woman who died at least three years ago. Then a man who died at least two years ago was found to still be listed on the roll. But people who died just months ago had been removed from the rolls. Further turning of pages revealed duplica-

tions ... the same person listed at two different addresses. Also, names of people who are known to have left the area, are also on the roll. And these incorrect entries only represent names Mirror staff recall. Shire clerk Jim Brown, who is also returning officer for the council elections, said even though certain names may be brought to his attention, he would still have to send a postal vote to the people. However, he said there were a number of safeguards built into the system. The first was the post office. Postal votes sent to people no longer living at the address shown on the roll would be returned to the council office.

Phone (079) , 39 4244

R egistered by Australia Post — Publication No QAC3843

Also, any names brought to his attention, before votes were counted on March 19, would be checked. Further, as soon as he was contacted with a name, he would be able to make inquiries to check whether the name in question was eligible for a vote. "I just can't accept someone's word that someone is dead," Mr Brown said. "I have to have proof of death." Mr Brown said if he were to remove a name from the roll without proof the whole election could be declared invalid. The Mirror phoned the Electoral Commission in Rockhampton and was told answers to any queries on the electoral roll would have to come from Yeppoon Courthouse.

Safeguards against invalid votes in poll REGARDLESS of how electoral roll errors occur, Livingstone Shire returning officer Jim Brown will be sending out votes to dead people. If some of these postal ballots slip through the safeguards, it's possible they could be filled out and returned to the council to be counted among the votes. Mr Brown said to eliminate this problem, he could mark electoral rolls to be used for counting so that should "doubtful" names turn up for counting, he could put them aside for investigation. To do this, he needs names. He has sought help from the public to check the electoral rolls for their own names and, while checking, note any friends or family. To make this checking process as convenient as possible, Mr Brown has arranged for complete electoral rolls to be available at all shire libraries: Yeppoon, Emu Park, Keppel Sands, The Caves, Ogmore and Marlborough. Anyone noticing anything incorrect could leave a note with library staff and Mr Brown would investigate it. There is always the problem that someone may attempt to have a second vote by using a postal vote that turns up for someone who should not be on the roll, but there is also a greater problem ... upsetting bereaved relatives. In the case of people who have died some months, oryears ago, relatives maywell be over the worst of the loss ... but a postal vote would be a reminder of the hurt. Also, it's quite normal for candidates seeking office to write to everyone in their division, or the shire, seeking support. It can create awkwardness for both relatives of deceased and the candidates. • Secure vote guarantee - page 3

• ABOVE: Shire clerk and returning officer Jim Brown pins Cr Barbara Wildin's nomination for chairman to the board in the Livingstone Shire Council Administration Centre on Monday morning just minutes before nominations closed.

We will not be publishing the names because it could upset bereaved relatives. When returning officer Jim brown was told we would be compiling the list, he said it was a good idea because it would give him, and scrutineers, a chance to check names to see if they had voted.


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Yeppoon Clerk-of-the-court Rod Young said the courthouse was given an updated roll for the shire on December 31 each year. It's printed in Brisbane and the Yeppoon Courthouse job was to remove or add names sent monthly, on a list, from Brisbane. This is how the roll is updated for this area. Additions and deletions are only made on advice from Brisbane. "I just keep the bookwork up to date," Mr Young said. When asked how people who had died two or three years ago could still be on the roll, he said it was a Brisbane "office error". It was an "office error" that also created duplications.


MIRROR OFFERS LIST OF NAMES FOR HOPEFULS BECAUSE Mirror staff had so little trouble identifying a number of people who were either dead, appeared more than once in the electoral roll, or had long ago left the area, we have make a list of these names. decide, This lip will be made available to any candidate who asks.

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26 James St Ye

TV Hire oon 39 1066

He said the list would also provide a means of updating the shire's rolls for the future. People who find incorrect names in the rolls at council libraries can, as well as informing library staff, give written details to the Mirror so those names can be added to the list. • Meet the candidates - pages 4, 5 and 6

CR BARBARA WILDIN will be the first woman chairman of Livingstone Shire if elected on March 19. Her late nomination on Monday caught many people off guard. Until Monday, there was doubt as to whether she would even stand as a councillor for division two. Cr Wildin's nomination caused many raised -eyebrows among other candidates' supporters. On Wednesday, after campaigning door-todoor, she said she was encouraged by the response she had received. With two terms behind her representing division two, she said she had decided to run for the chair because she wanted to provide "a real alternative". "When I looked at the three people who had already said they would stand, I decided there was no real choice," she said. "This feeling was backed up by people who phoned me and said they felt the same way. "That's why I'm standing. It's all or nothing." Cr Wildin said she had deliberately left her nomination to the last minute to give herself time to think about the issues. "There are issues that have to be addressed ... and I haven't seen too many addressed since unofficial campaigning started," Cr Wildin said. "I will be talking about these issues as I travel around meeting people. I do not, at this stage, intend grabbing headlines. "I'm leaving that to the rest of the field. This election is far too important to be decided in the newspapers. "This election, because it's a postal ballot, will be decided at the kitchen table ... and that's where I want to meet the voters." A mother of three daughters, (aged 19,18 and 13) Cr Wildin has spent six years as a Livingstone Shire councillor, is the vice president of the Central Queensland Local Government Association, and pulled more than 14 per cent of the votes when she stood last year as an independent for the State seat of Broadsound. Her husband, John, is an extension agronomist with the Department of Primary Industries.

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2 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988


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FEDERAL Environment Minister Senator Graham Richardson visited the Capricorn Coast last week to meet conservationists and tour areas of concern. Queensland Wildlife Preservation Society Capricorn branch president Pat O'Brien said the visit had resulted in "meaningful discussions" between the conservation movement and Senator Richardson. Mr O'Brien said talks had been held on Shoalwater Bay, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and rural land degradation.

Timbs: basic services neglected LIVINGSTONE Shire Council chairman candidate David Timbs said this week that the provision of basic services for Livingstone Shire residents and ratepayers have been neglected by council. "Since nominating as a candidate I have received numerous complaints about council neglect. "When many people complain about such things as poorly formed and dangerous roads, dust, loose gravel, water, sewerage, inadequate

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"The Senator was alarmed at salinity (salt) problems visible from the air around Rockhampton," he said. "It was encouraging to also see tourist representatives talking to the Senator. After all, conservation and tourism complement each other." Mr O'Brien said he believed futher, useful, discussions could be held between the two groups. "Both are working toward the longterm welfare of the Capricorn Coast," he said.

LIVINGSTONE Shire Chairman candidate Jim Turner said that one of his most important roles upon election as chairman would be to invite State Cabinet to visit Yeppoon to see the problems that existed in the Shire. "Such problems as The Causeway, Kinka Beach erosion and the enormous cost of sewerage to Emu Park, should be put the government," he said. "It is beyond the ratepayer to be able to afford the expenditure of millions of dollars. It would allow the ministers to acquaint themselves with the area, and be more sympathetic to the allocation of funds from their respective departments. "State Cabinet hasn't visited Yeppoon in nearly 10 years. I am aware of the enormous advantages of a cabinet visit because of when it came to Clermont. "Expenditure on the Clermont-Charters Towers Road was lifted from 5400,000 per year to $4,000,000; Schooling was lifted to Grade 12; funds for showgrounds complex S550,000, the finest in Queensland; sprinkler system at the race track, along with other funds," Mr Turner said. "Many private individuals and private enterprise problems were solved."

drainage, long grass and dogs, I'm obviously concerned," Mr Timbs said. "The roads are particularly bad. We've got problems with wide, winding, badly formed, unsealed and dangerous tracks. For many these roads have become a nightmare. Forced to endure billowing dust, I know of some residents who have become so irritated they have required medical attention. "Emu Park and Zilzie have been allowed to become, in parts, quite untidy. I would hope to see council ensure that absentee landlords maintain and keep their properties clean. "We won't solve these problems overnight. We will need to budget for some major works and extensive maintenance. In resolving to improve the provision of basic services throughout the entire Shire council will need to develop a carefully detailed and costed scheduling of all major works programs. "I have declined to make promises. It would be foolish to commit council to any decisions. It is my hope that I can lead a council which will quickly develop cohesion and teamwork with people concerned about the needs as they exist, not just within their own divisions, but throughout the Shire," Mr Timbs said.

Free water tests FREE water quality tests are being offered to Capricorn Coast residents on February 18, 19 and 20 at Savemore Centre. Complete Water Services, a water consultant service run by Brian and Loris Edwards, has been allowed to set up a free testing centre in Savemore Centre.

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`DISINFORMATION' Dear Electors, For some weeks many citizens in our community have been pressuring me, as the chairman, to answer statements that have been made in the media, as they felt the council did not warrant the extent of criticism and disinformation that was being presented. The time has come to stand up and defend this council. Let us look at the reasons why certain people inflict our minds with disinformation:One type of person can be doing it in a state of ignorance or innocence, particularly if these people are basing their assumption on unresearched rumour. Another type of person can be inflicting disinformation on the community for very selfish and devious reasons, particularly if they have a pecuniary or money interest. Many governments throughout the world are in turmoil today because terrorism is a daily way of life, and these communities suffer horrendously from the effects of deliberate and despicable disinformation by persons wishing to destroy that community for their own ends. A well ordered council is of no use to the dishonest and devious who wish to manipulate and make money out of confusion. We are not in South America - we are a community in the Shire of Livingstone, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people of Livingstone do not deserve this sort of treatment, neither do the elected members or staff. We have one of the most wealthy and healthy environments to be found in Australia, and it is only as a community working and pulling together, that we can set a future to be proud of, not only for our lifetime, but for many generations to come. How do we achieve this goal?

do we separate the truth from the rumours?

(6) No more confusion and conflict in planning and development

(1) If you hear of a disturbing statement about an elected member, ring that member up directly and discuss your concern. Our members would be only too pleased to supply you evidence of the truth. (2) If you hear of frightening reports of council finance, administration or works, please do not hesitate to ring 39 3388 and ask to speak to our shire clerk Jim Brown ... he will be pleased to correct or confirm any information that may concern you. (3) After your investigation, get back to your informer. Find out the origin of the rumour and alert him/her to the truth.

I appeal to the sensible members of our community to help us in these endeavours now. Let us throw cold water on the hot heads, and let the intelligent and well-informed electors in our community choose their council. I appeal to you the electors, to work together for our future. There is a saying "In order for evil to prosper, all that is required is for good men to do nothing."


We need open government - we need intelligent debate and the right to differ - but we should always respect our neighbour's right to hold a different point of view. Looking on the brighter side of life, I am very proud and pleased to be the Chairman of Livingstone, and in the past 22 months I have got to know the members and staff extremely well. I am looking forward to continuing the good work of this council, with their help, over the next three years. some years to achieve all of the goals and aspirations that our members have for this community. The past is history. Going forward, even though it is a huge job, can still be a pleasant and rewarding task. I am looking forward to the day when we have:21 3 4 5

Clean water to drink Employment for the young Adequate care for the aged No more gravel roads in the towns No more uncontrolled drainage systems AuttiOrise'd•br J Bowen; P 0 Box 266, Yeppoon

Cr T A J Bowen Chairman Livingstone Shire Council FOOTNOTE: I have asked the Mirror to carry a press release for me answering a number of letters and statements regarding financial affairs of the Livingstone Shire Council. It only seems fair that since the claims were made in the editorial space, the reply should appear in the same way. hoped not to bore readers with cold finanI cial facts but some claims have been so misleading that they must be answered so as to allay any ratepayers' fears about waste of their rate dollar. Please contact me anytime - 39 3388 at the' council chambers during the day or after hours 391639.

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988 -- 3

Bowen replies to 'unwarranted attacks' on council's finances LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman Cr John Bowen has decried misleading criticisms of council business and reports which have appeared in the press in recent months. He said that on several occasions the financial management reports and accounts had been subjected to unwarranted attack by persons who have not properly researched and conveyed the facts in their articles. "The council is open and accountable in its dealings with the public and officers are only too willing to sunstantiate the contents of official reports and returns," Cr Bowen said. "While honest, informed criticism is welcome, the selfish undermining of public confidence in the financial management and economic strength of the Livingstone Shire by the misuse of statistics is to be deplored; causing untold harm within the community and inhibiting confidence in the future of the shire. "I requested the shire clerk to cite examples of some such misleading statements and these have been made available to show how the criticisms were misleading. "New loan borrowings amount to $5.1 mil-

lion ... the actual amount of new loans raised for 1987/88 is $2.965 million, an error of some $2.135 million. "$411,000 outstanding rates at July '87 compares very poorly with the $279,987 outstanding at June 30'86 ... the staff report comparison refers to all rates and charges ($411,000) whereas the correspondent is referring to general rates ($279,987) only (the conclusions are invalid). - "$384,000 currently outstanding represents 16 per cent of annual general rates and would be ninth worst position of all the shires in the State ... the correspondent is confused as in the previous item and there are no statewide statistics available on which to base the assertion. "General rates have been used to fund the Capricorn Coast water and sewerage schemes to the extent of $15,288.41 last year ... the accounts clearly show that the cost ($15,228.41 - not as stated) of preparing the submissions on water and sewerage schemes was a recoverable works item and not a final cost against the general fund. (The statement was incomplete and thus misleading.)."

Guarantee on confidential vote RETURNING officer Jim Brown said every voter must sign their postal ballot paper to have a valid vote ... but he assures electors their name will not be linked with their vote when it is opened. The Capricorn Coast Mirror has received a number of inquiries from Coast residents who said they would not be voting because they had heard they had to sign their ballot paper. Mr Brown said complete confidentiality was assured under the Elections Act. He said the postal ballot form was one sheet of paper containing the names of candidates and a section on the bottom with an oath and space for the voter's signature and the signature of a witness. The section containing the candidates' names was provided with gum all round so that voters could record their choice in privacy, seal that section all around so that it became a closed envelope, and be left with the section to be signed and witnessed. The form was designed thisway to ensure that even the witness did not see how an elector • ": ........... ......... 1. ....... • ....... ........... ' ''' ......... ......... • •

voted ... the witness only-witnesses the elector's signature. The completed postal vote is posted to the Returning Officer and is placed, intact, in a locked box. On Saturday, March 19, at 10am, when counting starts, the box containing all votes will be opened in front of the Returning Officer and his staff and candidates and scrutineers. The voting coupons, with names attached, will be checked off on the roll to ensure they are valid. When this has been validated, the section with the name will be removed (it is perforated) and put in one box and the still sealed vote will be placed in another box. When all votes have been validated, the sealed votes will then be opened and counted. Mr Brown said there was no way anyone could see how any particular person voted. "The voter seals the vote and it not opened until well after the voter's name has been removed," he said. "The vote part is mixed up with the thousands of others and is not identifiable in any way."

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4 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988




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COUNCIL candidates in all divisions were this week asked a series of questions to answer the many queries from electors directed to this newspaper. The questions were: What is your occupation? Where do you live and how long have you lived there? Do you own any property in Livingstone Shire? If you do and it is more than one hectare, do you have any intentions of subdividing? Why did you nominate for council? Most candidates saw it as an opportunity to get their message across to the electorate, however while all were phoned, some were not available and one had no interest in taking part.

DIVISION 2, BRIAN BARTLEY DIVISION two candidate, Brian Bartley, is a retired registrar who has lived at Cooee Bay for the past two-and-a-half years. Mr Bartley said he didn't own any land in Livingstone Shire and had no property to subdivide. "I believe my long and varied experience in public administration and public finance will allow me to contribute well in any council debate or decision-making," he said. "I have no vested interest in council but have strong involvements with the Christian church and ecumenical movement on the Coast, hospital and nursing services, wildlife preservation and protection of the environment. "I am a founding member of the Coast Amnesty International group. "I would seek to work closely with the elected chairman and I know my practical experience of negotiation on committees, and other councils, would help in conciliation between conflicting interests and in producing constructive policies, teamwork and harmony on council."


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RETAILER Doug Cuddy has lived on the Capricorn Coast for the past seven-and-a-half years at Cooee Bay. Mr Cuddy said he owned property in the shire which was less than one hectare. He said he had no intention of sub-dividing the property. He said he was standing in division 2 for the Capricorn Coast's future. "It is my belief Livingstone Shire Council's history has proved to be coated with negative results. "Look at the past 10 years of Yeppoon standing still, for example ... businesses regularly failing, developments never coming to fruition, beautifications at a go-slow speed and extraordinary costs of unnecessary proportions in council management, particularly with town planning. That's why I am quietly confident of election in division 2," he said. "Anyone who has watched council over the past three years will see the need for a change in representation in division two."

DIVISION 2, GEOFF CUE CR GEOFF Cue is the proprietor of an hydraulic engineering business, owns units and flats called Marine Siesta Sands, in Todd Avenue, and a farm on Adelaide Park Road. Cr Cue lives on the farm and said all the land he ownedwas for farming purposes and he had no intention of subdividing at this stage. "I believe basically all the goals and promises made prior to the 1985 election have been achieved," he said. "It's been a difficult term with probably only 18 months to indicate real direction and implement strongly policies I believe in. I believe division 2 ratepayers have a three-year investment in me and my direction and I need another term to consolidate and capitalise on the obvious improvements that have occurred of late."

DIVISION 2, BRIAN DOREY COOEE BAY resident for the past 25 years, Cr Brian Dorey, is a journalist. Cr Dorey said he owned his own home but no

other property and had no intention of developing in "any way, shape or form". Cr Dorey said that in 1973, after having been asked to stand for the previous two terms, he decided to run for council. "I didn't stand because I wanted to be a councillor but because the people asked me to and one way I could help the community was to be a councillor," he said. "I have no ambitions other than to represent the people."

DIVISION 2, RAY McDONNELL BUSINESSMAN Ray McDonnell owns a shop at Cooee Bay where he has lived for the past three years. Mr McDonnell said he didn't own any property in Livingstone Shire. He said his reason for nominating came about through his business where he meets a number of average ratepayers. "I get so many average ratepayers fed-up with the disunity in council," he said. "No local authority can work without unity, trust, understanding and communication."


am standing independent of Groups and Political Parties as I have in Local Government since 1967.'


Dear Electors, It is all public knowledge now of all those contesting Council Elections. May I wish Candidates every success. No doubt some Councillors have performedwell throughout their term and I have had the opportunity to discuss many matters with them personally, however all our performances are judged in the Ballot Box by the Electors and rightly so. One question I will once again answer. QUESTION: What made me stand for the Chairmanship of the Livingstone Shire? ANSWER: Request by the late Dick Tennent some years ago, and by citizens of Yeppoon 1986-87 with meetings being held in October 1987 and later in November 1987, with good attendance. OBJECTIVES 1.Cut cost wherever possible and maintain rate level. 2. Watch closely and reduce loan indebtedness. 3. Employ a Community Development Officer to obtain Government Grants for Council and Community and to bring Council and Community closer together. (No cost to ratepayer.) Benefit: Grants will far off set wages therefore not being a cost to ratepayer. Further apply to State Government for grants towards wages (Belyando received S60,000 for 3 years 1987-89.) VOTE al


Jim Turner 33 John Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone 39 1265. Authorised by J Turner. 33 John Street. Yeppoon.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988 -- 5


Over the years, most central Queenslanders (as well as thousands of other people!) have entrusted themselves to my care and judgement on board one or other of the tourist vessels I have skippered. I now ask you to sign me on to the "Good Ship" Livingstone Shire as a councillor. Having resided in Yeppoon for more years than I care to remember and having had contact with so many residents through my work and 14 years' service on the ambulance committee (part of the time as chairman). I feel I have a good grasp of the needs and aspirations of most of the ratepayers. Please consider seriously voting...


DIVISION 2, HAROLD VAUGHAN FARMER Harold Vaughan was born in Yeppoon and he has lived his life in Yeppoon, the past 15 years at Adelaide Park Road. Mr Vaughan, "just call me Harold," said he owned a block of land in division 2 and another block in division 1 but had no intention of subdividing because he planned to use it for his pineapple farming. "I nominated for council because I thought there could possibly be gaps in council and I am keen that council goes in the right direction and doesn't get out of hand again," he said. DIVISION 2, ROY WALL DIVISION 2 candidate Roy Wall has spent the past 30 years farming his pineapple business at Bungundarra. He owns the property but needs the land for pineapple growing and has no intention of subdividing it. Mr Wall said "when a man receives a desperate call from a ratepayer what choice does he have but to accept the call to stand. "I want a council free from cronyism, which also has one set of rules for everbody."



1410 A/H 39 4501


DIVISION 2 candidate Maurie Webb works at St Brendan's College as an teacher-aide, with many and varied duties because it is a boys' boarding college. Mr Webb has lived on the Capricorn Coast for the past 25 years, most of the time in Cliff Street. He saw the name, Capricorn Coast, emerge after a Statewide competition while Yeppoon Chamber of Commerce secretary. He said he only owned his home and no other property in the shire. "I think I have a wealth of experience from being on past councils and I have a burning desire to work for people in the community," he said.



TOURIST operator Cr John Dowie is also an insurance agent. Cr Dowie, who has lived on Rockhampton Road for the past 17 years, owns no other property than his home. "Livingstone and its divisions as a shire have become an integral part of my life," he said. "I believe if my beinga part of the new council can contribute to a united approach to solving any problems that undoubtedly will confront the people that share the opportunities and frustrations, then I willingly give of my time and ability to make a balanced and proper judgement."

for Division Two

Photo Fair

SECOND-HAND licensee Lawrie Daley has spent the past 16 years living at Emu Park. The only property he owns is his home and he doesn't intend subdividing the land. "Emu Park needs at least one resident councillor," Mr Daley said. "Of all the candidates I have the most experience in Livingstone Shire; six years representing the towns and rural areas, and I am ready to serve again."

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DIVISION 1, MABEL EDMUND ARTIST and housewife Mabel Edmund has spent nearly her whole life in the division one region. Mrs Edmund has lived at Nerimbera for the past 31 years and before that in the Joskeleigh area. Mrs Edmund, who owns her own home, has no intentions of sub-dividing. "I have just sold my home which was about one-and-a-halfacres but I am now moving down the road to a smaller, more managable house. "I feel I would like to be back, and taking an active part in council, after a long break," she said. "I would like to take an active part in the shire's running. I have been helping a lot of people in the Joskeleigh area and want to further that help." Mrs Edmund said it wasn't only the Joskeleigh people she wanted to help but also Emu Park, Keppel Sands and the whole division 1 area. "I would like to be in a position where I can do more for the whole of division 1. The area needs someone with positive thinking and commonsense," she said.



Authorised by M Prior, 53 Dolphin Crescent. Cooee Bay



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DIVISION 1, NEV FRASER NEV FRASER works with his wife in the Emu Park Pharmacy. He has lived at Emu Park for the past five years. Mr Fraser said he owned property in the shire, mainly business and housing premises, but no vacant land, and had no intention of subdividing. He said the Emu Park Progress and Ratepayers' Association had nominated him for council because there were no Emu Park people representing the area on council. "Despite Cr Duncan McDonald attending meetings and putting forward the area's request, it wasn't as good as having a representative."

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6 -- Capricorn Coast Mirrof r February 13 - PeiSruary 19; 1988 ADVERTISEMENT


EMU PARK SEWERAGE? Lloyd Webber has a scheme which will cost the majority of ratepayers or the council

NOTHING!! VOTE Lloyd WEBBER for Division One Authorised by L Webber, Cawarral


For sound representation... VOTE

1 Neville

(MEET THE CANDID DIVISION 1, ANN GIORGI COUNCILLOR Ann Giorgi has lived at Keppel Sands for the past seven years. Cr Giorgi said she did own property in the shire but there was nothing left to subdivide so she had no intention of subdividing. "I looked very hard to find some young person to take over my position on council," she said. "The people I approached were unable to run and because there was no other suitable person, beside Cr Duncan McDonald, I decided to run. "I was disappointed in the calibre of people running but didn't realise when I put in my nomination that Lawrie Daley and Mabel Edmund, as well as Cr McDonald were running."

DIVISION 1, DUNCAN McDONALD FARMER Cr Duncan McDonald has lived the past 64 years (all his life) in Cawarral, division 1. He has a 1600 acre farm which he doesn't intend to sub-divide. "I may have to sell some land, a block or two, when I retire, but that isn't for some years yet," he said. Cr McDonald said he nominated for council because he was already a councillor and nominated for re-election. "I maintain the majority of division 1 people are happy with my representation and I feel quite sure they would like to see me in council again."


FRASER in Division One Emu Park and District Progress and Ratepayers Association supports NEVILLE FRASER as its nominated candidate. He has 27 years Local Government experience and is a permanent resident of Emu Park. Neville will be available at all times to Division 1 electors. 39 6364 b/h 39 6947 a/h Authorised by R Leicht, 14/16 Bright St, Emti Park



1 Fred


SHOPKEEPER Frank Withoos has owned and lived at the Zilzie store for the past twoand-a-half years. As owner of the shop he has no intention of sub-dividing the land. Mr Withoos said his reason for standing in division 1 was prompted by people from his end of the Capricorn Coast wanting council representation. "A lot of people consider that we are the forgotten end of the Coast and would like to see some locally known person represent them," he said.

DIVISION 3, ELLEN COGILL GRAZIER Cr Ellen Cogill has lived on her Marlborough cattle property, Tanderra, for the past 28 years. Cr Cogill said because the, property was needed for grazing she had no intentions of sub-dividing the land. One reason for nominating was to "look after this area of Livingstone Shire," she said. "Also to maintain the level of improvements to roads and small towns, which has been -achieved over the past three-year term. "I want to ensure rates and charges are kept at a level people can afford, make sure roads are kept in good repair and permanent works are achieved in division 3 as funds become available."


Division 1 Livingstone Shire Council

Independent Candidate * Maximum attention to your complaints * Will give full time service * Many years experience * Member Queensland Recreation Council Ring me anytime...39 6315 20 Redman Street, Emu Park Authorised by F Cowdray, Er-,u Park

CATTLEMAN Bill Rae has lived about four miles outside Marlborough for the past 35 years.' He does own property in Livingstone Shire but has no intention of sub-dividing the land. He nominated for council because he hoped he could do some good for division 3 people.

DIVISION 3, JOHN SMITH CANDIDATE for division 3 John Smith is a mine manager and timber cutter. Mr Smith said he had lived at Marlborough for the past six years. The only property he owns in the shire wouldn't be big enough to subdivide and he has no intention of doing so. A special interest in keeping youth in the area


To the Electors of Division One Livingstone Shire I have nominated for re-election for a Councillor for Division One at the forthcoming election on March 19th. During my present term I have attended every Council meeting held. I have also attended most of the meetings of the Progress and Ratepayers Association held at Emu Park. I have also attended most of the meetings of the Keppel Sands Advancement League and any meetings held in other areas of the Division. During my term, together with my fellow Councillor, we have bitumen sealed streets in Kinka, Emu Park, Zilzie and Keppel Sands. The roads in the Rural Areas have been upgraded to the extent that funds would allow. We have bitumen sealed the section of the Cawarral/Dairy-lnn in Division One. If re-elected I would look at doing a section of bitumen on another rural road in the next financial year. We have quite an amount of work to carry out this financial year, namely bitumen sealing streets in Emu Park, drainage work in Bell Park, upgrading of some rural roads. For continued progress vote the following way...



Duncan James

Authorised by D J McDonald, Ness Park, CaWarral

Turner for Chairman

was the main reason he gave for standing. "I have a special interest in young people and I would like to do something to make them want to stay in the area," he said. "Division 3 is the backside of the shire and there is nothing here to keep them. "I like doing things for the community and anything that might encourage the youth to stay could be the turning point in helping develop the area."


I will strive for Emu Park

DIVISION 4, KEV HINZ DIVISION four candidate Cr Kev Hinz is a sawmiller by trade. Cr Hinz has lived all his life, about 49 years, at the Caves. Cr Hinz said he did own property in the shire but it had been sub-divided before he ever nominated for council. "I have no intention at this stage to sub-divide land because it was all sub-divided before I was elected to council," he said. Cr Hinz said his first three years on council had been a learning process. "I hope that during the next three years I can help the community more," he said. "I was talked into running for council to do something for the area."

DIVISION 2, TREVOR WHITE TREVOR White, 32, has lived on the Capri; corn Coast "on and off' for the past six years and is standing for a Livingstone Shire division two position as councillor. He is now a strawberry farmer, but has worked with youth organisations for nine years. "I have worked with CYSS, New Horizons, Participation and Equity Program and Community Volunteer Program in Victoria, New South Wales and Rockhampton," Mr White said. "My grandfather Jack White was a Livingstone Shire Division four councillor from 1946 to 1955. He was from the old school ... it was either right or wrong with no argument entered into. "I'm not the same ... working with youth has made me flexible. It has given me the opportunity to be able to weigh up individual problems and help solve them to a mutual benefit. "I see myself as representing the tourism section of division two as well the needs of the day-to-day residents. Council can help with both sections ... so that tourism will benefit the residents and vice versa. "Community Volunteer Program position I now have is only two days a week and the rest of the time is spent on my strawberry farm in Cooberrie. My farm is 55 acres and I have no intention of sub-dividing because I am farming the land. If my sister wants to live on my land, then I will have to cut off an acre for her, but that's all. "The other interest I have is in my family's caravan park ... the Blue Dolphin in Yeppoon." Mr White lives at the caravan park because he hasn't built a residence on his farm and can do the maintenance needed at the park for his mother, Ruth.

Emu Park CWA competition IFyou cook, knit or crochet you are invited to take part in the Emu Park CWA knitting, cooking and crochet competition. It is open to members and non-members and you have until early March to prepare your entry. The competition date will be announced after the branch's February meeting. The sections are: any crochet article in acrylic; best knitted entry from 100 grams or less of synthetic yarn; carrot cake, set recipes; cinnamon tea cake, set recipe; microwave chocolate cake, own recipe; 375 to 500 gr jar of marmalade; the same size in mustard pickles. All articles, except the first one, will remain the property of the QCWA. Copies of set recipes can be obtained from CWA members or contact Emu 'Park CWA president Yvonne Protheroe, 39 6930.

1. Improvements to Bell Park and Parks providing facilities for the youth. 2. Continue council's effort to overcome sewerage problem in business section, to help development. 3. Programme funding for more bitumen streets. Authorised by Jim Turner, 33 John St, Yeppoon. 39 1265 ADVERTISEMENT

ISSUES CONCERNING DIVISION 1 RATEPAYERS I decided to stand as a Candidate in Division One because I feel I am competent and have a fairly wide knowledge as an Administrator and known as a person who does not take "No" for an answer. I have no affiliation with any political party or pressure groups. Being in the public eye â&#x20AC;&#x201D; as a store-keeper in Zilzie -- I find the issues and problems associated in Division One are as follows: Poor drainage in Emu Park. Zilzie and Keppel Sands; the need for a sewerage scheme in Emu Park and Zilzie: poor quality roads and nonexistent street kerbing: neglect of Bell Park including caravan park: pot-holed road to Coorooman Creek boat ramp: poor quality road to Koorana Crocodile Farm: the lack of trees on public land such as nature strips: non-existence of children's playgrounds and facilities for children in Zilzie and Keppel Sands. Some of the remedies that I would like to address: the setting up of a Statutory Water and Sewerage Board, which would operate independently from the Council, for the whole of the Capricorn Coast which would plan and obtain finances to implement a sewerage scheme for Emu Park and Zilzie area ... or anything south of The Causeway. This sewerage and water board to be made up of two Livingstone Shire representatives, sewerage and water consultants ... engineers. one representative from each division and one independent local citizen from each division. Bell Park Caravan Park. which has the most beautiful setting on the Coast, has the poorest facilities imaginable. It needs immediate upgrading of the facilities or. failing this, handing over of the caravan park to private enterprise on a lease basis with the proviso that the lease-holder upgrade the facilities. I will pursue -- at all costs -- the upgrading of Coorooman Creek Road and the road to Koorana Crocodile Farm, so that tourists using these roads. and the locals, can do so in safety without fear of blow-outs. The greening of flora by the setting up of council neighbourhood nurseries. This could be achieved by approaching our elderly and retired citizens who may be interested in taking care and giving nourishment to immature plants. There should be stricter control on absentee landowners in the cleaning up of vacant allotments: making nature strips the responsibility of the owner to keep them neat and presentable. We live in an age of information and I would like to instigate a quarterly report from council as to what works and improvements are to take place in each division and this report to be made public to the media and representatives of council in each division.

For Division One...



Let's not turn back now! We are looking towards a very exciting three years. Poor roads and drainage have been suffered by residents for the last 50 years. This Council is coming to terms with the problems and we have, during the past term, provided more kerbing and channelling and sealed streets than ever before. Improved financial management is producing more work for your rate dollar. Your support and the co-operation of like-minded members will ensure the present progress continues. I can foresee in the next three years the completion of the majority of town streets and more permanent works on rural roads.


Geoff CUE fcr Division Two Authorised by G Cue, Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon

WITHOOS Frank Authonsed by F Wirhoos. Zilne

Catifieorn 'Coast-NfRrot ' February 13 -- -FebruarY 19, 1988 -=7

Hinton says 10 beds not enough THE allocation of 10 nursing home beds and five hostel places to Yeppoon from an unknown source as announced by M ember for Capricornia Keith Wright, is woefully inadequate, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week. Mr Hinton said while the Capricorn Coast was grateful for the 10 beds as it currently has now, the 10-bed allocation is a mere token gesture when the Capricorn Coast's needs are considered. "Mr Wright is absolutely correct when he says ADVERTISEMENT

For good sound representation in the whole of Division One






LAWRIE DALEY (6 years previous Council experience) Authorised by Ross Coulter, Golding St, Emu Park

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there is little chance of securing additional nursing home beds in the Fitzroy area, because the area has the highest in the State in terms of population over the age of 70 years," he said. "In fact, people over 70 years number 8628 in the Fitzroy region including 4717 in Rockhampton and 1031 in Livingstone Shire. "At the same time there are 574 nursing home beds, including 40 for intellectually handicapped people, with the largest home being Eventide with 169 beds. Mr Hinton said these figures had been supplied by the State Health Department. "Clearly the Capricorn Coast, which Mr Wright is now offering 10 beds, when on a pro rata population basis it should get 70 beds in the Fitzroy area, must have a higher transfer basis," he said. "It gets down to a straight case of Yeppoon versus Rockhampton, and Mr Wright and Federal Health Minister Dr Neal Blewett, have the matter in their hands alone. "It is no good Mr Wright saying that the issue should not be political. It is political and it is certainly no good Mr Wright blaming Premier Mike Ahern or any State Health Minister. "It is not their decisision - it is the Commonwealth's, and Mr Wright has had four years to do something about it. "Well now he has, as the pressure has mounted, but it is not anywhere near enough, and the community has a right to expect him to negotiate on behalf of the Capricorn Coast a lot harder," Mr Hinton said. Mr Hinton said that for many years the aged and frail have been transferred to Rockhampton from the Coast because there is no nursing home here. He said they left family, friends and with the difficulty of transport and the effort needed by friends to visit, many became very lonely people. "It is time that nursing home beds came from Rockhampton to Yeppoon, not the people from Yeppoon to Rockhampton," he said. "It is time for a fair go for the Coast and this must be appreciated in Rockhampton. Mr Hinton said he would be in Brisbane later this week, and would be having talks with State Health Minister Leisha Harvey with regard to land sites.

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David Timbs for Chairman Livingstone Shire Council

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8 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988



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NO DOUBT everyone in Cawarral will remember the famous wheelie-bin meeting in Cawarral Hall when Cr McDonald, the health surveyor and I were given a hard time by the citizens of Cawarral about garbage. After that meeting the big bins were removed. Now, under the Health Act, it is illegal to use those bins for the collection of household refuse. They are only for picnic areas, etc. We wanted to give Cawarral a wheelie-bin service as we thought it the correct thing to do. Since the people of Cawarral so vigorously refused to have a wheelie-bin collection imposed upon them, and since the big bins were costing $22,000 a year to maintain, and since it was illegal to have them for household refuse anyway, council decided to remove them. Why, after all, should the general fund, paid for by everyone in the Shire, be used to sort out the garbage problems of people who refused to contribute for the service? The bins in parks throughout the Shire are paid for by the general fund, but as I mentioned before, this is not for household refuse. We then attempted to get a dump site for Cawarral, but of course no one wants a dump near them, so that fell through. So Cawarral people now have to use Keppel Sands, Emu Park or Rockhampton dumps. Council never intended to impose wheeliebins on people who lived on difficult roads of

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had large farms. It was actually intended as a service. It only costs about $70 a year. In most parts of the world people crawl on bended knees to get a decent garbage service. One of the chief hecklers at that infamous meeting, along with ringleaders Lloyd Webber and Chris Palmer, was Cr Barbara Wildin. Cr Wildin has twice in recent meetings had the grace to admit that she loves the wheelie-bin imposed on her and she thinks that other people in her area do too. A wheelie-bin takes an enormous amount of rubbish. She admitted that she has been able to clean out the underneath of her house by this friendly service. When you compare the cost of a wheelie-bin against the cost of petrol to the dump or effort in burning or digging I am just amazed that Cawarralites aren't begging for them. It's no skin off my nose, but I am just amazed. I also thought it necessary to explain the difference between household refuse and what I suppose I could best call "passing-by" refuse. One Cawarral man admitted to me at the meeting that he had had trouble getting his washing-machine into those big bins! I mean, I ask you!! He did have the grace to giggle in a . shamefaced manner. - Ann Giorgi, Keppel Sands.

`No surprise' IT iswith no surprise that I noted our 'pseudo council representative', from Keppel Sands has sought to misrepresent the people of Mt Chalmers. Yet again. Her previous outstanding effort was to tell several hundred local ratepayers that we were selfish and didn't know our own minds over the `wheelie bin' issue and as such she would vote as she wished - against our unanimous wish. She now tells us that those who are indecent enough to want to live in this area, but not as a farmers, are again unreasonable. However, she does point out that if you are a farmer you are willing to accept goat tracks to drive on. She goes on to say that the only logical choice of exit is Boto's Road. She fails to point out that to get to Nankin Creek Bridge by this route is almost twice the distance as by Sliepner Road. There is a similar distance of gravel road and the surface is often as rough. Her only accurate point is that Boto's Road is most often passable after heavy rain. At a ratepayers meeting last year (which she did not attend) Cr Bowen was told in rather definite terms that the people of the area were and are still capable of simple addition and therefore aware of the amount of rates paid. Unlike certain areas of Keppel Sands we do not expect to have bitumen roads suddenly appear around our properties. We realise that this would boost property values etc. But if we had regular maintenance we would be satisfied. At one stage the roads didn't see a grader for over 12 months, then they appeared three times in six months prior to council elections. Had our (mis) representative been present at this meeting she would have been aware of this discussion and the resultant lack of complaint, in general terms. Still, in fairness, she may have been away doing what she does best possibly looking after her own interest. In closing, I feel that although we've been told that we don't knowwhat we want, if she has the audacity to present herself for re-election she'll discover that we do know what we don't want. - A L Nicholson, CBM, Mt Chalmers.

Sadness over Jim

I I MAY I express, on behalf of the many orI ganisations and citizens who attended Jim Turner's farewell at Clermont on Friday, the I sadness to have lost Jim from the community.


He will always remain a legend in our district for his tireless efforts over the years. May I say I Clermont's loss is Yeppoon's gain and wish him good luck in the forthcoming Local Government elections in March. On behalf of the citizens of Clermont. - M A James, Gesterminten, Clermont.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988 --9

The Coast's Finest Cuisine Thanks letter THIS letter to the editor is an "extra special thank-you" to many people who, when reading this article, will know to whom it concerns. Thankyon to myworkmat es who assisted me, and persons from Yeppoon Medical Centre, Yeppoon Taxi and Yeppoon Courthouse, with my upset on Thursday when my husband (Mick) was put into Rockhampton Base Hospital, also the ones who offered assistance at any time I need them. Special thanks to the Rockhampton taxi driver who parked the car for me and explained all the switches on the vehicle to me. Special thanks to the workmate who, when phoned, came and collected me and our vehicle from the hospital, who then packed her bag and took me back to Yeppoon, and to her friends she stayed with. Also to her spouse who had sprained his ankle, like me, to give his evening up with his wife for me to get the required assistance and support that I needed badly. Extra special thanks to workmate who arrived Friday at 6am to give me a crash course in our manual vehicle so I could drive myself around and who was always on hand with support when needed and words of encouragement to get myself to Rockhampton Base Hospital and back to Yeppoon.

Sandy's CAFE

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On arriving on Friday afternoon at Rockhampton Base Hospital ... to the minister who gave me blessing upon my shoulder which gave me courage which I needed so badly. On the same evening to the two gentlemen policemen who drove me to our car and assisted me to Albert Street on my first night of sheer terror driving myself back to Yeppoon and their words of encouragement which made me feel good ... since I have to make these trips. I hope all who could end up in the same situation will gain courage from all I am writing. Also on Friday evening I was terrified for the kids (not teenagers) who were playing silly nonsense around on the Tanby roundabout ... who appear not interested in life, which is precious, and hope they never end up at Rockhampton Base Hospital with their stupidity. Also including Saturday evening to the two vehicles chasing each other on the highway to Yeppoon and the one who hit the gravel because they lost for a moment control of their vehicle as he or she passed me. Extra special thanks to my neighbour who gave his Saturday and Sunday to teach me to drive the manual and to his loving wife who gave up her moments with him for me and all their assistance in comforting me and talking things out. Extra sorry to any persons I may have caused inconvenience to when changing gears or sheer terror on my part in stalling. And extra thankyou for your patience until I have got myself going and to those motorists who have realised what I was doing and still doing ... and for their words of encouragement and courtesy which goes along way in helping. Many thanks to all who wish my husband the best and have assisted him with encouragement on the road to recovery and acceptance of all that has happened. Extra special thankyou to all the doctors, sisters, nurses, staff, patients and visitors at the Rockhampton Base Hospital in Ward 5C and all those who gave their own spare time to help Mick and myself. Thank you all who have assisted and encouraged us. — Mick and Pam Simper, P 0 Box 558, Yeppoon.

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Wright's reply

IT seems that the record should be set right. Regardless of Mr Wright's "interpretation", my comments were never meant to refer to members of the nursing home committee such as Rev Svenson and Dr Ramiah. I give full marks plus to the good Reverend and Doctor and the other committee members who have worked so hard to achieve this project over a very long time. My comments were directed solely at Mr Timbs and no-one else. I object strongly to Mr Wright trying to drag the National Party into it as I most certainly do not speak for the National Party and it must be deeply regretted that such a worthy project as the nursing home has become something of a political football which, incidentally, occurred well before I ever wrote on the subject. I would have been very happy to attend the meeting which formed the committee, however when you are in a full time occupation or business you cannot always get away when you wish. There are more ways of assisting charity than attending meetings which just happens to be difficult for me as my work is based in Rockhampton and I have to make trips away as part of it. Finally, let us put all the politics and other detractions completely aside and hope that Mr Wright's 99.9per cent becomes a 100 per cent reality or a lot of people's hopes will be dashed and a lot more hard work made necessary to achieve this so worthwhile project. - Garth Brownsdon, PO Box 286, Yeppoon.

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10 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 -. February 19, 1988,


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REPORTED QUOTES OF THE WEEK The well oiled wheels of our administration Today, Livingstone Shire Council is trying for the third successive day even to fix a rate, let alone a budget. But before anyone is tempted to start sneering about "Clayton's Budgets" Beverley Hillbillies or Keystone Cops, it would be wise to pause for a moment and think about the difficulties this council faces. An engineer caught up in an enquiry about his future, an ill assistant engineer, nine new and inexperienced councillors and awkward geographical boundaries ... it all adds up to a recipe for disaster. (Editorial, Morning Bulletin, 22 Aug, 1985) More on property developers etc on council Yes, Cr Cresta, let's move for the present council to be disbanded and an administrator appointed and perhaps with the right administrator the ratepayers may learn that to elect land developers and their running mates to council is detrimental to the smooth running of the shire's affairs. (L Webber letter, Mirror, 27 July, 1985) Cr Dorey states (MB 25.10.85): "It would be dangerous if developers gained access to proposed new growth areas before the town plan was fully implemented". The statement appears to be ludicrous from the ratepayers' point of view as there are already several councillors who are either estate agents, developers or very closely associated with them in council. (M Protheroe letter, Morning Bulletin, 5 November, 1985) At the risk of being considered presumptious, it is suggested that persons engaged in property development or real estate sales, should automatically be prohibited from standing as a candidate for any local government office, either in our local area or elsewhere. A large percentage of hassles, perks and favouritism could thus be obviated, and more attention focussed on the needs of the ratepayers and improvement of the shire. (K M Moore letter, Min-or, 28 Sept, 1985) ' If democracy counts for anything in the shire, I would suggest that any councillors with a pecuniary interest in development or any association thereto, should abstain from voting on these matters. As councillors only will have prior knowledge of zone moves in the town plan, they could be in a position to protect or expand their own interests, if they so desired, to the exclusion of all other interested parties. (M Protheroe letter, Morning Bulletin, 5 November, 1985) On a conspiracy A State Government report has slated 'the secret seven' Livingstone Shire councillors who conspired to remove shire engineer Mr Tony Rowe. The report, which was made publicyesterday, said the seven had gathered to plan their move to oust Mr Rowe about four weeks before a June council meeting ... the commissioners said the seven councillors had set out to surprise the remaining six councillors with their move. (Morning Bulletin, 15 October, 1985) AUTHORISED: J. CHAPMAN. MAIDA ST. YEPPOON.

Cartiavut Coaottige PROBUS will have a barbecue at Kemp Beach on Thursday, February 18 at 4pm. *** IF the standard set by last Tuesday's Yeppoon Pensioners League first social fur 1988 is continued throughout the year then Yeppoon pensioners can look forward to increased attendances at the monthly socials. On Tuesday 130 pensioners from Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Emu Park and a busload from Mt Morgan happily enjoyed a programme of dance, song and instrumental items. Norm Brisbin (pinao), Tony Ceff (saxophone) and Les Wessels (drums) provided a pre-social medley of popular melodies. Opening the afternoon, compere Marge Cornell extended congratulations to Dave and Janet Thwaites of Emu Park who celebrated 55 years of marriage on February 24. She also congratulated Bill Shuttlewood on his selection as Livingstone's citizen of the year. Following a session of community singing, Joe McIntyre pleased with his monologue Albert and the Ghost. Joe later introduced the song Pub with no Beer sung by The Entertainers who also rendered Waltzing Matilda. Emu Park's Alex Bacon, with Leila Goodwin as accompanist, sang a duo which included Old Man River. Sisters Sylvia McDonald and Kath Johnson so pleased with their violin-piano duet that a second appearance was demanded by the audience. Entertainerspianist, playing her own accompaniment, sang the seldom heard When Hearts were Young and the enchanting You will remember Vienna. Marge Cornell and Ruby Harris sang When it's Lamplighting Time in the Valley and Maori's Love Song. Ruby returned to sing When the great red dawn in Shining and Good Old Summer Time while Marge rendered It is no Secret and Blueberry Hills. Assistant compere Phyl Rumpf sweetly sang One day when we were Young and When you were Seventeen. Others who entertained were soloists Sarah Hall and Bill Shuttlewood and mouth organist George Cooper. Norm Brisbin (piano) and Tony Ceff (clarinet) were deservedly applauded for their duet which featured Strangers on the Shore and Maggie ... and Maggie was demanded as an encore. Valentine hearts, flags and a profusion of flowers decorated the stage. Decorations were by comperes Marge and Phyl and flowerswere provided by Phyl Rumpf, Beryl Connor and Thelma Shuttlewood. Dancing interspersed the items and the monte carlo was won by Evie Benson and Frances Biles. Lucky door numbers were held by Les Wessels (Rockhampton), Abby Schick, Sue Smith, Dot Close, Vic Mulry, Fred Leader (Yeppoon) and Thelma Richard and Don Bookless (Mt Morgan). Fruit and vegetable trays given by Dick and Betty Tyrer were won by Sylvia Wilson and George Madsen of Yeppoon and a third tray went to Eileen Ware from The Causeway. *.. NEXT Red Cross meeting is on February 19 at the Yeppoon RSL rooms at 1.30pm. All new and old members are welcome. *** EMU Park RSL will not have a social this month ... please accept the organisers apologies. They will start the social as soon as possible. *** THE Paint Pot Gallery has had its changeover ... new works of art for everyone to see. There is a wonderful variety of paintings (oils, acrylics, batik, pen and wash and watercolours) from miniatures through to quite large works. The potters have supplied some exquisite work from delicate to functional bowls, sculpture and stoneware. The wood turner has new pieces including earings and a wall clock. The gallery also has gemstone jewellery-, candles and lettercards. To exhibit in the gallery you must be a member of the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts, pay commission and take your turn at gallery duty.


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YEPPOON Get-together Group was formed to help lonely and isolated people in the community to make contact with other and enjoy social outings, recreational activities, educational input (videos, guest speakers) and sharing of resources and ideas. On Tuesday, February 16, the group is meeting at the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon for a video morning and morning tea. Anyone who would like to go along is welcome ... especially those who need support. *** THE monthly Emu Park Historical Museum's flea market is on Saturday, February 27 at 9am in the museum's grounds, Hill Street. Stalls cost $4 and you welcome to set one up. *** YEPPOON and Emu Park guides and brownies will join other guides and brownies as well as scouts and cubs from Rockhampton, Mt Morgan and Gracemere at the sound shell on Sunday, February 21 between 2pm and 4pm to celebrate a joint Thinking/Founders Day. State guide commissionerJoie Dwyer will be there. Families are welcome. Organisers hope they will be able to arrange a bus from Yeppoon and girls should contact the leaders for details.

IF your self-esteem is low and you feel you would like to be more assertive about important issues in your life, then go to the next New and Pregnant Parents Support (NAPPS) discussion group. The speaker is Mary Casey from Community Health and the talk is at Robyn Brodien's home on Tuesday, February 16 from 10am ... 6 Melaleuca Street, Cooee Bay (diagonally across from the Cooee Bay Store). More information, contact Teresa Lynch, 39 7548. *** ' EMU Park Amateur Players held its first 1988 meeting recently and members decided to put on a show after March. Anyone interested in being in a show or helping out would be welcome ... male and female. The players would like to start up a junior group and wants to hear from boys and girls who are interested. Phone secretary Dalma Kelly, 39 6417, treasurer Pat Datiras, 39 6078 or president Bob Taylor, 39 6896. *** A cent sale is on at the ambulance centre, James Street, Yeppoon at 2pm, Tuesday ruary 16. Good prizes, jackpot, lucky door and a special prize ... and admission is free.

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THE next handicraft meeting is on February 19 at 10am in the Yeppoon CWA rooms. *** YEPPOON Laurel Ladies will meet on February 26, 10am, at the RSL hall. *** EMU Park Pensioners League held its monthly meeting on February 3 with the main business to find a replacement for president Wyn Nelson. The league thanks Wyn for stepping into the breach in its hour of need and would have liked to see her finish the year, but unfortunately ill health and other items made it imperative for her to resign. George Bardrick was elected president and he thanks the members for their support and trust. He said the roll up was good, but the league needs more support. "We need members attendance at the socials and meetings. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Please let us hear from you," Mr Bardrick said. "Maybe you would like to run a coach once a month for shopping purposes... we are looking for suggestions." He said that the members run the league not the executive and the only way to find out what the members want is to go along to meetings and socials. *** YEPPOON Diabetic group is having its first meeting for 1988 on Tuesday, February 17 at the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, at 7.30pm. *** THERE is a Coast resident who knows that honesty is still the best policy. She shopped at Savemore and when arriving home and unpacking the goodies, realised one of the bags was missing. There was a rushed trip back to the centre to check at the checkout and all was revealed ... the girl had accidently put the bag into someone else's trolley. That isn't the end of the story. The woman who received the extra bag of groceries returned it to the checkout girls and they in turn returned it to the original owner. The woman who lost the parcel thanks the returner and really appreciates her honesty and said that every morning when they eat the rolled oats the person will be kindly thought of. Now that gives you some confidence in the world around us. *** EMU Park Pensioners will have a social on Wednesday, February 24 in Emu Park Cultural Hall starting at 1pm. You don't have to be a member to attend ... you don't even have to be a pensioner. If you wish to contribute with a musical item, please take your music with you.

Yeppoon Baptist Church BRAITHWAITE ,STRv., All age Sunday School ... 9.15am Sunday Morning Service ... 10.30am Sunday Evening ... 7pm Wed: Children's Club 3.30pm-5pm 7.30pm: Prayer and Bible Study Interim Pastor: Sam Vaughan, 39 1645

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,107iICE1—) -- 111 ' , ey,,,, f 0] • •• Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988 -- 11'.


Swimming club CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club held a successful club night on Wednesday, with a good roll up of children, but again lacked support from parents. A club spokesman said it meant a late start to events because there was no-one to help out. "To run a tight schedule we need to have parental support," he said. "The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday, which was the second Tuesday of the month, and only five parents from four families turned up." On Wednesday the first presentation of Merit Achievment certificates took place. Award winners were Tony Beck, Joanne Ganter, Natalie Cumming, Kylie Shepphard, Stephen Phillips and Matthew Anderson. Rebecca Haubeck received her Merit Pennant for swimming 10m in 10 seconds, and has now been upgraded to 25m. Club swimmers will be going to Mt Morgan swimming carnival on Saturday. The following Saturday is the club's Sprint Relay Carnival. Good nominations from Capricorn Coast, Crescent Lagoon, Capricorn Club and Rockhampton's Aquajets have been submitted. Western Suburbs, Gladstone, Gladstone South and Gladstone Club, Frenchville, Fairy Mead (Bundaberg), Monto, Black-water, Biloela, Caribeae and St Brendan's will also be sending swimmers to the carnival. The club hopes it will be a great carnival attracting parental support. Parents able to help out on the day can contact Bill Cumming on 39 3994 or Brian Brettell on 39 2229.

Ladies bowls YEPPOON Ladies Bowling Club competitions for February 16 at 9am with umpire D Roos are as follows: champion singles, M Stewart v J Beasley; E Woodbridge v E Batts; E Hinton v M Bierwirth. District singles: I Mc Namara v R Goody; P Childs v M Baglow; M Elliott v S Ziebicki; M Hansen, marker; M Manthey v R Wass; A Fotheringham v D Engel; N Andrews, marker. At 1.30pm with M Elliott as umpire: consistency singles V Thompson v R Wass. C singles: M Hansen v E Benson; Y Riordan v M Freeman. Results. District singles: M Baglow d J Barber 33-8; E Hinton d M Elliot 32-24; M Bierwirth d R Goody 31-8; A Fotheringham d R Wass 33-7; McNamara d D Engel 31-17. Consistency singles: M Bradley d J Kearnan 151-139; B Roberts d J Cain 155-115. 2-4-2 pairs: E Woodbridge sub, Mc Namara d Locke sub, D Moulds 21.20 after an extra end was played. "Gifts are requested for the cent sale on Tuesday February 16," publicity officer Nancy Andrews said. Ellie Aspinall resigned from the committee after almost 30 years. "President Del Roos, on behalf of the members, thanked her for her untiring efforts to help the club. No job was too menial for her to tackle. We all wish her a well-earned rest." Vera Wilson was elected unanimously to the position of acting patroness. "Nominations are called for the position of iatroness and for one committee member. 'They will close at 1pm on Friday March 4." The clubs' patroness day for March 22 has been deferred.

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 ir SUNDAY February 14 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall For other activities, Phone 39 6254

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*ABOVE: Four generations of a Capricorn Coast family has a 25 year female coincidence. Elsie Hinton of Ben Street started it all 50 years ago when her only daughter, Joan Smalley of Braithwaite Street, was born when Mrs Hinton was 25. Mrs Smalley continued the tradition with Helen Flanders of Farnborough, her only daughter, 25 years later and now Helen has one daughter, Amanda, ... a further 25 years later. YEPPOON Choral Society held auditions on February 2 and all parts have been successfully cast for the production of Orpheus in the Underworld ... May 28, June 2 and 4 at 7.45pm in Yeppoon Town Hall. ROBERT Whellan is delighted about the success of the family dance held at Keppel Sands for the Coowonga Bush Fire Brigade. They raised $1000 and will now buy a fully equippped fire brigade trailer from the Benaraby group. He said that thanks goes to everyone who helped, particularly the Keppel Sands Bush Fire Brigade and Peter Molloy from the Royal Hotel. BEGINNERS classes for knitting and crochet start on February 18. Ring May, 39 2239.

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ZILZIE GOLF ZILZIE Golf Club Thursday stroke for 0 Phillips trophies winners were, member R Brown with 59 nett and associate D Peers 71 nett. Pinshots went to T Campbell and C Peers. Play was washed out on Sunday. Saturday, February 13 will play A standard scratch for club trophies will be played today (Saturday). Tomorrow (Sunday) there is a mixed 4bbb stableford, arrange partners for Cec Saunders Trophies. The associates' monthly medal will also be held.


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GIGGLE and Gossip is on again for 1988 ... Monday, February 15 at the Billabong Restaurant, Capricorn Iwasaki, starting at noon. The charity is St Vincent de Paul and a surprise mystery guest will help entertain he women who gather once a month to meet new friends, say hello to old ones and enjoy themselves. *** WOMEN'S social tennis is at the Cooee Park tennis courts on Tuesdays from 9.30am. If you want a hit, just go along or if you are shy contact Glad Chapman, 39 1054 or Nita Bowman, 39 1836. Beginners are welcome and racquets can be hired. *** LAST Thursday morning the Uniting Church Ladies Guild congratulated the Livingstone bicentennial committee for holding a combined service on Australia Day. Livingstone was the only shire in CO to have one. *** HOURS of sewing and cooking by a few dedicated women has done wonders for the Done Ireland Swimming Complex. Since cent sales were undertaken by Pat Datiras and her merry band funds have swelled by S900. Of course, the committee thanked all the members and friends who supported the cent sales. The complex is also richer by S1300 as a result of the Annual Christmas Fair. Members felt that the new venue in Bell Park was successful ... especially the new powerboards.


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12 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988




Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published, by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their.effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.


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WEIGHTWATCHERS Yeppoon CWA Hall, Normanby St ' Tuesday, 7pm Your friendly lecturer, Dawn ... 39 1847 ADVERTISEMENT

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Broadsound SUN Feb 14:

Capricornia Div NP Council meeting, R'ton MON Feb 15: Middlemount - Council Chambers for interviews TUES Feb 16: Middlemount - visit Schools WED Feb 17: Dysart - Council Chambers for interviews THURS Feb 18: Dysart - visit Schools FRI Feb 19: Yeppoon Office SAT & SUN Attend Works Skill Olympics, Feb 20 & 21: Sydney with Minister Lester

CAPRICORN Coast Society of Arts annual meeting, February 17, 7.30pm, Paint Pot Gallery, Hill Street, Yeppoon. New members welcome. HALF-PRICE herbs available during February. Phone Saint Martin Herb Garden, 39 7621 SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. VIETNAM Veterans from all services. We have now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. COUNCIL OF THE SHIRE OF LIVINGSTONE PUBLIC NOTICE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1936 to 1986 • Application for Town Planning Consent NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1)Postal Addressand Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Cottonwood Place, Taranganba Heights. Lot 5 on RP, 17684. Parish Hewittville. (2)Area of the land: 837 square metres. (3) Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): 34.7 approx. (4) Nature of Proposed Use: Flats - 1 x 3 bedroom plus 2 x 2 bedroom units. (5) Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: 245 sq m - 2 single storey units, one double storey unit. (6)Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: 5. (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: Nil. (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Nil. (9) Zone in which the land is included: B1 (Residential B). Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by anyperson atthe Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 29th February, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the dtlifector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 721


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NOTICE of Annual General Meeting Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc. (previously Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association) will will hold its Annual General Meeting at the Railway Hotel on Tuesday, March 1, 1988 at 8pm. Nominations for position of president, vice president, secretary treasurer, games convenor, player representative, referee nominee are invited from financial members. Written nominations must be lodged with the Secretary of Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc, c/- P 0 Box 291, Yeppoon by February 23, 1988. A general meeting to ratify the constitution of the incorporated organisation will be held at 7.30pm immediately before the AGM.

PUBLIC MEETING Hear the four Livingstone Shire Council chairman candidates present their views

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COUNCIL OF THE SHIRE OF LIVINGSTONE PUBLIC NOTICE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1936 to 1986 Application for Town Planning Consent NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1)Postal Addressand Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Lot 47 on RP 17684 - Cottonwood Place, Yeppoon. (2)Area of the land: 794 square metres. (3) Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): 10.565m. (4)Nature of Proposed Use: Residential flats - 1 x 3 bedroom and 2 x 2 bedroom units. (5) Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: one double storey unit and 2 single storey units. (6)Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: Three (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: Nil. (8)Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Nil. (9) Zone in which the land is included: Residential "B" Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection byany person atthe Council's Office, 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 29th February, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 722

PUBLIC NOTICES PODIARY (Chiropodist) speeches at Yeppoon CWA Hall, Monday February 29 and Tuesday March 1. All welcome to come along. Contact Anne John, 281318. Ring after 4pm on weekdays and 9am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday. ANNUAL general meeting of the Endeavour Foundation, Capricorn Coast sub-branch committee will be held at 5 Tanby Road on Tuesday,,. February 16 at 2pm. New members welcome and needed. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide cis. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day YVETTE'S Restaurant, Pacific Heights, Yeppoon. Open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday lunch and public holidays, also bookings for private parties, weddings and all catering. 39 3499. THE annual general meeting of St Ursula's College Parents and Friends Association will be held in the school library on Monday, February 15 at 7.30pm. All welcome. ANYONE interested in getting a bow-hunting club started in the area please phone, 39 4435. NO yoga classes Tuesday, 9.30am, National Fitness until further notice. KEEP-FIT classes to be held Catholic Hall, Emu Park, Wednesday February 17, 10am to 11am. Qualified instructor. Cost $3. Further information ring Lyn Drake, 39 6095. Everyone welcome. STATEWIDE Salvage would like to tell the Coast they are open for business ... buying and selling new and used building materials. Burnett Street (next to CK Motors). BYFIELD/Farnborough Conveyance meeting will be held at John De Mey home, Byfield Road, m. Monda February22 at 4.


224 Quay St, Rockhampton Phone 27 3122

WANTED Two Kinka Beach boys, attending TAFE course at Canning Street, Rockhampton, are in need of lifts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week for 18 weeks. They need to be at TAFE by 9.45am. If anyone is able to help, please phone 39 6476

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Yeppoon Choral Society needs men of all sizes and ages for our production "Orpheus in the Underworld". You don't have to be a great singer or actor ... it's just your bodies we need. Come along men and have heaps of fun helping put together this entertaining operetta. Rehearsals: Tuesday, 7.30pm, Town Hall

Inquiries: Norma Upton, 39 1147

YEPPOON-EM,U PARK QATB The following members were elected to the Yeppoon-Emu Park QATB Committee as no more nominations were received.

Dr R R Channells C M Welfare N V Smith J L Atkinson C C Hutton B G Corney A E Stickley

Australia Post Tenders are invited for a Honda CT 110 motor cycle in "as is" condition The cycle can be inspected by contacting the Postal Manager, Yernoon. Old. 4703 fenders should be sub„ lifted in a seal( , envelope endorsed "Tenders for Motor Cycle" and addressed to the Postal Manager, Yeppoon. Old. 4703 Tenders close at 2pm, Friday 26 February 1988 The highest or any tender need not necessarily be accepted.

I • I

I 4t

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988 -- 13

PUBLIC NOTICES YEPPOON Primary School Parents & Citizends Association annual general meeting, Tuesday 16th February at 7.30pm at the school in "The Unit". R Jeacocke (Secretary) 39 1579.




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Australia Post




Tenders are invited for a Honda CT 110 motor cycle in "as is" condition The cycle can be inspected by contacting the Postal Manager, Yeppoon. Old. 4703 Tenders should be submitted in a sealed envelope endorsed "Tenders for Motor Cycle" and addressed to the Postal Manager, Yeppoon. Old. 4703 Tenders close at 2pm, Friday 26 February 1988 The highest or any tender need not necessarily be accepted.

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MSF 142 - Yeppoon - Moulds Monday, Wednesday, Friday MSF 1682 - Emu Park Street Mail Delivery Monday to Friday Tenders close with the Postal Manager, Australia Post, Yeppoon Q. 4703 at 2pm on Wednesday 9th March, 1988 Tender forms and further particulars are available from the Divisional Manager as shown & any Post Office listed on the mail service



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•14 -- CaPricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988

Basketball Inc! Consolidated


MOTORS...Repairs & Rewinds1 * Light Engineering * We repair Pumps - irrigation, Industrial, Pools and...Domestic Pressure Systems Single & 3-Phase Motors * Power Tools * Generator Sets, Compressors * ...etc 24 hours - 7 days 59 Tanby Road

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TWENTY five years after its inception Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association has registered as an incorporated association from January 21, 1988. The change allows the new body to own property and enter contracts in its own name. A club spokesman said this new identity reflected the broader influence in the region and recognised the strong support and interest from the Emu Park area. Capricorn Coast Basketballers Inc will continue in the tradition of Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association and the annual general meeting has been set down for Tuesday, March 1 at the Railway Hotel starting 8pm. Grading games will start immediately and

nominated players must registar before February 22 to allow nominated teams to be included in the draw. Nominations can also be made by under 18 boys for the Capricorn Coast Sun State Classic competition during Easter. The first training for these boys will be at the Arthur Street courts this Sunday, February 14, at 10am. Draw for Sunday, February 14: Court stewards, K Walls and C Willoughby: 4pm, Tigas v Raiders, refs - D Warden and D Moore; 5pm, Devils v Demons, refs - D Warden and A Moore; 6pm, YHS White v Rebels, refs - A Thomas and D Moore; 7pm, YHS Young Ones v YHS Achievers, refs - D Willoughby and J Shackleton; 8pm, YHS Lexene v Bombers, refs

- D Willoughby and C Willoughby.

Monday, February 15: court stewards, S Stevensen and C Willoughby: 6pm, Seagulls v Nomads, refs - S Stevensen and C Willoughby; 7pm, Trailblazers v Scoobs, refs - D Moore and A Shackleton; 8pm, Rim Jammers v Coasters, refs - R Campbell and A Thomas; 9pm, Saints v Tigas, refs - J Shackleton and D Willoughby. Wednesday, February 17: court stewards, M Anderson and D Frew: 6pm, Pacers v Resort Raiders, refs - K Dooley and S Willoughby; 7pm, Billabongs 'B' v Pink Galahs, refs - D Warden v D Frew; 8pm, Hootans v St Brendan's, refs - K Dooley and M Anderson. Any referees unable to attend at their nominated times should ring Alan on 39 6687.


e_a ricorn Coast MIRROR TRADEWORK


CARPENTER/builder, wardrobes, extensions, new houses - no job too small! Terry Bishton, 391784. LAWN-MOWING: Kinka, Emu Park and Zlzie area. Phone 39 6650. •


--Record rPrinting

Printers •



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Residential * Commercial * Industrial 24 hrs emergency service - 7 days a week No job too big or too small

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39 7969 WORK WANTED WEEKEND work for carpenter/painter. Any renovation work. Phone Fred, 39 3140, leave message. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. DRESSMAKING (by pattern). Gail Matthews. Phone 39 3316. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, hoUse cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587. FOR carpentry work, contact Don Fluttley, 15 Bartlem Street, 39 1502. HIRE a student. Mowing, gardening and cleaning. Phone 39 3935. LAWNS mowed, grass removed, odd jobs by young and reliable person. Phone 33 6732. LAWN mowing wanted. Average yard appro; $12. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please phone 39 7578. CARPENTER available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 3065. HOUSE cleaning, ironing, babysitting for hardworking conscientious lass. Phone 39 1510. LAWNMOWING and gardening available Yeppoon area. Phone Merv, 39 3105. LIGHT house cleaning. $5 per hour. Phone 39 7715. I'LL get your ironing up to date for only $5pr. 39 4102. Or call to 7 Caroline Street, Yeppoon. TYPING done: business work, private and assignments included. Phone 39 3706. HOUSEWORK, ironing and/or clerical duties done well. Experienced lady, honest and reliable. $6pr. 39 1215. HOUSE cleaner available 4 hours weekly. Phone 39 771


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MARINE SAILBOARDS, sandsailers, sails - sales, hire, repairs - cheapest prices. SandSailSurf, phone 39 7686.

POSITIONS VACANT TRADESMAN, baker pastrycook for the Capricorn Coast. Ring 39 2401 CES, 16 James Street, Yeppoon, Monday to Friday. PART-TIME Kindergarten assistant required for Emu Park, three mornings perweek. Applications close February 19. Applyto the Secretary, PO Box 10, Emu Park.

WANTED KNOWN SALON 24. Waxing, facials and make-ups. Phone 39 2198.

SHARE WANTED: person to share furnished 2br flat. $30pw plus elect. Write to "Share", Capricorn Coast Mirror, P 0 Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703


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BINGO SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior Sports' Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142 WEDNESDAY: 7pm Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. 820760. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpotstotalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B20695.

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_ Hugh and Liz Pilbury.

* Friday is family night $14ph * Saturday night, $16ph, there is live entertainment * Sunday lunch is a carvery $12 phi Children under 14 are half-price and pre-schoolers, free Bookings are essential

Kanangra Restaurant Tanby Road South, Yeppoon


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We're in the air-conditioned SAVEMORE CENTRE )

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988 --15

Yeppoon golf

Little athletics

YEPPOON Associates started 1988 with a stroke game at Yeppoon Golf Club. The winner was Avis Aird with a score of 66 nett on count-back from Dawn Wahlin. Next best was Marge Williams with 68 and Lorna Quickley and Cassie Freeman with 69 nett each. Pinshots: silver, A Barrow; All players, C Freeman; Proshot, J Keyes. Wednesday club was again well attended with a good roll up of ladies. Associates' stableford winner was Joy Lewis with 39 points, Esme Woodbridge 34. Esme also won the first nine with 34 and a half from Stella Haskins 35 and a half. Joy Lewis won the second nine with 30 from Kay Scope 33. Pinshots: R Edmistone, J Keyes. Proshot: R Edmistone. Members' stableford winner was Peter Fritschi with 41 points, along with Vince Hunt 41, Bing Morgan 41 points, Tony Shields, Bill Andrews, Bill Oates and D Hallam with 40 points each. First nine winners were: P Fritschi and L Taylor 29 and a half, V Hunt 30 and a half, G Haskins and R Dawson 31 and a half. Second nine winners were B Oates 31 and a half, D Hallam 31 and a half, S Schuster and F Ryan 32 and a half, B Andrews 31, P Ambrose 31 and a half. Pinshots: L Lucas, B Andrews. Proshot: D Hallam. Veterans game was a stableford for members and associates over 12 holes. Associates' winner was Cassie Freeman with 28 points, on a count back from Esme Woodbridge. Esme also won the pinshot. Members' stableford winner was George Cook with 30 points on a count back from Vince Hunt. Bill Freeman won the pinshot. Associates played a stableford and the winner was Janet Jones with 43 points, next best was Rita Edmistone with 38, Fay Yesberg 37, Avis Aird 36 points. Pinshots; D Hunt, C Schuster. Proshot; J Jones. Members played the monthly medal in three grades. Peter Haines won the A grade with 78 gross. B grade winners were Joe Gravey and Harry Adams both with 81 gross. C grade winners were Lionel Taylor and Peter Monro with 88 gross each. The best nett winner was Harry Adams with 62. Other netts were P Monro 65, F Huszak 65, L Taylor 66, J Pascoe 67, J Garvey 67, K Clements 68, B Moses 68, A Gabel 68, T Stevens 68, B Watt 68, N Drillis 69, L Lucas 69, A Ritchie 69 and L Evans 69. Pinshots: R Schafer, B Kelly, I Atkinson, S Schuster. Proshot: G Rosin. Sunday's game was marred by heavy rain and some golfers finished early. Associates played a stroke which was won by Joan Chandlerwith 74 nett from Stella Haskins 75. Pinshots: J Keyes (2), S Haskins. Stella also won the proshot. Members' game was a stableford with the winner Vern Olive with 41 points. Nobby Drillis 39, Trevor 39, Barry Moses 38, W Oates 38, Mick Busteed 37, Vince Hannan 36 points. Pinshots: T Bulger, W Thurlow, M Bust eed, W Dicker. Proshot: V Olive.

The Capricorn Coast Little Athleitics committee thanks the public who supported the recent lamington drive. "The proceeds will help to transport 15 members to the zone Inter Centre games which will be held in Maryborough on February 20 and 21," publicity officer Lorraine Coombs said. "I would especially like to thank Lance and Anne and staff from Annies Pies for all their co-operation." Athletic meetings are held each Friday at Apex Park from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Anyone who is interested is welcome. "We cater for all ages even though our name has little in it." The club holds a general meeting the second Tuesday of each month at the Club Hotel at 7.30pm. Attendances have been down and parents are asked to make an effort to attend the meetings so the club will be able to function. The Rockhampton Bicentennial Games will be held at the Institute oval on March 5 and 6, with 1,500 nominations from all over Queensland, which will make for strong competition. For any further information phone 39 3541.

Table tennis SOCIAL matches are still underway at Yeppoon Table Tennis club allowing for any newcomers to have a hit and also to get any previous players back into the swing after the long Christmas break. Fixtures are planned to start on Thursday, February 18. "We need to know who will definitely be playing. So pleased let us know," publicity officer Monica Christensen said. For any interested people, table tennis is held at Cooee Park Sports Complex hall on Thursdays at 7.30pm. For further information, please ring Monica Christensen on 33 6735 after hours.

Ladies squash

LADIES Daytime Squash fixtures were played on Wednesday ... the first for 1988, at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre.. Denise Campbell and Sally Corney provided the match of the day with Sally triumphing 3-2. Liz Scherlies def Kathy Dale 3-0; Penny Mun v Sue Blake 2-3; Debbie Cullen v Diane Cameron 0-3; Anne Priem def Linda Keily 3-2; Kerry Campbell def Rhonda Mellor 3-2; Kerry Burns v Robyn Turner 0-3. Julie Britton def Liz Newberry 3-2; Anne Hinton v Vicki Walther 0-3; Jean Graff def Cheryl Evans 3-0; Rosemary Hansen v Judy McKane 1-3; Robyn Batt ersby def Cheryl Egan 3-0; Christine Lewis def Merrilee Barnes 3-0. Denise Campbell v Sally Corney 2-3; Trish Andrews def Trish Hinton 3-0; Pat Harris v 44/ Rosemary Jones 0-3; Carmel Donnellan v Jan Schmidt 0-3; Leonie Warren def Allison O'Rourke 3-0; Sue Adamson def Ros Harvie 30. Nita Marxsen v Debbie Shanks 0-3; Roslyn Clifford v Jenny Semple 1-3; Debbie Pearson v Judy Minter 1-3; Megan Anderson def Pat Marshell 3-1; Judie-Smith.v Lois Bayliss 1-3; Kathy White def Lois Bayliss 3-2.

Emu Park Ladies Bowls Emu Park Ladies Bowling Club members were lucky to have a game of bowls for 15 ends because of last Sunday's rain. On Wednesday February 17 the club will hold its triple trophy game. Play starts 1.30pm with names in by 1pm. Competition for February 24: champion singles, B Atcheson v M Price; B singles, M Wilson v D McKenzie, J Barber v B Farrow (three markers needed). Wednesday, March 2, 1.30pm start: B singles, K Cliffe v B Atcheson, M Price v J Stewart. Champion singles: F Cooke v M Wilson (three markers needed); B Wincen v M Lyttle (marker B Allen). Queen of the green, 12.45pm start: B Farrow v M Wilson, D McKenzie v K Cliffe. "Barbecues are still on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 7.30pm," the publicity officer said. On Sunday February 14, the John Aitkens trophies will be played with a 1.30pm start.

Aussie Rules sign-on YEPPOON Australian Rules' sign-on, for junior and senior teams, was a big success with more than 140 people turning up. About 90 seniors and juniors signed on for the 1988 season including nine for the under 1 1 s, 15 for the under 13s, 17 in the under 15s and 21 in the under 17 sides. There were 35 who signed up for the senior side as well as a number who sent in apologies. The total number of seniors could be boosted to about 50 players. Steve Burns held the first training session for the year and 26 seniors turned up. "Richard Pryor and Brisbane Bear's Mark Roberts came out to the sign on and spoke to some of the juniors and also took them for a short training run," publicity officer Ross Mclndoe said. "This was appreciated by the club management committee." Training times for under 11, under 13, and under 15 sides will be from 4pm to 5pm on Wednesday and Friday. Under 17s, 5pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday and Friday. Mr Mclndoe said support was still needed because there was still a shortage of numbers. "Any one interested can come along and be part of the club," he said. Senior training will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm, onwards. Back-up is also needed by the club. First games for the season will be on February, 28.

Summer fixtures final tonight THE final of the summer fixtures will be played at the Rockhampton and District Indoor Bowls Association centre in Rockhampton tonight (Saturday). Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club team for the contest in the final is Cec and Mavis Brown, Ken and Alma Jones, Ken Crockett and May Birkett. Four games will be played and YIBC is Your friendly

among the top scorers and a good showing tonight could see the trophy coming to Yeppoon. Twentyfive YIBC players went to Rockhampton last Tuesday for social play with Frenchville club and an enjoyable morning was had. President Bernie Robson and games director Vi Robson are back after a month's holiday spent in Sydney and Griffith.


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Open daily 6am - 8.30pm 1111

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Yeppoon Auto Electrics and Marine See Bob White and staff for... Starter * Alternator * Generator Auto air-conditioning, re-gas & service * Electrical.Wiring * ...Repairs Super Charge batteries in stock Call _us anytime — We'll get you started

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laser AM (Old) Truck Wheel Alignment . MOBILE WORKSHOP

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16 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror February 13 - February 19, 1988

CapCoast cricketers and Frenchville evenly poised Capricorn Coast bowlers bowled extremely well, as Fremchville's 117 runs were scored off 55 overs the bowlers sent down. Ken Ogilvie was the main wicket taker, ending with fourwickets for 34 runs off 16 overs. W Kitchener took two for 28, J Ingle two for 18, S Pidcock one for seven and I Anderson one for eight. After the dismissal of Frenchville, Capricorn

CAPRICORN Coast and Frenchville are evenly poised in their latest encounter at the cricket ground. Capricorn Coast Cricket Club captain Jeff Ingle won the toss and elected to send the Frenchville team into bat. The Frenchville batsmen could only compile 117 runs, with only three of their batsmen reaching double figures. r

Solid training for karate 12

CapCoast Rugby Union Tuesday and Thursday TRAINING 6.30pm start TIMES Under 19 and Open Cooee Park Complex 1

For fun out of the Sun


Tty a game of

... Racquetball, Badminton or Volleyball and after the game have a shower or swim Book at ... Capricorn Coast Squash Centre ... 39 2444


1 1


Candidate stands out in Division 2

Candidate has a vision for the Capricorn Coast Candidate has tried to provide better facilities for the Coast

Coast had to survive for an hour before the end of the day's play. Coast lost its advantage as the top order batsmen failed to get on top of the bowling. When stumps were pulled up Capricorn Coast were three wickets down for 37 runs. Capricorn Coast now has the task of scoring a further 80 runs with seven wickets still in hand and a whole afternoon's play.

TWELVE Coast Japan Karate Association students have been intensively training since July 1987 to represent Australia at the First Youth World Karate Titles in March. The team members are Jason Scriffignano, Adele Young, Shane McDonald, Ian Murray, Daniel Higgins, Arno Breutmann, Dirk Breutmann, Brigitte Breutmann, Natalie Dooley, Sandra Fondacaro, Darren Humphries, and their instructor Chris Bulbrook, JKA 3rd Dan. Ages range from 11 to 20 years-old with on average five hours a day spent training. This has now been upgraded to six-and-a-half hours when weight training was included. Chris Bulbrook, who is a lecturer in human movements at Rockhampton's TAFE College, said he welcomed the weight training which was carried out under the supervision of Bakehouse Gym owner Mal O'Keeffe. "Weight training has been proven to all athletes in their performances," he said. "Mr O'Keeffe has widened his knowledge by attending seminars targetted at developing athletic performance through weight training. "As a weight lifting coach he is overseeing the squad's training personally." The National titles are on March 18 and 19, with the Australian team training from March 20 to 24, culminating with the World titles from March 25 to 27. About 2000 competitors from 40 nations are expected to attend the World titles and is regarded by students as the competitive pinnacle. To send the squad to the titles will cost about $12,000. The squad is made up of students at either school or university. Fundraising has already started with a hot dog stand held on New Year's Eve at Pine Beach, as well as a clean up day and various raffles. Mr Bulbrook said if any member of the community could help decrease the club's debt financially it would be appreciated. "It is always a shame for young Australian athletes to gain little support from communities they are representing," ht said. "Due to the fact this tournament is for the first, and possibly the last time, ever being held in Australia the pride and determination to succeed and be selected to represent the community and country is at its peak, to be denied financially, would be heartbreaking to any dedicated athlte. Further enquiries can be made to secretary, Adele Young, on 39 3624.

A grade plays

When you get your Ballot Papers ONE choice has to be your FIRST choice VOTE

1 •

Doug CUDDY for Division 2


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THE Capricorn Coast Sqash and Racket Association started its first A grade fixture season for 1988 on Wednesday night thisweek. The Equalisers' got off to a good start with a 3-1 win over Saints and Sinners. Greg Goodman was the only Sinner to score when he came back from 2-0 down to defeat Andrew Dowie 9-7 in the fifth. Anyhows left the Blistering 4 behind with a 31 victory, with Mark Sargood taking Blisters only point. The Navigators appeared a little off course in their meet against Strugglers, with captain Tony Smith taking the only point. Equalisers def Saints and Sinners 3-1: Anthony Trump def Leon Malone, 3-2; Andrew Dowie v Greg Goodman, 2-3; Chris Callard def Damien Brierty, 3-1; Neale Royal def Joe Foat, 3-2. Anyhows def the Blistering 4, 3-1: May Briggs v Mark Sargood, 1-3; Val Odell def Lyn Witts, 3-2; Chris Hack( 'ref Bernie Lacey, 3-2; Neil Roberts def Br,. Jmlauft, 3-0. Strugglers def Navigators 3-1 T.arl Hudson def Vicki Lacey, 3-1; Craig Jones def Len Keily, 3-2; Ray Campbell def Judy Umlauft, 3-0; J( n Briggs v T .y Smith, 0-3.

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Tke boa at the Klima WOMAN driving in Yeppoon this week was startled when a motor mower failed to give way to its right and cut (yuck, yuck) across her path. Woman stopped while mower put-putted in front of her pursued by another woman who had obviously been mowing the lawn in the street and had let machine get away from her while cutting the sloping driveway. Anyway, second woman caught up with the mower and headed back to finish the lawn while first woman recalled an incident that happened to her some years ago when mowing her lawn ... but that story has been told!!! *** THE Capricorn Coast Mirror is a equal opportunity employers ... that means everyone who works here has an equal opportunity to spend day and night at the office. It also means (in the grandAmerican tradition) that when the (figuratively speaking) managing director resigns, the paper hires a new office boy (person). That whopping wind-up has little to do with the rest of this ... you see, this week, the Mirror wound up with an office cat. It mewed in the door late Monday night, stayed Tuesday and defied all attempts to catch it Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon was another story ... the cat was caught, plonked in a cardboard box, and taken to Straz and Tina Stritzke's Yeppoon Stockfeed. There surrounded by pallets of biscuits and freezers full of `roo and beef, it will reside in luxury until some reader gives it a new home. This notice is inserted in case anyone in the vicinity of the Mirror office is down one kitten (a real cutie, by the way). Unfortunately, the equal opportunity policy at the office does not extend to kitty cats! ***

DAVE RUCK, the first Mirror sales rep, became so engrossed in his "equal opportunities" last week he forgot his wife's birthday. If that wasn't bad enough, he made the mistake of talking about it in the office ... hence this item!!! ***

BILL YOUNG, the poet in last week's letters page, was disappointed that chairman candidate Jim Turner had an answer to it in the same issue. The problem was, how did Jim Turner know the poem had been written and was being offered to the Mirror as a letter? He was told that the Mirror staff had shown the poem to Mr Turner ... but that was incorrect. No-one at the Mirror showed the poem to Mr Turner, read it to him, or even hinted of it. We assumed Mr Young had shown it to him before sending it to us because we also wondered how Mr Turner could reply to something in the same issue. Well, we did some checking (quite a bit) and we are almost certain we know how Mr Turner got wind of it. It most certainly was not through Mr Young, and, most definitely, was not through the Mirror ... but Mr Turner did reply to it. Mr Turner said he had a copy of the poem and it had been handed to him in a pub by someone who found it on top of a garbage tin. While that sounds like the proverbial item that "fell of the back of a truck" ... it certainly wasn't Mr Young's garbage tin ... not the Mirror's. Anyone dealing with the Mirror can be assured of complete confidentiality ... our whole business depends on it. During an election campaign you can expect to hear a lot of things about the Mirror ... if you do hear something -it sounds out of character with our paper, tell us ur version won't be as exciting, but it will the truth! ***

CHAP wandered into the ffice tl 's week with a clipping froi.. an old newspaper headed: Professional Rues for Decisions 'voidance. He said he found it in an old book —id suggested an item or so a week be printed in this column for the benefit of everyone thinking about the coming election. This is a sample: "Fandal's Rules for Administrators ... Rule 1, Hide, Rule 2, if they still find you, lie." Can't understand why he wanted it printed ... what could that possibly have to do with an election?

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