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ISSUE 234 SATURDAY, February 6, 1988 -- FRIDAY, February 12, 1988

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Wright: Coast nursing home 99pc certainty



ABOVE: Ted Upton is prepared to face anything ... even the cold Antarctic temperatures. Read Cathy Logan's account of Ted's modem-day adventure on pages 14 and 15.

A 10-BED nursing home plus a 5-bed nursing hostel is a 99.9 per cent certainty for the Capricorn Coast, Member for Capricornia Keith Wright said late Wednesday afternoon. Serious discussions between Mr Wright, the chairman of a Rockhampton Nursing Home board and the manager of a Rockhampton nursing home on Friday morning (February 5) would seal the deal. Mr Wright said the talks would result in the Federal Government approving the relocation of 10 beds for a new nursing home to be built somewhere on the Capricorn Coast ... and work would most likely start this year. He said the Coast nursing home proposal had been put forward by the manager of one of Rockhampton's nursing homes and full credit must go to him. The proposal involved transferring 10 nursing home beds from Rockhampton to the Capricorn Coast. In addition, a further five hostel places would be made available. "This is a 99.9 per cent certainty," Mr Wright said. "It is the breakthrough the Coast has been seeking for years." Mr Wright said not onlywas the nursing home manager's proposal a "breakthrough" but it was also the only way the Coast could get its own nursing home. There had been so much work put in by so many individuals and groups over the years to get a nursing home but they had all run up against the same problem ... the Capricorn Coast is part of the Central Queensland region and that region already has more nursing home beds than any other region in Queensland. "Recent efforts, first by the Capricorn Coast Blue Nurses and more lately by the Timbs Committee, have run up against statistics

which show the Central Queensland region already has more beds than other regions," he said. "I have spent this week working on figures and the result has been the same." Mr Wright said a region could have 60 hostel beds per 1000 people over 70 years of age. The CQ region, figures show, has 61.1 beds per 1000. A region can also have 40 nursing home beds per 1000 people over 70 years of age. "Our official figure is already 69 nursing home beds per 1000," Mr Wright said. "The Central Queensland region is almost 80 per cent-above the allowed figure." (The CQ region includes Livingstone Shire, Banana, Bauhinia, Calliope, Duaringa, Emerald, Fitzroy, Gladstone, Jericho, Mt Morgan, Peak Downs and Rockhampton.) This region has been able to acquire more nursing home beds than other regions in Queensland because over the years it has become a retirement area. As a result, much nursing home development has taken place in Rockhampton. "This region is so far above the allowed figures there is absolutely no chance of having another nursing home, in addition, on the Capricorn Coast," Mr Wright said. "The only way to get a home on the Coast is to get a relocation of existing beds from Rockhampton to the Capricorn Coast. That is what will be discussed on Friday." Mr Wright said anyone who understood these figures knew what the Coast was up against in trying to get a new nursing home. "That's why I get angry at people such as Garth Brownsdon, who speaks for the National Party.


ROWE: SECRECY MAJOR ISSUE FACING SHIRE'S ELECTORS SACKED Shire engineer Tony Rowe said the major issue facing electors in the March 19 Livingstone Shire election was secrecy ... and a report on the council's past year was proof. Mr Rowe said the report, prepared and signed by six council officers and serialised over two weeks in the Capricorn Caost Mirror, contained "information for public consumption". He said there was also information for "the councillors' eyes only". This wasn't in the Mirror's report.

"The information, for councillors' eyes only, was a graph showing Livingstone Shire Council's total debt at June 30 this year would be $16,493,397.23 ... up $2.029 million since June 30 last year," he said. "This total debt, that we all, as ratepayers, must shoulder, has increased 14 per cent in one year." Mr Rowe said there was "absolutely no reason for this information to be hidden from the public".

"When the previous council was in its final weeks in 1985, there was 'much ado' about the debt situation," Mr Rowe said. "Then Cr John Bowen, and then council hopefuls such as present councillors Geoff Cue, Ann Giorgi and former Cr Jim Anderson played up the debt issue. "In an attempt to get elected Chairman, Cr John Bowen promised: to reduce the shire debt; and lower the high rates. "The information held back from the public

in the report, shows these promises are meaningless and worthless." Mr Rowe said the present council had made too many decisions behind closed doors. Too much information had been kept from public scrutiny. The report, by officers, "made a big issue of the 'rate of reduction' of the general fund loan liability". "Cr Cue, in his election advertising, has also




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2 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988

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Nursing home `99pc certainty' • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 "He said (in a letter, last week's Mirror) I had not honoured a commitment to work for a nursing home and that David Timbs (chairman candidate for the Livingstone Shire Council elections) had chaired a committee which did nothing. "He has unfairly attacked a hard-working committee and people such as Dr Krish Ramiah and the Rev Nyree Svensen who have been working with Mr Timbs. "Garth Brownsdon thinks he is playing politics but he has hurt these people. They have worked for seven months trying to get the facts and figures. "Garth Brownsdon did not even attend the meeting at which Mr Timbs was publicly elected to chair the nursing home committee." Mr Wright said he wanted the whole Coast nursing home issue removed from the politcal arena ... especially as an issue in the Livingstone Shire Council elections. "I expect, as a Labor Member of Parliament, to be attacked by National Party people on issues such as the environment and the unions ... and I quite enjoy a fight on these matters," he said. "But I draw a line at issues such as care for the aged becoming political. We are talking about people, aged people, who deserve everyone's help." He said Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton should also take care when firing political broadsides into the Coast nursing home issue because "the gun will backfire very quickly and he will be shell-shocked". "The only time the Coast had a chance of getting its own nursing home was in 1986-87 when Eventide in Rockhampton, through a reoganisation, relinquished 40 nursing home beds," Mr Wright said. "Present Premier and then Health Minister Mike Ahern could have transferred those homes to the Coast ... but it didn't do a thing and those 40 beds were wiped out. "If the State Government had done something then, the Coast could have had its nursing home by now." Mr Wright said Friday's meeting would determine the matter. "I am confident we are going to get a home for the Coast. I knowwe are ... I'm 99.9 per cent certain," he said. "But I must hesitate before saying it's official. We'll know that by the end of this month." Mr Wright said he would be sending a submis-

sion to Federal Health Minister Neal Blewett. The submission would be based on figures provided by the Timbs Committee. He would also take a submission from Friday's meeting to Dr Blewett on February 15, when he returns to Canberra. "Dr Blewett has the final say. It is possible for him to refuse to transfer the beds to the Coast from Rockhampton, but I am certain he won't," Mr Wright said. "I've had brickbats and brick walls for three years on this matter ... now I've got the breakthrough. "Full credit must go to the Rockhampton nursing home in question for the itiative and foresight it has shown in being willing to look at the future needs of the Capricorn Coast and volunteering the relocation of these 10 beds."

Hinton says Timbs' outburst petulant' MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton has responded to David Timbs' allegations that he was snubbed by not being invited to a meeting of community representatives on aged care facilities. The meeting, which included the objective of getting a nursing home on the Coast, was with officers from the State Health Department, brought to Yeppoon by Mr Hinton. Mr Hinton described Mr Timbs' latest outburst against him as "petulant". "The community group to which Mr Timbs belongs was well represen:ed by Dr Krish Ramaih and I would have thought Mr Timbs would have confidence in him. "He certainly represented the group very well." Mr Hinton said he did not initially invite any council candidates other than sitting members. "I did not want my initiatives immersed in any council election. "I was eventually persuaded to invite Mr Timbs, against my better judgement - however he did not come, for whatever reason, probably due to short notice. "Mr Timbs has demonstrated political immaturity with his petulance and will need to grow up if he is to succeeed in public life." • More Nursing home news — page 9

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 3


John Rhodes Your Local

AMP Agent for... ❑ Tax Free & Tax Paid investments ❑ All classes of Superannuatioti ❑ All Life Insurance ID All types of Fire & General Insurance ❑ Any queries you may have with existing insurance Yeppoon office 39 1904 After hours 39 1572 Rockhampton 27 6233 ■ ABOVE: Vicki Crooks (assistant of the month), Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Andrew McLelland, Denham Bros. Limited chairman of the Board Tom Macaulay, managing director Ron Smyth and director Ralph Clay (Development of the year, 1987) and Pat O'Brien (businessman of the month) with the certificates presented to them at the chamber's meeting on Tuesday night at Bayview Tower.

Chamber's awards for business

"No amount of decorating shops, shelves and counters can make as big an impact as the person dealing with the customer." Business Person of the month Pat O'Brien last year opened a butcher shop. Mr Murray said Mr O'Brien had seen the need for another butcher shop. "It's people like Pat who get up and have a go who need to be praised." The final award was given to the 1987 development of the year. In summing up, Andrew McLelland said, many new businesses started last year but Denham Bros, with its recent expansions, was voted development of the year. "The development had changed the face of retaining in Yeppoon and would help increase retail expenditure on the Coast," Mr McLelland said. The chamber of commerce hopes the monthly awards will motivate businesses and provide recognition for those providing outstanding service.

THREE Capricorn Coast businesses have been recognised for their work, staff or development at the inaugural Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards. Presentations were made to assistant of the month Vicki Crooks, from Yeppoon News; Business Person of the month Pat O'Brien, from Yeppoon Butchers; and Development of the Year - 1987, went to Denham Bros Limited for the extensions to the Savemore Centre. President Andrew McLelland said the awards were instigated in an effort to recognise businesses or individuals for outstanding service in the community. "Not enough praise is given to employers and employees, and could be a motivation for businesses to strive," he said. Vice president Hubert Murray presented Vicki Crooks with a certificate of congratulations. He said Vicki was a shining example to other employees.

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ABOVE: This graph was included in the report adopted unanimously at the latest council meeting. It shows the General Fund loan liabilities. Former shire engineer Tony Rowe said this graph was for public consumption ... and only showed part of the picture.


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MEMBERS INFORMATION ONLY ABOVE: This is the graph that councillors also received. It was marked "Members Information Only". It shows the shire's overall debt and Mr Rowe questions why this graph was not included in the report for the public.

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• CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 latched onto this decrease. He, and others, have not detailed the extent of borrowings in other funds," Mr Rowe said. "The council report shows only loan indebtedness for the General Fund ... the overall debt was known, but deliberately kept from the public." Mr Rowe, who was sacked by the present council as shire engineer, is not standing for council. He said he had been approached by a number of people to stand but felt he would have a conflict of interests if elected. "I would be put in the same position as someone who is involved in real estate having to make decisions on sub-division of land, be-


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cause I would be put in the position of having to watch my own claim for legal expenses go through the council meetings," he said. "My principles would not allow me to become involved. It's best I sit on the sidelines and shout encouragement to the hopefuls to defeat the `home' side." Mr Rowe said the problem in 'defeating the home side' was that it had the advantage of knoWing what was behind the closed doors. "The public can be given the impression that everything is sailing along smoothly because the bad news is hidden away," he said. "How many of the electors know that council is, at present, considering spending a further $17 million of ratepayers' money on sewerage works in the next three years? "Those discussions are being conducted behind closed doors. This is on top of the necesary borrowings for roadworks, stormwater drainage, water supply and whatever else comes up." Mr Rowe said the shire was a small community and had to learn to live within its means. Developers must be prepared to pay for the necessary water and sewerage costs to service their projects. Councillors were elected to look after the interests of ratepayers first and foremost ... "development at any cost is not always to the benefit of the people or the developers". "Current council discussions on amending the water headworks charges paid by developers, must not result in further detriment to the ratepayers," Mr Rowe said. "The biggest issue in this election is secrecy. The public has a right to know and it is not getting the facts from this council."

TRADE FAIR FOR '88 -) THE 1988 Trade Fair will be held from August 12 to 14. Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Andrew McLelland said preparations were well underway for the third fair.

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 5


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6 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988

COAST POWER CUTS THE Capricornia Electricity Board advises possible power interruptions could occur in the following areas. On Wednesday, February 10: Matthew Flinders Drive from Wattle Grove to Maida Street including Ocean Parade, The Esplanade, Pandanus Street, Melaleuca Street and Percy Ford Street from 9am to 2pm. On Thursday, February 11: All Hutton Street from 9am to 2pm.

iLa Bamba A * ABOVE: Warren Wendt has left Yeppoon's Special Education Unit for the Redcliffe Peninsula. He was farewelled at the Pacific Hotel by Margaret Doran, Graham King Denise Grombka, Debbie Hage and his replacement, Tom Coughlan.

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`Lovely ladies' way to promote Coast lifestyle LOVELY ladies, in a good film, promoting the Capricorn Coast in the South, was one idea Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry member Noel Ward suggested to improve trading. Mr Ward was one of 22 people attending the first Chamber of Commerce meeting for 1988. During the meeting they discussed festive season trading and how it could be improved. To gauge trading trends during the Christmas and New Year period, chamber vice-president Hubert Murray asked each member for their opinions. Various Coast businesses were represented including accommodation, take-away food businesses, real estate, electrical industry, computer industry, small and large food outlets, restaurants, clothing, sporting and boating. Mr Murray said for the first time accommodation houses had the benefit of an extended twoweek school holiday period. "People were booking at the beginning of December instead of later in the month." Beachside Caravan Park manager Norma Kidman said business had been down twothirds while Tony's BYO and Backpackers' Hostel proprietor Tony Millroy said business had been booming. Yeppoon News' Noel Phil Ward told the chamber a general comment people were making was that downturns in trade were being experienced nationwide. He suggested a film with lovely ladies promoting the Coast was needed to attract tourists. "Before trading can get better we need the people to be told about the place, where it is, and its attractions." Mr Murray said not only did tourists need to know about the Capricorn Coast but also the people visiting friends or relatives in the area. He said the chamber should organise the distribution of information about accommodation and attractions around the region ... on the Coast, Rockhampton and wherever else possible. Cooee Bay Marine's Vince Welch said it wasn't only visitors who needed to know about the Coast's facilities, but business people. "When a guy walks into my shop wanting to know where to stay,. I can't really answer because I don't know enough about what the Coast can offer," he said. Mr Millroy, echoing these thoughts, said tourists walked down the main street looking for information but couldn't get what theywere looking for. Chamber president Andrew McLelland said the building of an information centre would alleviate some of these problems. Until the building was opened, members suggested other ways to promote the area. This included suggestions from Cr Brian Dorey for an information chart; Vince Welch asked for nametags to be worn by business people and Hubert Murray said to simply greet people with an 'hello'. The meeting decided to investigate these proposals and suggestions and present them at the next meeting.

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REPORTED QUOTES OF THE WEEK THE following are extracts taken from the Capricorn Coast Mirror, Morning Bulletin, and other named sources, relating to Livingstone Shire Council matters mainly during the past three years. The writer considers the extracts to be in the public interest and no comments have been added to them. Re: land developers and their "running mates" on council. It seems the council's main objective is to rid Livingstone Shire Council of the engineering department ... they hadn't even warmed up their meeting chairs and they started to hurl accusations at the staff, in particular the engineering staff. It seems to be a personal grudge match with the main offenders having had run-ins at times when theywere developers, real estate men or solicitors. (Council staff letter, Morning Bulletin, September 6, 1985) In their closing comments, the commissioners said that around 1978 or 1979, Cr Cresta had failed in a local government appeal against a $10,000 council development condition on one of his subdivision estates. Mr Rowe had given evidence for the council at the court hearing. The commissioners said it appeared Cr Cresta blamed Mr Rowe for the $10,000 charge. (Morning Bulletin, October 15, 1985) The electors should at long last recognise that land developers and real estate agents make disastrous councillors and the problems experienced in the shire are directly related to their presence and will not disappear until they are removed. There is no alternative now but for Cr Cresta and his running mates to resign. (M Protheroe letter, Morning Bulletin, November 18, 1985) 72/3/112 - Seymour, Nutly and Co, Solicitors, in relation to their clients (Mercantile Credits Limited) declining liability to honour the written unconditional undertaking given in August 1985 on behalf of their clients (Giorgi and De Chair). Moved B E Cogill, seconded S B Dorey "that the shire clerk be authorised to initiate legal action for redemption of the $20,700 bond secured by written unconditional undertaking dated August 8, 1985, by Mercantile Credits Ltd. Carried. (Council minute, July 14, 1987 More Secrecy (Question in Mirror) Do you think that decision making meetings should take place behind closed doors, where the public cannot be present? Ann Giorgi: No. No. No. No. Cr Mario Cresta: No. I believe in open government. No secrets. Geoff Cue: No. (Mirror Mairh 16 and 23, 1985 A State Government report has slated 'the secret seven' Livingstone Shire councillors who conspired to remove shire engineer Tony Rowe. The report, which was made public yesterday, said the seven had gathered to plan their move to oust Mr Rowe about four weeks before a June council meeting ... The commissioners said the seven councillors had set out to surprise the remaining six councillors with their move. (Morning Bulletin, October 15, 1985) On arguing application matters apparently in spite of a confessed pecuniary interest. During the course of dealing with sub-division approvals Cr John Bowen had asked permission to withdraw from the table because of pecuniary interests in the application. On returning to the table Cr Bowen said he believed the application should have been approved, and offered advice on points which council had not considered in the refusal. The motion had been put and carried and (chairman) Cr Roy Wall said the debate was closed, requesting Cr Bowen to resume his seat. Cr Bowen continued speaking while Cr Wall twice asked him to sit down. He then ordered Cr Bowen to leave the meeting room because he was interfering with the orderly conduct of the meeting. (Morning Bulletin, August 18, 1982) AUTHORISED: J. CHAPMAN, MAIDA ST. YEPPOON.

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12,1988 -- 7


ANL ABOVE: This bulldozer signalled the start of the private hospital to be built on the corner of Cliff Street and Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon. The bulldozer moved in quickly to demolish the house ... within minutes all that was left to show a house once stood on the site was a pile of timber and nibble. Yeppoon Fire Brigade was called to the pile on Wednesday night after it burst into flame. The flames were quickly doused.

Bayfield National Park gazettal `result of work over 20 years' THIS week's Bayfield National Park gazettal was a result of many different organisations' work over the past 20 years, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Capricorn Coast branch president Pat O'Brien said this week. National Parks and Wildlife groups, Queensland Conservation Council, Wildlife Preservation Society and other lobby groups have been involved in the battle for gazettal. Mr O'Brien said the gazettal was two-thirds of the original proposal. "Parts in Bayfield are still covered by mining leases and some have only been taken up," Mr O'Brien said. He hoped these would be considered for gazettal as they expired. National Parks and Wildlife would probably now maintain the area, designate camping areas and put some controls on certain areas. "Bayfield has the potential to be a major

tourist destination," he said. "People must realise national parks are for people as well as the animal and plantlife." This week's gazettal was no surprise because Premier Mike Ahern last week had told Mr O'Brien the minimum Central Queensland Coastal National Park system was nearly ready for gazettal. Gazettal included areas in Bayfield, Curtis Island, Eurimbula, Deepwater and Agnes Waters, proposals which had been in the pipeline for 20 years or more. Mr O'Brien said Mr Ahern's visit, and Federal Environmental Senator Graham Richardson's visit on the weekend, shows politicians are interested in environmental issues. The Wildlife Preservation society has arranged for Senator Richardson to visit Bayfield, Curtis Island, the Coastal Wetlands and Mt Etna.

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8 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988

Meet and make friendsat Coast playgroups

Department of Social Security

Cash. wor4tn families Tax free payments for your children.

THE chance to meet and play with other children is what the Capricorn Coast Playgroup Association attempts to offer families. Zone co-ordinator Lorraine Guhr said the Coast branch had been originally part of the North Rockhampton group. Growing numbers initiated the formation of a new group and there were now sessions operating at Cawarral, Emu Park, Keppel Sands and Yeppoon. Mrs Guhr said the playgroup association had first started in Brisbane. These original groups had formed toy libraries, available to all members. "The groups will take babies to pre-school age children," Mrs Guhr said. Group sizes ranged from about eight to 15 families. "Any larger and the groups become hard to handle. So where-ever possible we will try to form new groups," she said. The playgroup association is not only for the children but also the parents. The parents play an important role in the group because they . determine the place, day and hours the group will operate. "The parents and family usually meet once a week, decide the hours, times, and also the activities for the group. "My job as co-ordinator is to help and visit the groups, give ideas and offer the toy library facilities," she said. There was a joining fee for families (about $4) and depending upon each group, a small fee each week. "This also depends upon each group and what they decide to do," she said. Mrs Guhr said one of the association's roles was to organise activities for all the groups. The groups will meet and go out during the year. "The association is sometimes called a backyard play group because they often run out of members'yards." If anyone has an inquiry about the nearest group to them they can contact Mrs Guhr on 39 7686 between 10am and 2pm.

The Government has introduced a new payment to help working families with the cost of raising their children.

The payment is the Family Allowance Supplement. It is tax-free and is paid at a maximum rate of $22 a week for each child under 13 and $28 a week for children aged 13, 14 or 15. The exact amount depends on how much money your family earns and how many children you have.

Coast needs emergency, low rent housing

The Family Allowance Supplement is in addition to your Family Allowance (formerly Child Endowment). Anyone who already receives a Social Security pension or benefit has had their child payment increased automatically to the same amount. However, everyone else will have to fill in a separate claim form. Ring the Telephone Hotline 221 1288 for information or to be sent a claim form. Callers outside the metropolitan area ring (008) 017 007.

LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman candidate Jim Turner said there was a need for emergency housing and lower rental housing in Yeppoon. "The need became more evident the other day when I tried to obtain accommodation for a family who had unfortunate circumstances. "Funds are available under the Local Government Housing programme, and I am at a loss to understand why Livingstone Shire Council had not made application. Both Rockhampton City and Belyando had received grants. "It is one of my prime policies to have government grants made available to the community in conjunction with organisations. There is a need for a community development officer to act as another arm of Local Government, and that person would play a very important role in bringing the community and council together," Mr Turner said. "The role of a community development officer had been well recognised by the State Government in Belyando, as a grant of $60,000 was made available to council over a period of three years to offset wages. This, along with the successful grants to council and the community, is a tremendous asset."

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r Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 --

Hinton will push Coast nursing home case with new Minister

COMMUNITY views that a nursing home for the Capricorn Coast should be number one priority in an aged care retirement complex would be taken to Health Minister Leisha Harvey by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Mr Hinton, together with Community Health director Dr Ken Burns, looked at various sites for an integrated retirement complex, including space for a nursing home, hostel accommodation, respite day care centre, and self-contained retirement units, with State Health Department officials. The officials, department under-secretary Brian McLaren and community medicine director Dr Mery Cheong, came to Yeppoon after a request from Mr Hinton. Following land inspections, which included the old St Faith's School site on Adelaide Park Road, the officials addressed a meeting of invited interested parties, chaired by Livingstone Shire Council chairman Cr John Bowen. Mr Hinton outlined to the meeting the preference for the St Faith's site, which was sup-

ported by the meeting as suitable. "Dr Cheong spoke about the difficulties in obtaining Federal funds for nursing home construction, particularly as Yeppoon is included in the Fitzroy region, which includes Rockhampton, Biloela and Emerald, and goes as far west as Alpha and as far north as St Lawrence," Mr Hinton. He said this region had a surplus of nursing home beds. Dr Krish Ramiah said the nursing home must a be number one priority and other facilities should be developed around it. "We must keep our sights set on a nursing home," he said. Finance for both hostel and nursing home accommodation is provided by the Commonwealth Government, with recommendations for funding being provided by a joint State Government and Commonwealth committee. Mr Hinton said he will be having talks with the Health Minister in the near future and the first priority would be the securing of an appropriate site.

Bowen calls for politics to be kept out of nursing home issue ' LIVINGSTONE Shire Council chairman Cr John Bowen said this week it was imperative the need for a nursing home, and all the work that has been done towards it, is not endangered by politicking between now and March 19. He said after chairing two meetings, one convened last year with Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright and the second organised by State Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, he would have reports readied for distribution to both members and the interested organisations. Cr Bowen said he had concurred, with remarks from Mr Hinton and David Timbs, there was a need for co-operation between State and Federal Governments. "This is necessary to make a nursing home on the Capricorn Coast become a reality," he said. Cr Bowen has had a number of conversations with Mr Timbs who had been given the responsibility at the first meeting to head a committee, to investigate and prepare a submission for government.

"The council had unanimously supported the need, and understand Mr Timbs has spent many hundreds of hours in the document's preparation," he said. "The council is awaiting the draft document from Mr Timbs as we wish to contribute input in the town planning, engineering and land aspects." Cr Bowen said during this period shire clerk Jim Brown had provided Mr Timbs with any information "required for the document's construction". "I am quite sure when Mr Timbs eventually finishes the document and the committee calls a formal, lawful, public meeting, the public attending the meeting will adopt the public document, together with council, state and federal support as a joint co-operative document to win favour in Canberra," he said. Cr Bowen said it was only "together as a community we are going to achieve the goals for the community ... by the way, please let us not call the public meeting until after March 19".


A message from Lloyd Webber, candidate for Division One of Livingstone Shire

My Fellow Ratepayers, Once again the council elections are almost upon us and I urge you to consider the issues carefully before casting your vote. I have decided to throw my hat into the ring again because I sincerely believe that the present council team has not worked effectively in managing the affairs of the shire. While not wishing to bring personalities into question I think it is essential to look at the make-up of the present council and ask yourself if some of the present councillors really do have the interests of you, the ratepayer, at heart. The real estate agent and land developer component of this present council is alarmingly high and it is my contention that this is largely the cause of the friction and distrust which has been evident for so long. I have nothing whatsoever against land developers or real estate people, we need them ... but not sitting at the council table. It is my firm belief that any honourable real estate agent or land developer would recognise the enormous conflict which exists and voluntarily abstain from council service. Looking around the shire I see little evidence of any beautification of our foreshores in the Emu Park/Keppel Sands area. If we are to encourage investment in our shire we surely must first of all create an appealing atmosphere. Emu Park and Keppel Sands should be heavily planted with trees and palms along the foreshore to transform a barten and neglected area into something of unparalleled beauty. This could be done at little cost. Unlike some of my fellow candidates, I do not guarantee to have all the answers to every problem confronting the shire but I will actively pursue a course to ensure that the quality of life of the ratepayers grows along with the development of the shire. As one of the few candidates still actively involved in business I will not treat council as a retirement club and will oppose any move to increase meeting allowances. At the relatively young age of 43 with 14 years business experience I believe I can make a worthwhile contribution. I am not a member of any political party and have absolutely no interest in a political career. Thank you for showing sufficient interest in reading this letter. In the short weeks ahead I will attempt to meet as many of you as time allows and look forward to receiving your support in this most important election.

Always available... Work: 27 5019 Home: 34 4115

Yours sincerely,

Authorised by L Webber, Cawarral

Lloyd Webber

Mirror Classifieds 39 4244

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10 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988

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`We gave help'


IN REPLY to Mr Brownsdon Mirror 30-1-88. My husband and I have been involved in helping the aged, frail, and incapacitated, of this town for many years. We have attended and been a part of all meetings, re a nursing home for Yeppoon, irrespective of who the convenors were. I have never met you at these meetings or saw your name on any of the committees. The ideas have not been shelved, and if you had been involved you would have known. We who are involved, are not there for personal gain or acclamation. We are there because we have a genuine regard for the less fortunate. Perhaps you would like to give some time to help meals on wheels, convey the aged, frail, and incapacitated to our Wednesday Club, or mow a yard, or do messages for one of our stroke victims, maybe you would like to go along and help the benevolent auxiliary raise money for the Birdwood Estate Cottages, or do you prefer to be like the little skunk and sit all alone in your own 'Pew' crying 'wolf at those who care enough to try. - Joan Mortensen, 70 Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon.

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Letters to the editc) Bulldozer need WHY CHANGE? We do not need a change we need a bulldozer to get rid of both council and workers for the simple reason they have an agreement to keep to their own patches, you don't bother us and we won't bother you. This may sound strange to a lot of ratepayers but if you can give me any better explanation for the following incidents I would be quite happy to accept it. I reported a leak in a water main on a Tuesday to the Works Department. The stock answer,' I will put it in the book'. Thursday still not fixed so it was reported again answer, 'It's in the book'. Three weeks later on Sunday the next door neighbour stopped me and asked if our well was overflowing. I said, "No" and asked why, she said, " Come and look in my garden." It was a sea of mud you could not walk across it, she even had to have a car towed out. She had been toying to catch me for two weeks. I then showed her where the water was coming from and told her the story. I then telephone a member of the council and told him the story, he said could I leave it till Monday first thing as it would cost too much to get it fixed on Sunday. I said yes and told the neighbour what he had said. Monday morning the neighbour, knowing what the council is like, decides to sit on her front door step to see what happens. 8am still no action so she rings the Depot and blasts everybody and said that if nobody arrived within half an hour she would ring every councillor. 8.20am council truck arrives, nobody gets out, neighbour watches from step. After a while, starts up, neighbour dashes from steps to the truck and has to show them where the leak was. Finally it was fixed, they said they knew nothing about it until an urgent message while working at Lammermoor Beach to come and fix it. Now, if I or my neighbour had a sprinkler on all this time we would have been over our allocation ... not considering the fines we would have incurred. Now just since Christmas some neighbours reported a dangerous section of road that wants grading. There has been two near accidents. I have reported it to a member of the council and I waited till he reported it to the right department. Guess what! No action. I could tell you quite a few more incidents, but it would take too long. One is about the bloke people call nuisance officer, who cannot see 6" high numbers from a distance of 10 foot. If this letter gets a bit of response, who knows, Suzy may give me a column in the Mirror as I could tell you a lot more stories. But I hate letter writing. - E Jackson, MS 142, Yeppoon.

speak for themselves, for a number of reasons. The ballot box is just around the corner. I say to the readers, if you want the chance to "clean up the Coast" once and for all time, this may be the last chance you'll have to do it. If you don't have the strength to make the change, then forever hold your peace. - Glenda Mather, PO Box 5186, R'ton Mail Centre, 4702.

Turner's reply RE. John Mark's, of 9 Adelaide Park Road, query on chairman's allowance. My undertaking is as follows - Should council vote an increase, I will donate to charity. Should council vote a decrease, this will also be acceptable. Trusting this explains my position. - Jim Turner, Livingstone Shire Chairman Candidate, 33 John Street, Yeppoon.

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SHIRE Chairman candidate Jim Turner is perfectly right in stating that members of the community are intimidated with the promise of a writ for speaking out on Council affairs- I can personally vouch for this. (CCM No. 231) They tell you to take an interest in Council affairs, and when you do - wham !! Shut you up, or rather try to when a few questions too many are asked. Nice types. Could this be the reason that everything is working well now? Because the people have been forced underground? It's really sad to see such a beautiful environment made up of so many despondent people, and I feel certain readers will know what I'm talking about. I believe if it weren't for the ambitions of a handful of Capricorn Coast residents, there might be a chance to put the area oil the map for the right reasons. I just hope people are not beyond the reach of those still fighting for the rights of the little bloke, and fighting for those who are afraid to



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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 11

Point scoring

Statistically 25 oldies have to move out each year to a Nursing Home somewhere else with the resultant trauma to themselves, a husband or family of kids and grandchildren. If there was ever a project that needed universal support this has got to be it. Forget your letters to the editor politically grandstanding on a Nursing Home. I am not sticking up for any individual or his politics. Universal community support across all political parties will bring the result this Coast richly deserves. For heavens sake, let's all pull together. - Maurice Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon.

THOSE of us who are very seriously interested in a Nursing Home for the Coast, attended a meeting in the Shire Chambers last week. The local State Member had arranged for two high ranking officials from the Health Department to attend and we discussed some pretty positive ideas for a major complex and the possible acquiring of a sizable piece of land. Land of course has been a major headache but possibly that will be overcome with continued strongrepresentations from the local member. We also heard from Dr Ramiah that the subcommittee formed last year would call a public meeting soon to galvanize their findings into a firm proposal to the Federal Government. Apparently the Federal Government preferred a submission from a publicly backed group. A Nursing Home still a bit down the track but positive signs of things getting into future action? We all left heartened that now at last we were moving ahead. Alas, the story in last week's "Mirror" has thrust the Nursing Home idea into a dose of pretty lousy political point scoring. If people care to throw bricks at each other please leave the elderly of the area alone.

IN answer to "name withheld" (Mirror 30/1/ 88) criticising the age of aspiring councillors for Emu Park, may I put it to you that being a councillor is very time consuming, and so the person offering would have to fall into one of the following categories. A person of independent means either retired or otherwise, or a self-employed person. A wage earner could not stand for council because, if elected, that person must spend two days at council meeetings plus other obligatory meetings each month. Where would you find an employer willing to give these days off. Employers of that calibre would be spread very thinly in the community. "Name withheld" asks why should geriatrics with antiquated ideas stand for council? The reason seems to be that they are the only ones offering. I would say this applies not only to council, but also Associations in Emu Park generally. It is the so-called "geriatrics" who, on the whole, get to the meetings and do what they can. I challenge "name withheld" to get involved in the community. There's lots to be done. To name a few — Don Ireland Swimming Complex, Emu Park Progress and Ratepayers Association, Emu Park Branch Queensland Country Women's Association and the new Youth group trying to make a start. Generally speaking I know there are not a lot of younger people helping in the first three because I belong to them but then in the "geriatric" class. Perhaps "name withheld" would be constructive and come to some of these meetings and support us, particularly in fund-raising activities for our community projects. If you are not happy with the situation, come and do something about it. - "Name Supplied" Yvonne Protheroe: secretary, Don Ireland Swimming Complex; secretary, Emu Park Ratepayers Association; president, Emu Park branch Queensland Country Women's Association.

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`Geriatric' reply

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• We do not need candidates for council to tell us about their long standing committee experience in other areas. That belongs to an archaic past. Do not tell us untruths about secrecy. The electors of Livingstone are intelligent. As newcomers on the potential council scene, do not treat us as idiots who can be misled by your assertions which hopefully are based on ignorance of the facts. - L R Killeen, Island View Caravan Park, Kinka Beach.

IT IS time that those candidates for Livingstone Shire Council who have been using media outlets asserting council secrecy stopped using the truth carelessly. The truth is that each month the Livingstone Shire Council makes available to Central Queensland media outlets complete copies of council business. These foolscap size papers 23 inches thick contain: council agenda for the current meeting, some letters, officers reports and recommendations and financial statements of all receipts and expenditure. Copies of council minutes are freely accessible in shire libraries. Matters very properly discussed in-camera are tenders, litigation where legal procedure prescribes it and sensitive matters affecting individuals eg. a pensioner ratepayer hardship case where personal affairs warrant privacy. The Shire Council has no standing committees. Think of the savings in fees! I believe the Livingstone Shire Council now leads the way for open local government in Central Queensland and this has all been achieved in the last two years. Let us give credit where it is due.

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12 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12,1988 YEPPOON sub-branch of the Endeavour Foundation will have its annual general meeting at 2pm on Tuesday, February 16 at the residence of Chris Newton (and her husband), 6 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. Endeavour Foundation provides community care for persons with an intellectual handicap and at present caters for about 12 people in its Rockhampton faciliteis who either live on the Coast or whose relations live here. AT the recent cent sale held by St James The sub-branch is keen to widen its support Guild the competition winners were Mrs P base in the area and a cordial invitation is Willis, L Dendle and Mrs M Rickertts ... all of extended to any interested persons to attend Yeppoon, and Mrs Kath Johnson, a visitor the meeting. from Thallon via Goondiwindi. ROckhampton branch administrator Mr D Jackpot winner was Michelle Hearn and the Nicol will be at the meeting and is looking lucky door winner was Mrs L Jordon. forward to meeting old and new supporters. The next cent sale is on Wednesday 24 at *** 10am in the St James hall, Mary Street, YEPPOON Lioness Club is pleased with the Yeppoon. *** community support for the Christmas letters YEPPOON CWA's next meeting is F.bruand thanks everyone who helped. ary 12, 1988 at 2pm. *** THE January meeting of the Keppel Bay Shell Club was chaired by vice president Arthur Prowse in the absence of president Allan Davidson. Two minutes silence was observed in memory of foundation member Stella Mackay who Locally made passed away recently. Quality Handcrafts for sale Members were given the latest issue of the club's publication Tidings. Cake stall for Charity Queen Quest More new books have been donated to the club extensive library. SecretaryJean Offord continued her account of the recent round Australia trip recorded on Merry Minstrels slides. Shirt box display for January was volutes. lam and 2pm The monthly competition was won by Isobel Stanley. Yeppoon Town Hall Rare shells donated by a Singapore member will be raffle at the annual Shell Show on July 9am - 4.30pm, Sat Feb 6 24 and 25.


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GIGGLE and Gossip is back after the Christmas break ... February 15 at noon. The venue is the Billabong Restaurant at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort and you can book, 39 0211. A surprise, mystery guest is the afternoon's interest and the charity will be St Vincent de Paul ... more next week. *** WOMEN's social tennis has started again at the Cooee Park Complex courts (next to the swimming pool). You just go along to the courts about 9.30am on Tuesday or contact Nita Bowman, 39 1836 or Glad Chapman, 39 1054. Beginners are welcome and racquets can be hired from the caretaker if you need. ***

SISTER Judy Newman-Tyler from Community Health is again offering her free eight week self help health care course. February 11 is the starting date and the time is 10am. The venue is the Community Health office on the beachfront between the council chambers and Yeppoon Hospital. It is designed to help parents of young children cope with everyday stresses and strains of illness and accidents so common with young children. The course will help build on basic skills and knowledge so parents can understand how their child functions. Guest speakers are invited to present talks in their special areas of expertise and there is always plenty of room in the programme for discussion on topics of particular interest to the group. Each person is given a workbook for their own use and that is the only cost ... $10. Phone Judy early, 39 1469, so that preparations can be made to organise the course books.

YEPPOON Pensioners League will ask Livingstone Shire Council to provide a rate receiving depot at Savemore Centre. This was decided at the February meeting in Yeppoon Town Hall last week. The 46 members present at the meeting were unanimous that such a facility would be of immense benefit to all ratepayers. The motion, moved by Patricia King and Eve Cook, was carried with no dissenters. The first CQ pensioners zone meeting scheduled for Yeppoon on Tuesday next has been postponed. Because the Queensland conference of the pensioners league to be held in Gladstone from March 7, the zone meeting will now be held in Yeppoon on Tuesday, April 12. Member for Capricornia Keith Wright will host a free concert for Yeppoon and Emu Park pensioners on a date in June to be arranged. A bus has been arranged to take members to Rockhampton on Thursday, February 18 to attend the monthly social of the North Rockhampton Pensioners League in Bauhinia House. Transport will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am. A minute's silence was held for member Winnie Cross who died in December. *4.*

YEPPOON Little Theatre will have its next meeting on Tuesday, February 9 at Wilma and Bruce Apps home, 26 Little Park Street at 8pm. After the meeting (about 9pm) there will be a play reading. Is there anyone who would like to go? Contact Lisa Regeur, 39 1545 for more information. *** BILL Yaxley celebrated his 80th birthday at the Fisherman's Beach Restaurant with family and friends. *** HOY is on in Emu Park CWA Hall every Friday at 9.30am. The cost is only a dollar to play and includes morning tea. ***

THE next handicraft meeting is on February 19, 1988 at 10am in the CWA rooms.

Emu Park Ratepayers, Progress Association adopts LSC policy EMU Park Progress and Ratepayers Associations, which includes provision for postal vottion has adopted a platform for the March 19 ing for infirm and absentee voters. Livingstone Shire Council elections. Rural roads. Implementation of a 10 year rural The association submitted the following reprogramme for division one, the main features port. of which would include: During the past three years Emu Park has Bitumenisation of the following network been without a resident representative in diviroads, Cawarral to Yeppoon Road (Dairy Inn sion one. Road); Botos Road from Glenors Road to Mt While the association appreciates the repreChalmers; Tungamull to Cawarral (Glenora sentation made by existing division one counRoad); Nerimbera access roads; Coowonga cillors, we consider it imperative that a resident Road; Coorooman to Cawarral Road. of Emu Park be elected to the council at the Adequate maintenance and upgrading, inforthcoming elections. cluding drainage, to a good gravel standard of Emu Park sewerage. Press for a full investigaall other rural roads in the division. tion and cost analysis of all sewerage proposals The association acknowledges priority in relafor Emu Park and for a full report to be tion to bitumen and/or improvement to any submitted to ratepayers and electors before road to be a decision of council. any final decision is made by council. Investigate the possibility of improved quarry Press for an amalgamation of Yeppoon sewerfacilities and acquisition of suitable material age area with the proposed Emu Park/Zilzie deposits throughout the Shire with a view to sewerage area to average out the sewerage rate obtaining higher quality roadmaking materials and allow an affordable rate to all. at a lower cost. Press for increased Government subsidies for Beach protection. The foreshores and beach any proposal to sewer Emu Park and council to apply all proceeds of land sales at Emu Park to areas of the Capricorn Coast are our greatest offset sewerage costs. asset and should be preserved and developed Water headworks. Press for abandonment of to allow access and enjoyment by all persons. the present water headworks charges and for We consider it imperative that public educathe implementation of a flat rate for water tion of foreshore control be implemented and headworks to cover the Capricorn Coast water therefore would press for an education prosupply area. gamme and public seminar in conjunction Bell Park: drainage; rotunda and building with the Beach Protection Authority and counrepairs; tables and seating repair and replace; cil. The association is concerned at erosion on barbecues. Coorooman Creek: toilet facilities and car Kinka Beach. We would press for an immediate start on an erosion control and reveget at ion parking area and road improvement. Boat Ramp: upgrading Emu Park and Co- programme as early as possible after the report orooman Creek. on studies by the CIAE are completed. Bulk Bins: Press for regular cleaning of bins in Conservation. We support a policy which public area. would curtail land clearing in watersheds such Emu Park/Zilzie/Keppel Sands/Kinka as the Causeway Lake and the Coorooman Streets. Creek areas. We support council's tree preserBitumenisation of streets where there is 80 per vation policies and would actively support all cent of allotments with dwellings or buildings tree planting programmes. erected. This association has been active in having the Systematic reconstruction of gravel streets on council carry out a beautification programme correct alignment to allow for future bitumenion the Reserve for Native Birds in Pattison sation. Street, Emu Park, and have formulated forDrainage. Investigate a drainage stategy for ward planning for improvements to the adjaZilzie. To obviate serious drainage problems in cent recreation reserves, and for a green belt Emu Park, council to develop a drainage sys- encompassing Emu Park. tem in Emu Park (where there are 40m wide We would encourage retention of wildlife streets) using open spoon drains which can be sanctuaries and wetlands. slashed clean of undergrowth. Recreation Reserve. Improvement of facili- Other organisations: this association pledges ties and amenities at Recreation Reserve R its support to all legitimate endeavours by like 311, Archer Street, Emu Park in line with the organisations in division one which are striving to bring benefit to the community. association's proposals. Swimming pool. That we support all endeav- Postal ballot papers will be posted on Februours towards completion of the Don Ireland ary 21. Electors have until March 19 to return Swimming Pool Complex in Bell Park, Emu the completed ballot paper to the returning officer at the Shire office. Park during 1988. Revert to polling booth ballot for future elec- Think carefully before voting. ..

sun' lama Coati-hie

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 13

DRIVERS and helpers are needed by the Capricorn Coast branch of Meals on Wheels. President Frank Mortensen said more drivers and helpers were needed to deliver meals to retarded and elderly people. Mr Mortensen said Meals on Wheels only served those people who couldn't care for themselves and was an important Coast service. People would only need to give up one hour per month, working to a roster system. If you can help out by giving up some time contact Mr Mortensen in the morning on 39 2477 or in the afternoon on 39 1320. *** PROBUS Club of Yeppoon is having a barbecue at Kemp Beach has been arranged for Thursday, February 18 at 4pm. *** EMU Park women who are interested in bible study will be pleased that know-yourbible started on Tuesday February 9th at 10am. It is a get-to-know coffee morning at 83 Fountain Street. Contact 39 6843 for more information. *** NEXT Red Cross meeting is on February 19 at the Yeppoon RSL rooms at 1.30pm. All new and old members are welcome. *** TANYA Benson is having her first Queen Quest function on Friday, February 5 in Yeppoon Town Hall at 7.30pm. It will be fashions and hairstyles through the ages. GBs, Salon 24 and Kristen's will be doing the styles and providing the models for the show and Tanya will also be having an old-time fashion show ... lots to reminisce about. Supper is included in the $8 adult admission and $5 for under 14s. The evening is also licensed. All money raised by Tanya will go to the Coast Blue Nursing Service. *** NURSING Mothers will discuss what the Nursing Mothers Association has to offer new and experienced mothers on Thursday, February 11 at 9.30am. The venue is 19 Tucker Street, Yeppoon and all mothers whether bottle or breast-feeding are welcome. Phone 39 1095 for more information. *** FORUM, the Coast's women's club for public speaking and meeting and procedure will have its first 1988 meeting on Wednesday, February 10 at 8pm in the Uniting Church Hall in Arthur Street, Yeppoon. Guests are always welcome and if you would like more information phone 39 2130 or 39 3209. *** EMU Park branch of the CWA will hold bridge and other card games morning tea at the rooms at 9am on March 21. The cost, is $1.50 and includes morning tea. Anyone interested can contact Ruth Forrest, 39 6045 or Flo Huggins, 39 6387 for bookings. *** IF you are punctual, reliable and courteous, and willing to give about an hour of your time a day, then the Department of Transport is looking for you. The Yeppoon State Primary School needs pedestrian supervisors (lollipop people) to man the Tucker and Braithwaite Street crossings. Area supervisor Christine Clark said both areas were badly undermanned and if supervi- sors don't become available there is a possibility only one crossing could be manned at a time. "Lollipop people play an important role in supervising the safety of children going to and from school," she said. Supervisors would be needed for morning and afternoon shifts, normally working on a roster system ... one hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon. Duties involve keeping pedestrian crossings safe for children and adults. She said adults were reminded the supervised crossing was also for their benefit and they couldn't cross anywhere withing about a 20m radius other than at the crossing. Christine said it was mainly a commonsense job. "It does require people with a little personality, who also can communicate with people." The Transport Department controls road safety. Head Road Safety officer is Lester Cavanagh, road safety council officer is Kim Martin and area supervisor Christine. Their job is to co-ordinate the supervisors and crossings, ensure they are working without hassles and the correct job is being done. All supervisors go through a training period before starting work. The training covers a supervisor's jurisdiction and how to run a crossing. Christine said public safety supervisors were given refresher courses at least twice a year. Lollipop people can be anyone over 18 years old. Christine said they did aim at attracting parents (male and female) with children at the school, mature people or anyone who enjoys working with children. Uniforms are supplied by the Transport Department and is also a paid position. Christine said a training session was being held next Tuesday at Yeppoon Primary School. Application forms are available at the school and further inquiries can be made by phoning principal Coral Deeth on 39 1155.

THE first Yeppoon Pensioners League social for 1988 is on Tuesday, February 9 at 1pm in Yeppoon Town Hall. Everyone is welcome ... you don't have to be a memb er.


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YEPPOON Playgroup starts on Monday, February 8 from 1pm to 3pm at Yeppoon Kindy Monday and Friday. Babies to pre-schoolers are welcome. Phone Janet, 39 7698, for more news. *** QUEENSLAND Keep Fit classes have started in the National Fitness Hall in Queen Street, Yeppoon ... next door to the kindy. The classes are on Thursdays at 10am with a new class on Mondays at 7pm. Phone Sally, 39 4011 or Ilona, 35 1185. *** YEPPOON Choral Society held its annual general meeting on Thursday, January 28. Peter Green is president and producer, assistant producer is Tom Wahlin, secretary JudyAnn Smith, treasurer Jan Gubbins, musical director Shirley Green and publicity officer Norma Upton. The meeting was well attended by members and friends. *** IF anything is missed out this week, it will be in next issue. Too much work, not enough time.

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14 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988




CHAIRMAN He can do more for YOU Contact him on 33 6649 6 Seahorse Crescent Lammermoor Beach Authorised by D P Timbs. Lammermoor Beach


Vote 1 Geoff CUE Div. 2, Livingstone Shire Council My pre-election goals of 1985 have been realised. Co-operation between Councillors, together with Shire staff, consultants and different levels of Government has produced some $20 million by way of Government grants and subsidies. This level of assistance greatly surpasses anything in the past. A loan control plan is now operating. If possible, when a loan matures, we pay it out rather than roll it over at today's higher interest rates. It is my aim to continue our efforts to modernise and beautify the commercial areas of Yeppoon. The Strategic Plan is our direction for the next 8 - 10 years. The importance of this document and its contribution to the future progress and stability of the Shire cannot be underestimated and it is the result of three years of intense effort. This document will be proudly displayed for public comment in April or May this year. Our general rating structure will be reviewed this year. Among other things, this studywill have an impact on the future use of Rural Road Levies as a source of funding. Team work is essential and it should be clear by the policies presented in the coming weeks which candidates share a similar point of view. Clearly, as Ratepayers of Division 2, you have an investment in a three year term which has produced spectacular benefits to the Shire. This effort needs to be consolidated as there is so much more to be achieved. I would therefore, ask you to continue the obvious progress by supporting me in the March postal ballot.

Cr Geoff Cue 39 3719 Authorised Geoff Cue

■ BY CATHY LOGAN WALKING to the corner store would have been a major undertaking for Ted Upton, who returned from the Antarctic last week. Australia's Antarctic base, Mawson, is 9600km from Yeppoon and about 3200km from anywhere, which makes it a long walk to the nearest corner store for milk. The Antarctic is twice the size of Australia. In all, 42 per cent of the Antarctic has been claimed by the Australian Government for scientific research. Mr Upton said "Mawson is the same distance from the South Pole as Yeppoon is from the Equator. The main difference is the weather". "The Antarctic was once a part of Gondwana (the super continent) which included India, Africa, and Australia. Every mineral available in Australia would also be available in the Antarctic, but buried under 4km of ice," he said. His last expedition to the Antarctic was Mr Upton's third. He said he had spent five of the past six years at the Antarctic. The first at McQuarie Island and the last two at Mawson. In all three expeditions Mr Upton has been the officer-in-charge. He said the reason people joined the expedition varied. "Many go to make money because the average wage starts about $40,000. "Others, like myself, go because they want a change in lifestyle. It's a great learning experience with a real opportunity for people to look at themselves. "My first trip was an adventure; the others because I had to go back. I enjoyed what I did but there is a limit to how long you stay away from the family," he said. "My wife Norma has been really good but it's time I stopped." Mr Upton has decided to come in from the cold and find a job closer to home. Mawson, where he spent two expeditions, was first opened as a base in 1954, and is the oldest permanent station. Australia has three main winter bases on the Antarctic ... Davis, Casey and Mawson, as well as another station at McQuarie Island in the sub Antarctic. The Antarctic is a scientist's haven. Physicists, geophysicists, seismologists, biologists, glaciologists and others come from a number of nations to use the Antarctic as a base for research. These scientists study the Aurora, atmospheric field, seismic activity, cosmic rays, the upper atmospheric physiology, the history of the Earth through the ice and even archaeologists carry out research. Mr Upton said the co-operative atmosphere prevalent was the result of the Antarctic Treaty administered by a group of nations which, to become members, must be pursuing scientific research. The treaty ensures the Antarctic is used for scientific purposes and prevents military acitivity, the disposal of nuclear waste and the harvesting of mineral resources. "All the nations co-operate; instantly and willingly giving help if it's needed." Mr Upton said in the last expedition one of his team, seriously ill, was airlifted out by the Russians. "They flew in impossible conditions to airlift her. Blizzards had made visibility nil." During the summer months he could expect to be in charge of about 80 men and women. This number dropped to about 25 to 30 in the winter months. The transition from temperatures reaching minus 35 degrees celsius to plus 25 degrees in Yeppoon has been hard but he is the first to admit the adjustment is only a small negative point and far outweighed by positive points. This was his third expedition since 19231. i ne first one took him to Australia's sub-antartic station at McQuarie Island and the last two trips he was stationed at Mawson. Expeditions can last any time from one to 15 months. Isolation is part and parcel of the lifestyle expeditioners (those joining the trip to the Antarctic) are expected to endure. Mr Upton said "a fellow has the chance to opt out in the summer months but once winter begins and the ice freezes up he has no hope of going home". Despite many nations having a number of stations at the Antarctic, distance and blizzards confine communication to radios. Mr Upton said Mawson's nearest Australian station was 480km to the east at Davis. The

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Ted Upton only returned from the Antarctic last week. What better picture to send his mates at the South Pole ... Tech in fill Antarctic gear, standing in front of a tropical palm tree beside a swimming pool. ABOVE:

nearest of the foriegn-based stations were the Russian's Molodezhnaya base, about 640km to the west. He said being so far from family and friends was very stressful on expeditioners, especially during the winter months when contact was limited for nine months. Winter starts about March and is frozen until about November when ships with new expeditioners and supplies start making their way to the Antarctic. Winter temperatures reach minus 60 degrees (at its worst) inland from Mawson. The Russian base Vostok is the coldest place with minus 89 degrees recorded. "Bases are totally frozen in with four-footthick ice," he said. It was impractical for expeditioners to work below minus 10 degrees. In the summer months base numbers swell because construction work and a variety of scientists converge on the Antarctic. Openings for tradesman are numerous. Only this week, advertisements appeared in a number of newspapers listing vacant spots available. Mr Upton said Australia was in the middle of a major rebuilding programme and was after carpenters, plumbers, electricians and engineers to carry out the works. This is above the normal quota required to carry out day-to-day maintenance work at the bases. After applying for a position in a team, the Science and Technology Department puts nominees through a rigid selection process. Selection processes involving psychological tests to determine how well the person would fit in an expedition. Mr Upton said a person had to be able to cope with pressure and stress. "It's no use a person wanting to go home in the winter months because other than in an emergency it would require a major effort to leave the Antarctic." "Learning to cope would be the hardest part of living in the Antarctic because you cannot

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up-and-leave when homesick, or if a family and friends suddenly die." Mr Upton said Army psychologists, using similar methods to select their specialist squads, choose "calm, responsible and community-minded people". "There is no place for people unable to get along with other people. Once you start an expedition, especially during the winter months, you will live, eat and work with the other team members." Mr Upton compares Antartic life with space travel. Astronauts can spend months on a mission and, like Antartic expeditioners, cannot escape the company of other members. "Most people can go home after a day's work but at Mawson and the other bases you're constantly in each others' pockets with no possibility of relief." It was a part of Mr Upton's job to ensure Mawson ran smoothly. This job involved maintaining harmony and morale at the base. To help him carry out these duties the Tasmanian Government appointed him a coroner


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Livingstone Shire Council Division One


Fraser Neville Emu Park and District Progress and Ratepayers Association supports NEVILLE FRASER as its nominated candidate. He has 27 years Local Government experience and is a permanent resident of Emu Park. Neville will be available at all times to Division 1 electors.

39 6364 b/h 39 6947 a/h Authorised by R Leicht, 14/18 Bright St, Emu Park

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 15

IS FROM THE EQUATOR, SAYS TED UPTON... ...`the main difference is the weather!' • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14

while the Australian Capital Territory made him assistant coroner, and both made him a Justice of the Peace. Officers-in-charge need to be `jack-of-alltrades' — disciplinarian, assistant anaethetists to the doctor, liaison with the other stations and expedition co-ordinator — are some of the qualities required. "The Antarctic is a place where the meaning of money is forgotten. Everything from food to clothing (all the essentials) are provided. "Every base has its own medical officer and even a limited amount of alcohol is supplied to the expeditioners," he said. "A lot of forethought has to go into the planning and organising of expeditions. "It's a long walk to the nearest corner store if you run out of supplies, it's your hard luck and if you really want something you make do with a substitute or live without it." "All supplies are based on a year's provision with six months' reserve. Also there is a twoyear fuel supply. At the beginning of an expedition there is always fresh food but members soon revert to frozen or dehydrated foods as fresh supplies run out. The only fresh foods which will last are potatoes, onions and some cabbage. After selection for an expedition is made, the expeditioners are sent to Tasmania, or other places in Australia, for training. Mr Upton said a doctor would be made to take a course which would cover nearly every possible accident or sickness expeditioners could suffer. He said this applied to all the tradesman and any officer in charge because once winter closes in, it is extremely difficult to get outside help. "It is nine months of total isolation with no real chance of physical contact with the outside world except radio. "Even weather conditions and patterns can make living difficult. About December 21 and 22, the sun doesn't set and about January 21 and 22 the sun doesn't rise, and this can play

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 SUNDAY, February 7 10am. Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall

For other activities. phone 39 6254


ELECTORS of DIVISION ONE Livingstone Shire Council Do you want:

V 0 T E

* Maximum attention to your Complaints; * Full Local Representation; * Open Council; * Experience in Local Government; * A decrease in Administration Costs; * Upgrading of Sports and Recreational Facilities; * An Independent Member; * Don't Be Misguided ...

Give me a ring on 39 6315

VOTE COWDRAY F J 20 Redman Street, Emu Park

havoc with sleeping and eating habits. -Mr Upton said even though he was the officer-in-charge, there was very little discrimination between status among the expeditioners. "Everyone was on equal footing. A person's value was gauged on usefulness, willingness to participate, and value as a person." While most people would start shivering with temperatures of six degrees, Ted Upton could be taking a quick swim in the Antarctic Ocean. It may only be a 30 second dip but nethertheless few would do it. When temperatures rarely make it over zero degrees celsius it makes for a cold and unusual working atmosphere. Mr Upton said the temperature could be minus 25 degrees but it could be still pleasant. He said it only became cold when Katabatic winds rolled down from the polar ice cap. Mawson is situated on the edge of a polar ice cap, which is a high mountain of solid ice and rock, and cold air called the Katabatic wind rolls down the mountain at up to 40 knots. Being on the edge of an ice cap, Mawson is in direct line of the wind. When low pressure wind also blows in from the sea, wind speeds double and can reach 100 knots. "Mawson is Australia's windiest base at the Antartic." During the winter months when the ice freezes, traverses (expeditions) can be made across the frozen sea to various points and islands. During winter months the sea around the Antarctic freezes for about 160km from the shore. This frozen ice is called fast ice. "Fast ice can be up to two metres thick and strong enough to enable C-130 Hercules aeroplanes to land, or withstand a D9 dozer driving across it." Further out in the ocean, floating pieces of ice (called pack ice) range in thickness from one metre to three-and-a-half metres. Mr Upton said the Antarctic scenery was `indescribable'. The Antarctic is one of the world's dryest deserts. It never rains and not much snow falls. "Ice cliffs, ranging in size from a few feet to hundreds of feet high, dot the Antartic. There are also thousands of glacier caves dotting the coast which become a miriad of light. "The Antarctic scenery is various shades of white with the occasional brown rock. Green algae colours the ice while the plateau ice is a vivid blue. "The Antarctic is also under the Aurora oval which gives off some breath-taking and beautiful skylines during the different months." During the summer months, which stretch from about November to March, large populations of animal life can be found. Mr Upton said there was no permanent animal life native to the Antarctic, but penguins, seals and albatrosses can be found at different times. Emperor penguins use the winter months for breeding while, in the sub Antarctic, bull elephant seals, light mantled sooty and wandering albatrosses can be found during the summer months. "Wandering Albatrosses, with wing spans up to 12 feet, have no fear of man. Their life is lived in flight except for the brief breeding period. "Forty knot winds could be blowing and these birds make it seem an effortless act to fly headon into them." "Bull Elephant Seals, small fellows weighing about four tonnes each, laze about in the sun protecting their harems from frisky bachelor elephant seals on the look-out for mating partners." Mr Upton said the bull elephant could have hundreds of mature females in the harem. On average these females weigh about 500 kilos and are one-fifth of a male seal's size. A variety of penguins also inhabit the Antarctic; at various times their rookeries stretching for miles. "Literally millions of penguins live in

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these rookeries making it impossible for a person to get from one side to the other." Many expeditioners take up photography to capture the Antarctic sights. Mr Upton said if a person could get bored with the Antarctic, they most likely would get bored where-ever they were. He said team members pursued a wide variety of hobbies during their stay. Many turn their hand to learning a different trade or skill. Others enjoy recreation expeditions, travelling on foot to see-the-sights, camping, plus a wide range of ice sports including ski yachting, using the trikes and skiddoos. The new Mawson buildings includes an indoor sporting complexwith facilities for volleyball, badminton and other sports. The other major part of Antarctic living for Australian expeditioners are the huskies stationed at Mawson. Mawson is now the only station on the Antarctic which uses the dogs. They have been a part of the base since its establishment in 1954. The dogs were a gift from the French in 1953. When the French were leaving the Antartic they could not take their huskies with them. Australia was then given the dogs to keep in quarantine at the Melbourne Zoo until the French next needed them but any offspring could be kept by the Australians. The dogs are a Greenland and Labrador mix ... Greenland dogs being good solid working dogs. There are now about 25 huskies living at Mawson ... two working teams with nine dogs each, plus two or three bitches and whatever pups are around. Mr Upton said these dogs were the most loving creatures to be found and could survive weather conditions which would kill human beings within an hour. "They also act as station psychologists ... in the confined atmosphere at the base, where people are exposed to enormous emotional stress, the dogs act as a special remedy." "They are loving, honest and genuine dogs, especially to human beings. They can fight viciously with one another but I have never seen them intentionally hurt people." The huskies' ability to survive abominable weather conditions are due to their double coat of fur. They have an outer layer of fur and then an inner felt-like fur. The Aust ralians are now trying to infuse a new bloodline with the Alaskan Malemut breed from Tasmania. Mr Upton said the Alaskan Malemut dog "Jock" still hadn't realised he didn't have a return ticket to Tasmania The expeditioners have a number of ways to traverse the Antarctic continent, ranging from husky-drawn sleds to twin-cab personnel tamers. There are also amphibious vehicles suited to Antarctic conditions. The Army Larc is an ideal transport system to carry supplies and expeditioners when the supply-ships cannot reach stations. Often ships can become stuck 110km from its destination and the amphibious larc is used to finish the journey. Ships can get stuck in the fast ice. Mr Upton said some ships could be stuck for months. "One of the Russian ships spent about 200 days stuck in fast ice." "If a ship gets stuck early in the summer months, it has a good chance of breaking free from the melting fast ice, but if it gets stuck late in summer it could be there until the follow summer when the ice melts. But for Ted Upton, the Yeppoon man who came in from the cold, Antactica will now be a memory. Home on a property along Limestone Creek Road, he is still miles from the nearest shop. But trips to the corner store are the least of his worries at the moment. "I'm looking for work," he said this week. "I'm happy to talk to anyone, at any time, about things Antarctic ... the problem is stopping me. "Having hung up the ice axe and mukluks, I'm looking for local work from anyone who can use an ex-Antarctican, ex-wildlife ranger, extourist guide and so on. "I'm particularly interested in 12 months at sea if possible before upgrading a coxswain's ticket to Master Five (trading)."


'I am standing independent of Groups and Political Parties as I have in Local Government since 1967.'


No doubt last week many letters came in praising council. I only wish some of these letter writers could join me in a door knock, I am sure their opinion would be different. Over the weeks we have also seen factual allegations being made against the chairman and other councillors. Why have these gone unanswered, or are they true facts making them very awkward to answer? Rumours against me of course by some of these councillors are quickly getting around. They include rateswould rise if I was elected, Tony Rowe would be reinstated. Let me categorically say I will make every effort to have the rate level maintained, any development will not be at the cost of the ratepayer. Tony Rowe would not be reinstated, nor I think would he want to be. Any such move would once again cost ratepayers hundred of thousands of dollars, and besides the present engineer, on information available to me, appears to be doing a good job. I will be looking for costs savings in the administration including town planning, where a large expenditure has been made. Through the week I was also handed a poem called 'The Aspirant" by Bill Young, 13 Meilland Street, Yeppoon. Well, what a load of hogwash it is. In parts it states I prospered on cows, crops and seeds, then joined the Japanese and so on. Well Bill, for your information I came from Clermont, not Capella, made my success in electrical and furniture retailing, served 21 years in local government, 18 years as chairman, served as president of the Central Queensland Local Government Association, taking in up to 80 odd local authorities, president of the Central Queensland Grain Roads' Committee, received the MBE in 1982 for services to local government and community organisations, been involved with the development of a complete new town of 9,000. This experience and achievements will be considered by the electors who are not "fickle or gullible" as you may think Bill Young. Your time could be better spent in helping meals on wheels and other organisations in the community or perhaps you may like to attend the public farewell for me in the town hall, Clermont on Friday night, where representatives of homes for the aged, ageing, pensioners, meals on wheels, senior citizens, church leaders, Salvation Army, mine representatives alongwith other organisations and citizens will attend. This public function is in recognition of my years of service to the community, the work and communication with the people I enjoyed, and it was for this reason that I donated my MBE medal and citation and certificate to the council, as I believed it belonged to that community. I enjoyed and I am proud of my work in Belyando. I will be willing to assist this community the same way in years ahead Bill, and perhaps you may like to give your poem to 150 perma nent employees, employed at the Iwasaki resort. Hope to meet you during my door knock. I feel sure we can have a good debate. VOTE


Jim Turner 33 John Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone 39 1265. Authorised by J Turner, 33 John Street. Yeppoon.

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16 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12,1988

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eral meeting, February 17, 7.30pm at the Paint Pot

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39 1199

LIVINGSTONE State Emergency Service annual general meeting, at the control centre, Monday, February 15, 1988, commencing 7.30pm. Your attendance is requested. Secretary N Andrews 39 3006 PODIARY (Chiropodist) speeches at Yeppoon CWA Hall, Monday February 29 and Tuesday March 1. All welcome to come along. Contact Anne John, 281318. Ring after 4pm on weekdays and 9am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday. ANNUAL general meeting of the Endeavour

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love from the family

BERT MOORE of Kinka Beach celebrated his birthday (???th) on Friday, February 5

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WANTED Two Kinka Beach boys, attending TAFE course at Canning Street, Rockhampton, are in need of lifts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week for 18 weeks. They need to be at TAFE by 9.45am. If anyone is able to help, please phone 39 6476 Who were the 7 councillors who voted for the sacking of Tony Rowe? They were: Crs Cresta, Cue, Giorgi, Dorey, Cogill, McDonald and Anderson. Authorised by G Mather, P 0 Box 5186, RMC WSPO

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CAPRICORN Coast Society of Arts annual meeting, February 17, 7.30pm, Paint Pot Gallery, Hill

February 16 at 2pm. New members welcome and needed. CLAIRVOYANCE, card reading, $10. Appointment, phone 39 6184.




Foundation, Capricorn Coast sub-branch committee will be held at 5 Tan by Road on Tuesday,

Tuesday, 7pm Your friendly lecturer, Dawn ... 39 1847

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Boys and girls aged between 7 and 17 years are invited to join Capricorn Coast Soccer competition to be played every Saturday morning ... on the Coast!!



How much in monetary terms did the sacking of Tony Rowe cost the ratepayers? ... In the vicinity of $272,000 with approx. another $35,000 still to be paid in legal fees. If Mr Rowe takes legal action to recover the fees, then it will cost a whole lot more.

Please complete the following coupon and take to school or post to:

BRUCE KOROTCOFF 37 Cliff Street, Yeppoon 39 1042/39 3719 AGE _


Authorised by G Mather, P 0 Box 5186, RMC


_ SEX - - -


Previous soccer playing experience

Saturday, February 20 Yeppoon Town Hall


6 minute address by each candidate Questions from floor

Would you help? •_ • • • •

e .


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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 17 •

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18 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988

This Aspirant THIS ASPIRANT This joker I do believe came from out Capella way To old Yeppoon town to end his dreary day He prospered on cows and crops and seeds A vision from God he did recieve To join the Council and clear away the weeds. This bloke who came from out the bush Thought he would give old Bowen the push He thought he would a job he'd find To relieve the bordom of the retiring grind. He floated a balloon way up high Way up in the bright blue sky With words so big you could hardly miss Gawd! Its enough to get you back on the -Now he knows all about bulls and cows and chooks And is coming to town to clean out the crooks He has been in office out there in the sticks But will find this mob a tough old mix. He will find these townies a different breed And may well have to go bush to get a feed The money he spends as he makes his play May just take wings and fly away. And letters "To the Editor" he writes A pretty dirty game he fights Of all the worry and sleepless nights As he exercises his democratic rights. Now we know the Japanese are very near He has made his intentions pretty clear That to them he will "Kow Tow" in full Which we all know is a load of bull. We will have development at any cost With no thought of what we have lost Now if perchance he gets in at last I hope the next three years go fast. Now if knocking things get him a win I think we will all be in the swim We are lucky the beach is very near Because his intentions are bloody clear It doesn't leave this Shire with very much to cheer. - Bill Young, 13 Meilland Street, Yeppoon.

Facts needed I UNDERSTAND that the transcripted proceedings of the true enquiry is not available to any members of the public. At no stage has any of the evidence, that could tend to defame a member of council, been cross-examined by any defence of the councillors. Further more, the enquiry was conducted

behind closed doors, no councillor even being permitted to witness proceedings. No member of the public can condemn Mr Rowe or any member of the council, without studying the transcripted evidence - ie the facts. Under British (Australian) law, any accused in a court of law have the right of cross-examination and reply. In this case only Mr Rowe had that privilege. Individual councillors, were not legally represented. In this particular case, nobody will ever know the truth, unless the free transcript, and proper cross-examination procedures carried out, and as well, made open to the public. As Mr Justice Fitzgerald has remarked 'Justice cannot be done behind closed doors'. - Ron Kitching, PO Box 187, Yeppoon.

Timbs right CONGRATULATION to David Timbs for his views on the dismissal of the former Livingstone Shire engineer Tony Rowe. The so called Tony Rowe affair has been one of the most controversial episodes in the history of the Livingstone Shire Council. Mr Timbs is quite right when he says the outstanding matter must not be swept under the carpet. The matter should be resolved once and for all. The current council and its non elected chairman have brought the Shire into disrepute. I respect Mr Timbs for saying what has needed to be said. No other candidate has had the integrity to state his position on this issue. I will be supporting David Timbs. - F C Armstrong, 9 Selvey Street, Yeppoon.

Yaxley support I AM writing to support views expressed by Mrs H L Yaxley of Byfield (Mirror January 30, 1988). I agree the additional bitumen, and further upgrading of the gravel sections, of the Byfield Road are welcome improvements. Further, I have recieved excellent service and found a helpful attitude from Livingstone Shire councillors, officers and staff in matters of both road maintenance and town planning/ building enquiries. The recent incorrect publicity about council is distressing and I feel wrong ideas are being voiced for political and election reasons. The knockers are damaging our Shire, while councillors and staff are working hard and pulling together. At last Livingstone is functioning well. They deserve our support. - Steve Bishopric, Nob Creek Pottery, Byfield.


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COME off it Chairman Bowen. Just how gullible do you think the voters are? After weeks or months without so much as one letter of praise for the council, we are bombarded with no less than eight letters in one issue of the Mirror (30.1.88), all praising the council achievements in a similar manner, and most condemning any criticism as "negativity". The similarities are quite amazing - among them the phrases using the words "positive" or "negative" in six of the eight letters, and also in the listing of council works. I'm not saying for a moment that the letters had the same scriptwriter, but it's stretching the imagination too far to believe they were spontaneous outpourings, and not prompted by the chairman as part of his electioneering propaganda. How many for next week's issue, Cr Bowen? - D.J Duffy, Flat 1, Caberetta Courts. Yeppoon.

Two sides to... I WOULD make two comments about the "Rowe affair". One, the composition of the inquiry panel one was an engineer. There is an old saying "Birds of a feather flock together", so perhaps an absolutely independent panel may have been better. Also I think it should be remembered the full report of the panel was never published. Secondly the Livingstone Council had a large number of court cases brought against it disputing Mr Rowe's estimates and lost all but one, costing the council - ratepayers thousands of dollars. There are two sides to every question and we seem to be getting only one ... the engineer's. And while the councillors who moved to have Mr Rowe sacked are accused of a vendetta there is certainly another vicious vendetta going on in this town now. - H M Brownsdon, PO Box 286, Yeppoon.

Works praise I WOULD like to congratulate the Livingstone Shire Council for the good work that has been performed in the rural areas of Division One of the Livingstone Shire during the term of the present Council. Straightening of the two bends on the Cawarral - Tungamull Road "which we had been asking for, for years" and two sections of



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THE council elections are nearly upon us, and I would like to express my appreciation of the fine work of the present council. As I drive around the shire I notice the improvements carried out. What I have especially appreciated is the new paving in the town area, the amenities block in Beaman Park, kerbing and channelling in School Street, kerbing and channelling in Queen Street, and the cement walkway on the. footpath and the trees planted between the two roads in Queen Street, and what affects me most personally the commencement of bituminising Limestone Creek Road. I believe we have a council which is working hard and harmoniously for the welfare and advancement of the shire and I trust the present council and chairman will be allowed to continue the good work. - Ruth Vaughan, Limestone Creek Road, Yeppoon.

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AS ratepayers of this Shire for 20 years and observing the Livingstone Shire Council in action over this period, we are prompted to comment.... When approaching the current councillors and staff, with a problem, we have found them helpful and co-operative, where previously, matters would be ignored and promised action never dealt with or carried out. Most people would support the statement that we can now see progress in evidence everywhere. Certainly council's positive attitude and team spirit can only help to further the future of our Shire. The next major achievement, will be a long overdue clean water supply - the importance of which cannot be over emphasised. Let's say "Well done Livingstone" and hope the chairman and councillors are returned as a team in next month's election, so there is continuity of progress. - Horst and Fay Simon, Como Holiday Units, Yeppoon.


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22 1789

`Come off it'

bitumn on the Dairy - Inn Road are just a couple of items of the works performed. In general all the rural roads in this division are of the best condition they have ever been. Also the new over head bridge at Coolcurra on the Emu Park Road, which to Council were successful in bringing the Minister for Main Roads here to inspect and with pressure we able to obtain this new bridge. I wish to express our appreciation to Cr Duncan McDonald for the work he has done and hope the Electors of Division One will support him at the coming elections. - Mark Tooker, Cawarral.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988 -- 19

Stableford to Aird, Haskins THE Wednesday club was again well attended, with a good field of ladies at the Yeppoon Golf Club. Ladies stableford winners were Avis Aird and Stella Haskins, both scoring 32 points. Hazel was next with 31 points and also won the first nine with 34, from Avis Aird 37 and a half. Avis Aird won the second nine with 34 and a half from May McGlashan with 35 and a half. May also won a pinshot with Stella Haskins. Hazel Fry won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was Wayne Dicker with 47 points, Ernie Nankivill 44, Ross Mclndoe and Vince Hunt 39 points each. Ernie Nankivill won the first nine with 28, W Dicker 30 and a half, E Shields 30 and a half, V Hunt 32 and a half, W Cummings 29 and a half. Second nine was won by T Shields with 28 and a half, W Dicker 29 and a half, E Nankivill 32, G Norton 32. T Woodbridge with 32 and a half. T Edmistone won the pinshot. Proshot winners were A Lewis and Peter Ambrose. Veterans Club played a stroke for members and ladies over 12 holes. Ladies winner was Mavis Shields with 43 and a third, from Grace Ritchie and Gwen Bullock both with 44 net. Hazel Fry won the pinshot. The members' winner was Bill Freeman with 36 and two thirds, from Peter Foxwell 27 and two thirds, and Dick McGlashan 39 and a third. The pinshot winner was Terry Woodbridge. Last Saturday, January 30, the ladies played a 4bbb stableford. Winners were Esme Woodbridge and Avis Aird with 44 points from Stella Haskins and Grace Ritchie 40 points. Pinshots winners were: T Clark, G Ritchie, D Gregg and S Haskins won the proshot. Members also played a 4bbb stableford. Winners were Ian Atkinson and Juan Price with 52 points, George Norton and Stan Thorne 49, Vince Hannan and Trevor Gray 49, Gary Bleys and B Bleys 49, Darryl Harker and John Andersen 49, Len Lucas and Harry Adams 49, Cec Cooper and J Jamieson 48, Tom Edmistone and B Anderson 47, Dave Clark and Mark Clayton 47, Ron Kerr and Barry Moses 46, Alan Gabel and Ian Lester 46, Doug Cruickshank and Mike Prior 46 and Vern Olive and N Quirk 46. Pinshots winners were R Duthie, R Nunn, I Atkinson, M Prior. Col Hennessy won the proshot. A mixed 4bbb stroke was played and the winners were Debra Hunt and J Jamieson with a score of 58 nett. J Jones and K Smith were next with 60 nett from Pam Drillis and Edgar Shields 62, Geoff and Marge Williams 64, Godfrey and Stella Haskins 65. Pinshots. Ladies: S Haskins (2). Members: D Perrin, K Smith, T Edmistone, V Olive. Proshots: ladies, H Fry; members, E Shields. A leftovers stableford game was won by Trevor Gray with 40 points, from B Watt 39, Vince Hunt 37 and L Belz 36. "Will all members please note that the 4bbb cards on Saturday's game, were a mess. If you don't know how to score a 4bbb card come and see me, and I will showyou how," handicapper Jack Stratford said.

(..Shield victory to Frenchville

LAST Tuesday, Australia Day, a nine hole stroke was played for the Zilzie Australia Day Shield in wet conditions. The shield was won by Frenchville Club in a play off with the Masonic Club. Best players for the individual clubs were: Woolworth Social club, D Hudson; Walkabouts, A Gabel; Frenchville, P Medina; Masonic, G Assay; Pine Beach, L Walling; Zilzie, G Williams. Pinshots: P Medina, R Wilson, T Rumph, G Pearson, C Wheeler. On Thursday, January 28, play was discontinued due to heavy rain. Congratulations to Thelma Campbell on a lovely pinshot. There was no competition on January 30. S/scratch for club trophies. Members' winner was Cec Saunders +9. D Wassman Square. Pinshot, Don Campbell. On February 4, the Olive Phillips trophies was played. A stableford will be played on February 6. On Sunday, February 7 the monthly medal and stableford will be.played. Members' monthly meeting is on Sunday.

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New and old coaches will be at Aussie Rules Club's sign-on A REMINDER to all parents and players for the 1988 Yeppoon Australian Rules Football season not to forget the giant barbecue and sign on tomorrow, Sunday, at Yeppoon Showgrounds. The new and and old coacheswill be at the sign on. The seniors are having a training run at the Surf Life Saving Club, at 9am before the sign on and all the under 17 players are invited to join in. After the training session all members, parents and supporters are invited for a bring your own food barbecue at 11am. Liquid refreshment will be available at the function. The under 11 coach is Shane Steele who did a magnificent job last year and is very keen to make sure the learning standard is kept at a high level. Under 13 coach for the year is Brett Odell who coached the under 17s to last year's premiership. He will be assisted by Nick Basham, one of 1987s best U/17 players. The under 15s will be coached by Lance Lawer who coached Parkhurst's under 17s in last year's grand final. Jim Bailey, the man who has the record of coaching the under 15s premiership back to back and previously the under 13s premiership and has only cost two games in the last four years, won't be coaching this year because of knee problems. "The club extends its great appreciation for all the work, effort, and time it has taken to achieve the goals he has produced," president Ross Mclndoe said. "I must add Jim will be on the sidelines helping by being our goal umpire for both under 1,5 and 17 squads." John Caddy is the under 17 coach and al-

though he was helping last year in various parts of the game and also the club he has accepted the responsibility of the whole squad. John has had extensive coaching experience having coached senior teams in Victoria and also having played well in league football. Col Jamieson, last year's senior coach,is the overall skills coach and will be available for any assistance required by any team in the Yeppoon junior squad. 1988 senior coach is Steve Burns from Labrador on the Gold Coast. Steve will go to junior training to assess the development and the progress the teams are making.

Rules coaching positions open YEPPOON Australian Rules is holding a sign-on and social day on February 7 at the showgrounds starting at 11am. Management committee for 1988 is B Kelly, J Burton, Y Motton, R Mclndoe and M King.. Ground committee is B Kelly, R Mclndoe, C Jamieson, B Munn and M King. Social committee is C Heaslip, A Hogue, C Bourke and G Frazer. The seniors coach will be Steve Burns. People are still needed to fill other coaching positions, ladies committee and help with fundraising. Anyone interested in helping the club in these areas can phone president Brendan Kelly. The club in its latest newsletter said it was hoping for a year of high fund raising, especially with the prospect of a new clubhouse and grounds.

Yeppoon's Spartan Baseball Club will hold its muster today YEPPOON'S Spartan Baseball Club is holding its first muster for the 1988 season today (Saturday). The muster, for both experienced and inexperienced players, will be held at the Capricorn Iwasaki Baseball field starting at 2pm. Spartans finished a strong third during the 1987 Rockhampton Baseball League and is looking forward to improving and bettering this position. Club coach Mike George said the club had some excellent players returning from last

Ladies Bowls club patroness died in January AT the end of January Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club patroness Mrs Ivy Jackson passed away. She joined the club in 1967 and was elected as president for 1970-71. Mrs Jackson became patroness in 1973-74 and then again in 1976 onwards. She will be remembered as a genuine person who was fond of china painting. Many of her lovely wares were given as gifts and trophies to the club. President Del Roos thanked members who accompanied herself, and president Tom Roos to the cremation service. Results of competitions. Champion singles: I McNamara won on a forfeit from J Kearnan. E Hinton dJ Barber 314. M Elliott d M Baglow 33-10. R Wass d M Manthey 31-12. J Beasley d D Locke 31-14. A Fotheringham d P Childs 33-14. E Woodbridge d B Roberts 3317. D Engel d D Roos 33-20. 2-4-2 pairs: E Benson, I McNamara d Y Riordan, M Stewart 26-15. P R-Brown, M Bradley d R Goody, D Moulds 23-18. Members are asked to go to the club early on Tuesday, February 9 as president Del Roos, assisted by vice president Ruth Wass will talk about the art of marking for the game of singles. The talk is from 12.30pm to 1.15pm. Everyone is welcome. The following is the draw for competitions February 9 at 9am. Umpire - D Roos. Champion singles: M Stewart v S Ziebicki; R Goody v M Bierwirth: R Wass v A Fotheringham - N Andrews marker; E Batts v M Elliott; I McNamara v D Engel. District singles: M Baglow v J Barber - Vi Mortensen-marker. J Beasley v E Hinton - D Locke marker. At 1.30pm. 2-4-2 pairs: N Mills, J Barber v N Garner, V Wilson. Champion pairs: D Moulds, P Childs v T Bond, I McNamara. Consistency singles: J Kearnan v M Bradley,Vi Mortensen marker; B Roberts v J Cain.

year's squad as well as some exciting new players to bolster the A grade side. Mr George said the club hoped to enter three teams in the Rockhampton fixtures. Games will be played on a Saturday afternoon on a home and away basis. The fist club games will be a pre-season bicentenary championship on March 13. Juniors are 15 to 18 year olds while seniors start at 18 years. If anyone has transport problems on Saturday they can phone Mr George on 39 7151 after 6pm. At the club's annual general meeting on Sunday, former Rockhampton Association president, Don Lanham was elected club president. Mr George said Don's experience in sport administration and public relations would be a great benefit to the club. Other executive members are Loren Matta vice-president, Blanche George secretary and treasurer, Mike George club coach and Angie Lanham scorer. The club also hopes to develop the baseball field at the Capricorn Iwasaki resort. The playing field is located between the pool and the ocean.

1988 classes for gym group CAPRICORN Coast Gymnastic Academy has restarted classes for 1988 at the Cooee Bay Recreational Centre with-a large enrolment of girls and boys. As this is an olympic year you are advised to enrol early. The academy is a very successful and competitive club with many title to its credit. Director Cath Skinner said competition was not essential as recreational gymnastics was offered and all levels were coached. Boys are also coached at all levels by international coach Heinrich Gogill. Class time on Saturdays: Girls: pre-school and beginners, 8.30am - 9.30am; level one, 9.30am - 10.30am; level two and upwards, 10.30am - 12.30pm. Boys: beginners, 9am - 10am; advanced, 10am - I lam.

Floodlights still popular FLOODLIGHTS at Yeppoon bowls were again popular and the winning team taking home the chooks was J Allenden, A Petersen and E Batts. A number of competitions were played last weekend. The closest was a district singles game between J Ware and D Moulds, with the latter taking the last two ends and the game 3129. A singles: W Manthey v B Croese 31-22; T Woodbridge won on forfeit (v R Holman); J Ware v A Schofield 32-6. B singles: M Gustafson v S Goody 31-5; R Cain v G Hillier 31-8. C singles: R Riseleyv A Ryan 31-23; J Garner won on forfeit (v W Corlrick); G Barrett v T Pidcock 31-27. Mixed pairs: M Stewart, M Stewart v D Roos, T Roos 18-15; M Elliott, F Birkett v M Freeman, F Freeman 17-15; E Woodbridge, T Woodbridge v D McPherson, D McPherson 33-18. Open triple: T Ryan, D McPherson, E Austin v C Harris, M Hutton, H Maher 21-16. Mixed fours: N Garner, G McCosker, M Bradley, D Haigh v J Allenden, R Cain, N Anâ&#x20AC;˘ drews, W Andrews 30-17. District singles: W Robertsv N Myler 32-14; D Moulds v J Ware 31-29; R Campbell v A Halfpenny 32-14. District pairs: F O'Brien, T Roos v A Ryan, K O'Leary 19-15; D Goody, N Myler won on forfeit (v J Corbett, B Williams). District triples: E Austin, P Brown, W Manthey v D Sinclair, G McCosker, R Gibbons 2714. District fours: G Barrett, D Sinclair, T Woodbridge, F Baker v F Birkett, P Brown, W Manthey, D Haigh 28-14. K McKimmie, B Atkinson, J Ware,W Roberts v F Freeman, K O'Leary, R Bird, N Myler 32-16. On Friday, February 5 at 6.30pm, mixed bowls (table selected) will be played by floodlights. Saturday, February 6, men's social bowls will be played in the afternoon with competition games in the morning and evening. On Sunday, February 7, mixed social bowls in the afternoon and competition games in the morning and evening. The Bicentennial Fours will be played on February 6 and 7.

EP ladies bowls club in action

r,A.4 u rark Ladies bowling utuo tS pack into the swing of things again and getting into gear for a busy month. Starting with a committee meeting 11am, on February 10. The club has welcomed five new members over the last couple of months ... all keen players and workers. On February 17 members will still be playing the triple trophy, as of every third Wednesday of the month. The barbecues are still having good roll ups on Friday and Saturday nights between 6pm and 7.30pm. Members and friends are all welcome to relax and listen to the music. Wednesday, February 24, is the first competition game. Champion singles: B Atcheson v M Price. B singles: M Wilson v D McKenzie; J Barber v B Farrow. 1.30pm start. Three markers are required. Lil Mills is home from hospital and recovering gradually, but no bowls yet. On Saturday, February 27, Emu Park Ladies Bowling Club is having a trash and treasure at the Emu Park Historical Museum, Hill Street at 9am.

Singing Ship MOST members of the Singing Ship Indoor Bowls have resumed play after the Christmas break despite the hot weather. Last Monday night the club travelled to Rockhampton to play Koongal Uniting Church club. Koongal won with 103; Singing Ship 99. The monthly meeting will be held on Saturday, February 6 at 1pm followed by the usual Saturday games. On Sunday, February 14 the club will host a team from Bileola. There will be a full day of bowls with a break for lunch and a cent Sale. Members should be there no later than 9.30am.

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20 Capricorn Coast Mirror February 6 -- February 12, 1988

Both cricket teams downed



CAPRICORN Coast cricketers went down in both grades in their one day matches last weekend. In second grade Easts won the toss and elected to bat. Although Easts were contained early, they soon cut loose to score 193 from their alloted 40 overs with the loss of seven wickets. Bowling for Coast, Wayne Kitchener took one for 44 from 8 overs, Ian Anderson four for 52 from eight, Andrew Walls one for 34 from eight, Ken Ogilvie one for 25 from eight, Jeff Ingle 0 for 14 from five and Dennis Kolega 0 for 13 from three. The ground fielding cost Coast a few runs but the highlight of the fielding was an excellent caught and bowled by Ian Anderson. Coast was on target after 20 overs with the top order batsmen all getting a start. However they failed to go on with the job and the Coast was dismissed in 35 overs for 117 runs. The last five wickets fell for only 16 runs. Adrian Smith was top-scorer with 21, Dennis Kolega and Jeff Ingle both made 16, and Steve Pidcock made 15. The man of the match went to Ian Anderson. Coast will meet Frenchville in a two day match starting this weekend at the Rockhampton Cricket Grounds. In third grade Coast won the toss against Brothers and elected to bat. They were dismissed for 100 which was a good recovery after being five for 11 at one stage. Steve Bock top-scored with 33 while Brett Russell made 20 and Mike Barsby, 26. Brothers, who were contained early by some good bowling from Steve Bock and Brendan Fleetwood, scored 217 Steve Bock took one for 15 from eight overs, Brendan Fleetwood two for 22 from eight, Jason Dawes two for 52 from eight, Greg Richardson three for seven from two and Darren Petterwood two for 26 from 3.3. Darren Petterwood did a good job behind the wickets which included a good stumping. Man of the match went to Steve Bock. Third-grade will now have a bye for two weekends.

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* *

ABOVE: VAndals have damaged the Yeppoon United Soccer Club's facilities for the second time in two years. Last year someone threw bricks at the club's storage facility in Apex Park damaging the tiled roof. Vandals struck again in the same way this year.. Club president Bruce Korotcoff (on right) surveys the damage while (from left) Michael Korotcoff, Geoffory Boon, Alexander Badawy and Ryan Korotcoff hold up smashed tiles.

Public meeting decides Coast should have own soccer comp. THE Capricorn Coast now has its own soccer competition ... with boys and girls between 7 and 17 playing every Saturday. A meeting held on Wednesday night by the Yeppoon United Soccer Club decided to withdraw, but remain affiliated, from the Rockhampton Soccer Federation. The decision was made because of the weekly cost to parents travelling to Rockhampton.

Yeppoon Australian Football Club Inc

11am, Sunday, February 7 Yeppoon Showgrounds

Junior and Senior

(Sign On Come along and meet the new coaches and committees

We need trainers for all teams ... can you offer your services? Contact the Committee.

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For fun out of the Sun

Try a game of

vve ye-

Ike bark tti tke 1,4iwun, CATHY LOGAN is back from a roundAustralia trip that would rival those undertaken by the explorers. She circumnavigated this nation in a bus over her Christmas holidays (yes, you're right, the paper did come out over Christmas even though she was away). Anyway, the trip was her first time out of Queensland so she saw many strange sights ... men holding hands in Sydney. Safely back in Yeppoon, she started her first day dealingwith the council elections. One hopeful, who knew her before she went away, commented on how trips like hers broaden the mind and do wonders for a young girl. "You look older," he said. Cathy, used to politicians' ways, replied: "Yes, four weeks older!!!"

THE first activity for members of the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club will be a visit to the Frenchville Club at North Rockhampton on Tuesday, February 9 to play social bowls. Members wishing to make the trip are asked to place their names in the book provided. Next Tuesday, February 9, is the date for the first monthly meeting of YIBC for 1988. A large attendance is expected.

BYO food * Bar provided

, ••••


YIBC's visit


gamin KW twain ov-

•ve •


... Racquetball, Badminton or Volleyball and after the game have a shower or swim Book at ... Capricorn Coast Squash Centre ... 39 2444

Yeppoon Spartans Baseball

MUSTER Saturday, February 6, 2pm

"The cost isn't just monetary, it's time too. The players and their parents sometimes were in Rockhampton every Saturday for at least four hours," president Bruce Korotcoff said. "We expect that every school on the Coast and its direct hinterland will encourage their students to become involved in this new local competition. "Soccer is a wonderful game for boys and girls of all ages. "Children are taught team spirit and at the same time learn ball skills. Of course, the high school players will have the chance to challenge St Brendan's," he said. A public meeting will be held on Thursday, February 11, 7.30Pm, at the Railway Hotel to sort out a multitude of suggestions that were put forward at this week's meeting. The Coast has a soccer field at Apex Park and it includes lighting for night training and games. Yeppoon United Soccer Club has been formed long enough to have sufficient equipment. "The idea is for all areas from Keppel Sands to Byfield to form teams to play in the local competition. Of course, if your child is already an accomplished player and you want him/her to compete against Rockhampton teams, our affiliation ensures that they can do so." The meeting decided to send home a note to all parents (schools will be contacted this week) so all children will have a chance to join the new Coast soccer competition. There is a coupon in this week's Capricorn Coast Mirror similar to the circular going out from the schools. "We hope parents will encourage their children to join this game for all ages and sexes and fill in the form and send it to me, 37 Cliff Street, Yeppoon or take it to school for collection by one of the club's committee." Mr Korotcoff said he would be pleased to hear from any interested future players and parents ... 39 1042. "Ellen Cue is also available to take phone calls during the day, 39 3719."

CapCoast Rugby Union

MEANWHILE, Rhodes Watson (or son of What and son of Suzy and son of "Old Baldy") is following in Cathy's footsteps (or is that tyre tracks?). He is due back this weekend after four weeks' bus travel around Australia meeting the "rellies". Anyone who knows Rhodes would realise that he gets less„...."--tmiles to the gallon of Coke than even "OB" ... so, relatives putting him up in this Bicentennial year have had to use their Bankcards just to buy groceries. "OB's" sister in Sydney phoned to report he had left there heading for Albury then asked if it was his normal habit to open the fridge door and look inside for minutes at a time. When told that he regarded a fridge as something akin to a TV set she commented that during his visit there was nothing to see in the fridge ... "he emptied it every time I attempted to fill it". A similar report came from Albury (where he was stranded for nine days because of booked out buses) but his granny found away to curb his appetite ... "granny gave me cow's tongue for dinner," he very quietly told his mother while not-too-hard-of-hearing granny was in the same room. Apparently he told his granny he had enough trouble just eating animals ... without getting into their tongues. Wonder if he's tried sweetbreads? * * *

DAVE RUCK has started work with the Mirror as a sales rep. He's perfectly suited to the job ... he has been involved in business in Yeppoon (original partner in the Bakehouse Gym) and has therefore advertised and knows the paper gets results. He's also been featured in the news pages many times because he's been the captain of the CapCoast Rugby Club A grade side leading it to umpteen victories. He started work on Monday and learned the first fact of newspaper life ... last one on makes the tea!!! * * *

WHILE we're on about Rucky we may as`o!) well go the whole hog. He called on a client this week and got involved in a long and involved discussion about the state of the State, the nation, and the world. In the course of the conversation, Rucky learned that all the problems in Australia could be solved by the removal of all Kiwis back to New Zealand. Rucky listened intently because this was something he'd never heard before. You see, most people know he's a Kiwi ... so they only tell him the jokes!!! * * *

GLENDA MATHER has been fighting on one issue for years ... water. No one could have said more about water than Glenda ... it was always water. Now she has nominated to stand for Livingstone Shire Council ... will kler platform be: "I'll either sink or swim!"4,

La Bamba Finest Cuisine, Pally - 39 3212


CAPRICORN COAST IWASAKI RESORT (between the Pool and the Ocean)

Sunday, February 7, 2pm

New players needed for 1988

Cooee Park Sports Complex Free refreshments and BBQ


Inquiries: 39 7151

All past, present and intending members welcome