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ISSUE 231:4SATURDAY, January 23, fl 988 -- FRIDAY, January 29, 1988, _ .

TUESDAY, January 26, is Australia Day ... the biggest day in Australia's Bicentenary celebrations and a day of involvement for the Capricorn Coast. The Livingstone Shire Bicentennial Community Committee has prepared a programme of activities to bring residents out of their homes and into Yeppoon. A church service, flag presentations, unveiling of a monument, the sinking of a time capsule, presentation of Australia Day Awards and choir numbers combine with broom throwing, bottle top flicking and an old-time boxing booth to have that "something-for-everyone" flavour. Where possible, residents have been introduced into ceremonies ... it's not just a day for the politicians. Coast people, young and old, have been drawn into the activities.



9.30am Beaman Park, Yeppoon: All denominations are invited to attend a Bicentennial Thanksgiving Service which starts at 9.30am. 1 lam Lammermoor Native Garden: A Port Jackson Fig Tree will be planted in the native garden by Coast descendants of the First Fleet. LSBCC president Cr Brian Dorey will welcome everyone and there will be an introduction from former shire chairman Henry Beak. Among descendants planting the tree will be Fred Olsson, Robert Everingham, Gordon Abel, all of Yeppoon, and Alex Bacon of Emu Park. Committee member Cr Duncan McDonald will give the vote of thanks. 2pm Beaman Park, Yeppoon: An afternoon offering general entertainment plus official ceremonies appropriate to the occasion. There will be music by the Iron Barque Bush • CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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* ABOVE: A bevy of blight-eyed bicentennial beauties will be launched into Livingstone Shim's celebrations at a special function on Januaty30. The chicken and champagne supper dance will be at Bavview Tower. Maree Hany trpmsents Towle Chiropractic Clinic and will fundraising for Yeppoon Hack and Pony Club, Tanya Dmst has been sponsolvd by Boren), and a Rotary chanty will benefit, Tanya Benson is from Tanby Roses and she is supposing Capricorn Coast Blue Nurses, Lynda Hinz was nominated by The Caves Bicentennial Committee and will raise money forher district, Tammy Dean is Livingstone Shim Council's entrant, Katiene McDonald represents Lousie's Coffee Lounge and has chosen the QATB for her chanty, Donna Hannan is Livingstone's Bicentennial Committee's entrant. Absent is Alison lafrati sponsored by Yeppoon Glass and Tiles.

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2 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988

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Families invited to join in fun for Hinton to query whole family on Australia Day area on pokies • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Band, and an old-time boxing booth, logging and timber display, historical gun display, arts and crafts, costumes, coffee, billy tea, damper, cordial and a variety of stalls. 2.30pm Beaman Park: Introduction by master of ceremonies Don Knowles who will give details of the afternoon's activities. 2.45pm Beaman Park: The Youth Choir sing Advance Australia Fair after which there will be a presentation of Australian Flags by Yeppoon RSL Sub Branch. 2.45pm Unveiling of 200th Anniversary Monument: Official party members will be Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and Mrs Lillian Bowen; deputy chairman Cr Keith Hinchliffe and Mrs Pauline Hinchliffe; LSBCC president Cr Brian Dorey and Mrs Olive Dorey; State Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Mrs Roslyn Hinton; Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright and

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Chairman candidate Jim Turner,in discussions with Main Roads Department district engineer Kevin Kerr, said he was advised emergency money could be spent by council for immediate protection of the Kinka Beach area if authorised by council. "This emergency money is some $10,000 to $20,000," he said. "After discussions with various people it was evident to me that small expenditure would only be a band-aid, and that the whole area would need a proposed groin, as put forward by Bruce McLean, Causeway Progress Association president, so as another channel could be implemented to help overcome the problem. "I was also advised that the beach protection authority had offered council over three years ago 50 per cent towards cost of a scheme, but the offer was never accepted. The BPA recommend government subsidy," Mr Turner said. "I am aware of the model which had been implemented to give engineers an up-to-date data on the flow. An estimated cost for the necessary works could be up to $1 million which would include dredging the causeway. However, the immediate problem is to overcome the silting and erosion especially at Kinka Beach." Mr Turner assured electors, when elected, he would make strong representation for funds to the appropriate authorities.


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MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton will conduct a street survey during February to ascertain the views of Capricorn Coast residents in Yeppoon and Emu Park on their support for poker machines as a source of State revenue, additional State taxes or reduced Government services as a result of the dramatic cutbacks in State allocations to Queensland by the Federal Government. "I have been inundated with telephone calls both for and against poker machines, cigarette, alcohol and fuel taxes over the past few weeks and will be seeking further expressions of view from the people," Mr Hinton said. "It is becoming clear to me that there is enormous resistance to reduced public services and services such as the ambulance services, hospitals, police and education are obviously feeling the pinch. "Mr Ahern has stated that further Federal funding cuts to the States forecast, could bring about a State mini-budget, so it is important as State Member that I am fully aware of the people's views. "The irony of the situation is of course that while the Federal Government has cut spending dramatically, it has imposed very little restriction on its own spending."

Bush dance A BUSH dance is on Friday, January 22 at the Masonic Hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon, from 7.30pm to 11pm with the Kooka Brothers and friends providing the music. There will be a light supper and the dance is licensed ... the cost is $4 for adults and $2 children over five years. The Capricorn Branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society is holding the bush dance. ADVERTISEMENT

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Mrs Alison Wright; LSBCC member Cr Kevin Hinz and Mrs Alison Hinz; LSBCC secretary Mrs Sharyn Black and senior vice president Mr Black; shire clerk Jim Brown and Mrs Gloria Brown; LSBCC treasurer Denis Murphy and committee social secretary Mrs Robyn Murphy. 3pm Time Capsule Sinking: Shire clerk Jim Brown will call on Mrs Dorey, who collected the contents, to sink the time capsule. 3.10pm 200th Anniversary Cake Cutting: Cr Hinz will introduce cake-makers and creators May Forrest, Amelia Hill, Bing Morgan and Marshall Morgan ... and shire residents with birthdays on January 26. They will cut the cake. Among those known to have January 26 birthdays are Kel Hutton, Dell Winkleman, Bev Sorensen, Harry Maher and Andrew Breingan ... it is believed four others have since come forward and they will be included in the ceremony. 3.15pm Costume Parade: There will be a parade of colonial, period and national costumes for prize awards. Yeppoon Choral Society will present Australian and colonial songs and bush ballads. 3.30pm-4.20pm: Costume parade winners will be announced; the bush band will play and the Rockhampton Police Citizens' Youth Club will present an old-time boxing booth. Also, Yeppoon Rotary Club will organise Aussie Sports, which include broom throwing for women; bottle top flicking for men and egg and spoon races for children. 4.25pm Eureka Re-enactment: This will be presented by the "New Chums", Yeppoon Little Theatre. 4.45pm Naturalisation Ceremony: Cr Bowen and Mr Brown will officiate at this ceremony then the Youth Choir will present I Call Australia Home. 5pm Australia Day Awards: These awards to shire citizens will be presented by chairman Cr Bowen. 5.20pm: Bush Ballads and colonial songs by boxing booth. 5.30pm-6.30pm: Iron Barque Bush Band.

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DEAR ELECTORS, One of the major issues for me, when

elected as your chairman, is to have constructed a nursing home at Yeppoon. I realise that moves towards this have been made without success, to date. I congratulate those responsible on their effort, and I will join in helping them to press ahead with the project. I will not take the negative attitude of one of my opponents as he did so the TV issue. During my 21 years in local government I have instigated homes for the aged, senior citizen's hall, meals on wheels, in all the expenditure of $1 million. This alone should demonstrate to the electors my sincerity towards the aged, besides I have initiated the building of a hostel in Clermont, before my departure. Have my opponents achieved this record during their local government careers? I realise the problem in obtaining a nursing home, because of the government policywhich exists on a regional basis. If we all work together, which is my aim, I feel sure we can have this policy changed. Both the state and federal governments are looking at a pilot scheme on hostels, when as a community, can have 20 beds instead of the required 60 which has been the policy in the past. For residents of the Capricorn Coast to have to pull up stumps, make new friends, leave loved ones, travel a minimum of 100 kilometres (60 miles) to visit them, is not on in my books. Surely a location basis is the answer not a regional one. I am making an effort to say hello to as many as possible over the next month. Should I miss you when I call, you are quite welcome to call me, day or night, on 39 1265 or visit me at 33 John Street, Yeppoon. The blimp will be a guide. For Stability - Leadership - Experience Open Council. VOTE


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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 -- 3

Timbs calls on council to resolve money owing to Rowe LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman candidate David Timbs has called on council to resolve outstanding issues relating to the Tony Rowe affair. In a Press release, in which he describes himself also as Coast ALP spokesman, Mr Timbs said it would be "most improper to allow this sorry matter to drag on into the life of the new council" to be elcted on March 19. "This council cannot neglect its responsibility in this matter," he said. "The council, and particularly those who so doggedly pursued the former engineer's dismissal should face the reality of the situation. "They should not leave any future council with the prospect of severe legal expenses. "These would arise if council avoided its obligation to pay the sacked engineer's legal costs." Mr Timbs said the new council should not be forced to inherit a hefty bill "which may ultimately be very hefty indeed". He said he agreed with State ombudsman Cedric Johnson who said the current council was morally onliged to meet Mr Rowe's costs. "This is especially the case when one considers Mr Rowe was forced to defend himself and has been completely exonerated of any allegations of misconduct or negligence in a dismissal case again described by the ombudsman as a charade and absolute pretence," Mr Timbs said. "Mr Rowe cannot be reinstated; the damage has been done. I know not all councillors supported the dismissal. The council can now restore a semblance of respectability and meet its moral obligations." Mr Timbs called on all other candidates for council, whether for the chair or to represent a division, to publicly state their attitude to the Rowe issue.


Exchange teachers, students among 3000 going to schools NEARLY 3000 Capricorn Coast children will return or start school this week after the Christmas holidays. Thirty-one new teachers, including two overseas exchange teachers, will be there to greet them. Linda Lou Austen is on exchange from the United States to Cawarral Primary and Mary Makin will take up her position at St Brendan's College from Ireland. School enrolments for both primary and high schools are about the same as last year. St Ursula's has about 140 boarders and St Brendan's will board about 360 boys. Yeppoon Primary will have about 650 students with just over 100 year ones. Forty-eight students will attend Byfield. Cawarral will have 90 primary and pre-school students. The Farnborough principal expects about 50 students and that both pre-school groups will be filled. Emu Park principal Dennis Wex said he will have 180 students with 25 starting at the pre-school. Sacred Heart will have an enrolment of about 210. Yeppoon High School will have between 690 and 700 students. St Ursula's College expects 90 day girls and St Brendan's College will have about 80 day boys. State primary students will start school on Monday, January 25 and Sacred Heart students on Wednesday, January 27. Year 8 and 11 high school students return on Monday, January 25 and year 9, 10 and 12 on Wednesday, January 27. St Ursula's College and St Brendan's College students will start the year on Thursday, January 28. New teachers at Yeppoon Primary School are Julie Muller and Lyn Fall. Mrs Fall has been transferred from Farnborough School. Byfield Primary has a new principal, Arthur Sclippa, from Karara and teacher Margaret Reis. Besides the American exchange teacher, Cawarral has a new early education teacher, Mark McDiarmid. John Runham is the new Farnborough Primary principal and the assistant teacher is Laurel Robertson. Vianne Sherriff has been transferred to Emu Park Primary from Byfield. Sacred Heart has a new principal, Laurie Fitzgerald, and three new teachers ... Mark

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Harris, Pam Iafrati and Bernadette Barnes. Six new faces and three returned teachers will greet Yeppoon High students this week ... Pauline Griffiths, Tony Malinconico and Brian Tierney are the returnees. The new teachers are Helen Nuttall, Jill Tesch, Penny Moraitis, Geraldine Kirkcaldie, Bruce Watson and Maree Collins. St Ursula's College principal Sr Marion Kingston said she was delighted that the school's 1987 teachers had stayed on for the bicentenary year. Exchange teacher Mary Mackin will be joined at St Brendan's College by Brs Cosgrove, Saward, Muhldorff, Ron Hamilton, Leesa Jesscoat, Karen Keough, David Stewart and Frances Taylor.



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Council to see SES on subsidy LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will contact the State Emergency Service to discuss subsidy funding for a building at Emu Park in the next financial year. This follows a report to council after Crs Brian Dorey and Duncan McDonald prompted council to make more relevant applications through State and Federal Departments for SES centre construction subsidies. As a result, council received a letter from the SES outlining subsidies available and pointing out that if there were plans for an Emu Park building, the application should be made without delay. It seems guidelines allow a subsidy of $15,000. The Federal Government provides 810,000 and $5000 maximum from the State Government. A successful application would have to show a specific proposal, including details of the building, the land provided and the cost of construction.

Turner told UHF could provide worse transmission on Coast LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman candidate Jim Turner learned Capricorn Coast TV reception could well get worse, when he chaired a public meeting at Yeppoon Town Hall on Wednesday night. He said more than 40 people, representing both businesses and residents, heard that far from getting better, Coast ABC-TV reception could in fact deteriorate when UHF (ultra-high frequency) transmission was introduced from 1990. Mr Turner said RTQ-7 managing director Bill Saunders, when asked what effect UHF would have when introduced, said it was likely to be worse than the present VHF transmissions. "He outlined that RTQ-7 had plans to erect a translator on Meikleville Hill by 1990 which would overcome reception problems," Mr Turner said. This move would cost $75,000. This was part of a $15 million equalisation scheme which comes into effect from 1990.

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The payment is the Family Allowance Supplement. It is tax-free and is paid at a maximum rate of $22 a week for each child under 13 and $28 a week for children aged 13, 14 or 15. The exact amount depends on how much money your family earns and how many children you have.

Under this scheme, created by the Federal Government, Central Queensland viewers will also receive Mackay and Townsville television as well as ABC and RTQ-7. "With three commercial and one government station, viewers will be getting close to the television arrangements most city dwellers have enjoyed for the past 20 years," he said. Mr Saunders told the meeting the RTQ-7 translator would cost $50 per viewer on the Capricorn Coast. One questioner, a motel owner, said one guest had described CQ TV as "Hicksville". The guest was accustomed to up to six TV channels and was far from impressed with just two channels on the Coast ... and the fact that they couldn't see them. Mr Turner said the meeting resolved to express "deep concern at the poor television viewing on the Coast since its inception". "The meeting asked the RTQ-7 management to bring forward sufficient funds in their 1988 budget to construct a translator on Meikleville Hill or another alternative site," Mr Turner said. "The meeting was not satisfied to wait until 1990 and felt any delay was not in the best interests of the community. "The licensee has the responsibility to provide this improved service. Also, the meeting resolved that the matter of TV viewing, both ABC and commercial, be taken up with the appropriate authorities," Mr Turner said.

Who's putting the litter in the water? WHO is putting the litter in the water that washes up on Coast beaches ... particularly Farnborough? Cr Geoff Cue suggested it was coming from Rosslyn Bay Harbour and asked whether something had been done about stopping it. Cr Barbara Wildin said she did not think it was from the harbour ... "I think it's from the boating public". Cr Ann Giorgi said in the Whitsundays, every boat brought its garbage to shore and put it in bins, to which health surveyor John Harmsworth replied that garbage services were well catered for at the harbour. Cr Key Hinz moved, and Cr Cue seconded a motion that council write to the Harbours and Marine Department asking it to put up signs in the harbour warning against litter and that it washes up on beaches.

Land slashing idea A PROPOSAL to require land owners to clear overgrown allotments in advance was not possible, a councillor was told this week. Cr Geoff Cue suggested that land owners be notified they would be required to clean overgrown blocks before they got out of control. He said, in effect, that council knew when clearing would be needed and it could write to owners in advance so that the work could be carried out when due, and not overdue. Health surveyor John Harmsworth said council could not take this action ... the minimum time would be 30 days. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen suggested contractors could enter into agreement with land owners guaranteeing that blocks would be slashed when necessary. He said it was done elsewhere. ADVERTISEMENT


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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 -- 5

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* ABOVE: New Capticom residents Nathan, David and Daniel Bullhorn spent Saturday morning playing with clay at the Art Society's children's workshop in Beaman Park. Their father is Farnborough School's new principal.

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Timbs wants council to back nursing home on Coast

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council chairman candidate David Timbs said this week if elected

on March 19 he would move to convince council of the need for it to throw its weight behind securing a nursing home for the Coast at Yeppoon. Mr Timbs, who is convenor of an Aged Care Accommodation Committee, has been involved in researching a submission for a Coast nursing home. "The community is well aware of the need," he said in a Press release. Indeed many responsible Commonwealth Government officials agree that the size of our aged population justifies a facility of about 40 beds." He said he had spoken with many State and Federal Government officials and was grateful for the interest and support of Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Member for Capricornia Keith Wright. He said he also raised the matter with Prime Minister Bob Hawke. "I am confident of a successful outcome if we can pursue the matter with the full support and sponsorship of the shire council," he said. This success would be despite the difficulties created by the severe limits now placed on nursing home approvals and the government's desire to restrict approvals to very substantial organisations. "As we know, the priorities in recent years has been for the provision of home and community care services," he said. "The aim of that programme has been to keep people out of nursing homes." Mr Timbs said the situation in Livingstone Shire has always been such that there had been a "great gap in the range of services for the aged". "I hope this will be a project the council will fully endorse. It can be organised under the shire's auspices and the council should establish a properly registered committee," he said.

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6 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988



VIVIENNE SCHNELL did not want to go home to Eketahuna after six weeks in Australia ... about the last 10 days on the Capricorn Coast. Vivienne is a Lions Exchange student who returned to New Zealand this week to start studies to be a teacher. After spending her birthday (December 20) and Christmas Day at Duaringa, New Year's Eve at Foleyvale (an Aboriginal Station) plus the recent fortnight at the Coast, she said she was accustomed to the heat and wanted to stay. Coming from New Zealand, which is also enjoying summer, it didn't seem the heat would be a problem ... but Vivienne said her parents reported Christmas temperatures at home of 10 degrees on Boxing Day morning rising to 14 degrees at lunch. Also, the temperatures at home had been as low as 5 degrees since she left ... and it had rained for a week. Eketahuna, her home, is 140km north of Wellington on the North Island. It has a population of 600. The nearest town is Masterton with 17,000 people. It's about 30 minutes away. She lives on "an 806 acre sheep farm" raising Romney sheep for meat and wool in about 50/ 50 proportions. Vivienne became a Lions Exchangee after seeing a poster at school and an advertisement in the local newspaper. She, and two others, applied. All three were accepted. Asked about the selection process, she said there were about a dozen Lions in the local club and everyone knew everyone else in town. Selection was almost automatic. The three

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*ABOVE: Lions exchange student Vivienne Schnell looked over the Keppel Islands the day before she left for home ... New Zealand. had to pay their own fares to the host country. Vivienne said she had completed schooling equal to what would be Grade 11 in Australia. and that qualified her for tertiary study. She could have stayed on a further year in "college" (not high school) after which she would have sat for an external examination. The education system in New Zealand requires students to start school at the age of five ... as soon as they turn five. It doesn't matter if a child turns five in October or November; they start school. There are two years in J1 and J2, years 1,2,3 and 4 (by which time students are aged 10 or 11) then Form 1 and Form 2. Form 2 is the end of Primary School. Then, aged 12 or 13, students start College, which is Australia's high school. They enter third form then fourth, then fifth. At the end of fifth form they sit for an external examination which qualifies them for the School Certificate. Vivienne has just completed sixth form, equal to Year 11 in Australia. The examination at the end of that year is internally assessed with gradings from 1 to 9, with 1 being the highest pass. The final year, which she does not have to complete, is 7th form. If she went on, she would sit for an external examination which is called Bursary. Vivienne said the bulk of students went on to 6th form, which is sufficient for tertiary study, but not to the final year. There were 90 in her 6th foim but only about 30 were going on this year to Bursary level. After applying to be a Lions Exchangee in June last year, she addressed the local club and left for Australia on December 8. She returned on January 21. During her stay, she spent a day in Sydneywhen she met another exchangee and stayed with a family at Engadine (south of Sydney), then headed to Central Queensland staying with George and Elaine Carriage at Duaringa. "I went to a Blue Light Disco there. I had never been to one before. It was quite different," she said. She also went kangaroo shooting, but only for the trip, not to shoot ... "I don't like guns". "When I was accepted as an exchange student I received a letter about the host families I would staying with and it said the family's hobby was shooting," she said. "Dad told me they would probably go `roo shooting ... but I thought he was joking." Her next stay was with the Adams family at Edungalby for a week-and-a-half. She brought in the New Year with them playing 500s with family and friends who dropped in. She came to Yeppoon on January 7 and stayed with the Hutton family in Caroline Street. While on the Coast she visited all the tourist sights, loved the crocodile farm, really loved the pineapples ("we don't get many at home and I love them"), visited the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort and swam at Stoney Creek. That swim reminded her of New Zealand ... "the water was so clear, just like the rivers at home".

She addressed Yeppoon Lions Club last Monday night but still had one attraction to see on Monday this week, before leaving on Wednesday ... she was hoping to see Great Keppel Island but the weather had been too rough. So close to returning home, Vivienne was filling each moment with new sights. She said she would definitely return, to both Australia and the Capricorn Coast. ADVERTISEMENT

ELECTORS of DIVISION ONE Livingstone Shire Council Do you want:


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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 --

Access: taken for granted by so many. So difficult for disabled WALKING is taken for granted by anyone who can walk in the same way as motorists take driving for granted ... but for those people who are confined to a wheelchair simply moving around becomes a major task. How many of us stop to think of the difficulties people in wheelchairs face? Probably not many, just as we don't walk around worrying about the starving millions or destruction of the ozone layer. These are things that happen to other people ... and, with luck, they won't happen to us. But Livingstone Shire councillors had any complacency removed by a 20-minute video ADVERTISEMENT

REPORTED QUOTES OF THE WEEK Re: Council and the aged We have a great many moaning ratepayers, Mr Shuttlewood of the pensioners' league being one of the them. (Cr Giorgi, Morning Bulletin, 26 Aug. 1985) Mr Shuttlewood yesterday lashed back at Division One Cr Ann Giorgi's reference to him in the Morning Bulletin on Monday as a moaning ratepayer ... "If I needed any confirmation of my view that Livingstone Shire Council should be dissolved then Cr Giorgi's ill-informed statement has provided it." (Morning Bulletin, 28 Aug. 1985) "Mr Shuttlewood should not muddle rates with charges," Cr Giorgi said. "And he should be a bit more grateful to the people that are carrying him - the other ratepayers." (Morning Bulletin, 31 Oct. 1985) Mr Shuttlewood said he had been accused of muddling rates with charges, but it was his understanding that in the Local Government Act the word "rates" meant all rates and charges levied. "This leaves me with a rate bill of 5467 a year. All I can say is that stubbies must be dear in Giorgi territory." (Cr Giorgi had said pensioners' rates cost less than the price of a stubby a week.) (Morning Bulletin, 2 Nov. 1985) The tragedy of the '80s The council is the guardian of the ratepayers' money and the ratepayers welfare should be paramount. But this council only considered personalities. All the council did was stop the progress of the shire. It's a tragedy ... the tragedy of the '80s. (Cr Hartwig, Minor, 29 March 1986) On spending priorities Cr Ann Giorgi moved that council not reinstate Mr Rowe and, instead, pay him out. Cr Geoff Cue seconded the motion. Neither spoke to their motion. Cr Kevin Hinz spoke against the sacking. He said the $150,000 could be better spent in the shire. He said the table opposed buying plant and equipment and sewering Emu Park but it could find the money to pay the engineer. (Mirror, 13 Sept. 1986) (Re Rowe inquiry cost) The real argument is the source of the cash, other than from the poor suffering ratepayers. The money would not have been budgeted for, which leaves people wondering whose bitumen street or road will go by the board to fund this unnecessary exercise ... illegalities occurred on the lead up to the suspension, but that appears to be par for the course. The ratepayers should not be footing any of the bills. (MWebb tenet; MomingBulletin, 19 Nov. 1985) Open government? (Question in Mirror) As a member of Livingstone Shire Council, you would be involved in the spending of public money. Do you believe council should be accountable to the public for how it is spent? Bowen: Yes. (Mbror, 30 March, 1985) Bowen won't give answers to queries on consultants ... when he was asked why he was making the Mirror write letters (for information) instead of simply answering the questions, Cr Bowen said there were two reasons: The cost of finding the information; and it was confidential information that the councillors should see first. Again, we say: "Bull". (John and Suzy Watson, Mirror; 14 June, 1986) "The bastards aren't worth it" On sick leave from council suffering nagging headaches, Cr Hartwig said he had spent some time walking around the shopping centre. "I've had people come up to me and say, 'Don't let it get you down, the bastards aren't worth it.'," he said. (Martz 29 March, 1986) Authorised by J Chapman, 6 Maida Street, Yeppoon.

shown at their meeting last week. Called the Access Games, it treated a serious topic in a light-hearted manner. People with disabilities "raced" people without them ... but all were either confined to wheelchairs or were blindfolded. It was funny to see a husky male struggling to wheel his chair through a steady stream of pedestrians in the City of Sydney; it was funny to see him terrified in the face of traffic at pedestrian crossings ... and it was funny to see him "bustin" to go to the toilet ... and unable to find a paraplegic cubicle. Then the fun went out of it. Not because the video stopped being funny, but because the reality suddenly hit home ... this isn't funny; this is what anyone in a wheelchair faces every day of their lives. Questions come to mind as the video rolls on. How do people in wheelchairs find the courage to bounce off a gutter and wheel themselves across pedestrian crossings in peak-hour traffic? How do they manage to beat the lights when the 'Don't Walk' sign comes on so quickly? How do the visually-impaired walk up huge flights of steps at railway stations when they are being bumped by all and sundry who, with the benefit of sight, see the train coming in and make a mad dash for the ticket office? The examples went on and on. They were filmed in a subtle manner ... and in a slapstick manner. Either way, the message came across. The menage was loud and clear. There are disadvantaged people in the community and all of us can do something to help them ... to make their lives a little easier. But don't get the idea that the disadvantaged people are all sitting in wheelchairs, tapping white canes in front of them or being led around by a cute looking Labrador. The disadvantaged include young mothers with babies in prams who face the same difficulties faced daily by anyone confined to a wheelchair. The disadvantaged include anyone whose sight is failing. The disadvantaged include people who cannot hear well enough to understand ... and that must include anyone from other lands who do not speak English (migrants and tourists) because they face the same problem of either saying what they want in a manner that is understood or getting an answer to a particular question ... "Where does the bus stop? Where are the toilets? Is is safe to swim here?" Then think ... have you ever blocked a footpath? A blocked footpath is a definite problem for someone in a wheelchair, even worse for the visually impaired. The video showed a "blind" contestant going great guns along the footpath tapping a cane and making good time ... then whack, they walked into a tree branch hanging over a fence. Who would think of a tree, a beautiful object, as something that could cause pain and injury? The list goes on and on ... and the key word to helping is "Access". Livingstone Shire Council is doing its bit. There are toilets for the disabled; new footpaths are a step (or a wheel) in the right direction. If you would like to help, start by seeing the video. Rockhampton City Council liaison officer Peter Warren can arrange screenings and it would be perfect for any Coast club looking for a "guest speaker". After seeing the video, think about the Access Awards that are part of Australia's Bicentenial Celebrations. Again, Peter Warren has the information. He's a phone call away (27 6444) ... which is a lot closer than the disabled find most things. Then, cast your mind back to one word that was used in the video by a man who will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair ... the word is "spontaneity". This man said being confined to a wheelchair had taken the "spontaneity" out of his life. How? Well, if any of us want to go to the pictures, we go. If we want to buy a milkshake, we walk into a shop and buy one. That's "spontaneity". This man, in a wheelchair, has to phone ahead to the picture theatre to see if there are steps at the front door; if the ticket office is on a raised platform; if there are more stairs to the seating; if the toilets accommodate a wheelchair. And, if everything is suitable ... he then has to plan transport. In Sydney, a taxi for the disabled has to be booked two days in advance. Not much spontaneity there. That's why the video is so good ... it makes the rest of us think of something spontaneous we can do for others less fortunate ... without making us feel guilty for what we haven't done until now!

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8 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988

Turner replies to struck dumb


CR Giorgi is "struck dumb" as she can't read advertisements and get the message which is so easy. "Independent of groups and political parties as I have been in local government since 1967." Cr Giorgi reads into this "Independent" and is the one who wants to bring politics into the council. For her information I was once pressured to stand as a political figure, but won the day by refusing, as I did not, and still don't believe politics should be in local government. I have looked after, as chairman, Gough Whitlam, Mal Fraser, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Ed Casey, the late Percy Tucker and members of the shadow ministry in opposition in State Government. Everyone was treated the same, and appreciated the hospitality extended on behalf of the citizens. Salary is not even a concern of mine, as I have been a successful businessman and can look after myself very comfortably. Council is a big business, needs a leader of experience and expertise. One who has achieved success and a proven negotiator. I will give my full time as a chairman for all the people. I have had association with the Coast for 30 years, contributed towards rates, owned homes at Emu Park and now Yeppoon. The move to come to the Coast has been planned over 10 years. You mention pensioners Cr Giorgi. Re further rebates on rates, they are most important to me, as only for them we would not have any grandchildren in the future. They are not greedy. In fact if only constituents and pension-

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Nearly choked on struck dumb CR GIORGI is not often "struck dumb", (Mirror, January 16, 1988). I don't generally take much notice of her rambling, but I nearly choked on my cornflakes after reading her latest effort. Was the "absentee" representative for division one actually questioning Jim Turner's committment to "full time" chairmanship? Was this the same Cr Giorgi who was reported to have missed seven of the 12 monthly meetings last financial year, and on one occasion when she missed three (the limit under the act) had to get quick leave of absence to prevent her losing her position as councillor when she missed the fourth? Perhaps Cr Giorgi would like to clarify if this was so, and if she set a Livingstone Shire Council record of some sort for absenteeism during her term. And perhaps she might also like to clarify if she intends to offer voters more of the same over the next three years, (only if she has intentions of standing again of course). It's-really no concern of mine if she proclaims herself as a seasoned international traveller in many countries, .(Mirror, 23..85), or if her regular jaunts away are for health reasons, or for business, family, or pleasure, or a mixture of all four. In fact, I don't really care how long she is away. But some electors in division one may want and deserve full-time representation from a person who aspires to hold public office. And with reference to the same article, as Cr Giorgi seems to be some authority on namecalling, she may be able to clarify just who this council person is, sometimes referred to as the "Mouth from the South"? -- John Chapman, PO Box 339, Yeppoon.

Camper's lop notch' tip to all

(No replacement film) I

ers could have seen your actions at the last council meeting, you nearly wanted "Colonel Blimp" to get you out of the room, when, in fact, you should have said "The subdivision may involve me, Mr Chairman, therefore, I feel I should leave the room." You should be well aware of pecuniary interest or was it someone wanting to get greedy. Re infrastructure. Clermont has a showground-saleyard complex equal to any in Queensland. (1.3 million provided by ratepayers and State Government subsidy). Sporting complex - four tennis courts, basketball and netball courts, football field, turf wicket, grandstand, kiosk (some $500,000 provided by ratepayers). The above were not funded by coal companies. In negotiations with Blair Athol Coal I was successful and supported by council to have them provide further funds for extensions. In fact Cr. Giorgi, you have allowed me to say once more, as a proven negotiator with the support of councillors, Belyando has achieved more in infrastructure than any local authority in Queensland. I wonder why Cr. Giorgi? — Jim Turner, Livingstone Shire chairman candidate.


WE have been holidaying in our caravan at I your,beachfront camping area for the last fortnight. I was pleased with a insecticide called I "Top Notch", recommended to me by a campI ing friend, no trouble anymore with spiders and it certainly is "Tops". I cockroaches, We are leaving for home on Tuesday January 19, and I have arranged with the sellers to I supply us with our requirements. As our holiday was much more pleasant when our camp was insect free. We would like you to pass this information on to others. D Harlock, 20 Murrumbong Road, Summerland Pt, NSW 2259.

Fair go, Cr Cue FAIR go, Cr Cue, you are claiming you are delivering treated water because you promised it three years ago. What about the rest of the councillors getting some credit and also for the well laid plans of the council team just ahead of you. Your present adminst ration would have been condemned if it hadn't proceeded with plans already underway by the previous council. Before you made that claim about having delivered clean water (coming up in July) you should have asked yourself the following questions. Which council took the decision to stay at Water Park as the source with all the armchair critics screaming for the Fitzroy River? What council set up the pumping station at Woodbury and acquired the land adjacent for a clean water supply treatment plant? Which council opted to raise loan funds and roof the uncovered reservoirs in Yeppoon, Emu Park and Keppel Sands in preparation for a clean water supply? That same council opted to improve the infrastructure north of the pumping station with longer pipes for a greater water supply to be treated. Wasn't it a previous council that installed water meters (to prevent wastage of treated water when it came on stream) and has allowed the present administration to keep water charges under control? Just another you might have forgotten or didn't know about, was the installation of a major sized pipeline between Adelaide Park Road and Taranganba reservoirs to overcome pressure problems in the Rockhampton Road area and to improve water storage capacity. All these actions were staged towards treated water with interest rates at loans of the highest level. All these thingswere done on borrowed funds which you used as propaganda against the previous council. Your council which you are a part of has had to borrow large sums to continue the good work started previously in other councils. Cr Cue please don't cloud the issue by telling ratepayers you have reduced the borrowing in the general fund to ease the pain about the hike

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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 -- 9

Timbs has not `joined Turner' in funds for the Water Scheme. General, water and sewerage rates all come out of the same ratepayer pocket. As a previous councillor I found the challenges of improving both the quantity and quality of the water supply a big team effort. It is good to see all those efforts coming to fruition. Maurie Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon.

The full story•.• YOUR printing of the council's officers report on achievements in the January 16 issue must work to the disadvantage of the sitting councillors when the full story is exposed. In any event, the use of ratepayers funds to produce what is obviously a propoganda document, and to release it just before the election, is appalling. Everyone knows that statistics presented by those with vested interests are designed to show up that body in the best possible manner. Let me examine some of the issues presented, from the other side. Rate arrears: The $411,000 outstanding rates as at July '87 compares very poorly with the $279,987 outstanding as at June 30 '86. The $384,000 currently outstanding represents 16 per cent of annual general rates and would be the ninth worst position of all the shires in the State. High reserve funds: About one third of the $2.77 million in the reserve fund has been contributed by developers for water and sewerage headworks. This should have been spent to upgrade the water and sewerage schemes so that existing users were not disadvantaged with overtaxed facilities. Loan indebtedness: Bowen's election platform was "to reduce the debt" and he was committed to "lowering the high rates". He has not achieved either. The $14.5 million loan debt at June 30 '87 has escalated to almost $17 million under this council, a 17 per cent increase in less than eight months. The officers report a small increase in the general loan fund liability (roads, drainage) but very conveniently neglect to advise the amounts of the enormous borrowings in the other funds. Councillors know the figures but they are not telling the ratepayers ... especially not just before an election. Even Cr Geoffrey Cue in his authorised advertisement in the Mirror has omitted to tell the public the same information.


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People can inspect the adopted council loan fund budget if they wish, assuming of course that they don't have a weak heart!!! Town planning: The report states "a good number of long outstanding (town planning) applications have been finalised". In fact, two of these applications took 27 months to process (instead of the mandatory 30 days required by the Local Government Act) in a period of virtually no development. Rate increases: The report states "budget contained a relatively modest increase in the level of fees, rates and charges". How modest are these examples? Pensioner rate collection up by 8.1 per cent; minimum rate up by 9.4 per cent; application fee for a hospital/nursing home up 30 per cent; registration fee for flats, motels, etc up 43 per cent; application fee for town planning consent for a home occupation up 50 per cent. Knowing that the matters referred to in the report are all decisions made by the full council, I would suggest that the report constitutes nothing more than a propaganda exercise, paid for by the ratepayers and presented in such a manner as to make it appear that council is running smoothly. -- Tony Rowe, P 0 Box 445, Yeppoon.

ALP 'sad event' THE entry of the ALP into the Livingstone Shire Council elections is a sad event for the Livingstone Shire. While party politics is accepted by large cities in local authority elections, it has always been a blessing in shire elections that candidates, while they may be party members, hold office with only the shire's best interests at heart. The entry therefore of Mr Timbs, ALP branch president for the Capricorn Coast into the Livingstone Shire Council chairman race is doubly regrettable. Mr Timbs, by his constant ALP propaganda and personal attacks on National Party Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has made it very clear that he intends to contest Broadsound for the ALP. It is obvious therefore that not only is he undesirably introducing party politics into the council, which would be very destructive, but he clearly hopes to use the council as a stepping stone to State Parliament. The electors in Livingstone do not want party politics in the council and they certainly do not want to be used by political aspirants. P Motton, 16 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon.

THE newspaper report of my decision to stand for the position of Livingstone Shire Council chairman announced that I had "joined Turner to take on Bowen". While my candidature increased the field from two to three I wish to assure residents and ratepayers, the electors of Livingstone Shire, I have made no arrangements with Mr Turner. Indeed, far from joining Mr Turner, a close look at his campaign style and background convinced me of the need to stand against him. Because I have a commitment to creating a new and better image for our council and shire I am standing as an individual and have declined invitations to join any groups. When one reflects on the shire's performance during the past three years it is apparent that there have been at least two opposing groups operating and in a very destructive way influencing the conduct of some, not all of the current groups of councillors. It is my hope that the council to be elected after March 19 will quickly develop into a harmonious and progressive team. If elected as chairman I hope to use my experience in changing council's image and performance. With a lot of commonsense and hard work we can change Livingstone Shire Council from an object of ridicule to a source of pride ... 'Our council working for you'. - David Timbs. Livingstone Shire chairman candidate, 6 Seahorse Crescent, Lammermoor Beach.

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No rise to Crs? DUE to the current economic circumstances that prevail in the Livingstone Shire, would the prospective elected chairman give an undertaking to the electors of Livingstone that they will not seek or accept an increase or renumeration on expenses that now exist for the chairman of Livingstone. - Interested Ratepayer, John Mark, 9 Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon.

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10 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 EMU Park school is having a Great Aussie NURSING Mothers Emu Park group is Barbecue BYO on Australia Day from 10am having a planning meeting on Thursday, Januto 6pm so that parents, students, teachers and ary 28 at 7pm. The venue is 7 Evelyn Street, friends can get to know each other. Everyone Zilzie and everyone is welcome. For more inwill be able to take part in novelty sports and formation ring 39 6618. *** other entertainment. ** AFThR a recess of two months the Yeppoon Pensioners League will start the bicentennial year activities next Thursday afternoon when the first meeting for 1988 will be held in Yeppoon Town Hall at 2pm. The first 1988 social will be held in Yeppoon Finest Cuisine, Party - 39 3212 Town Hall on Tuesday, February 9, starting at 1pm.

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...And WE pay for ONE HALF

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 r: SUNDAY SERVICES 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 630pm, Emu Park CWA Hall Do all ways lead to God? Answer: Acts 4:12; John 14:6

Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 -- 11



Captimut etlit6diSZ JUST in case you haven't noticed the Coast is getting ready for a local government election. Last time we asked the residents to prepare questions to be put to the candidates and we didn't run many letters to the editor. This time we are running letters, boy, are we running letters. The only thing that bothers me is that the same people always write the letters (that doesn't mean they should stop). If you would like to have your say, don't worry if you think yourwriting can't be read because as long as you put a contact phone number on it or bring it in to the office, it can always be worked out. If you are unsure of what you want to say, we are only too pleased to help out. The problem we could face would be space, so please don't make them too long. *** YEPPOON CWA's next meeting is February 12, 1988 at 2pm. *** ST James Guild first 1988 cent sale is on Wednesday, January 27 at 10am in the Mary Street, Yeppoon hall. Competitions and morning tea are included. *** A CENT sale is on today (Saturday) in the Yeppoon CWA Hall at 2pm hosted by the Yeppoon SeniorCitizens' Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary. The 60 cent admission includes an excellent afternoon tea and there will be good prizes. *** WHILE it is quite easy to be stressed, regardless of who you are, your sex or age, it's helpful to learn a few new ways of handling those stressful situations. Community Health stress courses start in early February for four weeks. The free classes offer relaxation exercises, discussions and strategies for coping with stressful situations, as well as printed information to take home. The Yeppoon classes start on Wednesday, February 3 at 10am in the Community Health building on the beachfront between the council chambers and Yeppoon Hospital. Numbers are limited and bookings are necessary. Contact the Yeppoon office, 39 1469. *** YEPPOON Lapidary Club opens the clubroom at Yeppoon Showgrounds today (Saturday) at 1pm. During the holiday break the club acquired a sphere machine and another flat top and now offers another craft possibility. Members and visitors welcome.

La Bamba Finest Cuisine, Party - 39 3212

(Beauty Therapist • at Kristin's Hair Design and Beauty Spot

1 Facials * Waxing

-.Nt Tinting Manicure * Pedicure/

Savemore Centre, Yeppoon 39 2443

A. J. Ralston and Associates MD' (OPTOMETRISTS) and

Contact Lens Practitioners

Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649

Commencing Friday, January 22

Swimwear • • After 5 •

COLIN Moore of Kinka Beach was 16 on January 22. He has delivered the Mirror for quite awhile, but will finish this week. Colin has been accepted by TAFE and the extra study and travelling won't allow him to do extra work.

30% off

40% off


SIS 1 ER Judy Newman-Tyler from Community Health is again offering her free eight week self help health care course. February 11 is the starting date and the time is 10am. The venue is the Community Health office on the beachfront between the council chambers and Yeppoon Hospital. It is designed to help parents of young children cope with everyday stresses and strains of illness and accidents so common with young children. The course will help build on basic skills and knowledge so parents can understand how their child functions. Guest speakers are invited to present talks in their special areas of expertise and there is always plenty of room in the programme for discussion on topics of particular interest to the group. Each person is given a workbook for their own use and that is the only cost ... $10. Phone Judy early, 39 1469, so that preparations can be made to organise the course books. *** EMU Park Pensioners League will not hold a social this month. ...— MAKE a resolution that this year your dog will be trained. It's been made easy for you ... dog obedience classes for beginners start on Tuesday, February 2 at Cooee Park from 7.30pm. The course runs for eight weeks andyou have - to take a leather lead and a choker chain. The cost is $20 and includes membership in Capricorn Coast Dog Obedience ... and, if at the end of the course you feel you or your dog needs more help, the cost is one dollar per night. It doesn't matter whether your dog is young (five months is earlier enough), old, pedigree or a bitzer ... they all need to learn good manners. The instructors are qualified and if you get involved in the obedience classes and want to continue there is an advanced course. Contact Diane Ziebell, 39 3358, to put your name down for the first set of classes. *** NEW and Pregnant Parents' Support (NAPPS)will start its first series of preparation for childbirth and early parenting classes on Monday, February 1 at the Community Health Centre, Yeppoon. The classes, which start at 7.30pm, will run for six weeks and covers many aspects of interest to pregnant women and their partners. Phone Gaye O'Brien, 39 4523 to register. *** WANT to put something back into the community you live in? Yeppoon Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society will have its annual general meeting on Wednesday, February 3 at 730pm in the Uniting Church hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon. The society maintains and raises money for the senior citizens' home in Birdwood Avenue. The members have done a mighty job ... the buildings are an asset to the area and house our senior citizens the way they all should be. New members are needed to carry on the goodwork ... it has been left to the same people, almost since the society started and they are weary of taking office year after year. The duties are not heavy and you will get a lot of satisfaction in helping out. *** WOULD you like to meet the Livingstone Bicentennial Queen Quest entrants? There is an introductory supper dance on January 30 on the Bayview Deck. Tickets are $14 a head and chicken and champagne will be served. The tickets are available from Towle Chiropractic Clinic, Tanby Roses and Gadabouts. *** THE Emu Park Lioness Club Easter Carnival is on Saturday April 2 in Bell Park from llam to 4pm. *** YEPPOON Choral Society's annual general meeting is on Thursday, January 28 at 7.30pm in the Yeppoon Town Hall. All old, new and hopeful members are welcome.

CHOOL SHOES recommended by Yeppoon State High School

and Sandals

• Day & Sports Wear -


YEPPOON DAY CARE CENTRE has re-opened for 1988 There are vacancies for children Children under 2 aged 2 to 5 years between years casual 7.30am and 5.30pm daily only • Hourly • Daily • Weekly Rates •

Joan 39 4599 r call at 13 Ranger Drivel Yeppoon (Opposite Bus Entrance to Yeppoon State Primary School) 11


ANCOL No 10 STAPLING KIT With 1,000 staples in wallet $1.75 each

FOOLSCAP LECTURE PAD 70 leaf ... Australian Made $1.65 each

KILOMETRICO Kaleidoscope Pens Medium blue 6 barrel colours 30c each

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$6.35 each r NEWSPOWER EXERCISE BOOKS Australian Made 48 page ... 30c

35c 96 page ... 46c 128 page ... 65c 64 page ...

SELF ADHESIVE BOOK COVERING Clear or tinted $1.25 roll

Ancol Sticky Tape Dispenser ... 65c

Scrap Book ... $1.45

Ancol Sticky tape refill roll ... 50'c

Stripe Top Zip Pencil Case ... $1.65

Hello Glue ... 85c

Clag Paste with brush ... $1.19

CLIPFOLDER PVC 2 RING FOOLSCAP FOOLSCAP DATS HIGHLIGHTERS Advance Brand $2.25 Blue, Pink, Yellow Green & Orange BINDER PVC $1.15 each


Kent No 602 ...


Crayola Crayons (16 colours) ... $1.45

Prices available until January 30 or unti.l sold out


Coloursketch Pencils (pkt of 12) ... $1.99 Dats Project Markers (12 colours) ... $1.50

PAPERMATE EXTRA VALUE PACK 1 Pacer Pencil & 1 Mate ballpen

'Boys and Girls s, Sizes 13 to 11

Capricorn Coast Casuals Shop 5, Bayview Tower, I Nortnanby Street, Yeppoo

25% off •

$1.95 pack



Pattison Street

39 6166

12 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988



Capricorn Coast

(MIRROR/ TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079)39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.


COLIN MOORE of Kinka Beach is

16 on Friday, January 22 Happy birthday from your family and the Mirror.


Display of Skills .by Yeppoon Hobby and Leisure Class teachers for forthcoming classes-- Savemore Centre, Saturday January 23, 9am-2pm -- registration forthese classes will be taken by phone from Saturday, January 30, 1988. Phone Rockhampton College of TAFE 27 4077 for more information.

SHAVERS SURF SHOP Persons having any information regards break and enter Shavers Surf Shop last Monday pm/Tuesday am phone 39 3592. Items stolen include Rip Curl Towels, Rip Curl and Sunski bags, Hot Tuna Board Shorts, Rip Curl Calculator and wallets. Information given assured total confidentiality. CASH REWARD if information substantiated. Terry and Joan Noud Phone 39 3592

Yeppoon Little Theatre ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, Feb 2, 8pm Masonic Hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon New members welcome


IS YOUR DOG . taking you for a walk? Try taking your dog for a walk instead ... We will show you how! The Capricorn Coast Dog Obedience Beginners Course starts on Tuesday, February 2 for eight weeks at Cooee Park from 7.30pm All dogs (bitzers, pedigreed, pups from 5 months, older dogs) and their owners are welcome. Class size is limited ... book now Contact Diane Ziebell: 39 3358

Yeppoon's Own

Sadies 4 We Clean and Tidy • Houses • Units • Flats • Motels • Offices • Prices so competitive you won't be able to do without us! Weekly, Monthly or Complete Springclean

Phone 39 4318 or 39 7969

LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL NOTICE OF IMPOUNDING Notice is hereby given that the animals as detailed below, unless sooner released will be sold by Public Auction at the Yeppoon Pound at 12.00 NOON, Friday 29th January, 1988. •1 Grey Mare impounded from Redman Street, Emu Park - 16/1/88 -- Brand like x 2, • 1 Grey Mare — Brand like Rg3 • 1 Chestnut Gelding Brand 81J, both impounded from Daly Creek, Bungundarra, 15/1/88.

P.O. Box 600 YEPPOON..0 4703




VACANCY QCWA Sunset Lodge Hostel Care for one, frail aged permanent male resident

Phone 39 6484 CHURCH N9TICES 4juit44,9.0, '.:S. .day.::•SerYj.P.,

v4!!.::::......„:c4i:;:.:0. w.s.: Street, Yeppoon, James .loam :•:.:..„:,:,: :: , Third m :r:,... Saturday P,.

.:,,.,•fi6i:ser.p,•:...•::::.qi-ii,..:: tiO4.kf.,7igrillt..4.Y J.,:e.0qT( ::: ..•• 4...v.::......!r,•,".,,,. •M•••••••„„::::::••:::::rts4ndgi••••--..,.wit„,:: :Ontk6:ig!P"'' dSitilOqum• '• •••••Nqvg •,.


::: yr40tii.i.i.ison, 391364

All uz days front v.


Sung •


ll • • • • : •4/".. ber 27,1987 u c--aristr h ••••r.-

t Park. S3Oam, • re••tries



, ErauP Sund ark4ving WordCenr

CANAII JTA: I ,4ru n'Street fluPan Emu< Parts.

Coroiortk Coast Catholic Parish Weckend Mass:times for ChristmasNew Year holidays: Sacred Heart. Arthur Street, Yeppoon, Saturday 6pm ....and Sunday 9am; Mary Immaculate, ArrherStreet: Emu Park, Sunday, 7arn-

Wesleyan Methodist Church

Stinday services, 9.30am and 6.30pm.

Rev G Hudson.39 2273,

CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide os. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt. 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. VIETNAM Veterans from ail services. We have now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in . your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. VACANCIES for piano and organ lessons. Cooee Bay, 39 3284.

Assentb!y- of God •Sunday•.....serviees, 10am Yeppoon CWA... Hall . and :0.30pm fortnightly: Erne. Park CWA. Hall,• 6:30pm-fortnightly: • Pastor Ernie Peters,.39'62521,

Baptist Church Sunday •SerVicit.,...•:-.I0stra...:.and.i. hun, Braithwaite Street,.Yeppoon

coprle00.:CO•40,.41PiWi!•: • • • • •

ANNUAL general meeting Yeppoon Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society, February 3, 7.30pm, Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon. PATRICIA Wilson, 50 Poinciana Avenue, Yeppoon, will resume piano tuition as from January 27, 1988. Pupils prepared for AMEB examinations if required. Phone 39 1553. YVETTE'S Restaurant, Pacific Heights, Yeppoon. Open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday lunch and public holidays, also bookings for private parties, weddings and all catering. 39 3499. DOCTOR Jonathon E Davies has commenced medical practice on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets, Yeppoon. Surgery times: 9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri; 9am to noon, Sat. Phone 39 3041 office and after hours. YEPPOON Cub-Scout group recommences for 1988 on February 1. New boys interested can phone Suzanne Sheard, 39 3611, for further details. I HAVE now resumed full-time dental practice at my former location in Arthur Street, next to Marie Brown Real Estate. My surgery number remains 39 3473 and after hours, 39 7578. AmI Setu Dental Surgeon


i cJu.m he's desiring to be included of wis/r t¢ change times, please phone 34 g 44 and ask far $atidra ~Lfnck:e.


Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants


Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

Burton's Parcel Delivery • IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day

39 2212 EMU PARK KINDERGARTEN commencing one week later - February 1 VACANCIES EXIST New Director ... Vivienne Cole Contact Kindy on February 1

Your Coast

Shire of Livingstone I, ARTHUR JAM ES BROWN, hereby notifythat I have appointed MONDAY THE 8TH DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1988, as the day of nomination for the offices of Chairman and Members of the Council of the Shire of Livingstone. I further notify that I will be in attendance at the SHIRE CLERK'S OFFICE in the Livingstone Shire Council Administration Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, the place of nomination, between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 12 o'clock noon on Monday the 8th day of February next, being the day of nomination, for the purpose of receiving the nomination papers of candidates as follows:-

TWO (2) FIVE (5) THREE (3) TWO (2)


ONE (1) TWO (2) THREE (3) FOUR (4)

Nomination papers may, however, be delivered to me before nomination day at the public office of the Council at Anzac Parade, Yeppoon during normal office hours. In the event of the election being contested, a poll will be taken by postal ballot, closing at 10 a.m. on Saturday, the 19th day of March next. Nomination fee is $150, and must be paid in cash or bya cheque drawn bya bank on itself. Nomination forms may be obtained from the undersigned. Dated at Yeppoon this twentieth day of January, 1988.

ELGAS agent is...

Chicken Capri Seafoods, Whitman Street, Yeppoon

39 1199



Joseph Kenna and Co. Chartered Accountants

wish to advise their clients that they have moved to their new office in the SAVEMORE

CENTRE. The office will be attended each THURSDAY as usual or by appointment. 39 2132 or 27 3122


GOOD, clean accommodation available Cooee Bay. 39 1356 evenings. ZILZIE Beach furnished house. $80. No pets. Phone 39 6223.

Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 -- 13





Carpet Cleaning

Yeppoon - Emu Park area Nominations are invited from duly qualified contributors to the QATB YeppoonEmu Park committee for appointment to the office of member of the committee. Nominations must be in writing and signed by at least two contributors to the committee. They must be in the hands of the undersigned not later than 5pm Wednesday, 27 January, 1988. Should more than seven nominations be received, a pot to determine membership shall be taken on 10 February, 1988.

Emu Park — 39 6178


ALL PAINTING jr ort put -c00t . to o

0 Installation RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts





39 3646

QUOTATION Q620 CONSTRUCTION OF CONCRETE KERB Quotations are invited for the construction of approximately 2070m of continuous extruded concrete kerb for roadworks immediately north of Yeppoon on the Yeppoon-Byfield Road. Quotation documents are available from Miss S L Bates of the District Office, 38 Armstrong Street, North Rockhampton. Telephone (079) 27 5700.


Emu Park Panel Beating and Spray Painting B & J Wells

Corney's PriceRite Hardware cnr Hill & Queen St 39 1636

39 6436



" " •


We specialise... in rust and restoration work

CUT All types


Local * Interstate * Overseas Packing * Storage * Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

Eric Sundgren

Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS -Pty Ltd Industrial

Only ONE DAY to sandblast • Weatherboard Houses •

Tanby Roundabout YEPPOON


33 6836 i .

Domestic - Commercial - Office FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

39 1813

35 1181

33 6714

George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting * Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes All hours

39 1679

Answering sei vice

REGISTERED builder, free quotes. House or extensions, concrete. D Schofield. Phone 39 3680. SLASHING — allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016

J. R. Concrete * Slabs * Paths * Patios * * Brick paving * Exposed Aggregate * Free Quotes — Town 8, Country

Repairs * Fabrications * Refurbishing

Show Plastics Industries FREE QUOTES 39 4519 4.4.44....... WA YNE KERSHA W


Appliance Service for all electrical repairs

39 7677

Dave Kershaw for...

BOBCAT Hire 4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

39 4408

39 3193 •

Bill Green



* Installations * Repairs * * Maintenance * Safety Checks *

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667




Workmanship guaranteed * 18 YEARS IN YEPPOON * Phone Vince Hannan

Maintenance * Renovations * New work

Tradesman PAINTER

or 39 4410 a/h



PLUMBER — Keith Chivers — 39 3518 — Plumber — Keith Chivers — 39 3518. BUILDING, painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232 or 22 1687.

No loading for weekends Radio controlled


Phil Munro




SLASHING done — Inquiries phone 39 1199 during daytime. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199.

39 4583

For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

39 1404

— Commercial

Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning

Yeppoon Readymix

* Industrial Spray Painting *

RETIRED carpenter, small jobs, insect screening, furniture repairs, wood turning. 39 6507. CARPENTER available. Renovations, extensions. all types of new buildings. No job too small. Free quotes. Phone Trevor Simpson 39 6353, 39 6734 a/h. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CASSETTE, Radio. Stereo. TV and Vidao repairs Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TELEVISION, Video. Audio and Antenna • repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330 STOVE and hot water repairs. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast — D K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach 33 6396.

Len Keily's

39 3834 39 3614 a/h

Capricorn Sandblasting

- Residential

0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations



22 4049

'We do everything' ...

* Screened Soil and Brickies Loam * Filling * Granite * Gravel


39 3822

LAWN-MOWING. Edging. Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. FENCING: Terry McMullan. Phone 39 1140. VIDEO. TV and Audio repairs T Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 392330. ;ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service, based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. RUBBISH removed, trees lopped, furniture removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers, 39 7924. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhamptyn. Phone 28 7889 or 282119. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes. 39 1404 or 39 1745. PAINTING and Wallpapering. free- quotds. Phone Vince Hannan. 39 1513.


Capricorn Coast

49 TANBY RD. YEPPOON 4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive • aluminium • awnings and O blinds.


Written Guarantees ..




ar 1 •/

KEITH BECK 39 4016

D & H E Woodward

ELECTRICAL fitter mechanic tradesman. Repair small appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, hot water systems and stoves. Contact CES, 16 James Street, Yeppoon. Ring Mondayto Friday only. 39 2401. YEPPOON Taxi Company requires a telephonist /radio-operator two days per week. 39 1954.

..--•• •

Rubbish Removal * Tree Lopping Hedge Trimming * Prompt Service


Quotations endorsed "Quotation Q 620" are to be forwarded to the District Engineer. Main Roads Department. Box 5096, Rockhampton Mail Centre. 4702 and must be in his hands by noon on Thursday. 4 February 88.







TRADEWORK Peter and Toni

39 1513



Allan 'Happy' Warren


' i , iJr;4tr 4

39 3113 '16 years on the Coast'

Bill Rasmussen


MINI TIPPER HIRE &SLASHING 68 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon 39

,Interior * Exterior * Free Quotes *


•Phone 39 7950 !Earl and Margaret Hem pseed

Plumber Drainer 396664 49 Thomas St, Emu Park

FURNITURE Restoration * Repairs * Polishing

Phone Hans — 39 3746


4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays I.C. & S. Stanley

39 1139

and Security Doors

Free quotes

39 4318

14 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988

COUNCIL RECEIVED 48 SUB-DIVISIONAL APPLICATIONS IN '87 ENGINEERING: Replacements for the assistant engineer's and assistant draftsman's positions were filled in July, returning the section to staffing levels previously experienced. The assistant engineer's primary duty is reporting on and attending to subdivisional and town planning matters, and a total of 48 subdivisional applications were received in 1987. With the aid of the computer which was installed in November 1986, the drafting office has successfully prepared the designs for the annual works programme and also the drainage report for Rockhampton Road, while progress is being made on the street study and bike plan for Yeppoon. Efforts are being made to reduce "paperwork", with the introduction of the street light plan and the fingerboard policy. WORKS: The Works Section oversees the construction and maintenance of the Shire and Main Roads Department roads, urban drainage and parks and gardens. There are about 1,200km of shire roads, of which 125km are sealed. In July 1987, the Main Roads Department handed over a further 53km but council continues to maintain 205km of declared main roads. During the year, construction of a total of about 9km of road to bitumen sealed standard and widening of a further 2km for the Main Roads Department was achieved.The highlights of the roadworks in each division are as follows: Division One: Alexander Street; Keppel Street; Coolwaters Esplanade; Clements Street; Dairy Inn Road and Nerimbera School Road widening. Division Two: Pinnacle Street; Mulambin

Road; Arthur Street including roundabout; Limestone Creek Road; Chrisney Street; Woodwind Valley Road; Dairy Inn Road; Anzac Parade; Charles Street and the start of the carpark in Hill Street. Division Three: Perkins Road (culvert); Ogmore Connection Road (realignment); OgmoreKooltandra Road (seal and culvert); Wellington Creek (realignment). Division Four: Etna Creek Road; Dawson Road; Greenlake Road; Glenlee Estate. Main Roads Works: Tanby Road widening; Rossmoya Road widening; Byfield Road (Section one reconstruction at Woodwind Valley Road intersection; Section two extension of bitumen); Coolcorra Railway overpass on Rockhampton-Emu Park Road. Footpath Construction: Footpath works were undertaken in the following streets: Queen Street; Tucker Street and paving in Normanby Street. Drainage Work: Taranganba Road major drainage system; Tanby Road system - open concrete lined channel and underground system. Parks and Gardens: Development work in conjunction with CEP funding at Emu Park lagoon; Beachfront Anzac Parade; Beaman Park and Native Gardens. Street Cleaning and Amenity Maintenance: These programmes are continuing within budget allocations but are under review. The

street cleaning is presently being investigated in regard to mechanical sweeping devices. Water and Sewerage: In the Capricorn Coast Water Supply Scheme about 4.2km of reticulation mains varying in size from 100 mm to 200 mm have been installed. These mains either replace existing poor quality mains which have resulted in numerous main failures or are extensions to the present system. The replacement programme will reduce the number of pipe failures, which result in supply disruptions for consumers. Tenders were let during 1987 for the construction of a pump station at St Faith's Reservoir to increase supply to the southern area and for the Water Treatment Plant at Woodbury. The treatment plant is expected to be completed by mid 1988. About 1.3km of water main was laid to replace private lines in the Vass Road area of The Caves Water Supply Scheme. Tenders were let in this scheme for the construction of a pump station at Ramsay Creek. This new pump will be installed in early February and is expected to overcome the need for severe restrictions in that area. The Water Treatment Plant at Marlborough has been abandoned and a "water conditioning" device installed. The programme for upgrading the Yeppoon sewerage scheme is proceeding, and the reticulation system in the Wall Street and Ray Street




Mike Stokley


Roots Exterior FREE QUOTES 39 2205

WORK WANTED WEEKEND work for carpenter/painter. Any . renovation work. Phone Fred, 39 3140, leave message. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. DRESSMAKING (by pattern). Gail Matthews. Phone 39 3316. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587. FOR carpentry work, contact Don Huttley, 15 Bartlem Street, 39 1502. HIRE a student. Mowing, gardening and cleaning. Phone 39 3935. LAWNS mowed, grass removed, odd jobs by young and reliable person. Phone 33 6732. LAWN mowing wanted. Average yard approx $12. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please phone 39 7578. CARPENTER available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 3065. HOUSE cleaning, ironing, babysitting for hardworking conscientious lass. Phone 39 1510. LAWNMOWING and gardening available Yeppoon area. Phone Merv, 39 3105. LIGHT house cleaning. $5 per hour. Phone 39 7715.


WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit no. B20760... SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B20695. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall,' Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No 8142.

FOR HIRE HANDI Hire Trailers - Cooee Bay Marine cnr Tanby Road and McBean Street, Yeppoon. 39 1675. 4 HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in...34 4174. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174.

Yeppoon TRESTLE HIRE Service Coast and Rural areas * $2/item per day *

39 7969

• This is the final pan of the report prepared and signed by six Livingstone Shirr Council officers and presented to last week's meeting. It was adopted unanimously by councillors. The officers air: shirr clerkJim Bmwn, shirr engineerPat Murphy, accountant Dennis Murphy, deputy shirr clerk Key Lloyd, building inspector John Milne and health swveyor John Hannswonh.

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catchment areas was upgraded with the installation of new pumps and rising mains. Oxyger injection was installed at the main Cooee Bay pump station to reduce sulphide odours at the discharge point in the treatment plant. Automatic sludge discharge valves were installed on the primary and secondary sedimentation tanks to increase the frequency of draw off, particularly when the plant is unattended. These valves assist in reduction of odour problems, as well as improving the efficiency of the tanks. Early in 1988 the digest or tanks will be roofed and sealed with gas collection devices. The plant replacement programme was again implemented with the changeover of the dozer, loader, two gravel trucks along with the purchase of two water tanks for Divisions Three and Four and two small mowing tractors. Half of council's fleet of light vehicles, including sedans and utilities, were changed over under the standard policy of exchange every two years. This policy is presently being reviewed. New amenity blocks were constructed at Lammermoor Beach and Lions Park at Emu Park and the area adjacent to the Lammermoor Beach facility will hopefully be improved in 1988 to attract more users to this area of the, beach. Dune fencing and stabilization will be undertaken in small sections of Kinka and Kemp beaches in our continuing beach protection program, and a policy document on dune management is being prepared. The area of land of the Yeppoon depot was improved with material from the 4-lane con struction from the Bluff. The area is now mort • CONTINUED ON PAGE 15

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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988 -- 15


LSC officers' report on 1987 ■ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 organised and usable for storage, and an additional building has been constructed. The material from the Bluff was also used to establish football fields at Tanby Road and Arthur Street, and top soiling of these fields has to be completed when funds are available. The following proposals are in hand, in addition to the annual works programme: (a) Marlborough Swimming Pool; (b) Keppel Sands rock pool; (c) Walkway bridge in Native Gardens; (d) Bush walk and lookout at Keppel Sands; (e) Programme for installation of fingerboard signs; (f) Bulk water purchase by potential major user; (g) Fleet and Plant Management programme; (h) Water Network Analysis for Capricorn Coast. The only perfect science is hind-sight. Murphy's Law. 1988: The electors of Livingstone will pass judgement on the performance of the Council at the election on March 19, 1988. As the election will be conducted by postal ballot in all divisions, a series of educational articles will be prepared to assist electors to understand the process. Given the strength of the current budget and programmes; the number of substantial planning and management initiatives in hand, and the major development projects being canvassed, 1988 would appear to be a year of considerable opportunity and promise. A substantial improvement in job opportunities, particularly in the tourism, hospitality and service industries is envisaged as a result of projected new developments, and an industrial park off the Rockhampton Road will not only act as a catalyst for additional industry in the area, but will also facilitate the relocation of some industrial activity out of the urban area of Yeppoon. The process of introduction of the Strategic Plan and the conduct of seminars with representatives of professional groups will usher in a new era in public consultation and communication, and proposals to streamline the processing of applications will enhance service levels to the public. A substantial number of studies into various aspects of drainage, traffic engineering, sewerage, water supply and administrative processes are scheduled for completion in the early part of 1988, and will contribute significantly to improved planning, management and budgeting. In the year under review, the council has been generally supportive of its employees, and has provided adequate financial and material resources to achieve substantial objectives in 1987. We look forward to a continuity of that relationship between staff and the council of the day in 1988.

Turner: Timbs a healthy sign LIVINGSTONE Shire Chairman candidate Jim Turner said he welcomed the interest by David Timbs to take part in the local government election. "It is a healthy situation to see citizens in the community taking an interest. "Mr Timbs did not say how long he was a member of the Armidale City Council, however, it could be assumed it was not for a long time. In local government it takes at least three years to get your feet under the table and learn the workings of council. "Even after 21 years there were different • aspects of local government you still learn," Mr Turner said. "Local government was somewhat different in southern states, as county councils looked after various undertakings such as water and sewerage and local government actswere different to that in Queensland, therefore it was a big advantage if you have the Queensland experience. "My knowledge in local government, contacts in all government departments, born a Central Queenslander and having lived in the area for 50 years and my close association with the Yeppoon and Emu Park areas, makes me the ideal choice as chairman of Livingstone Shire,". Mr Turner said.

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Yeppoon golf



•-• ABOVE: Yeppoon Australian Rules president Brendan Kelly showed new A grade coach Stephen Burns the club's new oval which may be played on this season. Stephen is from Labrador and has played over 200 games of Aussie Rules. In the background are Mike King John Burton, Gary Fraser and Bryan Munn.

New ground gives enthusiasm Enthusiasm is building in players and committee with the progress being made at Yeppoon Australian Rules new ground. The officials said this week that not only the players have a committment to achieve a grand final as their goal, but the committee must complete the club rooms and oval to make 1988. great. Recruiting officer Brian Munn has started his position off well by successfully having two players from the south sign the dotted line.

Registrar John Burton reported that few players and supporters had completed their membership but he expects many of the players to complete their membership with the sign on at the show grounds on February 7. The 1988 membership and registration fee of $20 must be paid before players can be eligible for selection. Secretary Yvonne Motton said that thre CAFL annual seminar will be held at the Brothers club this year, and the gate fee will be $2 with players admitted for $1.

Junior Rules sign-on February 7 YEPPOON Junior Australian Rules Football Club will have its 'sign-on for the 1988 season on February 7 at Yeppoon Showgrounds. The club decided at last week's meeting to hold the sign-on in conjunction with the A grade and reserve grade teams, starting at 11am. "We will have a big barbecue to make the day more family orientated," organiser Ross McIndoe said. "Would parents please come along

and bring their own steak sausages and whatever else to cook on the club's barbecue. "Refreshments will be available at the showgrounds from'llam." All juniors will receive their paper work after the barbecue and Mr McIndoe said the committee would appreciate a large attendance for the new look in 88 club. The new coaches for the season will be at the sign-on and training will start from that week.

Kerlin, Atkinson win at Zilzie ZILZIE Golf Club Thursday stableford winner was member Jack Kerlin with 44 points. Associate winner Jan Atkinson with 33 points and John Aitken won the pinshot. Member winner for Saturday stroke was G Brimmell with 57 nett. On Sunday members played a stableford for a trophy donated by Emu Park Social Club and the winner was W Lennox with 48 points. Associates played for club trophies and the winner was 0 Phillips with 41 points who won the pinshot. J Webb was the winner of the members' pinshot. The Thursday stroke for W Lennox trophies was played on January 21. On Saturday, January 23 a S/Scratch will be played for the club trophies. Tomorrow, Sunday, there is a mixed American with a draw for partners with club trophies. On Australia Day Zilzie will be host to all social clubs with play to start at 9am. The draw is progressive. Sandwiches will be available for lunch with a barbecue to follow. Saturday, January 23 is the provisional date for the pennants final, Zilzie v Capricornia Country Club at Emu Park. The teams are: B grade, C Saunders, B

Race results

■ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 (M. Lehmann, 1/2 fav) 1; Unbreakable Heart, 54 1/2 (R. Mules, 7/2) 2; Town of Tieri, 54 1/ 2 (J. Stephens, 5/2). Only other starter: Gold Poss. 61, 2 1/21; lmin 11.7sec. Wallet Hcp, 1000m: RAIN CHARIOT, 54 (M. Unwin, 7/4) 1; Dalmyrah Lad 57 (J. Flanders, 1/2 fav) 2; Anda Piper, 541/2 (W. Melvin, 7/4) 3 Only starters. 11, nk; 60.1sec. Country Stakes, 1200m: PINDROP, 56 1/2 (R. Mules. 4/6 fav) 1; Melmor, 56 1/2 (W. Melvin, 7/2) 2; Lord Dunkeith, 49 1/2 (M. Evans, 5/2)3. Only other starter: Punch Drunk 3/4 1, 31; 1.12.4.

Special one-day assembly MORE than 100 Capricorn Coast Jehovah's Witnesses attended a special one-day assembly in Rockhampton on Sunday. They joined about 700 other delegates who had travelled from as far away as Longreach to attend the four-hour programme of bible instruction. Yeppoon residents Frank Richter and John Kinny highlighted the the programme which concentrated on the commission to be disciple makers. Norma Langley and Karen Kinny were interviewed on stage. One of the Yeppoon congregation's young people was baptised.

O'Neill, R Mills with G Brimmell and M Damrow as reserves; C grade, R Morgan, D Campbell and reserve J Webb; Associates, 0 Phillips and J Atkinson.

Table tennis YEPPOON Table Tennis starts the new season on Thursday, January 28. The association plays at the Cooee Park hall every Thursday at 7.30pm. Fixtures will start before the end of February after the draw. New or interested players of all ages are welcome to go along and join in or just sit and watch.

SIXTY members and associates and some visitors teed off in Yeppoon Golf Club's Wednesday club. Associates' stablefordwinner was Townsville visitor Beth Nolan, who carded 38 points, from Avis Aird with 37 points. Aviswon the first nine with 30 and a half from Beth Nolan with 31 and a half. She then won the second nine with 34 and a half from Beth Nolan and Ann Barrow, both scoring 35 and a half. Pinshots: A Aird, S Haskins. Proshot: A Barrow. Members stableford winner was Charlie Williams with 42 points. He was followed by Emerald visitor Mike Jeffery on 40, George Norton, George Cook and Les Williams each with 39 points. I Murray won the first nine with 30, L Evans 31 and a half, C Williams 30, M Scope 32 and a half, K Clements 32 and a half, P Marwedel 32 and a half. G Arnold won the second nine with 30, D Cooper 31, P Foxwell 32, G Tanzer 32 and a half, V Hunt 32 and a half. P Marwedel won both pinshots and L Williams won the proshot. The veterans played a stroke for members and associates over 12 holes on Friday. Esme Woodbridge won the associates' stroke with 42 nett from Noela Clark 45 and Kay Scope With 46 and a half. Grace Ritchie won the pinshot. Godfrey Haskins won the members' stroke with 34 and two thirds from Terry Woodbridge with 38 nett. Next best was Charlie Williams with 41 and Mery Scope won the pinshot. A feature of the game was a one under the card by Terry Woodbridge. "Good golfing Terry," Yeppoon Golf Club publicity officer Jack Stratford said. The associates played a stroke and putting ou Saturday. Grace Ritchie won the stroke with 69 nett from Hazel Fry and Gwen Bullock both with 71 nett. Pinshots: P Drillis, T Clark. Proshot: G Ritchie. Theresa Clark won the putts with 29. Members alSo played a stroke and putting. Dick McGlashan had a good day and scored 60 nett, which cost him three strokes. Next were C McIntosh and Arthur Dougherty 63 each, M Clark 64, S McIndoe 65, L Evans 66, B Moses, M Mickelburgh, P Foxwell and I Murray 67 each and M King 68 nett. Pinshots: D Perrin, T Shields, J Bartlett and N Drillis. Proshot: D Cruickshank. I Murray won the putting with 26. A medley 4bbb stroke was played on Sunday. The winners were Nicky and Debra Hunt with 58 nett. Next best was Vince Hunt and Bob Walters with 59, then J Jameson and Terry Blain 60, Ross and Stuart McIndoe 61, Doug Perrin and Vern Olive 61. Pinshots: members, R Young, R McIndoe, L Wilson; associates, N Hunt, M Danelson (2). Proshots: members, G Haskins and N Hunt won the ladies. "Will all juniors please remember that before they can play in senior games they must report to the senior match and handicap committee, with their handicap, and then to continue to play with the seniors they must maintain that handicap and be able to play to it," Mr Stratford said.

Capcoast Rugby Club looks for CAPCOAST Rugby Union Club hopes to enjoy every success for the 1988 season. "With a successful A grade season behind us in 1987 we are going into this year with a big chance of winning our first A grade premiership ... and this is only our second year in that grade," spokesman Dave Ruck said. The team has two reserve grade titles under its belt and would like to make it three. "We hope to field two senior teams this year and with the new school rugby format organised for 1988 we will be helping out the Yeppoon State High School under 18 side." The school side will train once a week with the seniors and then play on Friday nights. ' Mr Ruck said that the joint training was good idea for the younger players to gain valuable experience and would also enable the club to support the side. "Any club is only as good as its junior side," he said. CapCoast hopes to gain the services of a few big names this year, but nothing is finalised. "They will add to our already strong line-up." Current Central Queensland coach and

success in '88 Coast resident Tony Bennett has made himself available to the club after a year's break. He has enjoyed a successful representative season and has been retained for the central region this year. "Tony's experience will be a huge asset at whatever position he takes on in the Coast club," Mr Ruck said. "We encourage any ex-rugby union players to become part of the CapCoast team. I'm sure . there are heaps of ex-players out there who • would love to support the local rugby side at Cooee Park oval or take a short trip to Rockhampton to support another Cap Coast victory." Training has started at the surf club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30pm. All players and social members can contact Tony (Bennett's Menswear), 39 1376 or Dave , Ruck, 39 1617 anytime.

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16 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 23 -- January 29, 1988

Second start a winner again at race meeting ONCE again, the second start for the afternoon proved to be a winning one when Rain Chariot took out the Wallet Handicap at Tyrer Park on Tuesday. At the previous meeting, on January 13, Gold Poss, which is trained by Lyle Rowe in Rockhampton, won at his second start for the afternoon after being unplaced at his first outing. However Rain Chariot, which is trained at Ridgelands by Terry King, did better than that because the four-year-old mare only narrowly went down in her first race to another Ridgelands-based horse in Blue Malibu, the 7/4 on Favourite in the opening event, the Maiden Handicap (900m). The second time around Rain Chariot, which is owned by former Rockhampton Mayor Rex Pilbeam who, unfortunately because of the death of his son, Rod, was not on course, always looked to be travelling too well for the 2s on favourite, Dalmyrah Lad -- a winner at Callaghan Park last Saturday -- in the Wallet Handicap (100m). Gladstone ended up with a double following the success of Count a Punch in the Purse Handicap (1200m) and Pindrop in the Country Stakes (1200m). Count a Punch, which is trained by Phillip Pengelly at Calliope, gave nothing a chance in his race by leading throughout to win by a conservative six lengths. Pindrop showed he is something of a Yeppoon specialist in his win over the Wowan trained Melmor, because he won the Toast of the Coast feature on May 21, 1986. Maiden Hcp, 900m: BLUE MALIBU, 54 (M. Evans, 4/7 fav) 1; Rain Chariot, 54 1/2 M. Unwin, 7/4) 2; Glowing Son, 55 (R. Mules, 3/ 1). Other: Any Reward, Dare to Star, Princess Rye. 1/21, 41;53.8sec. Purse Hcp, 1200m: COUNT A PUNCH, 57 • CONTINUED ON PAGE 15

Ottste6 Hid totifes

Me bark tti Ike 14fivist

*ABOVE: Twelve Coast Japan Karate Association students have been training eight hours a day, seven days a week for the First Youth World Karate Titles to be held in Brisbane in March this year. They spend part of the day at the Bakehouse Gym. Pictured are: Gym proprietor Mal O'Keeffe, instructor Chris Bulbrook, Jason Scriffignano, Adele Young Shahe McDonald, Ian Murray, Daniel Higgins, Arno, Dirk and Brigitte Breutmann, Natalie Dooley, Sandra Fondacro and Darren Humphries.

Basketball season to get under way with junior registrations THE 1988 Capricorn Coast Basketball season gets under way from Sunday January 31, when junior registrations will be taken from 4pm. Teams or individuals interested in playing this all year fitness sport are invited to attend the' Queensland Recreation Councils' Stadium at Cooee Bay at the advertised times. Players from last year's competition from A grade to underl2s will be playing this year and

For fun out of the Sun

Try a game of


... Racquetball, Badminton or Volleyball and after the game have a shower or swim Book at ... Capricorn Coast Squash Centre ... 39 2444

\\INDOOR Baseball, Softball \\\ Enjoy the Fun and Excitement -- NOW! 00"

,#DernonstrationN Game 2pm 1 Sunday Jan 24 This is your chance to start I First Season / on the ground floor ... Starts • Playing the fastest-growing 4144. 1 Feb, 1988 4/


sport in Australia.


44% 441/1 =/I0

Skate & Indoor Cricket Centre


ROCKHAMPTON ROAD, YEPPOON Phone 39 7627 or 39 3070


Bowls on again

Nominations Close • Wednesday, January 27

Gradings • Wednesday, Jan. 27, 7.30pm

Fixtures Start • Monday, February 8, 7.30pm

Fr_ 4window Repairs or Replacement( 24-hour Ph: 39 1840 39 Emergency Glass Repairs 7622 a/h



there will be old teams seeking additional players as well as new teams to be established. All players, including last year's participants, must report for registration on the advertised dates to allow teams to be completed and a draw to be made. Some games will be held so players should arrive with appropriate attire. "Basketball has been one of the great sporting success stories in Australia during recent years. With a full National League and the Bullets prominent in the league, Queenslanders more than any others have embraced this sport as both spectators and participants," Yeppoon Basketball spokesman Don Willoughby said. "Some of the reasons for this success are obvious. Once the rules of the game are understood the spectator is swept along by the speed and grace of a chess game played at full sprint. "For the junior player it is unsurpassed in developing power, poise and reflexes in an exciting way giving that adrenalin producing one on one confrontation while at the same time re-enforcing the necessity of that all important group or team co-operation. "When you consider all this packaged in a safe sport played in an all weather environment it's little wonder support is growing rapidly," he said. Although re-formed only a year on the Coast, local organisers are strained for manpower and resources and would appreciate any assistance offered. One area desperately in need of further manpower is coaches for junior teams. Technical assistance will be given to adults able to organise and assist these enthusiastic youngsters and anyone who has Sunday evenings free and would like to help should call at the stadium during games or registrations and ask for the court steward at the bench. The current facilities offer limited capacity for teams so players should register early to secure a place. Anyone with any questions about basketball on the Coast can ring Alison or Jim on 39 7990.

YEPPOON Ladies Bowling Club competitions start on Tuesday, February 2 at 9am. Miss H Villiers will be the competition's umpire. Champion singles: J Barber v E Hinton; A Fotheringham v P Childs; R Wass v M Manthey; M Elliott v M Baglow; E Woodbridge v B Roberts; D Roos v D Engel; I McNamara v Kearnan; J Beasley v D Locke. At 1.30pm the 2-4-2 pairs will be played: R Goody, D Moulds v P R-Brown, M Bradley. Social bowls will also be played during the afternoon.

Glass Cut-to-Size * Showerscreens * Aluminium Windows * Tiles * Grouting * Adhesives Flyscreens * Security Screens Wardrobe Doors * Framed Mirrors

53 Tanby Road — 39 1840, 39 7622 a/h

LAST week there was the item about the nudies on a Sydney beach with no way of buying icecreams because they didn't have pockets ... this week it's a woman in a kini at one of the Coast's more popular beaches. First of all, what's a "kini"? Well, to me, it's one piece of a bi-kini (get it). Anyway, this kini-clad lass was walking along a certain beach at a point where it comes close (real close) to the Scenic Highway (so that's how the road got its name) and passing motorists were suddenly slowing down and taking their eyes off the road. Seeing her in most of her glory, one motorist remembered a line Sid Heylan used to use way back when he was the permanent star of the Grand Hotel's floorshow at Labrador on the Gold Coast ... he used to wait until some young, attractive, well-built (always well-built) lass got up in the middle of his comedy routine to go to the toilet or bar (or just walk out) and he'd say "She's wearing her doggy bra'. Naturally, all eyes focused on a certain part of the young lady's anatomy. When she had passed through all the different shades of red it's possible to create on the face and unexposed parts of the neck and back, he'd shout: "What's a doggy bra? ... It's a bra that make: Pointers out of Setters!!!" Which brings me---" back to the kini-clad lass on the beach ... she was a Pointer! * * *

ROSALIE S I EYN has a cat, which means she likes to talk to other people who have cats. Last week, she was talking to a tot who had a lovely looking kitten and Rosalie asked the kitten's name. The lovely young tot said the kitten's name was "Sooty". Rosalie told her she liked that name because her cat is also called Sooty ... "but our Sooty is hyphenated". The tot, grasping for the right words, said: "We're going to do that to our cat, too, ...but when it gets older!!!" • • • BACK to the disgusting items ... why were all those people standing "behind" the bus shelter shed at Taranganba last week (Thursday, I think). Usually, in the morning, the people are standing in front of the shed or are seated inside ... but, on this particular day, apparently the whole shed was occupied by just two people. And they were certainly taking up the whole shed, all of it, well, the complete seat, at any rate. And they were in what would normally be described as a "compromising position" ...and "it was only o'clock in the morning," my passing motorist/correspondent said. Just think, some people pay thousands of dollars to travel overseas and see floorshows like this ... and here, in Godzone Country, it's free! • • • NICE gestures department ... "Old Baldy" and Suzy took son Rhett to Rockhampton drive-in last Friday night to see Superman IV. They phoned ahead to find out what time threatre was screening the show. Assured i was 9.15pm they headed off and arrived just before the gates closed at 8.30pm. The man at the gate, with their money in hand, asked what show they wanted to see. When he found out it was Superman he told them it was already on and had been for an hour. When he heard that one of his staff had made a mistake and that "OB" and crew had travelled from Coast, the man wrote out a ticket which offered "One free admission". Following night, "OB" presented ticket at gate (early) and found it allowed free entry for the vehicle, not just one person. It took a solid argument before the ticket collector would accept any money. That was a nice gensture by the drive-in's manager. He didn't have to do it ... and his generosity was overwhelming. Maybe the movies can fight TV ... that's one way of winning friends!

YIBC returns FOLLOWING a recess of almost a month the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club resumed play on Wednesday of last week. Because many members are still on holidays only three mats were in play, but with the school re-opening next week many YIBC holidaymakers will be back and attendances should return to normal. Because next Tuesday is Australia Day and a holiday the club meeting which takes place in the fourth Tuesday of each month will not be held. Instead the first meeting for 1988 will taco, place in the club hall on Tuesday, February 9. The first activity for the bicentennial year for ,h YIBC players is a visit to Rockhampton Frenchville club on Tuesday, February 9. Members wishing to take part in this morning of social bowls are asked to place their names in the book provided for that purpose.