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ISSUE 231 SATURDAY, January 16, 1988 -- FRIDAY, January 22, 198e

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JAMES STREET Downtown Yeppoon ,

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David Timbs joins Turner to take on John Bowen THREE candidates have so far have announced they will be standing for the chairmanship of Livingstone Shire Council. The latest is Capricorn Coast ALP president David Timbs who joins former Belyando chairman Jim Turner in challenging current shire chairman Cr John Bowen. Mr Timbs, a university graduate with postgraduate qualifications in education, is employed by the Queensland Department of Education. "When elected, I will resign my position because Livingstone Livingstone Shire deserves a full-time chairman," Mr Timbs said on Wednesday night. A Lammermoor Beach resident, he expects to receive the support of the ALP but will not be standing with any ALP team. "I am standing as David Timbs of Lammermoor Beach just the same as any present councillor, who also happens to be a member of the National Party, stands as a person, not a party," Mr Timbs said. "I don't apologise for being a member of the ALP, but at the same time I don't believe there should be politics in local government." His policy platform will be announced, in detail, in the coming weeks, but he said electors could regard him as a chairman who believes the shire "has great potential but does not need growth at any cost". "I would like to see council a catalyst in sound planning, open and approachable to development proposals which will provide secure growth and opportunities for residents and ratepayers," he said. He said he was confident he would be the next chairman because "I have the ability, the policies and the experience to provide Livingstone Shire with a fresh, new approach." "Shire councils cannot be conducted as oneman-bands and my personal aspirations will be negotiated in a co-operative manner with the new council to be elected in March," he said. "I believe I am a capable communicator and negotiator and I hope to see the new council working with a sense of unity and purpose. "I do not anticipate any inter-personal conflicts of the type that have marred the current council. "Indeed, I would like to see opportunities provided for all councillors to develop a spirit of trust and pride in being part of a council in which each can develop their own interests and skills." Married with five children, he is aged 37 and has already had experience in local government. Before coming to Queensland he had been an

*ABOVE: There were wide smiles all round when CitiMotors-Mirror mud winner Pauline Kerle received the keys to her prize from CitiMotors proprietor and Coast resident Bill Ward in front of Keppel Bay Motors. She had been away for the Christmas-New Year break and returned home on Sunday night. alderman and deputy mayor of the Armidale City Council and a member of the New England County Council. He said on Wednesday night he had decided to stand for the chairmanship of Livingstone Shire because he was "disappointed there was not more interest in the shire election". "Involvement in local government is a great privilege, a responsibility which can also be very satisfying," he said. He said he would not be running a "slick" campaign. "I don't plan any extravagent campaign gimmicks. The position of chairman and the conduct of a candidate for that position needs to be dignified," he said. "I will not be campaigning in hotels or clubs. I will be making myself available to the residents and ratepayers in the short time the campaign will allow.. "People have a right to be informed of on the attitudes and intentions of each candidate. I want everyone to know I serve no vested interest and I believe strongly that good councils should put people first."

An early starter for the chairmanship was Jim Turner, the former Belyando chairman who has taken every opportunity to get his message across on the Coast. With 21 years in local government behind him, Mr Turner says he has a lot to offer local government on the Capricorn Coast. "I am no stranger to the Coast and have owned property at Emu Park and Yeppoon and spent many weeks each year at both places over the past 30 years," he said in a Press release when announcing he was standing. Awarded the MBE in 1982 for services to Local Government and local organisations, at one time he served on 22 committees. "My decision to stand for chairman was brought about by residents of both Emu Parek and Yeppoon approaching me in 1986/87 to become a permanent resident of the Coast and stand for the position," he said. "I made a promise to the late Dick Tennent of Emu Park to join him on Livingstone Shire Council, but regret time for t his has now passed by."




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Mr Turner said he had many ideas that would benefit the Coast and the "enthusiasm to create stability in council and good public relations between council and t he community, along with good, strong leadership". Meanwhile, shire chairman, Cr John Bowen, is "standing on his record," and, at the same time, calling on electors to return the majority of the present councillors so that "stability will continue". He said hoped to sec as many of the same faces around the table after the elections as there are now. "This would represent stability ... and that's what Livingstone Shire needs," he said. "For too long, ratepayers have indicated indecision by the results of past elections and if present indications are to be taken notice of, there is an air of stability both inside and outside the council." "This council had a turbulent start and, bearing in mind that since my appointment as chairman in April, 1986, not only were we in a



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2 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988

No international airport plans... but Coast gets next best thing

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IN the absence of an application for an international airport for the Capricorn Coast, Livingstone Shire Council did the next best thing this week and approved an Ultra-light Flying School.

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The flying school will be established on land opposite Mt Jim Crow on the Yeppoon-toRockhampton Road. The applicant was M Alan Clarke of Toogoolawah. Consultant town planner Geoff Nolan, in a report to council, said the land was about 15km west of Yeppoon. Land owners J W and L D Olive have given consent to the application. "The site has an existing airstrip which has been previously used by Ultralight enthusiasts," Mr Nolan said. "Tanys Gwilliam, an ultralight instructor and colleague of the applicant, has operated ultralight aircraft at the site." Mr Nolan said four stages were proposed: airstrip development; 10 square metre steel hangar; advertising sign; and clubroom. Under Department of Aviation regulations ultralights may not be flown: at night; over a city, town or populous area; at a height greater than 500 feet above ground level; at a height lower than 300 feet over property other than that of the pilot in the absence of express permission. They may not be flown at a height lower than 300 feet and within a horizontal distance of 100 metres of a public road or persons not associated with the operation of the aircraft; within 100 metres horizontally from or at any height over a dwelling in the absence of express permission; from, or land at, any place unless it is located at least 500 metres from the perimeter of any city, town or populous area. He recommended approval be for three years. During a short debate on the matter, Cr Brian Dorey likened ultralights to a chainsaw, in the noise they made. Cr Geoff Cue said ultralights had caused some trouble in Yeppoon because of their noise. "They tend to hang around a bit, like blimps," he said. (Jim Turner, a candidate for the chairmanship, was in the gallery when this remark was made. It caused solid laughter around the table.) He said allowing them to fly from opposite Mt Jim Crow would get them out of town.

DAVID TIMBS, TURNER AND BOWEN SEEK LSC CHAIR • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 situation of changing this course of turbulence, but also faced at least the first 12 months in resolving the backlog of unresolved town planning, rezoning, and numerous other matters of the past," he said. "We are now in the situation that every councillor can say that our appeals are down to only one, the problems with the ombudsman, the rezonings and all the other town planning applications that were dragging from the past are now dealt with. "Simultaneously, all current negotiations with the public under our new policy of corporate management, meeting days per month, financial management, and many other statistics that the electors over the next few weeks will read of, show a vast improvement in the performance of Livingstone Shire. "Over the past few weeks, many stories about how bad Livingstone may have been have been read, however, some of those stories do contain misleading statements but, nevertheless, it does serve as an indication that none of us would want to see the return of those times again. "In fact, stories about the past could be regarded by sitting councillors as free advertising because they highlight how far the council has come from its stormy start," Cr Bowen said. "If the stability continues at the present rate, I see Livingstone being the most exciting place to live in in Central Queensland and a place that has every opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past. "If the population at large was to get to know the councillors, the way I have had the opportunity, I am quite sure there would be a majority of them re-elected." He said not only did they have their shire's interests at heart, but they had now gained valuable knowledge of group decision making and accepting different opinions andpersonalities. "Just changing the faces doesn't change the differences; changing the faces would simply mean a whole new learning process ... for the councillors, and the ratepayers," Cr Bowen said.





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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 --


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* ABOVE: Central Queensland Country Music Club president Don Aitken (at left) and Country Music Spectacular treasurer Heather Matthews took time out for a break on Saturday afternoon with Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and Lilian Bowen.

Council's mistake in allowing sand blasting near Tanby Road SHIRE clerk Jim Brown admitted on Wednesday someone had made a mistake by allowing sand blasting on council land at the rear of Tanby Ice and Seafoods. The mistake caused a delay in scallop peeling and a management spokesman said 35 peelers were sent home early because of the fine dust that covered the area. The spokesman said the sand blasting had been going on "throughout Wednesday" and he had phoned council to complain but was told council officers were unavailable because they were at a council meeting. Mr Brown said the spokesman had aright to be upset because the council land could not be used for sand blasting ... "but two minutes after the engineer learned that it was happening, it stopped," he said.

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"A water tank was being sand-blasted but the engineer did not know about it," Mr Brown said. He did not think council equipment was being used. "It's a mistake, as far as we are concerned," he said. "Our land is zoned special purposes and that does not permit sand blasting." The Tanby Ice and Seafoods spokesman told the Capricorn Coast Mirror the council had two laws ... "one for them and one for everyone else". He said council was also oerating an extractive industry on the land because it was screening stockpiled dirt and that created a dust nuisance. Mr Brown said council was able to use the land for stockpiling dirt but said he did not want council's activities to affect Tanby Road businesses. "If the council is doing anything that affects business operations, I would like to know about it," he said. "We will have to look at what we are doing."

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Dog signs gone THE Forestry Department is seeking any information leading to the recovery of "dogs not allowed" signs removed over the weekend of January 9 and 10,1988 from the main Byfield road at the Wobdbury turnoff. The matter has been placed in the hands of Yeppoon Police. Any information may be directed to the Police or Forest Ranger Byfield (35 1115). Sub-District Forester Ross Manderson said that the rule restricting dogs on Forestry Camping Areas would be strictly enforced and that it was not a new rule. Campers and daytrippers arriving with dogs at the Upper Stony, Red Rock and Waterpark Creek State Forest Parks will be turned away.

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4 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 Consolidated ELECTRIC

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HEALTH surveyor John Harmsworth told council this week in a report there were now 56 registered cafes/restaurants in the shire. There were also "numerous take away food outlets". He said La Bamba Night Club in Hill Street was the latest premises to open. His report covered the holiday season. He said no confirmed cases of any food-related sickness had been notified over the season. Reporting on caravan parks, he said Beachside, Bell Park and Keppel Sands parks had been operating to capacity and Mulambin Beach had been well used over December. There were no problems with amenity cleaning or refuse removal. Causeway garbage collection services had proved adequate over the holiday period. "Small problems only were caused by the disposal of household garbage in the public litter bins," he said. "The bins are on a daily service over the busiest period. The amenitieswere checked for cleaning services over the holiday period." He said one complaint had been received from a shopkeeper about an icecream vendor but "the operation of vendors is controlled by the police under the Traffic Act". "Council's by-laws do not require vendors to be registered with council," Mr Harmsworth said. Regarding cleaning of amenity areas in general, he said work loads had been heavy because of the extra use over the holiday season. "Callbacks were required by the cleaners in three sets of amenities," Mr Harmsworth said. Cr Dorey asked him whether these callbacks had been the result of complaints or inspec-

tions. Mr Harmsworth replied they had been as a result of inspections "in my time". Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said Mr Harmsworth had arranged for the nuisance officer to check amenity blocks as well, and the frequency of checks had been stepped up. With regard to New Year's Eve celebrations at Emu Park, Mr Harmsworth said in his report the clean-up of the area around the Pine Beach Hotel was carried out correctly but litter was apparent in other parts of Emu Park. "One verbal complaint was received concerning the New Year's Eve celebrations," he said. "The area on New Year's Day could be classed as 'reasonable'."

Meeting on TV A public meeting has been organised by Livingstone Shire chairman candidate Jim Turner to discuss RTQ7's poor reception on the Capricorn Coast. The meeting is on Wednesday, January 20 at 7.30pm in Yeppoon Town Hall. "There will be an address by RTQ7 management. This will clearly explain the equalisation scheme and the requirements of a new antenna by all residents when the selection of three commercial stations becomes available," Mr Turner said. "It is most important for those who were not receiving a good television signal to attend, so as to express their interest, or concern, about the poor transmission." Mr Turner said any residents could contact him for more information.

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A REPORT from health surveyor John Harmsworth that Emu Park tip, when inspected this month, had "exposed, scattered, refuse" and "was not in good condition", prompted a debate on rectifying the problem. Mr Harmsworth said collection services had coped during the holidays but some collections had been late because only one truck had been operational on one or two days each week. Cr Ellen Cogill said "nearly every month" there was a report on the Emu Park tip. She asked why. Mr Harmsworth said he was not making excuses for the contractor. This week, the Emu Park tip had been satisfactory ... "we report as we see it," he said. "The contractor is aware of

the complaints." Cr Brian Dorey said there must be some reason for the problems at Emu Park. Mr Harmsworth blamed the problem on "breakdown of machinery and insufficient labour employed". Cr John Dowie suggested an area should be fenced off at the tip for people to use but Mr Harmsworth replied that the problem was mostly related to machinery. Cr Dorey successfully moved that council problem appeared to involve machinery breaking down and insufficient labour and ask to have the problem rectified. The contractor will be asked what action he is taking to rectify the situation.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 -- 5

Residents 'had enough of CSC bowing to big business RESIDENTS living near the Yeppoon Readymix plant told council this week they had "had enough of the council bowing to big business and big money". R and S Stoyel and J C Black of Rawlings Street, Yeppoon, said " it is high time they (the council) showed a little thought for the people who put them there, the ratepayers". They said they had written following reading an at ticle in the December 23 Capricorn Coast Mirror stating that a conference would be held to sort out differences between residents and the company concerned. "You might excuse our bluntness, but we have been through all this before," the residents said. "Years ago, a meeting was called at the plant, where we made it quite clear that noxious industry cannot, under any circumstances. exist adjacent to residential land; that wewould never be happy until the plant was again resited. "The plant was re-sited to its present position against the will of residents by a very shortsighted council and must be re-sited again. "We do not believe that any amount of talking can solve this problem, and only a show of courage by the council enforcing its own bylaws will see this problem solved." The letter was marked to be tabled at the council meeting. In a report on the letter, shire clerk Jim Brown said "contrary to the opinion expressed, the council has little control over the present siting and operations of the plant. "The Noise Abatement and Air Pollution Legislations provide the relevant control mechanisms, apart from land use aspect contained in our town plan provisions." Mr Brown said if it were not for the desire to relocate the plant out of the town area, it would be a relatively straight-forward matter to have the present plant brought up to a reasonably nuisance-free operating standard. It was recommended that R and S Stoyel and J C Black be advised of present progress to have the plant relocated out of the town area. and of the limitations of council control over present operations."

WIN A DINGHY AT CAUSEWAY A lucky entry in the Causeway Lake Fishing Competition on Sunday will win a dinghy, outboard, trailer, safety gear and registration. The competition starts at 8am and weigh-in time is 3.30pm. Emu Park Lions and Lionesses will be on hand to help competitors put in their nominations. All nomination forms will be in the lucky draw

for the dinghy, valued at S2,400, and presented by Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. The winner must be present to collect the prize, if not, names will be pulled out of the barrel until a winner is announced. There will be prizes for the biggest fish caught by a female, male, junior, senior, heaviest bag of fish caught by an individual, youngest fisherman and best catch by a family.

Council reviewing property VGs THE Division Four Ratepayers' Association will be told that Livingstone Shire Council's rates section is reviewing all property classifications in consultation with the Valuer-General's Department. The association wrote to council asking it to advise on its policy or intentions regarding differential rating. In a report to council, shire accountant Dennis Murphy said council had resolved during budget deliberations to review property classificationswith a view to achieving compatability between the council and the VG Department's

property files. The report is to be submitted in March this year. When the matter was discussed, shire clerk Jim brown said rates clerk Brian Lund was on holidays but would be preparing the report as soon as he returned to work. Deputy chairman Cr Keith Hinchliffe said a survey had been carried out in Martin Tenni's electorate and he suggested the results should be made available to council. It was resolved that council look into this, and any other surveys into differential rating. The information will be supplied to the ratepayers' association.

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r Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988


(IN Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor II)

Festive season fantasies over ADVERTISEMENT

REPORTED QUOTES OF THE WEEK The following are extracts taken from the Capricorn Coast Mirror, Morning Bulletin and other named sources relating to Livingstone Shire Council matters during the past three years. The writer considers the extracts to be in the public interest and no comments have been added to them. SHOP locally, buy Central Queensland: On $300,000 of our money that went to Brisbane. The tender is to supply all tyres needed by council vehicles for three years including cars, light trucks, graders and loaders. Councillors found Yeppoon Tyre Service competitive with other tenders and preferred to use the local service. (Mimi; 6 Apil, 1985). (Re payments to Brisbane based town planning consultant Ullman & Nolan Pty Ltd) — some two years later, that same consultant has been paid over $300,000 for town planning, subdivisions, building, engineering, legal and other miscellaneous matters. (Rowe lefty; Ming 5 Dec, 1987). On the alignment of philosophies. He (Mr Dowie) had received a phone call from Cr Cue about 2pm Tuesday asking if he would maintain Cr Anderson's priorities and philosophies. "I told him quite bluntly that I wasn't going to state my philosophies were parallel to anyone's. Obviously they were looking for a puppet. If they got one, that's good." (Morning Bulletin, 14 Nov,.1986). Cr Cue when asked to comment on Mr Dowie's remarks, said Mr Dowie had unfortunately brought personalities into it. "I spoke to him around 2pm because I considered it my responsibility to take the trouble to determine his philosophies," Cr Cue said. (Minvr, 15 Nov, 1986). On accountability. Question in Mirror: As a member of Livingstone Shire Council, you would be involved in the spending of public money. Do you believe council should be accountable to the public for how it is spent? BOWEN: Yes. (Mifror, 30 Mar. 1985) Bowen won't give answers to queries on consultants... Cr Bowen did say he couldn't see why the council table wouldn't resolve to hand out the information. He said we (the Mirror) could go to a Magistrate to get the information if council did not decide to give it out. (John & Suzy Watson, Mirror, 14 June, 1986) On a "personal matter" for some. Cr Smith said he believed the allegations (against Mr Rowe) were "a personal matter with a minority of councillors". He said the minority had won the support of some new members who didn't understand the situation. They (the new councillors) are operating under the impression that a lot of the previous members were ratbags." Cr Smith said the council staff were only carrying out determinations from the council table. (Minvr, 29 June, 1985) "FOR the benefit of councillors?" But does he (Cr Hartwig), or any of the other councillors who rear up self-righteously in the face of criticism, think that councils exist for the benefit of councillors? Of course they don't. They're there to serve the people — and when they fail to achieve that goal, they should be disbanded or reorganised so that .they can work efficiently in the best interest of the ratepayers. (Editorial, Morning Bulletin, 24 August, 1985) Aulhorised by J Chapman, 6 Maids Street, Yeppoon.

THE annual spate of festive season fantasies (Capricorn Coast Mirror, December 23) is once again behind us. They appear to be offered in self-justification as 'props' and 'straws' to be conveniently grasped (in desperation?) by many. Those wishing to believe such views are certainlywelcome to them; but many others have different and conflicting views. In presenting alternative thought, it is emphasised that no 'carrot' is offered, such as the `plug' of J Cornish apparently seeking possible proselytes to his particular section. The preposterous religious fantasy of a woman, nominally known as 'Mary', presenting a so-called 'virgin birth', needs much thought and query. No such event is yet proven possible for humanity, despite attempts to justify and confirm such an event. The occurrence of parthenogenicity (virgin birth) among insects is well documented - but not among humans. The supposed 'virgin birth' is cunningly presented on page three, in a stated sequence of 'a. baby, a manger, a young man, a young woman' by N Milner; it was not stated to be a virgin birth, even though that belief is a tenet of his section. Perhaps he is learning to respect, in a clandestine manner, the incredulity of his congregation. The guilt-laden words on page two `— admitting that you are a sinner, in need of forgiveness', are gutless to those who have come to terms with themselves and with their place in nature. It is an ignorant and unrespected god who has (supposedly) given us life, yet needs to scare us into submission through a fear of the unknown. Should we be prepared to reason out and overcome such fear, we are then no longer subservient to the man-made threats of dire consequences if we refuse to accept such precepts. •Many do not 'have the Son', or believe in such a fantasy, yet have attained a fulfilling and satisfying life. The illusion of a Son of God' appears grotesque in the extreme, when 'god' can neither be proven nor disproven. Traumatic problems and experiences of living, can be hidden behind a hope that a 'Son of God' will dispense love and forgiveness to the guilt-ridden. It is far more constructive and positive to develop and cultivate our inherent capacities to face and handle such experiences ourselves. That. is what living should be about - the promotion of more positive and realistic mental and psychological thought processes as a basis for a healthier society, rather than specious religious fantasy and illusion. We have an appropriate opportunity to reassess our influence on a disintegrating society, through and beyond a bicentennial year. — K Moore, Yeppoon.

Struck dumb! I WAS so flabbergasted to read Jim Turner's statement that he was an independent that I was struck dumb. However, now I've recovered, dare I suggest that it's a question of force majeure - no one will have him. I'm tempted to call him Turncoat Jim. He's trying to bring party politics into Livingstone Shire. LSC is not, and never has been, a political council. And long may it stay nonpolitical. Having just recovered from my amusement at his "Independent" statement, I was happily walking along in Yeppoon when ... lo and behold! What do I see? A blimp, no less. And on the blimp "Turner for Chairman." Held up by hot air, no doubt. So now for me Turncoat Jim will ever be Colonel Blimp. The colonel certainly seems pretty desperate to get the job. Because he wouldn't win at home, perhaps? $20,000 is quite an attractive retirement package. We must beware in Livingstone of would-be chairmen who want a retirement income. We need a full-time chairman who is not too old and has shown he is committed to the area. Belyando Shire benefited greatly from coal company infrastructure. Livingstone depends mainly on rates. Quite a different kettle of fish.

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Mr Turner says that pensioners "only" get 50 per cent deduction on the general rate. I wish I got that. If there were any discounts or services such as water and sewerage it would only put more of a burden on working families with children and other full-time ratepayers. Don't forget that "pensioners" now include all pensioners, regardless of age, who are in possession of a health benefits card. The burden on the working man is becoming intolerable. After all, water and sewerage are actually used. Old age pensioners have earned their pension, but they should remember that taxes were lower in their day, and the standard of services provided by their rates were lower. I urge pensioners not to be greedy. Think of your grandchildren. — Cr Ann Giorgi, Keppel Sands, 4702.

Quotes interest IT is with interest that I read the various quotations being published in "Reported Quotes of the Week" by John Chapman, and urge all electors to take these into account when choosing your candidates for the Livingstone council elections. Electors must realise that with a forthcoming election on our doorsteps the spread of the word on how good council is running is a lot of propaganda. If the people elect the right candidates in the first place, council would not have this problem, therefore I urge the people to choose your candidates carefully at the next elections. You have your democratic right to showyour apprOval or disapproval at the ballot box, and do not be mislead or intimidated, more on that further down the track. You will hear at the forthcoming elections of all the wonderful things that are happening, such as a private hospital, big complex at Rosslyn Bay, marina development at Kemp Beach. In fact two of the developers of the Kemp Beach complex, Roger Barrett and Bill Faint were two of my councillors for many years, with Bill Faint serving 21 years, and Peter Barton, a grazier from Clermont. All three were great supporters of mine as chairman. Let us hope this development eventuates. I will play my part, if elected, to support these projects and others, but with no favouritism. The question electors must ask themselves did council initiate this development? or was it the enthusiastic entrepreneurs coming to Council? (No doubt it was the latter). All members of local government, including myself, have to sell themselves to the electors, however I like to initiate certain projects myself, as that is what is rewarding in local government. I will be making many visits to electors in the very near future, and would like to thank Nev Fraser and Fred Cowdray for introducing me to people at Emu Park, and would be very thankful for anyone who would assist in other areas. But I would like to make it quite clear, that I am standing independent of any group of political parties, as I have done throughout my local government career. — Jim Turner, 33 John Street, Yeppoon.

More interest! BRICKBATS as well as bouquets should, in my opinion, be awarded to John Chapman for his 'Quotes of the week' column. Brickbats for reminding us of the tragedy of the past three years particularly with respect to squandered ratepayers funds by this present council and bouquets for bringing to our attention at great personal expense, the need to remove those councillors who have been less than sincere in their council duties and have used council to further their own individual interests to the detriment of the ratepayers and the Livingstone Shire. Thanks, John Chapman for the timely reminders. The concern which you publicly express maybe just what is required to ensure that voters think a little more carefully before casting that vote in the weeks ahead. However, one thing is crystal clear, if we wish to retain the "Livingstone Shire Circus" image we should ensure that all existing land developers and real estate agents are returned. After

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all, who would want harmony at the risk of losing notoriety? — Lloyd Webber, Tungamull Road, Cawarral.

`I'm standing'

I HAVE decided to stand for election to division one of the Livingstone Shire Council for the following reason: I care for people and have years of experience in local government. Having lived in Emu Park for the past 18 years, I feel that all my experience is being wasted and could be put to better use ... its ratepayers got value for the dollar and were told the facts regarding what takes place behind closed doors, not fiction. We need to see open council and more accountability. A member of any council needs to understand the Local Government Act. It seems to me that some members do not understand the word pecuniary interest. All council members should attend courses in local government like I did at the University of New England and the Queensland University. — Fred Cowdray, Redman Street, Emu Park.


Turner for airman am standing independent of Groups and Political Parties as I have in Local Government since 1967.'


DEAR ELECTORS, I could not stand by and hear your sitting Chairman accuse you of being a "Fickle Community" when in fact he has admitted Chairman do not appear to have a good record. Would that not be a personal problem, and not one of the Community? In my 12 years experience in Local Government, 18 years as a Shire Chairman, it is important that the Community and Council work together. I have promised Open Council, the services of a Community Development Officer to work with the Community, obtain Grants from both State and Federal Governments, and to act as a co-ordinator between Council and the people and back from the people to the council. This system has proved to be successful for me, and will also be successful for Livingstone under the right leadership. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be generated within a Community, and not lost which has been the case in Livingstone. A minority of people who start unfounded rumours do create some problems with those who listen. For instance I have categorically stated that I will not operate a Real Estate business on the Coast, however a rumour got back to me to say "Jim Turner is correct in saying that, but his son, Paul, will." When in fact Paul is taking over the business in Clermont at the end of this month. I made that decision not to have myself or family have a Real Estate business on the Coast because on information available to me Real Estate Agents, Developers, as Councillors have created an ill feeling within the Community. Another matterwhich concerns me is the intimidation by Leaders in the Community threatening to serve writs on people who speak out. This nonsense has to stop, and I would laze to hear from anyone who receives such threats. I have also been personnally pressured by some people to lay charges over the instance of a leading figure taking signs off my car. This I will not do, because I would then be part of one who would be helping to divide the Community. I give a commitment to Electors to have Livingstone Shire image lifted, so as development and the future of the Coast can forge ahead over the next decade. For Stability - Leadership - Experience Open Council. TURNER J R VOTE for


Jim Turner 33 John Street, Yeppoon. 4.703. Phone 39 1265. Authorised by J Turner. 33 John Street. Yeppoon.

Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 --

Nice Mayor to get French letter LIVINGSTONE Shire councillors took great pains this week to ensure they sent "a letter in French" to Nice and not a "French letter". Cr Ann Giorgi, during members' business, produced a letter she wanted council to send to the Mayor of Nice, in the south of France, seeking information on the city's sewerage system. Sparing the councillors a reading of the letter in French, she read a "rough translation" to the table. She is interested in the Nice sewerage system because, in addition to removing sewage from homes, it also creates enough electricity to light the whole city and feed surplus into the electricity grid. Her cousin, Paul Carpenter, who lives in

Bordeaux, told her about the Nice system while visiting at Christmas. "They have been doing this 70 years," she told councillors. "As they are a seaside city, just like us, in fact a very similar layout, I thought it could be quite exciting to find out exactly what they are doing." The letter she offered to council was already written in French. She arranged for her cousin to produce it while he was staying with her. After she read it to council she moved it be sent and it was up to the table to produce a seconder ... there was immediate laughter because someone said something to the effect: "Who wants to second Ann's French letter?" In the end, Cr Geoff Cue seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

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BROCHURES IN BIG DEMAND THE Capricorn Coast's new highway sign at Marlborough is an outstanding success if the demand for brochures at the Marlborough Shell Service Station is any guide. Proprietors George and Margaret Newton have sought replenishment supplies on three occasions since the sign was erected only a few weeks ago. To meet the demand, the Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation has invited all Coast tourist operators to lodge their brochures and leaflets at the secretary's office at 7 Normanby Street (Tidewater Motel building). Acting chairman Laurie Killeen said the Marlborough and Raglan CCTO Information

Centres were for use by all Coast operators, not just CCTO members. "The CCTO's policy is to promote the whole Coast because that is what we are all about," he said this week. A third major highway sign will be erected in the near future at the Ross Creek roundabout on land leased to the CCTO by Livingstone Shire Council. Members and friends are reminded of a fun night with hypnotist Frank Johnson at the Kavlon Theatre next Thursday, January 21. Proceeds from the night will assist in defraying costs with the next sign.


Turner sees Emu Park 'neglect' LIVINGSTONE Shire chairman candidate Jim Turner claimed this week that Emu Park had been neglected in its representation by council. "I am surprised to see the facilities at Bell Park in a worse state of condition than they were 10 years ago, and I undertake to have them improved if elected at the local government election on March 19," Mr Turner said. "I have contributed towards council rates for

La Bamba Finest Cuisine, Party - 39 3212

some 30 years, and as a rate payer, along with others, it was appalling to see such a great asset deteriorate, when in fact it was established by Mt Morgan mines many years ago. "Surely it is not asking much of the council to have this great asset for Emu Park and the Coast maintained. "The toilet facilities were a disgrace and full of mosquitoes and the timber work on forms and tables were badly deteriorating." He claimed a new toilet block was required, better drainage for the park and was confident that if council would supply materials enough interested citizens, along with service clubs could upgrade the seating and tables. "I didn't see any barbecue plates. Perhaps the steak is supposed to taste better off the coals."

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8 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988

Wetlands never fail to surprise THE Shoal Water Bay Coastal Wetland comprising Shoal Bay, Kinka Beach, the mangroves of Kinka or Shoalwater Creek and the lagoons behind Kinka Beach and Emu Park,

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never fails to surprise and delight the avid birdwatcher. During the last two years I have filled out seven "Unusual Sighting" record sheets and sent them to the prestigious ornithological bodies ... the Royal Australian Ornithologists Union and Bird Observers Club. The four 1986 sightings were of Red-necked Avocets, Chestnut Teal, a single Painted Snipe and Wood Sandpipers. The three seen in 1987 were even more unusual, starting with a Reeve, then a rare vagrant from the northern hemisphere seen on Kinka Beach, a Ringed Plover, and Pectoral Sandpipers. Today, January 3, 1988, I posted the first "Unusual Sighting" for 1988 - having seen seven Asian Dowitchers at the lagoons this morning. I was particularly pleased to see this species as the first recording for Australia was made by my birdwatching son, David, in the Darwin area in 1971. A submission has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council by the Capricorn Branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society to have this area afforded some kind of protection. Every visiting birdwatcher, and there have been many from overseas as well as Australia, has supported this move. -- Molly Crawford, Kinka Beach.

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Council trauma SOME claim the "smooth running" and apparent "harmony" of the Livingstone Shire Council of late is due to co-operation and good management. Some are a little cynical and believe otherwise. It has been quite an education to follow the council traumas over the past three years and observe the operation of a highly successful and disciplined faction, referred to in the press at times as the "Secret Seven", and by a host of less flattering names by the population at large. What appeared to be the vehicle for this group, YACA, became active and vocal prior to the last election. YACA's propaganda and innuendo was so successful, it succeeded in having some of its members elected and some almost so. From then on, it was interesting to note the involvement either directly or indirectly by this council faction in the many traumas, to name but a few: "illegal" suspension of Rowe; dissatisfaction of staff; resignation of council-employed town planner Weychardt; scuttling of the petition; problems leading to Hartwig's resignation; appointment of Bowen, over the corpses of "illegal" deputy chairman Hinchliffe and "ineligible" Cr Dorey and then the sacking of Rowe at great cost to the community. By this time, the council faction's star was at it's zenith - life for them must have been great. But their ranks began to thin, first by a "defection", and then a resignation. They tried to appoint a replacement (formerly from YACA) without a quorum. This illegality forced them to retreat - their first defeat in nearly two years, (not counting the Rowe verdict, which they had the numbers to over-ride and ignore). Well as you know, things have been comparatively quiet ever since then. Even the faction's lap-dog YACA has lost its bark and its teeth. Maybe it's because contentious issues are discussed behind closed doors these days, along with plenty of non-contentious issues. Or maybe it's because the noisy members have achieved their goals. Then perhaps it's because the faction no longer has an absolute majority it's amazing how subdued they can be when they no longer have the whip hand. Or maybe they even noticed the election looming up and thought they'd better behave themselves, to create an illusion of harmony so that they can be re-elected, and the chairman can improve on his 20 percent of the vote next time. However come election, day, I doubt if there'll be many who are either fooled, or prepared to forget. -- John F Chapman, 6 Maida Street, Yeppoon, 4703.

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LAST Monday's Courier Mail carried a story attributed to Wildlife Preservation Society director Don Henry about seeking compromise with the State Government on sand mining of beaches. This response of course stems from the decision to abandon mining on Moreton Island near Brisbane. When the news of that decision broke there were statements made on possible action taking place in Central Queensland as a result. Surely not more controversy and division on the central coast. We have had too much of that already. This then is the point of my letter. We can do things together and talking things through. That deeply committed and very concerned group of conservationists tend to lose out when they alienate the majority silent public view with very strident expressions of dissent on each issue. I personally want to see a national park north of Yeppoon but I would like every facet of it and its surrounds thoroughly investigated by a consultation process. My wife and I have just had our 11th Christmas in the midst of a national park. Birds, trees, wildlife and the peace of a comfortable moun-

tain resort. A national park, I believe, should be available and accessible to all age groupswhatever their creature habits. I admire our local people labelled `greenies'. They tend to emphasise what is lacking in a lot of us ... commitment. However we do need to work together and help plan the next hundred years well. Our bicentenary celebrations demand that. Maurie Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon.

Bravo for 1988! MAY I take this opportunity to congratulate the Livingstone Bi-Centenary Committee on their activities in celebrating 1988, also I would like to congratulate the citizens of Marlborough in the good attendance at their New Year's Eve ball which my wife and I attended. The function demonstrated the true community spirit with mum, dad and children attending, and the atmosphere reminded one of the spirit and determination made by people in country areas to make their function a success. It was also an important occasion for Mrs Meg Moore who had just been honoured with a BEM. I had the opportunity to personally congratulate her on the achievement. Having received an MBE for services myself to local government and services to community organisations, the words spoken by Meg Moore BEM when she said, "I have only achieved this award through you people out there in the community. It is you who have done the work". Those words touched me so closely as when leaving Clermont I donated my citation, medal and certificate to the Belyando Shire Council to be placed in council's board room, as I believed these belong to the community. Congratulations Meg Moore on your community interest. It would be wonderful to have more like you in the community. -- Jim Turner, 33 John Street, Yeppoon.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 -- 9

Letters to the editor •) No time for postal voting debate THE recent decision by Livingstone Shire Council to seek State Government approval for postal voting in the forthcoming Council elections has been taken without the opportunity for proper informed debate within the community. To date, the published comments of councillors and politicians range from "the elimination of electoral fraud" to the "high proportion of senior citizens who may be stressed and inconvenienced by visiting ballot boxes, and as a result, may not vote". Could it be that there is a much more sinister reason behind this decision of our local councillors? Prospective candidates for the election should be aware that the returning officer (normally the same shire clerk who supports the postal ballot) is required to give not less than 10 days or more than 21 days notice of the day of nomination for the election. The day of nomination is to be not less than 21 days or not more than 42 days before the day of holding the election, already set by the State Government for March 19, 1988.

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The problem that now arises is that Rule 68 of Subdivision III of the Third Schedule of the Local Government Act - Rules For The Conduct of Elections - states inter alia, that 'the Returning Officer shall as soon as practicable after the day of nomination, transmit a print ballot paper etc etc". On the assumption that most people would return their completed ballot paper soon after receipt, the time available for effective campaigning by candidates could be reduced to as little as one week. It is highly probable that sitting councillors will know exactlywhen the ballot papers will be posted out, advertising accordingly. Those candidates not in possession of this knowledge will be at a very significant disadvantage. Most people would be aware that they can obtain a postal ballot in the ordinary course of events if they will not be within 10km of a polling place, are seriously ill, infirm, or approaching maternity, on certain religious beliefs, or if they will be absent from the area on the polling day. The statement that postal voting is "better for pensioners" is extremely shortsighted if it means that matters that will affect the daily lives of our senior citizens are not to be exposed to proper public debate by all prospective candidates for council. Matters such as pensioner rate remissions, the lack of community amenities normally available for the elderly, the low standard of those few now available, the absence of a senior citizens centre, if not raised before elections won't warrant a mention until the next election, three years down the track. Surely it is more important to give all candidates time to put their views and policies. After all, who except certain members of this current council would have reason to stifle free and open discussion on council issues? -- Tony Rowe, PO Box 445, Yeppoon.

Take a stand CONGRATULATIONS to B Manion, whose letter I have just read, for publicly saying what many of us have felt for the past two years. I want to see Emu Park permanent residents, and normal holiday-makers take a stand in 1987, to have this revolting display of gluttony and barbaric behaviour on New Year's Eve, completely wiped out. Who could enjoy a stroll on our lovely beach on New Year's day, take the children for a picnic in the park, or even make a morning visit to the shops? Citizens of Emu Park, unite and make the banning of this event, our Bicentennial project. B Morris, John Street, Emu Park.

A great start!


WHAT a great start in Bicentennial '88 for the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts. Its Bicentennial Murals "Living in Livingstone" and "Under the Capricorn Sun", have been lauded and applauded by all who have seen them in the Yeppoon Town Hall foyer. Congratulations society members. From a small beginning you have developed into a significant community group. Keep up the good work. -- Roy Wall, Mount Lizard, MS 142, Yeppoon.

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Tall Ships tour WE of Capricorn Coast Tours would like to express our appreciation to the Capricorn Coast Mirror for your bi-centenary co-operation in alerting readers through your column of the recent visit to Gladstone of the Ecuadorian Sailing Ship, 'Guayas'. Your co-operation has assisted us in transporting over 200 people from this region to view and inspect this 'once only' visit by a genuine Tall Ship. On behalf of ourselves and the public able to inspect the 'Guayas', we thank you for your informative coverage. -- Glenn Reddiex, 39 Emu Parade, Barmaryee.

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10 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988


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Vote 1

Geoff CUE Div. 2, Livingstone Shire Council THREE years ago the ratepayers of Division 2 supported my bid to become a Councillor for the Shire of Livingstone. At that time, the problems of the Shire had been identified by the community and the most frequent public comment was a despairing "It's impossible to change"! Well, I'm here to testify that the impossible has been achieved. There is positive enthusiasm among staff membersand Councillors and this attitude, which is apparent to the community, is generating great interest in our Shire, both in the commercial and residential sectors. Our new strategic plan will provide a positive 7-10 year plan of development which considers and protects all sectors of the community. Particular attention has been paid to beautifying and upgrading footpaths in the business sector of Yeppoon. We have been successful in sealing most of the town streets and our policy is to bitumen seal as many rural roads as possible. So far this financial year approx. 11km of roads have been sealed. The level of increase in loan liability has decreased. The General Fund loan liability, which was increasing at a rate of 20.40% in 1980-81, has been reduced to a 0.6% increase by 1987-88 and I can predict that this dramatic decrease in loan liability will continue in the 1988-89 budget if present policies remain intact. The Yeppoon Ratepayers have for years demanded clean water and my election promise to provide a treatment plant will be honoured by June or July this year. Of course, we borrowed money for this project but our timing was perfect and we saved $1 million in deferred interest repayments. Stability and good management are now bringing a just reward to the Shire and, although great progress has been made during this three-year term, there is so much more yet to be achieved. I am asking the ratepayers of Division 2 to consolidate their investment by once again voting for me in the March 19 elections.

Cr Geoff Cue

39 3719 Authorised by Geoff Cue

The chairman and member, Livingstone Shire Council, we submit the following report on the activities and achievements for the calendar year 1987, and our hopes for 1988. ADMINISTRATION: STAFFING: An hierarchical organisational structure has been adopted; a programme of staff appraisal implemented, and corporate management techniques are being utilised. Communication and reporting lines have improved, and a greater degree of delegation is occurring, though we are still in the early phases of organisational change. The retirement of Bill Cass (shire clerk) after almost 25 years of service is noted; and the following appointments have been made: Jim Brown (new shire clerk) and Susan Memmott (relief cashier). Jenny Duncan took maternity leave but has now decided to resign. Maree Minter will shortly be taking maternity leave and suitable relief arrangements have been made. The council entered the Local Government Traineeship Programme in July, and the inaugural appointee was Tammy Dean. She has now been joined by Ursula Edwards and Tanya Drost and we are confident this programme will prove a most beneficial initiative for all concerned. 2 TRAINING: Apart from the naturally improved training opportunities resulting from the organisational restructure; the Traineeship Programme; and additional resources such as the new word processors, we are conducting in-house training in computing and word processing, and are creating opportunities for staff movement between sections and departments to enhance multi-skilling. A number of female staff will attend either a secretarial course (1 day) conducted by Prime Learning Australia, or a Telecommunications Course, (half day) conducted by Telecom Australia within the next two months. Senior professional staff attended their respective conferences and seminars and the "On-Line '87" course at the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education and training and personal development programmes will continue as required. 3 LEGISLATION: A considerable number of by-laws have come under scrutiny during the year, e.g. noxiousweeds, noise abatement, tree preservation, as well as the draft documentation for the strategic plan, town plan and subdivision of land by-laws. The dog control agreement with the Central Queensland Society for Prevention of Cruelty was formalised by contract. A number of new policies have been adopted, e.g. submission of meeting materials, Yeppoon Hall bookings, extractive industry operations, control over illegal building, footpath furniture, beachfront stalls, fingerboard signposting. This continuous review and updating process not only enhances our management tools and processes but also creates a greater awareness of the content of our by-laws and policies both with members and the public. 4 MEETINGS: The change to once-a-month meetings, with confidential business being conducted "in committee" would appear to have been a sound move, and the introduction of a segment for guest speakers, video presentations (where agenda time permits) has added to the general tone of council meetings. The order of business is not in strict accord with the respective by-law, and that situation has arisen over a period of time to meet particular needs within the council. It will be necessary to review the meeting procedure/ agenda order as well as the by-law and any policies in 1988, to ensure that all are complementary. A considerable volume and complexity of business has been dealt with at the council table in the past year, and a good number of long outstanding applications and other issues have been finalised, particularly in the town planning field. 5 PERFORMANCE: The attached appendix 'C' demonstrates the relationship of this local authority with others in the Fitzroy Region, or in similar coastal environments. It can be seen from these indicators that the council performs well by comparison, except in the area of rates arrears management, but the results in Item 2.2 in relation to a reduction of

• THIS lengthy report was prepared and signed by sir council officers and presented to the Livingstone Shire Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon.. The sir officers who prepared and signed it are: shire clerk Jim Brown; shire engineer Pat Murphy; accountant Dennis Murphy, deputy shire claic Kev Lloyd, building inspector John Milne and building inspector John Hams-worth. The Mirror will be presenting the report over two weeks . The report was adopted unanimously by councillors.

$100,000 in the level of arrears in the past year bears testimony to progress in that area. A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost. - Murphy's Law. 2. FINANCE DEPARTMENT: If it's not in the computer it doesn't exist. Murphy's Law. 1 WORD PROCESSING/COMPUTING: During the first six months, three IBM Personal Computers were purchased, with a further five IBM computers being purchased recently. The inclusion of these stand-alone machines has improved our wordprocessing facilities as well as decreasing pressure from the mainframe computer. A further disk drive has been purchased and is in the process of being installed. This will further relieve pressure from the central computing system by increasing secondary storage by 33 1/3 percent and extending the usable life of the Mainframe Computer. The installation of Personal Computers has also meant that we have been able to take advantage of a variety of low-cost software packages, as well as increased use of in-house software. An in-house training programme has been adopted with several staff members already participating in more advanced uses of micro computers. This will continue, with all staff being given the opportunity to participate in the programme. 2 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Interest rates are lower, and investment earningswill be reduced during 1987/88, but there will be a significant long-term benefit to the shire due to lower borrowing rates on loans. Current policy is to reduce the level of increase in our loan liabilities. This is reflected by graphs which show the General Fund Loan Liability has decreased from a rate of 20.4% increase in 1980/81 (S600,000) to 0.6% increase in 1987/88 (S30,000). It has been necessary to.increase our liability in the Capricorn Coast Water Supply Fund during 1987 in order to fund the construction of the water treatment plant. This project has been funded by a Special Assistance Loan from the State Government. The recent change to instalment payments of our Grants Commission allocation has also had some adverse effect on the shire's investment returns. However, some of the impact of this has been overcome by earlier budgeting and rates collection. Improved management of the rates collection function in 1987 has yielded a significant decrease in the level of total arrears, e.g. outstanding July, 1986, $497,000; January, 1987, $484,000; July, 1987, $411,000; January, 1988, $384,000. Local authorities are vulnerable to changes in the economic environment and in order to stabilise our financial position it has been necessary to build our Reserve Funds. These have increased from $300,000 (1983/84) to $2,771,756 as at December 30, 1987. The increase in reserves (particularly plant renewal) will create a long-term benefit to the shire by completely phasing out loan boriowings for the purchase of plant by June 30, 1989. 3 BUDGET 1987/88: The budget contained a relatively modest increase in the level of fees, rates and charges, yet it has provided a quite substantial capital works programme, aswell as providing for: (a) Capital furniture and computer purchases of $67,000, plus creation of reserves of $60,000 for future computer replacement and the provision of digitised mapping. (b) Preparation of the shire strategic plan of $30,000. (c) Provision of $40,000 to place fill from Bluff

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Road job on two new sporting fields and within the Council Depot. (d) $160,000 for parkland development projects, including the final CEP grant of $76,000 for the Native Gardens at Lammermoor and the Yeppoon Beachfront; as well as for facilities at the Emu Park Cricket Ground and other small projects. A major advance in loan debt management was accomplished with the provision of ah additional $115,000 to pay out maturing loans and a further $45,000 was provided to realign Treasury loan repayments such that they are met in the current year rather than on July 1, in the following year. This programme will continue in 1988/89. We anticipate that a final plant loan of $65,000 only will be required in 1988/89 and that the programme of full revenue/reserve fund interest earnings funding for plant purchases will be achieved thereafter. 4 STAFF LEVELS: Staffing levels have remained relatively constant during the period 1983-1987. At June 30, 1983, a total of 169 were employed with the shire and at June 30, 1987, 169 also were employed. There are no plans to change the employment levels to any significant degree. 3 HEALTH DEPARTMENT: 1 IMMUNISATION SERVICES: Six types of vaccines are provided and immunisations are free for persons of all ages. Clinics were held in the Shire Administration Centre monthly and fortnightly in association with Medical Clinics at Ogmore and Marlborough, and twice per year for booster injections at schools in Divisions 1 and 4. Special clinics were held in conjunction with the National Measles Eradication Campaign, the aim of this campaign (a Bi-centennial project) being to eradicate measles in Australia by 1991.


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Livingstone Shire Council Election DIVISION ONE I have decided to stand for election for the following reason: One might ask what is the motivation that makes an individual seek election to council. My answer to that is service to the Shire and most of all. service to the people. I have lived for some 18 years in Emu Park and feel that my many years of council service is being wasted. Having retired, I can put in the' whole of my time to see that you, the ratepayers, get value for your dollar. As a further indication of the qualities and standards required, I quote from "Bluett's Local Government Handbook" (pages 1-2): "Primarily such men have a dedication to public service; they have a pride and local patriotism which finds gratification in serving and achieving for the betterment of their community; they are independent in mind and speech and are prepared to stand strongly for what they believe is right: but, at the same time, are not unmindful that team work is the essence of successful Local Government and realise the wisdom of winning colleagues to their point of view. They have a natural probity which inhibits them from teaming with the self,seeker; their only allegiance is to the area they serve and are not beholden to any group or section for support in gaining their seat at the council table." I have many years of experience in Local Government, attended a course at University of New England, and Queensland University on Management in Local Government.


VOTE Frederick James

14 William Street, Rockhampton .27 7959

Authorised by F J Cowdray. Redman Street. Emu Park

Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941


YEPPOON'S cubs and scouts start the year on February 1. There are some vacancies and if any parent whose boy is interested in the scout movement would like to contact Suzanne Sheard, 39 3611, she will give them all the relevant details. *** DO you have a child at Yeppoon High? Do you remember all the problems involved with black leather shoes? Besides being dear, the kids won't wear them. The school and a couple of Yeppoon businesses have solved the problem. Capricorn Coast Casuals and Yeppoon Tackle and Sports have volunteered to buy in black leather joggers which are acceptable to the school. Capricorn Coast Casuals is in the Bayview Tower complex and Yeppoon Tackle and Sports is at 26 James Street. The prices are competitive and they have gone to the trouble of buying them in, hoping all the children will be shod through their shops. Please don't disappoint the businesses, it is quite a load for small shops to buy in specific items. Wewould all prefer to shop here on the Coast because it is easier ... and most of us are naturally lazy, so if we want the businesses to carry what we need we do have to support them. BARRY and Pauline Kerle's second daughter Sharon is now engaged to Richard Fawcett of Pine Creek in the Northern Territory. They celebrated the occasion on Christmas Day. The couple will be married in September in Ipswich. *** VISIT an outdoor art exhibition in Beaman Park on Saturday, January 16. The exhibition is being held in conjunction with a children's workshop between 10am and noon organised by the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts. All materials will be supplied for the children and the charge is $1.50 per child. *** DO you ever feel embarrassed when you take your dog for a walk ... or is it the other way round? Beginners classes in dog obedience start on Tuesday, February 2 at Cooee Park from 7.30pm. The course runs for eight weeks and you have to take a leather lead and a choker chain. The cost is 520 and includes membership in Capricorn Coast Dog Obedience ... and, if at the end of the course you feel you or your dog needs more help, the cost is one dollar per night. It doesn't matter whether your dog is young (five months is earlier enough), old, pedigree or a bitzer ... they all need to learn good manners. In our case it was both the dog (Duke, a mixed up variety) and his handler (Rhett, 13 years) who needed to learn good manners. It is only the size of the dog and the handler that limits the ability. For example, a full grown Great Dane and a 10 year old. The instructors are qualified and if you get involved in the obedience classes there is an advanced course. Contact Diane Ziebell, 39 3358, to put your name down for the first set of classes. *** HOW about going to a family dance? The Coowonga tsusn rire Engade is holding a dance in the Savoy Theatre (beautiful floor) at Keppel Sands on Saturday, January 23 ... lots of fun, music and a real family night. Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for children and includes a light supper and lucky door. The dance is licensed and there will be a raffle, lucky spot and monte carlo. Len Timms is providing the music. All funds will be used by the fire brigade to buy necessary equipment and the group will be helped on the night by the Keppel Sands Bush Fire Brigade. *** EMU Park Pensioners League will not hold a social this month. *** WOULD you like to meet the Livingstone Bicentennial Queen Quest entrants? There is an introductory supper dance on January 30 on the Bayview Deck. Tickets are $14 a head and chicken and champagne will be served. The tickets are available from Towle Chiropractic Clinic, Tanby Roses and Gadabouts.


Workshop m

BEAMAN PARK (Saturday, January loam to noon Paint * Paper * Clay supplied


per child./

Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 -- 11 PROBUS members, wives and guests will meet at noon on Thursday, January 21 at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club for lunch. Details are available from secretary George Hillier, 39 3361. *** A cent sale is on Tuesday, February 2 in Emu Park's CWA Hall starting at 9.30am. It has been organised by Emu Park Lioness Club. *** THE monthly QATB cent sale is on Tuesday, YEPPOON Choral Society is rehearsing traJanuary 19 at the James Street, Yeppoon centre ditional bush songs as part of the Australia Day starting at 2pm. There are good prizes, jackpot, celebrations in Beaman Park on Tuesday, Janulucky door, special prize and admission is free. *** ary 26. The rehearsals are on January 19 and 21 in Yeppoon Town Hall and start at 7.30pm. ST James Guild first 1988 cent sale is on If anyone would like to join the society they Wednesday, January 27 at 10am in the Mary would be welcome to go along to the rehearsals. Street, Yeppoon hall. Competitions and morning tea are included.

Sum' *Mit COM YOU can experience one of Queensland's wonders by joining one of the tours to Mt Etna to see the emergence flight of thousands of Little Bent-wing Bats from Bat Cleft. Book now for trips starting from Yeppoon at 5pm on Saturdays ... today, January 16, 23 and 30 and also February 6. Other days are by arrangement only. The tours are oranised by the Wildlife Preservation Society's Capricorn Branch. Contact Molly Crawford, 39 6790 or Rosemary, 39 3735. *** EMU Park Pensioners' League will have a meeting on February 3 to elect a new president. The present incumbent, Win Nelson, tendered her resignation at the January 6 meeting. Win and her husband, Stan, have been untiring workers for the branch and The Evergreens singing group and members are sorry to lose her. *** THERE was a family reunion at Dulcie and Gordon Abel's home for the Christmas break. Their son, Terry, came from Brisbane, another son, Stephen, with his wife, Gail, arrived from Proserpine. Then daughter Janet with her husband, police sergeant Glenn Robertson arrived from Brisbane. But the special visitors for Dulcie and Gordon were grandchildren, Kylie, Mark and Simon from Brisbane. *** YEPPOON Choral Society will have its annual general meeting on Thursday, January 28 at 7.30pm in the Yeppoon Town Hall. All old, new and hopeful members are welcome. *** AT the Yeppoon Probus Club business meeting on January 7 the guest speaker was Yeppoon Golf Club professional Murray Hodge. He presented a talk on the financial and administrative aspects of professional golf. *** IFyou cook, knit or crochet you are invited to take part in the Emu Park CWA knitting, cooking and crochet competition. It is open to members and non-members and you have until early March to prepare your entry. The sections are: any crochet article in acrylic; best knitted entry from 100 grams or less of synthetic yarn; carrot cake, set recipes; cinnamon tea cake, set recipe; microwave chocolate cake, own recipe; 375 to 500 gr jar of marmalade; the same size in mustard pickles. All articles, except the first one, will remain the property of the QCWA. Copies of set recipes can be obtained from CWA members or contact Emu Park CWA president Yvonne Protheroe, 39 6930. *** A BUSH dance is on Friday, January 22 at the Masonic Hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon, from 7.30pm to 1 1pm with the Kooka Brothers and friends providing the music. There will be a light supper and the dance is licensed ... the cost is $4 for adults and $2 children over five years. The Capricorn Branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society is holding the bush dance.

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12 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 January 22, 1988


Capricorn Coast


(capn corn Coast Mirr r Classifieds •




TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary • Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS

While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.

ENGAGEMENTS KERLE - FAWCETT: Mr and Mrs Barry Kerle of Yeppoon have much pleasure in announcing the engagement of their second daughter Sharon to Richard youngest son of Mr and Mrs Peter Fawcett of Pine Creek, NT.

PUBLIC NOTICES QUEENSLAND AMBULANCE TRANSPORT BRIGADE Yeppoon - Emu Park area Nominations are invited from duly qualified contributors to the QATB YeppoonEmu Park committee for appointment to the office of member of the committee. Nominations must be in writing and signed by at least two contributors to the committee. They must be in the hands of the undersigned not later than 5pm Wednesday, 27 January, 1988. Should more than seven nominations be received, a poll to determine membership shall be taken on 10 February, 1988.


PUBLIC MEETING Citizens of Yeppoon are cordially invited to attend a PUBLIC MEETING to be held at Yeppoon Town Hall

WEDNESDAY, 20th JANUARY at 7.30pm Business: 1 To discuss poor television viewing on the Coast; 2 Address by Mr Bill Saunders RTQ7 on future and equalisation scheme; 3 Future action. Convenor Jim Turner.


IS YOUR DOG taking you for a walk? Try taking your dog for a walk instead ... We will show you how! The Capricorn Coast Dog Obedience Beginners Course starts on Tuesday, February 2 for eight weeks at Cooee Park from 7.30pm All dogs (bitters, pedigreed, pups from 5 months, older dogs) and their owners are welcome. Class size is limited ... book now Contact Diane Ziebell: 39 3358

EMU PARK KINDERGARTEN commencing one week later - February 1 VACANCIES EXIST New Director ... Vivienne Cole Contact Kindy on February 1

Yeppoon Little Theatre ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, Feb 2, 8pm Masonic Hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon New members welcome COMMENCEMENT OF SCHOOL YEAR Yeppoon State High School Year 8 and Year 11 students will commence school on Monday 25th January at 10am and 11am respectively. All other years will commence on Wednesday 27th at 8.45am. New enrolments will be taken on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 20th, 21st and 22nd of January between 9.30am and 12.30pm. Parents are requested to telephone the school (39 1815) for an appointment. .,


Denis Hinton your Local Member for


...',,isei v _Aii 111111540.

My electorate office is again open (after the Christmas-New Year holiday break) Due to the vast size of my Electorate, long distance calls to my Electorate Office may be made reverse charge. Broadsound Electorate Office Upstairs Seaview Arcade, Yeppoon Phone 39 2352

CHURCH NOTICES Uniting Church.

Sunday services. Yeppoon, James Street, 10am. Third Saturday in month, 5.30pm,

EMU Park, Archer Street, 7..15am.

Evening Worship, first Sunday in month, 630pm. Keppe1Sands, third Sunday in month,

SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. VIETNAM Veterans from all services. We have now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide os. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833. 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day I HAVE now resumed full-time dental practice at my former location in Arthur Street, next to Marie Brown Real Estate. My surgery number remains 39 3473 and after hours, 39 7578. Ami Setu Dental Surgeon RELIABLE mature age woman willing to caretake flat or house Emu Park area. Contact Mirror office, 39 4244. YEPPOON Cub-Scout group recommences for 1988 on February 1. New boys interested can phone Suzanne Sheard, 39 3611, for further details. CAPRICORN Coast Cricket Club Christmas hamper winner: Terry English, No 402. Thanks to all cricket supporters for support through season. VACANCIES for piano and organ lessons. Cooee Bay, 39 3284. CAPCOAST Rugby Union Club annual general meeting, Wednesday, January 20, 7pm, Railway Hotel. Training starts Thursday, January 21, 5.30pm at surf life saving club.

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Capricorn Coast Catholic Parish Weekend Mass times for ChristmasNew Year holidays: Sacred Heart, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, Saturday 6pm and Sunday 9am; Mary immaculate, ArcherStreet, Emu Park, Sunday, 7am. iriteskyan Methodist


Sunday services, 930am and 630pin. Rev G Hudson, 39 2273,

Assembly of God

Sunday se,rviees, 10arn, Yeppoon CWA Halt and 6.30pm fortnightly. Emu Park CWAi Hail, 6.30pm fort, nightly Pastor Enna Piers, .39 6254.

Baptist Church

Sunday services; 10am and 7pm,

Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon, This advettisetnent is sponsoIrd by the Capticom COO! Mirror. Any chuirlres desirerg to be included orwish to change times, please phone 39 4244 and ask for Sandra Mackie,

glass top 7 pce dining room suite and matching 3 pce lounge $798. Secondhand Shop, Emu Park. GARAGE sale, Saturday January 16, 20 Crane Street, Emu Park. Trampolineframe, baby needs, child's bike, tennis racquets, tractor, plants, books, crockery.

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530pm.. Rev Nyree Svenson, 391364. All Sundays front December 27, 1987 to January 31, 1988: 7am, Eucharist, Christ Church, Emu Park. 8.30am, Sung Eucharist. James Street, Yeppoon.


Chicken Capri Seafoods, Whitman Street, Yeppoon

39 1199 POSITIONS VACANT WANTED: part-time short order cook. 33 6680 CABINETMAKER, Monday to Friday, award wage and open age. Make and repair wooden furniture (kitchens), ascertain job requirements from drawings and other specifications, select wood and/or prepared parts in accordance with specifications. Must be tradesman cabinetmaker. Ring CES, Yeppoon. 39 2401. PERMANENT ticket sellers for Car Art Union, Savemore Centre. Phone 391961 before 9am and after 5.30pm.

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WORK WANTED WEEKEND work for carpenter/painter. Any renovation work. Phone Fred, 39 3140, leave message. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. DRESSMAKING (by pattern). Gail Matthews. Phone 39 3316. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587. FOR carpentry work, contact Don Huttley, 15 Bartlem Street, 39 1502. HIRE a student. Mowing, gardening and cleaning. Phone 39 3935. LAWNS mowed, grass removed, odd jobs by young and reliable person. Phone 33 6732. LAWN mowing wanted. Average yard approx $12. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please phone 39 7578. CARPENTER available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 3065. HOUSE cleaning, ironing, babysitting for hardworking conscientious lass. Phone 39 1510. LAWNMOWING and gardening available Yeppoon area. Phone Merv, 39 3105. LIGHT house cleaning. $5 per hour. Phone 39 7715.

TO LET ONE room in 3 bedroom house, near shopping centre. Phone 39 197$.

WANTED TO RENT LOCALYeppoon businessfamily require a 3/4 br house in Yeppoon. Long lease. Phone 39 3760. URGENTLY needed, 3/4 br house for professional man and family, Yeppoon area. Phone W. 3243. MARRIED couple want furnished house,

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WANTED KNOWN SALON 24. Waxing, facials and make-ups. Phone 39 2198. YVETTE'S Restaurant, Pacific Heights, Yeppoon. Open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday lunch. Bookings, 39 3499.

MARINE SAILBOARDS, sandsailers, sails - sales, hire, repairs - cheapest prices. SandSailSurf, phone 39 7686.

Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 -- 13


(Capricorn Coast Mirror Classifieds - 39 4244) TRADEWORK

Carpet. Cleaning Emu Park — 39 6178

INSECT SCREENS and Security Doors


49 TANBY RD. YEPPOON 4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive . aluminium awnings and blinds.

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Homestead approx 19 sqs, 40x20 shed with shower & WC, subdivide into 5 paddocks, spring fed dam, (never been dry). Crops growing & grown in past: watermelons, cucumbers, potatoes, rockmelons, tomatoes, Paw Paws. All types of small crops. Vendor will consider trade of 5 - 50 acres on the coast, improved or unimproved, offers will be considered prior to auction. Auctioneers comments: Vendor is a genuine seller, opportunity of a lifetime to secure property in this rich Cooberrie area, with a tremendous potential for a cash flow income.

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14 -- CapfiCorn Coast Mirror January 16 - JanUary 22, 1988

COUNCIL'S OFFICERS PRESENT REPORT ON ACHIEVEMENTS... • Continued from Page 10 2 CLEANSING SERVICES: Garbage services are now more hygienic with the use of 240litre wheelie bins. These bins are widely accepted and as in other parts of Australia, services are being extended into rural residential areas. The control of waste disposal is a very important function of any council, and a close supervision of the contractor's operations has been maintained. Elements of the contract will be reviewed in 1988. 3 FOOD OUTLETS: The trend to "eat out" or obtain "take-aways" is increasing everywhere; this is quite noticeable in the increase of cafes and take-away food establishments on the Capricorn Coast. The style and type of foods now available is becoming morevariable. There are even four food outlets in and adjacent to Marlborough and inquiries reveal that all do a reasonable trade. Regular inspections of all premises are carried out. 4 RESORT DEVELOPMENT/ENTERTAINMENTS: Some resorts are well estab-

lished in the shire and more resorts are now on the drawing board. Development proposals in Division 3 will need to be planned carefully. Health services and public facilities for visitors need to be excellent and close monitoring of hygiene standards is being undertaken. New styles of entertainment and equipment and hire services have been introduced in the developing tourist areas. We can now hire for our leisure and sport, items such as sand sailers, parasailers and the new "water bikes". Control over the activities of operators is obtained by licensing. 5 BY-LAWS ENFORCEMENT: An effective level of control over activities such as: extractive industries, illegal camping, overgrown allotments, animals/vehicles on beaches, straying/nuisance dogs, has been maintained without intruding excessively on the rights of individuals. The registration and inspection of various commercial and accommodation premises as well as swimming pools in the town areas is well in hand and contributes to the general oversight of health and


TRADEWORK TELEVISION, Video. Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330. STOVE and hot water repairs. Yeppocin Electrical Service. 39 3835. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast — D 8 K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. SLASHING done — Inquiries phone 39 1199 during daytime. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199. PLUMBER — Keith Chivers — 39 3518 — Plumber — Keith Chivers — 39 3518. BUILDING; painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232 or 22 1687. REGISTERED builder, free quotes. House or extensions, concrete. D Schofield. Phone 39 3680. SLASHING — allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016.

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FALCON XD sedan automatic, a/c, 1 owner, log book, reg Nov '88. RWC. Very good condition. Phone 39 1393. SUZUKI Sierra, aluminium back. '86 model. RWC. Phone 39 2213.

BINGO WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit o. B20760. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B20695. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall, Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No 8142.

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LSC wants to save Sydney LIVINGSTONE Shire Council, the body that in this term faced the appointment of an administrator, will write to NSW Premier Barrie Unsworth and ask him to return elected government to Sydney City Council. Its support was sought by Queensland Local Government Association president Sir Albert Abbott. Council was told Sydney City Council was sacked in March last year and the Premier had appointed three commissioners to run the city. A retired judge was also appointed to review the system of local government for Sydney and report on the most appropriate structure for local government. The judge's report recommends scrapping elected local government and appointment of permanent commissioners who would be responsible to the State Government, not the residents. The proposal "incensed" local government people in NSW and support has been requested from all States to stop the proposal. Livingstone Shire councillors were told in the letter "attacks of local government of this type are of such seriousness and potential impact on us that it behoves us all to take whatever action we possibly can to protect the interests of local government". Council decided, without comment, to write to the NSW Premier. The motion was moved and seconded by Crs Duncan McDonald and Ron Landsberg.

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4 BUILDING and TOWN PLANNING: 1 344 building permits were issued in 1987 for a gross value of $11,227,661, and comprised: new dwellings, 145; multiple dwellings/motels, 2; commercial buildings, 12; industrial buildings, 1; additions, 184. Major developments included: 20 motel units and a restaurant at Emu Park, additions to the Savemore Centre and construction of the La Bamba Cabaret building in Yeppoon. Plans have also been received for the St. Andrews Private Hospital in Yeppoon. Foreshadowed major developments for 1988 include: * Convention Centre and International Hotel at the Iwasaki Resort. * Stanage Bay Village development. * Multiple accommodation units at Lammermoor Beach. * Tourist accommodation and commercial premises, as well as * a possible marina at Rosslyn Bay. * Major resort development proposals are also under investigation for both the Broome Head and Joskeleigh localities. 2 Reasonable success has been achieved in having dilapidated unoccupied buildings demolished, where same are a hazard to adjoining properties, and a number of buildings in similar condition are now receiving attention. 3 Improved control over building activity is being obtained with an increased number of inspections (minimum of 3) during site construction. Attention is also being paid to unauthorised building construction as it comes to notice, and remedial action is required where appropriate. The council, along with the Central Queensland Branch Institute of Building Surveyors, will be hosting the Quensland Conference on the Capricorn Coast in 1988. 4 The clean-up rate on Town Planning applications and Appeals has improved to the stage where there are now only three matters: Yaamba (Drainage Problem) rezoning; Wappaburra (Great Keppel) rezoning; and Blatch (Byfield) rezoning; which have become somewhat long winded. The only outstanding Appeal is the recent one relating to the Blatch (Byfield) rezoning. 5 Substantial progress was made in the resolution of a Williamson Creek drainage strategy, and the consultants have been commissioned to finalise policy statements in relation to drainage studies carried out previously for other major catchments. The final policy statements will substantially strengthen the council's position in dealing with developments in those areas in the future. 6 The completion of draft documentation for

the shire's Strategic Plan, and the review of Town Planning schedules and legal provisions, coupled with necessary amendment to subdivision of land by-laws, has been a noteworthy accomplishment, and the review by the Department of Local Government will hopefully be completed early in 1988. The preparatory inspections and discussions have contributed considerably to the knowledge base of members and staff alike, and has generated a greater appreciation of the interrelationships between land use, infrastructure development, tourism and development promotion, natural resources utilisation, the dissemination of information to the public and the creation of appropriate decision making and communication processes. 7 The draft documentation has become a useful reference base for decision making, in spite of its "draft" status, and its existence has a positive and persuasive impact upon prospective developers during discussions on proposals and prospects. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Murphy's Law.

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SHARE house, Cooee Bay, ladyteacher orsimilar preferred. Phone 39 3284. FEMALE to share fully furnished beachfront house. Phone 39 2223.

hygiene. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong. - Murphy's Law.




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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988 -- 4

80 TEE-OFF ON IL WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY Club was well attended with 70 members and 10 associates hitting off, and that included a few visitors, at Yeppoon Golf Club. Esme Woodbridge won the associates' stableford with 34 points from Stella Haskins with 32. The first nine nett winners were Yvonne Foxwell and Esme Woodbridge, both with 36 and a half. May McGlashan won the second nine with 33, from Esme Woodbridge with 34 and a half. Pinshots: Stella Haskins, Ann Barrow and Nancy Montgomery won the proshot. The members' stableford winner was Mike Mickelburghwith 43 points. He was followed by Phil Locker 42, Paul Moore and Ross Mclndoe 41 each, Arthur Dougherty and Stuart McIndoe 39 each. P Locker won the first nine with 27, M Mickleburgh 29 and a half, G Williams 31, J Degotardi 32, L Evans 32 and a half, R Mclndoe 33. Ross Mclndoe won the second nine with 29, G Cook 30 and a half, S Thorne 32, P Moore 31 and a half, A Dougherty 32, A Simpson 32 and a half, G Norton 32 and a half, S Mclndoe 31, M Prior 32 and a half. Pinshots were won by W Diecker and B Morgan and Tony Shields won the proshot. Veterans played a stableford for members and associates on Friday, January 8. Associates' winner was Stella Haskins with 30 points, next best was Kay Scope with 26 points and Esme Woodbridge won the pinshot. The members' stableford winner was Roy Montgomery with 31 points, runner-up was Peter Marwedel with 30 points on a count back from Edgar Shields and Peter Foxwell. The pinshot winner was Peter Foxwell. The Saturday January 9 associates' game was a stroke. The winner was Fay Yesberg with 70 nett, from Karen Gibson with 72, Fay also won the proshot. The members also played a stroke game with Andrew Dowie winning with 58 nett which cost him four strokes. Next best was Jim Shackleton with 61, Vince Hannan 63, Tony Blain and S Mclndoe 66 each, Ron Kerr, Ken Clements and Doug Cruickshank 67 each, Jim Pascoe, Ernie Nankivell, B Kelly, P Tweedy, M Clay, K Griffiths and I Atkinson all with 68 each. Pinshots: S Thorne, M Mickleburgh, K Jenkins, G Seirup. Proshot was won by G Schick, and Stan Thorne won the turkey's nest. Associates played a stableford on Sunday and the winner was Shirley Burton with 35 points. Next was Teresa Clark with 34 on a count back from Pam Drillis also with 34 points. Pinshots: T Clark (2), H Fry. Proshot: P Drillis. Members also played a stableford. Edgar Shields won with 43 points, Terry Woodbridge 41, Steven Schuster, Adolf Schuster and Ernie Nankivill all on 40, Arthur Simpson and Vince Hannan 39 points each. Pinshots: J Thompson, K Clements, L Lucas, J Stratford. J Stratford won the proshot. Jack Stratford's pat-on-the-back this week goes to the two water coolers on the course, but please try and keep them filled, as they are very much appreciated.

Coast cricketers start New Year with win in limited over clash CAPRICORN Coast second grade cricketers started the second round of the competition in much the same fashion as they finished up before the Christmas break. Their first game back after the break was a limited overs clash with last year's premiers, Frenchville. Jeff Ingle won the toss and chose to bat on what appeared a good batting pitch, hoping to accummulate a satisfactory target for Frenchville to chase. Coast got away to a good start with S Pidcock forcing the pace along all the time. The batting was never troubled by the Frenchville bowlers with steady progress being made all the way through the innings. At the completion of its 40 overs Coast was poised at five wickets down for 156 runs. Good batting displays came from S Pidcock with 37, E Ton made 28, while Jeff Ingle remained not out on 34. The four-prong pace attack of the Coast team made the most of what little assistance the pitch had to offer, troubling all of the Frenchville batsmen. Frenchville's run chase was always behind the required rate and after its 40 overs was stumbling at nine wickets down for 147 runs. Wicket takers for the Coast team were: W Kitchener one for 29; S Carte one for 29; A Walls two for 27; I Anderson two for 30 and J Ingle two for 30.

The other wicket that fell was due to a good piece of fielding in the covers by S Pidcock, who fielded the ball on the run and threw down the stumps with a direct hit catching the batsmen just short of his ground. This win now moves Coast into second position on the points table behind Souths, the team Coast cricketers will meet in this week's match. It's an important game for the Coast team, who although missing a few key players for this game, is quietly confident of a good performance against the number one team. Last week's Night Owl Entertainment manof-the-match award went to Steve Pidcock for his fine batting display and spotless fielding.


ZILZIE Golf Club Thursday winners were D Jones with 58 nett and 0 Phillips with 69 nett. Pinshot winners, 0 Phillips and V Svendsen. Saturday winner was D Jones with 41 points. Sunday was a mixed aggregate stroke played for the K and R Svendsen's trophies. Winners were Cec Saunders and Olive Phillips with 126 nett. For the leftovers G Williams was the winner with 58 nett. Pinshot winners were K Miller and G Pearson. Today, Saturday, the flag will be played. Tomorrow members will compete in a stableford. Members trophies will be donated by the Emu Park Social Club and the associates will play for the Arthur Ashwin trophies.

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Nominations close at bowls NOMINATIONS for competitions have now closed for Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club and will be drawn at 11am on Tuesday, January 19. Members are welcome to attend the drawing and play in the trophy triples in the afternoon. The trophies have been donated by Joyce Cain, Ann Fotheringham and Vera Wilson. There will not be a cent sale in January, but the new format cent sale will start in February. Nancy Andrews, Myrl Bradley and Daphne Engel will organise and sell tickets. The committee and members thank Ellie Aspinall and Vi Mortensen who have prepared the cent sale for many years. "Congratulations for a successful job well done," publicity officer Nancy Andrews said. Three new members have joined the ladies bowling club ... Joy King, Beryl Dawson, and Dulcie Locke and they are welcomed by the president, committee and members.


Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon 39 7627 or 39 3070

16 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror January 16 - January 22, 1988

Now Hill twain eit‘

Tke bat tti fie Kt


LIVINGSTONE Shire Council had a short debate on rubbish washing up on beaches. Some councillors suggested it came from the harbour or from boats. Here's an idea ... why doesn't the council have a "Tagged Garbage Competition"? The rules would be simple ... people could be asked to dump some garbage in a plastic bag with a tag stating their name and address, where the rubbish was dumped and the date. The finder would be • ;P,.' • 1. .4. asked to notify council where the rubbish was * ABOVE: Ten pony clubs from Zone 27 spent this week on the Capricorn Coast for the annual pony club camp. The riders were instructed eventually located. A reward could be offered and then the council would know where in horse care. Pictured is a group who took time out for a rest. Leann Stoker from Monto, Chris Tomkins Balmoral, Grant Paddison Fitzroy _ the rubbish was coming from. See what a bit River, Tammy Iker of Fitzroy, Cathy Mills front Wowan and Tania MacDonald of Yaamba. of lateral thinking does!!! • • • COAST teenager is making his way around Australia at the moment ... he phoned parents first day to say he'd been riding around Brisbane on electric trains; why? Well, it seems the first one he caught CAPRICORN Coast Little Athletics has went so fast it scared him. He decided to GOLD Possproved thatthe back-up pays off that he had taken no harm to record an easy win resumed its weekly meets at Apex Park on build his confidence by spending whole day when he won easily at his second outing for the from the Gladstone trained Bronze's Image •Fridays from 6.30pm to 9.10pm. on them. Pity he isn't a child of the '60s ... day at Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club's first and last start Yeppoon runner Lord Dunkeith. his theme song could have been The Man New members are always welcome. 1988 meeting at Tyrer Park on Wednesday. Gladstone trained Major Taj gave Tom It is important that all members note that Who Never Returned!!! Gold Foss, trained at Rockhampton, by for• • • Phelan the first of his two runner-up nominations for the Zone Inter Centre games mer jockey Lyle Rowe, finished fourth in the •to be held in Maryborough on February 20 and SAME kid went to Sydney the next day prizemoney cheques, when he came from the first race on the programme, the Wallet Handi21, will close with the club on February 1. and spent first night there at a party, then rear of the field as easily as he went down to the cap (1200 metres) behind the locally trained No late nominations can be accepted and the backed up early the next morning for a full in-form and 2/1 on favourite Fiery Niebo. Unbreakable Heart. dollar per event must accompany nominations day of yachting around Sydney Harbour. First starter Count Alucard showed promise The John Kelly speedster Zephyr Rose led by with a maximum of five events. What does a country boy find amazing in winning the Maiden Handicap (900m) from many lengths entering the straight, but failed to The club will have a lamington drive to help about yachting in Sydney? "They have an the Yeppoon regular placegetters, Anda Piper run on and went down to clearly to give John boost club funds and it is essential that the drive icecream boat that pulls up next to the and Rain Chariot. Anderson, who is based at Tyrer Park, his be supported by every club member. Next Tuesday the club will stage its second yacht, takes your order and throws you second winner in as many meetings. Please contact Lorraine Coombs, 39 3541, for meeting for January with a similar programme your icecreams." Well, that's pretty imOn the strength of that run Gold Poss was not pressive ... but it seems the yacht skipper further information. to that staged on Wednesday. fancied by the stable for his second outing, but knew he had a live one onboard so steered Wallet Hcp, 1000m: UNBREAKABLE the four-year-old Tristino (NZ) horse showed the yacht for one of those nude beaches. HEART, 55 and a half (R Mules, 4/1) 1; Country boy was suitably impressed ... Zephyr Rose, 55 (M Unwin, 7/4) 2; Crystal BOWLS by floodlight is proving popular at especiallywhen ayacht moored nearby and Prince, 55 (W Cameron, 4/6 fav) 3. Others: Yeppoon Bowls Club ... last Friday 64 competithe whole crew was naked. But, he's learnGold Poss, Pivot Pilot 2L, IL, 59.5 sec. tors played mixed bowls. ing ... told his mother the nudies can't buy Maiden Hcp, 900m: COUNT ALUCARD, The winning team for the night, playing on a icecreams from the boat because "they 57 (J Stephens, 3/1) 1; Anda Piper, 55 and a half secret rink, was Edna Baker, Peter Noga, Bill Finest Cuisine, Party - 39 3212 (W Melvin, 4/1) 2; Rain Chariot, 54 and a half haven't any pockets for their money"!!! Fotheringham and Joan Beasley. • • • (M Unwin, 5/2 eq fav) 3. Others: Strafe, Crazy Nominations for club and district competi(5/2 eq fav), Proud Rego, Sir Dryden with "OLD BALDY" made a blue last week ... tions are coming in and the closing date is drawn at barrier: Gypsy Kate. 2L. halfL, 54.6. said the new green that was opened at Sunday, January 17 (tomorrow). Yeppoon Golf Club was the 12th when, in Country Stakes, 1200m: FIERY NIEBO, 56 and a half (W Cameron, 1/2 fav) 1; Major Taj, fact, it was the 11th. I have to apologise for him ... he's too embarrassed. Luckily Cathy 55 and a half (B Appo, 9/2) 2; Morlock, 51 (J "Lois Lane" Logan's away ... she'd have Lewis, 3/1) 3. Others: Green Ant, Melmor, CAPCOAST Rugby Union Club will have its given him hell!! Bold Nijinsky. 3L, 3L, 1.11.4. annual general meeting on Wednesday, Janu• • ■ Purse Hcp, 1200m: GOLD POSS, 54 (J Hanary 20 at 7pm in the Railway Hotel. THREE teenagers have been doing house ders, 5/1) 1; Bronze's Image, 51 and a half (B Members will vote in the 1988/89 executive cleaning over holidays for spare cash ... Appo, 5/1) 2; Lord Dunkeith, 57 (R Mules, 2/ and start planning the 1988 playing season. they struck one house where, horror of 1) 3. Others: Broad Haven (6/4 fav), Stout Training will start the following day, Thurshorrors, there was a snake behind a bed. Battle, Dawson Guy. 2L nk, 1.11.6. day, at 5.30pm from Yeppoon Surf Lifesaving Seems one of the teenagers had reached Club. behind the bed to retrieve some of the mess when she felt "something awful" brush her hand. She shrieked, pulled her hand away, and saw a small snake. Her shrieks brought her mates to the rescue. After waiting long enough for the snake to make its move, one of them decided it was time to have a March 6, at 11am. THE Capricorn Coast Junior Australian second look. Snake was still there ... it was The carnival is a round robin and trophies will Rules committee is gearing up for the 1988 See Lance or Annette Lawer one of those life-like rubber things kids get be presented to the winners. season. at shows. Cleaning continued ... but was for competitive prices at... Between March 19 and April 10, when the At a league Meeting held on January 7, it was much more subdued! home and away games start, Labrador and decided to take par in the City games that start • • • Surfers Paradise will be on the Capricorn Coast on February 28 and end March 19. YOU know Christmas is over when the to play a social pre-season game. Billets will be The under 17 squad will play a curtain raiser phone rings at home and it's the bank needed for the visitors on that weekend. to the senior game on Sunday, February 28, at manager ... and he's not wishing you a The club meeting is on next Monday to disStenlake Park starting 11am. Happy New Year. Yup, the hols are over cuss the day to day running for the year and the Under 15 game is on Saturday March 5, at 1 Charles St, Yeppoon 39 1011 `and it's time to get back to work! main item will be setting the date for the club's 11am and the under 13 match is on Sunday sign on. Any new members or parents interested in Your friendly formerly Aussie rules are invited to attend the meeting at the Pacific Hotel dining room, 7.30pm. D & S Motors "There is a lot of business to discuss and the Senv meeting will have a very tight schedule," 101 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon spokesman Ross Mclndoe said. "Any further information that a prospective Phone 39 6254 Lube Service inc Free Mechanical Inspection * Engine Tune Ups member requires can ring me or my wife, Irene, Automatic Transmission Service * Windscreen Replacement * Radiator Repair & Re-Core or 39 6593 on 33 6561, Chris Steele 39 1769, Graham Air-cond Re-gas & Service * Wheel Alignment & Balance * Coin operated Steam Cleaner Basham 39 3633 or Col Jamieson 39 3285. SUNDAY SER'VICES "These people are executive committee Open daily 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall Cold Drinks, Confectioveiy, Ice Cream members and they are only to happy to help 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall with any information," Mr Mclndoe said. 6am - 8.30pm Milk and Bread also available "We will be looking for more junior members 1/4 this year and the QAFL appointed director of Do all ways lead to God? coaching Richard Pryor will be attending the Answer: Acts 4:12; John 14:6 meeting on Monday night."

Gold Poss has fourth at YARC then backs up for easy victory

Little athletes off and running

Floodlit bowls




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