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ISSUE 228 -- WEDNESDAY, December 23, 1987 -- EARLY EDITION' .



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A LOCAL SHOPPER will win this fidly-restored CitiMotors-Min-or Mini on Thursday night when one name will be drawn front the bagel at the Ambulance Fair in Beaman Park. CitiMotors principal and Yeppoon resident Bill Ward will draw the lucky ticket around 9pm, after night shopping finishes. If the winning ticket has the missing letters correctly filled in, and the person is watching, they will be able to drive away in the Lime Green Mini and have it for Christmas. Local Shoppers still have today, (Wednesday), tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night to put their entry coupons in the barrel at the Ambulance Fair. The tickets are available from any Capricorn Coast Mirror advertiser ... just ask for them. Anyone can put five tickets in the barrel for just $1, and all proceeds go to the Yeppoon and Emu Park District Ambulance to help toward the cost of providing the Capricorn Coast's Ambulance Service. Bill Ward, of CitiMotors, specially selected the Mini and arranged for Greg Simpson of Yeppoon Panel and Paint to prepare it. The winner will have a car to be proud of! The draw will be an exciting event ... you could be the lucky winner. Be there!

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2 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition

Jesus -- God's gift of eternal life is a lasting Christmas 'special' * By Pastor Ernie Peters, Capricorn Coast Assembly of God. AND on the earth peace toward men of good will. Jesus was called "Prince of Peace" in Isaiah 9:6. As the only Son of God Jesus was sent to us that very first Christmas to show us the way back to God. He was tempted "as we are, yet without sin" the Bible tells us in Hebrews 2:18. God is still

giving to us peace of heart, mind and soul through Jesus. God is still offering the gift of eternal life through Jesus and only Jesus. John 3:36 "He who has the Son has life, he who has not the Son has not life, but the wrath of God abides in Him". God humbled Himself in sending Jesus, desiring us to humble ourselves from pride, unbelief, self-sufficiency and disinterest to accept

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His precious gift. Our Christmas trees are getting smaller and our gifts under them smaller and fewer each year due to inflation. But God's tree, the Cross of Calvary, is still big enough for the whole world. And God's gift of salvation, Jesus, is still good enough to cleanse the worst sinner in the world. In fact God's gift of His Son was, and still is, for sinners. You can only receive Him after

Bring surprise into the lives of others -- the joy of Christmas * By Rev Nwre Svenson, the Uniting Church in Australia, Palish of Capricont Coast. WHAT are you expecting to happen this Christmas? Do a street survey and you will get as many answers as there are people you ask. If you are very small you will say "Santa Claus and lots of presents". If you are a little older "lots of food and maybe a swimming pool". Some will say " a few beers at the pub" and others "just a quiet few days away from it all". We have it all planned and we know what we expect and its probably the same from year to year - the same carolsbecause they are the ones we know. The decorations were put in the same place as the year before and are ready to be taken out. The pudding recipe is an old faithful and we know it will work. The people are the same and not likely to stir the pot. If Uncle Felix does, well we can just ignore him. We know what will happen. But'God is a bit like Uncle Felix and he does stir the pot and does bring about the unexpected, especially if you are looking for the same things each year. He is a God of surprises. As Father Christmas says in Bushfire Christmas "Don't yer look in no sack now, or there won't be no surprises fer yer". What surprise to the shepherds of Bethlehem and a shock for

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving * Pastor Eric Davies, Emu Palk Living Word

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PART of the pleasure of Christmas is giving gifts to the people we love. I heard of a young boywho once walked many miles to pick up a special shell off a beach, to give to a friend. The friend said, "you should not have gone so far, just to get a gift for me" The boy said, "Long walk, part of the gift". He understood the true meaning of Christmas. Through His love for us, Jesus left His place in heaven, and walked this earth to bring us His free gift of eternal life. Let uswalk His way and share our gift with others, not just one day a year, but every day.

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admitting that you are a sinner, in need of forgiveness. No person is good enough for God without Jesus. Salvation is a free gift. You will never be good enough for heaven without the free gift of salvation through Jesus. If you do not yet know Jesus for sure, why don't you go to church on Christmas day to find how to receive the first ever Christmas gift. It is the only Christmas special that lasts all year.

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Herod! What a beginning for us if we ask for a Christmas full of surprises. Perhaps a time to rejoice because we have brought good news to the poor. The poor are the ones most likely to be surprised. Very little comes their way and anything that does is a surprise. The 'rich' (and none of us is rich in everything) feel no need for anything and everything they receive is seen to be expected. Even Christmas can be foretold. It is said that if we expect nothing to happen then nothing ever does. Mostly the unexpected happens through other people. We can bring surprise into the lives of others and see the joy on their faces ... like children opening presents on Christmas morning or an aged one receiving an unexpected visit in the midst of a lonely life. The joy of Christmas is seen in the faces of people surprised. May this joy be yours.

Share free gift of eternal life * By Rev Gene S Hudson, Wesleyan Methodist Cluarh of Australia. ALL gifts in one. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. God has set the pattern. In giving Christ, God aives us all things in Him. Do we need forgiveness, cleansing, comfort, power to overcome evil habits and strong temptations and courage to confess the Saviour before men? Do we seek eternal life, assurance of salvation, peace and fellowship with God, joy, hope and a home in Heaven? Not one of these great blessings is given to us as a thing by itself. They are all included in the one comprehensive gift of the only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. What a gift! What a giver! What an experience in receiving this gift.

Friendship and support thanks * By Federal Member for Capticornia Keith Wright. AS Federal Member for Capricornia I wish to sincerely thank the Capricorn Coast Mirror for this opportunity to convey to all Mirror readers the blessings of Christmas and every best wish. for the bicentennial year. I have greatly appreciated the support and advice given to me during the last year by many community groups and individuals in the area as I have endeavoured to work for this wonderful region. My wife Alison and I are appreciative also of the special friendships we have made during 1987 and we look forward to working with each and every one throughout the coming year for the betterment of our community.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 3

Put Christ back into Christmas * By FatherNoel Mi liter, Catholic Palish of the Capricorn Coast. GOD'S ways are not our ways! Nobody expected Him like that: a baby, a manger, a young man, a young woman. Nobody expected that His first visitors would be shepherds, little thought of in the eyes of the great. Yes, Christ -- the Saviour has come -- but not as the world expected. The kings of that time had sons and daughters, but who knows who they were now? Who would have known Herod, except that Christ spoke of him? Who would have thought that 2000 years later most people would know of the sleepy, poverty stricken town of Bethelemhem

of His day, but no one cares for the mighty cities of Antioch and Alexandra that then ruled the world. He turned our notions of fame and success upside down. Long after Herod's castles are in ruins, the cave of Bethlehem stands strong and holy, a place of hope for generations yet unborn, because one starry night the Son of God was born there. Let's turn our celebration of Christmas back to where it should be ... put Christ back into your Christmas. Once again let Christ be born in your life. May you all have a very happy and a holy Christmas. Peace.

Time to extend a little kindness * By Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John ON behalf of members and staff, I wish everyone in this great shire of ours a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. As a nation we are about to celebrate our 200th year and at this festive time we are celebrating an event which took place almost 2000 years ago. No one will ever know the true value of Christmas for it is one of the most influential events in our civilisation, when millions of people all over the world once a year break the routine of daily life to remember and pay homage to the birth ofJestis Christ and to think about their families, their friends and their lives.

Not everyone is fortunate even in the most affluent society, and Christmas is the ideal time for those to have the opportunity to offer a little kindness beyond the immediate circle of family and friends. Local Government is the Government closest to the people, and similiarly doctors, nurses, policemen, ambulance, firemen and many other people in need. The pace and pressure of our everyday life tends to obsure the wider needs in our community. The festive season is the time to extend a little kindness to the less fortunate in our society. Livingstone Shire has a great future. Let us greet this bicentennial year with enthusiasm and goodwill.

Rewarding, challenging year * By Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. DURING 1987, my first year in office as your State Parliamentary member, I have enjoyed the experience of getting to know you, your problems, your aspirations and of course representing you. The position has been both rewarding and challenging, due to the enormous diversity of interests -- retirement, tourism, fishing, farming and service industries on the Coast and coal mining industry on the western side of my electorate. The potential of this district is enormous with its unspoilt natural beauty and I am proud that during the last year I have been in the privileged

position of being able to contribute towards the realisation of that potential, both in the material sense and social and sporting areas where government can assist a community. I have provided my total effort over the past 12 months and with this experience behind me, I hope to improve on this performance in the year ahead. I sincerely hope that all my constituents will enjoy living in this wonderful environment next year and wish you all a very merry Christmas and health and happiness in 1988 with the added hope that the New Year will bringpeace, prosperity and tranquility to all.

Christmas: festival of gluttony, selfishness and irreligion * By John Cornish, Rector and Palish Priest Anglican Palish of Keppel. A FEW weeks ago I asked a group of 14 and 15 year-olds to pretend that they had been contracted as an advertising agency to promote the spirit of,Christmas. The results were, to say the least, disappointing. Nowhere in their marketing did I hear the words peace, goodwill to all people or glory to God, as the angels at the birth of Jesus Christ proclaimed. The typical theme was self-gratification. There was not a thought for the other person, it was all me and what I can get. I was saddened. It wasn't so much the children's fault that they thought only of theinselves. It was our society's and their parents' values that they had picked up. Christmas was born in the gift of God to us. We have so devalued the festival of Christ's Mass that it has become a festival of gluttony, selfishness and irreligion. Let's try to have our Christmas this year fit into the true spirit of Christmas. Why not try to act more kindly to your parents or to your children or to the elderly person down the street? How about doing something in the spirit of Christmas expecting nothing in return. If you don't have a church to attend, the Anglican congregations of Emu Park and Yeppoon would welcome you at any of their Christ Mass celebrations. May the light of the Christmas star shine in

your life this Christmas and also through you into the lives of those with whom you come in contact.

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4 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition

Police want a safe Christmas

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Bayfield push THE gazettal of vacant crown land at the proposed Bayfield National Park area north of Corio Bay, known as stage one, an area of 4600 hectares is beina strongly pressed by Member for BroadsoundbDenis Hinton. "I am directly responsible for the preventation of the area being declared an environmental park under the trusteeship of the Iwasaki San'o Company by former premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen," he said. "I have had talks with National Parks Minister Geoff Muntz and new Mines Minister Martin Tenni about early action on the gazettal." Mr Hinton said he could see no reason why immediate action could not proceed and will be pressing that the matter be raised at cabinet level. "The natural beauty of the area belongs to the people and must be preserved for recreational use."


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ABOVE: The environment centre opened its door for business this week and pictured are Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Capricorn branch publicity officer Gary Roberts and centre coordinator Rosemary Burgess holding some of the t-shirts for sale in the shop. The centre will open Monday to Saturday from 10a'm to 5.30pm. Inside the shop are hical crafts, shirts and information about the environment.


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THE Capricorn Coast's police will be working to make the area safer for people both on the sea and on the roads. Office-in-charge Sgt 1/c Ken Tanzer there were a number of things people could do to avoid getting into troublewith the police ... and all it boiled down to was using commonsense. "If you are going to drink, don't drive," Sgt Tanzer said. "There will be extra police patrolling the Coast during the Christmas and New Year break. "The Reduced Impaired Driving (RID) programme will also be operating on the Coast. We aim to make the roads safe for caring motorists." Sgt Tanzer said the Yeppoon Water Police would also be looking to make the sea channels a safe place for people to enjoy recreational pursuits. He said officer-in-charge of Yeppoon's Water Police was Sgt John Campbell who is assisted by Senior Constable Noel Perkins. "Both will be making regular patrols to ensure the water is safe for people," Sgt Tanzer said. He reminded people that stealing, including shoplifting, were chargable offences. "If someone is tempted to steal they should think twice about their actions," Sgt Tanzer said. "Ask yourself would you like someone to take this from you ... it's only commonsense." He also warned would-be shoplifters many businesses were aware goods could be stolen so they had employed more staff to watch out for offenders. Another place Capricorn Coast police will be aiming to make safe is the beach. Sgt Tanzer said people should think of others and not throw their bottles or rubbish on the beach but use the rubbish bins provided. "If one of those bottles breaks, some little child playing in the sand might cut themself badly," Sgt Tamer said. "Also, it is an offence to drink alcohol on a road, public park or reserve." Sgt Tanzer said if people used commonsense during the holidays, the police's duty would be more pleasant, but if someone does break the law they can expect to have to deal with the police. Sgt Tanzer hopes all Capricorn Coast residents will have a safe, happy, Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 5

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6 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition

More for families

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WORKING families may be soon receiving extra money to help care for their children. The Family Allowance Supplement started on December 17 and will provide up to S22 per week for children under 13 and up to S28 per week for each child aged 13 to 15. Rockhampton Social Security regional manager Michael McCabe said the assistance was part of the federal budget's family package. "The supplement is tax free and is paid in addition to the monthly family allowance," he said. The income limits start at $300 per week for one child, rising by $12 per week for each additional child. Anyone wishing to obtain more details can ring the hotline on (008) 017007 for the cost of a local call. People already receiving pensions, benefits or the previous family income supplement need not re-apply as their payments will increase automatically.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all from Kay and Bert ABOVE: Seona Roberts thought her Christmasses had come all at once when she was announced the winner of the BMX bike raffled at the EmuPark Christmas fair on Saturday. It was an early birthday present for Seona who celebrated her I lth birthday on Tuesday.



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YEPPOON'S Sacred Heart School will have a new principal next year. Catholic Education Special Projects officer Laurie Fitzgerald will replace Clive Steele who will be principal of St Joseph's School in Biloela. Rockhampton Diocese Catholic Education director Reverend Dr Kevin Castles announced the new-appointments.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 7


.1 4

ABOVE: Harry Payne, Frank Veach and Graheme Bully hold out some of the new fruit boxes bearing the Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation logo. tlectronic Engine Tuning Pipes & Mufflers Shock Absorbers Auto Accessories Tow Bars Performance Parts Expert Fitting

Mangoes promote Capricorn Coast HIGHLIGHTING Coast produce is the aim of a new fruit packaging case launched last week by Yeppoon Fruitgrowers' at the Yeppoon Co-operative. Co-operative manager Grahame Bulley said 25,000 mango boxes and about 20,000 avocado cases had been redesigned for the markets to give the Coast more publicity. The cases are about 40cm long 45cm wide and 30cm deep. "At the moment the cases are only for mangoes but the same type will be used for avocadoes and possibly pineapples," Mr Bulley said. The box's lid carries the Capricorn Tourist Development Organisation's 'Capricorn' logo. The boxes are sent to produce markets in Queensland and inter-State. The aim of using the new boxes is two-fold. "It will show buyers they're getting good quality produce and it helps identify the Capricorn Coast," Mr Bulley said.

Phone 39 1038

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THE newly installed flood lighting at Yeppoon Bowls Club was in operation for the first time last Friday and there was a full green of mixed bowlers. Several games were closely contested. The annual general meeting was held on December 13, and the 1987/88 executive was eiectea. Patron W Roberts; president Tom Roos: senior vice'president N Myler; junior vice president F Baker; secretary D Goody; assistant M Stewart; treasurer W Roberts. Committee: E Austin, F Birkett, J Condon, E Engel, A Grant, G McCosker, M McKellar, D Moulds, E O'Sullivan, A Petersen, D Ryan, G Street. Selectors: F Baker, R Gibbons, D Moulds; games director F Birkett; green director A Grant; providor C Concom; publicity officer G Hillier. Wednesday, December' 16, was a Charity Bowls Day sponsored by the Pacific Hotel in aid of the Yeppoon Special Education Unit. "Bill and Dot Nugent were very pleased when a cheque for S900 was handed over," the publicity officer said.


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Bowls winners were I Brazier, P Nugent, K Moore, E Engel with 26 points, and runners up with only one point behind ... G King, G Morris, A Ryan and P Brown. On Saturday the under 60s played the over 60s and although the under 60s were leading at tea-time the better stamina, or experience, of the old u/60 told in the end. The over 60s ran out winners. In the evening the Christmas partywas held in the clubhouse and 120 members and guests sat down to an excellent meal provided by the hard work of the ladies. Dancing followed to music provided by Leila Goodwin on piano, Tom Wahlin on saxophone. RayClark on violin, and Graham McCosker on drums. The programme over the Christmas holidays will be: Friday, December 25, Christmas Day club closed. Saturday, December 26, men's bowls. Sunday, December 27, men's and women's bowls. Monday, December 28, mixed bowls. Wednesday, December 30, men's bowls. Thursday, December 31, twilight bowls, 4 pm to 8pm with a basket tea, followed by a social.


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Grain Fed Yearling Our Speciality

8 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition

0...ETTERS TO THE EDITOR - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR) RATE INFORMATION RURAL landowners in Livingstone Shire are only too well aware that they pay a general rate and also a separate rate for rural road construc. tion and maintenance. Urban land owners only pay one general rate

for the same services. The separate rate was introduced several years ago as a means of raising sufficient funds for road works in rural areas. At that time, the Local Government Act would not allow councils to levy a rural rate higher than an urban rate (both based on cents in the dollar of valuation). Hence the rural "road levy" rate came into

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being. The problem with the road levy is that about 60 per cent of rural land owners are required to pay the "minimum rate" set by the council at S175 when in fact their calculated rate is generally significantly less than the minimum. On top of this, they have to pay the rural "road levy". The Local Government Act was amended in Apri1,1985 to allow councils to levy "Differential General Rates" to overcome the above problems. Some councils have been using this new legislation to provide a more equitable rate collection. Not so in Livingstone. John Bowen, in his own published pre-election propaganda, stood for "getting rid of the rural road levies". He has since presided over the fixing of two annual budgets and thas failed to remove this iniquitious charge as promised. Council has now deferred discussion on the subject to March 1988 - perhaps too late for it to be made an election issue? To further illustrate the disadvantages the rural ratepayers are being subjected to, how many of them would know that their general rates have been used to fund the Capricorn Coast Water and Sewerage schemes to the extent of 515,288.41 last year? Also, are the residents of the Causeway Lake area aware of the 524,000 spent last year on the Causeway walk bridge as shown on page 18 of the council's financiAl statements? Or was that S24,000 spent on streetworks in Emu Park? People can easily be lulled into complacency when t,hey are told over and over that "everything is going so smoothly". My experience is that people will stand up and be counted when they find out that they are being taken for a ride; especially when they are paying for the ticket. — Tony Rowe, PO Box 445, Yeppoon 4703.

PETITION THANKS MAY I, through your paper, thank the residents of Yeppoon and visitors for their support to the petition conducted this week. While some of those asked had conflicting views, I did not encounter any rudeness while either in the street or shops. Thank you all for your patience in listening and understanding. — Jan Edwards, Yeppoon.


AT a division four meeting earlier this year, ratepayers were assured by the shire clerk that erroneous water charges would not recur. Here we are again, another financial year gone, with yet more of the same. It's quite clear, that unless each ratepayer can actually calculate his own account, he will never* know whether he has used the excess water for which he is being charged. This is the simple method to follow. For those with such accounts, you'll need your meter readings - according to council records, (assuming these are correct - but don't be too sure) both for June 1986 and June 1987. Take the '86 reading from the '87 reading and thiswill give you your total yearly consumption in kilolitres. For householders: You are entitled to four units of water yearly, or 520 kilolitres. (one unit equals 130 Kl) if your yearly consumption is greater than 520 Kl, you have used excess. To calculate the cost of the excess, multiply the difference by 40 (40 cents per K1), then divide by 100 to bring to dollars. For commercial premises it's slightly different. Just multiply the number of units allowed by 130 (the number of units allowed will be on your general rate notice). If your total consumption exceeds this figure, then you too will have used excess. Calculate the cost as above. Multiply by 40 then divide by 100. If any ratepayer has used less than the number of units allowed, he should not receive an account. And remember, to be completely accurate, it's best to read your own meter at the end of each financial year. Just ask councilwhen the man will be out, and you can double check the reading with him. If in doubt, I would be happy to clarify. Just ring me on 36 1195. Good luck. -- Glenda Mather, PO Box 5186, RMC. 4702.

JUST WONDERING... IF Jesus was born in a stable today the social security people would take him away. Merry Christmas! — Ann Giorgi, Keppel Sands, 4702.


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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all Capricorn Coasters .


MOTORS...Repairs & Rewinds * Light Engineering * • We repair Pumps - Irrigation, Industrial, Pools and—Domestk Pressure Systems Single & 3-Phase Motors * Power Tools * Generator Sets, Compressors * ...etc 24 hours — 7 days 59 Tanby Road

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A/H: 39 3303, 39 1210


Reported Quotes of the week The following are extracts taken from the Morning Bulletin and Capricorn Coast Mirror relating to Livingstone Shire Council matters during the past three years. The writer considers the extracts to be in the public interest and no comments have been added to them. * On secrecy: Question in Mirror- Do you think decision-making should take place behind closed doors? Bowen No. Mirror question - Why? Bowen Because we live in a democracy and should protect it at all costs. (Mirror, March 3, 1985) Livingstone will now consider all business in committee before recommendations are put to a later open council meeting. Cr Barbara Wildin, who registered her vote against, said it went against what Cr Bowen had fought for in the election. "You fought against committee meetings and said justice must be seen to be done." (Morning Bulletin, May 14, 1986) * On fire service changes: Cr Cresta said he made his decision to support Yeppoon's "upgrading" after reading the reports from the fire services department and other experts. (Mirror, October 17, 1987) Yeppoon has been conned this week. It has had its fire services downgraded from 24 hours, seven days a week, to a "dawn to dusk service" - in the interests of economy. (Mirror, October 10, 1987) * On filling a council vacancy: Cr Bowen last night stood bythe council's appointment of Mrs Hooper and said next week's general meeting would go ahead as planned. (Morning Bulletin, November 25, 1986) She's not a councillor because the solicitor general says she wasn't appointed in accordance with the Local Government Act. Whatever she or the chairman (Cr John Bowen) say is irrelevent. (Minister's press secretary, Morning Bulletin, November 27, 1986) * On decision responsibility: Cr Cresta said, it would have left the park devoid of shade and foliage. "Anyone ordering this kind of destruction should be horsewhipped," he said. (Morning Bulletin, February, 1986) Cr Mario Cresta did move the motion "that the mango trees be pruned hard as soon as possible" - but he said this week he-did this only as chairman of the works committee, not as the original mover of the motion. (Mirror, March 8, 1986) * On accountancy: Question in Mirror - As a member of Livingstone Shire Council, you would be involved in the spending of public money. Do you believe council should be accountable to the public for how it is spent. Cr Bowen - Yes. (Mirror, March 30, 1985) Open Government - What does Livingstone Shrie chairman have to hide? This question is asked because chairman Cr John Bowen has told the Capricorn Coast Mirror it must ask for information about fees paid to consultants by letter - and full council will decide whether the questions will be answered. (Mirror editorial, June 14, 1986) Authorised J Chapman, Maida Street, Yeppoon.


Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 9 •

evi. Lets s Go, •

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WIZARD OF OZ 16 Hill St, Yeppoon (one street back from beach)

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10 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition,


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Eat In or take-away Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon Third block from beach Phone orders to...39 4422

THE Capricorn Coast has a solid core of bookings during the Christmas and New Year holiday period but people will still be able book at many accommodation places. A survey of Capricorn Coast accommodation principals this week showed the Coast had solid bookings for the festive season but, compared with past years, holiday bookings had been slower than usual. Many owners said the trend seemed to be for families to stay home for Christmas and then begin holidays. It was common to find accommodation owners weren't fully booked until about Boxing Day when families would start arriving in force. Seaspray units' Blossom Hooper said they were completely booked out during Christmas. "The only vacancies are around the end of January," Mrs Hooper said. "During the first week of the holidays there were some vacancies, but from December 24 to January 18 the eight units are completely booked out." Mrs Hooper said this was a fairly normal Christmas period with most guests coming from around the Central Queensland area including the mining towns, as well as Mackay and Rockhampton. "In early January there will be some visitors from Kelvin Grove in Brisbane, Melbourne and Murgon," Mrs Hooper said. Como unit proprietors Fay and Horst Simon said they were completely booked out for the next three weeks. Mrs Simon said the majority of bookings came from Central Queensland and the far west but there were some overseas visitors. Bay Vacationer is booked from Christmas until about January 7 with a smattering of bookings through to January 24. Proprietor Yvonne Motton said usually the seven units were booked solid until the end of

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the month but it was only about 60 per cent booked. "Bookings are a bit down on last year but I think people will book in after Christmas," Mrs Motton said. Coolwaters "is like a lot of caravan parks," acting manager Phil Simmonds said. "People won't really start coming in until about Christmas Eve." Mr Simmonds said the 14 units and five onsite caravans were nearly full but things were a little slow in the caravan paik section. "Coolwaters is about 50 per cent booked between now and New Year," Mr Simmonds said. "Surprisingly, the tent sites are also fairly well booked out but it's still quiet compared with past years." Judy Watts from Kinka Lodge said the six units were fully booked duing the Christmas and New Year period. She said while it-was pretty busy, bookings were about the same as in past years. Capricorn Iwasaki Resort reports to have good bookings during the Christmas and New. Year break but isn't fully booked out. A resort spokesman said there were still vacancies for people passing through the Coast. Of the Livingstone Shire Council-owned caravan parks, Beachside, with its reduced sites, is nearly full. Caretaker Norma Kidman said there were still a couple of sites available but expected these to be taken by travellers passing through the area. Beachside now only has 70 powered sites, available. It did have 140, and a number of unpowered sites, but the four-lane highway works have reduced the number. Mrs Kidman said with less sites she expected the park to be fuller and only has about four sites left. Bell Park, Emu Park, will be almost full from Boxing Day. Caretaker Gary Harris said there would only be about three vacant sites. He said last year some people had arrived before Christmas. The trend this year, he said, was for people to arrive about Boxing day and stay two, three or four weeks. Caretaker arKingel Park, Keppel Sands, Jim Mills, said it would be "very quiet" in the area until after Boxing Day. Mr Mills said the trend was for families to have Christmas at home and then arrive at the beach, staying on average three weeks. "The caravan park section is only half full with only two booked in the tent sites, but after Christmas I expect the park to be about twothirds full," Mr Mills said. "It would be on a par with previous years but is still relatively quiet now." Mulambin Beach caretaker Ivy McNamara echoed Mr Mill's and Mr Harris' thoughts. She said it seemed people stayed home for Christmas and started holidays the day after. Mrs McNamara said Mulambin Beach, which was only a camping area, was far from being full. She expected it to pick up after Christmas. • "It seems for the past two years people come in volumes after Christmas but only stay about two weeks." Laurie Killeen, owner of Island View at Kinka Beach, said this year had been a bit slower compared with past years. He said there were still some powered caravan sites as well as tent sites. However the onsite vans and cabins were full until January 20. "The cabins were the best attraction this year," Mr Killeen said. "It's only the second year we've had them. Last year they didn't do as well but people rushed to book them this year." Lakeside, at the Causeway Lake, will be "pretty full" from Christmas to New Year, according to manageress Gayle Scanlan. Lakeside offers camping, powered sites and on-site vans. Mrs Scanlan said the bookings were "very good". Cooee Bay's Poinciana Park has a 'heap' of van and tent sites available. Manageress Sylvia Belot said the park was by no means booked out, which was pretty much the same as in past years. The only well booked attractions have been the cabins. "The cabins are fully booked for the next two to three weeks," Mrs Belot said. Gum Nut Glen proprietor Cecily Pickett said



ABOVE: Capricorn ("bast Chamber of C McClelland draws the winning ticket in Cooee B The lucky winner was John Heathcote, 68 Poinc owner Vince Welch holds up the tin of raffle ti bookings this year had been a bit slower. Mrs Pickett said there were a few vacancies but Gum Nut Glen was fairly well booked until about January 15. Capricorn Palms Mulambin Beach will be booked out from Boxing Day until about January 10. Manageress Jeanette Cavanagh said the park was generally busywith only some tent sites and caravan sites available for booking. Mrs Cavanagh said last year the cabins had been booked before Christmas. There were more cabins available this year but they have been booked out.




Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs PHONE (079) 39 1594 Enjoy Island Views from every unit a: the

Bay Vacatioper. • 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overnight & Weekly- (079) 39 1213


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information and bookings: 33 6744; 27 2948 air

Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 11


ricunber of Commerce and Industry president Andrew ket in Cooee Bay Marine's recent Evinrude outboard raffle. cote, 68 Poinciana Avenue; Cooee Bay. Cooee Bay Marine tin of raffle tickets. Mrs es but i until


gill be JanuLe park es and ris had were v have


Manager at Blue Dolphin Trevor White said siteswere fairlywell booked but there were still some on-site and plenty of powered sites available. Mr White said after the New Year a few more on-site vans would be available. "People seem to be a little later in starting their holidays," Mr White said. "More people are coming after Christmas but its still a bit slower. "The last really good year was in 1985. Since then it has seemed to get slower and slower." Allamanda Court will be fully booked out during the Christmas and New Year break. Owner Joanne Murray said the seven units would be fully booked out. She said the units had in past years also been booked out for this period. Tropical Nites Motel manageress Ingrid Moulder said they were fairly booked for the Christmas and New Year break but there were still some vacancies. Mrs Moulder said Tropical Nites had nine units which were fairly

booked. Brigitte Beilharz from Kinka Beach's Sunlover Lodge said her four units were fully booked. Mrs Beilharz said bookings at Sunlover Lodge were always good and this year compared favourable with past years. She said there was a vacancy for a few days during January but overall the units were fully booked for the whole holiday period. Elaine Melaney from Sail Inn Motel has five units for holiday bookings but keeps four units for the passing traveller. Mrs Melaney said the unit bookings had been fairly good with a lot of people making phone inquiries. She said Sail Inn was generally filled during the Christmas and New Year break, which was similar to past years. Parade 38 proprietor Grahame Miles said in past years the motel was full for the Christmas and New Year break but there were still vacancies available this year. Mr Miles also said he found people weren't staying for as long as they normally do, which was about three weeks. "A lot stay for only about one week," Mr Miles said. Lammermoor Lodge manageress Laurel Lucas said the four units were booked out for Christmas and New Year. "All the units are full until about January 9 or 10," Mrs Lucas said. Bill Mackie, the new owner of Hacienda, only started two weeks ago but he said the five units appeared to be fully booked for the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Hacienda is now undergoing alterations. Mr Mackie said he had had 15 years' experience with hotel and motels and had retired to the Capricorn Coast. He bought next door to Hacienda and decided to buy the units as well. Elgan Units at Kinka Beach aren't as booked as they would like. Proprietor Pat Nagle said thisyear had been slower than usual with plenty of vacanicies during the Christmas and New Year period. Roadworks on the four-lane highway have slightly affected business at Driftwood Units in Todd Avenue. Manager John Allen said although from now until the New Year period the nine units were fairlywell booked out, the early part of December had been quieter than usual. He put this down to the roadworks because many travellers passing through had stopped at Driftwood. The four-lane highway works have hindered in that way but he expected business would pick-up when works finished.



Stutitowet Pal&

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SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 .& children 50c

tfil)St, Yeppoon - 3,2?386, 39 1313a/h 111,111.1


Home Deliveries 7 Days 336680 Noon - 8pm 336680


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PIZZA Regular


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0 7.50 9.50 0 7.50 9.50 SPECIAL MARINARA 0 7.95 10.00 HAWAIIAN 0 6.50 8.50 PEPPERONI 0 6.50 8.50 VEGETARIAN 0 6.50 8.50 GARLIC BREAD 51.00 SUPREME

Ham, Fish, Baconburgers .' . 2.10 Steakburger 1.60 Toasted Sandwiches Steak Sandwich (Toasted) 2.00 Battered, Crumbed Fish 1.30 Minimum Chips .80 1.90 Beef, Lamb Rolls 1.90 Pork, Chicken Rolls Chicken Nugget Pack 2.00

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12 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987. -- Early Edition


Make tracks to the Railway Hotel •••

FINE FOOD Driveway Specials Festive Season Fun Entertainment


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DISCO * Thursday * (Christmas Eve)

DISCO *Closed Xmas Day *

* Boxing Day * Open 10am-lOpm * Sunday * (December 27) 11-lpm & 4-6pm * Monday * Open 10ain-lOpm

Smorgasbord of entertainment CAPRICORN Coast people will have an entertainment smorgasbord to choose from during the Christmas and New Year holiday break. Capricorn Iwasaki Resort will be opening the Billabong Restaurant for Christmas night dinner while the Capricious nightclub will be open New Year's Eve with live music. ' Bayview Tower Motor Inn has arranged for Santa Claus to visit during Christmas Lunch. On Christmas night there will be a buffet-style dinner with entertainment. For New Year's Eve entertainment, the band, Flyte, will be entertaining guests and visitors at Bayview Tower. Families will be able to roam at will at Ross's Run on the Emu Park Rockhampton Road. They open Boxing Day and from then on every day during the holiday from 10am to 3pm. Kanangra Restaurant has organised a full programme during the New Year. On New Year's Eve Alan and Jenny Moorhead will entertain during the smorgasbord dinner. Tom Wahlin and Leila Goodwin will entertain on Saturday, January 2, for dinner. Fisherman's Beach Restaurant will be open for dinner every day through the holidays. It also offers light lunches, and morning and afternoon Devonshire Teas. The restaurant won't be open on Christmas day. The Coast's newly opened La Bamba nightclub is now partying every night with live entertainment. The nightclub will also partyon on New Year's Eve. .The Strand Hotel will be open for Christmas lunch and on Boxing Day will have its usual smorgasbord seafood dinner in the Dolphin Bar. On December 27, the Strand Hotel has planned live entertainment in the beer garden and New Year's Eve will have live band 3-Play entertaining in the Tropicana Lounge beer garden. Families are invited along to the Pacific Hotel for a family night out on Christmas Day, with dinner and entertainment. Tommy Davis will sing and generally provide his usual smooth entertainment.

BIN SHORTAGE? WITH the onset of Chistmas holidays the Causeway Progress Association maintains there is a refuse bin shortage in the Causeway Lake area. Association secretary Barry Quigley said after metal bins had been removed by order of Livingstone Shire health surveyor, enough bins should have been provided to replace the metal bins. Mr Quigley said the area was short of bins and the problem was far from being resolved ... and unsatisfactory. He told council, in a letter, the area was still short of bins and needed more to provide comparable bin capacity as was available last Christmas. This would "barely meet public needs," Mr Quigly said. He said the area was short about 11 bins — five yellow metal bins and six single wheelie bins — and couldn't meet proven public needs. Health surveyor John Harmsworth said it was the fourth letter from the group about the area. "Since the first letter was received, regular bin-use surveys have been carried out," Mr Harmsworth said. An inspection was made on November 26, before bins were emptied. Mr Harmsworth described the conditions as "fine and hot, just the weather to draw people to the lake picnic area". He said he found most bins far from being full, some hardly used and others empty. "Two additional bins have been placed in the picnic area and will remain during the holidays," Mr Harmsworth said. "Ample garbage bin volume is available for all persons using the Causeway area. If a need arises for more services, this will be attended to as in other picnic areas in the shire." In a foreshadowed motion, Cr Mario Cresta, said shire clerk Jim Brown should deal with any situations arising during the Christmas break. In seconding the motion, Cr John Dowie said people should ring Mr Brown only if their complaint was genuine. Mr Brown's phone number is 39 3622. Relive the past at —

la' EMI Emu Park Road

The Management & Staff Extend Season's Greetings to all Patrons


There will be a party theme at the New Year's Eve celebrations with entertainment also being provided. The Royal Hotel at Keppel Sands will be holding a family night on New Year's Eve. A barbecue and live entertainment will be available to visitors and patrons. The Railway Hotel will be open for most nights during the Christmas and New Yearbreak. However it will be closed on Christmas Day. Festivities start on Wednesday, December 23 with Night Owl Disco. Night Owl will also be playing on Thursday, December 24. The Railway will open on Boxing Day from 10am to 10pm; on Sunday, 1 lam to 1pm, and 4pm to 6pm; on Monday, December 28, the hotel will be open from 10am to 10pm. The Pine Beach Hotel's New Year's Eve party at Emu Park has beCome a popular place for thousands to see in the New Year. Organisers have arranged for two, bands. Nice Touch and Short Cut, to play non-stop until 3pm on January 1, 1988. ' The Pine Beach will also be entertaining patrons on Christmas Eve with Sharon Mann and Highway. On Boxing Day, the entertainment will be Under Pressure and on Sunday. December 27, it will be Sharon Mann anc Highway. Great Keppel Island Tourist Services will be running a New Year's Eve cruise abpard the Victory. • • • • Organisers say the cruise includes "heaps 01 door prizes" and a smorgasbord dinner. The boat departs Rosslyn Bay about 7pm and re turns the next morning ... "sometime". •

Hong. Kong Cafe .

BYO Reitauiant & Take Away . ' EAT IN SPECIAL DINNER December 1 to. December 25 SIO a head (4 or more) • Chicken & Corn Soup Chicken 8, Corn Soup, Spring Roll & Dim Sim then a choice of..: Lemon Chicken 0 Seafood Combination Sweet & Sour Pork 0 plus Fried Rice then...Dessert, Coffee or Tea.

HONG KONG SHANDY SPECIAL TAKEAWAY . • SS SANDS ARCADE .5d81 4568 YEPPOON a7 . .OPEN EVERY DAY Sun - Thurs: 11.30-2.30pm; Spm-9pm Fri & Sat .11.30am-2.30pm; 5pm-10pm

The Best Way to enjoy Meat!'


BB() Charcoal Grill BYO EAT IN or TAKE-AWA Phone orders..39 2433 Opp Railway Station between Pacific & Railway Hotels

• pen 11.30am 'til no-one about

OPEN Saturday Sunday ...from 10am, last guests through gates at 3pm

Attic Gallery has work on display and yOu can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. •-

Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560

Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 13

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All proceeds to Yeppoon and Emu Park District Ambulance NOTE: Principals, and permanent employees of the Capricorn Coast Mirror, CitiMotors, and any Ambulance employees, or their immediate fanziliy, cannot enter this Guessing Competition. • .• • •.•/.31-1P-• • • • • r.r


W.V. 4/.

sml, -0 • irn

, â&#x20AC;&#x17E;-, 14 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, ' Deeembei 23, 1987 Eariy CHRISTMAS trees are available again this year through the Bush Children's Home, Todd Assemblies Avenue and at Savernore Centre until-Thursday, December 24. of God The cost is $8.50 per tree. Orders can be taken at the home, 39 1311. *** Phone 39 6254 IN this last issue before Christmas I usually take something from the New Testament, but Or 39 6593 orthis time it's from the Old Testament, Isaiah. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is CHRISTMAS DAY given: and the government shall be upon his 9am, Christmas Service Yeppoon CWA shoulder: and his name shall be called WonderSUN: lOarn, Yeppoon CWA ful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlast6.30pm, Church in the Park ... ing Father, the Prince of Peace." Beaman Park, Yeppoon Peace of the season be with you and yours. *** NEW YEAR'S EVE THE next handicraft meeting is on February 730pm, Watchnight and Thanksgiving 19, 1988 at 10am in the CWA rooms. Service *** How can we oveirome evil? A street stall will be held on Wednesday, `Answer: Colossians 3:1-17; Romans 12:21, January 13 by the Blue Nurses auxiliary. *** BAT Cleft tours will start soon. Experience one of Queensland's wonders and join a tour to Mt Etna to see the emergence flight of thousands of Little Bent-wing Bats from Bat Cleft. Book now for trips starting from Yeppoon at 5pm on Saturdays ... January 9, 16, 23 and 30 and also February 6. Other days are by arrangement only. James Street, Yeppoon The tours are organised by the Wildlife Pres(next door to QATB) 39 1235 ervation Society's Capricorn Branch. Contact Molly Crawford, 39 6790 or Rosemary, 39 3735.


Cooked Prawns $8 kg Coral Trout Fish Fillets

Cooked Sandcrabs


$2.50 each

Cooked Bugs

Sweetlip Fillets





Fruit Pies and

Cakes * Apple * Apricot * and... Loganberry Pies SINGLE SERVE and FAMILY SIZE ...with or without cream

Cakes * Cakes * Cakes Cheesecakes * Block Cakes * Napoleons * Lamingtons * Custard and Apple Tarts Custard Tarts * Apple Fingers * Apple Turnovers *

Annie's PIES 1 Charles St, Yeppoon

?atm Coadeise. THERE are two Gails on the Coast who care for our injured native animals and birds. One is Gail Matthews, who lives in School Street, Yeppoon and the other is Gail Elliott of 21 Ware Street, The Causeway. *** HOY is on in Emu Park CWA Hall every Friday at 930am. The cost is only a dollar to play and includes morning tea. *** DO you have any old photographs of Emu Park ... sporting, military or of the railway? The Emu Park Historical Museum would like the photos to add-to its collection. The photos will be copied and returned to the owners. Have no fear about the care of your prints, the museum's committee has copied and cared for manypeople's photos in the past and knowwhat to do. Contact Joan Whyte, 39 6472, who will be able to help and set any fears at rest. ***.





39 1011

Forum resumes on February 10, 1988. *** HUGH Pilbury will be home next week. He will be recuperating for a little while, but, his smiling face will still be at Kanangra Restaurant. Liz thanks everyone for their messages and they are both looking forward to a happy new year. *** NEW Year's Eve will be celebrated by Emu Park Pensioners League in the Cultural Hall ... admission is free. *** ANYONE with time on their hands can lend one to SCOPE ... assisting with the hospital trolley. It involves about half an hour once a week or fortnight, taking the trolley around the hospital selling magazines, sweets and toiletries to the patients. Spread around some Christmas cheer and contact Glenda Healey, 39 3180. *** WINNER of the iced Christmas cake raffled by the Endeavour Foundation Capricorn Coast sub-branch committee over the last few weeks is Mrs G Coxon of Selvey Street, Yeppoon. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets. *** YEPPOON CWA's next meeting is February 12, 1988 at 2pm. *** BASKET of pottery winner was B Chandler. The raffle was drawn at the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts Christmas party in the Paint Pot Gallery on Saturday night. *** THE first St James Guild cent sale for 1988 will be held in the Mary Street, Yeppoon hall on Wednesday, January 27. *** The last exhibition at the Paint Pot Gallery will continue until February 1, 1988. The gallery is open daily from 9.30am until 4.30pm and is conducted by the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts. ***

A Menagerie of Gifts at YEPPOON STOCKFEED C Birds



* Leads * Collars * * Chains * Bowls * * Toys * Brushes * * Dry Food * * Frozen Meat * * Health Products *

* Leads * Collars * * Health Products * * Bowls * Brushes * * Dry Food * * Frozen Meat *

* Cages * Toys * * Budgies * * Peachfaces *

1 Garden * Plants * Pots * * Fertilisers *

Chickens & Mice


* Chickens * Point of Lay Hens * * Mice * Mouse Houses * * Guinea Pigs * Hutches * * Guinea Pig Food *

* Tropical & Goldfish * * Tanks * Lights * * Pumps * Filters * *Accessories *'Feed *

ABOVE: Coast girl Susan Perren married Robert Wallace on Saturday at the St Jame's Church of England. Susan is the only daughter of Trevor and Phyl Pore'? while Robert is the son of Mr and Mrs Gordon Wallace from Brisbane. Family and friends travelled from Brisbane, Mackay, Emerald, Townsville and Mitchell to attend the wedding. After a honeymoon in Hawaii the couple will settle live at the Coast.

Groups seeks ideas for bored children TWO Queensland Recreational Council officers will meet Emu Park teenagers and parents at a special meeting on Monday, January 11 to discuss youth recreation needs in future school holidays. Ian Whitehead and Greg Cahill attended the Don Ireland Swimming Complex December meeting to offer help and advice on the proposed pool's construction. "The pool is seen as a meeting place for young people and concern was expressed that until the pool is functioning our teenagers have problems filling in time during the school holidays," Don Ireland Swimming Pool Complex president Yvonne Protheroe said. "We decided to call the meeting and asked Mr Whitehead and Mr Cahill to go along and talk to both teenagers and parents. They know how to plan programmes to make the holidays more fun-filled and enjoyable." If the meeting in the Emu Park CWA Hall on January 11 at 7pm is successful a youth group will be formed. It will be autonomous withadult supervision. "Anyone interested in finding out about the meeting or offering help can contact me on 39 6930," Mrs Protheroe said.


Turner for Chairman 1 am standing independent of Groups and Political Parties as I have in Local Government since 1967.'


DEAR ELECTORS, It was interesting to read the other day an item from the Peak Downs Telegram (Clermont 100 years ago) where it said "Council declares war on dogs". After 100 years the community still has the dog problem. My viewpoint on dogs is that it should be the owners' responsibility to see that their animal is looked after, and not annoying neighbours, or roaming the streets. I further believe that the desexing of animals should be encouraged, and a blitz on dogs now and then, should take place. However it is difficult to get people to perform these duties in some areas. Some Local Authorities have run an education programme on dogs which has been a success. ** Emu Park is an area on the Coast which has been fortunate to have the asset of Bell Park. It is a pity Yeppoon has missed this opportunity over the years. However, I believe more should be done in this area and it will be my intention to look at Parks and Recreation areas. In the meantime the citizens of Emu Park have a great _ asset. The community there needs strong representation assistance by council to attract more people in the area. It will be my intention to treat Emu Park as part of the wonderful Capricorn Coast and give my loyalty and support in whatever way possible for its development. The swimming pool complex is a move in the right direction. *** It was good to see council, after a number of years, start work on footpaths in Yeppoon. A programme each year should be mapped out for both Emu Park and Yeppoon, as it will take many years and a lot of money to achieve completion. Christmas is once again at our door steps, and it is my 31st Christmas on the Coast. Every effort should be made to create a Christmas atmosphere. It will be my intention to have council, service- clubs, chamber of commerce, and other organisations join together in a programme in 1988 to have Christmas decorations, of a permanent type, that can be erected in both towns to create a better atmosphere for locals and tourists during our festive season. The decoratione I have in mind can be used each year. May I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.

Kindest Regards Jim Turner 33 John Street, Yeppoon. 4703 Phone 39 1265 If you are not on the roll, and to have your vote on March 19, you only have a few days left to do so. Application forms are available at the Post Office, Court House and Electoral Office. Roll closes, December 31, 1987.

Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop See Keith and Janice Hendy for flowers for all occasions

rNow Open Saturday until 4pm .2 for Christmas trading

Cnr James and Mary Streets... 39 4320

your Interflora Agent in the centre of town!

39 2266


39 7162


Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 15

Sunio *OAK CUM&ite



Appointments... Monday, Thursday, Friday

39 3649

rawatvamitt Merry 3 Christmas to all of our customers. We thank you for your patronage throughout this year and look forward to serving you again in 1988.

-- from the Management & Staff of


39 1410 39 4501 a/h


Burnett St, Yeppoon

Our Workshop SERVICES include... El Cylinder Head and Valve Work O Surface Grinding and Head Planing O Brake Drum Machining O Brake Disc Machining O Wheel Alignments O Computer Balancing O Shell XMOS Service




ABOVE: Tanby Seafoods manageress Lorraine Sargood and assistant Judie Smith show some samples of seafood available in the new Savemore Centre shop. The fresh seafood and about 600 lines of frozen food can be bought at the shop.

Compassionate Friends help A GROUP of Capricorn Coast,Inothers who found they could talk about the loss of familymembers have decided others who've experienced similar losses could benefit from joining their group. The mothers have banded together to form The Compassionate Friends for Bereaved Parents. It is a support group for parents who have lost a son or daughter. One mother said there was a need for a group of this kind, especially for the mothers. "Fathers are welcome to attend the meetings but they're usually working when the group meets during the day," she said. "We found talking and discussing the different problems we have helps us cope with the part of our life which died upon our child's death. "It was something I imagined could happen but it was 1000 times worse when it actually did," the mother said. The mothers found they could safely talk about something which many friends and family were afraid to do. "It's not their fault; they just don't know how a person will react and believe not talking about something will help heal the wounds," the mother said. "Unfortunately it does the opposite. The grief manifests itself because a part of our life dies and until we reinvest an interest in society we need to let out that grief. "Crying is an acceptable and healthy way of expressing grief but. having others who have experienced and are experiencing what you feel, helps the healing process." Meetings Are informal affairs, held about twice a month, and have been going since about August. The group has decided to branch out and would like people in a similar position to contact them by phoning Eleanor on 39 6152. The group would also like to publicise they are available, if ever someone loses a child. One mother said the group had reached across "barriers" including religion, race, economic class or ethnic group, and are bound by a common bond to talk about or just listen to others experiencing the same feelings. Some families are totally wrecked through the death of one member, but others close ranks. "There is tremendous strength and support, and a lot of love, in my family which wasn't there before," a mother said. The group also is self-supporting. Meetings are held at different homes. The mothers say it was good to have a group for people to turn to and to know there is some place to get support and help from people in similar situations.


Heinz Tomato Sauce 600m1

Coke/Diet Coke/Tab 375m1 -•


• V/ -

-$.,-Te • '"?',"

Trading Hours

Wed, Dec 23: Thurs, Dec 24:8.30am - 9pm pm Sat, Dec 26: 8.30am Friday, - 5.30pm Sunday, Dec 5.30pm Dec 25 -- CLOSED 27 -- CLOSED Monday, Dec 28 -- CLOSED

Still the best pie on the Coast ... with the most of everything!!


Morgan PIE can be bought at these popular outlets... Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Cooee Corner Store Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store


Savemore Centre


McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 --

1 4 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959

Kleenex Toilet Rolls 4 Pack On sale from Tuesday, December 29 until Saturday, January 2 or until sold out YOU'LL LOVE THE DISCOUNTS AT


16 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition

Capricorn Coast

Capricorn Coast Mirror Classifieds - 39 4244) PUBLIC NOTICES

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympic Times, 197 Mary 11; Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.

CONGRATULATIONS HAPPY birthday to Vicki Semple who was 20 on December 18 and Fay Semple who will be 21 on Boxing Day. ...from the Koibitos Cricket Team

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS DAVE and Margaret of Dave Kershaw Bobcat Hire wish their clients and friends Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your valued patronage during 1987 and we look forward to your continued support during 1988.

Janice and Keith Hendy and the staff of

TANBY ROSES wish all friends and clients the Compliments of the Season Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers and friends from

Ross and Anne Dickson and the staff of

Seafood and Eat It PUBLIC NOTICES SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. VIETNAM Veterans from all services. We have now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide os. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014 Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833. 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day

O pen 7 days

Emu Lyn's Park Beachside Store

(Open till 9pm to Jan 2) Your One-Stop General Store Milk *Bread*Papers*Groceries*Ice


39 6108



Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates

Livingstone Bicentennial Celebrations Opening

* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants 24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

CHURCH NOTICES Uniting Church. Christmas Eve. Yeppoon, James Street, 11.30prn. Christmas Day: Yeppoon, James Street, 7am and 10am. Emu Park, Archer Street, 8.30am. Normal Sunday services. Yeppoon, James Street, 10am. Third Saturday in month, 5.30pm. Emu Park, Archer Street, 7.45am. Evening Worship, first Sunday in month, 6.30pm. Keppel Sands, third Sunday in month, 5.30pm. Rev Nyree Svenson, 39 1364. Anglican Parish of Keppel Christmas services: Christmas Eve: 11pm, Sung Eucharist, James Street, Yeppoon. Christmas Day: 7am, Sung Eucharist, Christ Church, Emu Park. 8.30am, Sung Eucharist, James Street, Yeppoon. All Sundays from December 27, 1987 to January 31, 1988: 7am, Eucharist, Christ Church, Emu Park. 8.30am, Sung Eucharist, James Street, Yeppoon. Emu Park Living Word Centre Christmas morning meeting: "Carmel" 9am, 6 Emu Street, Emu Park. Normal Sunday services. 10am, Emu Park CWA Hall. 6.30pm, 6 Emu Street, Emu Park. Catholic Church Christmas Eve: Mary Immaculate, Arthur Street, Emu Park, 7pm; Sacred Heart, John Street, Yeppoon, Midnight Mass. Christmas Day: Sacred Heart, 7am and 9am. Weekend Mass times for Christmas holidays: Yeppoon, Saturday 6pm and Sunday 9am; Emu Park, Sunday, 7am. Wesleyan Methodist Church Christmas Day: 8am, National Fitness Hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon. Normal Sunday services, 9.30am and 6.30pm. Rev G Hudson, 39 2273. Assembly of God Christmas Day: 9am, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Normal Sunday services. 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall and 6.30pm fortnightly. Emu Park CWA Hall, 6.30pm fortnightly. Pastor Ernie Peters, 39 6254.

(Beaman Park, January 1, 4pm People interested in participating in a Bicentennial Art Market in Yeppoon Town Hall, January 1, 2 and 3 please notify space required before December 26. Contact: Marie Bayliss 39 1330

DOCTOR Jonathon E Davies, formerly of Rockhampton has commenced medical practice on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets, Yeppoon as of Monday, December 14. Phone 39 3041. MIKE Walter and Associates (The Insurance Shop) closed from Saturday, December 19 to Sunday, January 10 inclusive. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all. KAREN den Exter Dentist wishes to advise that the surgery will be closed from December 25 until January 11. Emergencies, phone 39 3474.

VACANCIES QCWA Sunset Lodge Hostel for aged men and women has vacancies for permanents and respite care.

39 6484

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily

Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day

39 2212

LADIES Praise and Fellowship (non-denominational) meetings 10am Wednesdays at 'Carmel', 6 Emu Street, Emu Park will continue through the school holidays. Visitors welcome. Phone Kath, 39 6147.

Your Coast


Baptist Church Sunday services: 10am and 7pm, Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon. This advertisement is sponsored by the Capricorn Coast Mirror. Any churches desiring to be included LT:lease phone 39 4244 and ask for Sandra Mackie.

Jan Collins 39 2242

agent is...

Chicken Capri Seafoods Whitman Street, Yeppoon

39 1199

Frank and Bev Green o


Emu Park

39 6237

... wish all of their customers a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year in 1988 See us for all your Hardware requirements for those "odd" jobs Paint * Fishing Gear CIG Gas Agent

Christmas Eve: 8.30am - 6pm Christmas Day: CLOSED New Year's Day: CLOSED

Closed every Sunday Open all other days 8.30am - 5pm

THE Compassionate Friends meet on Wednesday, December 16 at 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park, 39 6152. And every week until further notice.

Council of the Shire of Livingstone PUBLIC NOTICE Local Government Act 1936-1986 Amendment of Town Planning Scheme NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for an amendment tothe Town Planning Scheme for the Area of the Shire of Livingstone byexcluding land hereinafter mentioned from a Zone and including the said land in another Zone. (1) Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: cnr Emu Street and 1 Tennent's Memorial Drive, Emu Park. 4702. Lot 4 on plan LN2688 Parish Hewittville, County Livingstone. (2)The Area of the Land: 832sqm (square metres). (3) Zone from which the land is proposed to be excluded: Special Purposes and Road Reserve. (4) Zone in which the land is proposed to be included: Special Facilities (RSL Club House). (5) Desired use of land after rezoning: Special Facilities (RSL Club House). Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office situated at 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 27th January, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes to objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of objection.


Fancy Glassware...


CHIROPRACTOR â&#x20AC;&#x201D; I (Malcolm Hampson) have commenced practice in Seaview Arcade (24 Anzac Parade), above Seafood and Eat It Restaurant. Coastal Chiropractic Clinic Open Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm and Wednesday from 9am to 7pm. Malcolm Hampson 39 3343, a/h 39 3842



Christmas and New Year

JOHN Christensen and John O'Connell, Dentists, No 1 Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon, phone 39 2155, wish to advice office hours will be 8am to 5pm on December 29, 30 and 31. Usual hours and evening surgery Monday and Wednesday will resume from January 4. For urgent care outside these hours please phone 39 1076. COOBERRIE Park will be open on Wednedays to Sundays, 9.30am to 4.30pm operating as a tropical gardens and animal sanctuary. Any inquiries, ring 39 7590. The park will be closed Christmas Day but open on December 28 and 29.


New Dress Fabrics \& all your sewing needs,

and lots of other last minute Christmas gifts

Alma Jones 39 3380


QATB Yeppoon has the following items for sale by tender: Item 1 12 silky oak office chairs Item 2 40 (approx) steel-framed windows (ideal for shed) The above items can be inspected at the Yeppoon Ambulance Centre. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted and the standard code of tendering applies. Tenders close with the secretary, January 1, 1988. G REYNOLDS Superintendent/Secretary

LOST AND FOUND LOST: Pet galah, Barracuda Crescent, Lammermoor Beach. Phone 33 6815.

Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday. December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 17


Capricorn Coast Mirror Classifieds - 39 4244)

COOLWATERS Holiday Village, Capricorn Coast. s/c units, o/s vans, powered and tent sites. Phone 39 6102.


TRADEWORK TELEVISION Video, Audio and Antenna • repairs Frank Richter. phone 39 2330 STOVE and hot water repairs. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast -- D K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396


• .4e

Dave Kershaw for...


PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 Plumber - Keith Chivers - 39 3518. BUILDING, painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232 or 22 1687. CASSETTE, Radio. Stereo, TV and Vidao repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LAWN-MOWING. Edging, Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. FENCING: Terry McMullan. Phone 39 1140. VIDEO. TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 392330. •ECECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service, based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. RUBBISH removed, trees lopped, furniture removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers,'39 7924. LAWN-MOWING, edging, .yards cleaned, rubbish removed, odd jobs. Reliable: 39 2401

4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

ELECTRICAL Service * Installations * Repairs * * Maintenance * Safety Checks *


Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS•pty,Ltd Industrial - Residential - Commercial ❑ Suspended floors 0 House floors ❑ Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations

33 6836

Mike Stokley




RICHTER D Installation ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance O COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts


39 2205







Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning

1- Interior * Exterior


35 1181


Carpet Cleaning

Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes All hours

39 1679

Answering service



39 4410


PURESAFE Pest Control 6 day week service to Coast Ultra !ow toxic 0 Odourless & Stainless ❑0 Environmentally Safe 0


Ben Johansen owner/operator AVERAGE HOME - S59 tt

27 9217

a/h 34 4730

RUST? We specialise... in rust and restoration work

Emu Park Panel Beating and Spray Painting B & J Wells

Plumber Drainer 49 Thomas St,

Emu Park 396664




Packing * Storage * Insurance Country * Interstate * Overseas Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

39 3822

Workmanship guaranteed

22 4049



DRAINER Maintenance * Renovations * New work

Phil Munro

Vince Hannan

39 1513


33 6714 " •

RUST KILLER Capricorn Sandblasting Painting *


* Mini Soil Deliveries * Tanby Roundabout, Yeppoon

39 1404

39 4092 a/h

* Screened Soil and Brickies Loam * Filling * Granite * Gravel ALLOTMENTS LEVELLED & FILLED

39 3834

39 3614 a/h

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

39 1813

39 4503

[Earl and Margaret Hempseed

* All types of Painting

Capricorn Coast

For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Emu Park - 39 6178

68 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon

George Barrett & Co

39 3113

Yeppoon Readymix

39 4318


Tradesman PAINTER

Allan `Happy' Warren '16 years on the Coast'

and Security Doors

Bill Rasmussen

S. Stanley 39 1139


* Free Quotes *

Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

ALL PAINTING port rvi-oof -coot int

I.C. &

* Industrial Spray Phone

'We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office

Free quotes

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays





Phone Hans - 39 3746



CONCRETE floors placed and finished. Slashing, ripping & plough work. Ph 39 7588. RETIRED carpenter, small jobs, insect screening, furniture repairs, wood turning. 39 6507. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering 1/40 Knight Street, North RockhamptIpn Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes. 39 1404 or 3.9 1745. PAINTING and Wallpapering. free- quotds Phone Vince Hannan, 39 1513.

Restoration * Repairs * Polishing

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Eric Sundgren

Phone 39 7950

SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016.

BACKHOE for hire


Bill Green

LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460.


39 3193

39 4408



49 TANBY RD. YEPPOON 4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive aluminium awnings and blinds.

SLASHING done - Inquiries phone 39 1199 during daytime. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199.



39 6436



* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

YEPPOON LAWNMOWING Rubbish Removal * Tree Lopping Hedge Trimming * Prompt Service AB AMUSEMENT 39 1658 PHONE NUMBER


39 7540

'''l \ 1. Stingy Stick Make i for easy, even your -il 4\1 chlorinationpool more 24 hours a day fun and less work 2. Burn 006 shock Follow three easy steps treatment for sparkling from BioGuard The RoGuard basics keep water-overnight 3.Algae Inhibitor' the party going all to keep the algae away. summer long

Capricorn Coast Pool Maintenance . Fe arleYsorsP er?voicI e 1

33 6198

WORK WANTED WEEKEND work for carpenter/painter. Any renovation work. Phone Fred. 39 3140, leave message. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. DRESSMAKING (by pattern). Gail Matthews Phone 39 3316. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587. FOR carpentry work, contaciDon Huttley, 15 Bartlem Street, 39 1502. HIRE a student. Mowing, gardening and cleaning. Phone 39 3935. LAWNS mowed, grass removed, odd jobs by young and reliable person. Phone 33 6732. LAWN mowing wanted. Average yard approx S12. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please phone 39 7578. CARPENTER available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 3065.

WANTED TO RENT WANTED: minimum of 3 years from January 15, 1988. Nice, new. large 2/3 bedroom unfurn unit or house in Yeppoon area. Garden and carport. Approx S120. Non-smoker and nondrinker. Phone (08) 322 0533. 5pm to 7pm or write PO Box 93, Morphett Vale. 5162. South Australia. Dr McMenzies.

TO LET COMMERCIAL premises in tfie centre of Yeppoon suitable for a plant nursery. Large floor area, half covered with shade cloth.Phone 39 3041.


SAILBOARDS, sandsailers, sails - sales, hire. repairs -- cheapest prices. SandSailSurf, phone 39 7686.

WANTED KNOWN SALON 24. Waxing, facials and make-ups. Phone 39 219.8.

18 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition


(Capricorn Coast Mirror Classifieds - 39 4244 FOR HIRE



"Chance of a Lifetime" ON SITE WOODBURY ROAD, COOBERRIE — 15kms from Yeppoon

SATURDAY 16th JANUARY, 11am 24Ha farm, currently managed as Irrigation small crop farm, 22 boarding kennels (currently licensed but not operational) described as potential cash flow business, ideal for a family. school bus past front door, zoned Rural B •


$28 Free delivery

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CASTROL Oils — Cooee Bay Marine — cnr Tanby Road & McBean Sts, Yeppoon. 391675. 60'x20'x10' C Section Industrial Shed. 1986 Bobcat 1835. Backhoe attachments, buckets. 1976 Toyota 7 tonne truck. Inquiries: 28 1062 after 6pm. GEC benchtop hot-plates. Also Honda 125 XL motorbike. Phone 39 1085. FORD Cortina, 1979, immaculate condition. RWC. $3500 ONO. Phone 39 7015. STAINLESS steel nuts and bolts...everything you need, at Cooee Bay Marine 39 1675. FIBREGLASS resins, and everything else you need at Cooee Bay Marine, 39 1675. ZENTAI Futon mattresses now available. Also Shintai bed frames, bedside tables, prayer stools, yoga mats, etc. Order now. Phone 39 6205. ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds — all types — free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419. BEARINGS and seals — Cooee Bay Marine— cnr Tanby Road and McBean Street, Yeppoon. 39 1675. KEEP slim — enjoy soft yoghurt ice-cream — fruit shakes...the freshest fruit and vegetables. Fresh Fruit & Veges, James Street. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings . sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. LAMBSKINS. cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... all from Nursing Mothers. Phone Judy, 33 6831. CARAVAN, 28' Viscount. Double island bed, bunks, shower, 1987 fridge/freezr, gas stove and oven, front dining room. $5000. Phone Michelle, 39 6712 a/h.


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EMU PARK &ft& Vat


Burnett St, Yeppoon

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BINGO WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B20760. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B20695. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall, Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No 8142. TUESDAY: 7.30pm, Pine Beach Hotel, Emu Park. Jackpot $200, 5 specials at $50. Emu Park Fishing Club. Promoter: J Wincen. Permit No. AA14-290.


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DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD 27 Pattison Street, Emu Park — 39 6411

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393 512 FOR SALE Homestead approx 19 sqs, 40x20 shed with shower & WC, subdivide into 5 paddocks, spring fed dam, (never been dry). Crops growing & grown in past: watermelons, cucumbers, potatoes, rockmelons, tomatoes, Paw Paws. All types of small crops. Vendor will consider trade of 5 - 50 acres on the coast, improved or unimproved, offers will be considered prior to auction. Auctioneers comments: Vendor is a genuine seller, opportunity of a lifetime to secure property in this rich Cooberrie area, with a tremendous potential for a cash flow income.

HANOI Hire Trailers — Cooee Bay Marine — cnr Tanby Road and McBean Street, Yeppoon. 39 1675. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in.. 34 4174. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174.



also...good qual ty secondhand furniture and goods as usual

Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition -- 19


Louise's Coffee Lounge Somewhere New & Different to meet your Friends for

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

OW 39 7144 When planing your next outing come to Kanangra. Relax on Sunday with lunch under the Pergola overlooking the pool.

Kanangra is a fully licensed family restaurant with group bookings catered for by arrangement, 7 days-a-week. The buffet-style menu is prepared by your hosts

Hugh and Liz Pilbury.

Open 7 days 7am to 9pm

* Friday is family night $14ph * Saturday night, $16ph, there is live entertainment * Sunday lunch is a carvery $12 ph, Children under 14 are half-price and pre-schoolers, free Bookings are essential

Savemore Centre, 39 2332

39 7144

Kanangra Restaurant Tanby Road South, Yeppoon

Kavlon Rainbow Super Cinema JANUARY ATTRACTIONS Man's search continues for the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Monster, The Unicorn and Bigfoot...

"pos got three hits-(4 'q on the charts. on screaming fans A girl he loves named Donna. And he's only 17.

...Bigtoot's been found, and he's living with the Henderson.

HARR mb Tv, HENDERfallf December 31 & January 2, 7.10pm



If they didn't make waves... They wouldn't be Nerds!



Golfers' enjoy Christmas party THE Wednesday club had a good attendance for the Christmas party game, with a few visitors, at. Yeppoon Golf Club. Fay Yesberg won the ladies' stableford with 36 points. Next best was Daphne Gregg and Nancy Montgomery both with 35 points. The first nine hole winner was Yvonne Foxwell with 31, from Beryl Taylor 31 and a half. Yvonne also won the second nine with 30, from Esme Woodbridge with 31. Pinshots: D Gregg, N Montgomery. Proshot: D Gregg. Member stableford winners were Tony Shields and Graham Rosin both with 45 points, Don Cooper and Arthur Dougherty 44 each, Daryl Harker, Bing Morgan, Charlie Williams and Nev Smith, all with 42 each, Peter Fritschi, Mery Scope and Stan Thorne, each with 41 and Ron Dawson 40 points. The first nine were: A Dougherty with 28 and a half, C Williams 29, D Harker. 29 and a half, D Cooper 30, T Shields 31, S Thorne 31, M Scope 30. Second nine: T Shields 29, G Rosin 29, A Simpson 30, B Morgan 30, M Scope 31, S Schuster 29 and a half, K Griffiths 31. Pinshots: G Cook, G Rosin, S Schuster. Proshot: N Smith. After the game players enjoyed an excellent supper provided by the ladies, and a Christmas cake donated by Morgans Bakery, with thanks to Bing Morgan. Friday, December 18 the veterans played a stroke game for members and ladies over 12 holes. May McGlashan won the ladies' stroke with 41 nett, Gwen Bullock was next with 42 and Joan Marwedel won the pinshot. Arthur Simpson won the members' stroke with 38 from George Cook with 39, next was Frank Ryan with 40. Pinshot was won by Jack Stratford. The trophies were donated by Harley Fisher and Yvette Fritschi was welcomed as a new member. Veterans will not play again till January 8, 1988 and the annual general meeting will be held on February 20. Associates game was a stroke. Winner was Hazel Fry with 64 nett, next was Karen Gibson 65, Ruby Norton 65, Lorna Quigley 67. Pinshot: G Dawson, T Clark. Proshot: G Dawson. Members also played a stroke game. The winner was captain Jack Stratford with 63 nett on countback from Mark Boyd also with 63 nett. Next best: N Quirk 65, D Wiltshire 66, K Griffiths 67, P Foxwell 67, D Cruickshank 67, V

Olive 67, J Garvey 68, L Evans 68, D Davies 68, L Taylor 69, T Seaman 69 and B Moses 69. Pinshots: A Dougherty, T Shields, J Stratford, J Garvey who also won the proshot. Sunday, December 20, members and associates played a stableford. Ladies' stableford winner was Gladys Scharf with 35 points from Nicky Hunt 35, Fay Yesberg 33 and Joan Burrowes 32 points. Nicky Hunt won the pinshot and proshot. Members' stableford winner was Rob Wal7 ters with 43 points, next best, was Kevin Gersekowski (from Moranbah) with 42 points, Godfrey Haskins 39, Bill Freeman 38, Adolf Schuster 38 and Bob Burrowes 36 points. Pinshots: K Gersekowski, G Williams, I Atkinson, R Walters. Proshot: L Lucas.

PLAYERS CHOSEN THREE Capricorn Coast tennis players have been chosen to represent Queensland in the 1988 Commonwealth Bank Australasia Veterans' Tennis Championships. Graham and Barbara Dickensen and Peg Hansen will compete in January, 1988 Perth games. The championships are in two separate categories ... teams events and individual championships. "The Veterans' Tennis Association of Australia has done everything possible to ensure the tournament is first class," Commonwealth Bank Yeppoon branch manager Graham Basham said. "I'm sure Graham, Barbara and Peg along with the other Australia-wide representatives will be delighted with the facilities being provided in Perth."

ST JAMES BOWLS ST JAMES Indoor Bowling Club finished off its 1987 bowling season with a social afternoon on Thursday, November 27. The afternoon was hosted by member Jean Preston, who chose a lucky number for the winning team, making it a relaxed happy three games. The lucky team ... Michelle Ahern, Len Jones, Myrtle Smith and Jean Preston, who offered her prize for the raffle. The club is now in recess and play will resume on Thursday, January 7, 1988. The annual general meeting will be held on Monday night, February 1, and subs will be due before then. The club wishes everyone the compliments of the season.

If You're Going to Drink „. DON'T DRIVE! We'd rather you leave your

`PRINTS' with us at

nte/mil. Jot pa/lac/44.e

SUPERSIZE PHOTOS § NOT at the Police Station §

January 7 and 9

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Entertaining 'PG New Year from January 22 and 23 The Kavlon Thursday and Saturday December 24 and 26, 7.10pm

Merry Christmas to all from Paul & Carol Dean $



38 James St, Yeppoon 39 1533 WWWAVAWAVAVAWAVIA

20-- Capricorn Coast Mirror -- Wednesday, December 23, 1987 -- Early Edition

gown Hat wain eit

Tke back of the Iftivto

Xmas Gift suggestions [

ARINE RADIOS G. M.E. & Uniden brands

149 (COnpiete



riA liklik'... • -%......._ CUTAWAY OF CARAVELLES

3-person Caravelle tOp 94" x 55"; capacity 600Ibs; weight just 14Ibs; horsepower rating 2hp; four separate air chambers; pump & four oars.

6 gallon Outboard fuel tanks $49•952

momP iewaki

The Original SEVYLOR $11 Ski Bob

f t


Cooee Bay MARINE Cnr TANSY ROAD & 39 1675 McBean St, Yeppoon

ABOVE: Winners at the Pacific Hotel charity day put their best bowls forward. Seventy visitors and members raised $900 for the Special Education Unit at Yeppoon State Primary School. Teacher-in-charge Warren Wendt (pictured secondfro/iii right) was on hand to play bowls and accept the cheque on behalf of the unit. From left Yeppoon Bowls Club president Tom Roos and winners, Eddie Engel, Ian Brazier and Paul Nugent (also Pacific Hotel representative).

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AT BOWLS THE giving spirit during the annual Pacific Hotel sponsored Bowls day was highlighted when Yeppoon Bowls president Tom Roos announced $900 had been raised for charity. The gala bowls day attracted about 70 nonplaying and playing bowlers who battled it out on the green for victory. The day's winners were Ian Brazier, Paul Nugent, Ken Moore and Eddie Engel. However, no player forgot the reason for the day's play and before the winning bowlers were announced, this year's nominated charity was presented with the cheque. Mr Roos announced that this year's charity was the Special Education Unit at Yeppoon State Primary School. Teacher-in-charge Warren Wendt, who played during the day, told the players what the unit did when accepting the cheque.

BOXING DAY MEET ON GRASS YEPPOON Amateur Racing Club will start racing in earnest on the new grass racing surface on Boxing Day. The club has five scheduled meetings ... Saturday, December 26, New Year's Day, January 5, 13 and 19. Since the club last raced, on August 19, the track was seeded and a manual watering system installed using water from the large dam created by the excavation work carried out to provide the base for the upgraded track and drainage. Out of a mixture of grasses used to provide cover and mulch for the base surface cover of couch, the early growing grasses have done their job and the couch and is now really taking off. Club officials are confident that the couch will stand up to the stress of racing best for the area and being a quick coverer through its runner aspect of growth will repair the normal wear and tear of racing. Once again the .YARC will clash with the Rockhampton Jockey Club on Boxing Day and the next meeting on New Year's Day, but for the first time since the club resumed racing on September 23, 1981, the Boxing Day meeting will be the first held on a Saturday. To minimise the wear and tear to the grass in the early stages, all five meetings will comprise four races of the same classes and also be over • the same short distances. The programmes for the five meetings, the remainder of which are scheduled for Tuesday January 5, Wednesday January 13 and Tuesday January 19 are: Maiden Handicap (900m), Wallet Handicap (1000m), Purse Handicap (1200m) and Country Syakes (1200m). The first race on Saturday will be the Boxing Day Country Stakes for $3000 in prize money and will have a twilight meeting starting time of 3pm. The remaining races at this meeting will follow at 40 minute intervals.


Saturday December 26

[Reg. R.J.C.1


Mr Wendt said the unit was available to any Coast child. "The unit helps any Capricorn Coast child older than six weeks," Mr Wendt said. "It doesn't matter if the disability is mental or physical, every child has the right to attend the unit. The unit's youngest is now four but some have been attending the unit since they were three. "They can be referred to the unit by doctors or parents needing a little help." Mr Wendt said not only was the unit used by the Special Education children but also by the students at Yeppoon State-Primary School. "Some use it for cooking but others use it for a wide range of activities," he said. "The money will be used to buy educational equipment and teaching aids for the unit."

Twilight meeting ...first' race at 3pm FREE DRAUGHT BEER 11.30am - 1 2.30pm Southern & Local Events • * Seafood Meals *

NEXT MEETINGS: January 1, 5, 13; 19

This week, resident Tyrer Park trainer John Anderson worked two horses around the track to give club officials an indication of how the new grass would stand up. Anderson enjoyed success at last week's midweek meeting at Callaghan Park when Morlock won the final of a three-race programme, the Purse Handicap (1150m), held on the sand track. The committee has decided to do away with the fluctuation service as over the years this has not been completely satisfactory ... for midweek meetings the fluctuations have only been available from an unofficial source. The committee is confident that the TAB read-outs and satellite coverage will provide patrons with a much more accurate guide to the odds available. Attractions for patrons attending on Saturday will include free draught beer for an hour from 11.30am and a competition for a weekend for two on Great Keppel Island.

Atkinson in RU training squad CAPCOAST Rugby Union player John Atkinson of Yeppoon has been selected in the Queensland Country Rugby Union off-season training squad. The 27 man training squad has representatives from all Queensland country areas. The selectors have chosen the strong squad' with a view to establishing Queensland Country's place on the International touring teams' Australian itinerary. The approach is new and is designed to gain higher recognition for the Queensland Country Team in all facets of fitness, strength and skill. Apart from three games against New South Wales Country, the annual City v Country match and against England, the players will be in line for selection in the Queensland B team to play NSW B, England and All Blacks. The squad has been selected with an emphasis on youth and talent. To assist Country coach Steve Rowley to evaluate the progress of his players a camp has been scheduled for January 23 in Rockhampton.

WHEN you're short of itemslor a column along comes something that makes everything worthwhile ... this week it was Superman. Now we all know the Capricorn Coast is headed for big things, but who would have believed we could become known as "Metropolis" ... the home of Superman? Last. Friday, a phone rang at City Desk and hardbitten office girl Sandra Mackie answered with a "yep". Marie Savage, (of Shells and Gifts fame) spoke: "Superman is visiting next door if you want to get a picture of him? Sandra, accustomed to calls of this nature, handed over the phone to Superman's girlfriend Cathy (Lois Lane) Logan, who thinks she works on the Daily Planet instead of the Capricorn Coast Mirror. Using her wrist radio (she puts her hand to her mouth and shouts) she called "Old Baldy". Acting quickly, she put together the rest of the Mirror team present (Suzy and Rhett) and they headed off to Nick Callianiotis' downtown Metropolis office. They rushed into the building and, lo and behold, there was Superman, complete with red tights and flowing blue cape. He was bulging in all the right places and, emblazoned on his chest, was a huge gold S. Superman, showing the shyness that made his exploits famous, ducked behind a partition ... but it was too late. He had been spotted ... and besides, it's the Silly Season, and what could be more appropriate than a photo of Stperman coming out of a phone booth. Of course, that meant a trip across the road. Superman walked (allowing for the slower Earthlings) ... and literally stopped the traffic. Luckily the phone box was empty and he was able to oblige with a series of unforgettable pictures ... especially the ones where he lifted a girl high above his head. Then it was back to the party at Nick's where our Caped Crusader revealed all ... well, almost all. It turns out he wasn't the real Superman at all ... he's John Hacker, who, because he's involved with the Rainbow Video and the Golden Phoenix, believes he's doing a job far beyond the ability of mortal men. As a result, he took to calling himself Superman. Because it was his birthday last Friday, someone got the bright idea of buying him a Superman suit. He tried it on, they pinched his clothes ... and he spent the afternoon as Superman! * * *

Well, since it's still the Silly Season, let's go the whole hog. Last week, there was an item about a big do at Capricorn Iwasaki's for a visiting baseball team. Held on the lawn, by the huge pool, under a tropical night sky, it seemed inappropriate that so many guests wore ties and, wait for it ... coats. Isn't it time, in a world where there are Nuclear-Free Zones and Smoke-Free Zones, that we, on the Capricorn Coast, declared our coastal strip a Tie-Free Zone? Handled properly, with a declaration by someone like the shire chairman, a Member of Parliament or a tourist group head, the declaration could get a swag of publicity ... and put us on the map for the best of reasons. Why should men have to wear ties ... after all, women liberated themselves from bras years ago! * * *

AND, as the year draws to a close, it's time to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Greetings are extended, in particular, to the so very many people who provide this column. Some do it willingly (as long as they're dobbing in a mate) ... and some, perhaps a little unwillingly, by getting caught out in certain situations that make other people laugh. Christmas is a time of reaching out to friends, forgetting differences, and sharing goodwill ... let's all do our best to make others feel welcome, in our shops, our accommodation houses, our workplaces, in our homes. After all, it is Christmas...


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