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ISSUE 221 SATURDAY, November 7,1987 — FRIDAY, November 13,1987,


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Minister returns 3 firemen: Neal, Hinton combine to end fire trial YEPPOON Fire Brigade again has its full complement of four professional fire-fighters. After three' weeks of public fighting, the battle was won when Don Neal, the Minister responsible for Fire Services, told a meeting at Bayview Tower last Thursday night he was ending the "trial" and was returning the three firemen lost to Rockhampton. His decision met a mixed reception. There was a sigh of relief from the Coast's representatives_ and arguments from Rockhampton Fire Board representatives. The Minister stood firm. He- made his decision in public; stuck to it at a later, hastily convened meeting which went well past Midnight, then, when asked whether he had backed down after that second meeting, said: "I -do 't go back on my word." goon Fire Brigade "upgradeThe whole .downgrade" issue was a triumph.for the Coast ... but not one to be gloated over. Points brought out during the special meeting -"4"1- on Thursdaynight*both sides, show that firefightingis a seriouSbusindS'and not a topic for point-scoring. For Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, the whole exercise was a "blooding". He may well be fighting for Beyfield National Park, he maywell be fighting for the bent wing bats at Mt Etna arid he may well be fighting Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen ... but on Thursday night he was fighting foiTeppoon. He can only gain from the exercise. He admitted at the meeting that he had made a mistake referring to the loss of three firemen and gaining of apart-time one as an "upgrade" ... and he fdught tenaciously to have them returned. He had ,started backing down on the fire brigade issue almost as soon as he announced the three firemen were being transferred to RockhamptOn. Public opinion was against that move. .• Just threes-months earlier the same move had been suggested and Mr Hinton had fought it 4,0E, at that time, there was no public announcement that an extra man would be brought. toYeppoon from Rockhampton to fight' fires during the day. Last month, when Mr Hinton announced the "upgrade," it was the extra fireman during the day that made him regard the new arrangements as better for the town. Figures showed "" there were a lot of grass fires during the day ... but there were equally impressive figures showing there were far more fires involving property damage at night. Mr Hinton startedworking behind the scenes to have something done about getting the'original fire protection (four full-time fire-fighters) seturned to Yeppoon. He arranged for Administrative Services Minister. Don Neal to make a special visit to Yeppoon to hear the public's concern. Everyone in the room last Thursday night was given the chance to say their piece. It was not an

Come on down to the Barn

ABOVE: Rockhampton Fire Board representatives, chairman Aid Teny Moore and Aid Jim Webber discuss Yeppoon's Fire Brigade issue with State Fire Services MinisterDon Neal and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton.

The Buck stops With the Minister'

He was called on from the floor to have the iMster clarify his statement. The questioner sked Mr Neal directly if he was ordering the • :firemen to be returned. easy task. Many, unaccustomed to speaking in. 4 As the question finished, fire board chairman 'Aid Terry Moore said: "No." Mr Hinton, hearpublic, fought back their nerves and gave it their best shot. ing this, said: "The buck stops with the Minister " Mr Hinton, seeing he had the Coast's backMr Neal then confirmed he was returning the ing, went in for the kill just before Midnight. firemen to Yeppoon. After everone had had a say, he "summed up" There was a heated discussion near the head the meeting by saying it seemed all agreed the table after the meeting closed and then a furfiremen should be returned. ther meeting was held between fire board rep"I am deternined to have the service that resentatives, fire services officers, the Minister serves the people here," he said. He then proand Mr Hinton. posed that Yeppoon Fire Brigade return to full Apparently, at this meeting, the Minister staffing ... "and, when the need grows, we again confirmed the firemen would be returned should have a double shift in the daytime". to Yeppoon. Around lam, after this second Mr Hinton said "life, itself, is the concern". meeting, Mr Neal and Mr Hinton talked with a That was his recommendation to the meeting. few Coast representatives and, when asked He said he would not ask for a vote because he what had happened at the second meeting, said could hear no dissenters. He then called on Mr he had given his word about the firemen and Neal to confirm his recommendation. would not go back on it. Mr Neal said there seemed to have been a Yeppoon Fire Station was inspected on Frilack of communication; he was quite disturbed day morning and arrangements were made then about some of the things he had heard; he had for a new roster to be drawn up from Sunday to come to the meeting, at short notice, to hear the include around-the-clock, seven-days-a-week problems and did not mind being put in the "hot fire protection from the station. seat"; and, apparently, said he would return the This arrangement went into force with the firemen. first shift last Sunday. Mr Neal not only gave his Mr Hinton, who also understood the firemen word, but acted swiftly to see that it was carried were being returned, moved to close the meetout. ing.

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Coast unites to win back what had been lost By John and Suzy Watson FOR the Coast representatives, tht,-[::eturn of the firemen was heady stuff. In just three weeks. a concerted public effort won back what had been lost. Concerned Coast residents, standing up for what they believed, were rewarded. They faced stiff opposition ... and stiff questioning. Only two Yeppoon fire auxiliaries, Neil Shillington and Lester Findlay, had anything to do with fire-fighting. None of the rest of the Coast representatives were even remotely connected with fire fighting. But they went into battle feeling they had "right" on their side and. united, could face any "might". They said their piece; asked questions ... answered questions. And they won (with a lot of help from Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Minister Don Neal). Now that's it's over, let's hope Yeppoon does not face a similar battle in the future. Yeppoon is growing. The whole Coast is growing. We don't want to take anything from another area ... we just want what is rightly ours ... and protection from fire is not too much to ask. A lot was said at the meeting on Thursday night about "people wanting lower taxes but 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 2



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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987

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Maurie Webb congratulates all involved in 'downgrade' battle CONGRATULATIONS are due to all those who took part in the discussions last Thursday night on fire brigade manning. Commonsense prevailed and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton's move on bringing Fire Services Minister Don Neal was spot on. The decision to bring the men back was quick and decisive with their re-start last Sunday. This community owes an enormous debt to

Coast was not asking for more firemen — just its 3 returned El CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 wanting more services". Yeppoon was not asking for more ... the service that returned to us last Sunday has been ours for the past 40 years. We just wanted to keep it. Denis Hinton led the fight ... he was ably backed up by Margaret Malinconico; Ross Dickson, Neil Shillington, Lester Findlay, Cr Barbara Wildin ... and the 1074 Coast residents who went into battle with,their pens and signed a petition. The one casualty is Maurie Webb, the former State Government appointee to the fire board. He resigned from the board over the decision to remove the three firemen. He said at the time' he did not want that decision on his conscience, even though he had voted against it. He stood up for the Coast ... and lost his seat on the board doing it! The Mirror thanks everyone who supported the fight ... we have won some praise for our effort but we did not seek it. It was a clear-cut issue that had to be fought. If you want to thank us, support everyone who advertises in the Capricorn Coast Mirror ... they make the paper possible!

John and Suzy Watson who ran with the story and presented those editorials. Margaret Malinconico's foray into public action was tremendous, together with that from the community who helped. The representatives of the auxiliary staff apparently handled themselves well with much of the result attributed to them. It is to be hoped that this is the end of the matter and the spectre of the removal of permanent staff does not rear its ahead again. Towards that end, could we have a local committee set up similar to the ambulance with voluntary members. In that way we would have people looking after this essential service completely in touch with the local scene. As a previous member of the board, I kept repeating that what was good for other centres would not work here. This area is unique with tremendous variations in population and a dormitory area for many hundreds of boarding school children. As their number decreased, other segments of the population exploded with visitors. I will miss the Fire Brigade Board, even though the remuneration only extended to S5G a month for meetings attended. Here is one qanao member who never made a fortune out of it° , but who rather saw it as another vehicle for assisting my community. The results of my action in resigning make one feel very happy indeed. — Maurie Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon.

Emergency 000 phone number now on Coast TRIPLE ZERO (000),the service to call during an emergency, is now available to most Livingstone Shire residents. Telecom district manager Marshall Allan said Bungundarra, Byfield, Cooberrie, Emu Park, Marlborough, Rossmoya, The Caves, Tungumull and Yeppoon areas all now had access to the emergency 000 number. The 000 service enables people calling from these areas to make a free call, at any time, to contact police, fire and ambulance services. However Mr Allan said if people had access to a private phone, and knew the particular number for the service they required, it would save valuable time if they used the number directly. Mr Allan said it eliminated the need for the second party, the operator, to dial the required telephone number. "In a publicphone booth, it is easier to use the 000 service because no money is required to dial and coins were often not available in such situations," Mr Allan said. "The 000 faciity should only be used in an emergeny, when the caller can't contact the emergency service, or has forgotten the number," Mr Allan said. "It is an excellent service for people who don't know the phone number of their local emergency authorities. "They must remember, if using the service, to give the emergency location and service needed."

YOUNGS OPENING OFFICE YOUNGS Buses will soon be operating from the old Peter Vamvakaris Real Estate office. Phil Young said the family had bought the real estate premises to improve the bus service. "We plan to use the office to service the Capricorn Coast," he said. "The new, improved service will be for both passengers and anyone sending items by freight. "The building is still being upgraded and it will be a couple of weeks before the work is fmished." Youngs started buying the office two months ago but settlement wasn't finalised until last

week. However until work is finished, it is business as usual with services departing and arriving outside the Strand Hotel. Mr Young said no plans had been made to alter the service in the immediate future, but a long-term plan was being organised to change times and bus stops. He said if any changes were made it would firstly involve the public. "Anyone is welcome to phone us and give us preferred times for services and bus stops because they will all be taken into consideration for future changes," Mr Young said.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987 — 3

St Ursula's first of three schools to start annual speech night rounds

*ABOVE: Mothers Union world president Hazel Threadgold (seated in the centre) visited the Capricorn Coast on Saturday. She spent the afternoon meeting some of the Coast members. Pictured are Robyn Quinn, nursing Samantha (left front) and Nola Trout. At back, Nathan Cornish (5), Chris Cornish, Clare Stoddart (6), Tony Robinson ( 13), Peter Stoddart (4) and Father John Cornish.

Remembrance Day service plans REMEMBRANCE Day, November 11, falls on Wednesday and the Returned Service League Yeppoon Branch will conduct its annual service at the Cenotaph in Beaman Park at 11am. The senior Yeppoon RSL vice-president Hugh Cochrane will deliver the address and Rev Nyree Svensen the prayer. The Last Post will be sounded by bugler Roy Savage. The RSL invites all Coast people to attend the service and the Remembrance Day Concert starting at 7.30pm in the Yeppoon Town Hall with Tom Wahlin as compere. Mr Wahlin said the programme of events

would be "very entertaining" with a number of Coast schools participating. Sacred Heart Primary School, St Ursula's College, Yeppoon State High School, Yeppoon Primary School and St Brendan's College have all indicated they will be performing on the night. Choirs, solos, instrumentals and other individuals will be involved. Chi Chi Murray's dancers, Natalie Dooley's dance school, a sword dance, highland fling and skipping session are all on the agenda. Mr Wahlin said he looked forward to the concert and the entertainment. Entry is adults S3, and pensioners and children under 14, Si.

THE Capricorn Coast's three secondary schools celebrated another year's work and achievement with their speech nights over the past week. St Ursula's College started with its concert and prize-giving on Friday night. More than 700 people filled the school's assembly hall to see this year's academic, sporting and community achievers recognised. Parents came from as far as Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, Groote Eyelandt (NT), Sydney and Julia Creek. The orchestra, choir and individuals entertained with a rainbow theme predominent in their music. Special guests included Queensland Presentation Sisters superior general Sr Andrea McGrath, PBVM, and the Catholic Education Office Secondary Schools' consultant Brendan McManus. Principal Sr Marion Kingston addressed the parents, followed by College captain Christine Stephensen. The 1987 School dux was Therese Brosnan from Gulugaba; Prix D'Honneur Therese Argent from Bloomsbury; most conscientious student, Simone Walton from Biloela; sports girl of the year, Jeanette Fabila, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. Class awards, year 12: Religious studies, Sarah P.iartin; English, Therese Brosnan; Japanese. Simone Walton; Ancient History, Madonna Hannan and Therese Brosnan; Economics, Fiona Pedwell; Maths I, Christine Stephensen; Maths II, Therese Argent; Maths in Society, Germaine Landers; Chemistry, Sharon Coleman; Biology, Joanne Neil and Sharon Coleman; Accounting, Christine Stephensen; Office practices, Roseanna Vassallo. Year 11: Dux, Barbara Fordyce; Christian living and religious education (CLARE), Camilla Carter; English, Patricia Cleary; Japanese, Arlene McKie; Ancient and Modern History, Patricia Cleary; Economics, Linda Bella; Maths I and Maths II, Barbara Fordyce; Biology. Fiona Forrest; Accounting, Lorissa Flanagan; Office practices, Anthea Melaney; Practical computer methods, Melissa Harris. Year 10: Dux, Jennifer Stephensen; CLARE, Jennifer McLean; English, Helena Williams; Japanese, Jennifer Stephensen; Citizenship Education, Jennifer Stephensen; History,

Naomi Ross; Advanced maths, Jennifer McClean; Ordinary maths, Jodie McQuillan; General maths, Margaret Carige; Science, Margaret Read; Business principles, Jennifer McLean; Commercial studies, Julie Cook; Shorthand, Susan Berardi; Typewriting, Jennifer Stephensen; Audio typing, Julie Cook. Year 9: Achievement and Industry award, Louise Bowman; CLARE, Melita Owen; English, Louise Bowman; Japanese, Bernadette Vassallo; Advanced maths, Katrina Forrest; Ordinary maths, Natalie Pengilly; Science, Rachel Saunders; Business principles, Bernadette Vassallo; Typewriting, Katrina Forrest; Consumer education, Christine La Rocca; Health and Physical Education, Louise Bowman. Year 8: Achievement and Industry awards: Joanne Johnston, Natasha Butler, Elisa Cornish, Lyndel Forrest, Felicity Leahy, Francene Pola, Amanda Round, Tracy Round, Winny Tong; CLARE, Mary Lynch. 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987

Council depot for pesticides

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ABOVE: Federal Member for Capricomia Keith Wright presented St Ursula's College Dui, Therese Brosnan from Gulugaba, with her prizes. Therese also won the English prize and shared the History prize with Coast girl Madonna Hannan, as well as being presented with the C017717111Ility Service Award.

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ABOVE: Coast St Ursula's College student Fiona Pedwell wasn't too sure she should smile after being presented with prizes for her musical achievement.

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THE retrieval of banned pesticides in Central Queensland region is ready to move into full swing. The banned pesticides from the Organochlorine group have caused unacceptable levels of chemical residues in livestock. Ross Lobegeiger of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and co-ordinator for this region's programme, said the scheme was designed around voluntary surrender of banned chemicals. He said its success depended on the support of landholders, shire and city councils, and industry organisations. The situation with each area in the region has. been assessed on an individual council basis. Mr Lobegeiger said council support had been good. DPI staff, and in some shires BSES staff, would work closely with the council receival staff during the programme. These district committees would play a key role in the smooth intake of chemicals. • Mr Lobegeiger said the receival programmes would vary from shire to shire and landholders were encouraged to contact their council office of local DPI to arrange delivery of chemicals. Receival hours and contact people are advertised in the Capricorn Coast Mirror's Public Notice section this week. He said the safe tranport, receival and storage of banned chemicals was the most important part of the programme. Unlabelled containers should be treated as a hazardous chemical. Gloves and protective clothing should be used to avoid contamination. Where dry chemicals were dusty, a respirator should be used. Landholders should advise the council of the type and quantity of chemical they wish to deliver. If there is concern about the condition of a container, for example, rusty or leaking containers, arrangements should be made with the council to collect a safe container for transport of the chemical. These included 20, 60 and 205 litre drums and plastic bags for the powder chemicals. If landholders had large supplies of any of the chemicals, they should contact-their local district organising committee before it was moved. Mr Lobegeiger said the QDPI had prepared a leaflet which outlined the retrieval policy and listed a wide range of common or trade names for the Orgainichlorifies-cmetrffed -- ''"'""""-••-• Landholders can obtain these leaflets from either their local DPI office or council. Mr Lobegeiger said councils would appreciate it if landholders could deliver their chemicals quickly because this would provide less inconvenience to their normal operations. He said councils had indicated they would like to receive the chemical before the end of November.

❑ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 Art: Senior, Christine Stephensen; Junior, Leonie Besley and Alicia Emery. Home Economics: Senior, Christine Stephensen; Junior, Camille Cameron. Music: Senior, Fiona Pedwell; Junior, Bernadette Vassallo. Public Speaking: Senior, Kerrie Hand; Junior, Helena Williams. Junior Sports girl: Michaela Ufer. Community service award: Therese Brosnan.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987 — 5

Meals-on-wheels needs assistance



MEALS-on-wheels urgently needs drivers and assistants to deliver meals to the aged and infirm in Yeppoon. Volunteers are needed for one and a half hours a fortnight or one and a half hours a month. The organisation has sufficient volunteers for meal preparation and washing up but lack enough volunteers for delivery of the meals. Twenty-eight meals are delivered Monday to Friday every week of the year by Yeppoon Meals-on-wheels to the aged and infirm. For 15 years Coast residents have answered the call for volunteers and organiser Frank Mortensen hopes that they will yet again answer this urgent call for help. The service works on a five day monthly roster with a captain in charge of each day. "We prefer people to, go in pairs, one driver and the other an assistant, but at the moment we have been forced to send people out on their own," Mr Mortensen said. "This isn't an ideal situation because sometimes the aged and infirm people need some assistance." Contact Frank Mortensen, 39 2477 in the morning or 39 1320 afternoons if you are able to assist.

Talent on stage MORE than 30 entries have been received for the great Kavlon Talent Challenge tonight, (Saturday). Entries closed on Wednesday but were still being submitted late that afternoon. All entrants will be trying for the S500 first prize. Kavlon spokesman Kevin Baglow said singers, poets, mimics, dancers, a ventriloquist and a bush band were already on the list of entries. Entry was extended until Wednesday to give competitors more time to get their acts together. A newly-formed cinema club is organising the programme to help raise funds to get rarelyseen films. Age also hasn't deterredIpeople from entering, with .a large number of both adults and children competing. Judges for tonight's competition will be ---"Jackie Hole, Robin King and Eunice Coombes. _ • _ Mr Baglow said Billy the Mountain Would compere .thp function which starts at 7.30pm.

YEPPOON State High School sent 33 students and two teachers to a Yamaha music festival on Saturday. The concert band competed against 16 other schools from throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Music instructor Greg Carter said only 10 points had separated first place from last place. He said the school wasn't placed in the first three positions but was confident they were about the middle.

However he won't know the official position until the adjudicators' forms are sent to the school. "The concert band played above its best ability and deserves congratulations," Mr Carter said. He said the school had decided at the end of 1986 to enter the band. It had been practising for two sessions a week since January. One piece, "Ceremony," by Frank Erikson,

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was set but the other, popular '80s song "Sara", was chosen by the band. The group left last Wednesday to get in some rehearsals and sight-seeing before the competition on Saturday. The band returned on Sunday all set to perform at the school's presentation night on Tuesday. The band took a total of 10 flutes, nine clarinets, four saxaphones, two trumpets, a trombone, a French horn and four percussion instruments to Brisbane.

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6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987

3000 parents, family and friends attend St Brendan's speech night ABOUT 3000 parents, family and friends attended St Brendan's 48th annual speech night and prize distribution on Saturday. After principal Br Bob White gave his address, Catholic Education director Rev Dr Kevin Castles and Catholic Education Office Secondary Schools' consult ant Brendan McManus presented the academic, agricultural, sporting and community awards. Dux of the College was Bevan Read from Biloela. Agricultural student of the year was Patrick Hick from Julia Creek. Senior sportsman was Anthony Schick and junior sportsman Julian O'Neill. Special prizes went to college captain Gavin Oates, from Baralaba, for general excellence. The Loyalty and service to the college prize was awarded to Cameron Wright from Blackwater. Character, leadership, study and sport award went to vice captain Anthony Bartolo from Mackay; Perserverance and participation in school life, John Krause from Capella; Christian leadership, Jason Kerlin from Taroom; Exceptional paticipation and achievement, vice captain Jamie Oates from Baralaba; determination to succeed, Brett Rennick from Blackwater; community service, Bradley Watts of Rockhampton; music, Brendan Salmond from Emerald; Public speaking (senior), Stirling MacDonald from Longreach and (junior) Ronald Franks from Ashmore. Academic prizes, year 12: English, William Schulke; Maths, Bevan Read; Maths in Society, Max Magee; Accounting, Gavin Oates and Andrew Ryan; Physics and Chemistry Bevan Read; Biology, William Schulke; Agriculture, Patrick Hick; Art, Michael Staskiewicz; Manual Arts, David Borg; Graphics, Bevan Read; Economics, Anthony Bartolo; Geography, $4 to play

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Cameron Wright; Health and Physical Education, Gavin Oates; Ancient History, Paul Tanks and Glen Hooper; Legal Studies, Anthony Bartolo. Year 11: Dux, Michael Scantlebury; English, Michael Scantlebury and Bradley Williams; Maths, Michael Scantlebury; Maths in Society, Shane Bombardieri; Accounting, Mark Azzopardi; Physics, Andrew Keleher; Chemistry, Michael Scantlebury; Biology, Anthony Clark; Marine Biology, Robert Farrell; Agriculture, Anthony Senini; Art, Justin Wylie; Manual Arts, Stephen Wedel; Graphics, Michael Scantlebury; Economics, Peter Janz; Geography, Bradley Williams and Paul Azzopardi; Health and Physical Education, Brian Ballard; Ancient History, Mark Azzopardi; Modern History, Paul Azzopardi; Legal Studies, Luke Fletcher. Year 10: Dux, Sean Rooney; English, Danny Fletcher; English expression, Gavin Hornung; Advanced Maths, Sean Rooney; Ordinery Maths, Scott Rinaldis; Science, Andrew Coaker; Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. Matthew Leighton; Agricultural Mechanics, Andrew Coaker; Rural Bookkeeping, Sean Rooney and Andrew Coaker; Art, Warren Sullivan; $hop A, Ian Maher; Shop B, Tim Lanyon; Graphics, Sean Rooney; Health and Physical Education, Tom Cannon; History, Anthony Douglas; Study of Society, Martin Kavanagh. Year 9: Dux, Christopher Ferris; General Scholastic Achievement awards: Patrick Carige, Cale Dendle, Luke Emery, Christopher Hart, Craig Lucht, Gregory Rutter, Ken Tong, Martin Toon, Tony Trigg, Martin Woolcock, Adam Wright. Year 8: Dux, Michael Arthur; General Scholastic Achievement awards: Greg Lees, Sean Barry, Michael Brumm, Byron Cannon, Matthew Dooley, Kevin Farr, Paul Raccanello, Owen Valmadre, Mark Whitfield and Morgan Wilson.

Pipe network LIVINGSTONE Shire council staff will soon be conversant in the new pipe network analysis programme. Shire engineer Pat Murphy said the new programme would be used to asses future reticulation requirments, external-work requirments for sudivisional developments, and predicting consumption and demand patterns.


Mather replies to Cr Giorgi


Tri-Steel are now located at...

43 Bridge Street North Rockhampton (opp Police Youth Club)

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PLEASE allow me the opportunity to correct some of Cr Giorgi's misconceptions. If Cr Giorgi's meeting attendances were as prompt as her letter to the editor, I feel certain her knowledge on the water issue would be updated. Firstly, no sensible person is suggesting that council can read all the meters on one day ... that's why council has asked for one week's grace in which to do this. As for being cheated ... yes, I stand firmly by what I said re the resolution being devious, and I challenge the shire clerk to prove me wrong. Time will tell.

YEPPOON State High School completed this year's round of secondary school speech nights on Tuesday. Students, family and friends filled the Yeppoon Town Hall. Special guests included Regional Director of Education Len Roles, Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Cr Brian Dorey. All presented prizes to students. Dux of the school depends upon the result of the TE scores which come out at the end of the year but junior school Dux was Gavin Bolton. Special sporting prizes were awarded to Kendall George for cross-country runner of the year, Gerrard Gosens for sportsmanship and Bo George Sportsperson of the year. Distinctions and commendation in sports and service were also awarded. Christopher Gratton and Anthony Kelly were awarded distinctions for drama. Leigh Bignell, Julie-Ann Clarke, Robert Clay and Hilary Bolton were awarded distinctions for senior debating while Sandra Arnold, Mark Stickley and Sera-Jane Bergman were awarded

Cr Giorgi is very fortunate to receive a notice on her readings, because no-one in the Parkhurst/Caves area received one this year, nor the people I've spoken with on the Coast. Doesn't that seem a little strange? How then are we to calculate, and detect possible errors on the charge unless we: one, ring the clerk for the readings (I can visualise a very busy switchoperator) or two, receive the accounts in the first place. Now, four and a half months since meters were read and still no accounts, one wonders just what is going on down there. I have never complained about the 520K1 allocation, but seeing Cr Giorgi likes to quote figures, I have a few of my own. • Contrary to Cr Giorgi's assumption, we don't have the highest allocation in Australia.. Townsville receives 776K1, and Mt Isa 14501(1, just to name two. But Mackay offers one of the best water deals in the state ... 300K1'allocation at 5112 yearly (that's 37c Kl) and excess at


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Yeppoon Town Hall filled for high school's '87 awards presentation

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commendations for junior debating. Julie-Ann Clarke and Hilary Bolton were also given distinctions for public speaking. In music, Julie-Ann Clarke received a distinction, and Antony Krokowski, Deanna McGregor and Lee Dungey, commendations. Joint winners for the Caltex best all-rounders were Jan Spencer and Mark Wiggington. An award for community services was presented to Gerrard Gosens and the Prix D'Honneur for leadership and citizenship went to Debra Harper. Jill Deuter was the Student Action Group's cup recipient.

Get-together group THE Yeppoon Get-together group will leave the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon at 10am on Tuesday, November 10 for a day trip to Emu Park Lions Park, Singing Ship and Keppel Sands. Everyone is welcome and if you would like to go or know more about the get-together group phone 39 1469.


We might have moved our office ... but we are still very much in business on the Coast!


)I ABOVE: Regional Education director Len Roles congratulates grade eight Yeppoon State High school student Anna Goodsell when he presented her with an achievement award.


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22cKl. That's a very attractive scheme, only the user pays, and ratepayers would certainly come off a lot better ... financially. Readers might be interested to know that the finance section of the Local Government Department's statistical survey in April '87, showed that the Capricorn Coast water charges were the twelfth most expensive out of the 134 Queensland shires. Interesting isn't it? If Cr Giorgi is bored by council's adverse publicity, I can only assume she has little regard for ratepayers who are disadvantaged by council's inability to abide by its own by-laws, as well as the Local Government Act. This is the whole crux of the problems incurred, and council is only reaping what it has sown. Under these circumstances I don't think the people mind being told when they've been "had" - whatever tne issue. It teaches them to be on the alert. Cicero said: "The good of the people is the chief law" and I couldn't agree more. Yes, I'll excuse your pun Cr Giorgi ... but just remember, that people who throw mud, lose ground. -- Glenda Mather, PO Box 5186, Rockhampton Mail Centre.

No overhead wiring please I HAVE been a supporter of Yeppoon all my life. I consider its natural scenic beauty equal to many parts of the world. Whether I favour or disfavour the four-lane street on Farnborough Road is immaterial. The fact is it is a reality. We know the road is to be first class. The area most desirable to be in this category is the street lighting with its method of construction. As a tourist road on display to the Prime Minister down, let us have underground power without any hideous overhead wires thereby creating an atmosphere of modern appearance, not a country hick. It would, in my opinion, be a retrograde step if overhead wiring were allowed. — F A Evans, 106 Farnborough Road, '" •Yepipoon."

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987 — 7

Yeppoon Rotary fighting diseases YEPPOON'S Rotary and Rotaract Club have joined a world-wide attempt to eradicate polio, measles, diphtheria, tuberculosis, tetanus and whooping cough by 2000. It is called the PolioPlus campaign. In 1986, Rotary International pledged to immunise the world's children against polio and the other deadly diseases. The Yeppoon Rotary club plans to hold weekly raffles at the Flea Market on Saturday mornings and any funds raised will go toward the world-wide movement. Rotary pledged to provide all the polio vac-

cines necessary for five years for any approved national or regional immunisation programme. This includes volunteering time to deliver and promote the club's goal of eradication. It is a mammoth task the Rotarians have taken on ... they need to raise about $120 million. Yeppoon will do its bit by holding its weekly raffles but donations will also be accepted. Donations can be dropped off on Saturdays or can be given to Rotary secretary Arthur Holt at the Yeppoon ANZ Bank, or the PolioPlus committee chairman Dave Hutton.

ottliMilmimmpww.MS"..% . ••ikitimmogolg.

Bob Pacey says - "Check this week's specials, if you're not shopping at Denhams you could be paying too much!!" Bob Pacey Retail Manager Denhams Supermarkets.

ABOVE: Wife of Federal Member for Capricomia Alison Wright, held one o the many fit/7y guinea pigs displayed at the Great State Fete. This little fellow showed no surprise at being cuddled but Mrs Wright tentatively held him not wanting the surprise to be on her.

Coastal charities receive $100,000 benefit from Saturday flea markets COASTAL charities and service clubs have benefited from the Yeppoon Charity Market to the tune of $100,000. This massive milestone was passed this year after about 11 years of operation. Market treasurer Bruce Barnett said Jim Stephens came up with the brain child to hold the market and with committee members the late Matron Gus Moore MBE and Ritchie Robertson opened for service in 1976. The market was first located in Queen Street adjacent to Savemore Centre. Mr Barnett said "from these minor beginnings it has progressed to a weekly Saturday morning affair in the Yeppoon Showground and raises about $600 to $700 each week". Brendan and Pam Williams






D&S Motors Old Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon

OPEN 6am to 8.30pm

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Many organisations, including the Returned Service League and Rotary, take advantage of the market to help raise funds for clubs or other charities. "The market is not only a shopping outlet for Coast people but also many visitors," he said. "In fact, a survey showed about 28 per cent of market shoppers were from outside the coastal region." The market is now raising about $300 to $400 from stall rentals and almost all money raised goes toward projects undertaken by the market committee. In the past two years about $50,000 has been given to Coast projects, including $24,000 to the QATB to buy a four-wheel-drive ambu- • lance; $3000 to the Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service for car running expenses; $5000 to the Coast, $10,000 helped the RSL extend its facilities; $4200 to Yeppoon Surf Life Savers to buy new surf rescue equipment. Mr Barnett said many smaller amounts had gone to Coast schools, Red Cross, meals-onwheels, Legacy, CWA and Salvation Army, to name a few". The market will now look to raising funds to refurbish the CWA hall, which is expected to cost about $8000, and will be completed around December. Mr Barnett said during the bicentennial year the market would fund a new pavillion for the Yeppoon Show Society. "Continual support for the market stall holders will ensure the Saturday morning fundraiser will be able to carry on assisting Coast character and service organisations," Mr Barnett said.



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8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987

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The Dolphin Room is also available for private functions. Having a party? Organising a club meeting? Planning a Wedding? Ph 39 1301




ABOVE: The sound of Somewhere over the Rabibt Hall when the school choirpeifonned forparents, fain, and prize giving night on Friday.

Charcoal Grill BYO

Waterfront holiday units


ABOVE: Roxanne O'Keeffe showed State Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton the style which helped her win an initiative grant to fiirther her studies in gym work. Roxanne works at the Bakehouse Gym and will use the skills learnt at the coursesto broaden her experiences and qualifications.

Govt subsidises fitness course A TRAINING scheme aimed at helping businesses improve and update their skills and knowledge has paid off for one Capricorn. Coast woman. Bakehouse Gym's Roxanne O'Keeffe was this week presented with a cheque which subsidised costs involved in attending courses to improve her expertise as a fitness instructor and leader. In June and July this year Mrs O'Keeffe attended a course at the Rockhampton Institute of Advanced Education designed to develop her skills and train her in the latest technology. Mrs O'Keeffe said the course she had attended not only improved her knowledge but also provided a recognised certificate that a number of Australian gymnasiums require. Two Coast people went to the clinic which was attended by people from as far north as Cairns and from Gympie in the south. It involved an in-depth theory course plus a section for practical work. Mrs O'Keeffe said she first heard about this course eight months ago when attending an aerobics seminar. Having passed the course, Mrs O'Keeffe is eligible to apply for further specialised seminars to further her knowledge or to pursue a particular interest in fitness and health. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton presented Mrs O'Keeffe with a 5569.50 cheque to assist with course costs and travel expenses. • He said the assistance was "a Queensland Government initiative to assist local firms to become more profitable and thus contribute to economic development". Funding was provided by the State under the Key Personnel retraining Scheme which provides up to $3000 on a 50 per cent subsidy basis to cover actual costs and retraining in small to medum sized firms. Mrs O'Keeffe said the course gave her new information about current fitness techniques. "This course has to be renewed every three years in order to keep up with changing technolog," she said.



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New letter box CAUSEWAY Progress Association chairman Bruce McLean said this week a mailbox had been placed next to the public telephones near the Causeway Store. "This was following our submissions to Australia Post Rockhampton divisional manager Frank Stephens and we appreciate his prompt action," he said. "This facility for letter posting by our many visitors in caravan parks, motels and holiday resorts in addition to the permanent residents of the Causeway, Kinka and Mulambin beaches nearby, will be greatly appreciated, and save them trips to Yeppoon or Emu Park." Mr McLean said the postbox would be cleared daily, Monday to Friday.



mim EN mum mm I

ABOVE: Stall attendant Karen Keyes and Yeppoon Christensen took time out from the Great State Fete to style by reading Karen's palm hopefidly he saw a gc

Extends a welcome to all visitors fora friendly drink

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O Curri rrhi ucQ O B 00 BBQ

i D o Sweet Sweet O 0 Roast Roast op Roast Roast ❑ sht e o FHlo

I ❑ Cold


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 - November 13, 1987 -

Bush Dance Hong Kong Cafe


Iron Barque at Keppel Bay Sailing Club Saturday, Nov 14, 7.30pm - late -

Adults S6 and Children S3


Members and Guests welcome .

ire over the Rainbow echoed around St Ursula's College !d forparents, family an friends duringthe annual concert


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OPEN Saturday Sunday ...from 10am, last guests through gates at 2,Dm

Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 arid 28 1560

eyes and Yeppoon State Primary School student Paul treat State Fete to pose for this picture. Paul shows his mfillly he saw a good fitture ahead.

ow6SHELL `MUSEUM Open 7.days a week - 9.30am to5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50.& children 50C

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liveries 7 Days Ion - 8pm 336680 4ENU * * * * *

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3.50 0 Curried Prawns & Rice 2.90 .50 0 Curried Chicken & Rice 2.90 .50 0 BBQ Spare Ribs & Rice .00 0 1,, Chicken, Chips & Gravy 2.90 3.50 .50 0 Sweet & Sour Chicken 3.50 .50 0 Sweet & Sour Fish 3.50 .50 0 Roast Pork & Apple Sauce 3.50 Roast Lamb & Mint Sauce O 3.50 O Roast Beef & Gravy 1.80 3.50 ❑ Roast Chicken & Gravy 2.00 7.50 Fisherman's Basket O 1.50 6.30 O Hot Chickens 1.90 5.70 O Cold Chickens 1.20 .80 1.80 Soft Drinks, Ice Cream. 1.80 Groceries, Cigarettes, 2.00 •••.... RIO .0o .10.....1111.


ABOVE: Wayne Cowie shows two-yearold Stephen Cowie one of his guinea pigs displayed during the Great State Fete on the weekend. Wayne is a member of the Central Queensland Coy owners and breeders society and for further information contact Rhonda Gray on 39 7967.

Coast ALP has petition for Bayfield Park ALARMED at Premier Joh BjelkePetersen's announcement, the Capricorn Coast branch of the ALP is circulating a petition to be presented to the Queensland Parliament. "It is vital that there be an immediate declaration of Stage 1 of the Bayfield National Park," branch president and spokesman David Timbs said. "Evidence which has come to light supports our view that the Premier and his Cabinet have, for a long time now, been conspiring to hand over a large tract of very valuable land to the Iwasaki interests and we call on the Government to reject all plans for an Environmental Park controlled by a foreign national. "There is now widespread support for the declaration of the Bayfield National Park and strong opposition to the recent negotiations of the Premier and his proposals to blatantly circumvent the provisions of the Iwasaki Act 1978," he said. "The Premier and his supporters have brushed aside the ineffective Member for Broadsound in their aim at giving Mr Iwasaki trusteeship and total control of the area cover: ing the proposed National Park. That plan must now be strenuously opposed," he said.

Live on Stage THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Bistro meals available from 6pm in Lounge Bar, followed by... 90 minutes of hilarious entertainment by Frank Johnson * Stage * Radio * TV *


SHOW STARTS 8.15pm (sharp) Bring the family for a fun night!



Eat in or take-away. Shop 4,' 26 James Street, Yeppoon Third block from beach Phone orders to...39 4422


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10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987 NEARLY a thousand Coast people went to A.J. RALSTON' large Melbourne Cup functions on Tuesday ... that doesn't count the private parties held. AND ASSOCIATES LTD The Pine Beach Hotel held its function for the benefit of the Emu Park Kindergarten and had I 120 guests ... a successful afternoon. Railway Hotel hosted Nursing Mothers only visiting large fund-raising venture for the year ... sweeps, and they were delighted. 160 present. Capricorn Professional Centre Kanangra was the venue for Yeppoon Catholic Church, 120 people, and it was a great day. In Thurs & Fri, 8.30am - 5pm particular, the progressive raffle with 25 items 74 JAMES STREET, YEPPOON donated from flowers to fruit and stacks in between. 39 3649 or 28 0650 Emu Park Bowls Club had 250 people present and organisers said it was "tops". Giggle and Gossip raised $400.70 for Terry Hoani (her house was burnt out) from 140 people at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. Yeppoon Golf Club's day was a "good time" with 50 guests. Cawarral Hall Committee made 5227 and the 35 people present said it was a terrific day. eating up your weekends? The Pacific Hotel's fun night (the night before) was successful with Yeppoon Rugby NOW SIT BACK! League and Australia Rules Club receiving the benefits. Enjoy your leisure hours... O 0 ❑ for all DO you have any old photographs of Emu • El Mowing 0 Fencing Park ... sporting, military or of the railway? n Tree Lopping 0 Concreting The Emu Park Historical Museum would like ❑ Repairs 0 Barbecues the photos to add to its collection. The photos O Rubbish Removal 0 ...whatever will be copied and returned to the owners. Have PHONE... no fear about the care of your prints, the museum's committee has copied and cared for many people's photos in the past and know what to do. Contact Joan Whyte, 39 6472, who will be able to help and set any fears at rest.



39 3675


0 0

Still the best pie on the Coast ... with the most of everything!!


Morgan PIE can be bought at t ese popular outlets.... Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Cooee. Corner Store Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store


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McBean St, Yeppoon 39 194

14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959

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'UMW, COMitilLe i• MET a delightful woman on the weekend ... Mothers Union world president Hazel. Threadgold. She was visiting Australia and while in the Rockhampton district came to the Coast to meet Mothers Union members. They prepared an afternoon tea inwindswept Appleton Park on Sunday. Mrs Threadgold didn't mind the wind and took the opportunity to have a swim. She visited Burma and other Mothers Union groups and will go to Fiji from here. MOthers Union is attached to the Anglican Church, but is for all mothers in the community. Mrs Threakrold is leader of more than 250,000 members and has been in office since 1983. Her home is in Windsor Great Park, where her husband is a chaplain to the Queen, and looks after the people who live and work in the Great Park. He is Canon of St George's Chapel, Windsor, the historic 15th century chapel where the annual service of the Knights of the Garter is held in the presence of the Queen. The Coast Mothers Union meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 9.30am in St James Anglican Hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon. Ifyou are interested, contact Helen Kennedy, 39 3416 or Christine Cornish at the rectory. 000 NOW here's an early date claimer. The date for the Blue Nurses Garden fete at Jo Rundle's beautifully sited home in Zilzie is October 8, 1988 O 00 THE next two Tuesdays are special ones for the Capricorn Coast Writers Club. All new and old members are invited to go along to the working bees in Yeppoon's RSL Hall at 9.30am. Members will be preparing the next book for publication. 0 0 0 QATB auxiliarywill have a display party of K Sa Rah fashions at the James Street, Yeppoon ambulance centre on Tuesday, December 8 and it includes a bring-your-own picnic lunch. O 00 THE monthly social of Yeppoon Pensioners League will be held in Yeppoon Town Hall on Tuesday, November 10, starting at 1pm. -Seats for bus trips to Rockhampton on Thursday, November 12 and Monday, November 23 must be finalised at the social. Thirty-six passengers are required for each trip to avoid a cancellation. Inquiries for seats to Patricia King, 39 2109. O 00 REHEARSALS are underway for Yeppoon Little Theatre's end of year show in the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Publicity officer Lyn Stephens said the group was following a different format for the Theatre Restaurant this year. The night will start with a smorgasbord at 7.30pm. The show's theme is Radio Nostalgia and Television Foolery ... complete with skits, music and a pantomime. Long-time patrons will be delighted to see regular artists Bruce Standen, Betty Cockerill and Ken Waite going through their paces. There are also some new members and a special guest appearance from some of Yeppoon Choral Society's chorus. The show is on Saturday and Sunday, November 28 and 29 and bookings open at GB's next week. O 0 ❑ THERE'S a flea market at Cawarral Hall on Sunday, November 29 starting at 9.30am. Stalls are S4 and all proceeds will go to work to be done on the hall. Contact Rita Crowley, 34 4387, or Marion McNeill, 34 4133 to book a stall. O oo THE quarterly meeting of the CQ Zone of

the Queensland Pensioners' League will be held at Schotia Place in Rockhampton on Monday, November 23. In conjunction with the meeting, a social will be held in the afternoon, starting at 12.30. A bus will run from Yeppoon taking pensioners to the meeting and social. Transport leaves Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am. Inquiries to bus captain Patricia King, 39 2109. The fare is $2.50 return.

EMU Park Pensio- iers League's cent sale was enjoyed by everyon who attended. A busload from Bauhinia Ho Ise joined in the fun. There were more than 60 prizes in the cent sale and that resulted in most enjoyable morning. Special raffleswere won by M Hornagold and Mrs Hutcheon. The lamp made and donated by Alex Bacon was won by Kathy Beckett. O 00 AN executive meeting was nem on tne weekend at Pauline Griffiths' home for the Yeppoon Little Theatre to organise a programme for 1988 ... the birthday year. Organisers expect to have at least four proposed productions with the main one the annual drama festival to be held on the Queen's birthday weekend, June 11 and 12. ❑ 00 . Emu Park. Pensioners League Christmas hamper tickets are now on sale. The Christmas dinner is on December 11 with the booking deadline at the November 25 social and the Christmas social is on December 16 in the Emu Park Cultural Hall. Members will go to the Bauhinia House social on November 19. 00 ❑ TERRY and Inger Soldal of Yeppoon ICA have a visitor ... their daughter Irene. She is holidaying here from Melbourne until the end of the month. The holiday is a well-earned rest after selling her boutique in the southern capital. Maybe Terry and Inger will be able to talk her into extending her holidays ... and if she finds out how easy their work is (a couple of hours now and again) she might move up here. 00 o AFTER the cent sale held by Emu Park Pensioners League last Wednesday the monthly social was opened by president Win Nelson (and she also accompanied everyone on the piano) and then compered by Stan Nelson. Guests came from Bauhinia House and Joan Horan from Southport and they all said the afternoon was wonderful. The Evergreens sang a bracket of Broadway melody songs and then Stan Saunders played the harmonica. He was followed by Joe McIntyre who delighted with his rendition of The Return of Albert: Then on came George Bardrick with a skit and assisted by Pearl Curry, Mick Close, Mary Gurney and Stan Nelson. Doreen Svendsen sang You May Not be an Angel and For Me and My Girl and then Alf Markham sang Tired Hands. Pearl Curry tapdanced her way into the audience's heart. Peg Stevens and George Bardrick sang a duet ... When You're Smiling. Mrs Hall sang Home _ on the Range and Australia Will be There. Dot Close, Stan Nelson and Mick Close did a skit followed by Dot singing and then Alex Bacon. Win Nelson recited I'll Never Pass This Way Again and Lorna McIntyre sang. The lucky spot dance was won by Peg Stevens and Lorna McIntyre. Stan Saunders played the clappers and Win sang and played for him ... Ma, he wants to many me. Greta Glover won the lucky door. Raffles went to Mrs Pedersen from Bauhinia House, Mrs Titman and Mrs Rule. • Tony Ceff excelled on the clarinet and then everyone joined in with community singing. Afternoon tea was served and then the entertainment started again with Stan Nelson, Joe McIntyre and Alf Markham. The Evergreens and Alf led community singing and then Stan Nelson thanked everyone for attending. o o ❑ FOUR Capricorn Coast Toastmasters will represent their club at the area conference today (Saturday) at the Leichhardt Hotel in Rockhampton. President Morag Clay will chair the evaluation competition and then take part in the other three sections ... impromptu, humorous and prepared. Vice president Glynis Cumming will compete in all four sections and the other Coast members to take part in the speeches are Jennifer Betheras and Noelene Drost. The other participating clubs are Boomerang and Rockhampton.

For your good health

VITA-VA L U Quality Products are available at economical prices from...

38 James Street, Yeppoon KODAK and KODACOLOR are registered trademarks.

(next door to the Sunflower Patch)

39 1533:

Higgins Pharmacy Hill St and Savemore Pharmacy Savemore Centre

Capricorn Coast Mirror


SUZUKI violin and piano students were to have their graduation concert tomorrow, Sunday, in St Ursula's Hall, but it has been held over until a date to be advised. O 00 KRISTINE Wellings has resigned from her teaching post at Oxley High School and has achieved a posting as head of studies at Lorraine Martin's Business College of English Language. The college is the first non-government institution to achieve national accreditation with ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students). Every private overseas student seeking entry into Australia to study an English language course is only allowed to attend an institution offering approved ELICOS courses. Correspondent Doll Ward of Yeppoon said that the college keeps it student/teacher ratio to a minimum. All teaching staff employees are native English speakers who are experienced teachers of English as a second language. Most of the graduates intend going on to tertiary study in Brisbane. O 00 CENT sale on Wednesday, November 11 at 9.30am in the Emu Park CWA Hall. It is conducted by the Don Ireland Swimming Pool Complex committee. O

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

0 0

,V:Ii :AP st; t49,.tr .4

Ar/i ABOVE: The Emu Park and Yeppoon Nursing mothers associations enjoyed a trio/7i* at Bayview Tower as part of Breast Feed Awareness celebrations. A raffle was organised for the morning and the lucky winner, Jenny Suchy with daughter Cleo eight months, is pictured in the middles with Emu Park resident Diana O'Regan on left and Yeppoon group leader Janet Walter on right. CAPRICORN Coast residents have dug deep again for the annual Adventist Appeal and organisers thank you all from the bottom of their hearts. In 1985 the Coast gave S2002, 1986 S2517 and this year $2600. The appeal was started in this community in 1957 and organisers aimed for 85 pounds (I can't find the pound sign on thispewfangled machine) ... translated into today's money (not worth) $170. The money is collected to be used for development projects in the South Pacific. There are no administrative costs deducted and all collectors are volunteers. S2 donation can provide dressings and medications for a clinic; S5 can finance an injection; S10 can assist with student school books; $20 can clothe an orphan; S100 can supply a medical patrol; S250 can finance a mercy flight. Donations last year, total Australia-wide, was S1.2 million and the money was used to equip and sustain two hospitals, 38 dispensaries-clinics, two training colleges, 15 high schools and 186 primary schools, mercy flights have provided care and saved lives. The money is channelled through Adventist Development and Relief Agency which is affiliated with the United Nations and helps all people in the South Pacific, regardless of colour, race or creed. Each year'the Coast Adventist Church looks at how much the volunteers need to collect to keep ahead of inflation and this year they were in excess of the nominated figure ($2500). They received three individual amounts of S100 and last year there was one of S200.

CAPRICORN Coast members of Forum held their biannual general meeting last week. Incoming office bearers: president Billie Sinclair, vice president Joanne Madden, acting secretary Marlene Cochrane, acting treasurer Janine Cosser. The out-going committee was congratulated on its work. The next meeting on Wednesday, November 11 in the Arthur Street, Yeppoon hall is impromptu and members will speak on different topics. Christmas party preparations are underway for November 25 at 6.30pm and members will do the catering. The club hopes that all past members will join with present members to make the Christmas party one to remember. O 00 UNDERSTANDING and living with your wakeful baby is the Nursing Mothers topic for discussion on Thursday, November 12. The venue is Judy Shield's home, 16 Rose Street, Lammermoor Beach, off Ganter Street. The time, 9.30am and if you would like transport or more information, contact 33 6831. O 00 THE last Full Stop smoking course for 1987, — free — for smokers needing help to stop the habit, starts at the Yeppoon Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, on Monday, November 9 at 7pm. It will continue until Thursday, December 3. The four week course with two sessions each week encourages the participants to understand the extent and influence of the smoking habit in their lives and to tackle the sometimes difficult task of making the change to a healthier personal lifestyle. There are some limits on course numbers, so contact Community Health, 39 1469 to make sure of a place. The sessions of about one and a half hours duration, twice weekly, involve talks on various aspects of the habit, effects on health, various strategies for change and a sharing of helpful ideas in the group discussions. Videos, lung capacity comparisons, questionnaires and numerous valuable handouts are also part of the course. The free courses are presented by Community Health professionals for people who are motivated to give up smoking at whatever age ABOVE: Pat Andersen celebrated her and yet find it difficult to do so on their own. birthday with friends on Saturday. Her Personal Quit Kits are also available from the Yeppoon Community Health Centre as a helpfriends were too scared to put the correct ful guide for those who are prepared to try to number of candles on her birthday cake but stop with their own personal programme, withshe didn't appear to mind having only one. out attending the course. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1 • • • • • • • •

Monster FERN Sale from


50 cyq sr • each

Cooee Bay Plant Centre

• •

• • 99 MATTHEW FLINDERS DRIVE 39 4201 • • -••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • •

cstor mie-Pete SAT: 4.30pm, Youth. Togs Time. Spencers SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA mall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall TUES: 7.30pm, LLI 9. Pastor's. WED: 10am, LLI 9. Pastor's. THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer, Cora's, Kinka. FRI: 6.30pm, Outreach Barby. Screening, the Cross and the Switchblade.

0 0

EMU Park sub branch of the RSL will have an Armistice Night dinner on Saturday, November 7 at 7pm. The memorial service is on Wednesday, November 11 at the Cenotaph and will be conducted by Bill Power. The annual meeting and election of officers is on Sunday, November 15 at 10am. League members and guests are invited to the next monthly social On Saturday, November 21 at 7pm. O

!daft Coadeutei

November 7 — November 13, 1987 — 11 CHRIS Newton of Tanby Road is now home from Royal Brisbane Hospital and able to get around a bit. She has been unable to thank everyone for their flowers, phone calls and telegrams while she was incapacitated with a broken hip. The next thing is thanking all her friends for their expressions of sympathy on the loss of her son. So many people have been kind to her in both troubles that it would take torever to thank everyone individually ... so thank you from Chris. 0 0 0 DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens cent sale, Saturday, November 14 at 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall.


. . E Vaughan '9s ,. . Furniture :111111111111111111111111111111111MIIIIIIMi


• NI

IN • IN ▪

77 Rockhampton Road

..--. ,.-..

. . .


39 1645 . E

LAY-BY for . i Christmas .



. •


• •

We have one Grandfather IN triple chime in solid Maple•. and four Grandmother ▪MI clocks in solid Red Cedar. . . Pay one off between now • and Christmas and we will deliver Christmas Eve.



• . • . . NI • • •

All work by Sam Vaughan himself; vosuissommismaillimimuismim

I can fix your Computer problems

0 0

HOY is on in Emu Park CWA Hall every Friday at 9.30am. The cost is only a dollar to play and includes morning tea. O ❑ o RED CROSS will meet on November 20 and members are to take a plate for afternoon tea. They will be able to collect their Christmas cards on that day. 0 0 0 SATURDAY, November 21, is the day set for the Capricorn Coast Toastmasters Club handover dinner at Bayview Tower. Tickets are S16 each. Members of Coast service clubs are invited to attend and also anyone interested in seeing toastmasters in action would be welcome. Contact the publicity officer, 39 2312 for more information.

* Hardware * * Software * * Training * That means I can repair the computers! ...write programs... and teach you how to use them!

LES NICHOLAS Computer System Support

39 3814

39 3851 a/h

Uart rum

Garden Supplies

We are extending our stocks include a wide range of Aquarium & Garden Supplies New stock arriving daily

Yeppoon Stockfeed and PET CENTRE

Braithwaite St, YEPPOON - 39 4320



...... •

12 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987

*Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. • The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS SPEEDY Ede has reached the legal age ... finally. Many happy returns to the stunt woman of the year. Happy 18th from the Mackie family. TINA Ede: Happy 18th birthday on Sunday to our very special girl. Love Mum, Dad, Jody and Andrew.

TERRY NOUD 6-11-1938

"UNDER 50" Happy Birthday TC. The older you get, the better you were are! Love and best wishes... Joan, Damian and Luke

NOUD Damian James 7-11-1966

"21 TODAY" St Brendan's old boy, currently' residing Queensland University. Have a great weekend in Yeppoon, DJ! Congratulations and best wishes for today and always...with all our love, Mum, Dad and Luke

PUBLIC NOTICES YEPPOON Girl Guides Melbourne Cup sweep: 1st, John Jennings; 2nd, Woody's; 3rd,, David Murray. YEPPOON Indoor Bowling Club Melbourne Cup Sweep: 1st, R Harris; 2nd, N Bowles; 3rd, T Devantier.

CCapr Corti Coast Mirro r Classifieds 39 4211) 1


Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!!


Denis Hinton

Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day


Local Member for

39 2212


Your Coast

Itinerary for this week

ELGAS agent is... Chicken Capri Seafoods, Whitman Street, Yeppoon

39 1199 Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

Capricorn Coast

Car & 4WD Detailers

SAT, Nov 7: Evening The Caves Mini Deb Ball — Debs to be presented to Mr Hinton SUN, Nov 8: Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Assn competition and presentation of trophies Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club presentation of trophies at Strand Hotel MON, Nov 9: Yeppoon office. TUES & WED: Parliament in Session THURS, Nov 12: Noon. Middlemount High School Speech Day Evening. Dysart High School Speech' Night FRI, Nov 13: Meeting with Dr Cheong re Hostel and Nursing Home discussions. (from Department of Health, Brisbane) ' Due to the vast size of my Electorate, long distance calls to my Electorate Office may, be made reverse charge.

Bioadsound Electorate Office Upstairs Seaview Arcade Yeppoon Phone 39 2352

* Free pick up and delivery *

Book In now...39 1727


CEB Building, Hill Street, Yeppoon Phone 39 1377

Art Supplies

To all who may be interested ... A representative of Winsor & Newton, Rotring, Schwan, Stabilo, etc will be holding a display of his products at the above premises on ...

Wednesday, November 11 between 3pm and 6pm I hope you can attend, Sincerely...

...Brian A ley

PESTICIDE RETRIEVALS The voluntary collection-program' is a service to landholders and has been made possible through the cooperation of local councils which have made temporary storage depots available. Full details of the banned chemicals are provided in brochures available from Councils, QDPI and producer organisations. Provided containers are sound, the landholders should bring, the banned chemicals to the depots listed below. LANDHOLDERS RESPONSIBILITIES 0 Notify their local council receivel depot of the type and quantity of chemicals they wish to deliver and the condition of the container. 0 Deliver the chemicals to the depot at the receival times listed below.



Cordingly Street, Yeppoon Phone 39 3622 Council Contact: Barry Franks DPI Contact: Nick Macleod, Rockhampton Hours: 10am - 12 noon. Wednesday only.

Maccartney St, St Lawrence. Phone 56 9133 Council Contact: Mark McLean DPI Contact: Ken Murphy, Rockhampton Hours: 9am - 4pm. Monday to Friday.


BROADSOUND SHIRE COUNCIL DEPOT Dysart. Phone 58 1464 Council Contact: Gary Dionysius DPI Contact: Neil Schmirmer, Rockhampton Hours: Barn - noon & 1pm - 3pm, Monday to Friday

BROADSOUND SHIRE COUNCIL DEPOT Nolan Drive, Middlemount. Phone 85 7711 Council Contact: Clarrie Payne DPI Contact: Neil Schirmer, Rockhampton Hours: 7am - 9am. Monday to Friday

Capricorn Highway, Gracemere. Phone 33 1130 Council Contact: Mick Preston DPI Contact: John Nisbet, Rockhampton Hours: 8am - 3pm. Daily.

ROCKHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL DEPOT Dooley St, Nth Rockhampton. Ph 276444, ext 244. Council Contact: Ted Griggs DPI Contact: Dick Holroyd Hours: noon - 2pm. Mon, Tues & Wed only

DELIVERY — To minimise the inconvenience to normal council operations, landholders are requested to deliver the chemicals to the depot by the end of November. SAFETY is the key point and if the landholder is in doubt about the container or is unsure of its contents, contact the persons listed for advice. If the containers are unsafe, contact the local council or DPI. Wear protective clothing when reyackaging and avoid breathing dust. If clothing gets contaminated change and shower immediately.



AUSTRALIAN BICENTENARY EXHIBITION ROCKHAMPTON JULY 26th to 29th (inclusive), 1988 This major Bicentenary Exhibition which will tour Australia in 1988 will include large indoor and outdoor displays of. Australia and the Future and 12 marquees depicting Local Life, Leisure and Industry at each of 34 locations during the year. Central Queensland Community Groups and Clubs interested in participating in this display are asked to contact the undersigned for information and application forms before 30 November, 1987. (P 0 Box 243, Rockhampton) Telephone: (079) 27 6444 Facsimile: (079) 22 1700 Inclusion in the Exhibition will depend on space and the ability to prepare and man displays.


PUBLIC NOTICES ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide os. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt. 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. CAPRICORN Coast Vietnam Veterans raffle: 1st, meat tray, Stan Kent, D52; 2nd, dinner for two, Gary Moloney, 17 Vaughan St, Yeppoon, E84. QATB sweep winners: C Pearson, c/- Emu Park Bowls Club (Kensei) $100; Joe Coney, 28 9884 (Empire Rose) $40; Bernie O'Brien, 39 6202 (Rosedale). SAINT Martin's Herb Garden thanks all applicants for Nursery Hand position and advises the position has been filled. SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835.

LADIES Non Denominational Christian Praise and Fellowship Meetings commence Wednesday, November 11, 10am at "Carmel", Emu Street, Emu Park (opposite RSL) Let's get united for Christ!

All welcome...Kath Davies, 39 6147


Yeppoon DISCOUNT Clothing ID Bonds Kids Singlets ID Bonds Pants 0 Terry-Tea Towels O Hand Towels ❑ Jacquard Bath Towels 0 Bath Mats 171 Ladies Briefs CI Girls Short Sets 0 6 Bars Soap ❑ WD-40 Spray 0 Ladies Fashions from

$1.95 $1.99 $1.00 $1.49 $9.99 $3.99 $1.29 $5.99 $1.99 $2.99 $12.99

ARTHUR STREET Opposite the Railway Hotel

WANTED TO BUY BACK!! Two small iridescent orange glass ("Carnival Glass") dishes ... sold at Great State Fete White Elephant Stall. Considerable sentimental value (accidently given to stall). PLEASE PHONE

39 2281 TENDERS FARNBOROUGH STATE SCHOOL Tenders are called for the sale of the following items: Photocopier - Mita VHS Video Recorder HMV Model HV3000 Black and White TV (Baird) 21" Items second-hand but serviceable. Close with principal, Friday, November 13

THANKS NOTICE KARLENE McDonald, Capricorn Coast Miss Australia Quest entrant thanks her sponsors, The Railway Hotel; her parents, Barbara and Les McDonald; her family and everyone (too numerous to mention and I might forget someone) who helped me with the work involved in entering the Quest and good luck to the next entrant — whoever she may be.

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 — November 13, 1987 — 13

Ca ricorn Coast Mirror Classifieds 39 4244) TRADEWORK

PAINTER Interior *

Exterior * Free Quotes *

39 3113

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

'16 years on the Coast

39 1813


39 4410



* Installations * Repairs * * Maintenance * Safety Checks *


Phone 39 7950


Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays I.C. &

39 2205


Dave Kershaw for...

BOBCAT 9 • Hire

We specialise.'.. in rust and restoration work

4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

Emu Park Panel Beating and Spray Painting

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B & J Wells


Install ) ELECTRICIAN L- a Screen Door

39 3646 r




that will... ,nd Is...

39 1845

Decorative Won't Rust Secure


REMOVALS Packing * Storage * Insurance Country * Interstate * Overseas Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

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* Industrial Spray Painting * and...

* Mini Soil Deliveries *

Tanby Roundabout, Yeppoon

ric -Sund4ren

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PAINTING Dort rui-00( -foot id 1

George Barrett & Co. * All of Painting *




All hours

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KITCHENS 53 Tanby Road Built to your design

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Cleaning 'We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning

FREE QUOTES ANYTIME I Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

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KEITH BECK 39 4016


Industrial — Residential — Commercial ❑ Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations .

39 1658 gCTEUIT1ZEI T3 1/4

Motorcycle and...

Specialising in Laminated or Solid Timber Kitchens For free quote: Ivor Veliscek


Rubbish Removal * Tree Lopping Hedge Trimming * Prompt Service


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Re-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes



4 Merrill Crescent Lammermoor Beach 33 6198

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Small Engine Repairs

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Wallpapering Workmanship guaranteed * 18 YEARS IN YEPPOON *

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...for regular maintenance Repairs * Chemicals ...all your swimming pool needs



based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. PAINTING and Wallpapering, free- quotds. Phoney-Vince T A Han nan,391 weeds e SPRAY-TANK NK for noxious ids...avalable.Phone 39 1483. RETIRED carpenter, small jobs, insect screening, furniture repairs, wood turning. 39 6507.


49 TANSY RD. YEPPOON 4703 Phone 392419 * Modern custombuilt kitchens * Attractive alurdinium awnings and blinds.

39 1404

TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LAWN-MOWING, edgingt _ yards_ denied. •rubbish removed, odd jobs. Reliabl. 39 2401 CARPENTER/BUILDER, wardrobes, extensions, new job too small! Terry Bishton, 39 1784. _. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. CONCRETE floors placed and finished. Slashing, ripping & plough work. Ph 39 7588. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering: 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhamptim. ' Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. RUBBISH removed, trees lopped, furniture removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers,'39 7924. VIDEO. TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 392330. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast — D & K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. 3e 9r.v 14ic8e$, e u rEil se c . phone tr cal s i n tlenrqs o:n eF— STHRI cGi AdN :,ESLAc

FREE computerised water analysis

39 3822 22 4049



CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes. 39 1404 or 39 1745. STOVE and hot water repairs. Yeppobh Electrical Service. 39 3835. FLYSCREENS and doors, made-to-measure on the Coast from Central Coast Insect Screens. 39 4318.

CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LAWN-MOWING, Edging. Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed.


Capricorn Sandblasting

Forklift Hire

...for all freight requirements to and from Rockhampton

Made-to-Measure (up to 870mm wide) Bottom seal included


39 3193

Ron and Kay Barnicoat...

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0 Installation _ RICHIER !.‘ ELECTRIC ❑ Maintenance C COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts

S. Stanley 39 1139




BACKHOE for hire

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Mike Stokley



a/h ,

Bill Green

35 1170

PLUMBER — Keith Chivers — 39 3518 — Plumber — Keith Chivers — 39 3518. BUILDING, painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232 or 22 1687. FENCING: Terry McMullan. Phone 39 1140.


For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Phone STEVE on

SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016.

Yeppoon Carpet Cleaning Emu Park — 39 6178 Readymix

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D & H E Woodward


TRADEWORK Peter and Toni


Keith Constable...

PAINTER (30 years contracting experience) Town or Country Town or Country

39 1778 ...evenings

WORK WANTED HOUSE-CLEANER. All aspects home cleaning and regular home help. Phone 33 6829. ALLOTMENTS slashed. Kinka Beach/Ernii PPk/Zilzie area. From $25. 39 6237 HAVE high-pressure water cleaner for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Will do on-site welding. • Phone 39 4579. REGISTERED builder. Free quotes. Phone 39 3680 after 5om. Denis Schofield.

14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 7 - November 13, 1987

Capncorn Coast Mirror Classifieds 39 4244 TRADEWORK




McBean St, Yeppoon Steve Mackie Rockhampton Mike Green

39 4151 28 5302 a/h 28 5244 28 7575 a/h

FOR SALE STUDENT desk, stone screen & carry bars, portable barbecue, carpet shampooer, folding bed & spare mattress. 39 3083.

WANTED KNOWN SALON 24. Waxing, facials and make-ups. Phone 39 2198.

WORK WANTED LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, hoUse cleaning. Phone 39 2460. BABY-SITTING available, day or night, my place or yours. 39 6860. IRONING done in my home, $5 per hour. Phone 39 1720. HOUSE-KEEPING work wanted. Capricorn' Coast area. Live-out. Phone 39 6824. DRESSMAKING (by pattern). Gail Matthews. Phone 39 3316. IRONIN, baby-sitting, house cleaning, lawnmowing and other odd jots. 39 2487. ROCK-WORK, basement, trenches, leveling, slashing. Licensed shot firer. Phone 39 2342. CARPENTER: maintenance, windows, steps, patios, bathrooms, any jobs. Free quotes, hourly rate..Phone 39 7727. LAWNS mowed, grass removed, odd jobs by young and reliable person. Phone 33 6732.



ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds - all types - free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419.

STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings . sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. foam seat backs and cushions for chairs available ... also covers made. Coastal Cane, upstairs Sands Arcade, Yeppoon. LINEN: ideal pre-wedding and baby shower parties. Phone 39 3660.

YAMAHA 2 keyboard electric organ, as new. Best offer. 39 1589. GE Juicer, $45. Phone 39 6172. 8-CHANNEL Eminar mixer, plus two huge speakers. $3000. Perfect condition. 39 6172. STAINLESS steel nuts and bolts...everything you need, at Cooee Bay Marine 39 1675. FIBREGLASS resins, and everything else you need at Cooee Bay Marine, 39 1675. BEARINGS and seals - Cooee Bay Marine cnr Tanby Road and McBean Street, Yeppoon. 39 1675. ZENTAI Futon mattresses now available. Also Shintai bed frames, bedside tables, prayer stools, yoga mats, etc. Order now. Phone 39 6205. LUCERNE: Phone 39 6472 .TENTS, camping equipment, bikes, fishing gear, large fibreglass icebox, tools, electrical goods, hundreds of miscellaneous items. Most as new. 15 Chrisney Street. Saturday. VIDEO Rank Arena, 5 years old, works perfect. $250. Phone 39 6907. GARAGE sale from 9am. Garden tools, furniture, two door refrigerator, school shorts and shirts, craft materials, other various items. 72 Rockhampton Road. 39 1412. VICTA mower with catcher; Roymac portable air compressor, 1/2hp motor, complete with hose and spray gun. 39 1343. TWO bar. stools $25 each; one two door refrigerator, cheap. 40 Pandanus Street, Cooee Bay. YOUNG duck and Whirlpool automatic washing machine. 39 7131. RESTORED antique kitchen cabinet & chest drawers. Phone 39 14.13.

SECOND HAND SHOP Cheap Wardrobes * Beds Comfortable Lounge Chairs Good Stoves* Bar Fridges

CARPENTER available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 3065. HOUSE cleaning. All aspects home cleaning. Capricorn Coast area. 39 6876. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587.

Yeppoon Trading Co,

ACE mowing, edging, pruning, yards cleaned, rubbish removed. Pensioners rates. Yeppoon rates. 39 7593. CHILD-MINDING, house-cleaning, sewing, ironing. Emu Park area. Ph Eleanor:39 6081.


JOB WANTED Guy, 21, looking for a job. Has own car, holds forklift and truck licence. Some experience on a trawler.

39 6476 JACK'S lawn-mowing, edging, garden waste, removal service. Will quote. Average yard $15. Phone 39 2401 b/h. CARPENTER: maintenance, windows, steps, patios, bathrooms, any jobs. Free quotes, hourly rate. Phone 39 7727. FOR carpentry work, contact Don Huttley, 15 Bartlem Street, 39 1502.

JOB WANTED Girl (25) looking for employment, has experience in office work, switchboard, typing, reception. Has also worked cleaning motel rooms.

39 6476

HELP Rotary eradicate disease Go to the Charity Flea Market every Saturday morning.

The raffle is earmarked for the POLIOPLUS CAMPAIGN Polioplus is Rotary International's program to help immunise the world's children against polio and other deadly diseases...measles, diptheria, tetanus, tuberculosis and whooping cough.

Donations can be made by contacting... Dave Hutton 39 1543 or Arthur Holt at the Yeppoon ANZ Bank This space donated by the Capricorn Coast Mirror as a community service

Hill Street

(behind CEB)

39 3568

Vacancies - Auxiliary Firemen Yeppoon and Einu Park Persons interested in the paid position as auxiliary firemen are invited to obtain an application form from the Yeppoon and Emu Park sub stations or contact headquarters station, Fitzroy and Kent Streets, Rockhampton.



CHRISTMAS lights, large and small sets, Nativity scene...available from Findlay's Electrical, James Street. 39 3266. CASTROL Oils - Cooee Bay Marine - cnr Tan by Road & McBean Sts, Yeppoon. 391675.


MOTOR VEHICLES NISSAN E20 bus, suitable parts, engine, gear box, diff and wheels - okay. Phone 39 7595.

Maps & Charts

$8.00 $3.00 $2.50 $3.00 $1.00 $4.00

Earn extra money selling confectionary after school and weekends. An adult supervisor will pick you up and drop you home. Ring Brett Griesse 39 3852 after 4.30pm WANTED TO BUY OLD china, bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. .Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442 NUMBER of quiet horses suitable for beginner riders. Must be gentle, presentable and able to. shoe. Also shoeing anvil. Phone 39 3588,. Andrew Corneal. WANTED: Mini concrete truck with work. Capricorn Coast area. Phone 27 2020.



GOLDEN CANES Half grown to fully grown

39 3020

14' CAPER Cat, good condition, mounted on registered trailer. $2500. Phone 39 6316. SAILBOARDS, sandsailers, sails - sales, hire, repairs - cheapest prices. SandSailSurf, phone 39 7686.

HOLIDAY ACCOMM • COOLWATERS Holiday Village, Capricorn Coast. s/c units, o/s vans, powered and tent sites. Phone 39 6102.


Other World, Australian and Queensland Maps

Mon, Tues. & Wed, 9am - 4pm 39 6188 after hours

TOPSOIL 9m loads @ $14 per metre

33 1357

MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B19634. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls: Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B19768.


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Peggy Sue Got Married

November 7 - November 13, 1987 - 15

Yeppoon golf SQUASH SEMIS 1 WEEK AWAY ZILZIE GOLF YEPPOON Golf Club associates played a 4bbb stroke for trophies donated by Shirley Gent and Gwen Sherrington last Tuesday. Shirley Burton and Bev Osborne won with a score of 63 nett. Next best were Wendy Thiele and Daphne Gregg with 65, Jean Kean and Stella Haskins, 66 and Moya Potts and Charlotte Somogyi also with 66 nett. The best nett played in conjunction was won by Wendy Thiele with 63. Pinshots: silver, Ann Barrow; all players, Stella Haskins and the proshot went to J Keyes. Wednesday Club attendance was down and there were no visiting players. Shirley Kruger won the associates' stableford with 39 points followed by Daphne Gregg with 36. Shirley won the first and second nine with 33 and 32 respectively and also the proshot. Stella Haskins was second in the first with 33 and a half and Beryl Taylor was next in the second nine with 33. Hazel Fry and Nancy Montgomery won the pinshots. Terry Woodbridge won the members' stableford with 41 points, Bing Morgan was 40, Don Cooper and H Hilbert 39 each, Lionel Taylor and John Noyes 38 points each. D Cooper won the first nine with 29 and a half, B Morgan 31, J Cahill and T Woodbridge on 32 and ahalf each. I Atkinson won the second nine with 29 and a half, J Noyes 30 and a half, C Smalley 31 and captain Jack Stratford 32. Pinshots were won by Jack Stratford, W Mills and the proshot went to Peter Marwedel. The ladies beginnners and 36 markets played an 18 hole stroke on Thursday. Mary Quinn won with 84 nett. Runner-up was Maureen Murphy with 93 and Pat Andersen scored 97. Maureen also won the pinshot on number six. The veterans played a stableford for members and associates over 12 holes on Friday for trophies donated by Godfrey and Stella Haskins. Stella Haskins won the associates section with 26 poinis and the pinshot. Cassie Freeman was runner up with 25. Members' winner was Arthur Simpson with 32 points and the pinshot. Runner up John Degotardi with 29 points. Avis Aird won the associates stroke for club trophy on Saturday. Next were Phyllis Mann 70, and Margaret Prior and Fay Yesberg on 73 nett each. Pinshots were won by J Kean, T Clark and P Mann and F Yesberg won the proshot. Joe Garvey won the members' stroke with 64 nett. He was followed by Stan Thorne 65, Peter Boon 66, Mike Boyd and Al Ritchie 67 each, Ken Clements, Mike Prior and Vern Olive 68 each, Bob Burrowes, Stuart Mclndoe, Neil Royale and Cec Cooper, all on 69. Pinshots: J Garvey, V Olive, D Marshall and A Gabel. J Ware won the proshot. Nick-y Hunt won the associates' stableford on Sunday with a score of 38 points and a pinshot. Next: Kay Gibson 36; Vicky Caseleyr, Margaret Hunt and Cassie Freeman, 35 each. B Taylor and M Hunt won the other pinshots and N Montgomery the proshot. Al Ritchie won the members' stableford with 42 points, a pinshot and the proshot, followed by B Gibson 39, Ray Hunt 38, and Adolf Schuster and Roy Montgomery with 37 each. L Evans, J Bartlett and L Taylor won the pinshots. USED BOATS 13' Stacer Open 25hp Yamaha $4400 14' Qintrex Open 40hp Mercury $2890 4m Trihull Runabout 60hp Johnson $6500 4m Trihull C/console 50hp Suzuki $7995 4.5m Trihull Cuddy 70hp Evinrude $10,995 14' Haines Runabout 50hp Mercury $4400 14' Nova Runabout & Trailer $2495 15' Yalta H/cab 90hp Evinrude $7995 20' Star Cuddy Cabin 2x70 E'rudes$15 995

USED MOTORS 6hp Evinrude 6hp Johnson 9.9hp Evinrude 10hp Honda 20hp Mariner 20hp Yamaha 20hp Yamaha 30hp Mariner 35hp Johnson 40hp Volvo 40hp Suzuki

$595 $650 $990 $1290 $795 $1095

$1895 -$1490 $850 $950 $1890

KEN JONES MARINE Yeppoon 39 4002 for... Stessl & Mercury Outboards

ONE week remains to play before the Capricorn Coast A grade squash semi-finals start. Mariners and Tony's BYO, locked tgether now for two weeks, are each on 50 points, with Strugglers third on 41 and Mighty Macks set to take the fourth spot in 27 points. Anyone For Tennis on 22 and Frontliners on 20 face impossible tasks. Good performances this week came from Judy Umlauft with a win in five from Chris Callard, a win in four for Briam Umlauft against Peter Gordon, Len Keily's convincing win against Peder Dale and the fine performance by reserve Anthony Trump from B2 to force Ray Campbell to five. Gordon Roberts showed persistence, taking the second game from Tony Smith but was still

a game short to force a count of points for Mighty Macks. Tony's BYO defeated Mighty Macks two rubbers each, eight games to seven: Len Kelly def Peder Dale 3-0; reserve Anthony Trump v Ray Campbell 2-3; reserve Ian Atkinson v Neil Roberts 0-3; Tony Smith def Gordon Roberts 3-1. Strugglers defeated Frontliners 3-1: Andrew Dowie def Ellen Van- 3-1; Damien Brierty def Roger Dale 3-0; Peter Gordon v Brian Umlauft 1-3; John Briggs def Joe Foat 3-0. Mariners defeated Anyone For Tennis two rubbers each, nine games to eight: Val Odell v Danny Taylor 1-3; Chris Callard v Judy Umlauft 2-3; Glen Ward def Bernard Lacey 3-1; Brett Stewart def Clay Nothling 3-1.

Crunch game ends L'Amour's wins L'AMOUR'S string of wins came to an end on Monday night in the crunch game for a place in Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association's grand final this weekend. Player coach Gayle Lorraway (16) couldn't lift the girls' play to the sparkle of previous weeks. The team also had top rebounder Trudie Evans (17) in foul trouble. L'Amour needed Seagulls to make errors so

Junior cricket SACRED Heart Koalas and Yeppoon Colts are now equal second on the Capricorn Coast Junior Cricket competition points ladder with 18 each. Points leader is Cavaliers with 20 and Emu Park Aussies is eight. The teams in the points table are year six and seven boys from Coast schools. The junior teams in the competition are year four and five. In that section, Koalas defeated Cavaliers at Barmaryee 106 to 48. Brian Barry and Craig Newberry were best batsmen for Koalas with 25 runs not out and A Swayn took two wickets for no runs. Ryan Scarlett was Cavaliers best batsman with nine runs and Ryan Duckwitz took one wicket for three runs. Emu Park Lions defeated Colts at the Emu Park School 155 runs to 64. Jason Purton was 27 not out for Lions and Cody Harris took one wicket for six runs. Chris Smith andwas best batsman with 21 not out and Mark Benson took one for seven. In the senior games Cavaliers defeated Koalas at Farnborough 82 runs to 32. Matthew Duckwitz hit 21 runs while Troy Pinkerton and Scott Leslie were best bowlers for Cavaliers with three for three and four for 10 respectively. John Cranny hit 14 runs for Koalas and Rene Pedersen took two wickets for eight runs. Colts defeated Aussies at Yeppoon Primary School 123 runs to 49. Shane Franke hit 20 runs and Steven Halloran took four wickets for 12 runs for Colts. Kristian Brinkley top scored for Aussies with 20 runs and Matthew Wex took three wickets for 15 runs.

they could stay in the game, but JOanne Taylor (19) rebounded strongly and controlled the offence. Mary Gatly (19) seemed capable of sinking baskets from anywhere and Seagulls had the game in control for the last 10 minutes. Underdogs Scoobs, for a time had some pressure on Saints who last week just failed to secure the easy road to the final by two points. With five players this week to keep the defence busy, Carrot Campbell dominated the boards and his personal 40 points were achieved with less than outstanding shooting percentage. Nick Basham played well but had a quieter than usual game ... his 15 points put the nails in Scoobs coffin. Scoobs top scorer from last week, Mike George, was pegged back by a knee injury, but Danny Curtis and Ken Dooley put in a respectable 15 between them. Nicky Walls' (12) efforts at both ends of the court were insufficient to keep Pink Galahs from the Sunday game. Sandy Groves (17) and Megan Anderson (14) headed up the Galahs healthy score. Yeppoon basketball's big day is tomorrow (Sunday) ... grand final day at the Cooee Bay Recreation Council stadium. The all day games will-finish with A grade events in the afternoon. Guest referees from Rockhampton will give players a new experience. Rocket star, prop Abram and coach Cory Munson will be among spectators for the day's events. Limited seating is available and spectators are advised to arrive early to obtain a seat. Presentations will take place after the grand finals at Cooee Park, near the Olympic Pool. An informal competition will continue until December on Monday and Wednesday nights. Existing junior and senior players and teams can take part and should advice the committee if they are going to do so. Prospective players are invited to take this chance to play and meet teams. "Just let the stewards know at one of the night games." Monday, November 9 draw: 6pm, Wanderers v Mixed Nuts; 7pm, La Wetz v Iw; 8pm, Nomads v Billabongs; 9pm, Cobras v Tigas.

MC team wins Community Shield FOLLOWING an all-time low entry of six teams in the summer fixtures, only eight teams turned out to contest the Community Shield at the Rockhampton Indoor Bowling Association's Kent Street playing centre on Saturday night. The shield was won by a team from the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club with a score of 59 points for an aggregate of 83. The YIBC team of Bernie and Vi Robson, Cec and Mavis Brown and Fred and Lorna Wade won all five games comfortably, 10-6, 133, 12-4, 12-4 and 12-4. Originally billed as a Rockhampton versus Capricorn Coast fixture, last Sunday's fivegame day at the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club's playing centre was changed to a day of social bowls with 18 teams taking part. Winner of five games, with an aggregate of 70, was the team of Jack Tennent (Rockhampton), Ivy Cooper (Emu Park), Kerry De Graaf, May Hobkirk, Errol Ward (YIBC) and Edna Witt (Rockhampton). A casket ticket was the reward for their effort. Andy and May Hobkirk donated a travel bag as first prize in the raffle and Rockhampton's Edna Witt was the winner, while Phyl Gott, also of Rockhampton, took home second prize, a chicken. Indoor bowler Ken Crockett is a keen gar-

New Season's Swimwear

BOOKINGS NOW OPEN FOR... Learn-to-Swim * Stroke Correction Squad Training (all levels) * Water Polo Adult Club...Health, Fitness and Aerobics Open 7 days-a-week...Contact David Milburn 39 4537 28 4525

Capricorn Coast Olympic Swimming Pool

dener, specialising in the growing of Caladiums, and last Sunday he took along to the five-game day at YIBC a colourful collection of his wares for sale, which were eagerly snapped up by local and visiting bowlers. The sale of the plants did not benefit Ken, he gave the proceeds to the club, a gesture much appreciated by officials and members. The Beryl Beattie Memorial Shield-will be played for at the YIBC playing centre in Yeppoon Showgrounds on Wednesday, November 25. Bowls in the morning, followed by a Christmas luncheon and social which will be attended by visiting bowlers from Frenchville, YIBC members and visitors from Capricorn Coast clubs.

ZILZIE Golf Club winner for the Thursday stroke was member L Walling with 62 nett and associate winner was 0 Phillips with 66 nett. Pinshot went to J Atkinson. On Saturday, the two club stroke event winners were member B O'Neill with 67 nett and associate, A Costello with 76 nett. Members' medal winner on Sunday was D Campbell with 58 nett. Stableford winner for the R Mills trophy was J Kerlin with 43 points on count-back from C Peers and C Saunders. Associate winner was 0 Phillips with 40 points. Pinshots: G Brimmell and P Barker. The Thursday stroke will be played on November 5. Today (Saturday) the stroke and associates medal final will be played. Medal finalists to play are G Pearson, D Wassman, F Humphries, 0 Phillips, G Hicks, J Conley and C Wheeler. Tomorrow is the standard scratch for R Humphries trophies. Zilzie associates monthly meeting is on tomorrow, Sunday, at 10am.

Singing Ship's two wins, draw IN the first round of the indoor bowling association Summer fixtures, the Singing Ship team of Bill and May Anderson, Kath Mcllwraith, Marje Wilson, Alan and Marg Price won two games and drew one. On October 17 a team of Frenchville bowlers visited Emu Park. With 53 bowlers, it was a good friendly match and the result was Singing Ship, 79, defeated Frenchville 78. A team travelled to Rockhampton's St John on October 28. The 18 Singing Ship bowlers won, 104 to 83. Fifteen members played in the combined Coast team against Rockhampton at the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club rooms on Sunday. Some members enjoyed a luncheon on Melbourne Cup Day at Jack and Billie Stevenson's home and then to the Emu Park Cultural Hall for social bowls. The book is now open for the friendly match with St Joseph's at Emu Park on November 14; president's triples day on November 21 and social bowling with Later Years Club on Tuesday, November 24. $4 to play New season starts November 16 Nominate now... Skateway, R'ton Rd 39 7627/39 3070

Emu Park Bowls Club (Australia's most-unique Clubhouse) A Capricorn Coast Tourist Attraction MONDAYS: Local Cock o' the Walk Competition. Club opens at 3pm. TUESDAYS: Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Club opens 10am. • WEDNESDAYS: Ladies' Day. Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Club opens 10am. THURSDAYS: Mixed Bowls, casual dress, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Also local Cock a' the Walk Competition. Club opens 10am. FRIDAYS: Mixed Three Bowl Pairs Competition, 9.30am start. Casual dress. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Roll-up, 2pm start. Casual dress. Club opens 10am. Barbecue lunch available. Barbecue tea available. SATURDAYS: Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. SUNDAYS: Men's Turkey Triples. Nominend Teams or Single entries. Casual dress. Followed by Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Barbecue lunch available. Club opens 10am. After bowls each Friday and Saturday stay on for our Barbecue. Trophies guaranteed for every of competition.Euery day is a Competition Day at Emu Park Bowls Club. Phone entries to 39 6503

BASKETBALL GRAND FINALS Sunday, November 8 COOEE BAY STADIUM Timetable 8.15am Under 13s 9.30am Open Age Juniors 11.00am B Grade Women

12.30pm 2.00pm 3.30pm

B Grade Men A Grade Women A Grade Men

COOEE PARK PROGRESS HALL 5.30pm, Presentation * Admission Free Salad & Snacks free * BYO Steak BBQ * Booth operating

16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror r .0.0C Ilt.1111.7

November 7 — November 13, 1987

POttstee Hitt tailea eF

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• • ) •••

ABOVE: Yeppoon Tae Kwon Do fighters (from left) Jim Vearing, Ross Lapanne, Ron Coyle, Rod Allwood (instnictor), Steve Garvie and Robert Everinghanz show the winning style which netted three trophies during the recent semi-contact controlled cornpeition at Blackwater.

THREE WINS IN TAE KWON DO THREE Capricorn Coast Tae Kwon Do won trophies at their first competition held on the weekend at Black-water. Sixty fighters from around Central Queensland including nine from Yeppoon and others from Mackay, Glenden, Tieri, Rockhampton and Clermont converged on Black-water for the semi-contact controlled competition. Coast instructor, 2nd Dan black belt Rod Allwood, said he wasn't able to compete because he was needed as an umpire with the two other Central Queensland 2nd Dan black belt instructors. He said the efforts by the Coast fighters were commendable, with three winning places. ' Ross Lapanne won the yellow llelt green tip; Ron Coyle was runner-up in brown belt and Jim

Vearing was also runner-up in the blue belt patterns competition. Mr Allwood also coaches in Rockhampton and six of those students also competed at Black-water. Theywere also successful, winning six trophies between them. Mr Allwood said the Yeppoon group now planned to hold its own Tae Kwon Do competition on the Coast early next year, to give people learning the art more experience at competition levels. Those who competed at Black-water said it was a worthwhile experience to compete. It helped to improve style and technique. Mr Allwood said a team would now be chosen from Central Queensland-to -compete--4n-the Northern Queensland titles later this year.

Captain wins toss for first time this season and sends Easts in to bat...

Fibreglass Resins

COOEE BAY MARINE Gtr 7:41VRY ROAD &c ife.13ean S4

Yew 39 1675,,


CAPRICORN Coast Cricket Club second grade players were sent into to bat on a damp wicket at Kalka Shades a fortnight ago and were all out for 38. Only Dennis Kolega and Ken Ogilvie reached double figures of 15 and 12 respectively. Southside United was then bowled out for 87. Wayne Kitchener took three for 34 from 13, Ian Anderson three for 18 from eight and Jeff Ingle one for four from one. Ken Ogilvie was Coast's man of the match. On the weekend, Coast second grade skipper Jeff Ingle won his first toss of the season and sent Easts into bat. "Easts' players were lucky to reach 224 when some drop catches should have had them out a lot more cheaply," Capricorn Coast Cricket Club secretary Rick Robinson said. The consistent Wayne Kitchener took five for 79 from 29 overs and captain Jeff Ingle took one -morms-11



Are you of neglecting your body? SQUASH it into

at Capricorn Coast Squash, the family Squash Centre Phone 39 2444

for 25 from 13. 14% At stumps Coast were no wickets for six, facing two overs. The game will continue today (Saturday) at 12.45pm. In third grade Coast won the toss and sent Frenchville into bat. The Rockhampton team made a massive 367 runs for the loss of only three wickets. Captain Rick Robinson used every player in his team as bowler to try and dislodge the stubborn Frenchville team but this was unsuccessful. Coast, in reply, is one for 73 with Darren Petterwood making 43. Not out batsmen are Dale Wetzler on 10 and Bill Cox on one. The game will continue today (Saturday) at the Saleyards cricket ground.

SQUASH OPEN SEVENTY-FIVE players from Bundaberg to Mackay and as far west as Clermont competed in the 10th Annual Trend Interiors Capricorn Coast Open Squash Championships last weekend held at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Rockhampton Kylie Whitcombe won the division one women's event while Craig Roland, also from Rockhampton, won the division one men's section. Best performers of the local players: Ellen Farr, winner of the women's division one, plate one; Diane Hinton, winner of the division one, plate two; Julie Britton, winner of the women's division three and Mike George, winner of the men's division four.

ALWAYS reckon there's more to read in the classifieds than meets the eye ... and this week is no exception. There's an unusual advertisement inside this week under the classification of Public Notices with a rather large heading ... Wanted to buy back. The advertiser wants to buy back two small, irridescent orange glass (Carnival Glass) dishes sold at the Great State Fete white elephant stall. They have considerable sentimental value and are part of a set. They were accidently given to the stall. Anyone who bought the items are asked to phone 39 2281. Please do so ... it would be a shame to break up a set. *** THEN there's a For Sale item ... "Young duck and Whirlpool Washer for sale". Now that reminds me of a relative. This is, like every item, dead-set true. My cousin is a journalist and she was so engrossed in the industry she married a journalist. Now, both being A grade journalists wasn't enough ... they wanted freedom. So they bought a farm way out in the back blocks of the Dandenongs and used to commute to and from their jobs in Melbourne by company car (provided by a very well known newspaper baron). Anyway, they decided the way to freedom was through ducks and they started raising them in vast numbers. They used to buy them at the markets in the lunch break, store them (loose) in the company car (parked in the shade) until work finished, then drive them to the farm where they set them free. Now, the day came when they sold some of them and, of course, the client wanted them plucked .and dressed. The le journalist decided this was his job and, ra r than do the job the usual way, thought thing .uld be speeded up by using technology. He kiiUed the ducks, drained and cleaned them ... th brought the dead ducks into the house put them in the automatic washing machine. He turned it on for a full rycle and figured that, feathers being feathers, they'd see the writing on the wall and leave the duck. He was right ... they did. Out came the cleanest ducks in the Dandenongs (perhaps slightly bruised but, after all, they were dead). Anyway, his wife was tickled pink (pun intended) and they set off the next day with dressed dead ducks and picked up their money. Some days later, being prosperous farmers now, they decided to have a night on the town. The male journalist put on his underpants and so on, and headed off for a great night with his wife. During the night, he started to get itchy ... real itchy. He became so itchy it was embarrassing. They left early, went home, and he scratched endlessly until he took off his underpants. Then he discovered the problem ... they had just been washed and were full of duck down. Apparently he'd cleaned out the big feathers, but the rest, "well, it'll come out in the wash". It did, for weeks and weeks. They sold the washing machine ... quite cheaply!!! BY the way, the female in the above item used to bring the ducks into the house when it snowed because she reckoned it was too cold for them outside. Visiting their home was an experience!!! *** THERE was a fun night at the Pacific Hotel on Monday and, for some reason, a group of people started putting up their hands. Anyway, during the course of the evening, one patron got rather excited and his stool, joining in the excitement, went its own way. Down went the patron ... mates, always mates, laughed like hell. Patron, not wanting to cause concern, quickly raised his hand to signify he had survived the dismounting ... and for some reasons he suddenly owed S300. Luckily, (or unluckily, depends of what goods he had raised his hands on) someone else raised their hands and the fun moved on!!!




Come and see the great footballer...

Sunday, November 8




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ids caught on with the guys too!

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