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*ABOVE: Barlows Hill was set alight duringthe storm last Friday night when lightning struck the hill and quickly progressed into a major grass fire. The fire raged for a number of hours while Yeppoon Fire Brigade officers and Cooberrie Rural Fire Brigade fought to protect endangered homes.


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Shire council supports , fire brigade `upgrade

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ISSUE 218 SATURDAY, October 17, 1987 — FRIDAY, October 23, 1987

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council, with one exception, has supported the "upgrading" of Yeppoon's Fire Brigade. Cr Barbara Wildin called for a motion objecting to any reduction of manpower in the • Yeppoon station. After considerable debate all councillors, inchicling Rockhampton Fire Board representative Cr Mario Cresta but excluding chairman Cr John Bowen, who was absent, and Cr Wildin, *ported the "upgrading" by rejecting Cr Wildin's motion. They decided to write to the -fire board, asking it to consider using the transferred fireman, who live on the Coast, to be rostered to Yeppoon Fire Station when posssible. • _Cr Cresta said he made his decision to support Yeppoon's 'upgrading' after reading the reports from the Fire Services Department and other experts. He said statistics showed most fires were grass fires occurring in the middle of the day. Cr Cresta said the problem. in Yeppoon was with the auxiliaries. They were employees around town and had "reluctant" employers. "They just can't leave their jobs," Cr Cresta . said. "It is very difficult for a fire officer on duty to have helm. Wien there's a grass fire in the-middle --of rftedirayTand those grass rites represeni 80per cent of total fires. - "We have had fire calls where the professional fireman has turned up on his own and it hks been fairly disastrous until he could get -someone to help -him. "So, going on statistics alone, I had to support what I believe to be upgrading of the Yeppoon Fire „Station." •Cr Cresta outlined what would happen when the "upgrading" took place. There would be a resident fire officer and for the, majority of daylight hours, two prpfessional fire fighters on duty. • • There had been four officers permanently employed around the clock and now there was one resident officer. The other three officers live been employed in Rockhampton. • Cr Cresta said the move was due to the - "overalI officer- Shortage in the district and a 1 question of economics". This move is expected to help save costs for the Fire Department which is about "S36 mil- , lion in-the-red". ❑ CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 MIRROR OPINION — PAGE 3


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* ABOVE: Yeppoon Fire Brigade officers, auxiliaries and police make sure the fire in Livingstone Shire Council's depot is-completely out by dousing smouldering records with water.

`Yeppoon Fire Brigade should manage itself' STATE Opposition leader Nev Warburton would take Yeppoon Fire Brigade away from • Rockhampton Fire Board's jurisdiction if elected Premier. Mr Warburton, visiting Yeppoon for an ALP conference and commenting on last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror editorial on fire service downgrading, said fire boards, and other boards, had outlived their usefulness. • In days gone by, when places such as Yeppoon were remote because of lack of communications, "the luxury of boards, which had more members than firemen, could be afforded", he said. This was no lcinger the case. Mr Warburton said there was no reason why Yeppoon Fire Brigade could not manage itself. It should have local control .., "not a board". Mr Warburton said there needed to be a rationalisation of the system. "There's no • sound reason why it shouldn't occur," he said. . He said he could not understand why firemen had been taken away from Yeppoon. He had been in Yeppoon 12' months ago and "even after only 12 months he had an impression of growth" in the town. The decision to withdraw firemen from Yeppoon was "extraordinary". "The government needs to-provide these services. This is happening in so many places," Mr Warburton said. "All fire services throughout the State have to be looked at." Mr Warburton said he was the first to outline • the problems that would occur with the fire levy • 4 ,,being collected from property 'owners. He said he btoiight.up the ptoblem with then Minister Martin Tenni "who didn't wantkoi know about it"; the next Minister Geoff Muntz and the present Minister Don Neal. • "That's three Ministers in three years,- he said. He also made a prediction ... as well as the jump in fire levy fees to S50 a year for. each el the household, Mr Warburton said he'ieved government was looking at putting .a further fire levy on motor vehicle registration. • He said this was part of the government's "user pays" concept. "It will be added to all vehicle registration fees if the government thinks it can get away with it," Mr Warburton said. Capricorn Coast ALP branch president David Timbs said on Wednesday night members were so concerned at the fire station doWngrading, he had arranged for State opposition administrative services spokesman' Pat Comben to meet with Yeppoon auxiliaries on Thursday, October 22, when the environmental debate between Mr Comben and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, will be held.

Businesswoman will organise petition to Premier over brigade a fire service and that service is supposed to protect us while we sleep as much as when we work. In fact, I would prefer we could go to sleep soundly at night , with our children and loved ones safe, rather than during the daylight hours. I am writing this letter both to Mr Hinton and to the residents of Yeppoon. I feel we must protest this downgrading and, if Mr Hinton does not announce in this issue

that our normal Service has been returned, I give notice that I will start a petition to" be handed to the Premier. Anyone interested in helping with this petition is welcome to contact me. I have never done this before; I am not usually the type of person to protest publicly ... but this idea of a downgraded fire brigade scares me. --Margaret Malinconico, MacDonald Street, Barlows Hill.



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Friday night when light ningset fire to the top of I AM most concerned at the Mirror front-page stories about the downgrading of ' Barlows Hill and we residents were at risk. If it wasn't for the heavy rain at 1.30am, Yeppoon's fire brigade. As a business person and property owner I houses would have been in great danger and, if the wind changed, my own house. feel the idea of removing our full-time firemen and replacing them only in daylight hours is Our wonderful firemen waited until 2am to hardly an "upgrade" as Member for Broadmake sure the fire was out. It .is not good enough to have a fire service sound Denis Hinton claims. • It was bad enough to read about the downbetween dawn and dusk ... fires don't carry grading on Friday afternoon, but the impact of watches. what was happening came home to me on We, everyone in Yeppoon, pay top dollar for


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— Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987

Emu Park, Zilzie chosen for survey

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Pastor Ivan Waldock, Clermont. SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall with Pastor Ivan Waldock 6.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall TUES: 7.30pm, LLI (6), Pastor's WED: 10am, LLI (6), Pastor's THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer, Cora's.

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EMU PARK and Zilzie have been chosen for a special recreation needs survey to be incorporated in Livingstone Shire Council's strategic plan. Queensland Recreation Council has been commissioned to prepare and conduct the survey during October. "The survey has been organised to work in with council's strategic plan," Queensland Recreation Council area advisor Colin Rose said. "We need local residents to help with the survey ... titled Recreation Needs Survey, because they are close to their own community." Mr Rose said that specific questions in the survey will relate to the Don Ireland Swimming Pool Complex. "It is a great opportunity for the community to have input into their own recreation needs for the present, near and distant future and at the same time help council to make its decisions." By adopting a recreational strategic plan Livingstone Shire Council has taken the lead in Queensland for recreational servicing. "No other local government authority hasyet set up a comprehensive recreation strategic plan. This survey is to be used as a pilot study for

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A MAJOR sandmining and processing industry in Central Queensland is currently being evaluated which could significantly add to the Central Queensland economy. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said that in the proceis of procuring full information necessary for the gazettal of Bayfield National Park, and in consultation with the leaseholders, R Z Minerals adjacent to the proposed park area, he had discovered the mining proposal. "If this proposal is viable it will commence in the early 1990s. It makes the early gazettal of Bayfield National Park all the more urgent," Mr Hinton said. "R Z Minerals is a subsidiary of Peko Wallsend and Pioneer Concrete. The company is currently evaluating a sandmining proposal, inland of Stockyard Point area, north of the current proposed Bayfield National Park area at Corio Bay presently before State Cabinet." Mr Hinton said that the venture appears to have located significant quantities of low grade Titania zircon, rutile and iron reserves. "They could employ up to 120 men in the region and up to 400 in Gladstone where a major smelter plant would be constructed if the


Nautical night


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r...MIN Mil

project went ahead. "Such a smelter could cost up to $600 million, use 200-300 megawatts of electricity and generate $200 million in export earnings for Central Queensland and Australia." He said that the company would be required to totally rehabilitate the land, which is inland from Stockyard Point, to the original topographical form, including flora and fauna. "The company has an extremely successful record in this regard in its operations in New South Wales where revegetated land is now incorporated in National Parks. "It is significant that only 50 hectares, a small area in the total context, would be mined if the project went ahead," Mr Hinton said. Mr Hinton said that the company has presently spent $1 million on exploration works but would need to do considerably more research before the project is proved viable. "But signs are encouraging," he said. The areawhich could be mined is presently held by the company on authority to prospect and Mr Hinton said that the area was proposed to be added to the Bayfield National Park when it was discarded through lack of mining merit or after mining and properly supervised and executed revegetation. "The ore bodies are low grade and well inland from the beach areas. If the project goes ahead it could be a major boost to the region's economy, including Yeppoon and especially Gladstone where the ore would be transported as slurry by barge," he said.


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TOP entertainment has been organised for AB1 1000 power boat supporters and locals on Tuesday night. The Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation in conjunction with The Strand Hotel have organised a Nautical Nonsense Night on Tuesday. October 20 at The Strand. In addition to local performers ... JJs Dance Troupe, Cactus Rectus and the Bakehouse Gym Musclemen, the Untouchables from Liberty's Nightclub will also be performing. A fashion parade of all types of special, clothing will be part of the night's entertainment. "It isn't a night just for men," organiser Joan Noud said. "We are having an adult disco as well as the fashion parade, dancers and special guest spots." Proceeds from the function will go towards the CCTO's information centre.

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Sandmining proposal's evaluation makes park gazettal 'more urgent'

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the shire's strategic plan. "Emu Park-Zilzie area was chosen because a need has been felt for further recreation facilities. It has suffered in the past from a lack of proper recreation planning." A training session has been organised on Monday, October 19 at the Emu-Park CWA Hall. The session will start at 7.30pm. "Bev Green at Green's Hardware, because she is central and lives on the premises, has offered to be the contact person for the training session and the survey. She can be contacted at work or after hours, 39 6237." The survey is to be door-to-door over the entire area and volunteers are urgently needed to help. "At least 20 willina helpers are needed to conduct the survey so °that no one person will be loaded down with extra areas," Mr Rose said. "The training session is to explain and teach the volunteers how to approach and help with the questionnaire." The completed confidential questionnaires will be fed into Queensland Recreation Council computers and the resultswill be interpreted and then a report will be given to Livingstone Shire Council and through council to the community.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987 — 3

Two boys give Hinton notes concern in editorial depot fire alarm TWO Capricorn Coast boys alerted the Yeppoon Fire Brigade to a fire smouldering at Livingstone Shire Council's depot on Sunday night. Peter Dellow and Nigel Holston were riding past the depot about 8.20pm and noticed smoke rising from the building. Racing back to a friend's place they called the fire brigade. Peter said it was only by chance he looked at the depot and saw the smoke coming out of the building. The fire in the depot caused immense damage to a number of shire records ... some were damaged by fire, ot hers'from water. Some were also smoke-affected. Shire clerk Jim Brown told council on Wednesday total cost of damage caused by the fire was not yet known. He said council had insurance on the building (S90,000); contents (S129,000) ... and damage so far was estimated to be about S50,000.

LSC SUPPORT ❑ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Cr Wildin asked was the manpower reduction "a little power-building exercise in Rockhampton at our expense, and ratepayers', and safety of our people". "I am concerned." There had been four permanent qualified officers in "a place growing all the time. Suddenly our fees are doubled and we are reduced by three men who have gone to Rockhampton. "I can't balance it up and I feel we are going backwards. "In accepting the motion we have sort of agreed to what's happened without a fight. "Are we quite happy to have one man with three officers sitting in Rockhampton instead of here, and are we going to accept it lying down because once we indicate acceptance we can forget it and there'll be no changes," Cr Wildin said. Cr Brian Dorey proposed the three officers transferred to Rockhampton be rostered to fill in for the officer being sent from Rockhampton during the daytime and weekends.

I NOTE the concern expressed in your editorial that the Yeppoon fire services may have been downgraded, and wish to make a few points. Firstly, in the year 1986/87 at the Yeppoon Fiie Station, there were 77 fire calls, of which 22 were false alarms, leaving 55 genuine calls. Of these 55 calls, 41 were grass fires, almost all of which occurred during daylight hours. Only six calls during the year were for building or vehicular fires outside of the daylight hours of 7am to 6pm, while eight such calls occurred during daylight hours. Obviously grass fires are the greatest activity. The new system recommended by the Rockhampton Fire Brigade Board substantially improves the daylight services by increasing the permanent trained manpower from one to two men, with one officer working from 7am to 3pm and the other from 9am to 6pm. Similar cover is provided on the weekends in that at least one officer will be on duty during the daylight hours. During daylight hours the auxiliary staff are scarce and the present situation can be "threadbare" with only one permanent officer and little auxiliary help. After houis, the situation is certainly slightly downgraded in that a resident permanent officer is on standby rather than on paid duty involving obviously considerable cost savings and hence reduced fire levies. After hours, the auxiliaries are obviously far more available. At no time would auxiliaries be required to attend a fire without a permanent fully-trained officer as the resident officer will give the Rockhampton Board notice if he is unavailable and be replaced by a man en duty. When compared to the present system the vastly improved daytime situation far outweighs any slight reduction in the standing of the night service, however I am fully cognisant that the element of night risk has increased, albeit by a very slight degree for economy reasons. The new system is fully supported by the Fire Board but I have obtained an assurance from Minister in charge Don Neal that it is a trial only, and if delays or problems occur, then a review of procedures will be rapidly implemented.

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HISTORICAL records kept in the Livingstone Shire Cbuncil and now being sorted through will be made available to the Capricorn Coast Historical S6ciety. Secretary Michael Prior asked if the society could "peruse" the old records in order to assess any materials of a historical nature. Mr Prior said any material valuable to the area's history would be stored in existing society facilities.

around statistics till the cows come home. Who cares how many fire calls are received in daylight hours? Does it matter? Just one call, late at night, from one homeowner, motel owner, school principal or hospital staff member could spell tragedy for Yeppoon ... and who will think of economies then? More to the point, would any politician dare mention the money being saved as a life was being snuffed? The Mirror was delivered last Friday calling this "upgrade" a "downgrade". It warned about the fire danger at night. That night, Barrows Hill exploded in flame and three other fires were fought. On Sunday night Livingstone Shire Council's works depot burst into flame. We're not saying we told you so. Maurie Webb, the former state government appointee to the Rockhampton Fire Board, who resigned last week over the downgrading, said: "I hope my resignation is proved to be useless ... the last thing I want is to be proved right because of some tragedy in Yeppoon." MargaretMalinconico is prepared to start a petition to get this dreadful decision reversed. She deserves every concerned resident's support. As she said in a letter this week: "Fires don't carry watches!"

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Mirror opinion: where's the saving? 0 By John and Suzy Watson YEPPOON Fire Brigade's simultaneous "upgrade!" and "downgrade" in last week's CapricortiCoast Mirror is creating an interesting debate. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said last week taking away three firemen and adding one during the day was an "upgrade". We believe it is a "downgrade" ... and no facts have been presented thisweek to make us think otherwise. But Mr Hinton, in a letter to the editor this week in the Mirror, does say "after hours, the situation is certainly slightly downgraded ..." Let's look at some facts. Mr Hinton said last week, and again this week, that the three firemen were taken away in the interests of "economy". How has any saving of money occurred? Have the three been (pun intended) fired? As far as we know, they have not. Now, we don't wish to see them, or any other firemen, sacked ... but if no one is sacked, how is money saved? Isn't this just a case of Rockhampton "empire building" at Yeppoon's expense? The three firemen will go to work in Rockhampton and, if there are no fires there, do, effectively (aside from training) nothing. What difference is there if these same three men were based at Yeppoon? In his letter this week, Mr Hinton said he had arranged with Minister Don Neal for it to be a "trial". That sounds as if public opinion is swaying the government and it is looking for a way to return the three firemen to Yeppoon without losing face. Let's hope, while the government is looking to ways to save face, it doesn't lose Yeppoon in a fire at night. You see, it's the night fire protection that is the concern ... not economies, either real or imagined. Mr Hinton said this week two firemen would be on duty in daylight hours. But look at the hours they work. One starts at 7am and works until 3pm and the other starts at 9am and works until 6pm. What that means is that Yeppoon has two firemen on duty only between 9am and 3pm ... six lousy hours out of 24. At night, the town has to rely on a conscientious fire officer staying home to answer calls on standby (overtime?). .Sure, the officer can phone -Rockhampton and get a replacement if he wants a night out, but will he? Or will he feel restricted and not. want to impose on Rockhampton by taking a night off with family or, friends? For almost 40 years, Yeppoon has had one officer on duty around-the-clock, seven-days-aweek ... now it has t o rely on one man's sense o responsibility between 6pm and 7am. That's not good enough. Mr Hinton and the Rockhampton Fire Board members can throw


The Yeppoon district is extensive, and it has many old wooden buildings and deserves a manpower level in excess of other areas, which it does in fact enjoy. For example, towns such as Biloela have auxiliaries only. We must, and will ensure, that the Capricorn Coast has the maximum fire protection possible with the economic restrains prevailing, and the Fire Board's present recommendation deserve a proper trial. -- Denis Hinton, Member for Broadsound.

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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror

October 17 — October 23, 1987


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QUEENSLAND fashions will be displayed at a fashion parade and cent sale organised by the QATB on Saturday, October 24 in Yeppoon CWA Hall at 1.30pm. The fashions are by Que L Dee Casual Fashions, K Sa Rah Fashions and It's a Pleasure Lingerie. There will be good prizes, raffles, afternoon tea, lucky door and a jackpot as well as the fashion parade. Tickets are being pre-sold at the QATB centre, James Street, Yeppoon for S2.50 a head. Please book so that the organisers can work out the catering. THERE is a disco in Cawarral hall tonight (Saturday) at 7.30pm for all ages, no alcohol. The disc jockey is Ceri Protheroe.

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*au Coadlige YEPPOON High School Concert Band will be on stage at Fashion Funtastic in Yeppoon Town Hall tonight (Saturday) at 7.30pm to present some of the numbers it will play in the Australian Yamaha Music Festival. Thirty-four students have raised S2,500 for the trip and will compete with other Queensland primary and high school concert bands ... about 300 students will take part in the concert band section of the competition. The rock and roll band and the bush band will also present numbers during the fashion night so that patrons cantle assured of having a great night's entertainment. Fashions will be supplied by His n Hers and Denise's Resort Wear. Tickets are available from the high school and Denise's Resort Wear ... adults S7 and students S2.50. The cost includes a light supper and the night is licensed. o

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Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall BRAITHWAITE STREET, YEPPOON A SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST COMMUNITY SERVICE. Inquiries: 39 3943, 39 7667

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YEPPOON Diabetic group ;will have its monthly general meeting on Tuesday, October 20 at the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade. Yennoon o

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DO you have any friends or relations you would like to visit between the Capricorn Coast and Caloundra? Yeppoon Nursing Mothers group has organised a bus to take them to a conference at Caloundra and have some seats available. The bus will leave Yeppoon at 8am on Friday, October 23 and return midnight Sunday. The fare is S60 for adults and S10 children. The organisers said it would be okay for people to leave the bus between here and its destination and they would be picked up on the way back. Contact Denise Christensen, 39 1728 or 39 2155 to make a booking. 0 ❑ o THE Capricorn Coast Justice and Peace group is having an Anti-Bases camp at Mulambin Beach starting at noon, today (Saturday) and overnight to Sunday ... the camping cost for a tent is S5. The camp coincides with activities at Alice Springs and nationally to highlight the role of Pine Gap. There will be a picnic lunch (bring-your-own) games and activities. Ron Leeks will give a talk on more effective means of defence for Australia and reasons for the removal of all nuclear war fighting and associated intelligence facilities and activities in Australia. Everyone is welcome and you can contact 39 7682 for more information. THE Society of Arts is having its monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 7.30pm in the Paint Pot Gallery. o o o EMU Park RSL members and guests are welcome to the social tonight (Saturday) in the hall from 7pm to midnight. A SMALL but enthusiastic audience enjoyed Emu .Park Pensioners League September social in the Cultural Hall. President Win Nelson welcomed visitors from England, Sydney, Rockhampton and Yeppoon and then turned the afternoon's entertainment over to compere Stan Nelson. The pensioners' birthday song was then presented for all those who had celebrated during the month. Greetings were extended to Mr and Mrs Cris Svensen who celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. The Evergreens opened with a well-received bracket of songs from Coming Home. A varied programme followed, with vocal solos by Peg Stevens, Dot Close, Doreen Svensen, Crystal Philp, Alf Marcombe, Stan Nelson and Alec Bacon. Duettists Peg Stevens and George Bardrick and Ella Lewis and Stan Nelson delighted the audience with their songs. Pearl Curry was her usual delightful self with .a dance routine. Dot Close and Win Nelson recited and Tony Ceff presented a saxophone solo. Raffles were won by Dot Close and Mary Ramsden with the lucky door going to Win Nelson. Dances, games, community singing and a lovely afternoon tea made the afternoon enjoyable.

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NICK, a three-year-old black and tan German Shepherd, is missing. He disappeared on Saturday morning between 9am and noon on Tanby Road between Kanangra Restaurant nand the roundabout. A reward is offered for his return, 39 2115 or 39 2481 after hours. o o o DON Ireland Swimming Complex committee is holding two Halloween discos in the Emu Park Cultural Hall. Friday, October 30 for the under 13 group, 7pm to 10pm and Saturday, Ooctober 31 for the older groups. Both discos will be fully supervised. YEPPOON Guides and Brownies are having an 'in and out camp' this weekend ... Jamboree of the Air. The in part is for brownies (they camp inside) and the out for guides (they will be outside) and it is at Kooyalee. 0 o o HAPPY 21st birthday to Jacqueline Hooper on Friday, October 23. She won't be home to celebrate because of exams. o 0 o CAPRICORN Coast Writers Club is holding workshops in Yeppoon RSL Hall for the next three Tuesdays, starting at 9.30am. All members and past members are welcome to go along ... it is to help with the two new publications.

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LAY-BY for Christmas We have one Grandfather F, triple chime in solid Maple and four Grandmother clocks in solid Red Cedar. : -

Pay one off between now : and Christmas and we will : deliver Christmas Eve. .

• All work by Sam Vaughan himself.; • Illimommommemommeme

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PIES 1 Charles St, Yeppoon 39 1011

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987 — 5


Cartiata C0.06 DO you have any bathers to fit girls aged between five and 11? They are urgently needed by the Bush Children's Home. The girls don't have any bathers and will be unable to go swimming this summer season. At least 20 pairs are needed. The last lot had to be thrown out because they were just too old and beyond the repair stage. Thankfully to the generosity of Joan Noud at Shavers Surf Shop the boys have been outfitted with new bathers. Unfortunately, the girls are not able to wear two piece costumes. So, please look through your cupboards for those bathers your young daughters have outgrown and leave them either at the home or at the Capricorn Coast Mirror ... you will make some little girls very happy and cool.

WOULD you like to volunteer for a survey to be held in Zilzie-Emu Park-Kinka Beach to find out the area's future recreation needs? About 20 people are needed to help with the survey being conducted by the Queensland Recreation Council. A training night to help you ask the questions needed in the door-to-door survey i3 on Monday, October 19 at 7.30pm in the Emu Park CWA Hall. Phone Bev Green, 39 6237 ... she has volunteered to be the contact person for the organisation of the survey, if you need more information. Part of the survey will include information about the pool to be built in Emu Park. A story about the survey is on page two of this issue. O 0 o PRIZES, jackpot, lucky door and a special prize can be won at the QATB cent sale on Tuesday, October 20 at the James Street, Yeppoon centre. The cent sale will start at 2pm.

0 0

THE 19th anniversary of the Baptist Church's Sunday School is on Sunday, October 18, (tomorrow) at 10am. The celebrations will be in the Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon, church. Pastor Deuter said the morning's fun will have a nautical theme ... Jonah. There will be song brackets and a special visiting speaker. Sunday School members aren't the only people invited ... everyone is welcome. 0





A night meeting will be held for the Rockhampton Multiple Birth Association on Wednesday, October 21 at 7.30pm, 82 Kershaw Street, North Rockhampton. For further information contact Michelle Clark, 28 7109.

Does your....



Wheels shake?

You need...

MINTER MOTORS McBean St (opp Iron's)

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We * Check your front end * Balance Front Wheels * Full Alignment See our experts for a Wheel Alignment and Balance

'MTV:111 L

0 0

NEW and Pregnant Parents Support group (NAPPS) will have a meeting on October 19, 10am at Teresa Lynch's home in Howes Road, Farnborough ... turn left at Seven Acres Shop. The topic is Feeling Yes - Feeling No ... My Body's Nobody's Body but Mine. Gaye O'Brien will lead the discussion on a sexual assault prevention programme for young children. " Anyone interested in the topic is welcome. NAPPS is a local group of mothers who get together for informal discussion and social contact. Contact Gaye O'Brien, 39 4523 or Teresa Lynch, 39 7548. O

YEPPOON branch of the CWA manned a successful craft stall at the Blue Nursing Garden Fete held at Jo Rundle's Zilzie home on Saturday. O 0 ❑

Steering wander?


0 0

MIKE Prior of Cooee Bay has an exhibition of his woodturning at the Mill Gallery. The opening day is Sunday, October 25 between 10am and 4pm and then continues for a fortnight. He has used local timbers to produce a range of utility ware including tables, salad bowls and vases. • Asa special feature on opening day, Mike will demonstrate the art of woodturning on a lathe set up in the gallery gardens. 0 0 ❑ THE October meeting of Yeppoon Pensioners League will be in Yeppoon Town Hall on Thursday, October 22, starting at 2pm. Tickets for the Christmas dinner will be available at the meeting and names will be taken for the bus which is going to Rockhampton on Monday, October 26 for the Rockhampton Pensioners League social at Schotia Place.

YEPPOON will ring to the music of the Rockhampton Youth Orchestra and Yeppoon Choral Society tonight (Saturday). St Ursula's, hall in Queen Street is the venue and the concert will start at 7.30pm. The orchestra ranges in age from 11 to 25 and there will be between 25 and 30 playing selections from Cats, Muppets and other popular musicals. If you missed the Yeppoon Choral Society presentation of The Merry Widow, you will at least be able to hear some of the songswhen the choral society is accompanied by the orchestra. Orchestra members are from all over the Rockhampton district. • SCOPE held a successful Breast Cancer night at the community health centre last week. Members were delighted to be able to send a S1000 cheque to the Wesley Breast Clinic this week ... the result of some hard fund-raising during the past few months. The next action night is on Monday, October 26 at 7.30pm and will be at the ambulance centre, James Street, Yeppoon for a talk on first-aid. Everyone is welcome whether Scope members or not ... just go along and they will make you welcome.

0 0

DATE CLAIMER: Friday, October 23, Emu Park Cultural Hall. All day bowling with a cent sale, raffles, morning and afternoon tea for the Blue Nurses. Green fees will be one dollar.


VISITORS from Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emu Park swelled the number of pensioners attending Tuesday's monthly Yeppoon Pensioners League social in the town hall. Among the 136 who attended the afternoon was a busload of pensioners from the North Rockhampton Pensioners League and the South Gladstone Pensioners League secretary who is holidaying at Laurel Lodge in Cooee Bay. A four-piece orchestra of Irene Jones (piano), Bill Jones (electric guitar), Tony Ceff (saxophone) and Les Wessels (drums) played a pre-social medley of popular numbers and also for the dances that mixed in the afternoon's programme. Rockhampton tenor, Les Lawson, again delighted social-goers with his rendering of Holy City and You Will Remember Vienna. He made a second appearance and was equally as impressive with his contribution of Tell Me Tonight and How Great Thou Art.




"` Continued next week

Still the best pie on the Cdast ... with the most of everything!!

., '111111!



Morgan PIE can be bought at these popular outlets... Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Cooee Corner Store Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store

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• .

Z1CC0 Y t..."1.1^<4 Z 1 .4 4 • • • 4 •




6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987

Where to stay on the Coast BEACHFRONT SELF-CONTAINED UNITS ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Daily, weekly or month!), tariffs ' PHONE (079) 39- 1594 •


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flay Vacationer 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 1213


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Own private beach (079 39 1421

Mirror Classifieds 39 4244

Sad story from reader AN interesting idea to promote the Capricorn Coast by writing letters to family and friends. After reading some of our experiences here I wonder if you would still think so. We, my husband, myself, and our two young children, found the beautiful Capricorn Coast by accident on our way north during our travels of Australia. We fell in love with the wonders of the place and came back to settle with our small nest egg, to invest in the township of Yeppoon. Our first experience was to look for a small business. This we started to do only to firstly have someone try to sell us a failing shop at an elevated price. Then we were advised not to put any money into the town as it was "going to the dogs". This comment was from a bank accountant. My husband started working for a local person. He was grossly underpaid for his hard work and when he asked for the award payment, was blackmailed into continuing at the sub-standard wage of 5200 for a 40-hour week by being told his boss would report him to the Department of Social Security and he would be in trouble with the "powers that be" for refusing to work.

Melbourne Cup Function at the

Pine Beach Hotel, Emu Park (Proceeds to Emu Park Kindergarten) 5


Child Minding available

O Starting time is 10.30am 0 ❑ Smorgasbord Luncheon 0 0 Lucky Door Prizes 0 0 Raffles 0 Sweeps 0

BIG SCREEN ...for clear viewing of all races

F41i G


Fashions by... K-SA-RAH and Coral Cay Boutique

Sausage Sizzle for the kids

Tickets ($7.50 each) available Pine Beach Hotel. Book now. 39 6100

Discover the colors of Gold

eno[x1Grs BY


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LAST week, James Hill, writing on the Back of the Mirror, suggested the Capricorn Coast could be promoted by residents writing letters to friends and relatives in the north and south saying what the place had to offer. He suggested tourist groups might like to write a sample letter. The sample would be printed for others to see. Well, there was no response from the tourist groups, but there were two letters, unfortunately, both anonymous. Normally, the Capricorn Coast Mirror does not publish anonymous letters. In fact, we prefer writers to have their names published as a sign of good faith. But these two letters have something to say that, perhaps, should be aired. The first letter is sad. A woman says she has not had a fair go from the Coast. She admits the Coast is beautiful, but ... The second writer has a couple of suggestions which others may care to follow up. During this time, a local woman, an elderly lady, while my husband was doing work at her home, asked him if he was sick of being a dole bludger and was this why he was working. In all the time we have been here, 12 months, many people, Queenslanders born and bred, have treated us with disdain when they found we were from the south. Just recently, after a local business botched an order, I wrote a letter of complaint and suggested I be refunded because what I ordered was not at all what I received. To date, I have not had any reply. In fact I have found many times in the town the businesses just can't be bothered to offer any service at all and can barely be bothered with customers. To be fair, we have also met some very friendly people but I have not even told you of the other sad experiences we have suffered at the hands of local people. The Capricorn Coast is a beautiful place. There are a lot of local people who believe it is exclusively theirs and don't want to share it with anyone. We are now making plans to leave this beautiful place and we won't be back. How many people have this experience here? If we are the only ones, we are too many. I, personally, know of another couple who came here from the south and put their life savings into a business. They were fooled into believing the business was a good one. They lost their livelihood and are also planning their escape. What will their story' be when telling people of the beautiful Coast on the Tropic of Capricorn? What a shame. Our nest-egg is gone; we leave with sad regret that a beautiful natural place is such a nest of vipers. -- A regular reader.

AFTER reading your column on encouraging tourism in this area, I would like to put across a couple of suggestions. Perhaps it could be suggested to our council (Livingstone) that our rates be re-organised'to fall due in, say, October, away from the September school holidays which is also when telephone bills arive. It may not affect "southerners" or "northerners," but I believe Rockhampton rates are also due then and. let's face it, money problems in school holidays affect every shop, be it souvenir, food or entertainment. I am in business on the Coast and most people were finding the money didn't stretch far enough over the holidays for the "basics" of life, let alone trying to entertain the kids. Point number two: Perhaps in these months of September/October, more attention could be given in the Mirror to the "smell" of the sea. I have heard so many tourists, who aren't aware of the reasons, objecting to the sewerage smell on the Coast. While we locals understand the yearly smell (or do we! ! !), it must leave a wrong impression on some tourists. I would be interested to hear yours, and others', opinions. -- A concerned resident.

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JAMES HILL'S opinion: The Mirror did carry a story on the "smell" about this time last year. There were detailed accounts from qualifiedpeople on what caused the "smell" (microscopic marine life which dies when the water temperature reaches a certain point). If we repeat this story each time the smell occurs, it could prove rather boring to regular readers. Perhaps the council (always the council) could put up a sign at the appropriate time each year at the popular bathing spots describing what causes the smell and that it a part of the reef's life cycle. Since the "stuff" floats on top of the water, like an oil slick, perhaps some enterprising group could use rubber duckies towing the equipment used to "catch" oil spills from tankers to encircle the dead material and tow it to. another spot (perhaps Airlie Beach?). Regarding changing the rates payment time ... it doesn't matter when the rates hit, it's always hard to find the money. Perhaps, in this world of "time payment", the council could open savings accounts for ratepayers so that anyone who feels they will have difficulty making payments can plan ahead and put in a few bob each week to lessen the slug (small lotto wins and so on). If these accounts were opened, the council could wind up with a steady trickle of cash it could invest and ratepayers would not resent rate notices. Now, with an election coming up in March next year, let's see who grabs the idea and makes it his or her own? By the way, it was possible to pay rates in this way at Redcliffe, near Brisbane, in 1970!!!

COOEE CORNIER Fast Food * Chickens * Bait * Fish 'n' Chips *

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Suggestions on tourism

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James Hill has his say

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Opp Railway Station between Pacific & Railway Hotels • pen 11.30am 'til no-one about

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 - October 23, 1987 - 7


Relive the past at -

Mirror did his time last from qualiell" (micron the water Dint). If we til occurs, it lar readers. uncil) could le each year ribing what Df the reef's n top of the e enterpriss towing the from tanknd tow it to. h?). yment time tes hit, it's haps, in this uncil could rers so that e difficulty ind put in a slug (small :ounts were rith a steady [ ratepayers )w, with an let's see or her own? rates in this 1970!!!



8pm 1033




Cafe e Away 9.50 4.50 9.50


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Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560

The Strand Hotel, in conjunction with the CCTO, presents... •



To Welcome *ABOVE: State Opposition leader Nev Warburton talks over his former days as a lifesaver at Maroochydore with Yeppoon Slid' Life Saving captain Trevor Clarke at Yeppoon on Saturday.

FOR the readers who were the early reading of water meters in the Livingstone Shire, I would like to explain, in my opinion, how council can legally rob the community. The press release given by the shire clerk in last week's Mirror/Bulletin, contains the resolution which was going to fix the problem. At face value it appears generous and considerate towards the ratepayer. Not so! It has the earmarks of a very devious manoeuvre and of which, I believe, council will gain financially at our expense. To simplify. Many meters in the shire were read three weeks short of council's by-law,


.o2r2 :j


Emu Park Road

Will LSC turn water into cash? k



Saturday Sunday

Open 7 days a week - 9.30am to .30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.5c 8z children 50c bill St, Yeppoon - 39 2386, 39 1313a/h

Tke $eutitetuex Pabit

• Ph. orders 39 1397 •Meals, snacks •Juices, ,vitamins •Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

ROYAL HOTEL KEPPEL SANDS Extends a welcome to all visitors fora friendly drink XXXX and Carlton on tap

Tke tutiglifert tumi3vt" lit Ike Cala

depriving of us of three weeks supply of water forwhich we've paid (in monetary terms, 513.50 for Caves residents and $18 for coastal ones). That's 30K1 which rightly belongs to us. Council asks for one week's grace in which to read these meters which bring us back to two week's supply (or 20K1) still owing to us. Vital point. According to the new resolution, if council were to read these meters every 53 weeks, within three years, it would be back in step with the by-law without having to pay back one red cent, and still remain within the confines of "council's law". The bit about the 10K1"additional allowance for every full week past the 53 weeks" is merely a herring, which I believe will never eventuate. As for "others benefitting from the reduced consumption" is utter rubbish. Just who would benefit apart from a small portion who would already be on excess. The clerk failed to mention that the same consumers would be .expected to stretch the normal allocation for 1987-88 (now being a longer year) thus leaving more consumers liable for excess charges this year. Obviously, council would gain from this also. And, in case ratepayers are beginning to think they won't be receiving excess water accounts this year, just be patient. It's only been four months since meters were read ... they'll turn up eventually. I would advise consumers to check these accounts carefully ... both businesses and householders alike. No one is exempt from council error, even churches as I've discovered in the, past. When the issue of early readings went to the council meeting, there was no debate whatsoever. The recommendation was read by the.clerk, and the whole exercise took just 30 seconds. I'd lay a bet no councillor fully understood•it,_ or its implications. Ratepayers have paid for a commodity and have been deniecl,the right to use it. I see this as extraction. The matter has now been placed in the hands of the ombudsman. I am requesting a rebate of 20K1 to be added to this year's allocation, for each affected ratepayer. This will automatically bring reading dates back to the last week in June, without the need for any shady resolutions. -- Glenda Mather, P 0 Box 5186, Rockhampton Mail Centre. 4702.

Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY-42i'

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY &AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

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Soft Drinks, Ice Cream. Groceries, Cigarettes,

8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17, - October 23, 1987


(Capricorn Coast miirror Classifieds 39 4244

Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079)39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification..



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PUBLIC NOTICES CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide as. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt. 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or '39 1320. COME on! You could win a Microwave. Bring a friend to join Weightwatchers where everyone's a winner. Don't delay. Join now. This offer is open till October 23. See you there! 7pm, Tuesdays, CWA Hall, Normanby Street. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833. 7-days-a-week. 24-hours-a-day EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. ANYONE interested in becoming involved in a music .club...anone 39 1530 between 6pm and 8pm. JOHN CHRISTENSEN wishes to advise that John O'Connell B.D.Sc., has joined him in Dental Practice at No. 1 Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon. Phone 39.2155. General office hours - Monday to Friday, 8am till 6pm with late evening appointments Mondays and Wednesdays.

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council chambers for interviews. Afternoon. Available Middlemount council chambers for interviews. TUES, Oct 20: Yeppoon office Oct 21: Yeppoon office Afternoon. Present Keppel Sands School with Queensland flag. THURS, Oct 22: Attend Yeppoon Pensioners meeting Evening. Debate conservation issues with Pat Comben, MLA, at Town Hall. FRI, Oct 23: Yeppoon office. Due to the vast size of my Electorate, long distance calls to my Electorate Office may. be made reverse charge.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987 — 9

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10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987

Police base win DOLPHINS DEFEAT ROCKETS YEPPOON Water Police will remain based at Rosslyn Bay Harbour after representations had been made by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to Police Minister Bill Gunn. The water police branch had received advice that it would be shifted from Rosslyn Bay to Gladstone. Mr Hinton said that the transferwas "just not on" and he had had his representations agreed to by Mr Gunn. "The numbers of private registered boats using the Capricorn Coast and including Rockhampton and its hinterland is 4450, while Gladstone and its hinterland has only 2200. "With the expansion of Rosslyn Bay Harbour and the natural attractions of the Capricorn Coast, the difference can be expected to expand," Mr Hinton said. "For these reasons I sought and obtained absolute assurance that the water police contingent in Central Queensland would remain at Rosslyn Bay."

CHURCH NOTICES Uniting Church in Australia. Yeppoon, James Street, Sunday Service, 10am; third Saturday in month, 3.30pm. Emu Park, Archer Street, Sunday Service, 7.45am; Evening Worship, first Sunday in month, 6.30pm. Keppel Sands, third Sunday in month, 5.30pm. Rev Nyree Svenson, 39 1364. Assembly of God. Yeppoon Sunday Service, CWA Hall, 10am and 6.30pm fortnightly. Emu Park Sunday Service, CWA Hall, 6.30pm fortnightly. Pastor Ernie Peters, 39 6254. This advertisement is sponsored by the Capricorn Coast Mirror. Any churches desiring to be included please phone 39 4244 and ask for Sandra Mackie.

IN the first match played in Yeppoon Table Tennis Association fixtures on Thursday, October 8, Dolphins defeated Rockets 6-5. Joe Kruger and David Stewart had another close encounter. but David came through in the last of three games. One of the night's highlights was his match against Paul Watts. Paul won the first game 2220 and led well into the second, 20-13, but David's experience and expertise allowed him to catch up 20-20 and eventually win 25-23. The last game saw David take it out 21-16 after some solid hitting from both sides. Neil and Peter Malick battled over many .points but Neil made the break in the third to win 21-15. Peter came good later on to defeat Dave Ryan in three games. The first set of doubles was easily taken by Dolphins' Joe and Paul, and the second set went to Rockets combination of David and Neil against Joe and Peter. On the other table, Bog Factory scored a 7-4 win over Marvels. Rob Green, filling in as number one for Bog Factory, performed creditably to win each of his singles matches and when teamed up with Mick Malick, won the first set of doubles in a cliff-hanger, 23-21 in the third game. Lynette Murphy played well to oust Mick in two games and later downed Scott Malicl in two. The match between both third players, Scott Malick and Peter Murphy, saw Scott have a lucky 22-20 win irrthe second game. When playing Mick, Peter was unlucky again, as he was beaten 11-21, 21-19 and 19-21. The second set of doubles was also won by Bog Factory with Rob and Scott winning the last two of three games, 22-20, to take the match off Monica and Peter. The draw for Thursday, October 22 is Bog Factory v Dolphins, Dynamics v Marvels and Rockets have the bye.




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WITH a tally of eight wins for an aaaregate of 127 at the end of the third round, Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club's number two team is in first spot by one game. Second with seven wins and an aggregate of 120 is Yeppoon's St James number two team and Emu Park's Singing Ship club on six games and 119 aggregate is in third place. • One more round remains to be played and with teams from the Capricorn Coast filling the first three places it looks as if the MacNevin Shield for 1987 will be a Coast victory. Tonight (Saturday) is Patron'sNight at YIBC when players will compete for trophies given by the club patron, Evelyn Seeman. It will be a barbecue and bowls night, with the barbecue starting at 5pm followed by bowls. Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club was a hive of activity last Friday night when two Rockhampton teams, Depot Hill and QRI played matches against YIBC. Eighty-four players took part, and the Coast players were too good for the Rockyit es. YIBC defeated QRI 113. Depot Hill was 35 points behind at the close of play, scoring 84 points to YIBC's 118.

MIGHTY Macks caused an upset by defeating top team Mariners in the Capricorn Coast A grade squash on Wednesday night. Mariners felt the loss of their regular number four, Val Odell. Good performances by Neil Roberts and Peder Dale for Mighty Macks, together with a game Gordon Roberts took from Brett Stewart, gave them the result. Neil Roberts appeared to be near his best with some crisp play to defeat Glen Ward in straight games after surviving a long game in the second. Frontliners faulted this week, going down to Anyone For Tennis. Ellen Farr succumbed to reserve Anthony Trump, 9-4, 10-9, 2-9, 5-9, 8-10, while Roger Dale found Judy Umlauft more than a handful this week. Brian Umlauft took Frontliners only point,

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losing only the second game to Bernard Lacey 9-10. Joe Foat missed several opportunities in the third game while leading Clay Nothling 9-2, 91, 8-5. Joe lost control and was powered off the' court in five. Tony's BYO defeated Strugglers 3-1: Len Keily def Andrew Dowie 3-1; Larry Owens v Damien Brierty 1-3; Chris Hacker def Peter Gordon 3-2; Tony Smith def John Briggs 3-1. Mighty Macks defeated Mariners two rubbers each, seven games to six: Peder Dale def reserve Vicki Lacey 3-0; Ray Campbell v Chris Callard 0-3; Neil Roberts def Glen Ward 3-0; Gordon Roberts v Brett Stewart 1-3. Anyone For Tennis defeated Front liners 3-1: reserve Anthony Trump def Ellen Farr 3-2; Judy Umlauft def Roger Dale 3-1; Bernard Lacey v Brian Umlauft 1-3; Clay Nothling def Joe Foat 3-2.


REAL ESTATE TWO-STOREY, tile roof, built '74, with seaviews, 5 minutes from beach. 177 Matthew Flinders Drive.

VISITING clubs and Emu Park Ladies Bowling Club members enjoyed perfect weather, good greens and hospitality for the Cowdray Rosebowl Day played last week. All trophies were donated by Fred and Eunice Cowdray. The Yeppoon Club won the day, with each of the winning players receiving individual trophies and a replica of the rosebowl for the club. Runner up was the North Rockhampton club and each player won an individual trophy. Melbourne Cup day will be celebrated with mixed bowls, a chicken and champagne lunch, sweeps and fashion parade.

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Raffles prizes went to Ellen ucstr7r,g, (Yeppoon) and Christine White (Rockhampton). Books are open for the visit to Bauhinia House on Tuesday, October 20 and also for the Combined Coast v Combined Rockhampton on Sunday, November 1. The evening of social bowls and the latter is a five-game day, players are asked to provide their own lunch and YIBC players to bring a plate for afternoon tea.

Mighty Macks defeat Mariners


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Number two team takes top spot

if 41 -


A comedy beyond belief.

ir • • ;•'•


Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 - October 23, 1987 - 11

CAPRICORN COAST CRICKETERS GET FIRST INNINGS WIN THE first day of a two day game was a good one for the Capricorn Coast Cricket Club sec-, and graders when they played Brothers at the Rockhampton Cricket ground. Coast lost the toss andwas sent into bat. They got off to a bad start when at one stage they were three for 18, but recovered well to be all out for 162. Don Letchford top scored with 45. Brendan Fleetwood made 36, Russell Blanchard made 12 while Ken Ogilvie was not out on 15. Some excellent bowling had Brothers reeling and they were five for 35 at stumps on the first day. Wayne Kitchener took three for six from eight overs and Steve Carte took two for 24

from seven overs. In the third grade match Etna Creek won the toss and elected to bat. They knocked up a huge 272 runs in quick time. Rhodes Watson took two for 61 from 11 overs, Jason Dawes took four for 66 from eight overs and Ron Mackie took one for 86 from eight overs. At the end of the day Coast was six for 80 with Jason Dawes offering the only resistance with the top score of 52. On the second day of the second grade match. Coast bowled Brothers out for 97 and won the first innings points. Wayne Kitchener ended up with four wickets for 29 from 20 overs,Ian Anderson two for 22 from five, Steve Carte two

for 24 from seven and Ken Ogilvie two for 17 from nine. A few drop catches probably cost Coast some lost time in the quest to achieve an outright. Coast went into bat chasing quick runs and declared at five for 89. Steve Pidcock made 48. That left 20 overs in which to bowl Brothers out for less than 152 runs. Time beat Coast and Brothers were four for 59 at stumps. Wayne Kitchener took two for 32 from seven, Steve Carte 0 for 14 from five, Ken Ogilvie 0 for three from three, Jeff Ingle 0 for 10 from three and Steve Pidcock one for 0 from one. Wayne Kitchener was named Night Owl Entertainmemt's man of the match. On the second day of the third grade match

Ladies bowls IN the classic singles section Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club had a three day play off in Gladstone, and club representative Ivy McNamara received her only defeat at the hands of State player Audrey Rutherford. With the score at 28 all, Ivy was successful in splitting Audrey's two front bowls, which in turn took out Ivy's own two bowls positioned at 10 and two in relation to the jack. The score was then 31-28 in favour of Audrey. Congratulations were extended to Eleanor Batts who with skip, Col James, won the Invitation Pairs at Victoria Park Bowls Club. Social bowls are being played on the top rinks at Yeppoon. Trophy presentation day is Tu esday, November 24. 1987 winners and runners-up. District singles: I McNamara - M Elliott. Pairs: M Baglow, I McNamara - B Beckett, V Wilson. Triples: P Childs, M Baglow, I McNamara ... who were also the winners at district level. Runners up: E Batts, J Beasley and B Pettit. Fours: J Allenden, D Moulds, E Batts, M Stewart - D Roos, M Baglow, J Beasley and B Pettit. Championship singles: I McNamara - M Bradley. Pairs: T Bond, I McNamara - R Wass, M Elliott. Triples: M Bradley, A Fotheringham, E Batts - D Roos, F Denney, V Austin. Fours: D McPherson, J Barber, P Childs, I McNamara - E Saxby, V Wilson, D Engel, V Austin. Club competitions. C singles: D Roos - M Freeman. Novice singles: M Freeman - B Exten. Consistency singles: I McNamara - D Engel. Pairs: D Roos, G Powell - Y Riordan, B Pettit. Triples: M Girard sub, J Barber, E Batts - V Thompson, M Bradley, M Elliott. Fours: V Thompson, R Wass, G Powell, M Headrick sub - J Cain, D Roos, D Maher, B Pettit. 2-4-2 pairs: M Bradley, A Fotheringham - R Goody, B Pettit. Queen of the Green: M Stewart. The B singles between D Roos and M Bierwirth is yet to be finalised. Social bowls played on the two top ranks start at 1.30pm with a cost of 80 cents for greens fee. Take your own afternoon tea.

Day squash UP and coming Ladies Daytime' Squash player Anne Hodge put in a gallant performance against the stronger number five player Robyn Battersby, going down 3-2. May's Meanies defeated Sally's Sillies 16-9: May Briggs def Sally Corney 3-1; Rosemary Dakai def Joyce Hinton 3-0; Kathy Harding v Rosemary Jones 2-3; Linda Keily v Megan Anderson 2-3; Robyn Battersby def Anne Hodges 3-2; Karin Jackson def Sue Wilson 3-0. Dazzlers defeated Alice's Aces 12-8: Denise Campbell v Liz Newbery 0-3; Lyn Timms def Jenny Semple 3-1; Penny Munn def Judy Minter 3-1; Carol Knight v Pat Harris 0-3; Carol Knight def Helen Hinton 3-0; Cheryl Egan def Judy Smith 3-0. Kate's Kites defeated Liz's Whizzers 11-10: Kathy Dale def Alice Glennie 3-0; Joyce Dooley def Trish Hinton 3-1; Diane Cameron v Roslyn Clifford 0-3; Rosemary Hansen v Pam Hayman 2-3; Rosemary Hansen def Mary Anne Vearing 3-0; Sue Adamson v Alison O'Rourke 0-3. Jaguars defeated Julie's Jokers 12-11: Nita Marxsen v Julie Britton 1-3; Wendy Stephen def Marg Brodell 3-0; Sue Blake v Jean Graff 13; Cheryl Evans def Jan Schmidt 3-2; Leonie Warren v Edrae Damrow 1-3; Cordie Nugent def Lois Bayliss 3-0.

INDOOR... Baseball/Hockey The Skate and Indoor Cricket Centre will conduct a public meeting at 4pm SATURDAY (today) for the purpose of introducing two new sports to the Central Coast If unable to attend, phone... 39 3070 or 39 7627 and register your interest!

* ABOVE: Indoor Cricket Federation grand final winners in the men's and women's divisions: (back row from left) Dean Welch, Keir Welch, Darrell Webb, Jason Fleetwood and Warren Boon. Front: Fay Senlple, Charlene Benson, Laurene Lewington, Tanury Senzple, Kathy Randell, Vicki Semple and Susan O'Brien. Absent: Charlie Mackie, Ron Mackie, Graham Parkins, Sharon Semple and Sandra Mackie.

Basketballers fighting hard for a place in grand finals matches YEPPOON Ametur Basketball Association has only one fixture game to play and teams are fighting hard in the effort to make it into the grand finals. A disappointment in the junior competition is the position of Celtics. This team was undefeated who was for the whole season, but playing an unregistered player in the team and caused them to drop from first to fourth place and equal with Shadows. With one game left, LaWetz, Bombers and Aztecs are on equal points for first place. In the under 13s, Demons has a bye. This makes no difference to the points and will leave them in first place. Competition is close with Supersonics and Devils one point apart and Panthers and Raiders also with one point between them. Many of the YABA senior competition players will Rockhampton to take part in the B grade competition. The association will field teams in men's C and B grade and a women's C grade and perhaps B grade. The competition in Rockhampton will be held over the weekend of October 24 and 25 al the Hegvold Stadium.

Results. Wednesday, October 7: Coasters def Tanby Roses; Seagulls def Cougars; Iwasaki def Wanderers. Sunday, October 11: Demons def Devils; Raiders won on forfeit to Panthers; Bombers def Shadows; Aztecs def Mixed Nuts; Celtics def La Wetz. Monday, October 12: Billabongs won on forfeit to Cougars; Coasters def Cobras 65-38; Pink Galahs def Wanderers 76-15. Draws. Sunday, October 18: Court Stewarts, J Christensen, J Shackleton. 4pm: Panthers v Supersonics; J Christensen. 5pm: Devils y Raiders: D Warden. 6pm: La Wetz v Aztecs; D Warden. 7pm: Shadows v Mixed Nuts; J Shackleton. 8pm: Bombers v Celtics; D Willoughby. Bye Demons. Monday, October 19: Court Stewarts: S Stevensen, C Willoughby. 6pm: Scoobbettes v Seagulls; S Stevensen. 7pm: Billabongs v Wanderers; J Taylor, W Dooley. 8pm: Scoobbs v Cobras; S Stevensen, S Willoughby. 9pm: Tigas v Coasters; A Thomas, L Matta. Wednesday, October 21: 6pm: Cougars v Pink Galahs; S Willoughby. A Leonard. 7pm: Lamour v Iwasaki; D Frew, S Johnson. 8pm: Saints v Tanby Roses; K Dooley, G Lorraway.

Monthly medal at Yeppoon golf YEPPOON Golf Club associates played their monthly medal in two sections ... silver and bronze, last Tuesday. Cassie Freeman won the silver section with a score of 74 nett and Fay Yesberg won the bronze with 70 nett and also the section's pinshot. Nett run-down: Lorna Quigley 71, Beryl Dawson and Gay Hannan 72 each and Dawn Wahlin 70. Silver pinshot went to B Taylor; all players, B Garratt and the proshot to C Hancock. Visitors joined locals for Wednesday club play last week despite the heat. Beryl Taylor won the associates' stableford with 38 points and Dawn Wahlin was next with 37. Dawn won the first nine with 31 and a half from Stella Haskins on 34 and a half. Margaret Prior won the second nine with 30 and a half from Beryl Taylor on 31. Shirley Kruger won both pinshots and Connie Noyes took home the proshot. Ron Rogers won the members' stableford and the first nine with 42 and 31 respectively, and a pinshot. Harley Fisher, Tom Edmistone, John Cahill and Vince Hunt, followed on 39, and captain Jack Stratford andArthur Simpson were on 38. G Fly and J Degotardi followed Ron Rogers in the first nine with 31, and T. Edmistone, J Cahill and T Shields were next with 31 and a half. L Lucas won the second nine with 31, followed by T Edmistone on 31 and a half, F

Huzsak and R Rogers 33 each and A Simpson and H Fisher with 33 and a half. G Neumann won the other pinshot and T Woodbridge the proshot. The women's beginners and 36 markers played a nine hole stroke on Thursday. Mary Quinn won with 36 nett and Hebe Roberts was next on 44. The veterans played a 12 hole stableford for members and associates on Friday. Charlotte Somogyi won the women's stableford with 27 points on count-back from Cassie Freeman and Esme Woodbridge won the pinshot. Terry Woodbridge won the members' stableford with 31 points frofn John Noyes on 29 and V Svendsen won the pinshot. Jean Kean won the associates' Saturday stableford with 35 points and a pinshot. Next best was Daphne Gregg and Hazel Fry on 34. Vicki Caseleyrwon a pinshot and the proshot and the other pinshot went to J Keyes. Members played a stableford for the Bill Blanning Perpetual Shield. Garry Perrin won with 46 points and it cost him three strokes. Arthur Dougherty was next with 41 points followed by Tony Blain, Lionel Taylor, Ken Clements and Graham Rosin on 39, Geoff Williams, Vince Hunt and Bob Hancock were all on 38. A Ritchie, R Hancock, J Rhodes and I Atkinson won pinshots and the proshot went to M Prior.

Coast was beaten outright when they were forced to follow-on. Resuming at six for 80, Coast were all out for 111. Jason Dawes top-scored with 52 and John Hotz was not out on 11. With one player missina through injury, Coast was bundled out for 54pruns. Rod Melvin showed the only resistance, scoring 27. Coast was beaten by an innings and made 107 runs. Jason Dawes was Railway Hotel's man of the match. This weekend second grade will meet Southside United,at Kalka Shades and third grade will play Brothers at Victoria Park.

Wind takes toll THE freshening north-east sea breeze on Sunday afternoon gave Keppel Bay sailors some great rides on the reaches but also took its toll on the rigs with one Sharpie breaking a mast. The race started in about 12 knots of breeze and this gradually increased to about 18 knots. The breeze suited the experienced crew on 'Three Fools Fumbling' and at the end of the first leg they had established a good lead over the other sharpies. They increased this lead throughout the race and were scorching down the final back leg when they sailed into a hole and capsized to leeward. After righting the boat they rounded the last mark and set the spinnaker again for the ride home only to have a side stay break and limped home under a jury rig. `Young Arnold' was able to come through and beat them over the line followed by 'Longshot'. 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' retired when they had problems with their spinnaker pole. Results. Division I. Line Honours: Wind Surfer (Lyle Stanaway), Crusader (Damien Stover), Hypocrite (Ian Groves). Handicap: Wind Surfer, Whisper, Crusader. Division II. Line Honours: Super Roo (Ian Musker), Air Power (Darryl Skinner). Young Arnold (Rob Clay). Handicap: Super Roo, Air Power, Young Arnold. Sabots: Little Bits, Escape Too.

Benefit day for Blue Nurses THE Blue Nurses will benefit from the proceeds of a full day of bowling on Friday, October 23, at the Emu Park Cultural Hall, organised by the Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club. Prizes for the raffles and the cent sale were donated by: Ham Bartle, Henry Findlay, Alec Bacon. Denhams Savemore, Betty and Noel Ward. Jack Flood, Greens Hardware. Whites Service Station, Mrs Hopson, Pam and members of the Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club. Trophies for the winning bowlers are donated by Avis Mallory. It will be 'Triples' day and starts at 9.30am. Members and interested bowlers are asked to have their names in by Tuesday. October 20. Morning and afternoon tea provided, bringyour-own lunch. . New members to the Singing Ship Club are: Doreen Keech, George Ray-field, Marion Stratford, Merle Sheridon, Marie Morris, David Morris and Vic Stacey. Coming events: Blue Nurses day, Friday. October 23: Frenchville club will visit Emu Park on Tuesday, October 27; Singing Ship team will visit St John's on Wednesday, October 28.

Emu Park Bowls Club (Australia's most-unique Clubhouse) A Capricorn Coast Tourist Attraction MONDAYS: Local Cock o' the Walk Competition. Club opens at 3pm. TUESDAYS: Mixed Bowls, 1pm start . Club opens 10am. WEDNESDAYS: Ladies' Day. Mixed Bowls, fpm start. Trophies. Club opens 10am. THURSDAYS: Mixed Bowls, casual dress, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Also local Cock o' the Walk Competition. Club opens 10am. FRIDAYS: Mixed Three Bowl Pairs Competition. 9.30am start. Casual dress. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Roll-up, 2pm start. Casual dress. Club opens 10am. Barbecue lunch available. Barbecue tea available. SATURDAYS: Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. SUNDAYS: Men's Turkey Triples. Nominated Teams or Single entries. Casual dress. Followed by Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Barbecue lunch available. Club opens 10am. After bowls each Friday and Saturday stay on for our Barbecue. Trophies guaranteed for every of competition.Every day is a Competition Day at Emu Park Bowls Club. Phone entries to 39 6503

MELBOURNE CUP DAY Tuetclay, November 3 * Morning Tea * Fashion Parade * * Chicken and Ham Champagne Lunch * .* Afternoon Tea * Colour TV * Sweeps * $8 per head Bookings at Club...39 6503

12 — Capricorn Coast Mirror October 17 — October 23, 1987

gown Hat mile rut

Tke bark ei the (lima HERE'S one of those complaints that come up from time to time ... bloke took his dinghy down to the water at Coorooman Creek on the weekend and settled in for a spot of fishing. No sooner had he settled in than a dirty big powerboat roars past, thowing up a huge bow wave and leaving a rocky wake. The dinghy rocked violently. Bloke settles in again, sorts out lines and so on, and another dirty big powerboat roars by ... bloke grips sides of dinghy and rides out the rocking. This continued throughout the day. Bloke reckons he caught some fish and, on reflection, was pleased, overall, with day out ... but says something has to be done about speeding boats. "They're ruining a good spot and a good day out," he said.

INDOOR... Baseball/Hockey

* ABOVE: The Capricorn Coast's only Sydney Rugby League representative Wayne Alberts presented Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen with the Gold Coast Giant's emblem on a t-shirt during a ceremony on Tuesday to congratulate Wayne on his efforts. From left Yeppoon Rugby League president Maurie Webb and Yeppoon coach Terry Hansen were on hand during the presentation.

The Skate and Indoor Cricket Centre will conduct a public meeting at

Yeppoon Seagull will fly in Sydney

4pm SATURDAY (today) for the purpose of introducing two new sports to the Central Coast

If unable to attend, phone... 39 3070 or 39 7627 and register your interest!

A YEPPOON Rugby League Seagull will fly with the newly-formed Gold Coast Giants which play in next season's Sydney competition. Wayne Alberts, whoplayed this year with the Seagulls, secured a berth with the Giants after winning only one-of-three places still available. Re leaves for the Gold Coast next week where he will begin training and start his new 1 I II I I 1I

Areyou GUILTY of neglecting your body? SQUASH it into

SHAPE! at Capricorn Coast Squash, the family Squash Centre I Phone 39 2444

It's a maw! 4-Stroke!


Big night out YEPPOON Rugby League Club's presentation night will be held at the Strand Hotel tonight (Saturday). Club president Maurie Webb said the night would give players and supporters the chance to congratulate Wayne Alberts .on hisselection in the Gold Coast Giants team. Mind Magician Frank Johnson will will present his well-known stage show as part of the night's entertainment. Also, a Brisbane A grade side is expected to attend the night as part of a five-day stay on the Coast. The team won the Brisbane sub-district competition.

No Pre-mixing Petrol & Oil

Yamaha's High- n n Thrust n

Optimum performance at low and medium

engine speeds from the Unique Dual Thrust System for high thrust forward and reverse.

1675 COOEE BAY MARINE39 cnr Tanby - Road and McBean St, Ye• •oon

A NEW SEASON • Nominate your cricket or netball team by 2 November and be in the draw to have the first 4 games free. • Special Friday night comp. Mixed social cricket, 6 ball over, only $5 per game.

2 McBean Street 39 2235 CRICKET It's a hit with my mates..

job. In a short ceremony at Livingstone Shire Council on Tuesday, chairman Cr John Bowen and Yeppoon Rugby League president Maurie Webb, congratulated Wayne, and Yeppoon coach Terry Hansen, for his selection with the Giants. Mr Webb said Wayne, originally from Clermont, comes from a sport-orientated family. He said Wayne "excelled" at rugby league and was worthy of praise for the work and training he had put in to further his career with the sport. When he started playing with the Seagulls a season ago, his ability quickly shone through and he was soon selected for representative football with the Central Queensland Capras team. He then was selected in the successful Queensland Country side which this year defeated Brisbane for the first time. Mr Hansen said Wayne's achievement was also a first for the Coast which had never before had a player selected to play in the Sydney Rugby League competition. He said Wayne had "heaps of ability and the right attitude" to become a notable player with the Giants in the Sydney competition.

Singles winner


BERYL Wincen is Emu Park Ladies Bowling Club's 1987 championship singles winner. Marion Mallison is B grade champion with Kathy Cliffe C grade champion. Joe Smith and Beryl Wincen are the club pairs champions and the 2-4-2 champions are Lil Mills and Beryl Wincen. Club triples winners are Edith Gibson, Lil Mills and Dulcie Locke. Club fours champions: Edith Gibson, Dot McKenzie, Kathy Cliffe and Joyce Barber. Consistency singles winner is Dulcie Locke and Joyce Barber is Queen of the Green. Championship pairs: Ivy McNamara and Kathy Cliffe. Championship triples: Betty Byrne, Marion Mallison and Ivy McNamara. Championship fours: Joy Stewart, Mary Peacock, Marion Mallison and Beryl Wincen. Presentation day is October 28 for ladies only with an 11.30am start and high tea at 2pm.

WHILE on the subject of boating ... Vince Welsh of Cooee Bay Marine is offering someone the chance to get into the powerboat set at a low, low price; he's giving away a 40hp Evinrude outboard. Wait, finish reading the item before you rush off. It's a 1969 model and it "goes". But (wait for it), it needs some work. Now this is the deal. Vince wants whoever wins it to buy the parts it needs off him to repair it. They can take them home and do what repairs are necessary themselves or they can get a mate to do it ... or Vince will do it. He estimates parts needed are points, condensers and coil and, all up, they'reworth about $150. Still sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? So what's the catch? Well, Vince reckons consumerism has gone mad today. He traded in the motor and, if he does the work it needs, will have to sell it at a price that will allow him to cover himself should anything else blow up. Apparently, we consumers are protected to the extent that pretty well anything that goes wrong with the motor can be brought home to Vince for free repairs. But, if he gives away the motor, and then is asked by the winner to repair it, Vince's obligation extends only to the work that he is asked to do. Of course, if the winner chooses to do the work at home, Vince is under no obligation. The result of all this is Vince is a bloke who believes he's better off giving something away rather than selling it. Funny world, isn't it?

* GLENDA MATHER, who lives at the Caves, has contributed this item for James Hill which she headed "live and laugh": 7pm, Friday, and reading about fires:and how to save money by reducing the manpower, in the latest edition of the Mirror. Number-one son comes running in shouting "there's a fire down the paddock". All four residents grab spray pump, wet bags and water buckets, and head off into the darkness for the best part of half a mile. Obviously some nong had been careless or stupid earlier in the day, and the fire had found its way along the railway line to our place by nightfall. Help was already there in the form of a 14-year-old neighbour. After some time, with buckets empty, and covered in soot (it felt more like coal-dust) we trekked home, single file, along the railway tracks. In the darkness the silence broke when number-one son cried out "oh no!" Looking around, expecting to find a new outbreak, or maybe a train, I quipped: "What's wrong." He replied, sadly: "We've missed ALF!" * * *

ADDED to the bottom of the item, Glenda wrote ... Food for Thought: The habit of common and continuous speech is a symptom of mental deficiency. -- Walter Bagehot. THEN, for a final word this week on the fire situation ... bloke dropped in to the Mirror office on Wednesday night to say he thought it was a "bit rough" that a suburb of Yeppoon had a bigger fire brigade than Yeppoon itself. Asked what he meant, he said: "Rockhampton!!!"

New Season's Swimwear


It's caught on with the guys too

BOOKINGS NOW OPEN FOR... Learn-to-Swim * Stroke Correction Squad Training (all levels) * Water Polo, Adult Club...Health, Fitness and Aerobics Open 7 days-a-week...Contact David Milburn 39 4537 28 4525 a/ti

Capricorn Coast Olympic Swimming Pool