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ISSUE 212 SATURDAY, September 5, 1987 — FRIDAY, September 11, 1987

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El AT LEFT: It's cricket bats such as

this one, signed by the 1987 England, West Indies and Australian cricket teams that make it possible for the Wanderers Cricket Team to wander. The bats are raffled and raise about $400 each time ... and that goes towards the Wanderers' tours. Mick Bangers of St Brendan's College is in charge of selling the tickets- for this particular bat and he was helped out on Monday night at the Pacific Hotel when (from left) Sam Trimble, Mark Tooley, Mick Teys, Carl Rackemann and Brett Henschell encouraged patrons to buy tickets.


Cresta seeks 'calm debate' on removing division three prisk, DIVISION two countillor Mario Cresta 4...

-has a nbliCe of motion before council to F. ,t-emove the Marlborough-based division thr4r . prp the shire ... and he wants a "calm debate" on the matter. He said this week he "had the numbers" (seven votes are needed) but he stressed he was not pushing the issue. Cr Cresta said he believes it would be in everyone's best interests if division three became part of another shire ... Fitzroy, Broadsound or Duaringa. Two of the three division three councillors agree with him. In fact, one of them, Cr Ted Smith, will second the motion. But a Capricorn Coast Mirror survey this week showed not all councillors see the matter in such simple terms. The voting could be close. Cr 'Cresta said his notice of motion was not designed to leave division three "out on a limb". The motion calls for councillors to agree to have Local Government Minister Russ Hinze start the machinery to have division three transferred to another more rural-based shire. But the motion also wants ratepiyers to have a say. Cr Cresta wants a referendum conducted in conjunction with the March 19, 1988 shire council .elections. The referendum would be conducted for the benefit of all people affected ... including electors of Fitzroy, Broadsound and Duaringa. Cr 'Cresta has called for shire accountant Dennis Murphy to put together the figures necessary to show what money was involved and this would be• presented to the next council meeting along with the notice of motion.


Division three is responsible for 413 rate notices out of 8238 throughout the shire ... or about 5 per cent. The 413 rate notices return $123,880 in general urban and rural rate ... compared with $2,213,928 for the rest of the shire ... or 5.59 per cent. Cr Cresta, in his notice of motion, said the Coast-based divisions one and two, plus the Caves-based division four, had more in common in the pursuit of encouraging tourism. "This can be demonstrated by the number of tourist attractions in these areas," Cr Cresta said. Cr Ted Smith sad it "was time the shire relooked at the boundaries in particular those in division three". Cr Smith said he intended to second Cr Mario Cresta's notice of motion because his end of the shire "had nothing in common with the Capricorn Coast and division three should join a shire that has a much more rural basis". He said there was a lot of support within division three for a boundary change especially in the top end. Cr Smith hoped the change would occur because it would benefit his division in the long run. Cr Ron Landsberg of division three said a referendum would be needed before anyone' could decide the area's fate. Cr Landsberg said he knew of a percentage of people, mostly graziers, who wanted the change in boundaries but among these people were ones "quite happy with their present deal" from council. He pointed out what one effect could be if division three was tagged onto either Fitzroy or Broadsound.

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"Many roads meet these shire's roads and they aren't as good as Livingstone Shires," he said. In Cr Landsberg's opinion splitting the division would only be taking a "backward step". Division two's Cr Geoff Cue said he understood division three ratepayers wanted to join a shire which had similar rural interests. "I am already on record as saying it would be in the Shire's interest to let division three go with a shire of similar interests," Cr Cue said. "Division one and two have a much larger urban population and division four is also increasing but I don't see the growth in division three. "However before a decision is made to change boundaries, the council would have to work out the costs of losing division three to another shire. "Not only the effect of losing the division but also the amount of compensation would have to be considered," he said. Cr Cue said there.was a particular process to go through before the division could actually change boundaries and it involved feedback from the division, reasons for the motion, and the real costs and disadvantages. Cr Barbara Wildin said "if the people of division three wanted to change boundaries," then she would agree to Cr Mario Cresta's notice of Motion. "It seems quite a lot of people in that division are in favour of boundary changes," Cr Wildiri said. Another division two representative, Cr

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John Dowie, said splitting the shire was a . step in the wrong direction. He said he wasn't in favour of the move but had expected it to happen because of the rural and urban rate division during the budget meeting. Cr Dowie said if the shire lost another division it would decrease the area's viability. "If the shire wasn't viable and able to support itself it would soon be taken over by a larger shire and probably have only a couple of representatives," he said. "If you keep cutting off hunks the shire can only go backward. "The whole shire would suffer and it's a direct result of the budget meeting. "Cr Ellen Cogill cannot see beyond the potholes in her road and Cr Cresta is taking the wrong direction, but it's the only possible action to justify what happened at the budget meeting. However Cr Dowie said neither councillor had thought of the long term effects on the shire. He said the motion at the budget meeting to increase rural rates had been defeated and was a direct result of Cr Cresta's actions. "Cr Cresta has to defend the people he represents but by splitting the shire he is only aggravating the problem," Cr Dowie said. Division one councillor Duncan McDonald said giving away land to another shire was a "bad blue". Cr McDonald is not in favour of giving away land but if division three people wanted to change then he would consider the possibility of changing. "The shire doesn't have enough 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987

Coast environmentally sensitive'



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THE Capricorn Coast is one of the most "environmentally sensitive" areas in Queensland, shadow member for environment Pat Comben said this week. Mr Comben toured local environmental concerns including the proposed Bayfield National Park and the Bat Cleft at The Caves. He also spoke with a number of Capricorn Coast environmental groups. Mr Comben said "with the Undelivered proposed Bayfield National Park and unprotected Mt Etna it was inevitable controversy and confrontation will eventually arise". "A major thrust of our next election campaign will be state and regional conservation strategies which will aim at

protecting important environmental sites in Queensland but also allows sustainable development. "The Capricorn Coast will feature prominently in this strategy. "Declaration and devlopment of park facilities at the proposed Bayfield site will be a major boost for local leisure and tourist development in the area and equally important will be Mt Etna," Mr Comben said. The Broadsound electorate will be targetted in the election run-up to highlight the difference between the major political parties' policies. Broadsound wili be targetted because "it is the most environmentally sensitive seat in the State," Mr Comben said.

El ABOVE: State ALP spokesman for environment, administration and corrective services Pat Comben spent two days on the Coast this week. He is pictured with Yeppoon ALP branch president David Timbs at Ross Creek ... the site of a proposed marina.

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THE two-club only competition on Sunday was a hit among Pacific Hotel social golfers, with most opting for a putter and five iron. Gary Arnold (Palmer) won the nett event and Bill Bradford shot the best gross of 48. Pin shot winner was Des Hallam, while Col Millars came back from North Queensland to record the worst round of 79.

0 ABOVE: Visiting Test fast bowler Carl Rackeman at the Pacific Bar with Terry Hansen, Bill Mackie and Bill Thomson. •

Pacific Hotel and LIQUOR BARN


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Bayfield Park proposal 'alive and well' - MLA MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said a National Park proposal for the Bayfield area was alive and well. He said "suggestions by Labor spokesmen the area would be sold to Japanese interests were garbage". Mr Hinton said the selling of land adjacent the proposed Bayfield National Park was beyond government control. "If the National Parks department had been the purchaser it would have been nice but it was stretched to the limit and in no position to buy the land," he said. He also said due to the Federal government lifting Foreign ownership restrictions, it had opened the door to "massive Foreign ownership in Australia, without Australian equity". Mr Hinton added there was enormous State government support for the proposed Bayfield National Park not covered by lease authorities from the Mining department. He said these had first priority land use but the authority to prospect leases are reviewed annually and could be added to any National Park when they expire. "It is an enormous task to complete, considering the number of departments involved but I will continue to strive for the gazettal of Bayfield National Park as soon as possible," Mr Hinton said.

Merry Widow starts season THE Merry Widow, produced by Yeppoon Choral Society starts its season at the Yeppoon Town Hall tonight (Saturday). The show will be presented on Thursday, September 10 and Saturday, September 12 and the curtain raises at 7.45pm. Tickets for tonight's performance are still available and can be purchased at the door. For the other two nights, bookings can be made at Stewart and Brumm, Chemists.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987 — 3

Chamber has a new procedure


A NEW look Chamber of Commerce began its new financial year with a new format designed to "get the work done". President Andrew McClelland welcomed 19 Coast business representatives to his first meeting in the chair. He said although a relatively new member to the chamber he planned to help the group grow. He instituted a number of innovations into the meeting including an itemised agenda giving the blow-by-blow description of events to be discussed during the night. His intentions to stick rigidly to the new system -were highlighted by the meeting starting and finishing hour. The meeting started at 6.30pm and finished one minute before 8pm, the finishing time. During the meeting elections of officers was carried out. Interim vice-presidents Connie Noyes and Pat Andersen resigned from their positions and Mike Walter was elected. Pat Andersen is treasurer, Yvonne Saint Martin secretary and executive members are Terry Simpson, Vince Welsh and a representative from Savemore Traders yet to be decided. Mr McClelland hopes to use the executive committee to clear the formalities before the main meeting so as to allow time for discussion of more important matters. He is interested in the Coast's growth and future and hopes to make it a "better place to live". A number of sub-committee were formed to look into matters of local concern and interest. A fast food and cafe committe chaired by Mike Walter includes Ann Ward, Ross Dickson and Cr Brian Dorey as. members. Shirley Burton has been asked to chair a group which will look into Christmas Trading hours. Mr McClelland, John Lever, John Watson, Hubert Murray and Vince Welch will all look at the shire structure plan.

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39 3675 o ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Squash Rackets Association held its trophy night at Keppel Bay Sailing Club on Saturday. Pictured are four of the grade winners (from left): Glen Ward (A grade); Keuin Allery (B grade); Ann Priem (D grade) and Chris Briggs (A grade).

Cancer appeal THE Queensland Cancer fund will be holding its annual Doorknock appeal on Sunday, September 13. Yeppoon co-ordinator Ernie O'Sullivan said he wanted total community support for the appeal which had already raised money for 32 different cancer research projects in Queensland. During next week special donation envelopes will be delivered to householders in the area but volunteers are still needed to help with collections on the Sunday. Any Service club, youth group or residents willing to give two hours of their time are asked to contact Mr O'Sullivan on 39 1110 (work), or 39 1327 (home). Mr O'Sullivan said "this isn't just another appeal but was absolutely vital if work by the Queensland Cancer Fund continued in the field of cancer research, education, treatment and service".


Ron Feely said a glucometer was used to test levels of sugar. A drop of blood is taken from the finger and put under the tester. Mr Feely said the accepted range for sugar levels was between 2.5 and 8mlols. The levels fluctuate depending on the amount of sugar intake the same day. If levels are over 8mlols the sisters will recommend the person visit their Doctor. On the otherhand if the level is under 2.5mlols it too can mean a disorder in the blood. Mr Feely said this condition was referred to as Hypoglycaemia and also would be advisable to visit a doctor. It will be a good opportunity for people to test their blood level. There will also be information pamphlets available.

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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror

September 5 — September 11, 1987 THE Blue Nursing Auxiliary held its annual We might have moved our office ... general meeting on Wednesday, August 26. but we are still very much in business The 1987/88 executive: president Beryl on the Coast! Watson, secretary Doss Bird, treasurer Shirley Green, vice presidents Nicole Ray and Ann Cribb. Following the recent luncheon and fashion parade ... and successful it was, thanks goes to the combined efforts of very local supporters for whom the auxiliary is grateful. The next ://time/ and... fund raising function is the annual garden fete at Jo Rundle's home at Zilzie on Saturday, October 10. Preparations are in hand and organisers want are now located at... this fete to be extra-special in memory of Jo's husband Bill, who passed away on July 14. 43 Bridge Street Community members who have any North Rockhampton suggestions to the organising of the fete or who are interested in helpingare welcome to attend (opp Police,Youfh 'Club) the next auxiliary ' meeting on Monday, September 7 at 2pm in the Blue Nurses building New Homes * Extensions * Garages, ... in Normanby Streit oppositeithe post office., Carports * Farm Sheds a. • The monthly meetings are usually of one hour 'duration and the "auxiliarys 22 1611 correspondent said'that i(over. the president's, life is in danger.



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EMU PARK guides and brownies will have a Fathers Day Fun Night on Saturday, September 5 (the day before) at the Cultural Hall starting at 7pm. The night is a family fancy dress with music by Billy the Mountain. A light supper will be provided and refreshments on sale. Prizes for the best dressed boy, girl, male and female and then a joint one for fa family. Admission is.$2.50 per person or $10 for a family. o ❑ o GIGGLE and Gossip will support the bush children's home at theJunction to:- be held OrrMonday, September 7 at the Billabong Restaurant, Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. B9Ok in, 39 0211, for the noon mart. o o o . YOU have to, be in it to win,it. The Don Ireland Swimming. Complex ComMittee, is having a Silver Circle. Tickets are starting to move and you can make sure of your dhance by contact Bev Green at Green's Hatdware,. Emu Park; 39 6237. o o o • • CAPRICORN Coast Justice and Peace Group is a group of people concerned with social justice -issues, and peace and . disarmament. The next meeting is on September 12 at 9.30ann, 31 Morris Street, Yeppoon. For more information, 39 7682 or 39 1728. o o o YEPPOON Lapidary Club's next outing is on Sunday (tomorrow). Departure is from Yeppoon Railway Station at 7.30am ... by bus. People interested in going on the outing are asked to notify the club no later than this afternoon (Saturday) at the clubhouse in Yeppoon Showgrounds. Space is limited to 17. Members and visitors welcome. o o o EMU Park Pensioners social held on Wednesday, August 26 in the Cultural Hall was a bright and happy affair. The Rockhampton and Coast visitors as well as members were welcomed by president Win Nelson. The Evergreens, suitably dressed in oldfashioned clothes, opened the concert with Dream songs. The stage was draped in materials of many colours and provided an ideal back-drop for the afternoon's entertainment. Phil and Rene Jones combined for a pleasant duet on the piano and saxaphone. Joe McIntyre, in his own inimitable fashion; did a little 'magic' ...round-to-it and then recited a poem. Alf Marcombe entertained with two beautiful songs and Doreen Svendsen showed her style with the Charleston. Lorna McIntyre sang two lovely songs and she was followed by Pearl Curry who sang and danced her way into the audience's hearts. Charles Swindles sang waltz songs with Lorna McIntyre and George Bardrick showing everyone their style of waltz. Hilton Cook played the mouth organ and had everyone toetapping. Then came Crystal Philp who sang two • delightful numbes. The afternoon's performances by artists was then broken by the audience taking part in a barn dance. Stan Nelson was social compere and he performed this job admirably, and managed to fit in some songs. Win Nelson accompanied on the piano ... Ella Lewis hasn't been well. The afternoon tea was served and everyone enjoyed the tasty repast. Phil and Rene Joned then led eVeryone. in another toe-tapping piano/saxaphone Stan Nelson s.liggested a monte carlo which was warhb,y Peg Stevens `rid George Bardrick. Mrs Ha 'Isang and then Charlie S‘kinciles sang ahother bracket; He was followed by.Peg Stevens (fresh. ft.prn her win) and, ,Mciptyre in a. duct: Hilton CoOk returned for. another tuhe., Tithe mouth 'Organ. • Mrs PederSon of Bauhinia Mouse won the; Bauhinia special Molise raffle 'arid Mrs Carriey; also from ..V , wo-rltbe.second. Mrs Watson '1arkcl; Mrs Saunderswon 'Taffies, and the lucky, door went •toDorisWilkinson. ,. • The:next sociaitson Wednesday,September 30 in th-e. Emu -Park Cultural Hall. 'A

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YEPPOON Hospital Auxiliary is in danger of folding if new members aren't found and a new executive isn't elected at the annual general meeting on Thursday, September 10. Most of the present executive: president Jim. Stephens; vice president Bob • Kearney; secretary Marj Cornell and treasurer Penny Stephens will be stepping cloy/rt. They have worked for the 'auxiliary .for, rriany, years and would like a break. It isn't a heavy burden to carry ... tickets to be sold once a month outside Savernore and . monthly meetings. ' If you are able to help contact any of •the abOve executive or go along to the hospital on • Thursday, September 10. o o •,a ST JAMES Guild memb eis thank everyOne who helped in any way to make the recent Spring Fair a success. . .. Lucky door winner was . Lois :Banker. Competitidn winners: plant stall, Mrs M Brown; sweet stall, first Mrs K McCosker, second Mrs M Stockley; cake stall, Mrs J Walsh; flower stall, Mrs K McCosker; prod•ace stall, D Adams; jam stall, Mrs S Kruger; decorated cake, Mrs C Welfare. The most fair's most successful exhibitor was Mrs A Abel who also had the most entries and won the most entries section for cookery. Mrs E Warwick won the flowers section; Mrs R West, the jams and Mrs D Ward won the needlework. The full results will be in next week's Mirror. o o o A cent sale for the Don Ireland Swimming Complex will be held on September 9 in the Emu Park CWA Hall starting at 9.30am. o o o EMU Park State School is having a linen demonstration to raise money for an Expo excursion. The function is on Tuesday, September 8 at 10.30am in the Emu Park CWA Hall and everyone is welcome. a o o THERE will be no social next Tuesday for the Yeppoon Pensioners' League. The afternoon has been put back for a week because of a block booking of the town hall and will now be held on Tuesday, September 15 at 1pm .1. at the town hall. This is the first occasion the league has had to transfer a social since it was formed in 1960. o o a A SPRING-TIME Fair on Saturday, September 26 in the Emu Park Catholic church grounds will have stalls ranging from cakes to white elephant and includes stacks of plants. Organisers said the fair is to raise money to paint the old hall in Archer Street. The hall is now being used frequently by Emu Park organisations. The fair starts at 9am in the church grounds, Archer Street, Emu Park.

SAT: 7.30pm Youth at Spenter's. SUN: 10am, YepPoon CWA Hall. All service with Pat andI,, USA. ": r 6.30om; Yeppoon •CWA Hall. All service with Pat and Lee, USA. TOES: 7.30pm, LLI. Lay Leadership at' Pastor's. Introduction. Supper after. (Please be early) WED: 9.30am sharp.. LLI day class. Pastor's. Cuppa after. THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer.

Paper Laffilifiting Keppel Art & Framing 50 Normanby stag 1774


Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987 —


Cardavut COWL&le HELEN Fitchen of 53 Lindsay Street, Zilzie would like the woman who picked up her son, Timothy, (8) on the side of Connor Street, near Hartley Street, Zilzie to contact her. Timothy was picked up, unconscious, by the unkown woman and taken home ... she found. his name and address inside his school bag. Timothy was riding his bike home (on an indirect route), skidded in gravel and came a cropper. He is a lucky little boy ... skinned face, broken right arm, skinned right knee and both arms, his teeth have had to be bridged and he is a right mess. Mrs Fitchen said that she was so upset when the woman in a cream or white, large older-style car delivered him home that she forgot to ask the woman's name and to thank her ... she would like to rectify that and asks the woman to please phone her, 39 6608. Timothy is a lucky boy ... if he hadn't been wearing a skid-lid his injuries could have been worse. Mrs Fitchen said that he was taken directly to hospital after the woman left and was just coming around. Besides the woman who helped, a plumber in a green vehicle brought the bike home. If the woman is too shy to come forward, perhaps someone else who saw the accident at about 4pm on Thursday, August 27 in Connor Street, near Hartley Street, Zilzie, would like to contact Mrs Fitchen and maybe the unknown may become the known. D o ❑ DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, October 10. Garden fete at Jo Rundle's home, Zilzie for the Blue Nursing Service.


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DATE CLAIMER: Members of the Order of St Luke welcome everyone to a Healing to be held at Christ Church, Emu Park tomorrow (Sunday) at 7.30pm. The guest speaker is Order of St Luke federal secretary Jean Coates. Everyone is welcome. ❑ o o THE annual re-union of St Faith's past pupils is on Sunday, October 4. A service will start at 10am in St James Anglican Church, Mary Street, Yeppoon and will be followed by a luncheon at Kanangra Restaurant at noon. Exact numbers are needed for the luncheon. Please ring Rene West, 39 1386, by September 20 to confirm your attendance. o o o "WHY am I so tired? Breastfeeding and fatigue" ... the topic for nursing mothers on Thursday, September 10 at 9.30am. The venue is 23 Olympia Avenue, Barlow's Hill. Phone, 39 1671, if you need directions or more information. O



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A PLAY reading for Yeppoon Little Theatre will follow the monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 8 at 8pm. All past, present and hopeful members are invited to Rosalie Steyn's home, 12 Power Street to enjoy the evening. If you are interested in joining the little theatre group, contact Lyn Stephens, 39 3068. ❑ o ❑ DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, September 16, Yeppoon Town Hall, mini cent sale and other entertainment, afternoon tea and lucky door. Endeavour Foundation, Capricorn Coast branch. DATE CLAIMER. Saturday, October 3. Emu Park Anglican Church street stall, Hill Street (near Green's). Homemade cakes, biscuits, pickles, relishes, novelties and lots more. ❑ o o COMPETITION winners at St James Guild cent sale were Mrs M Ahern, Mrs M Robinson, Mrs A Mallory, Mrs B Helmore and Mrs J Smalley. Jackpot winners was Mrs Chiana and Mrs Birse won the lucky door. The next cent sale is on September 23 in the St James hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon. ❑ o o "BEATING the system" and the many ways in which the system can be beaten were revealed in a clear and well-rehearsed speech at Yeppoon Forum's meeting. Wilmer Thomson, as main speaker, provided access for the following speakers on the topic. Joan Whyte, Jackie Hole, Jan Edwards, Janine Cossor, Leo Carpenter and Billie Sinclair also spoke on different ways that systems are misused or altered to bring about changes within society ... and some of the better advances in the system. The special guest was Central Regional Council president Mrs A J D Martin who attended as critic. Mrs Martin and Del Williams were made welcome by chairman Joanne Madden. The vote of thanks to the speakers was proposed by Janice Froschauer. Forum will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, September 9 and the main speaker will be club council delegate Billie Sinclair. She will speak to the topic ... How gifted are you? Members expect that the topic will be as successful as Beating the System. Hostesses will be Leo Carpenter and Gaye Schipper. If you are hostess for the night and unable to attend the meeting, please find a substitute ... of course emergencies occur and other members would be pleased to fill in. o ❑ o THE 62nd annual general meeting of Emu Park CWA is on Monday, September 7 at 10am in the Hill Street hall. • o CWA members organise their annual general meetings to help special guests and visitors. Here on the Coast both the Yeppoon and Emu Park groups hold the annual general meetings on the same day ... one in the morning and the other in the afternoon so that visitors and guests aren't put out. The Emu Park notice is before this 'thought' Yeppoon CWA will hold its 62nd annual general meeting on Monday, September 7 at 1.30pm in the Normanby Street hall. o o ❑ ROCKHAMPTON Multiple Birth Association will have a Fathers Day barbecue on Sunday (tomorrow) at 11am in the Botanical Gardens. The barbecue is bring-your-own. For more information contact Michelle Clark, 28 7109. ❑ o o A FASHION parade will be held at the Oaks Service Station for Rotaract Pineapple Princess entrant Kim Beasley on Thursday, September 10 at 1pm. The function is a three course luncheon and a fashion parade by Krugers and a complimentary bus will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 11am, returning before 3pm. Admission is $15 and there will be a lucky door and spot prizes.






Mrs.McGregors Margarine 500g Re • ular and Salt Reduced

Farm Fresh Lettuce


to sty fah.";1::: "in Prithis ::.N" nP" : :"! o

On Sale Until Saturdayi2thSeptember, While Stocks Last. Limit Rights Reserved. YOU'LL LOVE THE DISCOUNTS AT V


6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987

Pilot advertising promotion well underway — MP

COOEE CORNER Fast Food * Chickens * Batt * Fish 'n' Chips *

7 days — 7am to 8pm Phone orders to 39 1033

10' co sic.°SHELL MUSEUM Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50`A children 50c Hill St, Yeppoon - 39 2386, 39 1313a/h•

ROYAL HOTEL KEPPEL SANDS Extends a welcome to all visitors for a friendly drink

XXXX and Carlton on tap

Tke kigkleet &We Wept ex Ike Coast

0 ABOVE: Water Resources Minister Martin Tennis and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton inspect the scale model of the proposed Rosslyn Bay Harbour extensions. The model is at Deagon, Brisbane.


) Relive the past at —

Ip ER d.5 ' Run mu Park

Saturday Sunday ...from 10am, last guests through gates at 3pm


Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Inquiries: Mrs J Ward,


39 6466 and 28 1560

plItiE101001, 1 7 suNtj




Scale model to check harbour MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Water Resources Minister Martin Tenni have inspected a scale model of proposed Rosslyn Bay Harbour extensions. The model was built by the Queensland Government Hydraulics Laboratory at Deagon in Brisbane. Mr Hinton said the full-scale model incorporated computerised storm creation techniques and is now under test. The laboratory has been experimenting with various harbour formations, including a major northern wall from Statue Point, which meets the existing breakwater and various combinations of harbour entrances. These are designed to create a still harbour in time of gale-force conditions, as well as prevent any build up of silt in the harbour entrances. Mr Hinton said he was impressed with the model and the storm-simulating equipment. Mr Tenni and Mr Hinton watched while storms were created; equal to the worst expected-in 10 years and the worst that could be expected in 100 years. They saw the effects such storms would have on the proposed harbour walls and water turbulence within the harbour. "With the model now under consideration, turbulence is absolutely minimal from the wave action created," Mr Hinton said. "However, of course, there was no artificial wind conditions created." He said he hoped that some construction of the new facilities could start this financial year. These would initially be extensions to the existing wall, (part of the overall concept) and would giye immediate protection to existing trawler moorings. However, Cabinet has not yet allocated this work. "The whole harbour, when completed, is estimated to cost in the vicinity of $8 million," Mr Hinton said. However, because the final design has not been completed, the exact cost has not been determined. "I have been assured by Mr Tenni that construction of the completed Rosslyn Bay Harbour is a high priority with the Harbours and Marine Department, and the Capricorn Coast community can be assured I will be pressing for its early completion," Mr Hinton said.

MOVES to obtain a special grant for funding a pilot advertising promotion for Central Queensland Tourism was well underway, Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright said this week. Following discussions with the head of the Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education, Mr Wright said he had met with senior lecturers at the institute who outlined the thrust of the proposed submission. Liam Ryan and Ken Dooley were heading the task force preparing the submission, with the help of Les Killion. Mr Wright said the objective was to approach the Federal Government asking for a one-off grant to enable a special advertising promotion programme to be launched to promote Central Queensland. "There has always been growing concern and criticism about the way Central Queensland is always left out in State-run promotions," Mr Wright said. Mr Wright said Central Queensland had everything any tourist would want, whether it be beaches, sapphires, cattle country, mountaineering, whatever. "It's all in Central Queensland," he said. "Clearly, the days of parochial advertising and one-off promotion have to go and we will only achieve the tourist growth by getting our act together." Mr Wright said he would initiate discussions with tourist entrepreneurs in the northern parts of the region and, hopefully, within a few months, would be co-ordinating a full conference of tourist entrepreneurs to support the submission to the Federal Government and to develop a strategy for promotion and tourist development in the region.

The Stutitewec Paitk •Ph.

orders 39 1397 *Meals, snacks *Juices, vitamins • *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

Hong Kong Cafe BYO Restaurant & Take Away El Meals for 4 people o Meals for 6 people o Meals for 8 people


534.50 539.50

LUNCH: 55.50 (sit down); 54 t/a l I


39 4568

Open lunch & dinner every day, closed Tues

Lions give car fill77/1.),

SuPRErnE- $ 750 SPECIAL. 7.50 $9.50 7.95 /O. 0o TYIARINARF1 HAVIIIAN 6.50 8.50 650 8.5o PEPPERONI 6.50 8.5o VEGETARIAN Gqr lic Bread 1.00 i3Aaav) fisH, 5-/rERK8oRGFR5. allocoicHks, Hitavoe --,93rEo,0-//CKENI elaRt4x,./il(0261 /faAii 8firiMiA CROMeke;61/AEO 53bii C'/ /PS, 7Thro SC441-0P3 ; Din c../VSI jPIVAIC e01,14) CHiCiaEN N 066 c&.

n 4 CURRMD 'RAuwn,s 4 t\ IGE 3.50 CURRIED Colo.:EN RIC.f Z •17(:) 13BQ SPRo. 618s +RICE x .90 CE-ilakN CalPS4 GSAVY 2-90 Sur Scog C,141ciN 3.50 3.5o Scow sours Fisti mi ntscocc 3.50 04Rons-risitirne cift,)e acme 3.50 ROAST RAK ROAST 8AEF 04- Gr4vj 350 (4Gravy 3.50 ROAST.CA-1(0<EN al/ ROAST 1DINNERS served °SA 'We° 16rpkin ci-

ABOUT every two years the Blue Nursing Service exchanges its vehicles. The Lions Club tries to match the changeover amount by donating the money needed to buy the car. This year the club donated $3000 toward buying the car and secretary Kel Hutton presented the association with the keys last week.

Eat in or take-away Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon

Third block from beach Phone orders to...39 4422

Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY P*407

_ „:-.7., -.......

A.,...1.. , ' • .......•• Mbar 1.20•1111.117U11.7 11110,4011111

GeociEs, GIG/Wm-Es DRINKS, Ica CgEA M YS A WE41( be

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach

service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory. _ . •.

information and bookings: 33:6144; 27 2948


Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987 — 7 .

End of Season

DISCO in aid of the

Capcoast Rugby Club Congratulations on a great effort in the 1987 Season `" from all of us at the Railway Hotel

0 ABOVE: Franki Ganter had the audience purring with delight when she appeared in Margot Mott's Fashion with Flair sponsored by Capricorn Coast Scope at Yeppoon Town Hall on Friday night.

Big welcome for Franki Ganter

* Champagne * Giveaways

Sunday Night

* Cooler * Tastings

6.30pm to 11pm

one male model kept the crowds entertained during the night. J J's Dance Troupe opened the night with a brisk dance performed to Funky Town. Kanangra's dinner for two was won by Kay Hasell while Bayiew Tower's dinner for two went to Jude Munns. The Yeppoon Scope Club especially thanks B P Yeppoon, Irons Mitre 10 Hardware and Sawmill, Pacific Hotel and Liquour Barn, Bayview Tower Motor Inn, Kanangra Restaurant, Blue Nursing Service, Tanby Roses, Coucoms Shell Mt.seum, His 'n' Hers, Donna Marie Salon, Salon 24, Kruger's Fashions, Denise's Resort Wear, Temptations, Capricorn Coast Mirror, Morning Bulletin, Scope Husbands and J J's Dance Troupe.

FRANKI Ganter had a resounding welcome from her hometown-crowd when she appeared with Margot Mott's Queensland Fashion with Flair performance last week. The fashion show was organised by the Yeppoon Scope Club who were ecstatic with the number of people who turned up. The fashion extravaganza highlighted the latest fashions in beachware, summerware and also gave Coast designers a chance to model their clothing. Margot Mott, a former Queensland and Australian Mannequin of the year, judged the Miss and Mrs Capricorn Coast Fashion House won by Temptation Boutique. Five female models, including Franki, and

DON'T FORGET THE... Wednesday

Discos saFtruldr%y Nights Great Drive-In Liquor Specials KINDILAN

Cresta seeks 'calm' motion debate ❑ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

ratepayers and even though there's about 400 odd in division three we still need them," Cr McDonald said. "The rural region isn't a liability on the shire. "And, about six years ago when another move was made to split the shire it two, it was found the urban areas needed the rural area to help support them. "Also, there are a lot of mineral deposits in division three and it would be wrong to get rid of them," Cr McDonald said. Not only does he think it a "bad blue" to

Where to stay on the Coast


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek) Own private beach (079) 39 1421 BEACHFRONI SELF-CONTAINED UNITS ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs PHONE (079) 39 1594 • •


• Enjoy Island Views from every unit a: the

Bay Vacatioper 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overn' ht & W ekl 079 39 1213 •

• ID

•• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

split the division but also thinks it wrong to get rid of them. Cr Kevin Hinze is definitely against "giving away anymore of the Livingstone Shire". "The council can't keep giving away parts of the shire," he said. "I know there is a little bit of controversy between the rural and urban areas but it's not going to solve itself by giving division three away," he said. Cr Hinz cannot agree to giving division three away but said there were some merits to changing electoral boundaries. Cr McDonald also has a notice of motion to change electoral boundaries and Cr Hinz sees more sense in grouping the rural areas together and the urban areas together. However again he couldn't make a blind decision about electoral boundaries and said he awaited the council meeting to hear the arguments for and against. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said he couldn't decide an issue without first collating all the available .information. "It's a serious issue but when all Possibilities are looked at, only good can come out," Cr Bowen said. Among his reasons were the value to be gained by division three people and the revenue value which would include the amount of compensation to any shire thinking of taking parts of the division. However„ he also said the shires suggested in Cr Mario Cresta's notice of motion would first have to be consulted if they were interested in division three. "To make a judgement now would be premature," Cr Bowen said. Other councillors were contacted were but were unavailable at the time.



All Beers Hot & Cold




5950 S220

5120 each

Try the better-than-ever meals by New Chef Graham Christy

Great Bistro Specials Make Tracks to the

RAILWAY Hotel Motel James Street, Yeppoon

39 3300

• • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• •• • • •• •• • • • • •••• •• • • •• •• •• • • •• • • • • • • • •• •• • • • • •• • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • •• • • • • •

ADVae cinci

ayview n per

oznce • • • at

Blackboard Lunches $3 ❑ Soup of the Day $5 0 Chicken & Asparagus Mornay Crepe o Prawn Cocktail O Beef 'Terriyaki O Pork Terrine

Plus our usual Menu!

Date claimer:


O Pasta with Chicken & Ham in wine and cream sauce O Fish of the Day Provencal o Pork Moutarde o Eye Fillet Ressine o Pepper Lamb

$3 1=' 0 0

Cheese Cake Strawberries Romanoff Ice Cream of the Day Cheese Plate

Talk to us about your function ...entertain your guests at Bayview Tower

Pineapple Festival Weekend Smorgasbord (Oct 2 & 3) with

Nice Touch.

cnr Adelaide & Normanby Sts Yeppoon (079) 39 4500

Live .Entertainment Friday nights... Dine and Dance with Independance and try our lavish Smorgasbord head in the Sails Restaurant


Saturday nights... The full Sails Restaurant a-la-carte menu plus Gayle and Mal Benson, singing your favourites

Wednesday nights... Enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Sails Restaurant and be entertained by Mary O'Brien playing the piano

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 - September 11, 1987

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds


Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, , composed and . published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is dapricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon, 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all .?ditorial and advertising copy is noon On Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for errors.



I can fix your Computer problems * . Hardware * * Software * * Training * That means I can repair the computers! ...write programs... and teach you how to use them!

Every Monday 2pm - 4pm Normanby St, Yeppoon Yeppoon Little Theatre MONTHLY MEETING and PLAY READING 12 Power Street, Yeppoon Phone 39 1556

8pm, Tuesday, September 8 Past, preset and future members...


Your Coast

ELGAS agent is... Chicken Capri Seafoods. Whitman Street, Yeppoon


Denis Hinton your Local Member for


Wm. Itinerary for this week SAT, Sept 5: 10am present cheque to Capricorn Coast Gymnastic Academy SUN, Sept 6: Attend The Caves Pony - Club Gymkhana - present trophy MON, Sept 7: Meetings in Brisbane TUES, Sept 8 to THURS, Sept 10: Parliament in Session FRI, Sept 11: Chair Marlborough Branch CWA Meeting Evening: Attend presentation night for Australian Football Club, Pacific Hotel. SAT, Sept 12: Dysart. Due to the vast size of my Electorate, long distance calls to my Electorate Office may be made reverse charge.

Broadsound Electorate Office Upstairs Seaview Arcade Yeppoon Phone 39 2352



NATURAL therapy...healing without drugs

ANNUAL general meeting, Yeppoon and

and side affects, stress management, sports injuries, massage. Phone 39 7621, evenings. BEAUTICIAN available all day Tuesdays at Salon 24. Make up classes on Wednesdays. Phone 39 2198. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday: For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. ADULT reading, writing and spe'ling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. KOORANA Crocodile Farm will be open on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Lunch from noon to 1pm. Tour begins at 1pm. Spotlight dinner tours by arrangement. 34 4749. COME on! You could win a Microwave. Bring a friend to join Weightwatchers where everyone's a winner. Don't delay. Join now. This offer is open till October 23. See you there! 7pm, Tuesdays, CWA Hall, Normanby Street.

District Ratepayers and Citizens Association (YACA), in side room, Club Hotel, 7.30pm, Wednesday September 9. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall. Inquiries: phone 39 6014. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. WANTED: lift from Rockhampton to Emu Park Thursday nights. Will share costs. 39 6369.

Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates


* Public Accountants (C.P.A.)

Computer System Support

24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

* Taxation Consultants

BINGO 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. 'No. 8142. WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B19634. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter:. Brian Dorey. Permit No. B19768. MONDAY:

PROFESSIONAL PROTECT yourself against inflation. Gold and

Silver Bullion bought and sold. Inquiries welcome. Call Paul Rackemann, Central Queensland Bullion, 220 - Quay Street, Rockhampton, telephone 27 6329.

WORK WANTED All aspects home cleaning and regular home help. Phone 33 6829. ALLOTMENTS slashed. Kinka Beach/Emu Pirk/Zilzie area. From $25. 39 6237 HOUSE-CLEANER.

39 3814

39 3851 a/h

RSL Museum '


Ph 39 4244

COUNCIL OF THE SHIRE OF LIVINGSTONE PUBLIC NOTICE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1936 - 1986 Amendment of Town Planning Scheme NOTICE is hereby given that an, application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for an amendment to the Town Planning Scheme for the Area of the Shire of Livingstone by excluding land hereinafter mentioned from a Zone and including the said land in another Zone. 1 Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Great Keppel Island, Mail Service, P 0 Box 108, Rockhampton Mail Centre. 4701 - Lease A being part of Lot 29 on Plan Ln 2747 in the Parish of Keppel and Lot 41 on Ln 1828 (Reserve for Local Government Sewerage Treatment Plant Purposes) in the Parish of Keppel. 2 The Area of the Land: About 4.245 hectares. 2 Zone from which the land is proposed to be excluded: Parks & Recreation, Rural "A" & Special Purposes. 4 Zone in which the land is proposed to be included: Special Facilities (Island Cabins, Camping Park, Tourist Facilities and Associated Works). 5 Desired use of land after rezoning: Island Cabins, Camping Park, Tourist Facilities and Associated Works. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office situated at 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon on or before the 6th October, 1987. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk 'on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes such objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5) (j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of objection. REZONING APPLICATION NO. 159 LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL A J BROWN SHIRE CLERK

COASTAL. LOOP TOUR Eungella, Cape Hillsborough, Whitsunday Islands, etc. 7 days/6 nights all inclusive fare only...$477 BOOK NOW Departs Rockhampton 28th September BOOK NOW

OZ-PITALITY OUTBACK TOURS P 0 Box 554, Rockhampton. 4700

22 3499 or 34 4149 a/h Inquire about our other tours

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day

39 2212 KAMAG

offers you fully licensed....


We specialise in... Domestic short-term protection for holidays Commercial protection Night Security Patrol * Cash Transfers * Electronic Alarm Monitoring Armed and Static Guards * Trained Dogs

39 2171 FREE QUOTES 39 2171

HAVE high-pressure water cleaner for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Will do on-site welding. Phone 39 4579. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. BABY-SITTING available, day or night, my

place or yours. 39 6860. IRONING done in my home, $5 per hour.

Phone 39 1720. HOUSE-KEEPING work wanted. Capricorn

Coast area. Live-out. Phone 39 6824. DRESSMAKING (preferably by pattern). Gail Matthews, phone 39 3316. CARPENTER•available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 4587.


Emu Park Bowls Club

'BOAT trailer parts, rollers, winches, bearings,

(Australia's most-unique Clubhouse) A Capricorn Coast Tourist Attraction

STAINLESS steel nuts and bolts, everything

MONDAYS: Local Cock o' the Walk Competition.

Club opens at 3pm. TUESDAYS: Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Club opens 10am. WEDNESDAYS: Ladies' Day. Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Club opens 10am. THURSDAYS: Mixed Bowls, casual dress, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Also local Cock o' the Walk Competition. Club opens 10am. FRIDAYS: Mixed Three Bowl Pairs Competition, 9.30am start. Casual dress. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Roll-up, 2pm start. Casual dress. Club opens 10am. Barbecue lunch available. Barbecue tea available. SATURDAYS: Mixed Bowls, fpm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. SUNDAYS: Men's Turkey Triples. Nominated Teams or Single entries. Casual dress. Followed by Mixed • Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Barbecue lunch available. Club opens 10am. After bowls each Friday and Saturday stay on for our Barbecue. Trophies guaranteed for every of

the lot at Cooee Bay Marine, 39 1675. you need, at Cooee Bay Marine, 39 1675. MARINE radios, 27mhz, VHF, UHF at Cooee

Bay Marine, 39 1675. FIBREGLASS resins, and everything else you

need at Cooee Bay Marine, 39 1675. SOUNDERS, Radios, Radar, Satnav, Autopilots...Sales, Service and Repairs by resident technician. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.

WANTED TO BUY OLD china, bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442 PLASTIC and chrome commode chair or would consider wooden if that's all available. Sunset Lodge. 39 6484. PORTABLE massage table. Phone 39 7950, evenings.

REAL ESTATE COUNTRY living on Emu Park/Rockhampton

Phone entries to 39 6503

Road. Cleared 1 and a third acre with power, water, phone and highway frontage. $12,500. Phone 39 3851.

MELBOURNE CUP DAY Tuesday, November 3

FULLY furnished flat, centre town, no children

competition.Euery day is a Competition Day at EmuPark Bowls Club.

* Morning Tea * * Chicken and Ham Champagne Lunch * * Afternoon Tea * Colour TV * Sweeps * $8 per head Bookings at Club...39 6503

TO LET or pets. Phone 39 1641. ROOMY flat to let. Central town area. $75pw

and bond. Phone 39 7050 a/h. TWO bedroom furnished flat, beachfront, Statue Bay. $85 weekly and bond. Minimum 3 months. Inquiries, after hours, 39 2337.



CLOSING DATE: 2.00pm, Monday, 21st September, 1987 Tenders are invited for the following replacement of plant:ITEM TO BE TRADED ITEM FOR SUPPLY CONTRACT NO. Diesel Tip Truck Prime Mover (a) Unit No. 2353 - Mercedes P15/87 Benz Tipper 1982 model (10-12 t) with Dog Trailer (11.38-t) ' (b) Unit No.- 2361 - Hino Tipper 1982 model (4.57 t) Unit No. 2345 - Hino Tipper Diesel Tip Truck (7-8 t) P16/87 1982 model (7.69 t) Class 105c Bulldozer with Unit No. 3309 - Cat D6D Dozer P17/87 1979 model rippers Class 2OWL 4WD Articulated Unit No. 3317 - Cat 910 P18/87 Loader 1979 model Loader TENDERS ARE ALSO INVITED FOR THE SALE OF THE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS UNDER EACH CONTRACT ABOVE. Specifications are available from the Engineering Department at the Administration Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon. Phone (079) 39 3388. P 0 BOX 600, YEPPOON. 4703


Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987 — 9

Ph 39 4244

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds





Buy your next car In your own home

Mike Stokley

Peter and Toni


Carpet Cleaning


Roots Exterior ..• FREE QUOTES 39 2205

Emu Park — 39 6178 !Earl and Margaret Hempseed

Plumber Drainer 396664 49 Thomas St, Emu Park


Bill. 39 6107 a/h

Dave 39 2458 'a/h


Interior * Exterior _y. •* Free Quotes *

Let us the car of your choice For all,our requirements in Excellent Used Vehicles, ring Dave Macartney or Bill Potts, . your two men-on-the-Coast, and they will be delighted to demonstrate any vehicle you are interested in ... at Your home. • We hav6, for, Your perusal, the 'largest selection of Al Used Cars in Central. Queensland. All cars carry our 5000 klm, 3 months, 50/50 warranty, with certain vehicles having a 3 year unlimited'klm Maint6nance Breakdown Warranty. We have the facilities to- provide Finance, Leasing and Insurance on the spot.

'4/ f Yr;


.„ ‘„,:). •, ,-.4.....,

Trestles Planks Spray Units


'83 XE FALCON s/wagon, 6 cyl motor, T-Bar auto, air-conditioned, power steering, radio/cassette, tinted windows, chrome roof-rack, venetian blinds. On/y...$9990 '86 FORD LASER GL, 5 door hatch, 4 sp manual, AM/FM Radio/Cassette, 12 mths rego. Save $1000s on replacement value at on/y...$11,990 '82 HOLDEN CAMIRA SLE SEDAN, T-Bar auto, air-conditioned, cloth trim, Radio/Cassette. Ideal second car at...$7990 •

-" ELECTRICIAN L0 Installation 'RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance LV COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts

The New


REMOVALS Long distance & Interstate Discounted

33 1357 * Anywhere *. Anytime


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10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 - September 11, 1987 Barber, P Childs and I McNamara def D Roos, M Baglow, J Beasley and B Pettit, 32 to 12. Competitions called for September 15 at 9am. COMPETITION results for August 26 at the Umpire is M Elliott. Emu Park Ladies Bowls club: Two fours and Consistency singles, E Saxby plays M Baglow, two pairs: Peg Kluver (sub) and Mary Peacock semi-final E Batts v I McNamara. def Betty Byrne and Kathy Cliffe, 24 to 7. The 2-4-2 pairs semi-finals D Roos, A Atkinson Consistency singles: Joyce Barber def Joyce Stewart, 121 to 119. v R Goody and B Pettit. Umpire at 1.30pm is M There was a full green and lots of inter-state Bierwirth. Club fours final: D McPherson, J visitors. Trophies were donated by Mavis Barber, P Childs and I McNamara play E Saxby, Wood. V Wilson, D Engel and V Austin. Competition .fixtures for September 9: Two Club pairs: final, D Roos and G Powell play Y Riordan and B Pettit. four, two pairs finals, Lil Mills and Beryl Wincen play Larry Peacock and Flo Huggins. Consis; tency singles, Joyce Barber plays Dulcie Locke.

'EP Ladies bowls

Ladies bowls to start at 1.30pm THE Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club will begin play at 1.30pm on Tuesday, September 8. . The Emu Park Ladies will play social bowls at this club on September 15. Acent sale will be conducted during the afternoon. Results of competitions: consistency singles, I McNamara def B Pettit, 152-18. Champion triples: M Bradley, A Fotheringham and E Batts def R Goody, R Wass and N Garner, 23 to 11. Champion fours: semi-final, D McPherson, J

Fours success

SINGING Ship indoor bowling club competed in the Rock Fours competition organised by the Rockhampton Indoor Bowling Association and run over six months. Twenty teams participated and the Singing Ship team of Bill and May Anderson, Cliff Anderson and Alan and Marj Price, finished up winners with 14 wins out of 19 games and an aggregate score of 223 points. The Singing Ship bowling club thanks the Rock Building Society for sponsoring this event. The Syd Wills pairs shield day was a great success with 48 bowlers taking part in the fourgame six-end competition. Some of the better bowlers from the Coast were involved and the winners were Mavis Scott and

Lois Crockett with a score of 24 points. Skips picked their partners out of the hat and scoring was one for an end and two for a win. Winners of the, Last Game Trophy were Lil Mills and Lil Shaw. Raffle winners were Marj Wilson and George Hogan. Sid Wills, a popular member of the Singing Ship Club, was back after recovering from a recent illness. The monthly meeting will be held on Saturday, September 5, at 1pm followed by social bowls.

Win to Eagles YEPPOON Eagles played three games on the weekend and were able to win one and draw another. The under nines played Mt Morgan and in only their second recorded loss went down 7-1. However, Mt Morgan proved too strong for the Eagles and finished the season with a significant win. In the under seven game Yeppoon Eagles defeated St Anthony's Green 3-0.The Eagles fielded nine player&while St Anthony's had only six. Mick Beneke and Joe Simpson were able to score during the first half. Mick was again successful in the second half. St Anthony's Green defended well and were unlucky not to score. In the under eight game the Eagles drew with Bluebirds Sky.

Capricorn Coast MIRROR ,Classifieds

This was an even match with some Eagles tending to crowd but there were some good passing movements during the game. Andrew Breingan was unlucky not to score a goal. Daniel Limpus, Michael Korotcoff and Stewart Renkinvitch all played well. Dion Auriac was goalkeeper for the first half 'and Michael Korotcoff filled this position in the second half. The games were the last for the season and trophy night will be held at a future date in October. Players will be notified.

Good news for Coast family A COAST family was delighted to find out their son had been selected in the Australian open schoolboy Rugby Union team to play Ireland. Michael and Tricia Hart found out 17-yearold son Anthony was selected for the squad which plays Ireland on Sunday (tomorrow) at Concord Oval, Sydney. Anthony a student at Brisbane's Nudgee College was selected after his performances in the Queensland open schoolboy team. He played prop for Queensland but has been chosen to play lock.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 -- September 11, 1987 — 11

Yeppoon golf YEPPOON Golf Club Ladies played a 4bbb Stableford on Tuesday, August 25. Winners were L Francis and E Aitken with 43 points; next best was Hazel Fry and Chris Moss with 42 points. Avis Aird and B Forster also scored 42 with Joyce Keyes and Beryl Dawson on 41 points. The best days score went to trophy donors Colleen Schuster and Margaret Prior whe scored 44 points. Pinshots: silver, Joyce Keyes; all players, B Forster; proshot, E Aitken. The Wednesday club was well attended with a number of visitors teeing off with the locals. Ladies Stableford winner was Phoebe Harris with 37 points. Jean Kean was next on 36 and May McGlashan won the first nine holes with a score of 31 and a half. Jean Kean scored 33 and a half points while May also won the second nine with 31 and a half tying with Phoebe Harris. Pinshots: MWilliams; P Harris; proshots, S Kruger and S Haskins. Members Stableford winners were Tonn Shields, 40 points, Ron Kerr, 40 points, Ian Murray, 39 points, RoyNichols, 39, Trevor Gray 38,Ray Morgan 38 and Ken Clements 38 points. First nine winnerswere T Shields and W Bartley both with 30 points, L Taylor 31, R Nichols 31, T Simpson 31 and a half, T Gray 33 and C Williams 33 points. Second nine winners were I Murray with 31 and a half points, J Noyes 32, F Ryan 32 and a half, R Morgan 32 and a half, W Bartley 34, R Nichols 34, C Williams 34 and M Prior 34 points. Pinshots: T Woodbridge and S Thorne. Proshot: R Nichols. Thursday, August 27 was Ladies beginners games over a 18 hole stroke. Winner was Lorna Quigley with nett 73 points. Dawn Wahlin was next on 78, Rose Brumm 84 and Hebe Roberts nett 85 points. Pinshots went to Barb Chandler and Mary Quinn. On Friday, August 28 Yeppoon Ladies played their Pineapple Festival 27 hole Open Foursomes. Gross winners were Patsy Jenkins and Daphne Cogill with 129 points. Chris Byron and Jean Davis scored 134 to be runners-up. Net winners were L Leyden and G Burrowes with 104 points. Marje Williams and Cassie Freeman won the 18-hole nett on 69 and a half points on a count back from B Harman and C Moss, and L Leyden and G Burrowes. Nine hole nett winnerswere Vera Madge and E Murphy .with 31 and three-quarters. Teams events winners Mavis May, J Dooner, C Moss and B Harman 143-and-a-half. Pinshots V Black-M Best, J Stablum-D Mansfield, B Taylor-.G Bullock, N Montgomery-M Potts; proshot C Kelland-M Hansen,S Kruger-G Scharf. The encouragement trophy, donated by Connie Noyes, was won byMary Quinn and Barb Chandler. The women played a stroke game on Saturday and the winner was Dawn Wahlinwith 70 net with—Daphne Gregg next with 71 net and Vicky Caseleyr .72 nett. Pinshoti went to N Montgomery (2), and I Young. The members' game was a 4bbb stroke, best 16 pairs to qualify for match play (Tobruk Shield). Winners were Ron Kerr-Kevin Rice with 57 nett; Max ClayKeith Griffiths58; Arthur Simpson-Lionel Taylor 59; Eric Richardson-Trevor Gray 59; Rod Young-Roy Montgomery 60; Stan Thorne-Wal Bartley 61. Pinshots R Dawson, N Royal, A Lewis, R Young; proshot B Moses. On Sunday, the women played a s/scratch and the winnerwas Vicky Caseleyr with minus3, and next best was Pam Drillis, Cassie Freeman and Shirley Kruger all with minus 4. Pinshots went to V Caseleyr (2) and H Fry won the proshot. Members also played a s/scratch for the Alan Stevenson trophy. Winner was Jack Stratford with plus 4 on a count-back from Stuart MClndoe, Lionel Taylor plus 3, Trevor Gray plus 3, Adolph Schuster plus 2 and Bill Freeman plus 2. Pinshots went to R Walters, D Perrin, J Hatch, L Taylor and the proshot to L Evans.

Table tennis TABLE tennis fixtures wereplayed on Thursday, August 27, and Rockets defeated Bog Factory seven games to four. David Stewart had no problems with Greg Simpson and won in two easy games,21-6 and 21-14. _Mick Malick played a great game against Dave Ryan to come up with top scores of 21-23, 23-21 and 21-16. However he later went down to son Neil in two rallies and also snatched one out of three games off Greg. Greg and Mick teamed up well to be winners from David and Dave in the first set of doubles but David and Neil defeated Greg and Scott in the second set. .,0 Dolphins defeated Dynamics eight to -thre in the other match played on the night. Monica Christensen filled in as number one and scored a good win from Joe Kruger and Paul Watts. Dolphins' third player, Peter Malick, was in form as he defeated his counterpa rt, Gordon Wall, and later downed Dynamics number two Gordon Salton in two close 21 to 19 games. The first doubles set saw Joe and Paul almost annihilate their opposition, Monica and Gdrdon, in straight games. However, in the second set, Joe and Peter had to work harfler to defeat Monica and Gordon in three games. The draw for Thursday, September 10 is Rockets to play Dynamics, Dolphins versus Marvels and Bog Factory has the bye.


C grade squash C GRADE squash is now into its fifth week and games are hotting up as the season progresses. Team 5 def The Team, three to one. Tim Lanyon was unlucky to be beaten by Nick Basham three to two. Marcus Cooper was also defeated by David Reynolds three to two. Phase 4 def Hard Luck four to nil. Doug Memmot, Mike George and Kevin Johnson were victorious against their opponents but Troy Wilkinson had the most outstanding game of the night keeping his opponent scoreless. All Blokes def Bandits three to one. Ronnie O'Brien went down to Ian McDonald two games to three. Sean Hansen def Jim George three to one and Shane Turner def Warren Sullivan three to one. Troy Wilkinson def Anne Priem three-nil and Kevin Johnson def Barry Elliott three to two. Anti Socials def The Team three to one. Shane Miners def Andy Jones three to nil, Joe Delelande lost to Glen Knights three to nil and Nick Basham def Tim Lanyon three to two. David Reynolds def Marcus Cooper three to two.

Daytime squash 0 ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Gymnastic Academy brought home the minor State titles. It is the first time that the Coast has won this title. Pictured are (from left) Marissa Cant, Vicki Kitchin and Theresa Kirwin (with the shield) and Helen Cook.

❑ ABOVE: Emu Park Bowls Club has organised barbecue meals on weekends. Having a 'taste' are (not in order) Marie Lynham, Ethel Madden, George Cliffe and Victorian visitor Bert McEvoy.

Basketball battle of skill and wit

IN Ladies day-time squash Pat Harris displayed her winning style when she defeated Megan Anderson, 3-1 on Wednesday. May Meanies v Dazzlers: May Briggs def Denise Campbell, 3-0; Rosemary Dakai v Gaye Boehn, 2-3; Kathy Hardingv Penny Munn, 2-3; Linda Kiely v Anne Priem, 0-3; Robyn Battersby def Carol Knight, 3-0; Sharon Haines v Cheryl Egan, 0-3. Julie's Jokers v Kathy Kites: Julie Britton v Kathy Dale, 0-3; Mars Brodell v Joyce Dooley, 2-3; Jean Graff v Diane Cameron, 1-3; Jan Schmidt def Rosemary Hansen, 3-1; Charlotta Scott v Rosemary Hansen, 0-3; Lois Bayliss def Sus Adamson, 3-0. Liz's Whizzers v Jaguars: Liz Scherlies def Nita Marxsen, 3-0; Trish Hinton v Lona Perrin, 0-3; Roslyn Clifford def Sue Blake, 3-1; Pam Hayman v Cheryl Evans, 1-3; MaryannVering def Leonie Warren, 3-1; Karen Jackson vCordie Nugent; 0-3. Seagulls v Alice's Aces: Sally Corney def Alice Glennis, 3-1; Joyce Hintonv Jenny Semple, 0-3; Rosemary Jones clef -Judy Minter, 3-1; Megan Anderson v Pat Harris. 1-3; Helen Hinton drew with Ann Hodges; Audrey Rodges def Judy Smith, 3-0.

C grade squah WITH the second last game in the first round of C grade squash played lastweek and scores now widening people are playing longer and more _ . exciting games. Merve Damrow held on tight to defeat Peter Finn three to two. And, team mates Peter Stoyel and Yvonne Noller defeated their opponents to lead their team onto a four to one victory over Hard Luck. After All Blokes' Peter Janz and Sean Hansen defeated their opponents Ronnie O'Brien wasn't letting his team down and snatched two games off Andy Jones to defeat The Team by - just one game. Even though Phase 4 captain Mike George lost his game the team of Troy Wilkinson and Gavin Kime defeated their• opponents. Team 5's Shane Miners, Joe Delelande and Nick Basham all defeated their opposition. I Don't Know def Hard Luck three games to one with Merve Damrow def Peter Finn three to two. Stuart Clark lost to Barry Barnes three to one and Peter Sroyel def Anne Priem in three games. Yvonne Noller def Barry Elliot also in three games. All Blokes def The Team three to two with Ronnie O'Brien losing to Andy Jones two to three games. Sean Hansen beat Glen Knights three to one, Shane Turner lost to Tim Lanyon in three games and Peter Jane def Marcus Cooper in three. Phase 4 def Anti Socials three games to two. Mike George lost to Steven Walsh three to two games. Troy Wilkinson def Scott Michell in three games. Kevin Johnson also went down to Adrian McGinty in three games. Gavin Kimedef Ted Hill three to nil. Team 5 def Team 3 three games to one. Shane Miners def Ian McDonald three to two games. Joe Delelande def Jim George three to two with Nick Bashamdef Warren Sullivan three to two. David Reynolds lost to Terry Fodden three games to two. s

THE Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Associa- Pink Galahs with R Campbell and G Orr umtion match between Tanby Roses and Cobras on . pires. Court stewards are S Stevenson and C Monday night proved to be a battle of skill and Willoughby. wit. Wednesday, September 9: 6pm Billabongs v Neither team weakened as Cobras drew level La'mourwith C Miller and S Atkinson umpires; with Tanby Roses midway in the first half. From 7pm Tanby Roses v Tigas with K Dooley and G then on they followed each other basket for Lorrawayumpires; 8pm Scoobettes v Cougars, basket until the half time score read 13-all. umpires K Bendy and K Jones umpires.Court In the second half play was no different but steward is K Dooley while Cobras have the bye. Cobras began to falter toward the end and with five seconds remaining Tanby Roses had a three point advantage. Just before the fmal siren, Lars Roberts put a three pint through the hoop and the final score was 28-all. The L'amour/Pink Galahs games also had its YEPPOON Skate and Indoor Cricket Centre moments. L'amours' Anne Leonard was in foul has renovated its Rockhampton Road premises. trouble early on in the game but retained her Part-owner Len Williams said the renovations position on court until the end of the game. had completed the work started with painting Megan Anderson controlled the game for Pink the building's exterior and remodelling of some Galahs and brought them well within reach of of the interior. "With this new large court we victory early in the second half. have the only standard-size court on the CapriHowever L'amour proved too strong and led by corn Coast," Mr Williams said. "The smaller Gayle Lorraway pulled away to a comfortable court will be used for practice for club patrons." win. The large court was fitted and installed by Peter Results: Wednesday, August 26: 6pm, Cobras Aird of Sports Nets International which is based def Saints; 7pm Seagulls def Wanderers, 83 to in Brisbane. The turf was supplied and laid by 30; 8pm, Nomads def Pink Galahs, 34 to 29. Erwin Perkins and Associates of Sydney. Sunday, August 30: 4pm, Panthers def Devils, 28 "Graham Hansen of Hansens Carpets and to 6; 5pm, Demons def Supersonics 18-11; 6pm Curtains supplied and fitted the attractive foyer La' Wetz def Mixed Nuts, 31-8; 7pm Aztecs def carpet. Bombers, 20-14; 8pm, Celtics def Shadows, 55- "We couldn't have got through all the work 8. without the help offered by local people, espeMonday, August 31: 6pm L'Amour def Pink cially 'Lex Semple," he said. Galahs 30-14; 7pm, Cobras drew with Tanby The two courts have replaced the Coast's first Roses 28-all; 8pm Billabongs def Seagulls; 9pm indoor cricket wickets, which were opened four Saints def Scoobs 68-18.Competition Draw for years ago. Mr Williams said now the renovations Sunday, September 6: 4pm Supersonics v Raid-. were completed,• nominations had opened for ers with umpire D Worden; 5pm Panthers v the next season, which starts in early October. Demons, umpire J Christensen; 6pm Shadows v Nominations will also open for mixed teams on La Wetz, umpire D Worden; 7pm Celtics v Sundays next week. Aztecs, umpireJ Shackleton; 8pm Mixed Nuts v "We have kept the fees, for both games and ST JAMES Indoor Bowling Club members Bombers, umpire J Christensen. Devils have the nominations, at the same rate. were in the final round of the Rock Fours played bye and court stewards are D Worden and J "To .introduce the new courts and to show the , in Rockhampton on August 26. Capricorn Coast game of indoor cricket to interestedpeople we teams won the first three places. Christensen. Monday, September 7: 6pm Wanderers v are having an introductory game for Si per St James' publicity officer Bonnie Atcheson Nomads, umpires L Matta and A Thomas; 7pm player aslong as the players provide their own conaratulated the Singing Ship Club for taking Scoobs v Wildcats, umpires S Steveson and A umpire." firsrplace. St James' number-one and numberThomas; 8pm Saints v coaster with J Chris- The introductory game starts tomorrow (Sun- ' two teams were second and third. tensen andD Worden umpires; 9pm Seagulls v day) at 1pm. , A full house attended the Joan Howe-sponsored triples afternoon on August 27. Winners were Ken Crockett, Myrtle Cooper and Effie Richards. In second place were Ivy Mallory, Yeppoon for a weekend of bowling in Mackay Adrian de Graff and Ella Hunt. HOPES for a last-minute rush of nominations against members of the Mackay Indoor Bowls The Open Fours Championships were. held in were not realised and- theYeppoon Indoor Rockhampton on Sunday and the team comBowling Club's Singles Championship for 1987 Association. Sessiong of play will be held tonight, tomorrow prising Ivy and Gordon MalloryJoan Howe and was cancelled. It is expected the championship will be dropped afternoon and night. At the conclusion of to- Aub Kiaproth were firSt and Arthur and Bonnie from the club's fixture list and a competition morrow afternoon's session a cent sale will be Atcheson and Ken and Lois Crocket were runwith more member appeal be substituted. held followed by a barbecue. The Yeppoonites nersup in the consolation. However, this is a matter for the membership. will leave for home Monday at 9am. However, Today, September 5, St Joseph's Club will visit Today (Saturday) at 8.30am a coach load of there will be bowls at the club's hall in Yeppoon St James. Names are on the board and a plate is required. tomorrow (Sunday), starting at 1.30pm. Yeppoon Indoor Bowling club- members left

Bigger wicket for cricket

t James bowls

YIBC cancels 1987 singles titles

12 — Capricorn Coast Mirror September 5 — September 11, 1987

Commonwealth Bank sponsors 1988 Tasar titles

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THE Commonwealth Bank is sponsoring the Fifth World Tasar Titles to be held on the Capricorn Coast next year. The Keppel Bay Sailing Club, in conjunction with the Queensland Tasar Association, has been selected to host the fifth World and 15th Australian Titles from June 30 to July 10, 1988. The 1988 World Titles had been scheduled for North America but the Tasar council agreed to allow Australia to host the event because of its bicentennial. Keppel Bay Sailing Club won the right to conduct the titles after defeating nominations from three New South Wales clubs. The world titles are held every two years. The latest was held in England at which 12 Australian crews competed with success. One crew won the title, another was placed third and three others finished in the top 10. About 15 crews from Canada, United States, England and Japan plus about 90 Australian crews are expected to nominate for the titles. Keppel Bay Sailing club has already successfully hosted National and Statetitles, including Lasers, Corsairs, Arrow and A Class and L/W Sharpie titles. The Tasar class is rigidly one-design in concept with a crew of two and no spinnaker or trapeze is employed on the craft. It is sailed in all mainlandAustralian States as well as Canada, United States, England, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.

❑ ABOVE: Easts A grade bowler Brian Hunt sends one down to Wynnum-Manly and Sheffield Shield squad (Wanderer) batsman Mark Tooley in the match at Yeppoon High School on Tuesday.- Capricorn Coast Cricket Club secretary Richie Robinson umpired with Joe Lambert who was at square leg.

Yeppoon tennis

Wanderers' umpire has advice for school widen that concrete pitch

YEPPOON District Tennis Association fixtures will continue at Daniel Park courts on Saturday. Results from last week had Turtles defeating Whales, 38 to 33 games and Oysters defeating Dolphins, 42 to 35 games. Oysters, while getting off to a slow start for the season, have won three of their last four encounters. Division two and three had a social day. Teams for this Saturday are division three: Blue, D Perren, G Perren, A Skuthorpe, D Simpson, T Greasley and K Hasell versus M Blullimor, J Wortley, M O'Keefe, S Ginnivan, C Harding and P Scharf. Division two: Cods, D Currie, R Hasell, P Iafrati and man sub play Sharks C Timbs, D Appleton, L Stewart and A Wyeth. Division one: Oysters, J Clayton, R Perren, J Lorum and P Hansen play Turtles, M Cranny, M Fay, R Irons and woman sub. Dolphins, J Sorensen, R Green, T Halloran and J Williams play Whales, C Clayton, J Christensen, H Sorensen and V Sorensen. •

VISITING Wanderers' umpire Joe Lambert had a word of advice for Yeppoon High School ... add a further 18 inches of concrete on each side of the cricket pitch and a further 12 feet at each end for the bowlers' run-ups. The reason for the advice? The present pitch is illegal. Mr Lambert said Carl Rackemann would be unable to bowl on such a narrow pitch because the amount of swing and cut he generated would mean the ball normally bounced outside the edge of the exisiting pitch. "A dead ball would be called on this pitch but, on a legal-size pitch, it wouldhave been a proper ball," he said on Tuesday morning. He said the existing pitch could be widened but care would have to be taken to ensure there was no seam when the concrete strips were joined on each side. Also, the matting should be full-length ... but cut in the middle so that the nap faced in opposite directions. "Otherwise, one bowler would have an advantage because he would be bowling with the nap while the bowler at the other end would be bowling against the nap," Mr Lambert said. He wasn't critical of the present pitch. He said he realised they cost money but he wanted to make sure that school officials understood the pitch was illegal. He said the 12 feet of concrete run-up was necessary to eliminate bowlers rolling their ankles in holes as they delivered the ball ... "Rackemann could injure himself quite seriously if he let fly from a full run-up here," he said. Even. the stumps were illegal ... "these metal points are wrong," he said. "Notice how the stumps wobble (and, as .he wiggled them, they wobbled), that's not caused by the ground. That's the wooden stump not fitting correctly into the metal surround."

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The wobble made it difficult for umpires because the slightest breeze could dislodge the bails. So, cricket enthusiasts looking for a project could take Mr Lambert's advice and start fund-raising for the school's pitch. He said the finished pitch should be 9 feet wide and a total of 30 yards long (including run-ups). And don't forget a new set of stumps! Aside from this criticism, Mr Lambert was full of praise for the match that was played. The Wanderers came to town to promote cricket ... and that they did! Even the toiling Central Queensland bowlers didn't mind watching their best. ball disappear to the boundary because they were watching masters in action.. Slips fielders were forgotten as fielders were placed around the boundary and did their best to stop the fours. Actually, it was probably the best fielding practice a team could get ... the ball fairly flew when it left the bat and the locals did not flinch as they got behind the flight and stopped the red rocket.

A grade squash THE Capricorn Coast A grade squash competition has reached the mid-point of the season and the teams have split into two distinct groups. Mariners lead on 28 points, closely followed by Tony's BYO on 25. Strugglers are sitting in the middle of the two groups on 17 while Mighty Macks are on 12, Anyone for Tennis and Front liners, both on 11, bring up the rear. Strugglers narrowly defeated Mighty Macks by 119 points to 111 with rubbers two each and games nine each. Ray Campbell performed particularly well for Mighty Macks to take the last two games against Damien Brierty, 9-4, 9-4, to win in five. Judy Umlauft of Anyone for Tennis retrieved a lot of balls before goingdown to Larry Owens in five. Chris Hacker also performed well for Tony's BYO with improvedconcentration to out-last Bernard Lacey in the fifth.Mariners defeated Frontliners 3-1: Valerie Odell def reserve May Briggs 3-0; Chris Callard def Roger Dale 3-1; reserve Anthony Trump v Brian Umlauft 1-3; Brett Stewart defJoe Foat 30. Strugglers defeated Mighty Macks two rubbers each, nine games each,-119 to 111: Warren Royal def Peder Dale 3-1; Damien Briertyv Ray Campbell 2-3; Peter Gordon v Neil Roberts 13; John Briggs def Gordon Roberts 3-2.Tony's BYO defeated Anyone for Tennis 4-0: Len Keily def Danny Taylor 3-1; Larry Owens def Judy Umlauft 3-2; Chris Hacker def Bernard Lacey 3-2; reserve Mark Sargood def reserve Brett Odell 3-2.

WIFE and husband (no sexism in this column) having dinner at Railway Hotel Wednesday night and chatting to people at next table ... during conversation, wife says: "We all have our social embarrassments ... I married mine!!!" o o o DID you know there's a new road out of Rockhampton heading toward Brisbane? You did ... well, Suzy and "Old Baldy" didn't. They set off for Brisbane last Thursday night and, when they got to the Balmoral Hotel were amazed to find they had to turn right to get out of Rocky. o ❑ o SUZY and -"OB" stayed with a good friend (you'd hardly stay with a bad friend) who really knows her way around Brisbane ... she's so knowledgeable she doesn't even own a street directory (then again, she doesn't own a teapot either). Anyway, her directions (from the back seat) were a little hard to follow, especially since she screamed a lot as "OB" used country driving techniques in the big city. This direction (reproduced word-forword) was a gem: "Get into the left lane, get into the left lane, the left, the left, do it now, move over to the left ... you have to turn right at the next corner!!!) o a o MEANWHILE, back on the Coast, Cathy (Lois Lane) Logan and Sandra Mackie were handling the deliveries from a Seafood and Eat-It Mini-Moke. Hair streaming behind them in the wind, they each picked up a few kgs of dust from Cawarral and Coowonga areas ... but the most excitement came when Sandra was away from the Moke delivering a paper and was chased by a German Shepherd. Cathy, terrified of what the dog could do to the Moke, took off (she has the licence) and left Sandra running behind followed closely by the dog. o o o JUST love these sort of letters ... it starts off Dear Mr Hill. Oh, that Mr is magic ... it's so much nicer than the other titles I get! Anyway, here's the rest of the item ... a woman, who signed her name, but, for wht will soon be very obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous, relates in detail how she received a letter from Yeppoon State High School's manual arts department asking for money. It was an official sort of thing, neatly typed, and it listed the items her son (do daughters do manual arts?) had to have to complete the course. The materials, when crafted, would create a spinning top, hexagonal scone cutter (this job's a necessity in Flo-land), a photo holder and so on and so forth. Neatly typed beside each item is the cost of the materials. In another column there's the total cost of the items ... and it's wrong! The total is 10¢ more than what it should be. But wait ... in the next column is the subsidy the government pays and in a final column the cost to the parent. Now, according to the communication from the school, the total cost is $7.32 but, after numerous additions, up and down, the woman who wrote to me came to the total of $7.22 ... 10¢ less. I've added it, "Old Baldy" had added it and Suzy has added it (and she's never wrong when it comes to money) and we all agree the school's total is 10¢ too dear. But how did the subsidy work out to exactly $2.32, leaving the parents exactly $5 to pay? And how will the school get that one through the Education Department ... no doubt someone, somewhere will add it up. Or will they? This woman, who said she had been plucking up courage to write to me, says there is no hope for children if teachers send out statements that are incorrect. Well M'am, you've made an excellent point ... but you've wounded Suzy and "OB" to the quick ... they paid the same amount as was requested on the i4e.tter and never even thought to check!!..!",



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