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ISSUE 203 SATURDAY, July 4, 1987 — FRIDAY, July 10, 1987

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ABOVE: These Mt Chalmers and Cawarral residents turned out on Saturday to protest about the state of the area's roads.

a mers people irate at rough roa A GROUP of irate Mt Chalmers and Cawarral residents want action from Livingstone Shire Council ... they are fed up with the poor conditions of roads in' their area. They pay rural road levies, they pay rates, they pay for car. repairs ... and they are sick of it. They decided to do something about it on Saturday. They gathered at Sleipner crossing. While the name conjures up an image of perhaps a rustic bridge or, at least, a concrete roadway through a creek bed, the reality is a gravel slope down one side of the creek, a pile of smooth rocks jumbled together to form the crossing ... and a gravel road up the other side. It seemed an appropriate place to vent frustration at what the residents claim is, at best, inactivity, at worst, neglect. The meeting was a protest. It gave these people a chance to tell their stories to one another. Their protests were heard, as were their ideas on what should be done ... but rather than listen to one or two spokesmen, the Capricorn Coast Mirror team decided it best to contact them as individuals, at home, where they could collect their thoughts and tell their story.

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Nan Lepinath, the woman who phoned around to get something done, said she had complained regularly to the council about the state of-Sleipner Road, the "track" from Mt Chalmers to Emu Park Road. Two or three years ago she said she took up a petition which was presented to council ... but nothing was done. She, husband Lyle and 10-year-old daughter travel the road regularly and want something done to make it traffickable and safe. She said she complains to council about two or three times a year. ❑ By Cathy Logan and QIT student Sara Snelling One of her complaints concerns the closure of the road during downpours when Nankin Creek surges through Sleipner Crossing cutting a trench so deep it can only be crossed by four-wheel drive vehicles. "The council puts up a sign warning the road is only open to 4WD vehicles but often takes weeks to repair the crossing to the stage where normal traffic can use it," she said. One of the problems today is that more and more traffic is using Sleipner Road. Some years ago she was an Avon representative and called on about 35 to 40


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families in the area. She now estimates about. 60 families live in the same area. "Then I heard about plans for passengers from the historic train travelling, by coach along the road ... that was when I decided something had to be done," she said on Sunday. Earlier, she said she phoned division one councillor Duncan McDonald who told her council had no money to spend on the road. "He suggested I contact Keith Wright (Federal Member for Capricornia). Mr Wright told me the road was a State matter. and I should contact Mr Hinton (Member for Broadsound) but Mr Wright took down my complaints and promised to discuss them with Livingstone shire clerk Jim Brown," Mrs Lepinath said. The road has meant additional expense to Mt Chalmers residents Brian and Betty • Whitehouse ... in one week they had to replace four tyres and a couple of fan belts on their vehicles. Mrs Whitehouse said her husband and four children used to travel the road twice daily but now used it only two or three times. a week. The road's poor condition had dented the floors of their vehicles, shaken lightbulbs 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has again decided not to pay legal expenses incurred by. former shire engineer Tony Rowe during an inquiry into his actions in 1985. It is two years since council decided in committee to suspend Mr Rowe. What followed that suspension was his reinstatement and an inquiry into his actions; the inquiry's decision to clear him absolutely; his sacking; an appeal against his sacking; an appeal tribunal's recommendation that he be reinstated ... and council's decision not to re-hire him. Mr Rowe engaged legal counsel to act on his behalf at the original inquiry set up by the State Government. At the time, his legal expenses were estimated at $25,000. He has continually sought payment from council for these fees but has not been successful. The latest move for payment, like most decisions involving Mr Rowe, was a split -decision. Again, like so many matters involving Mr Rowe, the decision was made in committee ... with the Press and public excluded. Unconfirmed minutes available at council show that council met in committee in June to discuss Mr Rowe's March 6 request for "reimbursement of personal costs of $29,242.88 associated with the Commission of Inquiry into his suspension by the council". The Department of Local Government asked the council to give serious consideration to reimbusing Mr Rowe for his "personal costs incurred in defence of his suspension". That request was dated February 23 this year. There was another letter from the department dated May 22 which was in reply to a reauest from council for "an opinion on the legality of any decision to reimburse Mr Rowe". The reply advised it was the department's opinion that such action be within the council's powers provided such expenditure is first declared to be of an emergent or extraordinary nature". Council also had before it a legal opinion from its own solicitors "in accordance with a request by the chairman in that regard". This opinion was dated May 27 this year. There wAs also detail of a letter sent to Deputy Premier Bill Gunn seeking advice on whether the government would reimburse council for costs incurred "in putting its argument to the inquiry". The unconfirmed minutes show the following motion was moved by Cr Brian Dorey and seconded by Cr Geoff Cue: "That Mr A J P Rowe be advised that on the basis of legal advice tendered by the 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 "would



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Capricorn Coast Mirror July 4 -- July 10, 1987

MT CHALMERS RESIDENTS PROTEST OVER STATE OF ROADS ❑ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 from sockets and, in one car, the floor had been pushed upward. "The cars get so many rattles from travelling over the corrugations and potholes," she said. She lacks confidence in the road and worries about the need to perhaps get help for someone in the family ... "if I had to travel somewhere fast for help I would be frightened of having an accident myself".

New ALP group targets roads CAWARRAL resident and former ALP Broadsound candidate Chris Palmer helped organise Saturday's Mt Chalmers protest and attended it. He is another Livingstone resident who believes residents are not getting value for their rural road levy dollar. He agrees with Mt Chalmers residents that Sleipner Road is "shocking" ... and is also "up in arms" about Tungamull Road, the gravel and part bitumen stretch from Emu Park Road to Cawarral. He doubts that it has been graded in the past five months but said it "might have had a quich touch-up". Mr Palmer said council must carry out regular maintenance on roads in the area so that cars (and passengers) are not so shaken up and slashing must be carried out on the sides of roads for safety. In addition, council should carry out some upgrading so that eventually, the roads are - improved. He said the roads were so bad, a new branch of the Australian Labor Party was being formed in the area and would be taking up rural roads as a major issue. The new branch, to be named Livingstone, had 10 prospective members. Mr Palmer said the branch was waiting for official approval from Brisbane. - "Roads are the number-one, top priority in this area," he said. "It all gets back to a question of money."' He can't understand why the roads are in such a poor state ... "there's been no floods or cyclones this year". "I want to know why funds for these roads apparently ran out six months ago," Mr Palmer said.

The Aliens family has a similar fear ... Terry Allen said his family had only lived in the area for 12 months and he "thanked God" no emergency had arisen which would have meant relying on the road to bring, or get, help. He said he had phoned the engineer twice to find out when the road was going to be graded. He said it would be graded as soon as it rained. "Since those phone calls it has rained a couple of times and still nothing has been done to the road," he said; Eddy Urbanski has a 1973 Datsun 180B. He is constantly changing bearings, repairing holes to the body and puts on new tyres every three months. He said he and his family used the road about three times a week ... and is glad he doesn't need to use it any more often. "If the car was used every day it would take only six months for it to be a wreck," he said. In case of an emergency, he would much prefer to take another route for help even though it would take longer because of the extra 7km involved ... "the road, as it is, wouldn't be good for travelling in an emergency". Maureen and John Murray live in Gladstone but travel to Mt Chalmers on a regular basis to visit Maureen's parents. Maureen said every time she visited "something would go wrong with the car". "It's got to the stage where I'm afraid of driving on the road," she said. She said she turned down the chance to buy land at Mt Chalmers because of the road's condition. So far, when visiting Maureen's parents, the Murrays have had "busted" radiators and tyres have been 'lashed by protruding rocks. She said her parents owned a Datsun which had no suspension, had tyres changed every four months and had recently cost $400 on repairs which the mechanic had said were the result of rough roads. Mrs Murray said Gladstone had dirt tracks which were "a dream" because they were smooth. "In Gladstone, you can see where the road levy is being spent but you have no indication of that when you get to Mt Chalmers," she said. Ron Crilley is a pensioner and he said if he carried out the repairs to cars his neighbours did he "would run out of money". He, blames the road for rust in his car and tells how nuts and bolts vibrate loose

because of the "terrible .corrugations". He says he's not asking for much ... just some gravel, not bitumen. "Something to show for the, rural road levy" he and neighbours pay. He said he lives at the end of a road yet six families, further along, don't even have a road. "It's ridiculous that they pay rates when they don't have a road," he said. "They have to make their own it they want to drive to school or work. "Nothing has been done to that road in six months and I want to know why," Mr Crilley said. He also detailed problems in the wet season when access is cut at the creek. He said he doesn't have to go to work but can recall a neighbour who had to wait five weeks before the road could be used. Wayne Smalley is another who has had to pay for using Sleipner Road. In addition to half-yearly levy payrnents of $80, he has had to replace eight tyres in the past 12 months.. At an average of $80 a tyre, travelling on Sleipner Road has become an expensive necessity. Another resident, Kevin Riley, refuses to travel on Sleipner Road. "It's just not feasible to take my private car on it," he said. "Instead, I bypass the road altogether by taking Botos Road, which is not much better than Sleipner Road." The by-pass adds more then 5km to his daily trips. Bryan and Elizabeth Bunyan blame lack of maintenance of Sleipner Road for the damage to a new Laser ... worn out by less than three years' travel on the. road. Jan Housman, mother of three, said because of Sleipner Road's condition, many local residents had more than once been guilty of driving on the wrong side of the road. "We have no choice if we want to avoid the corrugations, potholes and washouts," she said. "When this happens at blind corners, it means children being driven to school are often in jeopardy." Mrs Housman said all residents were asking for was better, and more consistent, maintenance for at least one of the three access roads for Mt Chalmers. Another mother of three, Palma Smyth, said all council ever gave Sleipner Road was "a lick and a promise". She felt maintenance on the road fell well below standard. "The council is not grading the road nearly enough and, when it does decide to grade, it

only does half the job," she said. She said the last time council had graded Sleipner Road it had spent only a day on a vital section. A week later it was just as bad. Doris Coughran said she and other residents had pestered the council about long grass along Sleipner Road ... and finally got some action. "A neighbour had even offered to mow the grass himself, but council refused him permission on the grounds that he had no insurance," she said. "After this, council was finally forced to send out someone. But there was no win as far as maintenance was concerned ... "I've phoned the council a number of times about the problem but I've been told it will only be taken care of when council is more financial," Mrs-Coughran said. She said she had sent numerous letters of complaint which, according to the council, "have been lost in the post".

Cr: complaints uncalled for DIVISION one representative Cr Duncan McDonald said an inspection of roads in his division showed Sleipner Road equal to the standard of the other gravel roads. Although agreeing that certain areas of the road had become corrugated and there were some potholes, he feels the complaints about the road were uncalled for. "The road wasn't as bad as made out," he said. Cr McDonald has received one complaint from a Mt Chalmer's resident and he told her no money was available to fix the road until the next financial year. He said he had spoken to the shire engineer about the road's condition for something to be done. Residents can expect the road to be graded at the end of July. "To fix the crossings and provide a suitable all-weather road would cost about half-a-million dollars," Cr McDonald said. "Council did look into fixing the road but found previous commitments and a lack of finance the problem," he said. "Some years ago a third all-year-round access, Boto's Road, was constructed that Mt Chalmer's residents could use," Cr McDonald said..



HOME OWNERSHIP "We pledge ... home ownership ... within the reach of ordinary Australian families." Hawke policy speech (13/11/84)

INTEREST RATES "Australians will ... reap the interest rate reward ... from the successful policies of the past 20 months." Hawke business lunch (20/11/84)

Labor allowed the housing loan interest ceiling to rise from 13.5% to 15.5%. Since March 1983 high interest rates have increased home loan repayments $281 per month on average home mortgages.

High interest rates are ruining Australian homes, small businesses and farms. Our rates are amongst the world's highest. In May 1987 bank home loan rate was 15.5%, Bankcard 23%, prime home loan rate 17.5%, small overdraft rate 21%.

CAPITAL GAINS "Let me make one point ... there will be no capital gains tax." Hawke policy speech (16/2/83)

On September 19th, 1985 Treasurer Paul Keating told Parliament: "The Government has decided to introduce a Capital Gains Tax."


BOB YOU'VE LET US DOWN TERRIBLY! The people of Capricornia have become


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Capricorn_ Coast Mirror July 4 = July 10, 1987 — 3

Coast Vietnam veterans talk of forming group THIRTEEN Capricorn Coast Vietnam veterans are interested in forming a local group which would become involved in looking after their welfare. They decided this at a recent meeting at the Club Hotel called to find out how many Coast Vietnam veterans were interested in marching in the national reunion and "welcome home" in Sydney in October. Roy Savage, who organised the Club Hotel meeting, said 13 veterans had attended and a further four had given their support to forming either an association or legion group on the Coast. The veterans were almost unanimous in deciding to form a legion, which caters more for the welfare side than the association which fights for their rights. Nearly all have decided to attend the reunion in October. However, due to work and business commitments, some will be unable to attend. A number of the veterans said their families were also interested in attending. So far, transport and accommodation plans have been helped by TAA and Baratia Barracks, Ingleburn. Mr Savage said veterans were able to get subsidised plane tickets and for every 18 Vietnam veteran passengers, one seat would be free. About two bus loads would be travelling from Rockhampton, and spaces were quickly filling up, Mr Savage said. Veterans will be able to stay at Baratia Barracks for about $20 for the weekend. An estimated 20,000 Vietnam veterans are expected to converge on Sydney for the parade which commemerates the 25th Anniversary. Slight changes have been made to the order in which the Veterans will march. Major General CMI Pearson will lead followed by the Tri-Services Colour Party, then Keith Payne, VC, and the families of the other VC awardees. AATTV, Royal Australian Navy, Army and Air Forces will follow with representative from New Zealand, United States, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and South Vietnam.

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❑ ABOVE: Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen never lets a chance go by to spread the message that the Coast needs State Government help to provide filtered water. He asked ❑ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Senator Lady Bjelke-Petersen to remind her husband, Premier Sir Joh, of his council's solicitors, the council is of the offer to the council. Chairman's wife opinion that it may not legally reimburse him Lilian Bowen is at right. for the costs he has claimed, and he be


further advised that it is the opinion of this council that he has recourse via section 4A(3) and 4C of the Local Government Act, and that he be provided with a copy of the legal opinion from council's solicitor, in that regard. Further, that the Minister (for Local Government Russ Hinze) be given a copy of council's advice to Mr Rowe." An amendment was moved by Cr Key Hinz and seconded by Cr Barbara Wildin: "and that the Minister be advised council has recommended making provision in the coming budget to cover these costs". (Mr Rowe's claim). Cr Mario Cresta called for a division (in which councillors' names are recorded for or against). Those voting for the amendment were: deputy chairman Cr Keith Hinchliffe, Hinze, Ted Smith, Ron Landsberg, John Dowie and Wildin. Those voting against were: chairman Cr John Bowen, Ellen Cogill, Duncan McDonald, Cue, Cresta and Dorey. The amendment was lost on the casting vote of chairman Cr Bowen. The original motion was put to the vote and another division was called with voting results identical to the above. The motion was carried on the chairman's casting vote.

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4 — CapncorthCoast Mirror

July Li*- "JAI- 10, 1987

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No licences from Emu Park police AS FROM July 6, 1987 the Emu Park Police Station will not be issuing the old type drivers' license and learners permits. Residents also won't be able to get the new photo type licenses from the police station. Instead people within the Emu Park division will now be required to go to either the Yeppoon Police Station or the Transport department on the corner of Stanley and Alma Streets, Rockhampton. Main Roads Department, Suncorp and any other matters can be handled as usual at the station. Licenses cannot be issued by Emu Park . because it does not have the new photographic equipment needed for the licenses.


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❑ ABOVE: Tania Kerle and John Leonard at work on a screenprinted t-shirt. Screenprinting workshops have been organised in conjunction with the writer-inresidence course being conducted by the Emu Park Historical Museum Society.


Emu Park workshops educational

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EMU Park Historical Museum society secretary Joan Whyte sees the screenprinting and writing workshops now being held as not only educational but also as a means by which both local history, such as the legend of King O'Malley and the works of local writers can be promoted. Writer-in-residence Stefanie Bennett said one particular screenprinted work, an abstract version of the Singing Ship, was designed to spark public interest in her workshop's "talking book". "The talking book will open with music from the Singing Ship and incorporate local legends, oral histories, short stories, songs and poetry written by local residents and presented in a cassette form," Stefanie said. The historical society hopes to further

LIVINGSTONE Shire councillors will express their concern to both the State and Federal Members (Denis Hinton and Keith Wright) over proposed cutbacks of $22 million in the Federal mini-budget announced in May.


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TUES: 7.30pm, Home group prayer THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer at Cora's. FRI: 7.30pm, Men's prayer



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promote Emu Park and its writers by screenprinting some of these works on to items such as t-shirts, sheets, pillow cases and tea towels. Money raised from sales of both the "talking book" and screenprinted items would do toward the construction costs of a much-needed extension for the Emu Park museum building.

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Capricorn, Coast Mirror

By-law-on noise under scrutiny


Senator Lady BjelkePetersen talks with friends Stella Riley (centre) and Estelle Hartwig on Saturday at Ross' Run.


Chamber meets next Tuesday

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THE Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce meets on Tuesday, July 7 at 7.30pm. Chamber president John Peach said topics of discussion could include plans for a mall and suggestions for a shopping mall in Hill Street, Yeppoon. General business, the marina and the beautification of Farnborough Road can be discussed, Mr Peach said. He said the idea of chamber was to give Coast business people the chance to raise matters which they see as enhancing their businesses or having.a bad effect. Any problems discussed would be followed-up by the chamber, he said. The chamber's annual general meeting will be held on August 4.

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THE three-year running battle between Yeppoon Readymix and nearby residents has prompted Livingstone Shire Council to reconsider sections of its Abatement of Excessive Noise by-law. Residents liave regularly complained about the continued noise coming from the concrete plant. Acting on a report- to council and similar actions taken by the Toowoomba City Council, it was decided at the June meeting to initiate amendments to the by-law. Councillors voted to start proceedings with the proposed new by-law that deals with abatement of noise, and to initiate the c. proposed amendments. It was also decided to make provision to buy a suitable sound meter in the 1987/88 budget. Aspects of the by-law reconsidered by council were: O To include a provision on open air concerts, which may or may not be relevant now but could be needed in the future. O To reduce to five minutes the lenght of time animals can make a noise (barking, miaowing, crowing, screeching and so on). O The "Adjusted measured sound of 45dB(A)" provision in by-law 2(u), has been deleted because it is only intended as an option to by-law 2(iii) and most relevant to local authorities where industrial development can give rise to the "creeping background syndrome". O By-law 6(b) gives additional power to remove an offending animal if its noisiness can't be abated in any other reasonable way. O The alternation construction of time in which excessive noises may not occur, and the simple listing of equipment in the schedule, to simplify the understanding and management of the provisions of the by-law chapter. O A reasonable sound meter will cost about $3000 and will need regular calibration. The Division of Noise Abatement plans to hold seminars in the future on aspects of noise control management and use of equipment. Councillors decided to initiate the formation of a new Abatement of Excessive Noise by-law.

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July 10,. 1987 . -7 5

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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror

July.4.- July 10, 1987..




THREE historic train trips this month are designed to inject finance into the community and attract a large number of tourists, according to the Capricorn Tourism Development Organisation. Three days have been set aside for steam train trips to the Capricorn Coast, Mt Morgan and The Caves areas. part of the trips include visites to historical sites and other attractions offered. The CTDO formed a tourist train committee to organise the steam train trips. CTDO Coast branch chairman Hubert Murray said the CTDO hoped to generate a scheduled service for tourists and Coast people. This would mean steam train trips would be planned and advertised well in advance so that people intending to visit the region could include a steam train trip in their activites while here. So far, there have been one or two unscheduled trips but these were different from a permanent train schedule the CTDO would be offering. The first trip of the three July trips will be from Rockhampton to The Caves on Monday, July 6. Tourist will travel by coach from The Caves station to tour Olsen and Cammoo Caves, look at Gangalook Museum and Hinz Sawmill. Morning tea and lunch will be provided and afterward a general tour of the region including Mt Etna's mining industry. The second steam train leaves Rockhampton for Mt Morgan on Wednesday, July 8. This trip includes a climb up Razorback

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Saturday Sunday ...from 10am, last guests through gates at 3pm

Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical hOmes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Adults: $4. Pensioners and Students: $3. Children $2 42111 Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560

0 ABOVE: The C17 steam locomotive at Cooee Bay which will be restored for historic train trips once enough money has been raised. Range giving a view of the old Historic Rack railway and also the original road from Moonmeria over which horse-drawn vehicles carried the gold from Mt Morgan mine. Visitors to Mt Morgan will leave the train at the historic Mt Morgan Station, built during the 1890s and taken by coaches to tour the mine, museum and other historic places of interest in the town. After lunch, visitors will be taken to the old suspension bridge to see a gold panning demonstration and for the lucky, some can try their hand at finding gold. A visit to the Boomerange Factory and witnessing a throwing demonstration is included in the • tour. The final steam train ride leaves Rockhampton for Yeppoon on Friday, July 10. Half the passengers will leave the train at Mt Chalmers and travel by coach to Koorana Crocodile Farm for morning tea, followed by a guided tour through Emu Park to look at the Singing Ship. The coach will then follow the Scenic Highway to Yeppoon. The other half of the train passengers will travel to Yeppoon, board four coaches and continue to ,the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort and Cooberrie Park for morning tea. They will return to Yeppoon for lunch and the two groups will then do the reverse of the morning schedule. Mr Murray said the steam trains would link the towns and also inject money and tourists into the local economy. One of the reasons for the steam train project is to achieve funding for the restoration of the Cooee Bay C17 steam locomotive. The steam train trail will also determine the viability of future trips. To help out, eight volunteers are needed for tour guides. Anyone interest can contact Mr Murray on 33 6454 or Chi Chi Murray, 39 3272. The CTDO is hoping Coast shopkeepers will decorate their premises to welcome the influx of 400 tourists.

owsSHELL `MUSEUM Open 7 days a week - 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50& children 50¢ Hill St, Yeppoon - 39 2386, 39 1313a/h '••

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3.50 2.90 2.90 2.90 6.30 5.70 1.20 1.20 -.90 7.50 •

ROAST DINNERS ...with Potato, Peas & Pumpkin Beef with gravy * Chicken with gravy Pork with Apple Sauce and... Lamb with Mint Sauce

3.50 single serve 7.00 double serve

We Deliver Anything

YeaDoon to Emu Park Chicken Seafood Snacks Pizza

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Tomato, Cheese, Salami. Ham, Pepperoni, Pineapple, Olives















Mushroom, Capsicum


Tomato, Cheese, Ham, Pineapple, Capsicum, 'Shallots Tom, Cheese, Salami. Pepperoni Capsicum, Olives Tomato, Cheese, Olives, Pineapple, Capsicum, Mushroom, Veg in season

GARLIC BREAD: to complement your Pizza

$1 00 REGULAR size serves 2 people; FAMILY size. serves 4 people Meals * Groceries Cigarettes * Drinks

Hamburgers 1.80 Steakburgers 2.00 Fishburgers • 1.80 Bacon burgers 1.80 6 Chicken Nuggets & S/Sour2.00 Toasted Sandwiches 1.50 Toasted Steak, Bacon & Egg 1.90 Spring Rolls smi & ige 1.00/-.55 Bacon Rolls -.80 Dim Sims smi & Ige 1.00/-.55 Crumbed Sausages -.70 Kabana 1.00 Squid Rings -.20 Potato Scallops -.30 Chips -.80 Hot Chicken Rolls 2.20' Crumbed Fish 1/10 Battered Fish 1.10

DIAL-a-DIN ER` from noon to 8pm 7 days-a-week!


33 6680


Mirror Capricorn .tUoast::Mir



4> July, 13, ,19g7, 7.

Watch Your Letterbox For Next Weeks Denhams Brochure

0 ABOVE: Douglas Bowles spends some time with parents, Nancy and Brian.

TV ACTOR STAYS ON COAST â?‘ By Cathy Logan and Sara Snelling ACTOR Douglas Bowles who appeared in the TV mini-series Sword of Honour is holidaying on the Coast with his parents, Brian and Nancy Bowles.

Bayview Tower News & Views HI! I'm back, did you miss me? I was flattered to see that there were many people who missed my column over the last two weeks. Although I was equally grateful for the compliments I received for the story I wrote for Suzy and John about my trip .to America. Well, the weather has been a bit odd the last couple of weeks and it's been hard to convince people that they should stay over on the sunny Capricorn Coast. But things are clearing with sunny days and more and more tourist are deciding to stay over ... the trend has started. I'd like to thank the Rockhampton Stamp Duties Office Social Club, the Education Department and Yeppoon Lions Club for being our dinner guests at Bayview Tower recently. Reports were that a great time was had 'by all. Last Monday week the Beer, Beef and Burgundy Club held its monthly dinner in Sails Restaurant and were treated to a delightful meal and a great bodied Yalumba Galway Shiraz 1983. My thanks to Mal O'Keeffee from the Bakehouse Gym for treating us to an interesting discussion on health and fitness and for Rod Sonners who gave us a superb competition body building display ... I had to hold a few of the.ladies in the Sails Restaurant .back that night. On Wednesday' night we welcomed Federal Tourism Minister John Brown to Bayview Tower for a dinner banquet in Sails Restaurant. Mr Brown gave a presentation on the state of affairs and gave us all some food for thought. This week we also must say farewell to staff member Wayne Gardner. Wayne has been with us since before Bayview Tower opened and has been "part of the furniture" around here. Good lukc for the future Wayne from myself and all the staff. I'll have more news for you next week. Best regards ... Bayuiew Tower


Douglas Bowles who played Slattery (Slats) in the series, will be spending about one week on the Coast with his wife Amanda, at the Cooee Bay Recreation camp which his parents manage. He has appeared in a number of programmes: Prisoner, The Sullivans, Every Move She Makes and The Last Wave. But it wasn't until Sword of Honour screened that the Bowles' saw their actor son perform on television. Douglas Bowles recently finished the filming of his latest role as a policeman on the Henderson Kids II. He said work on the Henderson Kids "was a lot of fun" and his part as a policeman suited his ability for character acting. He would rather play character parts instead of lead roles because they offer a wider rande and possibly a longer acting career. "I've played a policeman, journalist and even a schizophrenic but a person- playing the lead is sometimes stereotyped into one line of acting," he said. He finds character roles also prolong an acting career-whereas a lot of people who play leads tend to "burn-out" more quickly. "I think the secret to being a good actor is in a person's ability to never being recognised." he said. "A lot of the lead actors have to maintain an image and produce lead performances every time they play a role. "Some actors, like Sir Alec Guiness and Rod Steiger, play both lead and character roles quite successfully. "Their abilities are quite unusual because normally an actor must decide in what direction (character or lead roles) his career is headed. He said he had reached the stage where he no longer had to audition for roles but it took him 13 years to do so ... some do it in less time, but some never reach this stage. Before making his debut in film and television, Douglas Bowles worked for a number of years in theatre with Brisbane's La Boite Company. He has also travelled throughout Queensland with the Warana Arts Festival. Despite his recent television appearances, theatre is his first love and he would some day like to return to it in a acting/producing capacity. However, greater opportunities for the promotion of his career lie in film and television and for this reason he intends to travel to the United States within the next year. Even though he intends to work in America, he believes the quality of Australian acting "rivals" that of America and Europe. He feels that within the next 10 years Queensland's film industry will also "equal" standards set overseas. "Queensland has sun, beaches, settings and talent enough to become the next California," Mr Bowles said.

Frozen Chicken No. 17

Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY • 44:2i

On Sale Until Saturday 11th July Limit Rights Reserved. While Stocks Last YOU'LL LOVE THE DISCOUNTS AT Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

Information and bookings: 33 6744; 27 2948 a/h


— Capricorn Coast Mirror July

4 -7,141v

Yeppoon Small Motor PARTNER' Service * Chainsaw and Mower Specialists * Service and. Repairs to all makes * Full range of Blades and Parts * Free pick-up and delivery service * Outdoor Power Equipment Specialists * Repairs * Service * Sales *

56 Tanby Road

39 2115

Two visually-impaired runners in training for Gladstone marathon TWO visually impaired runners, Coast boy Gerrard Gosens, 17, and Gladstone runner Patrick Hughes, 21, will attempt to run from Rockhampton. to Gladstone on -Saturday, September 12. The run will be over 120km and Gerrard said it should take him about 15 to 16 hours to complete. He is confident he and Patrick will last the distance. Along the way, he and Patrick will have the company of different support runners who have pledged to run sections of the marathon. These supporters will be marathon runners and also friends from the areas in which they live. Gerrard said he and Patrick were doing the marathon to help raise money to send disabled athletes to the 1988 Olympic Games at Seoul. They also hope some of the money will be used to further the development of sport and recreation for disabled people in the Central Queensland. "Buying equipment for disabled people in Central Queensland will build confidence, co-ordination and give them better prospects for employment," Gerrard said. The visually-impaired athletes started

training for the marathon about a month ago. Gerrard of Kinka Beach will be training with Coast runner Bev Laundry and Rockhampton athlete Ron Bryan. He will also be training with weights and other body building aides. Gerrard hopes his run will attract Statewide support and has already been given support of money and back-up vehicles from Avis Rent-a-Car, Chippindale Mitsubishi, Capricorn Credit Union and the Sporting Wheelies Association. He and Patrick are also looking for other sponsors and runners who will support their run.

LSC supports Bill suggestions LIVINGSTONE Shire councillors will support representations to Local Government Minister. Russ Hinze by Mulgrave Shire Council about the Intergrated Resort Development Bill. Council was told the legislation was relatively difficult to understand and contained provisions which some councils may not agree with. Mulgrave Shire Council was concerned with the erosion of "not only councils' rights but also the rights of the residents of the local authority" in various sections of the Bill. The council is seeking support for its representations and will seek either an appeal or amendment in the Bill to ensure council by-laws and policies in relation to town planning, subdivision and building weren't circumvented. The Mulgrave council was also concerned with the rights of residents and visitors to the areas included in approved schemes. It said these people could be denied access to previously public areas which, under the Bill, made certain areas private beaches,esplanades and roads. Livingstone Shire Council voted to support Mulgrave Shire's representations to ensure the relevant sections of the Local Government Act were not superseded by the provisions of the new Bill.

Rezonings held for legal advice LIVINGSTONE Shire Council deferred discussing -two rezoning applications at the June meeting until further legal opinions had been obtained. Council is waiting for an opinion about hydraulic studies carried out at -Lammermoor Beach before sorting out the rezoning applications. Capricorn Survey Consultants, who are acting on behalf of the applicants, submitted a detailed schedule of- all correspondence with council summarising events starting with the application made on June 20, 1985, to present actions. At the end of the- summary, the consultants' Grant Phillips said it had been five months since council had advised the company a legal opinion on the lawful point of discharge had been sought. "Is council considering sacking this legal advisor?" he asked. In his letter he said: "What do we have to do to get these matters under way again and when could the matters be expected to be resolved?" The matter was deferred until the legal opinion. _

Your polling booth for Election Day if...



Yeppoon Town Hall You

are outside your home State or Territory. More

Then you can have your say on Election Day with a

than 8 km from any Polling Booth. Of a religious Postal Vote. Ask for a Postal Vote at any Electoral Office or at

belief that prevents your attendance. Seriously ill or

a special postal voting centre. Or apply for a Postal Vote

approaching motherhood, (or caring for someone who is .) through any Post Office.

Have your say. Apply for a Postal Vote today. For Enquiries Telephone: New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory: (008) 451236. Victoria: (03) 6044300. Queensland: (008) 177695. Western Australia: (09) 3252299. South Australia: (08) 2124899. Tasmania: (002) 204194. Northern Territory: (089) 811477.

Authorised by the Australian Electoral Commission. AEC 36.285.67

Monday, 7.30pm

$500 special in 54 calls Early Bird & Midway Special 90 calls $100 No. 1 Jackpot No. 2 Jackpot No. 3 Jackpot ( 4.

ill 11,11

$200 in 53 calls $100 in 59 calls $200 in 50 calls F-,et Nil

II 11.111

VS. .1, 1 i 5-0-1:PrI c- 41 1 7

Coast resident volunteers to rebuild cyclone damaged Solomon Islands IN May, 1986, a cyclone devasted the Solomon Islands making headlines around th world ... one year later Coast resident Noel Roberts was one of more than 200 volunteers who helped rebuild the tropical nation. As part of a Rotary International project, Noel Roberts was one member of 70 three-, man teams which set about restoring schools to better than their pre-cyclone state. Mr Roberts said "it was well worth the trip" to help rebuild what was destroyed and in some cases add to the buildings already there. The Australian Government decided to help the Solomons rebuild after the devastation caused by the cyclone. To supervise the reconstruction, the government called on Rotarians to send teams to the Solomons. Mr Roberts was selected from the Coast to lead two other helpers, who came from Darwin, to build an additional classroom at Gwaidinale on the largest island, Malaita. The Gwaidinale school has 240 pupils from grades one to six. They come from seven villages in the area. Some of the pupils walk two hours each way to attend classes, even though school isn't compulsory. Mr Robert's stayed on Malaita for three weeks. The volunteers were given two weeks to build the additional classroom ... Mr Roberts and his two helpers, along with 80 islanders, finished their building in eight days. Every day, 80 villagers would turn up to help at the site. Some came for the entire eight days but most days, the villages sent different men to assist in the construction of the room. "The school was made out of timber, a 17.8m by 6.1m double classroom, which cost about $9 0 0 0 for materials and transportation," Mr Roberts said. "One of the greatest things I admired in these people was their honesty. "One villager had accidently taken a hammer home with him from the site. The next day he walked two hours from his village to return the tool. "I had no hesitation in leaving money or tools lying around because I knew they would still be there when I next needed the tools." While staying on this tropical island, still showing some of the after effects of the cyclone, Mr Roberts lived in a Sago Palm hut

which he found to be waterproof during a brief period of rain. His army rations were supplemented with local produce ... sweet potato, coconut, rice, fish and tea. He started work each day at about 7.30, finished about 3pm and had a swim in the sea. Winter and summer differ only by the amount of rainfall. After his swim, he would spend some of his time playing games with the village children. He was amazed at how healthy these children looked and their enthusiasm to learn. "The kids were very inquisitive and eager to learn," Mr Roberts said. "They would arrive at school at 7.30 just so they could play games. There was footy and soccer for the boys and netball and volleyball for the girls ... remember some of these kids walk two hours to get to school," he said. "On Sunday all work stops. The Islanders will play, but nothing will get them to work. About 120 years ago Malaita people were head hunters and the Men of Malaita were very well known. "Today, about 95 per cent of people on Malaita are practising Christians ... the major four being Anglican, Roman Catholic, South Sea Evangelical and Seventh Day Adventist. "From a young age Malaita people carry a bush knife (two feet six inches long and two inches wide) to cut coconuts, grass and ward off wild pigs." Mr Roberts said tradition was a strong part of the Islanders' life and, during his stay, he witnessed some ceremonial dances and was made an honorary chief. Mr Roberts and the two assistants were adorned with head-dresses made of flowers and given gifts of "shell," the traditional money. Malaita is the largest of the islands known collectively as the Solomons, and it also has the largest population. Where Mr Roberts was working, little damage had been done by the cyclone, but he knew that some of the teams were helping to rebuild whole villages. "I saw the countryside, enjoyed their hospitality and was given the chance to help our nearest neighbours, apart from Papua New Guinea, and I will not forget the time I spent there," Mr Roberts said.

Judy' it); 1.*


Investme.nt- Adviee



International Trust

Insurance Bonds Equity Income Trust

Property Trusts

Rollover Funds

Equity Trust



39 6233

39 6326






TED PRICE, NATIONAL Candidate for Capricornia

DENIS HINTON, MLA Member for Broadsound






• ;

10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror July 4 — July 10, 1987

This is how to vote for the House of Representatives. On Election Day, Saturday July 11, you will be voting for the House of Representatives and the Senate. So you'll be given two different ballot papers. Please read the instructions on each of them.

........................................................................ Election House of one member of Representativesof the

DIRECTIONS: paper Mark by placing the your vote on in the squares respectively numbers 1, 2,this ballot names of the 3, and opposite the 4 order of candidates so as to indicate your preference for them. the

This is a sample of the green ballot paper for the House of Representatives. It's easy to fill out correctly. Just put the number 1 in the box of the candidate you want to represent you. Then, put the number 2 in the box beside your second choice, then the number 3 in the box beside your third choice and so on until you have numbered every box on your green ballot paper.

olEtrcal Party

The number of boxes on your ballot paper may vary from this sample. Remember, you must number every box. Vote anytime between Sam and 6pm. A list of polling places will appear in newspaper advertisements. Remember, if you are on the electoral roll, then you must vote. Whoops! If you make a mistake on either ballot paper, don't worry. Just ask for another.

Vote correct on Election Day. AEC 33.DPT.6 7 LEFT

Capricorn Coast Mirror July 4 — July 10, 1987 — 11

And this is how to vote for the Australian Senate. You may vote in one of two ways


(name of state By placing the single

figure 1 in

or territory)



one, and only one,voting of the squares to indicate the ticket you to adopt as wish your vote.



Election of 12 Senators



Political Party

Political Party A


Political Party

By placing the

numbers 1 to 14 in the order of your preference.

pCoA litiNcaDIIP DaArt4 T: E'S


CNAaNniDeIDATE'S t a Party

CANDI DATE'; DATE'; niDAT Nacre Political Party CANDIDATE' DATE'S S ° Political Party

Political Party





ca CDNICI Party DATE'S Political Party

Senate ballot paper. You may vote in one of two ways on

Political Party i---J j NN aA Nani N ame rne 0 1--Political cal Party

But if you want to choose your own


Your ballot paper may have more

Senate candidates, you can vote in the

boxes than this sample.

bottom part below the black line. To do

Use numbers only, whether you vote

this white ballot paper. Vote either in the

this, you must put the number 1 in the box

part above the black line or in the part

of your first choice candidate, then the

below it.

number 2 in the box beside your second

The simplest way to vote is to use




This is a sample of the white


in the top or the bottom part. A Final Word. This leaflet will be

choice, then the number 3 in the box

sent to your home just

the top part. Just place the single number

beside your third choice and so on until

before Election Day. Please

1 in the box of the party or group

you have numbered every box in the

read it carefully. It will help

you prefer.

bottom part of your white ballot paper.

you to vote correctly.

Remember, only numbers count. it• Authorised by the Australian Electoral Commission.


)1 (1



SOMETHING to look forw4rdttibRanz Lehars 'Merry Widow' -,pre4ent&I by Yeppoon Choral Society on September 5;'10" and 12 at 7.45pm in Yeppoon Town Hall. o o o

Showerscreens Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h.

Vaughan's Furniture 77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON

39 1645

Specialists in...

Solid, hand-made furniture Restoration and Re-polishing The best-equipped Workshop on the Coast This is a cottage industry, so' all work is done by Sam Vaughan himself, with over 20 years' experience as' a cabinet maker.

— „ HOW often does a person get the opportunity to comment on a fashion event and to practice on a Microphone as well? Forum members were given that chance and the venues varied from Fred's amazing ,garage sale to the ballroom championships. Forum held an impromptu speech night and it was fun because no-one every really knows just what subject they will be alloted. Guests were Helen Gallehawke, Gaye Schipper and Cheryl Wellman. Kaye Livingston chaired the meeting and the six-monthly critique was given by Wilmer Thomson. Leo Carpenter was the night's critic and council club delegate Billie Sinclair gave.the report from central regional council. Forum will change its meeting venue to the church hall in Arthur Street, Yeppoon, but the birthday tarty meeting will be in the CWA hall on July 8. Guests are welcome and Forum members will cater. o o o ST JAMES Guild held its rose show and cent sale recently. Mrs J Johnstone won the one rose section with Mrs J Preston second. Mrs J Smalley won the three roses and Mrs J Cooke took out second place. The bowl of roses section was won by Mrs H Morris and Mrs J Johnstone was second. Mrs M Headrick won the bowl of mixed flowers section and second prize was shared between Mrs D Bird and Miss S Wilson. Competition winners were Mesdames L Talbot, P Willis, P King and I Prowse. Mrs J Brinnen won the lucky door and jackpot winner was Mrs M Dyer. 1111111111n=


Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets 0 Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire 0 Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed/loose 'Flower Arrangements with...

Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies

Delivery to Rockhampton and Coast daily For Flowers for all Occasions ...

39 2266 or 39 7162 a/h

cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon

Still the best pie on the Coast ... with the most of everything!! The

Morgan PIE can be bought at these popular outlets... Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Cooee Corner Store Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store


Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon

39 1941

14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959

Kris Plahn and Staff of...

Coralie's Hair Salon are celebrating the START OF SAVEMORE CENTRE'S NEW EXTENSIONS! We are holding a DELVA HAIR CARE PROMOTION


All Delva $30 Perms now... Phone now for your appointment 39 2443 .We also have an extensive range of Delva Hair Care Products for your After-Perm Care


THE Women's Auxiliary of the Coast's Blue Nursing committee will have a street stall in front of Findlay's electrical store on Wednesday, July 8. The reason for the stall is to raise funds to buy ingredients for the hot luncheon planned fbr August 19. The auxiliary would like help with cakes and produce ... especially cakes. The Blue Nurses give loving care to all patients who need it, regardless of class or creed. o o o YEPPOON CWA's international luncheon last week was successful. The guest speaker was Lisa Bispiskovreuger who was accompanied by Mrs Naurup and she has just arrived from Denmark. Of course, the flavour of the luncheon was Danish. Mary Smith won the lucky door prize and Kirsten Wyeth won the basket of Danish food. o ❑ o BERYL Watson won the Endeavour Foundation fruit and vegetable tray raffled outside Savemore Centre. o o o A 50/50 dance will be held with 'Hi-Way' providing the musical treat on Saturday, July 11 at the Cawarral Hall from 7pm. Tickets will be available at the door or by contacting 34 4387, 34 4330. The cost is $5 for adults, $3 for high school students and The dance is licensed and food will be on sale. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Friday, August 21, 8pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Annual Ambulance Rotary ball. $15 per head includes supper and the music is by Key Doyle. The numbers are' limited to 250 and tickets are available at the ambulance centre, James Street, Yeppoon. o THE Keppel Woodcraft Association meeting is on Friday, July 10 at Mike and Margaret Prior's home. It is the annual general meeting and special guest speaker is Bren Canfell. Contact Mike, 39 1838 for information. o o ❑ DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, August 1. Progressive dinner for Yeppoon Primary Parents and Citizens. Tickets $12.50 single, includes bus to each venue and tickets are available from school or Kim Shields 33 6831 o ❑ o EMU Park CWA is holding hoy on Friday mornings in the hall. All members are invited to contribute with either money or goods and everyone is welcome to go along ... and make new friends. If you would like to join the CWA ring, 39 6222. o o o SCOPE annual general meeting is on Monday, July 13 at Sacred Heart school. o o o DO you have any suggestions for the Pineapple Festival? Well, the committee meets every Thursday at 7.30pm in the Shell Hall, Whitman Street, Yeppoon. The Pineapple Festival this year has been changed to September 30 to October 4. o ❑ o YEPPOON Lions will help Ada Herd continue growing flowers which she gives to Yeppoon Hospital patients. Mrs Herd, the Livinstone Shire Citizen of the Year, wrote to council in February asking for relief from excess water rates. In her letter, she told council she used the excess water to grow the flowers she gave away. At the March meeting, councillors resolved to leave the matter with shire chairman Cr John Bowen and deputy chairman Cr Keith Hinchliffe to investigate. Letters were sent to Yeppoon Rotary Club and Lions Club asking for a small annual donation to help Mrs Herd. with her community efforts. A letter to council tabled at the June meeting from Rotary secretary Arthur Holt said the club was unable to help. The reply from the Lions Club was received during the meeting and the club's offer will be passed on to Mrs Herd.

BIG WINTER SALE (starts Saturday, July 4)


Dresses * Jeans * Tracksuits * Shirts CLEARANCE of oddments...Summer wear and Swimwear

THE Historic Records Search is an Australian Bicentennial heritage project with assistance from the National Library of Australia. It is a nation-wide search to locate and identify historic documents which are privately held and list them in the Historic Records Register. Many families, businesses and communities have kept records they regard s historically interesting but which may also have a wider historical significance. Records which are historically significant can provide information about people, places and events and details of everyday life such as schooling, working conditions and life in the home enable us to understand better what it might have meant to live and make decisions in an earlier time. The search will record such material as photographs, diaries, letters, ledger books, minute books, old postcards and newspapers as well as maps and plans. The search will not collect this material, but merely record it so that future researchers and historians will know that it exists. Interested researchers will have access to the register through State and major libraries across Australia and the register will be compiled in such a way as to protect the privacy of the owners-. The search also aims to raise consciousness about the need for preservation of historical material and owners will be advised of simple methods of caring for their records. Field officers in regions in all States are available to list records. The Rockhampton and Central District, including the Coast, Betty Cosgrove may be contacted through the Rockhampton City Library, 27 6444, ext 294, or at 5 Wood Street, Emu Park, 39 6495. o ❑ o EMU Park Pensioners League regrets the death of its president, Joan Burns. "She was a person who was always bright and happy. She gave of herself unstintingly. Our branch is the poorer for her passing and Emu Park has lost a fine resident. Our sympathy is extended to all her family." o o o EMU Park Pensioners Singing group The Entertainers sent in the following note. "We report with sadness and regret the death of our treasurer Joan Burns. She was a foundation member and an untiring worker. She will be sadly missed by everyone. Our Sympathy goes to her husband and family." o o ❑ DATE CLAIMER: Friday, August 28, Margot Mott's Fashion with Flair in Yeppoon Town Hall and presented by SCOPE. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, October 31, Yeppoon State Primary School carnival fete. o

0 0

EMU PARK Lions Club and Lioness Club will have a combined changeover night on July 7 at Kanangra Restaurant at 7.30pm. o


Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road 39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

Paper Laminating Keppel Art & Framing 50 Normanby St391774 Take thyme to read some...

`Words on Herbs' WE now have in stock Chamomile, Rosehip ... fasting and relaxing teas. Chamomile and Rosehip are difficult to grow in Central Queensland climate. These herbs were grown and imported from POLLUTION FREE New Zealand. Plant flowers and seed producing vegetables, tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, etc, this week. Excellent time for grafting and soil preparation.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie OPEN: Saturday: 1pm to 4pm Sun & Wed: 10am - 4pm ...or by appointment

39 7621

,Capricorn Coast Mirror. July. 4 — July• 10, 19,87 —.13


Captiesu Ceadei148 THE 'wedding of the year' took place in Yeppoon on Friday night when Scope celebrated the wedding of 'Jo Bjelke Petersen' and 'Bo Derek'. The guests included six `scopeful' brides, one bridesmaid, two mothers of the bride and a `madonna'. Capable MC (Robert Harris) helped to toast the happy couple in grand style. The brides included one in sandshoes, another whose bouquet originated from the vase in the ... and prizes were given for the worst speech and there were plenty of them. Scope members thank Lou and Barb Fitchen for their hospitality.

YEPPOON RSL members will attend the memorial service at St Christopher's Chapel tomorrow (Sunday). The service starts at 3pm. O


LOIS. Lane (Cathy Logan) has committed a grave error. The Yeppoon CWA had a poster judging day and Lois went to the hall to take a photo and record the results. She was so overwhelmed with the hospitality (scrumptious food, too!) she incorrectly gave the wrong name for one of the judges. Instead of giving Annette Guest due credit for the job, she inadvertantly named Greta Pedersen. Mrs Guest, Lois (Cathy) is sorry for the error ... even Superman's girlfriend makes the occasional 'super' error. O


0 0

THE SCHOOL holidays are now with us and the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts is having its usual children's workshop, but this time it is in Beaman Park. The date is Saturday, July 4 and equipment will be supplied. The charge this holiday is $1.50. Experienced tutors will guide the children into the world of painting and working with clay. The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at noon and it is advisable to send your children along in old clothes. O 0 o THE Don Ireland Swimming Complex will have its annual general meeting on July 15 at 730pm in the Emu Park CWA Hall. All members and intending members are welcome and supper will conclude the evening. Fees are now due for 1987/88 and you can pay treasurer Bev Green at Green's Hardware. O

0 0

WOULD you like to play squash in a ladies-only competition on Monday nights? Gradings will be on July 13 and the night is filling fast, so, phone the courst, 392444, and make your booking. O

0 0

SUNSET Lodge Aged Ladies Hostel's fete is on July 18 between 10am and 2.30pm. Mixed stalls will be selling goodies at reasonable prices. Entertainment will be provided by Emu Park School, Julie's Jazzers, Billabong Bush Band and a .fashion parade by Fiona. O


THE Teddy Bears' Picnic is on Tuesday, July 7 at 10am in the Botanical Gardens for the Rockhampton Multiple Birth Association. Mothers are invited to take along their own picnic lunch. For more information contact Maree Pershouse, 28 8624. O

0 0

CAPRICORN Coast Writers' Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the morning at the Yeppoon RSL Hall. The door opens at 9.30 and the meeting is from 10am to 11am. This is followed by discussions and workshops and all finishes at noon On Tuesday, July 7, the members will be checking the rest of the club's new publication to make sure it is ready for sale. The publication has short stories, poetry, bush yarns and drawings all by Coast residents. The book sells for $4 or $5 if posted. New members are welcome.


INTERNATIONAL Day for Emu Park CWA is on Thursday, July 9 ... lunch with a Danish flavour. The cost is $6 and the starting time is noon and the luncheon is open to visitors and guests, not just CWA members. Contact president Mavis Wood, '39 6222, if you are interested. O 0 o ENTRY forms for the Pineapple Festival Queen and Charity Queen are now available from McDougal's in Savemore.

Come to the Kids' Show today (Saturday) Come and meet... * Beeper the Owl * * The Paddle Pop Lion * * Gopher the Greyhound

Farmer Dick's Super fresh Specials Large ) Fresh 600 Cavendish kg


... 1st Gracie


Bowen $ 1 kg


Capricorn Fruit Supplies NORMAN BY ST, YEPPOON

39 3874



1 kg

Specials available until stocks sold out!

Pineapple Patch Rockhanipton Rd, Yeppoon (opposite the golf club)

39 4078

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and at our


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riotCapricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed .and .published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street! Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement, pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken. no responsibility can be accepted to: errors. -

BIRTH NOTICES BELL: Chris, Christine, Angie, Nikki welcome with love Julianne Elizabeth, 24/6/87, Yeppoon Hospital.

PUBLIC NOTICES ZILZIE Pottery. Open daily. 26 Esplanade, Zilzie. Come in and browse through the most prolific display of pots by one potter. DON IRELAND Swimming Complex annual general meeting, 7.30pm, Wednesday July 15, CWA hall. Membership fees are now due. NOW, at last! The Coast's own Rosella jam and topping...grown, produced and processed at The Caves on sale at the Flea Market today (Saturday). Free tastings. KAMAG offers you fully licensed...


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Chicken Capri Seafoods, Whitman Street, Yeppoon



TED PRICE National party residents of the Cooee Bay area request your attendance at a licensed barbecue evening to be held at the Cooee Bay Hall on Sunday, July 5, 1987 from 3.30pm. All NPA members and supporters welcome. $5 donation entitles you to barbecue Tickets available: LJ Hooker, Yeppoon office or at the function AUTHORISED BY C CARIGE. BOLSOVER ST. ROCKHAMPTON

KOORANA Crocodile Farin will be open on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Lunch from, noon to 1pm. Tour begins at 1pm. Spotlight dinner tours by arrangement. 34 4749. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Support, 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. BEAUTICIAN available all day Tuesdays at Salon 24. Make-up classes on Wednesdays. Phone 39 2198. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177P" • 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day COME on! You could win a Microwave. Bring a friend to join Weightwatchers where everyone's a winner. Don't delay. Join now. This offer is open till October 23. See you there! 7pm, Tuesdays, CVVA Hall, Normanby Street. RSL MEMBERS, Yeppoon, are reminded of the sub-branch attendance at the memorial service in St Christopher's Chapel on Sunday, July 5. The service commences at 3pm. YACA monthly meeting, 7.30pm, Wednesday July 8 at Club Hotel. All welcome. ATTENTION! Weightwatchers members. Special meeting, 7pm, July 7. EMU PARK Historical Museum Society Inc will hold its annual general meeting on • Tuesday, July 7 at 2pm in the museum building, 17 Hill Street, Emu Park. Members and visitors welcome. $2 subscriptions due. J Whyte (Sec)

RAFFLES SES and QATB meat and seafood trays are now available at the PINE BEACH HOTEL every Sunday between noon and 2pm. The proceeds are split equally between the two Emu Park services.

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emp Park, 1pm every day 39 2212

Council of the Shire of Livingstone Local Government Act 1936 to 1986 Application for Town Planning Consent NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to' the Council are as follows:- ' (1) Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: 26 Esplanade, Zilzie. (2) Area of the land: 673 sq m. (3) Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): 13.4m. (4) Nature of Proposed Use: Home Occupation — Pottery. (5) Where applicable — the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: 2 —.462 sq m. (6) Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: 5. (7) Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: Nil. (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Pottery Wheel — Kiln. (9) Zone in which the land is included: Residential B1. Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Counil's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 20th July, 1987. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed be each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it may state the name and address of the objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)0) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 699

Ambulance Subscriptions Annual subscriptions to Yeppoon-Emu Park QATB Family Single

$52 545

Pensioner couple Single pensioner

$30 520

WEEKLY contributions through work group scheme. $1 THE ABOVE COVERS AIR AMBULANCE TRANSPORT QATB Centre, James Street, Yeppoon, 39 1211, or PO Box 1, Yeppoon Responsibility for election material in this issue is accepted by J A Watson, 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach.

Mirror Classifieds 39 4244

PUBLIC NOTICES Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultantsl 24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

FOR SALE PEBBLE-TEX, a natural and inexpensive. finish to your old concrete. Phone 39 4579 for obligation-free quote. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ...sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. KEEP slim...fresh fruit shakes, Yoghurt icecream and vegetables. Free delivery Yeppoon. Fresh Fruit and Veges, James St, 39 1935. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... all from Nursing Mothers. Phone Judy, 33 6831. ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds — all types — free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419. LINEN: ideal pre-wedding and baby shower parties. Phone 39 3660. SHED ANTIQUES and Secondhand shops, 26 Mary Street ... upstairs and downstairs. Antique Grandfather chair, pine hutch, pine dresser, lounge suite, tables and chairs, display cases, washstands, antique mahogany bookcases, desks, tables, vanity mirror, chest of drawers, duchess, quality and kitchen china, glassware, cutlery, saucepans, bric-abrac, treasure and collectibles. Phone 39 4532, 39 3442.

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Install a Screen Door that

LAST and Is...

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Central Coast Insect Screens MM. WE ALSO STOCK... SECURITY WINDOWS


LAND AUCTION TODAY Saturday, July 4 TODAY ACCOUNT: LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL FIRSTLY: Commencing at 10.30am on the Land„ Gap Street (cnr Redman St) Emu Park 5 Residential Sites, Emu Park Comprising three allotments fronting Gap Street, one fronting Redman Street described as Lots 2-5, RP 619479, the other fronting Clements Street described as Lot 4, RP 619478. CEB Power and Town Water available. All Parish of Hewittville. SECONDLY: at 11.30'am on the Land, Poplar Street, Cooee Bay. 2 Residential Sites, Cooee Bay - . Bath allotments from 'Poplar Street described' as Lots 36/37, RP 602805, Parish of Yeppoon, each having an Area of 404 Square Metres with Town Water, Power and Sewerage. AND THEN... FINALLY: at 12 Noon on the site Tanby Road, Yeppoon described as Lot 7, RP 613047 Parish of Yeppoon. Large Industrial Allotment (Zoned Medium Industry) Having a total area of 2,428 Square Metres (96 Perches) with a frontage of 30 metres by a Depth of 80 metres. One of the few remaining industrial sites available in Yeppoon area.

BRIAN HOOPER REAL ESTATE, Yeppoon. Phone 39 3841 MOLLOYS REAL ESTATE, Rockhampton. Phone 22 4521 (Auctioneers in Conjunction)

5messing *




TODAY Sat, July 4 — Noon TODAY Corner of PATTISON & AHERN STS, EMU PARK MAJORITY OF ARTICLES UNRESERVED OUTSIDE ENTRIES WELCOME 2 Victor Utility Mowers (going); 5 wheel rims Datsun Stanza; 4 mag wheels Datsun Stanza; 1 Gent's bike; XB 76 Falcon 500 Panel van as is no rego; Fantail cockerel box spreader - fits back of truck; 1 Datsun 1800 engine; 1 old motor mower - not going; hand water pump; various chains and shackles; Series 1 Landrover motor (complete); Serips 2 Landrover motor (complete - need change crank shaft and bearings); Sickle and pick; Dogs and tie down chains; Honda motor & 3" pump (damaged); Scrap steel; Steel posts; Truck tool box; 2 birdcages; 2 Holden mag wheel rims; quantity roofing iron; 1 painters trestle; stone guard (truck); 1 crab pot; quantity 3" suction hose and fittings; quantity 10"x2" hardwood; 1 12v lead light; airhose and fittings; 1 brand new spray gun; 1 kero gun; 1 whipper snipper (heavy duty - electric); 1 old Frigidaire (storage only - not working); variety Falcon parts; filters; lights; grease paint; gaskets; belts; 10-speed 24" bike; weathershield acco truck; brand new Commodore VL hubcap; fencing wire plain; packet wiper blades; 1 child's swing; car roof rack; 1 oxy set & trolley; office table; 1/2 drum hydraulic oil & hand pump; 1x 3hp electric motor 17 amp; 20kg pail grease; 1 CIG trans 200 amp welder with 15 amp plug with accessories; empty 44 gal drum; quantity 13" & 14" 2nd hand tyres; 1 dual compartment 200 gall tank & fittings; assorted 2nd hand timber; 2 old truck tyres; 2x 1000x20 truck tyres & rims; quantity oils; 1 steel bench; 1 6" bench vice - steel; 1 bench grinder; 1 Honda 5hp WA 30x3" pump (new model); 1 bench front seat; 1 old caravan; 1 electric compressor 8 cu ft; grease guns; 10 ton hydro jack; quantity backhoe teeth; boxes of mixed nuts & bolts; hydraulic fittings & air hose fittings; mixed hub caps; tyre levers; 1 set 3/4 drive sockets; 1 angle grinder 5" Makita; % Black & Decker hand drill; 1/2 " Skill Sher hand drill dual speed & set of drills; quantity John Deere 410 backhoe parts; 1 tonne heavy duty endless chain & block; Honda CJ 360 motorbike; set 2 large floodlights; pump; 350 ltr tank; quantity 3" pipe fittings; quantity 3" Kamlock fittings; 1978 steam cleaner- hot or cold; quantity patio & outdoor furniture; 1978 model Scorpion; 1 3-phase 4hp electric motor; 1 Chaika 90 hp Johnson 16'6"; Diahatsu 1979 twin cab 5-speed diesel, unregistered, going order.

Follow directional signs from Emu Park Bowls Club

DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD 27 Pattison Street, Emu Park. (079) 39 6411

Capricorn Coast Mirror July 4 — July 10, 1987 — 15

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Building for removal or demolition




TODAY - July 4

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For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

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04,s AUTO



'i ,k-k3 4-1' Z 3.

Electrician Alternators 0 Generators 0 Starters 0 Magnetos 0 All Wiring Repairs 0 0 Armature Re-winding 0

I Batteries at Factory Prices I Air-conditioning Services OPEN MONDAYS TO SATURDAYS

53 Tanby Rd, Yeppoon

Building to be removed and site cleared by Monday 27th July, 1987. The bond is to be held in trust until final clearance of land


DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD 27 Pattison Street, Emu Park. (079) 39 6411

'Earl and Margaret Hempseed

Plumber Drainer


Net Clissold




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industrial — Residential — Commercial

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George Barrett & All types of Painting *

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we service for $12.50 annually — Keith Chivers, 39 3518. _ FLYSCREENS and doors, made-to-measure on the Coast from. Central Coast Insect Screens. 39 4318. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering; 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhamptgn. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

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Electric Motors Repairs & Rewinds We repair Puthps: Irrigation, Industrial, Pools, etc * Single and Three-Phase * Motors, Alternators, Compressors * Washing Machines * Domestic and Industrial

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39 3310 Cnr Queen & Arthur Sts, Yeppoon

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Shop 2, 59 Tanby Road



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TRADEWORK Peter and Toni

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for renovations, alterations and extensions in the Yeppoon and Rockhampton area. Phone Robert Gallehawk, 39 7036. PLUMBER — Keith Chivers — 39 3518 —' Plumber — Keith Chivers — 39 3518. BUILDING, painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232 or 22 1687. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast — D &: K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. SLASHING done — Inquiries, phone 39 1483.,

Answering service

PAINTING 00 t in t Tont ftvi- oor -F

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39 3193

Bill Rasmussen



f • • •• ........•••


,t'• 6....:, 4

Phone... KEITH BECK 39 4016

MINI TIPPER HIRE &SLASHING 68 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon

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KITCHENS 53 Tanby Road Built to your design Specialising in Laminated or Solid Timber Kitchens For free quote: Ivor Veliscek

39 1614 b/h

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16 - Ca morn Coast Mirror July 4 - July 10, 1987

Mirror Classifieds



CARPENTER/BUILDER, wardrobes, extensions, new job too small! Terry Bishton, 39 1784.


MOWING, gardening, yards tidied. Satisfaction assured. No obligation quotes. Phone 39 1640. ALLOTMENTS slashed. Kinka Beach/Emu PaIrk/Zilzie area. From $25. 39 6237

For all your Disability insurance

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Who pays you when you get sick or injured? Ask for Mike Walter at The Insurance Shop 46 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 1811

PROFESSIONAL PROTECT yourself against inflation. Gold and Silver Bullion bought and sold. Inquiries welcome., Call Paul Rackemann, Central Queensland Bullion, 220 Quay Street, Rockhampton, telephone 27 6329.

MOTOR VEHICLES PEUGEOT 404 station-wagon, 1964-65. Some spares, running order. $500 ONO. Phone 39 3816 after 11am, Saturday.

PETS BULL TERRIER cross puppies. Flea Market, Yeppoon, Saturday or 39 7138 after 4pm. GIVEAWAY 5 month-old female cattle dog corss. Phone 39 6531. GOOD homes wanted for two affectionate, placid puppies, Rhodesian Ridgeback cross. Phone 39 1203.

WANTED TO RENT UNFURNISHED house in Yeppoon/Cooee Bay area, preferably fenced. Phone 39 3412.

TO LET TWO bedroom furnished house Cooee Bay. Ceiling fans, carpet, $95pw. 274823 or 393565 TWO bedroom furnished house, Cooee Bay. Ceiling fan and carpeted, modern kitchen. $95 weekly. Phone 27 4823 or 39 3565. NEW flat, 1 bedroom, handy town. $75 weekly. Write: N Brown, c/- Yeppoon Post Office. ATTRACTIVE beachfront unit Zilzie. $55. No pets. Phone 39 6223. •


When planing your next outing come to Kanangra. Relax on Sunday with lunch under the Pergola overlooking the pool. Kanangra is a fully licensed family restaurant With group bookings catered for by arrangement, 7 days-a-week. The buffet-style menu is prepared by your hosts Hugh and_Liz Pilbury. * Friday is family night $14ph * Saturday night, $16ph, there is live entertainment * Sunday lunch is a carvery $12 ph, Children under 14 are half-price and pre-schoolers, 'free Bookings are essential

Kanangra Restaurant Tanby Road South, Yeppoon 39 7144

SCREENING 6 NIGHTS Friday to Wednesday July 3 to July 8, 7.10pm

CARPENTER available: renovations and repairwork at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587.

BOOK-KEEPING Having difficulty finding time to cope with your small business account ledgers? Then help has arrived! For little expense, let me ease your problem.

39 6352 BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B19634. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B19768.


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FOR HIRE HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in...34 4174. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174.

Yeppoon TRESTLE HIRE Service FREE delivery Coast & Rural areas

* $2/item per day *

39 7969

ABOVE: Catherine and Victoria Cossar were two of the Red Shield Appeal collectors in Kinka Beach.

Coast Red Shield Appeal falls short COAST people have given the Salvation Army $4337 in donations and pledges ... but the total still falls short of a targetted $6000 the Army was hoping to raise on the Coast. Coast appeal organiser David Hutton said even though the target fell short, this was due to an inability to collect at Emu Park. "When the final tally is made, we won't be disappointed because we were short of collectors and were unable to do the Emu Park area," Mr Hutton said. Mr Hutton said he would like to thank St Ursula's and St Brendan's students who gave up their time to collect money. He would also like to thank members of the

RSL, Lions, Rotary and Lioness Clubs who provided drivers. A number of private citizens also gave their time to drive and collect, Mr Hutton said. The money raised will go toward funding of welfare services on the Coast and at Rockhampton. Mr Hutton said the Army was especially trying to build a drug rehabilitation centre at Rockhampton. "The closest centres are at Townsville and Brisbane," Mr Hutton said. Problems with distance and isolation are reasons the Salvation Army is anxious to build a rehabilitation centre to service Central Queensland.

MARINE NEW and used marine gear bought and sold, swapped or traded at Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.

BABY-SITTING PERMANENT babysitting available, daytime work hours only. Prefer under 12 months. Phone 39 3316.

WANTED TO BUY 10-SPEED boy's bike or exchange for BMX (cash adjustment). Phone 39 1759. STEEL box trailer to $100. Phone 39 6237. OLD china, bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442 OLD blanket or carpenter's box of solid timber. Phone 39 4102.


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Friday and Saturday July 10 and 11, 7.10pm


sk. 4





f v. •

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They're racing from the law. Chasing after a killer. Escaping from a crime they didn't commit.

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New Kodacolor Gold color print film brings colors to life with more accurate, more natural color reproduction than ever before. So when you've a special moment to remember, take it easy and discover the colors of Kodacolor Gold. Now available at:




Peplorba. 111*






TAM KAZUR vawas, See*


38 James Street, Yeppoon KODAK ancIKODACOLOR are registeiatrademarks.

next door to thp Sunflower Patch)

39 1533



Letter praises train excursions CONGRATULATIONS to the organising committee for the vintage train excursions to the Capricorn Coast. Two years ago the Capricorn Coast Historical Society Inc applied to the railway department for a steam train to visit Yeppoon. An itinerary of suitable places of interest to visit such as the Kananka Trail, Sugar Mill site, Singing Ship and various other venues to package the trip. Unfortunately, the application was refused. The idea of off-loading half the passengers at Mt Chalmers (or perhaps Tamby Station) will enable the elderly and not so elderly to recall the nostalgic days when the 747 used to carry hundreds of picnicers to the "Botannical Garden", later called Bell Park, fishing and swimming on the perfect Emu Park beaches. The recent beautification of the surrounds of the lagoon teeming with wild fowl and ducks at the moment, is a view to behold. Photos of the old days are on display at the Emu Park Historical Museum, also many historical and contemporary items of interest to all ages. The society would have liked to have been included in the itinerary of the tour. I wish the CTDO organisers every success.

Forum offers tr chance to learn

ABOVE: National Party Capricornia candidate Ted Price and Queensland National Party Senate candidate George Cowan pictured at Ross' Run on Saturday.


National Party candidate's objective Council minutes to reduce interest rates for 'survival' can be copied — J Whyte, Young Avenue, Kinka Beach.

IT appears members of the public have been denied the right to photocopy any part of the council's minutes from the Yeppoon library. The librarians are exempt from blame, as they were only carrying out instructions from "someone" who would prefer to make life difficult for those who took interest in council affairs. As we all know, secret meetings, committee meetings and code agendas are part of the history of Livingstone Council, why therefore could we be blamed for believttig this was just another means of discouraging the curious. As council has no copy rights to such minutes and no-one it appears can recall having a resolution to that effect, the matter has now been rectified. The public can once again relax, at the public library, knowing that the staff will grant their request to photocopy relevant sections if they so require them.

— Glenda Mather, PO Box 5186, Rockhampton Mail Centre.

St James bowls THIRTY-SIX players attended Ken and. Lois Crockett's 'day' at St James Indoor Bowling Club on Thursday. The winning team was Mery Eggerling, Lois Crockett and• George Rayfield. In second place were Arthur Atcheson, Marj Wilson and Joan Jennings with George Miller, Syd Wills and Audrey Abel third. Norm and Eva Gardner and Singing Ship members were welcomed to the afternoon's play by president George Miller. St James entered five teams in the Hof Shield, but failed to retain the shield this year. It was won by St Vincent's number two team from Rockhampton. St James number two team of Keith and Mavis Chant and Cec and Mavis Brown was placed second. ti On Saturday, July 11 St James will play Singing Ship at Emu Park in the second round of the Hartwig Shield. Names for this game are on the board.

Glass Repairs YEPPOON GLASS AND TILES 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

Budgie 0 Canary ❑ Lovebird Parrot 0 Finch

NATIONAL Party Capricornia candidate Ted price said this his major objective in seeking to enter Federal Parliament was to reduce interest rates "so that we may all survive". He said that as a builder, nobody knew more than he did just how savage Hawke and Keating's mega interests rate policy had been in destroying the living standards of families, small business and farmers. "Who could believe when they purchased a home five years ago, and could afford it, that Keating, the grim reaper, would scythe them off at the knees," he said. "Who would have dreamt that most small businesses, thriving five years ago, would be tottering on the brink of financial disaster today. "Who could accept that one man on average weekly earnings could no longer afford to own a car, much less buy a new one. "Interest rates are government policy — make no mistake about it. The present economic crisis is man-made ... Hawke

Hinton pleased at home interest MEMBER for Broadsound Denis hinton said this week that he was pleased at the sudden interest of Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright in the construction of a nursing home at Yeppoon ... "after years of non-action". Mr Hinton said Mr Wright promised federal funds in 1985 to subsidise 50 per cent of the cost of a nursing home with the Blue Nursing Organisation, using a fund raising firm, Compton and Associates, to assess the district's fund raising potential. "Compton's believed they could raise $750,000 and would do so if the Federal Government honoured Mr Wright's commitment to get matching Commonwealth funds," Mr Hinton said. "Regrettably, again Mr Wright's commitment was empty, and now after National Party candidate Ted Price has indicated his desire to do better, Mr Wright is again on the bandwagon in the last week of the election campaign trying to remedy his neglect of this important issue, by calling a public meeting." Mr Hinton said there was no more pressing need than a nursing home on the Coast to care for those poeple who were no longer able to care for themselves and without the dislocation of shifting to Rockhampton, away from their friends. "Let us hope that it is not another case of headlines today — disillusionment tomorrow!" he said.





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Pet Supplies

Braithwaite Street 39 4320 Your



NOW in YEPPOON * Unlimited kms * Best Rates from... $33

per day. 39 1044 Yeppoon Travel Phone

15c James Street, Yeppoon

made! He believes we should all be equal — all poor and we all are — and if not, soon will be." Mr Price said lower taxes and smaller government would reduce pressure for funds for government, and lead to lower interest rates. "We will start to rebuild this nation," Mr Price said.

Iwasaki Resort donates $6900 COAST secondary schools will benefit from a donation by the Iwasaki Sangyo Company made in 1985. The donation, $6900, has been kept in a council trust fund and was specifically for the furtherment of Japanese education for male and female shcool-aged students. Councillors decided to distribute the money between Yeppoon High School, St Ursula's College and St Brendan's College. The money will be distributed on the basis of school population after proof that Japanese is taught at the schools.





Beating * Plastic Welding


Tanby Road

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MANY Australians at this time will be listening to election speeches by Federal members and admiring their ability to speak publicly and it is for this reason I wish to draw the attention of Queensland women to a club which fosters an interest in public speaking. The club is Forum. The first ordinary meeting of Forum took place on August 20, 1941 from which time Forum has grown to provide and stimulate interest in speaking and meeting procedure. Speech and the ability to communicate effectively with others will play an important part within the future years, for women have contributed greatly in society and play a prominent role in government, social issues and professionally. They do this in addition to running and managing their homes and, importantly, the welfare and raising of their children. While the family must remain the top priority, life itself places women in positions where they must speak up on issues which will affect them and perhaps present a threat should they be unable to voice their opinions on the more radical concerns in society today. Forum is for every woman, regardless of age, status, circumstance, creed or race. It is for equality, learning and pleasure. While members continue to learn through its ideals, they improve vastly in the areas of self-confidence while making speeches and learning meeting procedure with the guidance of helpful and encouraging criticism. This criticism is constructive and supportive and is necessary to benefit the members. It is fair and is made by critics who have experienced problems also as beginners. There is no coercion toward newer members for them to speak ... the members themselves decide when they wish to participate. Forum 53 Capricorn Coast will celebrate its 17th birthday. During those years many changes have been evident within society and the women have enjoyed the value of friendship and stimulation which will benefit them through many years. The time has come for women, whether at home, in the work-force, or as part of a committee, who need an interesting outlet, to give Forum consideration. It is not only rewarding, but is one of the most significant and best personal investments a woman can make within these years of uncertainty. — Jan Edwards, Capricorn Coast Forum

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18 — Capricorn Coast Mirror July 4 — July 10, 1987

Colts play well in super league THE second round in the Central Queensland ICA Super League between Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg was held in Gladstone on Saturday. The Yeppoon Colts performance was improved from the first super league round held on the Coast last month. Colts out-ran Gladstone and Bundaberg and made Rockhampton fight for its narrow win. Yeppoon women had a convincing win over Gladstone and had tile Bundaberg team on the run up to the last over. Masters over 35 and men's A grade did not perform well but expect with the full training underway at the moment will improve for the third round. The third round will be held in Bundaberg on July 25 and 26. Representative team coaches Jeff Goody and Ray Armstrong are convinced that Yeppoon will bring home the honours from the third round. The winter season is now open for nominations as the Autumn season grand finals are in two weeks. Australian cricketer Craig McDermot will be at the Yeppoon ICA for the presentation on Sunday, July 19.

INDOOR BOWLS TEN Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club members joined Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club for social bowls. Park Avenue visited the Emu Park-based club for some friendly competition. Singing Ship won the day with 137 points to Park Avenue's 125. Carol Wagstaff won the raffle from a field of 48 bowlers. The Singing Ship team in the Rock Fours won three games at the Kent Street, Rockhampton, venue on June 24 with wins over QRI 13-7, St Stephen's 10-6 and Central Star 14-9. Last Saturday a team of 12 competed at Keppel Sands in the second round of the Hartwig Shield. Keppel Sands won 103-97. The raffle was won by Lil Mills. The Emu Park team was represented by Kath Mcllwraith, Ivy Cooper, Marje Wilson and Phil Morris in the Hof Shield competition at Kent Street on Sunday. On Tuesday 27 members competed for the Baker trophy (club singles championship) and the winner was Ivy Cooper. The monthly meeting is on today (Saturday), starting at 1pm and will be followed by social bowls. The book is open for names for the Hartwig Shield game against St James Indoor Bowling Club at Emu Park on July 11. There will be a friendly match at Morrison Park on July 15 and another with Koongal Uniting Church at Emu Park on July 18.

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Close games highlight finals ❑ By Sandra Mackie CLOSE games highlighted the grand finals of indoor cricket played at the Yeppoon Skateway and Indoor Cricket Centre this week. In the men's final, scores were locked at 191 and after a countback PGH captain Darrell Webb's team was declared the winner from Gavin Lewington's CTS. The women also had a close scoring game with Krazy Kritters (captain Mary-ann Vearing) defeating Jackie Pye's Night Owls by seven points. The final score was Krazy Kritters 246, Night Owls 239. Presentation night results: Susan O'Brien accepted a trophy for the lowest team score on behalf of Rosebuds; Kiobito's Vicki Semple and Susan O'Brien received trophies for the highest score in one game with 106 runs and for also being the best batting partners with a total of 548 runs for the season; PGH Darrel Webb and Charlie Mackie won trophies for the highest score in . one game with 99 runs and for best batting partners for the season with a total of 541 runs. •

Robson's night A grade Swans miss opportunity at indoor bowls GAMES director's night will be held at Yeppoon Indoor Bowls Club tonight to cause upset of CAFL season (Saturday). 0 ABOVE: Swans A grader Bryan Munns has his eyes on the ball as he prepares to kick before the Brothers player has a chance to tackle.

❑ By Jay Blake LAST Saturday Yeppoon's inability to play 100 minutes of football cost them the chance to cause the upset of the Capricornia Australian Football League season. For all but one quarter the plucky Swans matched it with competition leaders Brothers, but in that one quarter the Brethren slammed on 11 goals to put the issue beyond doubt. Again it was a case of bad bounces and a few costly umpiring decisions that saw the Swans trail by three goals at half time but unfortunately they let their labours go to waste with an atrocious third quarter. To their credit, Yeppoon blooded three new players, all under 17, Mark Wigginton, Aaron Trevis and Grant Boyd, who acquitted themselves well and have a bright future in this league. The Tickner connection was in full swing early with the "Big Bird" and the high flying Adam both prominent but they also fell foul in the third quarter. Too many times during the game Yeppoon gave away possession with poor disposal and to make matters worse, it mostly occurred as the ball was being cleared from the backline. The Swans small men, Spiros Bourke, Cooky Cruikshank, Brett MOtton and Jason Belot were brilliant, at times displaying all their wares but they also had many quiet periods. At the other end of the spectrum the `Professor' Bryan Munn and Fraser added their magic, but in the final analysis it wasn't enough. The concluding quarter, played in darkness, was another even one with both sides simply playing out time. Best players: S Tickner, Fraser, Bourke, A Tickner, Belot and Motton. Goalkickers: A Tickner 4, Lockman and Motton 2, Munro, Dell and S Tickner 1. Final score: 11.9.75 to 22.20.142. The Swan reserves were caught out by a ridiculous rule and were forced to play with only 15 men to match the under-manned Brothers' side. Why a side has to be disadvantaged because its opponents can't field a full side is beyond me and I'd say that I am talking for all logically-minded people. That aside, the game was not a great spectacle, with most highlights being individual performances. There were a few bright passages from the Swans where they moved the ball quickly from defence to attack, but for most of the game, they seemed to be content to just plug away. Rob Gardner was rightly adjudged best ... bagging seven goals from centre half forward and being instrumental in many forward moves. John Higgins was only a whisker behind in the race for best player as he ran on all day

gathering kicks all over the ground. `Spider' Ivey played with his usual flash of dash and Tim Mynott was creative either in defence or on the ball. BC Culton led the backline well and was always on hand when Brothers journeyed forward. Pete O'Shea played his first game for the club and will definitely be hard to displace from the side row. Best players: Gardner, Higgins, Ivey, Andrew Tickner and Hawke. Goalkickers: Gardner 7, Bain 4, Bertalli 1. Final scores: 12.6.78 to 5.9.39. This week's grooming award goes to Renata Stevenson for her Bomber, Swan, Magpie and Blue supporter outfit. Today (Saturday), the Swans go to Gladstone and I wouldn't be surprised if the bus driver doesn't know everyone by name now.

Trophies will be given by YIBC games director Vi Robson and play will start at 7.30. In a game against North Rockhampton St John's Club won by 14 points. The scores were YIBC 122, St John's 108. The 1987 singles championship has been cancelled because insufficient nominations were received. On Wednesday, July 10, Park Avenue will visit YIBC for a game. The annual meeting and election of officers for Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club will be held on Thursday, July 28. The meeting will be held at the club's playing venue in Yeppoon Showgrounds and starts at 7.30pm. Nominations for patron, president, two vice presidents, secretary, assistant secretary and treasurer close on July 14. Nominations for minor offices will be taken at the meeting.

Associates' stableford at Yeppoon YEPPOON Golf Club associates played a stableford with Lorraine McCamley winning on 33 points. Gwen Sherrington was runner-up with 30 followed by Gladys Scharf on 28, Charlotte Somogyi and Cassie Freeman were both on 27. Gwen Sherrington won the silver pinshot and Hazel Fry won the bronze and proshot. Daphne Gregg won the associates' stableford Wednesday club competition with 34 points. Colleen Schuster was runner-up with 33. Hazel Fry won the first nine with 32'/2 and Daphne Gregg and Colleen Schuster were equal for the second with 33. Pinshots were won by Marge Williams (who also won the proshot) and Hazel Fry. Frank Ryan won the members' section with 41 points. The rest: Edgar Shields 40, Aub Woodbridge 39, Ian Murray 38, George Norton 38 and Bing Morgan 38. Frank Ryan won the first nine with 301/2 along with Ken Clem and Bing Morgan. They were followed by Ralph Clay 31, Ron Kerr 321/2 and Roy Montgomery 32. G Norton won the second nine with 311/2 folloed by R Nichols 321/2, E Shields 33, A Cole 34, J Cahill 34, M Prior 34 and L Lucas 54. Pinshots: A Cole and L Evans and K Clements won the proshot. The associates beginners club played a stableford over 12 holes on Thursday. L Quigley won with 30 points on a countback from J Umlauft. D Wahlin was runner-up with 27 points. Beginners are invited to go along on Thursday morning. Yeppoon veterans hosted a visit by Queensland president of the AVGA, Mr C Fitzgerald, on Friday. He gave a talk on veteran affairs. Associate winner for the stableford was Grace Ritchie with 27 points and Heather

Kenne was next with 25 and Cassie Freeman on 24. Nancy Montgomery won the pinshot. Roy Montgomery won the members stableford with 32 points from John Degotardi on 31 and Frank Ryan with 30. Harley Fisher won the pinshot. The associates played a stroke game for gross and nett on Saturday. Nicky Hunt was gross winner and Fay Yesberg won the best nett. Run down: Flossie Ware, Beryl Bartley, Laurie Osborne, Ruby Norton and Nicky Hunt. Pinshots: Vicky Caselyer, Ruby Norton, Nicky Hunt and Daphne Gregg won the proshot. Members played a stroke and putting with Ian Murray winning the stroke with 66 nett. Next was Caloundra visitor with 68, John Cahill with 69, Phillip Island visitor Roy Nichols 69, Bill Oates 69, Brian Umlauft 71, D Francis 71, Bill Freeman 71, Tom Jarman 71, Bob Burrowes 71 and Tony Blain also on 71. Bill Oates won the putting with 26 putts. Jack Stratford's pat-on-the-back this week goes to all the Zilzie Open winners and the associates championship at Emerald.


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SKATE & INDOOR CRICKET CENTRE is calling nominations for theWINTER SEASON of Indoor Cricket


Capricorn Coast Mirror July 4 — July 10, 1987 — 19

Reward to- Lions

Yeppoon bowls COMPETITONS at Yeppoon Bowls Club have slowed down because of pennant games being played in Central Queensland. This weekend those games will be completed and results will be published in the Morning Bulletin. Number two division played at Yeppoon on Sunday saw 48 players with 12 from Gladstone, Athelstane, North Rockhampton and Yeppoon. Yeppoon players faired well on the day winning five of the six,games. The team also won five of the six games at Gladstone the weekend before. Results won't be known until after next weekend's play. Number one and three division players have had mixed fortunes. John Corbett is still the reigning cock at the club and has defied all attempts by old roosters and young cockerels to toss him. Open pairs winners were John Ware and Bill Roberts after they defeated Tom Roos and Clarrie Hinton 23-13. Open triples: Mo Stewart, Bill Andrews and Bob Bird defeated Bill Fotheringham, Eric Wilson and Eric Austin 21-20; Keith Chivers, Don McPherson and Reg Gibbins def Jack Oakey, Cyril Hooper and Max Hutton 30-12. Ron Holman and Peter Brown defeated Des Ryan and Max Hutton in the graded pairs, 32-15. Graded triples: Curly Balchin, George Barrett and Bill Manthey def Col Hennessy, Bob Skuthorpe and Brendan Croese, 24-12; Roy Cain, Tom Dorrell and Bill Roberts def Jack Oakey, Joe Bates and Dave Copeland, 23-20. The open fours was won by Col Hennessy, Bob Skuthorpe, Cyril Hooper and Brendan Croese when they defeated Dick Sinclair, Bill Bond, Stan Brooke and Harry Maher, 18-16.

ORIGINAL members of Yeppoon Lions Club were rewarded for 20 years community service at a special celebration at Sails Restaurant marking the club's 20th anniversary. Roy Wall, Max Hutton and Brian Dorey were presented with 20 year perfect attendance awards. In addition to a sepcial charter member certificate, each received a 20-year Monarch award for their attendance spanning the 20year period.

Entries Closing July 16 for new ICA competition 0 ABOVE: Darling Downs under 15 rugby union captain Hunter Beirne accepts the winning pennant from Yeppoon Commonwealth Bank manager Graham Basham watched by Queensland Junior Rugby Union president Neville Francis at St Brendan's College on Monday. The bank won naming rights to the Queensland Junior Rugby Union titles as part of a $9500 sponsorship package.

State Rugby Union title to Downs THE Darling Downs won its first Junior Rugby Union State title at St Brendan's College on the weekend. More than 300 boys from throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory took part in the 1987 Commonwealth Bank sponsored under 13 and under 15 Queensland championships. Darling Downs took out the under 15 division in a closely contested-competition. At the end of the round-robin tournament, Darling Downs was equal aggregate points leader, on 18, with Brisbane.

However on a countback of points for and against, Darling Downs emerged as clear winner. In the under 13 division, Brisbane North won four of their five games and drew on to take the title on 18 points. The Northern Territory was second on 15 points. Best and fairest players were under 13 Northern Territory player Alfonsus Shield and Darling Downs under 15 winger Scott Stollman. This was the first time these championships have been held north of Brisbane.

Team vacancies exist for the winter season competition starting Monday, July 20. Vacancies exist in men's, ladies', mixed and junior competition Individual and team entries ACT NOW to ensure a spot for your team. For further details call into your Capricorn Coast arena, McBean Street Yeppoon, or phone us now on 39 2235. (Open 7 days a week from 9am)

JUNIOR SHARPIE CREW DEFEATS SENIOR BOAT THE first heat of the winter series was sailed on Sunday and provided good entertainment for those who watched from the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. The start of the race was postponed until a sea breeze of about five knots filled in but as the temperature dropped, the land breeze pushed this offshore and left patches of glassy water and no breeze. The skippers who were able to read the conditions correctly worked their way into the lead.

The junior sharpie crew, sailing Longshot was impressive in convincingly beating the senior crew sailing Three Foosl Fumbling. The Tasar fleet had good competition with National coach Frank Bethwaite advising the fleet on the importance of adjusting sail shape in varying conditions. His visit to the club was appreciated by everyone. Next year Keppel Bay Sailing Club will host more than 100 Tasars from all over the world in the titles.

"If conditions are like last Sunday's, skippers will need 100 per cent concentration," the club's spokesman said. Line honours on Sunday went to: Under Suspicion (Steve Shaw), Celebrity (David Higgins), Longshot (Robert Clay). Handicap results were Celebrity, Under Suspicion and Longshot. This weekend there will be a coaching course held today (Saturday) with heat two of the winter series tomorrow.

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20 — Capricorn Coast. Mirror July 4 P -1


July 10, 1987

.133 t-- , ,i-reeagulls to play Tigers at Yeppoon , a


EMERALD Tigers play Yeppoon Seagulls A grade and Reserve tomorrow (Sunday) at Yeppoon Showgrounds. It is the last at-home game for the Yeppoon Rugby League Football club for the season. The first game starts at 1.30pm. In the first round the two teams had a draw in the first grade match on Emerald's home ground. "With Yeppoon pretty well back to full strength and the home ground advantage it promises to be a tight tussle," Seagulls president Maurie Webb said. "We are having a $50 meat tray prize for those who pay their way into the grounds. The,$3 entrance for adults will make patrons eligible for the draw." Mr Webb thanked Show society members for the use of the grounds during the year. "Hopefully we will be on our own grounds next year, but it has been great having the showgrounds facilities available." He also thanked the ambulance for its efficiency and for the bearers' efforts.

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Resort's second golf tournament draws 70 players FINE weather and about 70 nominees made for a good second golf tournament at the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort golf course on the weekend. Resort golf manager Bruce Gordon said he was pleased with the turnout of golfers who came from around Queensland to take part in the 18-hole stroke tournament. The overall men's winner was a C grade player from Rockhampton, Colin Rose, with a nett score of 66. The women's winner was Coast player Joy Lewis who had a score of nett 71. Competition results. A grade men's: Colin White first, Gracemere Club, 66 nett; runner-up, Craig Brown of Rosewood Club, 68 nett. B grade men's: Bob Holmes first, Winderoo Club, 66 nett; runner-up Brett Sullivan, Mackay Club, 67 nett. C grade men's: Colin Rose was first (66 nett) and runner-up was Charlie Harris from Rockhampton with 68 nett. A grade women's: Aileen Thomason first, Redcliffe Club, 74 nett; runner-up Wendy Aitken, Indooroopilly Club, 83.. B grade women's: Joy Lewis from Yeppoon was first (71 nett) and runner-up was Susan Sullivan from Mackay with a nett score of 75. Best gross score. Men's: Harry Roberts from Royal Queensland Golf Club won on a countback with his score of 76. Women's: Aileen Thomason from Redcliffe with a gross score of 84. Nearest-to-pin: L Buyers, Winderoo and Joy Lewis of Yeppoon. Longest drive: G Newman from Rockhampton. Straightest drive: R Brady from Rockhampton. Prizes included trophies, watches, calculators, golf shirts and golf balls. This was the second of four tournaments designed to find the- champion amateur golfer ... and, at the same time promote the resort and its championship golf course. The third tournament will be held in August and the final tournament will be in ober.


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"The fire brigade has been using the nearby creek on Wednesday nights for training and floods the showgrounds. This exercise his been useful in having alternate supplies of water instead of town water and has kept the grounds in good order." Mr Webb said the football season is far from over but that it was important to acknowledge the help given and not have it taken for granted.

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eppel Sands' first shield game KEPPEL SANDS Indoor Bowls Club played its first game in the 1987 Hartwig Shield competition. The club played against Emu Park's Singing Ship at the Larcombe Hall in Keppel Sands on Saturday. The hard-fought friendly match went to Keppel Sands by six points. The final score was Keppel Sands 103 to Singing Ship 97. The visitors were welcomed by Keppel Sands president George Ogilvie who thanked the women members of his club for the afternoon's catering. Mr Ogilvie thanked all the members for their assistance at the Keppel Krabtastic last month. Singing Ship's president Trevor Gardner thanked Mr Ogilvie for the warm welcome and the players for the afternoon's games. Singing Ship's players: Trevor Gardner, Kath McIlwraith, Marg Price, Billie Stephenson, Phil Morris, Ivy Cooper, Be and Ray Farrow, Beryl Wenck, Mail Wilson, Lil Mills and Vic Wagstaff. Keppel Sands: Phil Ogilvie, Mad Black, Irene Jones, Allan Koitka, Jean Wellings, Mavis Schulze, Ivy and Henry Hoffman, Ron and Joan Hollands, Kate Collins and Evelyn McBride. The next Hartwig Shield game at Keppel Sands will be played against St James Indoor Club of Yeppoon on July 25.



39 1038

HERE'S a disgusting one ... woman drives into service station, sees friendly pump man inside and, to save him the trouble of coming out into the cold calls out: "Do you have gas?" Friendly pump man, holding stomach and rolling his eyes replies: "Oh, I did have it, but I took something and got rid of it!" Woman, who's used to his answers, pointed to back of vehicle where 10kg gas bottle was rolling around waiting to be filled. Friendly pump, joke over, took bottle and filled it ... with feeling, and gas!!! O

0 0

HERE'S a few more motoring items ... Gary Palmer of Yeppoon Exhausts was driving home Monday night when he spotted a couple of damsels in distress with the bonnet up. Reining in his white charger (actually, it's an F-100) he saw the problem lay underneath the women's Sigma. Apparently .there's not a lot of room under them so he sort of gave a Superman-type heave, lifted the rear of the car and slid underneath so that the diff nestled nicely against his chest. Then the, child in the back of the car started jumping up and down in excitement ... a breathless Gary did what he could then extricated himself. And to think Sir Walter Raleigh made it into the history for something as simple as throwing his cloak across a puddle!!! O

0 0

MORE Gary (or, when you have a bloke' with some items for your column, suck him dry) ... Gary was driving along in his automobile (the F-100) and his youngest daughter, for no apparent reason, said: "Dods donn." Gary knew it was important but couldn't translate. A few more "dods donn" and Gary Eafvened to look in the rear-view mirror and saw "dodds donn" sort of running along behind ... the dog had jumped out. Gary stopped (he's just a nice guy at heart) and put the "dodd" in the back. It was only when he got home he noticed the "dodd" had lost its eyebrows in the fall ... still, if it wasn't for the very conversational "dodds donn" from daughter, he might have lost the dog! o o ❑ IF luck plays any part in elections, Ted Price is home and hosed ... being the Nationals' candidate for Capricornia he, naturally enough, is expected to buy quite a few tickets in raffles designed to raise money for the campaign. At Ross' Run on Saturday, the winning number was held by Ted Price ... and he won 250 scratch-its. Wonder if scratched off enough prizes to pay for his campaign? o o ❑ SOMEONE wandered into the Capricorn Coast Mirror office on Monday with a plastic bottle and asked if he could fill it with tap water. Suzy, sizing it up as no more than a one-litre container thought "hang the excess water rates," and told the bloke to go ahead. He did ... and it seems he has' plans to use the water for political purposes. Can't imagine what that means ... unless he intends assassinating some polly by making him drink it!!! o o o THAT water item is grossly unfair. It's a low blow against the local brew. There's nothing wrong with the Coast water; it's good for you ... it's a meal in a glass!!! o a a PROMINENT National Party member was asked if he was going to the Bayview Tower address by Federal Tourism Minister John Brown. "Who's he? Oh, that bloke. No ... but I'd go to see his wife!". o o o FEDERAL Member for Capricornia Keith Wright introduced Federal Tourism Minister John Brown to the gathering at Bayview Tower on Wednesday night as "the man who invented the screw-top desk" ... and even had the Minister's ‘ zermission!


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