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(ISSUE 200 SATURDAY, June 13, 1987

FRIDAY, June 19, 1987

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Coast Vietnam veterans for Sydney parade

Private hospital, medical centre plan for Coast

• THE Queensland health department is now investigating a proposal to build a private hospital and medical centre complex on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. The Health department's decision is expected on Monday. Four blocks are apparently under contract subject to approval being given for the complex. St Andrew's Private Hospital, Rockhampton, is behind the proposal and released few details when contacted on Wednesday afternoon. A spokesman for Alan Jackson, the administrator of St Andrew's, said the site was under investigation by the Health Department and that the department's answer on suitability was expected on Monday, June 15. Answering a question as to whether the complex would be a nursing home, the spokesman said it was definitely not a nursing home. To clear up any idea that it would be a nursing home, the spokesman said it would definitely be a private hospital and a medical centre. The Capricorn Coast Mirror contacted Health Minister Mike Ahern's office earlier on Wednesday but was unable to speak to the Minister. Further calls were made to two Health .Department offices. The Mirror understands four blocks, covering one acre, make up the private hospital complex site. Sales contracts have been written on all four, one of which is believed to be a vacant block of land fronting Hutton Street. It appears the private hospital would have access from both Cliff and Hutton Streets. No details were available on the sale of the houses and land, but it is understood a someone involved in the project stipulated that all four contracts had to be signed before anything could go ahead. Apparently one owner was wavering when this person left by plane for Brisbane ... it seems the contract was signed 10 minutes before the aircraft landed.


0 ABOVE: These Cawarral State School pupils spent Queensland Day "hanging around" on one of the old train carriages at Ross' Run.

❑ ABOVE: A former world crab tying champion Ian Hoy "lifts the lid" on crab racing at Keppel Sands on Sunday.

Ei ABOVE: Brooke Wildin and Angela Melaney take in the sights at Yeppoon Show on Saturday.

0 ABOVE: This 75-tonne Bucyrus excavator, owned and operated by Frank Lee of Marlborough disrupted Anzac Parade traffic on Tuesday afternoon ... but it was all in a good cause. The huge machine will speed up Bluff excavation work.

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YEPPOON Vietnam veteran Roy Savage wants all of his colleagues in the conflict to join him in a "Welcome Home" march in Sydney later this year. The Welcome Home march is being held following a world-wide change of attitude toward those who served in what became the most unpopular conflict this century. A massive march to "welcome" veterans was held last year in Chicago, in the United States ... the Australian welcome will be held in Sydney on October 3. Mr Savage, who did two tours of Vietnam and, before that served in Borneo and Malaya, said he wanted all Vietnam veterans on the Coast to attend a meeting on Monday night, at 7.30, in the back room of the Club Hotel. This meeting will give veterans details of the Welcome Home march and information on various means of travelling and accommodation. Veterans will also get the chance to discuss formation of Capricorn Coast branches of two Vietnam associations ... either the Vietnam Veterans' Legion, or the Vietnam Veterans' Association ... or both. Mr Savage said one group fought for veterans' rights and entitlements and the other was more concerned with social activities. Mr Savage, who was a sergeant in Vietnam and ended his 24-year Army career as a warrant officer, is best known in Yeppoon as the bugler at military occasions. He wound up as the Welcome Home organiser on the Coast "because he was the one who was asked". He is enthusiastic about the job because he understands how so many veterans feel ... and he wants them to proudly take their place in the Welcome Home march and activities. He said it was expected that at least 20,000 Vietnam veterans would attend the ceremonies in Sydney and march 10 abreast through the streets from the Domain to Hyde Park. Disabled veterans will also be taking part. Mr Savage said the march was being organised so that everyone would march under the banners of their former units. The march would be a blaze of Australian flags ... each one representing an Australian killed in Vietnam. A special place of honour has been reserved for Keith Payne, VC, ... he will lead the entire parade through Sydney followed by the women who served (nursing corps) followed by the first Australians into Vietnam, the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV). Following them will be the various units of the Navy, Army and Air Force. Mr Savage said it was going to be a special occasion and one that Vietnam Veterans deserved to attend. He said arrangements for travel would be made at a later date. Preliminary plans would be made at the Club Hotel meeting on Monday night. "I want all Coast veterans to come to this meeting so we can find out how many there are here," Mr Savage said. He said he appreciated some veterans would prefer to remain anonymous ... but asked that friends or relatives contact him so that he can at least speak to them and see how many live here. Mr Savage can be contacted in business hours at Yeppoon Shells and Gifts, (079) 39 3722 or at home on 39 1353.

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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987

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❑ ABOVE: Benjamen Hoare, Sarah Irving and Joshua Evans, all five, celebrated Queensland Day on Friday at the Yeppoon Pre-school by dressing up.

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Salvation Army sets $6900 target for Red Shield Appeal on Coast THE Capricorn Coast has been set a target of $6900 for the Sunday, June 21, Red Shield Appeal for the Salvation Army. Salvation Army public relations director Sergeant John Alley said the target included response from appeal letters which had been sent to business houses and previous donors. Money raised from the appeal would go toward the deficit in maintaining the Salavation Army's welfare services. Sgt Alley said it cost $77 million to maintain its 88 institutions and other services such as Employment 2000, disaster, emergency and family welfare. The Salvation Army raises about $60 million and relies on its annual appeal to bear the brunt of the $17 million deficit. Capricorn Coast secondary schools will help the Coast appeal committee doorknock the area.


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CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Wednesday, June 17 between 9am and 10am and again between 1pm and 2pm. Consumers: Byfield Road from Millview Road north to Woodbury including Cooberrie Park, Woodbury Road, Stones Road, Lake Bell, Wall's property, Hinz Avenue and Farnborough Road between William's property and Millview Road. Wednesday, June 17 between 9am and 2pm. Consumers: All of Ward Lane and Farnborough Range area. Thursday, June 18 between 10am and 12,30pm. Consumers: Rockhampton-Emu Park Road from Hartley Street, Emu Park west to Robert's property including Emu Park Golf Club, Mann's Road, Ruskin's Engineering Works and Delandelles properties.


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The Red Shield Appeal has been held since the early '60s ... before that it was called the Self Denial Appeal. The Salvation Army originated in the slums of London in 1863 and, in its early days, was called the East London Charity Mission. It catered to the sick and needy, preached, cooked, cleaned and had an "acute social conscience", Sgt Alley said. The organisation changed its name to the Salvation Army in 1878. There are 88 institutions throughout Australia for all kinds of help; old people's homes and home for the disadvantaged. Sgt Alley said 8500 were now being cared for in these institutions. There is no centre on the Capricorn Coast, but officers visit several days a week and funds are made available in a crisi situation. "If someone is in need, the Salvation Army gives funds to support and help out," Sgt Alley said.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987 — 3

I AM amazed to hear that a furore has erupted over my request for a one-month leave of absence from Livingstone Shire Council. The plain facts are these: I am having followup tests for breast cancer on June 9. I asked to have them earlier but was told I had to wait till June 9. I will therefore be back at the end of the month. I had cancer in 1977, followed by a year of chemotherapy in Sydney at Royal Prince Alfred and in London at Charing Cross Hospital, so I'd be a fool not to wait. I find it extremely tedious to be constantly attacked by Crs Wildin and Dorey. No doubt they both have aspirations to be the next chairman and perhaps see me as a threat. I can't think why. Evidently Cr Dorey is






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AN estimated 3000 people attended this year's Keppel Sands Krabtastic swelling the fundraising coffers for the State Emergency Service. Despite an overcast sky, blustery conditions and occasional drizzle, the fun-packed day went ahead with enthusiasm. Mt Larcom fisherman George Faint retained his title as world crab tying champion in a sizzling 17.48 seconds. In all, 14 crab typing hopefuls lined up for the title and the field was broken down to four in the final with a series of elimination heats. Contestants had to tie two crabs ... and second place-getter Scott Howard was close to the pace with 18.28 seconds. Monica Bellert of Rockhampton was Krabtastic Queen and Tanya Abbott, also of Rockhampton, was princess. Winners in the toddlers' sections were Danielle Abbott and Charles Hicks, both of Rockhampton. Karlie Reynolds and Anthony Mistlebrook were crowned winners of the age two and age four sections. Krazy kites soared over the crowds and the



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blustery conditions suited handlers. Brett Cagney won the high-flyer section and Tony Cross the best presented kite. Vanessa Richardson won the gold rush. State Emergency Service regional operations officer for the Fitzroy region, Sgt Harry Finnigan and Barry Gaunt dead-heated in the ice cream eating competition. SES disaster district officer and police superintendent, Brian Webb, officially opened the day. Krabtastic organiser Yvonne Davies of Keppel Sands SES, said funds raised would go to the Keppel Sands SES and RockhamptonFitzroy SES, which joined in to help with this year's event.




Senior Constable Tony Arnold were checking out a raffle prize at the Show.

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complaining about his workload in Division One. Whether I'm there or not, Cr Dorey is a busybody, buzzing around in his little van, busily taking photographs of everyone and therefore being asked by people to do things. If he doesn't want to do them he should refer them to Cr McDonald who is well able to cope. We also have an extremely competent and approachable full-time chairman and a new shire clerk to deal with any Division One problems. If my test results are bad I will resign. In the meantime I do not think the best interest of Division One is for me to resign only 10 months before the next council elections. — Cr Ann Giorgi, London.

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YEPPOON Show Society Committee members were pleasantly surprised with increased takings and attendance on the first day of this year's show. Secretary Noel Alley said it had been thought the overcast weather would have dampened enthusiasm. Response had been pleasing despite the weather and "outside competition" from the Caves, Keppel Sands and Rockhampton. Although the weather wasn't conducive to outdoor participation, the committee was satisfied with the results. Mr Alley described the 1987 show as a success ... gate takings for the two days had been "a little better than last year". Saturday had been up on the same day last year, but Sunday was "possibly down". Mr Alley said all money raised would go toward improving the grounds and facilities available at the Showground. Funds raised last year went toward improving the power supply for this year's exhibition stalls and for new stables. Mr Alley said these improvements had been welcomed by exhibitors and competitors. Livestock judges were pleased with the entries in different divisions of competition and the high standard of presentation. Horses, goats and dogs were exhibited and, \--or the first time since cattle have been exhibited, they were included in the grand parade. Mr Alley said cattlemen were pleased with the arrangements for the cattle show. Lions Park, and the section of road between the park and the Showground land, was closed off to traffic and used by cattlemen for their exhibits. He said committee members had heard several comments from spectators ... and all had been complimentary. The arts and crafts display, displays by Coast schools, produce from around the area and work by photographers, lapidary club, Coast brewers, aviary display, floral and other organisations made for an interesting show, he said. Vandalism on the Thursday night before the show did slightly delay preparations ... vandals had written graffiti on the walls of the freshlypainted public toilets.


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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror June, 13 — June 19,, 1987 .•" COAST Miss Australia Quest entrant Karlene McDonald is presenting a Hair Fashion Show in conjunction with David Bradley's Hair Design on Saturday night (tonight) at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club at 8pm. There will be about 20 models showing-the hair designs and Carole Welfare will be makingPhone 39 6254 up with Nutri-metics, so the models will be showing make-up styles to match the hair or 39 6593 Pastor Ernie Peterss designs. Tickets are on sale at the door for $8 a head SAT: 4pm, Youth. Volleyball at Belot's and that includes a hot supper ... good value these days. 40-Hour Famine starts at 8pm O 0 0 SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall WHILE on the subject of the Miss Australia TUES: 7.30pm, Home Group Prayer Quest, Karlene is organising the Spastic Welfare Door Knock Appeal on the Coast for WED: 9.30am, Ladies at Lil's, 39 6593 THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer at Cora's. Monday. June 22 to Sunday June 28. She FRI: 8.30pm, Coffee Shop, Yeppoon CWA doesn't get the money for her quest entry, it is just that she organises it. So, collectors and organisers are needed to help her get it together. Contact Karlene at: 39 1668 or 39 3540 if you can help. o o o ST URSULA'S Parents and Friends will meet on June 22 at 7.30pm in the college library. o o ❑ o o o YEPPOON CWA has organised Coast schools for the annual international country of study project. This year the country is Denmark and all students have been invited to submit a flag and project about Denmark. There are four sections with two prizes in each section and Yeppoon CWA International officer Pam Van Wyk said that all entries will be judged on Friday, June 19 in the CWA hall. She has been ably assisted by Annette Guest. o o o AN international lunch with the flavour of Denmark will be eaten by Yeppoon CWA members on Friday, June 26 at the CWA hall. The luncheon is open to members only. Special guest Greta Pedersen will address members on her country ... Denmark.

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DURING the school holidays the Art Society will hold a workshop at Yeppoon State High School in the art department. The date is Tuesday, June 30 and is all day from 8.30am until 4.30pm. Contact Marie Bayliss, 39 1330, if you are interested. The tutor is Brian Kehoe and the workshop is on ink and wash. You will need a steel nib, sepia ink, watercolour paper and, a list of requirements necessary for the class is at the Paint Pot Gallery, corner of Queen and Hill Streets, Yeppoon, just up from Coucom's Shell Museum.

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THE Athena Community Group from Mackay took out the best play trophy with the performance of Urbs Urbis at the Yeppoon Festival of Drama held last weekend. The cast of Mackay's Kucom Theatre play Bang Your Dead was also successful with Bev Sleeman winning best actress, Brad jackson best actor, Rhonda Mathison best supporting role and Janet Bambling best director. The adjudicator's special award was given to Maria Porter of Rockhampton Community Theatre as the author of Bent Backed Ladies and Debbie Skerritt was awarded best support runner-up. Adjudicator Tony Cartmel praised the standard of the festival and highly commended the performances of Annette Poole of Rockhampton and John Curtis and Pauline Griffiths of Yeppoon Little Theatre. Tony Cartmel also ran a directors' workshop on Sunday afternoon which was attended by 22 members of the different clubs. o

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A COAST dentist will be guest speaker at the Yeppoon Diabetic monthly meeting on June 16 at the Community Health Centre, on the beachfront between the hospital and council chambers, in Yeppoon at 7.30pm. There will also be more information on the government supplied syringes. O

0 0

EMU Park pensioners social was held on May 27 in the Cultural Hall immediately following the Central Queensland Zone meeting. The zone delegates were given morning tea and luncheon by the Emu Park Pensioners League. Acting president Pearl Curry welcomed the 160 guests from Mt Morgan, North and South Rockhampton and Yeppoon. The theme was children's week, so the stage was decorated by Disney characters and The Evergreens started the afternoon's entertainment with Disney numbers. The soloists were Alex Bacon, Lorna McIntyre, Sarah Hall and Nancy Taylor. Saxophonist George Howard presented his last item before heading home to Wales. He has been on the Coast for six months and has entertained at the pensioners socials for that time. Duettists were: Joyce Beuhow and Peg Stevens and Bill Cole and his singing partner. Norma Brisbane and Norm Lewis presented a musical and instrumental act followed by mouth organist George Cooper. Gail McIntyre and Win Nelson both recited and song and dance wiz Pearl Curry delighted the audience. The Crazy Billabong Bush Band sang songs for fun in the sun in colourful costumes ... they provided the light side of the afternoon's entertainment. Then the Evergreens presented a few 'Mothers Songs'. Win Nelson accompanied all the artists and Ella Lewis was compere. Raffles and lucky door winners will be published at a later date. The next social is on Wednesday, June 24 at fpm and everyone is welcome. You don't have to be a member of the pensioners' league to attend. The afternoon is free and that includes the delicious afternoon tea, A bus from Bundaberg will bringing visitors to the social and The Entertainers will be going from Yeppoon. The organisers thanks everyone who helped to make the meeting and social a success. o ❑ 0 DAWN Pearce of Adelaide Park Road won a basket of groceries raffled by the Endeavour Foundation, Capricorn Coast branch. The committee thanks everyone who supported the raffle. o o o ROCKHAMPTON Multiple Birth Association will hold its night meeting on Wednesday, June 17, 7.30pm at 91 Stenlake Avenue, North Rockhampton. Contact publicity officer Maree Pershouse, 28 8624 for more information. O

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JOY Verrinder won the Luigi Nuzzolese painting raffled by the Capricorn Coast Society of Aris at Yeppoon Show. o o o FIVE Coast SCOPE members went to the National Conference in Sarina on the weekend. The new national project is the Wesley Breast Clinic in Brisbane. It is a clinic where all women can go and have all necessary tests and results compiled ... within one day. This reduces the need for accommodation for those women who live in areas such as this. The Coast club will follow up the project by holding a public awareness campaign on the Coast in October. Scope's next meeting is on June 15, 7.30pm at Sacred Heart School.

Showerscreens Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

ART Society members will meet at the Paint Pot Gallery and not at the RSL Hall on Wednesday, June 17 at 7.30pm. (Please take a chair). O 0

THE Wildlife Society is having the first of the local walks on Saturday afternoon (today). It will be an exploratory walk around the perimeter of Fig Tree Creek. Meet at the post office at 1pm. o 0 o PAINTINGS on display in the banks this month: Commonwealth, Marie Bayliss; ANZ, Iris Black; National, Charlie Alderdice. o

0 0

THE committee of the local branch of the Rare Fruit Council thanks everyone for the support given at Yeppoon Show for the display. The display was beautifully arranged and featured more than 50 different fruits and vegetables ... all but two were grown in the Yeppoon area. The trays of Carmabola and Rombata and the Jak fruit were won by Tony Welch of Adelaide Park Road. Take thyme to read some... `Words on Herbs' MARJORAM is closely related to Oregano and gives a piquant flavour to salads, chicken, tomato, meat dishes, soups and stews. Marjoram has antiseptic qualities and the tea relieves nervous headaches and induces sleep. Marjoram has a beneficial effect on neighbouring plants and repels beetles and white butterflies. June 13, 14 and 17 are good days to plant root crops ... carrots, onions, horse-radish, etc and re-pot house plants.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie OPEN: Saturday: 1pm to 4pm Sun & Wed: 10am - 4pm ...or by appointment

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987 — 5




A Nutri-metics party will be held in Emu Park's CWA Hall on June 17 at 9.30am for the Emu Park Kindergarten. The 60c admission includes morning tea and a lucky door. o o o THE settling down period ... for getting to know your baby is the topic for Nursing Mothers next meeting on Thursday, June 18, 9.30am at Janet Walter's home, 19 Tucker Street, Yeppoon. If you need transport or more information about the meeting or nursing mothers, contact Janet, 39 1095. o o o ARE we prisoners of a materialist society? The answer was a firm no from the Capricorn Coast Toastmasters Club's first inter-club debate winning team. The Coast's negative team concentrated on man's freedom of choice to defeat the affirmative team from Rockhampton's Boomerang team. Three of the Rockhampton Toastmasters Club members, led by division one governor Bill Aspden, acted as adjudicators at the meeting held on June 3. Eighteen guests were welcomed by Coast president Morag Clay. Helena Williams, one of three visiting St Ursula's College debating students, helped fill a gap in the programme by ting as the debate chairman. Winning team: Esther Kulack, Morag Clay and Glynis Cumming. Visitors are welcome at the next meeting on June 17 at 7.30pm in the CWA Hall. 0

0 0

THE installation of incoming office bearers for the Yeppoon Lioness Club will be held on Wednesday, June 17 at Kanangra Restaurant. President, Bev Gilligan; secretary Edna Thring; treasurer Joy Walsh; immediate past president Jackie Hole; first vice president Joan Byatt; second vice president Dot Burrough; third vice president Joan Duffy; directors, Eunice Coombes, Penny Stephens, Joan Dipplesman; tail twister Olive Cumings; greeter Jackie Hole; publicity officer Judy Hayes; historian Jean Dowie; international understanding Barbara Chandler. O

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ANY Laurel Ladies who would like to go to Gangalook on Friday, June 26 are asked to contact 39 1661. A bus will leave from --veppoon RSL rooms at 10am, returning at out 2pm. You can either take your lunch or buy it there. o o ❑ YEPPOON CWA meeting is on June 19 at 2pm. The clubrodm renovations will be planned and so as many members as possible are invited to go along to put in ideas.



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• U I

CAPRICORN Coast SCOPE members thank all the Coast businesses and individuals who helped to make the Casino Capers night a success. Denham Bros Limited; Coucom's Shell Museum; Koorana Crocodile Farm; Irons Sawmill; Victory; Coral Life Marine Park; Elite Carpet Cleaning; Higgins Chemist; Lou and Barb Fitchen; Bruce Towle; Coastal Cane; Bay Vacationer; Seafood and Eat It; Romantique; Hansen's Carpet and Curtain; Les McDonald; Beryl Anderson; BP Yeppoon; Treasure Trove; John and Tricia Andrews; Coastal Creations; Blue Nurses auxiliary. O


Pauls Ice II Cream

❑ ABOVE: Janine Cossar was one of the models who showed clothes from Temptations and Calypso and shoes from Capricorn Coast Casuals at a CTDO special fashion parade on Saturday morning. DATE CLAIMER: September 5, 10 and 12, 7.45pm Yeppoon Town Hall for the Franz Lehr musical comedy 'The Merry Widow' presented by the Yeppoon Choral Society. o o o THE Emu Park Guides and Brownies are hosting an American Tennis tournament on Sunday, June 21, at the Emu Park State school tennis courts. Prizes will be awarded to adults and children with entry prices of $2 a game or $8 for a family. A barbecue lunch with steak and sausage burgers on sale is available. For further information phone A Vanderklught on 39 6090 or S Bean on 39 6463. O 0 0



Denhams 15 Store Buying Power Means The Savings Are Passed On To You Through Our Low Everyday Shelf Prices

THERE will be a rose show in conjunction with the St James Guild cent sale on Wednesday, June 24 in the Mary Street, Yeppoon, parish hall.


TOSHIBA MICROWAVE Demonstration store

Tuesday, June 23, 10am start

Daffodil Margarine Polyunsaturated


tOn Sale Until Saturday 20th June. Limit Rights Reserved. While Stocks Last. YOU'LL LOVE THE DISCOUNTS AT

Toshiba demonstrator from Brisbane 1 011MIIMIr


James Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 32


6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987

COOEE CORNER Fast Food * thickens * Bait * Fish 'n' Chips *

7 days — 7am to 8pm Phone orders to 39 1033

Tke Suggetvet Park

•Ph. orders 39 1397 *Meals, snacks *Juices, vitamins *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

,010'sSHELL. c° MUSEUM Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 & children 511K Hill St, Veppocrti - 392386, 39 1313a/h

r•PisATA liMMI I 1 I I I I • MINN - 11•11111 IMP

Eat in or take-away Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon Third block from beach Phone orders to...39

Extends a welcome to all visitors fora friendly drink XXXX and Carlton on tap


Mirror Classifieds

Ike kigitleat haw tke Caaet

Phone 39 4244

Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY

El ABOVE: Ian Hoy showed his style at Keppel Krabtastic on Sunday.


D ABOVE: The high

polesitter in Yeppoon Don Machin from Yepp her bi

LONG WEEKEND OF FRIVOLITY AT COAS Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTOR Y & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

Information and bookings: 33 6744; 27 2948 a/h

Discover the colors of Gold ❑ ABOVE: Charmaine Case modelled clothes from Temptations and Calypso on Saturday

0 ABOVE: This was just part of the large c Sands on Sunday afternoon for the Keppi



Take it easy with Kodacolor Gold New Kodacolor Gold color print film brings colors to life with more accurate, more natural color reproduction than ever before. So when you've a special moment to remember, take it easy and discover the colors of Kodacolor Gold. Now available at:


38 James Street, Yeppoon KODAK and KODACOLOR are registeredtrademarks.

(next door to the Sunflower Patch)

39 1533.

0 ABOVE: One of the most popular ring events at Yeppoon Show was the woodchop.

0 ABOVE: World crab tying champi Larcom holds aloft his 17.48 sec Krabtastic on Sunday c


E Where to stay on the Coast .

Enjoy Island,Views from every unit a: the

Bay Vacatioper 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 1213

I {


Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987 — 7 Sail to Great Keppel Island

336 226


Enjoy...* Boomnetting * Gunkholing Windsurfing * Surf Skiing Snorkelling * Coral Viewing * Lunch Morning & Afternoon Tea * Fully Lic'd Underwater Observatory optional extra

s25...all inclusive

Departs Rosslyn Bay daily 9.10am, returns 4.15pm approx

Paint Pot Gallery

Exhibition by...

cnr Queen and Hill Streets,

Potters: Wilma Cruickshank o Hazel Mark and Beryl Watson Painter: Ina Baird Wood Turner: Wilf Watson

JUNE 27 to JULY 11


(official opening 2pm, June 27)

OPEN Saturday Sunday

Relive the past at —

ngg' Ann

Emu Park Road

HISTORICAL VILLAGE binds were too much for the ;howgrounds on Saturday and Don Crane Hire helped to bring lck to earth.

❑ ABOVE: Anthea Wilson of Banana took Ebony Eyes through the paces at Yeppoon Show.

Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Adults: $4. Pensioners and Students: $3. Children $2 Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560


❑ ABOVE: Linda Coucom holds two-year-old Emma as they gently go round in the merrygoround at Yeppoon Show on Saturday.

rowd at Keppel al Krabtastic.

on George Faint of Mt Dnd effort at Keppel fternoon.

...from 10am, last guests through gates at 3pm

0 ABOVE: The octopus was one of Yeppoon Show's most popular sideshow attractions.

easPray Waterfront holiday units



Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

PHONE (079) 39 1594


James Street, Yeppoon

39 3300

8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987

Table tennis

Writer enjoys Show but... ONCE again I enjoyed our local show. Well done! 'But, I would like to comment on the commentary of the grand parade. The commentary seemed to consist of a lot of faux pas. Points that come to mind are as follows: 1 Not knowing the names of certain cars in the parade, new and the vintage; 2 Not being able to read listings given and announcing: "whoever wrote it, please could they come and read it". 3 Not being sure on the order or type of show cattle; 4 On the announcing of the show cattle saying: "St Brendan's College, coming up at the rear. They didn't win any prizes, but give them a hand". To talk on the latter. I'm sure that those boys dressed in St Brendan's College formal uniform, leading stud cattle, represented the school. If they did, someone really blundered as I'm sure I saw coloured ribbons around their necks. In particular, first ribbon for Tropical Breed and Reserve Grand Champion for Junior Breed. Two boys were wearing ribbons, that I'm told represented getting a first and a third in Junior Handler. Even if these boys went under their own . names for this event, it would have been nice to know first, second and third. I'm sure a remark like "they didn't win a prize" compensated for the effort they must have put into the preparation of the cattle. Surely, if you are to announce an event like this, people should check on all facts. Regarding the above listing, I only comment on the fourth point as being one of the biggest blues in my mind. Hopefully, next year we will hear a change. — J R Scott, PO Box 553, Yeppoon.

❑ ABOVE: Terri Twohig and Jimmy Hendry played the parts of Connie and John in Mackay Kucom Theatre's presentation The Snow Angel at Yeppoon's Festival of Drama on Sunday.

THAT WINNING `HABIT' AGAIN BAD HABITS„the band which won a bagful of trophies at the Charters Towers Country and Western Music Fesival, has repeated the effort at the Caves/Rockhampton festival. The band won two firsts, three seconds and a third in the six sections it entered. Band members Billy Barrett and Bobby Godin are Coast residents while Mery Underhill and Terry Williams are based in Rockhampton. The band is known on the Coast for its appearances at the Pacific Hotel in Yeppoon and the Pine Beach at Emu Park. Baby Goddin plays lead guitar and the mandolin; Bill Barrett the rhythm guitar; Mery Underhill the bass guitar and all three are vocalists. Terry Williams .is the drummer. During the Caves/Rockhampton festival, Bill Barrett was second in the male vocal section.

He then partnered with Bobby Godin for, a second in the duo class. As a group, Bad Habits was first in the Australian Bush Ballads and Vocal band sections; second in instrumental and third in Country Gospel: The group is now eligible for the Townsville Country and Western Festival which will be held on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11. Groups or individuals become eligible if they have gained a place in any country and western festival in Queensland during 1987. . Bill and Bob are eligible for duo; Bill male vocal; and the group is eligible in the sections in which it was placed. This is on top of their other strings of wins at Charters Towers. The winners of the Townsville festival will get a $25,000 recording contract.



I Radiators * Windscreens Fitted I I Panel Beating * Plastic Welding

I _J


Yeppoon Exhausts and Car Gear

Diesel Services laser AM (Old) Truck Wheel Alignment MOBILE WORKSHOP

39 2291 & 39 3862 a/h

Yeppoon Starter * Alternator * Generator Auto air-conditioning, re-gas & service * Electrical Wiring * ...Repairs Super Charge batteries in stock 1 Call us anytime — We'll get you started

39 3398

Electronic Engine Tuning Pipes & Mufflers Shock Absorbers Auto Accessories Tow Bars Performance Parts Expert Fitting 57 Tanby Rd Phone Yeppoon 39 1038

39 4027 a/h

"The district manager of the Works Department, Rockhampton, will arrange for this work to be carried out as early as possible," Mr Hinton said.

IVY McNamara will face M Elliott in Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club's district singles final. The competition will be played.on Tuesday, June 16 from 9am with M Bierwirth as umpire. The novice singles final is between M Freeman and the winner of the B Exten and J Allenden game. In the 2-4-2 pairs G Brook and N Garner will play M Bradley and A Fotheringham. The district fours is between V Thompson, E Benson, A Atkinson, M Headrick and D Roos, M Baglow, J Beasley and B Pettit. The queen of the green is on 12.30pm between J Cain and M Stewart. M Elliott is the umpire for games starting at fpm. • The district pairs final is between B Beckett, V Wilson and M Baglow and I McNamara. D Roos and M Bierwirth will play G Brooke and E Hinton in the champion pairs and V Thompson and F Denney will play Y Riordan and B Pettit in the club pairs. 2-4-2 pairs: E Batts and J Beasley v E Benson and M Blacklock.

Drama praise CONGRATULATIONS to Yeppoon Little Theatre on a wonderful Drama Festival. The plays were excellent and the opportunity to mingle and talk with the competitors during supper was appreciated by myself and friends. — Jill Sinclair, 814 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach.

Unit 5, 57 Tanby Rd, YEPPOON

(079) 392391

53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

Picture Framing KEPPEL ART & FRAMING 50 Normanby Street 39 1774

Coprice Pony Pellets Peanut Meal Base

$1400 40kg bag $950 40kg bag

(Workhorse Mix)

Laying Pellets $900 40 kg bag

Laying Mash


Inspectors No. 2159




PETER THORPE S.A.E. Distributors of:


Yeppoon Glass and Tiles




Auto Electrics and Marine See Bob White and staff for...

ELEVEN Coast residents have a chance to test their skills against Australia's number onepool player this week at the Pine Beach Hotel. Licensee/manager Steve Anderson has invited Lou Condo, advertised as Australia's Minnesota Fats, to the hotel on June 19. "We are looking for 11 people to pit their eight-ball skills against Lou," Mr Stevenson said. Lou Condo is ranked number five in professional snooker .and has represented Australia six times in pool and snooker in America, Britain and Ireland. He will also present an eight ball and trick shot demonstration. Mr Stevenson said that he was looking for as many Coast people as possible to try out to be in the final 11 to play against Mr Condo. "Just contact us to be in the play-offs so you can be in the lucky 11." Admission is tree and the programme will start at 7pm with Mr Condo playing the lucky 11 players one game of eight-ball each. He is originally from Adelaide and won the Australian Snooker Amateur Championship in 1974. Contact the Pine Beach Hotel for more details.

MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton has announced approval for the internal repainting of Block M3 and the internal and external repainting of Block D at Yeppoon State School.

Phone — 39 4230

* Engines * Pumps * Gen Sets *

Pool champion Ladies bowling will take you on!

School painting



THE last table tennis fixtures for the season were played on Thursday, June 4 with the two top teams to play in the final ... Joe Kruger's Dolphins and Rob Green's Dynamics. Bog Factory •performed well on the night to take the game off Dolphins 7-4. Greg Simpson was still in top form and won all his singles matches. Paul Watts filled in as Dolphins' first player and ably assisted the Dolphins. The biggest surprise was when Dave Ryan defeated Brian Stephens in two games. His constant stream of nets and edges wore his opponent down (physically and mentally) and the final scores were a close 21-18, 22-20. Bog Factory's number three, Peter Malick, played hard to defeat his counterpart, Gordon Wall, in three games, the last of which could have gone either way as Peter scraped throUgh 21-19. Both teams won a set of doubles each. On the other table marvels was lucky to score a win over Rockets, six games to five. David Stewart's leniency when playing Monica Christensen threw him into trouble in the third as Monica managed to gain the last few points to win 21-18. Marvels second player, Ray Morgan, played well to score two wins, plus take David to three games. Neil Malick filled in as Rockets number two and Peter Murphy filled in for Marvels third player. As this was Peter's first taste of fixtures he played extremely well. In the first set of doubles, Monica and Ray narrowly defeated David and Neil with a win in three games. While in the second set the tables turned and David and Scott Malick won 25-23 in the last of three games against Monica and Peter. The final between Dolphins and Dynamics will be played on Thursday, June 25, unless otherwise advised and the barbecue will be held the following, Thursday, July 2.


40 kg bag

$150 each

Your PACFEED Stockist on the Coast...

Yeppoon Stockfeed and Pet Supplies 39 4320


39 4320

June- 19 1987

Capricorn Coast Mirror June.,13

Capricorn Coast MIRROR -C assifieds _Ph 39 4244


Capricorn Coast IUD

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify• any advertisement While every care is taken. no responsibility can be accepted \f or errors.

LINEN: ideal pre-wedding and baby shower parties. Phone 39 3660. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... all from Nursing Mothers. Phone Judy. 33 6831. KITCHENS. Vanity Units. Built-in Robes Yeppoon Kitchens. 49 Tanby Road. 39 2419 ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds - all types - free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ...sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. KEEP slim...fresh' fruit shakes, Yoghurt icecream and vegetables. Free delivery Yeppoon. Fresh Fruit and Veges, James St, 39 1935. COMPETITION Olympic Pro gym-set, as new, S800. Phone 39 4579. SIMPSON wringer washing machine (7-y-o), VGC. $100 ONO. 39 7698. GARAGE sale all weekend. Household furniture (VGC). 814 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach. 39 6047. GARAGE sale. Saturday. June 20, 8am to noon, 19 Tucker Street, Yeppoon for combined Yeppoon/Emu Park Nursing Mothers.

TOPSOIL 9m loads @ $14 per metre

33 1357

PUBLIC NOTICES 3HILDBIRTH classes. books and videos \--Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. KOORANA Crocodile Farm will be open on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Lunch from noon to 1pm. Tour begins at 1pm. Spotlight dinner tours by arrangement. 34 4749. EMU PARK Kindergarten raffle results: 1st, carton of beer donated by Pine Beach, won by Jan Moses; 2nd, meat tray donated by Angliss, won by Julie Sykes. NATIONAL Party special meeting of Yeppoon branch, Friday June 19, 7.30pm in the campaign office, James Street (next to Marie Brown Real Estate). AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. CASH buyer interested in purchasing Yeppoon cement truck. Please forward details to PO Box 539, Yeppoon. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008-177P" 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day

Your Coast

ELGAS agent is... Chicken Capri Seafoods Whitman Street, Yeppoon

39 1199 KAMAG

offers you fully licensed...

SECURITY We speckilise Domestic short-term protection for holicia Commercial protection Night Security Patrol * Cash Transfers * Electronic Alarm Monitoring Armed and Static Guards * Trained Dogs

39 2171 FREE QUOTES 39 2171 Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

RSL Museum

OPEN... Every Monday 2pm - 4pm Norman by St, Yeppoon

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/ Rockhampton. twice daily Yeppoon'Emti Park, 1pm every day 39 2212

( FOR SALE GEMEINHARDT open-hole silver-plated flute from America. One-and-a-half years old. Asking $900. Inquiries, after 5pm, 39 7518. PEBBLE-TEX, a natural and inexpensive finish to your old concrete. Phone 39 4579 for obligation-free quote.



Install a Screen Door that

LAST and is...

Decorative Won't Rust Secure Made-to-Measure (up to 870mm wide) Bottom seal included

FREE QUOTE 39 4318

Central Coast Insect Screens PLulgal WE ALSO STOCK... SECURITY WINDOWS

GARAGE SALE Everything must go... we're moving interstate. Saturday and Sunday from 8am House Furniture * Garden Furniture Tools * New Fridge * and more

21 Caroline Street, Yeppoon 39 3815 NEW and used marine gear bought and sold, swapped or traded at Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.

BABY-SITTING PERMANENT babysitting available, daytime work hours only. Prefer under 12 months. Phone 39 3316.

WANTED TO BUY OLD china. bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique. 26 Mary Street. Yeppoon. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442

FOR HIRE HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in...34 4174. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek. $6 per day. Phone 34 4174.

Yeppoon TRESTLE HIRE Service Coast and rural areas delivery * S2iitem per day *

39 7969 BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm. Yeppoon CWA Hal Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society No 8142. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus. phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association Promoter. Olive Dorey. Permit No. B18601 SATURDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall 5 jackpots totalling S1000. Best.chance: S100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter Brian Dorey. Permit No. B18596 WEDNESDAY: 7pm at Keppel Bay Sailing Club.


PROTECT yourself against inflation. Gold and Silver Bullion bought and sold. Inquiries welcome. Call Paul Rackemann. Central Queensland Bullion. 220 Quay Street. Rockhampton. telephone 27 6329.

MOORHEADS...'Your Good Music Band'. Weddings. Restaurants. to suit everyone. 28 4935.


MOWING, gardening, yards tidied. Satisfaction assured. No obligation quotes. Phone 39 1640. ALLOTMENTS slashed Kinka Beach/Emu Park 'Zilzie area From 525 39 6237 LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. HAVE high-pressure water cleaner for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Will do on-site welding. Phone 39 4579. HOUSE cleaner. All aspects home cleaning and regular home help. 33 6829.




PIANO tuition. Limited number of vacancies for piano tuition. Students accepted from three years of age. Inquiries: 39 3284.

WORK WANTED HOUSE cleaner. All aspects home cleaning and regular home help. 33 9464.

TO LET TWO bedroom furnished house Cooee Bay. Ceiling fans, carpet, $95pw. 274823 or 393565 TWO bedroom furnished house, Cooee Bay. Ceiling fan and carpeted, modern kitchen. $95 weekly. Phone 27 4823 or 39 3565.

AUCTION 4,000 Square Metres Highrise Site Fronts new 4-lane highway, presently under construction, overlooking beach. Described as Lot 7, 8 & 9 on RP 602059. Total area 4,000 sq m

Auction: Saturday, June 27, 111am Bayview Tower Yeppoon The site has been approved for 61 home units...feasibility study for units at office. It is very difficult to acquire such a large high-rise site facing the beach. Invest now while it is still cheap. For further information contact: Maurice Murray, 39 3733, a/h 39 3272

Murray Estates 66 Farnborough Road Yeppoon 4703

Casual * Home * Reasonable rates

39 7683 PETS BUDGIES for sale, large aviary, breeding cage, fish tank with accessories. 39 4184.

TRADEWORK Andrew Dowie's

MOWING SERVICE * Mini Tip-Truck Hire * * Lawns Mowed * * Furniture Removal *

Prompt, free quotes

39 1379

Ron and Kay Barnicoat...


Forklift Hire for all freight requirements to and from Rockhampton



* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39

3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

04,s AUTO /r4sir


Electrician Starters o Magnetos 0 All Wiring Repairs 0 o Armature Re-winding ❑

Alternators CI Generators CI

Batteries at Factory Pricest Air-conditioning Services OPEN MONDAYS TO SATURDAYS

53 Tan by Rd, Yeppoon

39 3288

Yeppoon Readymix For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

39 1813


39 4410




RUST KILLER Capricorn Sandblasting * Industrial Spray Painting * and... * Mini Soil Deliveries *

Tanby Roundabout, Yeppoon 39 1404

1011- Ci-i3H6oPri Cdgst Mrri-drlune'13I'L'JU'a

Ph 39 4244

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds TRADEWORK


Bill Rasmussen

MINI TIPPER HIRE & SLASHING 68 Rockhampton Rd. Yeppoon

39 4503


extensions, new job too small! Terry Bishton, 39 1784.

Peter and Toni.

Carpet Cleaning

PAINTING , ..,. ,._ . Ton' fhit- oth" -cool,ill -&,/‘

Emu Park — 39 6178


-11 6-1 6

'We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office

tEr71: 4 •..:

Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning


Rust & Restoration work a specialty

39 6436

Ian & Ann Clissold'srCleaning Service 39 4065'

JeN 46...4 ,

TANBY Auto Sprays


All types Spray Painting... * Cars * Fridges * etc

Built to your design


Specialising in Laminated or Solid Timber Kitchens

Qualified tradesman...T Plahn (prop)

39 4038 a/h



* Slabs * Paths * Patios * * Brick paving * Exposed Aggregate * Free Quotes — Town & Country

39 4583 CARPENTER. Qualified tradesman available

Tanby Road

for renovations, alterations and extensions in the Yeppoon and Rockhampton area. Phone Robert Gallehawk, 39 7036. RETIRED carpenter available for pensioners jobs from $8. All work guaranteed. Phone 39 6939 a/h. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast K J Harding. Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. SLASHING done -- Inquiries. phone 39 1483.

For free quote: Ivor Veliscek

39 4379 a/h

39 1614 b/h

Dave Kershaw for...



Industrial - Residential - Commercial

4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios ❑ Driveways 0 Foundations

J. R. Concieete

Phone... KEITH BECK 39 4016 ,

Shop 2, 59 Tanby Road


33 6836

VIDEO. TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter. phone 392330 SIGNWRITING, gold-leaf honour boards, vehicles, boats. Phone 39 4067. CONTINUOUS concrete garden and driveway edging, low maintenance gardens, sprinklers, Flower Box Landscaping. Phone 28 2934. WATER tank, plastering tank building. Free quotes. Phone 39 7031. CASSETTE. Radio. Stereo. TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330.

39 3193

39 4408

Edging. Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.



PAINTING and Wallpapering, free- guot6s. Phone Vince Hannan, 39 1513.



39 7540


BACKHOE for hire 4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher




removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers. 39 7987. LEAKING taps — we service for $12.50 annually — Keith Chivers, 39 3518.

El Installation ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance Ci COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts


39 3646

on the Coast from Central Coast Insect

Screens. 39 4318. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering, 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhamptpn. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.


Allan 'Happy' Warren 39 3113


, .:.

'16 years on the Coast'


We sell... * Novels * * Comics * Children's hooks , y id.. Protect moterial Prop P,It Andersen

We buy the latest. Rtperhaeks Comics mnd exvnolylk.

Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm


till 4pm

`Something for everyone'

!4„cnr James and Mary Streets



THE Capricorn Coast A grade squash semifinals produced few surprises on Wednesday night. In the second semi-final, third placed Social Hitters defeated All The Presidents Men and His Wife, 3-1. Chris Callard started Social Hitters towards the finals with a very athletic match to defeat Ray Campbell in four. Judy Umlauft took Peter Gordon to a long game in the second before Peter ran out the winner in three for Social Hitters. President Brian Umlauft caught Bernard Lacey below his best and accounted for him in three. This is one of the few occasions when these two players have not gone to five. Clay Nothling clinched the result for Social Hitters with a 3-0 win against a less than match fit Nobs Drillis. The top semi-final saw Team One and Strugglers locked together after the second match, one rubber each, five games each, 7068. Strugglers number four Ellen Farr struggled

FORMWORK 39 7683

Tradesman PAINTER • George Barrett & Co.

* All types of Painting * CHritnic t , l,ikr'ri * FREE C)ticitc.i,

All hours

39 1679

Answering service ___....

* Air Conditioned * Stereo *

Thurs, June 18 only COLOUR OF MONEY plus TOP GUN at 7.10pm Friday and Saturday June 19 and 10, 7.10pm The Whoopee Boys have a thing or two to show to high society. MICHAEL PALL O'KEEFE RODRIGUEZ



TONI 'mots



-11 lorilemearsononsier ynriennoramirvner,

Few surprises in A grade squash

49 Thomas St, Emu Park 39 6664

0., .


FLYSCREENS and doors, made-to-measure

Plumber Drainer PAINTER. At. i.,, A* ,--


RUBBISH removed, trees lopped furniture

'Earl and Margaret Hempseed

Interior * Exterior Free Quotes *

Bookings are essential

Kanangra Restaurant Tanby Road South, Yeppoon 39 7144 YEPPOON'S own

ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service.

S. Stanley 39 1139

_.;,, *

Hugh and Liz Pilbury. * Friday is family night $14ph * Saturday night, $16ph, there is live entertainment * Sunday lunch is a carvery $12 ph Children under 14 are half-price and pre-schoolers, free

based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902.

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays I.C. &

Kanangra a fully licensed family restaurant With group bookings catered for by arrangement, 7 days-a-week. The buffet-style menu is prepared by your hosts


SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available.

39 2205

ThPhone STEVE on

When planing your next outing come to Kanangra. Relax on Sunday with lunch under the Pergola overlooking the pool.

Phone 39 1483.

R' ots


i-Ph: 39 7144


421-tcyrk-Ab ) (

Panel Beating Spray Painting

39 2211




and see what C.E.B.S has to offer you... Adventure Camps 0 Projects 0 Fellowship Indoor/Outdoor Games 0 Faith 0 Sailing

Every Tuesday for boys between 6 & 18 from 7pm to 8.45pm at... Anglican Church Hall Contact: P Ward, 39 3976

Mary Street, Yeppoon

back from 2-0 down against Len Keily to take the match in five. Glen Ward then equalised for Team One by winning alternate games against Larry Owens in a very close match. Chris Briggs then set up Team One for a win in a match of see-sawing fortunes against Neil Roberts. Chris played much more consistently than previously and was particularly steady in the crucial fourth which he won 9-7 and then went on to win the fifth. Tony Smith, in devastating form, claimed the grand final berth with a 3-0 win against Strugglers' John Briggs. Strugglers now meet Social Hitters in the preliminary final next Wednesday night in what could be a points decision. Club members have been entertained several nights by visiting song-writer and country music singer Bill Mills of Toowoomba. Bill competed in The Caves/Rockhampton Country and Western Music Festival last weekend. He was given an encouragement award for his bush ballad. His entertaining was much appreciated by the members and the club hopes to secure his services in October. Team One defeated Strugglers 3-1: Len Keily v Ellen Farr 2-3; Glen Ward def Larry Owens 32; Chris Briggs def Neil Roberts 3-2; Tony Smith def John Briggs 3-0. Social Hitters defeated ATPM and HW 3-1: Chris Callard def Ray Campbell 3-1; Peter Gordon def Judy Umlauft 3.0; Bernard Lacey v Brian Umlauft 0- 3; Clay Nothling def Nobs Drillis 3-0.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13*--Jurfe 19, 1987'1= 11^'

YAB-A sorts out Fourteen Swans in back-to-back earlier problems games...lime for some answers' WITH two rounds of the Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association grading competition to go, many of the earlier problems facing the organising committee have started to sort out. Regular line bookings and a more rigid control of the clock have kept games on time with two referees available on all games. In the Monday senior fixtures, Tigas disposed of an under-manned Tanby Roses, who was under pressure from the jump. It wasn't a prolific scoring game. Tanby's defence was poor and the combination of Tigas missed shots and two three-pointers from Tanby kept them in touch for the first half. Helped by a loan player in the second half, Tanby sorted out its zone but failed to keep the necessary guard against the fast break ... an opportunity Tigas did not miss. Little Karl Miller pulled down some remarkable rebounds for Tanby while Tigas Alan Thomas put half the points. Top dogs Seagulls took on La 'mour in the next game. Seagulls never had control of the game, but took the game easily as a result of turnovers from errors by La 'mour. Substitutions were not handled to La 'mour's best advantage, although the end result was never in doubt. Taylor gave her usual strong performance in the key, making plenty of room and Gayle Lorraway top scored for La 'amour. Top men's team, Coasters, found itself pushed by the high school Cobras' boys. Cobras bustling style pressured the referees ho need to be alert in these games. Coasters absent players cost them the game as second-half tiredness took its toll on the five on the court. Scoobbettes struggled for the first half against Bakehouse Gym. Peta Oates held the offensive rebounds for the Gym and her shots from under the basket kept them in the game. Scoobbettes' Natalie Dooley toted up the fouls and baskets and somehow managed to stay on the court well into the second half. It was Inger Corney who finished off for Scoobbettes. There will be no clinics next Sunday and the first Yeppoon basketball event will be the junior fixtures at 5pm. Sunday, June 14. 5pm, All Whites v La Wetz; 6pm, Shadows v Bombers; 7pm, Raiders v Supersonics; 8pm, Mixed Nuts v Panthers. Celtics has a bye. Monday, June 15. 6pm, Pink Galahs v Billabongs; 7pm, Cobras v Saints; 8pm, Bakehouse Gym v L'Amour; 9pm, Coasters v Tanby Roses. Wednesday, June 17. 6pm, Nomads v Seagulls; 7pm, Tigas v St Brendan's; 8pm, Scoobettes v DRs; 9pm, Wildcats v Scoobbs.


FIFTY-FOUR players competed in the Yeppoon Junior Golf junior-senior day foursomes competition. Gross senior winner was B Walters and the junior was T Clark. Runner up senior, T Saxby and junior was T Clark. W Oates was the nett senior winner with G Scharf as runner up. K Jeacocke won the nett junior and J Saxby was runner up. Run down: R Marshall and D Marshall; S 'erkins and F Buckingham; M Clarke and J Lean; J Young and N Montgomery; G Campbell and F Yesberg; T Beck and W Thiele. Pinshots: third, number two, G Dawson and W Hannon; fourth, number four, T Clark and B Walters; fourth, number 13, S Perkins and F Buckingham; third, number 18, J Saxby and G Scharf. The ladies proshot went to N Montgomery. The juniors spokesman said they were grateful to the seniors for putting up them and for making the day possible. •

Ladies bowling

EMU Park Ladies Bowling competitions played on June 3 resulted in a win for Joyce Barber. She defeated Kath Cliffe, 31-20, in the closed single championships. Competitions to be played on June 17 are the B singles between Joyce Stewart and Marion Mallison and the 2-4-2 pairs between Molly Evans, Joyce Barber and Joe Smith, Kath Cliffe. The club plays mixed bowls on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday and visitors are welcome.

Tennis fixtures TENNIS fixtures start again after the long weekend break at Daniel Park, Cooee Bay today (Saturday). Division one. Oysters: J Coxon, R Perren, J Clayton, P Hansen v Dolphins: G Sorenson, T Halloran, A Philp, D Collett. Whales: G Clayton, R Jeacocke, J Christensen, V •Drensen v Turtles: M Cranny, J Gregory, R ons, P Smith. Division two. Cods: R Hasell, P Iafrati, J Williams, R Green v Sharks: L Stewart, J Brimmell, D Appleton, A Wyeth. Division three. Blue: D Perren, G Perren, A Skuthorp, D Simpson, T Greasley, K Hasell v Green: M Bullemor, P Sharf, M O'Keeffe, S Ginnivan, C Harding, A Douglas.


❑ By Jay Blake

TWO seasons ago Yeppoon Swans pulled itself from the quagmire and into the fore-front of the CAFL but last week the club all but slipped back into the bog. So far this season the club has stumbled from one crisis to another and after Saturday the problems have come to a head. Fourteen players had to play back-to-back games on Saturday, so now it must be time for questions to be answered. Why has training been so poorly attended this year? Why has the club been unable to field two full sides, even at home? Why aren't there any incentive awards for players or backing from local business? Why is it that there are only two new players in the club this year? Why is it that the apathy surrounding football clubs in Yeppoon should be so rampant in the Aussie Rules? Saturday was a debacle, but it had nothing to do with the few players who made the trip to Boyne Island ... far from it. It's a fine testament, especially for the 14 that doubled up, for their dedication and they deserve accolades from everyone for keeping their side on the field. Col Jamieson showed the power of his convictions, pulling the boots on when his side

was in dire straits. It's a pity that there were only a few people to see it, as his performance on the field certainly silence a few. By all reports there was great comradery between the players on Saturday, and if this spirit can be filtered through the rest of the club perhaps it can still be saved form the mire. There is still time left as the A grad side at full strength can be a force and if the right spirit prevails, more than a force. A lot of things have gone wrong so far this year. The loss of two key players, Darren Kemp and Alex Herewane, nagging injuries to six other top liners and a terrible draw. Compaound this with a sagging morale, poor preparation and waning support and you've got a recipe for disaster. It's time for someone to step in and take hold of the reins and halt the club's decline, as too much hard work has been done to put the club on the right footing to let it slip. Saturday's two Mug winners were 'Side Step' Chapman in the first game and Bertie Street in the second. I'm fore-going the results this week as they unfairly flatter Boyne. Island. This week the Swans travel again. This time to Biloela and after their mid-week meeting should get back on the winning list.

21 horses seeking share of $6000 offered in Magna Magic Maiden YEPPOON Amateur Racing Club has received good nominations for its post-Carnival meeting to be held at Tyrer Park on Wednesday. The feature event, the New Chippindale Motors Mitsubishi Magna Magic Maiden Handicap (1200m) attracted 21 horses seeking a share of the $6000 prizemoney and trophy on offer. At this stage a full field of 12 starters appears likely for one of the richest events for this class of horse in country Queensland. Altogether the six-event programme for which the total value in prizemoney and trophies amounts to $14,000 attracted 70 nominations. The next best to the feature event was 14 for the Rural Stakes (1420m), which has a prize value of $1500. The smallest nomination is six for the $1500 Two-year-old Handicap (1200m) in which last Yeppoon meeting runaway winner, Haba Prince appears likely to start. The leading 1986/87 Yeppoon trainer, Graham Rewald, has one of his smallest nominations with only three entered. Apart from Haba Prince his other nominations are Estepenay (Open Handicap) and Bright Don (Improvers' Handicap). Rewald said some of the events did not suit the horses he currently had in work, but he expected this to be different for the next two meetings on July 1 and 8. Tyrer Park resident trainer John Anderson has given good support with five nominations from the on-course stable. The horses he has entered are: Indian Uprising (Open Handicap), Morlock (Improvers' Handicap), last season's

Horse of the Year at Yeppoon, Rosslyn Bay (Rural Stakes) and Bronze Charm (Two-yearold Handicap and Maiden Handicap). The acceptors for this meeting will be declared at the Rockhampton Jockey Club, Callaghan park at 10am on Monday. Weights. 2-y-o Hcp (1200m): Haba Prince 57; Loaded Copper 56; Bronze Charm, Chantilly Court, Lots of Nonsense, Prix De Paris 52.5. Improvers' Hcp (1000m): Bright Don 57, Morlock 56.5, Vite Zephyr 56, Beau Creole 55.5, Classic Aussie, Val's Joy 55, Wings of Wind 54.5, Bright Princes, Heulan Hope, Over the Clover, Princess of Eden, Rose of Avon 54. Country Stakes (1800m): Case Way, French Return 58; Midas Gold 56.5; Bachelor's Fun, Our Charmer, Silvery Whisper 54.5; Dotfire, King Gola 52.5; Ace Flyer 51. Rural Stakes (1420m): Rosslyn Bay 58; Copper Limone, Gold Acadia 56.5; Bold Ted, Classic Cut, Cornish Belle, James' Gain 54.5; Bonny Red, Case Way, French Return 52.5; Call The Diver, Magic Performer, MyCentury, Ribbon and Lace 51. Open Hcp (1420m): Royal Opinion 57; Indian Uprising 55; Terringer 54.5; Tanzada 54; Batch's Idol 53; Estepenay, Young Aloe 52. The New Chippindale Motors Mitsubishi Magna Magic Maiden Hcp (1200m): A Noir Chevel 57; City's Edge 56.5; Ladies' Gamble 55.5; Boldesa, Express Power (NZ) 55; Java Lad 54.5; Grey Citation, Red Beard 54; Agnacinna, Pure Nonsense, Waranna 53.5; Moon Vista, Narkindie, Time is Money 53; Princess Report, Tongan Star 52.5; Bronze Charm, Chantilly Court, Lots of Nonsense, Prix De Paris, Robyn's Special 52.

Bowls competitions up to date COMPETITION continued at Yeppoon Bowls Club last week because of the good weather and players had good results. Some games are played on Wednesday by arrangement. "They are not compulsory, so competitions are well up to date," the publicity officer said. Pennant bowls will start in a couple of weeks and that will slow down competitions play off. Credit Union Fours are being played off and on June 3 Bill Manthey's team defeated Dave Copeland's, Eric Austin's team defeated Doug Haigh's and on Saturday, June 6 Barry Quigley's team defeated Eric Austin's while Bob Bird's team defeated Bill Manthey's. Play off will continue. John Corbett is still hanging on to his cock of the walk title and refuses to be rattled by all his challengers ... who would like to take off his head. Credit Union Fours results: Dick Sinclair, Dave Moulds, Roy Graff sen and Bill Manthey def George Hillier, Bill Cowlrick, Max Hutton and Dave Copeland, 46-4; Joe Bates, Bill Fotheringham, Terry Woodbridge and Eric Austin def Frank Birkett, Peter Brown, Tom Roos and Doug Haigh, 27-16; sub George Barrett, Harold Downing, Jack Simmonds and Bob Bird def Dick Sinclair, Dave Moulds, Roy Graff sen and Bill Manthey, 16-15; Don Goody, Fred Baker, Graham McCosker and Barry Quigley def Joe Bates, Bill Fotheringham, sub Clarrie Hinton and Terry Woodbridge, 1817. Open pairs: Fred Baker and Dave Moulds def Bill Cowlrick and Mo Stewart, 24-15; Tom Roos and Clarrie Hinton def Jack Oakey and Joe Bates, 29-9; Graham McCosker and Bill Manthey def Steve Billington and Ken O'Leary,

22-13; Fred Baker and Dave Moulds def Harry Maher and Don McPherson, 22-13; Keith McKimmie and Roy Graff jun def Graham McCosker and Bill Manthey, 20-14. Keith Chivers and Barry Quigley def Dick Sinclair and Doug Haigh, 20-19. Open triples: Jack Oakey, Cyril Hooper and Max Hutton def Arnie Peterson, Graham McCosker and Doug Haigh, 24-18. Mixed pairs: Elsie Hinton and Clarrie Hinton def Ray Goody and Don Goody, 23-12. Veteran club pairs: Tom Dorrell and Eric Wilson def Laurie Collins and Col Harris, 19-15. Open fours: sub Col Harris, Rob SkuthortA, Cyril Hooper and Brendan Croese def Keith Chivers, Mo Stewart, Don McPherson and Reg Gibbins, 20-19. Mixed fours: Maud Elliott, Alan Saxby, Vera Wilson and Eric Wilson def Doris Moulds, Mo Stewart, Marj Stewart and Dave Moulds, 19-13.

Yeppoon golf THREE associates tied in the Wednesday Club's stableford played at Yeppoon Golf Club. Visitor Nola Day, Fay Buckingham and Joan Chandler all scored 38 points. May McGlashan won the first nine with 301 2, Nola Day was next with 31. Kay Scope won the second nine with 31 and Gwen Bullock, May McGlashan and Joan Chandler were all 331 , Beryl Taylor and Colleen Schuster won pinshots and Hazel Fry won the proshot. Members' stableford winner . was Eric Richardson with 43 points. Tony Prior 41, Godfrey Haskins 40, George Norton 39, John Noyes 39, Peter Marwedel 39 and captain Jack Stratford 38 points. R Miller won the first nine with 31, followed by B Morgan 311/2, L Lucas 32, J Noyes 32, R McGlashan 32, N Prior 32. R Hansen won the second nine with 271 , points, J Noyes 29, G Haskins 30, E Richardson 301.2, P Marwedel 32 and Ossie with 3212. Bing Morgan and G Bell won the pinshots and Stan Thorne won the proshot. The veterans played a stroke for members and associates on Friday. Sydney visitor Nola Day was the associates' winner with a score of 44 and a third. Next best was Esme Woodbridge with 45 and a third. Joan Marwedel won the pinshot. Peter Marwedel was the members' winner with 41 and two thirds with Dick McGlashan runner up on 42. Godfrey Haskins won the pinshot and just pipped Bill Freeman. A senior-junior mixed foursomes ay was played on Saturday and a left-overs. Best gross: T Clark and R Walters. Best nett: K Jeacocke and W Oates. Rundown: J Saxby and G Scharf; L Marshall and D Marshall; S Perkins and F Buckingham; M Clarke and J Kean; J Young and N Montgomery; G Campbell and F Yesberg; T Beck and W Thiele. Leftovers: D Wiltshire 66, B Williams 68, J Cahill 69, I Lester 69, G Norton 69, R Miller 70, B Moses 70, J Rhodes 70, I Macaulay 70. Pinshots: R Miller, B Moses, G Williams, T Macaulay and B Druitt won the proshot. A 4bbb medley stableford was played on Sunday. Stew Yesberg and B Gibson won with a score of 49 points. Bill Oates and Rick Sinclair were next with 47, Bob and Joan Burrowes 47, Vince and Gay Hannan 46. Len Lucas and Dave Cardillo 46, John and Connie Noyes 45. The ladies pinshot winners were: S Burton, N Hunt and C Noyes. Members: K Gersekowski, R Lewis and W Oates. Proshots: ladies, J Stevenson and L Lucas for members. On the Queen's Birthday (Monday) the associates played a stableford. Nancy Montgomery was the winner on a count back from Marge Williams ... they both had 31 points. Marge won both pinshots and Ruby Norton won the proshot. Members played a s scratch. Len Lucas won with +4, Bob Miller '3, Athur Dougherty -2, Lionel Taylor "2. Rick Sinclair -1, Ian Lester-I. George Norton +1. Pinshots were won by visitor J Bartlett, I Lester and I Murray. L Lucas won the proshot.

Daytime squash KATHY'S Kites took out the Ladies Daytime Squash grand final played on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Kites defeated A Team. Wooden spoon winner is May's Meanies after the defeat of Dolphins. The most humorous match was between Robyn Battersby and Maryanne Veering with lots of laughter arid unorthodox shots. .There will he a handicap day on Wednesday morning for all players. Kathy's Kites defeated A Team: Kathy Dale def Alice Glennie 3-0; Joyce Hinton v Lyn Timms -03; Diane Cameron del Rosemary Jones 3-1; Ann Priem def Megan Anderson 3-1: Pat Harris def Pam Hayman 3-1: Audrey Rodgers v Helen Hinton 2-3. May's Meanies defeated Denise's Dolphins: May Briggs def Denise Campbell 3-0; Jenny .Konings def Nita Marxsen 3-1; Ann Hinton def Heidi 3-0; Pat Gough def Heidi 3.1; Robyn Battersby v Maryanne Veering 13; Gail Moore v Cordie Nugent 0-3.

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12 — Capricorn Coast Mirror June 13 — June 19, 1987

Eagles win two

Bev Laundry retains her title as champion veteran in marathon CAPRICORN Coast marathon runner Bev Laundry retained her veterans title on Sunday when competing in an Australian title event. She was one of the runners affected by dismal weather which plagued the Westfield Australian Marathon, which incorporated the Australian Championships. Bev Laundry said the rain and bitter cold was enough to stop her from achieving her aim of making it into the top 10 ... she was 13 aim of making it into the top 10 ... she was 13th this year, one place below her 12th last year. She said anyone from warmer climates and countries (several marathon runners were from Africa) would find the conditions difficult. "It's hard to keep the muscles warm in the rain and cold weather," she said. While disappointed in not being able to improve her overall positioning, she said during the run she had asked herself whether she was working as hard as possible ... her answer to herself was that it would have been hard to do any better. Mrs Laundry said a runner always wanted to improve her position and placing but the adverse conditions in Sydney denied her the chance.

"It rained throughout the marathon and I'm not used to that kind of weather," she said. "Overall, I think everyone's expected times would have been down because of the weather." She ran the weekend's marathon in 3 hours and 20 minutes ... but believes she will have to shave 10 minutes from that time to retain her position in next year's Queensland team. She hopes to achieve that 10 minute gain, or better, in her next marathon on the Gold Coast on July 26. She said she would be doing light training for the Gold Coast run. • The Sydney marathon was not incidentfree ... Toni Buckle, the first woman home, was disqualified for outside assistance by a non-competitor. Officials ruled she was paced over the final 12km by a non-competitor. This was against the rules. First place then went to Mexican runner Maria Trugillo, who ran a time of 2 hours, 38 minutes. The Queensland team, comprising Mrs Laundry and three Brisbane women, won the women's category. New South Wales won the men's section. Mrs Laundry said she felt "pretty good" after the marathon on Sunday and hopes the Gold Coast marathon will go just as well.

YEPPOON Eagles won two games on Saturday when the under 7 and under 8 teams annihilated Blue Birds Royal and St Anthony Red. The under 7 soccer team defeated Blue Birds Royal 6-0. There was overall improvement in the team but the opposition lacked co-ordination. David Cue, in the forwards, capitalised and scored five goals. Ryan Korotcoff scored the goal of the match with a superb passing deflect into the goal. The under 8 team played like a team that wanted to win when it defeated St Anthony Red 2-0. The first goal went to Matthew Cummings who headed the ball straight into the net. The second one went to Michael Korotcoff. Eagles under 9 team went down to St Anthony 0-1. The players were evenly matched and the game lacked the speed and pace of the previous games. Play was subjected to crowding. Steven Novak contributed by making good saves as goal keeper. The under 12 match against Nerimbera Pandas has been deferred until further notice. Today (Saturday) is a home game at Apex Park (opposite the council depot). The under 7s lead off at 9am, under 8 at 9.45am, under 9 kick off at 9am and under 12 at 10am. Friends and visitors are welcome. Children are free and adults admission is one dollar. The canteen is open.


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RODNEY Sonners gave a prize-winning performance during the Rockhampton Body Building Championships and was rewarded with a third placing in the junior title. Rod, who only started body building three months ago, was pitted against body builders who had been in the game a while and had experienced competition before. It was Rod's first competition and Bakehouse Gym's Mal O'Keeffe said Rod's downfall wa shis lack of experience and presentation in this sport, but he was pleased with the result after Rod's hard work to prepare for the competition. • Mr O'Keeffe said it was a close competition with about 40 body builders participating at a the Flamingo night club. Rod also was awarded the Body Builder judges' encouragement award. He is now in training for two body-building championships in August at the Sunshine Coast and in September at Cairns.

O Rodney Sonners with the trophies he won in recent body-building, championships in Rockhampton. 1

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Wednesday, June 17

Three BIG names EVII7RUDEE--and


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well inMickSevens

0 By Bongers CAPRICORN Coast Rugby Club produced some sparkling open rugby on Sunday when they made it through to the semi-finals in the Cambridge Hotel Sevens. Because Sevens rugby is all about fitness, ball skills and speed, Capcoast decided to rest their match-winning front row of recent weeks and went instead to the day-long carnival with six back and four loose forwards. Capcoast accepted a forfeit from Bundaberg then went on to convincing defeat Brothers (220) and Longreach (38-0). Both sides seemed to offer only token resistance as the rampaging Capcoast Seven piled on the points. Each leading team from the four pools competed in the semi-finals, leaving the two winners to fight out the $1000 final. Unfortunately, Capcoast drew short-priced favourites Pioneers as their semi-final opponent. The well-drilled Pioneers Seven modelled their game on Australia's world-renowned Seven side, (through helpful coaching from Brendan Moon) and ran out worthy winners 286. One game later Pioneers secured the $1000 cheque by trouncing Colts 36-8. Mark Maguire seems to grow new legs each year for the Sevens tournament, and this year was no exception. "Darky" scored the sole try against Pioneers after kicking, toeing and chasing a loose ball 70 metres up the field. Others to impress for Capcoast were "Paddles" Aroa, Mark Thompson and Tony "Catch that ball" Bragg. Capcoast travels to Biloela this week as normal fixtures resume. A win would be a tremendous boost for the club because it would keep the team close to the top of the points table at this, the half-way stage of the season.

9asta Hite wain Nil

Tke back up Ktivua COMPUTERS, the labour-saving device that have revolutionised the world, have a bad name at the Mirror at the moment. One of the typesetters heard last week that there would be two public holidays this week so it went on strike. Cathy (Lois Lane) Logan was, as a result, forced to use a tripewriter, which immediately packed up. So, to speed up production for last week's paper, Rhodes Watson gave up his beloved wordprocessing, whizzy-gig 512k, twin disc, turbo-charged computer with mag wheels. With it came a set of instructions on how to start it, run it, care for it and not abuse it. Cathy read all of this carefully and started work. All day she slaved away over a hot computer until, when the big hand was on 12 and the little hand on 6, she announced she was finished. Somehow or other, no-one knows the real story, she pushed the detachable keyboard away from her ... and hit the on/off switch. Screen went blank ... and so did three faces watching. No-one had told her how to put her stories onto disc. A full day's work was gone forever. (Cheerful as ever, and ever so graciously, "Lois" reread the instructions and started working all over again). This week, while the typesetter is still on leave, we installed two (almost) new tripewriters ... and it's been back to the dark ages. But we haven't lost a single story ... now, there's progress for you!!! ❑ o o HERE'S an item for snake lovers ... a woman in Caroline Street saw a snake in the yard and had to make a quick decision on whether to run, screaming, into the house ... or stand and fight. Commonsense won and her screams rung round the area. Her husband, who knows a lot about snakes, caught it with a hockey stick and brought it into the house to show her there was nothing to be worried about. Holding it the way Harry Butler used to do on TV, he explained he was going to remove it from their yard and put it in the wild. Wife, using the commonsense approach again, told him to make sure he didn't let go of it and get someone to identify it before letting it go. Husband agreed, they did ... and it was a taipan! o ❑ o MORE on snake above ... husband went ahead and released taipan in the wild. I hope a kookaburra gets it!!! o o o BLOKE wanders into video shop and starts searching for entertainment. Couple nearby are doing same. They drift apart in search of videos and woman winds up near first bloke. Suddenly she finds what she wants and, to handle it properly, frees her hands by giving her purse to bloke next to her. He takes it and waits ... moments later she says to him: "Will this one do, dear?" and looks into face of perfect stranger! He hands her back purse, she, colouring, mutters apology ... and life goes on in the big city!!! ❑ o ❑ SPEAKING of videos, husband and wife watching movie taped from TV the night before for the first time in their lives discovered the job of a fast-forward button. They shortened a rather long movie by about 30 minutes. Both are convinced now that they can afford time to watch TV ... as long as they are prepared to watch shows from the day before! ❑

0 0

ISN'T it great living in an area where people wave to each other ... you know, you're driving along and the driver of the car coming toward you lifts a finger or two (nicely) and you each acknowledge the other! O

0 0

OF course, that friendliness causes problems for Coast boys in big cities ... one youngster went to stay with uncle and aunty in Brisbane who took him out to see the sights. After walking through Brisbane's Mall, Coast youngster asked uncle how come he didn't know anyone. Puzzled uncle asked what he meant and youngster told him that when his Mum and Dad walked through Yeppoon they waved to everyone and everyone waved back ... and a lot of the time they stopped and talked to people. Uncle gave up trying to explain that wasn't done in big cities ... but why not? o ❑ 0 YOU can learn so much from advertising ... this week's Yeppoon Travel advertisement explains why so many New Zealanders come to live in Australia. It seems it costs $2 in departure tax to leave NZ; but $20 to leave Australia. Guess that's a goo enough reason for staying here!!!


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