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ISSUE 195 SATURDAY, May 9, 1987 — FRIDAY, May 15, 1987,

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Both sides put cases for Emu Park's Swim complex site

The Grand Old Lady dies after heart attack



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EMILY FINDLAY DIES EMILY FINDLAY, the Grand Old Lady of Yeppoon, died in her sleep at lam on Wednesday in Yeppoon Hospital after a • heart attack late Tuesday afternoon. Her death, at the age of 92, closes a chapter in Yeppoon's history. For the. past 52 years she had lived above her shop, A.K. Findlay, Drapers, in James Street, Yeppoon. Each day, seated at a counter in the shop, she watched Yeppoon grow and talked to her many friends and customers who dropped in. She so obviously enjoyed robust good health it was out .of character for her when a fall earlier this year hospitalised her in Yeppoon for nine weeks. She had only been out of hospital for a fortnight when she suffered a heart attack on Tuesday. Born in Longreach on March 10, 1896, she married Andrew Knight Findlay in she married Andrew Knight Findlay at Capella in 1917: • • They came to Yeppoon in 1921. The first family store was opened where Bill Green's Real Estate office is today, at the corner of James and Mary Streets. ' The then shed was demolished and a shop built on the site. One side was for drapery and the other for boat repairs. The family lived in one half of the building upstairs and, in the other half, they employed a tailor, Mr Clifton, and a tailoress. On October 13, 1930, the shop was burnt down ... all that was left was a wall. • In the same year, Emily and Andrew went into the business of screening silent movies in the open air with Mr Jamieson. They operated from the Myola Hall. Emily made the uniforms for daughters Dorothy and Phyllis, who were the usherettes, and for eldest son Henry, who was the operator: In 1931, the present shop. A.K. Findlay, Drapers, was built. Life wasn't easy ... on February 6, 1931, tragedy struck again when a cyclone wiped out the Yeppoon beachfront. Emily ran the family business while Andrew and o,ther Yeppoon men rebuilt the bathing sheds. The family then went into the fishing industry; they built an ice works at the rear of the shop and started a fish and chips shop at the front. Times were tough, and all family members worked hard ... •but the next family concern was the Regent Theatre for talking pictures. The family built the theatre and, as well as the talking pictures, skating and dancing, both very popular in those days, were condu. ced.


LAST week's Capricorn Coast Mirrbr carried a story about arguments in Emu Park over where the proposed Don Ireland Swimming Complex should be sited. The committee, which has worked hard to raise $65,000 toward the complex has split ... a new train of thought wants the pool to be built in the grounds of the Emu Park State School. A vote on this issue was taken at a recent meeting and was defeated ... twice; then the meeting was declared invalid. The committee already has land in Bell Park for the proposed complex. Livingstone Shire Council leased the land to the group and rates have been paid on it. There appears to be general agreement that Bell Park is the best site ... but economics, and the chance of money from the Education Department, has made the school site attractive to some people. Arguments- have arisen over this and, in such a small community, lines are being drawn and division is apparent. In an effort to perhaps avoid conflict, last week's Mirror made an offer to both sides to put their case ... in this way, the public, the. 'people who gave the money, could be informed on what was happening. Inside today, on pages 4 and 5, the two cases are presented. The case for siting the pool in the school grounds is on page 4 and the case for Bell Park is on page 5. In each case, more than one person was involved in writing the articles. They make interesting reading. The Don Ireland Swimming Complex Committee has called a special meeting for May 18. It will be held from 7.30pm in the Emu Park Cultural Hall. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen will chair the meeting and advice will be given about the Sport and Recreation Committee that has been formed by the council. Everyone interested in the proposed swimming complex should attend. They should also read the articles on both pages 4 and 5 in this issue!

Shire clerk to speak to YACA

El ABOVE: Emily Findlay, the Grand Old Lady of Yeppoon, is pictured the way so many people will remember her... crocheting at the counter and passing the time of day with friends. Both Emily and Andrew loved ballroom dancing. But another tragedy occurred ... the theatre burnt down in 1941. The Regent was rebuilt the same year. Family members gathered on Wednesday and recalled the past. They remembered how Emily and Andrew spent Sundays walking to then St Faith's School to see koalas in the trees. On the return , they would call into Tin Hill (where the Yeppoon State Primary School is today) to collect fruit from the orchards run by Kanakas. Family members recalled how the


Kanakas considered it a special treat when Andy and Emily Findlay paid a visit. And, recalling the visits to thebrchards, the family remembered how, when money was short, fruit was taken in payment for dressmaking and shoe repairs. A service was held at St James Anglican Church, Mary Street, on Thursday followed by a service at the Rockhampton Crematorium. Emily Findlay is. survived by Henry Findlay, Dorothy Brown, Phyllis Murphy, Lester Findlay and Keith Findlay. She had nine grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren and 3- great, great grandchildren.

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LIVINGSTONE shire clerk Jim Brown is guest speaker at a ratepayers' meeting this week. Mr Brown has been invited to address the Yeppoon Area Citizens Association (YACA) on Wednesday, May 13 at 7.30pm. "We invite members of the public to at tend the meeting which will be held in the Club Hotel," YACA presideqt Ami Setu said. Mr Brown will explain the workings of Livingstone Shire Council and his hopes for the future. Mr Setu said that the shire clerk is prepared to answer any queries at the meeting.


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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror

May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987,

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Breakdown and pin-in-the-map brings 'Raleigh' pair to Yeppoon A MECHANICAL breakdown and a pininthe-map brought two people used to living 'rough' for a brief visit to the Coast. Charles Daniel, co-ordinator of an operation called Raleigh, and Jasmina Hilton, an assistand in the operation, were on their way to North Queensland when their ca( broke down and they were forced to stop in Rockhampton for it to be repaired. Wanting to get out of Rockhampton, Charles and Jasmina looked at a map and spotted the Coast. A vote was taken an they decided it would be nice to stay at the Coast. Quiet relaxing days ,spent lounging on the beach at Seaspray impressed them after "living out of a suitcase" so often in unusual surroundings which is part of their job with ' Operation Raleigh. Operation Raleigh is a science, exploration and adventure.project for young people called venturers, between the ages of 17-24. It started four years ago attempt to develop confidence and leadership in young people. Three months is spent by a group of venturers exploring and experiencing places often rarely seen. Climbing in the Andes, exploring the Amazon and excavating hidded cities provide valuable and interesting pursuits for the young venturers. Prince Charles, is the operation's patron and more than 2000 young people hae benefited from the charity-run organisation. It's a taste of another lifestyle for all participants. Four of these three-month venturers have been held in Australia and another one is just about to begin at the Cape in Northern Queensland. It is unusual to visit the same place twice but Mr Daniel said because Queensland had everything, except perhaps glaciers, it was an ideal place to hold and expedition. He said the venturers came from all over the world, some sponsored by their employers, to live and work together on a project guided by assistants and instructors. "We don't want to spoon-feed them. We only give instructional advice and help them along their way," Mr Daniel said. Venturers have set up a Red Cross centre in the Solomons and even performed cataract surgery in the Central America's. Mr Daniels said all the group's projects were aimed at benefiting the country being visited at the time. Expeditions in mountain climbing, diving, bushwalking and 'seafaring give nurses, secretaries, . unemployed, city youth and


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o ABOVE: Operation Raleigh's Charles Daniel and Jasmina Hilton relaxing at Seaspray. hundreds of others a taste of something different that may change their outlook on life and help them decide their future. "They're thrown together, made to live and associate for three months, some with only basic English, reliant on each other for support and trust during their time," he said. After the project has been completed, friendships formed are kept alive with letters and visits between participants. For those interested, a selection weekend tests potential venturers who could wind up living in primitive conditions, with physical and mental demands made of them. "We don't look for the person who's macho and strong, but a person who can survive living with 14 or 15 other people in circumstances unusual to them," Mr Daniel • said. Operation Raleigh also takes youths with disabilities. In these cases Jasmina Hilton said even though the disabled ventruer benefited, the others in the group seemed to get more .... they realise the person is capable of doing anything. She said everyone seemed to change, some in small ways but other drastically. Becoming confident and more able to converse with people of different backgrounds. The operation also has a Brigantine,Zebu, that sails the seas giving a crew of about 10 venturers the experience of a life-time. Charles 'and Jasmina left this week to continue on to their next adventure, with another group of keen venturers.


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Pacific Liquor Barn NEWCOMER Horst Simon joined the winners' circle in his first game with the Pacific Hotel social golf club. Horst won the pinshot on number eight, while Bill Mackie took out the long a drive and Peter Bertolli, the second shot. Doc Curley won the best nett score with 31 ... a move which shrunk his handicap by three strokes and Key ■ Dean's 43 off the stick gave hime the best gross. * * * 111 4 WAYNE Dicker and Ross Schafer hit II a meaner ball than they do a golf • ball. The.cue pair was left out of the ■ prizewinner list for Sunday's golf but came back with a vengeance later in the day to win the eight ball competition. Fourteen doubles combinations M contested the event during the successful May Day indoor sports tournament on Sunday afternoon. Steve Stafford and Bill Bradford were runners up. Mothers Day competition winner J MOODY, Ben Street Come on down to the PACIFIC BARN to collect your basket of goodies

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THE Livingstone State Emergency Service, Yeppoon members are hoping to raise funds to build a Welfare Trailer. This trailer will be designed to help make the task of catering easier, especially when called out to feed the personnel who are searching or on other duties. • Members are planning a Progressive Dinner to be held on May 30, to raise funds for this project. Dirfers will travel by bus. Cost of the outing is $12.50 per person. Tickets must be paid for by May 22. . Please contact Nancy Andrews phone 39 3006 or Bob Jeacocke on phone 39 1579, for reservations.




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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987 — 3

Yeppoon Show Society replies to complaints about state of ground THE Yeppoon Show Society has to reply to complaints lodged in the Capricorn Coast Mirror last week in view of the Australian Rules officials' desire to go public over the circus issue. The Australian Rules was notified of the intention to let the circus into the show ring and this was agreed, on account of rules losing two training days. The show society is the custodian of the showground under a lease agreement. The ground is used for numerous purposes which are aimed to cater for a wide range of public uses. These include the annual show, pony club camps and activities, horse performance courses, festivals, cricket, Australian Rules, and this year eight fixtures have been booked in for Yeppoon Rugby League for the first series of home matches ever staged on the Coast. There is the weekly charity market on Saturday morning, Yeppoon Lapidary Club, and land was made available some years ago for Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club to build a bowling centre. Yeppoon schools use the show ring for mid-week sports during the school year. The Australian Rules, code has been

Cawarral State School's fete offers fun for all FUN. for all is the aim at Cawarral State School's fete today, (Saturday), starting at noon. One of the special features of this seventh annual fete will be the official opening of the school oval by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Other attractions at the fete will be face and hair painting, mower rides, horse auction and a chook and chocolate wheel. Raffles offer the chance to win a petrol voucher, dinner for two and other prizes. A special Mothers Day raffle will be a feature. Lucky numbers, sewing, plant and produce, cakes, sweets, food and drink stalls are among the usual items to be found at the fete. There's competitions to test skill; hit the disc; pop a balloon; win a chocolate; tail on the donkey; mini golf and a poster competition. Awards will be given to the "best dressed vegetable" in the open age group and boys with the best decorated hat and girls with the best dressed dolls can vie for prizes. The fete is shaping up to be full of fun and activity and the school invites everyone to attend.

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welcomed to use the ground, but they don't run it, or lease it. Furthermore, although the show committee regrets the problems of circus debris which should have been cleaned up more thoroughly, the rules officials should get their own house in order before so •liberally criticising others. For more than two months the show committee has been waiting for rules fixture listings, and still not received, to avoid clashing use of the grounds. No response has been received to agreements required for use of buildings and the ablution block with hot showers. At this point in time the rules clubs really have no rightful access to these facilities under these circumstances. But the show society chose to take a reasonable attitude believing the arrangements would be honoured and response could be expected sometime! The circus has been in the showground on previous occasions when other accommodation in town has been inadequate. The piddling rental ($230 for two nights, which is almost 25 per cent of the rules fees for a season) referre on page three of the Mirror, has nothing to do with the Australian Rules. But it could have, if they had accepted invitations to attend show society meetings years ago to create a better understanding. The circus was let in to the showground to bring it to Yeppoon for the people and families to enjoy. . The evidence of, the response to this move was the full tent on the second night. The rules officials want to stop the show society renting the showground to circuses or similar events. That is a decision of the show society. While Australian Rules officials and workers have to be given credit for installing lights for their training and improving the ring surface, if the show society had not reclaime this area from a big gulley and undulating scrub and floodland more than 32 years ago, there would be no playing area for anyone. The effort put. into providing the building facilities, power installations and water reticulation, costing at a conservative estimate more than $200,000, has been enormous over the years. All wiring in the buildings had to be repliced at a cost of $7600 a few years ago. Hot shower facilities were installe for another $6000. The power requirements are insufficient again and the show committee is embarking on another CEB power installation and transformer next-week, costing about $6500, to supply power for further needs in the showground. •It is a pity that some people can only knock and whinge when really they have a good thing. Yeppoon can ill-afford public conflict when there is so much to be done in the area. It has been the policy of the show society to encourage maximum use of the showground. The committee agrees with the sentiments of Australian Rules wanting their own ground and the need for more sports facilities. It also commends their president, Bill Thomson, for restraining standover tactics by "certain Swans officials". The code, like all community organisations needing public support, should not condone such adverse attitudes. — Brian Dorey, president, Yeppoon Show Society; on behalf of the show committee executive and committee.





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Illig,heitAaP v:i

4 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987.

THE CASE FOR PUTTING EMU PARK'S POOL IN STATE SCHOOL FIVE years ago in 1982, when the Don Ireland Swimming Complex (DISC) Committee was formed it was our aim to have a 25m swimming pool in Emu Park by 1988 ... Bicentenary year. The estimate cost, at that stage, for The project was $250,000. It seemed like an impossible dream for a small community like Emu Park, but ,a handful of members worked. together and now, after five years, have in the close vicinity of only $60,000. Every year it has become more difficult to raise money and the total amount raised each year has declined, the reason being that there are now more organisations in Emu Park than there were five years ago.

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Pro-school advocates see chance to build pool now with grants aid concept ... away from a 25m pool to a recreational complex with a smaller pool and facilities for a variety of leisure-time pursuits which would be used by the youth and families of Emu Park. This would be something which could be within financial reach. It was at this stage that we learned of completely new rules set out by the Department of Education regarding grants for pools put into school grounds, namely, that the department provides a dollar-for-dollar subsidy — to a maximum of $75,000 — for each of three categories of pools: o Category A: a pool in school grounds for school use only; ▪ Category B; a pool in school grounds for school use and limited community use; O Category C: a pool in school grounds for school use and practically full community use. Naturally we were disappointed that our dream for a pool in the geographically and aesthetically beautiful and centrally positioned Bell Park may not become a reality. Under old departmental rulings we had never considered putting the pool in the school grounds, but, from a financial point of view, now, with the new rulings, the only sensible, practical and intelligent thing to do was to find out as much as possible about the Category C pool. On further investigation we found that Tannum Sands State School had just opened a Category C pool in October 1986. A group of DISC members visited, this pool and met with members of - their management committee on April 5, 1987. Their complex, which cost $142,748, is functioning well and we were suitably impressed. Points to consider regarding Category C pools: 1 A management committee is set up to manage, control, regulate and look after general maintenance of the pool. This

Each of these organisations is also trying to raise money and due to the present economic state people have less money to spend at fund-raising functions. Therefore, money we raise per year doesn't even cover the inflation cost of building materials. In the last nine months DISC fund-raising has amounted to just over $3,000 and donations about $1,000. It is easy to see from these figures that inflation is beating us. Bicentennial grants, CEP grants and numerous other avenues of financial assistance have been sought over the years ... all to no avail. In desperation we made another lengthy submission late last year for a $5000 Bicentennial Initiative Grant. This grant has just been approved by the Queensland Council Australian Bicentennial Authority, but there is a catch to it; our pool must be completed during 1988 or we don't get one cent of it! After we began fund-raising the Livingstone Shire Council put aside land, partly in Bell Park, which it has leased to us for 30 years. Blain, Bremner and Williams, consulting engineers, who did a large amount of paperwork for DISC free of charge, submitted a planning report in April 1985 to the council, after making an application for aTown Planning Certificate to build a pool in Bell Park. Because the Water Quality Council did not accept the method of discharge to the ocean of the treated backwash water, the Town Planning Certificate was never issued. Because we had so little money at the time, no further paperwork was entered into, because, if that certificate had been issued the pool would have had to have been built and completed within two years. After the 1986 AGM we began questioning ourselves as to whether we would ever see a pool in Emu Park, because of the decline in money raised and the large amount still needed. One member even proposed a change in

1987 Rockhampton Ambulance Art Union


valued at $173,000

Situated at 8 Davey Avenue, Frenchville Garden Estate — off Frenchville Road, just past Frenchville State School

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committee will consist of: principal, Emu Park State School; president, Emu park State School Parents and Citizens' Association; member, Emu Park State School Parents and Citizens' Association; two to three members, DISC. This committee makes all major decisions. A running committee may also be formed. 2 A contract is entered into between the Department of Education and the management committee to protect both parties in the future. Therefore there is no danger that the department will ever take over the pool and stop community usage. 3 The department sets out very strict guidelines for the construction of the pool, which will be completely fenced off from the school and have an entrance gate from the adjacent street. The Complex will include male and female dressing rooms with toilets and showers, plant room, store room and kiosk. 4 Public Works Department and consulting engineers will supervise all the construction. There will be no council costs and no public car park has to be provided. 5 The department supplies chemicals and a weekly allowance for pool cleaning. However, if the pool has heavy public usage, additional chemicals may have to be supplied by the management committee. 6 The department pays maintenance of equipment, except when damage occurs in public usage time. 7 A sample contract has been received for our information. Amendments to this contract will be considered by the department on our own school and public usage requirements in Emu Park. Possibly during Term one and Term four — only 20 weeks of the year — the pool could be closed for public use between the hours of 9am and 3pm on two days per week. This would be to allow full school use for the instruction of swimming to all children. Only major points have been listed here. We also have details on many other aspects. An additional interesting fact is that Marlborough, also in our shire, has been fund-raising for 10 years for a pool, and they are also considering putting their pool in the school grounds under Category C. The Yeppoon State School pool was never a Category C Pool. Supposing the cost of our pool at school is $150,000. This figure allows for inflation on the cost of the Tannum Sands Pool 12 months ago. (We will not know an exact figure until we decide to go ahead and our consulting engineers map out the cost). How close are we to achieving our goal? $60,000 DISC money • $5,000 Bicentennial grant $10,000 Money yet to be raised $75,000 Total $75,000 Government grant $150,000 Total We feel sure that the $10,000 yet to be raised could be -raised with everyone's support if the community of Emu Park could see that the pool was about to become a reality. The DISC goal to provide a public pool in Emu Park by 1988 will have been accomplished. Now for the Bell Park siting. Just as a point of interest, Bell Park as the pool site is not mentioned in our accepted by the Justice Department. How close are we to achieving our goal there? Supposing that pool also costs $150,000. Add onto, that figure the cost of a sealed car park. Council requirements about $2,500 per car. Add all the other council costs. Add also the maintenance and running costs of a 25m pool — about $400 per week. Who is.going to run that pool and make a profit from our small population? Statistics have proved that all public pools in Queensland run at a loss. DISC has only $60,000 which is about onethird of the money needed to put a pool in Bell Park ... not counting future running costs. Where is the rest of the money going to come from? How will we ever beat inflation? Now, the million-dollar question is: 1 Are we going to accept $80,000 ($75,000 department grant plus $5000 Bicentennial grant), swallow our selfish pride and build a public pool in the grounds of Emu Park State School immediately? Or: 2 Are we going to continue hopelessly trying to fund-raise for "X" amount of years for a pool which can financially never happen, and if it ever does eventuate, may become the "white elephant" of Emu Park which won't ever be able to pay for itself? In that event, if the council doesn't want- to take it over, it is sure to be closed, or, you 'as a ratepayer will have to pay increased rates to keep it going: After all, is this pool going to be used to teach our children to swim, for surf lifesaving training, and to provide an enjoyable venue for our youth and young families? Or: Is it gbing to be used by adults and tourists?

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987 — 5

CASE FOR SITING COMPLEX IN BELL PARK `Morally wrong to use donations for anywhere except Bell Park

THE Don Ireland Memorial swimming pool belongs in Bell Park. There are no alternative sites. After so much work to raise the money, the pool deserves the best site; the best site is Bell Park. It is a shame that such a logical site has been questioned. But perhaps some good can come out of a free and open public debate. When the question is settled, once and for all, everyone will know they are working toward the same objective. There will be no need for fruitless discussion on other sites; no need for arguments among friends; no need for time to be wasted which could be better used raising money to make this swimming complex a reality. There is a temptation to bring personalities into the 'Swimming Pool Site Debate". We, who are in favour of the Bell Park site, have felt the lash of gossip and we don't like it. But we will not sink to the same level because it would tarnish the image of what will be, next to the Singing Ship, Emu Park's proudest achievement. We believe it.would be morally wrong to use the money raised for the Don Ireland Swimming Pool Complex for any purpose other than for which it was raised. That money, now standing at close to $70,000, was given by you, the people of Emu Park and surrounding areas, for a 25 metre pool to be built in Bell Park. That money has been raised over the past five years. It- has come from children and from adults. There have been copper coins, crisp notes and cheques _among the donations. But there has been no advice or requests to choose another site. Everyone who has put their hands in their pockets has known the . pool would eventually be built in Bell Park; and everyone has been happy with that knowledge. But there have been people who, perhaps being more far-sighted than us, have specified that their donation can only be used for a pool built in Bell Park. In fact, more than $10,000 that we hold has that proviso attached. In fact, there are donations that specifically state the pool must not be built in the grounds of the Emu Park State Primary School. Why would people, clubs and organisations make such a proviso? Without going into the names of these donors, we will attempt to summarise their reasons. At the same time, we will give our own reasons for wanting the pool in Bell Park ... and most definitely not in the school grounds. Bell Park is the focus of life in Emu Park. It is a beautiful area. It is central to the shopping area, has picnic tables and chairs, public toilets, tall, shady trees, grassy areas for relaxation, sheds for public use, barbecues, a sealed road and parking. Bell Park is also home to the Emu Park Cultural Hall; the public library; the CWA Hall ... and the natural site for any event from the boisterous meatworkers' annual picnics to the moving Carols by Candlelight. When anything happens at Emu Park, it happens in Bell Park. Imagine what an asset the Don Ireland

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

Pastor Ernie Peters

SAT: 7.30pm, Youth. 'Budding Preachers' Spencer's place SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall Monday to Friday: National Assemblies of God Conference, Brisbane. , Dr Paul Yonggi Cho, Dr Charles Blair, etc WED: 7.30pm, Prayer, Cora's home

Swimming Complex will be to this grand park. It will be, even more, a focus of community attention. We will all be able to spend the blistering summer days in the coolness of this pool that we, the people of Emu Park, have provided for our children, ourselves and anyone else who chances on our idyllic town. Compare a pool hidden away in the school grounds. No trees, no nearby shops, no facilities to spread a blanket and nap in the shade, no barbecues, no refreshing cup of tea ... and, no freedom of access when we want to go for a swim. That's not what Emu Park wants, or deserves. The Bell Park plans are quite open to scrutiny. When the pool is built in Bell Park it will be available to everyone. Our school children will have unrestricted access. They will learn to _swim; they will learn life-saving techniques; they will have their swimming races ... and they will have fun. And it will be just a short walk away for them. Of course, they will have the same if the pool is built in the school grounds. Or will they? Look back to your own days at school and consider the facilities provided. Were they freely available?_,Or did you always feel the weight of "authority" on your shoulders? Were you banned from using something while another seemed to have free access? The Bell Park pool will have rules. No-one will be allowed to run around making a nuisance of themselves and possibly injuring others; vandals will not be tolerated; safety, at all times, will be paramount. These rules will be enforced on everyone ... our children, your children, us and you. But no-one will be banned because of something they did somewhere else. This can happen in a school environrrent. r • The few who want to take your money and build our pool in the school say.we, the public, will be able to swim there practically whenever we like. They admit two days a week will be needed for school use and, on those two days, the pool will be closed to the public. That argument is based on today's needs. Won't the school's needs increase as Emu Park and surrounding areas grow? ,What about five years from now? What about 10 years from now? We are told the Education Department has a new policy that allows us to use our pool when it is built on the department's land. That is today's policy ... what will tomorrow's policy dictate? What will happen if a shapely girl, following some whim, decides to swim topless? At Bell Park, she will be told to put on her top. She may even be asked to leave the pool. At Emu Park State school, what would happen? The same? Or would that be the reason for restricting the public's access to the pool during school hours ... or even on weekends because someone "in authority" decides such things cannot be allowed to happen on Education Department land. Finally comes the question of money. How much will the pool cost? Where will the money come from? Will it be "easier" and • "quicker" to let the school take over the pool and build it in some out-of-the-way place? Firstly, where-ever the pool is built the actual materials needed will be the same. Pools in schools don't cost less ... would it be fair to look at the costs of today's "free" education when discussing this topic? We don't think it will be "easier" to hand

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over our $70,000 so that the Education Department can pay the difference. We are quite prepared to carry on working to raise the small amount now needed to build in Bell Park ... the best site. Will it be "quicker" if the school builds it? Why should we believe that line? What guarantee do we have that "current economic considerations" or other "Yes, Minister" terminology won't delay the starting date or the construction? And, even if it is "easier" and "quicker" ... who wants the result? Remember, the result is a pool inside the school grounds if this line is taken. Finally, ask yourself this? Would you feel comfortable taking your family to a pool situated in a school? Can you see yourself spreading your towel on the ground to sunbake just as the school bell goes for lunch? How will you feel with children's prying eyes watching you? Are you so comfortable with your body that you can take that? Do think about it. Would a visitor even know there was a public pool in the school? Do give it a lot of thought. It's your money; and it will be your pool ... but only if it is built in Bell Park. According to the Don Ireland Swimming Complex committee minutes the cost of the school pool is $175,000. Based on this figure, a cost analysis for the school site is: Cost of pool in school $175,000 Less DISC money $65,000 Left to pay $110,000 Less government subsidy $65,000 This left still to raise $45,000 However, $10,000 of money raised for pool only in Bell Park would have to be returned which means the school's parents and citizens' association would have to raise a total of $55,000. If the pool is built in Bell Park we see the costs as follows: Our quote to build pool (complete)$110,000 Less grant for forming a swimming club $22,000 This leaves $88,000 Less Bicentennial grant $5,000 This leaves $83,000 Less DISC $65,000 This leaves $18,000 We have also received an offer to supply materials for the fence, worth about $5000 which means we only have to raise a further $13,000 to build the pool in Bell Park. Which is "easier"? Which is "quicker"? Where would you rather swim?

Bayview Tower News & Views HAPPY Mothers Day to all the Mums of Central Queensland ... and all the mums-to-be too! I hope this means I'll get a Mothers Day present! Sails Restaurant is the place to take your Mum this Sunday. The restaurant has a Brunch from 10.30am until 2pm. There will be a delicious selection of hot and cold dishes as well as sweets. Live entertainment, as well as a special surprise for Mum will top off a perfect afternoon. The Keppel. Bay Shell Club had a successful dinner last weekend. This week we've enjoyed the company of the DPI yet again, and this weekend we welcome our first Ansett Pioneer Coach Tour. Please welcome these people if you see them around the town, they all have friends at home whom they can tell just how friendly the Capricorn Coast is. Enzo is currently visiting Seattle and is having a great holiday. I sure hope he doesn't get too fond of all this travelling, or we might not get him back. Hopefully we'll see a lot of you on Sunday at the Mothers Day Brunch. Have a wonderful week, don't forget to smile! From Shelley who is standing in for Enzo while he's playing tourist. Bayview Tower


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6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987

Relaxation in the air at Bush Children's Jubilee Fete THERE was an air of relaxation at the Royal Queensland Bush Children's Jubilee picnic on Sunday. Area co-ordinator and publicity officer Steve Connors said there was a general relaxed air with people wanting to enjoy themselves by particpating and watching entertainment. The Jubilee picnic attracted people throughout the day. Mrs Connor said a lot of people had come early, bought what they -wanted and then left. . After midday more people came but this crowd was more inclined to stay and watch the entertainment. "In the long-run numbers were down but they certainly spent well," Mrs Connor said. More than $4000 was raised with a couple of large donations boosting the home's fundraising efforts. In the clash-of-the-month, Livingstone Shire Councillors pitted their might against a strong team of Alderman from Rockhampton. Led by shire chairman Cr John Bowen, the Coast team pulled together to overcome strong advances from Rockhampton led by Mayor Ald Jim Webber. A dog handling display by Etna Creek prison officers enthralled the crowd. Egg and spoon races, sack races and other novelties entertained the children while an auction, cent-sale and bottle stall did "extremely well". Mrs Connor said the response for items at these stalls was tremendous and extended a thank-you to all those who donated both on the Coast and in Rockhampton.

Two Ministers' statement on AIDS education

❑ ABOVE: Keppel Bay Shell Club celebrated its Silver Anniversary with a dinner at Bayuiew Tower on Saturday. Pictured are: Bevan Scott and Barry Bryant (both past presidents), Nancy Plumb (vice president for many years and current treasurer), past president Tod Sheehan, life member Justine Morgan (her husband Godfrey was the club's first president and he was unable to attend the function ... they are both life members), president Allan Davidson and vice president Ena Coucom.

Fifty past and present members at Bayview Tower for Shell Club FIFTY present and past members of the Keppel Bay Shell Club attended a pleasant get-together and dinner at the Bayview Tower on Saturday night. The Bay Room was adorned with the club's banner depiCting the emblem of the club a Volute puchra, and many photographs of past happenings were on display. President Allan Davidson drew a lucky serviette number every half hour and the owner received shell prizes. The club's raffle for which tickets have been sold interstate and overseas, was drawn and the winner was Des Hinton who was present to collect his prize. Four foundation members were present: Justine Morgan, mollie Bowman, Dorrie Brown and Ena Coucarn. Good wishes and congratulations came

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from members unable to attend. Other clubs and societies also sent warm wishes. Good food, good company and lots of laughter made a very successful evening. A shell swapping session planned for the following morning at the clubhouse was also well attended. Most of the participants took advantage of the long week-end and visited local collectors. John Phillips, from Adelaide, was able to meet members from the Mackay, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Ipswich and Rockhampton districts. Attending the dinner were: Dick and Elsie Cobb, Ipswich; Bevan and Dorelle Scott, Brisbane; Phyl and Beres Murphy, Rockhampton; and Dorrie Brown, Justine Morgan, Mollie Bowman, Irene Lewington, Isabel Stanley, Arthur and Irene Prowse, Wayne Prowse, Nancy Plumb, Ena Coucom and Stella Withers all of Yeppoon. Also Marg Peach, Kuttabul; John Phillips, Adelaide; Jan McDonald, Bundaberg; Ted and Mollie Sheehan, Gladstone; David and Diane Spann, Des Hinton, Col and Phyllis Ruthenberg, Desley and Daphne all of Mackay. Also Val Harris, Caloundra and Jean Offord, Greg Offord, Bill and Judy Madon, Graeme and Wendy Annabell, Heather and Karen Annabell, Albert and Lorraine Rutherford, Blanche Boorman, Irene Lock, Barry' and Robyn Bryant and Allan and Glen Davidson of Rockhampton and Noel and Peggy Trevor, Boyne Island and Fred and Hazel Cox of Kedron.

A SUPPLEMENTARY programme on AIDS prevention will be introduced in Queensland high schools by the end of the year. State Cabinet has approved a six month trial of an AIDS prevention programme aimed at all year 8 to 12 students. A joint submission from Education Minister Lin Powell, and Health Minister Mike Ahern, recommended that the prevention programme be presented by teachers within the existing curriculm arrangements, and wigh support from Health Department personnel where desirable. The Ministers said that following the six month trial the prevention programme would be jointly evaluated by the two departments. Mr Powell said it was intended to introduce AIDS prevention for years 8-10 in citizenship education, health and physical education, home and economics, science, study of society, and parent craft and for years 11-12 in biological science, health and physical education, home economics, multistrand science and study of society. He said certain Board of Registered School subjects may also be appropriate vehicles for the discussion of communicable diseases. Mr Powell said children in Queensland State Schools already were able to learn about AIDS through a number of avenues. "The problem has not been ignored. In fact, in late 1985 literature on the subject was sent to schools with suggestions on its use,"Mr Powell said. "The matter also is covered in the Personal Development Programme which is conducted after hours with parental involvement." Mr Ahern aid it was considered vital that all students in the targeted age groups, including those in non-Government schools, should receive accurate professionally packaged information on AIDS prevention measures. He said the protection of Queensland's youth from.the deadly disease was absolutely essential and it was important that strategies be developed now to curtail the "human and financial costs to the -Queensland community" of the virus. Both Ministers agreed that the targeting of youth could best be achieved through a coordinated health-education approach.

Country and Western band back from Charters Towers with wins "BAD Habits" has returned from Charters Towers with a string of wins from the Country and Western Festival at the weekend. The band was first in one section, second in another and one individual member was placed third. The group also won an overall trophy. Group members Bobby Godin and Bill Barrett are Coast residents while the other two, Mery Underhill and Terry Williams, are based in Rockhampton. Bobby Godin plays lear Guitar and the mandolin; Bill Barrett the rhythm guitar; Mery Underhill the bass guitar and all three are vocalists. The fourth member of the group, Terry Williams, plays the drums. the group is known on the Coast for its appearences at the Pacific Hotel in Yeppoon and Pine Beach Hotel at Emu Park. They have been together for the past two years and apart from a second last year at Charters Tower and a win in the group vocal at Rockhampton's Country and Western festival, the group hasn't won as many titles in one hit. The band won the group vocal section from about 22 other bands singing Gonna have a Party. "Which we did," Mr Barrett said. A second in the instrumental and then an overall trophy for muscianship, which is a perpetual trophy, was awarded to Bad Habits. Member Bill Barrett also came third in the male vocal from 65 other contestant in the competition. On Saturdy and -Sunday, the groups were put through a pre-selection test and from the trials three groups were chosen The finals were held on Sunday night in front of a 4500strong crowd with lighting and sound system to enhance their acts. Mr Barrett said it was fantastic being front of a such a loud crowd. While at the festival, the group was approached by a Townsville radio station

wanting a tape to play for its listeners. The group is now practising for the Rockhampton Country and Western festival in June at The Caves. Mr Barrett said it would be great if Coast residents came along and supported Bad Habits. Mr Barrett said the group played a lot of the group Alabama's music and any country song with drive and feeling. "Anything which will get the feet tapping," he said. "We're a good-time band and want out audiences to feel the same way," Mr Barrett said. Their next big event, after the Rockhampton festival, is a competition late in the year at Townsville, which carries a $25,000 recording contract as first prize. Mr Barrett said the group was working hard at selecting songs for this because it was a chance not to be missed.


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Heavy Turkish gunfire greeted ANZAC's landing 0 By Sarah Jane Porter, Sacred Heart Primary School

ANZAC - The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was a combined force of Australian and New Zealand volunteer soldiers formed in Egypt during World War I. This force of about 30,000 men took part with other allied forces in a landing at Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25, 1915. The main allied force lande at the tip of the peninsula. The Anzacs landed at Gaba Tepe more than 16 kilometres farther north, in an area later called Anzac Cove. On the first day, 16,000 Anzac troops went ashore. As they crept quietly towards the beaches they were met by heavy Turkish gunfire. The Turkish force was firing from the steep cliffs that faced the beaches. On August 6, the Anzacs made their major attack at Lone Pine in which 4000 Anzacs were killed. To add to the misery and difficulties it

rained at Gallipoli for three months and the Anzacs were walking in water in their trenches. From the unhealthy water, many diseases caused many soldiers to die. After eight months the Anzacs planned a retreat secretly. To do this they picked a small group of men who were to stay at the battlefront. They were to keep their guns firing so the Turks would not realise what was going on. While this was happening the rest of the army would cross from the beach to the waiting ships in small boats. When all was clear, the few soldiers picked to remain would make a dash for the waiting boats. It was hoped that the turks would not realise what was happening. The entire retreat went smoothly. Not a single Anzac was killed during the retreat from Gallipoli. This was the first major retreat in military history that had been carried out without a casualty. The soldiers who remained till the very last

Newspaper-style essay tells story of ANZACs from beginning to end THE following essay is by Tracey Smith of St Ursula's College. Tracey set out her Anzac Day essay in the form of a newspaper.

this moment crowds cheer in the capital cities of Europe and Australia when war was declared.

Special Edition

The Courier Mail. Sept, Sat 17, 1915 to 1918 Into Battle The moment for action was finally drawing close. The Australians and New Zealanders were to form part of a 75,000 man amphibious assault force to be launched against the Gallipoli Pensinsula, Turkey. The objective is to gain control over the strategically vital Dardanelles Straits. It was the most tempting price. If the straits could be taken the way lay open for the Allies to strike at the Turkish capital, Constantinople. So far no landings have been made at the Dardanelles Straits, that is, no successful landings have been made. The plan is to combine forces and strike at the same time. Think Are you content for him to fight for you? Won't you do your bit? We shall win but you must help. Join Today

The Courier Mail September, Saturday 27, 1914 to 1918 Weather: Overcast rainy conditions.

Britain at War On the 3 of August 1914, as the threat of war in Europe loomed, the Australian Government notified Britain that it was willing to send an expeditionary force of 20,000 men, should the need arise. The offer was accepted with gratitude. Many of the causes of war lie back in the preceding century. Consequently, many Germans felt they had some catching up to do. Germany too now demanded its place among the important nations. Many people think war is a test of a nation's strength and qualities. At


0 By Helena Williams, St Ursula's College

The Tale of Suvla Bay While wandering through my memory, I came upon a bay, It's pearl-white sands and sparkling seas told me truths of Anzac Day. It's warming sun and pounding waves, did tell me of a time, Where pain and hate and bitterness destroyed young hUman minds. `Come cast your eyes upon me now, and, stranger, drop a tear. For many souls, all brave and strong, have met their fate right here. Their crimson blood so quickly shed, did stain my whitened sand, That tightened the grip on earth and kin of death's cold, steely hand. They called them, Anzacs, those young proud men, Who fought for King and Nation. • Those proud and mightly, fighting men — Their homeland's true salvation. The country's best in uniform, patriots to the core, Sent to battle with fantasies, to mask the blood and gore. That fateful day in World War I, the Anzacs tooks the test, and through the shower of machine-gun fire, They tangled with the best. This war will end, but they won't forget the battle fought that day. Though hundreds fell, many lived to tell The horros of Suvla Bay. While wandering through my memory I came upon a Bay, It taught me that the world must change, It's going the wrong way. For many lives are lost in wars that seem to disappear.

POWER CUTS CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Tuesday, May 12 between 10am and 2pm. Consumers: Park Street between Tanby Road and Braithwaite Street, Braithwaite Street between Park and Ben Streets, Jeffries, Tucker, Little Park, Murray and Fig Tree Streets. Wednesday, May 13 between 10am and 2pm. Consumers: All of Zilzie area south of golf club. Hartley Street south of Thomas Street, Connor Street between Hewitt and Hartley Streets, Warnock Street and Svendsen Road.

Special Edition

moment in the retreat became known as the Gallipoli diehards. During these long, hard and unhealthy eight months, more than 10,000 Anzacs were killed and many thousands more were wounded.Some men called stretcherbearers carried the wounded soldiers from the battlefront to the first-aid tent. One of the well known stretcher-bearers was a man who called himself Jack Simpson but his full name was Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick. Simpson used his donkey to carry the wounded because this way he could carry two people on each trip instead of one. On May 19,1915, Simpson was shot and killed by Turkish machine-gun fire. He was buried at Gallipoli. Since the Anzacs fought against the Turkish forces with so much courage, skill and bravery, they gained a reputation. To many Australians and New Zealanders, the Anzacs and their bitter struggle at Gallipoli symbolised the new spirit of cooperation and good will between neihbouring countries. To many historians, the campaign represented an ordeal by battle in which the two countries came of age. The reason why we have a public holiday and a special service on April 25, is so we can remember the people who suffered and died for our peace and freedom.

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Special Edition

Courier Mail, April, Thursday 16, 1916 -1918 Sea Bases Attacked Turks dive swiftly upon sea bases in a treacherous and sudden attack on a great Britain sea base. Turks bombed ships at 1.27. Damage is serious. In this sorrowful battle the British lost 390 men. And 37 men were injured. Good-Bye AE1 AE1 is lost. Shortly before she disappeared off New Britain she was sighted, but there was no explosion, no gun fire, she just disappeared. It is said she sank. No one know how though. AE1 weighed 800 tons. Since Australia only had 2 subs the loss of AE1 was a tragedy for our sea bases. Special Edition

Courier Mail, April, Friday 24, 1916-1918 The Fate of AE1 She faced no battle flames, she heard no German gun The ship without a name: the luckless AE1 Yet were her sailors lives on less for Empire lost And mothers, sweethearts, wives will bear the bitter cost Australia's warships swept the broad Pacific main But she from out deep will never rise again, And we shall not forget all the years that run The fate that she has met. Good-bye to AEI. Special Edition

Courier Mail. May 9, 1917 - 1918. AE2 Attacks The Australian submarine, AE2, had indeed slipped through the straits and sunk a small Turkish cruiser. The sinking was of marginal strategic significance to the campaign, however, and Hamilton probably passed on the news in order to bolster the apparently flagging moral of those ashore. Five days later AE2 was sunk by a Turkish torpedo boat in the sea of Marmara. The Anzacs are Coming Home More than 50,000 Australian troops saw .action on the Gallipoli Peninsula between April and December 1915. Nearly 7,600 of them were killed in action and now lie buried under Turkish soil. Special Edition

Courier Mail. October 1918 - 1919 Victory for the Turks Today in 1918 the war is over after Anzacs retreat. To the Anzacs the Gallipoli ware was a victory in itself since Australia is only a very young country without a big population. We pay our tributes to the men who died in this bloody war. Let the world be at peace forever more.

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8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987, YEPPOON AND, EMU PARK RSL AND CAPRICORN

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And the Guns Clattered Another day, but the same hell Is it real, or is it just a spell? Will the war stop or just keep going? With fear for your life — it just keeps growing Memories of this death, destruction, sorrow And the men that went through it to give us tomorrow. We must remember them with reverence and care Because of the hell they went through for us there. Just stop, think and imagine now The horrors those men had seen, and how Their minds had been tortured with waiting, Watching, creeping and the guns spotting Killing friends and acquaintances without calculation Can't anyone halt this terrible situation? Please remember them with reverence and care Because of the hell they went through for us there. So as we sit here let's think about peace Let no more men go through that again — please. Let no more lives be lost in vain Let no more men and families go through so much pain Let all be aggreeable, and no more anger shall we spend So the world will have a peaceful end. So please, please remember with reverence and care The hell that those men went through for us there. And the guns clattered ...

Anzac Day Is... ANZAC Day is ... Anzac Day is a day to remember the

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actions of those who signed up to fight for Australia. Anzac Day is set aside to remember the training at Egypt wherg soldiers were taught the skills of fighting in war. Anzac Day is a day to be quiet, to remember those who fought, commanded, organised, died, lived. Anzac Day is a day to thing back at the landings at Gallipoli. Anzac Day is to remember the "Baptism of Fire". Anzac Day is a day to comemorate the decreased who died for their country. Anzac Day is to let you show your feelings towards the war and people in it. Anzac Day is to remember all those families who lost the people they loved dearly. Anzac Day is also a day to remember the soldiers who survived, coming home. Anzac Day is ...



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0 By Anna Goodsell Yeppoon State High School AUSTRALIA and New Zealand were thought of of only as colonies of Britain until the battle at Gallipoli. Only after battles such as Gallipoli and the Somme, did the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or ANZACs, as they became known, gain a reputation for having brave and gallant soldiers. As such, Australia and New Zealand began to' stand out as important countries on the map. On April 25, all Australians and New Zealanders have a public holiday to commerate those who died, defending our country in the war. As well as having a public holiday, marches and services are held, usually near the town's war memorial. Many people participate inthese marches, and even more come to watch. This day is called "Anzac Day". Some people say that we are not celebrating a victory, but the biggest defeat. Anzac Day came about in the early 1900's, when the Turkish armies blocked a major supply route to Russia, called the "Dardenelles". Britain decided to attack these barricades, and so the battle started. Britain also played and so the battle started. Britain also brought her allies into the battle, and as such, Australia and New Zealand were involved. The reason April 25 was chosen, is because on that date in 1915, the Anzacs landed at Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey.. The landing position was a big mistake. Instead of landing at the proposed ground, they

0 By Shona Smith, St Ursula's College

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And the Guns Clattered...

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yam 0 ABOVE: These Capricorn Coast stud( Anzac Day essay. Yeppoon RSL preside( essays was Sarah Porter of Sacred Heart Lyndall Cass and Shona Smith of St Ursul St Ursula's College was first it

April 25, Anzac Da ❑ By Lyndal Cass, St Ursula's College April 25 is known as Anzac Day, on this day we commemorate those who fought and died in war, and pray for the.families of men who lost those they loved dearly. We also should remember those who fought and lived, as they will have the memory of World War I with them till they pass away. In August, 1914. Australia entered World War I led by Prime Minister Fisher. World War I was taking place in Europe and the middle East. Many brave young men and boys volunteered to defend and fight for their country. Did they know what was in store for them? Many signed up because their mates wanted them to. They were all going to stick together like good "True Aussies". Quite a good number just wanted to experience adventure or see the big, wide world. Not many had seen other countries. On one side there was the British Empire, Russia and France. Australia was included in the British Empire. On the other side we had, as the enemy, Germany, Turkey and Austria. Australia was really forced into the rest of the world. There were no "Goodies" or "Baddies" in my opinion. The AIF was formed, but Australia and New Zealand• joined forces to form the Anzacs."Australia and New Zealand Army Corps." There was the western front; both sides wanted to take control of the western front, but both sides built war trenches so neither side could get through. Overseas, Australia had a bad reputation of Enjoy Island Views from every unit a: the

Bay Vacationer.16 ANZAC PARADE YEPPOON Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 12f3

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987 — 9 'N COAST MIRROR ANZA C DAY ESSAY CONTEST WINNERS

N it' it e d e d'


d d )t s, ly d nd

Zealand only colonies...until 1915 landed'at a narrow beach with steep gravel cliffs, controlled by the Turkish armies. The Anzacs struggled up the cliffs, agianst the bullets, and luckily, most of the Anzacs made it through and were able to establish trenches. Many problems confronted the Anzacs. One of them was that every time they came out of the trenches to try and gain new land, the Turks were always ready and waiting. Too many lives were lost in attempting this, and hardly any land was gained of it. The Anzacs' main diet was tinned meat, and if they were lucky, there would be some stale biscuits to mash with the little water they were given. They hardly had enough water to drink, let alone to wash with. Many Anzacs were sick from disease, spread by unsanitary conditions. Also not aiding the conditions was the lack of medical supplies. This made the situation of the sick and dying worse. H you were shot in the leg or arm, in most cases, it would be amputated. The burial grounds were often overcrowded and men almost never had their own grave. Even after the abysmal conditions at Gallipoli, the Anzacs were still prepared to continue to fight as part of the allies. • They used to fight and then stop for a break •while they-collected the dead. There was peace during these breaks and often the sworn enemies would chatter on as if there was nothing going

on. • tc

Then they would stop and go shooting their opponents, even if they liked them. The Turkish army would shoot any soldier who refused to shoot the enemy. So, you either shot the enemy, risking your

e. •

life, or you didn't shoot and were killed instantlty. What would you choose? For months and months the unsuccessful struggle for Gallipoli continued, with gigantic losses of lives on each side. Thousands of people died in attempts to take and hqld strategic points such as Lone Pine, Quinn's Point, Hill. 60, • Chunuk. Bair and The. Daisy Patch, At times they used to just march on in rows, most of them to their death. Their opponents could do nothing but, to fire straight ahead and hope to hit someone. There were thoUsands dead in a hour when they did this. After long, exhausting months- of fighting, it became obvious to the British and their allies-that Gallipoli would never be captured from the Turks. So . plans for retreating secretly were made by the Anzacs. First of all, they selected a small group of men who stayed behind and set up special devices while the rest escaped to the waiting boats. These devices would drip water into buckets that would cause the trigger of a rifle to pull and would keep them firing while the few remaining soldiers would make a quick dash to -the remaining boats. Those who stayed until the last moment became known .as Gallipoli Diehards. All went well and not a single Anzac was killed while retreating from. Gallipoli. Not long -after they left,- the Turks made. a surprise attack but the Turks were the ones surprised. All they found were a whole lot of booby traps and empty trenches. In all, 11,410 Anzacs were killed but the Turkish losses were 86,692. So, in all, no-one won that war, nobody wins any war, that is in the measure of life.



❑ ABOVE: Coast potter Jan Collins drew out the winning names in the Sauemore Traders Treasure Chest promotion on Saturday while Col Pengilly and Den hams Supermarket manager Ron lafrati looked at the week's entries. J Goodwin of School Street and G Hannan of Yeppoon were the lucky winners.

Ike Suggewa Pack



Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm

!Ph. orders 39 1397 •Meals, snacks •Juices, vitamins ',Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 & children 50¢ Hill St, Yeppoon - 392r386, 39 1313a/h

Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY

/41 vat 44Miry ••11111111111111111 was wawaTUUNNT 11111,MOON



Great- Keppel Island Tourist Services' ViCTOR Y & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

information and• bookings: 33 6744; 27 2948 a/h

students won the combined Yeppoon and Emu Park RSL and Capricorn Coast Mirror sident Stan Kent presented each placegetter with a cash prize. Equal first in the junior part and Tracey Smith from St Ursula's College. Equal second in the same section were frsula's College. and Anna Goodsall of Yeppoon State High School. Helena Williams from .st in the poetry section and Alicia Emery, also of St Ursula's was second.

)ay...the day set aside to remember we

use iht ild 'ar 'as ed ey ed ke ist ;-

re, he he he in nAi :ses !ut de of

not saluting the offices in charge; in other words the uniform. They were very bored and, as a ' result of boredom, a lot of riots occurred. The leaders of such things were sent home in shame, but April 25,(Anzac Day) bought an end to all of this. 'The Anzacs didn't know what was in store for theni. As they stormed up the beach of Gallipoli men were shot, slaughtered and thrashed to death. They had a terrible time as the Turks knew they had to come. They managed to get ashore and settle in, on the beach., . Anzacs were used .because they were in Egypt and close on hand. The attack was formed to go and help . our friends the Russians who Were having a pretty rough time as they wanted to get through to giiie them ammunition. They also tried to cut off the Turks and maybe out of the war even. • This little scheme didn't work so off it was back . to the old drawing board. A • second landing was attempted: Australia was meant to come up behind the Turks, but currents washed them up shore to a place todayknown as "Anzac Cove". There were cliffs and mountains everywhere. The Turks couldn't beleive we would attack in such a place. There were a few Turks on top of one on the mountains. So up the mountains we started to climb. They didn't get far, they were pushed off. If they had gained the mountain they probably Could have won the war, or not, so much won it, but came out on top. There were war trenches all •



Waterfront holiday units


II 111111111 II I I III


Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

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Mothers Day...

Eddie Taylor Special Luncheon

7 days — 7am to 8pm Phone orders to 39 1033 BEACHFRONT SELF-CONTAINED UNITS

prn; 6pm - 8pm Friday & Saturday: Meals clays-a-weest rn-z9pm Sunday: Noon - 20' i ThUrsl Noon - Mon by 2pm; ei Noon -

Rock 'n' Roll to all your old favourites

Fast Food * Chickens * Bait * Fish 'n' Chips *

II I I II I II 11.1111 II 1111111 II I I I II II



around the bottom of the hill. They had achieved a lot more that day than any other day. In 1918 the war was declared over. There were hats- going up in the air and rifle shots fired: During the war in Australia there was advertising of different products like "eat beans it keeps the men fighting"; little statements of different products. Business also boomed in machinery and crops. When the men and boys came home, to Australia, Australia was an independent country and was not under anyone else's pressure or authority. Australia had proved itself for once . and • always. In 1934 in Melbourne, a memorial was built to remember all those who died for us in the war. World War I was an awful war; most are. Thousands of med died. So did a lot of people at home. The men's mothers and relatives cried -in sorrow ... they wept for those four years for them. Remember don't fight. "Everytirne you fight someone's life is at stake. War is senseless."

ow um •

• • • I it


May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987' LONG-TIME members of the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club, Bob and Rene Dalglish, have sold their Tanby Road property and will leave Yeppoon to live in Keppel Art & Framing Diplock Street, North Rockhampton. Several club members farewelled them at a 50 Normanby St 39 1774 morning tea at their Tanby Road home on Thursday. Senior vice president Vera Farlow said Bob abd Rene were good members and would be missed. Those who attended the meeting were: Vera Farlow, Vi Robson, Thelma YEPPOON GOLF CLUB Shuttlewood, Marie Zonca, Stella Lubach, Rowena Stevens, Kath Mcllwraith, Jean Whiteacre, Freda Hancock, Sophia Thompson, Patricia King, Ann Lehmann, Marj Birkett, Fay Wittman, Ann Brown, Mona Bertrand, Ron Hancock, Harry at Whiteacre, Harry Baker, Tom Poole, Aub Klaproth, Tom Gosbee and Mery Eggerling. o o o DOUG and Sally Black celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday night with a surprise party organised by friends. Doug is growing a beard to surprise his daughter who is overseas. o o o THE Legacy collection on Sunday raised over $1000. Organiser Stan Kent thanked the 20 Yeppoon.State High School students whop helped out with the Coast collection. He also thanks Kitty Jeacocke who turned Early Bird & Midway Special up with extra students to help with the 90 calls $100 collecting. Donations are still being accepted and can $200 in 52 calls No. 1 Jackpot be collected by Mr Kent ... 39 2265. $100 in 51 calls No. 2 Jackpot o o o $200 in 54 calls No. 3 Jackpot DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, May 30. Emu Park Anglican Church street stall in front of , ARM I\ AW/IMM/f/MO the two shops in Hill Street.

10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror


BINGO Yeppoon Town Hall Monday, 7.30pm

$500 special in 51 calls

Still the best pie on the Coast ... with the most of everything!!


o ABOVE: Eileen and David Greig celebrated 50 golden years on Thursday, May 7. The couple enjoyed a family get together on Sunday. They have five children, 14 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Two daughters and a son live in Central Queensland and the Greigs said that they have had a "grand time" since settling on the Coast three-and-a-half years ago.

Morgan PIE can be bought at these popular outlets... -

Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Cooee Corner Store Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store


Savemore Centre


McBean St, Yeppoon

39 1941,

14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959


0 ...a Birdbath for Mother

HOW? Spend $5 or more on any of our large range of... Plants, Pots, Ornaments, etc (Drawn 5pm, Saturday, May 9)

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CAPRICORN Coast Amateur Swimming Club is holding a meeting on Monday, May 11 in the Cooee Bay Progress Association Hall at 7.30pm. o o D THE Endeavour Foundation has opened a Shoestring Boutique in the Sands Arcade and it is open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm selling wooden toys, children's play furniture and used clothing. o o o THE quarterly meeting of the CQ Zone of the Queensland Pensioners League will be held at Emu Park on Wednesday, May 27, starting at 10am. A bus will take Yeppoon Pensioners' League members to the meeting and will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 9.15am, returning after the Emu Park group's monthly social which will be held in the Cultural Hall. A bus has been arranged to take members to Rockhampton on Thursday, May 14, leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am. Inquiries for seats to bus captain Patricia King, 39 2109. o o o ERIC Minchin will be having an Arts' School in traditional oil paintings at Yeppoon from June 8 to June 12 and in Rockhampton from June 15 to 19. There are still vacancies in both classes. Contact Marie Bayliss, 39 1330 or the Attic Gallery in Rockhampton, 27 8605, if you are interested.

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no Phone

Seaview Arcade, 24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon



Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 9pm Phone 39 1715 those days only

VERA and Bill Farlow celebrated 53 years of married life on Saturday. The busy couple is still involved in quite a" few different organisations around town. ❑

0 0

ARTISTS on display at Coast banks are: Florence Collins at the ANZ; Gwen Lawn, Commonwealth; Iris Black, National. o o o DID you see that shocking newsclip on the ABC 7.30 report on Monday night? It was about the war- stressed and starving people of Mozambique. Community Aid Abroad is gathering clean, cotton summer clothing, as well as cold, hard cash to send to these people. The Capricorn Coast Justice and Peace group has organised a box for the clothes to be left at the flea market on Saturday mornings, John Christensen's dental clinic and the Capricorn Coast Mirror to accept the cotton clothes. These clothes must be in Brisbane by the end of May, so we haven't much time to go through And clean out our cupboards. Summer for us is over and you must have something you could send. The ABC ran a 008 number if you want to give directly and I will publish that number next week. O

0 0

THE Justice and Peace group has new supplies of tea and don't forget the UNICEF cards and paper available for gifts. All at the flea market. o o ❑ THE Exhibition of Creative Clothing is still on at the Mill Gallery in case you couldn't get out there on Saturday. The clothes are all locally designed and made and well worth a look ... they are also for sale. John went to the gallery (along Farnborough Road in front of the school) and he said the suede outfits were really something. If he said that, they must be, because he just doesn't notice things like that. 0 0

DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, May 16, 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall for Family Fancy Dress and Dance Night hosted by Yeppoon State Primary School Parents and Citizens. The night is licensed, adults $4, children $2 and family $10.

Vaughan's Furniture 77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON

39 1645

Specialists in... Solid, hand-made furniture Restoration and Re-polishing

The best-equipped Workshop on the Coast This is a cottage industry, so all work is done by Sam Vaughan himself, with over 20 years' experience as a cabinet maker.

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987 — 11 WHAT with the Emu Park swimming debate and all the Anzac essays we are short on space this week. o o 0 There have been 22 definite nominations in the Hobby Horse Derby to be held on May 30 in Beaman Park. If you haven't signed on yet to ride or sponsor, go into any of the Yeppoon businesses and you should be able to get a place. More next week ... prizes, jockeys, horses. O

Your One-Stop Dressmaking Shop

Linnet Les OF YEPPOON Open 9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat

0 0

ANGLICAN Church fete on Saturday, May 23 from 9am to 1pm ... lots of stalls, children's fashion parade and painting. The fete will be in the church grounds on the corner of Mary and Queen Streets, Yeppoon. o o o ROCKHAMPTON Multiple Birth Association will have a coffee morning on Tuesday, May 12 at 42 Herbert Street, Rockhampton at 10am. Contact publicity officer Maree Pershouse, 28 8624 for more information. .0 0 o THE Superwalk for the Spastic Centres of Queensland and the North Queensland Society for Crippled Children is on Sunday, May 24. You start at 10am from in front of the life-saving club and walk to Bangalee and back ... sponsored! O

1 Normanby St. Yeppoon 39 38.76




Capricorn Professional Centre Thurs & Fri, 8.30am - 5pm 74 JAMES STREET, YEPPOON

39 3649

Mother's Day Dinner Keppel Bay Sailing Club

Sunday, May 10 Book now...Iris, 39 3201

$8 a head includes complimentary glass of wine

Dance to `Seaspray' FRIENDS AND MEMBERS WELCOME Take thyme to read some...

`Words on Herbs' LEMON grass is easy to grow and contains a large amount of Vitamin A which helps keep the skin clear and eyes bright. Lemon grass tea is reputed to lower blood pressure, is an ideal night cap and refreshing day-time drink. Vegetable dishes, curry, stews and fish become a gourmet delight when flavoured with lemon grass. May 10, 11 and 12 are suitable days to plant fruiting annuals, peas, beans, tomatoes, capsicum, pumpkins, etc.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie OPEN: Saturday: 1pm - 5.30pm Sun & Wed: 9am - 5.30pm ...or by appointment

Cif/ rf ‘-


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28 0650

0 0

A group from the historical society is gathering information on Livingstone Shire. They are looking for information, photos, old documents and anything else. Contact Leo Carpenter, 39 1830 if you have anything they could use. The result will be a book on the history of Livingstone Shire to be ready by the bicentenary year. o o o THE Capricorn Coast sub-branch of the Endeavour Foundation will hold a cent sale at Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday, May 16 starting at 1.30pm with an admission charge of $1. o ❑ 0 The Coast Nursing Mothers Assocation will have a display in Savemore on Saturday, May 9 ... the day before Mothers Day and as part of National Mothering Week.

39 7621



0 ABOVE: Rockhampton visitors Sharon Smith and Emma Scott helped Capricorn Iwasaki Resort's Tomi Yamada and J M Kelly Constructions' Geoff Murphy cut the resort's first birthday cake on Friday. DALE Childs of the Mill Gallery is taking an exhibition to Brisbane in October. O


GLENDA Richmond teaches Suzuki Piano Method and is looking for more littlies' to open up their world with music. If children under school age learn to play the piano it means that they have an edge when they start school. You know, school becomes all when they start and it takes them a while to settle down. Glenda's teaching is ideal for three and four-year-olds and the weekly class can be fitted in between pre-school or kindergarten. Contact Glenda, 39 3284, and she will tell you more about her classes. O 0 o A MEETING of the Capricorn Coast Writers will be held on Tuesday, May 12 at Yeppoon RSL Hall at 9.30am. The $3 subscription is now due. The current edition of the CCW book is at the printers and will be available shortly. D

0 0

FAMILY Services Minister Yvonne Chapman will visit the Coast on May 15. She has been invited by the Capricorn Coast Women's Section of the National Party and will attend a dinner and fashion parade at the Lantern On the Coast that night (Friday). Women's section president Rhonda Gray said that Mrs Chapman will model some of the clothes at the parade. Tickets are available from Krugers Fashions. Mrs Chapman will also visit the Bush Children's Home in Todd Avenue. O

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THREE beautiful miniatures painted by Charles Alderdice will be raffled at Yeppoon Pensioners' League monthly social in Yeppoon Town Half on Tuesday at 1pm. Dick and Betty Tyrer have also donated their usual fruit and vegetable trays for the raffles. The Mothers Day theme organised by comperes Lorna and Joe McIntyre will be attractive and should bring-in a larger than usual audience. Admission is free and afternoon tea is served. The social is for everyone, not just pensioner league members. O

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DATE CLAIMER: Friday, May 22, yeppoon Town Hall, 7.30pm, Scope Club's Casino Capers night.

Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy)

OPEN ALL DAY Saturday (May 9) PiMOTHERS DAY (May 10) •

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12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 - May 15, 1987

Capricorn Coast MIRROR *Classifieds Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published • by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn • Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia • Post, publication number QAC3843,,Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon, 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement, pre-erigagement, marriage and birth notices must be , signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the Medital Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for errors • - - • -


CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Support, 39 4523. KOORANA Crocodile Farm will be open on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Lunch from noon to 1pm. Tour begins at 1pm. Spotlight dinner tours by arrangement. 34 4749. COACHING. Experienced,. registered teacher available to coach chemistry, physics, maths. $15 per hour individual, $20 per group. 336517 CASH buyer interested in purchasing Yeppoon cement truck. Please forward details to PO Box 539, Yeppoon. CENTRAL Queensland Woodturning supplies top quality English .1-ISS tools. etc. Phone 39 1838, AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or; .39 1320. JOIN Avon today for only $5. Area available! Yeppoon, Emu Park, Keppel Sands. Phone, Daphne, 28 4327. CLOTHING: mended and altered...zips, hems raised/lowered. Also ironing. Phone 39 4064. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. .008-177833. 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day LWINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL Licensed Gates and Grids Notice is hereby given that a further application has been made to Livingstone Shire Council for permission to erect a gate across the lane off the Joskeleigh Road at the southern alignment between Portion 1079 and Sub 9 Portion 1925. Parish of Meadow Flats. This application is open for inspection at the Administrative .Centre, 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon during normal office hours. Objections to the granting of this licensed gate may be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before Wednesday, June 24, 1987. Such objections shall be in writing, addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall set out the grounds of objection and the facts and circumstances relied upon by the objection in support of those grounds. L G &CM STRANKS

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily' Yeppoon/Emu Park. 1pm every clay 39 2212

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Hempehstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants 24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

PUBLIC NOTICES DON Ireland Swimming Complex Committee wishes to invite all interested persons to a Special Meeting to be held on Monday, 18th May at 7.30pm in the Cultural Hall, Emu Park. Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen has been invited to chair the meeting for the purpose of advice from the Sport and Recreation Committee that has been formed by the shire. YEPPOON Junior Aussie Rules raffle winner: Audrey Rodgers. KEEP slim with our fresh fruit shakes, Yoghurt• ice-cream and vegetables. Yeppoon Fresh Fruit and Vegs, James Street. YEPPOON pre-school Mothers Day raffle drawn May 5. 1st, R Frisch, 39 3591; 2nd, R Cooke, 28 2677; 3rd, L Brown, 39 3659. YACA discussion night. Guest speaker, Shire Clerk Jim Brown. All welcome. Club Hotel, Wednesday May 13 at 7.30pm.

THANKS NOTICE I, Pauline Young, formerly of Yeppoon Reef 'n' Beef would like to sincerely thank my friend and former employer, Ian Lawton, for his kindness. When I came to Yeppoon 14 months ago, I felt lost - I was lonely and trying desperately to regain my confidence. Ian held out his hand and gave me a job. From then he almost gave me control ... he did inf act, of his front counter. In so doing, I met a lot of lovely people and I would also like to sincerelythank them fon making my job so enjoyable and for making me feel as though I was accepted. I hope that in the future I may once again be associated with the public and look forward to, seeing you all again. I would like to wish Ian all the best in the future. IAN LAWTON, formerly of the Reef 'n' Beef, thanks everyone for-their support over the last' two-and-a-half years. I sold my business on Maundy Thursday (April 16).

WANTED KNOWN CASH buyer interested in purchasing. Yeppoon cement truck. Please forward details to PO Box 539, Yeppoon. HERBAL health care. Lose up to 29 excess pounds a month. Will suit your budget. 100%. guaranteed. Phone 27 6397

POSITIONS VACANT IRONING lady, 2 hours per week. Phone 39 2198. PERSON needed to clean and tidy house for very untidy people twice a week (Monday and Friday), also washing and ironing. Please ring 39 4244 b/h and 39 6160 a/h so we can get together for a talk. CASH buyer interested in purchasing Yeppoon cement truck. Please forward details to PO Box 539, Yeppoon.



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PROFESSIONAL PROTECT yourself against inflation. Gold and Silver Bullion bought and sold. Inquiries welcome. Call Paul Rackemann, Central Queensland Bullion, 220 Quay Street, Rockhampton, telephone 27 6329.

MARINE MERCURY and Suzuki outboards; Stessl and Clark aluminium boats; radios, sounders, and marine equipment. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.

TRADEWORK CASH buyer interested in purchasing Yeppoon cement truck. Please forward details to PO Box 539, Yeppoon.


PLUMBER/DRAINER: Licensed. For 'water pressure problems and general maintenance ring Mark Thompson, 39 4106.

BBC) Hire Boat

Carry 8 persons * Fuel & Gas supplied Weekends: $100 daily Weekdays: S75 daily

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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987, L--NaV15;-1987

HAZEL FRY WINS ASSOCIATES' GOLF TROPHY WITH 37 POINTS HAZEL Fry won the associates stableford at Yeppoon Golf Club on Wednesday with 37 points. Next was Beryl Bartley with 34 points. Hazel won the first nine with 311/2, Stella Haskins was next on 34. Nancy Montgomery won the second nine with 341/2, from Hazel Fry and Beryl Bartley both with 351/2. Pinshots: Kay Scope, Nancy Montgomery; Hazel won the proshot. Members Stableford winner was Barry Moses with a very good 48 points; Mick Busteed 40, John Degotardi and Brian Gough with 39, also Ian Lester 39, with Don Cooper and Lionel Taylor both with 38 points.

I Lester won the first nine with 271/2 ; B Moses 29, L Taylor 30, R Kerr 32 and P Foxwell 321/2. B Moses won the second nine with 29, J Degotardi 30, S Thorne 311/2, R Gill 311/2 and D Cooper 321/2. Pinshots: T Seaman and R Dawson; N Smith won the proshot. The Friday veterans game was a stroke for members and associates over 12 holes. Associates winner was Stella Haskins with 44 net. Next best was Charlotte Somogyi with 44 net. Pinshot winner was Stella Haskins. Harley Fisher won the members stroke with 39 net, with Bill Freeman next with 41. Des Thompson won the pinshot. Trophies were donated by Heather Keene. On Monday, the associates played a

stroke game. Winner was Vicky Caselyr with 68 net. Next best was Nicky Hunt 70 (which included a 78 off the stick) with Marge Williams and Margaret Prior both with 74 net. Stella haskins and Nicky Hunt won the pinshots and Myra Potts won the proshot. Members also played a stroke for Len Lucas' Trophy. Winner was D Perrin with 65 net; G Rapley 66, I Atkinson 67, E Nankivell 67, A Schuster 67, P Marwedel 68, L Taylor 68 and I Lester 68. Pinshots L'Lucas, W Oates and J Beasley; W Oates and N Messer won the proshot. Associates game of Tuesday was a stroke for Charlotte Somogyi Trophy. Winner was

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Norma Channells with 63 net; Gay Clifford 69, Cassie Freeman 72, Fay Buckingham 73, D Harmon 74, Charlotte Somogyi 74, Shirley Kruger and Ann Barrow both with 75. Pinshots: silver, Connie Noyes; bronze, Shirley Kruger; NanCy Montgomery and Chris Moss won the proshot. Jack Stratford's pat-on-the-back goes to Stella Haskins for a brilliant birdie on number two green.






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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 - May 15, 1987

YEPPOON BASKETBALLERS RECEIVE CLUBS' CO-OPERATION CO-OPERATION by various Central Queensland basketball organisations has been forthcoming to Yeppoon basketballers in recent months. While the Capricorn Coast may have a small population in relation to some of the larger centres and may have been some time out of the scene, it was never YABA's intention to be also rans in regional basketball. There is a pressing need to quickly develop modern techniques and skills and Yeppoons small group looks to established centres for help. It is to the credit of the Basketball family that this help has been made available. Next Sunday, Blackwater resident and leading Queensland referee Harry Doherty will be conducting an all-day referee's clinic for YABA players from 9am. No charge will be levied and YABA believes all players can benefit from understanding the game from the referee's viewpoint. One senior fixture game between Wildcats and Saints has been scheduled for 3.30pm as a referees' grading game. Attendance is mandatory for membership

of the Referee's Association and for completion of Level 0 coaches course. Future Sunday mornings will be occupied with players development for all levels from novices to experts, juniors and seniors. These sessions have been made possible only by the co-operation and resources of outstanding Rockhampton Club, Toledo Spurs. A skilled team of coaches will deal with a range of game aspects in a five Sunday programme under to guidence of former Victorian U18 and U20s State Teams coach, Don Sheppard. Don, who was originally from Rockhampton, was also St Kilda Women's National Basketball League coach and he recently returned for a time to once more lend his skills to his old club Toledo. With his demonstrated sucesses in training players at all levels, ages and sexes, YABA have been very fortunate to secure these skills in Yeppoon. There were few surprises in the junior results this week. The best game of Sunday evening was the Mixed Nuts v Bombers match.

In a tough, close game it was size versus tactics. Coach Jim Shackleton's presence for Bombers gave them the edge over the bigger girls. Kelly Stevenson played well for. Mixed Nuts and Wesley Freeman put in his usual heap of mid court work. Monday's seniors started with a forfeit when Bakehouse Gym couldn't make the required four to start. The scratch match played in lieu was enjoyed by all. In the L'amour Nomads clash, the outstanding player was undoubtedly L'amour's guest player, RippertearnS Gayle Lorraway. With a late start and generous ball distribution the final score sheet showed she had scored 15 of their 27 points. Nomads played a hard game with an aggressive claim on the ball. Sue Asher got on with the garne,tpp scoring with 20 points and a creditable foul free game. In the next game, the new inexperienced Saints made a good show against the undermanned Tigas who started with only four players. After rapidly accumulating fouls, Saints must have been grateful for their full bench.

It was a fast flowing game with Saints looking quicker, if, unschooled. In a second half extravaganza of fast breaks and steals, Saints grabbed the lead seven minutes from the bell, going on to a comfortable win. Their team effort, with excellent passing, would make a good lesson for some of the more experienced teams. Results: Wednesday, April 29: Billabongs 21 def L'amour 9 ; Brendan's Gold 34 def Scoobbs 26; Brendan's Green 42 def Saints 14. Sunday, May 3: Shadows 42 def Panthers 4; Bombers 21 def Mixed Nuts 15; Celtics 86 def All Whites 20. Monday, May 4: Cougars 2 def Bakehouse (forfeit); Nomads 35 def L'amour 7; Saints • 31 def Tigas 17; Scoobetts def Cougars 1 (forfeit). Draw: Sunday, May 10: 3.30pm Saints v Wildcats; 5pm Celtics v Bombers; 6pm All Whites v Shadows; 7pm Mixed Nuts v Panthers. Monday, May 11; 6pm Coasters v Tigas; 7pm L'amour v Cougars 2; 8pm Bakehouse Gym v Cougars 1; 9pm Billabongs v Nomads. Wednesday, May 13: 6pm Cobras v Scoobbs; 7pm Brendan's v Tanby Roses (nee Brendans Staff); 8pm Seagulls v Scoobbettes.

CO. junior rules Yeppoon Ladies Bowls Club draw Upsets aplenty in top squash squad's 2 wins THE under 13 Central Queensland Australian Rules squad went to Moranbah for the annual carnival. Team manager Irene Mclndoe and coaches Neil Kanter and Brett Derossi said Central Queensland had two wins on the first day beating the Central Highlands scoreless and Rockhampton 9-14. Best players for Central Queensland: Daniel Hogie, Grant Thorpe, Kevin Saunders, Steven Horseman and Steven Bent. The second match was played against Mackay and the scores were Central Queensland 7-10-52 to Mackay 6-3-39. Best players in this match D Hogie, S Horseman, K Saunders and C Wetzler. On day two of the carnival there was mixed success and failure against Townsville and Cairns. The Cairns squad was too experienced for the CQ boys and came out convincing winners 9-10-64 to CQ 2-1-13. Best players: Daniel Hogie, Leo Rebel, Kevin Saunders, Stephen Horstman and Peter Dodson. The Townsville game brought back life to the CQ side in the second match when they had a good win. Rocky side, or CQ, were 9559 to Townsville 3-6-24. Best players: Daniel Hogie, Steven Phillips, Leo Rebel, Chalie Walker and Chris Ward. With this win it put rocky in a play-off for the grand final against Cairns but again Cairns proved too good with the score being Cairns 13-10-88 to Rocky 1-0-6. Best players for Rocky was Allan Cainter; only goal kicker Grant Thorpe. The best and fairest player was Leo Rebel for the Rocky squad and five players made the Northern Zone team: Leo Rebel, Grant Thorpe, Kevin Saunders, Daniel Hogie and Steven Phillips.

Championship singles wins BERYL Wincen and Mary Peacock won the Emu Park Ladies Bowls Club championship singles on Wednesday. Beryl defeated Kathy Cliffe 31-10 and Mary defeated Joyce Barber 31-16. Dulcie Locke won the consistency singles against Lil Mills 127-63. Competitions to be played on May 13 will be the championship singles finals between Beryl Wincen and either Mary Peacock or Ethel Madden. In the B grade singles Joyce Barber will play Joy Stewart. A mixed trophy triples day will be held on Wednesday, May 20 starting at 1pm. "One of the club's members, Edith Gibson, and husband Wilf will celebrate their Golden wedding on Sunday, May 31 with a mixed bowls competition starting at 1pm," Emu Park Ladies. Bowls Club publicity officer Marion Mallison said. "All friends and fellow bowlers are welcome, but get your names in early by phoning the club, 39 6503, or me, 39 6573." Mixed bowls are played every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Visitors are always welcome.

COMPETITIONS called for Tuesday, umpire: Champion Pairs: d Roos and M May 12 at Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club, Bierwirth v E Richards and G Powell; R Wass, ,starting at 9am. M Elliott v B Roberts and P Childs; G Brooke Umpire is J Morgan. District Pairs: D Roos and E Hinton v D Engel and V Austin. 2-4-2 and V Austin v J Beasley and B Pettit; G Pairs: R Goody and B Pettit v J Cain and B Brooke and T Bond v M Bierwirth and M Beckett. Stewart; E Aspinall and L Balchin v R Wass and Results 2-4-4 Pairs: J Barber and V Austin R Goody. def J Keanan and G Powell 26-21. Champion 2-4-2 Pairs: N Andrey,/s and I McNamara v E Triples M Manthey sub, R Wass and N Garner Benson and M Blacklock. def M Freeman, sub M Bierwirth and d Engel Championship singles: D Engel v M Bradley. 21-17. Champion Pairs: T Bond and I Competitions for 1pm with M Elliott as McNamara def M Hansen and E Batts 25-13.

Singing Ship bowls socials details THE Singing Ship Indoor Bowling club's social games are played on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the Emu Park Cultural Halls starting 1.30pm. Anyone interested in learning the game and meeting friendly bowlers is invited to come along to games. Playing fee is 60 cents for the afternoon. • All equipment is provived by the club but flat shoes are advisable for playing. Indoor Bowling was introduced in Queensland during the twenties. It's a game which requires skill and first looks at the game are deceiving. It seems

53 Tanby Road 39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

Publicity officer Marg Price said a team consisting of herself, Bill and May Anderson adn Alan Price came home with gour wins out of four games in the Rock 4's competition held on April 29. The team defeated Wandal, St James' number two side, Leichardt one and Leichardt two teams. Members are reminded to get names in for the Avis Mallory Triples on Tuesday, May 12. A good afternoon of bowling is assured with prizes, lucky door and raffles.

Sunshine, company, a fine green SUNSHINE, good company, a fine green and good bowling provided the right combination at Emu Park Bowls Club on the weekend. Kathy Cliffe and Chick Stanley were the Sunday competition outright winners with 21 points. Championship pairs: Jack Norris and Wilf Gibson def Chick Stanley and Glen Kluver 24-18. Championship triples: Tom Lynam, Eddie Mann and Dick Prior def Peter Pritchard, Alan Evans and Wilf Gibson 24-22; Bill Elliott Ken Moore and Col Smith def Glen Kluver,

John Aitken and George Cliffe 26-24. Club fours final: Bill Elliott, Ken Moore, Col Smith and George Cliffe def Peter Pritchard, Col Pearson, Eddie Mann and Dick Prior to become the 1987 club fours champions. Mixed pairs: Ruth Forrest and Wilf Gibson def Peggy Kluver and Glen Kluver 21-17. Mixed triples: Audrey Bates, Dulcie Locke and Ken Moore def Pat Pritchard, Peter Pritchard and Alan Evans 20-14. The men have put on some special surprised for tomorrow's (Sunday) Mothers Day games.

Masterblasters leading D graders AT the end of the Capricorn Coast D grade squash fixtures second round Master, blasters leads with 37 points. Speedballs are close behind on 34 points with Roses and Thornson 19, Terminators 17, Boys Four 17 and annies Boys with 15 points. The top two teams play each other and is shaping up to be an entertaining match. Both teams will go all out to try and be leading the points tally going into the finals. A squash spokesman said Tim Lanyon

and Troy Wilkinson played a hard fast game with both men evenly matched. Tim was the eventual winner but the game was taken to the fifth game. Glen Knights and Jenny Konings also played to five games with Jenny controlling most of the play. Glen made a comeback, winning the fifth game, with much support coming from his team-mates. Anne Priem and Leisa Fern played a hardfought game with Leisa winning in live.

Tennis fixtures start this weekend TENNIS fixtures start this .weekend at Yeppoon District Tennis Association courts in Daniel Park, Cooee Bay. Players who intend playing fixtures but are not named in either A or B grade are to contact John Coxon or Pam Smith for team placement. Ball fees will be $3.50 for adults and $2 students. Membership fees of $15 and $10 for students are also due. Both A and B grade start play at 12.30pm. Any player unable to compete this weekend must contact their captain or John Coxon.

A grade: team one, G Clayton (captain), H Sorenson, R Jeacocke, V Sorenson; team two J Coxon (captain), R Perren, B Schmidt, H Murphy; Team Three, G Sorenson (captain), R Green, I Bennett, D Collett; Team four, M Cranny (captain), M Fay, J Gregory and P Smith. B grade. Men: A Skuthorp, D Perren, G Perren, D Simpson, T Greasley, P Sharf, A Douglas, S Ginnivan, C Harding, M Bullimore. Women: D Appleton, R Hasell, J Willins, J Brimswell, C Timms, L Bennett and L Stewart.



cnr Normanby and Hill Sts, Yeppoon

TILES Yeppoon Glass and Tiles

simple but can be quite exciting and skilful.

OPEN each Monday between 2pm and 4pm Admission: 500; children under 14, free

Brick & Block Laying * Brickpaving * Concrete Floors & Foundations * * Retaining Walls *


39 0486'

CAPRICORN Coast A grade squash fixtures played on Wednesday night resulted in a number of upsets. Bottom team Mighty Macks downed former second-placed Mariners 3-1 when Gordon Roberts ,showed great stamina to defeat Brett Stewart in a hard five game match. Social Hitters' 4-0 defeat of All the President's Men and His Wife was contributed to largely by Chris Callard with a 3-0 win over the consistent Ray Campbell and a form reversal by Bernard Lacey to account for Brian Umlauft in five. Social Hitters has now moved into fourth place, only two points behind Mariners. Chris Briggs for Team One showed only patches of the concentration that won him the division three plate event at the Dalby Open Tournament last weekend. Although Chris took the third game Neil Roberts of Strugglers accounted for him in four. A below-strength Strugglers has now moved into second outright althoug conceding the result on the night to Team One by one game. Second round percentages have been released and this has caused interest and discussion among players. Several players have shown a marked improvement and quite a few players will require a little practice to retain their current positions. Mighty Macks defeated Mariners 3-1: Gordon Roberts def Brett Stewart 3-2; Chris Hacker v Joe Foat 0-3; Ian Atkinson def Roger Dale 3-1; Warren Royal def Danny Taylor 3-0. Social Hitters def All the President's Men and His Wife 4-0: Clay Nothling def reserve Bob Teece 3-0; Bernard Lacey def Brian Umlauft 3-2; Doug Perrin def Judy Umlauft 32; Chris Callard def Ray Campbell 3-0. Team One defeated Strugglers two rubbers each, seven games to six: Tony Smith def reserve Peter Gordon 3-0; Chris Briggs v Neil Roberts 1-3; Glen Ward def Larry Owens 3-0; Len Keily v Ellen Farr 1-3.

Strong squash for day teams DENISE Lawrence and Anne Priem fought good, strong squash at the Ladies Daytime fixtures played on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Anne won the contest in five. May's Meanies v Denise's Dolphins: May Briggs def Denise Campbell 3-0; Jenny Koning v Nita Marxsen 2-3; Ann Hinton def Denise Lawrence 3-2; Pat Gough def Heidi 30; Helen Spence v Maryanne Vearing 0-3; Gail Moore v Cordie Nugent 0-3. Kathy's Kites v Comediennes: Kathy Dale def Carol Greasley 3-0; Joyce Hinton def Rosemary Dakai 3-0; Diane Cameron def Sue Blake 3-0; Anne Priem v Helen Leslie 0-3; Pat Harris def Linda Keily 3-1. Whales v A Team: Julie Britton def Alice Glennie 3-1; Jenny Semple v Lyn Timms 1-3;Karen Woods v Rosemary Jones 1-3; Jan Schmidt v Megan Anderson 3-2; Carol Knight v Pam Hayman 1-3; Lois Bayliss v Helen Hinton 0-3. Seagulls v Trish's Troubleshooters: Sally Corney def Trish Andrews 3-0; Jean Graff v Trish Hinton 0-3; Jean Graff v Penny Munn 2-3; Cheryl Evans v Judy Minter 0-3;. Rosemary Hansen def Charlotte Scott 3-1; Audrey Rogers v Val Lee 0-3.

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987 — 15

Dolphins down Bog Factory

Three centuries chalked up at indoor bowls THREE centuries were chalked up at Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club last weekend. The centuries had nothing to do with the results of the YIBC v Mackay Indoor Bowling Association bi-annual encounter. • The first `ton' was on Saturday night when 104 bowlers turned out for the YIBC-MIBA contest, which resulted in a win for Yeppoon, 25 games, 211 aggregate to MIBA 20 games, 171 aggregate. The second 100 was on Sunday afternoon when 114 played social games and then joined in the cent sale and the most enjoyable barbecue which preceded the night sessions, when again 114 bowlers participated in a mixed social game. Forty-four indoor bowlers from MIBA took part in the weekend's activities. This was 10 below the expected number which was due to an accommodation problem. However, the Mackay shortfall was made up by visitors from Rockhampton and Emu Park. Results of Saturday night's play: YIBC, 1st place, 31 points, Frank Howard, Sylvia Cousin, Phyl Shepherd, Theresa Warren, Val Jenkins, Jeannie Benson; second, 26 points, John Shepherd, Ron Hancock, Jill Hallam, Ken Crockett, Tom Devantier, Bernie Robson; third, 25 points, Elma Kearney, Gary Warren, Adrian De Graaf, Vi Robson, Jack Rumpf, Vera Farlow. MIBA results: first, 22 points, aggregate 32, Doris Snell, Jack Venton, Dulcie Hansen, Lorna Dalton, Julian Ulms; second 22, aggregate 29, Ann Bradford, Marie Gravino, Kath Sturdy, Dell Kyle, George Knight; third, 21 points, Elizabeth Lowe, Ethel Wright, Ron Kyle, Lynda Patterson, Mick Sturdy, Charlie Wells. Sunday afternoon results: first, 28 points, Tom Gosbee, Nancy Bowles, Ellen L'Estrange, Mick Sturdy, Rodney Douglas; second, 26, Ken Crockett, Norma Ulms, Ann Lehmann, Bell Knight, Jean Whiteacre, Ray Farrow; third, 25, Heather Jacklin, Elizabeth Lowe, Iris Dunworth, Errol Ward, Bernie Robson. Sunday night results: first, 33 points, Ken Crockett, Carol Wagstaff, Errol Ward, Rod Douglas, 'Snow' Walker, Phyl Johnson; second, 25 point's, 49 aggregate, Rowena Stevens, Ivy Cooper, Lester Snell, George Knight, Gary Warren; third, 25 points, 42 aggregate, Tom Poole, Coral Patterson, Marie Zonca, Vi Robson, Ellen L'Estrange, Elizabeth Lowe. Raffle winners on Saturday night were Rae Tunnah, first; Lorna Dalton, second; Lester Snell, third. Sunday night: Lester Snell, first; Rae Tunnah, second. President Bernie Robson congratulated Bill and Vera Farlow who, on Saturday, celebrated 53 years of married life. Mackay's Charlie Wells received birthday wishes from Bernie on his 78th birthday. At the end of play on Sunday night, all present joined hand and sang 'Auld Lang Syne'. The Mackay contingent left for home on Monday morning. YIBC will visit Mackay on Fathers Day weekend in September.

l=1 ABOVE: Equestrian instructor Geoff Lyall spent the Labour Day weekend instructing Yeppoon Hack and Pony Club hnembers on horsemanship. He is pictured

with G reg Lennon who had remounted Bozo after a tumble.

Baker and Quigley will meet Ware and Roberts in district pairs final IN the latest rounds of competitions Played at the Yeppoon Bowls Club only the finals of district pairs is to be played. The final will be played between Fred Fred Baker and Barry Quigley will play John Ware and Bill Roberts in the final. Last years pairs Winners-Eric Austin and Peter Brown were beaten in their semi-final game with John Ware and Bill Roberts. The other semi-finalists Fred Baker and Barry Quigley won on a forfeit from Stan Brooke and Bill Manthey. The final will be played on Saturday, May 9. The weekend of May 2 and 3 was quite busy. Saturday morning and all day Sunday was taken up with play in the Irons Trophy Capricorn Coast Fours play off. These trophies are played for each year and many thanks must go to Irons Sawmill and Hardware manager Col Fraser for the trophies. Club spokesman also thanks to those who participated in the weekend play. Play started with one round on Saturday afternoon and another on Sunday morning. The final was played in the afternoon. Fourteen teams of rinks took part in the game including some players from Rockhampton. As well as the final on Sunday other teams played off for the consolation prize. The winners of the final were Alan Saxby, Mo Stewart, Laurie Collins and Reg Gibbons who defeated Joe Bates, Bill Bond, Stan

Farlow the name synonymous with indoor bowling in Yeppoon THE name Farlow is synonymous with indoor bowling in Yeppoon, Bill Farlow was one of 10 people who, on June 5, 1969, met to discuss the formation of an indoor bowling dub in Yeppoon. It was a unanimous decision of the 10 to form a club which was titled St Andrew's Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club and Bill Farlow was elected the first vice president. Mrs A Osborne held the position of president for 10 months and on her resignation Bill became acting president and presented the club's first annual report. After a year operating as Yeppoon St Andrew's Indoor Bowling Club, the name of the club was changed at the first annual meeting to Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club

39 3282 ' BANKCARD

with Mr WJ (Bill) Richards as president and Bill Farlow became a vice president of the new club. He served as vice president for three years and on relinquishing his position he was succeeded by wife Vera who held the office of junior vice president. Bernie Robson moved to the position of president after Bill Richards death. Vera took over as senior vice president in 1975 and has held the position ever since. Bill and Vera' celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary on Saturday. The Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club wish Bill and Vera many more years of indoor bowling.

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Brooke and Harry Maher in a very close 1514 game. In the consolation Fours, Clarrie Hintons team ran out winners with a score of 37-9. The trophies for both games were presented by Graham McCosker on behalf of Irons Sawmill and Hardware as Mr Fraser was unavailable for the afternoon. Hraham is an employee at Irons Sawmill and Hardware. On Monday players vied for trophies donated by Angliss Meat. This day consisted of mixed fours played over three rounds with . a basket lunch. Sundays play was cater for by club ladies who made a lovely meal as well as the other eats provided, the spokesman said. President Tom thanked the ladies on the day but they deserve all the thanks for coming along and helping out to make the day a success. The winners of Angliss Meats' trophies were Dolly Mcpherson, Don McPherson, Elsie Hinton and Clarrie Hinton. Runners up were May Baglow, Fred Baker, Eleanor Batts and Geoff Lambert. Angliss Meat represetative, Central Queensland retail manager Steve Billington and Yeppoon manager Gavin Chillingworth were present at the competition. Mr Chillingworth present the winners with their trophies. The club spokesman thanked Angliss Meat for putting on the day.Results of games played: Capricorn Coast Fours: Alan Saxby, Mo Stewart, Laurie Collings and Reg Gibbons def Joe Bates, Bill Bond, Stan Brooke and Harry Maher. Consolation Fours: John Corbett, sub, Gordon Marks and Clarrie Hinton. Angliss Meats: Dolly McPerson, Don McPherson, Elsie Hinton and Clarrie Hinton; runners up, May Baglow, Fred Baker, Eleanor Batts and Geoff Lambert. A grade singles: Frank Birkett def Graham McCosker 25-20; B grade singles, Lester Findlay def Frank O'Brien 26-16; Arnie Peterson def Des Ryan 25-13; John Corbett def Roy Graff (sen) forfeit; Graded pairs: Col Harris, (sub) Dick Sinclair def Gordon Mackenzie and Frank Birkett 27-17; George Barrett and Fred Baker def Mark Gustafson and Roy Graff (jun) 19-18. Graded triples: Jack Oakey, Joe Bates and Dave Copeland def Keith Chivers, Alan Saxby and John Ware (sub), 18-17. Graded Fours: Roy Cains. W Andrews, Deith McKimmey and Bill Roberts def Des Ryan, George Barrett, Fred Baker and Dave Moulds, 28-7.

EARLY COPY WOULD all sports club publicity officers please try to bring their copy to the Capricorn Coast Mirror, office as early as possible. In recent weeks, the volume of sports copy has grown to such an extent that extra pages have, to be provided to carry it. So far, we have managed to fit in all items ... but it can't last. Sooner or later some group, or groups, will miss out. Earlier copy will allow for space allocation to be made to ensure this does not happen.

DOLPHINS scored a narrow win over Bog Factory in table tennis matches played on Thursday, April 30. Greg Simpson showed no mercy to Joe Kruger by downing him 21-14 and 21-19, as did Brian Stephens who outplayed his counterpart, Dave Ryan, in two games. Both number threes fought out a long, intense battle, however Gordon Wall came out on top in the third to defeat Peter Malick. Gordon continued his attack on Dave, even though he went down 26-28 in the first and 9-21 in the second. The Dolphins combination of Joe and Brian easily won the first set of doubles against Greg and Dave but the wheels turned in the second, with Bog Factory's Greg and Peter winning in three games against Joe and Gordon. Marvels defeated Rockets 8-3 in the other match played on the night. Monica Christensen just 'won her match against David Stewart in three games, the last being 23-21. Ray Morgan, Marvels' number two, downed Gordon Salton in two games and Mick Malick continued Marvels winning streak with a win over his son, Scott. With Marvels winning the first set of doubles and Monica then defeating Gordon, the team was 5-nil up an dwell on their way to victory. The winning rubber came when Ray defeated Scott. The second set of doubles between Rockets' David and Scott, Marvels' Monica and Mick resulted in a close win for the Marvels' team. The draw for the start of the final round on Thursday, May 14: Rockets v Dynamics; Marvels v Dolphins and Bog Factory has the bye.

Brother, sister win golf medal YEPPOON Junior Golf monthly medal club trophy was won by brother and Sister Simon and Kate Perkins on the weekend. Simon defeated Matthew Fitch on a countback with both players on 68 nett. Lindsay Barlow was the other runner-up with 69 nett and he also won the pinshot. Kate won her 18 holes from C Sherrington and L Vaughan with a nett score of 80. Runner-up was C Sherrington with a score of 93. Nine hole boys' winner was J Hunt and Glen Campbell was runner-up. • Girls' nine hole winner was Kirsty Jeacocke and Suzanne Lawlor was runnerup. "Kirsty's performance was remarkable because she has only just started to play golf," the junior spokesman said. The 'juniors are looking for trophy donations for the junior closed championships and if anyone is interested. contact 39 7583.

'Gym Talk

...with Mal O'Keeffe IN some respects your body can be likened to a car: If a vehicle is to perform to its maximum capabilities (even in difficult conditions) it needs the correct fuel, frequent 'good runs' (not just stop start driving) and regular repair and maintenance in the form of a tune-up. Likewise, for your body to function at its best (even during times of stress) it too requires the cerrect fuel (food), frequent 'good runs' in the form of appropriate exercise and regular repair and maintenance. Unlike your car, your body is blessed with the ability to do much of its own maintenance and repair. it does this most efficiently during periods of complete relaxation. MASSAGE, one of the oldest therapeutic practises known to man, is a natural, harmless and effective way to relax. By removing accumulated tension in the muscles, the body and mind are lulled into a state of supreme relaxation. MASSAGE treatments by Elizabeth O'Brien are available by appointment at the Bakehouse Gym (for members and nonmembers alike) Monday to Friday. Gift certificates are available for special occasions. Give your body a periodic 'tune-up' in the form of a massage and your body will reward you with 'trouble-free motoring'.

"Bakehouse' y

Open: M noon to 8.30pm 7 days-a-week

NormanbY St, Yeppoon 39 3898, 39 3910 a/h


16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 9, 1987 — May 15, 1987

Junior Swans kick the points under pressure THE junior Swans played a catch-up match against St Brendan's on Saturday morning in the under 15 and under 17 grades. The day's scores didn't relate to the quality of football played by both teams. St Brendan's put pressure on the Swans all day and this is why Yeppoon kicked so many points. If St Brendan's could have converted so If St Brendan's could have converted when they had the ball in their full forward position we would have seen a different score. In the under 15 match Yeppoon had a total score of 17-28-130 to St Brendan's score of 24-16. Best players for Yeppoon were Darren Cuddy, Jason Jamieson (best on the ground), Troy Sipple, Dale Wetzler, David • Pisani and Rod Chapman. Best Players for St Brendan's were M Kavanagh, S Ginnman and S Rooney. In the under 17 match we saw much the same type of football with St Brendan's in there trying and creating mistakes to Yeppoon but unable to score themselve. Yeppoon had five under 15 players because of work commitments of many regular under 17 players. However these boys played better football than in their previous game. The scores again don't really tell the true story of the match. Yeppoon 22-24-156 to St Brendan's 1-1-7. Yeppoons best players: Grant Boyd, Wayne Thorpe, Darren Petterwood, Rhodes Watson and Dale Wetzler. Best players for St Brendan's: D Noud, P Cranny and W Meyer.

Junior Swans Two under 15 Aussie Rules players, Adrian Deurloo and Trent Thompson, chalked up their 100 games on the weekend. The boys and one other in past years are the only ones to have played their 100 games with the juniors for five years. The boys will have their names engraved on the Junior Aussie Rules Honour Board and will receive a commerative plaque at the end of the season. Publicity officer Ross Mclndoe extends his congratulations to the boys and hope more will chalk up their century.

9astea Hitt twain et Tke bark ob the Ktivta

o ABOVE: Greg Lennon took a tumble off Bozo on'Monday at Yeppoon Hack and Pony Club's instruction day. But Greg understands what you are supposed to do when you fall off a horse ... see page 15.

Player shortage mars promise of big match for rugby union team 0 By Daue Ruck A PLAYER shortage marred what promised to be a big game for Capcoast Rugby against Pioneers last Saturday afternoon on Rockhampton's Rugby Park. The Coasters went into their second' A grade fixtures with a big chance, after toppling pre-season runners-up colts the previous week. However the capacity only to fill a starting 15 (including a couple of lastminute recruitments), minus reserves, dampened the enthusiasm of the side in general. Even with this problem, the Coast led the premiers 3-0 at half-time, due to a Dave Ruck penalty goal and some very rugged defence. 11



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It was a credit to the guys to come out and play the way they did. The second half saw Pioneers grind there way back into the match to score two tries and come away with an unimpressive 13-3 victory. The -Capcoast boys- were far from disgraced, considering the situation and a lot of Rockhampton mouths who beleives Cap Coast should be playing reserve grade again, might . well be looking for a rock to crawl under„ come one Sunday afternoon late in August. For Capcoast, Nick Corbett had a strong game playing out of position in the backline, and Mark Gilligan and the two Marshalls were the pick of the pack. At present, the club is struggling to field full strength sides each week. It is a little disappointing to know, you go down 13-3 to the premiers with an undermanned side and that it could easily have been a 15-20 point victory had a full strength team been on deck. The standard of competition in Rockhampton is, surprisingly; not as high as expected and Capcoast Rugby is in with a great chance to knock off the premiership in their first A grade season. But without keen, enthusiastic personnel. the side will struggle, so let's see the Coast get behind our Rugby team and come down to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30pm on Cooee Bay Sports Reserve. Old and new players are more than welcome and if you are keen for a run don't hesitate to show up. This week's game is against Cities at Rugby Park on Sunday at 6pm. See you there!

Keppel Sands bowlers hosts KEPPEL Sands Indoor BoWling Club hosted 18 Morrison Park Indoor Bowls Club members last week. The visitors travelled by bus for the enjoyable day of bowls. The 'tag' system was'played and at the end of every game the teams were changed. "This gave all the players a chance to meet each other," spokesman Joan Hollands said. "Members weren't under any pressure to see which club would be winner and made the game's very friendly." After play all present enjoyed lunch. George Ogilvie thanked the visitors for attending. and wished them a safe trip home and Kim Reinecker replied on behalf of the visitors. "We were pleased to see Maude Mallet (one of our old members) back again and enjoyed the chance to, renew friendships with the Morrison Park players." Keppel Sands indoor bowls are played in the Larcom Hall every Sunday at 1.30pm and visitors are always welcome. Admission is 36 cents and that includes tea and biscuits.

CHAP from Rocky spent the Labour Day weekend with his wife and two children (5 and 2) in a unit at Lammermoor Beach. Weather was great, everyone had a great time, family very happy. But a walk on the beach toward the Emu Park end was not so great ... chap said he picked up the bottoms of seven smashed stubbies on the beach. In each case, the jagged sides of the bottles were facing upward just waiting for an unsuspecting foot. Chap was not amused. In fact, at one stage, his fiveyearold headed off on her own and found even more smashed beer bottles. Obviously both parents then had to hold girl's hand and make sure she did not .cut herself. It's a pity a few thoughtless people introduce danger to an otherwise beautiful environment. The chap said the amount of broken glass was "unbelieveable". He thought about it before dropping in to have his say and he thinks it's up to the council to rake the beach and remove the danger. No doubt the council would say it would cost too much money ... but a youngster's foot is priceless. For that matter, so is an adult's! ❑

0 0

"OLD BALDY" and Suzy found out how the other half live on the weekend... they were loaned an Alfa-Romeo by Alan Stickley who works at Citi Motors with fellow Coast resident Bill Ward. Anyway, after the pair of them had learned to adapt to such things as not only windows that opened and closed, but did so electrically; and a trip computer that did things "OB" usually does in his head (mpg, average speed and so on), they discovered that driving such a car creates problems ... certain other drivers want to "derby". They were cruising along at 60km/h (that's "OB's" story and he's sticking to it) when a fellow foreign sports job loomed (lovely word, loomed) up in the mirror. The ffsj put up with the quiet speed for about two minutes then roared past in a noisy cloud of raw petrol fumes coming from the afterburner. The car raced ahead then slowed and waited for the Alfa to catch up. When it did the ffsj dropped into second (actually, from the crashing noise, it sounded like he hit reverse) then roared off again. And you know what ... there wasn't a RID or a radar gun in sight. Anyway, after a weekend of the high life they handed back the car, got into the Valiant and drove off into the sunset (leaving a cloud of Arab's delight behind them)!!! 0 0 0

YEPPOON Hack and Pony Club held a fancy dress night on Sunday at its grounds on Rockhampton Road. It was one of those fun nights when everyone entered into the spirit with inspired outfits. There was a "flasher" who opened his coat and let fly with a flash bulb; a topless waitress who got everything to shimmy at the same time (boy did she get big tips); a couple who turned up with a pig on a leash; a bloke who turned up as a topless cake (six candle-power); and, among others, a boy who braved out the night in a ballerina's outfit. But it was the "Nun"- with the bad habit • that captured everyone's imagination ... most were left groping tor words during, the night!!! 0 0 0

THE Capricorn Iwasaki Resort's first birthday celebrations on Friday night were top-class. The cocktails were Ciassy, the meal was superb, the desserts were • delightful... and "OB" won a night for two at the resort in a lucky door prize at Capricious around Midnight. And, if Suzy's real good, he'll take her with him!!! . j'3 o

CONDOMS are available in Coast hotels. One customer found out quite by accident ... he thought the container he was looking at was a new brand of tinned tobacco. When the error was pointed out he decided to find out how much the condoms cost. The price was $3.60. "How many do you get for that?" he asked, and was told there were six. "What, 604 each ... the price of free love has certainly gone up," the customer replied. But what could you expect ... condoms are obviously liable to suffer the effects of inflation!!!