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ISSUE 194 SATURDAY, May 2, 1987 — FRIDAY, May 8, 1987, •


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site splits close community 0 By John Watson


TEMPERS are flaring at Emu Park over behind-the-scenes attempts to use money raised from the public to build a 25-metre swimming pool at the primary school rather than in Bell Park as always intended. For the past five years, a group of dedicated volunteers have worked solidly toward raising money for a public swimming pool. Right from the start of the Don Ireland Swimming Complex Committee, in 1982, the plan was to raise the necessary money to build a 25-metre in-ground swimming pool for public use in the centre of Emu Park. In June, 1984, the committee's efforts to obtain a pool site were rewarded when Livingstone Shire Council signed a lease providing land in Bell Park, next to the tennis courts and the proposed Emu Park Ambulance Station. The land gave new impetus to fund-raising. Executive members were photographed at the site and a sign went up calling on people to make a donation to help build the pool. Today, just five years after the start of fund raising, the committee has almose$70,000 and a quotation to build the complex in Bell Park for $100,000. In the committee's first annual report, the then president said the aim was to complete the pool by 1988, to tie in with Australia's bicentenary. At the time, it looked like a farfetched hope. Today, with the bicentenary just months away, it looks a lot more erfajikthat the pool will be at least started, if'niatIbi.iiKt`sext- year. But the committee, which Unttlhip year had been a smooth-working groitilVappears to have split. Some committee members blocked to discover that at one meeting,--40e:was taken to- build the pool- at Emu me School.: pparentls the actual votix heatedifh clashe§1Op. hoth sides In the-erid, two-VOteS were taken - pool site and, both limes, the Bell Park site =won ... but later- the meeting was declared invalid. It was obvious to some committee members from this vote that it would not be long before something happened to bring the site subject to the boil. As a result, both sides have been consulting solicitors. The Capricorn Coast Mirror has, for the past few weeks, been hearing reports from both sides. Nothing was published in the hope that differences would be settled and an amicable relationship resume among the volunteers working toward building a pool for Emu Park. Such a settlement does not seem likely following reports from some people about other people "exceeding their authority" and letters which were expected to be tabled at the monthly meeting on Wednesday night this week.

So many side issues are surfacing that the original objective, raising money to build a pool for Emu Park, is in danger of being lost in a fur-flying fight. Briefly (very briefly), these are the two arguments for the two pool sites. 0 Bell Park, the original site for which rates have been paid since 1984, is in the middle of town; is accessible to everyone, including school pupils; will be so prominently placed that it will draw extra custom from tourists ... and more than $10,000 of the money donated has been earmarked specifically for Bell Park, nowhere else. 0 Emu Park State School grounds are proposed as the site because school children (expected to be the biggest user), would be close to the pool. Also, the Education Department apparently will provide funds toward what has been raised to make the pool a reality. In addition, the Education Department would pay for part of the maintenance of the pool. Both sides obviously have valid reasons for their Stand ... and only one can win. Both groups have a lot on their side. They were involved in the preliminary planning; worked toward finding a popular site; gained a lease to the land they considered the best possible and have worked non-stop toward achieving their objective. The pro Bell Park group believe if the pool is built in the school grounds it will be lost, forever, to the town. They point to events surrounding the raising of public money for a ,pool in Yeppoon which was eventually built at the State School ... and the subsequent need' to build a second pool for the town. The pro-school site people say there is nothing to fear in putting the pool on Education Department land. Rules have been changed in recent years and the pool would always be accessible to the public. If the committee cannot sort itself out, the Capricorn Coast Mirror has a suggestion ... we will make space available to both sides to present their case. Both cases will be presented in the same issue so that one side does not have the advantage of seeing the other side's report. Maybe, after a public airing, the decision can be made on what site to use. If the decision cannot be made by the committee ... it should be put to the public. After all, it is public money that will build the pool ... where-ever it goes!

Road signs safety measure at Farnborough school APPROVAL was given at last month's council meeting to erect two directional hazard signs at the junction of Byfield Road and Hinz Avenue at Farnborough. Shire engineer Pat Murphy said the two directional hazard signs, plus the replacement of two exisiting arrow signs with larger signs, would "do as a temporary




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❑ ABOVE: Bugler Brian Savage of Yeppoon State High School played the Last Post and Reveille at the Yeppoon Anzac Day service on Saturday. His father, Roy Savage, played the same part at the Yeppoon Dawn Service. The Anzac Day service crowd at the Cenotaph was larger this year with more students taking part in the service. The Anzac Day essay winners were presented with their prizes after the service and their essays and photo will be published next week in the Capricorn Coast Mirror.


measure". The course of action taken came after a report was tabled at the meeting which showed that funds to take other measures "weren't forthcoming for some time". An inspection had been carried out on the section of road at the intersection and it was considered the road be realigned in


preference to pavement widening. Concern about the safety at that section of road had been expressed prompting an investigation. Until further funds are available, the council opted to increase signs in the area. Part of the action includes an advisory speed sign of 60km(hr be attached to existing posts at the junction. 418•11111=M11•11•11

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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 — May 8, L987

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400-BERTH MARINA AIMED AT VISITING BOATS A PROPOSED 400-berth marina for Ross and Figtree Creeks in Yeppoon will cater to visiting yachts and provide permanent moorings for sizeable Capricorn Coast pleasure craft... but it won't provide for permanent dwellers. Tom Stephenson, business development manager of Wilkins & Davies Marinas Pty Ltd, said his company, as a general rule, did not tolerate people living on boats in its marinas. There are no plans to provide berths for commercial fishing vessels. If built, the marina will provide 400 berths for pleasure craft ranging in size from 10.5m to 20m. Mr Stephenson said boat owners would be provided with a "safe boating haven in cyclonic conditions"... or, as it is described

Permanent dwellers not usually tolerated in a company . press release issued last Friday, "all tide and safe access". The proposal provides for a watchfront restaurant and shopping area in Appleton Park servicing both residents and tourists. The whole of Appleton Park is incorporated in the proposed marina but Mr Stephenson said Yeppoon Hospital was not part of the development. (A rumour swept Yeppoon last week about the proposed marina. It was claimed that Yeppoon Hospital would be closed to make way for the development.) Mr Stephenson said the land-based development in Appleton Park would incorporate a club, chandlery, commercial and accommodation facilities. Provision would be made for lift-out facilities for boat repair an maintenance. "Our policy is to supplement existing business in an area rather than duplicate them," Mr Stephenson said. (His company has built, or is in the process of building, six marinas in New Zealand and Australia and said in the press release it had several others planned). Mr Stephenson said the company was now involved with the development of the Townsville and Shute Harbour marinas. He said the Yeppoon proposal was seen by the company to provide "badly needed facilities

for the boating community on the Capricorn Coast". It: Would significantly improve the visua.....) appearance of the area. * Works associated with its development would also help to stabilise foreshore erosion and replace sand lost on the main beach. * Would provide all-tide and safe access for a wide range of craft sailing in the Keppel Island area. Mr Stephenson said the company saw the Keppel Islands becoming a popular alternative to the Witsumdays in future. "Application is now being sought from the Land Administration Commission and the Department of Harbours and Marine for a Priority Investigation Lease to undertake more detailed studies on the feasibility of this marina development," he said. "In undertaking these investigations, environmental, economic and engineering matters will be considered carefully." Mr Stephenson issued his press release after meeting representatives of fishing and environmental groups on Friday morning and afternoon in the Livingstone Shire Council chambers. Wilkins & Davies will be using consultants Cameron McNamara to undertake most of the investigation work on the site. Rockhampton office manager Bill Watkins and planning and environment division associate Brian Roberts were with Mr Stephenson during talks at council on Friday.



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THE question that has been openly pondered about Yeppoon's worst-kept secret, the proposed marina, is how does such a project make money? Tom Stephenson, Wilkins & Davies Marinas Pty Ltd business development manager, gave a clue to the economics on Friday. When asked how much it would cost for one of the proposed 400 berths, Mr Stephenson said, at first, his company had not gone into costs in sufficient depth to give an answer. But, when asked how much berths cost in the Townsville marina, which his company is developing, he said a 12 metre craft mooring would cost $21,900 for a long-term lease. In the Townsville case, the long-term lease would be for 35 years. If similar charges were applied to Yeppoon, the 400 proposed berths would return almost $9 million. In addition, the company would have returns from the proposed shops, restaurants and lift-out facilities. The figure of $15 million has been nominated in press releases and statements as the development costs for Yeppoon, but Mr Stephenson said on Friday it was not necessarily what the finished costs would be. Far more detailed costings would be required before his company could be specific about development costs. It is for this reason the company has applied for a Priority Investigation Lease. The proposal, so far, is in the "very early days" stage. Stage one starts with the Priority Investigation Lease. The company hopes to get the lease "in the next few months" and it will then have 18 months in which to investigate the site. If the company decides to go ahead, it will

then apply for Development Lease. This would initially be for 30 years with the right of renewal in perpetuity. The marina, or another similar one, has been a "secret" for at least 12 months. It was still a "secret" last month when Livingstone Shire Council discussed the Wilkins & Davies proposal in committee. It was approved as a "concept" in committee and councillors were sworn to secrecy ... it became public knowledge the same week when shire chairman Cr John Bowen announced it to more than 300 people attending a beachfront land auction at Zilzie on Easter Saturday. On Friday, Brian Roberts of Cameron McNamara, the consultants who will be carrying out investigations into the marina's feasibility, said he knew of two applications which had been lodged since 1984 for roughly the same proposed development area. Mr Roberts said Cameron McNamara had started work on the latest proposal in November last year and there had been more interest in it since January of this year. He said investigations to be carried out would determine a more precise cost of the proposal ... but there were so many grey areas to be looked at. The "all-weather and all-tides" aspect of the proposal would be a significant factor in the final costing and the "engineering and hydraulic aspects" would be the "lynch-pin". Mr Roberts said full investigations may show it to be a "disaster," in which case it -• would be left for someone else to go on with i'09 ... but the investigations were the first step toward what could prove to be a Capricorn Coast development second in significance to only. the completed Capricorn Iwasaki Resort.

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_, a

0 ABOVE: A drinking straw shows size of tent peg hole in showground.

BROKEN glass, sharp welding rods and flyblown bones left on the playing field at Yeppoon Showground last week have highlighted the need for specialised playing fields on the Capricorn Coast. Junior aussie rules volunteers tried for three days to have the ground properly cleaned before giving up and doing the job themselves on Sunday morning ... only a few hours before two matches were played. The mess was not visible to the untrained eye. When the circus, which had left the ground on Wednesday, cleaned up, it apparently removed what would normally be considered mess. There were no papers flying around the ground, no beer bottles scattered on the playing surface. But Junior Aussie Rules officials took a closer look because they were responsible for the safety of more than 100 Coast footballers. What they found caused immediate concern. There were 103 holes caused by tent stakes being removed. Junior club president

0 ABOVE: A handful of dangerous objects; welding rods and bones on showground.

Ross Mclndoe and official Jim Bailey said young boys would have been badly injured had they stepped in the holes during play. Broken glass, mainly stubbie bottles, was scattered in many places on the playing surface. Jagged edges lay in waiting for unsuspecting players. Used welding rods, about 10cm long, were found in two places in the middle of the playing arena ... and with them was associated welding slag and a large lump of jagged plate steel that had been cut with an oxy torch. Dozens of sticks, probably used for fairy floss, littered the playing surface and areas of the sidelines. Cut pieces of barbed wire, two huge bones covered with maggots, and dozens of slivers of bones were also embedded in the playing surface. Aussie rules officials, faced with a major clean-up operation, contacted Yeppoon Show Society, the group that controls the ground and had allowed the circus onto the playing surface. Show society president Brian Dorey was told of the mess and also told that circus personnel had lived in caravans parked around the playing surface. Waste water from the caravans had been spread around the ground. Certain Swans officials wanted to push the matter further but senior club president Bill Thomson and junior president Ross Mclndoe said they were in a "no-win" situation. "There are no other grounds available big enough for aussie rules," Mr Thomson said. "While it was unlikely that we would be told to leave the showground, we were hardly in a bargaining position. "The only answer is for junior sports groups to get their own grounds. There are more than 200 junior and senior aussie rules players on the Coast and we are working toward developing land to the rear of the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park. "But that won't happen overnight. It takes a lot of money, more than we have available. What is needed is for the Livingstone Shire Council to get involved with sport and start providing the facilities Coast sportsmen deserve." Mr Thomson said the rules club would be writing to Yeppoon Show Society calling on it to stop renting the showground to circuses or similar events. .

"We know the show will be held there. We're prepared for that. But we've spent thousands of dollars in cash and thousands of volunteer hours getting that playing surface to the barest minimum needed for playing," he said. "We don't want our investment in time and money to be thrown away by show society officials trying to raise piddling rentals from circuses." l=1 SEE LETTER — PAGE 7 'For all Holiday and Business arrangement') contact your local travel agent...

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oa ilor ll 2M 1ii CHAIRMAN4SHIRE AS CHAIRMAN of Livingstone Shire Council, it has been 12 months since council appointed me to this position. In respect of that, I feel that with a coming budget in a period of tough econominc conditions, I should put together some facts and figures that should indicate how the Council stands.

0 By Cr John Bowen


Livingstone Shire Council Loans 1981 to 1987 inclusive 1

FINANCE The finance department is headed by the accountant, Denis Murphy. The General Rate increase has halved during the term of this council from 10.5 per cent in the budget down to 5.5 per cent in the 1986/87 budget. The Sewerage Rate has not increased and the amount of increase of the Capricorn Coast Water Rate has been reduced. The shire's debt liability has decreased. This is the first time, as seen on the attached graph, that this has occurred for many years. According to the Local Government. Department's Statistical Analysis Booklet, just released, the percentage of administration costs, being 5.6 per cent against the budget expenditure, shows that Livingstone is the lowest of the five local authorities listed in the immediate area. The interest and redemption on loans against the rate receipts show Livingstone and Broadsound Shires at 37 per cent, which again, is the lowest in the area. Council, during the last year, has won extra revenue over and above that which it normally receives from both the State and Federal Governments. Here are some examples: O Commonwealth Employment Programme for this year's Parks Beautification Project; $96,000. o Grants Commission increased from the anticipated amount of $669,000 to the amount received of $698,000. 0 Army Roads, an extra $40,000. O From the State Government, $40,000 extra for the drainage in the Charles Street area, and $61,000 extra from our submission for the subsidy on our Works Programme, the subsidy on our Works Programme, ie $127,000 increased to $188,000. o Council has been granted the project of $1,360,000 for works on the Coolcorra overpass on the Rockhampton - Emu Park Road. In addition to the direct benefit of these extras, the shire will benefit immensely from the State Government Main Roads project on the Rockhampton - Yeppoon and Byfield Roads, an amount totalling $11,500,000.

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$15 million


$5 million



The council is also involved in the Causeway Bridge and Kinka Beach Study, which is also being financed by the State Government, the result of which will surely lead to ending the very dangerous bridge and erosion situations which presently exist.

WORKS DEPARTMENT The Works Department is headed by shire engineer Pat Murphy. The engineer is in charge of engineering, drafting, road works, drainage, parks and gardens, water, sewerage and subdivision of land.

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1984 1985 1986 1987

Cr Bowen details 12 months' work in Livingstone Shire departments


experienced with the introduction of water meters. A 30 per cent reduction in consumption has been achieved which has resulted in saving of electricity costs, infrastructure and maintenance costs plus a major saving in upgrading costs, not forgetting the benefit to the ratepayers during the recent dry summer period by not having stricter water restrictions. Council is very pleased by the performance of the Engineering and works Department which has been faced with a tight budget this year and under the present circustances, is faced with an even tighter budget in the coming year. The council fully recognises that while the economy is stressed, we all have to take the strain throughout the community.

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Inspectors No. 2159


Mr Murphy's responsibility in all the above fields and to advise counsil monthly, plus then carry out any directon of council as well as create forward planning reports for the vital infrastructural requirments of the shire, in money terms amounting to many tens of millions of dollars, into the future, is no easy task. For the past 12 months, Mr Murphy has managed to cope without an assistant engineer and council fully appreciated the fact that he has coped very well indeed under the circumstances. However, the council recognises the fact that Livingstone Shire always operated for the previous 12 years with a shire engineer plus an assistant engineer. The council has now resolved to engage an assistant engineer. A similar situation exists in the drafting office, where, since January, 1979, there were four draftsmen engaged until September, 1985 when Col Guy left the staff. Although council has managed to keep abreast of the day-to-day work of drafting, the future planning preparation of roads, streets, parks and all other infrastructure design requirements which are essential elements of good management and planning, which result in saving to you, the ratepayer, are behind schedule so council has now resolved to fill this vacancy. Here are some of the activities by the Works Department this year: o Upgrading of two sections of the Byfield Road: cost in the order of $270,000. o Construction and maintenance of shire roads: cost $2,100,000. o A total area of 42,500 square metres was constructed to bitumen sealed standard. o 2.5 kilometres of kerbng and channelling were completed. O A considerable length of gravel roads was resheeted. _ 0 Army roads maintenance works: $200,000. o Main Roads maintenance $320,000. O Main Roads Special Maintenance Programme: $160,000. O Drainage works varying from culvert to large schemes: $480,000. • Parks and Gardens Maintenance and development of new areas: $200,000. In addition to these, the first stage of the Emu Park Water Supply upgrading, designed and supervised by the Engineering Department, has been completed. Other upgrading works including the Sewerage System, has been undertaken. Council is now relocating services on the Byfield Road, to an estimated cost of $300,000. Other significant savings have been

John Milne, the chief building inspector, heads this department. The department now endeavours to process building applications in less than two weeks. • The department is aware of the difficulties in the building trade and endeavours to assist builders through processing applications quickly. Since the retirement of building surveyor Gordon Handley, council has not called for a replacement to fill this vacancy, instead, council engaged a second building inspector, Ken Hodby. This has resulted council giving a better service to both the genuine builder and the community in that with both inspectors working in the field, four inspections are now carried out during the construction of new dwellings. Council has not suffered from a major decrease in building approvals, as expeienced in other areas of the State. We are also becoming very well noted for all thedifferent styles and designs of new homes in the area. Council is also able to issue Show Cause Notices to have dilapidated buildings renovated or demolished that may be endangering people in the area.

PLANNING DEPARTMENT Council has resolved to fill the vacancy caused by Raul Weychardt's resignation in late 1985. After due consideration, the advantages of having an in-house town planner are numerous: o The ratepayers have ready access to town planning advice. o Major planning of the shire and its Strategic Plan has now commenced which means there would be an array of town planning considerations to be discussed over the coming months with someone who is here five days a week. o Having a town planner in-house may mean not having to replace the building surveyor who retired previously. A qualified architect/town planner would be able to act as the building surveyor when required. The combined effect of these changes will mean a much better service, while still keeping the total cost to the ratepayer down.

HEALTH SERVICES The Health Department is headed by health surveyor John Harmsworth. Immunisations: We are part of the national Measles Eradication Campaign and the success rate is indicated by the number of 111 injections being given this year. The number of diptheria/tetanus boosters given for this year is now 230. Water Sampling: Water sampling for chemical analysis is now being carried out quarterly. This testing is to determine any level of herbicides and pesticides in the water. Animal Control - Dogs: The new service using the CQSPCA has been operating most successfully for more than a year, with more than 1000 dogs registered for this financial year. Dogs being impounded number an average of 20 per month. Public Refuse Bins: A different style of refuse bin, attached to steel posts, is now under trial in some public areas. This new style of bin will help to keep our parks and public areas tidier.

ADMINISTRATION The new shire clerk, Jim Brown, has spent many hundreds of hours interviewing and researching council's administration prior to the council unanimously voting to adopt the abovementioned changes. It is very pleasing to me as the chairman, to have the changes occur by such agreement and that also includes the agreement of the staff. It is also very good to see the council vote unanimously on many major decisions such as the latest one, being the concept of a marina. This decision and many others make me feel that the council and staff are working well. Also, councillors may have different views on so many council matters (it would be a funny council if they did not). But I believe every councillor in Livingstone is genuinely giving their best for the benefit of the Shire and its community.


Ilhtm to

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Security Access and Performance

TRICENTAC SECURITIES Jason Blomfield 22 2307

r Capricorn-Coast Mirror May 2 — May 8, 1987 — 5



C a.

*?'42."4 1.17 ,

11:1AL ,•;

WE KNOW YOU'LL COME BACK FOR MORE 0 ABOVE: Setsuzo Sasatomi holds up the koala presented to him by Giggle and Gossips' Chi Chi Murray. Mr Sasatome who has worked at Capricorn Iwasaki

Resort for the last five and a half years leaves in May to return to Japan. Mrs Murray made the presentation during the luncheon enjoyed by Giggle and Gossip ladies. Eghty-nine ladies attended the luncheon and $251 was raised for St Vincent de Paul.

Bus operator warns ofb ott lenec k9 with designated Strand Hotel stop A BOTTLENECK situation could be created if buses continue to use the designated bus-stop in front of the Strand Hotel. Young's buses' Philip Young said this on Monday after the new stop had been used for less than a Week. Mr Young said the bus-stop was a good, but bad, idea because buses "did need a place marked out for buses to use" but he added the site of the stop would probably create a "hazard" with double-parking possibly becoming a problem. Buses in past years have been picking up passengers from outside the Westpac Bank, which is already marked with a no parking zone sign, but no provisions had been made to make it the 'official' bus stop. Other problems Mr Young sees with the bus stop is the 8am-5pm no parking zone which allows the buses access to the stop and makes it illegal for cars to park between those hours during the week. Mr Young said 24 services were made by his company from Monday to Friday; three before 8am and three after 5pm. He said a problem, and even a "dangerous situation," would occur with traffic and congestion in the area inside and outside the no parking hours. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said a petition for a bus stop had been sought, considered and obtained, and an area marked out to give bus drivers a designated area for passengers to alight or be collected. Mr Young agreed the stop had been needed in Yeppoon but traffic coming from the Bluff around to the main street; cars coming down from Bayview Tower area and

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All-terrain bikes race at Barlows CAPRICORN Dirt Riders Club is hosting the Central Queensland All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) title and Pony Express title at Barlows Raceway on Sunday, May-3 at 10am. Races for both men and women will be held during the day with nominations closing at 9am on Sunday. The nomination fee will be $8. Classes in the all terrain title are: trikes, 200cc, 201cc-open; quad racers; odysseys; 250cc, modified and ladies sections. The Pony Express for motorcycles will have categories for 80cc, 81cc-200cc, 201cc, 300cc and open classes. A trail bike class and Iron man competition also will be held. The pony express tests the skills of two riders who take it in turn to do a number of laps. In the iron man, one rider does the same course used for the pony express which tests endurance and ability. Entry to the raceway is free and spectators are assured there will be plenty of food and drink available.

caitdii* OW "V Inspections ao 39 3282


, LIA.V' ILO"'




those from around the beachfront area could cause a problem ... and me area needed to be changed. He also said no prior warning had been given for the change of site. Cr Bowen said moves for the change had been underway for the past six months. Cr Bowen said the desired location for the bus stop had been outside Westpac Bank but traffic laws had deterred the council from making it the official bus stop. To have been made the official stop it would have to be a certain distance from the pedestrian crossing and after the Shire Engineer had measurements taken the no parking zone fell within the recommended distance. Cr Bowen said if the area marked out was seen to be unsuitable, at times,. the people involved should write to the shire clerk to have the problems looked into and if necessary altered. " As far as Cr Bowen is concerned, council was asked to provide a designated bus stop and obliged with the Strand Hotel stop and any problems with the area should be directed to the shire clerk.


McBean Street Yeppoon

stVis̀t,00% ots tcolp.91.6toit01. tc.s _.‘itort

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Certificates Inspection No. 3923


6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror, May 2.— May 8, 1987

Lions get lease

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El ABOVE: It was standing room only near the stage in the Emu Park Cultural Hall on Friday night when Ceri Protheroe was DJing the disco to raise money for the Don

Friendly Driveway Service

Ireland Swimming Pool complex.

Keppel Anglican Parish sending 5 representatives to Emerald Synod


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KEPPEL Parish will send five representatives to the annual Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton to be held this weekend at Emerald. They are Rev John Cornish, Rev Phillip Ward, Mrs Joy Walsh, Mr Brian Bartley and. Major Jack Crigan, all of Yeppoon. The Synod will be the first attended by women clergy ... Rev Janne Whitehead of Gladstone Parish and Rev Lucy Quaife of the Cathedral Parish. The venue is the Emerald TAFE and this is the first time for many years that the

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church's 'parliament' has met away from Rockhampton. During its session, the Synod will consider several items of legislation including two from the national Synod of the Anglican Church. These concern the status of chaplains working in Australia's defence forces and the admission of members of other denominations into the Anglican Church. Among the reports, Synod will give considerable time to the results of last month's Rural Ministry Conference, seeking ways in which the church can best respond to the economic crisis and its resultant personal and family stress.

Bush children's `different' picnic A PICNIC with a difference will be held at the Royal Queensland Bush Children's home in Todd Avenue tomorrow, Sunday. Organisers have combined the annual fete with a picnic and the theme is yesterday and today. Hot damper, billy tea and all the usual stalls will be available for everyone from 1 lam with the official opening by Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen at noon. Cr Bowen will lead a team of five councillors in a tug-of-war against Rockhampton Mayor Ald Jim Webber and five aldermen. Other entertainment will include an auction; a dog-handling display by Etna Creek Prison. The Coast bush children's scheme is a charitable organisation and relies on fundraising to finance its running costs. Donations are needed for the stalls and the auction and volunteers will collect any goods. Contact the home, 39 1311, if you have any goods they could sell at the Jubilee Picnic. On average 30 children stay at the Coast home each intake with the changeover about every six weeks.

Bridge load limit? LIVINGSTONE Shire Chairman Cr John Bowen told last month's meeting the council had a strong case to put to the Main Roads Department about Fig Tree Bridge. One of the girders on Fig Tree Bridge, in Park Street, has failed. The failure prompted an investigation by Main Roads and it was considered the life of the bridge could be estimated at "possibly two years" and the council report said something would have to be done during the 1987/88 financial year. The shire engineer's report highlighted the "urgent need for consideration of funding for a new structure" at the section. In the recommendation to council, it was stated Main Roads be requested to advise council on the load limit of Fig Tree bridge. It further stated a cost-share arrangement for the replacement of the bridge be requested of Main Roads.

Cul-de-sac name LIVINGSTONE Shire Council decided at the April meeting to name the cul-de-sac off Evelyn Street at Lammermoor Beach. The cul-de-sac, created by the Dalebrook Pty subdivision, will be known as Rosslyn Close. Rosslyn Close had already been attached to the cul-de-sac by persons asking after services information and the council decided to adopt it as its official name.

YEPPOON Lions Club has been given permission to transfer council's special lease of land at Great Keppel Island to the club. • The club wanted to improve the standard of accommodation offered by the Youth Hostel on land leased by the club. For some years the Lions Club has run the hostel, in conjunction with the Youth Hostel Association, and in a letter to council the club requested the lease, which had been taken out in the name of Livingstone Shire Council, be put into the name of the Yeppoon Lions Club. The lease was -put in councils' name because of a law which disallowed the Lions Club to hold property. Since signing the lease, a new rule, initiated in 1981, gives the Lions club the power to hold land. The club wants to acquire additional land from the Lands Administration Commission on Great Keppel Island but firstly have to obtain the title to the leased land. Cr Geoff Cue moved that the council offer no objection to the transfer of the lease from Council to the Lions Club of Yeppoon. The motion was seconded by Cr Barbara Wildin and passed.

POWER CUTS CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Tuesday, May 5, between 10am and 3pm. Consumers: Matthew Flinders Drive from Wattle Grove south to Wreck Point including Edward and Pandanus Streets, Ocean Parade, The Esplanade, Livingstone Lane, Melaleuca Street and Gregory Street between Matthew Flinders Drive and Cathne Street. Wednesday, May 6 between 10am and 2pm. Consumers: Adelaide Park Road from St Brendan's College west to Clement's property including Vaughan's Road and Cotton Road areas. Thursday, May 7, between 10am and 3pm. Consumers: All of Keppel Sands township.

Bayview Tower News & Views I HOPE you all made the most of the rainy weather of late. It certainty was badly needed ... but we sure had a lot of trouble convincing tourists that!! Enzo is in New Orleans and Washington DC this week and by all accounts he's having a fantastic time. Last weekend's Teen Queen dinner was a great success. Good work girls! The fundraising was in aid of the Spastic Welfare League and what a great cause that is. Next week we have pleasure welcoming back to Bayview the gentlemen from the DPI for yet another Bayview conference. These men are always a pleasure to have stay with us and I hope the conference is successful for them. This weekend we are having another Carvery Lunch. The last one we had proved so popular we've had lots of requests for another. Where? Bay Room. When? Sunday, May 3, 11.30am to 2pm. Why? 'Cause there's entertainment, great food, top location and a real bargain at only $12 for adults and $8 children. Don't forget to make your reservations for the Mothers Day Brunch in Sails Restaurant on May 10, Mothers Day of course! Once again we will be having entertainment and the Brunch starts at 10.30am and continues until 2pm. Who dares to say there's nothing to do in Yeppoon! Our Bay Room is open all day, every day for Breakfast, Lunch and light snacks. 7am to 4pm we'll be delighted to serve you Devonshire teas, Danish teas, sandwiches and lots of sweets to tempt you. " Don't forget, we cater for weddings and private functions. Give us a call to discuss your special requirements. A big welcome to all the visitors staying on the Coast for the long weekend. If you're not staying at Bayview, we hope we'll see you here for a meal at some stage over the weekend. I'd also like to welcome the Keppel Bay Shell Club members ... they are holding their dinner here on Saturday night. Have a great weekend, from Shelley. Blackburn, standing in for ...

Bayview Tower


Capricorn Coast Minot May 2 — May 8, 1987

Keppel Bay Shell Club has come a long way from 1962 beginning KEPPEL Bay Shell Club has come a long way since its first meetings in a garage. Today, past and present members are gathering at Bayview Tower to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary. The club was founded on March 30, 1962, with 38 shell enthusiasts converging on club president Godfrey Morgan's garage to hold meetings. Before the club's formation a few friends had gathered because of their interest in collecting shells. Discussions and help in identifying the many varieties of shells to be found were given at the gatherings. Homes were used for these meetings and a wide understanding and knowledge'of shells was absorbed as the group pooled information. Whenever visitors to the Coast from other parts of the world met with a group member showing an interest in shells they were invited to attend the next get together. Many friendships were formed and new correspondents were added to the growing list of contacts and information. Because the group's numbers kept increasing, an alternative venue for meetings was needed and it was decided to form a club. The result was the formation of Keppel Bay Shell Club. • Headquarters were made in Yeppoon and the club's objective was to discuss all matters of interest to collectors and the study and advancement of the knowledge of shells generally. The club advanced from its garage meetings to a room in Yeppoon State Primary School. Members had as their emblem the shell called Voluta pulchra pulchra Sow. The shell is regularly found in the Central Queensland area and members decided to adopt it as the emblem. By July of its founding year, the club was

producing a quarterly paper called Keppel Bay Tidings, produced on the Coast and sent out to all members. The club's magazine is now a bi-monthly production sent all over the world. The club also has a comprehensive library available to members at the monthly meetings. The library was established to honour the memory of Rex Littlejohn, who died in 1964. To celebrate its anniversary the shell club has organised a dinner for past and present members on Saturday, May 2, (tonight) in Bayview Tower. Club membership hovers around 400 and at the moment is about 350. Members range in age from eight years in the junior ranks to one member who is 83 years-old. The result of the club's first meeting to elect office bearers was: patron, Tony Marsh; president, Godfrey Morgan; honorary secretary, Rex Littlejohn; assistant honorary secretary, Ena Coucom; honorary treasurer, Alice Blanning; tutor and librarian, Mollie Bowman (who was made a life member this year); honorary auditor, A Craik and honorary members, Dr Don McMichael, Curator of Molluscs, Australian Museum, Sydney, and Mrs J Hope Macpherson, Curator of Molluscs National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne. At the annual meeting held on Friday, April 24, office bearers elected for 1987 were: president, Allan Davidson; vice-president, Arthur Prowse and Ena Coucom; secretary, Jean Offord; assistant secretary, Judy Mason; treasurer, Nancy Plumb; librarian officers, Judy Mason and Ena Coucom; editor, Graeme Annabell; assistant editor, Blanche Boorman and patron, Ena Coucom. Lucky members for April were Marcia and Warner Kipp of Rockhampton. Next displays will be of Shell Art and a talk on a shelling trip.


Junior Rules president's 'dismay' - ON behalf of the Yeppoon Junior Aussie Rules I wish to register my dismay at the condition of the Yeppoon Showgrounds when an inspection was held after the circus had departed last week. With rotten bones that were fly-blown, broken glass and bottle tops, welding rod ends, steel holding stakes, pieces of jagged cut-off steel — all left in the middle of the oval, not to mention the 103 holes that had to be filled up by four men which took more

than three hours, I wonder why this was allowed to happen. We have in excess of 100 junior players using the oval and this mess could have caused a very serious injury. As a club we are proud of the condition that we leave the sheds and the ground in each week and to find the mess as we did last weekend I feel justified in registering this complaint through your paper. — Ross Mclndoe, PO Box 388, Yeppoon .

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Gerry Stanke and Key Peel at the 53 Tanby Road auto electrical workshop.

Auto electrician at 53 Tanby Rd AUTO ELECTRICIAN Key Peel has opened a workshop at 53 Tanby Road, Yeppoon because he sees the Coast as the growth area in Central Queensland. He and partner Geoff Brady, together with Gerry Stanke, offer a complete auto electrical business under one roof. Key Peel, who has 25 years' experience. in the trade, and more than 20 years operating his own business, said he was pleased he had "taken the plunge" and opened in Yeppoon. "I've been a Coast ratepayer for 15 years and I've always wanted to spend more time here," he said this week. He expects to be dividing his time between his Rockhampton business and Peel Auto Electrics at 53 Tanby Road ... with the eventual aim of spending most of his time on the Coast. He said his Rockhampton business, on the corner of Stanley and Alma Streets, was the largest auto electrical service in Central Queensland ... and everything his Rockhampton shop offered was available in Yeppoon. "We can handle anything in Yeppoon but it's good • to have the Rockhampton business as back-up for parts and service," he said. "It means Coast customers will never need to be inconvenienced. There are five auto electrical tradesmen, plus two apprentices in Rockhampton and we can call on them when there's a rush day here or one of us is away." Key Peel said another advantage of having two businesses was the convenience for warranty work. "We give a warranty on all work and, should the need arise, customers can have their vehicle seen to at either our Tanby Road business or in Rockhampton," he said. "When so many Coast people work in Rockhampton it means they can drop in their vehicle while they are at work and


know it will be ready for them to drive home." After being a Coast ratepayer for 15 years, Key Peel is no stranger to the area. A Lion for the past 18 years and District Governor of area 201 Q4 (Gladstone to Normanton) for 1985-86, he is looking forward to regularly attending Yeppoon Lions Club meetings. His partner, Geoff Brady, also a skilled tradesman, will be involved in the day- to-day running of the 53 Tanby Road business. "Gerry Stanke is the tradesman who will be on hand from Monday to Saturday but either Geoff or I will be there with him each day," Key Peel said. "We know how much work there is on the Coast and it will need two of us to be available daily."

Marine service PEEL AUTO ELECTRICS, now at 53' Tanby Road, Yeppoon, will head out into the field to get customers' vehicles and machinery going again ... and that includes on the water. Key Peel said electrical problems could hit machinery at any time and at any place ... "and that's why we're prepared to go into the field." He's expecting a lot of work from boat and trawler owners on the Coast and is equipped to carry out marine repairs and rewiring. Trailable boats can be taken to the 53 Tanby Road workshop or Key Peel will handle the work at the mooring. "Marine work is part of the auto electrical business because vessels have the same needs, and problems, as any machinery," he said. The field work also extends to farms and businesses whenever the need arises.

Armature re-winding available PEEL AUTO ELECTRICS can save motorists time and money with armature re-winding ... it's carried out on the premises. Key Peel said this week re-winding was one of the skills he was proud to be able to offer to customers. "It's a big part of our business in Rockhampton and it's won us a lot of customers over the past 20 years," he said. "We've been able to save Central Queenslanders a lot of money by doing our own re-winding because the alternative is sending the armature to a specialist in Brisbane." He said the saving in time was usually what most customers were after ... but the saving in money was a definite incentive.

Re-winding was particularly helpful in cases where spare parts just could not be found. "There are occasions when you just can't buy a new armature and re-winding is the only way to get the vehicle going," Key Peel said. "Customers appreciate it when an expensive vehicle or machine can return to work in hours, rather than days." Peel Auto Electrics will also repair magnetos at its 53 Tanby Road premises ... "we're the only magneto repairers in Central Queensland," Key Peel said. "We get them from Longreach and all points in between. They're not common but they are used in some tractors, farm pumps, farm machinery and aeroplanes.


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8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 — May 8, 1987

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❑ ABOVE: Yeppoon RSL president Stan Kent led the Yeppoon Anzac Day march.


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Lantern Vaet41 Come and meet our new chef...John McIntosh from the Sheraton, Brisbane who is preparing a new, exciting menu. t••••••••••••••••••••••••••••* • • NEW • • BJ and The Bandits will entertain • • • every Wednesday and Friday from April 8. • $4 a head includes a light supper • • Contact Kerrie now for reservations,

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0 ABOVE: Bill Bull (centre) is flanked by Geoffrey (14) and Julie (11) Bull. Julie wore her grandfather's and great-grandfather's ' medals at the Anzac Day service. Mr Bull was at Dunkirk.


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0 ABOVE: This was the view of the Anzac Day service from Yeppoon police Station Promi. • •

0 ABOVE: Sacred Heart Primary School students joined the Yeppoon Anzac Day march. They were accompanied by principal Clive Steele. r

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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 — May 8, 1987 — 9

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Own private beach (079) 39 1421


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Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Adults: $4. Pensioners and Students: $3. Children $2 Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560


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0 ABOVE: Returned servicemen stepped out in the bright Yeppoon sunshine on Anzac Day.

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY &AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

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❑ ABOVE: Yeppoon RSL secretary Meru Scope bows his head during the prayer at the Anzac Day service.


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O ABOVE RIGHT: Yeppoon High School captains Aaron Trevis and Hilary Bolton were flanked by Cenotaph honour guard when they addressed the Anzac Day crowd.


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10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 — May 8. 1987 ' .1



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`Words on Herbs' FRENCH Sorrel is a useful salad herb that can be used as a green vegetable. Sorrel contains vitamins A and C, minerals. Calcium and Potassium, Chlorine, Iron, Phosphorus, sodium and sulphur. Sorrel is easy to digest, has a blood cleansing action and adds a piquant flavour to salt-free salad and vegetable dishes. May 2, 3 and 4 are excellent days for. planting leafy annual vegetables and herbs, parsley, basil, all aromatics, etc.

Saint Martin Herb Garden

O ❑ o UP, Up and Away as presented by the Emu Park Amateur Players has had its performing date changed to Saturday, May 23. The venue is still the Emu Park Cultural Hall and the time is 8pm. The evening is a theatre restaurant musical revue with all proceeds going to the ambulance. O 0 0


OPEN: Saturday: 1pm - 5.3Gpm Sun & Wed: 9am - 5.30pm ...or by appointment

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Yeppoon Town Hall Monday, 7.30pm

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A bicycle ride advertised as 'The Last Ride' will set off from Bayview Tower on Sunday (tomorrow) at 10am for the Bush Children's picnic at the home in Todd Avenue, which starts at 11am. The idea of the 'last ride' is to cycle along the old road before it becomes a four-lane road. o o ❑ `COPING with teenagers' is the topic for discussion at the next meeting of the Coast Support Group. A film will be shown and a guest speaker will be present to facilitate discussion. Books are available for loan on various topics and the group is continually putting together a service directory for the Coast. The meeting is at 10am in the Community Health Centre building on the Yeppoon beachfront on Tuesday, May 5 at 10am. For more information, 39 1469. ID 0 0 ROSS' Run Historical Village manager is looking for more crafts and trades people to work, display and sell their wares at the complex on a regular basis. Ross' Run is now open every weekend and for tours during the week. Apply in writing to Joan and Peter Ward, 309 Bloxsom Street, North Rockhampton.

$200 in 51 calls $100 in 53 calls $200 in 50 calls

THE annual concert for pensioners hosted by Rotary will be held in Rockhampton's Municipal Theatre on Friday, May 8. For many years Yeppoon Rotary has arranged for a free bus to take Yeppoon Pensioners League members to this always enjoyable evening. Transport will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 6pm. Any pensioner requiring seats on this bus, please contact bus captain Patricia King, 39 2109. ❑ -0 0 TO be assertive is to insist on one's rights or opinions. To be aggressive is to be disposed to attack. Both definitions are in the Oxford Concise Dictionary. You don't have to be aggressive to get what you want. The Community Health is running a course to develop skills in assertiveness to help people accept themselves, their weaknesses and other people's attitudes to themselves. The course will run for five weeks and is called 'Becoming OK' and will help you develop self-esteem and communication skills so that you can more easily accept and like yourselves by accentuating the positives while accepting the negatives. There is a limit on numbers, so contact the centre, 39 1469, quickly to register your name. 4'

Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets ❑ Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service ❑ Wedding Arch Hire o Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed/loose 'Flower Arrangements with... Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies

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❑ ABOVE: Susan Perren and Robert Wallace celebrated their engagement at a party at the Masonic Hall in Queen Street, Yeppoon. Guests travelled from Brisbane, Mitchell, Townsville and Emerald to wish the couple the best for the future. •

39 2266


39 7162 a/h

cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon

ROCKHAMPTON TAFE classes here on the Coast have great teachers. Take Luigi Nuzzolese for instance. He is holding a class Introduction to Palate Knife at Emu Park in the Catholic Hall for seven weeks, starting on Thursday, May 14 between 9am and noon. Carmel Knowles is teaching fabric screenprinting; Bev Laundry, gourmet vegetarian cooking; Barbara Clifford, leather carving for pleasure; Tina Stritzke, care of animals on the hobby farm; Sandy Harris, basic shorthand and keyboard skills; Sandra Finlay, effective communication; Melanie Marshall, introduction to wheel pottery; Susann Dawson, basics of stretch sewing; Dianne Galt, Yoga; Janette Merrin, patchwork; John Vanderklugt, building a brick barbecue; Merlyn Pollitt, basic microwave meals; Jill Franklin, applique for beginners; Judith Smith, make-up and grooming; Julie Britton, patchwork and applique; Leslie Nicholas, computers for beginners; Ruth Alexander, yeast cookery; Jason Bloomfield, successful investment; Alan Coucom, build a brick barbecue. The sign on for the all the above classes is on today (Saturday). You can book in at Emu Park State School between 9am and 10.30am and at Savemore between 9am and 12.30pm. Most of the classes start the week after Mothers Day, but you have to sign on this Saturday. If you can't make the signing on date, contact Yeppoon representative Sarah Blenkin, 33 6604, or Emu Park representative Val Wex, 39 6204. 0 0 0 THE ABC of Breastfeeding will be explained and discussed at Caroline Bley's home, 6 Prospect Street, Statue Bay on Thursday, May 7 at 9.30am. The group organising the discussion is ... Nursing Mothers and if you want more information or maybe transport to the meeting or directions, contact 33 6832.

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Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 9pm Phone 39 1715 those days only

DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, May 30. Emu Park Anglican Church street stall in front of the two shops in Hill Street. o 0 0 SAW a great advertisement the other day. "Wanted. Woman for a challenging and worthwhile job — to mother a child. Longterm commitment needed to love, feed, nurture, protect, console, worry, enjoy, clean, educate. on call 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. No training provided. Learn on the job. No cash reward. Potential for great joy." The ad is part of the promotion by Nursing Mothers for National Mothering Week, May 3 to 10. National Mothering Week 1987 aims to raise the status of women's unpaid work as mothers. Women are aften made to feel that their role as mothers is unimportant. Yet mothers caring for children are providing an essential service for the whole community as the physical and emotional health of the next generation starts in a mother's arms. The Coast Nursing Mothers Assocation will have a display in Savemore on Saturday, May 9 ... the day before Mothers Day and as part of National Mothering Week. O 0 0 `YOU never stop learning' was Joan Whyte's title for Forum's main speech last Wednesday. The topic provoked a good response. Barbara Fitchen and Heidi Baumganner were welcomed as guests. Joan's following speakers were Janice Froschauer, Sharon Croese, Billie Sinclair and Leo Carpenter and Heidi also spoke of opportunities and other aspects of learning. Shirley Green chaired the meeting and Sue Waddell was critic. Sue is an accredited speech and procedure critic. The vote of thanks was proposed by Jan Edwards who will be the main speaker on May 13 with the title 'Rejection'. The meeting will on Wednesday, May 13 at L J Hooker's Yeppoon office at 8pm. Forum welcomes all women to the meetings held every second Wednesday. You don't have to be invited, go along and meet new people and learn how meetings should be held, chaired and organised. Every person has a chance to learn what to do if she is ever a chairman, treasurer or secretary and how to conduct a meeting correctly. Forum is fun with learning. ❑ DD MRS G Brooke was a competition and jackpot winner at St James Guild's cent sale held recently. Other competition winners were Mrs Louchard, Mrs E Lederhose, Mrs P Willis and Mrs I Lewington. Miss S Wilson won the lucky door prize. The next cent sale is on May 27 at the Parish Hall in Mary Street, Yeppoon. D 0 0 BLUE Nurses auxiliary will have a street stall outside Findlays Electrical on May 6. 4

Your One-Stop Dressmaking Shop

Linnet tes OF YEPPOON Open 9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat 1 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3876

Capricorn Coast THE annual Exhibition of Creative NI,


Captimut ettattilt8.

TONIGHT is the Yeppoon Lioness Club's Music Hall in the Masonic Hall, Queen Street, at 8pm. You can sing-a-long with old songs and enjoy all the skits and musical numbers that' the group has taken from previous music halls, as well as some new ones. I believe one of the 'things' to watch for 'glows'. The $8 admission includes a light supper and you are invited to BYO. 0

THE annual flowers for Mothers Day is on again with Yeppoon Lioness Club gathering at Bev Gilligan's home on Friday, May 8 at 7pm to arrange posies for delivery to mothers on Saturday morning ... in the main street and hospital. One of the flower organisers said that they needed fern as well as flowers, so if you can help call in to Edna Thring at Treasure Trove and she will arrange for someone to collect the flowers and ferns from you. ❑

0 0

FRANK Huszak had an accident in his cement truck last Thursday and ended up in Rockhampton Base Hospital with facial injuries. His wife, Elizabeth, called in to place an advertisement thanking everyone who 'Y gas wished him well or visited. Frank must be popular man because all his Yeppoon Readymix mates have either visited or sent their regards, his friends at Yeppoon Golf Club have done the same. Elizabeth said she also thanked the ambulance men, police, Dr Lloyd and Trevor Boon. 0

THE Capricorn Coast sub-branch of the Endeavour Foundation will hold a cent sale at Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday, May 16 starting at 1.30pm with an admission charge of $1. There will be a stall, afternoon tea and lucky number besides the cent sale. O


DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, May 9, Cawarral State Primary School's seventh annual fete from noon. The official part of the afternoon is the opening of the school oval. O

0 0

CAPRICORN Coast Society of Arts invites people to browse through its stall at the Bush Children's Jubilee Picnic on Sunday (tomorrow).


Mill Gallery presents...


CREATIVE CLOTHING Saturday, May 2, 2pm and continues for two weeks Fashion Parade 0 Afternoon tea Admission: $4

The Mill Gallery is past the Iwasaki roundabout and opposite the Farnborough School

CAPRICORN Coast Miss Australia Quest entrant Karlene McDonald raised over $600 at the skate-a-thon held on the weekend. The marathon started with 18 skaters on Friday night and six were still making their way around Yeppoon Skateway on Saturday night. . All funds raised by Karlene will go to the Queensland Spastic Welfare League. "I thank the two volunteer ambulance officers, Gavin Lewington and Ross Newmann, who took turns to stay on call during the skate-a-thon," Miss McDonald said. Marathon co-ordinator was Lex Semple and the person who thought of that type of fund-raising event was Larry Austin. Karlene's next function is a char-grill on Mothers Day at the Railway Hotel. "There will be entertainment throughout the day," she said. Another Mothers Day fund-raiser is bunches of flowers on sale at Yeppoon BP on the day before (Saturday). 0


SENIOR Citizens' Benevolent Housing auxiliary is having a cent sale on Saturday, May 9 at 2pm in the Yeppoon CWA Hall. There will be entertainment and afternoon tea. This is the group that maintains, cares and builds Birdwood Estate in Yeppoon for senior citizens. 0 0

THE quarterly meeting of the CQ Zone of the Queensland Pensioners League will be held at Emu Park on Wednesday, May 27, starting at 10am. A bus will take Yeppoon Pensioners' League members to the meeting and will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 9.15am, returning after the Emu Park group's monthly social which will be held in the Cultural Hall. . A bus has been arranged to take members to Rockhampton on Thursday, May 14, leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am. Inquiries for seats to bus captain Patricia King, 39 2109. 0 0 0

THE mention of Yeppoon Railway Station in conjunction with the pensioners' league brings to mind the problem the league has been having about a waiting place at the station. A while back the station alcove was closed to protect the station and its various cargoes from problems. The problem arose for various groups who used to catch buses from the station to other places because everyone used to wait in the alcove away from the wind and rain. Anyway, Yeppoon Pensioners' League and its president Bill Shuttlewood decided to contact the various officials to see about having it re-opened. Success. YPL has received notification from Transport Minister Don Lane that 'alternative arrangements have been made for the security of parcels on the platform and for the sale of tickets. Arrangements have also been made for the entrance to the vestibule from the platform side to be enclosed and a doorway provided to enable access to the platform from the vestibule when necessary. This door will be locked when not in use and this will allow the use of the vestibule during working hours". Congratulations. There is also an item on this page about a course being run by Community Health on assertive and aggressive behaviour. I think the YPL knows the difference.

...a Birdbath for Mother!

HOW? Spend $5 or more on any of our large range of... Plants, Pots, Ornaments, etc (Drawn 5pm, Saturday, May 9)

Colonial Gardens Rockhampton Road

(opp golf course)

39 4078


Clothing is on today (Saturday) at the Mill Gallery from 2pm. The clothes are all designed and made here on the Coast and exhibited at the gallery for a fortnight. The highlight of .today's opening is a parade of the individual designs. Admission of $4 is being charged and that includes afternoon tea. Go along to the Mill Gallery (past the Iwasaki roundabout and opposite the Farnborough School) and see what designers and dressmakers the Coast offers. Some of the designs are from L'Individual (Linda Sykes), Martina Baccaro, Georgia (Anita McBride), Individual Garments (Pauline Ewart) and other separate items as one-only exhibits. 0


WOULD you like to take your horse to Ranglewood on Coowonga Road for a gymkhana and trail ride on Sunday (tomorrow). Ranglewood is on the same turn-off as Koorana Crocodile Farm. 0 0 0

LEGACY Appeal on the Capricorn Coast was cancelled last weekend because of the inclement weather, Coast Legacy Appeal co-ordinator Stan Kent said that the Justice Department had given permission for the Coast branch to have its collection tomorrow (Sunday). Yeppoon High School students will be helping the organisers collect donations from Coast residents. Legacy helps the widows and children of deceased returned servicemen. Remember Legacy when a collector calls.

May 2— May 8, 198T— 11

Picture Framing KEPPEL ART & FRAMING 50 Normanby Street 39 1774

CHICKENS * Fresh and/or cooked *

FISH * Fresh and/or cooked * Soft drinks * Icecreams * * Milk * Salads * Rolls *

CAPRICORN SEAFOODS 89 Whitman Street, Yeppoon

39 1483

Savemore Centre


today (Mmay 2) 30ain

B WEEKS:wimm

It's the Merry, Merry Month of May

Join us in 5 WEEKS of FUN SHOPPING from April 25 to May 30 AVAILABLE AT ALL SAVEMORE CENTRE SHOPS In the above period every time you shop in air-conditioned comfort at

SAVEMORE CENTRE, YEPPOON you will receive one or more tickets. Just write your name and address and phone number on the ticket and put it in the Treasure Chest in the Mall.

PRIZES TOTAL OVER $800 Two $20 Treasure Chest Tickets will be drawn every Saturday morning in the Mall at 11.30am. If you are actually present in person at the draw your prize voucher increases to $30.

THREE MONSTER JACKPOT PRIZES OF $200 will be drawn on Saturday, May 30 at 11.30am All tickets deposited over the five week period are eligible for the jackpot prizes drawn on May 30...winner must be present! The more shopping visits to the SAVEMORE CENTRE... the more winning chances you have. Free tickets available at all centre shops

Free tickets available on the following basis of purchases... Purchases of $1 to $ free ticket Purchases of $6 to $20...two free tickets Purchases of $21 to $50...three free tickets Purchases over $50...four free tickets

Over $800 in prizes Draw No. 1 Sat, May 2, 11.30am, 2 prizes each of $20 ($30 if winner is present) Draw No. 2 Sat, May 9, 11.30am, 2 prizes each of $20 ($30 if winner is present) Draw No. 3 Sat, May 16, 11.30am, 2 prizes each of $20 ($30 if winner is present) Draw No. 4 Sat, May 23, 11.30am, 2 prizes each of $20 ($30 if winner is present GRAND FINAL DRAW — Sat, May 30, 11.30am THREE PRIZES EACH OF $200 (winner must be present)

— Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 — May 8, 1987

Olde Davis Cup won by Callide IN pouring rain a busload of Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club members went to Biloela on Sunday to play in the first of two games for 1987 in Ye, Olde Davis Cup fixture. It was the 27th game in the competition which had its beginning in 1972 when members of YIBC went to Goovigen to play a match against that centre. Yeppoon won the contest and former games director of St Andrew's (Yeppoon) Indoor Bowling Club Jim Scott, at that time in charge of police at Goovigen, gave an old china cup to then senior YIBC vice president Bernie Robson as a gimmick. The competition was later transferred to a twice-yearly fixture between Callide Valley Indoor Bowling Association and YIBC. Since 1972 YIBC has won the cup 17 times, Callide nine and Goovigen once. "That indoor bowls caters for all ages was evidenced at Biloela on Sunday when nineyear-old Cathy Cruickshank played as lead for Callide against YIBC's 80-year-old Bill Shuttlewood," YIBC's spokesman said. Also in the Callide line-up were Sarah Cruickshank 11, Juanita White 12 and 15year-old Kevin Bowden. "They all played excellent bowls and the future of indoor bowling in the Callide Valley is assured while the sports administrators there continue to foster youth participation," YIBC publicity officer Bill Shuttlewood said. After an absence from bowling of six years., Bill Shuttlewood made Sunday's game and was fortunate to be picked in the team that won the trophies for the highest-scoring YIBC team. Playing excellent bowls, the callide team of Ted Marshall, Olive Brown, Arthur Kirkwood, Joan Penfold, Harry Eastaway and Kevin Bowden won all five games; scoring 70 points and paved the way for Callide's handsome victory of 261 /, games, 502 points to YIBC's 131,,, 410 points. For YIBC the top team was number eight, of Syd James, Nancy Jarvie, Marie Zonca, Brian McCabe, Florence Collins and Bill Shuttlewood. Thfs combination, expertly skipped by Syd James and Brian McCabe, won four games and scored 66 points. For their effort in trying hard, but winning no games, the YIBC team of Aub Klaproth, Mery Eggerling, Steve Cowie, Elma Kearney, Evie Benson and Jean Whiteacre and were awarded the lowest-score prizes. Ken White (Callide) won the raffle ... a fruit tray. Six players who were in the 1972 game at Goovigen made the trip last Sunday. They were Bernie and Vi Robson, Bill and Thelma Shuttlewood, Evie Benson and Errol Ward. Excellent morning and afternoon teas were provided by the Callide ladies. Today, Saturday, the scene .shifts to Yeppoon when 54 members of the Mackay Indoor Bowling Club will arrive for a weekend of bowling, which will include sessions tonight, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. After tomorrow afternoon's session a cent sale will be held, followed by a barbecue. Members are asked to take sandwiches, scones and pikelets for supper on Saturday night and cakes and tarts for tomorrow night.

❑ ABOVE: Returned servicemen marched behind the pipe band at Emu Park's Anzac Day service on Saturday.


❑ ABOVE: Bill Power (front, right) conducted the service held at the Emu Park Cenotaph. The Emu Park Choral Society led the crowd in hymns and, sons. :Nye

❑ ABOVE: Allan Evans, Bill Kidd, Jack Clarke and Harold Williams rested during the Emu Park Anzac Day service.


Glass Repairs YEPPOON GLASS AND TILES 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h ,

, 0 ABOVE: Emil Park State School children were among guides, brownies, scouts, cubs and Yeppoon High coo students who marched at the Anzac Day service on Saturday.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY SOFTWARE FOR THE IBM-PC AND COMPATIBLES User Supported Software is a concept where the authors of software request computer clubs such as- ours to distribute FULL copies of their software to you the end user to try and evaluate. The authors, by notes in the software, request from a satisfied end user an optional nominal donation if they like and use the software. The donation, or registration fee, is nominal in comparison to the normal purchase price of software. The software supplied comes with full manuals and instructions in the form of text files which you print out or view on your monitor. The software is full commercial quality, or let's be honest, if it was second grade the authors would not receive any donations which is their income. The range of software is huge including word processors with intergrated spelling checkers, data bases, typing tutors, intergrated accounting packages, cashbook systems, CAD packages, arcade games, adventure games, utilities and many more. You purchase through ourselves for the cost of the disc, postage, sales tax and publicity only on a non-profit basis, you cannot go wrong. Write to:

The User Supported Software Group, P.O. Box 472, Turramurra. N.S.W. 2074. for a free listing of software available by this wonderful method. No joining fees, no need to buy catalogues or books.

D grade squash marred by forfeits CAPRICORN Coast D Grade squash fixtures were marred by forfeits this week. "This not only lets down the opposing players, but also affects team results," the D grade spokesman said. "Please advise the squash centre early so that every effort can be made to find a reserve player." The lack of players did not mean a lack of exciting games for the night. Tim Lanyon showed a return to form by playing a tightly controlled game of squash and this meant Peter Triffelly was unable to get a foot in. Shane Nixon and Lynda Keilly matched each other point for point with Shane the eventual winner in the fifth game. Stuart Clarke and Jenny Konnings also fought it out to five games with Jenny having a win in the fifth. Boys Four defeated Roses and Thorn 4-1: Stuart Clarke v Jenny Konnings 2-3; Peter Stoyel def Leisa Fien 3-0; Sean Fallis and Barry Hinton each won on a forfeit. Annie's Boys defeated Master Blasters 32: Peter Treffilly v Tim Lanyon 0-3; Ian Lawton def Danny O'Meara 3-0; Lynda Keilly v Shane Nixon 2-3; Ben Stack def Peter Janz 31.

Speed Balls defeated Terminators 5-0: Glen Knights def Troy Wilkinson 3-0; Anne Priem def Scott Salmond 3-0; reserve Karen Wood and Dwayne Vivian both won on 'forfeit.

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

Pastor Ernie Peters

SAT: 6.30pm, Gospel Concert with

Harvest ... a vibrant up-tempo Bowen band at Bell Park, Emu Park. SUN: 10am, Harvest, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Harvest in Beaman Park, Yeppoon. Supper after Saturday & Sunday night shows

TUES: 7.30pm, LLI, Bible Studies WED: 9.30am, Ladies at Jennine's place

Yeppoon, 39 3209 at Cora's, Kinka-1 FRI: 8.30pm, Coffee Shop, Yeppoon CWA THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 - May 8, 1987 - 13

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds


Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and . published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843,_Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon, 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all . editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement, pre-erigagement. marr iage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, Omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for errors.

oUBLIC NOTICES ,-__...;HILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Support, 39 4523. KOORANA Crocodile Farm will be open on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Lunch from noon to 1pm. Tour begins at 1pm. Spotlight dinner tours by arrangement. 34 4749. COACHING. Experienced, registered teacher available to coach chemistry, physics, maths. $15 per hour individual, $20 per group. 336517 CASH buyer interested in purchasing Yeppoon cement truck. Please forward details to PO Box 539, . _ Yeppoon. OLD-TIME dance, May 2 at 7.30pm. Byfield Hall...lrene Jones Band. CENTRAL Queensland Woodturning supplies top quality English HSS tools, etc. Phone 39 1838. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. JOIN Avon today for only $5. Are& available Yeppoon, Emu Park, Keppel Sands. Phone Daphne, 28 4327. CLOTHING: mended and altered...zips, hems raised/lowered. Also ironing. Phone 39 4064. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day DELICIOUS fruit shakes and Yoghurt Icecream to keep you cool and slim at Yeppoon Fresh Fruit and Veg, James Street. MATHS coaching available to children up to Year 11. Phone 39 3710.

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Flockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every clay 39 2212

RSL Museum

OPEN... Every Monday 2pm - 4pm Normanby St, Yeppoon KAIVIAG offers you fully licensed...


We specialise in... Domestic short-term protection for holidays Commercial protection * Night Security Patrol * Cash Transfers * Electronic Alarm Monitoring Armed and Static Guards * Trained Dogs

39 2171 FREE QUOTES 39 2171 Hempetistall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants.



FRANK and Elizabeth Huszak thank everyone who assisted at Frank's accident last Thursday. In particular all those who have sent messages and visited him at Rockhampton Base Hospital ... Yeppoon Readymix workmates, Trevor Boon, Dr Lloyd and friends from Yeppoon Golf Club.

LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... all from Nursing Mothers. Phone Judy, 33 683.1. YAMAHA 400cc road bike, 16000km, meticulous. $1200 ONO. Phone 39 3453. SPOIL mother from our large range of caneware, planters, baskets, hutches, bedside tables or Papa-sans at Coastal Cane, upstairs in the Sands Arcade, Yeppoon. REMEMBER Mother! Artifical floral arrangements, clocks, soap, gift-packs, and many other beautiful gifts to choose from at Coastal Cane, upstairs in Sands Arcade, Yeppoon. SHARP electronic cash register - four-total machine - fully sealed. Suitable hotel, takeaway, seafood business. $425. Contact Yeppoon Golf Club Inc. 39 1056.

PRESIDENT and members of Yeppoon subbranch, RSL extend sincere thanks to all who assisted or took part in the Anzac Day Commemoration services in Yeppoon. M W Scope, Hon Secretary EMU PARK RSL would like to thank everyone who helped out on Anzac Day especially the publican and staff at Pine Beach Hotel. The organisation also thanks all who marched in the parade and attended services.


Main Roads Main Roads Department,Oueensland

QUOTATION Q 591 Quotations are invited for the hire of large excavator (Kato 1800 or equivalent) at a job site which is located north of Yeppoon on the Yeppoon-Byfield Road. Quotation documents are available from Mr D H King of the District Office, 38 Armstrong Street, NORTH ROCKHAMPTON, Telephone (079) 27 5700. All other enquiries to Engineer P A Evans (Extension 214). Quotations endorsed "Quotation Q 591" are to be forwarded to the District Engineer, Main Roads Department, Box 5096, ROCKHAMPTON MAIL CENTRE, Q, 4702, and be in his hands by NOON on Thursday 7 May, '87.

POSITIONS VACANT. MODELS, single ladies only, write to Rockhampton Employment Agency, Room 1, 77 East Street, with photos. PERSONS wishing spare part-time employment, write to Rockhampton Employment Agency, Room 1, 77 East Street.

FOR SALE KITCHENS, Vanity Units, Built-in Robes Yeppoon Kitchens, 49 Tanby Road. 39 2419. GARAGE big as a flea market! Saturday and Sunday at Bondoola on Rockhampton/Yeppoon Road. Set up your own stall or we will sell your goods. For bookings, 39 3935. ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds - all types - free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419. LINEN: ideal pre-wedding and baby shower parties. Phone 39 3660. GOLD and Tropical Fish, aquarium supplies. The Garden Centre, 11 Hill Street, Yeppoon. INDOOR and outdoor plants, fertilizers, sprays, potting mix, seed and seedlings, herbs at The Garden Centre, 11 Hill Street, Yeppoon. COLOURED TVs, fully checked, from $ Peach's, 26 James Street, Yeppoon. KITCHEN cupboards; standard size 4'6" s/s sink; hot plates; wall oven. Can be seen prior to removal. 33 6256.

CHICKENS the taste of fresh chickens) HOME DELIVERIES phone Paul or Lynne

39 7944

Emu Park! RUST PROOFING at-Nelson Street 39 6436

Install a Screen Door that will...

LAST and is...

Decorative Won't Rust Secure Made-to-Measure (up to 870mm wide) Bottom seal included

24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

Capricorn Coast Chamber `-'of Commerce and Industry The monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 5 at 7.30pm at the Capricorn Coast Mirror office, corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. All Capricorn Coast business people are invited to attend.


39 4318

Central Coast Insect Screens MINI WE ALSO STOCK...



50 KILO potato sacks, lots of 10, 300 each. Phone 39 3371.

HUGE GARAGE SALE Old Rockhampton Road near Limestone Creek, Bondoola

ALL WEEKEND Clothing * Plants * Fishing Gear Building materials * Furniture Boat * Table and chairs

FOR HIRE YEPPOON Trestle Hire Service. Delivery tc Coast & rural area of steel, painters', builders' & bricklayers' trestles & aluminium planks. Phone 39 7969. Rates: $2/item per day. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek. Phone 34 4174. RAINBOW Party Hire for all your entertainment needs! Tables, chairs, barbecues, wedding arches and much more. For your next party, wedding or function! Free delivery. Phone 39 3512. TV hire. Reliable TV and video repairs. Phone 22 3931, 39 4265. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in...34 4174. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174.

U-DRIVE.. â&#x20AC;¢ BBQ Hire Boat * NO LICENCE REQUIRED * Carry 8 persons * Fuel & Gas supplied Weekends: $100 daily Weekdays: S75 daily

28 4311

Bob Heath

BAND FOR HIRE MOORHEADS...'Your Good Music Band'. Weddings, Restaurants, to suit everyone. 28 4935.


Ph 39 4244 MONDAY: 1.30pm. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooe-e Bay Hall. Free bus. phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit , No. B18601. SATURDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance: $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B18596. WEDNESDAY: 7pm at ,Keppel Bay Sailing Club.

TO LET INDUSTRIAL sheds, 57 Tanby Road, from $55 per week. Phone owner, 39 7556. ,C WO bedroom furnished. Bond required. $95 /per week. Cooee Bay. 27 4823 or 39 X565. PERSON to share beach house, $40 per week. 39 4582 evenings. TWO-BEDROOM furnished flat, Yeppoon. $80 weekly, bond. 39 7595.

WANTED TO BUY OLD china, bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442 HALF to fully grown coconut palms and Golden Cane. 39 3020. HAND-PUSH mower in good condition. Phone 39 3562.

WORK WANTED (PENSIONER Discount): lawns mowed, edges trimmed, roses and fruit trees pruned, trees. lopped, rubbish removed. No job too big. Reasonable rates. All work guaranteed. 39 3512. ALLOTMENTS slashed. Kinka Beach/Emu Park/Zilzie area. From $25. 39 6237 LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460. RELIABLE carpenter needs work. Keith Greasley. Phone 39 7595.

BABY-SITTING PERMANENT babysitting available, daytime work hours only. Prefer under 12 months. Phone 39 3316.

LOST AND FOUND FOUND: a lady's gold watch, near Appleton Park on Sunday. Contact Capricorn Coast Mirror, 39 4244.

MOTOR VEHICLES HOLDEN '78 Panel Van. Air-conditioned, rear windows. Good condition. $2,800. 39 1042. WRECKING: Holden, Falcon, Valiant. CK Motors, Burnett Street, Yeppoon. 39 1410 FALCON XD station wagon. Auto, new tyres. Good condition. $6,000. 39 1042.

REAL ESTATE SELL unfurnished 3 bedroom lowset, fibro home. Walking distance to town. Large allotment. $46,500. Phone 39 1013, 39 3169.

TO RENT YEPPOON: 3/4 bedroom with garage. Prefer pool, but not essential. Responsible tenants. Phone 39 2484.

WANTED KNOWN HERBAL health care. Lose up to 29 excess pounds a month. Will suit your budget. 100% guaranteed. Phone 27 6397




SATURDAY, 2nd MAY at 11am Acting Under Instructions by Mortgagee exercising Power of Sale LOT 1 - Prime commercial site (ex Beachcomber Hotel) of 1631m2 Zoned Tourist Business & Residential. Suitable Hotel, Motel, Shops, "Blue Ribbon" commercial site of Emu Park. 2.347 Ha, Kerr Street, Meikleville Hill, LOT 2 Yeppoon. Sea and Island Views, suitable subdivision, Terraced Apartments or just magnificent home site. Currently zoned Res B. Great opportunity to secure Prime Real Estate on the CAPRICORN COAST


a114- atitpAcs44 CoSstlIrrookollgYklaIsaD M1S918;11q87

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds TRADEWORK

TRADEWORK RIDE-ON and lawn mowing, brush cutting and rotary hoe. First-class job. 39 3184.

Peter and Toni

Carpet Cleaning Tradesman PAINTER George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting *

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

Answering service


39 4410

39 3646


1.1,4tak Trailers Hire & Sales

PAINTING and Wallpapering, free- quote..._. nann,x30u Han o 91s 13_ SPRAY -TANK for 5 weeds available. Phone 39 1483. COOEE Bay Plumbing...maintenance and new work. Phone 39 2346 anytime.

EMU PARK! Panel Work

Capricorn Sandblasting Industrial Spray Painting and...

Terry Bishton...

Tanby Roundabout, Yeppoon

Maintenance 0 New Work General Carpentry 0 Repairs

39 4092

39 1784

No job too small

Ron and Kay Barnicoat...

KITCHENS 53 Tanby Road


39 1675

Mini Soil Deliveries


Built to your design

Cooee Bay Marine


Specialising in Laminated or Solid Timber Kitchens For free quote: Ivor Veliscek


Industrial — Residential — Commercial O Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios ❑ Driveways 0 Foundations

33 6836

PAINTING -1)0,-tpvtrx -coot iri

39 1845

J. R. Concrete


* Slabs * Paths * Patios * * Brick paving * Exposed Aggregate * Free Quotes — Town & Country

Think Concrete THINK PINK

No loading for weekends Radio controlled

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

Interior * Exterior * Free Quotes *

Allan 'Happy' Warren


39 3113

Qualified tradesman...T Plahn (prop)

39 4038 a/h

Dave Kershaw for...

'16 years on the Coast'


Earl and Margaret Hempseed

KEITH BECK 39 4016

4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

Bill Rasmussen

MINI TIPPER HIRE &SLASHING 68 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon n

39 3193

39 4408


Domestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

Ian & Ann Clissold'siCleaning Service 39 4065

CARPENTRY, concreting and boat repairs Phone 33 6265. BICYCLE repairs, all makes. Yeppoon Tackle 'and Sports, 26 James Street. 39 1436.

MARINE MERCURY and Suzuki outboards: Stessl and Clark aluminium boats: radios, sounders, and marine equipment. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.


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YABA REFEREES, COACHES TO SKILLS SCHOOL Daytime squash PAT Harris and Maryanne Vearing

YEPPOON Amateur Basketball Association has been offered the services of „,jeading Central Queensland Basketball referee Harry Daherty in developing skills in Yeppoon referees and coaches. The first stage in this skills programme is an all-day referee training clinic to be held at the Cooee Bay Stadium from 9am on Sunday, May 10. The free clinic will be available to referees' association nominees and persons

participating in the Queensland Basketball level 0 coaches clinic. Nominees for the referees' association should contact Sharyne Smith on 394415. Level 0 coaches clinic nominees must contact John Christensen on 391728 or the court steward at any future fixture games. Persons over 15 completing the referees' association course will be eligible to become professonal referees' and be paid a fee for their services. Draw for Sunday, May 3: 10am to 12pm

Novices; 5pm Panthers v Shadows; 6pm Bombers v Mixed Nuts; 7pm Celtics v All Whites. Monday, May 4: 6pm Cougars 2 v Badehouse Gym; 7pm L'amour v Nomads; 8pm Saints v Tigas; 9pm Cougars 1 v Scoobbettes. Wednesday, May 6: 6pm Brendans Gold v Brendans staff; 7pm Brendans Green• v Wildcats; 8pm Seagulls v Billabongs; 9pm Scoobbs v Cobras. Bye: Coasters.

CapCoast Rugby club starts A grade season with a 'gritty' win over Colts


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first tittle ems like the worst time, but it's the one time you'll never ktig ffirgV 4

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PG St2e0 4•SrEVEG WINStOW 81)88^ SMtT4 DAM c.464 • TWAZUR VileGrROAD SIOW 1

3 rewirm


Gazufuram ritt itE

THE first round of Rockhampton District Rugby Union fixtures was held on the weekend and CapCoast Rugby Club started A grade on a high note with a gritty 14-11 win over Colts. Colts is supposedly one of the stronger teams in the competition so it augers well for rugby on the Coast this season. Playing in summery conditions, minus John Atkinson and Paul Marshall to the CQ Under 21s and Mark Boyd to injury, the side got off to a sluggish start. CapCoast could be considered lucky to be only 3-0 down midway through the first half, after two early penalty goal attempts had missed from Colts' Warren McLaughlin. From this point on the side started to move into gear with the forwards driving hard and winning good clean ball. After a tap penalty in Colts' 25, 'Paddles' Aroa slotted over a neat field goal to make the score 3-3. Shortly after, Colts went over near the posts for a controversial try after the last pass appeared to travel considerably forward. The conversion attempt missed and the team went into half-time 3-7 down, but by no means out of the game. After an inspiring team talk from captaincoach Dave Ruck the side came out and produced some strong forward rugby and wore down Colts. Dave Ruck slipped a neat pass to Marc Aroa who dashed over the line taking three defenders with him. Rucky missed the conversion and the scores were level at 7-7. With the help of clever tactical kicking from Aroa, penetrative running of inside centre Mark Thompson, the forwards drove Colts back into their own quarter. After an infringement close to Colts' line, number eight Mick Bongers took the ball off the back of the scrum, passed to Ruck who forced his way over in the corner. The connection missed and CapCoast led 11-7. A slight relaxation in the CapCoast defence saw Colts scamper over and throw the pressure right back on Coast. The conversion missed and the score was 11 all. With 15 minutes to go and the scores level Mark Aroa pulled another field goal. This one was a 35 metre effort out of the bag to put CapCoast in front 14-11. From this point on CapCoast grafted away at Colts denying them possession by winning almost 100 per cent of the line-out ball and the majority of scrum, ruck and maul ball to the full-time whistle. For Coast, Marc Aroa and Mark Thompson had strong games in the backs while loose forwards Nick Corbett and Ian Hutton were on the ball all day. Special mention to Paul 'Mello' Marshall

who played the majority of the game with a head gash which needed five stitches. Peter Trifelly had his first run for Coast and Andrew Farlwo was coaxed out of semiretirement to run off in the black and gold. "Without these two guys, who came in at short notice, we would have run on with only 13 men. Thank you very much," captain/coach Dave Ruck said. This week's game is against Pioneers at Rugby Park, 4.30pm. In the Suncorp Cup, CapCoast had the premiers down 15-4 at the break, only to throw the game away in the second half to lose 24-15.

A grade squash CAPRICORN Coast A grade squash team Mariners found third-placed Strugglers to be more than a match for them on Wednesday night. A weakened Strugglers' line-up with good wins at the number three and four positions defeated Mariners two rubbers each, eight games to seven. Mariners have had fine sailing for the past two weeks winning four straight each time. However, the number four Danny Taylor found reserve May Briggs to be too cunning when she out-foxed him, 3-1, while Roger Dale at number three found Larry Owens had recovered some of his old form to win 30. Joe Foat continues to out run all, accounting for Neil Roberts in four while Brett Stewart was unable to stop reserve Bob Teece from obtaining the game necessary for a Strugglers win. Mery Leslie, playing as reserve at number one for the president, played well to extend Gordon Roberts of Mighty Macks 2-5. Warren Royal at number four for Mighty Macks won the fifth game convincingly against Ray Campbell in what wds earlier quite a scrappy match. Len Keily, at number four for Team One, should be well pleased with his performance in defeating the wily Chris Callard in four. Team One defeated Social Hitters, 3-1: Len Keily def Chris Callard 3-1; Glen Ward def Doug Perrin 3-0; reserve Chris Priem v Bernard Lacey 0-3; Tony Smith def Clay Nothling 3-1. Mighty Macks defeated All The President's Men and His wife 3-1: Warren Royal def Ray Campbell 3-2; Ian Atkinson def Jenny Umlauft 3-0; Chris Hacker v Brian Umlauft 0-3; Gordon Roberts def Mery Leslie 3-2. Strugglers defeated Mariners two rubbers each, eight games to seven: May Briggs def Danny Taylor 3-1; Larry Owens def Roger Dale 3-0; Neil Roberts v Joe Foat 1-3; Bob Teece v Brett Stewart 1-3.

Kay Scope scoops stableford pool KAY SCOPE scooped the pool at Yeppoon Golf Club's Wednesday ladies stableford last week. She won the stableford with 36 points, first and second nine with 32 nett each time. Marge Williams was next best in the stableford with Avis Aird, both 32 points. Phyllis Mann was second on the first nine with 361/2 and May McGlashan on the second with 331/2'. Stellas Haskins and Beryl Taylor won pinshots and Nancy Montgomery the proshot. Roger Geddes won the members' stableford with 40 points. Ossie McCurtayne 39, Lionel Taylor 38, George Rapley and George Norton 37, with Ralph Clay and George Fry both on 36 points. First nine hole winner was L Taylor with 30, Ossie and Mike Prior 31 and George Rapley 311/2. P Hogan won the second nine with 301/2, visitor K Dorrough 32'/2, V Hunt 32'/2 and A Simpson 33. Visitor W Bowd and A Simpso won the pinshots and W Bowd also won the proshot. The veterans played a stableford for members and associates over 12 holes on Friday. Heather Keene was associates' winner with 25 points and Stella Haskins was runnel-up with 24. Heather also won the pinshot.

Ray Clark was members' winner with 31 points followed by Charlie Williams 30 and Harley Fish won the pinshot. Saturday's Anzac Day game of Diggers versus non-diggers was a hard fought battle. The veterans were losers again this year by 392 strokes to 410. Associates Nancy Montgomery was 70 nett and Nicky Hunt and Stella Haskins were both on 73 nett. Members Joe Garvet and Max Clay both were 63 nett with Ken Clements 64, Nobs Drillis 64, Peter Foxwell 65, Ron Riley 66, Ian Atkinson 67, Ernie Nankivell 67, Doug Cruickshank 68, Mick Clifford 68 and Arthur Douherty 68.

Yeppoon ladies WET weather halted Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club competitions. The following competitions have been called for Thursday, May 7 at 9am. Consistency singles: I McNamara v F Denney; M Baglow v D McPherson. B grade singles: J Cain v M Freeman; N Garner v R Goody. 1pm. Champion fours: V Thompson, J Gibbins, M Headrick and A Atkinson v D McPherson, J Barber, P Childs and I McNamara. Queen of the Green will be played at 12.30pm between M Stewart and J Barber.

provided the match of the week at Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures played on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Pat won 3-2. Comedienne's defeated May's Meanies 12-11: Carol Greasley v May Briggs 0-3; Rosemary Dakai def Jenny Koning 3-1; Sue Blake v Ann Hinton 1-3; Helen Leslie def Pat Gough 3-1; Linda Keily v Robyn Battersby 13; Helen Spence def Gail Moore 3-0. Kathy's Kites defeated Denise's Dolphins 13-10: Liz def Denise Campbell 3-0; Joyce Hinton v Nita Marxsen 1-3; Diane Cameron def Denise Lawrence 3-2; Anne Priem def Cheryl Evans 3-0; Pat Harris def Maryanne Vearing 3-2; Audrey Rodgers v Cordie Nugent 0-3. Whales defeated Trish's Troubleshooters 13-12: Julie Britton def Trish Andrews 3-0; Jenny Semple def Trish Hinton 3-1; Karen Woods v Penny Munns 0-3; Jan Schmidt v Judy Minter 2-3; Carol Knight def Debbie Marxsen 3-2; Lois Bayliss v Deidre Garwood 1-3. Seagulls defeated A Team 12-11: Sally Corney def Alice Glennie 3-0; Gaye Boehm def Lyn Timms 3-1; Jean Graff v Rosemary Jones 1-3; Cheryl Evans def Megan Anderson 3-1; Rosemary Hansen v Pam Hayman 1-3;Betty Woods v Helen Hinton 0-3

Junior rules YEPPOON Junior Aussie Rules played only two games on Sunday. Under 13's and Under 11's had a bye due to Biloela only having an under 15 side and Rocky Grammar an under 17 side. Biloela arrived with only 14 players so Yeppoon extended the friendship by supplying them with four players. The match turned out a one-sided affair with Biloela only scoring 2 goals 1 behind to Yeppoon 25-19. Yeppoons best players were Ronald Mackie, Mark Van Gestal and Dale Wetzler. Danny Bromley played for Biloela and put in a top game. It was much the same in the under 17 grade against Rochampton Grammar with the scores ending Yeppoon 16-16 to Grammar 1-1. Best players for Yeppon were Aaron Trevis, Aaron Thompson, John Higgins and Luke Bowden.

Emu Park bowls JOHN Aitken won the A championship singles semi-final at Emu Park Bowls Club when he defeated Jack Norris 25-19. In the other singles semi-final Lou Tickner defeated Col Smith 25-10. Chick Stanley won the B singles semi-final against Glen Kluver 26-18. The final of the B singles will be played on Tuesday, May 12 at 1.30pm between Chick Stanley and Eddie Mann. On the same day the mixed triples will be played between Peggy Kluver, Glen Kluver, Wilf Gibson and Kathy Cliffe, Joyce Barber, George Cliffe. Championship triples will be played on Saturday, May 16 at 1.30pm between Tom Lynan, Eddie Mann, Dick Prior and Peter Pritchard, Alan Evans, Wilf Gibson.

'Gym Talk' ...with MaI O'Keeffe ONE in four Queenslanders develop skin cancer ... the highest incidence in the world, according .to the Queensland Institute of Technology. Scientists have confirmed that the ozone barrier surrounding the earth's atmosphere is reducing every year due to pollution and atmospheric disturbances and because of this the rays generated by the sun are more concentrated. As the general awareness of ultra-violet rays is more apparent through the media by the government's 'Slip, Slop, Slap' advertising campaign, people are now looking for alternative methods of acquiring tanning without the pain associated with the burns and aging process. I wish to introduce you to the safest and best method of tanning ... the Solarium Sunbed!

The method is UVA/B Tanning System. This system has a minute percentage of UVB rays which encourages production of melanin which draws the pigment to the outer cells of the skin enabling the UVA rays to brown the skin. Phone me now for your session and have a tan through the winter months.

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16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror May 2 May 8, 1987

$20,000 TOAST OF THE COAST RACE MEETING LESS than three weeks remain before the highlight of the Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club's annual calendar, the Toast of the Coast meeting. This meeting, at which it has been programmed to distribute more than $20,000 in prizemoney and trophies, will be held at Tyrer Park on May 20. The feature of a five-event programme will be a $7750 Toast of the Coast Country Stakes (1200m) for which an attractive consolation is planned should final acceptances be on a par with previous years. For this class of horse the prizemoney at Yeppoon is among the richest distributed by any provincial club in Queensland.

Other events are: Open Handicap (1420m) $3000; Coca-Cola Rural Stakes (1200m) $2000, Maiden Handicap (1200m) $2000, Two-Year-Old Handicap (1100m) $2000. The May 20 meeting will be the first occasion the club has catered for a twoyearold event. This class of racing is receiving tremendous publicity at presnt and hopefully the response will be on a par with the Patience Park Silver Bootee Stakes run at Tyrer Park on April 15 when a full field of 12 faced the starter. The Toast of the Coast, which coincides with the running of the Prime Minister's Cup

at the Gold Coast, starts off carnival racing in the Rockhampton area. The YARC Committee plans to hold a Sportsmen's evening in association with the Toast of the Coast and on the day a Fashions in the Field will carry a $100 open order prize from Colonial Gardens. Keen interest is being shown in the leasing of the house and stable complex at Tyrer Park. Earlier this week the secretary, Leo .Mackie received telephone calls from trainers at Warwick, Toowoomba and Esk Regarding the set-up. Written expressions of interest close today and the committee will deal with these at their next meeting on Wednesday.

Emu Park hosts Swans crash to defeat in day of indoor bowlers disappointment against Brothers EMU Park's Singing Ship Indoor Bowling Club was visited by QRI Indoor Bowling Club on Saturday. Forty-nine bowlers enjoyed an afternoon of social bowls with Singing Ship going down to QRI 117-124. Mrs M Gundrum won the Easter hamper raffle ... all items were donated by members. Last Tuesday 40 bowlers from Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club and Singing Ship played social bowls. Syd Wills won the Tupperware raffle donated by Kath Mcllwraith. On Wednesday, April 22 two Singing Ship teams competed in the J Clark pairs night at the Kent Street, Rockhampton hall. Members are asked to put their names in the book for forthcoming fixtures. Wandal will visit Emu Park on Saturday, May 9 and winter fixtures start that day at the Kent Street hall. Names must be in the book by Friday, May 1. The Avis Mallory triples will be played at Emu Park on Tuesday, May 12. Singing Ship will play St James Indoor Bowling Club in the Hartwig trophy on Saturday, May 16 at the Mary Street, Yeppoon hall. Members welcome Bev Farrow back after a spell in Yeppoon Hospital.


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❑ By Jay Blake IT was another day of disappointment for the Swans last Saturday as they crashed to another defeat. The winning mArgin of 52 points flattered Brothers but Yeppoon never really looked like winners. Once again it was a case of the Reserve grade being short and A grade having to double up, so right from the start the Swans were behind the eight ball. Looking back at the game Yeppoon did not have one player who did not contribute, they didn't have many clear winners but conversely, not many clear losers. The side started well dominating the first 10 to 15 minutes without registering it on the scoreboard. Time and time again their over use of the ball brought about mistakes and more often than not Brothers capitalised on them. With this new emphasis on handball the Swans will have to learn when and where to use it. Too many times last week bad handball caused indirect passage to goal and put players under pressure causing a loss of possession. A little good fortune would not have gone astray either, as they didn't get one favourable bounce or crucial free kick all day. But still they battled on looking for Darren Kemp at every opportunity, unfortunatly he was wearing two left boots and hobbled around like a lame Flamingo. One major problem yet to be sorted out is the way the side is continually changed around, the goal to goal line was changed more times then Lady Di's picture has been on the cover of Women's Weekly. With five games gone now the side is no where near settled and this could prove costly later on. Philbob Lacy and Mark 'Sparrow' Taylor were brilliant across the half back line, although 'their disposal wasn't copy book they spoilt and tackled until they'd run themselves into the ground. Greg Brown, Ben Kelly and "Poster" Dell shared the ruckwork against their taller Brothers opponents and even though they were well outreached in the air they took the overall honours on the day. Greg Williams back at last for his first game this year inspired plenty of fire and desperation in his team-mates and with a few runs under his belt will once again be a force. Rob Gardner was given the job of tagging the resting Brothers rovers and shut them right out of the game, a great effort considering they're supposedly the top combination in the League. My best players: P Lacy, Taylor, Brown, Bourke, Motton and Gardner. Goalkickers: S Tickner 4; C Bourke 3; D Kemp, G Williams, B Kelly 2 each. The. Reserve grade battled against the odds all day. They were much shorter and lighter then their opponents and in the end this could have been the telling factor. For the first three quarters it was a very even tussle with both sides producing good passages of play but Yeppoon couldn't capitalise in front of goal. They had chances early on but the lack of an avenue to goal was a stumbling block.

Toast of the Coast

In an all too familiar fashion the ball was cleared from the backline only to rebound from the half -forward line. They were still in the game at threequarter time, being only four goals down but lost 'Big Bad' Bill Culton shortly after the start of the last quarter. His loss and an injury to Scott Witts seemed to open the floodgates and Brothers ran away to a big win. Best Players: Wiggington, Geissman, Mynott, M Wetzler and Culton. Goalkickers: Bain, Roberts 1. This week's grooming award goes to the smallest Swan, Dan 'the man' Munn for his Blue boy outfit. Unfortunatly the critics corner was back last week, let's hope they'll only be supportive from now on. Gary Hawke is nearing a personal milestone and is about to make club history, more about that next week. There are no fixture games this weekend because of a C.A.F.L. carnival in Rockhampton.

Wins to Dolphins and Dynamics YEPPOON Table Tennis Association fixtures played on Thursday, April 23, resulted in two prominent wins to Dolphins and Dynamics. In the first place Dolphins defeated Rockets seven games to four. Joe Kruger and David Stewart's match went to three games, with David showing his superiority in downing Joe in the third, 21-8. Dolphins' second player, Brian Stephens, was in top form to win all his matches for the night. When playing David, Brian's consistency and accuracy in returning shots proved too much for David. Rockets' number three Scott Malick, also had a hard battle with Gordon Wall, but managed to get the edge on him to win 21-19 and 23-21. Gordon played a better match against Rockets' . second player, Gordon Salton, but lost in three games. Both sets of doubles were taken out by Dolphins. On the other table, Dynamics had a runaway victory over Bog Factory, 9-2, however both teams had fill-ins for their number one players. Ray Morgan played for Bog Factory and Monica Christensen filled in as Dynamics' first player. Both Monica and Bill Sherlock won all three of their singles matches. The battle between the number three's, Peter and Neil Malick, showed intense concentration by each player and it was Peter's turn to take the honours to defeat his brother in two games. Neil, however, improved his game against Dave Ryan, and defeated him in three games. Both sets of doubles were won by Dynamics. The draw for -the start of the final round on Thursday, May 7, is Bog Factory v Rockets, Marvels v Dynamics and Dolphins have the bye.


f 9astee Het totile6

Ike back nb "OLD BALDY," needless to say, never worries about being bald, but that topic seems to give other people great amusement. Remarks about baldness are usually made by people secure in the knowledge that their low foreheads will last them a lifetime. Now "OB" has known since he was a little boy with a comb full of • hair that he was a solid candidate for endless chrome-dome jokes ... but his Courier-Mail mate Warren Nunn caught him off guard this week by telling him he should get a couple of rabbit tattoos on his head ... "from a distance they'll look like hares". o o o BY the way, "OB" has bought an old Mazda Bongo van for deliveries to save money (Suzy calls him Chicken-Man because he's cheep, cheep!) Anyway, last week "OB" was driving up Selvey Street in third gear in the Bongo Van and a tiny white dog rushed out of a house and started barking at it. Happy with the sound of its bark, the dog decided to chase the van ... and successfully kept up with it all the way up the street. "OB" has often wondered what a dog would do with a car'" ever it caught one ... and reckons he nearly found out! 0 0 0 THE worst part of that story was that Cathy (Lois Lane) Logan was sitting next to him all the way up Selvey Street ... cackling like a maniac. She told everyone (absolutely everyone) about the dog, so much so that "OB" had the Mazda tuned. But "OB" managed to get his own back later in the week. "Lois" was looking up "correspondent" in the dictionary ("OB" had changed her spelling from "ant" to "ent" and she thought he was wrong). Anyway, using all the wiles young, dizzy blondes have at their command, she sidled up to "OB" and asked him how to spell the word. When he told her she said "you're wrong, you're wrong" (or words to that effect) and showed him the word she had found ... "co-respondent". For some reason he started laughing and shaking his head so she asked what it meant. He looked up to see that Suzy wasn't listening and said: "Wait till after work and I'll show you." And, as all jokes should have a happy ending, "Lois" asked Suzy what it' meant. Then, armed with her new-found knowledge, "Lois" told "OB" he was a "dirty old man". Life's never dull in newspapers!!! o o o THE time: Easter Sunday. The place: a Yeppoon church. Characters have heard sermon and a plate is about to passed among them so they can give sermon a financial score from 1 to 10 (anyway, that's how my co-respondent, sorry correspondent puts it). Just as the plate started its trip along a certain pew, a moth fluttered into the air about five peopl(,_„) away. A wag said the obvious, "who just opened their wallet?" ... and titters filled the rest of the pew. No wonder more and more people are finding themselves in church!!! o o o PLACE: Emu Park; time: moments before start of Anzac Day march ... exDigger stands in front of parade and, with military precision of old commands "left turn". The Diggers, to a man, turned left ... but they knew the command should have been "right turn". After the laughs the correct command was given and the parade moved off. 0 0 0

THE Capricorn Coast, once again, did Anzac Day proud. No matter what the squabbles, no matter what the problems, the Coast knows how to turn out for the, important events in life. Lest We Forget.

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