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ISSUE 189 SATURDAY, March 28, 1987 — FRIDAY, April 3, 1987

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Students can win cash for ANZAC essay ANZAC DAY, April 25, is a day that we must not forget. It is a day of such significance to Australia that it must be taught to our children so that they will remember it, long after those who were part of it have passed on. With this aim, Yeppoon and Emu Park RSLs, together with the Capricorn Coast Mirror, have again provided $90 in cash prizes for essays on ANZAC Day. RSL members have sent a circular to Livingstone Shire schools advising of the essay competition and inviting students to participate. In addition, RSL members will visit these schools and give a talk about the meaning, and significance, of ANZAC Day. A video, compiled by the Australian War Memorial, is also available. Called The Boys of the Dardanelles, the video tells the ANZAC story in 21 action-packed minutes. School principals and teachers have been asked to make their students aware of the essay competition and to encourage entries. There are three sections: O Students of Year 8 and under. O Students of Year 9 and over. O A new section for a poem, which is open to all age groups. Essays for Year 8 and under are to contain about 500 words and, for essays from Year 9 and over, about 1000 words. First prize in each section will be $20 cash and second prize is $10. These prizes will be presented at the Cenotaph in Beaman Park on ANZAC Day at the conclusion of the march and services. The winning entries will be published in the Mirror. All entries must reach the Mirror office not later than Wednesday, April 22. The office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon, or they can be posted to the Mirror, P.O. Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703. A separate sheet of paper must be attached to each entry giving the name, age, school and grade of the entrant. No name should appear on the entry itself. The judges' decision will be final.

atERROR Capricorn. Coast


A COMPREHENSIVE survey on page 3 is a major step in a move for a goverment supported child care facility on the Coast. Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright has supplied the questionnaire to determine the extent of need for such a facility on the Coast. It is important that any parent seeking child care fill out the questionnaire and either post it to Mr Wright's office or leave the completed form at the Capricorn Coast Mirror office or in the special box provided at the Emu Park Newsagency. Put your completed form in an envelope and seal it. The unopened envelopes will be passed on to Mr Wright's office. The questionnaire is important ... if the numbers needing child care are sufficient, either an existing facility, or a new one, will be able to satisfy Coast needs. We at the Mirror know the need exists. So does Ann Dickson, the entrepreneur who last year opened the Yeppoon Day Care Centre. Mrs Dickson felt there was a need; surveyed the Coast by advertising her intentions in the Mirror, and,,, after receiving more than 50 applications for day care, built and opened her centre in Ranger Drive. In fact, so strong was the demand, Mrs Dickson was planning an extension of the new building to lift its capacity from 40 children a day to 65 ... and that planning was going ahead just days before the opening! But, when she opened, many parents found the $60 weekly charge too much for the family budget. Mrs Dickson's centre, being privately owned, did not qualify for government subsidy. The result was that the many parents who qualified for the subsidy took their children to Rockhampton for day care. There, in government supported facilities, a child would be looked after for about $15 a week. The fact that Mrs Dickson's charges were still $16 a week less than the government centres did not come into it ... Mrs Dickson's private enterprise operation withered while the government subsidised facilities prospered. The questionnaire in this week's issue will not be the final nail in the private enterprise coffin ... Mrs Dickson has had talks about the questionnaire and is prepared to have farther talks with the government along the lines of leasing her complete centre, possibly even selling it, to an authority that will qualify for the government subsidy. If this comes about, the Coast will have its own government subsidised child care centre and eliminate the need for so many parents to make daily trips to Rockhampton, saving them petrol, wear and tear on their vehicles ... and the exhaustion that such daily travel with a small child, or children, entails. The Mirror urges everyone who could make use of this facility to complete the questionnaire ... it's in your interests!



ABOVE: Wayne Clements of Kinka Beach and John Coutts of Cooee Bay are both members of the Capricorn Coast Dirt Bike Riders' Club which held at meeting at Barlow's property last weekend. Watching the events, it looks like fun going up the dirt mounds ... but what goes up must come down!

Governor to visit Coast CHILDREN from Ogmore, Marlborough, Keppel Sands, Mt Chalmers and all points in between will meet Queensland Governor Sir Walter Campbell, QC on Thursday. Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen extended an invitation to Sir Walter Campbell and Lady Campbell last year to visit the shire. The Governor and his wife will stay at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort for a short holiday, but they will also participate in a few official functions in the Central Queensland area. A committee was formed by Cr Bowen to organise the official functions for the couple on Thursday, their first day in Central Queensland. Sir Walter and Lady Campbell will arrive at

Rockhampton airport from Brisbane at 2pm. They will be escorted to the Coast by Rockhampton motorcycle police to arrive at Yeppoon Town Hall at 3.15pm. "His Excellency will arrive at the Town Hall in a Rolls Royce lent to the shire by Ross' Run," Cr Bowen said. "Children from all the shire's schools will form a guard of honour in front of the town hall. Then there will be a further guard of honour up the stairs and into the hall for the official part of the afternoon's function." Cr Bowen said the Governor would travel down the new highway, along Anzac Parade, then into Normanby and James Streets before arriving at the town hall. Seven-year-old twins Richelle and Michelle

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Tetley from the Lesley Wilson Bush Children's Home will present Lady Campbell with a posy. "The St Ursula's College orchestra and Yeppoon State High School band will provide the music in the hall. The Governor will then present specially prepared scrolls into my care for later presentation to all the schools and youth organisations represented," he said. The scrolls will be delivered by the councillors from each division. A scout and guide will give the Governor and his wife gifts on behalf of the people of Livingstone Shire. "Then all the children will go into Beaman ❑ CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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stor Ernie Peters,

SAT: 2pm, Youth. Bicycle observation rally. Destination? Bring togs. SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30am, Emu Park CWA Hall. TUES: 7.30pm, LLI Bible Studies WED: 9.30am, Ladies. Sylvia's, Cooee Bay. 39 3688 FRI: 7.30pm. Half night of prayer, Secretan's Emu Park.

0 ABOVE: Yeppoon brownies had a mother and daughter afternoon (and one sole father ... he's standing at the far right). Back row from left: Tammy Cranny nursing

Jason Flohr, Joycelyn Sikes, Crystal Sikes, Glenys Farlow (who did some hostess badge testing), Elaine Flohr and baby Justin, Gwen McGregor, Chris Towle, Carina What is a main reason for people to Sheard, Viv Cole, Anna Mickelburgh and dad ... Doug. Second row, from left: show disinterest in Jesus? brownie leader Carole Murray, Judy Umlauft, Judith Pattemore, Judy Minter, Sarah John 3:18-21... Towle and Anne Cook. Next row sitting: Deanna Miles, Laura Minter, junior leader BIG COVER-UP JOB! Lyn Murphy, Nicky Bennett, junior leader Deanna McGregor, Cassie Sheard, Lisa Advertisement upside down at advertiser's request McLean, Belinda Cranny, Kris Umlauft, Kylie Minter, Jessica Allery, Shelley Pattemore, Jenny Cook, Katrina Sikes, Kate Towle and Patrina Flohr. In front: Renea Mickelburgh, Sally bennett, Marcia Mickelburgh, Jackie Cole, Patsy Findlay and Patrina Flohr.


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Rare Fruit meet

* 4w0u0D pue

HAVE you tasted Carambola? The March meeting of the Rare Fruit Council will have the fruit for you to taste. The Carambola is sometimes called the five corner or star fruit. It is between 8 and 18 cm long with five or six ridges running length ways. There are many varieties and they range in colour from pale green to bright orange. The wax-like skin gives the fruit an attractive appearance and a good shelf life. The tree usually produces fruit within two years of planting and would easily find a place in most backyards. • The meeting will also offer you a chance to buy trees. It is on Saturday, today, at 10am in the National Fitness Hall in Queen Street, Yeppoon. Talks and slides on flower structure and pollination as well as other displays of fruit grown here and further north.

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CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Tuesday, March 31, 1987 between 10am and 3pm. Consumers: Coowonga Road from Emu Park Road south to Keppel Sands Road, including Keppel Sands township, Hoffman, Mt Barlow, Hoys Road and Joskeleigh SWER group.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror. March- 28 = April 3, 1987 — 3

Wright seeking co-operation for 'care' survey FEDERAL Member foi- Capricornia Keith Wright is seeking public co-operation in the preparation of a detailed submission for the establishment of a Government supported child care facility on the Capricorn Coast. Mr Wright said privately owned child care centres were not eligible for State or Federal Government assistance. "There is an excellent child care centre in Yeppoon but because it is a private enterprise venture, parents do not receive any fee relief if they send their children there," he said. "Some families even take their children to Rockhampton because of the availability of fee assistance even though the Yeppoon centre is more convenient and the charges are less per hour as a basic rate." Mr Wright said if Yeppoon was to be considered seriously for the establishment of a government supported centre, detailed statistics had to be compiled. He said while it might be possible to obtain funding for a brand new child care centre sponsored by the council or by a community group, there appeared to be strong support for the idea of the Federal and State Governments either buying, of leasing the existing private centre. "Before any proposition will be considered, the facts must be gathered and a case prepared," Mr Wright said. "To do this I need all the families who are using or who need to use, child care facilities to complete the survey that has been generously sponsored by the Capricorn Coast Mirror." Mr Wright said he would also be pleased to hear from any community group or local people who would be prepared to be involved in the administration of a child care centre should the leasing or purchase proposition be ultimately accepted by the State and Federal Governments. "They key to success will be to prove that Capricorn Coast families will be better off by having their own child care facility on the Coast rather than in Rockhampton," he said. "Secondly, there will have to be enough families willing to use a local centre to make the proposition financially viable."

Capricorn Coast Child Care Survey YES/NO

medical/professional visits 2 If "yes", please state: a break from children a Where... in Rockhampton in Yeppoon b When...

other each working day once/twice per week once/twice a fortnight once/twice a month

c Why... irregularly for work reasons shopping/business recreation medical/professional visits a break from children other

[ [ [

] ] ]

[ [ [ [ [


[ [ [ [ [ [



once/twice per week once/twice a fortnight once/twice a month irregularly

Colour TV and Radios




6 What is the most pressing need for your family?


...more pre-school/kindergarten facilities

] ]

...more casual child care ...more day child care for work reasons 7 What do you prefer? ...Centre day care, i.e. at a local centre ...Family day care, i.e. in an approved home

1 1 ] ]

8 What is the age of your child/children who would use child care facilities? First child Second child Third child 9 Would you be interested in being part of a community group involved in the administration of a Capricorn Coast Child Care Centre? FAMILY INFORMATION (Please print)


[ [ [ [ [

] ] ] ] ]

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (Work) (Home) N.B. Please return to Keith Wright, MP 132 Victoria Pde ROCKHAMPTON. OR The Capricorn Coast Mirror PO Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 cnr Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. 4703. OlLeave in the special box at Emu Park Newsagency

b Why... for work reasons

1 1

...a child care centre in Yeppoon

3 If there was a Government subsidised child care centre on the Capricorn Coast at Yeppoon would you use it? 4 If "yes" please state: a When... each working day


5 What is, or would be, more suitable to your family? ...a child care centre in Rockhampton





No driving worries for Food or Drinks!

Return completed forms by Friday, April 3.

For further information ring Keith Wright, MP Phone 176 455, reversing the charges if necessary

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4 - - Capricorn Coast Mirror MarcK 28 — April 3, 1987

AIDS Not a common topic of conversation on Capricorn Coast.. AIDS, the disease that kills, is not a common topic of discussion on the Capricorn Coast. Everyone knows about it ... very few talk about it! As yet, AIDS is not a topic in the classroom. In fact, because AIDS is more often sexually transmitted, it comes under the heading of "sex education" and, by State law, cannot be discussed in the Coast's public schools. Capricorn Coast Mirror reporter Cathy Logan spent this week finding out just what information is available on the Coast about AIDS. The idea for these articles came about because of the ABC's Four Corners programme last week which brought AIDS into the home for open discussion.

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The experts, the educators, the homosexuals and the "concerned citizen," as well as some school-age teenagers voiced their opinions and concern and asked and answered questions. The ABC debate became heated at times but was kept to the point ... and the point that became apparent was that many people consider AIDS to be something that happens to other people. What also came out of the debate is that people, everywhere, "straight" and "gay," have to be told certain information about AIDS. * Condoms help prevent the spread of AIDS. * Condoms are available at all Coast chemists. There is no age limit on

purchasers. In some chemist shops, they are openly on display so as to minimise any customer embarrassment. * So far as the Mirror can find out, no Coast high school has displayed a condom before a class of adolescents (the age group that has been shown to most need them). * There are plans to hold courses at Yeppoon High School ... but they will be after school hours and only (at this stage) for Years 8, 9 and 10. (Years 11 and 12 will miss out because the course is still under trial and being tested in Brisbane). * St Ursula's already has a "personal development course" for Years 8 and 9 which covers sexually transmitted diseases (STD) but not AIDS in depth. * St Brendan's College believes sex

Statistically, there should be 100 AIDS-infected people in region AIDS does not exist in Central Queensland, Community Health Department director Dr Ken Burns said this week. But statistically, there should be 100 AIDS-infected people. Dr Burns is chairman of a committee of four people with medical backgrouds set up early this year to keep track of, and counsel, anyone found to have positive AIDS antibodies. The committee's second task is to alert the community to the risk of AIDS. It is gathering all available information about the disease; educating the public through talks; and setting up a resource centre for the public at the Rockhampton Community Health Centre. Dr Burns said to his knowledge there were 400 reported cases in Queensland but statistically there should be 2000 with 100 in Central Queensland. However no-one in the region has had a blood test which has proved positive. Dr Burns said a person could have the

`One ticket in lottery could win first prize' odds on AIDS

virus, which has been renamed the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV), in three different stages. Dr Burns said those in Category C have positive antibodies in the blood but show no other symptom. A category B sufferer is positive and develops other symptoms like a fever but some people with category A develop several symptoms. Dr Burns said it has been found the disease may not only break-down the immune system, but can also attack the central nervous system. If the community doesn't take AIDS seriously it could wipe itself out, Dr Burns said and the high-risk people should come forward for testing and counselling. Risk groups are those who have multiple sexual partners, people participating in unprotected intercourse and intravenous drug users who share their needles and syringes. The AIDS-group is not trying to say what is right or wrong ... but possible preventative measures are delaying sexual activity, minimising the number of partners, and taking steps of protection. Dr Burns said it also would mean people shouldn't be so complacent. Even if you have only on other sexual partner you could be infected. "If you buy 100 tickets in a lottery it doesn't mean you'll win the prize. On the other hand if you only buy one ticket it could be the winner," he said.

AUSTRALIAN MADE Absolutely, definitely, positively not made in Taiwan. If you've ever bought an Australian flag that's made in Taiwan, or an Aussie slouch hat made in the Philippines, you'll know how hard it is sometimes to distinguish a geniune Australian made product. These days, we're all aware of the urgent need to buy our own products - especially when the price and quality compares well with imported items. Every time you buy an Australian made product instead of an imported product, you're helping Australia's economy and helping to keep an Australian employed. To help you identify Australian made products easily, more and more are carrying

the True Blue Australian Made symbol, featuring the gold kangaroo in the green triangle. Any product which claims to be Australian made and does not carry this symbol, has not been certified by the Advance Australia Foundation as a geniune Australian made product, made in Australia by Australians. So if you want to put True Blue Australian made products on your shopping list, just look for the symbol that guarantees it's the geniune article. Anything else just isn't True Blue. AM7 204 37

education is the role of the parent and the college provides only back-up support. After numerous phone calls and personal interviews, Cathy Logan filed these articles. Parents, especially, should read these stories. Your children are, so far, not getting the full AIDS story from "official" sources. But many have heard the jokes and innuendoes. If you wish to get further education, phone the community Health Centre (Yeppoon 39 1469), Rockhampton (27 1755) or speack to your own doctor. If you want a blood test to check if you have AIDS you can arrange it through your own doctor or any hospital. The blood test is free. The results are strictly confidential.

Yeppoon High has 'personal development' courses YEPPOON State High School principal John Gregg said that through the auspices of the parent and citizens' association, the school ran a personal development course for parents and students. The four-week course has separate sessions for Year 8s, 9s and lOs and this is the second year the course has run. Under State Government law, the school is unable to hold sex education classes and any sessions are organised through parent and citizen organisations. The personal development programme is run by the government in conjunction with P and C associations, on a voluntary basis, but it is the only way for sex education to be taught on the Coast. Mr Gregg said sexually transmi'ted diseases (STD) would be handled explicitly.

St Ursula's has plan for course discussing STD ST URSULA'S College principal Sr Marion Kingston said the college had started a personal development course for Years 8 and 9. The school has also planned a programme, for years 10 to 12 which will discuss such issues as sexually transmitted diseases (STD). In religious education classes, students touch upon the subject but more from the "moral" view; how the activities of people in the society can cause the diseases, and it isn't explained explicitly. Because AIDS-has only been highlghted in the past few years, the present personal development course doesn't go into the disease and how it is caused. The college does have some literature about AIDS in the library which it received from the Health Department.

Parents' role to provide sex education — St Brendan's head "IT is the role of the parent to teach children bout sex education and the school is their back-up support," St Brendan's College principal Br Bob White said this week. The only form of sex education for students is taught during religious education classes. Sexually transmitted diseased (STD), preventative measures and the body are touched upon. Br White said it wasn't explained explicitly but was related to life. "We talk on the lifestyles of different people in the society and how many diseases are a product of the way some people live today," he said. Any information relating to sex education comes from the Health Department and the school has no other literature available to students.

Showerscreens Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/ h

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 - April 3, 1987 - 5

Condoms on display in two Coast chemists to save embarrassment STEWART and Brumms Chemist has displayed condoms for a couple of years and said it had avoided embarrassing moments for customers and staff. "You will get the painfully shy person on the one hand and, on the other hand, the real loud skite who come in the shop and buy condoms over the counter," Duncan Stewart said. The shop had condoms displayed before AIDS became an'issue and, although it has been slight, Mr Stewart said, an increase in the sales of condoms had been noticed. "People can now come into the shop grab a pack of condoms and put the correct amount of money on the counter and leave," Mr Stewart said. Stewart and Brumms hasn't had any information on AIDS displayed but said it would look into having pamphlets available. 0


FULL display on front shelves is given to condoms in Ken Sheard's chemist. Mr Sheard has displayed the condoms since he has had the shop which is now just over two years. And, depending on the age group, Mr Sheard has found people aren't as embarrassed as they were three to four years ago, but he puts this down to a number of reasons, including the easy access to condoms in the shop. Mr Sheard said since AIDS had became an issue in Australia he had only noticed a small increase in condoms being sold to people.

Bayview Tower News & Views THE first thing I would like to do this week is thank everybody from Sue and Col Turton's wedding for all the wonderful compliments which they gave us on the reception we held for them in the Sails Restaurant on Saturday night.

SAVEMORE Pharmacy chemist Merryl Boneham said the shop keeps its condoms under the counter simply because of a lack of shelf display area. "We would display them if there was the room but space prevents us doing so and customers have to ask for the condoms," she said. Mrs Boneham said this causes some embarrassment among boys and some girls have to ask for the items. "Their friends stand by and laugh but generally our chemist assistants are used to this and cope with shy and embarrassed people coming in to ask for condoms," she said. Information in the form of pamphlets was available but the chemist has run out and is still awaiting another batch to put in their information display unit. Mrs Boneham said an additional book issued to chemists could be looked at by people wanting further information. 0 0 D

HIGGINS Pharmacy proprietor David Higgins said condoms were kept in a draw mainly due to the lack of space in his shop. The major reason was shelf space but Mr Higgins said condoms were kept in draws for years and it's just out of habit he still stores them this way. "Only occasional people seem to be embarrassed," Mr Higgins said. "Most people aren't afraid to ask for condoms if they can't see them anywhere in the shop." Mr Higgins said after AIDS was beginning to hit the news, his shop initially had an upsurge in condom sales, but he said this has now decreased and little or no increases were noticed. The chemist does have some literature on sexually transmitted diseased but no particular information can be found on AIDS in the pamphlet display area. 0

It was so pleasing for so many people from so many places to take the time to sincerely thank me and all my staff for a beautiful evening. EASTER BUNNY... YES, it won't be long before the Easter Bunny starts laying its eggs. With the school holidays and the long weekend almost upon us, let's not forget that good old Capricorn Coast hospitality for the many visitors that will be arriving soon. Remember to smile! This holiday period is shaping up to be a busy one so make sure to speak to us soon for your special holiday bookings for accommodation, the Restaurants or functions. I'll keep you updated on any special event that will be coming up to help you celebrate the holiday season in style at Bayview Tower. CLUBS... BAYVIEW Tower is soon to start a Beer, Beef and Burgundy Club for all ages. You'll be hearing more about this from your friends as we develop a social club to take the routine out of mid-week blues. We also hope to organise a businessman's luncheon club along the same lines. It's a chance for poeple of all ages and walks of life to have something to look forward to each month. As. these clubs get organised, we have some more ideas for other social clubs to provide some interest for everyone. BAY ROOM... ONCE again, don't forget the Bay Room is now opened for your daily desires ... from Breakfast to Afternoon tea with the delightful beachside atmosphere at Bayview Tower. That's all for now. See you all soon. Until next week.

Bayview Tower



13 0 0


DISPLAY space is another problem for the Emu Park Pharmacy ... and, out of habit, pharmacist Margaret Fraser said condoms were kept in a draw and not displayed on the counter. Most of the people entering her chemist weren't embarrassed to buy condoms over the counter and the chemist assistants did not become embarrassed when asked for condoms. There are no available pamphlets in the shop, but Mrs Fraser said she expected information from the Community Health Centre to arrive and it would be put out on display.

Three ways to avoid spreading AIDS Doctor A COAST doctor said this week there were three ways in which a person could avoid spreading AIDS. The doctor said abstinence from sex, one constant sexual partner and the use of barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms were ways to avoid speeding the disease. "I* is important that both the heterosexual and homosexual understand AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease (STD much more lethal tha most STDs because it is the only untreatable one," the doctor said. The doctor listed the major sexually transmitted diseases as being syphilis, gonorrhea, non-specific urethritis, herpes, "crabs" ... and the latest being AIDS. The organisms have to live in the body fluids. The AIDS virus, once outside, dies quickly unlike hepatitis germs which can live outside the body and be spread more easily. The doctor said Coast doctors investigated and treated STDs and there was also an STD clinic in Rockhampton at the Base Hospital. Medicare will pay all laboratory investigation costs for those people needing them.

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March 28 — April 3, 1987 ADVERTISEMENT

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of Yeppoon Rotary Club. The Americans were led by American Rotarian Al DeBoer on a six week goodwill and understanding trip. Some Coast Rotarians visited Minnesota last year and this is a return goodwill trip. Pictured above (among the locals and Rotary Exchange Student Sharon Szarbo) are the visitors: John Roden, Bill Jonason, Dave Wickert, Jerry Kaproth and Bob Bushman.

57 Tanby


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-El ABOVE: Six visiting Americans spent Sunday on the Capricorn Coast as guests


TYRER PARK regulars will be surprised when racing resumes on April 8. A massive reconstruction of the track and drainage has been undertaken since the Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club last raced on January 6. In the home straight, the racing surface has been lifted about one metre, which was about the height of the old running rail. However, in some of the lower parts, up to 1.7 metres of soil has been added to the original surface. All the soil was borrowed from inside the track and in making a large drain outside the track down the back straight. The borrow area inside the track has been walled and this will result in a sizeable expanse of water stretching from near the winning post to halfway down the straight. Seven rows of concrete pipes have been laid where the water enters the track area and the outflow is nine rows of pipes wide. The track proper will be railed inside and out in a Colourbond product and the old running rail used to provide an inside training track. The track proper will be seeded at the appropriate time in order to provide a grass track at the earleist possible opportunity. In order to be certain that everything will be spot-on for the Club's first $10,000 race, the running of the Patience Park Silver Bootee Stakes for two-year-olds has been put back a week from its original date and will now be run on April 15. The feature of the first meeting on April 8 will be the running of a qualifying division of the Foster's Country Cup over 1200 metres. This event, which is for horses eligible for Park Stakes class, is being conducted in


Capricorn Coast '87

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Capricorn Coast '87 On sale now...$1 AVAILABLE FROM:

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conjunction with the Rockhampton Jockey Club.. The top country qualifiers will contest a $6200 final at Callaghan Park on Easter Monday, April 20. Also, on April 8, the YARC will conduct two two-year-old Maiden Handicaps over 900 metres. These two events, one for colts and geldings and the other for fillies, will be worth $1500 each. The YARC has framed two five-event programmes for April 8 and 15 at which more than $20,000 in prizemoney and trophies will be distributed. The Patience Park Silver Bootee Stakes attracted an entry of 94 horses, including the early stars, Geodesy, Must Be Time and Vain Sister/ Nominations for the first meeting close next Wednesday, the weights will be declared on Friday, April 3 and accepances taken at 10am on Monday, April 6.

Governor wants to meet children while on Coast El CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Park for drinks and biscuits while the Governor and his party have afternoon tea." The children and Coast residents will then be able to meet the Governor informally in the park. "Sir Walter Campbell and Lady Campbell are noted for their interest in children. The Governor is patron of the Bush Children's Home and the Scouts and Lady Campbell is the Girl Guides' patroness. "We haven't put a time limit on the informality in the park ... that's up to the Governor." Sir Walter Campbell and Lady Campbell will go directly to Capricorn Iwasaki Resort after the reception. A dinner has been organised at the resort that night and invitations were sent out to all shire organisations to send representatives. "The shire has footed the bill for the informal afternoon tea for the children ... some of them will travel two hours to get here. But the dinner at Capricorn Iwasaki will be paid for by each representative individually or their group," Cr Bowen said. "This visit is a wonderful chance for us all to show the Governor what a beautiful place we live in. He travels all over Queensland and with the good impression from our young people we hope he will always remember Livingstone Shire ... and tell everyone else." Yeppoon Police officer-in-charge Sergeant lc Ken Tanzer will be the afternoon's Master of Ceremonies and Morag Clay will take that position for the evening's dinner. Yeppoon Town Hall will be decorated with banners from shire schools and organisations.

New NP branch starts on Coast A NEW Coast branch of the National Party has been formed ... the Capricorn Coast branch. The new branch was formed on Wednesday and an executive elected at the request of many National Party members. An application has been submitted to the National Party Management Committee for ratification on April 10. Alf Chandler is the chairman of the new branch, Bill Thomson deputy chairman, John Chapman secretary and Tony Rowe as treasurer. Committeemen are Roger Bennett, Eddie Engel and Rob Thomasson. National Party supporters and interested members can contact secretary John Chapman, 39 1054, for further information.

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 - April 3, 1987 - 7

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❑ ABOVE: Don Knowles looks surprised ... maybe he didn't capture the two `maids' because they caught him. Sharon Black and Joanne Gregson will be starring with Don and the rest of the Yeppoon Choral Society in the 'Old Time Musical' in Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday, April 4 at 7.45pm. The proceeds will go to the Endeavour Foundation. Why not go along and wear your stylish old time clothes too!

Yeppoon police concentrating efforts on under-age drinkers YEPPOON police have been concentrating their efforts on under-age drinking and related offences in recent weeks. Officer-in-charge Sergeant lc Ken Tanzer said this week the police were involved in an on-going process of checking under-age persons seeking admittance to hotels. The police have found a number of persons affected by liquor walking the streets of Yeppoon at late hours. Under-age drinkers, any person under 18 years of age, cannot enter a licensed hotel but are permitted in the lounge area of the hotel providing they don't drink liquor and are accompanied by a parent or adult. If a licensee or any employee suspects or believes a person to be under 18 years they

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may require him or her to furnish a certificate of age. Subsequently, if the person fails to furnish a certificate or furnishes false information they could be subject to a penalty up to $200 should they be convicted before a court, Sgt Tanzer said. The same penalties apply when a minor is found drinking on any licensed premises and likewise any person who supplies under-age persons can be fined up to $200 for the offence. Sgt Tanzer said police had stopped 15year-olds coming out of licensed premises affected by liquor and the police believe a lot of offences caused by these teenagers, such as damage to property, are quite often related to liquor. If a licensee knowingly sells liquor to under-age people he can be penalised and if it is a common occurrence the Licensing Commission in Brisbane reviews the matter and could revoke the liquor licence. Sgt Tanzer said when permits were issued to licensees by the Licensing Commission, one of the conditions is that no person under 18 years of age can be permitted in the areas when entertainment is provided. he said this meant the discos held at Coast hotels were not open to anyone under 18 years. Also, any person found drinking in public places and causing inconvenience or found damaging private property, can be charged. Sgt Tanzer said the police didn't want to destroy a person's fun but if disregard for other members of the community was shown they wouldn't hesitate to stop the person.

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8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 — April 3, 1987

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Enjoy Island Views from every unit a: the


Bay Vacationer 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON . Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 1213


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Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Own private beach (079) 39 1421 BEACHFRONT SELF-CONTAINED UNITS ANZAC PARADE, PPOON COMO Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs

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336 226 Enjoy...* Boomnetting * Gunkholing Windsurfing * Surf Skiing Snorkelling * Coral Viewing * Lunch Morning & Afternoon Tea * Fully Lic'd Underwater Observatory optional extra Departs Rosslyn Bay daily 9.10am, returns 4.15pm approx

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) Relive the past at —

lallOP Cat _y) Emu Park Road


OPEN EVERY SUNDAY from 10am and last guests through gates at 3pm You are invited to wander through this historical complex made up of houses, antiques and a street of churches. Home-made sandwiches and cakes are available, but you are welcome to bring your own and picnic under the trees. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are on sale in a church hall.

Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm: Adults: $4. Pensioners and Students: $3. Children: 82 Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 28 lbbU

LI By Capricorn Coast Chamber Commerce and Industry president John Peach IT is unfortunate that once again Yeppoon is the subject of derogatory media statements and worse because these were contained in the national promotional supplement 'Queensland '87' in last Friday's Australian. The writer, Elizabeth Johnston, is well known for comment at the beginning and end of her articles and would really be the last person I would engage to write 'promotional' material. I can well remember her critical and fairly hostile style before stage one of the Iwasaki Resort was started. I am pleased she now admits the dire predictions she then publicised about the project have not eventuated. In fact, this latest article was highly complimentary of the resort. This was not the case for the town of Yeppoon! However, "Beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder" and vice versa, there is no way to outlaw criticism and she was not the only one unimpressed with Yeppoon, especially in those earlier days. It is a pity that her dislike of Yeppoon from what she then observed has not lessened despite some obvious improvements. However we must consider why! Is the beachfront at Yeppoon "still a vista of run-down fibro holiday shacks with spectacular views across to the Keppel islands" as her article states? Is it still "shack city by the sea" as she concludes in the last paragraph? Do critical outsiders re-visiting here judge we have not done much to enhance a naturally attractive area with good buildings and good planning? Certainly the zoning about 13 years ago of the many allotments along Farnborough Road to Kerr Street to Tourist Residential


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38 James Street, Yeppoon Patch) KOIYAKandKODACOLORareregtsteredtrademarILs. (next door to the Sunflower

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and Residential C (high rise) was well intended but only one Tourist Residential has arisen since! What has been the encouragement during 13 years to big investment there? Even the proposed improvements to the narrow untidy road and the equally untidy foreshore and caravan park have been loudly opposed. Would-be developers faced very high offsite charges, including in one case, I believe, a $50,000 road contribution. Nothing has happened and no extra revenue. Anzac Parade, our front window 'dress circle', in the same period has seen one new building and one change of name! Why is this? The only recent proposal for big improvement, which first entailed the closure of a small unused section of John Street, but retaining a right of way, was agin loudly opposed and eventually rejected. The beachfront side is definitely better now for part of its length and the sailing club would do any centre proud, but recent work is practically nil. I could go on but these are the things that prompt people like Elizabeth Johnston to make statements and probably give impressions to many others who say little. The power of the media is great when it is on your side- but, if something is strongly negative, that will be used too. Yeppoon has suffered from an excess of negative and often derogatory reporting over the years. While this is frustrating and objectionable to many, including me, the media will continue to spread their impressions however contrived some appear to be. While I object strongly to Elizabeth Johnston's dismissal of Yeppoon appearing where it did, we cannot continue to claim all as "media bias". We should look seriously at the causes of bad impressions and do positive things to correct them. Otherwise, we meekly accept the slot in which we are often placed and live with it, along with our reputation. Is this what the majority here want, or can we finally pull together and produce the enthusiasm and well-being that I know nearly all would prefer right now and even more so in the future for our children?

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pleased that it is not exactly a blaz.,__3 success," a Yeppoon resident said. He is typical of the people who fought Japanese developer, Mr Yohachiro Iwasaki, and the Queensland Government over plans announced 14 years ago for what was then to be a $100 million resort at the edge of a quiet fishing and holiday village. The beachfront of Yeppoon is still a vista of run-down fibro holiday shacks with spectactular views across to the Keppel Islands. A few kilometres out of town, the Iwasaki resort is reached by a new divided highway and Yeppoon's first, and probably Australia's least used, traffic roundabout. The report continues about the resort. It



Sail to Great Keppel Island


IN last Friday's issue of The Australian, journalist Elizabeth Johnston wrote a report on the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort for a Queensland '87 special report. In the lengthy article, Yeppoon was mentioned number of times ... and did not receive favourable publicity. The following are the first five paragraphs in the article: After more than a decade of controversy, a bombing, community bitterness and antiJapanese feeling, the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort at Yeppoon near Rockhampton in Central Queensland is at last taking guests. But the promised horde of international tourists has not yet arrived. "I think a lot of the locals are probably

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 — April 3, 1987 — 9

Dr AS 'SHACK CITY BY THE SEA L„..aises many aspects (the gardens, restaurants, swimming pool with grotto, superb 18-hole golf course and more). An aggressive which "now refuses to take no for an answer when he demands food from guests" is core pared with the attitude of Yeppoon locals toward Mr Iwasaki in the early 1970s. There is more information about the resort, more praise, then comes the last two paragraphs: The resort has made little difference to the township of Yeppoon. So 15 years after the first fears were voiced of a Japanese takeover and hopes were held high for a boom in this sleepy village, the situation appears to be

unchanged in Yeppoon. It is still shack city by the sea.

Publicity such as this cannot be dismissed lightly. The Capricorn Coast Mirror decided to give space to Coast business and tourist leaders to have their say. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen was also invited to reply but his agenda this week did not provide enough free time for a considered answer. Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president John Peach; Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation secretary Brian Hooper and Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation Coast branch president Hubert Murray have replied.

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Capricorn Coast one of the jewels in the crown of Capricorn 0 By Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation (Capricorn Coast branch) president Hubert Murray

YEPPOON is not a "shack city by the sea" and neither is the Capricorn Coast another Gold Coast. The Capricorn Coast is one of the 'jewels in the crown of Capricorn' and together with the combined promotional effort by Capricorn Iwasaki, Great Keppel Island and Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation, the secret of our special piece of paradise is now in the market-place in Queensland, the rest of Australia and overseas. There are a number of factors to be realied when confronted with articles written by visiting journalists. Firstly, if that is the way they see our town and development is there any truth in their analysis? But we must remember they are reporting something as they see it, compared with areas such as Cairns or the Gold Coast. For successful promotion we have to be brutally honest in stating what we have to offer. For starters the Capricorn Coast does not have five-star accommodation, no surf, no large entertainment complexes catering for the high-spending tourist. Instead we do have large, long, safe beaches overlooking the islands of Keppel Bay and an unsurpassed climate, a friendly lifestyle with a value-for-money — targetted at the middle of the market — holiday destination, just to mention a few. But of equal importance is for our guests to be treated by the locals as we expect to be treated when we travel. If we want our tourists to return for their next holidays with their friends, 85 per cent of all promotion is by word of mouth, so potentially every person involved in a business or staff is an ambassador for the Capricorn Coast. The Gold Coast has been a tourist destination for in excess of 20 years due to its proximity to larger populations. Cairns has become a major tourist destination in only the last few years due to the impact of the international airport. But the Capricorn Coast and the Capricorn Region in general, is really only now being recognised. Therefore with the foundations now laid, the Capricorn Coast is naturally on the threshold of the major influx of development this area deserves. Mr Iwasaki realised our potential 15 years ago when he decided to build the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort here instead of somewhere else in the world. He is creating a resort with local construction and staff at his pace

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until late at Capricious Nightclub

no per person to dine and disco! TENNIS COURTS and LAWN BOWLS NOW AVAILABLE for public use For Resertat ois


Capricorn Q;1 1wasalif RESORT

0211 You are welcome to come along to Capricious... $10 per couple!

on the Tropic of Capricorn

❑ By Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation secretary Brian Hooper ELIZABETH Johnston in the Australian

article, part of 'Queensland '87', on Friday presented a factual but hard-hitting report. Regretably, the few comments she makes about Yeppoon arc discrediting. It is quite evident her two/three references to Yeppoon are a fillip or location guide to her story on Iwasaki. To some extent one cannot deny that the old houses fronting the highway/beach to Iwasaki are far from eye-catching. Unfortunately, this is largely all the Iwasakl visitor sees on his way to the resort ... except for our new Bayview Tower and some well presented holiday units. However, to idehtify Yeppoon as "shack city" is more than unkind. If Yeppoon is a shack city there are plenty of seaside towns in New South Wales and Victoria that would be well ahead in the 'shack' identification queue. Elizabeth Johnston could have been somewhat softer in her comments and could have made reference to the fact that Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast is one of the prettiest spots in Australia. She commented on its blemishes but failed to comment on its overall beauty which far outweighs a "shack city by the sea"

days -weeic

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(within the perimeters of the franchise agreement) and as he wants it, and I suppose if any of us wished to spend that amount of our money here or in another country we deserve the right to spend it as we see fit. Obviously Mr Iwasaki's building designs are as he perceives a Japanese would enjoy, and, after all, it is his concept and not anyone else's. If there is any problem at all with the speed of his development, it is not with Mr Iwasaki but with people outside hoping to tag along and get some spin-off along the way. Therefore, it is up to the rest of the area to co-operate and work together for a common cause, to attract other complementary and new developments for our children to have a job in the area in which they like to live.

Coast's overall Overall beauty far outweighs `a shack city by the sea,' says CCTO

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10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 — April 3, 1987' ,M1.111111011111••=111M•P,



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HERE'S chance for all you trivia freaks. . Yeppoon State School Parents and Citizen's Association is holding a Quiz and Games Night on Friday, March 27 in the town hall. The fun starts at 7.15pm and continues to about 10.30pm. Now, all organisations, businesses, schools, clubs and individuals are invited to form a group of six or eight to compete in the general/local/trivia questions and there will also be special games to break up the concentration. If you just want to go along, the organisers will place you with a group. There will be prizes for the winning and losing teams, lucky door prize and some secret events. Free baby minding will be available on the premises and if you require transport that too will be organised. The cost is $5 per person; $3 pensioners; students $2.50 and a special maximum family charge of $15 and it includes supper. The organisers need to know how many will go for catering and seating requirements so leave your name at Findlays Electrical or Yeppoon State School. Margaret Caulfield, 39 3508 and Pat Gough 39 4195 will also answers your questions about the function. Refreshments will be available and the function is licensed. Go along, it's a Friday night and you won't have to worry about the kids getting up early for school the next morning. O

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`Words on Herbs' DILL is an annual herb which can be planted now. Use the leaves in salads, fish dishes and as a garnish, the seeds in pickled cucumbers. Raw Dill aids digestion of raw vegetables and dill water is just as effective now as it was in grandmother's day. Plant Dill beside the cabbage patch. Dill will also help the growth of carrots, but must be removed before flowering. March 31, April 1 and 2 are suitable days to plant leafy annuals ... cabbage, lettuce, etc and herbs grown for their leaves ... parsley, basil, oregano, etc.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie

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DOUG Enbom and Mary-Ann Menninitt celebrated their marriage at The Lantern on Saturday night .... it was their wedding reception. Doug's parents can be found at the Seven Dwarfs Motel, Yeppoon. O 0 o IT is nearly Anzac Day and the RSL has sent out its invitation to all organisations, groups, individuals and businesses who support them to 'buy a book for the library'. If you haven't heard about the scheme before ... the books are instead of wreaths on Anzac Day and are presented to the library in your name via the RSL. The best part is that you can choose from a wonderful array of books and they will only cost you, in some cases, half the normal cost. That's because the books are sponsored. So, even if you can't see your way clear to be at the Anzac Day service you can still call into the library and choose a book. It really is a wonderful idea because our library will be enlarged and the Anzac Day service will be remembered. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon Lapidary Club will host the 1987 Annual Competition and Gemshow on August 15 and 16 in Yeppoon Town Hall.


Paintings and Pottery


Marie Bayliss and Alma Jones SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 1987 at 2pm

and continues until April 20

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Morgan PIE can be bought at these popular outlets... Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Rosslyn Bay Kiosk Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store Cooee Corner Store


Savemore Centre


McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941

14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959

Tanby Roses

DATE CLAIMER: Friday, April 3, 7pm at Yeppoon Town Hall ... Think Pink disco organised by Julie's Jazzers as a social night. The disco is open to 16 year-olds and under and the charge for them is $2 (parents are free). It will start at 7pm and end at 10pm. O

0 0

IF anyone would like to. hire the Yeppoon CWA hall, contact Rita Hooper, 39 1716. DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, April 18, Street stall for Emu Park Progress Association. O

0 0

THIS year three Central Queensland peace groups have joined to rally for Peace and Disarmament with a family picnic in Appleton Park, Yeppoon on Sunday, April 12 at 4pm. There will be speakers, music from various artists (including Bonza Turn) and market stalls. If you want a stall of your own, phone 397682 or 39 1728 for more information. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, April 7, 9.30am. Cent sale in the Emu Park CWA with morning tea included. Hosts: Emu Park Kindergarten organisers. o o o NEW and Pregnant Parents Support has organised its programme until August. The first event will be on Saturday, March 28 at 1.30pm . Montessori approach to learning through play with Nancy Balsys at Howes Road, Farnborough. If you are interested in joining or just going along on the day, 35 1183, 39 1453, 39 7762. o o o DATE CLAIMER: April 4, 2pm, Cawarral Hall for a cent sale. Afternoon tea is provided and there's lots of good prizes and a jackpot prize. Tickets are 50 cents and it's all for the Cawarral Hall Committee for restoration of the nearly 100-year-old building. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Lioness Music hall, Saturday, May 2, 8pm, Masonic Hall, Queen Street. It will be a revival of the best acts from the past music halls. O

0 0

A 'Date Claimer' book has been put at Green's Hardware in Emu Park for all local organisations to fill in for .1987 with their `doings'. The idea and the book came from the Don Ireland Swimming Complex Committee. o ❑ 0 EMU Park CWA is holding hoy on Friday mornings in the hall. All members are invited to contribute with either money or goods and everyone is welcome to go along ... and make new friends. If you would like to join the CWA ring, 39 6222. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, April 21, Yeppoon Diabetic Group meeting at Community Health building, Anzac Parade. ❑ o o ELEVEN school-of-the-air brownies with leader, Windara, visited the first Yeppoon brownie pack on Friday. The brownies were among a group of about 40 school-of-the-air students who had come to the Coast for a 10-day holiday camp at Cooee Bay Recreation Council Camp. Because of their isolation these brownies have never been to a 'live' brownie meet and seen one function. They enjoyed watching a brownie enrolment and participated in games played by the girls and their leaders. At the end of the day the school-of-the-air brownies signed a tablecloth and thus formed a 'friendship tablecloth'. Yeppoon brownies learnt that the schoolof-the-air brownies dress in uniform despite having classes over the radio. These isolated girls have brownie 'meets' as part of the curriculum and not as an afterschool activity. D

0 0

DATE CLAIMER: Easter Sunday, April 19, Kerr Park, Emu Park. Third annual Easter Carnival Queen Quest. More next week.

Florist and... Chocolate Shop

DAYTIME SQUASH CLUB ROSEMARY Hansen and Linda Kelly provided the match of the day at Wednesday's Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures. Rosemary won for Seagulls with 3-1 over Comediennes' Linda Keily. Comediennes def Seagulls 11-10: Carol Greasley v Sally Corney 0-3; Rosemary Dakai v Gaye Boehm 1-3; Sue Blake def Jean Graff 3-1; Helen Leslie def Cheryl Evans 3-0; Linda Keily v Rosemary Hansen 1-3; Dawn Walkin def Helen Spence 3-0. A Team def May's Meanies 11-9: Alice Glennie v May Briggs 0-3; Lyn Timms def Jenny Koning 3-0; Rosemary Jones v Ann Hinton 2-3; Megan Anderson v Pat Gough 03; Pam Hayman def Robyn Battersby 3-0; Helen Hinton def Gail Moore 3-0. Kathy's Kites def Trish's Troubleshooters 12-9: Kathy Dale def Trish Andrews 3-0; Heidi v Trish Hinton 0-3; Diane Cameron v Penny Munn 1-3; Anne Priem v Judy Minter 2-3; Pat Harris def Debbie Marxsen 3-0; Darrelle Byrne def Deidre Garwood 3-0. Whales def Denise's Dolphins 13-7: Julie Britton def Denise Campbell 3-0; Jenny Semple def Nita Marxsen 3-0; Karen Woods def Denise Lawrence 3-0; Jan Schmidt def Kerry Kelso 3-1; Carol Knight v M Hungover 1-3; Lois Bayliss v Cheryl Egan 0-3.

YEPPOON LADIES BOWLS THE Foundation Cup will be played at Yeppoon Ladies Bowling club on Tuesday, March 31 at 1.30pm. Names must be in by 5.30pm, Sunday March 29. A cent sale will be held on the day and items for it are appreciated. Club competitions will be played on that day starting at 9am. District fours: R Wass, B Beckett, G Powell, T Bond v D Roos, M Baglow, J Beasley and B Pettit. Club pairs: J Barber and M Bierwirth v E Benson and A Atkinson; E Saxby and M Headrick v N Garner and M Elliott; P RBrown _and I McNamara v J Allenden and E Batts; M Freeman and M Stewart v Vi Thompson and F Denney. C singles will be played between N Mills and Y Riordan. Consistency singles between D McPherson and M Blacklock. Club fours will start at 1.30pm. V Thompson, R Wass, G Powell, H Villiers v M Hansen, M Crowe, A Aitkenson and V Wilson; J Cain, D Roos, D Maher, B Pettitt v J Allenden, V Mortenson, M Blacklock and D Engel; Y Riordan, D McPherson, E Batts, A Fotheringham v E Saxby, D Moulds, B Beckett and M Baglow. Seven visiting teams played on patroness' Ivy Jackson's day last Tuesday. "Ivy presented beautifully hand-painted glasses and china dishes as trophies," Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club publicity officer Nancy Andrews said. The Dee club from Mt Morgan was the out-of-the-hat winners. Results of competitions played. J Cain is Queen of the Green on forfeit from D Engel. P Childs, M Baglow and I McNamara defeated R Goody, D Roos and V Austin, 2910 in the district triples. E Batts, J Beasley and B Pettit got away to a good start to lead 20-1 on the 11th end against N Cooper, R Roberts and M Headrick. "Oh, that cup of tea, when Betty, Joan and Eleanor sat on 20 for the next eight ends while Mary Headrick and her girls added 17 to their total," Mrs Andrews said. Betty Pettit's team won 22-19. In the champion fours M Bradley, N Garner, M Bierwirth and A Fotheringham def I Philp, M Stewart, E Aspinall and L Balchin 37-11.

Paper Laminating Keppel Art & Framing 50 Normanby St 391774

DAY CARE VACANCIES Don't miss out! Book your child in now ... 39 4599

(Keith and Janice Hendy)

Professional Staff 0 Government Standards o School Preparation mornings

For something Extra Special for Easter!

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Call in and see our large range of Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets.

cnr James & Mary Streets 39 2266 Yeppoon

Sum'a *Mg Ceadlige

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We are open Monday to Friday from Sam to 5pm!

Yeppoon Day ?Care Centre' or

39 7162 a/h

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opp Bus entrance to Primary School —

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 — April 3, 1987 — -11 HAVE you booked your seat for the Old Time Musical presehted by Yeppoon Choral Society on Saturday, April 4 in the town hall. rickets are available at Stewart and Brumm Chemists. Adults $6, pensioners and students $4. The fun starts at 7.45pm with compere Don Knowles who knows how to move 'things' along and can extract a lot of laughter from a crowd. If you have any old fashioned clothes in the wardrobe, get them out and join the cast (only you will be in the audience). The stage will be extended down the centre of the hall, so you will be right in the thick of the songs ... and you are welcome to sing-a-long. o o o EMU PARK Progress Association monthly meeting has been postponed to Thursday, April 9. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Tuesday, April 7, 7.30pm. Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens' meeting. o o o THIS is your last chance to be part of a 'Fun Experience' ... go along to the final casting for one act plays by Yeppoon Little Theatre. The plays are for the fifth Festival of Drama in June. The following is courtesy of the YLT's publicity officer (I wouldn't dare!). You don't have to look like Linda Evans or act like Clint Eastwood ... we needs all kinds of people. Backstage magicians, make-up wizards, props people and lighting specialists ... just joking, you'll be able to help with all sorts of things and maybe, when you work up enough courage, take your turn at the footlights. Tuesday, March 31 is the date of the final casting at Rosalie Steyn's residence, 12 Power Street at 8pm. Contact Lyn Stephens, 39 3068, for more information.

Vaughan's Furniture



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DATE CLAIMER: The Emu Park Anglican Church is having a street stall on Saturday, May 30 in front of the two gift shops in Hill Street. o o o DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon Girl Guides Hobby-Horse Derby will be at the starting gate on Saturday, May 30 in Beaman Park. Prepare your mounts! o o o EMU PARK SES is having a 'Trash 'n' Treasure' morning on Saturday, April 4 across the road from the police station in Archer Street. Lots of goods for sale from 9am. o ❑ o DID you see Good Morning Australia on Wednesday morning? Well, then you know all about Ross' Run, because it was featured on the programme. You can go, yourself, to visit the past on Sunday and did doesn't matter whether the day is sunny or wet because there are all those old buildings to shelter in. Ross' Run is open every Sunday and other times for tours. o o o DATE CLAIMER: April 26, Ross' Run charity Autumn bazaar. O

0 0

MAYETTE Watson with Bond, 3' 2, and Gyanne, 21,2 , are living back in their home in Strow Street. o o o A DISCO will be held in Emu Park's Cultural Hall on Friday, April 10 from 7pm until 10pm. The them is 'Come as your favourite singing star' and admission is $2. The Emu Park SES is organising the night and there will be strict supervision for the under-17s who attend ... that means no wandering around outside until their parents pick them up.

77 Rockhampton Road


Specialists in... Solid, hand-made furniture Restoration and Re-polishing

The best-equipped Workshop on the Coast This is a cottage industry, so all work is done by Sam Vaughan himself, with over 20 years' experience as a cabinet maker.



❑ ABOVE: Joshua Troy Johnson (in Father Cornish's arms) was baptised at St James Anglican Church on Sunday morning. He is the son of Susan and Paul Johnson (they are on the far right). Next to Father Cornish is Brad Reynolds (Susan's brother and now Joshua's godfather), Lee-ann Rolfe (Paul's sister and now a godmother) and Carole Welfare (a friend and also a godmother). Lee-ann is holding the candle that will symbolically light Joshua's way in the world.

o THE Paint-Pot gallery will be alive with Marie Bayliss' paintings and Alma Jones pots on Saturday, April 4. The gallery is in Hill Street, Yeppoon, just up from Coucom's Shell Museum. o o o NINE Coast Scope members attended the zone's half yearly meeting in Gladstone on Saturday. Two of the zone's executive are from the Coast ... president Anne Novak and secretary Lynda Gustafson. The zone meetings foster interaction and friendship among the clubs in the area ... Gladstone, Mackay, Sarina and the Coast. The subject for discussion was 'The Right to Vote' ... a privilege, right, duty or chore. The Coast club members presented their views in the form of a skit written by Debbie Sibson. Morag Clay helped out the members and also lent them costumes. The best part was that the skit will be presented at the National Conference in Sarina in June. The other members who attended: Yvonne Motton, Jenny Sait, J Coucom, Chris Towle, Carol Breingan and G Healy. If you would like to know more about SCOPE, why not go along to the next meeting on Monday, April 13 at 7.30pm in Sacred Heart School's library. o o o THE evening hosted by Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens to meet the teachers and each other was a great success. The function was held at the sailing club. ❑


Summer ClearanceSALE March 28 until April 11

o o o NURSING Mothers will have a discussion on Discipline — Part 2 at Jeanette Rolfe's home, 14 Collingwood Street, Emu Park on Tuesday, March 31 at 9.30am. A guest speaker from Careforce will be there to help. o o o YEPPOON branch of the National Party held its annual general meeting on Wednesday night. Industrial Affairs and Small Business Minister Vince Lester, Broadsound Electoral chairman George Robertson, zone vice president George Cowan 100 National Party members attended the meeting in Yeppoon Town Hall. Queensland senior vice president Don McDonald chaired the meeting. The incoming president is Jack Williams, vice president Gordon Abel, secretary Cr Mario Cresta and treasurer Garth Brownsdon.

Ciayne's Tiropica

Yeppoon Town Hall Monday, 7.30pm

$500 special in 54 calls Early Bird & Midway Special

90 calls $100 No. 1 Jackpot No. 2 Jackpot No. 3 Jackpot

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26 James St, Yeppoon


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12 - CapriCOrn Coast. Mirror ..March

281- April ‘3, 1987

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds Ph 39 4244 Capricorn Coast

/RR TYPESET, composed and . published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial - and advertising copy is noon o'n Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for errors.



Sandblasting Industrial Spray Painting and...

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GIVE-AWAY: three cattle dog pups (7 weeks), red/blue to good homes. Phone 39 3438. YEPPOON Junior Aussie Rules raffle won by Terry Soldal. CLOTHING: mended and altered...zips, hems raised/lowered. Also ironing. Phone 39 4064. ATTENTION: My house, 15 Strow Street, is not for sale. M J Watson. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. JOIN Avon today for only $5. Area's available Yeppoon, Emu Park, Keppel Sands. Phone Daphne, 28 4327. DELICIOUS fruit shakes and Yoghurt Icecream to keep you cool and slim at Yeppoon Fresh Fruit and Veg, James Street. CENTRAL Queensland Woodturning supplies top quality English HSS tools, etc. Phone 39 1838. CALLING all children (boys and girls) who would like to play soccer! Under 8, 9, 10 and 11 players are needed for games on Saturday mornings. Phone 39 3660 for information. CABLE ties, all sizes available. Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day.

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Yeppoon Shells & Gifts 1 Normanby Street 39 3722

CHICKENS discover the taste of fresh chickens! HOME DELIVERIES phone Paul or Lynne

39 7944 Koorana Crocodile Farm OPEN... Monday, Thursday & Saturday Lunch. .noon to 1pm; Tour starts 1pm Group bookings anytime by arrangement

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RSL. Museum

OPEN •.• Every Monday 2pm - 4pm Normanby St, Yeppoon KAMAG offers you fully licensed...

SECURITY We specialise in Domestic short-term protection for holidays Commercial protection * Night Security Patrol * Cash Transfers * Electronic Alarm Monitoring Armed and Static Guards * Trained Dogs

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GARAGE Shed sale: noon Saturday through Sunday, Hidden Valley Road, Yeppoon. Follow signs. Diesel tractor with front blade, mower with blade, rotary hoe, lawn-locker, as new wooden windows, light fittings, ceiling fans, doors, pidgeon shelves, concrete pipes, lm x.9m light-weight concrete retaining wall panels, Farmall petrol tractor with implements, old piano, 11/2hp Finsbury pump, generator 3KVA, electric hammer drills, demolition hammer Drill (Makita), child's (3-5) BMX bike with trainer wheels. 39 1260 for details. STEEL box trailer, 6 x 4. Phone 33 6693. REFRIGERATOR, $200. Phone 39 6887. TIMBER post and rails. Cut to order. Phone 39 6887. GARAGE sale, Saturday, 3 Palm Avenue, Yeppoon. Household and electrical goods, craft supplies, baby equipment, many other lines. TWO Davis Craig radiator fans; trailer axle and wheels; 2 only 1/2hp electric motors. 39 7595. BELTS, A28 to A60, B30 to B60. Full range at CK Motors, Yeppoon. 39 1410. SIMPSON Delta washing machine, perfect condition $250; Sanyo colour TV 26", $200; Rocking chair, $40. Phone 39 6299. SAWN timber: Western Cyprus - house frames, white-ant proof, T & G flooring, weatherboards, VJ lining. Delivered on site. (074) 27 3247. KITCHENS, Vanity Units, Built-in Robes Yeppoon Kitchens, 49 Tanby Road. 39 2419. GARAGE big as a flea market! Saturday and Sunday at Bondoola on Rockhampton/Yeppoon Road. Set up your own stall or we will sell your goods. For bookings, 39 3935. ATTRACTIVE aluminium awnings and blinds - all types - free measure and quote. Phone Yeppoon Kitchens, 39 2419. LINEN: ideal pre-wedding and baby shower parties. Phone 39 3660.

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WANTED TO RENT URGENTLY wanted: house on acreage tor family. References. Phone 39 1666. MIDDLE-AGED, semi-retired RAF pilot and wife, non-smokers, non-drinkers and no pets, wish to rent new, unfurnished, self-contained, about 12 sq unit, duplex or home with built-in robes, carport, garden and phone. Not less than three years for about $100 per week by May 1, 1987 in the Yeppoon area. Genuine replies: Dr J W McMenzies, 12-32a McMahons Road, Morphett Vale. 5162. South Australia. Phone 5pm - 7pm, (080) 38 19491.

Install a Screen Door that

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Central Coast Insect Screens Rossi WE ALSO STOCK... SECURITY WINDOWS FOR HIRE HAND-D-HIRE: Cement Mixer, wheel barrow, electric drill or screwdriver, elect weed-eater, exercise bikes and rowers, cots, stroller, high chair, folding beds, coloured lights, trailer. Yeppoon Trading Co, Hill Street, Yeppoon. 39 3568. YEPPOON Trestle Hire Service. Delivery tc Coast & rural area of steel, painters', builders' & bricklayers' trestles & aluminium planks. Phone 39 7969. Rates: $2/item per day. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek. Phone 34 4174. RAINBOW Party Hire for all your entertainment needs! Tables, chairs, barbecues, wedding arches and much more. For your next party, wedding or function! Free delivery. Phone, 39 3512.

U-DRIVE... BBQ Hire Boat

until May 4, 1987


AQUARIUM... Budgie cages, round wire were $31$25.00 house shape were $26 '22.00 Aquarium backgrounds were $4.60 $3.80 Air pumps, 4 only '10.90 Aquarium lights less 100/0 Aquaclear power filters less 100/0 Medium Calicos & Fantails '3.00 GARDEN... Hortico Seeds less 10% Plastic Hanging Pots were 52.95 $2.50 4 only 501 bales peat moss $9.00 each Wire Hanging Baskets & Liners less 5%

Carry 8 persons * Fuel & Gas supplied Weekends: 5100 daily Weekdays: 575 daily

THE GARDEN CENTRE 11 Hill Street, Yeppoon 39 4077

REAL ESTATE PROPERTY: 59 acres Farnborough area, power, water, phone on mountainside with plenty of gardening potential. 39 7715.

Yeppoon Golf Club Inc Contractual appointment of Residential, Caretaking/Barmanaging couple of this highly progressive golf club. Tenders, together with relevant references addressed to the Secretary, Yeppoon Golf Club Inc, PO Box 288, Yeppoon. QLD. 4703, are invited until 5pm on the date indicated. On request, "Service Agreement" can be sited and other particulars can be obtained. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Closing date, 4th April, 1987. D K B Griffiths Hon Secretary

39 6325

at Nelson St

STOVE and jug elements and accessories available from Yeppoon's Element Centre...Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road.

YEPPOON Quiet residential area. Three bedroom lowset brick veneer home on large allotment. To be sold to finalise estate.

$55,000 Bob Leicht Real Estate Realistic price


Hill and Queen Streets,


28 4311

BABY-SITTING PERMANENT babysitting available, daytime work hours only. Prefer under 12 months. Phone 39 3316.

BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B18601. SATURDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance: 5100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter Brian Dorey. Permit No. B18596. WEDNESDAY: 7pm at Keppel Bay Sailing Club.

WANTED TO BUY CASH for your unwanted goods. Phone 39 3935. OLD china, bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442 WIND-UP window, driving side of Morris 1000. Phone Wilmer Thomson, 39 2401. ONE portable colour TV, 16" to 18". Phone 39 3048.

39 2313


Bob Heath


DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Situation: Opposite PGH Brickworks at Bungundarra. Description: Rural living at its very best: 2 storey 4 bedroom modern home s/c up and down:. permanent creek: rainwater: 3 bay shed: inground pool: CEB power: phone: 10 minutes by bitumen road to Yeppoon. Auction to be held: On site Saturday, 11th April 1987 at 11am. Open House: Sunday, 29/03/87 and 5/4/87, 2pm to 4pm. Inquiries: Ron Deasy a/h 39 1850

James Street, YEPPOON Ph: (079) 39 3444

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 28 — April 3, 1987 — 13

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classif eds Carpentry

Peter and Toni

Carpet Cleaning


Emu Park — 39 6178


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George Barrett & Co. All types of Painting *

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KITCHENS 53 Tanby Road Built to your design

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Nelson Street

Emu Park Equipment Hire 39 6170

PAINTER. Interior/Exterior * Free Quotes 39 3113

Allan 'Happy' Warren

'15 years on the Coast'

Tennis & SquashiN Racquet Re-stringing .f ' ,.':.


Yeppoon Tackle & SPOrts 26 James Street 39 1436


J. R. Conctete * Slabs * Paths * Patios * * Brick paving * Exposed Aggregate * Free Quotes — Town & Country

39 4583 1



For free quote: Ivor Veliscek 39 4379 a/h 39 1614 b/h



No loading for weekends Radio controlled



CARPENTER/BUILDER, wardrobes, extensions, new job too small! Terry Bishton, 39 1784. PLUMBER/DRAINER: Licensed. For water pressure problems and general maintenance ring Mark Thompson, 39 4106. SUB-CONTRACT carpenter gang and owner/builder advisory service. Have caravan will travel. Free quotes. 39 1812. RETIRED carpenter available for pensioners jobs from $8. All work guaranteed. Phone 39 6939 a/h. 'ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service, based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. RUBBISH removed, trees lopped furniture removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers, 39 7987. IYPEWRITril repairs and service for all electric and manual models. VJ Engineering, 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhampton. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. ODD-JOBS: Lawn mowing, yards cleaned, _ house cleaning, painting. 39 3935. FLYSCREENS and doors, made-to-measure on the Coast from Central Coast Insect Screens. 39. 4318. FIBREGLASS repairs and fabrications for anything fibreglass. Boat refurbishing and detailing. Free quotes. 39 4519. CARPENTRY, concreting and boat repairs Phone 33 6265.

NO JOB TOO BIG or TOO SMALL McBean St, Yeppoon Steve Mackie Rockhampton Mike Green

Industrial — Residential — Commercial 0 Suspended floors 0 House floors ' 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations .

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Concrete and Formwork... Foundations * Slabs * Driveways Retainer Walls * BBQs Brick Paving * Brick & Block work

For obligation-free quote...

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39 4151 28 5302 a/h 28 5244 28 7575 a/h

ATTENTION Coastal and Surrounds Maintenance Service ...for all your building, plumbing and electrical work and reasonable rates for BACKHOE HIRE

68 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon 39 4503 For all your brick and block work...


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Rust Repairs

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'We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office


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39 4408




4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher


...for all freight requirements to and from Rockhampton

Maintenance Work * Flyscreens


Mike Stokley

Forklift Hire

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Cleaning Mike & Wendy's Cleaning Service



Ride-on and... Lawn Mowing Brush Cutting and... Rotary Hoe

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HAULAGE registered workman!

Bill Rasmussen


BICYCLE repairs, all makes. Yeppoon Tackle and Sports, 26 James Street. 39 1436. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering, 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhampt9n. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. TELEVISION. Video. Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330.

R and K Barnicoat...

Think Concrete THINK PINK


39 4065

CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LAWN-MOWING, Edging, Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

39 4016

Roger Browne

BRICKLAYING, blocklaying done. Barbecues, letter boxes, retaining walls, cottage work, repairs. Work guaranteed. For advice and quotes, 39 6884.

39 6170


Trestle & Plank Hire CHEAP DELIVERY


VIDEO, TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 392330.

24 hours-a -day * 7 days-a -week

Specialising in Laminated or Solid Timber Kitchens

K Beck

PAINTING and Wallpapering, free- quotes. , Phone Vince Hannan, 39 1513. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1483. LICENCED plumber available. Phone Phillip Munro, 39 2393, 39 2346 a/h. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast — D K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. SLASHING done — Inquiries, phone 39 1483.

Compressors to Wheelbarrows

Free Quotes


Free Quotes

EMU PARK! Panel Work

Going on holidays?...Don't worry!

7 days-a-week


For more information...

Capricorn Coast Pool Maintenance

35 1187


Correct that... for a small service charge, then for ,12" per year, all taps will be serviced at no cost to the householder!

Keith Chivers

* Sr 7),{11 J, i , * rive Otiot(--,



Renovations * Extensions Home Maintenance * Sheds * Painting

Tradesman PAINTER





Ph 39 4244

I.C. &

S. Stanley 39 1139

Earl and Margaret Hempseed

Plumber Drainer 49 Thomas St, Emu Park 39



--Spray 1


at Nelson Street

39 6325

VIDEO & T.V. REPAIRS * * * *

Waiting days or weeks? Paying high repair costs? Still not working properly? Or just fed up?


Try... PETE'S VIDEO Cj:0


T.V. REPAIRS\-° a33163 For same day honest and reliable service Phone 39 4265, Monday to Saturday

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14 - Capricorn Cost Mirror March 28

YEPPOON BOWLS CLUB YEPPOON Bowls club last Monday played host to 48 members of the Queensland Railway Institute club of Rockhampton. A good social day was held with 88 players on the green for the afternoon, with some teams playing 5 players a side. The overall winners for the was the Yeppoon Bowls club with 238 points to QRI's 225. Team winners for the afternoon was a QRI's team consisting of A Villotet, A Vaggs, G Beattie and R Gronow. Yeppoon team was runners ups comonising Vi Mortensen, Cyil Hooper, Thel Bond and Bill Manthey. All trophies were meat trays. No bowls were played on Saturday at the club because of rain, but more games were played off on Sunday. This year's winners of the district singles at club level was won by Clarrie Hinton, who defeated Frank Brikett in the final, after a hard tusole for the honour. Clarrie got away to a good start, leading Frank 13-6 on the 13th end, but by the 24th end Frank led for the first time 18-17. But on the 28th end, Clarrie picked up 4 shots to lead 23-22. Frank then scored one to even the game at 25-23. Another interesting game was between Joe Bates and Jack Oakey playing Reg Gibbins and Keith Chivers in their pairs game. On the 20th end the score was 16-all then Joe got the one to win the game 17-16. Bill Roberts kept John Ware under control all the way in this A grade singles game, running out the winner 25-14. In a C singles game between Brenden Croese and Tony Ryan, Brenden held a slight lead all the way until the 33rd end when Tony levelled the score at 23-all. It was 24-all on the 35th end, when Brenden scored the winning point to win 2524.

April 3; 1987 Results of game: District Singles final: Clarrie Hinton def Frank Brikett 25-23. A grade singles: Bill Roberts def John Ware 25-14; B grade singles; Dave Moulds def Dick Sinclair 25-14;C grade singles: Brenden Croese def Tony Ryan 25-24; Open Pair; Bill Andrews and Bob Bird def Mal McKellar and Sandy Grant 33-25; Barry Atkinson and Barry Quigley def Bob Skuthorpe and May Hutton on forfeit; Jack Oakey and Joe Bates def Keith Chivers and Reg Gibbins 17-16; Mixed Fours: Maud Elliot, Alan Saxby, Vera Wilson, Eric Wilson def Elly Aspinall, Ross Major, Elanor Batts, Barry Atkinson 23-16.

D GRADE SQUASH LAST week's Capricorn Coast D Grade Squash fixtures match showed a much closer margin in the scores. The only team showing a decisive win was Roses and Thorn. Upset of the night was by Speedballs when they defeated Tim Lanyon's Master Blasters. Tim's team had previously been undefeated. Commiseration to Tim, he was a broken man at the end of the night," the club's publicity officer said. Terminators once again won by a countback on points. Boys Four were unlucky to lose by the difference of two points. Toss Lappanne fought hard to win against Peter Stoyel. Peter always plays a sound game of squash, but newcomer Ross never conceded a point. Ian Lawton, of Annies Boys, has improved with each match he's played, and last week was no exception when he defeated Leisa Fien 3-0. "Keep up the jogging Ian," the club spokesman said. Results: Roses and Thorn def Annies Boys 4-1; Jenny Konings def Peter Trifelly 3-0; Leisa Fien v Ian Lawton 0-3; Lyle Hinton def Ben Stack 3-1; Faeann Hillier def Peter Janz 3-2. Terminators def Boys Four 3-2; Troy Wilkinson def Stuart Clarke • 3-1: Scott

Salmond v Sean Fallis 2-3; Ross Lapanne def Peter Stoyel 3-2; Susan McAviney v Barry Hinton 1-3. Speedballs def Master Blasters 3-2; Glenn Knights def Tim Lanyon 3-0; Anne Priem v Danny O'Meara 1-3; Adrian McGinty v Shane Nixon 1-3; Dwaine Vivian def Peter Janz 3-0.

ST JAMES BOWLS ST JAMES Indoor Bowls Club played and won its first inter-club game last week. Members played against St Joseph in Rockhampton and won by five points. The score was St James 99, St Joseph's 94. Coast players are looking forward to a return match later in the year. Tonight, Saturday, a busload of members will play in the James Hare Memorial Shield in Rockhampton. "The late James Hare was a St James member and played many matches with our club," St James publicity officer Bonnie Atcheson said. President's triples will be played in the Mary Street, Yeppoon hall on Thursday, April 2. All names must be in by 1.15pm that day so that all players will have a game.

EMU PK LADIES BOWLS' MARY Peacock is Queen of the Green after her defeat of Lil Mills in the Emu Park Bowls Club game played on March 18. She defeated Mrs Mills 9-2. Betty Byrne, Marion Mallison and Ivy McNamara def Dot McKenzie, Flo Huggins and Peg Kluver 31-15 in the championship triples. The result of the other championship triples game was: Joyce Stewart, Kath Cliffe and Beryl Wincen def Mary Peacock, Lil Mills and Joyce Barber, 29-3. The finals of the championship fours will be played on April 8 at 1.30pm between Lil Mills, Joyce Barber, Kath Cliffe, Marg Parker and the winners of the semi-finals played on April 1.

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THIS week's B grade squash fixtures turned the tide on Anthony Trump who, having being undefeated all season, lost in straight games to Barry Corney, proving that old players never die, they just get better. Scores for Tuesday night's games. Two by Twos def Mixtures 7-6: May Briggs def Lyn Witts 3-0; Vicki Thring v Danny Tanks 0-3; Barry Vains v Leon Malone 1-3; Evan Targett def Kevin Allery 3-0. Team Three def Sharks three rubbers to one: Steve Creagh def Mike Walker 3-1; Scott Witts def res Mike Yipp 3-2; Barry Corney def Anthony Trump 3-0; Brendan McAndrew v Mery Damrow 2-3. Red Stripes def All Men, three rubbers to one: Ray Armitage def Chris Priem 3-1; Kathy Dale v Don Cameron 2-3; Carl Hudson def Jim McLean 3-0; Lionel Dale def Wayne Chappel 3-0. Random Movers def Runners, 9-8: Val O'Dell def Mark Sargood 3-0; Kevin Orr v Anne Perrin 2-3; res Joan Purdie v Peter Dixon 1-3; Steven Job def John Andrews 3-2. The points table after Tuesday's games has Red Stripes and Two by Twos equal on 22; Mixtures 21; Team Three 19; Random Movers 18; Sharks 15; Runners 13 and All Mens, nine points. CAPRICORN Coast C grade squash started its second round last Thursday. Games were close for many players. Game of the night was between Sean Hansen for Rebels and Tom Cannon for Company C. Both players show great potential and put in a top effort with Tom being the eventual winner in five. Andy Jones for A Bailers and Barry Barnes for Jokers and Queens had a close match. Barry took the first two and Andy fought back to take the next three. Results: Rhinestones def Forstars 4-1; Sandy Brown def Paul Harris 3-1; Steven Walsh v Troy Ross 2-3; Ian McDonald def Scott Milehell 3-0; Glen Cambell def Tim Lanvon 3-0. Jokers and Queens def A-Ballers 2 rubbers each 9 games to 8; Wendy Hudson v Robbie Stewart 1-3; Barry Barnes v Andy Jones 2-3; Marty Dixon def Ashley Farley 32; Jim George def Stuart Keeton 3-0. Rebels def Company C two rubbers each 10 games to 6; Pauline Young v John Warner 2-3; Ronnie O'Brien def Joe Delelande 3-0; Sean Hansen v Tom Cannon 2-3; Mike George def Scott Perrin 3-0.

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CENTRAL Queensland past presidents' mixed games will be played at Emu Park Bowls Club today, Saturday, with a 1.30pi start. Tomorrow the Masonic Social Bowls Club will visit the Emu Park club for all day play. Morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch will be provided and any persons interested in playing must contact 39 6503 for game details. Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen will have his 'day' at the club on Sunday, April 12. Cr Bowen will present his trophies to the winning teams. Championship triples will be played on Tuesday, April 7 from 9.30am. Bill Elliot, Col Smith and Ken Moore will play Lou Tickner, Jack Wincen and Bernie Lawless. Champion fours on Saturday, April 11 with a 9.30am start between Tom Lynam, Alan Evans, Glen Kluver, Wilf Gibson and Peter Pritchard, Eddie Mann, Ron Holman and Dick Prior; Norm Eveille, Chick Stanley, John Aitken, Jack Norris and Ken Moore, Bill Elliott, Col Smith, George Cliffe. Results of this week's play. A singles: George Cliffe def Tom Lynam 25-16; Bernie Lawless def Norm Eveille 26-12. Championship pairs: Lou Tickner and Jack Wincen def George Cliffe and John Aitken 23-17; Bernie Lawless and Mick Byrne def Bill Elliott and Ron Holman 20-16; Chick Stanley and Glen Kluver def Peter Pritchard and Alan Evans 38-15. Mixed pairs: Chick and Ailsa Stanle' formidably defeated Col and Desley Pearson, 36-4.



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Capricorn Coast Mirror M

Neale Royal flushed with excitement '-\„„/ IN the Capricorn Coast A grade squash fixtures played on Wednesday night Neale Royal broke a long drought when he defeated John. Briggs for the first time in fixture playing in two seasons. fc: With Neale serving for the match, the mammoth rally ensued, which saw Neale on his knees and John take the serve. John served to take, the score to eight all and Neale, feeling the pinch, called a short game. The gamble paid off and Neale not only won the match 3-0, but managed to save the night for his team ... All the President's Men and His Wife, with a two rubbers all, nine games to seven result. Other players to put up good results were Chris Hacker who extended Bernard Lacey to a 9-10 in the fifth result, Peter Gordon who scraped up in four against Ian Atkinson with two 10-8 wins and Ellen Farr who played a very controlled match to defeat Ray Campbell in four. The Capricorn Coast Squash Rackets Association is trialling the new amendments to the rules under direction from the Queensland Association. The changes are: 90 seconds between games and one service only, that is, no single faults. "It appears that the changes will he well received once markers and referees become more familiar with them," association spokesman John Briggs said. The Rum Cup' is being contested tomorrow, Sunday, and any players who would like to participate in the social day against the Rockhampton club can turn up at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre at 10am for a full day's 'play'. Social Hitters defeated Mighty Macks, 3-1: reserve Lyn Witts v Warren Royal 1-3; Peter Gordon def Ian Atkinson 3-1; Bernard Lack/ def Chris Hacker 3-2; Clay Nothling def Gordon Roberts 3-1. Team One defeated Mariners 4-0: Len Keily def reserve May Briggs 3-0; Glen Ward def Roger Dale 3-1; Chris Briggs def Mery Leslie 3-2; Tony Smith def Brett Stewart 3-0. All the President's Men and his Wife defeated Strugglers two rubbers each, nine games to seven: Ray Campbell v Ellen Farr 13; Judy Umlauft v Larry Owens 2-3; Brian Umlauft def reserve Ray Armitage 3-1; Neale Royal def John Briggs 3-0.

Swim championships


CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club finishes its season on Wednesday with its first annual club championships. The presentation night will officially end the season on Tuesday, April 7 with trophies and supper. The supper includes free iceblocks, cordial and sweets for the children. "We expect the night presentation night to be a great success and ask all members to bring a plate," spokesman Roma Brettell said. "The committee thanks everyone who helped during the season. "The Bushido Judo Club has given us a donation of $600 towards equipment and we particularly thank Mike McCallum of Pizza Pizzazz for his large donation, also for equipment," Mrs Brettell said.

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Yeppoon Seagulls play Blackwater at showground Sunday afternoon YEPPOON Seagulls will play South Blackwater at the showgrounds this Sunday, in another game of the CQ Group Football Competition. Caught on the hop with a midweek Reserve Grade game after the match at Etna Creek, the Seagulls were nearly at sea against the students of the CIAE. In the first half of the game Yeppoon was 16-6 behind at the break. That probably explains why coach Greg Shick was hoarsevoiced during the second half. Todd Sleeman scored the try and Mick Pengilly converted. For Institute, Jim McGuire, Anthony Rab'l and Joe Serrurier scored tries and Graig Gobson converted two of them. Newcomer Mick Allen opened the Seagulls run in the second half, followed by Terry Hansen, Don Cameron and John Pidgeon. Pengilly converted three of them and also kicked a field goal to produce a final score of 29-16 to give Seagulls Reserves a win. After Wednesday night, Yeppoon were playing again on Sunday. Reserve Grade had the breakfast show and notched another victory. At half-time the score was even, 6-all, Seagulls' points coming from a Glen Holland try converted by Pengilly. Coach Schick told the team not to let Brothers win, and they followed his instructions.

The game ended 24-18 in favour of Yeppoon. Try scorers in the second half were Pengilly (1) and Shane Weir (2) and 3 goals by Pengilly. Geoff Schweikert's A Graders didn't fare so well against the Leprechauns. Brothers produced a strong attack and had 14 pOints on the board before Mick Stafford produced four points for Seagulls. The score was 21-8 in favour of the Brethren at half time. In the second half the score got to a favourable 21-20, and it looked liked Yeppoon had a chance after a runaway try by Kelly McGuire and a charging try by Weir. But success was not to be and the final result was 45-20 in favour of Brothers. Seagulls points came from tries by Stafford (2), McGuire, and Weir and 2 goals by Clay Lennox. Shane Weir's tally for the day was 3 tries -2 in Reserve Grade and 1 in A. This Sunday, Yeppoon is at home to South Blackwater in the CQ Group Football competition. Ian Brazier is the only player in the CQ Capras playing North Queensland at Mackay this Sunday, so the Seagulls A Grade side will be strengthened by the return of Steve Stafford, Wayne Alberts and Col McPherson to the team. Yeppoon is expecting a big crowd to barrack at the showground on Sunday.

Senior Swans' first taste of action THE Yeppoon Australian Rules senior sides had their first taste of action on Saturday, when the club staged an inter-club practice match. The Swans have been fortunate to retain most regular A grade players from last year and all signs points to another successful year. The game was a rough and tumble affair, although it lacked the commitment of a fixture match. That aside, new coach Col Jamieson must have been pleased with the system and fire shown by all players. With a number of players absent with work commitments, the headliners of last year, Greg Brown, Darren Kemp and "Professor" Munns, kept the enthusiastic crowd enthralled. Owing to the openers of the game, all players contributed at some stage, but those who caught the eye more than most were

David "Side Step" Chapman, Brian Cruickshank, who never stopped running, Gary Fraser and a resurrected Ben Kelly. Phil Munro won the best groomed player again. It was great to see Alex Herewane and Gary Hawke in action again. They're two great clubmen who would've been sorely missed had they decided to only be spectators this year. Making up the numbers on Saturday there was also a new young brigade with A grade aspirations. They were led by Tim Mynott and Mark Wiggington who showed they possess all the skills and seem assured of bright futures. Today (Saturday) the club hosts Parkana at the showgrounds in the first round of fixtures. The Reserves game kicks off at 12.45 and the A grade at 3.00pm. The canteen and beer booth will be operating as usual.

Under 12s in first basketball match PARENTS watched their under 12s participate in their first basketball game after 40 minutes basic coaching on Sunday. In a 10-minute game full of enthusiasm, White defeated Blue 8 to 2. David Target showed up some of the older players by hitting both his free shots after a foul in the key during the first half of the short game. Other scorers were Stephani Jones, Mary Bailey and Angela knight fro the Whites and Bailey and Angela Knight for the Whites and and Ben Boyd brought up the only score for the Blue. It was All Whites that dominated the Bombers in the next under 15 game, particularly in the first half when they led 9 to 2. Fourteen-year-old James Turner's superior height made a big difference under the basket but Ronald Stockley was undoubtedly player of the match with 11 of his team's 22 points. The girls followed with Mixed Nuts borrowing All Whites borrowing All Whites Dale Perrin to make up for an absent player. Shadows took the first half lead from a three pointer put up by Barbara Irwin despite good defence from Jane Airen. Shadows gave up their claim on the game with lack of concentration early in the second half causing errors and squandering a lot of possession, allowing Mixed Nuts a 10 to 4 advantage in the second half. The ladies got Mondays senior fixtures off to a slow start in the Seagulls/Cougars match. With a score of 8 to 6 at the brak, the girls must have been using the half to get their eye in. Forty points in the second half pushed the game along with Seagulls' Jenny Semple putting in a creditable 14 points. Leah Broderick used her height well to rebound strongly for Cougars. Brendan's Green, after a game swap with their co-team Gold, were the first to face the experienced Jim's Team. A gutsy performance by the boys couldn't hold out Jim's Russell Frew in the second half. Coach Adrian White certainly had a job ahead of him to develop a cohesive game plan for L'amour. Billabongs 43 to nil win says it all. The final game of the evening was the schools clash between Brendan's Gold and

Cobras. Lars Roberts kept up a vocal game and with good talking between team members Cobras bustled Brendan's out of the first half giving them enough lead to hold off a much better performance by the Golds in back half. Lean and lanky Kelvin Muspratt could develop into a strong asset for his team. Results: Sunday;Novices, White 8 def Blue 2; under 15; All Whites 22 def Bombers 8; Mixed nuts 16 def Shadows 12. Monday: Seagulls 32 def Cougars 22; Jim's Team 16 def Brendan's Green 10; billabongs 43 def L'amour 0; cobras 27 def Brendan's Gold 18. Draw: Sunday, March 29; Juniors: 5pm Novices, 6pm Celtics v Bombers; 7pm Shadows v All Whites, Mixed Nuts - bye. Monday, March 30; Seniors: 6pm Crickettes v Billabongs; 7pm Tigas v Rangers; 8pm Bakehouse Gym v Nomads; 9pm Cougars v L'amour. Wednesday, April 1; Seniors: 7pm Brendan's Green v Cobras; 8pm Brendan's Gold v Jim's Team; Mattas Team and Seagulls - bye.

Rain washes out junior cricket THE Capricorn Coast junior cricket season has finished with an abandonment. The last games for the first part of the season were abandoned on Saturday because of rain. The next season will start on October 17 to complete the year's fixtures. Sacred Heart Koalas leads in the competition with four wins and one draw; next is Yeppoon Cavaliers with three wins, one draw and one loss; Yeppoon Colts has one win, one draw and three losses; Emu Park Aussies, one draw and four losses.

Tennis social A SOCIAL afternoon of tennis has been organised by Yeppoon District Tennis Association. The strictly social games start today, Saturday, at 1pm at the association's courts in Daniel Park, Cooee Bay.

1987 15

Buckingham's 41 wins Tuesday trophy YEPPOON Golf Club's ladies game on Tuesday was a stableford for the Lorraine Schlegel trophy. The winner was Fay Buckingham with 41 points. Next best was Lorraine Schlegel with 39 points, then Sharon Haines, Avis Aird and Phillis Mann, all with 38 points, with Joyce Keyes and Gay Clifford both with 35 points. Pinshots: silver, Joyce Keyes; bronze, Mary Sherlock. The Wednesday Club was agian popular, with more than 70 members and ladies hitting off. The ladies stableford winner was Esme Woodbridge with 38 points. Next best was Phillis Mann with 37 points. Phillis also won the 1st nine with 30; Esme Woodbridge on 32. Joan Marwedel won the 2nd nine with 28 and Beryl Taylor next best with 311/2. Pinshots: N Montgomery, H Fry; proshot, N Montgomery. Members stableford winners were Tom Edmistone and Tony Shields. Both scored 42 points; Bob Miller 41. Peter Foxwell and Jack Stratford both scored 40 points. Edgar Shields won the 1st nine with 29, T Shields, D Nicol, R Hansen and F Ryan 301/2. Harry Adams won the 2nd nine with 30, J ,Stratford 30, T Edmistone 311/2 and B Morgan 32. Pinshots: 0 McCurtayne, M Clifford and Len Lucas won the proshot. The Veterans Club held their weekly game on Friday despite the weather. Publicity officer Jack Stratford said social players interfered. He wished they would remember they were social players and not members and ladies on Friday afternoon. The ladies stableford winner was Nancy Montgomery with 26 points. Mavis Shield was next with 23, and Esme Woodbridge 21. The pinshot canner was May McGlashan. The members stableford winner was Arthur Simpson with 30 points; next was Terry Woodbridge with 29, and Edgar Shields scored 28 points. The pinshot winner was Terry Woodbridge. The trophies for the game were made and donated by Dick and May McGlashan.

Junior golfers play family foursomes YEPPOON Golf Club junior played family foursomes on the weekend. The winning women were J Clarke and R Sherrington followed by A and P Cranny 85 nett; F and R Marshall 63; G and C Sherrington 46 and three quarters. Mixed winners were D and B Marshall. Next were S and L Lawlor with 36 and three quarters; L Thomasson and B Gibson 37k S and D Thomasson 40I4. Men's winners: C and G Schick and R Fitch and D Ogg. They were followed by Patrick Cranny and E Nankivell 36 nett; J Schelks and G Hill 36; T Fitch and N Land 3614; J and T Saxby 35 and three quarters.

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•-• 16 — Capricorn Coas-r-ifir March 28 — April 3, 1987


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❑ ABOVE: The Coast's second grade cricket team pictured in Rockhampton on Saturday. Back row (from left) Wayne Kitchener, Ian Anderson, Steven Pidcock, Brod Gough, Laurie Tanner, Steve Carte and Dennis Kolega. Front row: Keith Semmler, Denis Hinton, Geoff Ingles and Ken Ogilvie.

Coast's second grade draws with Frenchville in cricket grand final THE Capricorn Coast second grade cricketeres grade did themselves and Yeppoon proud when they drew with Frenchville in the grand final. Unfortunately rain spoilt the game when there was nearly four hourslost on the first day and another hour lost on the second. On day one, play started at 2.30pm and Coast won the vital toss and sent Frenchville in to bat on a wet wicket. Coast got the early break-through when they had Frenchville 3 for 6. However it soon became evident that Frenchville were intent on occupying the crease for as long as they could. Because Frenchville were minor premiers, they only had to play off for a draw to win the premiership. Coast bowlers tried everything to dislodge the stubborn batsmen but the final wicket did not fall until midway through the final, mandatory 20 overs. Capricorn Coast did not even get the chance to have a bat. Bowling figures for the Coast were Wayne Kitchener, 4 for 54 from 30; Steve Carte 1 for 37 from 19; lan Anderson 0 for 43 from 21; Jeff Ingle 1 for 36 from 20; Keith Simmler 2 for 36 from 12.2; Ken Ogilvie 2 for 37 from 15 and Dennis Hinton 0 for 10 from 3. Out of the 120 overs that were bowled, 44 of them were maidens.

Coast won a trophy for being the leaders on the points table after the first round. They also did well with the individual trophies. Ian Anderson won the best bowlers trophy for 2nd grade group A and Ken Ogilvie won the best bowler for 3rd grade. Club Secretary Rick Robinson said the boys did well and it was unfortunate to lose a premiership in those circumstances. He also said that during the normal fixture rounds when the first day is washed out, the second day goes on time-limit so both teams get to bat the same length of time and a result is acheived on the first innings. This result goes on the team with the most runs at the end of their alloted time regardless of the amount of wickets lost. "When 'you consider that almost half the playing time was lost last week-end, maybe the Rockhampton cricket Associations should adopt this same ruling to govern grand-finals," he said. At least if both sides bat at least once, the result will be a decisive one and not a technical one. The Coast Cricketers will be playing in the Gracemere Pharmacy grand final against Easts this Sunday (tomorrow starting 2.30pm and this is a day/night game with 50 overs a side. This will be played at the North Rockhampton cricket grounds and will be the last game of the season.

DOG stories keep pouring in ... latest is about two mates walking a boxer dog on Farnborough Beach. One of the mates wishes to remain anonymous (for reasons that will become apparent) so, let's call them mate A and mate B. Mate A owns the dog (keep that in mind) and the dog is one of those happy-go-lucky animals that likes to let it all hang out. So, while A and B were walking along, dog does his own thing and runs everywhere. Unfortunately, two adults and two children are sitting on a log some distance away. Dog sees log and, because it's the nearest thing he can find to a tree on the beach, he sets off at a fast clip. Dog roars down beach and, while still on the move, lifts one rear leg from the sand and proceeds to relieve himself ... two adults and two children scatter. But it was too late, Boxer's aim is deadly and all four discovered that the Yellow Peril has nothing to do with Asian hordes. Situation was rapidly getting out of hand and Mates A and B start calling dog and whistling it ... to no avail. Finally, when A (who owns dog, remember) and B are close enough to sticky foursome to be recognised, A turns to B and says: "B, you really should train your dog!!!" Gosh, I'd like to think I could come up with a remark like that in the same situation! o o o BUMPER bar stickers usually drive me crazy ... most are so poorly designed you can't read them without having an accident while others are inane. But there's one floating around Yeppoon that sums up Australia at the moment: "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go". The sticker is so right; we're being dwarfed by our debts!!! o o o HAS anyone seen a Joh for PM sticker? There are a couple around but they're certainly not as noticeable as could be expected. Maybe they were meant to be worn on the soles of white shoes!!! o o o WORD is getting around that Bob Hawke will pull an early election if he is running against John Howard. Malcolm Fraser tried the same stunt because he was running against Bill Hayden. We might soon see an example of failing to learn from history! ❑

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For the I.CA spectacular Autumn Season of Fun And we'll pay nomination fee: ❑ ABOVE: Ken Ogilvie (best bowler 3rd grade); Geoff Ingles (holding trophy for 2nd grade leading points after first round) and Ian Anderson (best bowler second grade).

The new Autumn Season of Indoor Cricket at I.C.A. starts... Monday March 30 Nominate before that date and we'll waive the fees. (Normally $40 per team).


All your team has to do is play every game this season and you're in the draw for the cash!

So, get a team together now... MENS, LADIES or MIXED or nominate individually and we will fit you into a team. See Col or at... INDOOR 2 Terry McBean St CRICKET ARENAS 39 2235 iCA Yeppoon 39 4461 a/h

YEPPOON Junior Aussie Rules had their first match of the year on Sunday and started out with three wins. Brothers were the opposition and didn't field under 11 squad so a scratch match was made up of Brothers under 13s against Yeppoon under 11s. Coach Shane Steele said the whole team played well and, as a result of this, no best players were named.

Rugby League at

Yeppoon Showgrounds

SUNDAY Yeppoon v South Blackwater A and Reserve Grade Refreshments available

The under 13s started their season with a convincing win over Brothers with the final score reading Yeppoon 13-13-91 to Brothers 0-3-3. Both teams were short on players and ended up only playing with about 14 each. Best players for Yeppoon were Stephen Bent, Jason Geier, Grant Thorpe and Steven Phillips. It was the same in both the under 15s and under 17s. The under 15s squad was full strength and the final scores in this match were Yeppoon 21-9-135 to Brothers 1-3-9. Best players were Troy Tomkins, Jason Jamieson, Trent Thompson, Jason Dawes and Rod Chapman. The under 17s also fielded a full team and soon had the game under control. The further the game progressed the better our team went. The final scores were Yeppoon 16-17-113 to Brothers 1-1-7. The best players were Tim Mynott, Mark Wigginton, Chris Woods, Grant Boyd, Jeff Richter and also a top effort by Brad Moran and Aaron Trevis. Yeppoon have a bye next week so there will be no junior games played. •

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AIDS is not a topic for laughter ... but there was a show on TV on Tuesday night about the subject and a NSW education boss said: "I don't like to see condoms floating around the classroom. I think there are better uses for them." Well, you can't argue with that!!! o o o DIDN'T see this one ... but it came from a very, very good source. Seems the son ofa prominent National Party VIP was attending the official opening of the Tartrus Weir this week and, when standing with a group of people having a chat, was suddenly drenched when a gust of wind flipped up a corner of a marquee emptying gallons (litres?) of rainwater that had collected in an earlier downpour. Seems the VIP's son copped the lot. Oh well, his father has been copping 'buckets' for years and it's water off a chook's back • to him!!!


GRAND FINALS Saturday, March 28 ...starting 1 lam Join in the fun and excitement

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