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ISSUE 186 SATURDAY, March 7, 1987 — FRIDAY, March 13, 198716

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Emu Park sewerage dilemma Full scheme to cost $4.5m Who pays? A SEWERAGE sche e big enough to provide for Emu Park' future growth will d will attract only cost $4.5 million... $212,000 in subsidy ,from the State Government. If the full cost of this scheme was charged to Emu Park/Zilzie ratepayers connected to, or able to be connected to the sch6ae, each household service would cost about $570 a year or $11 a week. If the costs were distributed over the entire Capricorn Coast, Emu Park ratepayers would pay $350 a year and Yeppoon ratepayers would pay $350, which would mean an additional annual sewerage payout of about $60 after taking into account the cost of future additional works needed in, Yeppoon. , Whatever way it is looked at, sewerage for Emu Park is a major item. It is so expensive that Livingstone Shire Council is drawing up plans and preparing arguments to • put before the State Government in an attempt to get special help. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and shire engineer Pat Murphy discussed the sewerage scheme on Tuesday. Cr Bowen said the council was making plans to get "special case" assistance from the government based on "the thousands of millions" the government made from the Central Queensland coal boom. "We did not share in that boom," Cr Bowen said. "Other areas were given huge infrastructure grants to cope with increased population but nothing flowed through to the Capricorn Coast. "Yet the miners bought land here, built houses and now are among residents calling for sewerage." Cr Bowen says Emu Park also needs special assistance because its early subdivisions and development took place without the benefit of a town plan. The result, today, is that development is haphazard and areas that will be difficult to sewer have been developed and built on. Talk of a sewerage scheme catering just to the business area of Emu Park is useless," Cr Bowen said. "It would be expensive, attract no subsidy and, within five years, be a white elephant. And the treatment plant such a scheme would need would have to be built close to town. "Aside from the fact that no suitable land is available for such a treatment plant, it would be unsightly." Mr Murphy has concentrated on a sewerage scheme encompassing practically all of Emu Park and Zilzie to gain the maximum economy and the lowest cost per person. 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

MLA calls for upgrading of clinic MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton has asked Health Minister Mike Ahern and the Rockhampton Hospitals Board to upgrade the Emu Park Medical Clinic, which operates every Thursday. "The attendance at the clinic is dropping because of intermittent attendance by the doctor, who is also in charge of the Yeppoon Hospital," Mr Hinton said. Mr Hinton said he was urging the Hospital

Board to provide a doctor from Rockhampton Base Hospital, so. that the service was reliable. "We have a high component of pensioners at Emu Park who need such a facility, and for whom travelling is an inconvenience and a hardship, particulary for patients with chronic illness," he said. "In any case, Yeppoon Hospital should never be left without a resident doctor on hand."

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❑ AB0411! Anne Leonard and Melissa McCamley didn't need their "shades" at the Yeppoon State High. School's first social for this year because it was a very "bright" night. Anne, "ouerall," thought that Melissa's "Old School Tie" was perhaps a trifle overdressed for the occasion. More pictures pages 8 and 9. — Photo by RHODES WATSON.

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ricorn Coast Mirror March 7 - March 13, 1987

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Areas to north and west of Gap St Police inquiries won't be sewered in present plan into vandalism 0 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Areas to the north and west of Gap Street won't be sewered under this scheme but areas to the east will. Mr Murphy said "guestimates" were involved in • drawing up any sewerage scheme. Future growth must be taken into account. He has allowed for three per cent growth each year. This allows certain figures to be calculated: present population is 4000; there are now 728 occupied premises that could be connected and "x" amount would be added each year as the area grew. But Emu Park is a coastal area which means that at certain times of the year, such as at Christmas, house occupancy rises from an average of 2.6 people to 3.5. Therefore, a treatment plant for a proposed Emu Park sewerage scheme must be big enough to cater for future growth and future peak lOads. The scheme now being drawn up allows for some, treatment plant discharge onto Emu Park golf course but the bulk would be discharged into Coorooman Creek. Cr Bowen said it was the treatment plant that would receive government subsidy of $212 000 ... no subsidy was available for rising mains, sewer pipes or pumping stations. "These works were subsidised before 1981 but the subsidies were cut off in that year and restricted to treatment works only," he said. "The government's reasoning at the time was that most areas in Queensland already had exisiting sewerage schemes and the only costs they faced came from enlarging treatment works to cater for growth. "Also, most local authorities were making developers provide contributions toward sewering new sub-divisions." But that wasn't happening at Emu Park. The sub-dividers had come and gone. Cr Bowen said most of the sub-divisions were created 40 years ago and more. The result, today, is the council's plea to the government for special assistan . Cr Bowen said he did no kn•w at this stage, how much ssistance ouncil would be seeking. Th council • due to meet Premier Sir Jo Bjelke-P terse lat is month for/talks o the Farnboroug Road, cle n wat .--, Park sewerage. But, at this st ink we will only briefly men ewerage. There is too much ut before we start asking for owen said. Among rs to be sorted _out is presentation o he full schem • s he council table. It was m ast month and resulted in a motion that Emu Park (division 1) must carry the full cost of sewerage without calling on payment from division two ratepayers. Cr Bowen said this was one of the major matters to be looked at. He said he was concerned about the high

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percentage of pensioners living at Emu Park and their capacity to pay for sewerage. Cr Bowen said there were arguments for and against spreading the cost of sewerage over the whole Coast. "Councillors are elected for three-year terms but they have to look 25 years down the track in decisions they make on matters as big as sewerage schemes," he said. "Division two is sewered now, and coping. There is a thought that division two ratepayers have paid their way and should not have to pay anything toward another area's scheme. "But if the Coast sees the tourist boom that has so long been predicted, high-rise development in Yeppoon would put enormous strains on Yeppoon's treatment plant. "If division two now decided to help pay for Emu Park's sewerage, the future expansion of Yeppoon's treatment plant could then be subsidised by Emu Park ratepayers. "The Capricorn Coast is one area ... the divisions are lines on maps for electoral purposes only." So, if the Coast was treated as one area, all ratepayers connected to . or able to be connected to sewerage would pay about $350 a year. Mr Murphy said if $350 a year seemed expensive for sewerage charges, it was still $109 a year less than the highest local authority charge in Queensland. The fee was quoted in the Department of Local Government statistics for 1985-86. If treated as separate areas, Yeppoon would continue to pay its present sewerage charge ($203 a year) rising to about $290 "down the track". And Emu Park would pay $570. Cr Bowen was due to outline the costs of sewerage to Emu Park Progress Association on Thursday night. It looks to be a matter that will be the subject of long debate.

in eases grass fir problems AIN early this week has given the ppoon Fire Brigade room to breathe. A fire-brigade spokesman said the rain should reduce the recent spate of grass fires experienced along the Coast. Emu Park's fire-brigade has been kept busy this week attending grass fires at Kinka Beach, the dump and along Zilzie Beach. All were quickly controlled and extinguished. The Yeppoon fire-brigade also attended grass fires; one in Tucker Street and then another in Todd Avenue. Again, the fire brigade had the grass fires contained but is glad of the relief, this week's rain will provide.

YEPPOON police are still interviewing people over recent vandalism on Farnborough Beach near Bangalee Estate. Vandals damaged a council sign and are also suspected of stealing a 14-year-old youth's shirt and hat as well as damaging some of his property. The vandalism followed a break-andenter last week into the National Wildlife Park at Rosslyn Bay. No property was taken. On Tuesday morning, an attempted break-and-enter was unsuccessful at Findlays electrical store. The culprits were unable to enter the shop.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7


March 13, 1987 — 3

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council's new town clerk Jim Brown will spend the next month meeting councillors in their own divisions to find out exactly what they want council to do. He wants to find out their aims, their objectives, their hopes for the future. , At the same time, he will be meeting with council officers and, as a result, will draw up a set of draft objectives for Livingstone Shire ' JIM BROWN started his local gOverrto consider. ment career as a junior clerk with the He believes that if there are insufficient Winton Shire Council in March, 1963 upon clear policies and objectives the council is leaving high school. not going anywhere. He gained work experience with the Mr Brown said his one-to-one meetings Winton, Inglewood, Emerald and Warroo with councillors "on their home turf" would (Surat) Shires prior to qualifying as a local allow them the chance to explain at length government clerk in 1970. what they would like to see done. Mr Brown said he served with the Peak "Some of their ideas may have already Downs Shire Council as Shire Clerk for a been knocked back but can be resurrected if period of eight years before taking up the appropriate. Some may have an outline of an position of Town Manager of Weipa in the idea but have not been able to put it into employ of Comalco Aluminium Ltd. words around the council table," he said. Following five and a half years with "If I can help them I will call in the Comalco at Weipa he moved to appropriate officer or officers and see if we Cambooya Shire Council (southern can get things moving. If it is not possible, I will tell the councillor they should put the outskirts of Toowoomba) in the capacity of Shire Clerk for the past three years. matter to rest. Mr Brown said he anticipates having a He said he hoped to stop a lot of. long and productive relationship in the frustration and to get thingi moving on an employ of the Livingstone Shire Council even keel. with elected members, fellow employees Mr Brown belives in "painting the whole and the community in general. picture" so that everyone can see how items He has seven children, two of whom fit together to achieve corporate goals. have remained behind at the Darling He believes in corporate management; Downs Institute of Advanced Education in involving affected people in the 0 ABOVE: Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and new Liuingstone Shire clerk Jim decision-making. As an example, he said if he Toowoomba to complete their college Brown with the plans for the Emu Park sewerage scheme this week. Mr Brown education. was having discussions with an officer and a replaces Bill Cass who last month retired after 25 years. filing clerk could help sort out the problem, had heard that Livingstone Shire had a the clerk would be called in to offer advice. reputation for its fights and arguments, he Also, council officers had ideas and said he as-well away • • • • situation. suffered frustration when they were not had applied fo • Jo; because it heard. He will be holding weekly meetings ffered a "bi • • i rtunity Ego, self* Full lubrication service with all officers so that ideas can be esteemnd p vingPPh° • ; • wer ll part of * Tune up discussed and action to 0 • ess t 39 3282 * Wheel Alignment & Balance A monthly meeting ill also be held with a • 0 Kas h • I 0 , fter b ing the I. 10 agenda 0 officers and the chair. * Autorriatic Service for unarm us oice •m • candid tes, Mr the next c rtfee „ . • .e discussed * Car Manufacturers' scheduled book service Brown sees himself as a catalyst. and any ulties sorted out. MTAQ * Windscreen replacement NHe be beleives the council's pro• ems have 'tom wasmatuumocavo. Mr Br w was outlining his ideas on * Motor Overhauls or complete replacement en brought about pri • • y by poor _Tuesday, is first day at work. Asked if he * Brake repairs & overhauls comniunications • of adequate goals and strategies. BANKCARD WELCOME * Radiator repairs & recores "Big problems are only little ones that have been neglected," he said. "They have been caused by people not pulling together or Yeppoon Glass and Tiles lacking a sense of. direction or common McBean St (opp Iron's) Yeppoon 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h purpose."

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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987

ELEVEN COAST SECONDARY STUDENTS IN CO SWIM SQUAD ELEVEN Coast secondary school students have been selected to represent the Central District in swimming. The students selected were Rachel Sargood, Vanessa O'Neil, Rachel Airen, Justine Brettell,- Jason Moody, Matthew Dooley, James Turner, Julian O'Neil, Steven Walsh, Jason Schmidt and Troy Ross. Three schools, St Brendan's, St Ursula's and the Yeppoon State High School participated in the inter-school carnival at the Southside pool last Friday. There were 10 girls' teams and eight boys' teams at the carnival which saw Coast swimmers improve on previous past results. St Brendan's came second, St Ursula's fourth and the High School sixth in the boys and ninth in the girls. St Brendan's was only eight points behind carnival winners Grammar School.

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Final scores were the Grammar School, 347 and St Brendan's on 339 points. Physical educatin teacher Peter Johnston said the boys performed above expectations. Six,boys were chosen iQ,the Capricornia squad to compete at Gladrfolie. The boys chosen were locals Matthew Dooley 13 years, James Turner 14 years, Jason Schmidt 16 years and boarders Troy Ross 15 years, Julian O'Neil 15 years and Steven Walsh 14 years. In the age aggregates, St Brendan's finished in the top four positions in all of them. Under 14s were first, under 13s, 15s and 16s second and the opens were fourth. St Brendan's also won the relay/ ggregate. Five pupils from St Ursula's College gained positions somewhere in the first three placings but a number of minor placings boosted the College's points tally.

Two students, Vanessa O'Neil 16 years and Justine Brettell 15 years were selected to represent the Central District. Vanessa was first in the 16 years 50m backstroke, Justine was second in the 15 years 50m freestyle and backstroke, and. third in the 15 years 50m butterfly. Other students to gain places were Kate Kenny third, 13 years 50m backstroke; Katrina Phipps third, 14 years 50m backstroke; and Leesa Phelan third, 16 years 50m breastroke. After final points were tallied, 13 years came fifth; 15 years third and the 16 years age group was second. The individual and freestyle teams were placed third and fourth in most events which consolidated their position in the top four placings. Yeppoon State High School physical

education teacher Kendall George said the school's improvement at the inter-schor swimming carnival came about througi— more enthusiasm and training in the new Olynipic pool. In all ages, she said there was an overall improvement with three students, Rachel Sargood (13 years), Rachel Airen (16 years) and Jason Moody (14 years) being selected for the district team. The highest placing any student obtained was a second, which was achieved by Hamish Brettell in the open 50m backstroke. The girls' team came ninth out of 10 schools with the 15 year age group gaining the highest position as sixth overall. In the boys' aggregate total, the school was placed sixth out of eight schools. The 14-yearold and 16-year-old teams both came fifth in their age groups.

Bruce Hutton recalls day he set six swim records... ST BRENDAN'S 16-year-old Bruce Hutton won six swimming events in record time 22 years ago... and, until last month, he still held the 16 years 50m backstroke record. This final record fell to Jason Schmidt at last month's inter-house swimming carnival. But Bruce Hutton still has his name in the record book at St Brendan's because 21 years ago he set a record for the 50m open backstroke. This week, when contacted in Brisbane where he lives, he was surprised that he still held a record and that one had only been broken last month. "I didn't realise it was the backstroke' record for 16-year-olds that I still held," he said. "I thought it would have been broken years ago with all the modern technology available to kids today. It wasn't around when I was swimming at St Brendans," he said. His family is remembered for. owning. Huttons Bakery and Bruce said "Huttons Baked bread and Vegemite were the secret" to his great swimming style.

His swimming prowess was welcomed and he eventually became captain of St Leo's swimming team (one of the residential colleges on campus). Bruce was a member of the University's Inter-College champion swimming team and won a blue for the inter-college championships. In those days an ICC blue was given to honour swimmers for their contribution in ther sport but it wasn't a full blue like th ones given by the university. El Bruce Hutton ... then and now. As well as swimming, Bruce dabbled in— water polo, finding it enjoyable and competative, and he still plays the game to keep fit. In the past couple of years, Bruce has swum for the Australian United Senior Swimmers'.Institute and swims about two kilometres each week to keep fit. He still remembers the day he created the Mr Hutton senior said all off his sons had backstroke and other five records. He can been good swimmers with Bruce standing/ • recall the enormous pride and satisfaction he felt when he won the races after training out as the best of the three. during his Christmas holidays for the Bruce was a member of the Gold team carnival. (Duhig house) which won the 1965 Jubilee "I can remember finishing my backstroke Carnival whe-n he made those event and getting out of the pool. As I walked recordbreaking times. back to the gold team's area one of the Since then, those records have been teachers stopped me and said 'That was broken, some several times, but his another record'! I didn't realise the record backstroke record defied the talent of many would take 22 years to be broken." boys and remained intact for 22 years. History repeated itself when another gold 16 year-old swimmer, Jason Schmidt, finnally rewrote the record. Like its past team-members, gold house was this year able to repeat its 1965 victory 77 Rockhsampton Road over the red, green and blue houses. Bruce still holds a record in the backstroke YEPPOON 39 1645 for the open age group and Jason, although Specialists in... having already passed the time, cannot claim • Solid, hand-made it as his until he reaches the open age group. furniture Tracking down the "B Hutton" of the Restoration and record book was not easy. Re-polishing No-one was really sure what the B stood The best-equipped Workshop on the for until Paul McKenna who owns the Coast Northside Squash centre, himself an old boy, This is a cottage. said the person was Bruce. This is a cottage Further inquiries revealed he was the son industry so al' of David and Mary Hutton who used to run work is done by.. Huttons Bakery. Sam Vaughan A phone number and workplace were the himself, with over next step in talking with Mr Hutton. 20 year's Aftet • uating from St Brendan's, Bruce experience went to 1ueensland University studying as a cabinet maker for mical engineering.

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o ropes for 'liming club LIV STONE Shire Council won't buy one or mor ane ropes fo the Capricorn Coast mming Club ... least, not from this t. e club wrote 't• council seeking financial sistance to buy ane ropes for the rece ened Olympi .00l. "As this is community project for t service of o cqmmunity, perhaps the coup it may ,be • erested in helping," club secr tafy Nan :usteed said in her letter. he said the estimated cost of a lane rop $350. A report to council said no provisi made in the current budget under "recreatydn and sport donations" for assistance of this nature. The report said council might, want to give further consideration when framing the 1987/88 budget."In addition, the possibility of a similar request being received from the Don Ireland Complex at Emu Park, when completed, should be taken into account when determining a resonse to the current request," the report said. It was recommended council advise the club it could not meet the request because no • provision had been made in the budget. Councillors attempted to find a shortfall in another part of the budget to help the club but reiolved, on Cr Ann Giorgi's motion, • to consider the request when framing the ,next budget.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 - March 13, 1987 - 5

Hinton promises 'total support' to moves for an environmental park MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton o moves to has given his "total sup luff, Ye mos.. make Vallis Park at environmental pa The Wild Li Pr es ation Society of wr. t Queensland's V aprice n branch to Livingston: Shire 4 ouncil, M Hi t , the C-6 Capricorn C .ast Ca Industry and others e 4g support for the more. In a press rel as:. this week, Mr Hinton said: "The de g ation of 13.4 ha. of Crown land o the Bluf Yeppoon, known as Va y total Park, as an Environ . support." He has written to Lands Minister Bill Glasson, in this regard, and said he-would be following the matter up with further representation. Mr Hinton said he could appreciate the concern of some sections of the community, because it could become valuable land, and

0 ABOVE: Remember this? This picture was on the front page of the March 1 March 7 issue of the Capricorn Coast Mirror last year. These bare trees are what became the famous "hard pruned" mango trees in Taranganba. There were cries that someone should be horsewhipped and outrage foamed. The "hard pruned" trees were the subject of some not-so-serious comments ... one councillor asked if council wanted a motion that said "no more touchee trees". Then shire engineer Tony Rowe told council the trees were "full of disease and rot". "They'll come back better than ever."

Do iyou recall the mango tree fight? 0 BELOW: The same trees photographed on March 1 this year... one year after the "hard pruning". Why present the photograph? Well, a year ago there was a lot of talk about the Mirror should have a look at the trees "a year from now" ... and our filing system is so sophisticated, this picture idea popped up exactly one year later! Who was right? Was it worth all the ruckus? That's for you to decide!

alternate uses could be sought at some ture time. This is quite possible with environmental at the direction of the Parliament, a unlike national parks which, since the Island affair, now appear to be Lindem politicall "sacrosanct". Mr H' ton said the Vallis Park area only purpor d to Crown Land, not the adjacent cou it land, which would be an ideal site for a ok-out. "Vallis Park has unique flora and fauna, with many varieties of small birds, and native plants such a native hollies. It is close to town and ideal for school nature studies and excursions and bush walks," he said. "We need to ensure that the Capricorn Coast's greatest asset, its natural beauty, is preserved. Unique areas must be set aside now, before it is too late. Vallis Park merits such consideration."

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6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987

INSTITUTE CONTINUES CAUSEWAY STUDY TO BUILD MODEL: Coloured bottles dropped from bridge to determine current flow A NUMBER of Main Road Department Surveyors recently dropped coloured bottles off the Causeway Lake Bridge to determine where the current in the lake flowed. The surveyors took periodical checks during the day to assess current flow, where it was calm and where silt wasn't being stirred up. Previous experiments have taken place at the Causeway and with the most recent information, the data will be used to construct a concrete model to find a solution for the Causeway's erosion problem. Valuable real estate is sliding into the waves and in an effort to stop the erosion, the Capricornia Institute teamed up with the Department of Main Roads to find a solution. Giant tidal erosion and silting in the Causeway Lake system is slowly eating away Kinka Beach, once a stretch of fine sand on the Capricorn Coast. The project undertaking by the CIAE and . ,d Main Roads Department will att- •• - • a way of preventing 60i e u• c sand disappearin• • .c year • m th inka ld p of and to Beach foresh sediment the Causeay L The atural tida w out ofi Causeway 1940s when the Lak was cut .ff i the ar ficial La • was b narrow bridge openi • g concre e. e sea can enter the e only Ci it ngineering head Bill-Grigg se of the ..rrocv entrance, a said b E• concentrate• ti .a flow occurs, radically affecting the flow of Kinka Creek and moving beach sand in the wrong directions.


ABOVE: Engineering technician Don Limpus is filmed by a television camera crew as he casts a marker bottle into the Causeway Lake. 0

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Sand is moving in a circular pattern pushed along by high tides prevailing southeasterly wind instead of being pushed back onto Kinka Beach by natural wave movement. Mr Grigg said fast-flowing tides dumped the sand at the mouth of the creek and the wind pushed it back onto large sand spits created at the mouth of Kinka Creek. "A false shoreline has been created barricading the creek from its natural ocean outlet, driving the tides nearer to the coast road and residential areas," Mr Grigg said. This continuous build up of sand spits has narrowed the tidal outlet making the water flow much faster than normal. The result is deep gouging of the beachfront sand. Should a cyclone pass the Capricorn Coast and an abnormally high tide surge occur, it was likely that the sea would swamp the road near Kinka Beach and severely damage any housing along the beachfront. MRD chief surveyor Jeff Fisher said the sea could force its way into the low lying reas behind the beach and completely drain he Causeway Lake. To help find a solution, a 15 metres square model built to exact measurements will be constructed. The model will show the entire Causeway Lake and Kinka Beach tidal system. A similar concrete model of the Yeppen flood plain was used by the Institue to help plan a southbound, road and rail route from Rockhampton. The Causeway Lake and Kinka Beach model 'will provide detailed information on tidal flow pattern and the rate at which sea water fills and empties the lake. Mr Grigg said the concrete model would help give an accurate assessment of the erosion problem and provide possible solutions. One solution being investigated is the possible construction of a rock training wall from the Causeway out into the sea. This would channel Kinka Creek away from the beach and direct the flow out into deep water in the open sea. The model will also show where water currents are weak and sediment has accumulated in the Lake. Because of the narrow entrance and the construction of a concrete sill under the Causeway Bridge, it is only at certain times of the year tides are high enough to flow over the sill and into the lake. Full measurements for the model have almost been finalised enough to start construction.

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39 1310 0 ABOVE: Engineering technician Don Limpus prepares marker bottles to enable MRD surveyors to take tidal ' levels of the Causeway Lake.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987 — 7

RAILWAY CAREER STARTS, ENDS ATYEPPOON Bayview Tower / News & Views 15-year-old lad porter leaves as station master

MAL EDWARDS retired on Monday after 49 years with the railways ... and he closed his career at Yeppoon Railway Station, where he started it in 1937. Mr Edwards, who celebrated his 65th birthday on Monday, started at Yeppoon as a lad porter. He returned to Yeppoon as station master on October 2 last year, his final posting. He was only a few months short of his 50 years because he started at Yeppoon on August 9, 1937. He was paid 24 shillings a week. By 1942 he had become a classified night officer and was paid £271 a year. He was posted away from Yeppoon in 1942 to carry out duties as a relief officer for a number of years until being appointed assistant station master at Clermont on February 24, 1949. He was again moved around until becoming the station master at Oxley in 1964. But the railway started bringing him nearer home last year when he was appointed station master at Moura in April then at Yeppoon in October. Born at Stanthorpe, Mr Edwards came to Yeppoon with his family in 1929 and attended Yeppoon State Primary School. His high school years were spent at St Ursula's Convent and at the Rockhampton Technical College. Mr Edwards looking back to when he first started with the railway as a lad porter in 1937, said it was a sleepy town which awoke on weekends. A daily steam train took workers and children to work or school but on Sundays, two daily services were needed to cater for the multitude of people visiting the Coast. In those days, the train left at 7.07am to begin its hour-and-a-half journey to Rockhampton. Along the way it stopped at Bondoola, Cawarral, Mt Chalmers and the Sleipner junction siding to pick up school children and workers. At the Sleipner junction, the Yeppoon train of five or six carriages would met the Emu Park train of about three carriages. An 'express' train would then run straight through to North Rockhampton, while a second followed to pick up people from the Coolcorra. Leaholme, Lakes Creek, Kalka, Koongal and Berserker sidings. Mr Edwards said some people got off at the North Rockhampton stop to catch buses to work but others continued on to the William or Archer Street stations.. About 200 people daily caught the train to work. Mr Edwards said it was more or less a life-line' for Coastal residents. The Coast road hadn't been built, there was no bridge across the Causeway lake and people needed tare train to cart mail, cream, fruit (but not in the quantities carried today) and as a means of transport to and from Rockhampton.

Ambulance at three accidents YEPPOON Ambulance officers have been called to three road accidents in the past week. At the first, a two-car collision at the Hidden Valley Road and Rockhampton Road intersection, a man and woman were injured and taken to Yeppoon Hospital. The ambulance was called to the accident about 4pm last Friday. The spokesman said the woman, Julia Williams, 20, of Yeppoon, suffered whiplash, a seatbelt burn to the right shoulder and shock. The driver of the other vehicle, Bradley Duke, 25, received lacerations to the left leg and was admitted to Yeppoon hospital with chest injuries. On Sunday there was two accidents. At 1pm, there was a single motor accident at Bondoola. The driver refused first-aid for a cut to the back of his head. At 6.20pm the ambulance was called to a motorcycle accident halfway between the Oaks and the Waterslide. Trevor White, 28, a conference director, was taken to Yeppoon hospital suffering shock and injuries to the right ankle.


❑ ABOVE: Yeppoon station master Mal Edwards receives his 49 years' service medal from railways area manager Bob McNeill on Monday afternoon ... Mr Edwards' last d ay on the job. On the return journey from o no light would seep through blac Rockhampton, the first train, carrying he area. passengers who had to be let off along the pp te. : he steam engine's left at 5.05pm and the express-left at of the light s covered with 5.30pm. t for a small sliver which lit the At Sleipner junction one train continued on to Emu Park and the other to Yeppoon. way workers were all taught how to Arrival time in Yeppoon was 7.12pm. ef incendiary bombs butt 'e effect of the Mr Edwards remembers vivadly th war on the Yeppoon line wa- minimal. weekends when Ro hampton pe Life during the war years as restricted, swarmed to Yeppoon o spend a da at th with food rations and petr .1 shortages, but beach. people still came in their .roves to visit the It was a popular each reso t the Coast. railway line was abo t the only a eople The need for trains as lessened and with came, he said. modern technolo• , ]buses, bitumen roads Mail, telegrams m rse code and the and storage tr • s;,the Yeppoon line is no railway were all imports t legacies during the longer nee. as a passenger transport. Fruit • ;„ ers still rely on the rail to cart their late 30s and early 40s. _p Although it only made a small impression uce. on the Yeppoon railway, World War II did— Mr Edwards said it was sad the Yeppoon have its effects on lighting and general rail line was no longer needed for public life. transport but he said there was no way it All the stations had to have their windows could compete with cars and buses. painted black. Because the northern line was They only take half-an-hour to reach threatened with bombing by the Japanese, Rockhampton whereas it still takes an Mr Edwards said the windows were hour-and-a-half by rail.

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WEDDING EXPO... THE Wedding Expo held at the Riverside International in conjunction with Bayview Tower last weekend was a great success. Many people were able to discuss their wedding dress, cake and reception ... with qualified people and obtain the information in one place all at the same time. The fashion parades, including Bridal Wear, Lingerie and Swimwear, were just terrific. Don't forget that you can get that great swimwear from Robyn and David at the Calypso Boutique in Yeppoon. Also, thanks to Temptations Boutique for providing some of the mannequins for the expo. I am sure we will see more of this type of thing at both the Riverside and Bayview in the near future. 82 AND GOING STRONG... A SPECIAL hello and congratulations to Mr Rupert Gardner of Cooee Bay who celebrated his 82nd birthday at the Bay Room last weekend with his wife Arlene and Mrs El* Th,orpe. Well done Mr Gardner. I and all my staff-wish you the best regards and trust yOill 83rcl year will be full of love and happiness. `, FEEDBACK:. WELL, I have received a number of letters from people regarding feed back on the services at Bayview Tower over the past few weeks. This week I have pleasure in announcing those people whose suggestions we believe could be used to make your visit at Bayview Tower even more enjoyable. Firstly, Alan and Joy Stevenson have won a relaxing weekend at Bayview Tower for their suggestions. Joy Verrinder has also won a dinner for two in the Sails Restaurant for her suggestions. Mrs Felicity Haas, Mrs Lorraine Cotton, Mrs Sue Waddell and I Smythe will all receive complimentary luncheon vouchers for two in our Bay Room. Thank to everyone for your left&s'.1The prize vouchers will be available from our Reception desk. THIS WEEK... WE welcome Ron Leslie and the representatives from H and R Block for their week long conference. We hope ydu enjoy your stay at BayviewiTower at the Capricorn Coast. • NEW STAFF LET me YJfce pp welcome some new staff bets Bayview. Gai Middleto estaurant Supervisor, Russell Maso ef, and Mary Anne Corman our Receptionist. Welcome to the Team. Bayview That's all for this week. Tower Bye.


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sG 7.2

8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987

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❑ ABOVE: Adam Belot (left) and Troy Tomkins weren't quite ready for the photographer at the Yeppoon High School social.

0 ABOVE: Julie '-fol social and _ Jyi

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Departs Rosslyn Bay daily 9.10am, returns 4.15pm approx

Discover the colors of Gold

ABOVE: Miss Piggy, alias Hilary Bolton, definitely had Kermit (Natalie Christensen) in her clutches at the High School social.


ABOVE: Gypsy A Clinch didn't

ROYAL HOTEL KEPPEL SANDS Extends a welcome to all visitors for a friendly drink

XXXX and Carlton on tap

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38 James Street9 Yeppoon KO7AtK,andKODACOLORareregistercdtrademarks.


Enjoy Island Views from every'unit a; the

Bay catioper 16 ANZAC ARAM YERPOON . Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 121-3

(next door to the Sunflower Patch) 39 1533' 11111



ANZA4 PARADE, YEPPOON Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs PHONE (079) 39 1594 •


Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987 — 9



Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY zec .

SACRED Heart/Farnborough Koalas are leading the points table in the junior cricket competition played on Saturday mornings. The Koalas are on eight points, Cavaliers and Colts four points each. The senior section of the competition is between year six and seven from Yeppoon State Primary School, Emu Park State Primary School and Sacred Heart School as a composite team with Farnborough. The juniors are years four and five from the same schools. Koalas defeated Yeppoon Cavaliers at Farnborough 111 runs to 81 runs. John Cranny was the best batsmen with 29 runs not out and Craig Norton was top bowler with three wickets for seven runs. Scott Sipple had 19 runs for the Cavaliers and Scott Johnson was best batsman with two wickets for 10 runs. Yeppoon Colts defeated Emu Park Aussies 134-38. Jason Aston was 27 not out for Colts and Shaun Moran took three wickets for four runs. Dino Inguanza was Aussies best batsman with five runs and Kyp Sherrington took one wicket for seven runs. Junior Koalas defeated Yeppoon Cavaliers 67-50. Mark Sherlies topped Koalas' batting list with 26 runs not out and Craig Newberry took one wicket for three runs. Nick Rice was Cavaliers' best batsman with 18 runs and Michael Newberry took two wickets for three runs. Yeppoon Colts defeated Emu Park Lions 93-45. Shane Murphy made 25 runs not out for Colts and Cody Harris-took two wickets for. three runs. Aussies' best batsman was 23 not out and the best bowler was Sean Rose with one wicket for five runs.


Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

Information and bookings: 33 .6744; 27 2948 ash


Reline the past at—





from 10am and last guests through gates at 3pm t tv^s a bit of devil at the Yeppoon High School lei easley was definitely in white tie ...

You are invited to wand through this hi orica -complex made up chur hes. Home-made of houses, antiques an. a str et sandwiches and cakes are availa ; e, b t you e welcome to bring e toff e.and soft drinks are your own and picnic u on sale in a church Weddings, conventions and `specza occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thu sday at 9.30am and 1.30pm._ Adults: $4. Pensioners and Students: . Childre-2Inquiries: Mrs J Ward,28 1560


Don't starve yourself!!

CLUB HOTEL Corner of James and Hill Street, Yeppoon

We serve Counter Lunches and Teas...6 days-a-week! COUNTER LUNCHES


Monday to Saturday, noon to 2pm

Monday to Thursday, 6pm o 8pm Friday and Saturday, 6p to 9pm

COOK'S SURPRISE SPECIALS Sundays, all afternoon from noon!

lichelle Greasley was camera-shy but Ned `fly' away at the high school social.

❑ Workers' Bar Special ❑ Foreman's Bar Special ❑ Boss's Meal


TRY OUR CHAR GRILL Family Meals * Children HALF price $3.00 $7.00

* If you get here late, don't worry ... we'll y)alt *


:OVE: Kara Barkle (right) didn't mind being 4) by Kelsey Perren at the Yeppoon High )l social held at the Town Hall. Both girls definitely in fashion at the masquerade right down to the frills. photos on this page were taken by Rhodes a Year 12 student at Yeppoon High School.



LAITION GUI E SeasPray Waterfront holiday u is Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (lust over Ross Creek)

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

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is Yeppoon's... fully Licensed, first-class, a-la-carte, Seafood and International Cuisine Restaurant. We specialise in pampering our guests with fresh, local produce created in fine style by our chef... Damian Brierty

Your Host... Kerrie 3


Contact Kerrie now for reservations, 39 2318 WE ARE OPEN 7 nights-a-week from 6.30pm till late


YEPPOON Golf Club members will farewell their past president Bob Hancock and his wife Carmel at a special night in the Clubhouse. \ Mr and Mrs Hancock have been transferred to Brisbane. the club held its annual meeting last week a b decided to continue the reconstruction pr gramme of the past few years. i wo new greens were opened a month ago and the club spokesman said they were a / ' elight 1 to play on'. The 1987/88 president is Alan Stevenson, ice president Shirley Burton, secretary , eith Griffiths, treasurer Gladys Scharf and / captain Doug Cruickshank. The new committee: Billy Oates, Nobs Drillis, Don Thomasson, Peter Haines and Doug Allen-Ankins. Jack Stratford agreed to continue as handicapper.

INDOOR BOWLS INDOOR bowls from Rockhampton and Emu Park were among the 83 players who turned out at the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club last Sunday for an afternoon of novelty bowls followed by a barbecue. The afternoon was hosted by John and Phyl Shepherd. Phyl is the club's treasurer and John is a selector. It was a sociable bowls afternoon and top position were keenly contested. en; Ke one points, Results w d for 1; Jack umpf and Tom Go rele• ting secon . place on 17, wit e Gasbee Jack o third u:gt; a Pr 20. score division scores ere very In t ma Jones and Na -y Bowles even, with 17 poi s. On the deadheati first place with an countback Jon aggregate of 27, Bowles filling second place with 23 aggregate. For third place three players dead heated on 16 points and on the countback Sylvia Cousin was successful with 24 aggregate. During the afternoon three lucky draws went to Jean Whiteacre, Jack Rumpf and Errol Ward. Kath' Mcllwaith held the lucky door and the raffle was won by Thelma Shuttlewood. Tonight (Saturday) the final of the Summer Fixtures will be played at the Rockhampton and District Indoor Bowls Association's Rockhampton centre. Next Friday night teams from two North Rockhampton clubs, St Stephens and St Johns will visit YIBC. Play starts at 7.30 and teams are on the board. All players please bring a plate on this night. Tuesday, March 10, YIBC will go to Bauhinia House to play social bowls with the senior citizens at that centre. Keep in mind Friday, March 27, when YIBC vice presidents' night will be held. Trophies for the evening will be given by vice presidents Vera Farlow and Florence Collins.

10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 1 , 1987

Showerscreens Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

Yeppoon C.O. Pest Contro John Brown


* We kill all kinds of pests * *. Obligation-free quotes * * Pensioner discounts * Will not be beaten on price or service Phone John & Carol (all hours)

39 6605 TOWN & COUNTRY

Take thyme to read some...

`Words on Herbs' OTHER easy-to-grow basic herbs are Onion and Garlic Chives which give flavour but do not taint the breath. Use them in salads, mashed potatoes, dips, stuffed eggs, sprinkled on meat and vegetable dishes and as a substitute for spring onion tops in Chinese cooking. They contain iron and aid digestion of rich foods onion Do not grow chive family within 5 metres or fee' . .eas and wonders beans but ... Garlic growing amongst y oses. March 9, 10, 11 are the most suitable days to plant all flowers and fruiting arrivals ... peas, beans, tomatoes, capsicums, corn, pumpkins, etc.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie OPEN: Saturday: 1pm - 5.30pm Sun & Wed: 9am - 5.30pm ...or by appointment

39 7621

FIFTY members attended the February meeting of the Yeppoon Pensioners' League held in Yeppoon Town Hall. The league will ask that testing, fitting and supply of spectacles be carried out in Yeppoon and that if the present contractor cannot fulfill that obligation the franchise be given to another firm. Livingstone Shire Council will be asked to increase the water allowance, at present 520 kilolitres, to 820 kilolitres a year. Satisfaction was expressed at the decision of the Lands Adminstration Commission not to grant an application by G and M W Pickering and others to permanently close part of John Street. The commission said the road area is required for present and future public use. League members will attend two socials away from Yeppoon this month. The first will be to North Rockhampton League's social at Bauhinia House on Thursday, March 19. A bus will take members to Rockhampton


from $48 m 4 metres wide




\O 4 colours

CAPRICORN Coast Miss Australia Quest entrant Karlene McDonald will hold her first function on Tuesday, March 10 at the Railway Hotel. It is luncheon with fashion parade by Krugers and starts at noon. Tickets ($10) are available from the Railway Hotel (Karlene's sponsors), Les McDonald TV Repairs and Krugers Fashion House. o 0 o IF anyone would like to hire the Yeppoon CWA hall, contact Rita Hooper, 39 1716. ❑ D a DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, April 8, street stall for Red Cross with proceeds to rest room building fund. 0 0

$57 m Scotchg ua rd



1 Eva Built


39 3838

Free Measure and Quote on Carpets, Curtains and Vinyl


Centennial Celebration COME AND REJOICE YEPPOON: Sacred Heart Church, John Street EMU PARK: Mary Immaculate, Archer Street KEPPEL SANDS: Larcombe Hall

Friday, March 6 The symbol for the World Day of Prayer was developed by the women of Ireland and adopted as the international logo in 1982. Its design is made up of arrows convergin from the four points of the compass, persons kneeling in prayer, the celtic cross, and the circle, representing the world and our unity through all over diversity.

L 71 lc

10am 10am 2pm


0 0

DATE CLAIMER: The Emu Park Anglican Church is having a street stall on Saturday, May 30 in front of the two gift shops in Hill Street. o o o THE monthly social for Yeppoon Pensioners League is on Tuesday, March 10 at 1pm in Yeppoon Town Hall. O

0 0

Daytime squash ❑ ABOVE: Leigh Bignell was a perfect `angel' right up to her halo at the Yeppoon High School masquerade social held in Yeppoon Town Hall. — Photo by Rhodes Watson 0 D 0

leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am and returning at the close of the function. The second afternoon will be at Emu Park on Wednesday, March 25. A bus will take Yeppoon members to this social, leaving the railway station at 12.15pm. Applications for seats to bus captain Patricia King on 39 2109. The Yeppoon League is in favo ,of the CQ Pensioners Zone changing fr rdfour to three meetings a year. A report prepared by zone delegate Kat Mcllwraith was read to the meeting. Get well wishes will be sent to Emu P president Joan Burns who is on the sic 0 0 o THE preceding; item and a Yeppoon pension4r and Ye Bowls Club notes are alway Bill Shuttlewood. Bill is an untirin' worker I pensioners and, be ause he is job, often gets unde • s in ..ut, delightful and always po h• • .oing so. I hope all his members and associates realise what lucky people they are to have such a champion. Bill doesn't mention his wife Thelma very often in his notes and she always seems to stay in the background, naturally, she works too. He and Thelma are also difficult people to thank because they expect to do what they do without any praise. He is so definite about what rights pensioners have and should have that sometimes he puts up the hackles on his opponents ... but all to the good. Thank you Bill and Thelma for all the good you are doing from those who are too shy to say it.

CORDIE Nugent and Darrelle Byrne provided the most 'amusing' game at the Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures played on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash centre. Cordie defeated Darrelle 3-0. Comedians defeated May's Meanies 15-7: Carol Greasley v May Briggs 0-3; Jan Lawton def Jenny Koning 3-2; Sue Blake def Ann Hinton 3-0; Helen Leslie def Pat Gough 3-2; Linda Keily def Robyn Battersby 3-0; Dawn Walhin clef Gail Moore 3-0. Kathy's Kites defeated Denise's Dolphins 12-7: Kathy Dale def Denise Campbell 3-0; Joyce Hinton v Nita Marxsen 0-3; Diane Cameron clef Sylvia Belot 3-1; Anne Priem clef Kerry Kelso 3-0; Pat Harris def Maryanne Vearing 3-0; Darrelle Byrne v Cordie ugent, 0-3. fish's Troubleshooters clef Whales 15 10: ndrews v Julie Britton 2-3; Trish clef Jenny Semple 3-2; Penny Munns n Woods 3-1; Judy Minter clef Jan 3-1; Debbie marxsen v Carol Knight ; Deidre Garwood clef Lois Bayliss 0-3. am defeated Seagulls 15-5: Alice e v Sally Corney 0-3; Lyn Timms clef Boehm 3-0; Rosemary Jones def Jean ff 3-1; Megan Anderson clef Rosemary ansen 3-0; Pam Hayman clef Rosemary ansen 3-1; Helen Hinton d Betty Woods 3-0

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

Ernie Peters

SAT: 4pm, Touch

ooee Park Oval. BB SUN: 10amf Yepw CWA Hall. Pastor G haitf Brown 6.3 ppoon CWA Hall TUES: 7. LLI, Bible Studies WED: 9.30 , Ladies at Maureen's, Emu Park. 39 6843 THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer at Cora's, Kinka FRI: 7pm, Coffee Shop, Yeppoon CWA

Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... o Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets 0 Silk Flowers ❑ Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire a Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed/loose

Flower Arrangements with... Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies

Delivery to Rockhampton and Coast daily For Flowers for all Occasions ... 39 THIS SPACE DONATED BY CAPRICORN COAST MIRROR

GAYE O'Brien is holding an early pregnancy workshop on Saturday, March 7 at 41 Matthew Flinders Drive, Cooee Bay at 2.30pm. Please ring Gaye, 39 4523, if you are interested or need more information. o 0 o The Coast Red Cross next meets on Friday, March 20 at 1.30pm in Yeppoon RSL Hall. New members are very welcome.

0 0 D


Sun' Ceiltdige

YOU a week to get your ,c et work and cooking ready for CWA Yeppoon branch competition. , I s on Saturday, March 14 and will be sful owed by a cent sale at about 2pm. The competition and cent sale will be held in the CWA rooms. The entry fee for the knitting and crochet sections is 20 cents and 10 cents for the cooking. Entries must be in by 12.30pm on the day. Knitting. Section 1. Class 2: knitted garment for adult in wool blend. Class 7: knitted garment for child up to five years, acrylic yarn only. Class 8: best knitted entry from 100 grams or less of acrylic yarn. The article will remain the property of the QCWA. Crochet. Section 3. Class 14: Crochet garment. Class 15: any crochet article in acrylic yarn. Class 16: best crochet entry from 100 grams or less, wool blend or acrylic. This article will remain the property of the QCWA. Class 19: best crochet entry in No. 40 or under mercerised cotton. Section 1. Class 1: boiled fruit cake, uniced, 8" round tin. Class 3: Sultana Cake, uniced, 8" round tin. Class 5: Orange bar, iced on top, bur-tin about 9"x4V2"x3" at top of tin. Class 6: Chocolate bar, iced on top with chocolate icing. Class 10: steam plum. pudding, about 6" basin. Class 14: light fruit cake, 7" square tin. Section 2. Jams, Marmalade, Pickles and Chutney. Jars must be carefully labelled on side and about 375-500 gr. One jar of each required. Pickles to be one jar of Mustard mixed vegetables.



39 7162 a/h

cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon

^QO i

WELL, our rates are due on Tuesday, March 10 and this year they seem to have come around earlier than usual. But then again I think I always feel that way when they arrive. Food for thought. This time next year, we will all be getting ready to decide who we want for our representatives on council for another three years. Will the rates arrive before the March 30 polling date next year? Actually, I don't think our rates are dear, but one of the other 'things' included in the rates is ... the water. Now, John and I pay water rates for so many units here at the office and only use about a quarter of what we,pay for. On the other hand we also pay the same amount for where we live at Kinka Beach. Now you all know what Kinka is like sand! and boy does the water soak into it never to be seen again. We don't have a 'spear' so can't tap into the underground water and therefore we use town water for everything ... but there isn't enough to water the lawn. I rang the council and asked if the water we had paid for at the office in Yeppoon (and had not used) could be credited to our Kinka Beach water. No way was the answer, even though we had paid and not used. O

0 0

NEXT year is our bicentennial and besides celebrating that I have suddenly realised we will have the council election and a federal one too! o o ❑ DO your children go to the State High School? Have you met the new principal and senior mistress? It doesn't matter whether - the answer is yes or no because you have a chance to talk and meet them again on Tuesday, March 24 at 7pm at the Sailing Club. The Parents and Citizens Association is having a wine and cheese night for parents and teachers to get to know each other. A similar night was held last year for the same reason and was a great success. O

0 0

`A Woman in Her Time' was the title of the speaking session of Capricorn Coast Forum Club No. 53 on Wednesday. Shirley Green was the evening's chairman and Sue Waddell was critic. Kaye Livingston was the main speaker and she used Louisa Lawson (Henry's mother) to project her points. Billie Sinclair was second and she discussed the poet Judith Wright McKinney. Janice Froschauer spotlighted her maternal grandmother and Janice Crosser used women in general for her theme. The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 11 at 8pm in the LJ Hooker office, James Street, Yeppoon. Everyone is welcome to the meetings, whether as an onlooker or as a potential new member. O

0 0

YEPPOON Choral Society will present `Olde Time Musical' on Saturday, April 4 in Yeppoon Town Hall at 7.45pm. Tickets are available from Stewart and Brumm Chemists.


THE Mormon Genealogy Library in Talbot Street, North • Rockhampton has obtained the loan of 550 rolls of micro-filmed indices of births for all people born in England and Wales from 1837 to 1906. The loan is for three weeks only star g from March 11 and people using the fil will be charged a small fee to cover the c sts of the loan. The Church of Jesus Christ of L tter-day Saints filmed these and other reco ds at St Catherine House, England and hey are available for loan at any of their 64 libraries throughout the world. The Rockhampton library is open t • e general public: Monday 9am to 1pm; Wednesday 9am to 1pm; Thursday 10am to 2pm and 6.30pm to 9.30pm; Friday 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Over one and a half million rolls of microfilmed records from Europe, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, United States of America and other countries are also available for loan. For further information contact librarian Marion McKenzie, 28 1697. o

0 0

RED CROSS Calling is on Sunday, March 15. If you are able to help with transport or door-knocking, please contact Kath Montefiore, 39 2402.

DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon Lapidary Club will host the 1987 Annual Competition and Gemshow on August 15 and 16 in Yeppoon Town Hall. 0 0 o EMU PARK Safety House CoMmittee will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 7.30pm. The meeting is at Emu Park State School. Thirty-three houses in the Emu Park district are listed with the association as safety houses but committee spokesman John Hayman said more would be most welcome. The only criteria to be a safety house is that you need to be hOme or in your business between 8am and 9am and 3pm and 4pm. "If you are interested in helping out or becoming a safety house, you are very welcome to come to the meeting," Mr Hayman said. Contact -John, 39 6672 or Irene Silverthorne, 39 6543, if you would like more information. 0 0 0

NICOLE Wellings, Doll Ward's granddaughter, has returned to Gatton College for her final year of study. She spend two months of the Christmas vacation with friends in Zimbabwe and toured through many parts of Africa. Nicole arrived home in Brisbane in time to celebrate her 21st birthday with family and friends. Mrs Ward said that Nicole was enchanted with Africa and brought back videos of the scenery and wildlife. Kristine, Doll's other grand-daughter and Nicole's sister, has been transferred to Oxley after spending the last two years teaching at Thursday Island. She will be attending Brisbane University to further her education. 0 0 0

EMU PARK Pensioners League held a social on Wednesday, February 25 in the Cultural Hall.. President Joan Burns was unable to attend the social and senior vice president Pearl Curry very capably handled the introduction. Birthday greetings were extended to Molly Bacon, M Smith, Olive Patterson, Dot Wenck, George Cooper, M Davies, Mrs W Patterson, M Kitchiner, Trevor Schneider, M Saite, Beryl Connors, Win Cross and Rene Jones. Wedding anniversary greetings were given to Janet and Dave Thwaite. The afternoon's entertainment was opened with a poem, 'Memories' by Mary Gurney. She was followed by Alf Marcombe, Dot Close, Jack Flanmigan,Mrs-Hland Bob Blatchford fr. --E7= \ '• • w o a • • solos. 6 "r Pea urtv • • a song and dance num in • r own inimitabl way. Lorna Mclntyr lad Joyce Bueho then did a song and' whistling number. Lorna then led on Alp ommunity singin ith 6If mbe. "Cooper entertained with his Ge gan and George Howard played th o t a p e. Joe McIntyre was appreciat d y the audience with his rendition of A ert an The Lion. Crystal Philp sang songs of S is from many nations. A quartett •f Yeppoon women sand a number . then Dot Close told the story o - - 'How Pattern Plate. • y soor went to Mrs Graham (she is the mother of the local butcher). Both Mr and Mrs Graham were welcomed to the afternoon. Bill Evans, Mary Gurney and Pearl Curry won raffles and the monte carlo prize went to Ella Lewis and Crystal Philp. Some of the guests were from Sunset Lodge and Rockhampton's Eventide. Linda Leech stood in for Win Nelson as accompanist and Ella Lewis did a splendid job as compere, standing in for Joan Burns. The next social is on Wednesday, March 25 in the Emu Park Cultural Centre and everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a member.

DAY CARE VACANCIES Don't miss outl Book your child in now 39 4599

an hour 0


Yeppoon Day Care Centre, opp Bus entrance to Primary School —

39 4599


Glass Repairs.


0 0 0

THIS month the Mill Gallery (opposite Farnborough School) has joined the `Women in the Arts Festival' and is exhibiting, works by Capricorn Coast women. The exhibition 'Capricorn Coast Creativity' will open on Sunday, March 8 at 10am and proprietor Dale Childs said there is a great collection of art, craft, sculpture, pottery, painting, needlework and jewellery ... and it's all for sale until the exhibition ends on March 22. The Mill will also preent an exhibition of creative clothing at the Rockhampton Cultural Centre on March 7 at 10.30am. The fashions will be returned to the Mill after the parade and this collection will also be on display. ❑ o ❑ THE Rockhampton Multiple Birth Association will celebrate Multiple Birth Week from March 15 to 22. The week will start on the Coast with a bring-your-own barbecue at Bell Park (Emu Park) on Sunday, March 15 from 11.30am. All Coast mothers are welcome to attend the barbecue and further details can be obtained by phoning 28 1265 or 28 8624. O

0 0

HEALTH and social issues -are always of interest to us but sometimes it is difficult to find a group or venue where various topics can be discussed and explored. Community Health sees a need in Yeppoon for a supportive group which will aim to meet needs in the form of social contact ... coffee and chat, educational input through guest speakers, videos and discussion, sharing of resources and ideas, recreational activities and any other means which may be developed within the group. An initial meeting is being planned for March 10 at 10am. The venue is the Community Health Centre, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (between the hospital and the shire chambers). • An introductory video on 'Total Health' will be offered, looking at physical, social and mental health and ways of improving our total health. Coffee ancicht ailound this topic and also the future deiliel prnent of the group looking at aims and needs will follow. Everyone's welcome and for any inquiries ring Mary Casey, 39 1469.


Capricorn Professional Centre Thurs & Fri, 8.30am - 5pm 74 JAMES STREET, YEPPOON

39 3649


28 0650

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987 — 11 REMEMBER the stamps for the leprosy appeal? Well it appears that everyone is saving stamps and Ruth Vaughan is. delighted. It doesn't matter how many are collected because the appeal is an on-going thing. Thank you to everyone who has brought or sent stamps. We have actually been receiving stamps in envelopes from all over the place. The Commonwealth Department of Education in Rockhampton BILL and Thelma Shuttlewood have regularly sends an envelope full of stamps returned from Brisbane where they attended that the staff have saved. Thank you to the 21st birthday of their second grandeveryone. daughter Joanne Hughes. O 0 0 Joanne is a teacher at Bundamba High. A 'Date Claimer' book has been put at They took a trip to Toowoomba to see Green's Hardware in Emu Park for all local Nick and Glad Darcy who were former organisations to fill in for 19 with their residents of Birdwood Estate in Yeppoon `doings'. The idea and the ok came from and now reside at Lourdes Home in the D re and—Swi mplex Toowoomba. Committee Bill said that both were looking well and Nick can't wait for his 90th birthday on August 13. They sent their love to all their friends in Yeppoon. Another resident at Lourdes Home is YEPPOON GLASS AND TILES Edna Hutcheon who is a good ambassador for Yeppoon. Edna used to live in Queen 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h Street and Birdwood Estate. Bill said that Lourdes Home is the complete answer for the ages with all amenities and that includes an infirmary. It is controlled by an order of Italian Nuns and is open to pensioners of all denominations.


Phone us on...39 2122


12 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987

al / OR

39 4244 Tell the COAST


Capricorn Coast

is located on corner. Adelaide Park Rd & Cliff Street, YEPPOON

Home of the $2

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P.O. Box 769, YEPPOON. 4703

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►/RR TYPESET, composed and .pu by Capricorn Coast Mirror (J Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Stre Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Time Street, Gympie. . The Capricorn Coast Mirr. registered for transmission .y po Australia Post, publicatio nu • ; QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Caprice Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4 our office address is corner of A Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon, Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Ehgagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted errors



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enstall, Noyes & Associates

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OPEN... Monday, Th Lunch noon to


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Seventh-Day Adventist Church Braithwaite St, Yeppoon But don't wait until opening night to register. Class size and the free materials are limited, so to be sure of your materials and a place at the seminar, register in advance by ringing...

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987 — 13

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d, trees lopped furniture I. o rompt free quotes, phone C & L iers, 39 7987. W 11 repairs and service for all, e tric and manual models. VJ Engineering,; AL,T Pt SPECIALISING night Street, North Rockhampton. * EXCAVAT • &bR Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. ODD-JOBS: Lawn mowing, yards cleaned, No loading for weep ds Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 76671 housecleaning, painting. 39 3935. FLYSCREE nd doors, made-to-measure on the from Central Coast Insect Screens. ALL aut pairs. Fleasonable ra es. hone 39 68 WELDING r garrs,a mall fabrications such as arc and MI ldi b too big. Phone Commercial * Domestic * Industrial ,39 68/9, anyti 'CARPENTER, concreting and boat repairs. Ring anyt e. 33 6265. Airless Spray Specialist RAINER: Licensed. For water pr blems and general maintenance ) a hompson-, 39 4106. SUB-CONTRACT carpenter gang and owner/builder advisory service. Have caravan will travel. Free quotes. 39 1812. RETIRED carpenter available for pensioners jobs from $8. All work guaranteed, • • • • - 39 6939 a/h.


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y' Wa



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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 - March 13, 1987

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987 — 15

A grade squash FOR the second week in succession no A grade squash team has been able to achieve convincing win in the Capricorn Coast rr 46.. 'quash Rackets Association fixtures. Once again all teams scored two rubbers with the decision going to a count of games. Several players are showing a hint of emerging fitness and touch. Glen Ward looked convincing with a 3-0 win against Judy Umlauft, Ray Campbell won convincingly in the fifth after losing the fourht 10-8 to Len Keily and Kitty Jeacocke demolished Danny Taylor in four after a slow start. Doug Perrin got the upper hand in the fifth in his match against Roger Dale while Chris Briggs appeared to let Brian Umlauft off the hook while leading in the fifth allowing Brian to clinch the result 10-9. Results. Mariners defeated Social Hitters two rubbers each, nine games to seven: Danny Taylor v Kitty Jeacocke 1-3; Roger Dale v Doug Perrin 2-3; Joe Foat def Bernard Lacey 3-1; Brett Stewart def Clay Nothling 30. Strugglers defeated Mighty Macks two rubbers each nine games to six: Ellen Farr v Steve Creagh 2-3; Larry Owens v Ian Atkinson 1-3; Neil Roberts def Chris Hacker 3-0; John Briggs def Gordon Roberts 3-0. Team One defeated All the President's Men and his Wife two rubbers each 10 games to seven: Len Keily v Ray Campbell 2-3; Glen Ward def Judy Umlauft 3-0; Chris Briggs v Brian Umlauft 2-3; Tony Smith def Neale Royal 3-1.

L--C grade squash CAPRICORN Coast C grade squash team is looking for another permanent player. C grade plays on Thursday nights at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre from 7.30. "You don't have to be too terrific, just interested and we would like anyone who feels they could keep up their end to come along and have a hit," a spokesman for the Capricorn Coast Squash Rackets Association said. "If anyone would like to play every week, please ring the centre, 39 2444, at anytime." The association is also looking for people who would like to be reserves in the D grade fixtures. "It is ideal for people who can't make a permanent commitment but want to play squash competitively," he said. Four Stars defeated Jokers and Queen 32: Paul Harris def Wendy Hudson 3-0; Patrick Robertson def Barry Barnes 1-3; Scott Mitchell def Marty Dixon 3-0; Stewart Clarke (res) v Scott Perrin (res) 0-3. Rhinestones defeated Team Number Three 4-1: Sandy Brown def John Warner 31; Steve Walsh def Joe Delalande 3-2; Ian McDonald def Ross Lapane (res) 3-0; Glen Campbell v Tom Cannon 0-3. Rebels defeated A Ballers 3-2: Pauline Young v Robert Stewart 2-3; Ron O'Brien v Andy Jones 0-3; Sean Hansen def Ashley Farley 3-0; Mike George d Stuart Keeton 3-0.

D grade squash AFTER the third game of Capricorn Coast D grade squash fixtures played in this round, all players seem to be settling well into their/ respective teams. Tom Lanyon of Masterblasters had a convincing win over Stuart Clarke, and Boys, Four were quick to fight back with a win by' Peter Stoyel, but Masterblasters once again proved unstopable and were winners by four rubbers to one. A much improved Lyle Hinton played well to win against a hard trying Susan McAviney. Dwaine Vivian once again put in a top effort for Speedballs and was rewarded with a three to one win over Ben Stack. Results: Masterblaster def Boys Four 41; Tim Lanyon def Stuart Clarke 3-1; Danny O'Meara def Sean Fallis 3-0; Shane Nixon v Peter Stoyel 0-3; Neal Richardson def Barry Hinton 3-1. Terminators def Roses and Thorn 4-1; Scott Perrin def Jenny Konings 3-1; Scott Salmond def Peter Janz 3-0; Troy Wilkinson def Faeann Hillier 3-0; Susan McAviney v Lyle Hinton 1-3. Speedballs def Annies Boys 4-1; Anne Priem def Peter Trifelly 3-1; Ross LaPanne v Ian Lawton 2-3; Adrian McGinty def Anne Smith 3-0; Dwaine Vivian def Ben Stack 3-1.

EP ladies bowls EMU PARK Ladies Bowls Club will play championship fixtures on Wednesday, March 18 starting at 1.30pm. Mary Peacock, Lil Mills and Joyce Barber will play Joyce Stewart, Kathy Cliffe and Beryl Wincen in the championship triples. The other championship triples game is between Dot McKenzie, Flo Huggins and Peg Kluver and Betty Byrne, Marion Mallison and Ivy McNamara. The James Hare Meorial will be played at the Rockhampton and District Indoor Bowls Association centre on Saturday, March 28.

Croese wins in 29 ends at Yeppoon Triples afternoon games played. FINE weather at Yeppoon on the weekend In the open singles, Keith McKimmie, was good for playing sport... Another 18 at Emu Park club John Ware and Bill Roberts had an easy win games were played off at the Bowls Club with more upsets being the order of the day. Frank O'Brien who won all games the previous week came to a halt at the hand of Brenden Croese in the A grade singles. Brenden, one of the younger up and coming bowlers, came home strongly from being down 15-7 over 16 ends to hit the fron on 29 ends 22-21 then picked up three shots to take the game. Geoff Lambert and Don McPherson had a close game. Don was down 17-9 after 16 ends, but got to the front on the 26th end to lead 24-23. Geoff got the two shots he needed to win the next end and won 2524. Other A singles games saw Clarrie Hinton just hold out to Alf Schofield to take the game 25-18. Peter Brown had little trouble with Bob Bird in their game and won 25-11. In the district singles, Don Goody and Jon Ware had a neck and neck battle in their 36 ends. Don just came home ahead of John with a score of 25-22. Bill Roberts and Ray Campbell provided another exciting game but Bill after being in trouble early and down 18-11 after 16 ends picked up six of the last seven ends to win the game 25-19. Tom Roos couldn't contain Clarrie Hinton in their singles same after being 14 all after 15 ends. Clarrie moved away to win 25-19. In the C singles Des Ryan came up and beat Graham McCosker to the tune of 25-19. Alf Schofield didn't give Keith Chivers any chance in their game, winning 26-3. Roy Cain had a comfortable win over Dick Sinclair winning 26-12. The first of the mixed pairs were played over last weekend and as the scores will show, it was quite interesting to watch the

over Des Ryan, Fred Baker and Dave Maulds winning 30-12. Graded triples saw Graham McCosker's team prove to be too good for for Eric Austin's team, winning 22-15. In the distric fours game, Bill Manthey's team won easily from Reg Gibbins's team with the final score being 26-11. Games' results. A grade singles: Peter Brown def Bob Bird 25-11; Clarrie Hinton def Alf Schofield 25-18; Geoff Lambert def Don McPherson 25-24; Brendan Croese def Frank O'Brien 25-21. District singles: Don Goody def John Ware 25-22; Clarrie Hinton def Tom Roos 2519; Bill Roberts def Ray Campbell 25-19. B grade singles: George Barrett def Gordon Mckenzie 25-22; Fred Baker def Fraser Freeman 25-11. C singles: Roy Cain def Dick Sinclair 2612; Alf Schofield def Keith Chivers 26-3; Des Ryan def Graham McCosker 25-19. Open triples: K McKimmie, John Ware and Bill Roberts def Des Ryan, Fred Baker and Dave Moulds 30-12. Graded fours: Frank Birkett, Peter Brown, Geoff Lambert and Bill Manthey def Keith Chivers, Mo Stewart, Harry Maher and Reg Gibbins 26-11. Graded triples: John Corbett, Arnie Peterson and Graham McCosker def George Hillier, Eddie Engel and Eric Austin 22-15. Mixed pairs: Merl Bradley and Bill Fotheringham def Anne Fotheringham and Cyril Hooper 33-12; Marj Bierwirth and Reg Gibbins def Dolly McPherson and Don McPherson 23-12; Vera Wilson and Eric Wilson def May Manthey and Bill Manthey, 23-22.

Yeppoon associates vie for club prize YEPPOON Golf Club associates played a four bbb stroke for a club trophy last week. Moyra Potts with 62 nett and then Cassie Freeman and Norma Channells 64, Sybil Moore and Wendy Thiele 65, Beryl Taylor and Sharon Haines 65, and Joyce Keyes and Val Buckingham 65 nett. Pinshots: Silver, Gwen Sherrington; Bronze, Shirley Kruger. The proshot was won by Eileen Larman. Wednesday Club had a record attendence with more than 80 mem er an as ociates hitting off in hot conditiclns was Rita in The women's st blefo Edmiston th 9 points, with Esme t on 35 points. Rita also Woodbridg nine with 33, Fay won the Buckingham had 34, Esme Woodbridge 34 and Joyce Keyes also with 34. Rita also won the second nine with 33. Phyllis Mann and Joan Marwedel were next with 34 each. Pinshots were won by D Allen-Ankins, R Edmistone and N Montgomery who also won the proshot. 1 he members stableford winner was Phil Todd with a good 47 points which cost hi

30 players joi junior Swan for 1987 s n 1' •

YEPPOON Junior ssie • les Swans' sign-on last week wa succe s. Thirty players si d on for the 1987 season. "This is only a thir •• the , sual number we have had during t e p st two years," spokesman Ross 1 do: said. "We are looking fo a b gger commitment from players and • ar nt this year." Registration fe are the club's main financial source a d' al players must be registered before t e 'se son starts. "To play all the • • ys ust be registered. This year we have • an led to play in the junior carnivals and t un • er-17 team will be going to the Sunshine Co t this year. "But, to participate hey all have to be registered," he said. Yeppoon is known thro hou he district as the strongest club but McI oe said that if the club didn't have lo • • I sup * It would lose that reputation. "The new committee is working 5..II and their enthusiasm is terrific. If half r enthusiasm was given by everyone else at a great club we would have." A practice match will be played against Parkhurst tomorrow (Sunday) at Yeppoon Showgrounds. The games start with the under-13s at 11.30am, then the under-15s at 12.30pm and finishes with the under-17s at 2.30pm. A canteen will be available for spectators. Mr Mclndoe said that the Parkhurst team is at full strength and Yeppoon will be on its mettle.

three strokes next was Doug Allen-Ankins with 45, Les Williams 44, Charlie Meyers 43, Terry Woodbridge 42, Lindsay Evans 42, Harry Adams 42, Ian Atkinson 41, Marshall Morgan, Mick Clifford and John Noyes all with 40 points. L Williams won the first nine with 271/2, L Evans 291/2, P Todd 291/2, R Dawson 30, G Bell 31, T Graij 31. Second nine: I Atkinson 271/2, C Meyers 28, P Todd 291/2, J Degotardi 30, G Bell 30 and A Cole 30. Pinshots: J Noyes and P Todd with J Ryan winning the proshot. Veterans played a, Stroke game for members and associates for Jack Stratford Trophies over 12 holes. The women's winner was Esme Woodbridge with 40 nett. Next was Gwen Pearson with 48 nett on count back from Cassie Freeman also with 48. The pinshot was won by Vera Madge. The •inner wa 40 two-thir ext was Godfrey wi and Villa Svendsen 42 twoaskins wit thirds. ••••-•= Pinshot was won by Jack

EMU PARK Bowls Club will host a triples trophy afternoon today (Saturday) at 1.30. Players interested must have their names in by 1pm. Norm Eveille def Bill Elliott 25-17, Eddie Mann def Alan Evans 27-14 and Col Smith def Wilf Gibson, 25-15 in the A singles competition. In the B singles Chick Stanley def Bernie Lawless 26-12 and George Cliffe def Harold, Goodger 26-14. Fixtures will be played on Tuesday, March • 17 at 10am. Peter Pritchard and Col Smith and Ken Moore and Ron Holman will compete in the B singles. Glen Kluver and Wolfgang Beilharz will play against each other in the A singles. On Saturday, March 21 at 10am Tom Lynham will play George Cliffe and Lou Tickner will play Chick Stanley. The championship pairs will also be played on the same day at 1.30pm between Col Smith and Ken Moore v Wilf Gibson and Jack Norris.

'Gym Talk ...with MaI O'Keeffe IF YOU talk about weight training to anyone who doesn't do it (weight training), you will undoubtedly hear comments like `body builders are inflexible' ... not true; 'you will gain weight and bulky muscle' ... not necessarily; 'when you stop, the muscle will turn to fat' ... believe that and you will believe lead can be turned into gold! Weight a minute...

STRETCHING and bending are fine for getting into shape, slow •ut if you want action ... weigh trai g is th answ r. of the I'm not talki s a out we ety but of a `pumping iro acho specially de • e • • .•gr me for women. i•rge bulky muscles ... you You will not will shape your bo • . improve fitness, muscle tone and increase your strength and endurance. These ladies classes will be held in the mornings before our regular opening time and male members will not be in the gym during this time. If any women would like to join my specially designed programme (and relax after in the sauna and spa in complete privacy), phone me now for an appointment ... 39 3898.

• :Bakehouse

Open: noon to 8.30pm 7 days-a-week Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3898, 39 3910 a/h


BASKETBAL .a new beginning!

Yeppoon Basketball Association proudly announces the launchin Basketball at the Queensland Recreation Council Stadium at the Natio Fitness Camp, Cooee Bay.

A DAY FOR ALL THE FAMIL FREE Junior Coaching Clinic at 9.30am ONE DOLLAR entitles players to several games in this...

AMERICAN TOURNAMENT Sunday, March 8 If you don't know what American Tournament Basketball is ... do rry! Come along with $1, one light and one dark T-shirt or singlet air of sandshoes (shoes with black or coloured soles will need a.. for the new floor). This is fun and easy even if you have never play will want to join in!!

Juniors...10am to noon

COpen n9''on to 5pm

and s in adjoining C oee rk with sausages, hamburgers and soft drinks. Why not have-a swi uring the day! ; e

5p ::-A--fast and eRt-t4444g exhibition of first-g de basketball when two of e Rockham pton ik-et raining squad empt to win a place in the side fot State League. SPECTATORS ARE WELCOME ALL DAY WITHOUT CHARGE

Don't waste this Sunday (tomorrow), bring the family along to the Queensland Recreation Council National Fitness Camp, Cooee Bay

16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror March 7 — March 13, 1987

THIRD GRADE CRICKETERS LOOK FOR WIN CAPRICORN Coast third grade cricket team played its first innings against Allenstown on Saturday in the last match before the semi-finals. Coast was defeated by Allenstown in the. second game of the season. The toss was won by Coast who sent Allenstown into bat and that team was all out for 203. Brendan Fleetwood was Coast's top wicket taker with three for 29 from 14 overs.

Trevor Wellman also took three wickets, but was not as economical as Brendan with 37 runs from nine overs. Gavin Wust took two for 16 from two overs and Chris Smalley was one for 20 from two overs. Dale Wetzler was wicket-keeper and proved his worth to the team when he stumped an Allenstown player. Coast completed 22 overs at close of play and were three for 81.

Trevor Wellman was top scorer with 53 followed by Dale Wetzler with 11. The match will continue today at the Rainbows wicket, Elizabeth Park. The second grade team will play in the first of the semi-finals today (Saturday) against Grammar School. Organisers hope that the steadiness of play against this team during the season will show in the semi-final and Coast will come out winners.


Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road 39 1840; 39 7622 a/h





• :t.. 0 ABOVE: These are the Yeppoon United Junior Soccer players who turned out for the first training run for the season on Tuesday afternoon at Apex Park. Inter-club games start on March 28. Four teams have been entered but more players are

needed for the under 13s, lls and 9s. Direct inquiries to 39 3660.

Seagulls kick off new rugby league season with Sunday 'home' game


Bookings Available YEPPOON — 39 2444


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YEPPOON Seagulls finished the pre-season trials with one win and one loss. Yeppoon defeated Fitzroys 28-26, and were beaten by Norths 26-20. Now the real contest starts. The league season starts this Sunday at 1.30pm with the first of the new style group football inaugurated by Central Queensland Division. With group football, each club will participate in a number of home games. The Seagulls start with play against Railways. Yeppoon has always had a successful contest against Railways when the action has taken place at the Coast, and the club hopes for a similar success this weekend. First game starts at 1.30pm and the main game starts at 3pm. Yeppoon is planning its own playing field and club house, but these are far from accomplished yet, and the venue for play this

weekend is at St Brendan's College, on Sunday. Club officials will be devoting a lot of energy and time to ensure that the venue will please both players and spectators. The advantage of playing "at home" is that local supporters can get to watch their teams in action. Seagulls officials are hoping there will be a big roll-up of Yeppoon and district people along to barrack for the local team. The Railways (Rabbitohs) will undoubtedly have a big crowd come from Rockhampton to urge their team to success, so a big crowd of Seagulls supporters is hoped for. "Be with the crowd at St Brendan's on Sunday to watch your team play ... and give them vocal encouragement to ensure they open the 1987 League' season with a win," Seagulls secretary Noel Alley said.

YABA gets trial period at stadium A CROWD of players and spectators at the Yeppoon Town Basketball Court on Monday night, was told the Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association had been successful in its application for use of the Queensland Recreation Council's Cooee Bay Stadium for a trial period. To launch the new veunue YABA has organised an inaugural all-day American Tournament to be held at the National Fitness Camp Stadium at Cooee Bay. The Central Queensland zone has contibuted the services of regional coaching director Kathy Hamil for a short coaching clinic for Juniors from 9.30am to 10am. Junior scratch matches will be held then up to Midday when the open competition begins. Throughout the day a sausage sizzle, hamburgers and soft drinks will be available

for picnics in the adjoining progress associations park to allow for relaxation between the games. Players nominating and paying a flat fee of $1 in the American Tourament can expect weveral games with diff uld keep watc throughout the day _kn for their name grrffie r. ter. The finale-6{ this gr at day should p vide inspiration to g 'for sectat and ex ing vi theBy court • •n e Bas tball .f the ockhampt by t o team should provide f Roc ets training com etitive act' .n fo players vyin selec n to the State League Tea e stakium fixtures will start a Juni senior fixtures 5pm on Su the following night.


Rockets zip through Bog Factory THE first set of Yeppoon Table Tennis Club fixtures was held on Thursday, February 26. Rockets started off on a high note by recording a brilliant win over Bog Factory, 92. Both number one players, David Stewart and Greg Simpson, boasted some great shots and kept each other on their toes. After going down in the first game, David took the next two 21-9 and then a close 2321. It was good to see Gordon Salton returning after quite some time away from the sport, and he started off with two wellearned wins against Dave Ryan and Peter Malick. Rockets' third player, Scott Malick, was also firing on the night as he defeated Dave and Peter as well. Since Rockets had slipped away to a three to nil lead, the first set of doublbes proved quite a battle between Bog Factory's Greg and Dave, and Rockets' David and Gordon. The games could have gone either way, but Rockets once again scraped through in the last of three, 24-22. In the second set, the games score went to three, however David and Scott had a more comfortable win over

Greg and Peter in the third. On the other table, Dynamics scored an eight to three win over Marvels, although the games were much closer than the overall score suggests. The first four matches played all went to three games each. Rob Green played consistently to win all his matches for the night. Marvels' second player, Ray Morgan, who has returned to table tennis after a long spell, should not take long to return to form and will prove to be a tough contender. Bill Sherlock played well to defeat Ray and Mick Malick and also took one game off Monica Christensen. Dynamics' number three player, Neil Malick, caused a surprise upset by defeating his father, Mick, and when teamed up with Rob, won their doubles against Monica and Mick. In the first set of doubles, Rob and Bill combined their talents and defeated Monica and Ray in three games. The draw for Thursday, March 12 is Bog Factory v Marvels, Dynamics v Dolphins and Rockets have the bye.

HOW come "the leaders of the 21st century" aren't as ,smart as we are? Kid came home from school the other day and started dribbling out words about some high school social that was going to be held on Wednesday night. He mumbled and bumbled and talked about wearing some fancy costume and cutting his hair off and putting tattoos on his arms and more stuff like that so mother turned off and started watching TV. Kid kept talking away then, when something intelligent (a commercial) came on the tube, he stopped for breath and paid attention to the screen. Anyway, the commercial, or whatever it was, stopped and son started mumbling away again. Mother, thoroughly fed up with constant stream of gunk, broke in and asked kid if he had to take anything. Blank look came across boy's face. "Money," he said. Mother replied of course he had to take money, did he think she was as thick as a plank and so on until kid finally turned off and started watching TV. Finally, kid returned „to conversation about the social. "Oh, I hive to take a plate," he said. Mother hit the roof. She needed mot-, warning about things like that. How co, she be expected to whip up something for him to take when he only told her the night before. Son stared blankly, got up, walked into kitchen, made a noise, and came back with a plate. "I've got a plate," he shouted. "What's the panic?" Mother just stared athim. "And what do you think you will put on the plate," she said. Boy didn't know. Mother explained that "taking a plate" meant a plate full of food ... "you know, cakes, cookies, biscuits, Mars Bars, or whatever. How do you think you wind up getting something to eat?" Kid was amazed ... he was seriously going to turn up with an empty plate and fill it with whatever was there. Roll on 21st century!!! o o o REMEMBER Long John Silver, the pegleg pirate with the cocky on his shoulder? Well, here's a twist to the story. There's a woman in Yeppoon who has a mate who sells cocky-type birds. She has always wanted one so saved her pennies and told mate to provide one. When she got it home she noticed something was amiss ... one foot. The bird was standing there in the cage on only one foot. She had another look and, no, it didn't have it tucked up where-ever birds stick their spare foot when standing on one leg. Now, to make the bird look normal, she considered getting a pirate to put on its shoulder (see, there was a point to Mr Silver being mentioned at the start) but, finally, she decided to confront her bird-selling mate and lay out her problem. Now, either mate is the ultimate salesman or he needs glasses, because when she told him about the bird being "foot loose" he told her h had never noticed. OK, that's possible ... but he'd had the bird five years. Anyway; he whipped out his wallet and gave her $10. Now she's happy, he's happy and apparently, after a five-year balancing act, the bird is happy. But if a bird's foot is worth $10, how come all these chicken places on the Coast can sell half a chook and give change out of $5? o o o THERE'S a German Shepherd in Yeppoon that likes to chase birds on the beach (hey, there's a few blokes with the same hobby). Anyway, this dog likes to run on the beach and kick up the sand and chase the birds and bark and jump and chase the birds and bark and jump and so on (you get the idea?) Now, when he's not on the beach, he's penned up in the middle of town with not much view from his backyard. But he can see the sky ... and, when he sees a bird fly overhead he barks and jumps on the fence and runs up the back stairs and barks and generally endears himself to the neighbours. Now, the point to this story is, when he sees a hang-glider hovering overhead he goes off his tiny brain. He barks and jumps (and so on). The problem is ... his owner is worried about what the dog will do if ever it's on the' beach and a hang-glider comes in for a landing. This is serious, so much so that the owner has warned hang-glider pilots to beware of the dog. Actually, I wouldn't worry ... dogs chase cars but hardly tea them apart when they see one parked. Still, if I was flying a hang-glider I would take a look below before landing!!! o o o OK Sandra and Cathy, you've read the column ... now, get back to work!!!