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ISSUE 185 SATURDAY, February 28, 1987 — FRIDAY, March 6, 1987



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Coast washing halts export of local seafood MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week up to 200 jobs could be at risk because there was a problem with export seafood washed with Capricorn Coast water. The Federal Department of Primary Industry has suspended exports from the Coast. Mr Hinton said the 200 jobs were at risk in the export seafood industry with the loss of local seafood markets to the Capricorn Coast fishing fleet. He said it was a serious problem for the industry but he assured the public the problem did not infer there was any public health risk with use of the water. Mr Hinton said sediment in the water was creating problems for the seafood industry, just as it had created nuisance to the public for many years. "However, it only emphasised the need for a new water filtration plant, now being planned by the Livingstone Shire Council and for which $1 million subsidy has been promised by the State Government, and on which negotiations - with the council are proceeding," Mr Hinton said. The threat to the seafood export industry and families dependent on it, was of enormous concern in Yeppoon. He said he was informed that some seafoods now held will be assessed again by the Department of Primary Industry after being held for the past two weeks. Mr Hinton said it was significant that the water passes all health tests in Australia, but cannot meet specifications imposed by importing countries. "It is vital that this problem be quickly resolved and that the Coast gets an improved water supply through the installation of a water filtration plant," he said.


ABOVE: Anyone who has ever attended a small, country school will know what friendship and fun means. These Coowonga State Primary School pupils take a break from studies to just "hang around" on the adventure playground.

Bowen to tell Joh council will pay only $2.5m for clean water I I

Premier gave pre-election promise that council need pay no more!

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council chairman Cr John Bowen will tell Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen that ratepayers can contribute $2.5 million toward a water filtration and quality control plant ... and he expects the remaining $2 million cost to come from the State Government. He will soon see the Premier at a meeting now being arranged by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Cr Bowen, as part of his case, will be reminding the Premier of an address he gave to councillors late last year during which he said he would be giving the council $1 million toward the proposed water works. That $1 million, together with the 30 per cent subsidy available for such works to all councils


throughout Queensland, will bring down Livingstone Shire contribution to $2.5 million. Backing up Cr Bowen's points will be a copy of the November 1, 1986, Capricorn Coast Mirror, which carried the transcript of an interview with the Premier. During the interview, Sir Joh was asked "can you make a commitment on improving the water supply to the area?" Sir Joh,' who was being interviewed by the Mirror and an ABC reporter only minutes after addressing councillors, replied: "Yes, as a matter of fact I did. That was another thing. I did say to them (the councillors) that your scheme is going to cost $4.85 million, nearly $5 million, I said we could easily get a

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million off that, my engineers tell me in Brisbane and that will bring it down, and we will give you $1,155,000 which will leave $2.5 million for council to pay. They (the councillors) said: 'We'll grab that with both hands.' I said we will give a 30 per cent subsidy on it, and they (the councillors) said `great, tremendous'. So, I've played my part there." That answer was part of the complete transcript. Sir Joh had visited Yeppoon to support National Party candidate Denis Hinton in the run-up to the November State election. (A number of councillors spoke to the Mirror after the transcript was published.

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YEPPOON MAN HEADS CHURCH SAFETY HOUSE YEPPOON resident Lewis Shobbrook is the new branch president of the Rockhampton second branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He became branch president recently at the bi annual district conference held in Rockhampton. Mr Shobbrood a 48 year old school teacher, is no stranger to church administration. He has had extensive experience in leadership positions over the 24 years he has been a member of the Mormon Church. Members from Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone, listened to mission president Robert G West, as he told the congregation it was a time of 'new beginnings' and many challenges. As the new branch president, Mr Shbbrook's life will revolve even more closely round the church than in the past. His free time will be devoted to serving the branch members, while continuing his job as teacher at the Yeppoon High School, President Shobbrook said:"Because the church functions without paid clergy, I will continue in the Education Department. Church members are closely involved in its administration and I will be assisted by two counsellors in caring for the spiritual and temporal needs of the members." Mr Shobbrook said there were two challenges coming from his new position that stood out; the first was the distance between his home in Yeppoon and his congregation in Rockhampton. The second was the need to increase membership. "I look forward to the time when membership is such that a branch can be established here in Yeppoon," he said.

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❑ ABOVE: Lewis Shobbrook, the new branch president of Rockhampton second branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

PACIFIC Hotel social golfers put the pressure on the handicapper on Sunday when most met disaster somewhere along the nine-hole competition. John Burton, Des Harlem, "Doc" Curley and Ian Murray produced the biggest reversals in form. Biggest improver was Bill Mackie (negative) who lopped eight strokes off his previous score. The social boys hit off every Sunday at 8am.

Deputation to clarify govt subsidies A DEPUTATION fr e Livi Shire Council to P mier Sir Petersen is bein rganised y Me Broadsound nis Hinton to cla yc and sewera offete council by ng the elec campaign. Mr Hinto said council wants to discuss with the Pre r its plans regarding w and sewerage sc city of the council to service the loans involved, with the assistance of the subsidies. He said council was also anxious to discuss with the Premier and Main Roads

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inister Russ Hinze funds required by cil for the upgrading of the Farnborough r Hinton said council was prepared to t the cost of about $110,000 of drainage d associated works on the western side of he road, but would be seeking assistance to offset the loss of the revenue from Beachside Caravan park, and cost of beautifying the area along the foreshore. Mr Hinton said such costs were normally the council's responsibility, but as the road upgrading was part of the Iwasaki franchise agreement, it was reasonable for council to expect government assistance.


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YEPPOON'S Safety House committee will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday. Nominations for office-holders at the March 3 meeting will be called for about 10 positions. "We are also looking for people who are interested in helping out or becoming a 'safety house' in the Yeppoon and surrounding area," the spokesman said. The Yeppoon Safety House committee is organised by_ volunteers through the Yeppoon Primary and Pre-school and Sacred Heart Primary schools. There are presently 78 houses listed as places of refuge for children on their way to and from school. "People who are at home or in their businesses between 8am and 9am and 3pm and 4pm are ideal to be 'safety houses'." Guest speaker at the annual meeting is Rockhampton Police Liaison Officer Constable Donna Hayes. The meeting will be at Sacred Heart School, John Street, Yeppoon at 7.30pm on Tuesday, March 3.

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o CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 They remarked that it was exactly what the Premier had told them in his address. The address was held in committee and could not be reported.) Cr Bowen said this week there appeared to be some confusion about the amount of money council was going to receive from the State Government toward the cost of cleaning up the Coast's water supply. "There really is no need for confusion," he said on Wednesday. "The Premier told council, and the Mirror, the water filtration and quality control plant was going to cost ratepayers $2.5 million. "He was going to give us $1 million toward the overall cost. In addition, we would get a 30 per cent subsidy on the overall cost. "That subsidy is available to all councils in Queensland. There was no special offer in that. That subsidy is automatic. There was no need for the Premier to fly up here and tell us something as basic as that." Mr Hinton will also be armed with a copy of the November 1 Mirror. He phoned from Brisbane on Wednesday afternoon asking for the relevant section to be read to him. He also asked for a copy to be posted to him at Parliament House. Mr Hinton said he was trying to set up the meeting between the Premier and Cr Bowen but no date had been fixed. He said the Premier was leaving for Japan in a few days and the meeting would not be held before the departure date. At this stage, it loos as though the meeting will be held late in March. Cr Bowen said later on Wednesday he had no doubts about the outcome of the meeting, whenever it was held. "The Premier was quite clear about the cost to council being $2.5 million," Cr Bowen said. "He told us that in council and again repeated it for the Mirror. "As far as I am concerned, that's it. That was the offer and, as he said in the Mirror, 'We'll (the councillors) will grab that with both hands'. "And we will. All we need to do now is have the final plans drawn up and fix a starting date." Cr Bowen said council's $2.5 million would comprise some money held by council with the balance made up of a loan or loans. But even if the scheme started next month, it would take between 12 months and two years before it would be completed.











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Capricorn Coast Mirror . February 28 7- March 6, .1987 — 3

$1m. hall will be IT'S A DOG'S LIFE FOR COAST DOG CATCHER open for public use this month THE $1 million National Fitness hall at Cooee Bay will be opened for use this month. The complex, which cost just under $1,000,000 has facilities to cater for volleyball, basketball and badminton. A section in the gallery, overlooking the arena, will be fitted out for table-tennis. The building has storage facilities as well as toilet amenties inside. Area recreation supervisor Collin Rose said the complex was part of extensions planned for the camp but was ope locals. "We have had expressio • of interest some of the Coast scho • s and some organisations wanting o start bad and basketball." Mr R se said. The Queensland '-creat hopes to hire out the d ing both day and night. Natural, light Can fil er through the roof, and doors to one side n open right out for additional lighting or sea g area. . will The Queensland Recrea also provide a portable stage which can be used for conventions and meetings. • The all-purpose floor is made of Granwood tiles that come from England andno expense has been spared to install firealarms and hoses. Fluorescent and Floodlighting has been installed for night activities. Special switches can be used to provide a wall of light around a particular area to improve the view for spectators. Recreation and Welfare Minister Yvonne Chapman will officially open the complex in May. Anyone interested in using the courts can contact the recreational council in Rockhampton. Mr Rose said the counc as looking to charge a day-timef42 hour and $13 for night-hire.


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El ABOVE: Pound-keeper Linda Cummings with a stray Labrador corss she calls Dopey. Dopey is about six months old and was found dumped along Dolphin Crescent, Taranganba.

DOING your job at times can be quite frustrating... and pound-keeper, Linda Cumming is finding out just how frustrating it is. Under Livingstone Shire Council's bylaws Linda can legally pick up any registered or unregistered dog found roaming streets, vacant lots or any place other than their own backyards. What she doesn't have to do is put up with the torrent of abuse coming from some irate dog owners whose dogs have been picked up. Last week Linda picked up a stray dog which had its registration tag on. She knew where it lived so she took it back to it's home. When she got there the dog's owner used obscene language and threatened to harm Linda if she ever came to the area again. Linda said she had the authority to pick up the dog or any dog, and to take it back to the council pound behind the depot near the cemetery. This authority is for dogs found outside of their yards. It was the first time someone had directly abused Linda but what upset her was the person treated her badly only because she did her job. The dogs are kept at the Council depot for three working days and are then taken to the Central Queensland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals pound in Rockhampton if unclaimed. The animal is kept at the CQSPCA for a further seven working days, sometimes longer, but after this the animal has to be put down. An owner claiming a dog will be required to pay a pound fee of $40 to get the dog back and if it is unregistered animal, it has to be registered before it is released. To register an animal costs $5 for a desexed dog or $20 for an unspeyed dog. If the dogs haven't been claimed after the three days and someome wants an animal for a pet they can get one for nothing... but donations are always welcome. Linda not only covers the Capricorn Coast but her white utitity can also be seen as far south as Keppel Sands and at Ogmore, Marlborough and the Caves to the north. People can usually Linda in the office from 1pm to 4pm and can contact her by phoning 393622.

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CapritOrn Coasi Mirror Februtht/ 28 -- March 6; 1987

Students see through shire council office YEPPOON State High School year 10 students were shown through Livingstone Shire Council chambers this week. The students visited the council as part of their citizenship education course on local government. ` One group accompanied by Miss Bunt and another taken by teachers Mr Rocket and Mr Welch were shown how various council departments operate. Shire accountant Denis Murphy and chairman Cr John Bowen gave students a talk on the workings of the council. The idea behind taking students through council is to widen their experience. They meet councillors, see the running of a council and the various matters a council deals with. The excursion is made every year by the year 10 citizenship education classes and they will be given assignments and questionaires as a follow-up. Other year lOs in the geography class could be seen measuring land along Normanby and James Street and Anzac Parade earlier this week. The students were gathering information to construct a land use map. Next Thursday, they will be conducting traffic counts at various points to sort out the number of private, commercial and other cars using the road. The work is part of the geography students urban geography course using Yeppoon as the case study.

$15,796 grant for Blue Nurses FEDERAL Member for Capricornia Keith Wright announced a $15,796 grant for the Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service. The Commonwealth grant, under the Home and Community Care Programme, is to help frail, elderly people, and people with disabilities to achieve the maximum possible level of independence. Mr Wright said the HACC Programme was developed as an acknowledgement that most people would rather continue

living in their own homes as members of the larger community. The grant will go toward salaries and administrative costs to provide community nursing, home maintenance, respite care and education/training services on the Coast. "Given the right kind of help, it should be possible under this scheme for many people to delay, or avoid altogether, entering a nursing home or hospital," Mr Wright said.

0 ABOVE: Yeppoon postmaster Ernie O'Sullivan with the last official stamps processed through an old vending machine. With him is Sid McDonaldArmstrong. AT recent Summer Fixtures held at the Power shift Kent St hall, Rockhampton, the Singing Ship team of Bill and May Anderson, Clem and Dozer for Hire Jean Moody, and Cliff Anderson, had an General Land Clearing even evening of one win, one loss, and one bye. Dam Sinking & Desilting Members travelled to Yeppoon on A PART of Yeppoon postal history, will be Disc & Blade Ploughing and Ripping Wednesday February 18 for an enjoyable, preserved following this week's presentation Allotment Clearing and Levelled well organised morningd of social bowls. of an old stamp vending machine to the Landscaping On Thursday February 19, 18 members Capricorn Coast Historical Society. HIRE RATE...S40 per hour played in a social match against St Joseph's, Society president Sid McDonaldat Kent Street. St Joseph's defeated Singing Armstrong was presented with the machine Les Bailey 39 7784 Ship 101-91. on Tuesday by postmaster Ernie O'Sullivan. The stamp vending machine was last used to dispense 5¢ stamps.It was first installed in If you are having a Pie on the Coast, ask for a... Yeppoon about 50 years ago.It was discontinued a couple of years ago, when more modern equipment was installed. Mr McDonald—Armstrong said the machine would be loaned to the Emu Park Museum to be displayed for a while. The historical society hopes to eventually have its own museum and, with grants from the Queensland Museum, members have from THE SPECIALITY BAKERS been able to collect photographs and other memorabilia from people who have lived or still live on the Coast. Grants given to the society have been used to purchase storage areas and filing Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 system for the items so far collected. The stamp vending machine is another 14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959 item to be added to the collection.


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At the recent birthday celebration at the Yeppoon ICA on the weekend, the nett proceeds were presented to us. After the loss of our home in a recent blaze, the people of Yeppoon have come forward to offer their assistance from the time of our loss to now. The consistancy of their help and generosity has made us realise how many people pitched in to "give us a hand" and offer any assistance they could manage. When the Yeppoon ICA announced that the proceeds would be presented to. us, and $450 was raised, we realised that a public thanks would be necessary to thank all those people whom we could never thank personally. Our sincere thanks go to all those who have given or offered assistance and especially to the 2 cricket teams, the netball teams and Ingra and Terry soldat,. and Col Robinson for their participation in the fundraising last weekend. Our thanks also go to "Nightowl Entertainment" for their provision of music throughout the evening, and all the umpires. We hope that with this public than have managed to include everyone as we would hate to miss anyone of the many people who have been so kind to us. Again, our sincere thanks. — Michelle, John and Melissa Moran

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THE Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry is having a membership drive. Coast businesses are being canvassed by members to explain the advantages of being a chamber of commerce member. The aims of 1: re chamber of commerce are to promote commerce and to assist and encourage those engaged in it. The strength of an area's economy, including profitability and employment, depends directly on the climate for and the success of industry and commerce. Chambers of commerce must have policies on the wider economic management that affect business, all private enterprise and ultimately, most Australians. "It is imperative that all business people play their part by supporting the chamber and preferably by taking part in discussions," Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president John Peach said. "We are looking for new members, new ideas and new input. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, March 3 at 7.30pm and we invite all interested people to attend." The meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the upstairs meeting room at the Capricorn Coast Mirror, corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. "The annual general meeting will be he; "n July and August and until then all I A/ members can join for the half-yearly fee of $10. "It is not enough to leave all things to `someone else' and that's why we are looking for new blood ... to 'help each other and in turn help the Coast."

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Chamber seeks new members

I WRITE to congratulate the Parents and Citizens Association of the Yeppoon High School on their initiative in seeking upgrading the School facilities during last year's State election campaign. I am pleased to announce that my efforts as et result of their campaign, have been successful. I am informed by the Minister for Works and Housing Mr I. Gibbs, that tenders are now called for the construction of a new library complex (originally estimated to cost $370,000) for the School. The library will ease crowding in at least three classrooms •and provide library facilities in a proper atmosphere for library work and study. I will be advised by the parents and citizens' association as to future priorities, but it is apparent that a home economics class room, new administration block and a assembly hall are areas which I will be pursuing. It is gratifying to me that my tion commitment of a new library has been so speedily realised, and I have no doubt, pleasing also to the parents and citizens' association, teachers and students at the school. — -Denis G Hinton, Member for Broadsound.

Capricorn. Coast Mirror February 28,- March 6, 1987 - 5

Booster pump designs get OK OBTAINING a booster pump for the St Faith's reservoir was discussed at February council meeting. Shire engineer Pat Murphy said the Tarangabah main was not getting enough transfer capacity from St Faiths and the Taranganba reservoir experienced short falls in its water supply. To improve the situation, Mr Murphy suggested the council have a booster pump installed along the Taranganba main. He said that in peak times there was insufficient water at the Taranganba reservoir.


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Installation of the booster pump would help overcome this shortfall. The estimated cost of installing the pump would be $108 500. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen asked Mr Murphy if the council was to spend the $108 000 would there be enough water to cope with future shortfalls. Mr Murphy said the booster would, increase the reservoir's capacity and could be also used if council planned other reservoirs. Council decided to have designs and specification prepared, but at this stage, no contract will be let.

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Accommodation owner: loss of Maintenance van park to wipe out businesses for Cooee Bay CAPRICORN Coast accommmodation owner Hubert Murray said this week a replacement for the Beachside Caravan Park could, at some future date, be built to replace the existing business centre. Mr Murray said the business centre would be wiped out by the huge drop in trade caused by the loss of Beachside when the four-lane road to Capricorn Iwasaki Resort is built. His main concern was the businesses would suffer from the loss of the caravan park unless another development was constructed on the beachfront within the same distance of the main street as Beachside. In the long run, Mr Murray believed the Coast ratepayers would have to bear the cost of loss revenue to the shopkeepers and revenue brought in by the caravan park. "It shows the shortsightedness on the part of some people who haven't thought that without the caravan park a lot of money will be lost," Mr Murray said. He said it was up to every ratepayer to have a say on this matter because eventually it would come out of their pocket to pay for


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the loss of revenue. The way Mr Murray sees it, there are two alternatives. The first could be the altering of the planned highway around Beachside and another is not to build it in the fir-st place. The building of the road, and sub'sequent closure of Beachside, would have a marked effect on the tourist and economic flow on, the Coast. "People won't come .and stay because there will be no alternative caravan park accommmodation within Cooee of the main business section of town," he said. Mr Murray said he stayed at Beachside for nine years and found the site "fantastic". "I know of some people who have kept coming back for 10 years to stay up to six weeks on the Coast and you'll lose them if Beachside is closed," he said. The site is ideal because it is only a short walk to shops and other places where they can buy their provisions. "You'll find places like Harvey Bay has beachfront caravan parks and they become packed. Ones further from the beach don't attract the custom. It will be the same in Yeppoon if Beachside is closed." Mr Murray said given time, the $2 million loss in revenue a year to business could decide the site of the new caravan park. "The new park will be on the sites of old businesses forced to close and move out because business was so bad," he said.

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MISSING guide posts, bins and the need for more frequent mowing were part of a motion passed by Livingstone Shire Council for the maintenance of Daniel Park at Cooee Bay. Council took action after the Cooee BayLammermoor Progress Association asked that something be done about the park. Steps at both ends o the beach will be attended to and paint and brushes will be ',supplied to the association by council to brighten up the park's old steam locomotive.


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— March


Glass Repairsi Senator urgei YEPPOON GLASS AND TILES support for vote roll update REPAIRS with CARE 53 Tanby Road39 1840, 39 7622 a/h

SENATOR David MacGibbon (Liberal, Queensland) this week urged Capricorn Coast residents to take part in an electoral roll update which is to be held throughout the State during the next three months. Senator MacGibbon said the Australian Electoral Commission would be doorknocking in all areas of the State, except the remote parts, where the update would be done by mail. "It is extremely important we have an accurate record of voters on both the State and, Federal Electoral rolls at all times and not just when an election is due," he said. "With more than 1000 people moving to Queensland from other States each week it is particularly vital for Queensland to keep its roll .up to date." Senator MacGibbon said although it was inevitable there would always be some error due to change of address and death, the Electoral Commission campaign would go a long way toward minimising this. Queenslanders can now fill out a single form to enroll in the separate State roll and Federal roll. "As the infrastructure is now in place, it would take very little additional time and effort to move to a single roll," he said. "This is a practical idea because time and time again it has been proven the Federal rolls are far more accurate and reliable than any of the State rolls."

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inistenxl by the Federal t of Employment and Industrial and the State I)epartment mt and Industrial

0 ABOVE: PGH Brickworks manager Lew Taylor, Yeppoon Day Care Centre owner Ann Dickson, CES Yeppoon agent Wilmer Thomson and Industry and Commerce Training Commisgion representative Bob Briggs watching the Australian Traineeship System video at Keppel Bay Sailing Club on Monday.

Australian Traineeship System launched at Keppel sailing club COAST business people were given a rundown on the Australian Traineeship System ay Sailing when it was la nd afternoon. Club on

MITEK Collision Repair Kit Collins Panel Works

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ealth Mo n nest o~as ainly c cerned Sery ds were included and e luded. unch the erry McDonald, helping benefits to scheme, outlined financ employers. s would be given $1000 for each trainee they took on. A further $1000 was available if the trainee was classed as disadvantaged. This money was paid to offset costs. The trainees, because they have 13 weeks off-the-job training each year, are paid only 75 per cent of their salary by the employer. Mr McDonald said there were plenty of young people wanting to enter the workforce who needed training. On the other hand, employers often needed new blood. The answer for everyone was this scheme. It had a structured programme approved by unions, education authorities and all governments.

96 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon 39 3286

Under the scheme, the trainees receive

10 WORDS for $2 If advertisement lodged with an agent, an extra 400 handling fee is payable

and only 200 per word thereafter CLASSIFICATION _ 1


I Post to PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703 or deliver to cnr Adelaide Park Rd & Cliff St, Yeppoon.

200 per word after first 10 words

The right is reserved to alter, omit or reclassify any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for Tors. 3 words

4 words

5 words

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6 words

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11 words S2 20

12 words $2 40

13 words S2 60

14 words $2.80

15 words S3 00

16 words $3 20

17 words $3 40

18 words $3 60

19 words $3.80

20 words St 00

21 words' $4.20

22 words $440

23 swords S4 60

26 words $5 20

27 words S5 40

8 words

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both on-the-job and off-the-job training. Employers are assured of getting trainees who were committed because of rigid preselection tests. He said people trained in all aspects of an employer's operation became valuable for three reasons: o Employers were depressed about young employees' lack of skills but, under this scheme, trainees were taught nearly all aspects of their job. • The scheme helps young people to decide on their future career. o It's good business sense to invest in a system like this. The system was bound to pay off by training staff the way a business wanted them trained. Mr McDonald the employers would have control of what was taught and how it was taught. Trainees aged between 16 and 18 are eligible for the programme but 15 and 19year-olds classed as disadvantaged were also eligible. Mr McDonald said the scheme was designed to produce a better trained workforce which will be more stable and adaptable. Areas most likely to provide vacancies will be in the clerical, hardware and spare parts fields.

Charity day for__ indoor cricket YEPPOON Indoor Cricket Centre will host a charity day on March 8. Players from Blackwater, Gladstone, Rockhampton and local Coast teams will play in the one-day competition for the Cancer ound tion. at 9a with the last games at Pla on' all day for the ecue 4.30 S c players.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 28 — March,6, 1987 — 7

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❑ ABOVE: Yeppoon State High School seniors were inducted into their roles as school leaders yesterday (Friday). Pictured are the 1987 school captains JulielAnne Clarke and Aaron Trevis with the Student Action Group leaders Debbie Harp' r and Robert Clay. .177.517---TY:3 F

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OPEN: 9am to 7.

Phone 39 6353


Reline the past at —

laitgo' fault Emii Park Road C


OPEN EVERY SUNDAY from 10am and last guests through gates at 3pm You are invited to wander through this historical complex made up of houses, antiques and a street of churches. Home-made sandwiches and cakes are available, but you are welcome to bring your own and picnic under the trees. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are on sale in a church hall.

Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

❑ ABOVE: Yeppoon High School age swimming champions are pictured at the school. From left, at back, Hamish Brettell and Julie-Anne Clarke. Middle row, Rod Chapman, Joanne ganter, Rachel Airen, Luke Bowden. Front, Frank Edwards; Carla Suendsen, Amanda Thorpe and Tony Beck.

Fraser House scoops pool at swimming YEPPOON High School's Fraser house scooped the pool by winning both the girls and boys interhouse swimming championship held recently at the Cooee Bay olympic swimming pool. All the fastest times were records because it's the first time the championships had been held in ,a 50 metre pool. Six of the age champions came from Fraser house, three from Laver and one from Elliot. Four individuals stood out at the carnival; Rachel Airen (16 years), Joanne Ganter (15 years) and Amanda Thorpe (13 years) won all of their races in their age groups and Hamish Brettel (open) won five of his six races. Besides Rachel, Joanne, Amanda and Hamish, other age champions were Tony Beck (13 years), Carla Svendsen and Frank Edwards (14 years)„ .Rod Chapman (15 years), Luke Bowden '(16 years), and Julieanne Clarke in the open age group. The overall interhouse championship points went to Fraser with 471. Laver was second on 324, Elliot third with 235 and Davidson fourth with 211/2points.

Adults: $4. Pensioners and Students: $3. Children: $2 Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 28 156U

5 )


Rock The viry 41 DNS



Passbook Savings Acs Housing Loans • Christmas Club Free Billpaying Service Rockcheck Personal Cheque Accounts* • Travellers Cheques (By arrangement Bank America) • Personal Loans* • Vacant Land Loans • Payroll Deductions • Investment Accounts • Fixed Term Deposit • Home Improvement Loans *By arrangement with ANZ Banking Group • • • • •

The Rock BuiidiT Society

As part of the heart of Queensland, The Rock Building Society has grown to appreciate the every-changing needs of the people. Every day our full range of financial services becomes available to more Central Queenslanders through...

The Professionals



74 James Street 39 1277



27 Pattison Street 39 6411


8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror February 28 — March 6, 1987


6-1.„ izza TiterkzazZ Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon


M =

We al offer you... Fish

Eat in or take-away

Chips * Fresh Fish: Sp cial 'Hot' Packs rinks * Icecream

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Phone orders welcome

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Phone 39 4422 trnmegimommlimmillimmin

7 days — 7am to 8pm Phone orders to

in the heart of Yeppoon 100 metres to Beach

Ph ( 9) 39 1632

njoy s an

terns rent every unit the

Bay Vacation

16 ANZAC PARADE,-YEPPOON Overn'• ht & Weekl (079 39 1213

BACKPACKERS' HOSTEL BRING! THE Backpackers' Hostel in Anzac Parade is proving to be a solid hit with travellers looking for a cheap night's accommodation. Located in the former Beach Palms unit block, the hostel can sleep 32 people a night ... and was filled to capacity just five nights after it opened. In a period where everyone is complaining about the poor economic conditions, the hostel has proved a very definite exception. Partners, and cousins, John and Tony Millroy operate the hostel and are confident their venture will draw more than 7500 backpackers to the Coast in the first year. And they say these backpackers are people who normally would have by-passed Yeppoon because of the lack of accommodation. John Millroy said the four former Beach

Palms units, each with two bedrooms, can-hold 32 backpackers because they are happy to occupy two double-decker bunks in each bedroom. Apparently the backpackers are very happy ... Mr Millroy said he had received plenty of praise about the high standard of accommodation, the view over the beach to the islands, the sundeck, pool and closeness to the shopping centre and entertainment. Still in its first month of operation, the hostel is averaging about 20 backpackers a night. Some stay a night, some two, some a week ... there's no way of telling how long they will stay because each backpacker is looking for something different. To encourage longer stays, the Millroys have used their bus to take guests to Cooberrie Park, Koorana Crocodile Farm and Stony Creek.

39 1033

Super-fast AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY

f t* •••

41111Fm- assortaussis r.e.; • Great Keppel ,s,a1 id Tourist Services' VICTORY & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach

service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

Information and bookings:

33. 6744; 27 2948 a/h;

0 ABOVE: ANZ Bank employee Ross Warrener was farewelled at a dinner held in the Railway Hotel on Friday night. He is pictured with Sandra Targett (left), Vicki Beck, Leona Weekers and Sharyn Black. Ross will be officer-in-charge at West Mackay ANZ Bank.


Discover the colors of Gold

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has asked landowners rebuilding fence-lines not to throw their old barbed wire onto the roadside. The request for care came after one of council's herdsman's horses was injured on barbed wire along the Mt Hedlow Road recently. The horse stepped on old fencing material which was obscured by the long grass alongside the road. A tendon which had to be treated by the vet was the resultant injury to the horse. Councillors told of how other horses had been injured with old barbed wire left lying around and said it was dangerous to leave it in the long grass. Council resolved that property owners would be responsible for damages caused by wire left on roadsides.



sf1/4046 Lz Dining Room


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door to the Sunflower Patch)

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* MEMBERS AND GUESTS WELCOME * •••••••••••••••••••4


Wednesday, 7pm

0 ABOVE: Ladene Ravel! (centre front, Sun with some friends. Pictured at bac Abbe Damrow, Bevan Murray, Adam E Mynott and

Tke Suggeuiet



• Ph. orders 39 1397 • Meals, snacks • Juices, vitamins *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

TYVAL HOTEL ITKEPPEL SANDS Extends a welcome to all visitors fora friendly drink XXXX and Carlton on tap

The kigitkat bine bee3a .est Cosa,

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 28 — March 6, 1987 — 9 IINIMMIMIIMIIMIIMMUMMIIIIIIMIIIIIIMMIMIIIIIIIIEMUM111111111111111111MMINIONMEM


Sail to Great Keppel Island


• SeaSOraY



Waterfront holiday units

Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek) '

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

= g

336 226 Enjoy...* Boomnetting * Gunkholing

= E M

Eneitimmuu -- mumumunimmumuumuinumiunumenumummunmimmimmuganammEnummumni

NG 7500 TOURISTS TO COAST Also, to provide even better facilities, they have opened a BYO restaurant next door offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant opened to backpackers and the public last night (Friday) and Mr Millroy expects it to be another hit. In comparison with some ventures that take months to come to fruition, the hostel and restaurant have been noted for their speed. Mr Millroy said he and his cousin took over the Beach Palms units on a Sunday morning . and took in their first backers that afternoon. In the few short hours between taking over and re-opening, they removed the bedding from the units and replaced it with the double-decker bunks. That was on February 6. Now the


restaurant has opened. A former home, the restaurant has been completely refurbished and painted in just three weeks. Mr Millroy said the 7500 backpackers that would visit the Coast in the next year would have stayed in Rockhampton or on Great Keppel Island, because both areas have hostels. "They used to stay in Rockhampton, catch a bus to Rosslyn Bay, go to the island, stay there, then return directly to Rockhampton," he said. "Now they stay here either before or after visiting the island. "They arrive with only bare necessities on their back and have to buy their food, drink and entertainment each day. "That's a straight injection of cash into the Coast economy."


Windsurfing * Surf Skiing Snorkelling * Coral Viewing * Lunch Morning & Afternoon Tea * Fully Lic'd Underwater Observatory 25... • optional extra Departs Rosslyn Bay daily 9.10am, returns 4.15pm approx

all inclusive

DINE and DISCO Saturday nights Dine... at the Billabong Buffet where you will be entertained by Gail Shobbrook our resident singer, then...


until late ari ous Nightclub

no per person to dine and disco! TENNIS COURTS and LAWN BOWLS NOW AVAILABLE for public use For Reservations

Capricorn q9 'Iwasaki

39 0211 You are welcome to come along to Capricious... $10 per couple!

RESORT on the Tropic of Capricorn

I=1 ABOVE: Tracey Kennedy (centre) received her BP Award from Divisional Guide Commissioner Chris Ware while her guide leader Melody Kennedy looked on at a special function held on Saturday at Emu Park.

Island home job AN application to sell wares from a house on Great Keppel Island's Fisherman's Beach was approved at the February council meeting. The applicant, a Gold Coast T-shirt artist, applied for approval to operate as a home occupation. The approval was given despite concern from island shop owners who wanted the man to retail his wares through their existing businesses. Council's shire planner said the application was made in accordance with council laws and regulations in the Local Government Act and should be accepted.

/>0'sSHELL MUSEUM Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm


I celebrated her 17th birthday at the Happy k from left: Vicki Kitchin, Mary Cummins,

Admission adults $1.50 & children 50¢ Hill St, Yeppoon - 392k16, 391313a/h

slot and Jason Thompson. In front are Tim Linda Barrow.

the/ 39 2318

Country and Western music



Sunday Brunch L.,


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10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror ,February 28 — March, 6, 1987 HAVE you see the Peter Indans painting in the Paint Pot Gallery (on the corner of Hill and Queen Street, just up from Coucom's Shell Museum). Society of arts raffle winner was Euda Molloy of Mackay. O 0 0 YEPPOON Wesleyan Methodist Church visiting has started CYC again. It is a mid-week activity programme for primary age children Capricorn Professional Centre and is designed to help each child develop mentally, physically, spiritually and socially Thurs & Fri, 8.30am - 5pm while working for various awards. 74 JAMES STREET, YEPPOON The meetings are on Wednesdays between 3.30pm and 5pm at the National 39 3649 or 28 0650 Fitness Hall in Queen Street, Yeppoon. Everyone is welcome to go along and join in the games, stories, learning, hikes and cook-outs. Your One-Stop Contact, 39 2273 or 39 3719 for more Dressmaking Shop information. O ❑ o THIS month the Mill Gallery (opposite Farnborough School) has joined the `Women in the Arts Festival' and is exhibiting works by Capricorn Coast women. OF YEPPOON The exhibition 'Capricorn Coast Creativity' will open on Sunday, March 8 at Open 9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat 10am and proprietor Dale Childs said there is a great collection of art, craft, sculpture, pottery, painting, needlework and jewellery 1 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3876 ... and it's all for sale until the exhibition ends on March 22. The Mill will also present an exhibition of creative clothing at the Rockhampton Cultural .Centre on March 7 at 10.30am. The fashions will be returned to the Mill after the parade and this collection will also be on display. ❑ o ❑




Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

Pastor rnie Peteri SAT: 2pm, Youth Alive, Rocky Waterslide. Stay for tea. 7am - 8am, Prayer meeting SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall TUES: 7.30pm, LLI. Bible Studies WED: 9.30am, Ladies, Sylvia's Cooee Bay. Phone 39 3688 THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer at Cora's, Kinka



Yeppoon Town Hall Monday, 7.30pm $500 special in 50 calls Early Bird & Midway Special 90 calls $100 No. 1 Jackpot No. 2 Jackpot No. 3 Jackpot

$200 in 53 calls $100 in 51 calls $200 in 54 calls

YEPPOON Brownies and Guides celebrated 'Thinking Day' on Sunday at the Arthur Street hut. `Thinking Day' is the day the Guide Movement celebrates its founding and founder ... Baden-Powell. Anyway the girls had a family barbecue. Special awards were made to Brownie leader 'Andri' Carole Murray ... Campfire Leader Award and Australian Leaders' Challenge. o o o THE long-awaited 'Full Stop' smoking courses for smokers who need help to stop the habit start in Yeppoon soon. The four week course with two sessions weekly encourages the participants to understand the extent and influence of the smoking habit in their lives and to tackle the sometimes difficult task of making the change. The sessions last for about one and a half hours weekly and involve talks on various aspects of the habit, the effects on health, various strategies for change and a sharing of helpful ideas in the group discussions. Videos, lung capacity comparisons, questionnaires and valuable hand-outs are also part of the course. The courses are free and presented by Community Health professionals. Personal 'Quit Kits' are available at the Yeppoon and Rockhampton centres as a helpful guide for those who are prepared to try to stop with their own personal programme. Yeppoon's course starts on Monday, March 9 and finishes on Thursday, April 2 at the centre on the beachfront, Anzac Parade, between the hospital and shire office. There will be limits on course numbers, so please phone, 39 1469 or 27 1755, to make sure of a place. O

Mirror Classifieds Phone 39 4244

0 0

DATE CLAIMER: The Emu Park Anglican Church is having a street stall on Saturday, May 30 in front of the two gift shops in Hill Street.


Centennial Celebration COME AND REJOICE YEPPOON: Sacred Heart Church, John Street EMU PARK: Mary Immaculate, Archer Street KEPPEL SANDS: L.. ombe Hall

Friday, Marc The symbol for the World Day of Pra er was developed by the women of Ireland and ad pted as the international logo in 1982. Its design is de up of arrows convergin from the four poin s of the compass, persons kneeling in prayer, the eltic cross,. and the circle, representing the world and our unity through all over diversity. .

V .1


"ci pr"



10am 10am 2pm

❑ ABOVE: Samantha Potts and Gordon McLean were married at' Kanangra Restaurant on Saturday to the skirl of the pipes. SAMANTHA Potts, youngest daughter of Bill and Moira Potts of Yeppoon was married to Gordon McLean at Kanangra restaurant on Saturday, to the accompaniment of the skirling of bagpipes. Gordon is the only son of Wendy and Scott McLean of Blackwater. The couple will live at Blackwater. The 110 guests were from Maryborough to Rockhampton and Perth, Western Australia. Gordon's two grandmothers were present ... Emily McLean and Eva McKenna. Tricia Datiras and Chris McLean were the bridesmaids and Samantha's .neice KellyJane (3) was the flower-girl. John Price and Malcolm Roberts stood up for Gordon. The brisk breeze made everyone hold their breaths ... father-of-the-bride was wearing a kilt. O 0 D

THE ambulance has started its yearly collection of dues ... from The Causeway south. If you aren't home when the collector calls, just call into the centre in James Street, Yeppoon or send to PO Box 1, Yeppoonj Remember, costs are increasing and if you aren't in the QATB and have an accident you will be in for a large bill. o o o APPLICA I IONS' close on March 6 for young people to apply to take part in the 1987 Queensland Youth Mission to Saitama, Japan in May. Six young Queenslanders aged between 18 and 30 years who are interested in developing the mutual trust and understanding between the people of the Prefecture of Saitama and the State of Queensland should contact the Department of Youth, (07) 224 6635, or write to PO Box 336, Brisbane. North Quay. The above information was contained in a press release from Family Service, Youth and Ethnic Affairs Minister Yvonne Chapman and I thought there might be someone interested in applying. O

0 0

YEPPOON Little Theatre members are preparing for another activity packed year after three successful promotions in 1986. The year's programme will be endorsed at the annual general meeting on Tuesday, March 3 at 8pm. It will be held at Wilma-and. Bruce Apps home, 26 Little Park Street, Yeppoon, 39 2315.

EMU Park Historical Museum Society will have its monthly street stall today (Saturday) in the museum's grounds in Hill Street from 9am. Then, you should go for a wander among the bits and pieces in the museum. It really is worth it. O

0 D

THE QATB had the 'spot' outside Savemore last Saturday and C Simpson of Caroline Street was the lucky winner. O

0 0

COMPETITIONS set for the start of Yeppoon Camera Club's 1987 season were black and white prints 'open' category; colour slides, 'Landscape' open and `Seascape' restricted. R Channells took out a first and third in the black and white section with 'Egretta Intermedia in Threat Strike' and Rosslyn Bay'. Bill Vaughan was second with 'Low Tide' and Rex Kean won three merits. R Channells took out first prize and a merit in the Landscape with 'Green Pasture'. Rex Kean was second with 'Wolfe Creek Gums' and third was Norma Channells with 'One Dead Tree'. Molly Crawford earned a merit. Margaret Kean won first, second and third places in the Seascape section with 'All Purple', 'Sunset Catch' and 'Lonely Walk'. Club Patron Reg Fitzpatrick was •the evening's judge. Practical is the word for the March meeting night. Rex Kean will give a talk on `hide' construction and photographing from a 'hide' and Royce Tomkins will show his choice of slides. All members will take four slides each for evaluation. The club meets on the second Monday of each month at the RSL rooms at 8pm and visitors are always welcome. o o ❑ THE above note on the camera club included information on a 'hide'. When Mrs Channells brought in the otes I asked her what it was ... it is the t g you hide in when you want tot r s of birds or Ph pa th ut disturbing animals clos them. You kno what it is . You stand for ages so tha ird will come close, but that itch just gets too much and off goes the bird.

Showerscreens Yeppoon Glass and Tiles 53 Tanby Road39 1840; 39 7622 a/h

DAY CARE VACANCIES Don't miss outl Book your child in now 39 4599 Professional Staff 0 Government Standards 0 School Preparation mornings

$150 an hour 0


an hour casual

We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pmi

Yeppoon Day Zare Centre Ranger Drive —

opp Bus entrance to Primary School —

39 4599


_ c tri.sict,d_91 lotytt iy,.Irch 6, 198.1.:-..11 ntor „..FA119144ry ,,, , CAPRICORN Coast Miss Australia Quest entrant Karlene McDonald will hold her first function on Tuesday, March 10 at the Railway Hotel. It is luncheon with fashion parade by Krugers and starts at noon. Tickets ($10) are available from the Railway Hotel (Karlene's sponsors), Les McDonald TV Repairs and Krugers Fashion House. A GREEN and Gold Aussie Disco is on • o Friday, February 27 from 7.30pm to 10pm in THE first workshop to prepare for the Yeppoon Town Hall. mural to be painted in Yeppoon Town Hall It is run by the Yeppoon Guides and can for the bi-centenary is on Friday, March 6 at be assured that there will be sufficient and 9am in the Yeppoon Town, Hall meeting responsible care of the children attending. room. All Capricorn Coast Society of Arts The disco suits children between the ages of members are welcome to go along and help 5 and 15. There will be prizes for the best with the organising. dressed and a lucky door. Refreshments are O 0 0 available and the admission is $2. o o o ALL-AGE Sunday school will be held by THE Capricorn Coast will be represented the Yeppoon Wesleyan Methodist Church by 100 men, women and children at a between 8.30am and 9.15am, followed by Jehovah's Witness assembly in Clermont morning worship at 9.30am. Both are held in this weekend. the National Fitness Hall, Queen Street. Several of the older and teenage members O 0 O will be in a programme planned for the end• IF anyone would like to hire the Yeppoon of-February circuit assembly. CWA hall, contact Rita Hooper, 39 1716. The gathering's theme is 'Progressively walk in Jehovah's ways'. More than 600 Witnesses have bookedout Clermont's motel, hotel and caravan park accommodation and many others will be part of a 'tent' town in the showgrounds. The format for the talks and WELCOME to anotdemonstrations allocated to Yeppoon's her glorious week on Jehokiah's Witnesses is: 'No blessings the Capricorn Coast. without moral cleanness'. 6.. (;apricorn ,Coast

HUGH and Liz Pilbury of Kanangra Restaurant are the proud parents of Jessica Lea, born at the Lady Goodwin on Friday, February 20 at 12.45am. o


0 0 •

CAPRICORN Coast Society of Arts members spent Friday at Emu Park on an outdoor sketching expedition. One of the artists said it was a great day for the Singing Ship because the wind was blowing and-the ship was singing. The next.outdoor sketching day is Friday, March 20 and venue will lie worked out at the next rhe4ting. O

0 0

YEPPOON'S Baptist Church starts allage Sunday school (tomorrow) at 9.15am. Everyone is welcome to the Braithwaite Street, Yeppoon church. O

0 0

DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon Lapidary Club will host the 1987 Annual Competition and Gemshow on August 15 and 16 in Yeppoon Town Hall. There will-be a story in next week's Mirror telling you all about it but remember to keep that date free. O

0 0

TIHE annual general meeting held last Wednesday to elect the 1987 Capricorn Coast Society of Arts committee was well attetided. President is Marie Bayliss, vice president and publicity officer Gwen Lawn, secretary Ella Richter, treasurer Alice Barton, librarian Claude Richter, gallery diredtor Iris Black, assistant gallery director Florqnce Collins, social secretary Veronica Aldedice and Member for Broadsound Denig Hinton is patron. o

Bayview Tower News & Views


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WORLD Day of Prayer is on Friday, March 6 and will be celebrated this year at' KepPel Sands, Emu Park and Yeppoon. It is the movement's centenary and the Coast is celebrating the day with thousands of people all over the world. Times and places are in the advertisement on page 10. ❑ o o COOEE Competition champion of champions Greg McCamley is staying at Capricorn Iwasaki this week with his wife, Susan. Greg won the prize with his graaaand cooeee efforts and said that the resort is 'truly beautiful'. Known as the 'poor poet' Greg wrote some for the occasion, but, unfortunately I haven't the room this week. o o o ON Saturday JKA Shotokan held an 'afternoon' and were going to draw a multiraffle of 16 prizes with a total value of $292. Unfortunately there were not enough people present to sell the tickets, let alone draw any of the prizes. So, now everyone has a chance at it. Tickets are available from His 'n' Hers or from karate team members. The raffle is to help send a team to the Australian Karate Championships at the end of March. K Day of Swordfish Avenue won the Wapparaburra and Victory holiday. Take thyme to read some...

`Words on Herbs' THYME, Marjoram,. Oregano, Sage and Rosemary are herbs with pungent flavSurs and must be grown in full sun to bring out the flavours, vitamins and minerals. These herbs can be grown in the vegetable garden as companion plants and insect repellents. All are used in salads, stuffings, meats, vegetab d savoury dishes. n. Marjoram can .be Rosemary, e tea relieves a sore used as hair ri throat and what woul. a Pizza be without the aroma and flavour of Oregano? March 1 to 7 is time to plant vegetables and herbs required for their leave's, that is, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, basil, chives and above-mentioned herbs. Best planting days are March 1, 4 and 5.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie OPEN:

Saturday: 1pm - 5.30pm Sun & Wed: 9am - 5.30pm ...or by appointment

39 7621

0 ABOVE-- Kristine Smith and Brent. Willoughby were -married on Saturday morning at Sacred . Heart Church. The

couple will live in Townsville. DATE CLAIMER: Wednesday, April 8, street stall for Red Cross with proceeds to -rest room building fund. o

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FIRST Yeppoon Guides meet on Tuesday nights at 7pm for two hours. They are under the care of guider-in-charge Vivienne Cole, assistant leader Sue Banks, unit helpers Julie Bennett and Linda Dexter and junior leader Natasha Busteed. If you have a daughter aged between 10 and 15 years contact Vivienne, 39 1814, and see if there is a place for her. o o o IT'S that time of the year again ... the QCWA knitting, crochet and cooking. The Yeppoon branch is holding it on Saturday, March 14. Entry fee is 20 cents and entries close at 12.30pm on the day. Knitting. Section 1. Class 2: knitted garment for adult in wool blend. Class 7: knitted garment for child up to five years, acrylic yarn only. Class 8: best knitted entry from 100 grams or less of acrylic yarn. The article will remain the property of the QCWA. Crochet. Section 3. Class 14: Crochet garment. Class 15: any crochet article in acrylic yarn. Class 16: best crochet entry from 100 grams or less, wool blend or acrylic. This article will remain the property of the QCWA. Class 19: best crochet entry in No. 40 or under mercerised cotton. The cooking section has an entry fee of 10 cents and entries must he in by 12.30pm on that day. Section 1. Class 1: boiled fruit cake, uniced, 8" round tin. Class 3: Sultana Cake, uniced, 8" round tin. Class 5: Orange bar, iced on top, bur-tin about 9"x41/2"x3" at top of tin. Class 6: Chocolate bar, iced on top with chocolate icing. Class 10: , steam plum pudding, about 6" basin. Class 14: light fruit cake, 7" square tin. Section 2. Jams, Marmalade, Pickles and Chutney. Jars must be carefully labelled o side and about 375-500 gr. One jar of eac required. Pickles to be one jar of Musta d mixed vegetables.

Tanby Roses Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets 0 Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire 0 Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed/loose

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EIGHTY guests attended the marriage of Kristine Smith and Brent Willoughby at Sacred Heart Church on Saturday. Kristine is John and Judith Smith of Farnborough' daughter and Brent is the son of Robert and Rachel Willoughby of Melbourne. Brent is a forward scout with the Australian Army and is presented posted at the Townsville barracks. He and Kristine will live in Townsville. The guests came from Brisbane in the south and Ravenshoe in the north for the wedding, celebrated by Father Noel Milner, and the reception at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Kristine wore a bluebird chain that her mother had worn when she was married. Bestman Glenn Roberts came from Brisbane and groomsman Terei Mangakahai, froin Townsville. Kristine's bridesmaids were her twin sister Karen, younger sister Susan and Cathy Logan.. . ❑ o 0 CAPRICORN Coast branch of the Ked Cross sent off a $100 cheque to Vanuatu for cyclone relief. Of course, Australian Red Cross has already contributed, but the Coast members felt they should do a bit more. The Rest Room accommodation at the Base Hospital is not available at the moment because of construction work. The public will be notified when it will be open. The Coast Red Cross next meets on Friday, March 20 at 1.30pm in Yeppoon RSL Hall. New members are very welcome. o

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NEW and Pregnant Parent Support is looking for garage sale donations. The sale will be on Saturday, February 28 and if you have anything, please leave it at 15 Tanby Road or call 39 4523 if you wanted things collected.

It's a pity the area is fairly quiet at the \ moment because so many people are missing out on some of the best weather the Coast has to offer. _.

In the Sails Restaurant Bar this week we have a new Liqueur for you to try for predinner. 'Original Peach Tree'is the name. It's a unique, delicious, light, crystal-clear, pure and completely natural spirit which can be drunk neat or with your favourite mixer. Better still try 'Peachtree' in our cocktail of the week ... Summer Daze. Get into the mood of summer with this lot: 30m1 Original Peachtree; 30m1 Vodka; 30m1 Blue Curacao; 2 scoops Vanilla icecream; Crushed Ice; blended into cocktail balloon. Can't you see yourself relaxing in Sails over a few Summer Daze while waiting for your sumptuous dinner to be served. (By the way, this cocktail won Southern Pacific Cocktail Competition last year).

FEEDBACK... THIS is your last chance to send • e your feedback and suggestio n h- services and facilities at Bay / w o • er. Next week I'll let you know oth estions we thought were the • • d = who has won our complimenta • vouc ers. FAULTY TOWERS! STOP PRESS! JUST a note of thanks to all the staff at Bayview Tower who have been doing a great job. There have been a few changes in the last month which has given some staff members more responsibility than normal and they have handled this very well. Special thanks this week to Mike, our apprentice chef extraordinaire, and Darren and Jason, also apprentice chefs ... for a job very well done. See you all at Bayview soon. Until next week, Boyt ,ietr lower. Bye. w••

RED CROSS Calling is on Sunday, March 15. If you are able to help with transport or door-knocking, please contact Montefiore,,39 2402.


ESTAURA for Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner every day

TONY'S all. at 14 Anzac Parade...on the beachfro .e,s /f \N. * Superb Fresh Food 0 Family Prices ompt, Friendly Service * Relaxing Oc

Flower Arrangements with...

Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies Deliveryto Rockhampton and Coast daily For Flowers for all Occasions ... 39 2266 or 39 7162 a/h cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon


Phone us on...39 2122

ews *

12 ::::.Capritorn Coasf'Mirror •FebtuarV28 "----,..Mr`c1-1 6;1987......... •• ..... • . •

39 4244 Tell the COAST for $2 39 4244



*lCapricorn Coast

OUR OFFICE is located on corner.

Adelaide Park Rd & Cuff Street, YEPPOON

Home of the $2


Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and .publiShed by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. . The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by poSt by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road & Cliff Street, Yeppoon, 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is neon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Ehgagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for errors.


Koorana Crocodile Farm OPEN... Monday, Thursday & Saturdtp pm Lunch .noon to 1 pm; Tour star Group bookings anytime by arrangeme

DELICIOUS fruit shakes and Yoghurt Icecream to keep you cool and slim at Yeppoon Fresh Fruit and Veg, James Street. U-DRI : BBQ ire Boat. No licence rsons. Fuel and gas Garry requ' a Cryd; weekdays $75 eeke supp r pd. Bo Heath, 28 4 11. IRON shed available handyman to demolish own expense for materials, timber, etc. Contact The Professionals, 39 3444 for details. BASKETBALL American Tournament is on again. All ages. Any level of experience. Fun and free. Town court Arthur Street, Yeppoon from 6.30pm, Monday, March 2. AA meets at Sacred Heart SchoOl, 8pm, every. Friday. For further information,. 39 3924 or, 39 1320. JOIN Avon today for only $5. Areas available Yeppoon, Emu Park, Keppel Sands. Phone Daphne, 28 4327. EXCHANGE: 3 bedroom house 10 mins from Toowoomba, value $110,000, for home of similar value in Yeppoon area. 39 4102 for particulars. LOSE weight the painless way without drugs and without paying out a fortune. For further particulars, 39 1514. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service] 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day , CENTRAL Queensland Woodturning supplies top quality English HSS, tools, etc. Phone 39 1838.

Large range * New Dress Fabrics in stock * Remnant Specials TOWN PRICES

Green's Harchitare Hill Street, EMU PARK



EADLIGHTS MADE r Professional Craftsman T 50yearsexperience * 8yearsteaching

Glass Magician

MEDALS need new ribbon for

Anzac Day Yeppoon Shells Gifts ormanby Street 39 372

Capricorn Sandblasting 9-4 Industrial Spray Painting and...

Mini Soil Deliveries Tanby Roundabout, Yeppoon

39 4092

moved her reet to... 49 Normanby Street Phone, 39 3611, remains unchanged

Burton's Parcel Delive IS BEST!! Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every ay

39 2212

Hempenstal ,

es & Associates

* Public Acc

is (C.P.A.) xation Consultant&


POLLEN DRYING FACILITY • BYFIELD QUOTATIONS ARE INVITED for the supply and installation of a Pollen Drying Room to be constructed inside an existing building at the Byfield Forestry. Specifications and Quotation forms are available at - Byfield or Rockhampton Offices. QUOTES MUST BE SUBMITTED in a sealed envelope marked "Quote — Pollen Drying" and submitted BY 12 NOON, WEDNESDAY 04/03/87 to Forestry Office, Rockhampton (P.O. Box 344).



Easter is almost here and

UNIT near beach, Yeppoon. Permanent or holiday rental. Phone 33 6369.


INDUSTRIAL sheds, 57 Tanby iRoad, from $55 per eek. Phone owner, 39 7556.

is re ertain at Parties, Weddings, Special Occasions and just for fun!

TH E bedroom house at Emu Park. Negotiated rate and conditions. 39 3083.

39 3300 39 2249

Prophecy Seminar

ICAMAG of..frs you fully licensed


e specialise in... Domestic short-term protection for holidays Commercial protection Night Security Patrol * Cash Transfers * Electronic Alarm Monitoring Armed and Static Guards * Trained Dogs

39 2171 FREE QUOTES 39 2171

Normanby St, Yeppoon

I THANK the following organisations: Emu Park Lions, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, SES and their members as well as private citizens who helped with the Higson Street residence in Emu Park, both physically and morally. Grateful thanks from Kalache and family.

24 Anzac Par • e, Yeppoon 39 3740

\ All new members and persons interested in joining the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry are welcome to the monthly meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 3, 1987 at 7.30pm in the Mirror office, Park Road and Cliff Street. cnr Adelai "'Refreshments served.

Every Monday 2pm - 4pm





GREEN and Gold Aussie Disco, Yeppoon Town Hall, Friday February 27, 7.30pm to 10pm. For 5 years to 15 years. Admission $2. Conducted by Yeppoon Girl Guides. 413144Vall sizes available. Yeppoon vice, 59 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. erectrica KENNYRogers buses to Sound Shell. Phone Dowie's, 39 1379.

33 61

Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry

RSL Museum

P.O. Box 769, YEPPOON. 4703


hen contact Roy or M



...the shop for every little thing!

34 4749

to ,




Address.. mail

IS TIME RUNNING OUT! What do the prophecies of Daniel say about our time

Starting... Monday, March 16, 7.30pm in YEPPOON


MOTOR VEHICLES LANDROVER Series Two, wide wheels. Good condition. $15,000 ONO. 39 7166. SUZUKI hardtop '83, wide wheels, bull-bar,' many extras. Excellent condition. Long rego. $6,400. 39 6704.


Capricorn Coast Mirror February ,28 — March 6, 1987 — 13

Ph 39 4244

Capricorn coast MIRROR Classifieds TRADEWORK Peter and Toni

Carpet Cleam g Emu Park — 39 6178

Tradesman PAINTER George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting */;_,e) Contracts taken * FREE Quo All hours

39 1679

Answering service



Carpentry and Painting

CARPENTER RcrIc ation5 * $rn,3ll Jot) * Free Quotes

IMak, Trailers Hire & Sales

0 Installation RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance O COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts

39 3646 r

PAINTING Interior 0 Exterior 0 Roofs 0

Free Quotes Trestle & Plank Hire CHEAP DELIVERY -

Cooee Bay Marine

24 ho‘i rs-

39 6170

7 days-a-week


39 6170

PAINT Interior/Exteri

39 1675


*`-" (r-.p

39 3113

Allan 'Happy' Warren


ThPhone STEVE on

Emu Park Equipment Hire to Wheelbarrows : st„, Compresr

39 2204

-1111 " Lr0 4fee

K Beck 4016



Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS Pty Lt Industrial — Residential — Commercial 0 Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations .


R & K Barnicoat HAULAGE (formerly MacMahons Haulage)

...for all freight requirements to and from Rockhampton

39 1845

Cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

39 1813


39 4410




'Built to your design Specialising in Laminated or Solid Timber' achens For free quote: Ivor Veliscek

39 4379 a/h

39 1614 b/h



ennis & Squash RacqueTe-s ing 26 James Street 39 1436

J. R. C * Slabs * * Brick paving * Free Quotes


* Patios * d Aggregate * & Country

3 39 --A"12119=9 WAYNE KERSHAW


* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667


Think Concrete THINK PINK



Commercial * Domestic * n


NO JOB TOO BIG or TOO SMALL McBean St, Yeppoon Steve Mackie Rockhampton Mike Green

39 4151 28 5302 a/h 28 5244 28 7575 a/h

Coastal and Surrounds Maintenance Service ...for all your building, plumbing and electrical work and reasonable rates for BACKHOE HIRE registered workman!

No job too big or too small Ring BRIAN COSTIN

39 4146


'15 years on the Coast'

Yeppoon Tackle SSports . For all your Concrete needs on the Coast


33 6836


39 6325'

elson Street

Bryan Bird for free quo

cnr Tanby Rd & McBean St

35 1187

1nel Work


Renovations * Extensions Home Maintenance * Sheds * Painting

All Types


Reg Builder 6719

Airless Spray SPecia 'Vs

39 6247



TING and Wallpapering, free- quotes. _ ince Hannan. 39 1513. PRAY-TANK - for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1483. . . LICENCED plumber available. Phone Phillip Munro, 39 2393, 39 2346 a/h. BI d rainage on the Coast — D &• ermoor Beach. 33 6396. ASHING done — Inquiries, phone 39 1483.. Antepfta supply VIDE0',."1-V and Audio rep 930. ph and installation. Frank Ri BRICKLAYi,ING, blocklaying done wal Barbecues, letter boxes, retain' cottage work,,. repairs. Work 6uara advice and quotes, 39 6884. CASSETTE, RA110Stet' d Video ter, phone 30. repairs. Frank 1Garden . LAWN-MOWING, Eig-si'ng, one-392330..: Maintenance. Frank Ric EVERYTHING you wanted to know about m n nance rt were afraid (of the cost) to concretor. carpenter. H a plu beridral r.•Winting 39 1899. SMALL carpentry jobs from •S8. Power tools. Retired carpenter. Phone 39 6939. CARPENTRY and concreting. Cheap rate. Phone 33 6265. repairs and fabrications for Fl GL s. Boat refurbishing and _ detailing. Free atfotes, 39 4519. CARPENTRY, concreting and boat repairs Phone 33 6265. BICYCLE repair makes. Yep oon Tackle and Sports, 26 St et. 36. OF IC equipmen repairs. J gineering, 1/40 night Street, North Rockhampt9n. P ne 7889 or 28 2119. T LEVISION, ideo, Audio anci Antenna pair rank chtex, phone 39 2330. IA : Finter's Electrical Service, based Emu Park. Ph Clive, 39 6552 or 28 2902. RUBH r trees lopped furniture re Ftr free quotes, phone C & L Ca rs, 39 7. El repairs and service for all el ricand manual models. VJ Engineering,; Knight Street, North Rockhampton. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. _ . ODD-JOBS: Lawn mowing, yards cleaned, house cleanin. 3 YSCREENS and doors, made-to-measure on the Coast from Central Coast Insect ALL automotive rust repairs. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 6819. WELDING repairs and small fabrications such as arc ancl,k1IG welding. No job too big. Phone 6819, an time. awn mowing, brush cutting.' done. Phone 39 3184. CARPENTER, conc repairs. Ring anytime. 33 6265. ErolrgI N PLUMBERADRAINEp: Licerts pressure problems and gen I ai .omeson, 39 41 r. • • SUB-CONTRA carpenter gang and ow - • •er ..visory service. Have caravan will travel. Free quotes. 39 1812. LAN ING T & LK Verbeek. See details r in Yello es. Phone 39-4-553-.----5 r) BOBCAT, tippencher, post-hole augokiriii Phone 3

39 7540

D & H E Woodward



TV & VIDEO HIR Key Thompson TV Sales & Service /39 7635 anytime

Maintenance Work * Flys

Bill Rasmussen

MINI TIPP HIRE &SLASHING 39 4503 68 Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon

For all your brick and block work...


Dave Kershaw for...

BOBCAT Hire 4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Treyichar

39 4408(


Ride-on and... Lawn Mowing Brush Cutting and... Rotary Hoe

'We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office


Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

BIG or too small!!!

Mike & W?ndy's Cleaning Service


39 4065

39 3184

Free Quotes

39 4334

39 79

Mike Stokley



Exterior FREE QUOTES 39



Plumber Drai 49 Thomas St, Emu Park 39



BACKHOE for hiri

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

otors: Stessl dinghys and SUZUKI outboar tri-hulls. New nd used...also radios and i es Marine: t --1(05 depth-sounde Yeppoon. 39 40

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays


I.C. & S. Stanley

39 1139


ray Painter at Nelson Street

39 6325

Does your tap leak? Correct that... for a small service charge, then for $1250 per year, all taps will be serviced at no cost to the householder!

cirk p For more information... (-) Keith Chivers 39 3518

LOST: Emu Park and Zilzie area, 19/2/87, black and tan desexed German Shepherd., Answers to Bruno. 39 6451.

REAL ESTATE VIRGIN BUSH: 26 acres, Byfield frontage to creek and main road. Phone 39 1801. ALLOTMENT: 1/4 acre Res A. Splendid retirement block, wide ocean views, quiet. 'location, Barlows Hill. All services. Gentle east slope. Sacrificed at $34,000. Urgent sale. Phone 39 1853 or 39 1066. . SELL low-set brick veneer Yeppoon house o exchange for Maryborough house, money adjustment, reduced below valuation. Owner: (079) 39 1976. CAWARRAL house, Richmond Road. Bitumened, water, power, phone. Exc for house in Yeppoon area. $55,000. 34 4292.

14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror February 28 - March 6, 1987

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds FOR SALE


KELVINATOR fridge, 380. Very good condition. $275 ONO. Phone 39 1374 or 39 4381 after hours. • SIMPSON dishwasher, stainless steel bowl, $150 ONO. Phone 39 1374 or 39 4381 a/h. DICK Smith Super 80 Computer, will plug into normal TV or B & W monitor available. $200 the lot. Phone 39 1374 or 39 4381 a/h. STYE an juelements and accessories r Yeppoon's Element afail'ab e on Electrical Service, 59 Tanby e Ce r Ro CARPET square, 12', with rubber underlay. Good condition. $50. Phone 39 1375. SLIDING sun-roof, as new. Cheap! Phone 39 7149. ATTRKATIVEaqminium awnings and blinds easure and quote. Phone - all tOes - f Yeppoon Kitchre n 3 9 419. sundry hampers, planters, picnic hampers, assorted baskets. Coastal Canes Sands Arcade, Yeppoon. r JUST arrived...large camphor-wood chest, bedside/telephone tables, rattan chairs. Coastal Cane, upstairs i ands Arcade,


DOUBLE bed-base and mattress, as new. Phone 39 3259. 'WORNS',25x1 heavy duty winch gypsy capstan, suit boat. $30

eNN, Good range * Variety of


ree St

0 for

$14.95 a she

war et, EMU PAR

$268 1 only 3mx3mx2.1m \,..4..5_, with double hinged door


etir$, ^nay Units, Built-in Robes Ki Yepdten iklidns, 49 Tanby Road. 39 2419. as a flea market! GARAGE big at Bondoola on Saturday and Sunda' Road. S our Rockhampton/Yeppo II 'you goo . For own stall or we will bookings, 39 3935. OILS: re-cycled and Shell. • roc Bl~,ull ;pi; I oil for $3.2...20 and Supe for s'ay. I t ulk . litr B rnett Street }- eppoon. 39 410. VI COUNT Royal Caravan 24', standf •I • ann GARAGE sale: 135 Matthew Flinders Drive, Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1., glass door, louvre doors, screens, furniture, windsurfer, surfboards, bikes, violin, flute, etc...

MO Garage Sale

• W Party Hire for all your en chairs, gas barbecue n

Delivery tc Se uilders' otAIW Coas lanks. & bricklayers' trestlek_palu Phone 39 7969. Rates: $2/item per clay. DINGHYS for hire, Coorooman Creek. Phone 34 4174. CATAMARANS and windsurfers $8 hour; Surf skis $5 hour. Fishe man's Beach, Emu Park, Sunday, 10am - 5pi 91


ill treet, EMU PAR



39 6237

1 0.30am sharp!

Cement Mixer * Wheel Barrow ew Electric Drill or Electric


Install a Screen Door




8 BUILDING SITE Each Block has a 20 metres (66ft) Fronta with Town Water, Power, etc.

AND THEN At 11.30am on the site, Poplar Street, Cooe Bay under instructions from the same Vendor to sell by Public Auction.

2 BUILDING SITES Fronting Poplar Street each having an Area o 404.69m2 with Po'wer: town Water an Sewerage available.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: 10% Deposi , Ninety days Settlement. BILL GREEN REAL ESTATE (YEPPOON

LAST,7 and is..

Decorative Won't Rust S re Ma -to (up to 8 Bottom seal



39 4318

Central Coast Insect Screens Mt" WE ALSO STOCK... SECURITY WINDOWS



ling your house or land? st of a phone call just bring that buyer!

WE URGENTLY REQUIRE HOUSES and LAND in Yeppoon and Emu Park! Phone today...

EMU PARK REAL ESTATE 39 6588 A/H: Terry, 39 6433; Roy, 39 6301 39 6588 111"'



Bikes and Rowers *

* ExeR

DEASY & DOOLAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Situation: 28 Power Street, Yeppoon Description: Old Queensland in good repair, centrally situated and built on a 3237m2 allotment that could be subdivided into four separate blocks. 2 bedrooms plus sleepout. Live in town with plenty of room to have a pony: a vegie patch: or to redevelop. Auction to be held: On site Saturday, 14th March 1987 at 11am. Inquiries: Contact Ron Deasy A/H 39 1850

James Street, YEPPOON. Ph: (079) 39 3444

iPhz 39 7144 When planing your next outing come to Kanangra. Relax on Sunday with lunch under the Pergola overlooking • - 'ool. Ka is a fully license• fam ly resta rant With group booking catere for by arrange -n , •ays-a-w ek. The buffet-st le is pret ared by y• r hosts Hugh and Liz Pilbur * Friday is family night $14 p▪ h * Saturday night, $16 ph, t ere is live entertainment * Sunday lunch isacarvery$11 ph Children under 14 are half-price and pre-schoolers, free. Bookings are essential • Kanangra Restaurant Tanby Road South, Yeppoon 39 7144

oiler * High Chair Folding Beds * Coloured Lights

Yeppoon Trading HILL STREET


rh. AWDA 5

* Trailer * Everything you need at...


ving troub


tor your muc function, phone...

When you need it short term...

10am right on the Land, Clements ountain Street, Emu Park under instr rom the Livingstone Shire Council to Public Auction.

BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm. Yeppoon• CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hap--•. ree r phone 39 1379. Cooee - Bay . Pe Association. Promoter: Olive Do No. B18601. a.m. Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 SATURDAY l i g 6 000. Best chance: $100 in jack t iota Pool Appeal. Promoter: II 60 019 ab mit No. B18596. Bria rey.

for business

Boarding Kennels

een's Hardwar

F100, '76, wrecking at 9 Marina Avenue, Taranganba. Phone 39 1812.

39 6237

SATURDAY Febcwary 28 '31 4e-jppoon

1 only 3mx3mx2.1m



LINEN: ideal pre-wedding and baby shower parties. Phone 39 3660.

Ph 39 4244

(behind CEB)

39 3568

RAINBOW CINEMA * Air Conditioned * Stereo

SCREENING Screening this weekend

WANTED TO BUY CHINA, glass, bric-a-brac ... at The Shed, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. 39 4532, 39 3442 a/h. CASH for your unwanted goods. Phone 39 3935.

WORK WANTED IRONING done $7.50 hour. 39 4201 b/h: 39 1696 a/h. STEEL-FIXER. competent, 17 years experience. Please phone 39 1719. CLEANING, ironing. S6 per hour. Phone 39 1719. STEEL fabrications and all classes of repairs. Phone 39 7747. WANTED to mow lawns. and do garden work. Cheap rate. 39 3188. Beach/Emu ALLOTMENNS sli lltOpLed,.--1°1 237 Park/Zilzie area. N-16-In S IRONING done, reliable service. Phone 39 1203. HOUSE cleaning/ironing. $6 per hour. Yeppoon area. Phone'39 3794.

Fri & Sat, Feb 27 & 28, 7.10pm The Golden Child and...

DAY OFF aereimemeYeem•Yeenemeloomemomilme•DID/re

SCREENING Friday and Saturday March 6 & 7 at 7.10pm



tcR @e8i

LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house' cleaning. Phone 39 2460. IRONING done at home, $5 per hour. Phone 39 1720. CARPENTER available. Reasonable rate. Renovations. Phone Sam Crow, 39 4587. BUILDING? D & G Bricklayers are ready to start now! 39 7779 WASHING, ironing, lawn-mowing, yard cleaning and general house house cleaning. 39 3043. LAWN:MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house Cleaning. Phone 39 2460. FENCING: Terry McMullen. Phone 39 1140.

Emu Park! RUSUROOFING at NelsonsV

39 6325'


LAND FOR SALE YEPPOON Res B allotment with top sea views. Double street frontage, 1600m2. Handy town. $75,000. 28 4311.

WANTED TO RENT WANTED an old farm house on small acreage. Cawarral or Mt Chalmers preferred. 39 7149. PERMANENT unfurnished 2 bedroom with lock-up garage. Mature couple. Box 486, Yeppoon.

.N new corned adventure from the director of "NNInikimes'


'Capricorn Coast Mirror • •Februaiy 28 - March 6, 1987 -L .15

A grade squash NEW HEART FOR BASKETBALL Yeppoon bowls CAPRICORN Coast Squash Racket Association's A grade squash fixtures played on Wednesday night were notable for the close team results. All teams scored two rubbers needing a count of games to decide the winner in each case. Social Hitters' number four Kitty Jeacocke set the scene for a close night with a fight-back to win in five against Ray Armitage. Doug Perrin, for Social Hitters, continued in similar vein against Larry Owens but it was Neil Roberts of Strugglers who turned the result around with a 3-1 win against Bernard Lacey in one hour, 20 minutes. John Briggs then recorded a 3-0 win against Clay Nothling which with the games secured by the number three and four players gave Strugglers the results 10-7 on games. Mighty Macks Steve Creagh also played a marathon to come back and take the fourth and fifth games to win against Len Keily. Len's two games however proved to be the decider with Team One winning eight games to six after the other matches were all decided 3-0. Experience proved to be a deciding factor when Ian Atkinson and Ray Campbell defeated young players Glen Ward and Danny Taylor respectively in three. Roger Dale looked convincing with his 3-1 win over Judy Umlauft. Joe Foat added Brian Umlauft's scalp to his belt with a 3-0 result. Neale Royal up 2*-1 in his match against Brett Stewart elected to take a rest in the fourth and subsequently fired in the fifth to take the match. Results. Strugglers defeated Social Hitters two rubbers each 10 games to seven: Ray Armitage v Kitty Jeacocke 2-3; Larry Owens v Doug Perrin 2-3; Neil Roberts def Bernard Lacey 3-1; John Briggs def Clay Nothling 3-0. Team One defeated Mighty Macks two rubbers each 8-6: Len Keily v Steve Creagh 2-3; Glen Ward v Ian Atkinson 0-3; Chris Briggs def Chris Hacker 3-0; Tony Smith def reserve Mery Leslie 3-0. Team Five defeated Team Four two rubbers each eight games to seven: Danny Taylor v Ray Campbell 0-3; Roger Dale def Judy Umlauft 3-1; Joe Foat def Brian Umlauft 3-0; Brett Stewart v Neale Royal 2-3.

Daytime squash TRISH Andrews and Denise Campbell played the game of the week at the Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures played on Wednesday. Observers said it was the longest and hardest match of the game with Trish coming out on top three games to two. May's Meanies defeated Seagulls 10-9: May Brigg def Sally Corney 3-0; Jenny Koning v Gaye Boehm 0-3; Ann Hinton def Jean Graff 3-0; Pat Gough def Rosemary Hansen 3-0; Robyn Battersby v Rosemary hansen 1-3; Gail Moore v Betty Woods 0-3. Kathy's Kites defeated Whales 13-8: Kathy Dale def Julie Britton 3-0; Joyce Hinton v Jenny Semple 1-3; Diane Cameron def Karen Woods 3-0; Anne Priem def Jan Schmidt 3-2; Pat Harris def Carol Knight 3-0; Darrelle Byrne v Lois Bayliss 0-3. Comediennes defeated A Team 14-6: Carol Greasley def Alice Glennie 3-0; Rosemary Dakai v Lyn Timms 1-3; Sue Blake v Rosemary Jones 1-3; Helen Leslie def Megan Anderson 3-0; Linda Keily def Pam Hayman Dawn Walkin def Helen Hinton 3-0. 0fl 4i°ty Trish's Troubleshooters defeated enise's Dolphins 13-10: Trish Andrews def nise Campbell 3-2; Trish Hinton v Nita Marxsen 0-3; Penny Munns def Denise Lawrence 3-2; Judy Minter def Kerry Kelso 3-0; Debbie Marxsen v Maryann Vearing 1-3; Deidre Garwood def Cordie Nugent 3-0.


D grade squash CAPRICORN Coast D Grade Squash members played the second match of the season on Thursday night. The match that proved most entertaining to watch was between Annies Boys and Terminators. . Both teams were level on rubbers and games, and a count back on points was needed to decide that Annies Boys were the winners by two points. Results: Speedballs defeated boys four 50; Glen Knights def Peter Stoyel 3-24 Anne Priem def Sean Fallis 3-0; Adrain McGinty def Peter Janz 3-0; Dwaine Vivian def Barry Hinton 3-0. Master Blaster defeated Roses and Thorn dr 4-1; Tim Lanyon def Jenny Konings 3-0; ‘11,1 Danny O'Meara v Leisa Fien 0-3; Shane Nixon def Faeann Hillier 3-0; Neal Richardson def Lyle Hinton 3-1. Annies Boys defeated Terminators 3-2; Peter Trifelly v Scott Perrin 0-3; Ian Lawton def Scott Salmond 3-0; Anne Smith v Troy Wilkonson 0-3; Ben Stack def Susan McAviney 3-0.

AN enthusiastic crowd of 100 intending basketball players has given Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Association new heart. Organisers were pleasantly surprised when 100 people turned up to play in an American Tournament on Monday, February 16 at the Arthur Street court. "We have decided to have -another American tournament because of the interest shown last week," YABA publicity officer Don Willoughby said. The tournament will be played on Monday, March 2 at the Arthur Street, Yeppoon court from 6.30pm. Yeppoon Amateur Basketball Assocation members initiated the tournaments to gauge interest in basketball on the Coast. "We are all hoping that a decision will soon be made on the recreational council's stadium in Cooee Bay. Once this happens a

full basketball competition will be planned ... revitalising the 20-year-old.,association." Mr Willoughby said there would be a slight departure from normal tournament rules on Monday. "Teams organised for the future season will be allowed to play as teams. But scratch teams made up from casual players will probably make up 'the majority. "Spectators are welcome to come along and see some of the real talent which became evident during play last week," Mr Willoughby said. Anyone who has contacted the association about playing basketball will be told when organisation of fixtures is complete. Mr Willoughby said that volunteers for coaching positions for all ages will be welcome.

Cavaliers, Koalas Indoor bowls CAPRICORN Coast indoor bowlers were well represented at the open singles win at cricket championships in Rockhampton on Sunday. CAPRICORN Coast Junior Cricketers started the 1987 season on Saturday morning. In the senior section Yeppoon's Cavaliers and Sacred Heart's Koalas were the winners and picked up four points each. The junior teams (years four and fives) also started playing with Cavaliers and Lions the winners. Cavaliers and Yeppoon's Colts played at Baymaryee with the final score 49 to 38 runs in Cavaliers favour. Nick Rice hit 12 runs and Jon Robertson took two wickets for two runs for the Cavaliers while Colts' Ryan Scarlett was five not out and Bill Irwin took one wicket for seven- runs. Lions defeated Koalas 106 to 31 runs at Emu Park Primary School. R Millar was 18 not out and C Harris scored two for no runs for Lions. P Scott hit 10 runs and M Jones was two for five. In the first senior game between Aussies and Koalas at Emu Park Cricket Ground the score was 66 to 63 runs in Aussies favour. Kamal Setu and D Kavanagh top scored with 10 runs and Troy Cooper took four Wickets for 11 runs to make sure of Aussies win. N Harris was 20 not out and K Sherrington took two wickets for nine for Koalas. Cavaliers won 102 runs to 53 against Colts at Yeppoon Primary School. Cavaliers was well represented by S Leslie who retired with 23 runs and C Robertson who took four wickets for three runs. B Cornish top-scored for Colts with 17 runs and the best bowler was J Aston with two wickets for 11 runs.

Yeppoon golf ON Tuesday, February 17, the associates' game was a S/Scratch at Yeppoon Golf Club. The winner was Norma Channells with a score of +8. Next best was Chris Moss and Dot Wahlin, both +6. Also with +6 were Sue Hennessay and Elieen Larman. Charlotte Somogyi scored +5, with Colleen Schuster. Pinshots: Silver, G Sherrington; Bronze, Gwen Dawson. Beryl Dawson won the Proshot and the birdsnest. The Wednesday Cllib had a good roll up again, without any visitors. Rita Edmistone and Joyce Keyes both scored 37 points to win the ladies stableford. The 1st nine net winner was Laurie Osborne with 30; Esme Woodbridge and Joyce Keyes both scored 321/2. Rita Edmistone won the 2nd nine with 30 net; Esme Woodbridge 321/2. Pinshots: M Williams and J Keyes. Proshot: S Haskins. Harry Adams and Frank Ryan both scored 42 points to win the members' stableford. Next was Ian Macaulay 41, Len Lucas 41, John Noyes 41, and Peter Foxwell 40 points. 1st nine: F Ryan and A Simpson 291/2; P Foxwell 301/2, I Atkinson 31. 2nd nine net: F Ryan 30'/2, P Foxwell 311/2, H Adams 311/2, and R Hansen 32. Pinshots: D Cooper and A Schuster. Proshot: W Albertsen. The veterans' game on Friday was a stableford for members and ladies over 12 holes. Joan Marwedel won the ladies with a score of 26 points; next best was Grace Ritchie with 24 points, and Jean Kean won the Pinshot. The member's winner was Mery Scope who scored 29 points. The runner up was Bill Freeman who scored 28 points. Pipshot winner was Harley Fisher. The veterans held their annual meeting before the game and a delightful barbecue after the game to round off the day. The following officers were elected at the meeting: president Edgar Shields; secertary Mery Scope; Kay Scope returned as treasurer; Peter Foxwell was elected captain and Yvoone FoxWell was elected as providor.

"There were 33 women and 32 men playing for the championship," St James Indoor Bowls Club publicity officer Bonnie Atcheson said. Ivy Mallory reached the finals and after playing an extra end was narrowly defeated by Rockhampton player Larnie Stretton. Larni went on to become champion of champions. Keith Chant went down in the men's finals and Gordon Mallory was runner-up in the men's consolation. QRI will visit the St James club on Tuesday, March 3 for the first inter-club match this year. "We remind members that their names are on the board."

Yeppoon ladies YEPPOON Ladies Bowling Club competitions called for March 3 start at 9am. Umpire M Bierwirth. District singles: M Elliot v D Ross; championship singles: A Fotheringham v E Batts; J Beasley v I McNamara; B Singles: R Goody v Y Riordan. Consistency singles: M Bradley v B Pettit; G Powell v J Barber; M Stewart v D Engel; queen-of-the-green 1pm: J Barber v E Richards. District pairs 1.30pm. Umpire M Elliot: E Saxby, D Engel v D Roos, V Austin; B Roberts, P Childs v M Baglow*, I McNamara; district triples: P Radcliffe-Brown, M Crowe, L Balchin v E Batts, J Beasley, B Pettit; 2-4-2 pairs: M Bradley, A Fotheringham v E Richards, F Denney. Results of play from February 24: Champion singles: E Batts def. R Wass 31-20: V Austin def. J Barber 33-25; C Singles: N Garner d M Bierwirth 31-20; M Freeman d E Benson 31-16; J Cain d E Saxby 31-30. District pairs: J Beasley, B Pettit d M Bradley, A Fotheringham 19-18; district triples: N Cooper, B Roberts M Headrick d N Mills, G Brooke F Denney 28-9; Queen-ofthe-Green: E Richards d J Allenden 9-3. May Manthey from Moura was welcomed as a new member of the club. "We all wish you many happy days with us, " publicity officer Nancy Andrews said. "Thank you to the members who conducted the cent sale. Patroness Day is March 24. Play starts at noon".

Emu Pk bowls EMU PARK Bowls Club competition fixtures start on Tuesday, March 10. The A singles are from 10am between John Aitken and Peter Pritchard, Ron Holman and Harold Goodger, Jack Norris and Ken Moore. The B singles are on Saturday, March 14 at 10am. Harold Goodger v George Cliffe, Chick Stanley v Bernie Lawless, Mick Byrne v Tom Laynam. B singles will also be played on Sunday, March 15 at 10am between Alan Evans and Glen Kluver, Eddie Mann and Bill Elliott, Norm Eveille and Wolfgang Beilharz.

Emu Pk ladies HEAVY morning rain did not affect bowls played at Emu Park Ladies Bowls Club on Wednesday. Joy Stewart, John Aitken and DUIcie Locke won the mixed trophy triples on that day. The draw for all competition is on the board and nominations for social bowls can be made by contacting games director Marion Mallison, 39 6573. Competition fixtures for Wednesday, March 11 start at 1.30pm. Club pairs will be played between Joy Stewart and Flo Huggins versus Lil Mills and Dulcie Locke; Jan Pilby and Beryl Wincen versus Kathy Cliffe and Joyce Barber.

WITH the weather fine and the conditions good, 17 competition games were played at Yeppoon Bowls Club on the weekend. Some exciting games and unexpected results were the order of the day. "On Sunday morning the Barry Atkinson, John Ware and Bill Roberts machine lost its wheels and came to an abrupt end in the district triples," Yeppoon Bowls Club publicity officer Eric Austin said. "This was in the distfict triples when they scored only six points against John Corbett, Ray Campbell and Graham McCosker (30 points)." Another memorable game was played between Keith McKimmie and Bill Andrews. Keith won the first end, but that was the only time he was in front. Bill led from that point on, winning 25-12. Frank O'Brien excelled himself over the weekend with three wins from three games. In the district singles on Saturday morning he defeated Doug. haigh 25-18 and in the afternoon he skipped the winning team to defeat Norm Myler's team 20-11. On Sunday morning he played Geoff Lambert in district singles, leading Geoff 13-6 on 13 ends, 19-11 on 21 ends, but by 28 ends Geoff was on equal terms with the score 22 all. Geoff then scored one to go to 23, but the next end saw Frank get three shots and take the game. Ken O'Leary made every post a winner when he played Shane Goody in the B grade singles, allowing him only one point. "It was Shane's first attempt at singles and, as a new player he should not he discouraged by the results," Mr Austin said. Roberts arid Ware performed better in the district pairs- against Haigh and McPherson. After being down 12-13 on 13 ends they won eight ends in a row to take game 22-13. Barry Quigley and Fred Baker played well as did Mal McKellar. They won their round of district triples against Reg Gibbins team 2312 on Saturday afternoon and then defeated Bill Fotheringham and Bob Bird in district pairs on 'Sunday morning 26-14. The bowls club hosted a charity afternoon on Wednesday for the swimming pool-fund. "It was a great success with 62 players on the green." All service clubs 'and hotels were represented and there were quite a few individuals. "All green fees, etc, etc, were donated to the swimming pool fund," he said. The club raised $500 and a $300 donation by former president and present club patron Gough Morgan was presented to the fund's treasurer by club president Tom Roos. "Tom also thanked everyone for attending as well as the hotels and Cr Dorey for donating the afternoon's trophies." Roy Graff (junior) team won the trophies with president Tom Roos' team second. Results of games played on the weekend. A grade singles: Geoff Lambert def Tony Ryan 25-12; Don Goody def Bill Bond 25-14; Norm Myler def Max Hutton 26-8; Bill Andrews def Keith McKimmie 25-12; Don McPherson def Dick Sinclair 26-9. District singles: Peter Brown def Ken O'Leary 26-12; Frank O'Brien def Doug Haigh 25-18; Frank O'Brien def Geoff Lambert 25-23. B grade singles: Lester Findlay def Roy Caine 25-17; Jack Oakey def Keith Chivers 26.19; Ken O'Leary def Shane"Goody 25-1. District pairs: John Ware and Bill-Roberts def Don McPherson and Doug haigh 22-13; Fred Baker and' Barry Quigley def Bill Fotheringham and Bob Bird 26-14. District triples: John Corbett, Ray Campbell and Graham McCosker def Barry Atkinson, John Ware and Bill Roberts 30-6; Mal McKellar, Fred Baker and Barry Quigley def Keith Chivers, Harry Maher and Reg Gibbins 23-12. District fours: Arnie Peterson, Graham McCosker, Bob Bird and Frank O'Brien def Tom Dorrell, Ken O'Leary, Key Thompson and Norm Myler 20-11.

C grade squash THE Capricorn Coast Squash Clubs C grade fixtures stIvung into the second night of competition last Thursday. Results: Forstars defeated Team Five 3-1: • Paul Harris def Robert Stewart 3-0; Patrick Robertson v Andy Jones 0-3; Troy Ross def Ashley Farley 3-0; Scott Mitchell def Stuart Keeton 3-0. Team Three defeated Jokers and Queens two rubbers each eight games to seven: Joe Delalande v Wendy Hudson 0-3; John Warner def Barry Barnes 3-1; Peter Stoyel v Marty Dixon 2-3; Tom Cannon def Jim George 3-0. Team Four defeated Rhinestones two rubbers each eight games to seven: Pauline Young v Sandy Brown 0-3; Ronnie O'Brien def Steve Walsh 3-0; Mike George v Ian McDonald 2-3; Scott Perrin def Glen n

i 16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror February

SOCCER CLUB WANTS MORE JUNIORS FOR COMPETITION A JUNIOR sporting club that has been active on the Capricorn Coast for more than 15 years is looking for players. Yeppoon United Soccer Club (Eagles) has always been strongly represented in the Rockhampton district games. The club is affiliated with the Rockhampton District Soccer Federation but is organised completely on the Coast for the youth of the Coast. Last year Yeppoon Eagles has three 'athome' games on its own ground ... Apex Park. "Coast junior soccer is so organised we have coaches for all years and volunteers to assist," Yeppoon United Soccer Club secretary Wayne Breingan said. "The only thing we need now are more• players in the junior ranks." The under 7, 8 and 9 teams are noncompetitive and still play against the other district teams. The under 10, 12 and 13 are competitive. "In the past we have brought home heaps of praise and we intend to do the same again this year," he said. Training starts on Tuesday, March 3 at the Apex Park playing fields from 3.30pm. When the season starts the players are taken to Rockhampton in chartered buses with coaches and volunteers to care for them. "More. players are needed, especially in the under-12 team. There are 11 players to a side with four more as reserves." The 1987 season fees are $17 for the noncompetitive players (under 7, 8 and 9) and $25 for the competitive players (under 10, 12 and 13). If your child is interested in playing soccer contact secretary Wayne Breingan at Stewart and Brumm Chemists, James Street, Yeppoon, 39 1408 or after hours, 39 3660. "I have registration forms at work and would be pleased to see anyone interested."


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March 28N


THERE was no outright decision in either of the games for the Capricorn Coast Cricket Club last weekend. In second grade, Frenchville batted the whole day out to be 9 for 268 in their second innings. Ian Anderson took 3 for 59 from 19 overs, Keith Semmler took 2 for 76 from 24 overs and Jeff Ingle (captain) 3 for 67 from 31 overs. Jeff Ingle also took a great one-handed catch while on the run. Man-of-the-match went to Ian Anderson. In third grade, the Coast put some respectability back into their batting against Parkana. Parkana increased their score to be all out for 180. Trevor Wellman ended up with figures of 5 for 39 from 21 overs;Cameron Armstrong, 3 for 89 from 21 and Dennis Hinton, 1 for 1 from 1. The Coast had to score 117 before they could even start scoring and at stumps they were 6 for 222. Trevor Wellman top-scored with 59, Cameron Armstrong made 34 while Ray Armstrong was not out on 44 and Paul Marsh was .not out on 24. Man-of-the-match was Trevor Wellman. In the Gracemere Pharmacy game of two weeks ago, Coast were beaten by Easts. Easts batted first and made 217.

In the fixtures the third graders will play Allenstown in what will probably be their last match for the season. The second graders will have a break this weekend before playing in the knockout final against Grammmer next weekend. This will be played over Saturday and, Sunday, the winner of which will play Frenchville in the grand final. 111111111111a



,;• 0 ABOVE: Yeppoon ICA owner Terry Soldat tosses the coin and State indoor cricket players Tony Hackett (left) and Yeppoon ICA manager Col Robinson watch the coin to see who will bat first on Saturday.

COAST COUPLE RECEIVE $450 -JOHN and Michelle Moran received $450 from fund raising at the Yeppoon Indoor Cricket Arena on the weekend. The fund-raising was part of the centre's first birthday celebrations. Highlight of the celebrations was the first ICA netball grand final ... and a cricket match between Yeppoon A grade men and a Rockhampton representative side. fi The two netball finalists, Pacifics and Pioneers, entertained the spectators for almost an hour with some excellent play. Pacifics won the final 35-18. In cricket, the. Yeppoon A grade men's team played an outstanding game and had a convincing win over the Rocky

representative side, which included State player Tony Hackett. Highest partnership of the day was scored by Kathy Harding and Debbie Halfpenny with 75 runs. They carried off the Yeppoon Tyre Service prize of a dollar-a-run, donated by Ray Armstrong. Second prize of two cartons of beer went to Eric Burton and Kevin Healy with 53 runs. Centre owner Terry Soldat thanked Night Owl entertainments for supplying the disco for the night and thanks were also extended to all participating players and spectators. He said the centre was "in the home straight" with premiership games and was now taking nominations for the next season which starts on March 30.

SEAGULLS AT HOME MARCH 8 YEPPOON Seagulls began their 1987 season a couple of weeks ago at Blackwater, putting up a good performance against host club Blackwater Centrals, who'll be one of the teams they'll be playing in the new Group Football established by the CQ Division. Seagulls will play their first group against Railways at St Brendan's college on Sunday, March 8. On Tuesday night at Browne Park, Yeppoon played the opening game in the first of the night trails, meeting and defeating last year's Rockhampton Premiers, Fitzroys. Players for the Rockhampton representative team will be selected on performance at these trials. Enjoying the cooler conditions afforede by night play and watched by a good crowd, including a good contingent supporters, the Seagul •• e off to a quick er . • - - • e%'--oring start when Ian with a try, c b .y Lennox. Fitzr irst tr e from Bob McGuire, b n t co • •erted, giving Yeppoon a two s lead: eppoon finished the match retaining that ad with the final score 28-26. Try scorers for Yeppoon were Brazier, Gil Dyett, Geoff

Evans, Wayne Alberts and Gary Morris. Goals were kicked by Clay Lennox 2, Dwayne Isles one conversion and one penalty. Yeppoon fielded a strong team: Geoff Evans, Steve Stafford, Clay Lennox, Col McPherson, Tony Bragg, Glen Holland, Wayne Alberts, Ian Brazier, Paul Boyd, Gil Dyett, Steve Wilson, Gary Morris and Mick Stafford. Reserves: Dwane Isles, Adrian White, Geoff Schweikert, Todd Sleeman, Kelly McGuire, Bruce Campbell and Graeme Orr, most of whom were called upon to take part in the game. Work is progressin on preparation of the club's field on Tanby Road but will not be ready for play this season. oon has six at home games in group football t he first, on Sunday, March St Brendan's oval. On Sunday, ( ch 1 s•N• oon plays Norths at 4.30pm at B ne Pa the first, of the twilight games. Coach Schwei rt and club officials are pleased with the t .m's performances at Blackwater and Bro e Park and are confident of a success season for Seagulls.


Yeppoon United

Safe on the Wat

Steve Carte took 1 for 27 from 7, Ian Anderson took 2 for 33 from 7, Jeff Ingle took 2 for 47 from 7 and Ken Ogilvie took 2 for 34 from 5. Ken also took a good diving catch at straight-hit. Chasing 6 runs an over, Coast got off to a good with the score at 0 for 24 and then suffered a collapse to be 4 for 32. A good partnership of 90 between Jeff Ingle and Keith Semmler help set the side on the right track but the run rate required was out of their reach and they were 7 for 149 at the end of their 35 overs. Jeff -Ingle was not out on 58 while Keith Semmler made 42 and Dennis Kolega made 19. Man-of-the-match was Jeff Ingle. Coast won their fourth match last weekend when Brothers forfeited. The Coast have a bye in the last round of the Gracemere competition and it may go down to strike rates to determine who goes into the


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ex Park March 3Tuesday, 3.30 YERS WELCOME In under 7, 8, 9 , 12 and Inquiries: Wayne Breingan,

08; 39 3660 a/h

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Me (=hi fke littivuft "OLD BALDY" was interviewing someone this week who was discussing "organisms" ... and suggested he take care in spelling the word when using it! ❑

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IT must have been one of those weeks for "Old Baldy" ... his next story was about sewerage but "OB" was rather busy at that precise point in time. So, thinking quickly,he said: "Look, about this sewerage, how about you sit on it for a week" ... then realised what he had said! O

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is going to be one of those long, rambling stories with little or no point ... some years ago (10, to be exact) one of Suzy's and "OB's" friends from the South came up to visit. On the way, the friend, a woman, saw a car accident. She stopped arid helped a man spattered with blood. A trained nursing sister, she did her best for ' him (not much, by the way because she had forgotten most of her skills) then offered the man a lift into Rockhampton. He gladly accepted because the alternative was sitting by the roadside in the middle of no-where in the middle of the night. At that time she drove a six-cylinder Holden Torana GTR XU-1 with eight-inch chrome wheels, wings front and back, air scoop in the bonnet and a black speed stripe. (She bought it at an auction she attended where she intended buying a VW beetle ... but she got carried away).. Anyway, ripping (literally) the car through the four-on-the-floor, she was quickly up to 100mph, her normal cruising speed. On the outskirts of Rockhampton, which was about an hour later, she slowed down (her right foot must have been tired) and, for the first time, looked across at her passenger. His face was white (except for the blood spatters from the accident) and his knuckles were standing out all bony like where he had been gripping the sides of the seat. She told him she had made "pretty good time" and asked if he felt any better. He told her he had never been so terrified in all his life. He said she drove like a maniac, was totally reckless and he had nearly died of fright. She dropped him off in Rocky .Jnd proceeded down the Emu Park Road to the Coast. When she arrived . at Kinka Beach she told Suzy and "OB" about this man and how ungrateful he was. She was obviously hurt by his remarks. She couldn't understand why Suzy and "OB" burst out laughing ... they've both (but only once each) been in a car she had been driving. The point to this long rambling tale? Oh, she's coming up again ... sometime in March. This item has been inserted purely as a community service to all road users!!! THIS

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