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February 7 — February 13, 1987

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SNIRE COUNCIL URGED TO CREATE PARK Society wants council land at the Bluff to be gazetted

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has been asked to consider suppoiting a move to create a 36ha Environmental Park at the top of the Bluff in Yeppoon. Council has been asked to relinquish 22ha of land it owns in the proposed environmental park so that it can be joined with the existing 13.4ha now declared a "reserve for park and scenic purposes". Capricorn branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society has submitted it proposal to council and it is likely to be discussed at next week's council meeting. In the submission, branch president Dr Ken Burns said natural and scenic areas attracted residents and tourists, ensuring the future security and prosperity. of a region. This had been established •eover the past few years by various re*.tichers and authorities. "Short-term options such as hasty tourist accommodation and facilities, and expensive yet limited artificial attractions have failed to deliver the anticipated rewards of tourist revenue and associated employment for local inhabitants," Dr Burns said. "The visitor and tourist of today, as the local resident, is searching out those unique features which initially attracted them to areas such as the Capricorn Coast; natural land and seascapes with an abundance of flora and fauna and minimal intrusions of `development' and modern-day eyesores. "Since we share with the Livingstone Shire Council a deep concern for appropriate planned and balanced development of the Capricorn Coast, meanwhile bearing in mind both the preservation and fast-disappearing natural resources and the need for a stable and lasting source of revenue, our society recommends for your consideration, this submission for the establishment of an area we have called Vallis Park Extended as an environmental park under the trusteeship of your council." The branch assured councillors of the "widespread and committed support within the general community for the establishment of such a park". Copies of the submission were sent to Lands Minister Mr Glasson, the National Parks and Wildlife Service director, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Capricorn Tourist Development Organisation.


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The submission includes information on the declaration of Vallis Park as a "reserve for park and scenic purposes" in 1967 under council's trusteeship. The parks covers an area of 13.4ha of Crown land on the hills above and to the north of Yeppoon. The land is bounded on the west by Mount Street and its continuation; on the north by Wilson Street which is now a grassed roadway. The eastern boundary runs parallel to Farnborough Road and the coast with Mary Street bordering a portion. The southern boundary is adjacent to freehold land owned by council. Council had a walking track put through the park in the early 1970s as part of the RED scheme. This followed the saddle of the hill from the radio transmission station above the post office to the water tower above Kerr Street. According to people who walked the track in the 1970s, it was well defined with steps and a bridge at one point," the wildlife branch

submission said. "But in 1985 very few Yeppoon residents knew of Vallis Park." In 1985, Sidney McDonald-Armstrong, a•' wildlife society and Capricorn Historical Society member, was investigating the whereabouts of the trails over the hill used by the Kanakas in the 19th century. The trails were between plantations and homes and the Sugar Mill (now the Mill Gallery) along Farnborough Road. He made mention of Vallis Park and in July, 1986, wildlife society members found the southern entrance to.the track and were able to walk about half-way, guided by splashes of red paint on rocks -and trees. Whether the Kanaka Trails cross through Vallis Park had not yet been established, the submission said. Among reasons given to council for updating Vallis Park to an environmental park were: O Conservation of natural areas and wildlife habitats is needed even more today than 20 years ago. O Environmental education is of vital importance for the earth's future. Where better for Yeppoon people to start than in an environmental park so close to home and school. O The expanding town of Yeppoon requires recreation areas that cannot be eroded by development. O This backdrop of natural vegetation can be appreciated by residents and tourists alike. O Livingstone Shire is lacking in resources of National Parks and Environmental Parks.

Chamber opposed 'at this stage'


THE Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry resolved not to agree "at this stage" with council-owned land being included in the proposed Vallis Park Extended Environmental Park. This decision was made on Tuesday night when the Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland Capricorn Branch submission to council was read. The branch sent the submission to the chamber seeking support. It included a letter on the' matter sent to Lands Minister Bill Glasson by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. .

The chamber at first doubted whether the submission was something that should be discussed but the inclusion of council-owned land in the proposed park caused concern. Chamber members felt they could not give support unless they were given more detailed information about what upgrading from scenic reserve to environmental park would mean. The chamber resolved to write to the branch seeking clarification on this point. The "chamber's decision will also be sent to Livingstone Shire Council and Mr Hinton.

Historical society calls on council to preserve historic Kanaka Trail CAPRICORN Coast Historical Society has called on Livingstone Shire Council to immediately preserve the Kanaka Trail. A submission from president Sid McDonald-Armstrong suggests council: O Establish the exact location of the Kanaka Trail with respect to property boundaries. O Provide for lands containing the trail, now under council's control, to be set aside as appropriate gazetted reserves under the trusteeship of the council. o Formulate a policy and/or by-law to secure title from future developers' possible sub-division proposals, which may affect the trail. The submission says the society believes this road structure should be preserved as an historical site. The submission says: "Little was known of the, hand-built road over the hills to the north of ' Yeppoon until recently, when society members uncovered the road from underbrush. • "Council employees working on the RED Employment Programme also noted the existance of this road. "The construction date has not been determined as yet, but the society believes this road' to be the original road which serviced the Farnborough Sugar Mill preceding the construction of the Bluff Road, which Was opened to wagon traffic in 1900. "The hand-built road has remained in good condition and the general road shape is intact, • with many examples of excellent stone pitching, especially in several gully crossings." The submission said council should take the initiative to immediately preserve

the full section of the road of which 2km was • now uncovered. The uncovered section begins north of Mount Street to the start of residential development on Meikleville Hill. Co cil is told the road, or trail, "is an impo ant link in our region's history.

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