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ISSUE 182 SATURDAY, February 7, 1987 — FRIDAY, February 13, 1987

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The unbeatable Corsair skipper! ❑ Yeppoon

.1 1 • 6I ▪ g

pharmacist and Australia's champion Corsair skipper David Higgins sailed into the-history books in Western Australia with a record seven wins in seven heats taking the National title for the fifth time. Full story page 15.







$14m. main roads bonanza for Capricorn Coast

A MAIN Roads spending bonanza of close to $14 million is now programmed for the Capricorn Coast following this week's announcement of $6 million to create a fourlane highway on part of the Yeppoon-toRockhampton Road. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said Mr Hinze had allocated the $6 million to create four lanes between the Bruce Highway and the Livingstone Shire boundary. The Main Roads spending bonanza comprises: o $6 million for the Yeppoon-toRockhampton Road. o $6 million for Farnborough Road from

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Yeppoon to the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort roundabout. 0 $1.7 million for Sleipner Bridge on the Emu Park-to-Rockhampton Road. "I promised the people of Broadsound that I would get things done and I am doing just that," Mr Hinton said. He said the Yeppoon Road works would be completed over two years, starting in July this year.

"Eventually it will be four lanes all the way to the Capricorn Coast," Mr Hinton said. "I am delighted that Mr Hinze has been so receptive, particularly after I explained to him how dangerous the present road is with the winding narrow sections causing frustration to drivers and often fatal accidents." The Farnborough Road would be four lanes "as designated by ‘be council-.

Mr Hinton said he had been told by the MRD it would be four to five months before construction would start. It would take this long for design points to be finalised with Livingstone Shire Council and tenders called and accepted. He said costs had grown to $6 million because of the relocation of services involved. 0 CONTINUED ON PAGE 2




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rs!!i!rt•or',., February 7.= -February 13, 1987

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MLA: four-lane highway will encourage lift in tourism 0 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

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Mr Hinton said the bridge at Sleipner on the Emu Park Road, as announced last year, would be done by council day labour. He said work would be starting about July. "I am thrilled at the progress and I am sure all the Coast will be. The four-lane highway from Rockhampton will greatly encourage tourism and development," he said. "My next Coast road projects are the Causeway, following the completion of the hydraulic model and reconstruction of Blacks Bridge on the Emu Park Road. "Blacks Bridge, which is just in the Livingstone Shire, is a top priority after the present works."

$14m. works `best news for years' Peach CAPRICORN Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president John Peach said on Wednesday that nearly $14 million from the government for Coast roadworks was the best news for years. "It has been some time since there were major State works in this area," he said. "These major jobs show the government is confident the Coast will continue to expand, particularly in tourist traffic." Mr Peach said it was up to private enterprise to meet the challenge, depite the tight economic conditions at present, and press on with further planning, expansion and also step up promotion. "Everyone should play a part in lifting this area's image and, therefore, the number of people who visit," he said. "This means prosperity and jobs."

Miners Hor'nestead Leases Act 1913 (amended) Section 29 (6)

MORTGAGEE'S NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL NOTICE is hereby given that default having been made by KEITH JOHN SMITH in the payment of certain moneys, due and owing under and secured by a certain Memorandurri of Mortgage date. the 12th day of July, 1985, registered number 13/1986 given by them in . • of Suncorp Building Society formerly S.G.I.O. Building Society over the I. nd -scribed as Miners Homestead Lease Number 4095 of Mount Morgan Mi in. Dis t, Field Mount Morgan in the county of Raglan, parish of Calliungal, c nt. n • an area of 1 acre, being the Lessee's interest in Miner's Homestead and R olume 213, folio 16, situated at 3 McFarlane Lane, Mount Morgan, and d- ult having been made otherwise under the said Memorandum of Mortgage, the said Society will after the expiration of thirty days from the publication hereof, sell the said land by public auction or by 'private contract in accordance with the powers conferred upon it by Section 29 of the Miners Homestead Leases Act of 1913 (as amended). E1at 7PliT3r Isbane this 29th day of January, 1987 P.A. FREEMAN, SUNCORP BUILDING SOCIETY formerly S.G.I.O. BUILDING SOCIETY.

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Livingstone Shire has 100-plus volunteers ready for emergencies 0 By Cathy Logan SUMMER'S sun, surf and swimming can also be summer's floeds, bushfires and cyclones. Waiting in the wings posed for such disasters is the State Emergency Service (SES), which has more than 100 trained volunteers ready to help in a crisis. Livingstone SES controller Bob Jeacocke said the "dedicated volunteers" assisted police, ambulance, fire brigade and other authorities in preparing disaster plans. The SES also acts as a post-disaster organisation which provides shelter, food, refreshments, first-aid, repair work and, if required, a communications network. Every third Sunday and Monday night, SES members are trained in emergency procedures. State headquarters occasionally sends its training team to hold lessons on abseiling, propelling and stretcher-carrying from heights. Mr Jeacocke said the SES was called into an emergency when the resources of the police, ambulance and fire brigade were unable to handle a particular situation. During a cyclone, the SES would automatically be called out but, for other emergencies, it must wait the call for assistance from the authorities. Mr Jeacocke said people can be forewarned of a disaster endangering any area. Television and radio can broadcast warnings and leadtime, providing progressive reports on the movements of a potential emergency. To ensure all residents are made aware of the situation, a vehicle fitted with a loud-hailer will


also travel around the area. Householders should follow the directions of any ambulance, fire brigade or police officer when there is an emergency alert: • The SES may only be called to a couple of emergencies a year but Mr Jeacocke said people should be prepared at all times for a disaster. "Every household should have a batteryoperated radio, adequate freshwater in a sealed drum and enough food to last four or five days. He said if a cyclone hit the Coast, residents could tune in to hourly reports on relief sites, evacuation plans and the latest weather reports. Should a particular house or group of houses be isolated through flooding, the people could exist on the stored food and water supplies. Mr Jeacocke said SES members were all volunteers who were on-call at any time to help in an emergency. No skills or certificates are needed to join but members have to be aged 16 or more. "The SES is always on the look-out for ablebodied men and women," he said.

at the

Pacific Hotel -j' II.


THERE were plenty of long faces in the Pacific Public Bar on Tuesday morning when rain postponed the first social bowls day for 1987. A busload of the more sporting regulars was to have headed off to the Emu Park Bowls Club. The day will be re-run at a date to be decided.

Cyclists need own pathways I WRITE to support Jack Ingram's positive letter (CCM 31/1 - 6/2, page 6) on the subject of cycling safety. As a parent and school teacher, as well as sometimes a cyclist, motorist and pedestrian, I much prefer my own and other children to ride their bicycles on footpaths, provided they do so with consideration for pedestrians. -A good start towards cycling safety has been made with the cycle paths along the new Rockhampton Road, but much more is needed and until a safe environment for cycles is provided on the roads they should be permitted to use footpaths, in fact instructed to do so. Rockhampton Road' is particularly dangerous, being in places, especially over the bridge near the showgrounds, too narrow for two large motor vehicles, let alone two vehicles plus a bicycle. This bridge is a potential death trap for cyclists and is used every day by dozens of cyclists going to the three secondary schools, including my children and myself, and by others. You don't have to go as far as Geelong, Victoria for a well-planned, integrated carcycle traffic system. Ipswich has made a start on one, as has Yeppoon, but much more is needed, and urgently. — John Koerner, 120 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon.

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Support for a peace activist WE wish to voice our support for peace activist Dean Jefferys, the ultralight pilot facing a jail sentence in Sydney for his peaceful demonstrations against visiting nuclear warships. It is ironic that our government supports nuclear warship visits, foreign bases and uranium mining and sales and condemns a peaceful individual for registering his belief in love and pacifism. We support his courageous and peaceful actions. Two years ago he released yellow paint onto a nuclear ship from his ultralight aircraft and recently a wreath of flowers onto one of the nuclear ships departing from Sydney Harbour in November last year. We found it encouraging to witness an hones,t action among all the hype surrounding the intrusion of nuclear ships last /year. Again we regiester our support for his actions and for all non-violent demonstrations of desire for peace. Towards a more just and peaceful world ... the Capricorn C t Justice and Peace Group. — Linda Apps, Bo 284, Yeppoon.

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-,'OCapricout Cobst Mirror


;,February 13,"1987


Bayview Tower News & Views



El ABOVE: Giggle and Gossip lynchers raised $272 for the olympic pool on Monday. Jan Schmidt (left) was presented with a floral bouquet to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Pictured with her is Ena Schmidt at the Capricorn Iwasaki. luncheon

75m underwater Telecom says best way to beat an to pay pool debt obscene phone caller is hang up! COOEE Bay resident Bob Glennie wants people to sponsor his attempt at swimming a lap-and-a-half of the Capricorn Coast Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool ... underwater! He will attempt his underwater swim on Wednesday, February 18. A construction worker, he will start his swim at 7.20pm. Mr Glennie was a Navy diver and offered to do the swim to help raise money for the pool committee's final payment. The more people who sponsor him, the more money he will raise. Sponsorship forms will be available from Coast shops.

Carpet snakes get blame for Coast blackouts CARPET snakes are the prime suspects as the cause of blackouts on parts of the Capricorn Coast earlier this week. The blackouts occurred on Sunday from 9.45pm and Tuesday from 2am and, in all, lasted about two hours. They affected residents at Byfield, Joskeleigh, Cawarral, Emu Park, Kinka Beach, Keppel Sands and along Tanby Road, Byfield Road as well as at Cooberrie Park and at Hidden Valley. The blackouts were caused by the Capricornia Electricity •Board sub-station in Rawlings Street rcutting off supply after it detected an earth fault. A CEB spokesmhti said the protection system automatically isolates the fault. On Sunday, two CEB staff investigated the shut-down but found no problems. .• The spokesman said sometimes after the protection equipment has shut-down, the fault has been corrected by the time workers arrive at the sub-station. In these cases, safety tests are conducted to ensure there are no faults then the protection equipment is reset. On Tuesday, when the second blackout occurred, the CEB initiated a complete investigation because again, no problems had been found. The spokesman said staff found one dead snake in the sub-station and also another with a broken back. The CEB suspects the snakes shortcircuited the high-voltage mains inside the sub-station yard causing the blackouts. LATE NEWS: There was another blackout on Thursday from 1.20am to 2.10am. The cause was unknown.

THE best way to abort a nuisance phone caller's pleasure is to hang up. This is advice given by a Telecom Investigations spokesman in Brisbane this week. Concern about nuisance callers resulted after a Coast couple received a number of obscene phone calls from the same person. The wife answered the phone and received a torrent of crude language before handing the phone to her husband. As. soon as the caller realised the husband was listening, he hung up. The wife was quite upset to receive such a call. Others followed. The caller usually phoned late at night, which was fortunate for this couple because they have young children. They were concerned that the children might answer the phone if the calls came earlier in the night. "It was lucky I answered the phone on each occasion because normally my daughter would answer," the wife said. The Telecom spokesman said these callers usually used random numbers and wouldn't phone again. But sometimes, the

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callers persisted in ringing again and again. "When you answer the phone, do not recite your phone number because the caller may make a note of it and call again," the Telecom spokesman said. There are methods available to catch persistant nuisance callers but Telecom can only employ them by prior arrangement. A mechanical or electrical, device (not a listening device) can be installed which will track the caller's telephone, even after the call has been disconnected. Distance does not affect the devices. The spokesman said making nuisance calls was a punishable offence carrying a fine of as much as $2000 or a jail sentence of six months, or both. Thousands of nuisance callers are caught each year and charged. Depending on the severity of the call and the frequency, the recipient should phone their local District Telecom office. For Coast residents this is in Rockhampton; phone 31 8211. In some cases, when the caller makes threats, the police can be told.

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THE last two weeks have given all of us at Bayview Tower an opportunity to look back over the past few, months and see how we have been going in the areas of service and facilities for our guests. AS I mentioned in a previous column, we have been catering for a large cross-section of people since we opened in mid-August, 1986. People have come from intra- and interstate and even overseas to see the Capricorn Coast and the effect on business generally in the area has been noticeable. It is therefore important for us to ensure that these people come back again and tell their friends about how wonderful it is to visit the area. We all have a lot to gain by promoting the region. This can be achieved by as little as showing a Smile or giving 'a kind greeting' to the many visitors who are coming to see the Coast. The area has immense potential to attract tourists but they have to feel welcomed in order to want to stay and come back again. Although I and all my staff at Bayview Tower have always tried our best to provide the best possible facili - • s and service we are arder to make our always eager to ry comfortable if guests feel w can do. there is som portunity to ask Accordin , I t you all to p ovide a WI some feedback. If you have any co ments or suggestions which I can use i order to improve the service or facilities o e Motel or Restaurant I would be glad to hear from you. If we make some changes as a direct result of your suggestions you could win a lovely dinner for two at our Sails Restaurant or a relaxing weekend for two at Bayview Tower taking in the glorious sea views from your own private balcony or one of several other complimentary vouchers which I have organised. I have 10 in all to give to the best suggestions. Send your suggestions and comments to: ENZO Bayview Tower Adelaide and Normanby Streets Yeppoon. 4703. We have heard some wonderful comments and compliments from our guests so far and I want to keep them coming in. So please help us serve you even better. I look forward to seeing you again soon. So until next week. Bye. Bavuiett lower.

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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror

February 7 — February 13, 1987

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SNIRE COUNCIL URGED TO CREATE PARK Society wants council land at the Bluff to be gazetted

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has been asked to consider suppoiting a move to create a 36ha Environmental Park at the top of the Bluff in Yeppoon. Council has been asked to relinquish 22ha of land it owns in the proposed environmental park so that it can be joined with the existing 13.4ha now declared a "reserve for park and scenic purposes". Capricorn branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society has submitted it proposal to council and it is likely to be discussed at next week's council meeting. In the submission, branch president Dr Ken Burns said natural and scenic areas attracted residents and tourists, ensuring the future security and prosperity. of a region. This had been established •eover the past few years by various re*.tichers and authorities. "Short-term options such as hasty tourist accommodation and facilities, and expensive yet limited artificial attractions have failed to deliver the anticipated rewards of tourist revenue and associated employment for local inhabitants," Dr Burns said. "The visitor and tourist of today, as the local resident, is searching out those unique features which initially attracted them to areas such as the Capricorn Coast; natural land and seascapes with an abundance of flora and fauna and minimal intrusions of `development' and modern-day eyesores. "Since we share with the Livingstone Shire Council a deep concern for appropriate planned and balanced development of the Capricorn Coast, meanwhile bearing in mind both the preservation and fast-disappearing natural resources and the need for a stable and lasting source of revenue, our society recommends for your consideration, this submission for the establishment of an area we have called Vallis Park Extended as an environmental park under the trusteeship of your council." The branch assured councillors of the "widespread and committed support within the general community for the establishment of such a park". Copies of the submission were sent to Lands Minister Mr Glasson, the National Parks and Wildlife Service director, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Capricorn Tourist Development Organisation.


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The submission includes information on the declaration of Vallis Park as a "reserve for park and scenic purposes" in 1967 under council's trusteeship. The parks covers an area of 13.4ha of Crown land on the hills above and to the north of Yeppoon. The land is bounded on the west by Mount Street and its continuation; on the north by Wilson Street which is now a grassed roadway. The eastern boundary runs parallel to Farnborough Road and the coast with Mary Street bordering a portion. The southern boundary is adjacent to freehold land owned by council. Council had a walking track put through the park in the early 1970s as part of the RED scheme. This followed the saddle of the hill from the radio transmission station above the post office to the water tower above Kerr Street. According to people who walked the track in the 1970s, it was well defined with steps and a bridge at one point," the wildlife branch

submission said. "But in 1985 very few Yeppoon residents knew of Vallis Park." In 1985, Sidney McDonald-Armstrong, a•' wildlife society and Capricorn Historical Society member, was investigating the whereabouts of the trails over the hill used by the Kanakas in the 19th century. The trails were between plantations and homes and the Sugar Mill (now the Mill Gallery) along Farnborough Road. He made mention of Vallis Park and in July, 1986, wildlife society members found the southern entrance to.the track and were able to walk about half-way, guided by splashes of red paint on rocks -and trees. Whether the Kanaka Trails cross through Vallis Park had not yet been established, the submission said. Among reasons given to council for updating Vallis Park to an environmental park were: O Conservation of natural areas and wildlife habitats is needed even more today than 20 years ago. O Environmental education is of vital importance for the earth's future. Where better for Yeppoon people to start than in an environmental park so close to home and school. O The expanding town of Yeppoon requires recreation areas that cannot be eroded by development. O This backdrop of natural vegetation can be appreciated by residents and tourists alike. O Livingstone Shire is lacking in resources of National Parks and Environmental Parks.

Chamber opposed 'at this stage'


THE Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry resolved not to agree "at this stage" with council-owned land being included in the proposed Vallis Park Extended Environmental Park. This decision was made on Tuesday night when the Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland Capricorn Branch submission to council was read. The branch sent the submission to the chamber seeking support. It included a letter on the' matter sent to Lands Minister Bill Glasson by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. .

The chamber at first doubted whether the submission was something that should be discussed but the inclusion of council-owned land in the proposed park caused concern. Chamber members felt they could not give support unless they were given more detailed information about what upgrading from scenic reserve to environmental park would mean. The chamber resolved to write to the branch seeking clarification on this point. The "chamber's decision will also be sent to Livingstone Shire Council and Mr Hinton.

Historical society calls on council to preserve historic Kanaka Trail CAPRICORN Coast Historical Society has called on Livingstone Shire Council to immediately preserve the Kanaka Trail. A submission from president Sid McDonald-Armstrong suggests council: O Establish the exact location of the Kanaka Trail with respect to property boundaries. O Provide for lands containing the trail, now under council's control, to be set aside as appropriate gazetted reserves under the trusteeship of the council. o Formulate a policy and/or by-law to secure title from future developers' possible sub-division proposals, which may affect the trail. The submission says the society believes this road structure should be preserved as an historical site. The submission says: "Little was known of the, hand-built road over the hills to the north of ' Yeppoon until recently, when society members uncovered the road from underbrush. • "Council employees working on the RED Employment Programme also noted the existance of this road. "The construction date has not been determined as yet, but the society believes this road' to be the original road which serviced the Farnborough Sugar Mill preceding the construction of the Bluff Road, which Was opened to wagon traffic in 1900. "The hand-built road has remained in good condition and the general road shape is intact, • with many examples of excellent stone pitching, especially in several gully crossings." The submission said council should take the initiative to immediately preserve

the full section of the road of which 2km was • now uncovered. The uncovered section begins north of Mount Street to the start of residential development on Meikleville Hill. Co cil is told the road, or trail, "is an impo ant link in our region's history.

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Capricorn Coast MirroY

Minister receives 3500-signature petition to save Caves Bat Cleft STATE Minister for Tourism and National Parks and Sport Geoff Muntz and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton received a petition with 3500 signatures for the retention of the Bat Cleft at Mt Etna last week. Mr Muntz and National Parks and Wildlife Director Graham Saunders climbed the mountain to inspect the little bent wing bat emergence at the invitation of Mr Hinton. They were accompanied by Queensland Cement Co representatives which has quarrying operations on the mountain and a mining lease. "The minister and director were impressed by the experience of observing the bats emergence and could see significant tourist potential in developing the area," Mr 4


0 ABOVE: Conservation secretary of the CQ Speleological Society Craig Hardy (left) National Parks and Wildlife Director Dr Graham Saunders, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and National Parks, Tourism and Sport minister Geoff • Muntz discuss the emergence of the Little Bent-winged Bats at Mt Etna.

Nationals, Democrats and Labor VIPs watch little bent-wing bats MT ETNA, home of the Little Bent-winged Bats, was visited by National Party, ALP and Democrat politicans last week. "Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton brought Minister for Tourism and National Parks and Sport Geoff Muntz to Mt Etna,"

Minister to get bird's-eye view of Bayfield area NATIONAL Parks Minister Geoff Muntz has agreed to joining a helicopter safari which will examine the proposed Bayfield National Park area. The safari will also study the Coast up to, and including, Stanage Bay. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week he had issued the invitation to Mr Muntz and also to National Parks and Wildlife Scheme director Dr G Saunders. "Mr Muntz has agreed but said it would have to be planned for after the first sitting of parliament," Mr Hinton said. The safari would examine the Bayfield area and proposed environmental parks to be gazetted along the Coast. He said one environmental park had already been gazetted this year at Hollins Creek. Mr Hinton said he also wanted Mr Muntz to see Stanage Bay, where a town should be initiated. 'It is now a hat-bour of illegal squatters' fishing shacks," he said. "The area has enormous potential and needs to be fully investigated."

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Capricorn Branch vice president Molly Crawford said. "The minister was accompanied by National Parks and Wildlife director Dr Graham Saunders and regional director Terry Towles as well as three Queensland Cement Co representatives." Mr Muntz was presented with petition carrying 3500 names seeking the retention of the Bat Cleft. _ Member of the Central Queensland Speleological Society Dianne Vavryn gave the petition to the minister after she had acted as one of the guides for the Bat Cleft expedition. The following day, Wednesday, Democrat Senator Michael Macklin also visited Mt Etna to view the emergence of the Little Bentwinged Bat. "The senator has long been a supporter of this environmental issue," Mrs Crawford said. ALP Opposition spokesman on the environment Pat Comben was accompanied by Chris Palmer. Mr Palmer stood for the seat of Broadsound in 1986. Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland director Don Henry was also one of the enthusiasts who viewed the emergence of the Little Bent-winged bats from the bat cleft. Central Queensland Speleological Society members have been acting as tour guides for 15 years and have helped to maintain public interest. "They have given up their time to show people the unique phenomenon of Bat Cleft by acting as guides during the maternity season."

Hinton said. "There is no question of the bat cleft area being mined for limestone." He said that the Government party had talks with mining company representatives including manager Robin Town and the minister will have further talks with Mines and Energy Minister Brian Austin. "There is room for all concerned and a resolution to the problem will be found," he said. Mr Muntz also visited Koorana Crocodile Farm- where he was shown exhibits by proprietor John Lever. "The minister was impressed by the potential of the facility and the obvious depth of expertise developed by John Lever," Mr Hinton said.






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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 - February 13, 1987

Dog obedience classes attract all 1300 Rotary exchange students ages teenagers to pensioners join in 'We are the World' song... THE Capricorn Coast Dog Obedience club will start beginners' classes on Tuesday, February 17. The classes will be held at the Cooee Bay Sports Oval from 7.30pm. The class will be restricted to about 10 members and there are only a few places left. People interested in the classes should ring Key Cousins on 39 6481 at any time. The type of people who are generally interested in the classes ranges from teenagers to pensioners, all with a single aim, that is to gain some measure of control over their dog. The classes do not actually teach the dogs but rather teach the owners how to train their dogs to the level that each requires. Classes for obedience will also begin on

the same night. Many people in Central Queensland are interested in obedience training as a sport yet at the Coast it still remains something of minority interest. The club trains Tuesday nights at the Cooee Bay Sports oval and holds four main events a year, which attract dogs (and their owners) from all over Queensland. It is a rewarding sport because it is not demanding physically, yet still embodies an outdoors atmosphere. There is only one requirement that a trainer should have and that is their dog should be registered with the Canine Control Council in Brisbane. This is not the same as registering the dog at the council chambers in Yeppoon but rests with the breeder of the dog having the mating, the birth and the littermates all registered. People intending to either breed from their dog or to trial at obedience trials anywhere within the State should establish before they buy the dog that it is in-fact -a registered -animal. Advice can be sought by ringing Jan Dennison on 39 1104.

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Rockhampton College of Technical and Further Education School of Extension Programs

HOBBY LEISURE AND PERSONAL ENRICHMENT CLASSES HOW TO ENROL: Enrolments will be taken at the following venues EMU PARK: Emu Park State School, Saturday, February 7, from 9am to 10.30am YEPPOON: Savemore Centre, Saturday, February 7 from 9am to 12.30pm BYFIELD: At either venue above. PLEASE NOTE: Students of the Country- Classes should contact their Local Representative to confirm either commencement or cancellation of classes for which they are enrolled. CONCESSIONAL FEES: Apply to all people who receive Social Security Benefits. Production of Health Card will be acceptance of eligibility of concessional fees.

EMU PARK - Local Representative: Val Wex, 39 6204 Monday, February 16 8 6.30pm - 8.30pm Basic Keyboard Skills Teacher: Sandy Harris 6 Essentials of Advertising 7.00pm - 9pm Teacher: Sandra Finlay Tuesday, February 17 Basic Shorthand 8 6.30pm - 8.30pm Teacher: Sandy Harris Understanding Human 6 7.00pm - 9.00pm Communication Teacher: Sandra Finlay Wednesday February 18 5 6.30pm - 9.30pm Pottery - Wheel Work Teacher: Melanie Marshall Stretch Sewing for 6 4.30pm - 6.30pm Teenagers Teacher: Susan Dawson Basics of Stretch Sewing 6 7.30pm - 9.30pm Teacher: Susan Dawson 6 Crochet 7.00pm - 9.00pm Teacher: June Ryan Thursday February 19 Yoga (For Health and 8 1.30pm - 3.00pm Relaxation) Teacher: Dianne Galt 6 7pm - 9pm Tatting Teacher: June Ryan Saturday February 21 4 1.30pm - 4.00pm Creative Patchwork Teacher: Janette Merrin Wednesday February 25 6 9.30an - 12.30pm Art-In Oils Teacher: Denise Gibbons Friday March 13 6.30pm730 m 5 Handbuilt Pottery 1 Friday 13.03.87 Teacher: Melanie Marshall Friday 20.03.87 esday 25.03.87' W nesday 01.04.87 W nesday 08.04.87 Saturday February 28 and Sunday March 1 Wood Fired Kiln Weekend 9.00am - 5.00pm Construction Teacher: Melanie Marshall Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29 Weekend 10am - 4.00pm An Applique Workshop Teacher: Janette Merrin Saturday April 11 and Sunday April 12 Stained Glass Patchwork 10am - 4.00pm Weekend Teacher: Janette Merrin

Emu Park School

FEE CON $37 $21

Emu Park School


Emu Park School

$37 $21,

Emu Park School

$29 $17


Catholic Hall .$35 $20. Material cost $20 collected on enrolment 4 Arthur St. Emu Park $29 $17 Students provide own sewing machine 4 Arthur St, Emu Park $29 $17 Students provide own sewing machine Emu Park School $29 $17. Materials to be announced on first night Catholic Hall



Emu Park School $29 $17. Materials to be announced on first night Emu Park School



RSL Hall, Emu Park



Catholic Hall $35 $20 Material fee $20 collected on enrolment

Catholic Hall, Archer Street



Emu Park School



Emu Park School


0 By TICIA WILDIN, who returned last month from Wisconsin, in the United StWes,•after a year as a Rotary Exchange Student. This is her third and final article. LAST year, 1986, was very special for me and I cannot praise the Rotary Exchange Student Programme enought. It was through this programme that I visited Japan, Canada and the USA and made friendships with others from all over the world. One-hundred-and-fifty Australian students bound for the USA stopped over in Japan for a 24-hour layover. We stormed the markets of Nauta on the Sunday morning to buy trinkets and taste the delicacies ... we were warned that sake was out. I tried all and found that eel and honeyed locusts did nothing for my tastebuds ... but I smiled bravely and swallowed. I even practised my grade eight Japanese with a two-year-old on the bus! Japan was a wonderful place to visit, so clean and the people so courteous and friendly. We bid a sad `sayonara' to this land of the rising sun and proceeded on to the USA where we were to spend our next 12 months. I was able to do a lot of travelling in the United States. Once a month all the exchange students in our area (about 36) spent a weekend together, hosted by a different Rotary Club in Wisconsin or Illinois. These weekends were eagerly looked forward to because it was there that we had a chance to meet others from our country and strong friendships were made by all. We became very close because we were kids from all parts of the globe in a strange country experiencing similar problems and facing homesickness ... we became a family to each other. During the year I travelled through Wisconsin I also spent many weekends at a lake cottage in Upper Michigan. With 19 other exchange students we toured the Great Lakes during the summer. We visited Niagra Falls , Toronto, Detroit and many small towns ... each one special and memorable. I sailed across Lake Michigan and marvelled at how similar it looked to the ocean because it had waves, seagulls and water as far as the eye could see. Canada was great. Not only because of its scenic beauty and friendly.people but also because of its exchange rate, metric system and 'Smarties' (we couldn't buy them in the US). My second host family toured the MidWest. We travelled through the Great Plains following part of the Oregon Trail. At times, through the heat and stillness of the day, I could imagine the bloody battles between the Indians and settlers over land that did not seem fit for man nor beast. I saw the Badlands and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Nothing that I had read or heard about Mt Rushmore prepared me for its splendour and beauty. One gazes in awe upon the Presidents' faces carved out of rock ... marvelling at the perfect likeness. It was in South Dakota that I saw my first buffalo and took its picture ... which came out as a black dot on the horizon (but it really was a buffalo!). We went white-water rafting down the Rocky Mountains in Colorado at an altitude of at least 10,000 feet above sea level. I visited an Australian friend in Indiana and spent a week with'her family, learning that

9.00am - noon



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Byfield Hall

YEPPOON - Local Representative: Sarah Blenkin, 33 6604 Tuesday February 17 Patchwork & Applique Teacher: Julie Britton Make-Up and Grooming Teacher: Judith Smith Screenprint (Fabric) Teacher: Carmel Knowles Glazing Course Teacher: Jan Collins Wednesday February 18 Pottery: Wheel (Begin) Teacher: Jan Collins Pottery: Wheel (Inter) Teacher: Jan Collins Saturday February 16 Leather Carving (Begin) Teacher: Barbara Clifford Leather Carving (Semi-advanced) Teacher: Barbara Clifford

9.30am - 12.30pm


6.30pin - 8.30pm

2 Taranganbah Rd, Yeppoon $53


Yeppoon High School



7.00pm - 9.00pm


Yeppoon High School

$37 $21

9.30am - noon


2 Ben St, Yeppoon

$45 $25

9.30am - noon


2 Ben St, Yeppoon

$45 $25

j. 8

2 Ben St, Yeppoon

$45 $25.

1 00pm - 3.30Om 9.00am - noon


To Be Advised

1.00pm - 4.00pm



Technical And Further Education Department of Education. Queensland





Diabetics will hear of govt's grants policy ALL diabetics are welcome to attend the Yeppoon Diabetic Group's meeting on Tuesday, February 17, in the Community Hall on Anzac Parade. The meeting starts at 7.30pm. There will be a discussion on the Federal Government's new policy on issuing essential supplies, including insulin syringes and needles. The government has announced a $1.8 million grant will be given to the Australian Diabetes Foundation to cover the period from April to June, 1987. A further $7.5 million will be granted for the full year of 1987/88. The grants will be used to distribute insulin syringes, blood and urine testing strips and also for research work. Insulin and oral anti-diabetic agents have alWays been subsidised through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme but diabetics have had to pay for needles and syringes. Some diabetics only need to use one syringe a day but others can use up to four. Yeppoon Diabetic Group member Rob Feely said more than 500,000 Australians were aware they suffered from a form of diabetes. Symptoms were a feeling of thirst, a feeling of hunger, sweating, passing an excessive amount of urine, vagueness and tiredness. Diabetics need to monitor their condition every day. "Diabetes can be controlled, and, with careful and good control, a sufferer can lead a fairly normal life," Mr Feely said.

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BYFIELD - Local Representative: Val Wex, 39 6204 Monday, March 2 Art - Intro to Oils Teacher: Denise Gibbons

there is more to the State than cornfields! During the latter half of my year I flew to Florida and visited Disneyworld ... the place of all my childhood fantasies. It definitely lived up to my expectations and I spent two wonderful days in the 'Magic Kingdom', visiting adventure and frontierland, tomorrowland and the magic castle. I was even lucky enough to have my picture taken with that famed celebrity, Mickey Mouse! I took the monorail to Epcott Centre and it was a magical place with its international displays and exhibition centres. When in Florida I visited the Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral and toured the NASA project. When viewing the shuttle launching pad everyone went quiet as we remembered the ill-fated Challenger and its crew who were building our tomorrow. 1986 is filled with so many precious memories for me. I learned about a different country and way of life; I also grew to appreciate my own country, my friends and family that much more. I will always remember the Central States Rotary Conference which was presided over by the President of Rotary International, where 1300 exchange students from all over the globe joined hands and sang 'We are the World'. Many cried ... but it didn't matter. We were family and together we could make this world a better place.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 — February 13, 1987 — 7

BICENTENNIAL ENDORSEMENT FOR WRITERS THE Capricorn Coast Writers Club ••-- received official endorsement for publication of , a bicentennial book during the official opening of the swimming pool on Australia Day. The book, Capricorn Coast Writers 1987/88, is the third of, a series put out by the club. The club started in 1985. It came about after one of its founding members, Jean Renew, was awarded second, place in a writing competition. Several Coast writers who liked writing contacted Mrs Renew and they decided to form a club. There are now between 20 and 30 members, all of whom want to fulfill a need to write. The idea of a book came about in an effort to give members the chance to have some of their works published. One of the criteria for membership is.that each memebr must contribute a manuscript for the book. People who do not provide at least one story will not be classed as members. What is written is left up to members. Some write about another group they may be in such as the wildlife society; others have contributed poetry. Quite a few members- have tried writing short stories. Even an interview can be ,submitted for publication. Because there is such a variety of written work, the. book has no set theme. The writers' only similarity is that they live in Livingstone Shire. Besides being an all-Livingstone Shire collection of writers, the book will be entirely produced on the Coast. Margaret Stevenson, a private photographer, has given the writers their cover picture and worked on its calligraphy for the past two books. The Bicentennial Committee endorsement is not financial. Instead, the writers will give local -businesses' the ,chance to buy advertising in the book. The book will have around 100 pages of stories and will be on sale at the first Bicentennial function held on the Coast next year.

Mirror Classifieds 39 4244

Water supply cut EMU PARK residents were without water on Wednesday while a new main was connected to the reservoir. The water main runs from Hawke Street to Vernon Street, then to Nelson, Redman, Clements and Fountain Streets. Contractors have been working on the pipe for some weeks and, in order to connect the main to the reservoir, had to turn off the water supply. Water supply resumed by 2pm. The pipe system upgrading will cost $170,000.

OK for stumps EMU Park Police Station will get new concrete stumps as soon as possible. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said he had been advised by Works and Housing Minister Ivan Gibbs of the work. Also, stumps will be replaced under block A at Nerimbera State School. Mr Hinton said that, in addition, the school's storeroom, cleaners room and mower hed would be upgraded. Work will also be carried out at Milman State School residence number 1. Stumps, wall sheeting and wash tubs in the laundry will be replaced.

$199,000 loan Li ABOVE: Queensland Bicentennial Committee director Lawrie Strange presents Capricorn Coast Writers' Club member Jean Renew with the certificate of official endorsement for the club's bicentennial publication:

Netball AGM Tuesday night SUPPORTERS and members of the Capricorn Coast Netball Association will attend the annual general meeting this week at the Cooee Park hall. The association is looking for 'new blood', especially in administration. People filling positions on the executive don't have to be players. The meeting is on Tuesday, February 10 at 7pm in the Cooee Park hall.

MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week Local Government Minister Russ Hinze had authorised Livingstone Shire Council tq borrow $199,000 for drainage work this year.

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8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 — February 13, 1987




Saturday nights Dine... at the Billabong Buffet where you will be entertained by Gail Shobbrook our resident singer, then...

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FORMER SHIRE CLERK SETTLES I FORMER Shire Clerk Bill Cass sits in a comfortable armchair in his Strow Street, Barlows Hill home. A cooling breeze blows through the room and there's a view to the. Keppel Islands and beyond. Sitting ,opposite in another comfortable armchair is his wife Gloria. They have been married 45 years ... this is. Day 1 of their retirement. Mr Cass has known he would retire at age 65 for many years but that doesn't mean any plans have been made. There's no trip around Australia in the wings ... no plans to attack the golf course or the bowls green. No plans for fishing. Instead, the peace, the quiet, the tranquillity of home settles around both of them. They seem happy to just sit and talk. Bill Cass has agreed to an interview ... but he doesn't want to talk about Livingstone Shire Council ... the council he headed for 24 years and eight months. He talks in general terms about council, reminisces, talks about the days in the old Reany Street chambers in North Rockhampton ... but there are no revelations; no shock/horror stories. The temptation to dig for the "inside story" on Central Queensland's (perhaps Queensland's) most controversial council, is set aside. Bill Cass has never been one to break a confidence ... he's hardly likely to start his next chapter in life with controversy. Instead, he talks about his start in Local Government, in 1938 as a junior clerk at Blackall Shire Council. He worked there • until 1942 when he joined the Main Roads Department. He stayed with the Main Roads Commission (MRC, now called the Main Roads Department) throughout World War. II and until 1948, working as a cost clerk. He was called up for the war but was released from duty because he worked in an essential industry. Throughout the war, the MRC was attached to the CCC. When asked to explain the initials he says "Curtin's Chosen. Children" then quickly corrects the title to. the Civil Construction Corps. His work took him up and down the Queensland Coast ... roads and aerodromes featured prominently. In May, 1948, he starts work with Wondai Shire Council, first as a cost clerk, a few months later as deputy shire clerk. There must have been years of study in his life but he passes them off by saying he became qualified as a sl-fire clerk in 1953; as a health inspector in 1956 and as a Local Government auditor in 1957. But the diplomas were never seen in his office in his Yeppoon council office ... Gloria had to dig them out of their brown paper wrapping to show them. She complains that he won't even hang them in the house. In December, 1958, Mr Cass left Wondai and started as shire clerk with Jericho Shire Council. Four years later, in May, 1962, he started as shire clerk with Livingstone ... only the third since Livingstone Shire was formed in September, 1903. Cr Henry Beak was in his first term as chairman when Mr Cass started. The shire office in Reany Street, North Rockhampton, had warped wooded floors and only one room has a worn patch of lino floor-covering.

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c° M6SEUM Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 & children 504 Hill St, Yeppoon - 39 2386, 39 1313a/h

-. • ❑ ABOVE: Former Livingstone Shire Cie presented to him by staff at his farewell Kia, Roy Maddrell and Georgie Rose were who attended the pai

Diplomas, certific, stored away in bra He and an office girl used to sweep out the building every Friday "and raised clouds of dust". Mr Cass talks fondly of the days at Reany Streef. The building was erected in 1895 an-4 was used, he believes, as the present shires predecessor, the Gogango Divisional Board office. Livingstone's first shire clerk was W F Richardson, from 1903 to 1933; W J (Bill) Smith was next from 1933 to 1962 and W J. (Bill) Cass closed his almost 25-year term last Friday. As he looked back on Monday, he couldn't recall too much controversy surrounding the council while it was based in North Rockhampton ... but there were issues that come to mind. Financial Divisions is one issue that was thrashed out in the Reany Street chambers ... some months before Mr Cass started with the council, the then Local Government director Mr MacNamara had address council on the benefits of removing financial divisions and creating a whole shire that pooled its finances for the benefit of all. At the end of Mr MacNamara's speech, a councillor moved that no action be taken ... and council decided to take no action. The same director spoke to Mr. Cass shortly after he was appointed shire clerk and suggested that he should guide the council toward abolishing financial divisions. Mr Cass replied that if the Director of Local Government couldn't do it how could he expect a newly-appointed shire clerk to





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Capricorn Coast Mirror


rk Bill Cass and wife Gloria with the huge card )arty last week. Former council employees Les ? among the many from all four council divisions .ty in Bell Park, Emu Park.

ates of achievement )wn paper wrapping make the change ... "but we finally got rid of them," he said. And there's nothing more to be said on that issue. He recalls the issue of dog licences and the charges that council decided to levy. Roaming dogs have always been news in Livingstone Shire so council decides to impose a dearer fee on unspeyed bitches. Mr Cass recalls that he was able to report shortly after to council that there would soon be absolutely no dog problem in the shire; "everyone had registered speyed dogs and accoding to the registrations, there were no bitches in the shire". The various moves for committees become the conversation topic; Livingstone has preferred mostly to handle issues in front of the Press and public which, on many occasions, has created headlines. Many, if not most, councils have committees for Works, Health and Building, Finance and so on. The committees, comprising some, or all, councillors, meet with the appropriate council officers, have discussions and report to the full council meeting. This system works elsewhere, but has failed in Livingstone. The result is that most matters are thrashed out in public and, when they sometimes become heated, the matters being discussed get lost in the slanging matches that have developed. Mr Cass favours the committee system.


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"Officers- can speak freely in a committee meeting," he said. "There are many matters that can't be discussed in public because people's names, their. personal problems, their finances, can't be aired for all to hear." Mr Cass said the committee system had been tried "so many times" at Livingstone but never worked. To be successful, a committee must speak with one voice; it must present a united front ... but that had not been the case, so the system failed. Mr Cass is reluctant to say why the council had problems; obviously he has his own ideas, but he does not feel it is his job to point the finger. But one reason for some of the problems is the ratepayers ... "a lot of people are anticouncil," he said. "They put a lot of pressure on councillors." (Last week, while still working for council, Mr Cass was asked would he consider standing as a councillor when he retired? He did not say no ... but his expression gave a clear-cut answer; there will be no Cr Bill Cass!) Now retired, while having no sports interests, Mr Cass is looking forward to woodworking ... a hobby he has always enjoyed. For years he has made dolls houses for his two 'daughters and others which his wife has raffled for North Rockhampton branch of the Country Women's Association. They, and bedside tables and other pieces of furniture, were made with hand tools. Looking ahead last year, he started buying a variety of power tools; a lathe, band saw, bench saw, planer, router, grinder and a bench drill. Woodworking, and gardening, will take up a lot of his future spare time. In addition, he is looking forward to spending more time with his five children and grandchildren. He won't be moving from Yeppoon because he likes the area. "It's a nice place to live," he said. Also, it's home ... a place where the children can visit. Of his five children, two sons followed him into Local Government. Michael, the oldest, is a business consultant in Sydney. Also a fully qualified librarian, Michael teaches honours students at Sydney University. Noel and Brian are in Local Government; Noel is the shire clerk at LongreaCh and Brian is the deputy shire clerk at Nebo. One daughter, Jean Gubbins, is the night supervisor at the Mater Hospital in Rockhampton and Toni Marlin is a housewife, and a fully qualified tailoress. They visit regularly and Mi and Mrs Cass feel they are central to them ... they don't want to move. And now, with no pressure from council, or late-night phone calls, they are looking forward to a quiet life. Finally, after many years, Mr Cass should be able to answer his own phone ... as shire clerk he couldn't answer the phone because of the occasional abusive phone calls from ratepayers. What were they like? Perhaps one call sums it up. Mrs Cass answered the phone one night; a man asked to speak to Mr Cass and she asked who was calling. The man answered with: "Has it come to that?" Mrs Cass again asked his name. He refused to identify himself ... so she hung up! Does Mr Cass have any regrets? Not really, he replies. On some issues he felt he was "bashing his head against a brick wall" but he had 25 years in charge and is not looking back. But one question still puzzles him. About 1964 he addressed children at Emu Park State School about the workings of council. At the end of his talk, a pupil asked how did the shire get the name Livingstone. He was stumped for an answer and had to admit he didn't know. He returned to council and looked up the minutes of the first meeting in 1903. The minutes said the shire would be called Livingstone; but did not detail why. Seeking information, he wrote to the Brisbane Library and the Archives in Canberra. No one knew the reason for the name Livingstone. His researching turned up a surveyor named "Livingston" and the County of "Livingstone" ... But no-one can tell for certain how the name came about.


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Hinton seeking full information on erosion at Keppel Sands

February 7 — February 13, 1987 —9

• Ph. orders 3997-• meals, snacks *Juices, vitamin *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton is seeking full information from the Beach Protection Authority on the most appropriate long-term protection measures for the Keppel Sands foreshore. He said the primary responsibility for beach protection rested with Livingstone Shire Council. The State Government would only help with emergency work when it was deemed a national disaster. In this situation, the State would get dollar-for-dollar subsidy from the Federal Government. Mr Hinton outlined his investigations in an address to the Keppel Sands Advancement League's annual general meeting on Monday. The Keppel Sands foreshore is now bared with exposed earth at two points exposing Schofield Parade to the sea. Mr Hinton said the advancement league and council were each providing $7500 toward restoration work which should start as soon as possible,— Mr Hinton said. "Long-term • protection appears to be a huge undertaking and very expensive." However, he said he would get full information on it together with cost options. "A 25 per cent subsidy is available for beach restoration, but I have to ascertain whether it is applicable to the type of foreshore protection involved at Keppel Sands," he said.

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We welcome weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions. Group bookings are available Donations: — Adults $4; Tours at 9.30am and 1.30pm Pensioners and Students $3; every Monday and Thursday. Children $2 Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 28 1560


10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror February THERE are so many TAFE leisure courses to be held on the Coast this time that it would take nearly this whole column to list them. We are certainly lucky to have such a choice. Now, the only way to make sure we keep courses here on the Coast is to support them. Organisers Val Wex and Sarah Blenkin as well as the TAFE itself put in a lot of time to organise and run the courses for. us. Enrolments are on today (Saturday) at Savemore Centre and Emu Park State School. See the advertisement on page six for the variety and times of enrolment.

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7 — February 13, 1987 DO you write short stories, poems, plays or songs? A comprehensive, professional and intensive workshop covering all forms of writing will be held on the Coast during this month. The workshop will be on Thursday nights in Yeppoon's RSL Hall at 7.30. There are no age barriers and the $5 fee covers the hire of the hall and travelling expenses for Stefanie Bennett. Stefanie was writer-in-residence with the Arts Council in Rockhampton at the Walter Reid Centre. One of the organisers, Billie Sinclair, said the idea of the workshop was to encourage and advise writers as well as open new avenues for them. The workshops will be run weekly for three weeks and there aren't a lot of places, so ring Billie, 39 3124, to register.

OF YEPPOON Open 9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat 1 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3876


DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon Playgroup starts off another year on Monday, February 9 at the Yeppoon Kindergarten in Queen Street. The playgroup starts at 1pm and finishes at 3pm every Monday and Friday. Babies to pre-schoolers are welcome and you can contact Janet Scott for more information, 39 7698. 0 0 0



Capricorn Professional Centre Thurs & Fri, 8.30am - 5pm 74 JAMES STREET, YEPPOON

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YEPPOON Choral Society executive was re-elected fron;i 1986 except for the new assistant prodqcer Tom Wahlin and publicity officer Norma(Upton. The annual meeting was held on January 27. Members are invited to a pool barbecue bring-your-own everything tomorrow, Sunday, from 6pm at Ted and Norma Upton's home. The 1987/88 executive: producer Peter Green; assistant producer Tom Wahlin; secretary Judy-anne Smith; treasurer Jan Gubbins; musical director Shirley Green; president Peter Green and publicity officer Norma Upton.

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(Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets 0 Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire 0 Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed/loose Flower Arrangements with... Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies Delivery to Rockhampton and Coast daily For Flowers for all Occasions ... 39 2266 or 39 7162 a/h cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon

The Anglican Church St James, Yeppoon * Christ Church, Emu Park ... we welcome all who wish to celebrate life with us.

Sunday Services... EMU PARK: Archer Street 7am YEPPOON: Mary Street 8.30am and 10am with Sunday School Our boys' group meets on Tuesdays at 7pm and the girls' group on Fridays at 7.30pm We also have various adult groups. For more information contact The Rectory ... 39 1226, 9 Mary Street, Yeppoon

We sell... * Novels * Comics * Children book and.. Proj • t mat ial Prop: Pat Andersen

e buy st... the Paperba. Comics .and exc .nge! Ope Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat till 4pm

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cnr James and Mary Streets. . Yeppoon

❑ ABOVE: Kerry Clissold and Greg Lewis were married in the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall. Kerry is the only daughter of Neil and Verpa Clissold and Greg is the only son of Vernon and Mavis Lewis. The couple held their reception at Kanangra Restaurant. O 0 o YEPPOON CWA members are asked to take a plate to the next meeting on Friday, February 13 at 2pm. o o ❑ TWO Central District pensioners were congratulated by Yeppoon Pensioners League president Bill Shuttlewood for awards received on Australia Day. Yeppoon league member Ada Herd was/ congratulated on her Livingstone Shire Australia Day Citizens award and Wit Morgan Pensioners League member Eddie Ford was awarded the Order of Australia Medal. o o o RARE shells stories and how they shells were acquired were told by Keppel Bay Shell Club members at the January meeting. Mollie Bowman talked about the Spindle Cowry found many years ago at Statue Bay and Nancy Plumb showed the rare bivalve from the Mediterranean Sea. Jean Afford had an amusing story about her rare olden Cowry while a rare Helmet Shell from the Seychelles was Ena Coucom's topic! The club's library has had so e new additions and they are all avail ble to members. A Silver Jubilee dinner will be held on May 2 at Bayview Tower. It is a long weekelnd and this will enable corresponding mem ers to attend. Letters from some of these me bers within the State and interstate have ready been received indicating the correspo dents will be attending. There was a display of colour photo• raphs of an .unusual anemone found by P tricia Norris while collecting on liamme oor Beach. ❑ o o AFTER that mention of Bayview Tow manager Enzo Rulli is running a competi .on for Coast residents. He is looking •r, suggestions on how he and his staff ca improve service to guests at the motel an restuarants. Novel!

KEEP-FIT classes have started for 1987 at the hall in Queen Street, Yeppoon. (Next door to the kindergarten). Besides being able to 'keep-fit' you will get some relief from you littlies too ... there is a babysitter available. The classes are on Thursdays from 10am and newcomers are welcome ... just go along. o o ❑ THE first` social for 1987-field by Yeppoon Pensioners' League-isc rrtz). s 1 cla,y, February 1(Vat 1pm in Yeppoon Town Hall.

Why grow HerbS? WE all know 'Fresh is Best' when b fruit and vegetables ... this also applies w using herbs. Fresh herbs contain vitamins, mineral volatile oils and water. The drying process removes water content but the plant also loses some vitamins, minerals and vitality and in proportion to natural balance the oil content is higher in dried herbs ... the reason why some people suffer indigestion after eating food containing e rbse. The majority of dried d h rbal teas available in Austr lia ar ported from Europe and held in a tine and are often more than . 12 months old before appearing on shop helves. Another thing, herbs harvested April '86 may contain higher radiatioryl e due to the Chenobyl disast YeiSp as a wonderful climate ... no pollution` d most herbs thrive in sunny conditions. Garden beds for herbs can be prepared now ... more about this next week! For those wishing to take advantage of recent rains, February 6 to 13 is a good time to plant above-ground plants, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.

Saint Martin Herb Garden Cooberrie OPEN: Saturday: 1pm - 5.30pm Sun & Wed: 9am - 5.30pm ...or by appointment

39 7621

artina Bacc

gaehton o f 'Co-morrow for the ady

of Zo-clay

For exclusive designs and dressmaking contact Martina...396

Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 — February 13, 1987 — 11 THE following poem 'Stockman' was penned by Kinka Beach poet K E Kidd. And we intended to run it as close to Australia `)ay as possible, but, there was so much to ,.rite about that weekend, it didn't fit. In this year before our 200th birthday and the celebration of our outback pioneers at the Hall of Fame, we felt it was timely.

Moves under way for Coast arts group

Battered felt hat, Fiery eyes, lanky frame, Tanned face, sweaty and grim, Whip draped o'er shoulders square, Stockman rides a stately mare, O'er the western plain. I topped the rise at the water.hole, Surprise! Face to face with the Drover's herd, Horn tips wide apart, and the eyes, Amazed that one so small would dare front the leader. Quiet voice from the rear of the mob. "Stand still Sonny", in a moment He was a'tween me and the herd, A'stride the faithful mare, Lather about the bit, Sweat from mouth to tail; The leader turned, quietly Ambled to the water. "All right now, mate," he said, I replied, "Gee that was close", Turned away, headed for home, I remember that day by his side, Past sixty years, often in my dreams, I see the stockman ride. Drovin the herd from the western range, the Meatworks on the Fitzroy, .fis spirit's in the Hall of Fame, He was indeed, a remarkable character, Of the open ways in the early days. Whatever the weather, no matter the time Of day he shepherds the herd, _ He was the boss, the herd his charge, Never a situation his master, In the peace of the bush alone. Blackened patches along the TSR, Tell a story of each nightly home; He loved his work and the country, The way Patriots always do, I met him again on the battle field, When the whips were cracking. o o o THE Capricorn Coast sub-branch of the Endeavour Foundation will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, February 17 at 2pm. The venue is 5 Tanby Road, Yeppoon and new members are welcome. o o o COMMUNITY Health Sister Judy Newman-Tyler has changed the starting date of the course for insight into the problems of growing children. It will now start on February 26. She is pleased with the number who will start the course, but a few more can be 'tucked in'. There will be guest speakers on some qualified subjects such as resuscitation and family planning as well as videos and films. The community health centre is on the beachfront between the shire office and Yeppoon hospital. Contact Judy, 39 1469. o o o ARE you musically inclined? Contact Yeppoon Choral Society president and producer Peter Green, 39 2105, or Beryl Dawson, 39 1748 and volunteer your services. All good fun and when the big nights come ... the audience has fun too. o o o

A CONFERENCE open to any group, organisation or individual interested in the arts will be held by the Queensland Arts Council in Brisbane next month. Coast resident Joan Whyte said the conference will be of special interest to people interested in forming a local community arts group. "There are residents here who are involved, in the arts, such as painting, pottery, writing, drama, singing, in fact the whole range of art. They would like to see a community arts ' group centred on the Capricorn Coast," Mrs Whyte said. The long-term aim is to have a community arts representative based on the Coast. The representative organises workshops for groups and individuals who are interested in art. "There is no limit to art. Poets, rockhounds, singers ..." "Not only would the Coast-based group organise workshops but also help groups and individuals apply for grants to fund their projects." The Brisbane conference on March 13, 14 and 15 is an opportunity for groups and individuals express their needs to the Queensland Arts Council, which is organising the conference. Mrs Whyte said that lectures will be held discussing ways groups can obtain government grants as well as how to set up a local organisation. "We probably won't be able to set up a community arts group straight away but hope in the meantime we will be able to run workshops for different groups. "Of course, the most important thing is to foster interest in forming a Coast-based group." If anyone is interested in attending the Brisbane conference or helping to organise a community arts group, contact Mrs Whyte, 39 6472.

CAPRICORN Coast Forum Club Number 53 will have its first meeting for 1987 on Wednesday, February 11 at the LJ Hooker offices, James Street, Yeppoon at 8pm. Mrs J Froschauer is president for this session and the title of the open session is "The Year of the Homeless". Visitors and new members are always welcome. For any inquiries and apologies ... 39 2401. o


FREE Birth Preparation Programmes start on Wednesday, February 11 at 7.30pm and continues for four Wednesdays. The trend to share together in the preparations and the actual birth is increasingly evident as more and more fathers-to-be attend the free film and discussion evening organised by the Health Department's divisions of Health Promotion and Community Medicine.

ID ABOVE: Dot and Bill Hall of Normanby Street were treated to a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party on Saturday night at Kanangra Restaurant. The couple were mnrried at St Theresa's, Rockhampton, on January 30, 1947. CHRISTINE Wiltshire, Mrs Salton, Mrs Burse, Mrs Cameron and Mrs Prouse were competition winners at the St James Guild cent sale. Mrs Headrick won the jackpot and the lucky door went to Mrs A McIntyre. The next cent sale is on Wednesday, January 25 in the St James hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon starting at 10am. o o o INTRODUCING solids and thoughts on weaning are the topics for Nursing Mothers discussion morning on Tuesday, February 10. It will be held at Judy Shield's home, 16 Rose Street, off Ganter Street, Lammermoor beach at 9.30am. Contact Judy if you need transport or more information, 33 6831. o o o SENIOR Citizens' Ladies Building Fund Auxiliary is holding a cent sale in the Yeppoon CWA rooms, Normanby Street on Saturday, February 14 at 2pm. Admission is 60 cents with afternoon tea, competitions and lucky door prize. o o o BEFORE the start of business at Thursday's monthly meeting of the Yeppoon Pensioners' League, president Bill Shuttlewood said the pensioner movement on the Coast had suffered a great loss in the death of Mrs Rebecca Schneider of Emu Park. Mrs Schneider served 18 years as Emu Park Pensioners League secretary. -He extended the sympathy of the Yeppoon league members to the Schneider family. Members observed a minute's silence.

If you are having a Pie on the Coast, ask for a...

Morgan PIE Try our 'New' Steak and Vegetable Pie from THE SPECIALITY BAKERS 31 Olt)

MORGANS BAKERIES Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959

EMU 'PARK Pensioners' League social was held on January 28 in the Cultural Hall. Senior vice president Pearl Curry welcomed members and visitors. President Joan Burns was absent. A minute's silence was observed for Joan's mother, Mrs Rebecca Schneider, who was a past president and life member. Some Eventide residents arrived in a bus from Rockhampton to enjoy the afternoon. Birthday wishes went to: Noel Burns, Mavis Brown, Mick Close, Alice Crosthwaite, Molly Evans, Doreen Svendson, Tom Cowap, Tom Smithwick and Lily Black. Cedric and Alice Crosthwaite and Lorna and Joe McIntyre were wished 'Happy Anniversary'. Alf Marcombe, Stan Nelson, Alex Bacon, Dot Close and Crystal Philp sang solos and duettists were Stan and Win Nelson and Stan Nelson and Ella Lewis. The audience and participants said that Ella Lewis did a 'mighty job' as sole compere. Win Nelson accompanied all the artists and for the community singing. George Howard played the saxaphone. George Cooper did a turn of puppets ... 'Dancing Dolls' and made his mouth organ sing. Dot Close and Win Nelson recited poems and Mary Gurney read two patriotic pioneer poems. Mrs Gardiner won the lucky door. Stan Nelson, Millie Kitchener and Alf Marcombe won raffles; Pearl Curry won 'Over the Broom' and Ella and Crystal won the monte carlo. The next social is in the Emu Park Cultural Hall on February 25.

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

Pastor Ernie Peters SAT: 7.30pm, Youth Alive. Spencer's. 'Praising 1987' SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall. 6.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. TUES: 7.30pm, LLI. Home study groups WED: 9.30am, Ladies at Shiela's, 33 6771 THURS: 7.30pm, Prayer/Ministry, Cora's Kinka Beach

Capricorn Coast . Olympic Swimming Pool Lessons now in progress! BOOK NOW for... • Learn to (All ages) • Stroke correction • Squad training • Fitness areas • School Programs • Pool Hire... Functions, etc

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12 — Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 — February 13, 1987 -


*lCapricorn Coast

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This is all it costs for half-yearly membership of the

PUBLIC NOTICES STOVE elements and accessories, sales and service. Peter Crawford of Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. CAPRICORN Coast Netball Association Annual General Meeting, Tuesday February 10, 7pm at the Cooee Bay Hall. All interested people are welcome. LOSE weight the painless way without drugs and without paying out a fortune. For further particulars, 39 1514. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. AA meets at Sacred Heart Sdhool, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. JOIN Avon today for only $5. Areas available Yeppoon, Emu Park, Keppel Sands. Phc Daphne, 28 4327. ANNUAL general meeting of Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens Association will be held at- the High School on Tuesday, ,FebrOary:10 at 7.30pm. All parents and.friends are cordially invited. Ami Setu (Sec) CAPRICORN Coast sub-branch of the Endeavour Foundation's annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2pm at 5 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. New members welcome. BALLROOM and old-time dancing tuition cancelled until further notice. Inquiries, phone 39 3882. ANNUAL general meeting of Yeppoon State Primary School Parents and Citizen's Association will be held at the Primary School on Tuesday, February 17 at 7.30pm. All parents and friends are cordially invited. Robert Jeacocke (Sec). YEPPOON United Soccer Club general meeting to be held Wednesday, February 11 at 7.30pm at the Railway Hotel. EXCHANGE: 3 bedroom house 10 mins from Toowoomba, value $110,000, for home of similar value in Yeppoon area. 39 4102 for particulars.

H mpenstall, Noyes & Associates Pub

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24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740

Koorana Crocodile 0 N Monday, Thursday & Saturday ...for lunch: 12 to 1pm Tour starts 1pm Group Bookings anytime by arrangement

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Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chambers of Commerce throughout the world are recognised by governments and authorities as a reliable 'voice', particularly for small business. Chambers of Commerce work for the good of their community and their members and the ma re people involved the better they operate.

Do you have anything t say? Do you have problems? Get it off your chest at a chamber meeting. You could be helping others at the same time.

Phone John Peach, 39 1066 or Barry Corney, 39 1636 or send a note to P 0 Box 215, Yeppoon. 4703

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Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 — February 13, 1987 — 13

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plus the friends. the fights. the talk. the hurl the Jealousy. the passion. the pressure.

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Haskin8 Wins olf stableford . STELLA • Haskins won Yeppoon Golf Club's Wednesday Club associates stableford played on Wednesday: Her score was 34 points. Stella also won first nine with Joyce Keyes, 34 nett, and was runner-up in the second nine with 33 nett. Rita Edmistone was runner-up in the stableford with 32 points. Nancy Montgomery won the second nine with a score of 321/2. Pinshots went to J Keyes and H Fry with N Montgomery winning the prosh•ot. Mike Prior took out the members' stableford with 44 points and then the first nine with 30 nett. Tom Edmistone was next in the competition with 41 followed by Rockhampton visitor Arthur Lorraway also on 41, Harry Adams 40, Ossie McCurtayne 41 and Bob Miller 40 points. R Kerr was runner-up in the first nine with 31 with G Rapley on 311/2, G Norton 32 and P Todd 32. Second nine winner was H Adams 301/2, R Miller 31, J Noyes 31, 0 McCurtayne 31'/2 and M Prior 32. T Edmistone and G Haskins won the pinshots and Ian Atkinson the proshot. The veterans played a stableford for members and associates over 12 holes -on Friday. Esme Woodbridge won the associates game with 28 points followed by Charlotte Somogyi with 23 points. • Cassie Freeman won the pinshot. Terry Woodbridge was the members' winner with 32 points from Frank Ryan and Peter Foxw'ell, both with 30 points. Charlie Williams won the pinshot. Frank Ryan donated the day's trophies. The associates started the 1987 -competitions with a stroke and putting for a club trophy over nine holes on Tuesday. Stroke winner was Gay Clifford with 32 nett, Moyra Potts-35, Colleen Schuster 351/2, Nancy Montgomery 37, Charlotte Somogyi 37 and Gwen Sherringtoh with. 371/2. Moyra Potts won the putting with 11 putts for nine holes and both pinshots. Elizabeth Huszak won the mystery hole. Today, Saturday, the two new greens, 12 and 13, will be in play. "Good luck to All golfers and watch out for the new bunkers," club publicity officer Jack Stratford said. A feature of last Sunday's golf was the good score by Nicky Hunt of 44 points which included a 72 off the stick.

Yeppoon ladies bowls results RESULTS of District Singles. M Elliott d A Fotheringham, 31-27; V Austin d R Goody, 33-25; J Beasley d D Engel, 32-12; D Roos d B Pettit on a forfeit; R Wass d B Roberts 32-15; I McNamara d M Bradley, 31-22; E Batts d M Beirworth, 31-17. District. fours: V Thompson, E Benson, E Woodbridge, (sub) M Headricks d N Cooper, N Garner, (sub) N Andrews and V -ilson 24-23 after an extra kend was played. - Champion Pairs:IM Hansen andE Batts d N Mills and F Denney, 30-10. Competitions called for Tuesday, February 10: District Singles at 9am; V Austin v D Roos, P Childs v M Stewart, M Elliott v E Batts and J Beasley v I McNamara. Champion Singles: R Goody v J Barber. B Singles: E Saxby v J Cain. Club Pairs: B Strehleu and D Maher v Y Riordan and B Pettit. Champion Triples at 1.30pm: M Girard, D Moulds and B Pettit v P R-Brown, E Aspinall and L Balchin. District Pairs: B Beckett and V Wilson v M Blacklock and E Hinton. District Triples: D Engel, M Bierwirth and T Bond v N Garner, M Bradley "and A Fotheringham.

Singing Ship win EIGHTEEN Singing Ship. Indoor Bowling Club members defeated Koongal Uniting Church in a social game. The Coast club won 106 points to 102. Beryl Wenck, Marje Wilson and Billie Stevenson organised a 'cent sale' for the club's `Biloela Day'. The gifts were donated by neatly every member and organisers were delighted with the club's effort. The monthly meeting is today, Saturday, at 1pm preceded by a committee meeting and followed by spcial_bowls at 1.30pm.




R 57 Tanby Road


39 4166



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Pharmacist sails to• fifth national. Ex-OlYinpic sailing title win by setting records. gymnast offers, Coast classes .• YEPPOON pharmacist David Higgins sailed into the Corsair history books recently when he created a record that can never be beaten, set a new record and equalled another. Competing in the National Corsair Sailing Titles in Western Australia over the Christmas/New Year break, he won all seven heats, won his third successive Australian title and his fifth title overall. His feat of winning all seven heats in the title has never been done before and can never be beaten ... it can only be equalled. His win this year, his third in a row, equalled a record previously held by New South Wales skipper Col Temperley. • ' Mr Higgins' fifth Australian Corsair title win set a new record surpassing the previous record of four wins held by Victorian skipper Peter Hansen. The titles, held between December 29 and January 8, were the 18th for the Corsair class and the eighth for Mr Higgins. He has sailed his blue-and-white fibreglass dinghy The Doghouse at each of these national meetings. Mr Higgins started sailing when he was 21 when he went out with a mate for a friendly sail. He didn't take up the sport seriously until he was 23. He says Corsair sailing is good and safe and very competitive. The Corsair is a 4.92m (16' 21/4") open fibreglass sailing boat manned by three crew. On The Doghouse, Mr Higgins is skipper and his crew in 'Safety Bay, Western Australia, were Neil Dwyer and Peter Lukin, a cousin to Olympic weightlifter Dean Lukin. Mr Dwyer, who has sailed with Mr Higgins at other National titles, is the foreward hand. He sets the spinnakers and jibs and checks two compasses in the front of the craft that give details of wind direction. Mr Lukin was sailing in his first National title with Mr Higgins. He's the middlehandt he helps steady the craft, observes conditions and assists with spinnaker setting and trim.

Other crew to have sailed with Mr Higgins at previous titles are Darryl Skinner (twice), Damon Stover and Jenny Browne (once each). Of the 18 National Corsair titles that have been held, Mr Higgins and Mr Hansen have won nine. The titles start with an Invitation race which allows competitors to familiarise themselves with local sailing conditions. There is a trophy for the event but there are no points toward the title. Mr Higgins was sixth in the Invitation. Then followed his seven wins in the seven heats.

(Skippers contest seven races but use the results of only six events to decide their final points. They are allowed to discard their worst placing. Normally, two wins from the seven races is enough to give a skipper a commanding lead in the titles. Mr Higgins' seven wins is a fantastic feat.) His five National title wins were in 1980/81, 1981/82, 1984/85, 1985/86 and 1986/87. His first attempt at the title was 14 years ago when he came ninth. At his next attempt he was 17th then he had two years as champion. Then he was second in the title and followed that up with his three successive wins. Mr Higgins said this week sailing was like playing chess on the water. It took skill and experience to master the many tactics to be employed on the ocean. • • "One of the major forces is the wind and, because it oscillates so much in a race, choosing the right course can be difficult to judge," he said. "It takes a long time to become experienced at sailing." It can be enjoyed by the young or old if they are fit or moderately fit. He said it was not really a physical sport "and you don't need to be a super ball of fitness". "And no matter how old you are, there is a special excitement felt when skimming over the waves," he said.

St Brendan's boys put cricket and swimming at top of sporting lists 0 By Work Experience student Darren Goody CRICKET and swimming will be the main representive sports at St Brendan's College during the first term of the new school year. Cricket is quite a popular pastime with the students and is already being played at an inter-house level. This will be the first rounc with the second round being completed in the final term. A First XI cricket team can then be chosen to represent the school against various teams from surrounding areas. The games are firstly against the "powerful" staff followed by a game against a local "Packer" side and a match against a strong old boys team. These are a lead up to games against Gladstone and Mackay Catholic Brother schools. Swimming is competitive and is going to be competed at both inter-house and interschool ranks. The inter-house carnival starts within the next two weeks. From this, a school swimming squad is picked to compete against other students in an inter-school carnival to be held at the Southside pool in Rockhampton. The squad of about 35 will start training immediately for this competition. In recent years St Brendans has found the competition at this carnival very strong but will be looking to improve previous years' efforts. Volleyball, a popular American sport, also starts in the middle of this month, interacting with cricket. It is an inter-house sport and is well liked because of the team work needed to win. Once the winners of the volleyball competition have been determined, touch football keeps the adrenalin pumping. At the start of term two a possible Staff versus Students match will mark the start of the third inter-house sport. The gruelling cross-country events start early May. This is yet another inter-house sport. About 30 students will be chosen to run the Cross-Country Inter-School day held at St Brendans. For those who are keen,' training will have to be done independently over the holidays. An annual Edmund Rice carnival day is 'celebrated be the school each year. A day of soccer will take place with all students participating. Teams from each of the houses will compete. The prestigious Confraternity (Canterbury) Shield is being held in Mackay and a First XIII rugby league side will

compete in this competition. It is a special type of tournament involving private schools throughout Queensland. The shield is to be played during the holidays between semesters one and two. Staff, students and parents all offer great support to the team. After the excitement has simmered down, term three starts with the-athletics. Another squad of 50 will be selected to compete at St Brendans in the inter-school contest. This is usually well represented by students' parents. The seemingly impossible racquet sports are played at an inter-house level. An age champion can be determined after all squash, tennis and table tennis fixtures are complete. Finally the long awaited basketball starts in the final term. It is the final inter-house sport and after it has been completed the champion house of 1987 can be determined. The St Brendan's "Logies" will be presented midway through the term and sportsmaster Col Hennessy said he was keen to engage a well known cricketer to be a guest at this Sports Presentation night. This gala evening marks the close of the sporting year.

Junior golf YEPPOON junior golfers competed on Saturday in a four ball aggregate. Jason Jamieson and R Wiltshire were winners with 131. T Damrow and J Sheard were runners up with 140. They were followed by P Ramiah and S Perkins 143 and T Novak and M Fitch 180. The lady members 18 hole 4 ball aggregate winners were Leissa Thomasson and K Perkins with 144. C Sherrington and K Gudman were runners-up with 162. S Lawlor and Mark Cranny won the members nine hole competition and four ball aggregate with W Hannan and A Brumm runners-up with 94. The beginners played five holes with L Timms winner. Next was I Murphy, T Murphy and R Simpson. L Thomasson and C Buckton won the pinshots.

Table tennis ALL members of the Yeppoon Table Tennis Association are advised that fixtures begin on Thursday, February 12 at 7.30pm at the Cooee Park Sports Complex.

A FORMER Olympic gymnast and coach is prepared to teach Coast boys if enough are interested and classes start today (Saturday). Heinrich Gogill, who migrated to Australia two years ago after a career spanning 40 years in West Germany, will attend the Capricorn Gymnastic Academy's classes today from 9am in the Uniting Church Hall in Arthur Street, Yeppoon. Now 48, Mr Gogill started his gymnastic career as a member of a West German sub team. His career flourished when he was picked for the national team in 1958, which competed in European competitions. He was a member of the West German gymnastic team in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. In 1965 he studied history and physical education at Cologne University and, in the same year, was appointed coach of the national women's team. HoweVer, after migrating to Australia, he found some of his qualifications were not fully recognised and he had to undertake further study. Mr Gogill now coaches with Capricorn Academy director Kath Skinner at the Rockhampton Gymnastic Club and has offered to teach Coast boys. For further information contact Mrs Skinner on 27 3836 or Jenny Semple on 39 3174.

Ten teams at St James' day -

TEN teams competed in the St James Indoor Bowls Club vice presidents' trophy day. Hostesses, Eva Gardner and Ivy Mallory welcomed members and Singing Ship visitors to the competition. Triples winners were Arthur and Bonnie Atcheson and Harold Jewell with 19 points. The runners-up were Eva Gardner, Lois Crockett and Betty Banister with 17 and then George Miller, Mavis Brown and Joan Holland with 16 points.. Aub Klaproth won the lucky door and Eva Gardner, Kerry De Graaf, Joan Jennings and Joan Hollands were all raffle winners. St James annual meeting was held on Monday and members stayed on to play social bowls. The 1987-88 executive is: patron Bill Ward; president George Miller; vice presidents Audrey Abel and Eva Gardner; secretary Lois Crockett; treasurer Bill Ward; games director Ken Crockett; selectors Arthur Atcheson, Bonnie Atcheson and Ivy Mallory. Bonnie is also publicity officer.

YI BC visits Frenchville LAST Tuesday morning 28 players from the.. Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club visited Frenchville Club for a morning of social bowls. Tonight, (Saturday), Summer Fixtures will resume at the Rockhampton and District Indoor Bowls Association Rockhampton playing centre. Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club will be represented by Ken and Lois Crocket, Mary Birkett, Mery Eggerling, Vi Robson and Bernie Robson. Sunday, March 1 is the day set down for a bowls barbecue afternoon hosted by John and Phyl Shepherd. Phyl is the Indoor Bowls' secretary and John is a selector. Players wishing to participate in the fixture are asked to place their names in the book provided. This is to assist in catering for the barbecue which will follow the bowls afternoon starting at 1.30pm. The first club visit of the year will be on Friday night, March 6 when North Rockhampton Clubs St Stephen's and St John's will play matches at the Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club.



Dozer for Hire General Land Clearing Dam Sinking & Desilting Disc & Blade Ploughing and Ripping Allotment Clearing and Levelled Landscaping

HIRE RATE...S40 per hour

Les Bailey

39 7784

16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror February 7 — February 13, 1987

9osta He mile ex)

Tke both tti the Klima SOME information gleened during an interview just doesn't fit into a story, but that doesn't mean .there isn't a place for it ... former Livingstone Shire Clerk Bill Cass was asked about his qualifications and years of study. Then he was asked what was required in the way of qualifications to stand as a councillor. It seems there are five qualifications: a candidate must be on the electoral roll, can't be a bankrupt, can't have a criminal record, must not be a council employee and cannot be insane. As they used to say on Steam Television's Laugh-In Verrry Interesting! O

0 ABOVE: Capricornia Australian Football League held a "Be prepared for the new era" workshop and seminar at the Queensland Recreational Camp, Cooee Bay on the weekend. Pictured from left are: CAFL and Yeppoon Australian Rules • President Bill Thomson; QAFL Administration Manager John Kanofski; Queensland Junior Rules Council State Administration Officer Murdoch Campbell and Rockhampton Junior Australian Football League president, Queensland Country Australian Football League nice president, CAFL assistant secretary Ald John Broad.

`A-graders to Old Buffers' vote to Cricketers in re-start Yeppoon basketball body crushing win YEPPOON Amateur Basketball Association will re-start. A public meeting was held on Monday night to gauge interest in re-starting, competition on the Coast. "We were very pleased with the reaction from A graders to 'old buffers' and it looks like competition will start again," publicity

Permanent and Casual

Q bo 4'

A Bookings Available YEPPOOP — 39 2444

officer Don Willoughby said. "Quite a few people who couldn't attend rang up and said they would support the restarting of competition." The resurgence of interest in basketball is because of the new Queensland Recreation Council's sports stadium at Cooee Bay. As a result of the public meeting a submission is being prepared to send to the Queensland Recreation Council expressing interest in the possibility of using the new sports stadium. (The Queensland Recreation Council has called for expressions of interest from all sporting and recreation organisations and clubs interested in using the new indoor recreational hall. The facility has a full-size basketball court with line markings for volleyball and badminton). YABA's executive is president John Christensen, secretary Alison Shackleton and publicityofficer Don Willoughby. Basketball competition operated in Yeppoon for many years under the auspices of the YABA. "We had players of all ages anctsent many successful players and teams to Rockhampton and beyond. "Unfortunately, Yeppoon and other small centres weren't able to compete with larger associations when the sport became very popular. "We just didn't have enough money to compete," Mr Willoughby said. The local association lost players to allweather venues in other places. "This new indoor sports stadium will, we hope, be the catalyst needed to re-affirm the Coast's basketball strength." A follow-up meeting to report progress will be held on Monday, February 9 at the Whitman Street courts in Yeppoon at 7pm. YABA president John Christensen invites anyone who may have something to contribute as players, officials or administrators to attend the meeting. "If you can't come to the meeting, phone Joanne Smith at work, 39 3411 or me, anytime, 39 3414," Mr Willoughby said.

A Professional FISH FINDER at a

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cnr of Tanby Road & McBean Street, Yeppoon — 39 1675

CAPRICORN Coast second grade cricketers scored a crushing victory against Parkana in their second round of the Gracemere Pharmacey limited over matches. Parkana won the toss and sent Coast into bat. This proved to be a costly mistake as Coast were 3 for 232 at the end of its alloted 35 overs. Dennis Kolega top scored with a brilliant 97 before being stumped. Steve Pidcock made 32 while captain Jeff Ingle was unbeaten on 25. Some great bowling from Coast had Dennis Kolega top scored with a brilliant 97 before being stumped. Steve Pidcock made 32 while captain Jeff Ingle was unbeaten on 54 and Lawrie Tanner was also unbeaten on 25. Some great bowling from Coast had Parkana all out for 56. Ken Ogilvie took 3 for 11 from 7 ov ers, Steve Carte took 1 for 22 from 7, Mark Wiggington took 2 for 1 from 4, Dennis Kolega took 1 for 1 from 3, Jeff Ingle took 1 for 8 from. 4. Ken Ogilvie instigated a smart bit of fielding to cause a run-out. Man of the match was Dennis Kolega. Captain Jeff Ingle said he would like to thank all the third-grade players who participated in the match at such short notice. The second graders did not fare so well in the fixtures on Saturday. Sent into bat by Easts, Coast were all out for 79 with Jeff Ingle top-scoring on 21, Dennis Kolega made 20 and Laurie Tanner 14. At stumps Easts were 3 for 60. Steve Carte took 1 for 16 from 11 overs, Ian Anderson took 1 for 16 from 10 and Andrew Wall took 1 for 2 from 5. Wicket-keeper Brod Gough took a great leg-side catch off Ian Anderson bowling. The third graders did a better job of it by taking first innings points from Etna Creek. Etna Creek won the toss and electd to bat and were all out for 101. Ken Ogilvie took 5 for 37 from 10 overs and Trevor Wellman took 3 for 63 from 9.2 overs. Coast were all out for 122 giving them first innings lead of 21 runs. Brett Motton top-scored with 44 whiie captain Mick Joyce was 19 not out, Brencian Fleetwood made 14 and Cameron Armstrong made 13. Both these fixture matches will continue today (Saturday) at 12.45pm.


YOU can tell when a cricket match is over when the fielding side's captain brings on someone who doesn't normally bowl to have an over or two. The match has turned into fun at that stage. Perhaps you can tell when the pressbre is off in 12metre yacht racing when you 'see the skipper take a blow from the wheel and one of the crew whips out a camera and starts taking pictures of other crew members. That's what happened in the third race between Stars and Stripes and Kookaburra Ill. That's confidence! O 0 ❑ WHERE was Prime Minister Bob Hawke when Dennis Connors was having the last laugh on the Kooka crew? OK, so he was overseas handling affairs of State ... but it is noticeable when he's not around for a defeat but is well to the fore when there's a victory! ❑


PREMIER Joh told one and all on TV that he was in Perth to watch the Melbourne Cup ... well, I've heard that some gallops are called "boat races" but I didn't think the Premier would know about such things! o


ANOTHER bit of info from Bill Cass ... he celebrated his 65th birthday last Thursday at council and the staff presented him with .a birthday cake. OK, so what's unusual? Well, the cake was in the shape of a lady's "back side of the lap" and it was decorated with a pair of very brief bikini panties. Now modesty forbids me from expressing myself in gutter language ... but perhaps the cake was inappropriate; after all, he was retiring. He hadn't been given the !!! O


JUST another bit of useless information ... unless you're thinking of buying a used car. From the worldwide resources of the Capricorn Coast Mirror (we phoned a relative in Sydney) we hear that a 1960 FB Holden sedan in nothing spectacular condition sold last month for $2600. The car dealer we spoke to (a friend of the relative) thought there was nothing unusual in the price. The car was roadworthy, and therefore able to be registered. Apparently, that's the way the market's going down south. "Old Baldy" was tickled pink ... he thinks his 1975 Valiant is rapidly becoming a collector's item ... and when he finds the collector he sell it!!! O


HAS everyone with a Grade 12 student in the family filled out their forms for their Austudy payment? Did you see the part where the $40 a week can be paid to either the parents or to the student? Of course you did ... wasn't it hard deciding who the money would go to? Especially if the student was watching while you filled out the form!!! ❑

0 0

PROUD Mum and Dad take teenage son out to hotel for dinner. Big, strapping lad does all the right things ... orders meal correctly, doeSn't put napkin at throat, speaks in a low voice and offers salt and pepper to mother without grabbing it first. Meal proceeds nicely ... then son knocks sausage off plate. "It's OK." he shouts. "I caught it between my boots." Then he put it back on his plate and started demolishing it!

Yeppoon Aussie Rules

1987 SIGN*1 Sunday, February 8, 10am, Yeppoon Showgrounds Inquiries: Bill Thomson, 39 2393; B Vale, 39 4180