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SATURDAY, January 31, 1987 — FRIDAY, February 6,.1987

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ABOVE: Cap Coast Rugby Union coach Tony Bennett was awarded an Australia Day Sports Medallion for his contribution to Coast sport.



❑ ABOVE: Young Citizen Award winner was Lyn Andrews who received congratulations from Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen.

Awards for five at pool opening Livingstone Shire celebrated Australia Day with the official opening of the El ABOVE: Ada Herd was delighted when she Capricorn Coast Memorial Olypic received her well-deserved Australia Day Citizen Swimming Pool and the presentation of five awards for achievement. Award from Shire chairman Cr John Bowen. Central Queensland's Olympic swimming hopeful Megan Johnston officially opened the pool by unveiling a 3.41m plaque. After the pool opening ceremonies Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen presented Australia Day awards to four outstanding citizens. He then presented a plaque of thanks to retiring shire clerk Bill Cass for his 25 years of service. 1987 Livingstone Shire Australia Day Citizen is Ada Herd of Lamberton Street, Yeppoon. "She has shown courage and compassion with a love of life and nature," Cr Bowen said. Mrs Herd's generosity for the ❑ ABOVE: Emu Park Progress Association president Bob elderly and her 'neighbour' has Leicht accepted the Australia Day Sports Medallion on behalf shone through her life. of Bev Laundry, who was unable to be present, from Cr Bowen. 0 Continued on page 7

0 ABOVE: Swimmer Megan Johnston officially opened the Olympic swimming pool at the Australia Day function on Monday. The pool is a bicentennial project and Miss Johnston had earlier received an Australia Day Award in Gladstone. Lex Hole is pictured ... lending a hand.

CORN PACK A chickeH yn 1 5/ssg)

0 ABOVE: Original pool committee member Lindsay Evans (left) received the certificate of endorsement from Queensland Council Australian Bicentennial Authority from executive director Lawrie Strange. Pictured are Cr Brian Dorey (centre left) and Aub Condon (right).

0 ABOVE: Rotary Exchange Student Sharon Szarbo from Wisconsin,

USA was presented with an Australia Day badge by Scope member Lynda Gustafson on Monday at the new Olympic pool.


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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987

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ALP area secretary slams Hinton over $1 levy on tourists to island ALP Capricornia Area secretary Chris Palmer this week accused National Party Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton of "being no more than an out-of-town government stooge who seems totally incapable of coming to terms with the very real problems of the Rosslyn Bay Harbour users". Mr Palmer said Mr Hinton had thrown his newly adopted constituents to the sharks over the imposition of a 900 per cent increase in passenger tax on the operators of the Victory cruise boat, preferring instead to kow-tow to government Ministers and the faceless bureaucrats of the Queensland Harbour Corporation. "Let us be perfectly clear on this point," Mr Palmer said. "The only term that can be applied to a levy of $1 per passenger head payable by cruise boat operators to the State Government is tax, tax, tax. "So much for National Party bleating about the low-tax State and no new taxes." Mr Palmer said the entrepreneurs operating the Victory were a tremendous asset to the Capricorn Coast region. He said the following facts had to be considered: o Subsidises bus passengers from Rockhampton to the tune of $2.50 a round trip. o Runs free buses to and from all tourist accommodation areas. o Has already invested $1 million in buildings and wharf facilities. o Pays $14,000 a year in land lease payments to the government, plus 10C a head harbour maintenance tax. o The boat is even designed (at extra cost) to operate in the shallow, muddy waters of. this Claytons boat harbour. Pays the wages of 20 local people and injects a tremendous amount of money into the local economy. "Perhaps, most importantly, it is the local people, your constituents, Mr Hinton, who will carry the burden of this tax, not the tourists," Mr Palmer said. "This National Party government is totally incapable of developing a proper, long-term strategic plan for Rosslyn Bay Harbour, preferring to stumble from half-baked election promises to sucking the life-blood out of our most important assets, our business entrepreneurs." Mr Palmer said it was ALP policy that everyone pays their fair share of tax, "but the imposition of this 900 per cent increase goes

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Hinton: tourist levy has strong local support THE $1 a head passenger levy on Great Keppel Island tourists had strong, local support, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week. He said the levy would provide future revenue for the upgrading of Rosslyn Bay Harbour as part of a total package involving $800,000 for facility upgrading. Mr Hinton said both tourist organisations on the Coast, the Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation (CCTO) and Yeppoon branch of the Capricorn Tourist Development Organisation (CTDO) told then Tourism Minister Peter McKechnie they fully endorsed the package, including the passenger levy, when he visited the region last year. Mr Hinton said he had contacted representatives of both organisations who had reiterated that their support was rocksolid. Recent attacks on the government's package by'Federal Member for Capricornia Keith Wright was also out of touch with the opinions of most harbour users. "At a meeting of harbour users, attended by Maritime Services Minister Martin Tenni, the total package, including the levy, received overwhelming support," Mr Hinton said. "People want action on harbour upgrading and action is what they are going to get. "I am delighted at the strong local support for my initiatives. The harbour development programme is almost totally State Government funded and revenues from the harbour will go to further improvements and maintenance, beyond the existing programme," Mr Hinton said.

Two blocks sell TWO blocks of land at Keppel Sands were sold following an auction on Saturday. Auctioneer Kevin Doolan, of Deasy and Doolan Real Estate, said more than 100 people attended the auction but none of the blocks sold under the hammer. The two blocks sold later went for an undisclosed amount. Blocks range in size from 640m2 (about 24 perches) to 1356m2. Two front Pumpkin Creek while a further seven front Limpus Avenue, which has access to the creek. The blocks fronting the creek are on sale for $25,000 and the five remaining unsold blocks on Limpus Avenue are $14,000.

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beyond all reasonable bounds and amounts to no more than legallised theft". "I wonder how loudly Mr Hinton would squeal if the National Party government imposed a $1 a head pig levy on his Biloela farm just because he had a viable business and people liked pork," Mr Palmer said.

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0 ABOVE: A sports car hit this concrete culvert in Johns Lane on Sunday night. The passenger has sought legal advice.

Advice sought over accident A YEPPOON resident has sought a solicitor's advice following an accident in Johns Lane on Sunday night that left a sports car immobile. The car, travelling west (from Hill to Mary Street) moved to the left to make room in the narrow lane for a vehicle travelling east. As it moved to the left, it struck a concrete culvert which tore the left front wheel loose, forcing it back against the mudguard. After stopping dead from the impact, the car's rear swung back into the road forcing the other vehicle to swerve left. The second vehicle narrowly missed a power pole. A passenger in the sports car, who does not want to be named, said neither vehicle was travelling quickly at the time. He said the concrete culvert was buried in long grass and was not marked. "There was no way of knowing the culvert was there," he said. "It's lucky we weren't travelling fast because the damage is bad enough already. Had we been going at a normal speed we probably would have been injured." The resident said the front-wheel-drive car was so badly damaged it had to be lifted to the other side of the road by four men. Apparently it couldn't be driven because of the way the wheel .had been forced back. "I went to a solicitor about the accident because there's probably $1000 worth of damage," the man said. "A simple white post marking the culvert would have prevented the accident. Also, the grass was so long it covered the concrete anc disguised the fact there was a deep hole."'4W . He said the gutter was marked on the other side but not on the side where the accident happened. He said heillad since been told John Lane was a one-,Way street, but there were no signs to this /effect when photographed on Tuesday afternoon,The accident was not reported to polfce.}

Check valuations LIVINGSTONE Shire land owners can check their valuations until Monday, February 9, at Yeppoon Town Hall. Two officers of the Valuer-General's Department from Rockhampton have all the information needed for land owners. They are working out of an office upstairs in the hall. The State Government has adopted the concept of annual valuations. In a booklet available at the town hall, Valuation Minister Don Neal said he was confident that a review each year of the movements in the market value of land was the most equitable basis of valuation for revenue purposes.. "Combined with this initiative, are the wide powers nosy given to local authorities to levy differentia(general rates in accordance with local needi," he said. People who will be unable to make inquiries at the town hall can phone the Rockhampton office on 27 6666.

POWER CUTS CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Thursday, February 5, between 10am and 2pm. Consumers: Scenic Highway from Kempsey Avenue south to Causeway Lake including Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour.


Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987 — 3

COUNCIL'S NEW SHIRE CLERK STARTS SOON LIVINGSTONE Shire Council this week appointed Cambooya (south of Toowoomba) shire clerk Jim Brown to replace retiring shire clerk Bill Cass. Mr Brown, 41, married with seven children, will start on March 3. Mr Cass retired on Friday (yesterday). Mr Cass had been with Livin gstone Shire Council for the past 25 years. His achievements and service were honoured with the presentation of a plaque at the Australia Day Awards on Monday night. In an address before presenting the plaque, shire chairman Cr John Bowen said Mr Cass had served 39 years in Local Government. He was with Wandai Shire from 1948 to 1957; Jericho from 1957 to 1962 and Livingstone from 1962 until Friday. He had worked with 13 terms of councillors and dealt with their different personalities, ideals and aspirations. He was leaving Livingstone with a good council, a good budget and 40 years of a good record and respect. Mr Cass was obviously overcome with the tribute. Holding the plaque he started to reply then stopped. A moment later he said he had not expected the plaque and would treasure it. On Wednesday afternoon, Cr Bowen said the new shire clerk had been involved with local government since 1963. He had been heavily involved in planning and development associated with coal mining while shire clerk at Peak Downs. Mr Brown had also been involved with private enterprise as town manager at Weipa for Comalco. Livingstone Shire councillors had interviewed four applicants for the position from 9am to 5.30pm on Tuesday. "All four were of the highest standard which presented the table with a very challenging task of selection," Cr Bowen said. "Throughout the day all of the elected memebrs applied themselves in the most diligent manner because the decision they had to make was of such great importance. "I am pleased that the end result was a decision to appoint Jim Brown by a unanimous vote at the table."

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/1 0 ABOVE: Livingstone hire chairman Cr John Bowen congratulates Bill Cass, who retired yesterday (Friday) after 25 years as shire clerk. Mr Cass was presented with a plaque at the Australia Day Awards on Monday night.

Minister, Hinton climb to bat cleft TOURISM, National Parks and Sports Minister Geoff Muntz climbed Mt Etna this week with Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Speliological Society members to inspect the Bat Cleft. Mr Muntz accepted the invitation to observe the emergence of undreds of thousands of tiny bent-wing bats because it was a unique wilderness and needed to be preserved, Mr Hinton said. "Limestone mining is now within 150 metres of the bat cleft and represents a classic environment/industry confrontation," Mr Hinton said. "On the one hand, a major industry requires the limestone mountain for its extensive cement manufacturing industry, employing many people while, on the other hand, a unique wildlife complex is involved." Mr Hinton said probably no solution would please both the mining company and the



conservationists, but it was a long-running dispute that he was anxious to determine. He said he was the first State politician to visit the Bat Cleft, which is visited by hundreds of people each year, and he was "delighted that the Minister so willingly accepted his invitation".

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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 - February 6, 1987


optima, CLU16

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DOT and Bill Hall of Normanby Street celebrated 40 years of marriage on January 30. They were married in St Theresa's Church, Rockhampton in 1947 and have lived in Yeppoon since then. Bill retired from Yeppoon Electrical Service, after 20 years, a few years ago. They will be surrounded by their children and grandchildren this week and lots of 'best wishes'. Their family: Gail and Colin Jeacocke with Tony and Marie (from YarWun); Carol and Terry Shepherd and Penny, Gary, Jacqueline and David (Baralaba); Wendy and Brian Stephens and Leesa (Yeppoon and son Peter Hall, also of Yeppoon. o 0 0 THE clinic for intending women golfers is on Thursday, February 5 between 8.45am and 9.15am (that's starting time, not length) at Yeppoon Golf Club. Don't be shy everyone else will be in the same boat. Contact Moyra Potts, 396107, or the club professional, Murray Hodge, 39 3664 and put your name down now. o o o THE course for insight into the probletns of growing children organised by Judy Newman-Tyler with Community Health starts on February 5 at the centre on Anzac Parade. If you haven't booked, 39 1469, but be quick..

Adventure Camps 0 Projects 0 Fellowship / Indoor/Outdoor Games 0 Faith 0 Sailing / Every Tuesday for, boys between 6 8z 18 ! from 7pm to 8.45pm at... Contact:

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EMU PARK - Local Representative: Val Wex, 39 6204 Monday, February 16 Basic Keyboard Skills Teacher: Sandy Harris Essentials of Advertising Teacher: Sandra Finlay Tuesday, February 17 Basic Shorthand Teacher: Sandy Harris Understanding Human Communication Teacher: Sandra Finlay Wednesday February 18 Pottery - Wheel Work Teacher: Melanie Marshall Stretch Sewing for Teenagers Teacher: Susan Dawson Basics of Stretch Sewing Teacher: Susan Dawson Crochet Teacher June Ryan Thursday February 19 Yoga (For Health and Relaxation) Teacher: Dianne Galt

6.30pm - 8.30pm


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Catholic Hall $35 $20; Material cost $20 collected on enrolment



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7.00pm - 9.00pm


4 Arthur St, Emu Park $29 $17 Students provide own sewing, machine Emu Park School $29 $17. Materials to be announced on first night

1.30pm - 3.00pm


6.30pm -

6 • 7pm - 9pm Teacher: June Ryan Saturday February 21 1.30pm - 4.00pm 4 Creative Patchwork Teacher: Janette Merrin Wednesday February 25 6 9.30am - 12.30pm Art-In Oils Teacher: Denise Gibbons Friday March 13 6.30pm - 9.30pm 5 Handbuilt Pottery Teacher: Melanie Marshall Friday 13.03.87 Friday 20.03.87 Wednesday 25.03.87 Wednesday 01.04.87 Wednesday 08.04.87 Saturday February 28 and Sunday March 1 Wood Fired Kiln 9.00am - 5.00pm Weekend Construction Teacher: Melanie Marshall Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29 Weekend 10am - 4.00pm An Applique Workshop Teacher: Janette Merrin Saturday April 11 and Sunday April 12 Stained Glass Patchwork • 10am - 4.00pm Weekend Teacher: Janette Merrin


Catholic Hall

$29 $17.

Emu Park School $29 $17' Materials to be announced on first night* Emu Park School RSL Hall, Emu Park

$25 $15 $41 $23

Catholic Hall $35 $20 Material fee $20 collected on enrolment

Catholic Hall, Archer Street $37 $21

Emu Park School

$29 $17

Emu Park School

$29 $17

BYFIELD - Local Representative: Val Wex, 39 6204 Monday, March 2 Art - Intro to Oils Teacher: Denise Gibbons

9.00am - noon


Byfield Hall

$41 -$23;

YEPPOON - Local Representative: Sarah Blenkin, 33 6644 Tuesday February 17 Patchwork & Applique Teacher: Julie Britton Make-Up and Grooming Teacher: Judith Smith Screenprint (Fabric) Teacher: Carmel Knowles Glazing Course Teacher: Jan Collins Wednesday February 18 Pottery: Wheel (Begin) Teacher; Jan Collins Pottery: Wheel (Inter) Teacher: Jan Collins Saturday February 16 Leather Carving (Begin) cher: Barbara Clifford Carving nced) We alSu9ra Clifford

9.30am - 12.30pm


2 Taranganbah Rd, Yeppoon $53


6.30pm - 8.30pm


Yeppoon High School



7.00pm - 9.00pm


Yeppoon High School



9.30am - noon


2 Ben St, Yeppoon



9.30am - noon


2 Ben St, Yeppoon

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1.00pm - 3.30pm


2 Ben St, Yeppoon

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9.00am - noon


To Be Advised

1.00pm - 4.00pm


To Be Advised

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❑ ABOVE: Cay Grayson and Peter Carmichael were married at St James Anglican Church, Yeppoon on Saturday afternoon. Cay is the daughter of Kath and Bill Grayson of Farnborough Road. The 140 guests enjoyed a banquet at the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort after the wedding. The couple planted an African Tulip tree at the resort on the following day. THE Grayson/Carrhichael wedding on Saturday gave guests a 'delight to the eye' when they went to the reception held at Capricorn Iwasaki. The colour scheme was tastefully blended to the bridesmaids outfits ... from pale pink to mushroom, set off by delicate frangipanni. The flowers were collected by Chi Chi Murray and she thanks all the Yeppoon residents who let her raid their gardens for the blooms. She also said that the floral decorations by Janice Hendy from Tanby Roses were just 'fabulous'. ❑ o o THE Coast's Baptist church has started Sunday School for the new year. And so that both ends of the Coast won't have to travel far there will be one at Yeppoon and another at Emu Park. The Yeppoon one is at 9.15am in Braithwaite Street and Emu Park's is in the Maranatha camp in Oak Street at 8am. The times are also right so that adults can attend the Sunday service at 10.30am in Yeppoon. All school age children are welcome and the sessions last about an hour ... it is flexible. o o o STRESS can affect us as much as any other disease ... only sometimes we don't realise or understand it. It is only in recent years that we have been offered various means to cope with stress. No-one can escape stress ... teenagers, parents, business-people and the retired. It can appear in all of us and will detrimentally affect our health. Yeppoon Community Health is again offering a stress management course to help people to examine the sources of stress in their lives and to acquire coping skills such as relaxation techniques. The first course is on Wednesday, February 4 ttlo 10.30am at the centre on the beachfront. (That's between the hospital and the shire chambers in Anzac Parade). This is the first course for 1987 and it is free (just like all the others have been) and will fun for four weeks. Contact the centre, 39 1469,

Lantern roa4t ti 39 2318 THANK YOU to all those wonderful people who have patronised The Lantern on the Coast over the past fortnight. Last week I had a wonderful surprise when friends of mine, Gwen and Frank Thornton, of Yeppoon called in for a meal. Now they are back from Alice Springs I wish them all the best in the future. A special thanks to the Rural Youth organisation whose week-long conference was brought to a close with dinner here at

The Lantern on the Coast! * * * I have a new menu and a special offer. for the month of February, 1987 so come along and try it ...

* 7 cold and 8 hot entrees priced from n.60 * 14 main courses of fresh seafood and choice steaks from $11.90. * 3 children's main courses rom $6.50.



2 main meals f

on the Coast B '87 one voucher

NAME ADDRESS PHONE Favourite Entree Favourite Main Course Preferred Dining Nights Please complete the above and make reserations by phoning 39 2318 and present this voucher to reception.

Kerrie Vtar_l e

Chi Chi Murray's Scho of P ysical Education 1 Thursday, Feb

LASSES start... 3.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall

Physical Culture 0 Dep•rt nt Classes 0 Exercises 0 Speech Correction

Ladies Fitness Classes start... Tuesday & Thursday (Feb 3 & 5) 9.30am, Yeppoon Town Hall Evening Classes - Thursday, Feb 5, 6.30pm, same venue ...including the latest calisthenic exercises!

Phone Chi Chi for further information - 39 3272

Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987 -- 5

Bayview Tower News & Views

Assemblies of God Pastor Ernie Peters

Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

WELL, the kids are back at school for another couple of months — already the area is noticeably quiet.

SAT: 9.30am, Youth Seminar 7pm, Youth Rally at Rockhampton athedral of Praise. A Hall. eppoo SUN: 10a khampton 6.30p wit dral òFPra TUES: 7.30pm, LLI home study groups WED: 9.30am, Ladies at Janine's 39 3209 FRI: 7.30pm, Launching 1987 at Cora's 4 home, Kinka Beach. 39 6593

We've certainly had a very busy period here at . Bayview Tower, both in our Restaurants and accommodation-wise. Perhaps now is the time for all the Mums and Dads to venture down to Bayview Tower for THEIR holiday! There aren't so many people about so the time's right to enjoy that intimate dinner in our Sails Restau or, how about a night or two in one of xury motel suites. The units all hive o s and believe me, the Ily s thing!! redible to think that January has alr ady passed by. Now's the time to start thinking about your Easter break, already we are very heavily booked. It may seem a long way off down the track but it will be here before we know it. I wish all the kids a fun year at school. Remember, for your next 'special occasion' or well deserved break think ... Bayview Tower ... your Resort to Total Relaxation. Until next we meet!




n Town Hall

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Redken Salon

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REDKEN...__ proven and tested for you ...Beauty Care doesn't stop at the hairline! Parkinson c-liscovereci Dermatologist R amino acids and a that aptvtion f c t e ract produced a s ci is natunj onse i a g skin. 13 sit e r i s results to Redken where his disc ery resulted in a natural ingredient system ... AAT (amino acid therapy). AAT is being patented in a remarkable faci. treatment: Clinical Response 24-Hour Dermatologist Formula. In his tests two out of three women with al; skin types preferred Clinical Response two to one over an identical formula without AAT. With twice daily use you will experience the same immediate benefits...your skin will feel firmer, toned and fresh with moisture and you will see fewer dry lines. Clinical Response is allergy tested. fragrance free. Another Redken product is new Polished Protection liquid makeup...tht. moisturizing formula with mild sunscreen protection!

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❑ ABOVE: Chris Hazel and Clayton James won Capricorn Coast Scope Club's Australia Day competition. They correctly answered questions on Australia's founding and flag. Presenting Australiana books to the two winners are Yvonne Motton and Lynda Gustafson. WELL, the traumas of first school day of the year are now over. Maybe not in all homes, but the majority. Do you have problems with your child going to school especially when there is no reason. I know there are a few parents here on the Coast who have children who dread the thought of school. It is very difficult and sometimes you feel guilty that you have done something to cause it. It is even worse when a gentle, sweet teacher asks you if your child hates her because of the tears and fighting. (Of course, sometimes there isn't any fighting, there is just ... nothing. ❑ ci ❑ THE start of the new school year heralds the start of the TAFE courses for hobby, leisure and personal enrichment. And there sure is a choice for Coast residents this time. Patchwork, leather-carving, pottery, oils, applique, shorthand, typing, make-up and screen-printing, just to name a few. The TAFE has taken an ad, which is on page 4 of this issue. Enrolments will be taken on Saturday, February 7 at Emu Park School and Savemore Centre for courses at Byfield, Yeppoon and Emu Park. o o ❑ DO you have any used stamps? Will you collect them and leave at the Mirror office on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. The stamps are used to raise money to help in the cure for Leprosy ... it can be cured with modern drugs. The stamps are packaged for sale as mixed stamps like you see on the backs of comics. Ruth Vaughan of Yeppoon is very grateful for the ones she has received so far for onforwarding, but the need is still great. O

0 0

DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon Playgroup starts off another year on Monday, February 9 at the Yeppoon Kindergarten in Queen Street. The playgroup starts at 1pm and finishes at 3pm every Monday and Friday. Babies to pre-Khoolers are welcome and you can contact Janet Scott for more information, 39 7698. o HELEN and Norm Wright of Yandina spent the weekend with daughter Jenny Duncan and her husband Steve. They had returned their grand:daughter, Leonie, who had spent part of the school holidays with them. o o 0 THE QATB winner of a stone-ware condiment set was B Noonan of 17 Birdwood Avenue, Yeppoon. o o o ROCKHAMPTON Multiple Birth Association will be holding a coffee morning at 10am on Tuesday, February 3 at Stenlake Avenue. For further details, please contact the publicity officer Maree Pershouse, 28 8624.

If you are having a Pie on the Coast, ask for a...


Capricorn Professional Centre Thurs & Fri, 8.30am - 5pm 74 JAMES STREET, YEPPOON

39 3649 or 28 0650 Your One-Stop Dressmaking Shop


Linnet tes

FREE Birth Preparation Programmes start on Wednesday, February 11 at 7.30pm and continues for four Wednesdays. The trend to share together in the preparations and the actual birth is increasingly evident as more and more fathers-to-be attend the free film and discussion evening organised by the Health Department's divisions of Health Promotion and Community Medicine.

OF YEPPOON Open 9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat 1 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3876

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GIGGLE and Gossip is on Monday, February 2 at Capricorn Iwasaki and is the last fund-raising venture by this happy band of women for the Olympic pool. If you want to meet new people and ha few laughs go along at noon. Book th Capricorn Iwasaki, 39 0211.


266 or 39 7162 a/h

ames and Mary Streets,

The Anglican St James, Yeppoon * Christ Church ... we welcome all who wish to celebrate life with us.

Sunday Services...

Try our Ne fro


Vegetable Pie BAKERS


Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959


EMU PARK: Archer Street 7am YEPPOON: Mary Street 8.30am and 10am with Sunday School

Our boys' group meets on Tuesdays at 7pm and the girls' group on Fridays at 7.30pm We also have various adult groups. For more information contact The Rectory ...

39 1226, 9 Mary Street, Yeppoon


6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987 11.

ROYAL HOTEL KEPPEL SANDS Extends a welcome to all visitors for a friendly drink

XXXX and Carlton on tap

Tke kigkieat &We bow. . ea tits Ceuta Buy your...

Chickens Cooked and Frozen We also offeryou... Fish and Chips * Fresh Fish Special 'Hot' Packs, Drinks * Icecream


t69' Whitman .Street-Yetwoon. 39 148,11

AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT GETS INSTANT SE 0 By TICIA WILDIN, who returned last month from Wisconsin, in the United States, after a year as a Rotary Exchange Student. This is her second article.

greeted with: "Oh, I love your accent, where are you from?" So, for the next few minutes I explained who I was,.where I was from, and where I was heading, being the none the wiser as to where to find the domestic terminal. Finally one woman pointed the way. It was extremely difficult to understand her southern accent but I headed in the right directiOn only to be called back and told: "When yar gat back to yar country honey, don't forget to tell 'em that it waz ay Texan who told yar the way!" (Now I can finally sleep!) Little did I know that this was only the beginning because whenever we went out to eat (which was quite often) my accent created a stir. Waitresses would continually hover around the table hoping to hear me speak and conversation at surrounding tables quieted so as to listen to the Aussie accent.

HAVE any Australians felt small and insignificant compared to the rest of the world? Well, fear not, because Australia is making it big overseas, especially in America. At the moment, anything remotely connected to "the Land Down Under" is pounced upon as a hot item. I arrived at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and had about an hour to catch my • connecting flight. Pulling a typical tourist stunt I became lost and proceeded to ask directions ... but this proved more difficult than imagined. The moment I opened my mouth my accent gave me away. A typical scene was: "Excuse me, I was wondering if..." which was

Eventually my dinner partners would *-11 me to keep quiet (a nearly impossible tasl me) so we could finish our meal in peace. Kids at school would continually ask me to speak so they could listen to my accent. They found it extremely funny when I told them that, to me, they were the ones who had an accent. I thought that going to America I'd have no trouble with the language. After all, we both speak English, don't we? I failed to consider. the large slang vo-cab that we Aussies and Americans have. My fair dinkums, reckons, fortnight, blokes, boot, bonnet, petrol, biscuits and mozzies all were met with raised eyebrows and blank expressions. But fear not, I educated those around me so that during my last few months, friends were unconsciously using Aussie words. As time passed, I, too, learned many American terms and their meanings, along

MLA CLARIFIES CEB STATEMENT I WRITE to clarify the position regarding pensioner rebates on electricity accounts where the landlords are required to pay the full amount and seek rebates each time the account is paid. The Capricornia Electricity Board in the last issue of the Mirror pointed out that my concerns are not relevant where the pensioners tenant rents a separate home or of course owns his own home. This is quite correct.

Super-fast AOUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY

My concern is where pensioners are in multi-tenanted residential premises (may be only two). I am informed by the CEB that the CEB insists that the landlord pay the electricity account because in tourist areas, including the Capricorn Coast, collection of the accounts is more secure. In this case the landlord has to make application for each account and as it is a heavy work load on them, it must inevitably lead to some pensioner tenants missing out on their discounts. I had one case where the landlord lived in Meltourne. It is a serious anomaly that the CEB recognises, and in their letter to me stated "it is understood that the amount of paper work involved in these continuing claims is being investigated by the Government, and it is probable that it will be reduced". Pensioners and landlords in this situation can be assured that I will follow up the matter. — Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton.

Annual story on footpath cyclists Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY & A OUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.

Information and bookings: 33.6744; 27 2948 a/hi

Discover the colors of Gold

THIS is a response to the article Police warn bicycle riders on page 2 of last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror. This dilemma of kids riding on bikes, on footpaths, frightening older people came up last year, too, but as yet, we have seen nothing constructive done about it by the council. What could be done is provide a safer cycling environment instead of passing on the responsibility to the local police to carry out a "blame the victim" campaign. The kids ride on the footpath because it is too dangerous to ride in James Street. I ride on the footpath for the same reason. I recommended to the council (many months ago) the Geelong Bicycle Plan. This is a comprehensive planning strategy for an integrated cycle and car system. It is tailored for a regional centre, roughly the size of Yeppoon. We have the potential (in the climate and scenic environment), with a bit of judicious and long-range planning, to create a cycling environment which would be a tourist destination priority. The Geelong Bike Plan also stresses the 3Es, of human movements planning; Encouragement, Education and Enforcement. A very heavy-handed approach using only enforcement techniques is bound to failure. — Jack Ingram, Woodbury Road, Cooberrie.

❑ ABOVE: It was purely by coincident( driving past when this photograph was to by Saturday's tropical downpour. Cr Bo The washout removed tonnes of

Tropical downpa of fill into Statue A TROPICAL downpour on Saturday washed tonnes of soil into the sea at Statue Bay staining the water a dark red for about 50 metres out from the beach. The washout occurred where Livingstone Shire Council gangs had been filling the cliffedge with soil left over from adjacent road works. Work started on the adjacent Mulambin Road before Christmas and excess soil was "1111.111111


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38 James Street, Yeppoon KObAKandKODACOLOR areregiste;edtrademarlcs. (next door to the Sunflower Patch)

39 1533

I WOULD like to thank Paul Dean of Supersize Photos in James Street for his efforts in ensuring my photo was delivered in time to be given as a gift on Christmas Day. - It was Christmas Eve before he was able to go up in the helicopter to take the photo I had ordered ... about 3pm, I believe. He then delivered it at 2am Christmas Day after getting it developed and enlarged in that time. Thanks Paul, we appreciated it.. — De ey Cowley, P 0 Box 443, Yeppoon.

0 ABOVE: New Yeppoon High School prin. Harris of Taranganba into Year 11 on the also involved in the conversation about 11111111111111MIUMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMMI111111111111111111111M11111111M1111111111111111MIIIIM111111111M111111111111111111111111


GUIDE TO ACCO r MODATIO elax in o r spacious units at


in the heart cf Yeppoon

Enjo Island Views from every unit a; th


16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Ph (079) 39 1632 100 metres to Beach Overnight & Weekly. (079) 39 1213 1111111111111MMIEWOMU11111111111111111111111811111111111111111111111M1111111111M111111111111111M111111111111111MUM1111.

Capricorn Coast Mirror

RVICE IN U.S. RESTAURANTS ith the sometimes embarrassing situations at accompanied such a process. While I was in America, with the help of Paul Hogan, Australia became a big hit. Kids clamoured to buy Sloppy Joes with University of Australia emblazoned on the front. A new line of hair products emerged; the Aussie Shampoo and Gel (the bottles were covered with little kangaroos). A very popular clothing store, The Limited, launched a new range of clothes known as Outback Red. All these clothes were labelled Australian. Khaki pants, white shirts, lots of lace white skirts and numerous blouses ... some had Australia written on them, complete with maps. The advertising told of picturesque Aussie scenes where the clothes could be worn (to a barbecue, footy game and beach). In fact, this line of clothes was so popular that the brand was sewn on the back for all to see.


Paul Hogan did his bit to push our country with his advertisements on the TV and radio, promising to "chuck another shrimp on the barbie". Yet it was his movie, Crocodile Dundee, that really put the Americans in a spin ... they loved it! I saw it with my friends and the theatre was packed. Kids saw it time and time again. At school, everyone approached me with a stilted "Good day mate!" ... and the questions about life in Australia started all over again. Popular TV series and videos did their bit. Return to Eden and All the Rivers Run proved popular as were the video favourites The Man from Snowy River, Phar Lap, Gallipoli and Mad Max. It is little wonder that Australia has become the American tourist mecca ... so come on Aussies; let's show them what we're made of because we have a captive audience..

Aust. Day Awards 0 Continued from page 1

that shire chairman Cr John Bowen was ken of the big washout at Statue Bay caused wen was driving by as the shutter snapped. fill and stained the surf a dark red.


)ur washes tonnes Bay staining surf dumped over the cliff to widen the road shoulder. It had been tamped doWn by road building heavy machinery but apparently was no match for the tropical downpour. The mud flowed out to sea and spread a dark stain over the incoming tide. The resulting washout is metres wide and about two metres deep at the road edge.

Cr Bowen said that one of Ada's most remarkable achievements has been the delivery of fruit and cut flowers to Yeppoon hospital almost every week for over 30 years. "She has cared for the elderly and ailing in the local community without payment or material reward." Lyn Andrews was awarded the young citizen award for her continued work with The Caves Pony Club. "She is a fine example of Australia's future," Cr Bowen said. "Lyn has attended schools at her own expense to improve her knowledge which she has then passed on to children at the pony club." Tony Bennett received a bronze medallion for achievement in sport (coaching). He has coached the Cap Coast Rugby Union Club for three years. "Tony is a quiet achiever. He never takes credit, is easy to get on with and never blows his own trumpet. Due to his coaching during the last season three players were selected for representative sides: Richard Bruce, Mark Boyd and John Atkinson. Tony was chosen, in 1985, to manage the Central Queensland under 19 side which toured New Zealand. "For this he helped the young players raise the money and paid his own fares and expenses." Emu Park's.Bev Laundry was awarded the sports medallion for achievement in sport. "Bev was State representative in the Budget Australian Marathon Champion. ships in 1986 and gained first place in the female veteran section," Cr Bowen said. She was first female in the 1986 4R0 Fun Run; first female in the 1986 Gladstone 4CD Fun Run; first female Blackwater 1/2 marathon; Queen of the Mountain (14 kms up Mt Archer) in 1985 and 1986 and competed in eight triathlons as part of her quest for overall fitness. Bev is ranked third fastest woman in Queensland over the marathon distance in the open class and is without peer in the veteran section. Retiring shire clerk Bill Cass was then presented with a plaque honouring his 25 years with Livingstone Shire Council and 39 years in Local Government.

Chamber meets Tuesday night

:ipal John Gregg enrols a new student Toni -st day of school. Toni's mother, Patricia, was books, uniforms, programmes and rules.

CAPRICORN Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry will meet on Tuesday, February 3 at 7.30pm. President John Peach said that a letter has been sent to the revelant authority concerning retail trading and anyone is welcome to go along to read it. "We haven't had an ordinary 'general business' meeting for a while because of the Christmas trading hours discussions," he said. "All business people are welcome to attend." The meeting will be held in the Mirror office on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon.



COMO PP "e P gf5—Piw Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs PHONE (079) 39 1594

FEWER students appear to be seeking tertiary education places this year because of the Federal Government's $250 entrance tax, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said. this week. He said the $250 fee was now "biting hard into the pockets of Central Queensland parents". Queensland University had reported a drop of 1000 applicants for tertiary places on last year. Mr Hinton said it would be reasonable to assume that this would be widespread. "Member for Capricornia Keith Wright, who has been so concerned about a modest $1 a head charge on tourist passengers at Rosslyn Bay for future harbour development, should be more concerned with this exorbitant Commonwealth charge. in his own backyard," Mr Hinton said. "Parents in Central Queensland should be calling this tax the 'Wright tax' and think of Keith Wright as they write out the cheque because of his support for the tax. "We have not heard one peep from him in this area." Mr Hinton said Mr Wright, in campaigning to be re-elected later this year, was being particularly vocal on State issues because the "Federal shambles of economic Management is far too embarrassing". "He is seeking to dissociate himself from' the government, of which he is a part," Mr Hinton said.

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7 days — 7am to 8pm 'Phone orders to _39 1033 ,

Tke Su Pala Pale (7, •Ph. orders 39 1397 *Meals, snacks ' 'Juices, vitamins "Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397


Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 & children 50(C Hill St, Yeppoon - 39 2386, 39 1313a/h




horn Smash




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Sail to Great Keppel Island on...

336 226 Enjoy... * Boomnettin•

kholing Windsurfi g * : ng t•--Viewing * Lunch Snorkelling * Morning & Afternoon Tea * Fully Lic'd Underwater Observatory 5...all inclusive optional extra Departs Rosslyn Bay daily 9.10am, returns 4.15pm approx


Seafood and Eat It Taste our Sumptous Seafood Meals and

GREAT FISH and CHIPS * SEAFOOD * STEAKS * CHICKEN * ITALIAN LUNCHES: noon to 2pm daily DINNER: Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 6pm * FRESH EVERY DAY * Prawns * Sand and Mud Crabs * Bugs Local Oysters * Fresh Fish Fillets

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WE'RE ON THE BEACHFRONT AT YEPPOON — 39 2233 ) Relive the past at...




Tertiary 'tax' hitting CO pockets MLA

January 31 — February 6, 1987 — 7

Waterfront holiday unit°

Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Own private beach (079) 39 1421


Emu Park Road



( /*---(3

OPEN EVERY SUNDAY from 10am and last guests through gates at 3pm


Wander leisurely through Glenora, Riversleigh and Lyndhurst. Visit Church Avenue and inspect the three historical churches. Sip a Symons' Fizz at the original Dolph Symons' Pharmacy and then try our scrumptious home-made cakes, sandwiches, tea, coffee and cold soft drinks. Australian and locally-made crafts are on sale in the pharmacy. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to spread under the trees.

We welcome weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions. Group bookings are available Donations: — Adults $4; Pensioners and Students $3; Children $2


Tours at 9.30am and 1.30pm every Monday and Thursday. Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 28 1760

8 — Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds Capricorn Coast


TYPESET, composed and . published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon. 4703 and our office address is corner of Adelaide Park Road. & Cliff Street, Yeppoon. 4703. Phone the Mirror on 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday for the Saturday paper. Engagement; pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the Medical Profession. The right is reserved by the Capricorn Coast Mirror to alter, omit or reclassify' any advertisement. While every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for errors.

Don't miss out! Book your child in now ... 39 4599 Stan• Professional Staff 0 Government 1


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Our locally-owned security service (we've been here five years) offers..

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Lead-Light Classes LEADLIGHTS MADE Tutor Professional Craftsman 50yearsexperience * 8yearsteaching: 1

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E ery







2pm - 4pm

Normanby St, Yeppoon Queensland Recreation Council Expression of Interest


Expressions of interest are called from all sporting and recreation organisations and clubs interested in using the soon-to-be opened Indoor Recreational Hall at Cooee Bay. The facility contains a full-size basketball court and has line markings for volleyball and badminton. A room divider provides the opportunity for multiple training use. Written communication must be received by February 14, 1987 and should be addressed to:

The Area Advisor, Queensland Recreation Council, P 0 Box 504, Rockhampton. Queensland. 4700

Capricorn Sandblasting 1/4 _\/ Industrial Spray Painting and...

Mini Soil Deliveries Tanby Roundabout, Yeppoon

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* Night Security Patrol * Electric Alarm Monitoring * * Three professionally trained German Shepherds * * Electronic Alarm Monitoring * Cash Transfers * * Armed Guard and to c u ds * Payroll Deliveries *

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TI N and we specialise in... COMMERCIAL P DOMESTIC short- erm protection for holidays

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opp Bus entrance to Primary School —

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Yeppoon Day Care Centre,


Glass Magician


We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm!

1:PREPARATION for childbirth. and early parenting course, beginning mid-February. Contact Gaye O'Brien, 39 4523.


• • School Preparation mornings






Ph 39 4244

ANNUAL general meeting of Yeppoon Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society will be held on Wednesday, February 4, 7.30pm, in the Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon. New members are needed and will be welcome. Monthly meeting held first Wednesday of each month. STOVE elements and accessories, sales and service. Peter Crawford of Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. CAPRICORN Coast Netball Association Annual General Meeting, Tuesday February 10, 7pm at the Cooee Bay Hall. All interested people are welcome.

Hempenstall, No es & Associates * Public Accounta * Tax

39 2171


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WANTED KNOWN MA TENANCE Service: Keep your home in go d/order. Contact us for doors that jam, wi bows that won't open or close, that leaking' ap, those wobbly stairs. Block and bric work, plumbing, new sewerage painting. Reasonable rates, connection free/quotes nd prompt attention. Phone 39 1899.

REAL ESTATE VIRGIN BUSH: 26 acres, Byfield frontage to creek and main road. Phone 39 1801. ALLOTMENT: 1/4 acre .Res A. Splendid retirement block, wide ocean views, quiet location, Barlows Hill. All servi es Gentle $00. •ent_saJe._ slope. Sacrificed •• Phone 39 18

Burt n's Parcel Deliver

Capricorn Coast Chamber of Co erce & Industry Monthly meetin ill be held on Tuesday, February 3, .30pm at Mirror office, corner Adelaide. ark Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. BASKETBALL! With the upcoming availability of a new stadium in Yeppoon. YABA members and others interested in development of. Yeppoon Basketball are invited to a public meeting at the Old Courts in Whitman Street at 7pm on Monday, February 2. ROCKHAMPTON Diving is holding a 'Scuba Experience' at the Olympic pool on Thursday, February 5. Please phone 28..0433 to confirm your attendance. YEPPOON Cubs start on Monday, February 2. All parents and children welcome. ANNUAL general meeting of Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens Association will be held at the High School on Tuesday, February 10 at 7.30pm. All parents and friends are cordially invited. Ami Setu (Sec) NATIONAL Party. Capricorn Coast Women's Section meeting is on Wednesday, February 4, 10am at the Club Hotel side room.

Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat till 4pm

Prop: Pat Andersen

`Something for everyone'

eltscnr James and Mary Streets -74 Yeppoon

Popular identity Mrs Elaine Melaney, after 41/2 years in control of SAIL-INN MOTEL, has decided to retire. The sale of this well known business has been placed in the hands of prominent Hotel Motel Broker'...ALAN STEVENSON and PAT ANDERSEN a Agents in conjunction. To arrange an inspection

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Contact: Maurice Murray — 39 3733, 39 3272 a/h or Dallas Cossar 393733, 39 3209 a/h

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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 - February 6, 1987 -

Capricorn Coast MIRROR Classifieds Ph 39 4244 `IOSITIONS VACANT

ter and Toni

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FULLY FURNISHED 3 bedroom required from February 15 for 3 ladies

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BINGO MONDAY: 1.30pm. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housirig Society. No. 8142. FRIDAY: 7,30pm, Cooe Bay H II. V bus, phone, 39 1379. Coo e B gress Association. Promoter: e Dorey. Permit No. B18601. SATURDAY: 7.30pm. Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best?hance: 100 60 calls. Olympic Pool AppelP Brian Dorey. Permit No. B1



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MOTOR VEHICLES NOW wrecking at CK Motors: Holden, Falcon and Valiant. 39 1410 or 39 4501 a/h.

10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987


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SCREENING Friday and Saturday February 6 & 7, 7.10pm First there was Luke Skywalker. Then came Indiana Jones. v the worl4loas a new hero.

LIGHTNING BOLT PROBABLE CAUSE OF FIRE LIGHTNING was probably the cause of a house fire on the corner of Matthew Flinders Drive and Maida Street on Saturday morning. A Capricornia Electricity Board spokesman said a lightning bolt probably struck the fuse box outside the bedroom during heavy rain and an electrical storm. Yeppoon Fire Brigade was called to the fire at 7.37am and six firemen had the blaze under control within 15 minutes. The fire was completely out 30 minutes later. Damage to the house has been estimated at around $40,000 and contents worth between $10,000 and $13,000 were damaged. Most of the damage was due to heat, smoke and water. Once smoke penetrates paintwork, cupboards and clothes it is difficult to remove the smell. The extreme heat from fire can cause paintwork to blister and some building materials to melt. The front bedroom was destroyed in the blaze. Two beds were damaged beyond use and mattresses were reduced to springs. Cupboards were burnt out and all woodwork in the room was charred. Damage to other rooms was severe. The ceiling of-a hallway leading from the bedroom was blackened and the smoke damaged extended about a metre down the walls. Carpets in the loun'ge room were drenched and smoke blackened. A refrigerator was singed. The house was unoccupied at the time of the fire. The owners, B and D Clarke, live at Biloela and were not staying in their Coast house on the weekend. Neighbours made arrangements to seal doors and windows and remove perishable items from the refrigerator.

❑ ABOVE: A fireman sifts through firedamaged debris in the-front bedroom of a Cooee Bay home damaged by fire on Saturday morning.

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Chickens, fish `fowl play' worry DISAPPEARING chickens and goldfish have baffled Farnborough Road resident Dan Keleher. He said it was likely young children were making off with the chickens and fish for pets. He considered the chickens may have been escaping but he checked the wire in their coop and there was no way they could have got out. "The wire's so small that if a snake was able to get in and it swallowed a chicken, it wouldn't be able to get out again," he said. Two seven-month-old chickens, one black, the other white, and four goldfish are missing from Mr Keleher's yard. a k at the back The goldfish are kept i of his house and hello kelp down the mosquito populatio He's not worried about )having the chickens and fish returned but hoped that if children were taking them, their, parents would question them to find out how they got their new pets.

the aquarium enthusiast

39 4077

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39 2313 -0 ABOVE: Sinoke damage inside the Cooee Bay home on Saturday.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February .„

Capricorn Coast netball group to hold annual meeting February 10

❑ ABOVE: This is the pipe that burst on Sunday afternoon in front of the Strand Hotel. A gang of six Livingstone Shire outdoor staff worked throughout the afternoon to repair the damage and restore water supply to nearby premises.

Council workers spend Sunday afternoon repairing burst main ta A LIVINGSTONE Shire Council gang milowith trucks and a backhoe worked throughout Sunday afternoon to repair a butst water main in front of the Strand Hotel. The 152mm (6 inch) main burst under the footpath on the corner of Anzac Parade and Normanby Street around fpm, sending water gushing down the street. The Strand's beer garden and its motel units, and premises down to the Bay Vacationer were without water until about 5pm. Six men were called out to repair the burst pipe. Four worked solidly on the break and two directed the long weekend traffic around the repair site. They had to dig through the concrete footpath to reach the main. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen said the break was caused by the pipe itself, which was imported from Italy more than 30 years ago. Age and weather had taken their toll on the pipes and parts have been weakened. The hot weather causes the pipes to

expand and, when it cools, to contract. Cr Bowen said in the pipe's fragile condition, any movement might cause it to burst. Pipes usually break where each pipe joins. Cr Bowen said the areas most affected by breaking water mains were the older sections of town where the old Italian pipes remain. These older areas cover the main shopping centre and streets surrounding; all the subdivisions from Todd Avenue along Farnborough Road; Rockhampton Road up to the Lantern Restaurant; Adelaide Park Road up to St Brendan's College; the hills to Cooee Bay and the houses on the left-hand side of Cooee Bay running down to the Cooee Bay Store. The pipes had a deficiency when laid but to replace them now would cost a lot of money. Cr Bowen said because of the weather factor, pipes were more likely to break during the biggest temperature changes. This was most likely during summer on the Capricorn Coast ... during the wet season.

El ABOVE: Some of the shire council workmen in Anzac Parade on Sunday afternoon repairing a damaged water main.

THE Capricorn Coast Netball Association will hold its annual general meeting in the Cooee Bay sports complex hall on Tuesday, February 10 from 7pm. President Kerry Young said all committee President Kerry Young said the association was looking for "new blood" especially in administration. She said anyone interested in promoting the sport was welcome to attend. Present positions are held by: vicepresident Nannette Nissen, secretary Sue Hartwig, treasurer Lyn Alexander, umpire convenor Leslie Hutton and registrar Trisha Allery. Mrs Hutton, who is standing down, said it was important these positions were filled to help in the smooth running of the association. People filling the positions don't have to be players. Parents of players can stand as long as they can run a meeting and are good at organising. This would give players more time to assist with umpiring. Netball started in Yeppoon at the end of 1982 with a competition between Coast schools. Organisers felt there wasn't enough local sports for girls and travelling to Rockhampton twice a week for training and competition was too much. Netball is a team played for enjoyment. There is no prizemoney. A season usually lasts 16 weeks and the game is open to girls and women of all ages. The association runs a junior competition which, in the past, has been played on a Wednesday afternoon. The competition is between teams from Yeppoon, Farnborough, Byfield, Emu Park and Sacred Heart primary schools. Byfield was only able to field a team after every girl in the school joined in. Yeppoon State High School also entered teams that played in the senior competition. The senior teams play on a Wednesday night, which gives working women a better chance of attending. There are some club teams playing under the one name but individual teams can enter the competition. Netball is a cheap sport to play. Once fees have been paid there. are no other charges. Juniors usually wear their school sports uniform and seniors play in sensible clothes which are easy to care for. As the sport grew, the Cooee Bay Sports Association had the courts upgraded so that teams now have four Flexi-pave courts with excellent lighting for night games. Most of the State school also have a school netball competition in addition to the Cooee Bay competition. Mrs Hutton said she hoped that when the girls played at Cooee Bay, they took advantage of the competition to improve their game. "The main reason for the Coast competition was to make the Coast children more competent when they played against Rockhampton teams," Mrs Hutton said. Netball is one of Australia's top sports and the Australian team often wins major international games. Children who start playing netball will find that regardless of where they go to live, they will have a netball competition near by. Last year, the Cooee Bay Netball Association sent Joanne Ganter to a

coaching clinic hosted by the Queensland Netball Association. The association hopes to send another player with the same potential to this year's clinic. Like so many sports, it's the work behind the scenes that makes everything tick ... the parents manning drink stalls, bringing the children to games and helping with the umpiring. Mrs Hutton said the general encouragement given by these parents was "great" and a sample of the enthusiasm generated at the games.

Wednesday Club attracts visitors VISITORS were among the players who took part in the Wednesday Club game in hot weather at Yeppoon Golf Club. Ann Barrow, with 39 points, won the associates' stableford and Rita Edmistone was next best with 36 points. Rita Edmistone also won the first nine with 33 nett and Marge Williams and Hazel Fry, both with 35'/2 nett, were next. Ann Barrow won the second nine with 301/2 and Yvonne Foxwell scored 311/2. Nancy Montgomery and Ann Barrow won the pinshots and Stella Haskins won the proshot. Harley Fisher won the members' stableford with a good score of 44 points which cost his two strokes. Col Thorne, a visitor from Oxley scored 43, Phil Todd 43, Steve Schuster 42 and Tom Edmistone 40. First nine winner was G oram, 28, H Fisher 281/2, R Hansen 291/2, S Schuster 31 and D Allen-Ankins 31. Second nine: C Thorne 30, R Hansen 311/2, M Morgan 301/2 and H Fisher 311/2. Pinshots went to T Edmistone and G Seierup and proshot to M Gorlick. No veterans' game was played on Friday because of the rain. On Sunday, the associates played a s/scratch and Cassie Freeman won with -1. Next best was Sybil Moore with -3 and Vicky Caseleyr -4. Pinshots went to Cassie Freeman, Margaret Hunt and Rita Edmistone and Pam Drillis won the proshot. Members' winner was Bill Freeman with a good score of +9 which cost him two strokes. Next best was Ray Hunt with +7, Bob Walters +5, David Ogg +5, Ron Kerr +4, Vince Hannan +4 and George Rapley +4. Pinshots went to T Edmistone, M Gorlick, W Oates and W Freeman and Bill Andrews won the proshot. The Australia Day game was a stroke, for members and associates. Associates' winners were Yvonne Foxwell, Joyce Keyes and Esme Woodbridge. Pinshots went to M Williams, C Freeman and V Caseleyr. Proshot went to N Montgomery. Roy Montgomery won the member stroke with 64 nett, Ben Williams 65, Barry Fisher 66,, Tony Blain 67, Peter Foxwell 67, Tony Novak 67, David Ogg 67 and Ernie Nankivell 67. Pinshots K Clements, G Haskins, T Blain, V Olive and proshot went to Tom Edmistone. Fixtures this weekend: Saturday January 31; members and associates bisque s/scratch; Sunday February 1, members and associates play a stableford.

Bowls to follow St James' meeting Singing Ship bowlers host Biloela

ST JAMES Indoor Bowls Club will hold its annual general meeting on Monday, February 2 at 7pm followed by the usual bowls games. Subscriptions are due and members are reminded that they have to be financial for the meeting. "Members were pleased to see Tor and

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Nell Bates before Tom had to return to Greenslopes for treatment," the club's publicity officer said. "Elsie Hinton spent some time in Yeppoon hospital and selector Ken Crockett was also in hospital ... Brisbane. "We wish them all a speedy recovery." Games Director Norm Gardner will soon be back bowling. Rockhampton association's sign-on day will be tomorrow (Sunday) at 9.30am in the Kent Street hall. This is for Central Queensland Fixture Days which are played every third Sunday in each month. It is a five-game day with four Rockhampton section, each with 30 players, Port Curtis and Callide all compete over the year for the Everingham Shield as well as the last six months for the Arthur Richardson Shield. St James members are en siastic about the Rockhampton game d often travel to Gladstone and Biloel o compete. "They aren't alw ys 'away' games and then we go to Rockhampton," the spokesman said.

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SINGING Ship Indoor Bowling Club hosted an all-day American Competition on Sunday with 65 players taking part. The club was host to Biloela for the day and players from Yeppoon Indoor Bowls Club and Rockhampton attended. The American competition of five games, organised by Kath Mcllwraith, was won by Myrtle Cooper (Kerry deGraas second) and Jack Peak (Bill Anderson second). Gifts were donated by members Beryl Wenck and Marje Wilson and Billie Stephenson organised a successful cent sale with the items. Members also provided ample morning and afternoon tea. • Myrtle Cooper won the raffle, a clown, which was made and donated by Edie

Brooks. George Miller won the lucky dOor prize. Members are asked to put their names in the book for forthcoming matches with Koongal Uniting Church. on Monday, February 2; YIBC on Wednesday, February 18 and St Joseph's Rockhampton on Thursday, February 19.

9-hole contest

A NINE hole competition is the feature of Yeppoon Golf Club associates"opening day' on Tuesday. Associates' patron Leila Goodwin may be present for the day and a morning tea gettogether will be provided by associates after the competition.


..• — Lapricorn Coast Mirror January 31 — February 6, 1987


asta ite twain

SWIM times recorded at the Capricorn Coast Swimming Club's first night at the Olympic pool were 'good'. Spokesman Roma Brettell said organisers were. pleased that 64-swimmers turned up for the the club's first night. "There were some good times recorded by most of the swimmers," she said. "The 10 metre swim was very popular with everyone." The club hires the pool every Wednesday between 7pm and 9pm with an admission charge of 60 cents to everyone. "A special time has been set aside for a free swim for adults and children so that no-one out of it," Mrs Brettell said. T e club nights start at 7.30pm sharp and nominations close at 7.15pm. /11el

Ike back ob fie Ktivuoto


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_ _ Yeppoon Junior Squash Fixtures

❑ ABO E: Some of the victorious Capricorn Coast cricketers who won their the Country Cricket Carnival in Rockhampton on the weekend. Burk division row, fro left, Rick Robinson; Ian Johnson; Steve Pidcock; Dennis Kolega; Dennis Hinton; eth Semmler and Brod Gough. Front Row: Dale Wetzler; Laurie Tanner; Mark Wigginton and Cameron Armstrong.

1987 season starts...

Friday, February 6

poon cricketers win division big Country Cricket Carnival

Primary and Secondary new players welcome Inquiries: L Kime, 33 6578

Capricorn Coast Squash Courts — 39 2444

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EPPOON won its division of the Country Cricket Carnival on the Australia Day weekend by defeating all three opponents. Yeppoon played Capella on Saturday and had a first-innings win. Batting first, Yeppoon made 149 with Brett Motton top scoring with 43. Keith Semmler made 24, Dennis Kolega 23 and Brod Gough 16. Capella's players were all bowled out well short of the total. Ian Anderson took 4/44 from 16 over; Andrew Wall 3/47 from 16 and Keith Semmler 1/2 from three balls. On Sunday, Yeppoon played Nebo with Yeppoon again having a first-innings win. Batting first, Yeppoon was all out for 121, with Laurie Tanner top scoring with 42. Nebo was all out for 88; Ian Anderson 6/41 from 14.5; Andrew Wall 1/18 from 14 and Dennis Hinton 3/6 from five overs. On the final day Yeppoon played Baralaba. Yeppoon was sent in to bat and was in trouble at 4/39 but then a solid partnership of 87 between Steve Pidcock and Brian Gough senior set up the Coast side. Yeppoon ended up with a respectable score of 179. Steve Pidcock and Brian Gough were equal top scorers with 43 while Dennis Hinton was unbeaten on 33.

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Baralaba got off to a healthy start making 41 before losing their first wicket. However that was to be their only joy because the wickets steadily started to fall. They were all out for 108. This was due mainly to Andrew Wall who took 8/41 from 14.1 overs. Cameron Armstrong also took 2/27 from seven overs. At the presentations, Brod Gough received the cup for Yeppoon and Andrew Wall was awarde a prize for the most wickets taken in his grade. Capricorn Coast Cricket Club secretary Rick Robinson said all the players played exceptionally well but the two outstanding players, who virtually won the games for Yeppoon, were Ian Anderson and Andrew Wall. He said the club eidended special thanks to Brian Gough. An ex A-grade player with Norths, Rockhampton, and Wests in Brisbane, his participation in the game was invaluable. Fixtures resume this weekend in both grades with the 3rd grade playing Etna Creek Prison and 2nd grade playing Easts.

Junior Swans to train next week THE Junior Swans start training on Wednesday afternoon, February 4, at Yeppoon Showground. All interested players should turn up after school, get all the necessary information and meet the coaches for the year. At ameeting held last Monday at the Pacific Hotel, the following names were 'selected for approval by the senior corporate body to take charge of the junior club: chairman Ross Mclndoe, vice-chairman Coltn Jamieson, treasurer Graham Basham and secretary and assistant secretary Chris and Shane Steele; registrar Irene Mclndoe, canteen Robyn Battersby, ground master Boyd Battersby and committee Carol and Paul Dean. Carol and Paul Dean and Chris and Shane Steele donated $140 for new practice balls. The balance of account for the club to start off the year was $443, plus the donation, which makes the balance $580. A full newsletter will be distributed soon explaining full details of the club's operation.

Fixture Nominations Close SATURDAY, JANUARY 31 Gradings — 7.30pm, Tuesday, February 4

Fixtures start Tuesday, February 10 JUNIOR NOMINATIONS CLOSE Friday, February 6 and Gradings — 3.3Opm Ladies Daytime Social: Monday & Friday, 9am - noo Wednesday Competition: Nominations close February 4 Inquiries:


39 2444

CITY boy meets country girl ... city boy at that bashful age (yes, it still happens, even with today's_ sophistication) met a sweet young country girl on the weekend at her property. City boy was invited to go for a walk through the paddocks and see the farm animals. A couple of hours later, city boy and country girl return ... boy has tear in back of shirt and is as white as a ghost. After a few glasses of cold drink and something to eat, colour returns to boy's face and he starts to tell his tale. It seems the city boy and the country girl were walking through the paddocks and came to a fence. Boy, being.a young gentleman, pulled up wire for girl to step through. Next fence boys goes through his act again and so on throughout the walk. Girl (sweet young thing, remember) leads boy to another fence. It looks a little different but, when you think of it, everything looks different in the country to a city boy. Girl smiles coquettishly, boy gallantly steps up to fence to do his thing but girl suggests he grap two strands of wire. Boy does; boy' eyes light up ... it's an electric fence. laughter was so loud and long it startled the birds. Now, you'd think after one joke like that, the country girl would be satisfied ... but not this devil. She invited the city boy to join in some game that involved breaking dry branches and throwing them into a dam for the dogs (there's always some dogs in the country) to retrieve. Game was fun until enthusiasm took over and city boy would up with jagged end of branch ripping his shirt. Then, coming home through the non-electrified paddocks, city boy was getting smarter and was stepping back and allowing country girl to negotiate barbed wire on her own. Nearing home, girl took pity on boy and put her foot on barbed wire to help him through ferice ... just then her daddy called out to them. Dutiful daughter immediately took foot off wire, swung around and answered. Wire, meanwhile, travelled quickly from the ground in an upward direction toward boy straddled between strands. That's why there were more peals of laughter as they came into the house!!! o o o HAPPENED to come across a copy of Rotary Down Under and, with my mind ready for the nobler aspects of service above self, immediately turned to the last page where all the jokes are printed. Here's one that parents with children in year 12 will appreciate: Schoolteacheis were discussing with parents the children's future careers. One fond father said: "It all depends on how well he does. If he is in the top 10 of his class we will-sew' him to university. If he doesn't qualify kir-) that, we will send him to teachers' college." "What happens if he fails?" said a teacher. "Then we will get him elected to parliament," said the father. o o o EVER noticed on TV when governments topple in some countries everyone runs around in the street like chooks with their heads cut off? We managed to stop a blue from going in this. week's issue ... it concerned a chicken coup; we had to double-check it because it might have been a story about a rooster uprising ... he might have been tired of being hen-pecked!!! (Please, don't groan publicly, you'll give the column a bad vame.)

Capricorn Coast Olympic Swimming Pool Lessons now in progress! BOOK NOW for... • Learn to swim (All ages) • Stroke correction • Squad training • Fitness areas • School Programs • Pool Hire... Functions, etc

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