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Bamboo: The source of eco-friendly clothing Bamboo is very special for various reasons. It is a fast growing natural product whose rate of regeneration is unmatched in the kingdom of plants. It is one of the most important nonwoody natural resources and also one of the most import agricultural plants of this world.

In many developing countries it is used as a basic raw material with many traditional uses. It has numerous applications in rural industries, and on the other hand it is also used in the modern wood and paper industries. In the recent past there has been a boom in the manufacturing industries globally, which utilizes bamboo.

Bamboo is a plant that has many environmental benefits. It is used for the prevention of erosion and soil stabilization on the hilltops. It is a plant that is harvested from the existing forests and plantations. Bamboo silviculture is practiced for conserving and protecting tropical forests.

It is an important product for development and an effective vehicle to ensure improvement in livelihood of rural poor individuals. Bamboo agro forestry needs a very modest capital and assures steady income for the farmers.

Bamboo fabric is natural and is made from the pulp of bamboo grass. It has many properties that are contributing to its popularity. It is also more sustainable than other textile fibers. Bamboo fabrics are very soft and can be worn directly on the skin. It is antibacterial and is an important part of eco clothing variety.

There are various benefits of eco-friendly clothing and those are:  Environmentally friendly clothing helps to preserve our planet Earth and keep it pollution free.  These clothing also help individuals avoid skin ailments because of the chemical free content and the antibacterial properties.  All natural clothes are made from 100% organic materials and are free from all those chemicals that can result in harm to our health.  The fabrics are durable as they do not go through the process of scouring, dyeing and whitening. Oxygen dyes are used.

 Eco clothing is made from natural materials, which pose no harm from toxicity.  These clothing are hypoallergenic and are safe for individuals who are prone to allergy.  These fabrics also absorb moisture, which make them perfect for hot and humid climates.  When one is buying environmentally friendly clothing one is being socially responsible.

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Bamboo the source of eco friendly clothing  
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