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Each one of us is aware of the depleting natural resources of the only home we live in that is the planet Earth. In some ways we have become immune to the ominous reports and warnings of our wayward ways. The news of global warming and deforestation either tires us or motivates us to change our negative habits

and lifestyle. One of the important changes that have come to us is the use of bamboo. It was present in our lives for centuries but now it is being used for everything. Here are some of the reasons why bamboo should be used Bamboo can be harvested within a span of one to five years depending on the kind of species. It can very easily work as a substitute for hard wood and reduce our dependence on forest.  Bamboo takes in carbon dioxide and gives out 35% more oxygen into atmosphere and this increases the level of O2 which is needed for human life.  There are species of bamboo that grows more than three feet every day. During the time of its harvesting it grows a new shoot from its root system with no need for additional planting or cultivation.  Bamboo needs no chemicals to thrive.  Every part of the bamboo is used to make a variety of products and no part of it is wasted.  Bamboo is extremely versatile and it can replace wood for nearly every type of application. Moreover, bamboo fibers are much stronger and less likely to be affected by changing atmosphere.  Even after harvesting the roots of bamboo remains in place which prevents soil erosion and also helps to retain the nutrients of the soil.  Bamboo can be grown in a varietyof conditions.Even in an arid region or a wetland it can thrive. Bamboo fabric is one such product which has many benefits and it now widely preferred by many individuals. The advantages of this type of fabric are as follows-

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It is absolutely soft, strong and durable. It feels like silk. Bamboo fabric dries very quickly. It is a naturally porous textile and absorbs more moisture than other fabrics. Moisture is wicked away from the body surface instantly. Bamboo is a fabric that adapts to the body temperature very quickly. It keeps one cool in summer and warm in winter. It is a fiber that discourages the formation of bacteria and fungus. It is extremely beneficial for allergy sensitive skin as the fabric has natural antibacterial properties.

Bamboo sheets are always in demand. They are a 100% natural product. The sheets stay freshlonger. These sheets absorb moisture and leave the skin drier. They never stick to the skin even on the hottest nights. Bamboo bed sheets are so soft and luxurious; they feel like silk, wash well and are extremely long lasting. Using bamboo productsis becoming the new trend in present day society.

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Bamboo the most functional and environmental friendly natural resource  
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