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Engaging the World Number 3 in a series of bid communications from Beaver Creek/Vail

Welcoming the World Dear FIS Ski Friends, On behalf of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association, Vail Resorts and the Vail Valley Foundation, as well as the entire Vail Valley community and skiing enthusiasts throughout our nation, we are pleased and honored to have the opportunity to represent the United States in the campaign for the 2015 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships.

Bid Committee

Bjorn Erik Borgen Ceil Folz Harry Frampton John Garnsey George Gillett

Our bid for this prestigious event represents a collaborative effort of individuals and organizations with significant experience and deep passion for alpine ski racing. It is a partnership that we extend to you through our theme: Engaging The World. And now, on the eve of the vote for the 2015 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships, it is our hope to be able to welcome the world once again. We invite you to take a closer look at the Beaver Creek/Vail proposal for this event and we thank you for the chance to showcase skiing at its highest level.

Bill Marolt Dexter Paine Hank Tauber


Bob Beattie

Bill Marolt

John Garnsey

Ceil Folz

Pr e siden t/CEO U.S. Ski & Snowboard association

Co- Presi den t Vai l Resorts, In c.

President Vail Valley Foundation

Pepi Gramshammer Patrik Jaerbyn Phil Mahre Tamara McKinney Cindy Nelson Ken Schanzer Lindsey Vonn 1

Engaging the World through partnership The 2015 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships is more than just an athletic competition. It is an opportunity within our sport for Engaging the World. This bid represents a partnership between the International Ski Federation, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the Vail Valley Foundation organizing committee, Vail Resorts and the entire Vail Valley community. Our bid also celebrates a long-standing valued relationship with the International Ski Federation, as well as many of the other key partners that contribute so much to our sport, including the athletes, coaches, officials, sponsors, media and fans. The Championships extend far beyond the Vail Valley and the two weeks of the event. In America and around the globe, it offers the opportunity for nations to unite in bringing thousands of new, youthful participants to the sport through the excitement of the FIS World Championships. 2

Welcome to the place we call home Beaver Creek and Vail have long been known as international resorts. Each year, we welcome guests from around the globe and their presence can be felt in every aspect of our community. The resorts are steeped in European traditions and architecture, brought to our communities from many of our founders. But what makes Beaver Creek and Vail so special is that no matter where you are from, you’ll feel at home here.

photo by chris mclennan


The legacy continues


Inaugural year of World Cup racing in Vail


World Cup racing returns to the Vail Valley


FIS World Alpine Ski Championships


UCI World Mountain Bike Championships


FIS World Alpine Ski Championships


I t tak e s a vi llage

•S  ince 1981, The Vail Valley Foundation has served as central organizing body for all major Vail Valley events •Y  ear-round staff of event operations and management professionals •O  ver 1,600 volunteers for 1999 FIS World Championships •O  ver 600 volunteers for annual Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup events


Vail’s Lindsey Vonn wins third consecutive Overall World Cup title and two Olympic medals 2009

Inaugural Teva Mountain Games, the nation’s largest celebration of adventure sports, art, music and the mountain lifestyle. Hosted by VVF 2003

Inaugural Honda Session Pro Snowboard Event


UCI World Mountain Bike Championships


Easy to get to, great to stay and hard to leave

photo by jack affleck

photo by jack affleck

Get ting He r e

P l ay i n g H e r e

• T he Vail Valley is located 1.5 hours west of Denver and 30 minutes east of Eagle County Airport

• 300 days of sunshine per year

•E  agle County Airport currently features direct flights from 12 major U.S. cities on five of the largest domestic carriers • F uture plans call for international flight services, an expanded terminal and customs facilities • T own of Vail features nation’s largest free transportation system


photo by jack affleck

• 881 centimeters of average snowfall •A  verage of 163 and 145 centimeters of snow in January and February • 100% snowmaking on all courses • One of largest snowmaking systems in the U.S.

photo by jack affleck

photo by robert miller

photo by ric stovall

photo by chris mclennan

S tay in g H er e

• Internationally renowned accommodations including, Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, Westin, The Park Hyatt and Sonnenalp Resort •O  ver 20,000 beds available throughout the valley, 1,800 added in just the last two years • All athletes housed no more than 1 kilometer from their competition venue • Two world class venues only minutes apart


Where it all happens proposed n ew d o wn hill f in is h stadi um w i t h 8 , 0 0 0 s e at s at beaver cre ek r es o r t

“Nothing comes close to Beaver Creek. I get goose bumps now. Beaver Creek is one of my favorite races, so I really want to race there.� Aks el L un d S vinda l , Nor w ay Overall World Cup Champion & Triple Olympic Medalist


p roposed new fi n i s h s ta d iu m w it h 3,000 seats at va il r es o r t

“B eaver Creek and Vail have had two World Championships, one in 1989 and one in 1999. I competed in both of them and they did a great job here. I think they really deserve a chance to go again in 2015.� Finn Chr i s tian Jagge , Nor w ay Olympic Gold Medalist


b e av e r c r e e k v e n u e s a n d l o dge s

“B eaver Creek is one of the most difficult courses in the world. It is so steep and you need a clean run. You need courage. I love it here.� Marco B uec hel , Liechten st e i n World Championships Silver Medalist


photo by jack affleck

vail venues a n d lo d g es Vail Wax Rooms

Vail Finish Stadium

TV Compound

Mill Creek Rd.

Volunteer and Transportation Headquarters

Press Center Mill Creek Cir.

Lionshead Village


m Rd


Vail Ro


W. Meadow












th F


ns R


W. Lionshead Cr.

Town of Vail Municipal Police Offices


k Ro


Ridge Ln.

Library Do Ice Abson rena E.Lion sh


ead Cir .

Vail Exit #176


Ma Transpoin Centerrtation

h Fr

onta ge



e Rd




ntage Roa d


ian estr Ped rpass Ove North Fro

wD r.









21 ns

Lio Fo


w Dr.





es W

Aspen Ridge Rd.

er Da

West Vail Exit #173


E. Meado






e Rd


Cascade Village



Willow Rd.



Rockledge Rd.

Forest Rd. Will owPl.

g Brid


Vail Rd.

Gore Creek Dr. ow Will

th F


We sth

ley Dr. Vail Val


Ranch Rd.

Wall St.


Bridge St.

ublic Parking


To Beaver Creek ir.



e att

av en


Ct. Hill en Gre

Vail Vie


Vail Village



ey all il V Va

erald R.Ford Park & Amphitheater

FIS Hotel/Race Offices/Team Captains

Spruce Ct.


photo by jack affleck


Sandstone Dr.


From start to finish beaver cre ek cou r s e ma p

“I like the hill here. It’s very technical, and I like the snow here in Beaver Creek, the North American snow. It’s a good place for me here in Beaver Creek.” Carlo Jank a , S wit ze rl a nd Overall World Cup Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist


vail course ma p

“I ’m really looking forward to coming back to Vail and Beaver Creek in 2015 because I really love this resort. They have so much experience...” Marc Gir a r d e lli , L u x e mb ourg Five-Time Overall World Cup Champion


Engaging New Worlds Engaging New Worlds is an exciting program designed to grow the awareness and participation of kids in the sport of skiing utilizing the 2015 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships as a catalyst. With a similar mission to the FIS’s own SnowKidz campaign, the program targets a large population of children that would be eager to experience winter sports if the opportunity were presented. Through this initiative, the 2015 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships become much more than just a two-week event. It serves as a springboard to the future of our sport.


photo by dan davis

photo by dan davis


photo by cody downard

“I would love to have the opportunity to race in a World Championships in my hometown, but I think that the real impact of a 2015 Championships would be on the children that are touched by the event. They are the future of our sport and I would love to help provide the same kind of opportunity to be inspired that I had in 1999.� Lin dsey Vonn, USA Three-Time Overall World Cup Champion & Double Olympic Medalist


b jo r n e r i k b org e n

g e org e g il l e tt

c e i l folz

bil l m arolt

h a r ry f r a m p ton

d e xte r pain e

Jo h n G a r n se y

h an k taube r

2 0 1 5 En g ag in g Th e Wo rl d 9 7 0 -9 4 9 -1 9 9 9 www. vv f. or g/2 0 1 5

Printed on recycled paper.

Our bid committee looks forward to Engaging the World

2015 FIS World Championships Bid Book  

2015 FIS World Championships Bid Book

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