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East Staffordshire Arts Grant Aid 2018 Introduction: The East Staffordshire Arts Grant Aid (formerly BADAC Grant Aid) is a small grants programme run by The Brewhouse team. The grants are aimed at supporting arts activities and events across the Borough of East Staffordshire. We want to get more people seeing, experiencing and taking part in the arts and we recognise the essential role that our voluntary, charity and community groups play in providing these opportunities for both residents and visitors.

What We Will Fund: You can apply for any amount up to a maximum grant of £500. The grant must be for activities that are Arts based; this can be any artform and can include any activity to do with the Arts i.e. creating, learning, appreciation of, taking part in etc. We are able to support an event, activity or project which delivers one or more of the following aims:  helps the organisation/group to reach new audiences (and new members)  helps to promote the work of the group/organisation  benefits the people of East Staffordshire  is completed by 30 September 2018 The grant can support one off events, a one- off purchase of essential equipment or contribute towards projects or activities. We would like to support new activity where possible. If the grant is part of a larger project we would like to know if the grant is needed to fund a specific element and we also expect you to evidence in the application form any other funding you have in place or fundraising ideas that you have in place. The grant cannot support the following:  general day to day running costs  overheads of groups  activity that has already taken place

Who We Will Fund: Applications must be from a constituted group with voluntary, not-for-profit or charity status that have a primary focus on the Arts. Groups must be based within (or meet within) East Staffordshire or deliver activities, events or projects within the Borough. Groups should have a dedicated bank account (if you don’t please contact on the information below to discuss other options).

How To Apply: Applications must be made by completing the form below and submitted to Holly Turpin, ESBC Audience Development Assistant via email or via post/hand to the Brewhouse Arts Centre. The deadline for applications is 31 January 2018 and payment must be made to the organisation by 31 March 2018.

Arts Grant Aid 2018 Application Form Section 1: Organisation information

We require that all applications are made by voluntary organisations operating in and creating for the East Staffordshire borough. We ask that all organisations please provide either a copy of your constitution or your memorandum of association. If you do not have either of these things please get in contact, 01283 508457 to discuss an alternative arrangement.

Name of organisation: Address of organisation: Main Contact name: Telephone number: Email Address: How long has your organisation been running? years Where does your organisation meet? Address: How many members are there in your organisation? Please describe the work of your organisation:

Please tick: I have enclosed/attached a copy of the constitution/memorandum of association I have made an alternative arrangement

Section 2: The Grant The maximum amount that can be applied for is ÂŁ500, we ask that at the end of your project/event we are invited to see an example of how you have used the grant.

How much are you applying for? Please describe how you would spend the grant:

Who will benefit and how from the project/event?

By what date do you plan to have spent the grant?

All grant supported activity should be completed by 30 September 2018

Section 3: Equal opportunities and signature So that the Brewhouse can monitor the arts related activities within the diversity of cultures that we serve, please ask all members of your organisation to complete the following questionnaire and record the anonymous result for us.

Ethnic Origin/Disability (please state a number below) White Indian Black-African


Chinese Bangladeshi

Do you consider yourself disabled? Yes / No

I confirm that all of the information in this form is correct. Signed:


Black-Caribbean Other (please state)

East Staffordshire Arts Grant Aid-Application Form  
East Staffordshire Arts Grant Aid-Application Form