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Brewhouse Gallery Exhibition Pack This exhibition application pack is to ensure that the selection process is transparent and all the information is collected in a fair and equal way. Please read the information and complete the form clearly. If you require any further assistance please contact the Audience and Participation Development Officer (PT), Owen Hurcombe or Brewhouse Arts and Town Hall Manager, Chloe Brown Email:, Phone: 01283 508100 After filling in your application we will assesses your application on the following criteria:  Artistic Quality  Meeting of exhibition policy aims and objectives  Appropriateness for the exhibiting space All applications will be acknowledged, with feedback given on request. The Brewhouse Arts Centre The Brewhouse is a vibrant arts space in the centre of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, with over 40,000 visitors annually. The centre offers a range of creative activities for people of all ages to come and take part in; from dance to drama and visual arts workshops. As well as the Exhibitions programme, the Centre also has a small cinema space and a theatre with a capacity of 233 seats, bringing a wide variety of both amateur and professional productions to the town, from high profile comedy to children’s dance shows. The Brewhouse Arts Centre is part of East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) and is part of the Borough’s ongoing commitment to providing high quality arts access for its residents and visitors.

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Brewhouse Exhibition Spaces – 2 Dimensional Works Exhibition Area: 

Downstairs; Cafe Bar

Children’s activity area

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Costs 

The Café Bar area is available for hire and costs £100 for a 4 week slot.

The cost of hiring the gallery includes:  

Exhibition space for approximately 4 weeks, timings may vary and will be agreed with the artist when drawing up the contract. Inclusion on the Brewhouse website.

ESBC Brewhouse charges a 30% commission (inc VAT) on all sales. While every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of artwork, ESBC can offer a maximum of £1000.00 per individual artwork to artists who exhibit. The council recommends that artists insure their work against theft and damage for any artwork valued over this amount.

Supplying Work for Exhibition If selected, we will require the following: Please attach mirror plates to all framed artwork. Any artwork without mirror plates will not be accepted and must be collected before exhibition commences. Sticky fixits, staples, glue, drawing pins, tacks or nails are NOT permitted. All work should be clearly labelled (ideally on the back) with: Artist’s Name: Title: Medium: Dimensions: Retail Price: (This should include our 30% commission) The label should be the same way up as the work is to be hung (in case there is any doubt about which way up the work should be).

Before the exhibition You will need to arrange a date and time to deliver and/or install the work. You should supply a delivery note two copies of a list of the work you are delivering. Staff will look at the work and note its condition (i.e. any marks on frames etc). This will be noted on the delivery note and we will retain one copy and give a copy to you. If you have previously looked at the space and have any preferred hanging plan then please include this when you deliver the work, though we cannot guarantee to hang the work exactly to this plan, we will endeavour to do so (subject to other activities in the building etc.).

After the exhibition When the exhibition is finished, you must arrange a date with the Audience and Participation Development Officer to take down the work. You will need to arrange a date and time to collect any unsold work within 2 weeks of the exhibition finishing.

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Exhibition Policy Aims & Objectives: To create a vibrant, varied and evolving exhibition programme for visitors to the Brewhouse Arts Centre through:    

Exhibiting quality artwork Developing and supporting local artists Generating income Increasing audiences and engagement

Running Workshops/Additional Activities: You are welcome to include, as part of your application, any plans for additional activity that you would like to run alongside your exhibition. Please include as much detail as possible and information on any similar activity you have delivered previously. Please note, if you intend to run workshops or additional activities you must:  

Ensure that all electrical equipment bought into the workshop space has been ‘PAT’ tested. Ensure all health and safety procedures are adhered to during the workshop. And provide any risk assessments if appropriate. Act professionally on all occasions Provide a copy of your DBS, Public Liability insurance and a risk assessment for the specific workshop activity. Artists are responsible for National Insurance and Personal Insurance and must be registered as selfemployed. All Artists must have Public Liability Insurance (minimum of 5 million cover).

  

If selected, details of the promotion and any costs or charges associated with running these activities will be agreed with The Brewhouse prior to delivery.

Promotion of Exhibition The cost of hiring our venue is subsidised by ESBC and therefore, as part of this, the exhibition will be advertised on the Brewhouse Arts Centre website and social media, using information provided by the exhibiting artist. Any additional promotional material is optional but can be provided by The Brewhouse as outlined below: What the Brewhouse will provide/do

Artist will provide/do

Standard Brewhouse artwork for website, social media

2 landscape and 2 portrait images for use on promotional material and the brochure at 300 dpi (for print) and 72 dpi (for web) Please send us a short artist’s statement (100 words max) for the brochure and a more extended version (250 to 300 words) for additional promotional purposes Place posters in any other Venues they feel necessary.

Poster will be placed in the following venues: 

A3 poster in the Brewhouse

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Brewhouse Arts Centre Exhibition Application Form Please return signed and completed form with your supporting material Artist(s) Name(s):

Date proposal submitted:

Organisation (if applicable):

Contact Details:

Postcode Telephone Number: (Day)


Email Address:

Website (If applicable)

Title of Exhibition

Exhibition space applied for:

Preferred Dates (Please state specific dates if known) January to February

February to March

March to April

April to May

May to June

June to July

July to August

August to September

September to October

October to November

November to December

January to February

Year: Page 5

Other Information Please provide information explaining what your exhibition focus, content and themes:

Any relevant information about your work and yourself, which will support your application:

Brief Description of any activity you plan to run (i.e. workshops, demonstrations or talk or etc.)

Are there are any special requirements involved in the display of your work? i.e., access to electrical sockets, specific forms of display, use of multimedia and etc.

Please also provide 5 good quality images of your work, which includes a description of sizes and approximate price range. Attached to e-mail:


Note: Images should be in Jpeg format and a minimum of 300dpi Please include your Curriculum Vitae (CV) Information attached:


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Privacy Terms and Consent Statement What we do with your personal data We collect your name, date of birth and contact details for the purpose of providing you with services at The Brewhouse Arts Centre. We will contact you from time to time to remind you of appointments, to let you know about changes which affect your bookings, and to let you know if a booking you have registered for has to be cancelled. We will always keep your information secure and we will never sell your information to other companies or organisations for marketing purposes. We have contracts with third party companies who provide:· Bulk mailing services on the Council’s behalf · Software to store, manage and send email and SMS communications · Customer management systems, which enable us to manage bookings and transactions you make. We provide those companies with our customers’ names and relevant contact details to enable contact via post, email or SMS message as applicable. Consent Preferences and Permissions East Staffordshire Borough Council would like to send you the latest news, updates and promotions by e-mail, post or SMS. We’ll always treat your personal information with the utmost care and we’ll never sell on information to other companies or organisations for marketing purposes. If you would like to be contacted by East Staffordshire Borough Council please select your preferred method of communication.  E-mail  SMS  Post Full Name (printed): ____________________________________________ Signature:




Please send a signed and completed application to; Owen Hurcombe Audience and Participation Development Officer Brewhouse Arts Centre Union Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1AA E-mail:

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