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- Environment Climate change is of one of the biggest challenges of tourism on the long term. These changes can lead to a loss of many tourist destinations. Although much more data is needed in order to be able to see the consequences of these changes, still the value for the need for protection of the environment is on a high level. The media already promote the need for social responsibility and responsibility towards the environment. Influence on tourism: ▪

The demand for sustainably tourist products will grow

Grasping all consequences to the environment from tourism in the destinations will be necessary

Expenditure increase for lowering negative influences from tourism on the environment

The limitation from the greenhouse emmission will lead to an introduction of additional taxes, which will increase the price of transport

The demand for organic products will increase

Increased demand of eco tourism

From the marketing aspect, a promotion of the sustainability of the tourist destination will be needed

- Macroeconomic trends The economic crisis that took hold of the world contributes to a drastic fall in tourism achievements. The recovery of the world economy is taking a much slower pace than expectations. Still, for the following years an increase in the GDP for about over 3% is predicted, which for some countries in Europe that increase will be bigger. As an effect of globalization there will be an increase of the regional cooperation which will also contribute to the increase of the offer on a regional level. Influences on tourism: ▪

Increasing of competition


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation