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- The price of winter sports tourism is pretty high in comparison to more cheaper summer arrangements; - The climate risk wich makes the providing of enough snow cover during the whole seaons; - Stabilization of new winter activities such as snowboarding or freestyle.

Conclusion It seems that winter sports tourism is a pretty complex organization with important stakeholders. The development of ski centers is based on a common public and private interestt. Because private and public interest are usually different and have different ways of doing things, managing the development of ski centers is relatively complex. All around the world tourism represents a powerful economy, especially winter sports that are in a big number of countries and are its main part. The position of every winter sports tourism and its future development requires a collective approach and it seems it is an imperative for every member of this industry to take part in its consideration.

Identifying the stakeholders For successful planning of development of one ski center it is necessary to identify the different stakeholders that are connected to tourism.

Employees Citizens

Governmen t and municipalit

Planners of tourism

Activist groups


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation