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connected with a gravel road. From the locality Kalin Kamen the locality Carev Vrv is 10 km away. The third way is from the village Gorna Cera to which there is an asphalt road 5 km in length. The foreseen location for the base tourist settlement is in the vicinity of the regional road way R 1210 which connects Makedonska Kamenica to Kriva Palanka through the Osogovo mountains and the Ruen summit. This road way is not completed. The existing road that leads to the mine Sasa is in relatively bad state, or it has to be reconstructed and superconstructed, as well as it needs to be expanded to the planned location for the base tourist settlement. Makedonska










infrastructure in the part of Kocani is currently under reconstruction and superconstruction, and with the construction of the highway Skopje – Sv. Nikole – Stip the distance between Makedonska Kamenica and Skopje will decrease for 30 km. The part from Kocani to Makedonska Kamenica is in bad condition. The technical elements of the road are not appropriate for safe traffic, and the quality of the lane surface is low. The closest airport to Makedonska Kamenica is the airport Alexander the Great in Skopje which is 130 km away but because of the bad condition of part of the road infrastructure travel usually takes 2 hours. With the completion of the begun reconstructions and construction of the road network, the travel distance will decrease for 30 km and the time for 30 – 45 minutes. The closest railway station is the railway station in Kocani which is 30 km away. Taking into consideration the quality of the railway transport, as well as the time of traveling with a train in Macedonia, this type of transport should not be taken into consideration at all. On the Osogovski mountains in Macedonia only one asphalt road way is located. That is the road way that connects Ponikva to Kocani; other asphalt roadways do not exists on the Osogovski mountains. Picture no. 28 shows the road connectivity of Makedonska Kamenica

Picture no. 28


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation