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snowfall, layer of snow coverage and length of snow retention, all creating specific types of mountainous climate. Spatial and time distribution of meteorological – climatic elements For the purpose of defining the climate, air temperatures (with all parameters), rainfalls, snowfalls and snow coverage, along with some specific atmosphere occurrences have all been analyzed. Within the characteristics of the thermal regime of air, apart from the average and extreme air temperature values, thermal air regime parameters have also been analyzed with the following specific values: number of ice days (minimum air temperatures Tmin < 0 temperatures <-10 >=25 30


number of extremely cold days, (maximum

C), number of summer days (temperatures with a Т max

C), and number of tropical days (days with air temperatures Т max>= C), as well as their spatial distribution within the area that is subject to

analysis. The characteristics of rainfalls, snowfall occurrences and snow coverage have also been analyzed; climate conditions have been defined, as well as the specifics of recent climate changes, according to the longest sequence of data for this region. Air temperature In the effort to display the thermal regime of air in the area that is under analysis, available meteorological – climatic information that can serve in determining the thermal field (by months throughout the year) have been used. Average monthly and annual air temperature values were used in the analysis, which were received from several meteorological stations located in the valleys and the mountain massifs near the area being analyzed- Stip, Kratovo, Kriva Palanka and Berovo. The information which was presented shows the average changes in temperatures that occur depending on the altitude, per months and for the entire year. The following chart provides information on the numerical data analysis by meteorological stations, during which the spatial and time characteristics of the thermal conditions of the broader area of the territory under review have been taken into account, through the average and extreme values.


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation