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Besides the summit itself Kalin Kamin, several interestting localities are located, such as the lakes on Kalin Kamen, the locality Vlaski cabins and Vlaska mandra. The locality Kalin Kamin can be approached by climbing the slope over the monastery Sv. Joagim Osogovski. The locality Kalin Kamen after the first half of the XIX century was a known wallachian settlement, significant for managing small cattle, and the quality of sheep, pastrami and wool made for excellent trade relations with Carigrad and Thesaloniki. From the wallachian settlement on Kalin Kamen today there is only a little bit of stone on places where there were once houses, but forgotten pots, jugs and dishes that were used in the settlement can be found lying about throughout the settlement.

Kalin Kamen 8. Stanecki waterfalls The Stanecki waterfalls can be found 9 kilometers southeast from Kriva Palanka, close to village Stnaci on Kozo river. The waterfall is comprised of two waterfalls 9 and 11 miters tall.


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation